Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Civil Rights Act of 1964

Fifty years!

Happy Birthday, Civil Rights Act of 1964!

Birthed on June 19, this act ushered in a new era of legalized discrimination against whites all in the name of uplifting the black population (and now, the Hispanic population is protected via this 50 year old legislation).

For a fifty-year-old act, it still looks good, right?

No need for botox or a tummy tuck, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 gets plenty of exercise on a daily basis. [NASA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,, 6-19-14]:
Fifty years ago, on July 2, 1964, one of the biggest legal barriers to equal opportunity in America was toppled when President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the most sweeping civil rights legislation since the Reconstruction era.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination in such areas as voting, public restaurants, employment, and education on the basis of such characteristics as  race, color, religion, national origin, and sex.  It was a pivotal moment in our nation’s struggle to form “a more perfect union” and transformed the face of America.
 "Form a more perfect union?"

Since the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, how many American cities have become no-go areas for white people?

How many of these formerly American cities are filled with not only crime and blight, but democratically run by a people "liberated" by the 1964 Act?

After World War II, much of Europe was ravaged with cities burnt out; Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic wastelands.

What can be said of Birmingham, Memphis, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, and Newark?

No one will say it, so we will: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ensured the dissolving of the United States of America and the dismantling of any "more perfect union" talk.

Its passing was far more damaging to the health of the country than any foreign army/air force/navy could ever hope of replicating.

And yet, we must always praise this 50-year-old legislation as the pivotal moment in rectifying inequities of our incurable racist past... well, only incurable until the past can be rewritten to find true non-whites hero worthy of our adulation, love, and respect.

New heroes must emerge to lionize and praise as the foundation of our country, since we will one day celebrate the true birth of the nation as June 19, 1964. [How NASA Joined the Civil Rights Revolution: Integration came to the nation’s space agency in the mid-1960s., Air and Space Magazine, March 2014]
On May 13, 1961, in its first issue after Alan Shepard’s historic Mercury mission, the nation’s leading black newspaper, the New York Amsterdam News, ran a front-page column that asked a question on the minds of millions of Americans. “If you are like me,” wrote executive editor James Hicks, “as soon as you finished thrilling to the flight of the United States’s first man into outer space, your next thought was, ‘I wonder if there were any Negroes who had anything to do with Commander Shepard’s flight?’
There is a short list of steps NASA took to promote equal employment in the year before the 1964 Civil Rights Act became law: The agency created a contractors’ group in Alabama that used its money and influence to make sure African-Americans got space jobs. NASA hired Charlie Smoot, called the “first Negro recruiter” in official agency histories, to travel the nation persuading black scientists and engineers to come south. The Marshall Space Flight Center invited representatives of the historically black colleges to Huntsville in 1963, and a year later opened the agency’s college cooperative education program—in which students alternated semesters at school with semesters at Marshall—to blacks.
As a result, Walter Applewhite, Wesley Carter, George Bourda, Tommy Dubone, William Winfield, Frank C. Williams Jr., and Morgan Watson arrived at Marshall to become the embodiment of Johnson’s plan for jobs in the South.
Space—and Race—Progress
The idea that the Space Age might help usher in better race relations became a subject of scientific inquiry. In the spring of 1962, NASA made a grant to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to study “the relationships of space efforts to US society.” The report proceeded, in part from the popular conception that NASA, in the academy’s words, represented “a new era of equality according to ability.” There was a belief that “communities with advanced types of industry, with their people employed in research laboratories and in the development of new engineering techniques, should display a high level of social innovation.”
The academy sent sociologist Peter Dodd to the space communities to find out if it was true. In multiple visits to Huntsville, Florida’s Cape Kennedy, and the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas, Dodd spoke to NASA workers and administrators as well as municipal officials, city planners, newspapermen, ministers, educators, social workers, housewives, and teenagers.
Studies suggested that space workers had “high levels of education, which are known to be correlated with liberal views,” and that “their youth and geographic mobility have exposed them to liberal opinion.” What Dodd found was exactly the opposite, especially in matters of race. In Huntsville and at Cape Kennedy, he said, “There seem to be no evidence of strong pressure for Negro rights, nor of strong sympathy among technologists for civil rights.” To NASA workers, he found, “the Negroes appear to be an outside group presenting demands which would have to be dealt with in some way, but which are no concern of theirs.”
How dare those white males in NASA not understand the blacks forced upon them were their moral superiors (and obviously intellectual superiors, which goes without saying...)!

