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The Myth Takes Flight: HBO's 1995 "The Tuskegee Airmen" as Pure Fiction

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HBO's 1995 The Tuskegee Airmen: Where the canonization of a 'myth' began
In looking through history books detailing America's World War II Army Air Force 'aces', one thing stood out: the Tuskegee Airmen had absolute no impact on the course of the Allies winning the war over the Axis Powers. Not one of the famed Red Tails earned the honorific of 'ace' (meaning five or more confirmed aerial kills), compared to a list of more than 1,200 white American fighter pilots who earned that title during World War II. Aces like Chuck Yeager, who would go on to be the first person to break the sound-barrier, an arbitrary record in Black-Run America (BRA), a world that only honors those who were the first to break the much more important color-barrier.

Contrary to contemporary claims, the involvement of the Black fighter pilots was inconsequential to the overall war effort. Yes, 72 members of the Tuskegee Airmen shot down 109 enemy aircraft, but when you consider America's great World War II 'ace' Richard Bong shot down 40 planes himself, you have to wonder why the story of the Black pilots overshadows one such as Bong's? Have you ever heard of Bong?

But you've heard of the Tuskegee Airmen, right? Weird.

  Dr. Daniel Haulman pointed out in Nine Myths About the Tuskegee Airmen, a controversial 2008 paper, that the Tuskegee Airmen had fewer aerial kills compared to all-white fighter groups. Interesting, 332d Fighter Group (the Tuskegee Airmen) lost more of its own aircraft then it shot down:
In November 1945, the War Department published a report called “Policy for Utilization of Negro Manpower in the Post-War Army. Since the report had been prepared by a committee of generals headed by Lt. Gen. Alvan C. Gillem, Jr., it was sometimes called the “Gillem Report.” Part of the report compared the four P-51 fighter escort groups of the Fifteenth Air Force, which included the all-black 332nd Fighter Group and the all-white 31st, 52nd, 325th, and 332nd Fighter Groups (the other three fighter escort groups of the Fifteenth Air Force, the 1st, 14th, and 82nd, flew P-38 aircraft). While the report praised the 332d Fighter Group for successfully escorting bombers, it also criticized the group for having fewer aerial victory credits than the other groups because it did not aggressively chase enemy fighters to shoot them down, but stayed with the bombers it was escorting. The report also claimed that each of the three white P-51 fighter groups shot down more than twice as many aircraft as it lost in combat, but that the 332d Fighter Group lost more of its own aircraft in combat than it destroyed of the enemy. The implication is that the black 332d Fighter Group might have lost fewer bombers it escorted than the other three white P-51 fighter escort groups, it also shot down the least number of enemy aircraft. Depending on what the criterion was, the 332d Fighter Group was the worst and also the best at the same time.
One of the best? For losing the fewest bombers? But wait, we learn in another paper by Haulman that most of the bombers lost - escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen - were via German antiaircraft (ground) weaponry:
A second myth is that the Tuskegee Airmen “never lost a bomber” that they were escorting. The 332d Fighter Group’s own mission reports often note that its pilots witnessed friendly bombers going down, mostly to enemy antiaircraft fire.
So wait-a-second: if Axis fighters weren't posing a great threat to the Tuskegee Airmen-escorted bombers, why didn't they ever engage them as other all-white fighter groups did? Wasn't the bulk of Germany's greatest 'aces' on the eastern front, fighting the invading Soviet Union?

Oh well.

The Wrong Stuff

NASA.gov still has a story from 2004 featured on its site that has since been completely discredited:
The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-Americans to be trained as WWII military pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps. One thousand Airmen were trained at Tuskegee, Ala., and 445 entered combat. They painted the tails of their aircraft red for easy identification, thus earning the nickname "Red Tails."

Flying over 15,000 sorties, they destroyed more than 490 enemy aircraft and 45 trains. They never lost a bomber to enemy fighters - a record no other fighter group achieved.

We would learn 62 years after the end of World War Two that the "never lost a bomber" story was a myth, perpetrated by those trying to create a legend that only bigots would dare challenge. Or those who care about honoring true 'aces' like Richard Bong, as opposed to worshiping a fictional story like the Tuskegee Airmen.

In looking through those same history books - many published before the advent of Tuskegee Airmen hysteria - one thing is clear; history is written by the winners, meaning the Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in control of Black-Run America (BRA) can pass on pushing Bong's story and puff up the contributions of the Red Tails.

And when did it all start? When did those white Army Air Force "aces," who won glory in the air over Europe and in the Pacific, take second fiddle to the Tuskegee Airmen? Try 1995, with an HBO movie entitled The Tuskegee Airmen:
The Tuskegee Airmen is a 1995 HBO television movie based on the exploits of an actual groundbreaking unit, the first African American combat pilots in the United States Army Air Corps, that fought in World War II. The film was directed by Robert Markowitz and stars Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr., John Lithgow, and Malcolm Jamal Warner.

At the end, the film details the unit's accomplishments: 66 out of the 450 Tuskegee Airmen died in battle, they engaged and defeated Messerschmitt Me 262s, the first operational jet fighters, and they were awarded a total of 850 medals over the course of the war. The credits also note (inaccurately, but a common belief of the time) that the 332nd never lost a single bomber to enemy fire.
 Watching this movie on DVD recently, the credits still contained the same discredited note. If you repeat a lie long enough, it will eventually become a truth:

The claim at the end of the film that the 332nd never lost a single bomber to enemy action is a source of historical controversy. This statement was repeated for many years, and not challenged because of the esteem of the Tuskegee Airmen. However, Air Force records and eyewitness accounts later showed that at least 25 bombers were lost to enemy fire. This was still a far cry from the hundreds of bombers lost to enemy fire under escort of their white counterparts.

