Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Will Black Baltimore Give Him a Ticker Tape Parade? Black Cop Killer (called 'Political Prisoner' in 2001) Released from Jail... Does that Make Whites War Criminals?

There will be no Constitutional Convention.

Sorry Mark Levin.

There will be no grand reawakening of the American spirit with Dr. Ben Carson at the helm of the 2016 GOP ticket.

Sorry Glenn Beck.
Don't worry: as of yesterday, this "political prisoner" is free... after all, he only killed a white cop...

Whatever Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage are predicting will happen as a great conservative takeover, well, understand it’s just to titillate the few listeners who still say their prayers, take their vitamins and recite the pledge of allegiance.

Sam Donaldson was right when he said it was “guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country.”

And with the victory, comes the spoils of victory.

The black community of Baltimore has long sympathized with black criminals, with black elected (and self-appointed) political leaders constantly using past racism from whites as a clarion call for racial unity in the present to forge a strong black future.

Jury nullification is a huge problem in majority black Baltimore, with the black citizens siding more and more with black defendants (after all, the law is nothing more than an extension of continued white supremacy).

So, almost 13 years to the date a majority black city council passed a resolution to pardon a black cop killer, he’s now walking free. Largely out of fear jury nullification would result in Anglo-Saxon law being usurped by the law of racial loyalty in Baltimore.

Fitting that majority black city council of Baltimore back in 2001 labeled him a “political prisoner” (of what, white America?). Fitting, the man who did this is now the City Council President of Baltimore, meaning that white Americans are now nothing more than war criminals in Baltimore.

And all of America. [Black Panther leader, convicted of killing cop, released from prison, Baltimore Sun, 3-4-14]:
Former Black Panther leader Marshall "Eddie" Conway walked free Tuesday after spending four decades behind bars for killing a Baltimore police officer — making his one of the highest-profile cases affected by a high court decision that has cut short prison sentences for dozens of felons in recent years. 
Conway, now 67, always said that he was innocent, alleging political motives in the prosecution of a 1970 shooting that killed Officer Donald Sager, 35, and injured another officer. Over the years many supporters, including prominent Baltimore politicians, have joined his cause. 
Police union officials and Sager's family said they still believe Conway was guilty. But prosecutors — faced with the prospect of retrying a more than 40-year-old case built on the testimony of a fellow police officer and a jailhouse interview — said they could not have convicted him again.
Back in 2001 (then only a city council member) Baltimore's current City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young voted on a resolution to pardon black 'political prisoner' cop killer, Marshall "Eddie" Conway
Conway sought a new trial under a 2012 decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals, which said verdicts before 1980 were invalid because of faulty jury instructions. Under a deal with prosecutors, Conway agreed to abandon his court fight in exchange for his release on time served. 
Conway walked out of the courthouse about 3 p.m. and then went to a friend's house to eat a plate of vegetable lasagna with his two sons and other supporters, according to Dominique Stevenson, a longtime advocate who co-wrote a book with him. Conway declined to be interviewed. 
"He's just taking it all in," Stevenson said. 
Supporters have long believed that Conway was set up because of his role with the Black Panthers, and on Tuesday the Baltimore branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and others hailed his release, calling it a "monumental day" and "an important page turner in this tragic story." 
But Sager's son, who was 7 at the time of his father's death, said he was devastated. 
David Sager said he was warned of the outcome more than a month ago in a meeting with Baltimore State's Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein. 
David Sager said he debated whether to attend Tuesday's hearing. He decided against it. 
"My mother passed away two years ago, and in a way I'm glad that she's not around to see this," he said. "This is a very sad day. I think this is another tragedy on our justice system, one of a string of tragedies." 
Police union officials said they were troubled by the release. Gene Ryan, vice president of the city's Fraternal Order of Police lodge, said it was "difficult" to learn that Conway would not serve out his life in prison. 
He blamed the appellate courts for creating the circumstances that have led to Conway and others winning release. 
Since the 2012 ruling by Maryland's highest court, dozens have fought their convictions and prosecutors have made deals to release many of them, opening old wounds for victims' families. 
In Conway's case, Bernstein said that dealing with someone convicted of killing a police officer created "a different set of issues and concerns." 
Bernstein did not believe prosecutors would have been able to convict Conway in a retrial after so many years. "It's about ... whether there's sufficient evidence to convince 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this crime," he said. 
In 2001, the Baltimore City Council, including now-President Bernard C. "Jack" Young, passed a resolution urging Gov. Parris N. Glendening to pardon Conway, calling him a political prisoner innocent of murder. Through a spokeswoman, Young declined to comment Tuesday night. 
NAACP chapter President Tessa Hill-Aston said the organization does not discount the fact that a police officer lost his life in the 1970 shooting. But she said Conway's prosecution came during an era in which black leaders were targeted by government officials to silence them. 
"There were lots of African-American men who were accused and had bad trials," she said. 
Dr. Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham Sr., a former Baltimore NAACP president who helped organize rallies on Conway's behalf, said Conway was convicted with no physical evidence and that the officer who identified Conway did not see him at the crime scene. 
"I continue to keep the family of the deceased officer in prayer, but Eddie had said from day one that he hadn't done it and folks have to remember that this was when the COINTEL program was at its height," Cheatham said. "They did not have a witness who saw him there. They had no fingerprints or evidence there. They basically convicted him on the basis of what we now call an informant."
Back in 2001, Baltimore’s black political leadership had no idea the power they had by maintaining a racially united front in the face of white flight from black crime in the city.[Council pardon resolution protested: Police union is upset by effort to help man convicted in officer's death, Shooting occurred in April 1970, Baltimore Sun, 3-29-2001]:
A City Council resolution urging Gov. Parris N. Glendening to pardon a man convicted of killing a police officer is sparking complaints from the police union, whose president wants lawmakers to publicly apologize. 
"I demand that the City Council take immediate action to rescind this resolution in order to avoid exposing the wounds of our Fallen Heroes," wrote Officer Gary McLhinney, the union president, in a letter to the bill's sponsor, Councilman Norman A. Handy Sr. "The actions of the City Council are so egregious." 
Council members who voted last month to urge a pardon for former Black Panther member Marshall "Eddie" Conway say he is a political prisoner innocent of murder. 
They call the case circumstantial and question the integrity of a jailhouse informant who testified that Conway described the shooting to him. 
"The union is entitled to its opinion," Handy said. "I'm simply expressing mine. He was convicted on at best spurious evidence."

