Thursday, June 26, 2014

Will White People Ever Get "Reciprocity" for Voting Republican?": Breaking Down SNAP/EBT Card Usage in Mississippi by County and Race

There's something inherently unnatural and sick about our country.

Something fundamentally evil.

And it all comes out in the Thad Cochran-Chris McDaniel Republican primary battle for one of Mississippi's senate seats, which Cochran won by appealing to the black voter (who, though it was a Republican primary, were allowed to vote in the open primary).

 It should be noted that:
In 2012, 89 percent of Mississippi whites gave their votes to Mitt Romney, while 96 percent of Mississippi blacks gave their votes to Barack Obama.
 So, because Cochran supporters distributed a flier among the black communities of Mississippi (which "highlights racist comments McDaniel made on his radio show, along with his opposition to a Civil Rights museum, federal funding of public schools, and SNAP benefits."), the long-time tool of the Washington D.C. ruling elite was allowed to beat back the so-called "Tea Party" candidate.

But it comes with a price: Reciprocity. [NAACP Wants Thad Cochran To 'Show Some Reciprocity', Huffington Post, 6-25-14]:
Black voters played a huge role in helping Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) fend off tea party challenger Chris McDaniel in a runoff election Tuesday, and now the state NAACP is asking the six-term senator to return the favor.
In an interview with HuffPost Live, Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi NAACP, said that Cochran could thank black voters by supporting efforts to re-establish protections in the Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court struck down last year.
"Our advocacy towards his office is to support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID," Johnson said. "I think this is an opportunity for him to show some reciprocity for African-Americans providing a strong level of support for him."

Thad Cochran has been praised, by the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, for his stance on SNAP/EBT. 

Well, the New York Times put together an interactive map in 2009, breaking down SNAP/EBT card usage by every county in America.

And by race.

Okay, so the New York Times lumped Hispanics with whites, but this interactive map represents the closest one can get to capturing just which racial group is dependent upon SNAP/EBT cards (government assistant) to put food on the table.

On average, 9% of whites in the entire state of Mississippi (as of 2009) are on food stamps.


On average, 34% of blacks in the entire state of Mississippi (as of 2009) are on food stamps.


Not one county in the state of Mississippi has more whites on SNAP/EBT (by percentage) than blacks.

It's hard to be competitive as a state when almost one-out-of-every-ten whites is on SNAP/EBT; it's even harder to be competitive as a state when more than one-out-of-every three blacks is on SNAP/EBT.

Quite the load to carry for the productive in the state versus the unproductive.

There's something inherently unnatural and sick about our country.

Something fundamentally evil.

And it all comes out in the Thad Cochran-Chris McDaniel Republican primary battle for one of Mississippi's senate seats, which Cochran won by appealing to the black voter.

It's funny: blacks want reciprocity for helping Cochran win the Republican primary; have whites ever asked for reciprocity for voting Republican (almost 9 out of every 10 white votes cast in Mississippi go to a Republican Party that... hates them)?

The unnatural state of our country won't last forever. 


Anonymous said...

"There's something inherently unnatural and sick about our country.

Something fundamentally evil."

Truer words have never been spoken.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Wow. just wow.
I had just used a similar map yesterday. I had saved the bookmark of a map by NYTimes showing 2000 census vs 2010, to try to find a safe place to move as soon as we can. It's getting crazy. I didn't find many. Even searching Idaho - some of the counties were showing 20~43% Hispanic! Wtf.

Neanderthal Girl.

Anonymous said...

I say this to my co-workers:
"For a civilized country to exist the tax base has to be able to help the destitute." It's a Christian principle.
Unfortunately MY COUNTRY has decided that the "tax base" be damned. We need to expand every possible welfare program possible. I'm paying Obama and I know I will be paying more. I find you to be a Marxist and not my friend. I've spent my life working and paying taxes. Never bitched but I'm sick of it.
Can any of the liberal/fascist monitoring this site please enlighten me about how a country/nation sustains expansive welfare programs with a shrinking tax base? Do you guys realize your gravy train is coming to an end?
What will you do?
DWL understand that you will be on the front lines when this once great country implodes.
Congrat Rats! Please don't ask for help. It will be denied.
Scot Irish

behind blue eyes said...

The gibs have been handed out so long any take away would be riot worthy. Three and four (or more) generations of get over being taught more then education or life skills. When girls are taught by the litter bearer that "mo kidz be mo money" what would you expect? The buck figure is never supportive. The kidz never learn family structure and grow up thinking "foo be free". A damn shame. Any potential nog that shows an inkling of smarts is immediately brought back to "be blek" and to "keep it real". This group would be extinct if not for WT tax money. Instead they are more protected then any endangered species will ever be.

ricpic said...

"The unnatural state of our country can't last forever."

Why? The unnatural attempt to impose "equality" on us, by our "betters," has been the reigning dogma in America since...well, since way before you or I were born. In my case that would be 1942: ten years after the start of The New Deal and about thirty years after the first giant blocks of the Progressive agenda were put in place. That agenda necessarily ends in massive wealth redistribution from the makers to the takers. Worse than that it must involve the deliberate organized effort to demoralize the makers. After all, how else can we be made equal, psychologically as well as materially? That's what we've been forced to live through. And why can't it last forever? If the decline in the standard of living of us evil white producers can be "managed" in such a way that we don't crash into sudden poverty but are just slowly settled into it...well, then we'll adjust to it. That's far more likely than the dramatic bloodletting so many dream about. Sorry, but it can last forever.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that you often hear about the poverty in Mississippi. Yet the white rate of food stamp usage doesn't appear particularly alarming.

