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A 1907 Baltimore Sun Ad for Housing: "The NEIGHBORHOOD IS EXCELLENT, And no negroes are in the immediate vicinity"

Would you want to live in a city where a pack of cigarettes is more important to one of your fellow citizens than the life of one of their so-called friends? [Schmoke rides on city's violent side Shootings: Amid Baltimore's triumphs, the mayor gets a first-hand look at crime on the city's west side., Baltimore Sun, 7-1-1998]:
Yesterday, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke hailed a new retirement community for the deaf as a monument to all that is good about Baltimore. Monday night, he stood at a crowded West Baltimore corner and saw all that is bad.
On a ride-along with police, the city's chief executive sped to three shootings and at one point stood over a wounded young man lying face down on a street with four bullets in his back.

"A friend of his comes along and looks down," Schmoke recalled yesterday. "And he doesn't say to the police or to me, 'How's he doing?' He says, 'What are you all going to do with that boy's cigarettes?' That is showing no regard for human life."
  A pack of cigarettes.
Civilization went up in smoke quickly in Baltimore...

But it's a city where "Stop the Tears" and "Stop the Violence" programs have been initiated to counter acts of spontaneous blackness and ultimately failed. Completely. [Children's tears point up our failures, Baltimore Sun, 1-18-1997]:
The marchers were called together by the Rev. Willie Ray of the "Stop the Killing" campaign. Joining him were the Rev. Arnold Howard of Enon Baptist Church and the Rev. Dr. John Wright of the First Church of Guilford in Howard County. Only two city officeholders -- Comptroller Joan M. Pratt and 6th District Councilman Melvin L. Stukes -- attended the march and vigil.
It's a sobering thought. Black children being cut down in the city, and only five black religious and political leaders find the time to come to a march and vigil to make some kind of statement about the grisly situation. There is a crisis here, one city leadership needs to address.
Even though the population is dropping by huge percentage points each year, a need to mark the melancholy reality of crime, murder, and mayhem each year with a vigil is scheduled on the calendar. It's axiomatic murder will happen to such a degree a New Year's Eve vigil will be required each year...[Baltimore's 2012 homicide victims remembered at New Year's Eve vigil: Mayor, police commissioner join activists to remember 216 slain men, women and children, Baltimore Sun, 12-31-12]:
For minutes on end New Year's Eve night, the names and ages of 216 men, women and children who were killed in Baltimore in 2012 were read out loud on the steps of the city's War Memorial — a somber recap of a violent year in which homicides rose. "In a city where so many people are immune to these senseless crimes, it is imperative that we remember the victims," said Victoria Kent, a member of the Baltimore Guardian Angels community watch group, as about 50 others stood by.

The vigil, in its fourth year, was attended by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts, City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young, council members Brandon Scott and Carl Stokes, members of the clergy and various city activists.
Many among the crowd spoke to the need for communities to come together and provide those involved in the cycle of violence — many of them young men, many African-American — better outlets.
"Too many people in our city have lost respect for human life, and too many of us have stood by and watched," Rawlings-Blake said. "We have to have that voice and say that we deserve, that every child and family in the city deserves, more."
 Every child and family in the city does deserve more, and it's important to remember that more than 100 years ago, the actual sons and daughters of those who built Baltimore were faced with a quandary far greater than that of the British burning the city during the War of 1812: the great migration of blacks from the south.