Talk about your made for Hollywood story: praise black ingenuity (all part of an early affirmative action scheme to scour the country to find suitable black scientists) while denouncing the racist whites at NASA for refusing to accept the notion merit had no place in the workplace when blackness was involved.
 But it's in Andrew J. Dunar's Power to Explore: A History of Marshall Space Flight Center, 1960-1990 we get a clear look at how impactful the 1964 Civil Rights Act was on NASA:
Attorney General Robert Kennedy, long a critic of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson’s leadership of the President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, met with the committee on 18 June. Webb, a protégé of Johnson, represented NASA. Kennedy grilled Johnson, puncturing his vague claims of progress. After “making the Vice President look like a fraud,” in the words of one observer, the Attorney General turned on [James] Webb. “Mr. Webb,I just raised a question of whether you can do this job and run a Center and administer its $3.9 billion worth of contracts and make sure that Negroes and nonwhites have jobs . . . I am trying to ask some questions. I don’t think I am able to get the answers, to tell you the truth.”

Marshall established an Affirmative Action Program in June, following recommendations offered by a Civil Service team from Atlanta. Dr. Frank R. Albert became the first Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator. Albert hired Charlie Smoot as a professional staffing recruiter; Marshall claimed Smoot was “possibly the first Negro recruiter in government service.” (p. 118-119)

Marshall’s shortcomings represented a portion of a larger NASA failure. NASA lagged behind other federal agencies in implementing equal opportunity programs. NASA’s minority employment rose only from 4.1 percent to 5.19 percent between 1966 and 1973, when overall federal minority employment reached 20 percent. Furthermore, most of its minority employees were clustered in lower grades. The Agency’s own EEO staff concluded that “NASA has failed to progress because it has never made equal opportunity a priority.” Deputy Administrator George Low conceded that “Equal Opportunity is a sham in NASA,” and derided the Agency’s “total insensitivity to human rights and human beings.” (p. 124)
 By 1973, the federal government workforce was 20 percent nonwhite (primarily black, considering the demographic explosion of Hispanics and Asians was yet to occur), but NASA was roughly 95 percent white.

Remember: it was 1972 NASA became just another federal (taxpayer funded) minority jobs program. 

But as the book Societal Impact of Spaceflight makes clear, NASA in 1973 did have a place for blacks: 69 percent of the janitors at NASA were minority (black) males, compared to a government-wide average of 56 percent!

That's progress.

And, like in the movie Good Will Hunting, it was really a black janitor named Robert Wall who helped break a complex math equation Wernher Von Braun left on a chalkboard for one of NASA's insensitive white nerds to try and solve (true story).

So happy 50th Birthday, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It might just be, but when I look at the ruins of a city like Detroit, I don't see the harmful legacy of capitalism or Democrat rule: I see the legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in full glory.

And NASA being turned into just another United States Postal Service... well, that's just another legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 


D. Sterling-Trump said...

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

"A growing nation of genetically evolved apes is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth's dominant species."

Paul, not to rehash, but just based on the trailer alone, this new movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will give you material to write about for months. Gary Oldman's character looks like an early favorite. All the parallels to modern day negro uncivilization could make this movie an instant SBPDL classic.

Anonymous said...

50 years, and how little they've accomplished!

Ex-Brooklynite said...

And so we disagree.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination in such areas as voting, public restaurants, employment, and education on the basis of such characteristics as race, color, religion, national origin, and sex.

I do wish the South had not had segregation laws to overturn, inviting the Feds to intrude on an area where they really have no authority (repeal the Commerce Clause to the Constitution, and SO much trouble goes away in the USA). But even so, this law, as stated, would not be a problem, even in a multiracial society.

The probelm is ading in two other Johnson laws, the Great Society, and Immigratin "reform." The Great Society paid for the breeding Negro bastards, with the requirement that fathers not be in the home. Recall that the Negro illegitimacy rate in 1965 was about 25%.