A far cry from their white counterparts? Mainly because the Tuskegee Airmen never flew in the Pacific and encountered Japanese Kamikaze pilots and due to the fact they entered the European theater of war after the Luftwaffe had been largely decimated. Remember, it was largely antiaircraft fire that brought down bombers they escorted.

J. Todd More, a gushing hagiographer of the Tuskegee Airmen, wrote about the vast impact the HBO film had in establishing the "official narrative" of the Red Tails, one that differs incredibly from true accounts. In his book Freedom Flyers: The Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, he we writes on p. 174:

For better or worse, The Tuskegee Airmen created and solidified a collective memory of the experience that will never be dislodge. It sent place a narrative that veterans of the experience and interested observers alike all appropriated as their own. People who have never been to Italy now report that white bomber pilots requested escort from the Red Tails as if they had been eyewitnessess to the conversations, because they saw white characters in The Tuskegee Airmen do just that. Hundreds of the narratives in the Tuskegee Airmen Oral History Project recorded between 2000 and 2005 followed the film's story arc closely, and the vast majority of interviewees referenced the film in one way or another; the movie itself became an artifact in the history of the Tuskegee Airmen. Of course, it's impossible to judge to what the degree the film influenced these memories, because all of the National Park Service's interviews were recorded after the film made its impact.
Such as the visceral impact of "never losing a bomber myth." Mission accomplish on that, HBO. Tell a lie loud enough and long enough, and the Tuskegee Airmen becomes as important to American history as... well, more important than any military victory we study. After all, they broke the color-barrier! Who cares if the movie is full of outright lies when it serves the purpose of being pure-propaganda!

Remember, the winners get to write history. Teach with Movies (teachwithmovies.org), a radical DWL teaching tool for integrating movies into lesson plans, profiles HBO's The Tuskegee Airmen in glowing terms, meaning that school children across the nation will continue to be peddled a lie. Here's what Teach with Movies wrote about the movie:
The Tuskegee Airmen is a movie about commitment, discipline and courage. The 332nd Fighter Group of the Army Air Corps was one of the best units to fly in World War II. This movie will introduce children to another step in the long road that black people took toward racial equality. 
To give you a sense of how our Learning Guides can be used by teachers to develop lesson plans, and by parents to supplement school curriculum or for homeschooling, we have set out below a paragraph from the Learning Guide to The Tuskegee Airmen.

The Tuskegee Airmen were the elite, African-American 99th Fighter Squadron (later expanded to the 332nd Fighter Group) commanded by Colonel Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. The Tuskegee Airmen flew more than 700 missions and were the only Fighter Group that never lost a bomber to enemy aircraft. They earned three unit citations, more than 744 Air Medals and Clusters, more than 100 Flying Crosses, 14 Bronze Stars, 8 Purple Hearts, a Silver Star, a Legion of Merit, and the Red Star of Yugoslavia. The Tuskegee Airmen downed 111 enemy fighters, including three of the eight Messerschmitt ME-262 jets shot down by the Allies during the war. The 332nd also destroyed countless targets during ground attack missions and even sank a German destroyer with machine gun fire that hit the ship's ammunition stores, triggering secondary explosions. Sixty-six Tuskegee Airmen (out of a total of 450 sent overseas) lost their lives in combat.
 Yikes! Virtually everything that Teach with Movies promotes about The Tuskegee Airmen is a lie! Dr. Daniel Haulman decimated all of these lies in a report published in 2008, though the truth is always the first casualty right? Even Amazon.com still peddles the lie in the product listing for the movie.

Fitting that this 1995 movie had the tagline "They were our country's best defense...and its greatest glory."

In reality, the Tuskegee Airmen story is the country's best defense of segregation... and its greatest glory, since we know Black people can't compete for pilot slots in integrated flight training units now.

Our nation's best defense in World War II were the Army Air Force pilots like Richard Bong, who time has forgotten. Well, Teach with Movies has ensured that future generations of Americans will only learn about The Tuskegee Airmen via a movie starring that dude Morpheus from The Matrix.

It is these men whose false exploits, glamorized by TWO Hollywood movies, will ensure they are remembered as the true heroes of World War Two, a constant reminder that not only aerial, but supremacy over white bigotry was achieved.  That lily-white ace Richard Bong, who gave his life for his country, was the wrong color. He'll never get the Congressional Gold Medal nor have school children celebrate Bong Day (well, some might) as they do "Tuskegee Airman Day."

Read the Congressional Gold Medal to Tuskegee Airmen Public Law here. Remember, less than two percent of US military aviators are Black now. What exactly is the legacy of the Airmen again? That segregation worked (though their record was still inflated, largely by Hollywood writers); that integration shows Black people can't compete with white standards.


MuayTyson said...

I know Mr. Evergreen no longer posts here but I'm curious if he or another black lurker will answer this.

"How do you feel knowing that history is altered to glorify your race?"

Simple huh, if the tide was turned I would feel awful. In fact for many years I did feel somewhat awful about the history of European Americans. How could I not? Look at what I was taught; White Europeans raped and enslaved the World. We killed and back-stabbed and cheated our way to prominence.