Donald Sager is still dead.

But he was just a white cop trying to uphold white racism (law and order) in a demographically changing city, now completely controlled by black political power.
Will black Baltimore give him a ticker tap parade (as they did the Baltimore Ravens when they won the Super Bowl in 2013?)

Spoils of war. [Supporters of a pardon think lie sent man to prison, Baltimore Sun, 4-8-2001]:
"I think it's just ludicrous," Juanita Sager, Donald Sager's widow, said last week. "I'm totally opposed to even the thought of [a pardon]. He [Conway] not only took my husband's life, he took my life and my son's life. We still pay for that." Sager's son was 7 when his father was killed. 
Now there's something for Handy and the resolution's co-sponsors - Helen Holton, Paula Johnson Branch, Bernard "Jack" Young, Keiffer Mitchell, Agnes Welch, Bea Gaddy, Robert Curran, Cathy Pugh, Lisa Stancil and Kenneth Harris - to ponder: If Sager's widow and son are still suffering, if they're still paying, why shouldn't Conway continue to do the same?
Will black Baltimore have a ticker-tape parade for their exonerated hero; a Black Panther they believe was framed for murder?

Do you not understand the significance of this decision yet?

If you are white and reading this, you are a nothing more than a war criminal in not just 2014 Baltimore, but all of America.

That’s what the demeaning concept of white privilege attempts to preach, labeling all wealth, real estate, and stock holdings by whites illegitimate.

Jury nullification by blacks is nothing more than a united racial group demanding immediate justice (even if it means absolving actual black criminals of guilt and letting them back on the streets of the same city they live in) for Jim Crow, white supremacy, and segregation --- all ideas that tried to stop what has happened with black political rule in Baltimore 2014 from ever happening. [Jury distrust, bitter verdict:
Experts say that urban jurors, particularly African-Americans, have grown increasingly willing in recent years to acquit defendants they believe are guilty if they detect any abuse of police power. 
Prosecutors, who despair that their cases now must be flawless to win, increasingly find themselves facing jurors for whom police misconduct is an all-too-common experience. 
"In this day and age, a person of color is going to have mistrust of the police because these things happen," says juror Linda Hawkes, a 48-year-old health claims processor who says her son once missed a funeral after being detained by police without reason. 
In Baltimore, a computer survey by The Sun of 300 Circuit Court verdicts over a two-year period found that juries threw out more than 40 percent of criminal cases that came before them. 
Tom Munsterman of the National Center for State Courts, a nonprofit judicial think tank in Williamsburg, Va., says similar numbers are emerging in cities all over the country. 
Paul Butler, a black former federal prosecutor and professor at George Washington University Law School, says African-Americans have become "extremely sensitive to certain patterns of testimony or to lapses in accepted police procedure." 
"And they're far less likely to overlook it, or to give police the benefit of a doubt, especially if there's compound errors."
 White Americans in not just Baltimore, but all of America, are nothing more than war criminals now.

Obama, the Department of Justice, and black political leaders across the country will now begin releasing black “political prisoners” from ‘white’ jails.

So keep peddling your Constitutional Convention, Levin.

This story is the reality of America today.

Whites are nothing more than war criminals in modern-day America, with black cop killers treated as ‘political prisoners’ (heroes) by black elected officials, black leaders, and black groups like the NAACP.

That group called this day "monumental."

Nothing more than war criminals.

Just ask Zach Sowers widow.

America's future is nothing more than racial retribution by non-whites against whites, all because at one point in our history white America dared believe they had racial interests too, besides working to uplift non-whites.


Anonymous said...

This is good. There are only 2 factors allowing any regime to maintain popularity and legitimacy:
- good economy
- social order
Even Hitler was popular on the strength of law and order.
Democratic Party can maintain popular support by providing freebies to populace.
But it can do NOTHING to maintain perception of law and order. As they must support their key voting group, African Americans, there is nothing they can do to stop the ever increasing violence and social breakdown taking place because they would appear racists.
That is the reason they are working so hard covering black on white crime. They know that once population recognizes the level of violence, Democrats will be out for good.
That will be their downfall as more and more people realize what is taking place in the US and eventually will blame and abandon Democrats.
Regimes can mange through bad economy but there is no way for any regime to survive lawlessness and violence. Democrats are in catch 22 and it's just a matter of time.

Tristero said...

On a more positive note, a prominent defender of another black cop-killer is not going to be able to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division:

This guy was evidently too extreme for even some Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Are we also paying him "reparations" for all the years he was a "political prisoner"?

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr K

Spot on. Demographics is destiny. The fate of this nation is sealed, both by massive influx of indio-mestizos [not HIGHspanics] along with continued devolution of the Eloi cohorts. If the national census is believed, we have 330M

15% black - perpetual Progfodder
15% illegals - Progfodder
25% of white females - Progfodder
25% of white males - Progfodder

More than 50% of the population is now officially parasite. This trend will not improve. Cultural programming continues. Pick any trend ... white priv, white guilt, black entitlement, Reconquitas, denigration of the Constitution, the ascendancy of the militant GLBTs, the slaughter of the unborn ... pick any.