All of the aforementioned maladies that have befallen the city of Baltimore were considered by the white majority of the city back in 1910. In The Baltimore Rowhouse by Marry Ellen Hayward and Charles Belfoure, we learn that our ancestors were much more far-sighted to the deleterious effect of blacks on social capital than our short-sighted policy of just trying to run-away from the problem today:
As the black population in Baltimore increased from 54,000 in 1880 to 85,000 in 1910, many blacks tried to move out of crowded enclaves. Speculative builders, Gallagher included, felt threatened by this and feared the effect upon sales and prices. In 1909 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving a restrictive covenant barring the sale of property to a black. The following year the city council passed a segregation ordinance, in response to a black family's purchase of a house on McCulloh Street, on black closer to the city's most fashionable neighborhood, Eutaw Place, than blacks had formerly been allowed to live. In essence the law said that no "Negro" could move onto a block in which more than half the residents were white and that no white could move into a block that was more than half black. A developer could not open a street without first declaring whether it was for white or black occupants. 
Builders of houses on "white" blocks were quick to cite "the safety" of their neighborhoods in advertisements. "Walbrook, 3000 block W. North Ave.," ran one ad of 1907, "Attractive Section, No Saloons, No Colored. Up-To-Date Three-Story Houses, Every Convenience." L. Irving German asked readers of the Sun to: "Look at these fine two-story houses recently built in the 2000 block West Fayette Street, and see us at once about terms. We can make them very attractive to reliable men of character with small means. They are well built, contain six rooms, bath and pantry, are beautifully finished. Have sanitary plumbing, attractive wall paper and all conveniences. The NEIGHBORHOOD IS EXCELLENT, And no Negroes are in the immediate vicinity." (p. 125-126)
A pack of cigarettes.

"Stop the Violence" programs.

"Stop the Tears" programs. 

Only one hundred after the city council of Baltimore passed laws attempting to maintain some semblance of residential integrity in the city, 2009 and 2010 saw the city boast America's most violent, blood-soaked streets.

And it was all because of blacks.

Not drugs.

Not guns.


Just like that ad from the 1907 Baltimore, "men of character" help make a neighborhood, community, or city.

Men without character?

They make 2014 Baltimore, which those white citizens of Baltimore 100 years ago (remember, the city was roughly 86 percent white then) did their best to keep from happening.

They must attend "Stop the Violence" rallies and carry candles at vigils on New Year's Eve, for they (and only they) help to create a world where "Stop the Tears" programs are needed.

Got a cigarette?


Anonymous said...

They never understand why it happens. Is it denial? Meglomania? Or they they really believe that it's the fault of the white's that don't libe intheir hood that their hoods suck?

Anonymous said...

Frankly I would like to see the black on black homicide numbers increase about 50-100 fold in each city. Now we are real talking progress!

Anonymous said...

Great post. The infestation accelerates because of governmental interference.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....To hell with the cigarettes. What about his tennis shoes. One thing the community leaders haven't tried yet is government sponsored late night Bingo Games. That should stop the killing.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the groid. Time tested and proven.

Anonymous said...

There is a crisis here, one city leadership needs to address.

Translation:Government needs to do something and whitey crackas need to pay up even if they don't live anywhere near the vibrant, culturally enriched, area.

Anonymous said...

Got midnight basketball?

Anonymous said...

There was a giant melee/brawl at an LA Fitness gym in Minnesota.

It started all on the basketball court over a call and escalated, moving into the main fitness area.
“People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building,” said Police Lt. Lorne Rosand.

The police officer then says that the gym is practically a public nuisance considering all the police calls that originate there.

Wanna play Guess The Race Of Those Involved??

Extropico said...

In 1910, Baltimore became the first city in America to enact real estate racial segregation ordinances.

In 1917, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated city racial zoning laws (Buchanan v. Warley).

Private racial land covenants were legal until vitiated in 1948 by Shelley v Kraemer.

Anonymous said...

could be somalis..I dunno

gym brawl..cops called every 2-3 days there.
so much for a melting pot!

Anonymous said...

Blacks like to say how they are going to "Stop" things ... "Stop the violence", "Stop the killing", "Stop racism", etc. Problem is, they never stop being black.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anyone back at the turn of the century (1900) actually living in a mixed black/white neighborhood. Those who did had to be dirt poor and have no realistic avenue of escape from such horrid conditions.
In any case, advertisers today don't have to claim a neighborhood is excellent and no negroes are in the immediate vicinity. All a prospective home buyer or renter has to do is look at a map, locate MLK BlVD and stay as far away from that area as possible as that is the black heart of Negro town.
No better warning sign could ever be posted. In fact, I sometimes suspect that changing ordinary street names (in every city) to MLK BLVD was actually for that very purpose~ to serve as a warning to the unwary and to clueless out of town visitors. It's less vulgar than putting up a sign saying N word town but just as effective.

Gnome Sane said...

