Friday, January 6, 2012

The Real 'Lord of the Flies': "Toddlers" Shows the Daily Life of the Black Undertow

There are two books that I read while in high school that impacted my way of thinking: On the Beach and Lord of the Flies (the most profound book I have ever read is Camp of the Saints).

Toddlers: A movie that captures the savagery of the Black Undertow that required no nuclear war to occur
Both books involve how people cope with nuclear war; On the Beach details Australians waiting for nuclear winter to ultimately bring high levels of radiation to their continent. Reading it, I realized the day will come when the last Whitopia is overwhelmed by the Black Undertow, probably through coerced refugee resettlement or Section 8 Housing.

William Golding's Lord of the Flies can best be described by this Wikipedia entry:
The book indicates that it takes place in the midst of an unspecified nuclear war. Some of the marooned characters are ordinary students, while others arrive as a musical choir under an established leader. Most (with the exception of the choirboys) appear never to have encountered one another before. The book portrays their descent into savagery; left to themselves in a paradisical country, far from modern civilisation, the well-educated children regress to a primitive state.
It took a nuclear war to destabilize civilization and cause English kids to revert to savagery. Remember though, Golding's work is only fiction. With this in mind, let's take a quick look at a director Termaine (M5) Brown's new movie Toddlers, which glorifies life for the children of the Black Undertow in America. It doesn't take a nuclear war -- though the cities where the Black Undertow reside resemble areas ravaged by atomic weapons -- to reduce the Black Undertow to savagery; it just takes the absence of white people:

The streets of Harlem are being run by baby-faced gun-toting kids who aren't afraid to pull the trigger and leave a bloody trail of bodies in a new independent film that's quickly making the rounds uptown.
There's wild shoot outs, drugs and sex in “Toddlers” - shot in Harlem using neighborhood kids as young as 12 making their acting debut.
The DVD, released last month, has anti-violence activists charging the movie glorifies guns. They’re thinking about boycotting the video store selling the film.
Director Termaine (M5) Brown insisted he's not promoting gun violence, just showing a harsh reality.
"That's what's going on, I'm just showing it," Brown told the Daily News. "You hear about these murders, but people don't see how it happens. I show how these incidents happen. These are real life situations.
"The parents don't get to see what these kids are really doing," said Brown, 29, who was raised in Harlem and shot many scenes on W. 147th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam two summers ago.
The DVD cover features a chubby-cheeked kid holding a gun. In the one-minute trailer, posted on YouTube, kids are brandishing guns; a girl is kidnapped by thugs and a man is shot in the head.
In “Toddlers,” the lead character Pito, played by Jordan Pena, 14 at the time, turns to a life of guns and drugs after his drug dealer father is killed .
Pito, once a promising baseball player, purchases guns with his newfound drug money. He and his friends gun down anyone who gets in their way.
Pena, who said his first-time in front of the camera was a "great experience," insisted the movie doesn't promote violence.
"It promotes how to turn into a man; how to take care of a family," said Pena, now 16.
"It promotes how life is out here. It's definitely reality."
He said playing the role of Pito wasn't hard for him.
"It was basically me acting like myself. It wasn't hard at all. This was like playing my life," said Pena, who now wants to continue acting. "I was proud of myself for finishing the movie."
He said his parents and grandmother were also proud of him for doing something "positive."
But some anti-violence leaders were stunned by the shoot 'em up’s trailer.
"It promotes how life is out there," the teenage actor said. Well, he's right. It does promote how the world out there is for the children of the Black Undertow (unless rich white suburban families adopt the unwanted offspring of Black copulation, like Michael Oher), so Pena succinctly sums up life for your average Black kid in America.

Really, he sums up why white people participate in white flight from areas where the Black Undertow slowly overwhelms.

Remember back in the 1990s when Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers took the country by storm for its glamorizing of gratuitous violence? Toddlers could be the first film that perfectly integrates the concept of natural born killers into celluloid; nothing like Black kids -- mind you, no nuclear holocaust was necessary -- in their natural habitat to remind people of why they live far away from the Black Undertow:
An ultra-violent movie that features children as young as 12 murdering their way through the streets of New York has been branded 'disgusting'.
Anti-violence campaigners claim the film, Toddlers, glorifies guns and have called for it to be banned.
Set in Harlem, the movie - released on DVD last month - follows the exploits of a boy who has to fend for himself after his drug dealer father is murdered.
Toddlers looks more like an uploaded video to WorldStarHipHop or a real-life documentary then it resembles a scripted film. Is that due to the directorial eye of M5, or just the realism of the subject matter he turns a camera on? Golding's story required a nuclear war for the white children to engage in savagery; all it takes for the children of the Black Undertow to engage in savagery is for the absence of white people.

Toddlers and Tiaras this movie on the Black Undertow isn't; an accurate depiction of the real Black Undertow it is.

Natural born killers indeed.


Zenster said...

Being someone who will never see this film, I say go right ahead and show it far and wide.

White America needs to have its eyes opened to the hard core violence that Black youth embrace as naturally as eating ice cream.

While the film may be sad commentary on the state of affairs with respect to Black "culture", it is a badly needed wakeup call for White America. Many more are necessary and will be required before a clear understanding of Black Undertow's true dimensions become apparent.

With preadolescent killers making increasingly frequent appearances in courtrooms across this nation, most of my sympathy drained away years ago. This is only cemented by the number of these youth who voluntarily commit heinous crimes with the full knowledge that their status as a minor will prevent them from doing more than a few years prison time, if that.

This sort of brutal cynicism needs to be met with even lower age limits for trial and conviction as an adult and the equivalent of juvenile "supermax" prisons for these underage scumbags.

Ben N Indiana said...

Black crime is generational.

