Sunday, June 15, 2014

Does the Flag Still Stand for Freedom: Or Did "They" Take that Away?

With apologies to Lee Greenwood, but does the flag still stand for freedom?

Or did "they" get around to taking that away?
Maybe the flag won't still be flying on the moon in 2034 after all...

And who's the "they" in the song Greenwood hawks to crowds still high on the patriotic chords only a man of Lloyd Marcus' talent could reach...?

 Sadly, the flag of a far different nation than the one we currently live in is - in all probability - is by all accounts dust in the solar wind (with apologies to Kansas).

I'm referring to the various flags the Apollo crews placed on the moon. [Six Flags on the Moon: What is Their Current Condition?,, 4-21-12]:

Do the Apollo flags remain where they were planted or have they fallen or have they disintegrated after four decades of exposure the lunar environment?
Current Thinking
A variety of recent media articles report current thinking on the condition of the flags.  Here is a sampling:

Reichhardt, Tony, Finding Apollo, Air and Space, Smithsonian Institution, September 2008.

The (Apollo 11’s) flag is probably gone. Buzz Aldrin saw it knocked over by the rocket blast as he and Neil Armstrong left the moon 39 summers ago. Lying there in the lunar dust, unprotected from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, the flag’s red and blue would have bleached white in no time. Over the years, the nylon would have turned brittle and disintegrated. … Dennis Lacarrubba, whose New Jersey-based company, Annin, made the flag and sold it to NASA for $5.50 in 1969, considers what might happen to an ordinary nylon flag left outside for 39 years on Earth, let alone on the moon. He thinks for a few seconds. “I can’t believe there would be anything left,” he concludes. “I gotta be honest with you. It’s gonna be ashes.”

Based on the new (LRO) images, that mystery may remain unsolved, but (LRO Camera Principal Investigator, Dr. Mark) Robinson is skeptical that the flags are intact, if they are still there. The moon's extreme heat and ultraviolet conditions would probably destroy the nylon flags over time, he explained. "Personally, I would be surprised if there's anything left on them," Robinson said. "You know how [if] you leave a flag out over summer, how it starts to fade. Now, imagine the extreme UV environment on the moon, and the hot and cold cycling, and it's been 40 years — so if the flags are still there, they're probably in pretty rough shape."…. (Robert Pearlman, an expert on space history and collectibles, and editor of said) "We didn't design a special American flag to go to the moon to last thousands of years. They literally sent out a secretary to the nearby Sears and bought an off-the-shelf flag and modified it. The natural disintegration of the flag's material in the harsh conditions on the moon's surface is to be expected."

Axelrod, Jim, What happened to the American flags on the moon?, CBS News, July 2011.

(Historian Anne Platoff) believes the first two (flags) from Apollo 11 and 12 did not survive the ignition gases of the lunar liftoff … "It wasn't the intention for the flag material itself to last. It was just to be there during the event - the landing and departing from the moon. We didn't have a requirement that the flag, the U.S. flag, had to withstand all the environments for eons".  Made from nylon just like the ones at a dime store, though ordered off the shelf from a government supply catalogue, Annie Platoff's theory is they are probably darkened and maybe more than a bit tattered.  "I would guess, over time, 40 years, the combination of sun-rot and micro-meteor impact is probably devastating. I mean it's not a pretty picture to paint. The only way you're going to test these theories is to go back to the Moon and look at the flag," Platoff says.

Finally, Lunar Scientist Paul Spudis, in a July 2011 blog posting, writes:

For forty-odd years, the flags have been exposed to the full fury of the Moon’s environment – alternating 14 days of searing sunlight and 100° C heat with 14 days of numbing-cold -150° C darkness.  But even more damaging is the intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the pure unfiltered sunlight on the cloth (modal) from which the Apollo flags were made.  Even on Earth, the colors of a cloth flag flown in bright sunlight for many years will eventually fade and need to be replaced. So it is likely that these symbols of American achievement have been rendered blank, bleached white by the UV radiation of unfiltered sunlight on the lunar surface.  Some of them may even have begun to physically disintegrate under the intense flux.

