Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Day Before the $200 Million "My Brother's Keeper" Announcement: More than 200 city leaders from 37 municipalities met in New Orleans to discuss problem of Black-on-Black Violence

In America, our greatest liability is the black male population. 

However, we treat this demographic as if it were our greatest asset. 
On Feb. 26, more than 200 city leaders from 37 municipalities from throughout the United States of America met in New Orleans to discuss ways to end the black-on-black violence dominating the police scanners in their respective jurisdictions 

Only a day before President Barack Obama announced the (for colored males only) $200 million "My Brother's Keeper" program, the truth of the above statement was on display at a conference held in New Orleans. [Mayor Mitch Landrieu opens conference addressing violent crime among African-American men, boys, New Orleans Times Picayune, 2-26-14]:    

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Wednesday kicked off a two-day conference with representatives of 37 U.S. cities and municipalities, aimed at reducing violence and creating opportunity for African-American men and boys. 

Cities United, the brainchild of Landrieu and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, is an umbrella organization with 56 member cities already signed on. Its conference seeks to foster communication, share program successes and failures, and enable member cities to speak with a unified voice when soliciting aid or policy changes from state and federal governments.
At the heart of the effort is concern over the devastating and statistically disproportionate toll urban violence takes on young black men and boys nationwide. 
The National League of Cities estimates that 13 African-American men or boys are killed in violent crime incidents every 24 hours.
"In Philadelphia, young African-American men and boys are 80 percent of the homicide victims and 75 percent of the arrests we make for violent crime," Nutter said. "What is causing this kind of activity in our country is a national crisis that deserves a national response. ... This is a challenge we can solve."
In New Orleans, where the number of killings is at a record low
Landrieu said, "It's a national imperative and not just something that's related to New Orleans. It's happening all over the country."
No new initiatives were unveiled at the start of the two-day conference, which has drawn city officials from cities including Tacoma, Oakland, Milwaukee and West Palm Beach. The centerpiece programs whose results will be examined are Nutter's seven-part plan to reduce violent crime unveiled in January 2012, and Landrieu's "NOLA for Life" initiatives, launched in May 2012.
"In New Orleans, as you know, the first premise was to figure out who actually was committing the crime," Landrieu said. "One of the things we found was that there was a small number of people creating most of the crime. And so the law-enforcement response was a better coordination between the federal, state and local authorities because the resources were scarce."
But it's black people who are behind almost 99.9 percent of this violence related deaths in the black community....

We know who is committing the crime in New Orleans.

Just watch a local nightly newscast from any one of the affiliates (ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX), and you'll get a never-ending breakdown of the racial angle of crime in the Big Easy.

What's important to note is this: "the devastating and statistically disproportionate toll urban violence takes on young black men and boys nationwide" is 100 percent the fault of fellow young black men and black boys nationwide. 

The "blighted" and hallowed-out urban centers (with low property value and the designations of both "food desert" and "urban enterprise zone" attached to them) tell the true tale of devastation wherever the violence Landrieu bemoans is found. 

That's the lesson to take from this two-day conference: cities from every geographic region of the country are beset by the problem (black violence), which in turns drive away productive citizens, their taxes and their businesses for safer real estate. 

The only common variable each time is black people. 

Not guns. 

Not drugs (nor the CIA). 

Not Democrats.

Not high fructose corn syrup. 

Black people. 

Be it Knoxville, Tennessee or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the violence found plaguing these cities is uniquely black. [Mayor Barrett hopes to change culture, reduce homicide: Mayor aims to reduce violent crimes among young African-American men, WISN.com, 2-25-14]:
Last year, he was contacted 106 times. 
"When I get the message, I'm usually thinking, 'This is going to be a young African-American man,' and I'm also sorry to say that I'm usually right," Barrett said. 
Milwaukee police said 79 percent of the victims and 82 percent of suspects in 2013 year were African-American. 
Common factors in the crimes were drugs, gangs and personal disputes. 
"We just have to change that culture, the culture that says, 'If you dissed me, I'm going to kill you,'" Barrett said. 
The mayor hopes his staff will get answers in New Orleans. He and the city's police chief are there for a nationwide program aimed at cutting violent deaths among young African-American men by 50 percent. 
"To talk about employment, to talk about people coming out of the prison system, to make sure we're doing everything we can as community leaders to reduce the violence in American cities," he said. 
In half of Milwaukee's homicides in 2013, police said the victims knew the suspect. 
Barrett said he believes that has a direct impact on those families and communities. 
"If it happens too often, the good people will start moving away, business will start moving away, crime causes poverty," Barrett said. 
The mayor said if crime is down, businesses will stay in Milwaukee, and that will benefit everyone.
"If black crime is down, white-owned businesses will stay in Milwaukee"... there, fixed it for you Mayor Barrett.  

But for black crime to go down, Milwaukee will have to reverse the negative demographic trend of just becoming another formerly majority-white (thriving, friendly, productive city) into a majority-black town -- with all the negative social metrics that accompany such a trend. 

What's fascinating about Cities United (the push by a number of major American cities nationwide to stop black-on-black violence from destroying the economic vitality found there) is that it is funded by a number of foundations and with grants dedicated to doing exactly the same the My Brother's Keeper - remember: it's only for colored males - program hopes to accomplish: 

About Cities United 
Cities United is a national movement to equip mayors and local elected officials with the tools, practices, skills and resources needed to effectively eliminate the violence-related deaths of African American men and boys. Cities United was launched in 2011 under the leadership of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu with support from the National League of Cities, Casey Family Programs and the Open Society Foundations’ Campaign for Black Male Achievement. Addition support comes from the Ford Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation.
Over at the Open Society Foundations’ Campaign for Black Male Achievement (part of George Soros' network), a hilarious article is found with the title: Why Do People Stereotype Black Men? Ask Your Brain.