Today's young black criminals are the grandchildren of black thugs when I was a teenager.

YIH said...

Here is what black ''people'' don't seem to know how to do.
Create an SBPDL forum!

Anonymous said...

"It promotes how to turn into a man; how to take care of a family," said Pena, now 16.

If those are the values Blacks choose to embrace, it's no wonder they are being heavily recruited for Islam, since that religion has similar opinions on the use of murder as a tool for getting ahead.

Discard said...

Note how the pistol in the photo is being held sideways, Black style. Gun handing is not Blacks' long suit. It should still cycle, but sometimes a weapon is sensitive. I once owned a Colt .45 that would stovepipe jam every 3 to 5 rounds if not held very firmly. I sold it to someone with larger, stronger hands than myself, who was perfectly happy with it. Personally, I think that a White man at 50 feet is a lot more dangerous than a Black man at 25 feet.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a typical example of BRF (black-run filmmaking). Terrible acting, cheesy sets, tired plots, infantile humor, and so on. See if you can sit through 5 minutes of a Tyler Perry film without thinking blacks are as dumb as couch cushions.

Forget this silly "film"; SpewTube and Worldstarhiphop have all the videos of TNB (Typical Negro Behavior) you'll ever need. And it's all free, free, FREE!!

Anonymous said...

"Camp of Saints" is an eye opener but I was a believer before I read it (after 9-11). For a real life, non fictionalized Camp of Saints that will shake the foundations of your understanding of race relations, read "Into the Cannibal's Pot" by Ilana Mercer. This story about the devolution of South Africa and Zimbabwe spells out in unambiguous terms precisely what is in store for us.

The handwriting is clearly on the wall and there is no excuse for further denial or equivocation. But there is very little we can do other than arm ourselves and get out of harms way. The hard cold calculus of universal suffrage has malignly and balefully placed the white man in the center of the groid crosshairs.

We are fast approaching a critical mass below which the implosion will be unavoidable. Were it not for mob rule (universal suffrage) and DWL's we could dig our way out, but as the apparatus of the state falls inexorably into the hands of darkness I'm afraid we shall be hunted like animals.

The only thing sustaining the patina of civilization is our old Christian European heritage which will exert less influence as our numbers diminish. The groids, left to their own devices without the restraints imposed by European civilization will quickly devolve to their natural state - utter, absolute, horrifying barbarism.

Zimbabwe will attempt a white secession - mark my words, it will be obliterated in its infancy either by the howling mobs, the UN, Nato, or the greatest advocate of civilizational decline, the United States of America. Just look at what happened in Yugoslavia - one of the saddest episodes in European history.

Whites will not be allowed a homeland. And all attempts to carve one out through secession, isolation or other method will be summarily crushed in its crib by supra-national organization NO MATTER how well defended. Remember, South Africa had nuclear weapons which didn't help one iota.

Ivan Shatov

Anonymous said...

Stay away from World Star Hip Hop. Aside from your visits making the site extremely profitable, the content there has viruses. Nasty viruses.

Avoid at all costs.

Anonymous said...

On being a man:

It isn't how many women you can impregnate.
It isn't how intoxicated you get.
It isn't how threatening to others you are.

It is instead facing responsbilities of life as they come, not shirking your obligations.

.45Jack said...

"It promotes how to turn into a man; how to take care of a family," said Pena, now 16.

This is the mindset of blacks: violence equals manhood. It's a black thang we Whites will never understand.

Just as blacks will never understand that "to take care of a family" in a civilized manner means to respect other people and to work together in a mutually beneficial way.

The very essence of savagery is the hand-to-mouth, I-gots-me-mine, law of the jungle that is in the genetic makeup of the black race.

Separation, separation, separation! There is no other way for humanity to progress.

Anonymous said...

An educational study by Harvard over 40 yrs ago concluded that unless some attempt at helping children learn to read in the family of origin was made before starting grade school, the game was basically over. In these communities not only is learning ignored, achievement of any type is hated: the phrase most often heard in these communities re: success in school is: 'acting white'.
See what life is like in an urban school system today, whose commissioner until recently was making $900K/y:
Teachers are verbally attacked daily, sometimes physically, some have been maimed for life, all for trying to educate this underclass.
Society is not responsible for irresponsible, violent, murderous behavior: individuals, and their culture are. If your values come into daily conflict with the norms of the majority, civilized culture, you will inevitably be heading to jail or the cemetery.
When the prevailing culture tips the other way, you have the horrors of Detroit, the Phila school system, and a tragically high number of other places that used to function well, and now are heading to the trash heap.

.45Jack said...

And this nonsensical term "gun violence" is just another DWL and Professional Black concocted term used to try to divert attention away from the cause of black crime.

Why if it wasn't for the gun, blacks would be at home late at night studying for a better life. But no, the evil whitey makes guns available to the youfs and those demonic pieces of metal turns the peaceful souls of black folk over to da devil!

Several years ago a professor investigated and wrote a paper which showed without a doubt that so-called "gun crimes" were overwhelmingly committed by black males 15-35 years old. And by overwhelmingly I mean like 95%. (I am going off by memory here so the stats might be off by just a hair.) I would supply a link but the report was, of course, immediately denounced by one and all - including the NRA - as raaaaycisst and quickly flushed down the memory hole.

Gun laws do not work on blacks because the only law blacks live by is the Law of the Jungle.

Anonymous said...

There is an award winning film of this type. Called "City of God" about "people" in Brazil. Of course there is always the outstanding Africa Addio that used to be on Google video. See these films they are a must! PS don't forget Vice Travel guide to Liberia on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

By twelve the blacks are ready for the major leagues of violent criminality. They, with raucous adult encouragement, learn how to dance nasty and simulate sex by the age of three of four. Yep, while human kids are learning their ABCs, niglets are learning how to make more niglets.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in TV way too long.

