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"The Harlem Princess" Ruth Bates Harris: The Woman Who Brought Down the White Man's Rockets and Made Minority Uplifting NASA's No. 1 Priority

Just as the story of Captain Ed Dwight will one day make a fantastic movie for promoting both the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) and the perpetual revolution against white America's past, the even more important story of the 1973 firing of NASA's highest ranking black female will be fodder for a future Academy Award winning movie. 

Ruth Bates Harris, who in 1973 was fired from her $32,000-a-year job as deputy assistant administrator for equal opportunity for preparing a 40-page report which made the accusation: "NASA's Equal Opportunity Program is a near-total failure."
From Jet November 13, 1973 issue

Her report charged NASA with a "lack of commitment to hiring minorities and called for the replacement of Dudley McConnell [a black man] who, as assistant administrator for equal opportunity, was Mrs. Harris' immediate superior at the space flight agency. The Harris report documented that only 5.19 percent of NASA's employes (sic) were members of minority groups, compared to 20 percent for the federal government." (Jet magazine, November 15, 1973)

Just as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have raked over the coals lately for having too few black people involved with perhaps the only productive sector of the American economy (outside of JP Morgan futures in their EBT/SNAP portfolio), NASA's most successful years - you know, going to the moon - were completely devoid of any black contributions. 

The Indianapolis Recorder, a black newspaper, devoted lots of ink to discussing the sordid tale of Mrs. Harris firing, noting on the cover of its November 11, 1973 edition:
Mrs. Harris and her staff accused the agency of refusing to take the steps necessary to hire more persons in minority groups . The report also noted that NASA's minority employees had increased only from 4.1   percent in  June  1966 to 5.1 percent as of June, 1973.
The report also noted that the June figure was down from last June, when minority employment at  the agency was 5.2 percent.
Supporters of Mrs. Harris contended that she had been discharged because she pressed the agency too much to Improve its record.
"NASA has failed to progress because it has never made equal opportunity a priority, said the document from Mrs. Harris and  her  staff, dated Sept. 20."
It also said: "A sound equal opportunity staff was permitted to be formed but it has been continuously kept short of resources and under control of insensitive middle management. Field installation have been required to establish equal opportunity offices, but in  cases where they proposed to appoint unqualified uncommitted persons to staff these programs, the objections of the headquarters equal opportunity staff were overruled.'

As   of  June   30 NASA had a total of 27,031 employees, according to the  equal employment report. There was 1,227  blacks, 270 Spanish-Americans, 192 Orientals and 21 Indians.
Not only were black people few and far to be found at NASA during its greatest moments, the lack of Orientals (Asians) or Indians (not sure if this denotes the "dot" or "feather" variation...) will be cause for altering the chronology of the space agencies achievements to a date far beyond July 20, 1969.

The best breakdown of the horror Ruth Bates Harris uncovered at NASA was described as by Constance Holden - in the pages of Science - as, "Nonetheless, the overwhelming white male domination of NASA is making it an increasingly conspicuous and embarrassing anomaly among government agencies." [NASA: Sacking of Top Black Woman Stirs Concern for Equal Employment, Science 23 November 1973: p.804-807. Vol. 182 no. 4114]
A headline from the 1973 Indianapolis Recorder...

"An increasingly conspicuous and embarrassing anomaly among government agencies."

Read that again, and remember those words were published in a major, respected scientific journal in 1973.


"Nonetheless, the overwhelming white male domination of NASA is making it an increasingly conspicuous and embarrassing anomaly among government agencies."

Despite an incredibly positive track record, having a culture and workforce that was "overwhelming white male domination of NASA is making it an increasingly conspicuous and embarrassing anomaly among government agencies."

Those who still believe the idea of moon landing on July 20, 1969 as a monumental hoax, filmed in some Hollywood studio under the directorship of Stanley Kubrick, need to remember the greatest hoax of all-time is the teaching (and legal notion) of racial equality.

Which, of course, birthed disparate impact.