I chuckled at your mention of Beck, who despite his intelligence is a starry-eyed naïf. The corpus is being kept warm with IVs and drugs, but the Patient has passed. We need to get past the Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression, and start accepting that it's time to get ready for swift change. Any nation that could elect Soetoro twice is terminal. He's not the cause, he's Final Diagnostic Indicator

Anonymous said...

On a more positive note, a prominent defender of another black cop-killer is not going to be able to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division:

OK...I thought he was appointed.


10mm AUTO said...

Nothing will speed the collapse faster than the breakdown of the Justice system into a pure racial game of "Gotcha!". negros getting out and/or never being convicted simply cycles the experienced killers back onto the streets. First it will be the high profile ones, but soon, as we all know, it will filter down to the "regular" folks, the Knock Out Gamers, the Polar Bear Hunters, the Mobs, home invaders. Every White defending himself and his family will face a viciously hostile negro jury. Every SIMBA will face a jury that thinks "there are too many blacks in Prison" sympathetic jury. This is another reason to atomize White neighborhoods, so that the Jury pool is always filled with negro agents.

To paraphrase Billy Jack, "If the Jury will not follow the Law, then their is no Law, just a fight for survival."

Anonymous said...

If I were in charge any member of the black panthers would be labeled an enemy of the state, and open membership or allegiance to this group would warrant 'dead or alive' status, ala the old west days.

I also feel the same way about gang members, especially in our public schools. You want to rep your set homie, great, but your expelled instantly from any public learning institution. Disgusting that we cater to these cretins.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Ohio a ten year old boy was suspended from school for pointing his finger like a gun. "Lookalike weapon." Zero tolerance in schools for harmless play. but black students can't be suspended even when they act out violently or disrupt class. we are living in a society that would rival Orwell"s 1984. or animal farm. some are more equal than others. When will whites march in the streets demanding justice? My guess is never. dat be rayciss.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't want whites moving into their neighborhoods but think they should have a right to move into yours.
Blacks don't want their kids to be punished for misdeeds in school unless equal numbers of whites are punished even though the offenses are not remotely the same.
Blacks commit crimes at disporportinate rate but scream the system is rayciss and that's why so many brutha's are in jail. So they decide to engage in jury nullification to even the score and show racist whitey they ain't gonna take it no mo'.
Blacks scream that anything done to a black is a hate crime but if they do something to another race, it ain't no hate crime-it just be payback and sheeit.
Blacks vote en masse at a rate of over 90% for a black candidate and that's to just "support a brutha." If whites should do the same for a white candidate, that be rayciss -but it's not racist when they do it.
When blacks take over a city and discriminate against other races, that's just fine. But if a city is predominantly white, they scream it's racism and dey ain't got no representation.
I could go on and on but there's no point. The double standard of blacks is obvious as hell and they're always going to play the victim and it's always going to have to be all about them, what they want and what they get or it's racism and they'll show their asses.
Fuck them. One and all.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Mr K

Spot on. Demographics is destiny. The fate of this nation is sealed, both by massive influx of indio-mestizos [not HIGHspanics] along with continued devolution of the Eloi cohorts. If the national census is believed, we have 330M

15% black - perpetual Progfodder
15% illegals - Progfodder
25% of white females - Progfodder
25% of white males - Progfodder

Minorities and women are the two wolves in the well known wolves and sheep, lunch as democracy metaphor. Those of us with libertarian, conservative or merely mildly anti-communist views are now the lunch.

Anonymous said...

Three shootings in Indianapolis in a fifteen minute time span. A total of 4 people shot. Welcome to the new Indy.

Anonymous said...

Hey p.k. not only will they give this scumbag a parade,they will give him the keys to the city a house ,car ,drugs cause he beez a heroos an shite,how much more must we abide,rise & awaken my saxon brothers the time will soon be upon us. royal oak dude.

R.E. Prindle said...

Why aren't we hearing anything out of NYC. Has De Blasio closed down a censorship?

Unknown said...

Barry and my people called the Adegbile decision "a travesty". Shocking.

Anyone catch congressman cummings exhibiting textbook TNB earlier today?

Quite priceless.

D-FENS said...

"...Democrats will be out for good."

To be replaced by...Republicans?

bubo said...

Blacks slaughter elderly white couple and son in home invasion

Amid all of the stories of white vigilantes killing innocent black teens this story must have fallen through the cracks.

The press certainly wouldn't want to alert white people to the fact that being apprehensive about black males is indeed NOT an irrational mindset at all.

Blacks had "extensive criminal records" including one arrested for attempted murder in 2012.

We know that "life" doesn't mean life anymore. Evidently "attempted murder" doesn't even warrant 2 years. Welcome to justice in BRA.

I've said this more than once, the courts are broken in many parts of the US. They are swamped by black criminality to the point of complete collapse. The website Charleston Thug Life is a prime example of such a scenario.

Blacks are let off with "time served" for violent assaults, robbery and attempted murder because of the sheer amount of crime they commit. There isn't room for all of them in prison.

Anonymous said...

He's going to be on "Supervised Probation" for the next 5 years? Great, I'm sure the upstanding tax paying Citizens of Maryland don't mind paying that bill. Violence against Whites is becoming more and more prevalent contrary to those that disagree. Blacks have always been violent against whites, that is the reason for Jim Crow, now the very reason for their violence being perpetuated more frequently, particularly against whites, however they are feeling more empowered by Black Panther Murderers not having to serve their full sentences. It's ironic,

The beauty of irony is that it works both ways, Debo Adegbile was denied, by a Democratic majority Senate today, to head the Justice Depts. civil rights division. The FOP stood it's ground and scared those Senators to have to answer questions to their constituents about that decision. This is proof that this Administration is losing it's stranglehold.

I've never been a voter, and I'm not some right wing Christian Conservative. I'm a Libertarian. My political ideologies are probably completely opposite of many of you. However, we can all agree that we ALL have the right to bear arms. We ALL have the right to protect and defend ourselves, family and property from violent criminals. We ALL have the right to profile perpetrators ( we know who they are )of criminal activity. If I have to vote for some Jesus Freak to assist than I will.