Even liberal hollywood hates working with them.

With a very few rare exceptions, they're incompetent, lazy, and insubordinate.

Add to that the race card which is played by the most successful down to interns, and you have a recipe for fear and loathing by the whites that prop them up.

Tyrant Perry is a story to be told another day.

My whole life I've wanted to believe they're just like us with different pigmentation.

I don't want to be around them based on endless bad experiences.

I don't give a crap what they look like, it's their actions I detest.

I'm through touching a stove to see if I'll get burnt.

PS Not one word, not one frame, of what you see on tv is 'real'. None. Of. It.

Not a talkshow, not PBS, not COPS, not the news.

It's called Television "Programming" for a reason.

God help us all in this 2012.

Thank you for your amazing work, and giving truth a voice, SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

As long as they learn to kill each other before they learn to breed, this problem will slowly solve itself. As they come calling on my neighborhood, holding their "gat" sideways, unable to move effectively with pants around their knees, I'll split their little skulls in half at a hundred yards and stack them like sandbags.

Nicawawa said...

IMO, Here are two short videos that show the black culture of violence better than the stylized trailer of Toddlers

Diogenes said...

I did a search to see if there was any feedback that this movie is a negative portrayal of the black race. I read a few reviews but there were none that brought this issue up. Yet. The concept of race has become so politically incorrect that the media doesn't mention it at all. The reviews I read spoke about "people", "children", and "violence", but not about black "people", black "children", or black "violence". If it wasn't for the pictures and the word "Harlem", you had a deliberate "whitewashing" of black depravity. The only time the word black was used was the "Black Star Video" store that was selling the video.

It has become obvious that one of the White race's worst enemies is the mainstream media. Everything Orwell imagined has come to pass, maybe not in the way he pictured it, but in spirit. The only positive trends concerning the media are the death of newsprint, periodicals, and commercial driven television. The Internet provides an alternative source of information, so how long before laws are passed to restrict the content?

My question is: How long do you think before media hacks begin to be targeted? Or will it happen at all? I can only think of one that was “assassinated” and that was in the 80’s.

Anonymous said...

I second the cry of 'Separation! Separation! Separation!'

I want government to leave me alone. I want to live with people of my own tribe.

I'll *gladly* leave behind everything but the shirt on my back for the opportunity.

I'd sincerely rather live in a 3rd world style tin shack without water or electricity in Whitopia than live 'comfortably' in what the US has become.

At least in my shack I'd know I was safe with an unlocked door. Or at least I'd get robbed by whites for a change.

Unfortunately, buzzkill ;-) Ivan Shatoff is right. The powers that be will *never* allow a white homeland. That's reserved for one tribe and one tribe only.

Speaking of blacks that can't shoot, has anybody ever seen one at a gunrange, ever?!? Not this cracker! Never seen one at a gunstore or show either, come think of it! Everytime I go to one of those it's remarkable how polite everybody is.

It's not because of all the guns, it's because everybody's white.

Whitopia, if only for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Keep the following article in mind for the next time some DWL trots out the Columbine Massacre (which, while tragic, happened almost 13 years ago). Blacks kill and shoot and stab and assault and rape tons of students (mostly other blacks, thankfully) and others every single day in the USA.

New Orleans, LA

Posted: Friday, 06 January 2012

5 hit in shooting at local high school

Jay Vise Reporting

The New Orleans Police Department is investigating a shooting at Warren Easton High School that left a young man and four teenage boys with bullet wounds.

Police say that the unidentified shooter fired into a crowd of people leaving a basketball game.

Investigators tell WWL-TV that the victims' injuries in that shooting are not considered life-threatening.

The suspect remains at large. He is described as a black male with dreadlocks.

That shooting at Warren Easton capped off a violent night in the metro area.

An 11-year-old Jefferson parish boy is reportedly in critical condition after a stray bullet entered his home and struck him in the head.

JPSO 's Col. John Fortunato told WWL-TV that the 11-year-old boy was hit by a bullet that crashed through a glass door and into the home. Fortunato said there were three other children and a babysitter inside the residence when the shots rang out.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The reason blacks disparage having good grades in schools as "acting white" is because they know they aren't very good at it. So they try to make a virtue of their own failure.

Ryu said...


You should branch out a bit more. I've never seen you on other sites.

You know about interracial violence now. How about immigration and YKW?

That's the introduction. You should spend more time on WN sites. We're working on solutions.

I understand your pessimism but I do not share it. More than anything else, this is a mindwar, a war of propaganda. Feeling sorry for yourself will not help the cause.

Anonymous said...

google lords army. once they've fallen into that lifestyle they are doomed forever.

Anonymous said...

This article on how Negro behavior is destructive to society is quite timely in view of what just happened in Athens, GA. Even today's local PC rag couldn't conceal the racial truth:

"300 in Melee on Athens' Eastside

Officers from several law enforcement agencies quelled a near-riot Thursday night at an apartment complex on Athens’ Eastside and arrested five people, Athens-Clarke police said.

The melee involved up to 300 people and apparently continued a series of fights that started a few days ago when some people called a teen’s brother a homosexual, according to police.

Police responded to Athens Gardens Apartments off Lexington Road about 6:30 p.m. Thursday on a report of a large altercation, and the first arriving officer saw 50 to 70 people fighting each other, police said.

Most of the combatants scattered when the officer activated his patrol car’s lights and siren, but a boy remained in the road, screaming to re-ignite the violence, according to police.

The officer grabbed the 14-year-old boy’s shoulders and attempted to calm him down, but he punched the officer several times while attempting to get away, police said.