"Birmingham police investigate 2nd homicide of the day"

No mention of race but both are in African-America.

Anonymous said...

1857 Oregon Constitution didn't allow Negros?

No free negro shall come, reside in, or be within this state...the legislature shall provide by penal law for the removal of all such negros and for their exclusion from the State. (repealed 1926)
In the video at this link, at 00:50 is a partially-vandalized sign titled "Portland's Historic Redline District" and stating in part:

"Now urban gentrification displaces low-income families, as the remaining affordable [housing]? stock in this area disappears." Dated 4/1/02? (April Fool's Day?)

Around 1:14 is very near the area where Trader Joe's wanted to put in a store, treated by PK a few days ago. The claim is that "gentrification" is pushing the Negro out of Portland, which is also claimed to be the "whitest city in America"- as if that was something bad. (Actually, the place is getting flooded with Mexicans and Asians.)

1:42 Caption states:

"As Oregon entered the union in 1859, the newly formed state government promised to create a "White Homeland" for its citizens."

"155 years later, that promise is close to being fulfilled."
Her $15,000 fundraiser for something called "Whitelandia". Last day to donate. For $250.00 you get an official hoodie.

"The Black Portlanders is the face of a growing arts and culture renaissance in Portland OR. The Black Portlanders is about celebrating, exploring, and affirming the presence of Black people and people of the African Diaspora in Portland, Oregon through arts, innovation, and exploration."

"people of the African Diaspora"... now where did she get that phrase from? And why not just hop on a plane back home? That's a lot cheaper than $15 large.

-Beyond Hatred

HalfElf said...

Hate go point out the obvious, but wounded negros are a dime a dozen, and cigarettes are five dollars a pack. There is a scale of value at work here that is evident to be observed.

Anonymous said...

OT: Police in Cherry Hill, NJ are looking for a fat negress with brillo-pad type hair who reportedly bit off the finger of another non-white woman during a dispute over a parking spot at the Cherry Hill Mall.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

"...In any case, advertisers today don't have to claim a neighborhood is excellent and no negroes are in the immediate vicinity. All a prospective home buyer or renter has to do is look at a map, locate MLK BlVD and stay as far away from that area as possible as that is the black heart of Negro town..."

Anything containing the names Martin Luther King Jr, Mandela, the words International, Freedom, any numbered street in a city larger than 100,000 people, etc. should be a tip off. If you're awake, that is.

And...remember when the cigarette companies were saying that tobacco wasn't addictive? This story should put that lie to bed.

TheAntidote said...

Two slogans a century apart when combined, make perfect sense in almost scientific succinctness:

(If you want to) Stop the violence
No Negroes in the immediate vicinity.

We are living in BRA. We are living in the realm of the Negro. We are living in the time of transition to bl@ck minority rule.

Anonymous said...

OT: Common Core, The College Board, and the dumbing down of America: Lowered SAT requirements.

I homeschool my kids and received this link via email today from Khan Acacemy:

Apparently, their "theme" for this is "A future determined by merit, not money" as they reach out WITH YOUR MONEY to "underserved" and "underrepresented" minority students to battle "the culture of high-priced test preparation."

"Our goal is nothing short of leveling the playing field for every student taking the SAT."

So, wonder if they are going to track homeschool parents with this website because you have to register yourself as a "homeschool" parent and then register each child for the "free" test prep programs.

Anonymous said...

NOTICE how the "high risk", "underclass" and "low-income" classification of negroes is now PERMANENT a classifications? This is no accident. WE must accept that this as a new social class.

That Obamaphone lady referred to herself as a "low minority." Which includes SSI, disability, Social Security, Housing subsidy, and all the fixins.

That term pretty much sums things up.

Soon they will get a "Low Minority" discount card, much like the AAA membership card, which can be swiped anywhere for free museum entry, free movies, free towing and roadside assistance, free breakfast and lunch, and rental car discounts.

dienw said...

@ Anonymous march 10, 2014 at 6:12 AM

Khan Academy has also changed considerably; and this was right after it announced that it was partnering with some organization to make it a better learning tool; This was three to four years ago. I remember recommending it to my brother to help his daughters in high school.