"Bleached", “disintegrated”, “ashes”, “rough shape”, and “tattered”.  Intuitively, experts mostly think it highly unlikely the Apollo flags (See Platoff's article  Where No Flag Has Gone Before: Political and Technical Aspects of Placing a Flag on the Moon for details), could have endured the 42 years of exposure to vacuum, about 500 temperature swings from 242 F during the day to -280 F during the night, micrometeorites, radiation and ultraviolet light, some thinking the flags have all but disintegrated under such an assault of the environment.

Our finest hour was on July 20, 1969.

But it was foolish to believe the flag would survive the harsh reality of space, just as it was foolish to believe once proud cities like Memphis, Birmingham, Detroit, Jackson (MS), and Baltimore would survive the harsh realities of the type of community a majority black population creates.

"Bleached", “disintegrated”, “ashes”, “rough shape”, and “tattered”. 

Funny how these adjectives describe not only the flag of the United States of America on the moon, but the flag of the "our" country in cities like... Memphis, Birmingham, Detroit, Jackson, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

But it wasn't the solar wind that "disintegrated" the US flag, as was done to the ones placed on the moon; it was the absence of a white population that did the trick...

Cue up the Lee Greenwood one more time.

For old times sake...

But ask yourself this serious question: solar radiation is a good reason for the United States of America flag disintegrating on the moon; but that reason doesn't fly for why civilization has disintegrated in places like Detroit and Memphis back on earth...


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, it sure as hell does. I don't know about you or, the other "salty dogs" on here but, I had a awesome Fathers day, without out a single nog spotin. So, in light of that, ill say hells yeah! It will be a cold day in hell before I let these "things" take "pappa's day" and "old glory" from me ans my proginey.

"Belgium(who's with me?)Beast.

Mr. Rational said...

Surprisingly, 3 of the 6 are still standing and sufficiently intact to cast shadows.  Not bad for something bought from whatever store was convenient.

It does make one wonder what you could do with e.g. beta cloth (woven glass fiber) with metal ions used as colorants (cobalt for blue, maybe selenium for red).

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but the flag no longer stands for freedom or "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

It now stands for "diversity" and "equality."

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Lee Greenwood, but does the flag still stand for freedom?

As a symbol the American flag stands for different things to different people as it always has. It represents the great Satan to many, it represents a political view that must be destroyed to others, and it represents oppression to many. Certain segments of our own society have no respect for the Flag and the traditional values for which it stands.

What is very different today is that our president, his lackeys, and much of our leadership have no respect or appreciation for what our flag has historically meant to most Americans. Their lack of respect has led to a worldwide decline of respect for our flag and country. It is the weakness of the people of the United States that places such pathetic leadership in place in exchange for the promise of freebies, hassle free citizenship for people whose only purpose is to suckle the government teat, and lifetimes of rewards for feckless behavior of large segments of our society.

We are in a tough period, but these times don't seem any tougher than than some times past. We got through the revolutionary war, the civil war, and other difficult periods. If we can awaken enough Americans to the fact that the United States is actually, right now, in the process of failing while showing those same Americans a path to success the course can be changed. A majority of Americans must be convinced that survival is more important than manufacturing a temporary unsustainable utopia where most people don't have to do anything but reap the benefits of being a part of the United States.

Does the flag still stand for freedom? It does to me, and I hope it does to many others.

behind blue eyes said...

Very excellent post. It is so sad to see what AA and DIEversity have done to our wonderful country. All in the name of political correctness and equality; our downfall continues. I have spred the word on this excellent site, your books, and a few other like minded sites. Although these individuals may note post a comment, they do read your posts. Thank you for your work and for keeping it honest.

Anonymous said...

The only flag that stands for freedom is viewed by DWL as a hate symbol. It's the Battle Flag of General Robert Edward Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. It's time we run that beautiful symbol back up to the TOP of the pole.