Worse yet was immigration reform, which cut the economic legs out from under those black men who DID want to work and support their children. (I know, I know, but there were quite a few.) I prove this point with another quote from the article:

NASA in 1973 did have a place for blacks: 69 percent of the janitors at NASA were minority (black) males, compared to a government-wide average of 56 percent!

When was the last time you saw a black, not Hispanic, janitor?

I'll continue with thoughts in another reply, but Civil Rights, even done Federally, would not have led to the society we have without the other two Johnson-era changes. Civil Rights would not have led to a white minority in the USA; blacks at present ar 16-17% of the population of whites-only in the USA. Could we afford that group, without supporting every other poor person who has immigrated? Sure.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

The problem with civil rights and other laws is how complicated it makes things. It is much simpler, easier, to just pass a law allowing race-restrictive covenants. You might not like it (if black), but it is clear what areas you are being kept out of. It is simpler, easier, to have signs like "no Irish need apply" so as to screen out undesireables.

All the simple, direct methods requiring a minimum of thought and effort have now been taken away. What remains, of course, are mechanisms that rely not on overt discrimination, but methods requiring skill, cunning, and intelligence. Are there white people on this board complaining about a game that THEY can play, and most blacks cannot?

The first, simple method to keep blacks out is to keep property prices high, using things like exclusionary zoning. Banning noise helps, too. The few who CAN afford million-dollar homes probably want nothing to do with the lower-caste blacks, in any case, and there are not a lot of them. The problem with this method is that it forces whites into having both partners work; you can be sure that much of the post-war suburbanization trend was initiated to turn cheap gas plus cheap land into mortgages for banksters.

But exclusion by money, the DWL-preferred method, is not the only route; in fact, when middle- and lower-class whites try to play this game, they lose as there will always be profit in blockbusting and destroying white neighborhoods and capital. Of course, no one in an area NEEDS to sell to a black family if active blockbusting is going on. The question becomes: do whites have the cohesive social capital to bond together, to ignore the simple profit motive, and build a community where the value lies not in individual houses selling for as much as they will, but the fact that the housing is within a group of like-minded people? For the last 70 years, the answer has been largely NO, except for Italians and Poles; every other group listened to the materialist siren song and fled their ancestral neighborhoods.

The point is, the game CAN be played by poor, smart whites, or even dumb poor whites with good leadership. Highland Park, completely surrounded by Detroit, is small enough that white homesteaders could buy houses there for under 30K; get 6000 united people together, and you can take over the community. You then need to be RUTHLESS as prosecuting petty crimes, like the DWLs in NYC were, gradually harassing away the criminals. Cut off welfare within the city when you have control. Make EVERY man be required to own a gun, and to respond to a call to arms, using a smartphone app.

And keep the city CHEAP enough so that other whites can move in, and not require both parents to work. This is possible, NOW, with enough organization and intelligence. And there's a small, majority-black, cheap city near EVERY major metro where this is possible. NYC lost 100,000 blacks from 2000 to 2010, and the same can happen in other cities. Camden is cheap, and close to Philly. Could whites buy it slowly and take over? Why not?

Anonymous said...

The white homeland will never happen in America. Idaho , Montana, northwest will be off limits to settlement due to Agenda 21 and the ICLEI. All of that land will be put under the BLM to be "re-wilded" and trespassing will probably be a violation of the endangered species act. You can forget trying to "create " a separate state within America. The Government is already arming and equipping itself for the economic collapse which this administration is precipitating at breakneck speed with the use of Cloward / Pivin strategies. Millions of new immigrants, section 8 housing is being built at record paces all designed to collapse the welfare state and cause the "reset" to happen. America will have to join the NWO to and sell off its resources to the rest of the world. America cannot recover..... We passed the tipping point long ago. I think the only possible place to create a truly white homeland would be Inner Pattagonia. Harsh environment but plenty of water on the leeward sides of the Andes and very sparsely populated. Just throwing it out there. Any body ever been to Pattagonia would it be survivable. YT could probably survive there..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It should be interesting to see how they will handle the obvious racial parallels.
Agreed,it could be quite comical.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Damn straight.

Solid post.

Anonymous said...

Lyndon Johnson. He set the stage for the destruction of our country. He was a vile, ignorant man, but a creature of fantastic greed and evil. His descendants walk the earth even now and his philosophical descendants are many. He killed many American men in Vietnam and put the gears in motion for the death and suffering of many more. Every person beaten, raped and killed at the hands of blacks can trace their loss of life, their personal suffering to Lyndon Baines Johnson.

