Thursday, March 13, 2014

Behold a Pale Horse... White Privilege Defeated by Black Dysfunction in 76 percent white Madison, Wisconsin

…Behold, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and hell followed with him.
-The Book of Revelation

The situation in Madison, Wisconsin (a 75 percent white city situated in the 81 percent white Dane County) is biblical in its connotations.

It’s a microcosm for the apocalypse upon white racial thinking and the belief that white people have interests worth defending.

Namely, civilization…
76 percent Madison, Wisconsin: A city where the apocalypse has already happened

Because those Nordic whites who helped build Madison into one of America’s best places to live lack the ability to understand black refugees/migrants/immigrants from Chicago are completely incompatible with sustaining/maintaining the formers civilization, or in even abiding by the laws established by these pale Midwesterners.

That five of Obama’s Sons (with one of Michelle’s Daughters along for the ride) recently engaged in a “home invasion gone wrong” that ended in the repeated raping of a six-months pregnant white woman is a reminder of just how fragile white privilege is in 2014 Madison.

Luckily, Madison will be host The White Privilege Conference: Understanding, Respecting, & Connecting on March 26-29th.

Got Privilege?

Here’s the reality of white privilege in Madison. [HORROR: Pregnant woman gang-raped in vicious Wisconsin home invasion, Daily Caller, 3-12-14]:
“Someone’s gonna die tonight!” one of the robbers threatened as they entered the room. One of the attackers yanked the male victim from the bed and viciously beat him. According to an Associated Press report, the female victim pleaded that she was pregnant and told the robbers that they could take whatever they wanted. 
But another burglar dragged her from the bed and into the hallway, pointed a gun at her stomach and grunted, “You’re going to die tonight.” She then had to allegedly endure all three men raping her, with one forcing her to commit oral sex during the attack. 
The suspects stole electronics, credit cards and their wedding rings while they stuffed the bloodied couple in the house laundry room before fleeing the scene.“In my 27-plus years of policing in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes I have ever seen,” interim Madison police Chief Randy Gaber said in a press conference announcing the arrest of all six involved in the crime on Monday.
And yet the good white people of Madison, burdened with the guilt of jails – though they are less than seven percent of the population - filled with black people, desire SEPARATE courts for black criminals.

That blacks commit crime and are arrested in Madison is the real crime… [Race bias in Dane County legal system to be fought in special courts, Madison State Journal, 10-29-2013]:
Some of Dane County’s troubling problems with inequality in the criminal justice system could be offset by new initiatives to funnel more African-American suspects into special courts aimed at rehabilitation, officials say. 
“Community courts” would take 17- to 25-year-olds from neighborhoods with high concentrations of racial minorities and place them in a restorative justice program where they can make amends for minor offenses without getting criminal records that would hurt them when looking for jobs and housing. 
Meanwhile, the county’s drug court is looking to broaden access in an effort to include more racial minorities in the program in addition to the young whites who currently take almost all the openings. 
The program allows drug offenders to be monitored through rehab programs instead of being locked up. 
“The real key would be not giving somebody a free pass by any means,” said Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne. “These would not be easy resolutions.” 
he report by the Center for Effective Public Policy in Silver Spring, Md., urges officials to use objective assessment tools to make decisions about criminal suspects, and to improve computer systems so data can be extracted that will increase understanding of why so many minorities are arrested and prosecuted. 
More than 40 percent of county jail inmates are black, but only 6 percent of the overall population is. In 2007, a black resident in Dane County was 97 times more likely to be incarcerated for a drug crime than a white resident — the widest racial disparity for that measure in the nation. And whites who are arrested have been much more likely to win admission to deferred prosecution programs that give people a second chance. 
Neighborhood ‘court’ 
A community court for young men from minority neighborhoods could start with a pilot program in about a year if the County Board approves a $100,000 budget amendment proposed by board member Shelia Stubbs and if neighborhood leaders embrace the idea, Ozanne said. 
It would be modeled after teen courts in high schools, Ozanne said. Instead of a judge and jury, respected local leaders — possibly a pastor or a neighborhood center director — would be in charge and the young person who was arrested for a minor charge would pay restitution and possibly perform a community service in exchange for court charges being dropped. 
“The idea is to help them get through some of the bumps without a criminal history,” Ozanne said.

Criminals don’t deserve help.

They deserve punishment.

When a small minority of the population is committing the bulk of the crime, an intense inquiry should be undertaken to determine if racial origins for behavioral differences exists… not coddling and the creation of a special working toward exonerating them from debilitating police record.

But this is Madison, Wisconsin, where an apocalypse of the mind has already occurred.

There isn’t a pale horse with a rider upon it, heralding death and hell… it’s just a black population importing the same destructive behavior that has made much of Chicago uninhabitable to the law-abiding.

Then again, the Madison School Board President Ed Hughes lamented that white people built Madison and that whites should enjoy the privilege of such an accomplishment, as opposed to wallowing in the miserable conditions blacks create for themselves (wherever they go, wherever they are found). [Ed Hughes: In Madison, we swim in the water of white privilege, The Cap Times, 1-15-14]:
Second, we have to acknowledge white privilege: We white folk pretty much get to set the rules in Madison and establish the mainstream social norms and terms of debate. 
David Foster Wallace told this story in a famous commencement speech: “There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says ‘Morning, boys. How's the water?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, ‘What the hell is water?’" 
We are all swimming in the water of white privilege. We white folk get to swim with the current. We also get to wonder why the people of color we see going in the other direction don’t swim faster.

Would you rather swim in the waters of civilization or drown in the waters of barbarism and permanent destitution?

The color line is the difference between civilization and barbarism, with the post-apocalyptic white leadership in Madison, Wisconsin embracing the latter and decrying the former as a racist relic of the past.