Unknown said...

i guess we're from different generations but space travel and apollo doesn't do anything for me.

IMO i think money should be spent on cancer cure or internet/computer technology.

Anonymous said...

A commenter summed it up great, the American flag (along with the Union Jack and other western flags) now stands for diversity and "equality" i.e. equal outcome in life courtesy of government at all levels. Equal to what white America has at the expense of white America for all the non-white races of the earth, that's what America stands for now, diversity/equal outcome being the greatest moral good in the eyes of the ruling class who are, of course exempt from all that diversity bullshit. That is what BHO and the ruling class Democrat/Republican/Corporate America will expect white America to die for in the next war and the ruling class and their allies are probably correct in their assumptions.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lee Greenwood back in '87 at the Country Dome. I was sooo wasted ......

Kickass show.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Jesus by way of Kenya will use his royal magic scepter and laser like focus to replace the flag with one of Kenya who had their world class space program stolen by the whitey cracka gabacho imperialists.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lee play back in '93. Didn't think he was gonna play "God Bless The U.S.A." but then, BAM! Second encore. Was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Rachel Jeantel recently graduated from hi skoo. She is only 20 years old.

If this is true, that would make her one of the smartest black women in America!

Anonymous said...

I was in the clubhouse of the new OK city baseball team the Redhawks and this was an opening game and my brother in law who worked for the team says hey ( my name here. ) lets take a picture . He raised his camera and asked a gentleman standing next to me if he could take a picture of him and myself together. I looked up and it was Mr Lee Greenwood. I just stood there grinning with pride and awe while he took the shot. I still have the picture to this day. My brush with fame. Mr Greenwood sang God bless the USA at the opening of the game and we welcomed a
dozen soldiers home from Iraq. I wonder what Mr Greenwood thinks of the USA today. Maybe he's an anon poster on this blog. That would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

I could sum all of these posts up in a few words.

1. Blacks don't belong here. They are stupid, childish, violent and useless in Western Civilization. Until we demand that the GOV stop using our money to pay them to breed and eat, the problems will only multiply. We won't fight back.

2. The old America is gone. The historic white population and their Mayberry towns have already died out. They have been replaced with childless feminists, urban SWPLs, and hipster beta males. There will be a few stragglers left, but for the most part, old-fashioned white culture is dead. Look at the empty stupidity in the eyes of the rural county folk. Lots of bad genetics and inbreeding going on there.

3. We will have to ride out this storm and see what waits on the other side. Stop living in the past. The light still lives within us, we will just have to start over again.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is going to start offering a free college "education" for all full-time workers through Arizona State University.

No strings attached.



Just look at what is going down on the southern border right now!

Oh that's right the Marxist media is hiding that too. Just like the birth certificate, the college grades, the lies on his college applications, and so on and so on!
Those bastards in the Marxist media could care less about our flag anymore. To them it's just one more item that reminds liberals/blacks about how great the White race made this country in such a short period of time. And time is what most blacks do in this country anymore 1 out of 3 negroes play house in jail these days. I'm truly feed the hell up with Marxist lib-rat's and their black race allies to the point of secession.
Now we northern Whites must feel the way the southern Whites felt pre-1860a.d.! At least in 1860 the southern border wasn't being invaded as well.(not nearly as bad anyway)
We REAL Whites are running out of time and options real fast.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be best if you stayed in the city. Us rural county folks will take care of things out here. Hmmmm, wonder why your problems with colored folks is all in the CITIES?

Anonymous said...

Here are two comments you get down here from fine "Christians" and Libs alike when it comes to nigra dysfunction:

"There are some good blacks"
"There are some bad whites, too."

Love it, SOME good blacks and SOME bad whites. With this they are comfortable and satisfied. Pathetic cowards.

Anonymous said...

The flag will be changed to include red, black and green. America will officially become known as Afrimerica. Let's face it, Africa is here. Although multi-racial crap is shoved down our throats at every turn, the precious nigras always get center stage, they are a protected species.

