Friday, March 7, 2014

#NextAmerica: It's Already Here in 2014 New Jersey

PK NOTE: Dispatches from Occupied Newark is back. Blackjack Pershing returns (read Volume 1 here) with this installment of life in a state where the much touted #NextAmerica has already arrived. It's not a pretty picture. I get busy, very busy, and hate that yesterday went by without new material. Be sure to head over to to read the latest PK in Obama’s Gun Control Obsession Causes Corporate White Flight From Black-Run America. New post(s) coming tomorrow. Enjoy the latest from Blackjack Pershing below. 

Civilization in New Jersey must be trying to commit suicide in a most violent way. Either that or they are hopelessly clinging to the doctrine of “appealing to the better natures” of criminals in an effort to get them to reform. However, the joke seems to be on the believers of this philosophy as the people they are appealing to seem to have no better natures. In the past week alone, here are three stories that made headlines in New Jersey. 

Meet “Old School” Charles T. Williams. He committed murder. Twice. He raped children. At least three times. He stabbed a 24-year-old man in the chest this year with a kitchen knife. He also dealt heroin, a crime which finally, after decades of being free on “lifetime parole” for the murder of two teenage boys in 1969, has put 62-year-old Charles Williams behind bars. Authorities are currently investigating whether he is tied to any unsolved child murders in the New Jersey area. Stare for a good long second into the soulless, lifeless eyes of the “man” in the picture above.
The face of #NextAmerica: Charles Williams

Imagine a world in which convicted murders not only get out of prison, but get out of prison, continue on with their lifestyle then sue when their lifestyle catches up with them. We call this society, “New Jersey.” Donald Capriotti, 39, murdered Devon Whitehead, pled guilty to a lesser charge, and served 18 years of a 30-year sentence before being released in 2012. When Capriotti was pulled over by police in November of 2013 for outstanding warrants, he immediately fled on foot. He was believed to be armed. In the ensuing pursuit, Capriotti was shot several times by officers and a police dog was injured by gunfire as well. The now partially paralyzed Capriotti is suing for $27 million. An investigation continues into the incident. What was that saying in woodshop? Measure twice, cut one? More like aim twice, shoot once in this instance.

What would you do if you had to look into the eyes of a sex offender each day? What would you do if you had to cater to them, listen to them, and deal with them no two ways about it? In an Avenel, New Jersey sex offender facility in 2013, two correctional officers, Michael Higgins, 47, Steven Domio, 40, both with 8 years on the job at the time, perhaps recalled the lesson from Starship Troopers about letting someone know you’re sore with them in a very physical way. After both striking different unidentified sex offenders in separate unrelated incidents, both now are being charged with “aggravated assault.”

Of special note about this facility where they are employed. The sex offenders there are being held under civil commitments imposed by the courts, which keep them locked up even after they complete their sentences. Such an imposition is all the testimony needed on the character of the injured parties in this case.

In a sane world, in any society that wanted to survive or actually cared about its citizens, the above offenders would be dead or locked in conditions so miserable they’d wish they were. But we are not in a sane world or a society that wants to survive. We are in New Jersey… 
2nd highest police to citizen ratio.    
3rd strictest gun laws.

Multiple cities claiming the “most violent in the national title” in different decades.




America in 2050 can be found in New Jersey 2014. 

#NextAmerica: your future is nothing more than that found in the crumbling city of Camden


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This is for Sir Blackjack. Love your reports. Could you give us a report about the looting that took place after Hurricane Sandy. My late wife has a cousin that lived there. I called her on her cell phone after they returned home. She told me some horror stories. The looting broke all records and she said this was the first time that private homes were broken into.

Anonymous said...

OT but relevant:

Paul, this Common Core design dickhead wants to redesign the SAT test because slavery, income inequality, disparate impact on blacks. So now, just like a college bachelor's degree from Phoenix Online University, the SAT will mean absolutely nothing.