David Blaska, writing a blog for the In Business Wisconsin website, noted the frightening vise white guilt has upon the population of Madison. Better to die by the hand of black male then live by the hand of white privilege. [Why does our district attorney let criminals off with a mere slap on the wrist?,, 7-29-2013]:
Madison will never get a handle on its quality of life issues until it gets over its race guilt. That is some of the baggage that comes with professing the progressive faith. It results in its own kind of racism, the soft racism of low expectations, of excusing the inexcusable, of double standards that hurt both victim and aggressor. 
A 10-year-old boy was mugged by a man who jumped out of a car, took the boy’s iPhone, and got back into the car driven by an accomplice. This occurred in the middle of the afternoon of Monday, July 23, near the intersection of Hammersley Road and Whitney Way on the city’s southwest side. 
The Capital Newspapers report included a description of the two assailants, including age, height, hair style, tattoos, facial hair, gender, and race. The assailants were identified as members of a minority race. 
When that report was shared with neighbors, the new president of the Meadowood neighborhood, Krista Ralston, objected: 

It’s always better to be well informed and search for open-minded, holistic solutions than to simply complain, or jump to disturbing, unproductive and fear-mongering conclusions about perceived problems in our community. Obviously it is important to be aware of criminal behavior in our neighborhoods and take all necessary precautions, but let’s not over-blow the “problem.” [Her quotation marks] 
Unfortunately crime happens, but... 
Do you hear that? The “perceived problem.” If we can’t admit that there is a problem, how can we solve it? 
Yes, let’s not “over-blow” the “problem.” But what about under-blowing the problem? If it was one stolen cell phone, she might have a point. Police Chief Noble Wray came to this part of town in 2009 to hold a press conference begging residents to stop the shooting. A week or two later, a 17-year-old kid was popped. On June 28 of this year, 75 residents of the Betty’s Lane/Theresa Terrace area of west Hammersley Road went at it with fists, rakes, rocks, brass knuckles, and other weapons. To the melee, 24 police and three ambulances responded. (The police report.) Hey, “crime happens.”
No city in America is more suitable for hosting a ‘white privilege conference’.

No city.

Madison, Wisconsin is a great place, ranked highly for entrepreneurs and for families seeking a great place to raise their children; virtually every positive quality-of-life metric is on display in the city, which is why it’s a magnet for black migration from failed cities where blacks have had a major hand in undoing social capital there.

White people swim in the privilege of civilization for the same reason blacks drown in the misery of their community.

Gentrification is so vehemently opposed by blacks, because it makes their communities far more livable and prices them quickly out; this is why whites should so tightly guard access to their communities, unless they desire black criminals from mistaking their house for one to rob.

It’s hard to fathom the Biblical apocalypse being any worse than the tyranny we live under now, where the aggregated failures of black individuals is always blamed on whites as opposed to the black community. [Justified anger: Rev. Alex Gee says Madison is failing its African-American community, The Cap Times, 12-18-2013]

Blacks can never be blamed for their failures, nor can they be held to the same standard of civility as whites.

The true privilege whites have in 2014 America is the knowledge all black failure is their fault. When Madison goes the way of Milwaukee, yet another Midwestern city will succumb to barbarism.

Go take a walk in the South Side of Chicago to see a future of Madison, Wisconsin if the waters of white privilege are allowed to be drained, ushering in a community where blackness reigns... large parts of Milwaukee are already there. 


Baron Munchausen said...

the fine young gentleman who killed multiple people at SXSW. His grandmother says he was a good boy though.

Baron Munchausen

Anonymous said...

"inequality in the criminal justice system" & income inequality.... prehaps both of these horrible social racist diseases can be solved & cure at the upcoming "White Privilege" conference in beautifully red Madison.

Both the inequality diseases & cures are so laughably ridiculous, what will future generations think?

Reckon they'll think what they're told to think by the victors of this

Victor Privilege includes the writing of the history....

If I was a betting man, I'd lay about 3 - 1 odds, black victory over white

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

The people In Madison, Wisconsin remind me of an old cartoon wherein two "missionaries" with bibles clutched in hand are approaching an African village full of cannibals. The cannibals already have a large pot on the fire and the stupid missionaries.....well, you get the picture. The missionaries think their bibles will protect them just as the stupid asses in Madison think having a White Privilege conference will protect them.
Ain't gonna happen. They're all headed for the proverbial pot and are just too damn stupid to realize it.

eah said...


There's no other word for it.

Of course the national media will see to it that this story goes nowhere.

Californian said...

“In my 27-plus years of policing in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes I have ever seen,” interim Madison police Chief Randy Gabe said...

Cheer up, chief, given the way things are going with BRA, you will see much worse in the future.

Anonymous said...

All six suspects appeared in court Tuesday. Bail for Hughes and Thomas was set at $50,000, while Mayweathers was jailed on $10,000 bail. Mallit and Neumaier were jailed on $5,000 bail. No bail was set for Bass, who said he is getting his own lawyer and will be back in court Wednesday.

Read more:

Wow, $50,000 bail, now that shows how tough Madison is on the home invasion, threatened murder, violent assault and rape of a pregnant woman. How did Madison over come its white guilt to impose any bail at all?

The Madison State-Journal is part of the bankrupt Lee Enterprises chain of newspapers serving small cities mainly through out in fly over country. Their newspapers are notorious for being to way to the left of communities they attempt to report. Warren Buffet bought Lee Enterprises for cents on the dollar. So now they are just far left propaganda rags benefiting the ego of a mega Billionaire who slavishly supports Obama and the Cultural Marxist agenda.

Gnome Sane said...

Those nice folks are learning the true definition of the "N" word. Love it....couldn't happen to nicer bunch of turds. White Obama voters deserve every bit of their new found "diversity". They should embrace their black brothers because they are certainly no better.

Jim said...

I see special "separate courts" for certain black offenders as the glass half full. Although this may have certain advantages regarding the revolving door effect in the criminal justice system. I see a greater benefit.

Notice the word "separate". This could lead to separate schools, because YT is not capable of educating the African. How about separate police departments since the Caucasian is unqualified to keep order among the black man? Regarding restaurants, the AA is always complaining about poor service bestowed upon them in eating establishments, lousy food, disrespect, et al. As a result, they should have the privilege of maintaining their own black-run establishments which would not cater to other races.

This would finally allow our African-American citizens to give the final fu*k-you to the White man. We want nothing to do with you, your White privilege, being subjected to seeing your straight, beautiful hair, lovely women, your language and your goody-two-shoes law-abiding lifestyle. We want segregation.

We, as non-black people should, swallow hard, accept this shunning as our punishment and walk away in shame.