In the eyes of the nigra:
Equality = Black superiority

Anonymous said...


I believe the race war will be between the Hispanics and the nigras. Just wondering who the Gov would support? All things being equal, I'm pretty sure the beaners would dominate, but Gov intervention could change the outcome in favor of their pets. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I remember throughout my entire childhood/school years how the Russians were our biggest worry.All other problems took a back seat.All the other countries of the world chose a side and were rewarded by either the US or Russia.Some countries sat on the proverbial fence and played both ends against the middle.
The USSR eventually collapsed and fragmented.
This was huge.
This should have freed up an ungodly amount of money,manpower,and resources in the US. All this could have been turned toward cleaning up and fixing a multitude of things inside the US.
There is plenty of work that needs to be done.
This is yet another elephant in the room that is never mentioned.
The government exists only to give a cushy,care-free life to those in office.
No accountability,no expected results.
What a scam.
Richard Cranium

Mr. Anon said...

"Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but the flag no longer stands for freedom or "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

It now stands for "diversity" and "equality.""

Increasingly, the American flag stands for tyanny.

Mr. Anon said...

I first heard that Lee Greenwood song in 1990, and even then I thought it sounded hollow and stupid, and heralded some kind of idiocratization of America. It's a low-class anthem for a low-class country.

Actually, many of our so-called patriotic symbols are not organic, arising out of the people themselves, but were the maufactured creations of propagandists. The character of Uncle Sam was created to induce Americans to give their money and their sons to the state, to dispose with as it pleased. Uncle Sam is Moloch.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Rachel Jeantel recently graduated from hi skoo. She is only 20 years old.


Anonymous said...

This gov system threw all the whites overboard 40 years ago. If it weren't for tax loot they would open up comrade kommissar Billy Ayers camps and start liquidating all the whites. Will the precious plantation pets ever turn on their marxist scum democRAT masters? That is the $64,000 question.

Anonymous said...

Cuntry patriotards are almost as lame as (c)rap "music" just different shades of the same turd.

Anonymous said...

At the mall yesterday, I saw two urban youths dressed in a somewhat preppy style. They were in their early 20's, very athletic, and despite their efforts to downplay it, obviously from the hood. They were laughing and charming a young girl giving free coffee samples. I thought "gee, they're not so bad" and I felt a little guilty for thinking badly about urban youths.

I proceeded on my way and decided to look around an Art Store. As I walked though the store the Korean owners greeted me politely and smiled. I smiled back and made my way around and back towards the entrance. Just then I saw one of the stylish urban youths step ever-so-briefly into the store and make off with a large framed piece of art-work.

He had seen that the owners were in the back of the store and couldn't see him from that angle. He had such a smile on his face -- due to his cleverness. Just as he was backing out of the store, he eyes locked on me, a rather large muscular oppressor not easily intimidated by urban youth.

He knew he was caught, but still made off with his prize. I was momentarily stunned and not altogether certain I should get involved. I had no intention of chasing a feral urban youth. No telling how many youths and she-boons might come to its aid.

But, not bound by the no snitch-en code, I did tell the shop owner. Who promptly chased the youth and made him return with his prize, a rather large piece of artwork probably valued at at least $300.

I heard the youth say somebody gave it to him. He put down the painting and started to run off, but not before uttering to me "I'm a getcha." I simply said "I hope so." I would have enjoyed smacking him in the head with a lead pipe.

I'm witnessing more and more diversity around town and I just know it can't be good. Used to be such a nice mall -- now not safe. I don't know how they are getting here cause it's an expensive area.

I'm headed for the northwest. I'll be out of here soon. I don't want to feel like last gringo in California anymore. I wish the groids luck with the Latinos. Let them fight over the last remnants of a once great society.

whisker child said...

Well then, we will build a white homeland America, and reinstate the Constitution.

And before you all snarl 'the Constitution didn't work', please understand that WE (including you) failed the Constitution, not the other way around.