"Every exam will include a reading passage either from one of the nation’s “founding documents,” such as the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights, or from one of the IMPORTANT discussions of such texts, such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”"


Those of us in my age bracket will live to see the "beginning" and the "end".

I grew up in the 50's. Wonderful. Cheap gas, TV' went global, music exploded and travel was cheap and it was worth visiting Europe "on $5 a day" (Yes, kids, it was done).

Europe was all White, cheap and you could back-pack the entire continent with your Eurail pass and a worn copy of "Let's Go Europe". American and European hippie chicks everywhere....I still can't get over un-shaven legs and arm-pits of the French girls, but when you are having fun....who really cares about the legs...duh.....

America was White, Safe, Clean and proud. I remember.

But now, I am forced to witness the death, destruction and suicide of this once great nation.....because of the presence of the Negro.

This will not end well and I hope I can help it not end while while I die a natural death....taking a few with me......

This has been, and is, one hell of a ride. To live to see the collapse of the modern Rome is almost breath-taking in it's scope. To think that so many white people can be so dumb or that the squid is that is truly amazing.

Pure Evil is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I also understand no written essay will be required. How dumbed down is that?


Anonymous said...

"I also understand no written essay will be required. How dumbed down is that?"

Essay is optional and scored separately. My kids will definitely take the essay section, as will the children of most concerned white parents.

Of course the blacks will decline it, but will manage skate by at the same levels as those who actually took the essay part. We will have to find a new way to test our own children.

Anonymous said...

What's going on here ? How's is a bafoon wearing fresh polo as he's beating a 12 year old? Big polo at that?! Do any of you know specifically how some people who do absolutely nothing nothing can afford big polo?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic - Anyone seen the commercial selling Kingsford BBQ? We have some super cool black people and a nerdy effeminate white guy in a pink shirt trying to fit in. Here's the link:

I'll find another brand to purchase when I use charcoal on my $700 dollar grill. I can choose charcoal or use gas or a smoker. Kingsford, don't forget who you're selling to you motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

The BBC documentary film maker Louis Theroux has made numerous documentaries on prison life in the USA. He also has a great documentary on the violence in Killadephia called Law and Disorder in Philadelphia

Collection of Theroux documentaries

A Place for Pedophiles

Behind Bars (San Quentine Ca)

The problem with guarding violent sex offenders is that they are notorious for flinging their urine/poop/semen/spit at the correction officers. Guards can only take so much. Somebody needs to invent robots for his nasty job.

Mr.Ken said...

Today's reality. Russia is on the move.
An intercontinental Ballistic Missile was launched. China is more powerful than they have been in a hundred years. Riots in Ukraine, Thailand. Obama, in these sad state of affairs decides to make an appearance at the 'sisters of soul' awards...and mis-spells a seven letter word.

Man, we are fu*ked.

Mr. Rational said...

Steve Sailer is all over the new SAT.

The original SAT was just math and verbal with a max score of 1600.  The essay, and the extra 800 points of max score, was added to try to "close the gap" and test writing.  Few admissions departments used the essay (it was poorly-suited to its alleged purpose) so it was finally ditched.

Really, go read Sailer.  Not just on this, on everything.

Anonymous said...

Christie for President!!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the term sex offender is so broad these days that it should be disregarded altogether. If a minor takes nude photos of themselves (sexting) and sends it to their significant other, they can be (and have been) charged under federal child pornography laws. Visiting a prostitute and public urination as well can force you to register as a sex offender. If a guy and girl are both drunk and have sex, and the girl later regrets it, they can tell the cops, and the guy will be arrested and quite possibly convicted of rape. Even if you were to talk about actual rape, the punishments are grossly disproportionate when compared to crimes such as aggravated assault with serious bodily injury which is equally traumatizing, and arguably far worse due to the likelihood of disfigurement or lifelong disability.