He was ground zero, patient zero, the beginning of it all.

Anonymous said...

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""It might just be, but when I look at the ruins of a city like Detroit, I don't see the harmful legacy of capitalism or Democrat rule: I see the legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in full glory.

And NASA being turned into just another United States Postal Service... well, that's just another legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act."""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Although it's difficult to prove, it appears that as the Federal Government's various Dept's have increased their percentages of blacks that over time the US Government as a whole as gotten less competent, with dumbed down requirements (e.g. the complete elimination of civil service examinations in the late 70s/early 80s, etc.).

In other words, the more blacks that were and continue to be hired via Affirmative Action have ultimately contributed to dumbing down the standards, diluting the quality, efficiency, as well as the competence of the daily workings of the US government at large. Thus the government is known for all the pejoratives in modern times can be mainly placed at the feet of the Civil Rights Acts of the 60s with the cornerstone being Affirmative Action.

Color Blind is bullshit. If it truly were a color blind society than the talented tenth (of whatever actual percentage it truly comprises) would be hired from each race for the top levels of the US government, and with no exceptions given.

Granted, there are probably other factors at work over the last half century that have helped contribute to this mess but overall it remains a fact that is hard to ignore: As the US government has grown to epic proportions it has also become more and more incompetent, inefficiently run, and more and more the standards are dumbed down. Whenever you come into contact with inefficient governmental standards, there is a high correlation that a groid is either the direct cause of the problem, or is promoting the incompetence in some way.

And the entire lynchpin that has helped contribute to our nation's government's decline has been Affirmative Action via thru the various 60s Civil Rights programs. Few at the time would have been willing to foresee this result but the evidence is clearly there for all to see half a century on.

It is also a sad but true commentary that much of the 'talented tenth' owes its very continuance to Affirmative Action. If AA were ever to be truly reduced if not removed from US government hiring practices the entire edifice for those blacks that comprise the middle class would come toppling down because a large percentage of them owe their middle class existence in some way to working for the US government and most of those jobs are directly tied to AA hiring practices.

This is why I've come to believe that Sharpton, Jackson, etc really do speak for black America at large; they truly understand what's at stake. If AA were removed or the size of US government reduced, it means fewer jobs for groids based on color of skin.

That's why such persons as Thomas Sowell and other black conservatives will never find a large percentage of black support and tend in fact to draw their main support for whites.

Blacks want to keep the gravy/jobs train flowing, at least to the bulk of the talented tenth and then dole out largess from whatever remains of the spoils to the undertow.

B. Conner said...

The Civil Rights Act was the nail that sealed the coffin. We were so great back then that it has taken 50 years to destroy OUR Nation. The embrace of queerness and rejection of everything Christian and moral will see us fall into ruin.
We've earned every second of our coming nightmare.

Bull Conner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. As a white kid in the 1960s and 1970s I dreamed of seeing my nation continue its brave and imaginative exploration of the universe beyond our planet.

To have that trashed so that people who can never hope to compete in such a meritocracy--it is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Any public policy that has a potential to significantly change society should be written so that it must be audited and reviewed every few years.All the hard questions should be asked,and the wrong answers should result in termination of funds,automatically.Every major taxpayer funded program should go up for a congressional vote after the audits are finished,say every 3 years or so.An awful lot of people are living comfortably on this runaway government spending.The welfare recipients are but one part of the equation,perhaps only the tip of the iceburg.Administration and so on probably chew up a lot of money also.
Throw in some outright theft and fraud,a few ghost benefactors,zero accountability,and pretty soon you are in the spot we find ourselves.
Someone recently suggested that only net taxpayers should vote,and that would very likely change things very quickly.A great idea.
I am begining to think that if we do not handle this,sooner or later the Chinese will.And,if it comes to that,I make the bold prediction that we will wish WE had handled it.
We must start somewhere or we deserve what we get.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

When white people put their minds to something, they don't give up. Unfortunately, we have put our collective minds to "uplifting" blacks. And, no matter how many times our plan fails, we won't give up. Not even if it kills us, or kills our children.

Our persistence will be our downfall (untergang).

Anonymous said...