The Law of the Land isn't a reset button that you hit and walk away from-- YOU have to do the hard work of governance.

Anonymous said...

I read the Yahoo article. It took 3 tutors 5 days a week at 3 hours a day to get her to graduate.

The $64,000 question: can she now read and write in cursive?

Anonymous said...

"Hmmmm, wonder why your problems with colored folks is all in the CITIES?"

Haha, lol. Had to laugh at that one. You don't get out much, do you? The problems with colored folks are EVERYWHERE. You can't hide dude. Even more so now that they are dumping busloads of poor, hungry south americans in our towns.

I consider Mexicans to be "brown people" too.
You can't find people more 'Murrica than the rural folk in Indiana. Our small towns are flooded with short, fat, welfare dependent Mexicans. The whites have accepted this population of parasites by not fighting back. The blacks are moving in too. Apparently, they can still get their gibs check with a rural route number. More tax payer gibs in the counties and suburbs. And these rural tea-party smoking whites want to elect Ben Carson for prezzident next, lol.

My city-raised kids participated in 4-H shooting sports with the county kids this year. Lots of huge fat bellies, bags of fast food, eyes too far-apart/close together, zits, coke-drinking, chip-munching, rotten teeth, pudginess.

Did not see ONE SINGLE athletic or physically-fit white dad in the whole bunch. The white kids were all flabby, fat, lazy-asses. None could shoot well either.

What a waste. What a shame. It is like a mass white suicide.

Anonymous said...

"Us rural county folks will take care of things out here."

Yeah right. Cowards. You don't know your enemy.

They have designated YOU as a terrorist threat.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know how they are getting here cause it's an expensive area."

Your fellow whites are taking that direct deposit voucher rent from the HUD/FEDGOV and selling you out. Once a nice house or condo empties in foreclosure, they move the baby mommas in for better "opportunities" and guaranteed income.

There's lots of money to be made by importing feral negroes to nice, white areas. More police, more services, more not-for-profits, more programs, more school dollars, more clinics, etc.

Anonymous said...

So we stay earthbound and just gaze at the stars and never reach for them? Sounds like a recipe for human stagnation.

Plenty of money is being spent on the search for a cure for cancer and internet technology. The plethora of which comes from the private sector.

You're not a big thinker PM.

Anonymous said...

They all hate America. And our flag. They are JEALOUS HATERS. But here is what I don't get. I mean I "get it" but it makes no sense.

Black grievance pimp Taneshi Coates has a new piece out about reparations. Basically he's saying that since whites are not black they do not "understand" the nuances of racism and therefore have no RIGHT to enter into the conversation. It's a black thang, namsayin? Just shut up and pay us, whitey.


Then he says that segregation was so so bad for blacks, including Colin Powell. Isn't he basically openly admitting that blacks CAN NOT LIVE BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT THE INFRASTRUCTURE AND ALTRUISM OF WHITE PEOPLE??

He is directly admitting to white superiority and black inferiority. I know. They want gibs. But he openly admits that blacks suck and all-black society sucks, which insults all black people, and no one calls him out on it??

Blacks moan because they have to live around other blacks instead of whites in segregated society? Are they really this stupid?

Anonymous said...

All major issues have been out of the hands of the common person for a long,long time.Perhaps since the start.The government cares nothing of its' constituents until tax time,election time,wars,or jury duty.The average White person worked hard and paid their taxes religously for decades.They obeyed the laws,played by the rules,trusted their leaders,and ended up getting screwed.
White people did not 'fail' a piece of old paper.
The endless greed and corruption of the government,along with a complete lack of accountability failed the White people.
The alleged constitution may as well have had 'NULL AND VOID' written on it with black magic marker when the patriot act was passed.I do not know the answer to silve all our problems,but we could start by ending things that clearly do not work.We have many to pick from.

Anonymous said...