And nowadays thanks to feminism a significant portion of women out there believe in things such as almost rape. Just google around for feminist buzzwords like Rape Culture if you want to learn more about how crazy younger women have become. Things are starting to become so bad that you'll need written consent witnessed by third parties before you can have sex with her.

Unknown said...

Sorry to continue the OT thread, because I thought it was a nice piece. So I apologize that my response is to Anonymous about Kingsford.

I just decided to switch to Safeway charcoal recently, because it's cheaper and it burns hotter. Not longer, but hotter, which matters to me. And they don't advertise at all. FYI.

Anonymous said...

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." ...

Philadelphia Mike said...

Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

We are from a fierce...a proud race. And when backed up against all odds, I have no doubt that we will rise to the occasion and not let our ancestors down.

Find your inner caveman.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Great article on Vdare. In reading the blurb from the Violence Police Center, the last sentence is what Whites should be aware of:

"For blacks, like all victims of homicide, guns—usually handguns—are far and away the number-one murder tool. Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll, like America’s homicide toll as a whole, must put a focus on reducing access and exposure to firearms."

Whites nationwide shall heed this terrible and tragic situation that blacks are in and say proudly NO GUN SALES TO BLACKS. I AM DOING MY PART TO PREVENT MORE CARNAGE IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!

Whites need to adopt this stance as soon as possible; Obammy has "My Brother's Keeper" to help Negroes, and Whites have "Aybah Poda Hep"

Anonymous said...

The race baiters have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.

Whiskey said...

I'll see you the Kingsford commercial and raise you the latest Marvel Agents of Shield where the Black stud with room temp iq flirts with he "smart" White chick. Or Grimm where the noble Black teen protects his White Girlfriend from the bad White criminals.

Women love that stuff. TV is exclusively female and a good insight to what sells and fsils with audiences that are 85%+ female.

Not squids, any more than Germans did not know what they got from democrstically elected Reichschancellor Adolf. White America particulsrly women wsnt to believe in a Black super race myth. Because the reality is depressing on all points.

I have sold stuff for a living tech sales. You cant trick someone into desire. Or create preference out of hypnosis.

Mr.Ken said...

Lincoln is another anti-White film by the TWMNBN Steven Spielberg. It won two Oscars, including Best Actor for the Jewish actor who played Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis.
Of course, Lincoln and his Yankee cohorts are shown in the movie to be bastions of morality, while the south is portrayed as a sea of racist White bigots. In reality, Lincoln was a hardcore racist who saw Blacks as inferior to Whites and wanted to send them back to Africa.

From Lincoln’s fourth debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858:

I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.

Slavery was just the excuse used to invade and destroy the Confederacy for resisting the tyranny of the Federal Government. The states had already begun phasing out slavery anyway, and the Blacks would have been much better off being slowly assimilated into society rather than being thrown out on their own while the majority of them were still illiterate." The Truth Hurts.

Bogolyubski said...

Well, NJ is Gov. Christy-Creme's province. Are we supposed to be surprised? Corzine, Christy-Creme, the walking maggot-encristed carcass of Lautenberg, the list is damned-near endless. The Garden State indeed - more like a smoldering trash heap.

Unknown said...

Boy am I proud to have spent my entire existence in the garden state. An added bonus being I live five miles in each direction from the beautiful cities of newark, plainfield and elizabeth. Only in a place like newark can one go from a fine dining establishment, equipped with valet parking, attire requirements and exquisite food, to pimps hoes and drug selling negroes a mere block and a half away. What a lovely little town.

Californian said...

Race...'s what keeps on happening when people's eyes are closed by liberal ideology.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading here for a while, but never commenting. Over the last few months, the company I work for has doubled its sales force and hired a significant amount of Black undertow.

Stealing is way up. The place is filthy. There have been fights in the breakroom. A once nice place to work is now a hellhole and I quit today.

Anywhere they go, the Blacks break all the rules and just go to war with Whites. I never thought I'd be this close to it. I always thought my reality was far from Blacks.