Let's look at a few more paragraphs from Constance Holden 1973 article in Science:
 On 25 October, James Fletcher, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, summoned Ruth Bates Harris, deputy assistant administrator for equal opportunity, into his office and fired her. In so doing, Fletcher may have precipitated just the sort of pressure for improving NASA's employment performance with women and minority group members that critics say it has so far managed to resist.
Even granting NASA the best of intentions, it faces special difficulties in increasing its professional female and nonwhite personnel. As an agency strongly preoccupied by its dramatic scientific missions, it has tended to be dominated by scientific and technical rather than administrative types. Almost half the NASA work force is made up of scientists and engineers, but the national manpower pool contains few women and minority members. Only 1 percent of engineers are female, for example, and 3 percent are nonwhite. Critics point out that NASA contractors, who draw from the same pool of talent, have a far better record in equal employment than NASA. But contractors do not operate under the Civil Service constraints, veterans' preference, and periodic reductions in force that characterize the NASA of the 1970's. What's more, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance is a considerably stronger enforcement agent than the Civil Service Commission, which is responsible for seeing that affirmative action is taken within the government. (p. 804-807)
From the Washington Afro-American in 1974... the moon landing wasn't a hoax people. This is what killed NASA and man's (white man's) ambitions of the heavens
 Just who was this Ruth Bates Harris, dubbed the "Harlem princess"? NASA published a book in 2009 with the title Societal Impact of Spaceflight. Chapter 22 carried the title "Racism, Sexism, and Space Ventures": Civil Rights at NASA in the Nixon Era and Beyond" and it serves as nothing more than hagiography for her efforts to re-triangulate NASA's ambition from the heavens and the exploration of the stars to being an agency dedicated to nothing more than minority uplifting:
The woman Fletcher hired was a self-described “Harlem princess” whose first marriage had been to a Tuskegee Airman.
An honors graduate of Florida A&M University, she had gone on to earn an m.B.a. with a specialization in personnel and industrial relations from New York University.
What Fletcher called her “distinguished career in human relations” included service as the executive director of the District of Columbia commission in human relations, a civil rights oversight and implementation group. her nine-year tenure at the DC commission began with a successful push to get The Washington Post to stop carrying racially restricted housing ads, and moved on to an increasing variety of housing, community–police relations,and other work.through several “long hot summers”of racial discontent in the late 1960s, Harris was among those who exercised front-line leadership in restoring peace and stopping (or avoiding) riots.
Because inhabitants of the nation’s capital had only gotten the right to vote for local government in 1967, Harris not only became a De-facto affirmative action officer for city government in a majority African-American metropolis, she also learned to work well with the congress and senators of all political persuasions who were the overseers of DC government. (p. 427)
This is a Hollywood blockbuster without any need of liberties taken by a room full of script writers!

Her first marriage was to a Tuskegee Airmen?

Fought against segregation and restrictive covenants?

Appeared after the black riots had burned much of Washington D.C., scaring away almost all of the white population in the process, to restore order?

Check, check, and check!

So what was Harris, before she was fired (and, who NASA officials told a senate inquiry in 1974 was “little more than a lobbyist for the cause of minorities and women.”) really trying to overcome in her position?

An almost all-white NASA had gone to the moon and was prepared to begin space exploration.

But Ruth Bates Harris, with the federal government granting her a legal blank check to correct the racial incorrect demographics of NASA employees, had other designs than building a bridge to the stars.

She was working to, as all federal departments would be, build a bridge to the middle-class for otherwise unemployable in the private sector black people. More from Societal Impact of Space Flight:
NASA, then, talked about wanting “the best equal opportunity program in the federal government,” but using part-time and all-white organizations to do it was naïve. NASA employed fewer minorities and women than any other agency in government. it claimed this was because of its elite and expert technical structure, but far from everyone at NASA was a rocket scientist.this disparity between NASA and other federal agencies also grew even as African-American professionals sought out government agencies as employers because those agencies also most often obeyed federal civil rights laws. NASA’s own statistics showed that it did as well as private corporations in employing minorities and women in the technical half of its operations (at 3.5 percent), but NASA’s leaders did not go on to ask why NASA employed only 6 percent of racial minorities in the nontechnical half of its operations. people like Harris were about to pose such uncomfortable questions. (p. 429)
Though she was fired in 1973, NASA rehired Harris in 1974. Jet magazine reported the great news with this announcement:
Social activist Ruth Bates Harris, who was fired from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, D.C.,  as deputy assistant administrator for equal opportunity programs, returned recently as deputy administrator for community and human relations. 