The FOP was formidable in blocking Debo not getting the Senate votes for the nomination. Support your FOP if you live in an area that makes it "useful" if you know what I mean.

Have a great day!

Mutant Swarm said...

I give it a year, max, before he gets bumped off for "dissin'" a bro, or ends right back in prison for being on the other end of the gun.

And as for jury nullification being practiced by blacks, well, two can play that game. If a White find himself on a white-on-black self defense shooting jury, we all know what our duty is.

Anonymous said...

While our real goal is to free the brilliant Mumia Abu-Jamal, this will have to do for now. Anyone who bravely takes on the fascist pig police of Amerikka is a hero in MY eyes, though.

Of course, my little Oregon town is so boring, it hardly needs police at all ... I'd trade all that for a few thousand Congolese refugees any day.

-A Compassionate Oregonian

Anonymous said...

Police should no longer waste time on black crimes. Slow down on the calls to the hoods.
If Police see black on black shooting just drive past it,say you are chassing suspect.

Dan Cooper said...

To Co Org. I have a theory that you are at least half ' the tribe'. You know what you are, and you know what you want. There is no internal conflict between good and evil. I have talked with totally evil people and the difference between them and humans is that they understand us, but we don't understand them. That is our disadvantage, we can't comprehend total evil. Whites work hard, and live their lives oblivious to the fact that someone is at war with them. To everyone else that keeps saying whites will vanish, please name one major subgroup of humans that have disappeared. The Egyptian culture was lost but the people lived on, possibly as the Copts. Rome fell to the Vandals but the people continued. The American Indians were almost destroyed but they still exist. Even the Aztecs live on and pick our fruit in the summer and their noses in the winter. I think whites will regroup, learn a thing or two from the Jews like breed for IQ and keep the money in the community. Remember in the 80s someone said a dollar changes hands 20 times before exiting the Jewish community. I think for blacks it was 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The only chance any decent people have here is to revert to the original intent of Mr. Jefferson. The Declaration says "free and independent states...." It is no longer possible to save the one nation, but it is possible to save parts of it if people band together and separate themselves from those that have shat where they sleep. Of course unpopular things must transpire. People will have to be told "no, you cannot come here because your ignorance ruined your home. No you cannot come here, we do not believe like you and are not interested in your debate or great wisdom. Go Away".

The myth of "one nation under God" is a historical fallacy. Like minded people have to band together against the animals and especially those that condone them in the name of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

off topic

Boy Scouts of America Over Ban on Gay Leaders

The Walt Disney Company will end its support for the Boy Scouts of America in 2015 because of the organization's membership policy that bans gay leaders, CNN reports.

Disney's VoluntEARS program, through which Disney employees can convert volunteer hours to cash donations for the charities of their choice, will no longer allow employees to direct funds to the Boy Scouts, the entertainment conglomerate told CNN. Disney does not directly support the national BSA organization or local councils.

According to Disney's charitable giving guidelines, organizations that "discriminate in the provision of services unlawfully or in a manner inconsistent with Disney's policies on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation" are ineligible to receive funds. While BSA voted last May to allow openly gay youths to join its ranks starting this year, it maintains its ban on gay adult leaders.

Disney's decision "carries a unique weight," said Deena Fidas, director of workplace equality for the Human Rights Campaign. "When you think about brands that exemplify childhood, you think of Disney, and with them dissociating with BSA, it speaks volumes of where we are with the views we want to send to young people."

"Disney to Pull Boy Scouts Funding by 2015 Over Policy Banning Gay Leaders."

Jay Santos said...

Off topic and for entertainment purposes only, my hero Mark Zuckerberg, the Jonas Salk of the 21st Century, has released plans to bring the www to Africa via thousands of little drones.

I couldn't be happier. Finally, our African brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to collaborate on science and technology. Yes, they did overlook the wheel originally, but once they've all got a Facebook account, the sky is the limit. Imagine the mob killings, rapes and infernos they will soon be able to plan together. What a time we live in and God bless Mr. Zuckerman for his generosity.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Police should no longer waste time on black crimes. Slow down on the calls to the hoods.
If Police see black on black shooting just drive past it,say you are chasing suspect.

March 5, 2014 at 5:17 PM

Not so simple...Whites donate blood, Whites pay for hospitals...
one gangster can / will cost MILLIONS in Hospitalization and incarceration.

MILLIONS, for 1 piece of s---

Anonymous said...

I've said this more than once, the courts are broken in many parts of the US. They are swamped by black criminality to the point of complete collapse.

Two things really wake people up to the realities of Black Political Rule.

#1 is schools. Having your kid thrown into a s**thole school full of "thugged-out" Black teens years behind state averages on every subject matter, with constant disruptions and fights, staff that either doesn't care or is too busy trying to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline to do anything about little Suzie getting jumped, etc REALLY wakes people up fast. A lot more school districts are going that way as this country continues to deindustrialize and have the energy and manufacturing sectors just totally gutted and asset-stripped.

Hope your kids like it, idiot blue collar Dems that voted in The One, your false messiah. I'm sure your fellow Dems in places like Manhattan and SF, who have their kids in all-White private schools and go to sleep in heavily-secured residences, will totally have your back as the economy continues to disintegrate and Black criminality continues to expand and grow.

#2 is the broken criminal justice system. The public is largely unaware the extent to which Prosecutor/District Attorney offices across America are guided by "Progressive" ideologues who feel the most important mission in American law is to lower the number of Blacks "caught up in" the the justice system, which could ONLY be the result of racism on the part of evil Whites convicting Blacks for crimes they didn't commit. They'll make ridiculous plea bargains, offering extremely short sentences for extremely serious crimes in the name of saving money and "efficiency".