It feels strange to learn more than half of what I was taught is/was pure and utter Bull Shit. Now I am just angry.

If DWL are trying to assure that they will be treated with extreme prejudice when the SHTF. This is no better way to do it.

Destroying the history of whole countries creating undeserved guilt in a populace is a great way to create heartless feeling-less bastards.

I am to the point now I can barely stand to breath the air as a DWL. I honestly feel anger and physical desire to cause great harm to these people. I can still tolerate your shock troops. After all they are barely better than animals and almost pitiful, they know not what they do. But Liberals are a vile evil sect. I hope with all my heart when the day comes you reap everything that you have sewn.

As you are so apt to point out the evil of White Europeans let me remind you. We do not indiscriminately kill, rape, and destroy. We make lists we are precise and conscientious. We eradicate. If it comes to it you will be the stuff of fairy tales we tell our children. Myths that people are not sure existed or not so distant will your memory be so complete will your culling be.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you Paul, but the entire point of the Allies strategic bombing of Germany was not to shoot down as many German fighters as possible, but to strategically bomb Germany. You can't strategically bomb Germany unless those bombers actually make it to Germany. That's one lesson the Germans never learned, and a major reason why they lost the Battle of Britain.

Anti-aircraft fire was a huge threat to the bombers (that's one of the reasons they were dropping the bombs), but fighters are also a huge threat (again, see the Battle of Britain). But if your primary mission is to drop bombs, than you really don't need to shoot down the enemy interceptors. You just need to pester them; keep them away like a guard dog keeps an intruder away from a house. The guard dog doesn't need to eat the intruder; that would just distract the dog from other intruders.

Before the Luftwaffe was beaten into submission, close fighter escort of the bombers was critical to the success of Allied bombing missions. You could argue that the Tuskegee airman just happened to start fighting when the generals chose the right tactics.

But if you question the tactics of close escort, and in extension question the White generals who developed those tactics, then you're just not understanding the history.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Major Richard Bong. He did receive the Medal of Honor, though not for one singular event, but for the body of his work in shooting down 40 Japanese airplanes. I believe General MacArthur presented it to him.

He came home to help sell war bonds after that and was famous. Later in the summer of 1945, while the war was still on, he was killed testing the new P-80 Shooting Star jet. Coincidentally his crash occured on the day Hiroshima was bombed.

It is sad that the only ace we hear about is Chuck Yeager, whom I like. Guys like Bong who fought the Japanese and "Gabby" Gabreski, the top American ace in Europe, are unknown except to us WW2 nerds.

For those interested, check out the list of WW2 flying aces of all nations. Keep in mind the Germans were very good, had great planes, and generally fought the entire war or until they were killed or disabled. Americans had the benefit of allowing our best to fight 6 to 12 months and then return to teach the new crop of pilots which is why our scores don't approach theirs.

Anonymous said...

Paul, the same forces that are pushing the Tuskegee Airmen's role in history are the same ones pushing other so-called minorities' contributions too.

Take this example from the portion of the US Army's website devoted to Hispanic heritage.

During the last major battle of the war, at Yorktown, Va., the French and American forces were able to sustain their triumphal efforts and pay for salaries, provisions and ammunition, thanks in large measure to financial donations received from Hispanic women in Havana, Cuba.

Wow, we owe the pivotal victory of our Revolution at Yorktown to some hispanic women in Cuba.

What other historical surprises are we in for? I am afraid the Tuskegee Airmen is just the tip of the ice berg.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you have a typo early on. There were at least 1270 Amercian aces in World War Two. The top two shot down just about as many enemy aircraft as all the Tuskagee airman combined.

And Anon on 1041, I don't know what you were taught when you were at the Air Force Academy, but "close escort" of bomber formations was exactly the wrong thing to do. It was one of the things that cost the Luftwaffe the Battle of Britain when they switched from "jaeger" (hunting) to close escort on the orders of Goering. Logistics was what really cost them, but I digress.

Even with the arrival of the P-51, the numbers of bombers lost did not greatly decrease until the P-51 groups were let off the leash from close escort and allowed to run fighter sweeps before the bomber formations arrival - whilst the Luftwaffe interceptors were still forming up.

The location of Luftwaffe bases was well known, and the Luftwaffe interceptors could only attack from certain places if they wanted to intercept the bomber formations. This is where the P-51 groups swept (along with the Luftwaffe bases themselves, especially after the bombers headed for home and the Luftwaffe fighters were landing. Particulary effective in decimating Me-262 ranks).

To use your analogy, the guard dogs were attacking the criminals in their houses, not allowing them to get anywhere near the house of the guard dogs.

THAT is what turned the tide. The Luftwaffe fighters were so busy defending themselves from Allied fighter sweeps that they never got anywhere near the bomber formations in useful numbers.

Charles Martel said...

The top of the DWL/BRA Statue is pure gold, it's arms and torso made of the finest silver, it's legs gleam in glorious bronze and yet it's feet are still made of clay, clay mixed from the bones and blood of our white heritage.

This statue will fall when the smallest rock of truth is thrown.

Mike from SC said...

Fighter pilots weren't taught to play it safe, my grandfather served in the army air corps. The first day of training the drill sgt said something he never forgot "If you don't know who is the best fighter pilot in the world, it sure as hell isn't you".
WW2 pilots weren't supposed to be cautious, they were supposed to be aggressive and extremely confident on their ability to kill the enemy.
The cautiousness of the redtails meant they didn't take to their training too well. A pilot isn't supposed to hold back.