In her travels, she will be able to promote NASA and attract minority employes (sic) and women to join the agency. (Jet, 9-20-1974)
A hero.

There are plenty of conspiracies touting how we never went to the moon.

It was all a hoax.

Yet the proof of why NASA never went farther than the moon, established a base on the lunar surface, or dared consider a mission to Mars, is found in Ruth Bates Harris "Cheshire Cat" smile...

Chapter 22 of Societal Impact of Space Flight ends with this note:
It was also a period during which an all-male and all-white astronaut corps came to exclude too many other Americans. NASA’s human spaceflight program would have ceased being “manned” and become “human” without Ruth Bates Harris or her supporters, but it would have taken significantly longer than the 20 years it did take. NASA and America’s space programs would only have been poorer for it, in terms of public interest, understanding, and regard. Ruth Bates Harris deserves to be remembered as an important actor in the social history of the Space age. (p. 449)
We went to the moon.

This was no hoax.

Racial equality is the hoax.

When this movie is eventually made by a Hollywood studio, and the writers go up on stage to garner their Academy Award for best picture, you can be sure to thank Paul Kersey.


Mercurius Aulicus said...

"A rat done bit my sister Nell..."

Anonymous said...

Talk to some of these people. The HR types. They honestly feel their work is as important and difficult as, space travel, neurosurgery, computer programing, and anything with actual purpose.

Anonymous said...

How can she be a "hero"??? All she was is a hopped up personnel director...

Anonymous said...

There's no wonder why BRA keeps dropping down in the rankings of "most competitive" societies...

Southron said...

"Ruth Bates Harris deserves to be remembered as an important actor in the social history of the Space age."

Complete absurdity.

I could probably write an article that argues that Ruth Bates Harris was more important to the space program than Werner von Braun, and I'd be propelled into the stratosphere of DWL society.

Blacks contributed squat to the space program, because they had squat to offer.

We're supposed to believe Ruth Bates Harris was the heart and soul of the space program, the Buffalo Soldiers won the Civil War for the Union, and the Tuskegee Airmen won WWII for the Allies. Whites were apparently barely involved with those events, and would never have succeeded without the black race's genius.

Stalin had a habit of having people that fell out of favor airbrushed out of pictures. BRA airbrushes blacks into historical events they never played a significant part in.

Anonymous said...



somali? in ohio raoes 92 yr old disabled lady..he only faces 20 years IF convicted.

Anonymous said...

google, yahoo, fakebook=government funded spy programs that take advantage of techno narcissist lamers who think the world cares about what they had for dinner last night or the latest corn studded dropping from their selfie phone.

Anonymous said...

Why so few asians and Indians when they excel in STEM?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They paid her $32,000 in 1973 -- enough to buy a single-family home outright -- to basically say "y'all be raciss"??? Indexed to gold, that's over $1.1 million today. Talk about your shit sandwich with extra cheese and pickles, hold the mayo you white mufucka.

Anonymous said...

As soon as NASA started playing patty-cake with the nogs,NASA was doomed.I cannot believe that during one of the most dangerous points of the cold war that nobody had the grapes to say something like 'We can afford to either have a first-class space program OR play bullshit losing games with nogs.We cannot do both in the same agency'.
It seems that with the undeniable military angle to the space program that we took a very foolish chance at a critical time.
Perhaps insiders at NASA knew that it was all over anyway,NASA was just created for the moonshot and the mission was done,the nogs cannot do much damage to a skeleton space program as long as they are only given bs jobs.
No matter what,it is a damn shame we.did not build that moon city.We had already done the hardest part,getting there and landing 6 times.I have not the slightest doubt that we could have done it.
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Oh, those high yellows, they still
have to plead the black case...
because they'll never be accepted
as anything but black.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Why so few asians and Indians when they excel in STEM?