The whole gun control nonsense is absurd. We already have strict gun laws across the US. Wanna take a guess where police would have to go to serve most of the outstanding warrants for gun crimes in this country? That's right -- Southside Chicago, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, South Central LA, Newark, New Orleans, etc. You won't find many of those "bitter clingers" hanging on to their guns and Bibles in those cities, but that's who's responsible for all of the gun violence in our country according to "O".

Chicagoans ... your city now has the lowest credit rating of any major city in America and you're only a couple steps removed from Detroit-status. Do you know what it's like to live in a city like Detroit, with 1-hour+ police response times for violent crimes and some of the country's lowest clearance rates? Yet the Black unions continue to suck the government coffers dry ...

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this story the first time around.

Mary Wolfe is a Representative in the Iowa state legislature. She's a White Democrat. Her two sisters were brutally murdered in February. One was a psych and the other taught at a Jewish Hillel school.

The case came back up in the news because they've charged a man for the crime. He happens to be a, yep, you guessed it, Black Male.

In a criminal complaint, authorities allege Wade attacked Susan Wolfe when she was home alone. Her body was found naked and doused with bleach and liquid detergent. The complaint alleges Wade then killed Sarah Wolfe when she returned from work later that night. She was found clothed but with a blanket over her head. Her purse had been emptied.


“I'm innocent. I'm being framed,” Wade told Channel 11 reporters Wednesday.

You f***ed up Wade. "I'm being framed" only works if your victim was a cracker or a White Hispanic, not an affluent Liberal.

Wanna bet that Rep. Wolfe will eventually tell us that the lesson to learn from her sisters' gruesome murder is that "Diversity Is Our Strength" or some bulls**t like that?

Wake up America. If rich Liberal neo-aristocrats with government connections can be killed by Blacks and have the story buried on page B19 of the paper by the state-run media, it's plainly obvious that the serfs don't stand a chance. No one in power gives a f*** if innocents are killed by Black violence.

eah said...

He's going to be on "Supervised Probation" for the next 5 years? Great, I'm sure the upstanding tax paying Citizens of Maryland don't mind paying that bill.

Which reminds me of a question I've asked before: Are Blacks actually an economic plus for America? When you consider their high levels of criminality (especially serious violent crime, and all the costs associated with that - police, courts, prison, probation, etc), their poor record of academic achievement (not long ago it was bruited that there were more Blacks in prison than in college), and thus their low per capita wealth producing capacity, and their disproportionate representation amongst government employees and welfare recipients, do Blacks actually make a positive net economic contribution to America?

I would not be surprised at the result either way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said the police should slow down on calls to the hood true story here: hunting buddy retiredcop now. working missing persons case. big wig in local office has missing relative. gets a tip and goes with sgt. to filthy-del-phia. show up at hdqtrs., flash badges and give the story. 4 cars, 4 cops per car, the jump out squad and these guys roll out. instructions-do not stop, roll thru intersections using equipment, (lights) if anybody tries to stop you, shoot first. come on accident scene. Benz against a stone wall, driver out, car shot up like a machine gun ripped it to piece. driver not talking. filthy cops work him over and call for tow rig. continue as it was just another day in the big city. self preservation is always first in filthy-del-phia.

Anonymous said...


Muskegon Avenger said...

Business Insider posted the "Top 25 Most Segregated Cities in America"

Turns out Muskegon/Norton Shores is #19.

They already shut down the comment section after a measly 17 comments. While none of the comments were inflammatory, many were genuinely inquisitive. Such as "these segregated areas are because people are either choosing to live where they live or because they don't have the money to move to a more affluent area".

Anonymous said...

The Cultural Marxist Media lefties at the Baltimore Sun have quietly nursed the radial black agenda of promoting the beatification of Marshall "Eddie" Conway.

Wake up Baltimore!!! Surely just as there is here in Indianapolis, there are a half dozen websites that exclusively cover your beloved Ravens and Orioles. You can get all the store coupons and ads you could ever want online. There are even local bloggers who like Paul Kersey cover the crime scene free of all the Marxist propaganda and Orwellian terminology.

Things will not get better until folks turn there backs on the local CMM or CM2.

Hey you in Maryland help out your family and neighbors and tell them about the alternatives to the dreg that is the Baltimurder Sun.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The nappy haired mulattoed child in the top picture is the future face of America as liberal ideology's miscegenation has become a rolling wave turned juggernaut.

Personally I could care less about negro upon negro crime from murder to child rape.

I'm thankful for negro abortion.

I care about non-liberal whites saving our non-liberal white gene pool and race before white liberal ideology, the ideology of the immature and the insane, transmogrifies it into a mulattoed abomination of nature.

In a new White Homeland, any negro or mulatto negro crime on whites could be punished properly via a decent legal code.

White liberals are apostates to their own gene pool and race.

White liberal ideology is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

For our posterity and our new White Homeland.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes the fear of black males mindset, is irrational if most blacks do not commit violent crimes, blacks have a higher violent crime rate than whites, but that does not mean MOST blacks are violent

Anonymous said...

I am more worried by what they are doing with MY MONEY behind the scenes.

These Traythings get million of whitey's money in redistributed civil rights dollars, padding the pockets of the black prechers, the 10-Point Coalitions, the DOJ scumbags, the local race shake-down hustlers, the Not-For-Profit black baby momma up-liftment scammers, the felon reformers, the Affirmative Action inner-city school systems, and the wealthy foundations.

The Miami-Dade “Black Crime Camouflage Program” is a huge deal and no one is talking about it.

Conservative Treehouse is trying to bust it wide open with FOIA requests. Obama and Holder are colluding on this one. And it directly relates to "My Brother's Keeper" black male investment program.

Dissident said...

The legacy of MLK?

Interesting cartoon depicting his holiness.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon raises a most interesting case in Iowa:
You f***ed up Wade. "I'm being framed" only works if your victim was a cracker or a White Hispanic, not an affluent Liberal.