Considering that more than 200 city leaders from 37 municipalities scattered across what's left of the United States of America met in New Orleans on February 26, 2014 to address the calamitous results of black-on-black violence (blight; depressed home values; horrible schools; food deserts; no tax-base; higher tax rates to pay for more police, security, and jails; and a lack of outside capital investment), I think the answer to Open Society's Foundation's Campaign for Black Male Achievement question as to why people stereotype black men has been answered. 


In America, our greatest liability is the black male population.

Our greatest asset is the white male population.

No organization is needed to advocate on their behalf; no foundations are needed to bestow grants to organizations fighting white-on-white violence; no conferences are needed to try and find solutions to keeping businesses (fleeing areas where black-on-black violence makes foot traffic untenable) in cities where they are the majority race.

In majority white cities like Portland (Oregon or Maine), Austin, Seattle, Madison (Wisconsin), Nashville, and Charlotte, there isn't any concentrated levels of white-on-white violence like the black-on-black violence plaguing places like Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Newark, Camden, Oakland, and, well, those 37 municipalities who sent delegates to the New Orleans confab.

We could have been on Mars, but we decided to go fully in on funding Black-Run America (BRA). In 2014... we see the result of this investment.  


Philadelphia Mike said...

They're not MY brothers...and I don't WANT to be their keeper.

If they're looking for keepers, maybe they should live in a zoo.

Philadelphia Mike

Southron said...

What exactly is there to discuss?

Oh, I know the usual "more programs needed for the community" crap will end up being the fruit of the discussion. Everybody, including the participants in this discussion know what the problem is. This is all drama and theater to increase certain people's power, and extort more money from whitey.

Blacks kill, maim, and harm everyone around them. They have done that ever since they have been here, and they are going to continue doing it. Period. There is no mystery to it. That is simply what they do.

The reason there isn't more black on white violence is because we try to stay the hell away from them, and live behind alarm systems, and dead bolt locks.

This weekend in Birmingham, a fight at "da club" led to a black woman that was passenger in a car being shot. Black shooter...check. Black victim...check.

White people, unless you are really impatient to find out what the afterlife is like, stay away from blacks.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are animists by nature. That means they believe things just *happen*, because everything (including inanimate objects) contains a spirit. Crime just ... happens. What to do, what to do??? I know: MONEY! Spend more money! That'll make da ebil spirits go 'way! And who HAS all the money (I mean besides Oprah, Jay-Z and LeBron James) ...? WHITE PEOPLE!

Until we get sick of paying it, nothing is going to change ...

Anonymous said...

To Son of Delbert

I read you comment in the previous article and the verbal attacks you received from it.

Don't be offended by them. And don't take them to heart. Everyone will never agree. We're facing a very complicated multifaceted crisis in this nation as you very well know.

We all understand that it's literally life or death for civilized culture here in the USA.
And we're all looking for answers and solutions in our own way.

Darayvus said...

It's worth reading the head article at American Renaissance. It's Jared Taylor's review of Nicholas Wade's latest work.

The bit about the MAO-A variant gene is particularly interesting. In some mutations it predisposes the person toward violence. (Easy to remember; the variant is common amongst Maoris, as it happens.) Apparently blacks are FIFTY TIMES more likely than whites to have this mutation.

Anonymous said...

That ask your brain video is priceless. That woman makes no mention of the exponentially increased risk of associating with a black man and the denial is so deliberate.

10mm AUTO said...

This is just another negro "Stop The Violence" march/block party/candlelight vigil writ large. You have the Soros fingers in it because, like all socialists organizations, the intention is to continue to fund negro Diaspora and isolate the White. It worked in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Sweden and the UK, so why not in the big White Countries?

Oh, and Mayor Nutter. Wasen't he the guy who tried to get his Brotha Holder to sue some newspaper for printing an article about being White in Philadelphia? Didn't Paul do an article on this very subject??

Why Yes! http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2013/04/white-in-philly-sequel.html

Which makes him a negro wackjob of the highest order, say somewhere about the level of Addison ("It's payback Whitey for 400 years of oppression") and Constipated Feedbag (Dear friend PAUL, Its ALL a CONSPIRACY with MANIPULATION of the HIGHEST order against OUR PRESIDENT and our PRECIOUS")

This was a way for the city Council people to get free eats and an expense account trip to go to another city being eaten to death by negros and avoid talking about the negro infestation and crime which is killing their cities.

Yea, this will make a lot of progress.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid!


Anonymous said...

"Cities United, the brainchild of Landrieu and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter"

Duh, now that's a LMAO, them's so really Big Brains that birthed that
there brainchild.

Yet another scam to funnel cash & funds to leftist politicians & organizations.

To this crowd of Politico's the problem isn't s mega-violence, "the problem" is how to suck some more cash out of the teat for themselves & their political allies. Just another opportunity to cash in. Since mega-violence in hard-wired genetically in the DNA of each & every specimen of the species "homo africanus", it is not a problem amenable to solution unless species "homo africanus" magically just disappears off the face of the earth (to great applause from all non-africanus world-wide).

What would the Nutter bunch & "race factories" do if the problem was "solved", be outta bidness, thats what.