I, personally, have attempted to be accepted by the black community in particular and diversity in general, but have failed miserably. I will accept this castigation.

When do we start?

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,


Madison hosting a White Privilege symposium.

Please God send Taki's Mag's Jim Goad to report.

Bob Smith said...

we have to acknowledge white privilege: We white folk pretty much get to set the rules in Madison and establish the mainstream social norms and terms of debate

Is this idiot really saying that not committing theft, assault, and murder are unreasonable social norms?

Gnome Sane said...

Separate courts won't work unless they are strictly for BoB crimes. If they strayed outside their judicial boundaries, they would have to go to white privilege court, or Asian court, Hispanic court, etc. Sounds sort of "sovereign nation/secessionist".

Hannibal Smith said...

A commenter on a Wisconsin DWL blog drops this gem:

"There is a genetic difference between the blacks and whites. But the better genetics belong to the blacks not the whites. This has indeed led to a division of cultures. Why? Because blacks know that they are resented and suppressed because they are in many ways superior. They have thus formed an anti-culture with survival of the fittest and rejection of conventional wisdom and law as prime directives."

Yeah, because those superior genetics have led to the vast number of inventions, engineering marvels, and whatnot in Africa?

Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet bought Lee Enterprises for cents on the dollar

I should say that Buffet bought a sizable chuck of Lee Enterprises debt which is still hopelessly mired in debt. Buffet is to Lee Enterprises what Carlos Helu Slim is to the NYT.

Buffet is buying up several failing media companies around the country. Buffet owns at least 69 mostly small newspapers around the country and is an investor/debt holder in many more.
Buffet bought Media General in the Southeast.

Buffet is also buying up local tv stations

Buffet is not among TWMNBN.

Anonymous said...

In their own meglomaniac minds

10mm AUTO said...

It's as if they took a poll and asked: "How can we turn Madison into Detroit faster?"

And then viciously implemented those ideas. You have whacked out Libs "representing" the neighborhood saying: "We can't identify the negro as the problem!" You have the DA bemoaning all the negros in jail and now you have a dual Juvinal Court System, one for the Whites, that are expected to act well and get hammered if they don't as before and a "special" court system for da young bucks who is all oppressed and sheet cuz they lack da "White Privilege".

At least the other cities Paul talked about tried to fight back to decent standards. By implementing a duel racial Court system, Madison has torn down hundreds of years of English common law going back to 1215AD to the Magna-Carta. Nay, even going back to Hammurabi.

Now there is no written law for young negros, because the judge is bound to lessen any punishment. That the law and its punishments were clear to all is the underpinning of Freedom and Justice. As Billy Jack said," When the Police break the Law, then there is no law, just a fight for survival."

What would he say about special lightened law for those who commit the worst offenses?

Madison is going all in on the Progressive Wonka Boat to Hell:

"Round the world and home again
That's the sailor's way
Faster faster, faster faster

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing?
Is the grisly reaper mowing?

(Shriek)Yes! Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing!

Only at the end there will not be any chance of getting off the boat, there will just be the maimed, the broken, the victims and the tatters left over and the sight of the Liberals abandoning the City for their next local. If you have a pension, cash out.

Moondoggie said...

It would be interesting to see a picture of that Wisconsin DWL who thinks blacks are superior. Bet he or she is truly a freak show.
Liberals simply crack me up with their insidious commentary. Stupid beyond human understanding.

Whiskey said...

This stuff will go on and on until victims/survivors/families start to retaliate. In various ways that are unmistakable and non-prosecutable.

That is simple game theory. When one group is able to commit violent act after violent act without consequences/retaliation, it will continue. Until retaliation starts to prevent future acts (based on fear of said retaliation).

Anonymous said...

Reply to Hannibal Smith

Ryan also pointed to the work of Charles Murray, a white nationalist, who has used “racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ah yes the all knowing and wise SPLC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Hannibal Smith,

Still Paul Ryan is a pathetic pro Open Borders zealot, Ayn Rand cultist and fool. He is Boehner without the chronic crying and orange skin paint.

Anonymous said...

I knew that diversity had to be behind the slaughter, as this morning when I first saw the story on the news, they made a big deal out of it; by noon it was briefly mentioned, no photo, no name of the guilty, same on the evening news, by tomorrow it won't be mentioned - down the worm hole.

Anonymous said...


I see yahoo as sh-t..w a few good things..



Police: 3 who attacked couple went to wrong home

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The men accused of severely beating a man and repeatedly sexually assaulting his pregnant wife may have meant to target a different home for a robbery, authorities in Wisconsin said.
Associated Press

3??? I thought it is 6???


Anonymous said...

This subject was reported at Yahoo news. There were over 10,000 comments when I looked. Lots are outfront anti-black, and virtually none tried to apologize for the perps.

Anonymous said...


long time criminal
and a [applause] father

what was he doing in Alaska?

Jay Santos said...

It would be modeled after teen courts in high schools, Ozanne said. Instead of a judge and jury, respected local leaders — possibly a pastor or a neighborhood center director — would be in charge and the young person who was arrested for a minor charge would pay restitution and possibly perform a community service in exchange for court charges being dropped.

Pastors and center directors; respected leaders
pay restitution and possibly perform a community service…

It's all fraud.

Virtually everything about modern America is a lie. The war on poverty, the war on terror, the war on women, the patriot act, unemployment, quantitative easing, immigration, racism, our monetary system, the banking system, foreign policy, the war in Afghanistan, white privilege, affirmative action, churches importing refugees, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Johns Boehner and McCain, the education system, the courts, the prisons, Obama, gays are good for the Marines, the media, Hollywood, the New York Times, Fox News, the Supreme Court, the NSA, the tax system, health insurance, Emitt Till, Universities, global warming, lawyers, feminists, Marxists, the Border Patrol, foreign aid, NASA, modern pop music, fast food, social security, Martin Luther King Jr…...

The whole mess is built on lies, fraud, corruption and greed. Every fiber of it. The lies get bigger and more outrageous each day until you either surrender and accept them all or reject the whole sordid mess.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon 3:51

not all Ayn Rand readers are "open borders zealots"

some of us just want to trade fair value for fair value, without supporting an underclass that never treats us fairly

Unknown said...