Mention to blacks that civil rights apply to everyone regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or sex and they act offended. Their belief seems to be that civil rights apply only to themselves, that it's something they won for themselves and no one else is a part of it nor should anyone else benefit from it. If anyone else does, that's taking something away from blacks (that they "deserve") and giving it to someone who "ain't got no right to it."
The same mentality plays out as per Affirmative Action. In any city dominated by blacks they couldn't care less if any other race gets any representation or has any rights as these are things that are the exclusive property of blacks and designed solely for their benefit. Or so they think. Affirmative Action doesn't apply to anyone but them.
This childish, ignorant, egocentric and inaccurate belief is part of the reason why their sense of entitlement and their subsequent "outrage" is so out of control and over-blown when they don't get their way.
I guarantee you that if you had a city that was comprised equally of 25% black, asian, white and hispanic respectively, that negroes would still be screaming about "injustice" if they had only 25% representation across the board in terms of jobs and positions. Community "activists" would be screeching about how black people need mo' jobs etc and are bein' kept down.
In any case, do as I have done. Go to any major EEOC office and sit outside for awhile. The constant parade (of predominantly negroes) stomping out the doors in a rage is a sight to behold.
Shaniqua thinks (because of the civil rights act and affirmative action) that even if she can't add 2 plus 2 plus 7 and get the right answer, she's still entitled to da job because of the color of her skin. If she don't get it, that be discrimination, racism and a violation of her rights and sheeit and she ain't gonna take dat!
Is it any wonder that unqualified negroes and those that coddle them would demand that a high tech entreprise such as NASA should have more black faces regardless of qualifications or ability?
With negroes, it's never about substance, only image. As long as they're present and putting up a front, they can feel "pride." It doesn't matter to them that the pride they feel is based on nothing of substance and is false and baseless. They got to "represent." And get dat money.
Just turn NASA over to negroes 100% and, in no time, NASA will be launching rockets on the order of what a Junior High School Rocket club could produce and will be the laughingstock of the world. Just as any major black run city is in shambles and a laughingstock.
The best way to make a fool of a negro is to get out of his way and let him make a fool of himself- which he will naturally do in short order.

Anonymous said...

All you "Conservatives" who are pushing for a Ben Carson Presidency are Bat Shit Crazy. This guy is a gun grabber and as big of a phony as Colin Powell. Both are Pet Negros, one got a big one over on YT (Powell) and the other is waiting for his chance. Don't be a fool.

Eddie in St. Louis

Unknown said...

Black faces in white places. Welcome to the Game.



Sadly that was the day our America the beautiful DIED!!!

Now us White men are treated like dogs that the new owners don't want know more.

And we are the one's mostly footing the GOD Damned Bill!

All in the name of fairness, DIEversity, and Tolerance.

Well where's our fairness and tolerance? Just ain't going to happen unless we make it happen.
Be proud White Man for the world wouldn't work the same without us!
No matter what the Lib-Rat's and their black pet's say!!!


Anonymous said...

What has happened is that today, there are only essentially two classes of blacks--low-class blacks (which included the non-employed and those in the drug trade) and upper-class elite blacks.

Why are there so few middle class blacks today? It's quite simple. Those in the "talented tenth" that make the slightest effort in school are immediately thrown into the affirmative action catapult. Being able to read proficiently in high school means a black kid gets admission to a good college, graduating said good college (no matter the grades) gets the kid into the professional school of their choice, graduating said professional school gets them positions in leading law firms/hospitals, rapid promotions follow, political appointments are inevitable, and the money rolls in.

So there's no middle ground, no middle class. Minimal aptitude combined with minimal work ethic translates into instant prestige. It can't be helped. Whites in power are constantly searching for these valuable black assets to hire and parade around in order to establish their PC bona fides. Why would a black kid going to college aspire to a middle class job when he could become a doctor just as easily?

Anonymous said...

When whites become a minority very soon, there will be no Civil Rights legislation for their protection. And non-whites will still refer to themselves as "minorities."

With ICLEI and UN Agenda 21, every single square inch of land in the USA will be "rezoned" by the social engineering Communitarian progs before you racist whites would even have a chance to build a homeland.

This is how they will make your 3 bedroom single family suburban home "unsustainable."