Since black mega-violence is such a lucrative cash group for these groups they'll try to make more of it not less....let's get real

It's all just leftist politics as per usual

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I am sure the community leaders will solve the problem of "pissed and dissed" youths blowing the goddamn shit out of each other. but only if the foundations GIVE THEM MORE MONEY. Money is the cure for the black man's problem. Community leaders dressed in their Brooks Brothers suits and Rolex watches meeting in fancy hotels will save the day. In a blink of an eye the psychopath demented killers will be transformed into business men, pop stars and movie directors. Where have I read this story before.

The good news is the body count is only 13 a day. I wonder how many are wounded per day. It must be double the KIA numbers. Their goal is to cut the KIA count in half. Good luck with that. Years ago I saw a TV special about the wounded LA gang bangers turned into cripples. They were cruising around in their 5 to 10 thousand dollar wheelchairs paid for by the tax payers. The Mexican metal thieves are now stealing the aluminum wheel chair ramps. Are we also paying for the funerals. If so it is money well spent. The Negros have become the "new KKK" but they are not wearing sheets. They like wearing hoodies.

Don M said...

"At the heart of the effort is concern over the devastating and statistically disproportionate toll urban violence takes on young black men and boys nationwide."

You see SBPDLers, "urban violence" is a force of nature, like a tornado that just sweeps through the urban landscape. It rolls in, claiming our greatest national treasure: young African American men.

Reducing this senseless and random loss of life is simple. We need to build "Urban Violence" (UV) shelters in every Amerikan city. Additionally, we need to equip the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to issue alerts when outbreaks of Urban Violence are expected.

As soon as NOAA observes conditions favorable to Urban Violence, our national treasures (African American youth) can immediately be protected in "UV" shelters throughout the city.

Anonymous said...

The Cities United image is priceless...2 innocent-looking Cosby Show blacks. The only thing missing is the smiling mugs of Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis.

But thinking ahead, what if black males did stop killing each other. Their violent nature assures that they'd simply start killing someone else...Whitey, Asians & Latinos. Call it redistribution of death.

countenance said...

I should have known Soros had a hand in this somehow.

All useless make-work for otherwise unemployable blacks, esp. black women.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck'em, let'em kill each other. That's the only solution they understand.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This is my prediction for the next president. Hillary will be the selected winner and Michelle Obama will be the vice-president. I have an old friend that calls me from New York City a couple times a year. She watches a lot of TV and tells me Michelle is EVERYWHERE. This is how the Media Mafia works the crowd. They do it with anyone they are ready to put into office. Put them on stage and in the spotlight so the proles will get to know them. Politics as showbiz.

Women running the country is a Frankfurt Marxist Liberal wet dream. THE FIRST WOMEN AS PRESIDENT will be the hype heard around the world. The brainwashed Liberals, the Neo-cons and the War Mongers will be dancing in the street. The worst of two evils is always SELECTED to be your leaders. Anyone who thinks their vote counts is also living in a wet dream.

SKIP said...

In the last paragraph mentioning majority white cities, Charlotte is included in that list!! Not sure about Charlotte, WVa, but Charlotte, N.C. is more like Kinshasa, Kenya.

SKIP said...

Anon said in response to SoD "And we're all looking for answers and solutions in our own way"

That may be true, BUT! if 50 scientists are looking for the answer to 2+2, no matter where or how long they look, the answer IS STILL THE SAME!

Warrior said...

"Community Leaders" What a F'N Joke! They're just standing in line hoping to be on the receiving end of that "free" government money, they next time some softy politician earmarks some cash for the next "do gooder" program that will accomplish nothing but cost the taxpayers plenty!

Face it, at this stage of the game, everything that could be tried has been tried and nothing works. Face facts, it is what it is, just keep the school to prsion pipeline open. Until they get the birth numbers down significantly you have a mongrel horde of young blacks heading straight to jail. They do not even get to pass GO.

Money must be offered by the state to the post puberty black women to be sterilized. A one time payment of $10,000 could literally save hundreds of thousands in future welfare and criminal justice costs if she was allowed to breed.

Next start a DNA data base that links all blacks by heredity and their criminal behavior. This criminal behavior must carry a common gene.Identify it and eradicate it by prohibiting carriers of that gene from breeding.

This might seem outrageous today, but give it 75-150 years and you will see a lot of what I say come true.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Particularly solid post, sir.

Blacks are like the one disruptive kid in class who took all the teacher's time and ruined it for everyone else.

Come to think of it, it was always a black kid (or kids).

What we are seeing is the same problem writ large. A minority—our greatest liability—is getting the attention and the funding.

By the way, y'all know what a conservative is, right? A liberal who has been mugged.

Do you know what a sociologist is? A bigot with a degree. Anytime I hear the word stereotype, I substitute "pattern recognition."

The thing that really kills me is we are supposed to be worried about HURTING BLACK YOUTHS FEELINGS when we should be running 'em out.

Y'all have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Zimri " MAO-A variant gene"

Thanks for that interesting piece of
info. 'splains alot & leaves no room for doubt that "homo africanus" can peaceably co-exist with "homo sapien sapiens".

A rational eugenics program with sterilization requirements would be a positive 1st step.

/H hypie out H\

PB said...

"The bit about the MAO-A variant gene is particularly interesting. In some mutations it predisposes the person toward violence. (Easy to remember; the variant is common amongst Maoris, as it happens.) Apparently blacks are FIFTY TIMES more likely than whites to have this mutation."

Maoris? You bet! Only good for nightclub bouncing and rugby.

Anonymous said...