Anonymous said...

But if your primary mission is to drop bombs, than you really don't need to shoot down the enemy interceptors. You just need to pester them; keep them away like a guard dog keeps an intruder away from a house.

What a ridiculous, confused load of utter horseshit. Fighters are a "huge threat" and yet...you don't really need to shoot them down?

The German interceptors closed on their targets (Allied bombers) whether there were Allied fighters present or not. That was their job - to prevent their factories, their cities, their families from getting bombed. Whatever you can say about the WWII-era Germans, they weren't cowards. They didn't wet themselves and fly away if those scary red-tailed negroes or any other fighters were there to "pester them." They attacked. And when they attacked, combat ensued, planes were shot down, and people died.

If there were German fighters available in the Red Tails' sector, they would have closed with them and, presumably, the mighty Red Tails would have the victory numbers to show. But the fact is, there WEREN'T many German fighters left in the Red Tails' sectors by the time they got into the war so the Red Tails DIDN'T have the numbers.

And the German bombers did have fighter escort during the Battle of Britain but their ME-109's didn't have the fuel capacity to linger long over the UK and their Bf-110's were outclassed by the British Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires. They knew their bombers needed fighter escort and they provided it with the aircraft they had available.

I actually don't mind the Red Tails getting noted for what they did as long as it's placed in an accurate perspective. They did engage in air combat and they participated in the war. But today's culture is one where everything non-white is intentionally selected out in deliberate contrast as being totally superior to anything whites ever do or ever did. (And the weird, sick thing is it's mostly liberal, brainwashed whites who are doing this.) Our entertainment and news media along with academia and government at ALL levels are perversely, hatefully anti-white and engaged in a relentless propaganda war against us. In fact, the war on whites often exceeds mere propaganda and does real physical and financial harm against us.

PK is absolutely on point to bring up Richard Bong. There's an airman who truly excelled and who is a real hero of America's air war in WWII. But do any schoolkids in America today even know who Richard Bong was? I'd bet less than 100 across the country know. After all, he's just another dead white man from the past and there are negroes to be exalted and worshiped irrespective of their actual merit.

Ben N Indiana said...

Here's a site that reports on black cinema

It's obviously biased, but informative, nonetheless.

YIH said...

And today, another lesson about trying to befriend and protect wild animals.
Which is exactly what DWL Homo Sapiens keep trying to do with Homo Africanus.
Clyde Beatty was famous for using ''the whip and chair'' (and when all else failed, a gun). Roy Horn thought that by being gentle and loving you could equally safe. There was also that Darwin Award winner who thought he could be 'Grizzly Adams' up in Alaska.
Try asking them how that worked out.

Fayette White Guy said...

Maybe I am missing something, but if they didn't lose a single bomber, how did 66 of their men die in combat?

Anonymous said...

Paul, as admirer of all of your work, this is one of your best, most cogent posts to date. There is absolutely nothing so important as fighting history revisionism and DWL propaganda. I hope that your article sweeps across the internet. I would never begrudge anyone the proper respect that they deserve for their military service, but I do resent it when blacks' service is embellished to the degree that the actual exploits and heroics of white contemporaries pales in comparison.

Anonymous said...

The P-51 Mustang was designed by Raymond Rice and Edgar Schmued. Both of these men were White. I had to search for that fact, which I'm sure is not mentioned in the movie.

Paleface 6

Anonymous said...

"I actually don't mind the Red Tails getting noted for what they did as long as it's placed in an accurate perspective."

Ditto. If they fought, they deserve respect.

But enough with the revisionist horse-shit...

Van said...

Muay Tyson: "How do you feel knowing that history is altered to glorify your race?"

Fantastic question. Years ago, when a series of disparate impact "discrimination" cases were forcing police and fire departments to lower standards to accept and promote more blacks, I got into an argument with a black guy about the issue. I pointed out that no discrimination had been found, but that blacks were simply failing the tests - most due to an inability to perform basic arithmetic. I asked how he felt about this - that blacks could not perform basic elementary school level math, and had to have standards lowered.

We should compile a list of these questions for our black lurkers - perhaps have that as a blog entry, and invite them (there must be many who don't comment) to reply.

Anonymous said...

The need to exaggerate accomplishments is not owed to under representation. Try using a publishing house if you want to see how easy it is for a person of color, or non-white ethnicity, to find publication. Unpublished White authors are Strang Verbotten - which is why many must opt for self publication. The point is few black authors exist who can articulate the accomplishments of their race. Additionally, one of the main reasons DWL push black issues is because it provides them employment opportunities - across the spectrum; from government to the private sector. Caring for their "Pets" which is what blacks represent to these folks - too dumb to care for themselves - provides them employment and a compassion fix. Liberals MUST receive a compassion fix - it's their crack. Feeling "better than"; more compassionate; defines much of what they do and why they do it. Reality - like learning that their acts of compassion make matters worse for everyone, makes their heads explode. They prefer not knowing the outcomes of their compassion. Caring is enuff - damn it! Besides, if the programs they advocate are held under an examination light and judged for efficacy, not one of them works as intended. Most require MORE money, expanded Authority, and more Studies to misdirect attention away from the failures. Outcomes are a harsh measure and one Liberals avoid like a plague. Trillions were spent trying to raise differential academic scores - FAIL! Not one of the solutions posed abrogated the disparity. Lead Paint is now up to explain away low black IQs. (Forget that whites split the atom, placed men on the moon and accomplished all they did in buildings with lead painted walls) Libs will not retreat because their livelihoods are in jeopardy. Liberal Pet Care is very expensive and one of the only professions where caring is the primary qualification. This dribbles down to the subsets of the caring crowd -Whites who are little better equipped mentally to care for themselves than the objects of their affections. In truth, they fear their benefits will be cut should the compassion ruse be exposed. It all drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. If they fought, they deserve respect.