Earlier the comment was made, "are blacks that stupid?" negroes vote democratic don't they?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Rachel Jeantel write a 100-word essay about what "graduating" high school means to her? And I mean SEE her write it with no help. I bet it would be something else - that is if she learned to count to 100 or can even form sentences. I notice she has to attend a black college and everyone here knows why. Wonder why they aren't bragging about her SAT score? And what the heck was the psychologist for?

Fed Up FF said...

I stopped flying the American Flag years ago.

Instead, I fly an inverted version of the Sierra Leone Flag.

Blue on top to represent the sky, green on bottom to represent the earth & white in the middle to represent a homogeneous White Nation between the earth & sky.

I enjoy informing those who ask me what it is.

Fed Up Firefighter

Anonymous said...

She wants to be a fashion designer. All those tutoring hours didn't amount to anything productive. She probably would never settle for a real job

D-FENS said...

"This [collapse of the USSR] should have freed up an ungodly amount of money,manpower,and resources in the US."

Most of this cash flow got redirected to various wars such as "Desert Storm", "Enduring Freedom", "Iraqi Freedom" etc. As I recall, Lee Greenwood's songs were used to rally the Rubes to the cause. Initially, each of these wars had the support of 80-90% of the 'merkin people

How many here initially supported these wars?

Anonymous said...


this is a hoot...


Tray, I couldn’t do it without him,” Rachel Jeantel said after receiving her high school diploma. Jeantel graduated from an alternative high school in Miami with the help of a “village” of mentors.
Rachel Jeantel at her graduation ceremony May 30 in Miami. A year after Jeantel became a central figure in the trial of George Zimmerman, who killed her 17-year-old friend Trayvon Martin, she graduated with the help of her “village,” an extended network of black professionals who have served as mentors, tutors and advisers. Angel Valentin/For The Washington Post

Anonymous said...

Rachel got a big push from Tom Joyner ..who looks high yellow or almost White!

Anonymous said...

lets put race aside...
some people are not 'college material'.

why did Jesse Jackass offer to pay crystal magnums college?
why is joiner offering to pay rachels college?
whats the point of a low IQ person going to a 4 year college???

read this:
” an extended network of black professionals who have served as mentors, tutors and advisers. Angel Valentin/For The Washington Post

she must be low IQ..cant read cursive, takes a village to get her thru an 'alt high school'

Don M said...

Anonymous said...

Earlier the comment was made, "are blacks that stupid?" negroes vote democratic don't they?

There is nothing stupid about voting for a political party that promises to plunder and enslave your hated ethnic rival and deliver the spoils of conquest directly into your Cheetos stained paw.

Have to the Bantus credit where its due...

Now I know the mendacious, craven Repukes are no better, but the whites who openly vote for their ethnic dispossession are a special breed of 'Tard.

Anonymous said...

LOL, alt HS hands out A's for any essay advocating KILL YT or REPARATIONS YT or SOCIAL JUSTICE....u git the idea...write up
a l'il summpin, anythang, on a "pet" topic & u gitta "A" to be proud of even if ever word misSpaleed & not one sentence right.

But it takes a village for anythang
an sub-saharan ape does. Takes a village to sex a gal that's why they don't conceive of an idea like "gang rape", it's jez da'Village folk heppin out.

So naturalleee take a village of idiot advisors, mentors et al to hep a ape girl git her her very own deeegre 'n go'ta kolege.

she prolly gittin' one of them their akadamic 'ship thangs to pay for all her kolege 'n dormz 'n food 'n daily drugs while she b gone from her momma....po'thang neber did
fine out who her Daddy is

Sadly for us, it not only takes a Village, it takes a whole country to Host & satisfy the insatiable leeching parasite that is homo africanus....

They walk among us. They are not human

Anonymous said...

Don M

"There is nothing stupid about voting for a political party that promises to plunder and enslave your hated ethnic rival and deliver the spoils of conquest directly into your Cheetos stained paw"

Perfectly stated summarization. Thanks for that !

Cheetos stained paw is spot on :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

If you only experienced the "take over" in SFL! It's happening and has been for years. I hope to get out of this cesspool soon. The problem is "where do I go"? It's bad/takeover everywhere in the US.