First post here. I've been following along for maybe a couple months. There are a lot brilliant ideas going by, not just in PK's work but also every day in the comments. Some of you are almost like friends to me by now- 10mm, SoD, Irish, Southron, Phily, Bobuluski, etc., and of course our host PK.

Cargo Cults. The contributions from Addison, Constructive Feedback, and the latest are actually very helpful for understanding the Negroid mind.

"In attempts to get cargo to fall by parachute or land in planes or ships again, islanders imitated the same practices they had seen the soldiers, sailors, and airmen use. Cult behaviors usually involved mimicking the day to day activities and dress styles of US soldiers, such as performing parade ground drills with wooden or salvaged rifles. The islanders carved headphones from wood and wore them while sitting in fabricated control towers. They waved the landing signals while standing on the runways. They lit signal fires and torches to light up runways and lighthouses"- Wiki

They (Melanesians, not h. s. africanus )* also learned a few English phrases like "Roger, clear for landing" and would repeat them in their "services"- speaking into a stick "microphone" while sitting in a thatch hut "control tower" and wearing coconut-shell "headphones". Obama's latest is in perfect accordance with this theory of how the world works. Communist and DWLs think this way as well.
*from Erectus Walks Amongst Us

It's too bad the blog format lets everything slide into the archives without being highlighted or somehow preserved- there are valuable ideas- psychoweapons & tactics- going by. If we went through some of the past archives and pulled out the "best ofs", "quotes of the day", etc., would someone have a website page to post them on?

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

"""""In New Orleans, as you know, the first premise was to figure out who actually was committing the crime," Landrieu said. "One of the things we found was that there was a small number of people creating most of the crime.""""

Anyone else catch what this mayor did?



Funny thing. When cops allegedly do this when determining suspects of crime, they are inevitably called racist.

So then......does this mean that Mayor Landrieu and all of these city mayors, many of them black, are themselves racist? Because they are engaging in racial profiling.

If you know or claim to know that a specific group of people are committing the vast majority of crime, then that ipso facto, (according to white libs and most blacks), makes you a racist.

And yet, profiling works.

It provides accurate answers to these puzzling questions.

I think the mayor and the others at this conference owe the rest of us an apology since they have engaged in behavior, profiling, that they themselves have accused others of so doing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The saddest and most laughable part is the way they hold up the "violence" as if it has a life of it's own, an unseen force from outside, not that it's them! Their sons, cousins, uncles, brothers, play cousins, etc. i bet every man on that stage has a criminal in they family.
They just can't figure out why? It's so obvious to everyone but them

Anonymous said...

This is walk-around money for Negro elites, much like international "aid" from NGOs or "loans" from the World Bank made to African pseudo-states.

If one added to the Negro unemployment rate those Negroes who are income dependent on government or grant funded padded, no-show, or patronage jobs, the official numbers would skyrocket.

The real purpose of these funds is to purchase a modicum of social peace.

Exit question: is the white, tax paying majority getting its money's worth?

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Yawn. I've heard it for decades. And to paraphrase a comment I made in a previous thread, there is no stereotype as based in reality as those concerning black males.

Major1 said...

As I have said in this forum before, it is staggering how much work it takes to help black people stay alive.
Combing through this one post reveals mention of Programs, Confabs, Initiatives, Foundations, Grants, Conferences, Umbrella Organizations, Campaigns, Movements, Partnerships, and Seven-Point Plans.
For real. All this activity, these meetings, these statements of purpose and speeches and subcommittees, and above all the oceans of taxpayer's money....all for what? Colonizing other planets? Curing cancer? Developing stable domestic sources of energy? Repairing an aging infrastructure, or even just paying off some debt? No, all this frantic activity, all these foundations, all this cash, is directed toward trying to stop mindless black thugs from blowing each other apart. It would be comic if it weren't so tragically pointless.
Or maybe these foundations aren't so pointless. The most truthful sentence in this entire post is the one that says
membership in Cities United will "enable member cities to speak with a unified voice when soliciting aid."
Okay. Now I get it. Those 7000 black-on-black homicides a year may be unfortunate, but they sure can be politically convenient when "soliciting aid." Like $200,000,000.00.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Ex New Yorker here.....This is my prediction for the next president. Hillary will be the selected winner and Michelle Obama will be the vice-president.
Women running the country is a Frankfurt Marxist Liberal wet dream. THE FIRST WOMEN AS PRESIDENT will be the hype heard around the world. The brainwashed Liberals, the Neo-cons and the War Mongers will be dancing in the street. The worst of two evils is always SELECTED to be your leaders. Anyone who thinks their vote counts is also living in a wet dream.

It could happen. At this stage, it really could happen. We are that far gone. At that point the time will have arrived. To paraphrase Timmy Leary, time to: Tune in, Arm up and Drop out.

Anonymous said...

The best solution to the problem of Negro violence is the (never enacted) Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Program of September 1970. Sadly we are already 44 years behind.

Anonymous said...

90210 off topic

liam neeson newest movie 2014

Rush says this movie is
a White bad guy [no surprise]
and a Muslim anti terrorist hero


Whiskey said...

Ex New Yorker .... more like Michelle Obama as next President, Black woman a twofer. Ala the Kirchners of Argentina.

Meanwhile Chelsea Handler via Huffpost wants you to know she only does Black dudes or something.

Sitting in waiting room medical facility (not me a family member) all the fat ladies age 60 and over were raving over 12 years a slave.

Could not pay me to see it.

Anonymous said...