It changed for the worse. At one time, it was open to all comers regardless of ages; one could go onto the site and learn a skill he needed at work, for a refresher, or simply to further one's own interests. I checked in three months ago and saw that it was greatly restricted.

Anonymous said...

When whites left the government took the resources, programs, and drained the community and exported the jobs, which is why the hood is poor and why educated blacks move to where better neighborhoods are. Not to mention
that the US government knowingly allowed crack to come in and destroy black communities

Anonymous said...


Regarding Mumia Abu-Jamal (according to Maureen Dowd):

"Abu-Jamal called himself a political prisoner and turned into such an international cause célèbre that a Paris suburb named a street for him."

He killed a cop. He was a member of the Black Panthers, the group a younger Hillary Clinton used to meet with and defend.

I'm continuing to see just how truly fu*#ed we are.



For any attorney's out there and large developers:

Can a home builder set up a suburb where everybody has to join a private club and you get a % of ownership of this private club and thus can purchases a home in this club?

Condo are owned and bought this way and co-ops I believe are run as a private club where you have to have permission to buy or sell your "unit".

Why not do this with huge developments. Buy like 5,000 acres, call it Club Dixie and you have to be admitted to the club. You have to pass an IQ test, income test and have personal interviews of ALL FAMILY members so that the club administration can LOOK at you.

Why can't this be done?

Unknown said...

"Spontaneous blackness." That's great. A phrase is born. As equally descriptive as "Negro fatigue."


When I look back of the 100 year period of 1900 to 1999 (yes, that is 100. 1900 to 2000 is 101 years), I clearly see the pattern.

The pattern to destroy White America can not be random nor just "the way life is". Every single law passed fits into the next law and they all have in the end the destruction of the White People.

Those behind this are extremely clever. There is no way I can list and explain each "step" but the big ones are:

Women's right to vote. Voting is and never was a "right" listed in our constitution for all citizens. Giving women, and africans the "right" to vote destroyed the protection of the White male to protect his tribe. And it is all tribal.

The majority of women do not have the instincts nor DNA to vote. Let me give you a graphic example:

Most women dream of marriage. They dream and fantasize about it since age 6. They love "love", they want a big wedding, they are more pro-marriage than men and have far more emotions invested in the entire event.....but men do the asking. Every wonder why? Why do men propose to women and not the other way around? I will answer that latter, class, in another comment, but do your homework and think about that. The answer(s) is the very same for why women should NOT be allowed to vote, ever, except for maybe the color of the White House dishes.

One of the leading lady's behind the right to vote was a Vanderbilt.

Income Tax. This is not to produce revenue for the gov. This is a way to control and keep track of who is making what. It is the means the Morgan family, Rockefellers and Rothschilds could know who was coming up behind them and could become the future rich and challenge them. The Income Tax is a reporting system so they know who has money.

Federal Reserve Corporation. Established and owned by the Morgans, Rockefellers and Rothschild families (and a few "minor" ones). This is the granddaddy of all laws and gives them unlimited "credits" to purchase the media and the politicians.

Outlawing residential restrictive deeds, forcing all business to serve "the public",etc. This destruction of the right to freedom of associations, and direct attack on private property, was key.

Your restaurant is YOUR private property, as well has your apartment building, and you must have the right to serve whom you want.

Then the next big destroyer of White America is the Snivel Rights acts of 1965 and Immigration changes. With those laws passed the end was assured.

The next big one, and the one they are frantically going after, is to abolish the 2nd amendment. AND, this Obamacare is not about health is about the Second Amendment....which I will explain in another lecture, class.

There are many others, but if you look at them you will see the pattern and how there is a group behind it with an agenda and a goal. All you need ask is who hates While People and who has the intelligence and money to plan all this.................

Anonymous said...

Not to mention
that the US government knowingly allowed crack to come in and destroy black communities

Is there a type of "crack bush" that grows somewhere in foreign countries? No, I don't think so.

Cocaine in powder form is what crack cocaine is made from. I am not going to debate the whole conspiracy theory about whether or not the US government has ever been complicit in cocaine trafficking into the United States here. It was not until about 1980 or so that crack cocaine began to show up in black neighborhoods, but powder cocaine had already been part of the illegal drug culture in America much prior to this.