Then boy’s sister attacked the officer, kicking his legs and punching his chest, police said.

As officers handcuffed the woman, a crowd gathered around them, and the woman started to curse and shout racial epithets at the officers, police said.

“At this point, there were 200-300 subjects in the streets with most of them being disorderly or actively fighting,” an officer wrote in a report.

The woman tried to kick out a patrol car’s window, and officers later found a knife in the back seat, police said.

The apartment complex was so clogged with police cars that many officers had to park on Lexington Road and run to the scene, police said.

The 14-year-old boy who punched the officer was charged with riot, disorderly conduct, simple battery on a police officer and obstruction, and was taken to the Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center, police said.

According to Clarke County Jail records:

Akeebah Daireyanna Walker, 19, of 360 Deer Park Drive, was charged with riot, carrying a concealed weapon, simple battery on a police officer, obstruction, and disorderly conduct; Ricardo Damone Edwards, 39, also of 360 Deer Park Drive, was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction; and Tangenekia Sharea Warren, 21, of 180 Coleridge Court, and Vantrec Arnell Ballard, 17, of 525 Vine St., were each charged with disorderly conduct."

The Swede said...

This movie needs a SBPDL scene. I am thinking of one where the little shitstain tries to carjack someone, but it turns out to be a stick shift of which the little nignog can not comprehend the concept of operating.

I've heard of that happening before and found it to be quite entertaining, much to the degree of the commenter yesterday who left incoherent mumbo-jumbo about "physcholligy" or something.

Would "physcholligist" be the witch doctor that deals with mental health issues?

I look forward to deciphering more of this new dialect of the English language and sincerely hope that commenter to further enlighten us so that we may embrace this new dialect of English!

BTW: this waste of film should be on BET some weeknight after 10:00 p.m. soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I think that a White man at 50 feet is a lot more dangerous than a Black man at 25 feet."


W74 said...

Law...of....the....Jungle. Every poster here is right about that.

These thugs were simply taken out of the jungle, sold by their own cousins on the coast, and brought across oceans to work in the fields. An improvement for them right there!

Then when that system was forcibly collapsed they migrated into our urban centers...yet, they have not left the jungle. Their minds are still locked in the primordial wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Shatov,

I've been enjoying your comments, thank you. May I add that as far as 'no allowance' being made for any white homeland, on a global governance scale this means the discretion of amoral of elites.

Amorality can only flourish where the people have a failing morality (and sense of immorality). We are being conditioned-- by broad spectrum immigration and multicultural enrichment-- that it is best to abandon the moral heritage of Christianity (let alone its practice) and yield all power to the realm of men. In the realm of men all horrors are possible.

The war against BRA architects is a war against those who perforce embrace amorality, whose motto is "It's All Good".

Kylie said...

"Speaking of blacks that can't shoot, has anybody ever seen one at a gunrange, ever?!?"

Unfortunately, yes, I have seen a black person at our gun range. It was just once and he was part of some special event, not a member or guest. I was really angry about it. I go to the places I go and do the things I do in part to avoid having to be around blacks.

"Whitopia, if only for a moment."

Yes, for now, if that's all I can get, I will take it. But I dream of the day when I don't have to see, hear or interact with blacks in any way, shape or form.

It's not that I've never had any positive experiences with blacks. But even the nice ones you can be safe with and have a friendly conversation with inevitably have connections to the Black Undertow. And in the end, it's just not worth it. The bad outweighs the good.

Wilco said...

Camp of the Saints should be required reading for all SBPDL readers. Another good one is Mister by Alex Kurtagic. At least once a week I live a moment that could've come out of either book.

make it rain TRUTH said...

This is how you be a man?

I think this demonstrates quite clearly the separation between civilized people, and savages.

The sort of mindset is what propagates 3rd world shitholes such as, well name any city in Africa.

How can you possibly have anything even resembling a civilized society when you have people who think guns, murder, and robbing are the way to being a man?

Obviously you cannot. Which is why areas of the Black Undertow resemble Mogadishu or Monrovia more than they resemble Paris or Pittsburgh.

This mentality (of the Black society) is mostly unknown to your vast majority of white folks. You know the ones. That live in their Whitopias, or rarely have much contact with the Black subhumans. It's easy to talk about "diversity" and be "multiculti" when you don't have to actually LIVE with them.

I sincerely mean it when I say that most whites don't know about this mentality. It has been so assiduously hidden by DWL in media, and other "civilized" white folks who think it's "uncivilized" to notice that truth has a racial bias.

I've been banned from website forums for linking to SPBDL articles. Even when done so in a courteous manner attempting to add to discussion. Anything regarding race, even if it's as intelligently discussed as it is here, is simply "no go" by far too many whites that resolutely refuse to see.

Films like this one are a view into a world unbeknownst to most white, most civilized, peoples.

Denise said...

To those the whinng aobut Whitee never ever being allowed to have a homeland - BALLS! The whole BRA thing is breaking down. Yes Whitee are being persevcuted. But more and more Whites are beginning ro SEE. It's all going to erupt in chaos. and the overlords will have their hands full with their Diverise Pets. We will have our opporunity to do as we please. If we grow the balsl to take it, instead of whining and wringing hands.

kersey-fan said...

Golding's story required a nuclear war for the white children to engage in savagery; all it takes for the children of the Black Undertow to engage in savagery is for the absence of white people.

This is an excellent summary. It is undeniably true because of evidence offered in that ongoing, real world experiment in Africa called "The End Of Colonialism". This experiment of course, was brought to you by those paragons of intellectual thought festering in the Western World's university system.

If you're over 40, do you recall the endless news stories and college demonstrations against the Evil Apartheid in South Africa? The collapse of that country is imminent. The attrocities and crime rate there now are staggering. When Madela is gone, the rivers of blood will be even more staggering.