To me, the underlying message of all these "blacks need to stop killing blacks" programs is this: If you've got to kill somebody, make sure it's a non-black person. That's ok.

Maybe I'm wrong but, if that is the ultimate goal, we're in way worse trouble than we previously thought!

Anonymous said...

They discussed the problem of "Black-on-Black" crime.

Did anyone mention the "Black-on-White" crime problem??

Wednesday said...

Landrieu said, "It's a national imperative and not just something that's related to New Orleans. It's happening all over the country."

Yes, Blacks are so widespread that the problem will require a national solution-- a final solution.

Permanent removal from the North American Continent, by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker, i tend to look at any election as the evil of two lessers. these people are to busy figuring out how to screw the taxpayer. delaware has become an extention of chester,pa which is an extention of filth-a-delphia.

Anonymous said...

If I view this as we are all equal then:
The way I see it White people have sacrificed enough for Black folk. Hundreds of thousands of White people died during the civil war to help put an end to slavery; White people have started organizations to uplift the Black man; White people marched along side Black people during the civil rights era (some even murdered for it). We have tried to include Black people in every aspect of this democratic republic but all we receive in return is being spit in the face. You're welcome. We White people are done trying to help those who don't appreciate it. You are on your own. Deal with it.

It I view this from a genetic, evolutionary perspective:
My Brother's Keeper is a waste of money because policies and practices will be used that will not work because they are not designed to work on the targeted demographic.

Anonymous said...

What I see is a bunch of blacks with enough white bred into them that they can mostly control their violent natures and they have a few brain cells to rub together. In their native land they'd be the rulers and that's what they intend to be here. Eric Holder is a prime example.

Grandpa1940 said...

From the long and deadly history of the black clowns once allowed out of the jail cells, I would suggest that the quickest way to deal withthe ongoing threat is to shovel them all onto an isolated stretch of ground, and let them kill each other.

A bit drastic, but since just about everything else has been tried, why not let them kill each other, and then all the rest would have to do is burn the bodies!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Those types of people come across as such jokers to me.

They pretend they are trying to solve an important problem, when in fact that problem is the only reason they get to buffoon about, at someone else's expense, as if they are important people themselves.

Without that problem those buffoons would be reduced to chiseling or money grubbing at some more realistic station in life suitable to their IQ.

The last thing those buffooners want to do is solve the problem.

The white liberal is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

The lowly negro is a parasite of white culture and white genes.

The SS&DI solution is the only viable, long term solution. The separate out, secede and declare independence solution.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

The Doctor said...

Your ignorance is amazing. Why do those programs exist, why was there a civil war, because of your white ancestors. Since the Civil War there has been more harm done to prevent blacks from achieving economic, social, and political equality. Even since the Civil Rights Movement There has been more harm done to the black community than there was help. If this gets posted I will explain.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

As usual I posted my comment first, then began reading the other comments second.

When I read Paul's article I did so cursorily. I was in particular attracted to the first picture, the one with all the buffooners.

Now that I have read some of the comments I see at least two others who picked up on the same observation, that those guys and gals are nothing but jokers and buffooners pretending they are doing something important.

Further they are getting paid white taxpayer dollars, living an easy life, and otherwise avoiding an occupation more suitable to their abilities, such as janitors and maids.

Clearly chumps like that do not want the problem solved.

Could I have a rebate on my taxes please.

This is not what I wanted my taxes paying for.

Solutrea, a new White Homeland, sounds better everyday. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Check out the mouthbreather wildebeest in the orange hookup lookin all "Dass Right, Y'alls know dass wut I'm tawkin bout!"

Anonymous said...

AMREN is on fire these days.

Oakland: Gay white man, loves diversity, thinks he and his partner will be more "accepted" by the noble blacks, instead accused by ghetto blacks of gentrifying, admits to label and calls a truce.

I know a gay man JUST LIKE THIS in Indianapolis.

He also runs a not-for-profit beautifying org. restored his old home, and he even raises bees in his yard. The local blacks harass him, call him fag, break out his car windows, and rob his house on a regular basis.



Anonymous said...

Aw lawdy Jesus.

Here is another anti-white, anti-gentrificaiton movement in Killadelphia. The local blacks are calling emergency meetings on this dire situation.

Boy, they really do hate us. And I think they know that the jig is up. Whitey is tired of standing down and kissing the black asses.


Anonymous said...

"Sister Empress Phile, one of the organizers, said the group will host more town halls and ask for more public meetings, including congressional hearings.

Ultimately, she said, the activists plan to appeal to the United Nations that gentrification is a human-rights violation - when economic-development policies displace one ethnic group with another."

You can't make this stuff up. Hahahahahahaha!!



And what came of that closed door meeting? I have a few same old ideas. Midnight Basketball, Prayers, and some sort of "youth/Teen" Center. probably all three of these things got shot down after someone said "Let's throw/steal(redistribute) The White tax-payers money and call it some kind of fantastic LIBERAL(Traitor)Name and dupe those "cracker's" AGAIN!!! Boy what a well funded racket! More legalized EXTORTION!


SolInvictus said...

This should be enlightening as to the root of many problems discussed here...

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by
whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will
instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and
entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause.” -Jewish Playwright Israel
A Radical Program For The Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in Congressional Record , Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957, by Rep. Thomas Abernathy.

Anonymous said...