Maybe but what are they/were they fighting for exactly? I guess too it depends on what you mean by respect? You can respect your enemies and the fact that they fight to protect thier own but never lose sight of the fact that they are your enemies. Not saying all blacks are our enemies or the 'Tuskegee Airman were but do question this notion that just serving in the miltary is in and of itself honorable or one gets some sort of pass because of it. Are the gang bangers in service today fighting for the things I value or would want to preserve and protect? Or are they fighting to preserve BRA or even expand it?

Of course for that matter you could expand that question to todays miltary in general.

eh said...

Granted "Best Defense" and "Greatest Glory" is way overdone. But they probably figured 'Who's going to complain? It would be racist to complain.' -- or something like that.

Anonymous said...

In that film wasn't there a scene where one pilot was refused to be sent to Europe so he steals a plane and crashes it deliberately?

That scene was meant to show the officer as wrong but you cannot send someone who would steal a plane and crash it deliberately flying.

Also did the sinking of an enemy destroyer with a P 47 come from the film to become historical fact?

Anonymous said...

Ghost wrote at one of the linked sites

"I just saw the FIRST ad for this film on tv on Spike Tv (during wrestling of all things). Has anyone else seen any ads for Red Tails?"

Maybe they were targetting the wrestling crowd because they would know that Red Tails is real in the same way pro-wrestling is?

Californian said...

Reality - like learning that their acts of compassion make matters worse for everyone, makes their heads explode.


It's difficult to think of a more self-destructive movement in the history of the West than liberalism, other than, perhaps, the Children's Crusade. Liberalism has been an epic fail on every front. Just look at the way that the liberal formula of decolonialization-one-man-one-vote-foreign-aid has led to disaster in Africa.

And in America, where half a century of liberal social engineering has led to the destruction of many cities, physically and economically and morally.

But then again, there has been no end to opportunities for liberals to gain employment and prestige, as noted.

Anonymous said...

the point is that the tuskegee airmen even had an opportunity to be airmen...in the United States,the same country that oppressed blacks for several years. yes, the statistics and numbers may be embellished, but you can't deny blacks the right to celebrate the tuskegee airmen and their accomplishements.

Van said...

"Are the gang bangers in service today fighting for the things I value or would want to preserve and protect? Or are they fighting to preserve BRA or even expand it?"

Good observation. They may fight in wars that appear to be in service to all Americans, but the reality is they are really fighting a larger war - one whose goal is to undermine and eventually erase our existence. They are not our allies, nor can they ever be.

Human history is simply a story of different populations fighting for control of resources. Rather than land and water, today the resource is wealth - wealth only created by white (and some East Asian) societies. Nothing will change this most basic fact, or the fact that blacks in the US are simply fighting to get as much of the resource as the can; it has nothing to do with fairness. I believe the common term used around here is "gibsmedat."

SwampThizzle said...

Major Richard "Dick" Bong. ROFL. Coolest name ever.

Ben N Indiana said...

MuayTyson said...

"How do you feel knowing that history is altered to glorify your race?"

Excellent question.

On the other hand, how do White people feel knowing that history is distorted to vilify our race?

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

After reading all the bs about Red Tails from some of my more "diverse" friends on Facebook, I decide to post.

3 "friends" dumped me off Facebook this morning because I put "Tuskegee Airmen: Mythical Warriors" and a link to SBPDL as my status. Nobody had the balls to comment yet.

Anonymous said...

On the issue of how many air-to-air victories the TA had, in all honesty you have to point out that much of the Luftwaffe was gone by the time they entered the war, and their opportunities were not as great to rack up big tallies. Gunther Raul said that every time a German fighter went up, they always encountered an enemy. But American pilots could fly 50 missions without encountering a German.

However, if you are going to explain away the lack of air-to-air victories for this valid reason, THEN the other side must also stop suggesting that the TA never lost a bomber to enemy fighters. Of course we know that has now been revised, but they still try to make it seem like the TA lost fewer bombers to enemy fighters than white units.

The bottom line is this, if the skys were too empty of Germans to get air-to-air victories, then tales of how the TA protected our bombers from enemy fighters tend to be overstated.

Thomas Franklin said...

Didn't know if you saw this story from yesterday...Comments anyone?


Ben N Indiana said...

Fayette White Guy said...

Maybe I am missing something, but if they didn't lose a single bomber, how did 66 of their men die in combat?

You're missing something.

They didn't fly the bombers. They esorted bombers -- like aerial body guards.

Nonetheless, they did lose bombers.

Historian Dr. Daniel L. Haulman reveals they lost 27 bombers

Anonymous said...

Didn't know if you saw this story from yesterday...Comments anyone?

Asian kids beating up another Asian kid and the left wing media claiming those doing the beating are white. Gee, I wonder why they blurred out the facial features?

Yet another propaganda operation from the usual suspects. They never, ever stop. The white liberal media is our biggest enemy.

Anonymous said...

Asian kids beat up other asian.