This is how they will outlaw all cars and parking in certain areas to protect local species of wildlife and cut down on "global warming.

They will make your water wells, wood lots, hunting, dirt roads, and wood stoves illegal.

This is how they will regulate your 1/2 acre home garden and fish pond, and force you to plant a sustainable-species tree every 10 feet.

Here is the example of rezoning efforts in my city. There is at least one in every "region" under regionalism.

Indy Re-zone

Progress people!! Progress, progress!!

"Change is inevitable; but progress takes work, forethought and the right tools."

The tools are fines and regulations. And you WILL comply to your new overloards. They are rezoning the land right from under you, you just don't know it yet because you don't attend the planning meetings they hold in phone booths and closets on Sunday mornings.

And remember, blacks will get TOP priority care in all of this, because blacks don't have the luxury of worrying about first-world white people's problems like sustainability, ozone poisoning, green energy, and global warming. They are noble. oppressed victims, battling prejudice, institutionalized racism, unemployment, food insecurity, urban blight, violence, and are constantly strugglin' just to exist while black.

Major1 said...

"All men are created equal" is the most destructive and pernicious lie ever written on paper.

Black dysfunction exposes this lie every day.

Just got back from vacation. I met some people from Atlanta and Birmingham while there. I commented that I couldn't imagine living among so many blacks.

They were initially hesitant to say much because they have been trained by the white liberal media to not speak their minds.

But, boy, once the dam broke and they began to talk about it, you should have heard their frustration and anger. The stories they told and examples they used were depressingly familiar.

One of my poolside acquaintances, a trim, cordial, educated and hard working young lady, said this several times...."They are a different breed."

Anonymous said...

this is what happened in Santa Monica,,this is not agenda 21 ...but

City made us cut down our landmarked tree a year and a half ago. Cost us $200 grand and no help from city. Look it up: landmarked eucalyptus in SM.

They threatened us with $25,000 a day fines or six months in jail for everyday we didn't cut it down.

Anonymous said...

What a tough representative republic system our ancestors built. 50 years on and it isn't destroyed...yet.

Anonymous said...

UN Agenda 21 explained:

Smart meters, water management, totalitarianism, carbon taxes, redistribution of wealth, redevelopment, destruction of roads and dams, exhausting military, population control, high cost transit, sustainable schools, smart growth, protection of public lands, high density housing, surveillance, warrantless searches, etc.

behind blue eyes said...

Excellent post. So true.
Fifty years of gibsmedat. Fifty years of hand out education. Fifty years of third world people given everything and zero of anything to show for it.Unless we include crap loads of bastard chillrun, overweight on free foo. No home ownership. Run down failure of schools. High crime. More free foo. Dolla menu at restaurants. Shitty music. Fat white women smoking Newports. Wal-Mart turned into swap meets. And everything is still WT fault. Third world Americans indeed.

Anonymous said...

"I'll have those n*#%ers voting democratic for the next 200 years."

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Note to PC pantywaists those are LBJ's words so get mad at him about using the dreaded "n" word.

Anonymous said...

The nation does something it's people are proud of and the blacks want to know if any blacks were involved. Why? Because they're Africans!
Its always the Africans. The American citizens may have their roots in Germany, Italy, France, England, Russia, Scotland, etc etc etc but they had become Americans.
None of them know how to be an American. Just ask Eric "my people" Holder.

Anonymous said...

50 is the new black.


It looks the UN might be coming to Deadrot's least to help the residents with dey wattah biwz.

Of course the groids are a choice route for greater UN encroachment. They have no self-respect, so the need for sovereignty is a foreign concept to them.

--NB with IPMS

Independent Accountant said...

Richard Cranium:
I agree. Look at what the Chinese are doing to the Uighurs. If we do not clean up our mess, they will. Unmercifully.

I remember when LBJ said that!

Anonymous said...

"I'll have those n*#%ers voting democratic for the next 200 years."

This was said by LBJ to Mississippi Senator James Eastland. It refers to LBJ trying to convince Eastland to vote for the snivel rights act.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:24 Thank you sir/madam. I didn't know the back story. It will help when some lofo mongo tries to say it is a made up statement.

Anonymous said...

Detroit residents are organizing against having 300,000 peoples' water shut off. They are going to the UN, which is calling it a violation of their human rights.