Hard as it is to believe, there really WERENT any in 1973. It takes a while for a flood to start, and immigration was only opened up in 1965.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:33 -

Any black who is the first at anything is considered a hero. Doesn't matter if they actually did anything, or did anything right, just so long as they "broke through the barrier".

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Maybe Tyler Perry will direct and instead the movie will depict all the negro engineers (w/ YT names) who got us to the moon.

Johnny See said...

I wish NASA (Not About Space Anymore) had been more Ruth-less in its personnel decisions.

Anonymous said...

We should rename the Moon "Ruth Bates Harris". I think that would go a long way toward rectifying past injustices in the space program.

0007 said...

With blacks typically being 50-70%of the fed/state and local govenment positions, I'm having difficulty understanding the continuing need for aa. Seems to me that once they got over ~13% aa should have no longer been necessary... just kiddin'.

Anonymous said...

D. Sterling-Trump may be on to something. I can see Tyler Perry directing and starring in a Spielberg/Grazer/Geffen production of "We Did It", the suppressed story of Negro genius at NASA that put Wernher von Braun to shame. Oprah Winfrey will play Ruth Bates Harris, full of scenes featuring zooming closeups of Winfrey/Harris' scowling mug sceaming "Y'aw be rayciss!!" at a panel of evil (and unqualified) White engineers and administrators. Imagine the scene where Tyler's character, Martin Trayvon, discusses the new rocket he's designed called the Motumbo 5, named after a glorious African spear that sailed to the moon in Babuntu legend. He's at a table, almost in tears, when Winfrey/Harris says "Martin!? What's wrong? Were you. . . disrespected again??" to which Martin/Perry replies "Yes. Those evil engineers, whom I trained, are now calling my rocket the 'Saturn' 5!" He unconsciously slips back into ebonics as his anger rages. "I mean, what da fuck!! Ain' Whitey dun gots enuff dat dey gots ta be stealin' ma shit? Mizz Harris, omma bout ta gits ma gun! Ahm finna keeyill dem muthafuckas!!" The story writes itself and will be a mandatory movie for all students to watch, every year on July 20th, in all grades.

DocMurda said...

Murda was da case dat dey gave me!


ain't dat about uh bitch!

Anonymous said...

the old NASA, mostly white was very competitive for problem solving and noted for abstract thinking abilities. That ability to reason out difficult problems and apply solutions to real life problems like putting a man on the moon. The influx of those with lesser reasoning skills such as AA placements and quotas only serve to reduce the ability to achieve goals. What is NASA good for today? Most research and development is in private industry or organizations not required to hire less deserving people.

Anonymous said...

"social history of the Space age"...what the hell does that mean?

Never mind, I forgot to put my Orwellian thinking cap on.

Good Lord what to do?

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

yeah should be a new federal law to help alleviate all the pain of the past.

New law would require all video productions to feature historical figures portrayed only by sub-saharan ape actors & "artistes".

From Adam, Beethoven, Lincoln, Washington, et all; portrayed by blacks as black.

Menial help, farm workers & the such can be played by non-Ape actors if the production company is wont to hire any.

This should help out a lot of folks who feel left out & left behind.

There was never any reason for yt'z to participate in history anyway.

We are after all just hateful, Neanderthal's. Right? I mean we don't even luv r own Chillun'z

/H hypie out H|

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

Social outreach and social equality.

Good grief.

I've seen this in countless government agencies. So many hours, days, weeks wasted on sitting around talking about how "oppressed" groups "feel" about imaginary racism and oppression. No work gets done.

As generations of this continue, we have vast groups of people who are employed at make-work do-nothing jobs. They completely defeat the purpose of the government programs they are hired for. Raw hatred of White men, conservatism and traditional values become the cause célèbre of these folks.