One would think after the DWL's resounding success in transforming the political system of than nation you might see some follow-up. But no. Not. A. Peep. Whenever this crowd's policies result in utter failure, their normal response is to avert their eyes regardless of the rivers of blood that are spilled.

There could be no BRA without their efforts. Ending "white guilt" that has allowed the DWLs to manipulate the West into this situation can only be accomplished by attacking the university system -- in America and abroad.

There's plenty of ammunition: Everything the college-educated, lefty, baby-boomers have touched in the last 50 years has turned to shit whether it's the destruction of tradition and institutions that were a bullwork against BRA or the West's financial system.

As recently as the early 90's, the U.S. banking system was the envy of the world by any metric you can conceive (the easiest is to look at is the debt-to-equity ratios). Now it's as much of a joke as the banks of the Third World. It took less than 20 years to accomplish this -- and all with the approval, encouragement, and business plans conceived in the modern university system.

How to attack? Best to avoid politics and ideology and instead use the lefties' own weapons against them: We can begin by charging greed, hypocrisy, and selling a defective product (just try to pay back your student loans with the income derived from a graduate degree in psychology, english, ethics, history, womens' studies). And the most effective strategy of the left is to threaten or destroy their opponent's income. California politics is the epitome of Dem legislators threatening their opponents with loss of income -- and that state is doing so well now, hmm?

The average college professor works hardly 10 hours a week. That leaves them with plenty of time to agitate and indoctrinate. And that leaves them wide open to attacks of greed. Forget the "banksters" they are only a symptom of the pathology.

I fully agree with Kersey that, like Pittsburg's rebirth as a robust and safe (read: small black population) city, lefty policy by itself can't produce the destruction that a large black population can. But without the universities, there would have been no policy foundation to formulate and realize LBJ's Great Society aka unrestricted welfare for "people of color" which has given us these large populations, let alone treat normal black behavior (WorldStarHipHop) as a symptom of the white man's racism.

The baby-boomer left has weaponized the black population since it was such a low hanging fruit. The only way this can be corrected is to destroy the left's foundation by attacking their sources of income.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 7, 2012 6:22 AM): An educational study by Harvard over 40 yrs ago concluded that unless some attempt at helping children learn to read in the family of origin was made before starting grade school, the game was basically over.

Which explains a lot about Islam, as many Muslim women are intentionally left illiterate. No bedtime stories for you, Junior!

It also doesn't help that, out of all the books there are, only one is widely read. The Qur'an makes a really crappy airframe repair manual and insha'Allah ("Allah willing") isn't much of a substitute either.

Tiny nations like Portugal and Greece translate more books into their native languages each year than all of the Muslim countries combined. Islam's intellectual landscape is one of lunar bareness.

In these communities not only is learning ignored, achievement of any type is hated: the phrase most often heard in these communities re: success in school is: 'acting white'.

In reality, it's much worse than that.

Using surveys of 90,000 secondary-school students, Harvard University researchers found that white students [and Asians] were more popular when they had higher grade-point averages. But black students' popularity sharply declined when their GPAs reached a B-plus. For Latinos, the price of good grades was even costlier: Popularity peaked at a C-plus, then plunged.

How much more badly can you screw yourself than by basing popularity upon poor scholastic performance? It certainly explains a lot about why so many Blacks are functionally retarded.

Teachers are verbally attacked daily, sometimes physically, some have been maimed for life, all for trying to educate this underclass.

Public school teachers should be permitted to carry pepper spray and Tasers with indemnity clauses in their hiring contracts that can only be overridden by acts of gross personal negligence.

If your values come into daily conflict with the norms of the majority, civilized culture, you will inevitably be heading to jail or the cemetery.

Not frequently enough, more's the pity.

It is an unintended dark side of modern technology that advances in medicine, agriculture and the push for more "humane" treatment of prisoners has seen many who are totally unfit for survival not just survive but breed like rabbits.

The downstream price civilization will pay for subverting evolution's most fundamental laws promises to be horrific.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 7, 2012 8:33 AM): PS: Not one word, not one frame, of what you see on tv is 'real'. None. Of. It.

It is a damning indictment of modern culture that we seek to escape reality by watching "reality" television shows.

Zenster said...

Old-line SEC fan:The reason blacks disparage having good grades in schools as "acting white" is because they know they aren't very good at it. So they try to make a virtue of their own failure.

This Black "alchemy" of turning the dross of scholastic failure into gansta gold is on a par with crack cocaine for its destructive chemistry.

It is also reflected in Black women who place more priority on having children than selecting a good mate. I suppose the foreknowledge that no matter who you choose, they will still have a one-in-four chance of landing in jail makes the entire reproductive process a rather dismal affair.

Zenster said...

Ryu: More than anything else, this is a mindwar, a war of propaganda.

Words to remember and a battle in which Blacks have ZERO chance of success. It is, perhaps, in this one respect where DWL enablers are critical to Black survival.

MountainWest said...

A bit off topic...

OK, I knew better than to go to the WorldStarHipHop site, but thought I'd go cyber slummin' anyway. As expected, there was ample bottom-feeding ghetto culture on display.

One shocking sight was this video of a lone, young white guy being assaulted and robbed by a troop of "youths" at a Philadelphia train station:

Although the chance of this occurring with race roles reversed is infinitesimal, if it ever did, it would be a national non-stop media staple. In our BRA reality it's not even a blip on the map.

It's especially infuriating when you consider that the perpetrators and observers/videographers of this crime are likely supported in every conceivable way by the largesse of the white taxpayer.

Truly nauseating on multiple levels.