I live in Memphis, not so bad really.
What really gets me is these negros walking around holding their junk. If a white man did that it would probably be a sex crime. Another fooked up double standard.

whisker child said...

It's the gentrification thing that gets me; oh well, there never was any logic to it.

Just bought your "Tragic City, Opiate..., and Escape from Detroit.

Tragic City concerns the state I'm moving to, so I'll read that first.

Didja know the $PL¢ is in that same state?

Anonymous said...

Some current mantra:
Black people built America
Black people built the pyramids
Black people gave birth to civilization

Anonymous said...

Hey, they are superior destruction machines.
One black family can take over an apartment building and one apartment building can take a neighborhood into hell

Anonymous said...

"Go take a walk in the South Side of Chicago to see a future of Madison, Wisconsin"

In the daytime this is very questionable, in the night time this is asking for trouble.

I would like to see white people of all age and physical size attempt this and I assure you the results will not be good.

Please white people of Madison ;
wake up


Dan Cooper said...

Anonymous Gnome Sane said...

Separate courts won't work unless they are strictly for BoB crimes. If they strayed outside their judicial boundaries, they would have to go to white privilege court, or Asian court, Hispanic court, etc. Sounds sort of "sovereign nation/secessionist".

If you take that one step further, then pedophiles should get a pedophile court. Murderers should get a jury of murderers. Teens should be tried in a teen court.

Dan Cooper said...

"Still Paul Ryan is a pathetic pro Open Borders zealot, Ayn Rand cultist and fool. He is Boehner without the chronic crying and orange skin paint."

Yeah, and I always wondered what became of Eddie Munster.

Californian said...

Virtually everything about modern America is a lie.

A system based on fraud is going to collapse sooner or later. The lies on top of the lies is one thing which brought down the old Soviet Union.

expat said...

Why are these separate but not equal courts not discrimination? How are they not separate but unequal? How is this all are equal under the law?

Will there be protestors at this white privilege convention asking if it was white privilege that got a six month pregnant woman gang raped in her own home? Who is paying for this convention? Will Jared Taylor be allowed to have a convention at the same place?

A negro version of a discussion always means white gonna get lectured any disagreement would be racist and a hate fact.

The only way we can right a wrong is to get all of them returned to Africa ASAP, for they are distressed by being in their presence and we are distressed by their being in our presence.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I stop caring about what happens to these dumb pencil-neck-geek left wing shit heads. Community Service for rape will be the new justice system. What the hell is wrong with these stupid morons. Rape a woman and then stick your dick down her throat and all you get for punishment is picking up garbage in the park. Who are these fuckers.

While doing street time in New York I learned that the dumb guys were the first to go. I could tell you stories that would make your skin crawl. I was safer on the street alone than to be hanging with some stupid motherfucker. The American DECLINE is speeding up on a daily bases because the mind control masses are all believers in THE LIE. By what I've been through I would think that nothing would phase me any longer, but I am in shock on a daily bases by how goddamn stupid white people are. I live in the WHITE HOMELAND. Forget it. It ain't going to happen. The dream is over. The best comment tonight was from JAY SANTOS.

Gnome Sane said...

whisker child said...

Tragic City concerns the state I'm moving to, so I'll read that first.


I hope you're moving to Huntsville or a small town. The good news is, the cops down here know the score so if you have to drop one of the mutants, it shouldn't be a problem.

Baron Munchausen said...

platinum badge for sxsw. at butler park as we speak. Monster tent. African on stage. Jimmy Hendrix tribute. 99% white.

Baron Munchausen

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a group of education students I met in Appleton, Wisconsin about a decade ago. Each one glowed while telling me how they couldn't wait to graduate and teach in the inner-city of Chicago. I'd love to see them now!

They were exactly the stereotype of upper mid-westerners. They were pleasant, orderly, well-scrubbed and well-fed, smart, naive and self-righteous as hell.

When they found out that I'm from the South, they had to bring up race and politely show me how superior they are on such issues. I just let them talk and believe.

I hope those dumb-asses are having fun now!

Anonymous said...

Another of Obama's sons...shouldn't be hard for BRA to blame the white police chasing him. Move along, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic from the article, which is, as always, brilliant.

Since any/all peoples of European descent with “White” skin have been under a 50+ year attack from a group(s) that cannot even settle on a proper title for their own herd, (by utilization of character assassinations, name calling, phrase creation, labeling, etc.), I would like to offer my own by using this groups very own tactics.

Considering that some words can lead to incarceration, lawsuits, cries of “racist”, I propose the following:

The currently accepted title for the herd is “People of Color”…

P.o.C.’s (or to employ the ages old language of ebonics, Pox.)

P.o.C = Pox

They are a Pox. Jump over to Wikipedia or a reputable dictionary if you are not sure of the definition.

If you verbally refer to one or many of them “as a Pox”, and they become upset, simply state, “Oh, it stands for Person/People of Color, that’s all”.

Please forgive me if this has already been noticed and I am behind the curve on this one.

Jay Santos said...

Ex New Yorker here….

...The American DECLINE is speeding up on a daily bases because the mind control masses are all believers in THE LIE. By what I've been through I would think that nothing would phase me any longer, but I am in shock on a daily bases by how goddamn stupid white people are. I live in the WHITE HOMELAND. Forget it. It ain't going to happen. The dream is over. The best comment tonight was from JAY SANTOS.

Thanks for the recognition Ex New Yorker. I'll exempt you from the question, because I think you're sufficiently cynical about this horror show, but answer if you'd like.

Is there a single institution in this country that you believe is not corrupt? A single example would provide hope. Give me one. The churches? They've become a destructive organ of something called "social justice". There is no arm of the federal government, with the possible exception of the Marines that functions honestly. Corporate America has no interest in the country. America is a trading zone, nothing more. The media? Academia? Anything, just name one f**king institution that you still believe functions without lies and corruption or even mildly represents your version of America. Just one. Because with that one, we may have a chance of rebuilding.

Unknown said...