Wanna bet that Rep. Wolfe will eventually tell us that the lesson to learn from her sisters' gruesome murder is that "Diversity Is Our Strength" or some bulls**t like that?

Wake up America. If rich Liberal neo-aristocrats with government connections can be killed by Blacks and have the story buried on page B19 of the paper by the state-run media, it's plainly obvious that the serfs don't stand a chance. No one in power gives a f*** if innocents are killed by Black violence.

I fully expect that Mary Wolfe will be parroting all the correct Crystal Methodist litanies about her own sister's murder - just as you say. Wolfe can't turn her back on an entire career built upon 'doing well by doing good' after all. She herself would be Paul Deened if she said anything less than flattering about a SIMBA, and it's unlikely she's high enough in the squid food-chain to be untouchable

Crystal Methodist dogma being so predictable, that's not the interesting part of this case. The aspect of the case which which bears real watching is to see how vigorously the NAACP legal defense fund, the "Innocence Project", the ACLU and similar very well-funded organizations jump to Wade's defense. My bet is that Wade will end up spending the remainder of his days in prison after a speedy conviction and only limited appeals. He might even die by 'suicide' not terribly long after being incarcerated, overcome with remorse - or perhaps end up dead at the hands of another SIMBA in the joint for 'disrespect' or a similar offense. (Happens all the time, no?)

This, by the way, is yet another example of how a tracking system for all these cases would be extremely valuable. A lot of us here read the book about the Zebra killings in the SF area back in the 70s almost 2 years ago. How many of these SIMBAs are out of jail now? We're any of the victims connected to the ruling oligarchy like Susan Wolfe - or just more cows and sheep whose lives are utterly expendable.

E. Newton said...

Anonymous said…
….. blacks have a higher violent crime rate than whites, but that does not mean MOST blacks are violent

You make a very erudite point. You must be on the NY Times editorial staff.

Okay, MOST blacks are not violent. I'm just very concerned about the 49.999% that will quickly beat, rape, kill me and set me on fire afterwards.

10mm AUTO said...

Actually this is a perfect illustration of what happens when you take a negro and give it a higher I.Q. brain.

Notice it used bleach and soap to destroy DNA evidence, but forgot the video cameras taping it taking the dead woman's sweat pants off. "I gots to keep dees, dey be expensive and sheet." Or maybe it was a trophy.

"El demonio que hace trofeos de mujeres" (The Demon who makes trophies of Women)

It successfully manipulated the system to get personal property back from a robbery it was committing, but forgot that a police scanner would look suspicious.

The real questions are never asked by the LibMedia, like how a multiple felon can buy 7 handgun over the course of 15 years going through a Federal firearms dealer and never get flagged as someone who should be rejected. How could it buy the same handguns with multiple females with restraining orders and accusations of murder on its record.

It is a half bright negro, nearly human, with all the Evil and short attention span and shallowness of its kind (multiple babies from 3 different baby mommas) but with enough knowledge of the system to sloppily cover its tracks.

Psychopathic enough to be dangerous, just smart enough not to post what it does to YouTube and Facebook. Read this article again and get a chill. We often talk about the Wilding yoots, but this creature is one of the talented tenth. God help us if it becomes a cause célèbre and gets out on jury nullification (I didn't do nuffings!).

They really are not like us.

Anonymous said...

Very well stated! I also agree totally with your last comment, "Fuck them. One and all."

Anonymous said...

Are the people shot all black over in the hood? If so, who cares?

Chuck Hammer said...

Mary Wolfe is a Representative in the Iowa state legislature. She's a White Democrat. Her two sisters were brutally murdered in February. One was a psych and the other taught at a Jewish Hillel school.

Thank goodness for the crack police work that brought the killer to justice.

"Target 11’s Rick Earle reported one of the key elements in the police investigation was that Wade was wearing sweatpants that belonged to one of the sisters."

Almost the perfect crime. How could Wade be expected to know that wearing a murder victim's clothes would incriminate him? lol.

Anonymous said...

So how is gang violence in the black community any different from Palestine Vs Israel or Revolution in Egypt, Venezuela etc. America was created on Gang Violence.

Anonymous said...

Seattle and Portland aren't free of crime either. I know this neighborhood; it is being terror-bombed with Section 8's, low-yield devices so far.

"Peterson and his wife, who works at the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, moved to Seattle from California a couple of years ago"

"Seattle police say the 17-year-old suspect in the shooting death of a man in the Greenwood neighborhood has been taken into custody"

Looks like someone we've seen before.

Genetic Distance
"Figure 7-2 shows that s-S Africans and everyone else are the most unrelated, and North Eurasians and Southeast Asians are the second most unrelated... Africans are on one side of the two PC axes and everyone else is on the other side because (sub-Saharan) Africans differ genetically the most from everyone else...
"For most Asians, and a large (but less than half) percentage of white Europeans, a mulatto child with a Bantu African would be less closely related to them than a randomly-selected child of their own race!"

By the evolutionary-biology rules used for discriminating a species, the genetic distance between a European and a sub-Saharan African is greater than the genetic distance between a dog and a coyote.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

I propose the following for all white war criminals residing with the borders of the POA (Planet Of the Apes)Regime:

1) Adults over 18 yo $50,000 fine + 10 years lock down in POA University. 5 years with good time & passing GED in PC Re-education
1a) Exception for white war criminals over 50 - seizure of all assests + Life in lock down in POA University. No possibility of Release

2) Juveniles - $100,000 fine + 10 years lock down in POA High School. 5 years with good time & passing GED in PC Re-education

3) Children under 10 - $250,000 fine + lock down in POA Grade School, then POA Middle School, then POA HS until age 18 & released only after passing GED in PC Re-education

4) Infants up to age 4 - $500,000 fine + same as children under age 10

5) New Borns delivered by war criminal mother's already confined to POA U - $1,000,000 fine + confined to POA nanny day care until age 6 then same as children under age 10

Social Justice demands that all white war criminals be punished.