The "Cities United" photo is a perfect example of propaganda- instead of showing photo's of two No Limit Nigga's with sagging pants, gold grills in dere moufs, guns in one hand and flipping the bird with the other (and the typical sneering thug expressions), we get The Eternally Fresh Faced & Wholesome Negro Chilluns Whut Ain't Nebber Done Nuthin!" Add to that the photo of the "We Beez All Dressed Up In Our Fancy Going to Da Church Clothes and We Iz All Concerned And Sheeit" negroes on parade and it's a double blast of bullshit.
Who falls for this crap? None other than suburban Susie Soccer Mom and her equally stupid and delusional husband Danny the clueless Dipshit. Just pop an add in between an episode of Dancing With The Stars and whatever junk tv is coming on next and you'll have tears flowing and check books being taken out. After all, they're so caring and socially conscious and doing something important, aren't they?
Sorry to be so pissed off but I can't help it- especially when I read that the Mayor of my town is attending this Negro Love Fest (accompanied by negro church whiners and a negro community activist)and will no doubt return wanting to suck money out of the residents to fund some negro coddling enterprise when the money shouldn't be wasted on such.
We already had a story where a Shaniqua was put up in a brand new house and was caught bragging about how she didn't have to pay no mo' bills and sheeit and would be sittin' on de poach smoking a blunt and habbin' a good time. It really pissed off the residents and created a firestorm of protest. Oh yes~ and a story of a negro church leader stealing a ton of money.
And yet, here we go again! Another "Mo' Money fo' Parasites" program!

Anonymous said...

To anon who wrote about the Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Program, you beat me to it! What a great man he was. I'm still very sad about his death, he was like a part of my life, especially during the Dinkins and Clinton years. I wish I had gotten to meet him. Bob's show hadn't been on since last summer, so I knew he was ill. I cried when I heard about his death. He will be missed.

Bogolyubski said...

You just can't fix stupid. Of course I'm sure all those voting machines worked perfectly, but they probably didn't need to because there were no doubt more than enough "conservatives", "Christians", and "patriots" to punch the hole for a member of the squid-family Busheron, not to mention all the illegal aliens who were busy voting.

Anonymous said...

The Doctor said...

"Your ignorance is amazing. Why do those programs exist, why was there a civil war, because of your white ancestors"

Civil War is a total misnomer. It was the War of Northern Aggression.

Of course, misnomering & writing history has always been a "right" exercised by the Victors but it's still misnomering...

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

My solution is to decriminalize Marijuana for all of our dusky brothers. Let them grow, smoke and deal as much as they would like. Perhaps this would make them less violent and pay them for their efforts. Hopefully, also make them too stoned to copulate.

Eddie Scholar

Bogolyubski said...

Pissed-off Anon sez:
Who falls for this crap? None other than suburban Susie Soccer Mom and her equally stupid and delusional husband Danny the clueless Dipshit. Just pop an add in between an episode of Dancing With The Stars and whatever junk tv is coming on next and you'll have tears flowing and check books being taken out. After all, they're so caring and socially conscious and doing something important, aren't they?

.... and folks boast about how YT has such a high IQ? It's increasingly evident that IQ is vastly overestimated. After all, the low-IQ Shitaviuses, Turdquillas and other such fine examples of patrician bloodlines are breading like cockroaches as the eloi are plunging themselves into demographic extinction while singing praises to their shiny new negro-god, admiring and emulating their new object of worship (to borrow CWNY's brilliant observation of how today's Crystal Methodists have flipped Kempis' Imitation of Christ to the perverse Imitation of Negro).

Here's a little story which is illustrative of the problem:

I once asked Grandma, when she came on a visit, what her problem with TWMNBN was. Her answer struck me as Old Lady ranting then, but I have realized since that it is so true as to almost be a mystical Truth.

 She said:

“TWMNBN will look at a pile of shit and say ‘That’s gold!’ Then, he’ll look at a pile of gold and say ‘That’s shit!’ And then he’ll find ten other TWMNBN to rewrite every book and newspaper within reach until YOU and your kids look at the shit and agree that ‘Yes, shit is gold and gold is shit!’ Then, while you are putting shit in your pockets, he’ll take all the gold and share it with his ten other TWMNBN. It’s their NATURE.”

Criminals are victims, victims are criminals, truth is a lie, immoral is moral, shit is gold.

 Oy vey.

It keeps on happening over and over and over again. The YT dead and wounded keep piling up day after day, month after month, decade after decade - parallel to the endless repetition of lie upon lie upon lie. We now witness entire cities destroyed more thoroughly than a real nuclear blast (compare Detroilet or any ABRA city with Hiroshima and Nagasaki). The real moral of this little story is not actually TWMNBN. After all, like the fabled scorpion given a ride by the frog, it's their NATURE, as in congenital. One might as well complain about fire being hot - or negroes being violent. The takeaway question is this: Why does most of YT keep on believing the master salesmen of shit-sandwiches even in the face of utter disaster and ruin?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]In America, our greatest liability is the black male population.

Dear Friends And White Folks at Stuff Black People Don't Like:

From my dear friend Paul Kersey's statement above he can see nothing but LIABILITIES when he sees a young Negro stud.

My question to you DOES NOT ASK you to do a "Damned Thing" to assist the Negro to transition to the other side of the balance sheet. (You see what happens when you allow us Blacks to receive education? We start talking in technical terms).

My question is to ask: "Do YOU believe that the Negro - if left unmolested has the mere POTENTIAL to become an asset in America OR do you have a thumb on the measuring scale that prevents you from even being transparent in your measure.

MORE SPECIFICALLY - Could you list the top 5 attributes that the Negro MUST DO to become an Asset....sorted by the intensity at which "Good White folks" successfully complete the said task and thus remain as "Assets to America"?