So the concept of rights,- sans the concept of responsibility, sans the concept of the ability to afford them, - has been asserted again, in all its metaphysical glory.

This confrontation, between the 'rights' concept and the ability to 'pay' for said rights should be very interesting!

Korean Patriot


NASA hasn't returned to the Moon....because it can't.

10mm AUTO said...

I am sorry Paul, I only got to here before the nausea claimed me:

"On May 13, 1961, in its first issue after Alan Shepard’s historic Mercury mission, the nation’s leading black newspaper, the New York Amsterdam News, ran a front-page column that asked a question on the minds of millions of Americans. “If you are like me,” wrote executive editor James Hicks, “as soon as you finished thrilling to the flight of the United States’s first man into outer space, your next thought was, ‘I wonder if there were any Negroes who had anything to do with Commander Shepard’s flight?’

I can assure the readers here that I could ponder the meaning of Alan Shepard's flight and all the subsequent flights, the moon landing and the private companies that are following in terms of the future, the exploration of the stars, the wealth in the Asteroids and hundreds if not thousands of ideas without a negro coming to mind. In fact, a negro and space flight of any kind, except for maybe a test subject for medical experiments, seems in-congruent.

There is in the negro a huge desire to appropriate the works of others; or if not that, steal their time in the sun. Kayne West stealing the Mic from Taylor Swift or negros saying they are Greeks/Romans/Hebrews/Egyptians/etc. to wondering what part the black man played in the creation of Space Flight. It is a symptom of the Cargo Cult mentality as well as a Envious rage. For example: do Whites ever wonder what the role of White man was in the creation of the Great Wall of China? Do Whites try to take the spotlight off the great achievements of the negro like Jenkem and the "Supersoaker"? Would the White man shoot a movie like Zulu and include Whites in the cast of Zulu's, especially in an important role of adviser to Shaka?

They are a sick and largely irrelevant race, known only for their interference in other cultures.

Anonymous said...

Just like obamacrap, they went around proper procedure to get the snivel rights bill to the floor. I see a summer full of great snivel rights stories. Stay tuned right here!

Anonymous said...

‘I wonder if there were any Negroes who had anything to do with Commander Shepard’s flight?’

WHY DOES THIS MATTER! Why does it matter if Negroes have anything to do with anything. Whitey built ,invented,maintained,createdeverything.Why do white libs and blacks think that they have to be included in everything and think that this makes everything magically better.Is this like when they keep supposedly upgrading products ,like the new and improved tide detergent with 50% more power or is 50% better at cleaning your clothes BS...or insert whatever product or food you's all BS ...much like the Negros...all of a sudden everything is supposed to be better when you add in the illiterate uneducated un-American negroes.Too lazy to learn English or speak it.Worshipping the newest sneakers ,latest rap,latest white girl on her knees worshipping the black man...WTF is going on.

bernicegreenbaum said...

They came, they saw, they destroyed. Happy Anniversary, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
50 years, and how little they've accomplished!

Really true! If you look at the year 1964 and go back 50 years from there, 1914, you see the unbelievable technological (white) breakthroughs that occurred. Case in point:
Ice boxes in homes become electric refrigerators.
Wood burning stoves became gas and electric ranges.
Gas lights became electric.
Horse drawn carriages became automobiles.
Nickleodeons became Technicolor movies in movie theatres.
Washboards turned into electric washing machines and dryers.
Outhouses became indoor bathrooms with hot and cold running water.
1964-2014? Not so much, eh? EBT, Obamaphones, crack, AIDS, Abortion, Common Core. The list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Until you begin to understand WHY the Civil Rights Act was passed, you'll remain blind to history.

I'm not talking about Marxists-- I'm talking about something even more insidious.

Evil & chaos posing as the true and right. The inversion of morality.

NRx. DE.

Read people. PK has scratched the surface-- don't stop there.

Anonymous said...

here's the perfect cake to help you celebrate this momentous occasion:


Where these Detroit-Africans originate from...there is no running water.....

regression to the mean.......

Maybe the British should colonize Detroit......

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting.!2MXj4

NASA plans to drag a huge chunk of high speed rock into orbit around the moon to study. They are wisely looking at a little 20 footer which hopefully won't cause a lot of damage if it gets loose and comes home to Earth. If they utilize the expertise of AA engineers, what could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Concerning NASA's "plans", lol, they are an AA joke incapable of anything except feather-bedding & bank-rolling the artificial black middle class.