Another day, another article nailed by Paul. What else is there to say? Apocalypse of the mind is a brilliant line and so fitting. I appreciate your comments. Some are hilarious and some so very true. Thank you PK and all you commenters for helping me realize I am not losing my mind and for the free education that is received on here. It is priceless and much appreciated.

Philadelphia Mike said...

The Whites of Philadelphia and suburbs are an amazing bunch. Sure, there are the DWL's here. But on the whole, I would say we are wide awake...racially aware...and not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Compared to New Yorkers and DC'ers we are a lot rougher at the edges.

Years of dealing with black dysfunction has toughened us. Little by little we've been taking back what was once ours...the most beautiful and historic sections of the city.

Even a lot of the DWL's are closet realists. You just have to coax it out of them.

Philadelphia is far from a success story. But we're hanging in there ,willing to stand firm, and continue to "block bust"...transforming neighborhoods back to their former glory.

Reporting from Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mike

Find Your Inner Cave Man

Philadelphia Mike said...

PK. Thank you...thank you...thank you.

You are waking up the sleeping Great White Dragon.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...


Baron Munchausen said...

platinum badge for sxsw. at butler park as we speak. Monster tent. African on stage. Jimmy Hendrix tribute. 99% white.

Baron Munchausen

and a black w a warrant on him and a criminal record killed 2 there..wheres the news on that in the mainstream?

Anonymous said...


folks, look at the pix of da perps...
yaw tax dollas at work

Anonymous said...

13 hours ago

"Bass, who pleaded no contest to three counts of sexual assault in 2011, was ordered held on a $75,000 cash bail. That was higher than Thomas and Hughes, who received $50,000 bail each. Mayweathers was held on $10,000 bail, and Neumaier and Mallit were each held on $5,000 bail."

That's all their bail was? Really? These uckfing animals did this sh_t for $1500 and they can bail out in the next day or so by getting a payday loan on thier cars. That's total bulls_it!

The freaking lot of them need to go to jail for the rest of their lives.

I know that if it was me and my girlfriend, I'd make sure every single one of them ended up dead!
Expand Replies (37) Reply

[yahoo news]

Anonymous said...

a 12 hours ago

Their defense started with, "Oopsy doodle, my bad. Can we have a do over?" It is amazing the stupidity of people. Efemia Neumaier messaged them on Facebook about doing this robbery... On Facebook? She told them he had $1500 in the house and they planned a "lick" because of the large amount of money he had... $1500 is a large amount? There were five #$%$ involved in this crime, that comes to $300 per #$%$ less the amount of the rented car. Try working for a living, it doesn't take long to earn $300 and you won't end up in prison blaming the rest of the world for your criminal behaviors.
Expand Replies (18) Reply

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Three counts of Sexual Assault in 2011 and he's out on the streets??? We HAVE to put an end to immunity for judges and parole boards. When judges and parole boards make decisions like this, that for any other citizen would be considered "criminally negligent" there must be a means of holding them accountable. Any human with two functioning brain cells would have been aware that this guy was going to reoffend, yet some cretin in the Criminal Justice Industry let him out. That person should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting or accessory to rape or something. This cannot continue.
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cynthial 7 hours ago

I agree but sexual assault has levels and rape / sodomy is the highest. These guys will be elderly when let out!
John 1 hour ago

He was originally charged with first degree sexual assault for repeated sexual assaulting a child. It was reduced to a misdemeanor and he got 6 months in county jail. You can see all of their rap sheets if you google "wisconsin circuit court access" and plug their names in the database.

Anonymous said...

"It would be modeled after teen courts in high school. Instead of a judge and jury, respected local leaders........................."
Right. African tribal village life with the "elders" deciding what should be done. "Justice" served up by the equivalent of a 16 year old high school kid with no expertise or training in the law and no understanding or comprehension beyond the level of a 16 year old. This is the Africanization of life in a modern first world country and the dragging of it down to the level of a pathetic african tribal village.
It's time these primitives were shipped off back to their neolithic homeland environment. They simply cannot function in a first world environment without trying to drag it down to a level of existence their tiny, low IQ brains can comprehend.
Mdebele done raped a village woman so now he done got to watch da cows fo' a straight 30 days and nights as punishment and he don't get to come dance around the fire at night when da drums be beatin'! Dat will show him!"
Good God. I'm starting to think we're all trapped in an old Tarzan movie.

Sal said...


Warrior said...

It's the new plague. This time it's not being spread by rats and fleas - it's being spread by blacks. It's called the Black Plague or Black Death if you will, just as in medieval Europe.

Here's my take on this story -

Keep up the great work Mr. Kersey.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I couldn't agree with you more.
Give them separate courts, schools, resturants, law and fire depts.
Let them laugh at showing YT who is boss while we slowly back away from the whole freaking mess.
Maybe start in an already occupied town like Detroit. Make it so inviting to the blacks that they just can't stay away (free pack of kools and grape drank with every ebt card maybe). Once the majorty are there, tell them they have gotten everything they have asked for, we apologize for the inconvience of putting up with us and the yeras of keeping the negro down by not letting him make a life all by themselves and back away.
By the time they realize they have been asking for segregation, the majorty will be consumed by the blackness and we can deal with the rest accordingly.
It will never happen, but that sure would be nice!
MOS 0321

Anonymous said...

With regards to all of the anti-Russian foreign policy bluster coming out of liberals and neoconservatives ...

No Russian ever called me cracker!

You boys can go it alone on this one.

The state religion in Russia is Christianity. The state religion in the EU and US is White Guilt / Black Worship.

Putin sieged the capital of Chechnya when Muslims killed innocents in Russia. Putin ended up leveling the city to the ground and the Muslims learned their lesson.

Obama and apologized to the Muslim world when Muslims killed American Marines in Benghazi. He essentially blamed it on evil raycissm by pointing the finger at some fraudulent "anti-Muslim" YouTube video.

Meanwhile Obama will import several hundred thousand North/East African Muslim "refugees" from the Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, etc to the U.S.

You make the call.

Unknown said...

Baron said, "Hendrix tribute, 99% white" . . .