There was cocaine in powder form in America all throughout the 1970's. This was a drug used and sold primarily by affluent and middle class white young adults during the 1970's. Crack cocaine was apparently invented by somebody as way to cheapen and intensify the cocaine experience by turning cocaine into a form that can be smoked.

Earlier attempts during the 1970's to intensify the powder cocaine experience did not work well. Does anybody remember what was known as "freebasing" during the 1970's? This involved mixing powder cocaine with a flammable liquid, and then smoking the paste formed from this process in a glass pipe with a blow torch. Richard Prior, the black comedian, nearly burned his entire face off during the 1970's after he had a "freebasing" mishap.

It did not take a government conspiracy plot to invent something like crack cocaine during the early 1980's. All it took instead was somebody with a small amount of powder cocaine, baking soda, water, and a kitchen with a stove top grill. Whoever figured out how to invent crack cocaine did not need to have a degree in chemistry either, like Walter White from "Breaking Bad", to make this happen. A black guy in a ghetto somewhere in America could very well have been the true inventor of crack cocaine. The motives for lower costs and higher profits would have definitely been there.


A 7:21 comment:

"When whites left the government took the resources, programs,........."

Uh, WHITES are the resources and programs. When WHITES leave, they naturally take this "wealth" with them since they are the wealth.

Why can't negroes produce anything and have to have the White race do it? Who taught the White race? Who "gave" the White Man the resources and programs when he got here and found nothing. Absolutely nothing.

No schools, No houses, No ports, No ships. Nothing. The White man just builds things.

The black negro just destroys things.

Is it the absence of Whites why blacks shoot each other?

Is it the absence of Whites that cause 13 year old black negresses to have 3 kids already?

Is it the absence of Whites that cause DeScrotum and LaFeces to drop out of school?

Did Whites take with them Pride, hard work, family love, when they left the killings and rapes and theft and hostility of the negro?

Who taught the White man to feed himself? What race gave handouts to the Whites? What race built schools for the Whites? What race feeds us? clothes us? heals use?

Fuck you Sambo.


Can someone please tell me where I can get a bumper sticker with the COEXIST made from the gun logos?

PLEASE I must have one. My idiot wife has the bullshit one on her car and I want this gun one on my TRUCK so I can piss her off even more.

Please, somebody, make my day.

Anonymous said...


now a 'hi yellow' on FOX is telling us to shut up...we dont know science.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me where I can get a bumper sticker with the COEXIST made from the gun logos?

PLEASE I must have one. My idiot wife has the bullshit one on her car and I want this gun one on my TRUCK so I can piss her off even more.

Please, somebody, make my day.

Okay, I think that I just made your day, CENTURION:

The above link should show you how to order a 10" x 3" sticker with the gun-logo themed "Coexist" motif. The price is only $3.99 (plus shipping, I think) too.

Anonymous said...

These items are helping to keep the black population under control, and are therefore your friend:

Sodas (Diabetes in a can)
Fast Food (Diabetes in a sack)
Hepatitis B&C
Cigarettes (heart disease and cancer in a packet)
Heroin, Crack, and Meth

If they would just put out Heroin and Meth "salt licks" out on the street corners, both the black and white trash problem would dissappear in a month.

Anonymous said...

Black Christianity is a Cargo Cult.

Can't change the genome.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

In 1907, Baltimore, like both the rest of America and all the white nation-states on planet Earth, were not nearly ruled by white liberals and white liberal ideology as we whites of today are.

Modern liberalism emerged in 1792 with Mary Wollstonecraft's "A Vindication of the Rights of Women". Her work is viewed as the birth of feminism by most, but as the birth of liberalism by me.

Most of you might be more familiar with Mary's daughter, Mary Shelley, author of "Frankenstein".

By the 1830's, liberalism's ideology of the white man's burden emerged, and it is here that the lowly negro found his best friend, the immature, selfish and cowardly liberals, as they would deliver the negro to his salvation from his plight, by nature's decree, of extinction.

White liberals sold our collective white soul for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

Though white liberals get to cheat their personal responsibility to mature, and live the highlife that otherwise only the mature should experience, there is a high price for all whites to pay for their preferred path of "The easy way", "The short cut to Nirvana" way.