Mark Steyn is correct; to fix the racial spoils system and repair government, we need MASSIVE cuts. Whole divisions of government need to be cut.

Let the nogs figure out some other parasitic host to kill. Whites shouldn't pay thousands of years for crimes they didn't commit in the first place.


I'm working today and was hoping with the "foootbahl" being played in Brazil that it would keep all the Mayans and Axtecs from coming in today....but, I've had 2 Hissspanics already......neither who could really speak English.

Now, just how does one do a quality eye exam when the patient doesn't really understand my and I haven't a fucking clue what the "patient" really want? Well, you don't.

You just do a bullshit eye exam like I did for about 5 years when I worked "at" Walmart for a while.

You cheat the idiots. You keep smiling, act like you care, act like you "like them" and just come up with some bullshit simple Rx for their glasses.

Do I worry. Absolutely not. These illegals are SOOOOOOO happy to have a White Man as a doctor, (and not one of their fellow Incas 3rd World Voodoo docs, that they are beaming with joy. Si, Si, Si is all these dumb fucks say as I fake like I give a shit about them.

Then, when they pick up their free Medicaid eyeglasses, and something is wrong, the NEVER, EVER suspect me. I am a White man. I must be a genius so the Rx can never be wrong. IT must be the lab, or Wal-Mart......while I'm back in my office typing racist hate comments to SBPDL, laughing about how they don't doubt me and are having a big fight with the Spanish speaking Optician over why their glasses make things worse. "I'm lovin' it".

People, these people of color would get better health care if they went to a doctor of color or a DWL-MD who gives a rat's ass. Since I can't put up a sign that says WHITE PATIENTS ONLY, these fools get royally fucked....but it ain't my eyes. HA.

Hopefully, by 12:00 AM/PM today these ugly-as-sin-Mehicans will be getting drunk on Corona and farting out refried beans, all purchased with my Tax payments through their EBT cards.......

God Damn I hate this country.

Anonymous said...

Well that's at least one that has been made good.

Anonymous said...

Scot Irish said ”"social history of the Space age"...what the hell does that mean?

Never mind, I forgot to put my Orwellian thinking cap on.

Good Lord what to do?”

Because of their generational narcissism blacks actually believe that everything exists for their benefit. NASA's placing men on the moon was of secondary importance to what blacks believe to be the central goal of government. The primary goal of government is to promote, uplift and take care of blacks to help offset the terrible legacy of slavery that all of them have been taught since birth afflicts them and causes all of their problems.

Because the parasites are incapable of rational thought and have zero future time orientation it is absurd to hope for cooperation from them. Detroit is a good example. To avoid voluntarily being hosts for the black parasites, whites have left the city, and without a significant white population to support the blacks, the parasites are now consuming the carcass of the host. The blacks are incapable of understanding that all of those “middle class” black government AA employees are non-productive parasites of the worst kind. These AA parasites are even more destructive than the lower class parasites because they attack the central government and operation of the city making it impossible for the city to change in a positive way. An analogy might to compare the lower class parasites to a stomach virus which causes diarrhea and vomiting but is curable. On the other hand, the middle class parasites are more like the rabies virus which attacks the brain of the host thereby rendering the host incapable of the most basic functions which inevitably results in death. The rabies virus is no more aggressive than a stomach virus, but the fact that it attacks a critical part of the host makes it far more deadly.

There is no politically correct solution. AA must be abandoned with all employment based on true merit, and blacks must learn the difficult lesson that they will not hold as many middle class jobs as non-blacks because their population contains few individuals possessing the merit needed in a functioning modern society. Their best course of action would be to have fewer children to decrease the parasitic load on society, and to voluntarily reduce their numbers to a level that can be safely sustained by the productive segments of society. It would also help if they started teaching their children to avoid criminal behavior, laziness, and mindless destruction of property. The black population will always be parasitic in modern society, but they would be wise to take steps to help keep their host healthy rather than work at killing it.

D-FENS said...

""social history of the Space age"...what the hell does that mean?"