Additionally, POA victims of white war criminals to be assigned by POA-G to vacant housing due to war criminal confinement

Upon release from confinement all white war criminals to be presented with a bill for "confinement services" @ $50,000 x years (pro-rated) confined. Monthly payment
to be determined on 20 year pay-back with 33% interest on declining balance.

Coming soon from a democrat congressman near you....

/H hypie out H\

bubo said...

Knockout game shows no signs of slowing down.

R.E. Prindle said...

To the IKAGO and Not All Negroes Are Like That types:

Let me point out that we have a Negro government that is in the process of looting the United States while encouraging aggressive Negro behavior which it refuses to prosecute. The Holder-Obama Axis actively discriminates against all Whites without exception. It is freeing Negro criminals while disregarding the Constitutional Rights, Rights of Man, etc. of everyone.

It is true that not all Negroes are active participants in this criminal misgovernment. However, it is true that 96-98% of all Negro voters voted for the Holder-Obama Axis with full knowledge of their intent.

Where are these innocent Negroes who are not beneficiaries of this racist partisan government?

Unknown said...

White people need to GTFO of Baltimore... said...

Another harbinger.

When the Western culture collapses under the weight of multiculturalism, the entire world will plunge in a new dark ages from which it will never recover.

Elsewhere, here's an anti-white racist Facebook page. Consider complaining to Facebook and ask them to remove it...

Anonymous said...


I went to article...there were only 2 comments. Others gone.



Dan Cooper said...

Jay Santos mentioned the Africans never getting around to inventing the wheel. Actually they did, but it was square. And that is why they invented shock absorbers before anyone else.

Anonymous said...

It's true, not all blacks are like that.

Some are just smart enough to realize they can't get away with it.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Can these black politicians be more anti-white, belligerent, obnoxious and obtuse? Black men are the privileged class, whose behavior must not be criticized or discussed except in secret among people who will not report your statements to your employer, the authorities or some hyper 'black rights' activist group who will hound you.

Anonymous said...

PK is one of the few that get it. There will be no revolution, no great awakening, no resurgence of white conservatism. Demographics is destiny. What we are seeing now will only get worse. We can't stop it. We can't even slow it down. Your duty is to survive. The one and only bright spot in all this madness is the fact that BRA is inherently unstable and will collapse under its own weight. Then perhaps we can rebuild from the ashes.

Anonymous said...


stalin is here
The Obama regime is launching a program to police local media for “bias.” The program will determine if “underserved populations” are receiving “critical information.”

The program is being tested in Columbia, SC which is a 33% black market. Goon squads from the FCC will invade the media offices of Columbia, SC and make demands. Since every broadcast media outlet has to be licensed through the FCC, they will be easily intimidated into obeying the demands of the Obama regime.

What makes it even more ominous is one of the key individuals behind this. FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is one of the people running the program. She is the daughter of left-wing Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn. She was appointed by Barak Obama

Her qualifications? She ran a tiny black advocacy newspaper in Charleston that was given away for free and had a minuscule readership. She ran the paper for fourteen years. She wanted to sell it, but it had no value. So it simply went defunct when she left.

In other words, one of the top five people running the FCC has no qualifications other than being the daughter of the king of black politics in South Carolina.

This is the woman who is going to decide of the media in Columbia, SC is providing “critical information” to the “underserved.” What this means is, whether or not the media is providing black people with marching orders from Obama.

Anonymous said...

ook ook!


dondiego said...

Can I offer .02c from Aus?

The secession of states/territories appears to be your best bet. So hard though; the indoctrination your young women have received.

Keeping undesirables out- beyond the wall style is going to require FULL TIME staff working a fact/truth based propaganda angle.

Those sweet old nannas that I worked with (in N.Z) are some of the WORST.
Of three, only one started to come around to (really only hinted at race) realism. They're ruled by emotion. Emotions programmed by the lies and selective truths fed them.

One reason I came to Oz was the attitude of most Aussies. However, culture is being corrupted. One example: Cops here used to shoot crims who had 'had a go' at them. Even 10 years ago in Melbourne coppers gave an abo who'd had a go at their mates out of state a hell of a hiding.
Now after years of left-wing influence real justice likely wouldn't happen.

In your formerly U.S men are going to need to form local 'vigilance' outfits. From my readings it seems many whites aren't climatised/ experienced with blacks.

There must be some bloke reading here who could (through injury etc) use his time for agit-prop?

Hit those wimins I mentioned with the IMAGES of the cute kid blow torched to death. The girl shot by a negress for not opening the gate. The Newsome's, etc.

Get prepping, network, get active. Be several steps ahead for your white families when it goes pear-shaped. Thanks~

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

eah @ 11:23 PM:

I used to say white tax dollars for white people and negro tax dollars for negro people.

Today however, all that is moot. I have reach that point of higher consciousness, that point where the futility of continuing on the charade with white liberals and their minority allies is useless and pointless.

Time to separate out and away, secede, and declare independence from all those parasites.

Yes that is it, the SS&DI solution for our gene pool/race/culture/lands and posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like? Like JOBS?

Anonymous said...

"Are the people shot all black over in the hood? If so, who cares?"

Man, please think this through!

1. Because the more negro violence, the more gun control measures and loss of liberty imposed upon society.

2. Because they are TERRIBLE SHOTS and if these things survive, WE have to pay millions for their trauma centers, surgery, drugs, hospitalization, disability, rehabilitation, care, and feeding, or we pay millions of dollars to hold them in prison for life.

Either way, they get their housing and 3 squares a day and you pay for it. You can't run, whitey, and you can't hide.

Civilization, liberty and freedom, black people.
Pick two.

Anonymous said...