Now, early in the new 21st century, it is the white gene pool/race that is listing toward extinction.

The race of humans that invented the clock, the gun, the TV, radio and computers, the race that gave to all humans antibiotics and a cornucopia of sustenance, is now the race threatened with extinction by both low birth rates and miscegenation, which further are the brainchild of white liberal ideology.

White liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Our white gene pool/race is doomed.

Time to consider the SS&DI solution.

For our beloved posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...

Extropico provides a nice historical outline, but left out a couple of very important ones:

*In 1910, Baltimore became the first city in America to enact real estate racial segregation ordinances.

*In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed, ceding control of the issue of money to a private banking cartel formed for this purpose - known as the "Federal Reserve". This amounted to a license to counterfeit - to literally create money out of thin air by the stroke of a pen (later by the touch of a button). Earlier the same year, the 16th amendment was ratified, establishing a federal tax on personal income.

*In 1917, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated city racial zoning laws (Buchanan v. Warley).

*Private racial land covenants were legal until vitiated in 1948 by Shelley v Kraemer.

*In 1964, the Civil Rights Act abolished all freedom of association for white property owners. Private property was henceforth redefined as "public accomodation" and owners could not refuse to rent to negroes (later expanded to include other designated victim groups).

Note how things have been unidirectional for a century now, regardless of how many times the idiocracy voted, for one of two choices offered?

Anonymous said...

anonymous suggested changing the name of the streets. here in delaware, new castle county to be excact, they had to change the name of an entire neighborhood from brrokmont farms to sparrow run. so just how long does it take the resident evil to cast clouds over a new name for a new begininng? less than a week. they just opened a fancy royal farms store there, 24 hr. gas, diesel, P-ried chicken, ex-uh crispy o course. now, anyone here want to take the line on the first robbery? i'm guessing before june. new state police station 2 miles down the road just to add some kicks in.

Mr. Clean said...

CENTURION said...Outlawing residential restrictive deeds, forcing all business to serve "the public",etc. This destruction of the right to freedom of associations, and direct attack on private property, was key.

Your restaurant is YOUR private property, as well has your apartment building, and you must have the right to serve whom you want.

I only have time to address one of your points.

Freedom of association and property rights still exist.

When your associations and private property become involved in commerce or serving the public, they can become regulated by government. And if that activity affects interstate commerce in ANY way, it can be regulated by the people in DC under the Commerce Clause.

The ideal solution is to pass a constitutional amendment which limits the very liberal reach of the Commerce Clause as established by the courts starting in the New Deal era. As constitutional amendments are pretty hard to do, the more practical approach is to get judges on the bench who understand the problem and are willing to address the issue. This has been done recently with the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3/10/2014 @7:21 A.M.: Your low IQ "thinking" is merely a "Cargo Cult" mentality on display. Just as Pacific Islanders during WW2 believed the airplanes and cargo of the white man was "theirs" and was merely hijacked and stolen by the evil white man, you believe all the companies, wealth, good schools, hospitals etc built by the white man were stolen from blacks when whites left.
Sorry, my poor dear negro but you didn't build that and have no right to it unless you can build it for yourself. Your failure to do so is no one's fault but your own.
The problem is you infest OUR cities, see what whites have built and think it's owed to you and you should have the same results and outcome even once whites have left despite your inabilty to provide it for yourself. Your low IQ precludes you from understanding that and so you blame the white man just as the Cargo Cultists in the South Pacific do. They'd have all the wealth (cargo) and da planes right now if the ebbil white man hadn't run off with it all. Sho' nuff! Dat's right!
Maybe you should start building straw schools, hospitals, companies etc just as the Pacific Islanders build straw planes, dirt runways and childish control towers. Then, like them, you can dance around begging the spirits to bring back what the evil white man stole from you.
That's your level and speed and you will never rise above it.

Hannibal Smith said...


Try these...

Anonymous said...

COexist drawn in guns bumper stickers

Or google, "Coexist guns bumper sticker"

Major1 said...