Not surprising at all. Most young people, especially blacks, have no clue about real music. They look at Kanye and Jay Z as great artists and paragons of virtue. I can only assume Jimi's message of love, his obvious passion, unbridled dedication to his craft and overall positive perspective are nothing but a turn off to lazy, uneducated, soulless kids of today. Coincidentally Kanye compared himself to Hendrix and God. What's laughable is that Jimi had more talent in his pinky finger than Kanye will ever amass in his entire existence. If anyone could act like such an arrogant, ignorant fool it would be someone as supremely talented as Jimi, but he would've never acted in such fashion. Hendrix didn't care about money and fame. Just his music. By all accounts he was a very humble, self-deprecating, down to earth person. His humility is to be admired. This concept is lost on today's young people as the hip hop culture promotes arrogance, selfishness, materialism, misogyny and of course the degrading and hating of whites and this country. Hendrix's message is one of love, peace and happiness for all of humanity. I love Hendrix. As is evidence of my picture which is a painting of him. Of course I admire his unparalleled genius and mastery of the electric guitar. His style, tone, technique and overall approach to the guitar and composing are revered. What he did, during the turbulent times he did it, with less technology available to him will forever be unsurpassed. Yet it is what he stands for that speaks volumes that are as loud and as powerful as his monster tone. He spoke of finding who you are, embracing your passion and pursuing your goals and dreams with fervor. Simply being the best person you can be. He spoke of spiritual enlightenment and being true to oneself. He was so amazing and ahead of his time some thought he was an alien. Some view him as a prophet, a visionary, even a God. What is undoubtedly true is that he endured tragedies and a rough childhood and through astounding perseverance, sheer force of will and tireless dedication he achieved true greatness. Without going into details about his horrible death which is shrouded in foul play, murder and conspiracy theories, Jimi is truly an example that passion, perfectionism, creativity, and a remarkable work ethic does indeed pay off. What he did in his 27 years on this planet is mind blowing. No one will ever come close. His passing is a true tragedy. I often wonder why the worst things happen to the best people and most innocent people. Like Mr. Hendrix. Like Jonathan Foster. Like Kyle Jobin, Ms. Long, Ms. Leto, Ms. Christian, Mr. Newsome, Mr. Belton, Mr. Lane, like the poor pregnant woman from this article who is now traumatized for life, and the endless number of people we read about and all other good, decent people who die senseless horrible deaths or have evil acts brought upon them, yet so many heinous truly evil people are still alive and breathing, ready to rape and kill tomorrow. One can only hope that there is a God and that sometime, in some place having a good heart and soul is rewarded and truly evil people are dealt the justice they so rightly deserve.

10mm AUTO said...

Behold a Pale Horse. A Mustang? "No kind of like a tan Subaru".

Last night in Killian, Texas a self rightous negro decided that instead of eating the face off a White* or gang raping a White grandmother* or BBQ'ing his infant to death, it would drive "about 70 miles and hour" down a crowded road and hit as many people as he could. You are right Addison! Blacks don't need guns to get payback for 400 years of Slabery, they just need a Japanese car!

The pictures are Horrific and the video captures the horror. The real stomach turner is the negro, staring back at the camera with dead eyes. It doesn't care, the lives it shattered, the children it crushed, the young couples, the pregnant or anyone. It be getting 3 squares a day on the White folks, free medical, free dental and a Court appointed lawyer to handle the paperwork. Alls its gots to doz is sit.

Eb body Gotza Hep.

White Homeland

Anonymous said...

I'm the Madisonian that wrote the 4 parter the other day with some of these links . . .

Thank you for this.

IF Madison is to be saved, it will be because it is shamed into sanity by those on the outside. Tell your liberal friends about one set of courts for blacks and another for whites. See if they think that is a good idea. Then tell them about Madison. Get word of this insanity out. Hit up Takimag and let them do their thing.

The politicians in charge here certainly can't be counted on. As but one example, check out what our mayor said recently in regards to a bike trail bridge built over a busy highway (which incidentally bisects some of the "darker," dysfunctional parts of town):

“We put all that money into bicycles. But 30 percent of our population is Latino, African-American and Asian, and when you look at who is using our bicycle routes, those proportions don’t hold up,” [Madison Mayor Paul] Soglin said[] . . . “If you’re white and middle class, it’s a pretty good community for all endeavors — recreational, employment, transportation, child care. But break it out for a low-income family of color, the data doesn’t hold up," he said.

Read more:

Yes. White people money being spent on stuff white people like, like riding bikes. How dare they! How dare the town that is home to Pacific Cycles and Trek (technically in nearby Waterloo, WI) support the local industry, build infrastructure, etc. How dare a town that supports an active triathlon community (an Ironman is hosted here every summer) invest in itself. That money could be put on EBT cards!

Again, I must give Dave Blaska credit for calling my attention to the "racist bridge" gem.

Blaska nails it: "For Madison’s ruling liberals, racism explains everything. It is the Rosetta Stone that unlocks all mysteries. Individual initiative? Hard work? Delayed gratification? Respect for the community? That’s your subconscious white racism talking, they will tell you."

Reading his blog alongside SBPDL is kind of mind blowing. Delayed gratification vs. poor future time orientation and no impulse control. Two voices sounding the alarm; talking about the same problems.

You found the "Reverend Gee" article. That was quite the watershed event here locally in terms of unleashing the DWL guilt. A local tv station interviewed him. Listen to him here, starting at 2:00

It was white Madison's fault for not having the "administrators, social workers, judges, and school teachers" to support the influx of blacks in the 80s. (Maybe thats when it started . . . I thought the big wave hit in the late 90s-early 2000s.) Culture clashes? (or whatever he said) Yes. Two sons of Obama clashed quite violently into that pregnant woman as we all read with horror. Not enough social workers indeed . . .

In this article below, be basically telegraphs it: “We need you to … use what you have and who you are, because our kids deserve better, our families deserve better, you deserve better and Madison deserves better,” Gee said. “We deserve better than this.”

Read more:

Madison blacks need whites to function; to live. It's a shakedown.

I'm telling' ya PK - keep your browser pointed towards Madison. On one hand this stuff writes itself, but on the other, where do you start?

-Rule 308

kulturkampf said...

Loll fabulous post. I would love to see places like Madison, Minneapolis, Seattle, etc. break up with BRA in a clever "it's not you, it's me!"