Californian said...

t's called Television "Programming" for a reason.

Very good point.

Can you give us more insights into the inner workings of the media? I actually did work in television a while back, and it is one reason I stopped watching that media. It's not so much what is produced but the general passivity which television creates in its audiences.

One thing which is kind of interesting is how being opposed to television used to be a sort of counter-culture thing, and we have seen such leftists as Noam Chomsky critique the media. Yet today, I'd say that anti-television activism ought to be coming from the right. Perhaps because race realism is becoming the counter-culture.

See, for ex:

Zenster said...

Californian: It's not so much what is produced but the general passivity which television creates in its audiences.

All of which is pretty damned ironic when you consider the virtues of televised media:

● Apparently 3-D color full motion imagery
● Synchronized stereo sound
● Wireless transmission
● Portable display device
● Affordable technology
● Real time coverage
● Potentially interactive

Television represents one of the most stupendous teaching tools ever invented. Instead, its trait of "spoon-feeding" the mind is exploited to the Nth degree to the point where a vast majority of TV programming is detrimental to watch.

This damaging aspect is firmly in place even before taking into account the ruthless Liberal bias of most broadcast networks.

So, what should be one of the most beneficial teaching devices is, instead, perverted into an insidious propaganda tool that harms its viewers and propels an agenda that is injurious to their physical, mental and economic health.

Just how colossally screwed up is that?

YT said...

"Personally, I think that a White man at 50 feet is a lot more dangerous than a Black man at 25 feet."

Which is why they attack in groups or by surprise

Anonymous said...

@ Kersey fan: You said "If you're over 40, do you recall the endless news stories and college demonstrations against the Evil Apartheid in South Africa? The collapse of that country is imminent. The attrocities and crime rate there now are staggering."

I'm 55, and remember well the protests against apartheid. Well, the West got its wish, apartheid is gone, and now SA is a shithole of violence. So much for the only First World civilization in the whole of Africa which was created by whites. Majority black rule is now completely destroying what was once a gem of Western civilization. Sound familiar? (Detroit, et al.)

Bob1313 said...

Speaking of blacks that can't shoot, has anybody ever seen one at a gunrange, ever?!? Not this cracker!

Hilarious! I saw it one time, some young gangsta wanna be standing square in the middle of a 12 lane indoor pistol range.

The broheim was trying to impress his equally young sow by shooting a high point 9mm with the sideways ghetto hand position andthe target all the way to the back of the wall at 40 or 50 yards, needless to say it became quite
humorous for all the regular shooters. After a few clip loads of brain dead shooting the gruff old range master came along and explained the fundamentals, he also told him for safety reasons that if he didn't shoot using proper fundamentals he'd have to leave, so in short no mo Negro shooting, we still joke about this a year or two after the fact.

YT said...

The downstream price civilization will pay for subverting evolution's most fundamental laws promises to be horrific.

The documentary idiocracy explores this concept in detail.

.45Jack said...

Kersey-fan said:

"The baby-boomer left has weaponized the black population..."

Truly one of the most astute and therefore hilarious observation I have ever read!

Don M said...

@ Ivan Shatov

I hear ya brother.

You know, I don't hate the "unmentionables" for their vicious, apartheid ethnostate...

I'm just jealous.

Wish they'd allow us one too...

Denise said...

Stop commenting on Negro sideways shooting. Let them hold the gun any way they please. Do I need to explain "why"?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some great secret to reveal about how some magic box sets the whoozit to put you in a low grade hypnotic state.

But I don't.

I'd still argue that the effect is real though.

I actually don't know many people that would admit to watching the idiot box if its not work related. I'd bet a lot of that is due to knowing how the sausage is made. Also people lie.

I unplugged mine a year or two ago. Not for any high minded reason other than I can't put the beast back in its cage once I let it loose. I have no willpower.

If you have a specific question I'd be glad to answer it in an oblique and hopefully anonymous way :)

I'm just a cog in the machine, but I can say without hesitation you've seen shows I've had a very small part in manufacturing.

I somewhat uniquely have worked on more black shows than you can shake a stick at, from the most famous to one season wonders.

Life is not without its ironies ;-)

Like black people themselves, the scripts get away with anti-white racism that would result in instant termination/blackballing if the colors were reversed.

Long story short I Woke Up thanks to the internet and people like SBPDL that were brave enough to tell it like it is.

I think Gore Vidal said something like 'a conspiracy theory is just another term for the unspeakable truth'

I've left the matrix and woken up to the big picture, the whole NWO thing I dismissed out of haand until recently.

It seems so obvious now, but a lifetime of brainwashing had me matrix-damaged into a childlike belief state, to borrow from alex jones.

I really feel for our military and others that have been deceived into thinking they're on the side of good.

I had only a vague idea that what I helped create was sending a morally wrong message.

Now I realize I helped create what I consider to be disgusting, soul destroying filth.

That's my life's work I'm talking about.

That brainwashing machine most people watch for hours a day has in my opinion irreparably damaged generations of good people.

My lame explanation for my part in this was I simply didn't know.

I don't know if this even makes sense to anybody, but I'm greatful you asked because it's helped me get clarity on what I need to do.

Regardless of my intentions, I've been a part of something that's injured people. I've got to repent, ask god for forgiveness, and make amends.

Sounds like a good place to start.

Thank you again.

If any of you don't know, and dare to learn the horrible truth, listen to alex jones on youtube or

He, and others, can't name who's behind the nwo. You can read all about it though if you do some googling. Don't wait too long, as the net will be as censored as the networks and print media are very, very soon.

After that happens will be one of your best sources for real news, at least it is at the moment.

Good luck everyone and god bless

Anonymous said...