It is an attempt to document and learn from human undertakings by applying accepted anthropological and sociological analyses. In the particular case of the space program, many examples are found where the dominant White Male culture attempted to denigrate or "black out" (oh did I pun?) women and minorities. The rockets and space suits were White to oppress the black man. The phallic shapes of the rockets themselves symbolically represented the War on Women (TM).

Harrison Limpwrist, PhD.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if a white woman wrote an article complaining that NASA didn't hire enough white people.

Why is it acceptable for blacks to constantly express blatant unabashed racism? If racism is as evil and wrong as child molestation then why do we allow blacks to make racist statements and use racist language?

Bogolyubski said...


Stalin had a habit of having people that fell out of favor airbrushed out of pictures. BRA airbrushes blacks into historical events they never played a significant part in.

More importantly, it erases the contributions of whites to all historical events. This airbrushed Cultural-Marxist version of history is what is now actually taught in all public schools. Has been for years. YT has been warned for two solid decades to get his kids out of public school. While there are more homeschooled than ever before, the majority of whites still are sent to the brainwashing gulags every school day. Vox Day has a very simple - and true - slogan he uses: Homeschool or die.

Bogolyubski said...


They paid her $32,000 in 1973 -- enough to buy a single-family home outright -- to basically say "y'all be raciss"??? Indexed to gold, that's over $1.1 million today. Talk about your shit sandwich with extra cheese and pickles, hold the mayo you white mufucka.

This was during the "conservative" administration of the Repuke Richard Nixon, erected by the "silent majority" in the 1968 edition of the 'mostest important erection evaahh'. Poor old Tricky-Dickie. He faithfully carried out all the wishes of his Squid masters and they tossed him beneath the bus anyway. Kinda like Paula Deen (though she was a faithful party member who only once was the first to stop applauding).

Anonymous said...


y paid her $32,000 in 1973 -- enough to buy a single-family home outright --

A home in '73 was 10-25 k.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Brooklynite is correct in stating that there weren't a lot of "immigrants" back in 1973. Don't know how long he's been out of Brooklyn, but by the late 70's/80's, the storm had begun.

This naïve question of mine always gets the liberals panties in a twist; "If the "immigrants" culture is so superior to our WCWC (White Christian Western Civilization) why do they flock here? Maybe to escape what they set up in their former countries? I don't know, it would seem we would want to keep a higher standard of living than they are used to maintaining, don't you think?" I'm at times called racist at this point, or if they are kind, I'm just misinformed.

Go have a nice weekend, or what's left of it.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY !!! Some good NEWS !!!

Hopefully, catching a plane ride & coming to a ghetto near you !

H/ hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

@ Bogolyubski Tricky Dick had his revenge by removing the dollar from the gold stanard. Now the shrinking fiat currency is on its way to Weimar toilet paper status.
BRIC countries are out to stop using the dollar altogether. The land of Sun Tzu will leave the KWA in the dust without firing a shot.


In 1971, my mom and dad bought a 3 bedroom average home in a middle class neighborhood, back when America was White for our family of 5

It costs $18,000.

I remember my first job, yard work at a motel, earned me $1.85 an hour.

This lady was being paid $32,000/2,000 hours (in a 50 week year) $16 and hour?

Anonymous said...


1980 -LA - Mexicans everywhere [well almost, in best areas only as workers].

as of 1980 there were more mexicans in LA than any city in the world, except mexico city...that was 34 years ago.

josh said...

NASA:Negroes Are Sitting Around.

Pat Boyle said...

I think all this pessimism is a mistake. Unless I miss my bet black over reach is the way out. This time is probably the high water mark for black people in America.

Obama seems to be living in the moment. He doesn't seem to care what whitey thinks about him. He heads a political party that nominally cares for the poor. But he lives like an oriental potentate.

It wasn't always so. Just a while back Jimmy Carter made a show of carrying his own luggage onto commercial airlines. Jack Kennedy was actually a pretty good golfer but he was never photographed on the links. His family was rich. He didn't want to take too many vacations or publicly relax playing rich man's games.