"We just do not even deserve your presence here... We must punish ourselves alone until we can get our act together. .. please understand, we are recovering racists, and we just don't want to risk a relapse... "

Anonymous said...

Great comment Jay Santos.

Anonymous said...

10 MM Auto,
Good sir, your summary description is dead-nuts accurate.

Vast Walker-- the phenomenon you mention is part of the NAPA "muh dick" culture.

I'm OK with alternative sentencing for *first time non-violent offenders*. A teen boosting a car shouldn't always send to NU for further education. I think it could lower our overall cost of housing & feeding them.

One chance. Send them out scrubbing streets, landscaping ( with an ober-seer, of course) in an orange jumpsuit and some time holding a big sign stating their transgression on a busy corner.

Humility can be a powerful tool if used properly.

Violent offenders should be deported or welded into a cage.

Anonymous said...

"If the race is good, the place is good", its really just that simple.

Muskegon Avenger said...

As a recovering liberal, I have seen things from both points of view. Websites like this one have helped changed my mind and armed me with information.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was a DWL. Now I'm a Genuine White Liberal. I still have my convictions on social issues but I have come to realize there are racial differences--and these difference require further research and public discussion.

In that course of time, I have noted the awakening of America. I know many on here will state that people are still asleep about race realities. But there is a change in the air. I see it in the comments of yahoo news; I see it in the comments mlive's news service. I see it in all the comments of any news story where race is the root cause but race is somehow obfuscated.

The work isn't done. But there is a change in the air.

Anonymous said...


It's not the Book of RevelationS; it's Revelation, singular.

Common mistake.

Solid post.


Muskegon Avenger said...

A 17 year old (black) male snuck into a girl's bedroom, was confronted by her father and was summarily shot.

The race of the father looks either Hispanic or black (I cannot tell).

But I think it would be helpful to capture the 17 year old's personality and culture before it's scrubbed.

Here's the news link.

Here's his facebook page.

He claims to be a student at Michigan State University (obviously he's on basketball scholarship). He also claims to snort lines off of bibles. After all of this is scrubbed, I predict he'll be lionized and martyred.

Anonymous said...

they're so "tolerant" & "accepting" there - how "refreshing" :)

Polar Bear said...

"The age of Men is over. The time of the Orc has come."

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Behold a pale horse.

I like the Biblical reference.

Those older members of Paul's family here at SBPDL probably remember my reality of having grown up Roman Catholic, but also having left the Church at 17 because religion was not my calling.

Still, I'm glad for the Christian education I got, and think that in the great balance of things, that education was worth the price of admission. I know I am enriched by that education.

The other day I started thinking about white liberal, ideological indoctrination, perhaps for a post on my own blog further on down the road. Here are a few:

If you think Richard Millhouse Nixon was evil, bad or a morally inferior being, you have been indoctrinated into, and by white liberal ideology, but are unaware that have been.

If you think non-liberal, white republicans brought in, or allowed in the illegal Hispanics and not the liberal democrats, you have been indoctrinated into white liberal ideology but are unaware of it.

If you think Judo-Christian religion is the scourge and cause of more ails than any other cause in the occident, land of the whites, then you have been indoctrinated into white liberal ideology but are unaware of it.

If you think I'm full of it, just pulling your leg, think back, why do you think those things, who put those thoughts in your mind.

I was watching a cartoon, as I baby sat a 3 year old boy. The cartoon talked about the most evil man ever to live. Then finishing, the cartoon went on, "he has the face of pure evil", the character turned around, now facing the camera, it was the face of Richard Nixon.

This is how white liberals play ball, it is the Saul Alinsky game plan.

Here in America, negros are a huge part of the white liberal ideology and are white liberals first and number 1 ally.

So important are the negros that white liberal ideology pushes miscegenation upon whites with negros in every venue possible.

Our white daughters are targeted the hardest, and many of our young white women "feel" a negro buck is their calling.

We whites are headed for extinction. I just posted about this tragidy an hour or so ago.

Our posterity, future white gene pool and race are in big trouble.

A little of that good old, old Testament, Bible thumping may help inspire where inspiration is needed.

The other day, I listened to a few Elvis Aaron Presley spiritual recordings. How Great Thou Art, You Gave Me a Mountain and a few others.

These are spirituals written and performed by whites.

If you think these old fashioned spirituals come from the negro, you have been indoctrinated into white liberal ideology but are unaware of it.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Polar Bear said...

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

-- Theodore Dalrymple

Josey in Pa said...

If it were my daughter that they attacked, I would be forgiving and gladly pay their bail . Then invite them all over for a nice BBQ. Not wanting the press to write about my kind acts I would tell them to go around to the back door and just walk right me....just walk right in.

ms sippy said...

Speaking of being unable to maintain any kind of civilization- over 8,000 rape kits spanning a 10 year period, have never been processed by the black Gov. of the city of Memphis. Unreal!

Anonymous said...

It's all so tragic . whenever Jonathan Foster is mentioned i feel so saddened and outraged. not that this innocent 12 yearold boy was the only victim of negro sadistic brutality but he looked like me at that age
i think Madison is doomed. the next thing on their agenda will be to import Somalis or other African parasites. even Wyoming is bringing them in. these liberal whites are totally insane. one sign of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. the future looks grim.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

There is something to be said for the concept here of "white privilege." As we have noted before, "privilege" means private law. It seems white teens who have drug "problems," can get treated like humans (well, sinners, who need to confess and repent.) opening up courts for nonviolent black teens to keep them from coming in contact with professionally violent negroes is not a bad idea.

But really, black courts would be fine. People are so obsessed with racism? Let there be courts for blacks and courts for others, maybe Hispanics too. You choose a group. You offend against a member of another group, you get tried through their justice system.

I would expect the black court and justice system to be not lenient, but especially brutal. They know what needs to be done to control their out-of-controll youths, and once nullification doesn't mean putting one over on YT, but releasing a dangerous thug back into their own people, they'll clamp down hard. I would expect they'd offer castration as an option instead of jail time in a negro-run prison, as a punishment for rape; I would expect a rational criminal negro to accept it, once he'd been inside.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....For Jay Santos....The only group that I know of that have not sold their souls to the money lords is the SALVATION ARMY. Every dollar is accounted for. No one skims or steals. In the early 60's during some of my "down and out" days they would get me day jobs like loading trucks and doing lawn work.