Niga is the Korean for you as we learned from youtube.

Brother Anonymous said...

And the reviews are coming in...

From the AP:

"In "Red Tails," the famed Tuskegee Airmen get the John Wayne-style heroic rendering they very much deserve, but in a hackneyed and weirdly context-less story that does them a disservice.

Long a pet project of his, George Lucas self-financed the film and has said he hopes "Red Tails" will prove there's an audience for all-black movies. That's a laudable goal, but "Red Tails" reduces a historical story of deep cultural significance to merely a flyboy flick.

Instead of creating something authentic and new, "Red Tails" superimposes the tale of the black World War II pilots on a dated, white genre of 1940s patriotic propaganda. "Red Tails" is blatantly old-fashioned, just with a change in color.


Hilarious. The lesson will be totally lost on Lucas, of course: you can never be revolutionary enough. Your whiteness will forever be a curse.

Anonymous said...

"he hopes "Red Tails" will prove there's an audience for all-black movies."

Tyler Perry has already proved there's an audience for all-black movies.

A black audience.

Whites, however, tend to avoid movies in which white characters are dishonestly portrayed as evil racists, while heroic black characters are nominated for sainthood.

This film will be a spectacular failure. I don't dislike George Lucas, but if he was foolish enough to finance this himself, then he deserves the enormous loss he's about to absorb.

Anonymous said...


I plan to boycott this film the same way I did Thor and just about every Hollywood movie ever made.

It's free online.

I'm sure Mr. Lucas has enough white fans to help him recoup the money he spent on this cliched patronizing garbage.

-Black Guy

Discard said...

I'm going to recommend two books. First, "Winged Victory: The Army Air Forces in World War II", by Geoffrey Perret. About 450 pages of behind the scenes info, giving the "why?" of things. Unfortunately, he wastes a few pages on the Tuskegee story. Second, "Fire in the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific", by Eric M.Bergerud. Close to 700 pages of anecdote and inside detail illuminating the larger story many of us already know. What is deflection shooting? Why were latrines built of teak?
Good reads, both.

Old Marine said...

Not to mention that they got brand new P51's the best aircraft in the European Theater.

YIH said...

''Homicides by children that young are rare.''
Unless of course, they're nigglets.
Now why would they say ''Yo, yo, yo! Bananas be raciss mang!''?
And a ''What was it like to be a slave'' homework assignment ''Made Me Embarrassed to be Black''.
As he should be. But it's still just another ''I don' wanna be doin' no homiework, yo! Dat be like slavery and shit!''

Discard said...

The Tuskegee myth is part of a larger narrative, along with the 761st (Black) Tank Battalion's alleged liberation of Dauchau, the 442nd (Japanese) Regiment's vast collection of medals for gallantry, the Chinese who built all the railroads in this country, and so forth. It's about stealing the White man's history and giving it to non-Whites. This is intended to lower our self-respect and raise the non-Whites'. Not only have Whites accomplished little of merit, we have shamefully ill-treated those wonderful people who have done so much. The myth also provides "proof" that diversity works. Imagine how far we'd have come if we Whites hadn't been so stupid as to be racist. We'd probably be on Mars by now.

ericoidx said...

You expect some dramatic liberties to be taken by film makers but when they add some "facts" just before the closing credits they should be just that, facts.

I'm glad to see that others are noting these racist flash mobs that are popping up around the country. It's troubling to say the least and I think much of it is due to a class of people who've become emboldened by this thug administration. Thankfully that problem will be solved next election.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that history falsification is somenthing more common than imagined.

There is alot of misiformation being taken as truths.

Unknown said...

I found this sitehttp://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=43989for those willing to learn some history from something other than MSM types! Enjoy!

dienw said...

Richard Bong:
Richard Ira "Dick" Bong (September 24, 1920 – August 6, 1945) is the United States' highest-scoring air ace, having shot down at least 40 Japanese aircraft during World War II. He was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) and a recipient of the Medal of Honor. All of his aerial victories were in the P-38 Lightning, a fast and well armed fighter aircraft.

Discard said...

njartist: Have to put in my pitch for the greatest American ace of WW2: Marine Captain Joe Foss. All his 26 victories were in an F4F, a plane with a top speed a hundred mph less than a P-38, and without the heavy fire power. He also fought in 1942, when the Japanese pilots were still all pre-war veterans. What might his score have been if he'd flown a second tour, in an F4U Corsair?
After the war, he became Governor of South(?) Dakota, and then President of the National Rifle Association. Altogether, a lifelong patriot and hero.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I googled '66 died/redtails'

Tuskegee Airmen: 'Rock Stars' Of American History : NPRwww.npr.org › News › USYou +1'd this publicly. Undo
Apr 11, 2011 – "I haven't seen some of these guys in over 66 years," he says. ... Red Tail pilot Alexander Jefferson was shot down by the Germans in ... composed of World War II fliers and the thousands of people on the ... One of their

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Discard said! Look at this awesome LIFE Magazine cover from June 1943.


Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 18, 2012 7:41 AM): Caring is enuff - damn it!

Exactly. Compassion is everything, regardless of whether those good intentions pave a road straight to hell. Magical Thinking"is a dangerous belief system because it causes folks to assume that as long as their motives are right, all their plans and undertakings will work out." Clearly then, caring is the Magic Ingredient which precludes all further need of such niggling diligence like logic or reason.

Liberal Pet Care is very expensive and one of the only professions where caring is the primary qualification.