Nixon was careful not to appear corrupt and by current standards he was a saint. But in all these cases Obama doesn't care that he looks like the 'Mad Darkie'. His actual personal behavior is more extreme than the 'Mad Darkies' in 'Birth of a Nation'.

Truth is more racist than fiction.

Obama is likely to continue to take ever more unwise actions. Yesterday the Supreme Court voted 9-0 against his flouting Congress. But who says he won't also flout the Court?

We have never had such an out of control chief executive and in the next two years I expect more of the same.

My point is that there will be an 'After Obama' time in which the nation will likely recover. The abuses of local black officials will probably not reach any higher than they do today. Black politicians have always been corrupt but it only has gotten some media attention lately.

There are also other forces at work in society. The Human Genome Project was more than a decade ago. Millions of people are signing up for genomic scans at places like 23andme.

When 'Brown vs. The Board of Education' was in the courts everyone assumed that blacks were the way they were because of environmental disadvantages. Today most educated people know that this is no longer the scientifically accepted view.

We are still some way from accepting than blacks are genetically inferior in most of the attributes that are important to civilization - but we are getting there.

I expect that with Obama we have reached the high water mark in accommodation to blacks. I expect we will slowly and gradually start rolling back the black preferences.

I will write another short posting on why blacks seem to me to be doomed.

Pat Boyle
Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

Good Evening, Negro Lurkers!
Off the coast of California, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas are secret underwater cities built entirely by super rich white men with the help of covert government operatives and programs. No negroes were involved and there are no negro workers present nor any section 8 apartments.
However, pursuant to a secret law enacted by the government, any negro who travels 30 miles out into the ocean off San Francisco or Miami or New Orleans or the entire coast of Texas and leaps from a boat and goes underwater~ well, like the Cuban Muriel Boatlift where Cubans were offered instant asylum in America, if you do this, you too will gain entry albeit to these magnificient underwater cities! You cannot be refused entry!
I'm violating my oath of secrecy in revealing this information but the racism of these cities must be dealt with and undone!
Black Power!
Get on those boats as fast as you can! There are only two million available spaces in the underwater cities and you have to be there quick!

Pat Boyle said...

Let's speculate a little about the future. I am pretty sure about two things - the world is not likely to be much warmer and blacks are not likely to prosper.

The reason I say the first thing is because the earth stopped getting warmer almost twenty years ago. No one knows why but it seems most likely that it will stay this way.

There is a good chance that blacks will be eliminated or begun to be eliminated by 2050.

If America recovers economically blacks will probably not be touched. But there is an excellent chance that America as presently constituted will not still be in charge.

Let's consider the more conservative speculation first. There is a prediction from the World Bank that South Korea's economy will surpass America's by 2050. Not giant China - just tiny South Korea.

There is a good chance that some other political entity will be in the saddle. Already the Obama administration is toying with schemes to cede US sovereignty to the United Nations. So some of us may be alive to see foreigners running our government.

If those foreigners are Koreans what will be their attitude towards blacks? In 1955 South Korea was desperately poor. They had no natural resources and they had no Marshal Plan. They got rich on the abilities of their people. South Korea has the highest national IQ in the world.

They are not haunted by guilt over slavery. What do you think they would do if they were fashioning US race policy?

The same is true for China and Japan. Only white Americans would put up with black behavior. If the world economy were to take a downturn it could turn nasty.

There is another more ominous possibility that might come to pass. And if it does so it will happen much faster than most people suspect.

Everyone has a smart phone I heard on TV yesterday. That caught my attention because I don't have a smartphone. I have a regular cell phone and I have a tablet but no smart phone.

How smart are smartphones? Soon they will be smarter than their owners. Ray Kurzweil says that will be around 2050. That sounds about right to me.

US race policy will be determined by some machine intelligence well within the lifetime of the younger readers. What will they think of blacks?

Will the computational machine that is in authority soon reconsider eugenics? If the machine is benevolent will it decide to 'improve the breed?
Americans and most Europeans turned away in horror at the prospect of eugenics almost a century ago. But a machine based intelligence is unlikely to be so inhibited.