It's been a very negative experience, but very educational. I live in an all White area, now I need to find a Negro-free job.

It is amazing to me that the worst things people say about Blacks just don't go far enough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Christie for President!!!"

Christie (or Paul, Rubio, Ryan, J Bush etc.) won't win because there are too many stupid and/or lazy whites who'll sit at home out of principle because he's a "not conservative enough" RINO (sadly, many of the posters on this board). And so America will continue down the toilet. RINO's may not turn around the decline, but they'll at least apply the breaks.

I used to think white liberals were the dumbest group of people on earth (outside of American negroes). But so-called conservative/libertarian types are even worse. They do nothing but complain, then do nothing to prevent Obama/Holder types from taking power (other than message board rants).

The ballot box trumps message boards.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

That negro's nose is bigger than his cranium.

What could that possibly say about his cerebrum's IQ.

I'm quite sure he is not an Einstein.

In 19th century America a freak show would have been his calling.

In any event, America, like every other white man's higher culture of civilization on planet Earth, has been targeted for extinction by white liberals and their white liberal ideology.

The white liberal "good" shepherd leaders, the megalomaniacal, narcissistic and God complexed, pursue their Holy Grail new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy dystopia.

The only hope now for non-liberal whites and their white gene pool/race/culture/lands and most importantly, our posterity, is the SS&DI solution.

The separate out and away, secede and declare independence solution.

The North West quarter of America for starters.

Solutria, in honor of the first humans ever, to set foot on and live, in the new world lands.

White liberals are the cancer of the white race.

For our white gene pool and posterity.

Our new White Homeland.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bruce Springsteen is prouder than ever of his home state ...

Ex-Brooklynite said...

I grew up in the 50's. Wonderful. Cheap gas, TV' went global

Ugh. cheap gas was the acid used to dissolve white working class neighborhoods and lead us to a situation where it was legal to discriminate against blacks if you did it with green, I.e. Fiat Dollars. It helped turn us from a society of single-worker, high-social-capital large white families into what we are today, where an economically sterilized white upper middle class pays taxes to support single-mother bastards, and mortgage interest to support squid rentiers, leaving just enough to squeeze out one, maybe two K-selected children to deal with the flood of r-selected bastards.

And TV? Ugh.

Better you should look to the golden age, when white immigrants in Detroit were more likely to own homes than natives, living densely but communally. Henry Ford hired blacks on the condition that they not join unions and destroyed that paradise. Detroit before cars was a place of diverse economic activity. Cars and cheap gas helped destroy it.

With the end of cheap gas, whites will have no option to move further away. They'll either give up and die, or fight. Gentrification, kicking low-income people out of their close-in valuable real estate, is the beginning of the rebuild.

Anonymous said...

I hitchhiked in Europe and the States in the early 60s. It was as you say. White. Safe. Fun. Clean, Now the leftist, the Negro and the Arab turn what they touch into a slum.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

I just went over to VDare to read Paul's article.

Upon arriving the first article, just above Paul's, is about Wyoming going liberal, doing the liberal diversity thing.

I started reading but had to stop just to pass on this gut wrenching, unbelievable story about their Gov., another Christie or McCain republican gone liberal.

One of our country's last white sanctuaries, Wyoming, is going to embrace the liberal ideology's crocodile of diversity, which in turn increases the white man's burden, and lessens our hope of a new White Homeland of America's North West quarter.

My guess is these new diversity types are going to be primarily negro from Africa.

Geesch, perhaps the liberals are onto our plan.

Good God almighty, what hath liberals wrought.

Liberals are the cancer of the white race.

We had better start getting it together.

For our white gene pool and posterity.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

(@-CENTURION said...)
I believe every word you wrote in your post. You are correct. I feel the exact same way. Two thumbs up!