The RELIGIOUS CORPORATIONS are the worst crooks on the planet. Their mega churches and holy men hustling the true believers and sinners for money. You can buy your way into heaven and your sins are forgiven if you give money to the church. Every day I THANK GOD that I am not religious. The easiest thing you can do on this planet is buy a man's soul. I was never for sale.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

ms sippy; perhaps the negro government officials are worried their own dna will be found in those rape kits. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

to PDK Project:

Problems with Christianity which exacerbate the problem:

1. Turn the other cheek
2. Walk a mile in their shoes
3. Forgive your enemies

Anonymous said...

30 yo CCW man shoots, kills 2 of 3 "unarmed" teen thugs who were beating him with baseball bats. Self defense.

Local blacks bitch and shout about "gun violence", memorialize thugs. These things are that stupid.

Look out whitey, you are always at fault.

Anonymous said...

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

rjp said...

....young person who was arrested for a minor charge would pay restitution and possibly perform a community service in exchange for court charges being dropped.

blacks never pay restitution.

Anonymous said...

@ anon at 10:21 I got up and walked out of church for good due to turn the other cheek, walk a mile, forgive enemies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is all built on a lie and it will all fall down someday, probably soon, just like the Soviet Union. The difference is the Soviets were able to relatively peacefully split into separate ethnic states, and since no one owned much everyone more or less stayed put and tried to find a way to put food on the table. When the Diversity-Industrial Complex collapses it is going to be Tower of Babel/Fall of Rome/Fall of Berlin ugly.

Pike Bishop

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Ex New Yorker here.....For Jay Santos....The only group that I know of that have not sold their souls to the money lords is the SALVATION ARMY. Every dollar is accounted for. No one skims or steals.

I suspect you've given us one authentically honest and charitable organization. Maybe the last one not wholly dedicated exclusively to negro pandering. If only the term army really meant they controlled a few thousand tanks, we might have something to work with then.

Anonymous said...

Salvation Army is the only charity that I donate to.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....About 12 or 13 years ago my wife and I were driving to Key West Florida where she lived at the time. When we neared Atlanta a hurricane hit the Florida Keys. We got to Hollywood and stayed with her parents for a couple days because the road was closed. Once we got the all clear we loaded the car with food and water and drove into Key West.

The Salvation Army had brought in a semi-truck of bottled water and were handing it out in one of the malls. The blacks in Bahama Village were complaining "dat dey not be gittin no water an sheet cuz da white folks be gittin it." The head of the Key West Salvation Army said "We already sent a truck into Bahama Village and they mobbed us and attacked our volunteers. We pulled out because I will not put my workers in danger. If they want water they can stand in line with the rest of the people".

Anonymous said...

The only solution is for whites to start enacting their own deterrents to crime. The 'justice' system functions only in name, and blacks are not afraid to break laws, nor suffer the 'consequences.' We all know prison is their version of Club Med.

Until the fathers, brothers, sons and husbands of women like this start to enact their own forms of consequences, Datwanique will keep raping our women with the alarming numbers they do today.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello, I read this news in french newspapers so I think about you...Horrible agression! Meanwhile, Russia attacks Ukrainia and USA will attack Russia...white against white..White are fighting bad ennemies. In an ideal world Russia would be open his land to host american people to escape Blacks.

Gnome Sane said...

"Police: Victim of bat attack kills black attackers"

"A maintenance worker in Milwaukee allegedly was held down by two black teens and beaten by a third person with a baseball bat when he shot and killed the two teens, according to police."


Ex New Yorker:

Don't forget about Katrina. The Salvation Army went in and was helping alot and the local Africans were all upset. They were angry that 100% of the volunteers helping them were WHITE while 99% of those getting the free food and water were African.

They demanded fewer Whites.

I'm not kidding.

Oh, back when that was happening, the Negroes were complaining that the rebuilding was taking too long. On another blog site (which I have been banned from) I made the comment that the New Orleans Negroes should stop complaining since the Mexicans were re-building their homes for them as fast as they could........

Anonymous said...


On another blog site (which I have been banned from) I made the comment that the New Orleans Negroes should stop complaining

What site are you banned from?
I am banned from Takis and got a temporary ban at Facebook.


R.E. Prindle said...

Blanc from France: Back in the nineteenth century I think it was Jay Gould who said that he could hire one half of laborers to kill the other half.

Here we have a clown like Obama setting US Whites on Russian Whites proving that even a dumb Negro can get one half of the White population to kill the other half.

And White USers are glad to do it too. They don't see that Obama is the enemy. You won't see any of Holder/Obama's people over there getting shot up either.

Of course Putin pissed off the Jews by putting one of their criminals in prison so they're behind this getting 'revenge.'

Remember the Amalekites!



I am banned from AMREN and a site run by a guy named Mish Shedlock.

On AMREN, I kept bringing up things to close to the real rulers of the world....

On Mish's site I got into a debate about Detroit vs Tokyo. I had pointed out that if you took every single person from Detroit and switched them with an equal number of people from Tokyo, you would find withing 5 years or less the utter destruction of Tokyo and a clean new Detroit.

Seems they don't think race has anything to do with economics at one site while the other site maybe under the control of somebody we can't talk about.

R.E. Prindle said...

I was shoo'ed away from Tablet Magazine on I suppose general principles as I never said anything objectionable.

Taki's Mag removed me from their email list even though I never even commented.

Anonymous said...

I was "invited to leave" a US based web site called GetOffTheX.Com" which is a site that primarily deals with self defense and personal security issues. When I pointed out black on white crime stats I was called racist. They have what I call "in house trolls" that wait for any race realists to post black on white crime news and then they pounce. The site is run by James Yeager who is "all about the money". He will gladly take Bantu money and train them how to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:36 said...
Some current mantra:
Black people gave birth to civilization

For some reason this comes to mind... Angry mom to kid: "I brought you into this world, and I can darn sure take you back out of it."

Blacks are angry, too. Except they think civilization is their kid.

Anonymous said...

So what's the solution? How do you prevent the apocalypse from happening in other cities?