Can you define the attributes of a collection of White folks who you believe are "liabilities" in kind with all Negroes?

Do you see 100MM? I did not ask you for Sh#* from the assumption that you "owe us" anything.

I asked you for a mere assessment.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago, "pay to keep them away" works fairly well. Most people can live away from them. The only exceptions are the Mag Mile Wildings and hospital care. City workers are also required to live in Chicago

Anonymous said...

"Young negro stud."
Bwahahaha! The stereotypical negro always resorts to sexual references about muh-dik.
Conflicted Gasbag couldn't have been more stereotypical even if he tried.
Muh dik! Muh dik!

Anonymous said...

Not just the killing. Listen to WVON for 15 minutes. Every add is a public service annoc. About: feed your kids, take them to school, be a dad, put them in a car seat, read to them, dont hit them.
We spend thousands on programs for free formula, parenting ads and classes, free car seats, seat safety checks, free coats, free book bags, free lunch, its endless and they still gripe it aint enough

Californian said...

CF asked... "Do YOU believe that the Negro - if left unmolested has the mere POTENTIAL to become an asset in America OR do you have a thumb on the measuring scale that prevents you from even being transparent in your measure.

Blacks have been unmolested the civil rights revolution of the 1950s-60s.

What has the black record been when it comes to producing assets? What products, services or inventions have been created which outweigh the damage done by black criminality, illegitimacy, welfare dependency, race hustling, etc?

How has any university, business or government office improved its standards, productivity or services by having large numbers of affirmative action admissions?

How many persons of other races would have created real assets for America were they not shut out by AA?

How has any American city been improved by having black governance? How has any black majority rule country out-performed a similar country run by white people?

Show us where this potential has become an actual asset.

MORE SPECIFICALLY - Could you list the top 5 attributes that the Negro MUST DO to become an Asset....sorted by the intensity at which "Good White folks" successfully complete the said task and thus remain as "Assets to America"?

1: Reduce your violent crime rates by 50% (granted, that's still way above white levels but it would be a start).
2: Reduce your illegitimacy rates to 25% (i.e., about where blacks were in the early 1960s).
3: Reject gangsta culture, then respect education and graduate blacks students with STEM degrees.
4: Oppose all forms of affirmative action.
5: Most importantly: take responsibility for black criminality, illegitimacy and civic corruption (i.e., stop screaming "racism!" every time someone criticizes blacks).

Do those things and you might get some real respect.

Anonymous said...

200 million, even with Today's dollar, could still build an impressive sized prison.

Dan said...

I am writing from the murder capital of America, Chicago, Last year there were 448 murders in Chicago, of those 8 were white.

If you take out the hit and runs your left with 3.

source: heyjackass.com

10mm AUTO said...

CF Said: My question is to ask: "Do YOU believe that the Negro - if left unmolested has the mere POTENTIAL to become an asset in America OR do you have a thumb on the measuring scale that prevents you from even being transparent in your measure."

Oh let me! (Hand raised) Me Me Me!

If left to its own devices, unsupported (or "unmolested" using your term) and given the State of Mississippi, the negro would devolve to Haitian level of Government, services and educational level. As a matter of fact, less than Haitian as other Countries pour 1 billion dollars into Haiti just to support it. As the bridges and runways broke down (and were not repaired, Mississippi would gradually become covered in greenery and become a jungle, perfect for the negro.

But you asked about being an asset! Truthfully, negros do not have the potential to be an asset and no one is holding down the "scales" against the negro. If anything, we are tilting the scales in favor of the negro. I guess if you wanted to kick out the Mexicans and take their jobs working in the fields you could be an asset, but that would require work for which the negro hates. Plus, whatever work the negro finally was able to do for his pay does not account for the unbelievable criminality. Really the negro has three major problems to overcome.

1. He is a fat ass sitting on his butt sucking up welfare.

2. He is a major source of crime, murdering and defiling our women to the point even black women hate 'em.

3. His unbelievable ignorance, including but not limited to his inability to read prevents him from getting a better job.

Lazy, stupid and psychopathic is no way to go through life, son.

10mm AUTO said...

CF, I am really going to try to reach you with this one.

To be an asset in any culture one must have a hobby, a specialty that you like better than all things, something you are better at than most. For some, the hobby is their profession. For others, it is merely a distraction from the pressures of the world. It is an attitude of striving to be better that makes White people White, not their skin.

Whites might learn the violin or collect stamps and work to get their collection better and better. Its an internal pride thing. My step grandfather became an expert on Civil War stamps and wrote a book about it. My 86 year old mother wants to be a GrandMaster in Bridge. I personally have studied firearms (most specifically the pistol) and have spent decades perfecting my technique till I can hit hand thrown golf balls and oranges. It is the accumulation of knowledge and its passing on of the distillation of those years that makes it interesting. The item does not matter, what matters is that people express, enjoy and pass on. Here is an interesting example from a guy interested in pistol caliber carbines:

The point is negros would have to strive to do something other than rip their way through life. They would have to collect something other than White scalps, gain knowledge other than how many White women they can rape and distill something besides Jenkem.

Mr. Rational said...

Great Animal House reference, 10mm!

Wednesday said...

Haha.. That's a good one. Blacks as assets. An asset requires one to be productive. I guess one might consider the sporting and entertaining blacks as assets. They are assets to a billion dollar distraction industry. But Basketball and crap will not get us to Mars.

So, Blacks as assets. Blacks were assets at one, and only one time in American History:

as slaves.