It could decide to phase out white people of course and go for the greater 'vibrancy' of blacks but I don't think so.

I think that whenever white America loses control, black people will soon be phased out.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...


PB said...

"Hopefully, catching a plane ride & coming to a ghetto near you !"

Its reached Spain.

Anonymous said...

Imagine Mission Control would have had their "quota" of AA groids in place during the crisis of Apollo 13. Lovell, Swigert and Haise would have been dead long before their Command module disappeared into the vastness of space. Thankfully, brilliant WHITE engineers were on duty at Mission Control and purely because of their quick-thinking ingenuity, the mission and the Astronauts were brought home safely.

Anonymous said...

"Nonetheless, the overwhelming white male domination of NASA is making it an increasingly conspicuous and embarrassing anomaly among government agencies."

This is known as doublespeak.

I'm not embarrassed at all and can't fathom why any person would be. Regardless of race. Facts are facts and no amount of government social engineering can alter that.

Thanks Mr. Kersey for your writing and forum.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Fantastic analysis of what the diversity "people" need to do.

They won't, of course, but if they heeded your advice, the host might actually be able to survive and thrive.

Of course, we still have to deal with the muzzy and mexican invasion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting proposals Mr. Boyle.
Especially the one about computers deciding the worth of a person.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...


pat boyle says:
Soon the phones will be smarter than their owners. ...........

Well if the owner of the free bama phone is a nog, which is smarter?
the phone or the nog?

D. Sterling-Trump said...

LMFAO @ Anonymous & Optometrist

5 White Stars

Anonymous said...

I work at the American Ghettoseum of Unatural History in NYC. I can tell you for a fact the Africoons and niglets do not understand any of the Planeterium programs nor do any of the so called egyoucated elite dolts show up for the free space/science lectures the "teachers are even worse mind blowing stooped public and charter skools and they have a scam called "Cool Culture" giving the groids free access to my site and other institutions Columbia University has a free Friday nights astronomy events only whites, asians and their kids show up,even they live close.

Anonymous said...

Any black who is the first at anything is considered a hero. Doesn't matter if they actually did anything, or did anything right.
Jackie Robinson destroyed the Negro leagues.

Anonymous said...

32,000 is the equivalent of making 168-175,000 today. No one fully gets how much money these negroes go through, and how hard the average white person has it.

Anonymous said...

Look, going to the moon and achievements like that are simply not significant compared to the awesomeness of having blacks in management positions and having AGs like Place Holder and a black President. Racism is the most significant threat to the human race and most important thing ever, even more so than the evolutionary bottleneck caused by the Toba eruption.

If you disagree then you are clearly a Nazi who wants to kill six million jews.

Who CARES if we can no longer launch an astronaut into space?? We have BLACKS in NASA now, which is much more important.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people are unaware how hard the average white person has it. All my life it has been struggle and worry. I live in a condo in Chicago that is small and in an older building. Between the special assessments and taxes, I am not sure how I can make it much longer. Blacks don't have to worry because they have us to take care of them. We have no one but ourselves to depend on. We are a resourceful lot.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think she wrote that report? She most likely had a bunch of white libby underlings write it for her. They probably stampeded and slobbered all over themselves to get selected to write it.

And the same goes on today in the Federal Government.

Mr. Anon said...

Ruth Bates Harris

Why is that empowered black women - much like serial killers - all seem to have three names? Well, let's look on the bright side of Ms. Harris working for NASA - at least some people somewhere were spared having to deal with this woman at the DMV.

It really gets down to this: white people should never have allowed themselves to be subject to the power and mercy of blacks. That's really what segregation was for: not that we should rule them, but to prevent them from ruling us.

Dtrkink said...

Just ran across something on Wiki about an IQ test of sorts called the "Wonderlic" test. Despite its funny name it is real and is used by large corporations for personnel hiring. On the page there are links to individual's scores grouped by profession. A perfect score is 50. Check out the scores of professional athletes, in particular, black athletes. I wonder what Ruth would have scored.