Anonymous said...

To quote Moochell.(all this for a damn flag)....

Anonymous said...

HUD needs to be exposed just like the VA has been!!

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

The Flag now stands for the freedom of minorities to exact revenge on White America.

I just had a report from a friend attending a convention in Dallas. All the attendees were warned not to leave their vehicles in public parking. Only private parking (much more expensive) with guards will offer some protection.

There is a Black crime wave engulfing downtown Dallas businesses, parking lots and garages. Car burglaries have skyrocketed lately along with home invasions and muggings. All Black of course.

For the Orcs, punishment is light, police presence is no deterrent, and not cheering their criminal lives is equivalent to racism.

Dallas, another city under siege.


I kid you not, but yesterday, Father's Day, I took my kids to the local Harley Davidson shop and a huge local gun shop.

Teach your children well, your father's hell, it slowly goes by....

Anonymous said...

The Nation represented by that flag does not exist any more.

Like Mr. Kersey says, It's not our job to save that nation, we need to survive the wreck and build something usable for us and our posterity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”I just read that Rachel Jeantel recently graduated from hi skoo. She is only 20 years old.

If this is true, that would make her one of the smartest black women in America!”

It isn't clear to me that Rachel getting her hi-skoo degree is a good or bad thing. If she dropped out she would have simply become part of the majority of the undertow relying on direct government handouts while complaining, destroying a few cities, and killing mostly each other. With a hi-skoo degree she might get AAd into a low level job where she will be a nuisance and pain in the arse for everyone in her area of influence, but she will probably not be in a position to cause much damage. More alarming is the possibility that the “village” will get her AAd through college and then AAd into a position where she can do some real damage. Perhaps she could one day be selecting the engineers for NASA, deciding who gets audited by the IRS, or even become a soothsayer or witchdoctor like Valerie Jarrett for a black president.

The unfortunate truth is that an AA Phd would not enable Rachel to read, write, think logically, and make decisions requiring forward time orientation any better than she could before she got her hi-skoo degree because there just isn't anything to work with. But such a degree would be a passport for Rachel to displace competent employees to make more room for people like her to act as wrecking balls to our economy, government, and private industry. From the standpoint of striving for a functioning country and economy it appears that no degree is preferable to an AA degree bestowed on a stupid member of a protected class.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

@Fed Up FF that's fuckin' brilliant!!! I'm gonna fly that flag everywhere! The inverted Sierra Leone flag should become the new symbol of hope and beacon of pride for the Caucasian Struggle!!!

Maybe someday Chick-Fil-A will come out w/ 365white and note this flag as a pivotal point in restoring the Great White American Dream.

Anonymous said...

Putting aside our black brothers and sisters for a moment, along with all the delights they afford us. Are people aware that the President of the U.S. has opened the border? In other words, all of Mexico and Central America and the world really, are pouring across the border. They are being transported by buses across the border and then transported to points north by your government.

Anyone aware of this? Are Americans aware of this? Has the U.S. military, operating under an oath to protect this country done anything?

Look, face it, there is nothing that will wake the masses. Nothing. You are on your own. Don't forget to pledge your allegiance to the flag, stop at red lights and give generously to your church.

Constructive Feedback said...

I am proud of you Paul Kersey.

BLACKS were not a central part of your post about "Flags In Space". The Negro was only added in your editorializing at the end of your post.

There is hope for you yet.

You probably dream of Negroes Crashing Through Your Bed Room Window at night - don't you?

"The Negro Who Invaded My Space"

Anonymous said...

"Maybe someday Chick-Fil-A will come out w/ 365white and note this flag as a pivotal point in restoring the Great White American Dream."

Nah. Chick-Fil-A is a company "dedicated to diversity." And to prove it, they are soon opening shops in low-income n'hoods. And their food is poisoning Christian Conservative white people, making them soft, fluffy, and compliant.