Which, in turn, makes Liberals uniquely qualified for that mission, seeing as how they are utterly lacking in critical analysis or accurate projection and forecasting. Ergo, care, care and care some more because if you don't care you're RACIST!

This dribbles down to the subsets of the caring crowd -Whites who are little better equipped mentally to care for themselves than the objects of their affections.

Which is why DWLs are so enamored of Big Government. Only a massive nanny state can adequately shelter them from their own stupidity.

Excellent comment overall!

Zenster said...

njartist: All of his [Bong's] aerial victories were in the P-38 Lightning, a fast and well armed fighter aircraft.

The P-38 (one of my favorite prop-driven aircraft) absolutely terrified the Japanese. They called it, "two planes-one pilot".

There is a great book titled "Fork Tailed Devil" ("Gabelschwanz Teufel", the Luftwaffe's name for the P-38), by Martin Caiden. In it he lovingly details the incredible multi-role capabilities (dive bombing, level bombing, ground-attack, photo reconnaissance and long-range escort fighter), of this fabulous plane.

Dick Bong's name is mentioned as well.

Zenster said...

Also of note is how "the P-38 was the only American warplane to fight in every operational theater in World War II from Pearl Harbor to Alaska and North Africa to Northern Europe."

Holy cow! The paperback edition sells for over $20.00! I bought mine for 43¢.

Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Evergreen no longer posts here but I'm curious if he or another black lurker will answer this.

Some white pilots flew fly fly machines so maybe they had a small part to play in winning the war.

[Switchs brain back on]

I hope that little pice of evergreenism makes up for the absence.

Anonymous said...

here are the German aces that the red tails couldn't shoot down. http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=43989for those

Fayette White Guy said...

Thanks for the clarification Ben. I didn't realize escorting bombers was such dangerous business.

Anonymous said...

After watching the trailer for this turkey, it follows the tired and worn out revisionist history line regarding the TA group, that unfortunately is taken as gospel to anyone except hard core WWII nerds.

If the movie follows the standard myth narrative, the USAAF fights tooth and nail to keep them out. (Reality: Eleanor Roosevelt made this a pet project. It was going to happen no matter what they wanted.)

Once trained, the powers that be would not send them overseas because ‘dey’s raysiss’ (Reality: the 99th squadron, the first of 4 squadrons in the 332nd group was deployed once trained to North Africa, and subsequently based in the forward most airfields available up to and including Tunisia in late ’43)

The TA were issued the obsolete junk that the white pilots wouldn’t fly. (Reality: They flew the P-40 Warhawk, which was the American front line single engine pursuit plane up until the P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51C and D came online, which was in Early ’43. The first units to get them were in the 8th Air force operating out of England, which got priority, but the two wings that flew the P-40’s in the 15th were issued the new aircraft within a month or two of each other in late ’43)

They only got the ‘milk runs’ for missions, since ‘the man’ did not want them showing up the white pilots. (Reality: The short range of the P-40, and the P-47 and P-51 for that matter prevented long missions until the fuel drop tank was developed in mid ’44. Until then the most common mission for any of the four fighter wings in the 15th was hunt and destroy missions in N.Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea attacking Italian Naval bases on Sardinia and other Islands within their operating range. By that time in the war, Tunisia was at the outside the operational range of most Luftwaffe aircraft, and the Italian Air Force was pretty much none existent.)

They managed to sink a German Destroyer. (Reality: The Kriegsmarine had no destroyers operating in the Mediterranean. Any destroyers possessed by them prior to outbreak of the war were based in Northern Germany and it’s doubtful they could have slipped one past Gibraltar after the outbreak. Besides, all the German destroyers that were launched are documented as to where and how they were lost, and none were sunk by aircraft in the Mediterranean.)

If you want a real laugh, watch the trailer carefully and stop it right where the ‘destroyer’ explodes. Two triple gun turrents fore and one aft. Even the largest German cruisers and battle ships only used double gun turrents. In reality, it was a small coastal patrol boat.

They ‘stuck’ by the bombers when the white pilots would hot dog and chase the Germans, leaving the bombers to fend for themselves. (Reality: It was standard procedure to pursue the fighters when engaged. The thinking was, if you pursued them to their airfield, you could destroy them before they could land and refuel/reload. The bombers were also heavily armed and flew in a specific formation that maximized their defensive armament. Besides, if the standing order was to stay with the bombers, and the fighters flew off and a bomber group got shot up, there would be a lot of pilots court marshaled.)


Anonymous said...

Norcal, excuse my pedantry, but if we're deploying facts against deliberate lies, we need to be exact so that we have no chinks in our armor.
P-47s were deployed overseas in early 1943, but the P-51C wasn't sent over until late in that year. The P-51D (the famous one with the bubble canopy) didn't arrive in any numbers until mid 1944. The units in the Mediterranean, a secondary theater, would not have received these later models until the 8th Air Force in England had them, so maybe the Redtails got them in late 1944? BTW, the later model P-40 was a fine plane, just not the equal of a Mustang. That's why it was kept in production until 1944.
You're right, no German destroyers were going to run past the British-controlled straits of Gibraltar. Any claims for a destroyer sunk by the Tuskegee boys were inflated from a patrol craft of some kind. But, the Germans did have 11 inch triple turrets on their pocket battleships, one fore and one aft.

Anonymous said...

A recent documentary on the History Channel cited 3 confirmed kills, 3 probable and 2 damaged. An amazing display of flying against a technologically superior opponent. The history channel also stated that they drew first blood of any units to face the 262 in combat.