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, Wonderful article at Vdare. It is one of those articles I should have written for you (given my interests). I was aware of all the movement of these gun companies and the liberal forces behind the moves (and the Conn. situation is explosive!), but had not put race into it for some reason. Once I saw the quote for the "criminologist" Fox, I saw where the fix was in. What a Quote!

Allow me to paraphrase: Yes, Dorothy; you see the man behind the curtain, but look at all the smoke! Look at the Fire! Look at the green floating head! It's not the man behind the curtain because...Root Causes!

They want to say it is race, but if they do, their lives are over professionally. So they say "Race is here on the surface...but the real cause is "poverty, crime, drugs, guns, etc."

Sadly they will not be allowed into the White Homeland.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." ...

Kansas has not been Kansas since Brown versus Board of Education!

Anonymous said...

It's all so horrible and getting worse and worse. Wyoming is importing Somalis. how did such an overwhelmingly white pioneer state fall into the insanity of.multiculturalism? I guess Montana and Idaho are next. Canada is lost. i don't think they will allow any state city town or province to be white majority. i remember when Marietta Georgia required all law abiding citizens to own guns. now blacks threaten to take over there. i had friends in College Park and East Point south of Atlanta. nice clean white places. now they are negro hellholes. people had fled Atlanta to live there. there are fewer and fewer places to go now in order to be left alone. Northwest? The ghetto blacks and African imports will be sent there. white people are an endangered species.

Don M said...

"Anonymous said
Christie (or Paul, Rubio, Ryan, J Bush etc.) won't win because there are too many stupid and/or lazy whites who'll sit at home out of principle because he's a "not conservative enough" RINO (sadly, many of the posters on this board). And so America will continue down the toilet. RINO's may not turn around the decline, but they'll at least apply the breaks.

I used to think white liberals were the dumbest group of people on earth (outside of American negroes). But so-called conservative/libertarian types are even worse. They do nothing but complain, then do nothing to prevent Obama/Holder types from taking power (other than message board rants).

The ballot box trumps message boards."

Dear Sir, (if you are a sir)

I take considerable umbrage at your accusations of laziness and stupidity.

I am one of those racially conscious whites who will be working diligently to ensure that none of the despicable RINOs you mention get anywhere near the Oval Orafice.

Personally, I think Hillary is far too old, white, female, and heterosexual (at least nominally) to be considered for the Prezi-dunce-see of BRA. I am hoping she gets primaried by a Transgendered Mestizo.

Worse is better. White people need to have their noses rubbed in the fact that BRA is not their country anymore.

Did you really mean to suggest that mainstream Grand Old Pedophile candidates would put the "breaks" {sic} on the decline?

If the pathetic, flip-flopping plutocrat RMoney (of negro granddaughter fame) had been elected Prezi-dunce, not only would we still Obamney Care, but we'd have a national "Assault Weapons" ban and whites would be dying in Syria for Beebs Nutandyahoo. That doesn't sound like putting the BRAKES on the decline to me.

Richard Lowry and Reince Preibus need to send better trolls next time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Jack, have you ever had the "pleasure" of visiting b-more? I used to take my sailboat up to inner harbor with the wife and kiddies for a weekend at the MD science center, aquarium, and so on. mrs., a devout catholic, had to attend mass every weekend. we traveled several blocks up past the strip clubs and ho's, cross the street to the po-po station then go up and over 2 blocks to st. Vincent DePaul church. ok, so one time we get back to the boat and it is crawling with nigger kids 10-13 trying to break in. lockers open, stuff strewn about. thank God we'd had the foresight to close and lock everything else. absolutely the last time ever. point being, there is plenty of fine dining, attractions 1-2 blocks away, typical homo africanus lifestyle. the life you save WILL be your own. 30 ft. and decide to draw or not.


A few comments:

Paul Kersey for President.

Don't turn away from this idea. Sure, the squid will demolish him, but think of the attention. One more point of light to hopefully wake up those Whites who know something is wrong, very wrong.