"Harvard University researchers found that white students [and Asians] were more popular when they had higher grade-point averages."
Are you sure? I have never seen it in action.

Mr. Rational said...

The chain of causality between GPA and popularity is probably not a direct one.

The most popular students may be those who are slightly more intelligent than their peers, enough so to be socially dominant but not so much as to be hard to understand.  If that intelligence level corresponds to C+ work, IQ will determine both grades and popularity.

Anonymous said...

Funny how blacks want everyone to repect them but they in turn show contempt for other.

Jay said...

Zenster said...

This Black "alchemy" of turning the dross of scholastic failure into gansta gold is on a par with crack cocaine for its destructive chemistry.

Hmmm, nicely done.

Charles Martel said...

The "premier" of this study in negro upbringing and behavior apparently saw the director literally fighting with other black members of the audience who got upset that after years of convincing whitey to show only the silver lining of Black this black owner of a handy-cam decided to show the truth. What's really scary is that no apocalyptic event is necessary for this behavior to manifest itself in blacks. The Lord of the Flies lives in Harlem and he doesn't need a nuclear war to excuse his barbarism. Another great article Mr. Kersey and I have been really enjoying Zensters' pieces as well. Keep up the good work gentlemen. The darkness will be illuminated in 2012. This time, we drive them back to the Nile.

10mm AUTO said...

I never liked the book, "Lord of the Flies", because as a kid I had grown up with real life adventure stories. The world is filled with stories of children captured by the Indians or lost in the Wilderness or shipwrecked who maintained a civilized manner.

Whites are famous for self sacrifice in the face of danger. From Capt Oats quote: "I'm just going outside and I may be some time." to the conduct of the "Endurance" expedition under Shackleton, I always felt that the author of "LotF" worked to create an artificial reality where civilization was erased. Further, by filling the book with gore and sexual undertones it took on the feeling more of a horror book than reality.

As to my "ah ha" moment, I have always been interested in handguns, rated an Master pistol shot (Both hands) and teach self Defense. Though I never liked blacks, I never really paid them much mind. When I started to teach, I constantly ran into women who had been abused or raped by blacks and who wanted to learn to shoot, so I started to research the Stats. This was 30 years ago! It only took a few months of reading crime stats to reach the "Ah Ha" moment. Talking with Cops was a real eye opener, they will open up more than you will believe as long as they know you are willing to learn and will never reveal their name. Trust is everything.

Contact with a few black criminals in the course of my life and defending against them solidified my position.

10mm AUTO said...

"So, what should be one of the most beneficial teaching devices is, instead, perverted into an insidious propaganda tool that harms its viewers and propels an agenda that is injurious to their physical, mental and economic health.

Just how colossally screwed up is that?"

Absolutely RIGHT ON Zenster!

One of the joys I have had is watching the BBC "Planet Earth" series with my boys along with science and history videos. (Only one disc in the Planet Earth series is the usual Man destroying the Planet crap). Every Friday night is a new one, right now we are watching "The Greek Civilization". These are college level lectures from the finest historians and Universities on the Earth and by exposing them to my kids I have greatly enriched their lives (and Mine!).

On the other hand, Such dreck as "Bridezilla" where fat black "brides" yell, scream, claw, and beat on family and buck are beyond reprehensible. Further, the TV attempts to strip children's childhood away far too fast, leaving them confused and somewhat afraid. Shows like "Bad Girls" should be banned. Cartoons such as "Johnny Quest" or Speed Racer which showed the best of White Men with honor, desire to explore and as a scientists are lost, replaced with "Ren and Stimpy" or "Spongebob Squarepants" which portray everyone as having the I.Q. of a lemon and are frankly filled with bodily function and toilet jokes.

Zenster said...

Charles Martel: The Lord of the Flies lives in Harlem and he doesn't need a nuclear war to excuse his barbarism.

I continue to wonder about this "nuclear" analogy. While atomic devastation may have been necessary for White children's reversion in "Lord of the Flies", when discussing Blacks this isn't the issue.

When it comes to Black behavior in Western civilization, it isn't a matter of "reversion" so much as it is amplification. Counter-jihad writer, Serge Trifkovic, makes reference to "a candy store with the busted lock" when he describes how open Western societies pose such a tempting target for Islamic terrorism.

It really seems to be the same situation with Blacks in the West. The apocalyptic event is being taken out of a harsh survivalist environment and placed in one chock full of proverbial "low-hanging fruit".

Such convenience ― especially when accompanied by welfare, EBT, TANF et al ― is total poison for Blacks because it circumvents all the exhausting rigors of their traditional sub-Saharan environment. This, in turn, makes possible a normally unavailable degree of behavioral gluttony which just as often manifests as predatory criminality. Even when it is not criminal, this Black predisposition for excess can still be equally self-destructive as seen with the "Air Jordan Riots" over $200.00 tennis shoes.

This is the real "nuclear" event; being plunked down in a milieu of, what is for Blacks, unearned prosperity and unmerited ease that they have had little, if any, part in constructing. Therefore, demolishing it is no more problematic than destructively stripping a tree of its fruit before moving on to the next.

Perhaps worst of all is that traditional White disincentives for criminal conduct, such as prison, only represent a similar life of ease and convenience which in no way deters this ravenous and grasping mentality. Lack of mental stimulation due to incarceration poses little punishment to the typically low IQ Black.

Another great article Mr. Kersey and I have been really enjoying Zenster's pieces as well. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying my contributions here at SBPDL. The best is yet to come.

Californian said...

I had only a vague idea that what I helped create was sending a morally wrong message.

It's easy enough to get swept up in the glitz of Hollywood and other media. Question: what would it take to produce programming which would be on the side of race realism? Caveat: I think television has to go owing to the general passivity it creates, and that there ought to be a universal boycott of television.