The pickles on their sandwiches have 13 ingredients including MSG.

pickles (cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, alum, potassium sorbate [preservative], natural flavors, polysorbate 80, yellow 5, blue 1).

Anonymous said...

I know there's much to be discouraged about but check out the link to an article about Chicago Father's Day violence. The encouraging part is the comments - it's as if SBPDL readers went over there and left comments. Maybe race realism is spreading. I do my part by leaving race-real comments in places where they don't yet exist.

Anonymous said...


"It was another bloody weekend in Obama's hometown of Chicago as the city celebrated Fathers day. By the time the weekend drew to a close, two were dead and 25 wounded in violence across the city."

Well, why not? After all, we have seen a Mothers' Day parade shot up by the usual suspects. We live in an age of equality, so why shouldn't both Mothers' and Fathers' Days be a time of killing?

Thought: I wonder, how many of the trigger pullers live in families with a mother and a father in the household?

Fed Up FF said...

I can't take credit for the flag I now fly, I recall another poster on a blog explaining the meaning and I adopted it. I also fly the Confederate battle flag.

Fed Up Firefighter

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

any "day" is black ape mass gang violence day.

That's what they do...

Maybe we need to up the ante from midnite bakkaball to 24x365 bakkaball ?

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...


Paul, at the bottom of this link is a 'thug report' type news report you might enjoy.

Bogolyubski said...

I fail to see why some make a big deal over the symbol of a long-dead constitutional republic, appropriated a century ago (if not before) by the Banana Oligarchy who run the successor regime solely for their own purposes - one of which is to exterminate YT from the face of the earth (because holocaust, because colonialism, because slavery, because...).

This flag is now the flag of the Banana Empire and of BRA, the emblem of Crystal Methodist tyranny and murderous genocidal insanity. Some here still cling to the notion that it is somehow salvageable. This is a fallacy. It might have been possible half a century ago but it's well past the point of no return now. The longer this flag flies, the more our chances of survival as a people dwindle. If one must fly it at all, the only proper way to fly it is upside down, for those who fly it upright do so under delusions (at best) or utterly false pretenses.

Equality is the greatest shit-sandwich ever sold, and democracy is the grape-drank to wash it down. The truly insane thing is the number of whites who are willing to pay for this massive crock of cesspool filler - not only with treasure but with their own blood and that of their progeny.

The bible story tells of how God hated Esau because he sold his birthright for a bowl of lentils. Most whites have sold their own for far less: turd-tacos, grape-drank and watching back-to-back niggaball on the tube. One can at least eat a bowl on lentils. The flag on the moon will remain only as long as it takes for a Chinese or Russian astronaut to take it down and replace it with their own. Perhaps they'll leave it as memorial to the vanishing people who put it there, if they're feeling charitable.

Anonymous said...

Haha, CF, you fool. The constant up-liftment of the glorious negro race is the point of everything in America, doncha know. And as a nation, the up-liftment of this glorious colored race is the biggest expenditure of redistributed dollars.

Civil Rights March. Martin Luther King. Voting Rights Act. We Shall Overcome One Day. The Struggle (TM). Keep Hope Alive. Fundamental Transformation. Income gap. Health gap. Technology gap. Educational gap. Employment gap. Homeowner gap. Disparate Impact. Your Life Matters. Pigford Settlement. EBT.

Even if the term "negro" is not specifically used, everything we do is about BRA. Black Run America. America is run entirely for the upliftment of the negro race, no matter what the cost. Equality By Any Means Necessary.

The flag means nothing to whites anymore. The Republic is as dead as a doornail.

You have overstayed your welcome, and you don't even know it.

Mr. Rational said...

PK and everyone:

Steve Sailer announces that he's only blogging at the Unz Review:

Time to change your RSS links.

Anonymous said...

All the sandbox wars combined are a drop in the bucket compared to a whole planet divided for almost 50 years. The 'government' will promptly squander any and all unexpected revenue that enters the equation- on that we probably all agree.
Richard Cranium