Second, the comments about women, rape and the legal world are totally true. Today, if you just happen to say good morning to womyn, but smile too long, glance too long, then you have created an threatening work environment full of sexism and such.

No, I have never faced anything like it, but I know of situations where such hysterical female crap has happened.

Back in college, in my fraternity, we used to grab and carry the "little sisters" into the showers (nice big communal steam baths), disrobe them, soak them and soap them down.

No big deal. All but one liked it and the one who didn't wasn't all that pretty anyway. This went on for years.

No problems, No suits. No angry administration. Of course this was the "Tune in drop out" decade and "make love not war" was all around, so everybody was having fun. Even our "coke" machine in the fraternity lobby had no "cokes" in it. It was all cans of beer.

Pot legal today. Woopie. We had pot growing in our frat house. NOBODY cared.

Since this was when you couldn't get Coor's beer East of the Mississippi, we used to make U-Haul runs "up north" and bring it back and stuff the coke vending machines. Anybody could, and did, buy the stuff and the drinking age was 18....our fraternity made lots of money. Paid for all the shampoo we used up in the showers........

Back to the steam shower room. Never an issue. Any girl who didn't like it just knew not to hang around the frat house late Saturday night when all of us brothers were getting bombed on Coors. They knew. Those who didn't want to get stripped naked (or is that striped) went over to the neighboring frat houses and heard lectures about Women's Studies.....

Those that wanted to get soaked and soaped.....stuck around.

No legal defense fund. No attorney's. No Snivel Rights. No feminine Whinging Associations.

Everybody had fun and life was peaceful and beer was cheap and gas was 34 cents a gallon.

Jay Santos said...

Whiskey said...
I'll see you the Kingsford commercial ….

Women love that stuff. TV is exclusively female and a good insight to what sells and fsils with audiences that are 85%+ female.

White females elected Barack Obama, twice. The Obama campaign's story of Julia was not a quirky idea that accidentally made its way into their narrative. Neither was Sandra Fluke and her extraordinary condom requirements.

Women are fundamentally adverse to the concepts of smaller government, libertarianism and concepts of independence and self sufficiency. Whether that's innate or a product of social engineering is at question. I tend to think it's the latter, our own history is full of women who were part of the pioneering experience, created strong families and were highly independent.

The same social manipulation that has molded white females into enthusiasts for the gentle embrace of state power, have led them to shed their suspicion of blacks. A suspicion that was originally borne of the long years of seeing the criminality of that group. Now white women who may have little contact with negroes, see them portrayed in the media as the most gentle underdogs, possessed of untold wisdom, battered by bigotry, but still able to perform all manner of heroic feats.

The attitudes of the modern female represent a huge obstacle to reestablishing many of the principles upon which this nation was founded and which led to its success. It's just an unfortunate fact.

Bogolyubski said...

Christie (or Paul, Rubio, Ryan, J Bush etc.) won't win because there are too many stupid and/or lazy whites who'll sit at home out of principle because he's a "not conservative enough" RINO (sadly, many of the posters on this board). And so America will continue down the toilet. RINO's may not turn around the decline, but they'll at least apply the breaks.

Spoken like a true Repuke. You're either utterly ignorant of the political history of the Banksta Banana Republick for the last seven decades, or you're deliberately deceiving. Name a single area in which the fake-opposition party of Christie-Creme stopped the advance of BRA, or of the march towards leftist totalitarianism in general.

There isn't one. The only argument you could make would be about the second amendment, which is all at the state level - and could be undone with a single blackrobe ruling. Not a single federal gun law has been repealed. Any so-called opposition party which has been obeying a federal judge's 1983 decree to permit massive vote fraud is not an opposition party, but a racket designed to siphon off time, energy and money from those who might actually try to oppose what is going on.

SKIP said...

"The ballot box trumps message boards."

And the AMMO BOX trumps the worthless ballot box and WAKE THE HELL UP! Christie is a muslim ass kisser, check his record

Bogolyubski said...