We have lurched horribly wrong & ain't no getting back on track as jig's + spic's + DWL have us outvoted, every time, every election.

FDR's plan to get "everybody" some kind of gubmint check so they'll always vote democrat has worked out beautifully...

The old Republic is a corpse. DC is walkin' dead Zombies & the administration is truly Planet Of The Apes government.

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Many of the commenters here drone on about a white homeland. Won't happen. The fixation and attention on this website is to obvious and very expensive cost of the black underclass ..that aside most whites don't obsess over that to a point of zero tolerance of blackness and otherness ..the average white person construes themselves as having a good natured curiosity about different people and takes pride and relief in having friends from various backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Please Mr. Kersey, stop posting about NASA. It's depressing. Yes it was a pinnacle of the white race but things have changed drastically.

Have you considered posting all welfare programs currently funded and the yearly cost? (Please focus on Section 8 and the WIC/EBT scandals).
National Debt?
Demographics of those receiving all the free stuff?
Maybe even how the whole social experiment is working?
Just some thoughts from Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

You have never met or seen a Bantu...

Californian said...

We've had 50-60 years of civil rights and we can pause to look at the results:
* Massive censorship under the aegis of speech codes.
* Witch hunts against thoughtcriminals such as Sterling, Deen, and many more.
* Massive federal intervention in every last aspect of American life.
* The disintegration of many American cities.
* Flashmobs, gangbanging, drivebys.
* Police state measures, enacted mainly to keep the black underclass in check.
* Systemic discrimination against white people via AA, "diversity" agitprop, and any number of social programs.
* Rewriting of history to glorify blacks and demonize white people.
* Worship of demagogs like MLK, Oprah and Mandela.
* The UN, apparently, being called in to get the water running in Detroit.
* And oh yeah, the end of the manned space program.

How's that civil rights working for you?

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting account from Sir Samuel White Baker’s exploration of Africa around 1850’s. I found this by googling Negroes in Negroville. It still rings true today.
"The negro has been, and still is, thoroughly misunderstood.
However severely we may condemn the horrible system of slavery,
the results of emancipation have proved that the negro does not
appreciate the blessings of freedom, nor does he show the slight-
est feeling of gratitude to the hand that broke the rivets of his
fetters. His narrow mind cannot embrace that feeling of pure
philanthropy that first prompted England to declare herself
against slavery, and he only regards the anti-slavery movement
as a proof of his own importance. In his limited horizon he is
himself the important object, and as a sequence to his self-conceit,
he imagines that the whole world is at issue concerning the black
man. The negro, therefore, being the important question, must
be an important person, and he conducts himself accordingly,
he is far too great a man to work. Upon this point his natural
character exhibits itself most determinedly. Accordingly, he
resists any attempt at coercion ; being free, his first impulse is to
claim an equality with those whom he lately served, and to usurp
a dignity with absurd pretensions, that must inevitably insure the
disgust and abhorrence of the white community." Baker's Great
Basin of the Nile, page 197.

questioning said...

"10mm AUTO said...
June 23, 2014 at 12:14 PM"

Oh they didn't stop there, google "the+albinos+black+europeans" and make sure you don't have anything to drink and a pillow on the floor right beneath your jaw. Yes, it is THAT awesomely bad.

Anonymous said...

I was 2 yrs old when this was signed. I can honestly say... it has become a "cancer" that has eaten away the spirits of a white person. Civil Rights, AA, HUD. What a disaster to a wonderful country.
Fla White Gal!

rex freeway said...

And with all the advantages that this was supposed to give Negro's. To right wrongs and make America a level playing field. Isn't 50 years long enough to prove what a colossal failure the civil rights act was and still is? You cant get a mule to build a rocket. You might use it to clear the land upon which the rocket will be launched. But it will stare in confusion as the rocket ignites and takes off for the sky. Now create legislation to give a mule a fair chance and see where it gets you. Much like the civil rites is what you will get.

Unknown said...

Determined action often carries you through here's proof

Jay said...

Well said. Just look at every country that received their independence from "add empire here". They went from thriving economies to become third world shitholes in no time.