Oh, but CF required they be "unmolested blacks". I guess that would be like Africa, Haiti, or Detroit. Wherein an "umolested black" will simply get down to his daily business of molesting other blacks and begging for a White handout.

Anonymous said...

"Derrick Grayson warns that it’s “lights out” if we let anti-gun politicians destroy the Second Amendment.

Mr. Grayson, a minister, is one of seven GOP contenders running for the U.S. Senate seat from Georgia now that Incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss has retired."


"bearingarms.com" is most likely a Conservatard web blog run by a white man. Read the comments from the white men who "completely respect" this black man for saying what whites have been saying since the Revolution. But because a noble black says something, it is golden to these worshippers.

Listen to the word salad from this "GOP contender." This slick, pimped-out black man, making a selfie video while sitting in his CAR (who does that??), says that "they didn't start with the gun control until little white kids started gettin kilt. Black folks is been killing each other like this for years and no one cared." Blabbity blah bah.

They ALL blame whitey for their violence, failure as a culture, poverty, wretchedness, and inability to function. I bet he will get many many votes from the soft, guilty, fluffy white Tea Party Patriotards in GA.

I can't imagine having a person with an intellect like his representing me in Congress.

Anonymous said...

CF, here is some advice from a fellow black man:


"There ain't 2 cents worth of difference between a penny thief locked up in prison and a black doctor."

Blacks don't understand the world and how it works.

Stop asking whites for advice on how to fix your race problems. We are not the same. Different genetics, different DNA, different physiology, different everything. What we need is LEGAL separation and an end to diversity and multiculturalism at the expense of whites.

There are black people trying to fix this right now and you won't even listen to them. Because you are obsessed with us and need the attention and acceptance of white folks. That has to end first.

Now be on your way.

countenance said...

Obama said that Trayvon Martin was his inspiration for My Brother's Keeper.

At first glance, I wonder what one has to do with the other as matters of facts and substance. It does not seem that they're related or compatible at all.

Then a bunch of incandescent light bulbs in my head lit up.

This is Obama's subtle gracious way of saying that the Feds can't/won't charge George Zimmerman with anything.

Californian said...

Here is a question for Constructive Feedback: can you list 5 programs, policies or budgets which would bring blacks up to the level of whites? The caveat is that these can not be things which have already been tried (e.g., affirmative action).

Anonymous said...

Here's the solution.

Have drones loaded with nothing but Air Jordans and MAC-10s fly over the 'hoods, and drop the loads right into the middle of a crowd of "youth" playing midnight basketball.

The ensuing chaos and ready access to sufficient fire power would accelerate the needed cleansing of "gritty" areas of major cities.

Then, and only then, could Trader Joe's move in to the 'hood, and begin the process of rebuilding.

Anonymous said...


' Philadelphia Mike said...

They're not MY brothers...and I don't WANT to be their keeper.'


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

90210 / re murder rates
shit cago killings

were any of the killings whites that killed non whites?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and yes again ! You are right on target ! Great ideas whose time was yesterday .Let's hope we live to see a few.I totally advocate for payments to welfare moms for sterilization.Males age 14 and up should be paid to get a 'reversable' vasectomy.Also we should offer a one-time 'big' payoff to leave the country (continent) permanently, if you come back you get shipped to Johnston atoll with no shoes.Getting the numbers down would work wonders.Almost any payoff amount will end up much cheaper in the long run than dealing with all this completely unnecessary drama, disfunction, and danger ! The time to start was yesterday but now will have to do.Great ideas from you as usual, Thanks !
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Lots of responses, as usual, but crickets from CF.

He must have lost focus.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Lots of responses, as usual, but crickets from CF.

Anon - Some of us tax paying Americans HAVE JOBS that consume their time - and thus - unlike conversating with you "Kind White Folks" - it pays my mortgage.

I will digest the "arsenic laced lemonade" that many of you offered and get back to you.

When you say "Bring BLACK people 'UP TO THE LEVEL' of WHITE FOLKS"..............are you assuming that ALL White folks are at some minimum threshold, with no large swaths 'down, along with the lowly Negro'?

I bet you believe that if you knocked on Donald Trumps door after seeing his rousing speech at CPAC, slapped him on the back and said "WE WHITE FOLKS sure have a lot to be proud of our accomplishments" - that HE would invite you into his house like a long lost friend BECAUSE of your common race - rather than calling security to have you removed as if you were a Negro with a spray bottle and a squeegee in his hand, asking to wash all of his windows.

Anonymous said...

HERE, HERE! Blacks are America's greatest liabilities, yet they are worshipped by the MSM, which THE reason why I have COMPLETELY cut ties with the MSM.

Californian said...

Lots of responses, as usual, but crickets from CF.


I would like to ask CF or any black or liberal who is reading this:

"What programs, policies or budgets will bring blacks up to white standards of civic order, legitimate births, school graduation and business formation?"

This question has been asked many times and in many forms on SBPDL and has yet to be answered.

Things is, there just may be no answer.

Anonymous said...

If anyone's ignorance is amazing, it is yours!
Stop blaming slavery. Before Civil Rights and Integration, blacks made their own businesses and attended school against the very odds you speak of. Post CR middle class and working class blacks chose to abandon their poorer brothers for nicer hoods and mainstream jobs.
Place the blame where it is deserved....

Anonymous said...

That's right! It's time to play the blame the you know who again! What a great way to solve the problem

Kyle said...

What the Fuck? Why is Obama Trying to get all biblical with the bill naming now?

Anonymous said...

sugar restriction is tthe key to good body