One last idiot cliche I forgot to address:
The ballot box trumps message boards.

Yes, just like it does in Zimbabwe or South Africa or New Jersey or California or the EUSSR. You can vote for any party you like as long as it's owned by the kleptocracy. As old Uncle Yusif observed: Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count them decide everything. Democracy = two wolves and a sheep voting on the features of the upcoming dinner menu.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....The lizards and wizards that control the human food chain do it with two word phrases. The proles are so brainwashed that any kind of command and control structure with more than three words does not register within their micro-waved brains

Some examples are. Nation Building. Global Markets. Peace Keeping. Fighting Terrorism. Consumer Index. Gay Rights. Family Values. Better Schools. Spreading Democracy. Free Trade. Hate Speech. Urban Blight. Undocumented Workers. Homeland Security. Gun Control. Safe Schools. Food Deserts. Inner City. White Flight. Working Poor. Student Debt. Urban Crisis. Obama Phone. Fighting Crime.

By continually repeating these two word "slogans" you can convince the proles (a.k.a. breathing robotoids) that when you bomb a third world country into the stone age it is called "nation building". Invading another country is called "spreading democracy". Dropping cluster bombs and firing fleshette rounds into civilians is called "peace keeping". Third world slavery is called "free trade".

The brain dead masses will believe any goddamn bullshit story you tell them. The more you repeat it the more they will believe it. An unrelenting barrage of cosmic bullshit. Their minds are being zapped as they sit in their alpha-wave state of hypnosis. The media is the enemy. The television is the silver plate that the bullshit is served on. They will never wake up. Oops. I just remember two more slogans. SHIT SANDWICH and WHITE PRIVILEGE.

Sheila said...

To "Anonymous Anonymous" at 11:41 PM:
Take your ballot box and eat it. I live in the once great state of Texas. The "conservative" repuke candidate for governor (Abbott) has been boasting of his beaner wife and huge hispanic outreach. My purportedly SWPL town (filled with Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, Arabs, and increasingly negroes) elected its own magic negro mayor not long ago. The ambitious RINO Cornyn just won by a huge margin. Just for whom am I to vote? I care about ONE issue and one only: DEMOGRAPHICS. All else - medical costs, crime, schools, employment - would be resolved or at least massively reduced if we fixed our demographics. Not ONE politician of any stripe is willing to address this. You still believe we can vote our way out of this. There's a word for someone like you.

I fantasize about extreme things, which I shall not mention on a public forum. If I hold any hope at all, it is not in voting. Others here understand what I'm hoping for and praying for.

Fisk Ellington Rutledge III said...

Sometimes I enjoy looking at the "Most wanted" pages on various police department websites. 90% of them are lively, diverse vibrants; black, mexican, other hispanic, middle eastern, asian.

This old skool guy wouldn't particularly stand out in that crowd. Just a normal neegro.

Ha ha. You'll be fascinated to know that the Sacramento Bee has blocked your website. Apparently your "hate facts" are just a little too much for their tender Leftist little feelers.

The Bee has also severely censored their comments. All they want is a bunch of cowardly pissants on their comments. This is a sign of tremendous weakness and cowardice; the essential ingredients for Leftist tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I am a female. I woke up. I do not watch or own a TV. I think we are screwed. Ex liberal

Anonymous said...


I also visited Europe when young in 1973. I never saw one black person except for 2-3 jazz artists in Denmark. In London the first double decker bus I got on had a dark Indian or Paki driver. I was a bit taken aback but that was about it. London was very very white where I traveled on about $5 per day. But I guess even then there were some Jamaicans who kept to their own neighborhoods. Europe was a world made for white people and same for America because the year I was born America was 89% white. 10% black and 1% others. Hispanic immigration got revved up after WW2 but prior to that their numbers were very small here

Anonymous said...