More black victimology porn:

"I, Too, Am Harvard"

This is our future.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon observes:
The Cultural Marxist Media lefties at the Baltimore Sun have quietly nursed the radial black agenda of promoting the beatification of Marshall "Eddie" Conway.

As I asked on a previous thread: How is it that the Baltimore Sun is still operating? Do they have a huge subscription base amongst the swarms of shitaviouses, turdquillas and the others of Baltimore's patrician class? Are they getting massive ad revenue from chicken shacks, barbershops and nail salons? Maybe huge multipage obits from the vast estates of expired rappers? Perhaps all the millionaire negro afleets are funding the sports section?

It remains operating, day after day, pumping out page after page of lies and propaganda. Who is paying for all this? It's likely to be YT, by hook or crook. All the chamber-of-commerce types, the 'pillars of the community', civic boosters, etc. - all paying for it. Massive numbers of YT who fled the bombed out city decades ago, paying for shit to be delivered to their front lawns. If enough YT just cancelled, squid central would have to start paying for it directly. Wonder how long they'd be willing to - even with their literally endless supply of counterfeit money.

10mm AUTO said...

To the Aussi who wrote here, I thank you. It is good to hear from the White Cousins down under. Though you don't have guns, you have the blessed ability of having wide open spaces to escape into, though I hear your city living can be full of abo's (?) who are more than a little savage.

We are working on plans for the "Breakup" as we call it. Several of the races here are circling the carcass, waiting for breath to leave its body so that the carving will be with lesser cost. A rough White Homeland has been staked out, the expansion of Mexico (Aztlan) has been staked out, the Nation of New Africa has been staked out and the rough borders of the Old Republic have taken their shape, though the area around Chicago-Detroit-Flint (Michigan) still looks like it will go the direction of a Caliphate rather than stick to the old republic.

Exciting times!

Hey all! On the Science Front Whites change the World again! (See:

For those of you who are "space centric", this is a perfect food stuff to grow on a space station or Mars (as is Elon Musk's Dream) and can be grown in the Homeland where previously rice was impossible. To those who are looking Earthward, this type of White technology ( )will continue to make the West the center of food production. We change the World with every Breath.

White Homeland!

Mr. Rational said...

If enough YT just cancelled, squid central would have to start paying for it directly.

This is probably what Zero's move to use the FCC to direct story coverage and editorial content in media is about.  They are abandoning the print media and going to dictate the broadcast message directly.

Of course, you should have killed your television already anyway.

Anonymous said...

Reply to
Bogolyubski said...

The Baltimore Sun is owned and managed by Tribune(Chicago) division of the Las Angeles Times-Mirror company. The Times-Mirror company was taken into bankruptcy by its owner Sam Zell, a mega billionaire Chicago Real Estate developer and Open Borders zealot and yes one of TWMNBN.

Last year the Times-Mirror was up for sale but only the right-wing goyim Koch brothers wanted to buy it or better yet had the deep pockets to afford such a toxic financial sinkhole, so the TWMNBN collective raised a big big stink and it was taken off the market. Zell's ownership of Times-Mirror is a cloudy arrangement because of its debt problems.

Last year Times-Mirror tried to unload the Baltimore Sun as a separate deal but nobody wanted it.

Also last year in a move to save money the Baltimore Sun bought the ULTRA LEFTY alternative weekly "Baltimore City Paper" by merging staff the Sun can unload the more expensive upworthy middle aged DWLs and replace them with some real honest to God young commies.

Baron Munchausen said...

take a look at the photos. no surprise really. remember that they are less then 7.7% of population here.

Baron Munchausen

Baron Munchausen said...

Just learned that there was 40 plus fights at the Austin Rodeo last weekend. All dealing with "teens" Not one news article about it anywhere. friend who is a coach at a "bad" school learned from her students that these "teens" were planning on shooting up the rodeo on Saturday. will keep you posted. this pisses me off. and sitting looking at my dipshit friends responses to her post on fb... Everyone just tip toeing around the truth. when I know more ill let yall know.

Baron Munchausen

Anonymous said...

So, one of those things Black People Don't Like is consequences for their actions.

I can't say I'm a bit surprised.

Anonymous said...


i a am harvard
Harvard has a hip hop musuem run by gates...the whiney n-g who whined


Hi yella

Anonymous said...

Truly epic post. I cannot agree enough. When it all collapses all the traitors who voted Dem will only recoil in shame when they see in the news how they destroyed their brethren.

Anonymous said...

Just learned that there was 40 plus fights at the Austin Rodeo last weekend. All dealing with "teens" Not one news article about it anywhere. friend who is a coach at a "bad" school learned from her students that these "teens" were planning on shooting up the rodeo on Saturday.

Did "teens" shoot up rodeos during segregation?

Just askin' ...

Anonymous said...

Even totalitarian Chinese dynasties with no media fell when subjects had had enough and withdrew support. Western whites, however, seem to have an unlimited willingness to feast on garbage. So far.

Anonymous said...

No way. Somalis and Nigerians make any community upscale. You are seriously misinformed.

Anonymous said...


Groid Detroit cop rapes woman who had called 911 while his partner was downstairs.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. An intelligent man can be told of a fact that is contrary to his world view and will alter course appropriately. A gushing stream of such facts on a dauly basis, however, isn't enough to change thinking of the idiots. Only their kid being beaten up stands a chance of waking them up and even then . . . . The Iowa Dem legislator is BOUND to remain as before. Bring on the collapse of BRA! It's worse than that, really. PRA. Pussy-Ruled Americs. Lit and fig.

Dan Cooper said...

The Detroit cop Dion Nunlee that raped the 911 caller is a dead ringer for MLK Ultra. Protect and Inseminate.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath. That moronic leftist will nothing from this. More than likely, she will end blaming it on "evil white opression". Her kind are sucidal to an extreme that no sane person can even hope to comprehend.