The Baltimore War Memorial is a huge, gorgeous building. Neoclassical architecture. Massive columns. A large mural honoring the sacrifices our veterans make on our behalf. Sculptures of horses, ospreys and eagles signifying our commitments to our allies. Dark red marble contrasted with lighter-hued Italian Travertine marble. A beautiful, somber, meaningful edifice.
In other words, something only White people could build.
Of course, this is where the clueless, floundering black leadership of Baltimore decides to have their stupid, meaningless "vigil".
Reading a list of useless dead black thugs (D'Metrius, Jamal, Muhammad, De'Ontavious, Trevonn, etc etc etc) on the premises of this magnificent landmark is like wiping a booger on the Mona Lisa.
Let's have the next "vigil" somewhere more appropriate. How about the holding tank at the jail, or a payday loan shop, or a garbage dump?

Unknown said...

Imagine a FOR SALE sign saying "no negroes in the immediate vicinity" these days. What a fantastic selling point!

A few years back, I had a home in Summerlin/Las Vegas. When the SoCal Blacks started arriving there were suddenly burglaries, rapes and home invasions. Once quiet and safe streets were filled with fear, armed patrols and bars on windows.

Even professional Blacks with no criminal tendencies have family/relatives that are straight "hood" and bring the undertow along with them.

It makes one a bit emotional remembering the quiet safe streets of the 60s. So much of the White American Era was so incredible. It's all gone now.

Mr. Rational said...

now a 'hi yellow' on FOX is telling us to shut up...we dont know science.

"Conservatives" need to stop giving the left ammunition on the climate and evolution issues.  Those are unforced errors.

If you don't like the left's prescription for the climate, just demand that we go for 80% nuclear power on our grid just like France.  It doesn't involve any NGOs, no subsidies for turd-world dictators, and really pisses them off.

Anonymous said...

Any realtors on here care to tell us how they warn potential buyers about how to avoid the ghetto neighborhoods? Because I KNOW you do it somehow.

Do you use special words like "transitional", urban, "up and coming", vibrant, or "diverse"?

Is it hand signals? Winks? Or disappearing ink maybe? Maybe whites just KNOW where they are not allowed to go.

Anonymous said...

betcha it was a pack of KOOLS...uh oh how racist of me to notice

R.E. Prindle said...

10mm AUTO said...


In theory you can do this; for example private plane owners will often buy a piece of land and set houses along the outside of a landing strip, using fees or self imposed taxes to maintain the strip. Everyone gets access and everyone pays the fees.

This is the last remnant of how the Country used to be. Good folks getting together to share a hobby or a belief. All that fell with the ATF and Waco, Texas under Janet Reno and Eric Holder (!). Here you had a tax agency militarized and rolling like it was NATO surrounding East Germany. Remember, the ATF is supposed to make sure that the TAX has been paid. If you look on cigarette packs you will see a little tax stamp, When you buy a suppressor for your rifle you get a sheet of paper with a little stamp on it showing you have paid the tax. The issue in Waco is whether the Branch Davidians had paid the TAX or not and ATF had a paid informant (who disappeared) who stated he saw fully automatic weapons in the compound and he assumed that the tax was not paid on them.

Ever owe the IRS $200.00? That is the amount we are talking about. A transfer tax not paid lead to the raid that got 96 people burned alive, their leader shot and the rest are either in jail or, if children, scattered across the Country in Foster homes where they could not tell the tale. The ATF never charged Koresh with "possession of NFA firearms" and the whole reason for the raid is buried under a mishmash of charges and counter charges which not seem trivial and pointless.

Now, if Whites tried to band together, the HUD would charge "racism" and send in an informant to try to gain access. If they failed, next would come the raid and the charges. Whites banding together to worship in the way they choose, to pursue a hobby together or to merely to live amongst their own kind is now a crime, "Gentrification" is evil. Even the courts system is stacked against you, with the "wise Latina" openly blocking white interests to promote the negro or the Hispanic. We live in the last days of an experimental nation, a nation that started out as bonded by blood but has eroded to the point that such an experiment will never again be attempted, because without blood ties people can't live together in peace. Add Marxist criticism, Marxist moral degradation and the active destruction and dispersion of the Culture that comes with TWMNBN and the threads that bind us together (never strong to begin with) are severed. What Whites have in common is European culture, Norman Rockwell pictures, the Cowboy ideal, English Language and a few great scientific achievements that are common to our race. If we had a strong neighbor to the North or South of us (Mexico is bad enough) we would be ready for invasion.