My state is solid conservative except for certain negro infested cities. Even if I don't vote, I know that most of the state will vote conservative.
Would my vote make any difference in the outcome? No. Neither will the minority of votes cast by libtards or democratic plantation negroes.
As I see it, the only place one vote could help make a difference would be in a hotly contested swing state. Even then (as I see it) one intelligent vote cast by someone who has studied the issues, knows what each candidate represents etc..........well, that one intelligent vote is more than counter-acted by the dozens of clueless idiots voting just because they can and because they like some candidates hair cut or skin color~ or some other brainless reason.
Overall, voting is not what it's cracked up to be. There used to be sensible requirements to be a voter but all that has been thrown out the window.
I've even seen van loads of retarded mental patients taken down to vote. Right. Someone who's so damn stupid they try to put a pair of sweatpants on over their head and can't figure out why they can't get their head through the seat of the pants "votes."
Travesty. Mockery.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
I am a female. I woke up. I do not watch or own a TV. I think we are screwed. Ex liberal

Well, you and people like Sheila deserve special recognition, appreciation or something along those lines.

Dissident said...

Anyone that thinks we're going to vote ourselves out of this mess is a complete and utter moron.

Ballot box? Forget it. That dog won't hunt anymore. Republicans have given their souls over to the devil and we all know Democrats are communists. To the person that thinks voting is going to help at this late stage, may I suggest heading over to the Conservative Inc. forums and tickling their ears. You have no place here.

SKIP said...

I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Sheila.

Unknown said...

I have had that "pleasure" almost 20 years ago. I remember being in a hotel watching the knicks and the rockets playing in the nba finals only to be interrupted by an infamous little ride in a white bronco. The next day I caught a yankees/orioles game at camden yards. The area didn't seem like the black hole it is today. I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. Mine wasn't that bad at all and you couldn't pay me to go back there today so I can only imagine how you feel. Baltimore, along with Detroit and all the usual suspects are the perfect microcosm which BRA exemplifies, and all the destruction that lies in its wake.

Bogolyubski said...

I am a female. I woke up. I do not watch or own a TV. I think we are screwed. Ex liberal

There are several women like yourself who post here from time to time: Melanie, Sheila and others. When you see someone lambasting females for their feminism and negro-worship, you need to keep in mind the concept of generalization. As with the related stereotype, it's a useful tool which never applies to every single individual. It does however apply to a clear majority (often a massive majority) of the group under discussion. Those who hold up an exception or outlier in an attempt to discredit the generalization are engaging or falling for in a tactic known as the IKAGO fallacy.

With white females, the generalizations you see here mainly apply to those under 40, and especially those who are unmarried. This is an extremely serious problem, as it is a precursor of demographic collapse. Some of us here taken the position that the demographic collapse of the white population is exactly the end game of the whole program - from feminism to BRA. Others either deny its existence altogether (typical DWL public edumacated moron) or attribute this to 'inexorable natural forces' (those who are attempting to deflect attention from the most guilty parties).

Bogolyubski said...

Ex New Yorker's 12:30 should be required reading. All those two-word phrases spewed forth endlessly by the Ministry of Truth and its "Conservative" cheap-imitation can be summed up with just two:

Shit Sandwich and Grape Drank. Served daily.

Those who habitually consume shit sandwiches and grape drank will end up much the same as the followers of one of the legendary purveyors of grape drank, the Rev. Jim Jones, a good friend of San Francisco's Poofter power structure back in the 1970s, the sunny decade of the Zebra killings.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan 1st amnesty on his watch. He traded that to win the cold war.
George Bush II- came into office with the intent of expanding Mexican immigrants, went off on world conquest, and pushed for more black home ownership and sued NYC fire department to dumb down the fire entrance exam to getmore black in after the deaths of hundreds of white firefighters in 9/11. Those are principles I just pointed out, those are facts.

SolInvictus said...

"CENTURION said...
Those of us in my age bracket will live to see the "beginning" and the "end". etc"

I weep for my children...