So out of the 4 Me 262s shot down in March 1945 the Tuskegee airmen got 8. That is 100% more than white mans numbers. Truly they won the war single handed. And with both hands tied behind their backs due to racism!


Comments on the article are welcomed.

Remember wikipedia does not mean you have to swallow PC bullcrap.

Hermon said...

Stuff White People Don't Like -SWPDL.When one considers the misery and death caused by white people, some 10 million killed in ww1 and about 45 million killed in ww2 (minus the Japanese contribution) and the long list of acts of white arrogance and greed leading to hundreds of wars in Europe and elsewhere it is called history.Caucasians, the most destructive race in history have made great strides in stopping this but it does no good to verbally persecute black people for having faults which are common to all people.
White people have done wonderful things throughout history. For every Steve Jobs there are many whites, unfortunately, who are worthless and do their work in a shoddy manner and go home to drink, smoke, dope up, abuse their wives and hump their daughters. These bottomers are the bottom of every race, country and society.
We all have faults, as individuals, as races and as nations

Anonymous said...

The Doolittle strategy in 1944 was to use the 8th army air corp as bait to lure German fighters to the bombers so the newly introduced P-51 could chase them down and shoot them down, thus leaving the bombers unprotected. Dropping bombs was a second thought to Doolittle, who needed to clear the skies for the D-day invasion to be successful. By the time the red tails came in to the North African and Italian theaters 90% of German Aces had already been shoot down. Breaking the color barrier is a great achievement that should have been it's own testament. Remember exaggerated greatness is the new equality no matter what color a group is.

Anonymous said...

Here's another angle
Carpet bombing cities is a war crime-
London, Paris, and Moscow were not flattened by Hitler's bombers, but it was OK to slaughter German civilians en mass in Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin and cities all over Germany that were reduced to rubble for a war declared on THEM for wanting their own nation.
These pilots participated in these crimes. Truth is ugly.

Jennings said...

There were numerous bomber losses to B-17 and B-24 groups escorted by the "Red Tails" Many. Here's a story they won't tell! After an encounter with some Germans (Bf-109 and FW-190 fighters in which the red tails were savaged, there was considerable talk about removing the red paint fron the P-51s so the Germans would not be able to sort them out. Fact or ficton?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information but the "negro" comment at the end should have been kept where its been during your entire existence, up your a**!

Anonymous said...

It is sad there is still so much racial angst in the modern day. If you are white you look at things from a certain perspective, black another, hispanic etc. I am just thankful that Christ doesn t care about skin color, past sins, present agendas. he just looks at our heart and gives us the chance to be so much more than most of these comments show that we are. Can t we just stop. I am white middle aged man, never owned a slave. worked hard for what I have and am married to same woman for 32 years. boy am I a wierdo. We all want our history to be better but I will tell you I have watched tiger woods do incredible things on the golf course. I just saw bubba james stewart smoke everyone the first motos of the the outdoor motocross season. I have such admiration for all kinds of african American musicians and singers and I have the same for many what and latinos as well. I choose to look at the good in people. When you look for that you find it. I disagree with almost everything Obama has done in office as I did George Bush s spending spree. Am I the minority here? or is there people that are sick of agendas from the Gay crowd etc. If you are gay be gay. I can t call it marriage because it isn t. I could call a duck a buick and it would still be a duck. and one last rant. If I were black It would really tick me off that there are people that are equating the civil rights battle with gay rights. There is a huge difference how black s were treated in the old days just because they looked different. HOw Ridiculous. But a sexual preference totally different. Don t cram your agenda down our throat. I don t hate you or even have anything to say one way or the other just don t tell me it is marriage. civil union fine. medical rights and retirement benefits etc. sure shouldn t matter which side of the bread you like buttered. whew how did I get off on all that.. any way...many heros in ww2 truly greatest generation. I am thankful for Airmen of any color as well as soldiers of any color.. If not for you we would be under German rule most of us would have been killed off in the ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

So much hate on this page........I'll pray for all the People who have negative comments posted since this hateful pages creation.

Donald said...

Black Veteran of 20 years of military service, Kyle, Texas.

I like what the post prior to my posting said,"So much hate on this page."

Yes, prayer is needed for the ones who weren't there but go by the different writings of those who also wasn't there in the time of WWII and the Tuskegee Airmen.

Let me say this too all of you, it took every and all men and women to win WWII. THEY ALL WERE HEROES!!! THEY ALL ARE GLORIFIED BY WINNING WWII!!!

It took every single soldier doing their part for the war to be won by America and the Allies. No matter if they were a cook, a nurse, a plumber, they had to work as one. Race was only a issue when face-to-face.

With that said, let me let you know the military is team, a unit. When one part breakdown it weakens the whole. Apperantly that did not happen because the Germans lost the war.

The Redtails accomplished their part and accomplished it well. Locate and ask some of the bomber-crews' children and grandchildren. I'm quite sure most of them will tell you they don't care one way or the other, they were able to enjoy their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. This also includes German Nationals. I know, I spent 5 years in Europe as a Black Soldier.

Chuck Yeager and Richard Bong full stories would considered as individual efforts. Do you think fellow comrades paid the ultimate price for their individua efforts?

The effort is what counts. If we are not there, judgement is not ours to say what is true and what is false.

More movies need to come out like this one and "The Windtalkers."

Good job Anthony Hemingway.