Imagine, just for a second, that Mexico has a revolution or a Narco-governmental collapse and millions of refugees are pouring across the border. Not like now, which is like a river, but millions a week. Squalid camps being erected, 100's of thousands dying of cholera or lack of food and water or Typhus, military incursions, etc. Marxists would continue to say, "Just make them Americans!" and in a month, (not 30 years like is speculated now but 1 month), Whites would be a minority in their own Country. Why, because we do not have the sense of self necessary to push them back, no matter what the death toll, even if it is not our responsibility.

We need a Homeland.

Anonymous said...


can anyone put a list here of the
people killed? name by name?

All I found is this 'dumbness'
read carefully
'boy was getting in trouble'


Many young people in Baltimore witness terrible violence from a young age, and are in inner turmoil when they turn to violence themselves, Carter said.

Rob Hoffman, a nurse on Johns Hopkins Hospital's trauma floor, said he is "haunted by images of young men" who were killed this year.

Hoffman told a story of a young male patient who came in after being shot in the head, and who recovered. A couple of months later, the young man was shot in the head again and, miraculously, recovered once more. Hoffman said he offered the young man a bus ticket to anywhere in the country, to get him away from the streets where he was getting into trouble.

"He responded that this was the only way of life he knew," Hoffman said. Several months later, Hoffman found out the young man had returned to the hospital once more — this time dead on arrival. He should have had somewhere else to turn, Hoffman said.

"If we each do a little bit, we can break the cycle," he said.

Anonymous said...

"Is it denial? Meglomania?" - Sociopathy, everything is always someone elses fault, never ones own.

Dan Cooper said...

To Centurion. You can find the gun Coexist bumper sticker on Ebay. There is an even funnier one called Anti-Coexist that has the Muslim C with a Bomb and the other religions shrinking away.


Thanks, ya'all. I just ordered the COEXIST (gun logo) sticker.

Mutant Swarm said...


Thanks, ya'all. I just ordered the COEXIST (gun logo) sticker.

March 10, 2014 at 2:57 PM

I'd like to get a pile of them and "replace" some Obama stickers. Around here, Priuses with leftist bumper stickers are as common as cockroaches in a ghetto kitchen.

Fun is where you make it.

Mr.Ken said...

"free breakfast and lunch, and rental car discounts."....I'm pretty sure in order to get the discount on a rental car; you have to bring it back. with the wheels and tires on it.

Anonymous said...

Heroin & crack licks-- Awesome!

I don't think meth licks would work--I believe meth provides energy, something Urinanius & company go to great lengths to avoid!

I'll bet that the smokes were Kools too.

Sam said...

"DeScrotum" and "LaFeces"? OUTSTANDING!! Anyone care to take a guess at how long it will be for some black sow, say around 13 years old, to name her newborn spawn one of these names? I remember reading about some black mama naming her kid "Latrine". She said she liked the sound of it.

dondiego said...

O/T race-wise, but similar...
{Setting-} I was incarcerated with my brown brothers, who slavishly ape your blacks.
The two biggest darky gangs in N.Z are the 'Mongrel Mob' whose sigil is the swastika or a British bulldog wearing a German helmet, and the other is the 'Black Power', colloquially "the Ni***rs". Their patch/symbol is a fist.

Anyway, in the police day-room this turkey recounts a tale of crossing the road; only his (more) inebriated mate got hit by a car.
-First thing this other ugly feral asks "Didja take his smux?"

They use a sort of baby-talk, similar to your[/their] ebonics, "Yo f*** Yo!" is the BP battle cry, which can't be spoken out loud. MM run the prisons, so nothing that sounds like "Yo!".

Smokes becomes smux.

And I've been following this blog since I came across it, at first I thought my own darks ruining the neighbourhood I grew up in was unique.

Thanks for your prodigous output P.K, I spread your posts where relevant about the VRWC down this end of the world~