One thing that gives me some encouragement is that Hollywood is capable of producing movies which buck the liberal trend. I happened to catch the movie version of "Bonfire of the Vanities" not too long ago. Really an amazing film as it shows how a white guy who is a "master of the universe" can be brought down by a combination of minority demagoguery, political expediency, and media frenzy.

Do you see any possibility of setting up production companies to create media which will provide an alternative to the current situation?

Tech9 said...

Ivan - I don't share your pessimism of the white race.

I travel quite a bit by car. I refuse to fly as I will never ever allow those TSA assholes to touch me or my family.

I was in East Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama last Thanksgiving to see various family members. I talked to a lot of white people at rest areas, truck stops, grocery stores, etc.

I found ZERO white guilt, ZERO.

Every white person I spoke to understood what was going on. When I mentioned BRA no one batted an eye. They all know we're being demonized, lied to and mistreated.

The DWL's are like an abused spouse. They keep going back to the same old tired bullshit day in and day out, not realizing how sick their situation is.

Most of these DWL's are mentally ill. Many I've met in corporate America are whacked and I worked in corporate America almost 30 years. Most of the large corporations are run by the chosen ones who hire their little pet darkies while whitey is pulling the freight.

The day of rage with whitey is coming. White people are pissed, recession weary, sick of drawing an unemployment check, sick of seeing their white brothers and sisters in tent cities and they're fighting back.

Ivan - I think you underestimate a strong proud white man or woman, especially people like me who grew up in a white only area. We know the difference and are willing to die so that our children can have a good place to live their life.

I see white people leaving the cities and buying up small farms and growing their own food.

I met tons of preppers and survivalists who are preparing for Armageddon.

We are prepared and we will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Californian or anybody that has hollywood questions just post a throw away email address and I'll contact you.

I can't answer questions via email for privacy concerns but I'd be glad to call you from a blocked number and tell you whatever I can.

I hate to be all james bond, but that's just the way it's gotta be.

I'm no expert but I can tell you the inside baseball scoop from my perspective.

I'm not able to be as candid as I'd like publicly for a lot of reasons.

Basically all print film and television media is owned by 6 mega companies. Nobody, none, ever, never will they release or *broad*cast anything but the party line for the forseeable future.

When film was created as a broadcast medium it was like the wild wild west internet of its time .

Maybe you knew this but 'birth of a nation' the movie portraying the KKK as saving whites from being raped and murdered by blacks was and I'm sure still is the highest grossing movie of all time cost adjusted for inflation.

They don't seem to publicize that little fact much. I think it was in theaters for a year or three. School and church groups used to go watch it as a historical drama.

Anyway the powers that be bought up or simply created the most important link in the chain, distribution, and as a result movies, television, papers and mags have been defacto censored ever since.

A guy can/could write anything he wants, make any movie he wants.

It's just that if he wants anybody to see or read it the message will have to be approved by those in control of the means of distribution.

Otherwise he's stuck playing his movie in church basements or standing on an applecrate in the town square reading his
article to anybody who'll listen.
That's called *narrow*casting. That's a tough way to earn a living or get your work seen.

So much for the free press myth. That hasn't existed since the 19 teens when all the papers were bought up.

Anonymous said...

OK sorry for the history lesson.

quick answer:  you can make any movie you want.   If you want any hope of wide theatrical release it has to conform to the BRA narrative.

You may be able to find a run down art house to rent you a screen for a couple of weeks during christmas holidays to play your film.

At least now you can sell copies via website.

You'll still be shut out of cable, netflix, etc.

Every year people try to buck the system and get crushed, losing every dime of investors money.  

They do get copies of the movie to give to friends as gifts, though.

I've worked on a multimilllion dollar feature financed by a megachurch with a christian message.   Too bad they had to remove that message to get distribution.  

I forgot about that one, I gotta tell sbpdl about it privately, he'll get a laugh.

If they raped a nun with a cross like bad lieutenant?  then its an edgy art film.  

Anyway, with net neutrality, internet kill switch, stop internet piracy act, you name it, your race realistic movie would be killed immediately.

That's the good news.

The bad news is they'll demonize you as a racist nazi, ruin your job prospects in any industry since your name and photo branded as a racist will be just a google search away. 

They'll hound you for the rest of your life.   You're now David Duke jr!

Your actors careers will be ruined.  They'll be untouchables in any future arts endeavor, as they'll be painted with the same nazi brush as you.  

No professional crew member will work on it.  You won"t get bonding insurance, or be able to rent equipment, or use facilities, or duplicators, printers, nothing.

Everybody knows the price of working on a non PC movie and it's the death of your company or career.

I've worked on features that had vendors throw them out on the street mid production for things like this.   Very ugly.

You'll be sued/disavowed/demonized by companies with an identifiable product in the movie like a car, shirt, building facade, company sign, you name it.

I've seen it happen.

I haven't even gotten to the dirty tricks they'll play, but I'll end with that.  

FWIW there used to be real maverick independent producers outside of the studio system, even into the 90s.  

Some of those cats were so fucking cool without even trying.  I was lucky to know them.

I do have some positive? advice if I haven't talked you out of this yet.

Find a movie that has any kind of similarity to what you want to do.  Use IMDB to find out who worked on it.   Then contact the above the line guys and see if they'll talk to you.  Director, writer, producer, co producer, those guys.  Google around for a webpage or email.   Search for their agent and try to get word to them through them.   Contact their union (DGA, WGA, whoever) and see if they can steer you in the right direction.   

When you get them, do a lot of listening and when referring to your project idea describe in terms as gently non pc as you can and gauge their reaction before elaborating on controversial aspects.

fuck I'm a long winded bastard .  good luck.