Unfortunately for Mississippi it has thee highest percentage of Blacks.

Bob Smith said...

"Our advocacy towards his office is to support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID"

Unless you know for a fact that vote fraud in majority-black precincts is substantial and widespread, and wish to keep that political advantage, why would you object to voter ID?

Anonymous said...

"The unnatural state of our country won't last forever."

Well let us hope so! It's so unnatural that Marxism is considered a good thing by the Bantu.

Reference South Africa. That's the future USA.

Scot Irish

saltene said...

Both sides of the same damn coin.

Any, and all conservatives just got the eletist foam middle finger.

Screw you conservative, now thats the word from the GOP.

I do not see this ending well. It is truly evil. The middle class knows they are under constant attack and yet they will not fight back because of pc pushed words and the all caring excuse of religion.

Say a prayer tonight to help you're own concience, but keep you're eyes closed to reality.

When are we going to wake up and realize the elite in Washington, on both sides, the Progressive elite literally, not figurativley,
Want you DEAD! No joke, dead, gone, eliminated.

It will not be long before people wake the fuck up, but it's already too late.

I believe in the next year people will find themselves in a self preservasion mode, and you're Catholic neighbor who believes in amnesty and the rest of the humanitarian bull shit, will beg for help.

Guess what, it aint gonna happen.

Think about it, and choos you're side.

The blind will not lead the blind.

eah said...

There's something inherently unnatural and sick about our country.

The disease is "diversity". Major symptom is racially sensitive political correctness. There is no known cure. So sadly the patient will die...eventually.

Anonymous said...

This is why the "productives" leave the state and that whole Mississippi delta area. Most of the "productives" are transplants, it's not like the wonderful education system in Mississippi churns out rocket scientists.

I confirm it is a horribly dated, backward place to live. There is nothing even marginally intelligent people would find worth staying for in this state. They are really a lazy bunch here. I constantly hear the words "You can't" or "I can't" all the time. These people won't even try to accomplish something, they are only too comfortable to accept defeat. No wonder the south lost the war.

I will never stop trying to find a safe area for people like me, whether it is in America or somewhere else. I will not let someone tell me I can't do anything and accept lower standards and pathetic excuses. And I will not continue to reside in such a "loser" state.

Ps, for those who worry...I am a woman with no sympathy for any creature without ambition or who lacks the drive to sustain themselves. It is not in my nature to nurture the weak or pathetic or stupid people who unfortunately surround me everyday.

Anonymous said...

So 9 out of 10 white's in Mississippi are stupid . I am speachless.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope we hit rock bottom before whites are a minority. Hopefully this will wake people up to the impending disaster. If we just roll along watching sports, silly tv shows and stuffing our faces at the outback until whites are a minority there will be no return. Detroit is the future.

PK - it would interesting to hear your thoughts on where whites can go if we can't retake the country. South America? Europe?

Ed said...

Big story from NY Times. In Detroit, Blacks don't pay their mortgages or water bill. Now it appears they don't pay their tax bills. However since they want to stay that should outwiegh everything. You can't make this up.

Detroit Needs Residents, but Sends Some Packing

Forty-five years ago, Mr. Ford’s family bought the 1920s-era house for about $17,000. But in recent years, Mr. Ford said he had struggled to find work and pay even his immediate bills — for electricity and food — much less overdue property taxes. Though he was hired in June to do demolition work, Mr. Ford said he did not have the more than $7,000 he owed in back taxes since 2010 and in interest and fees, which now amount to 30 percent of that total bill. This winter, he found a plastic sack hanging on the front door, alerting him that the house was to be foreclosed on for taxes. It will most likely be sold at auction this fall unless he finds the money. The bags speckle the neighborhoods here during certain seasons. “All the wind came out of me when I saw that,” Mr. Ford said. “I’ve been here since I was 3. My focus is on finding a way to keep it. But if not, where will I be? I don’t know.”

D-FENS said...

"For a civilized country to exist the tax base has to be able to help the destitute." It's a Christian principle.

Which is one of the reasons I am not a Christian.

BTW, who decides who is destitute?

D-FENS said...

"So 9 out of 10 white's in Mississippi are stupid . I am speechless."

The ones in South Carolina aren't much brighter. They just sent Linda Graham (R-Israel) back to the Knesset.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.

H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

Blacks use EBT/SNAP as a form of currency. If they put a tracking device on a black person's card, they would see transactions of all sorts. Most blacks have a big wad of crime cash, from turning tricks, selling stolen goods and drugs, bribes, braiding and weaves, and running pea shake and gambling joints. One joint just got shut down here in Indianapolis last weekend, and there were hundreds of SNAP food stamp cards confiscated in the sting:

They actually HAND their benefits card over to other blacks to pay for goods and services, like prostitution, hair braiding, liquor, rent, babysitting, cigarettes and drugs, gambling, etc. No cashier must check ID or ask questions. The GOV is in on this scam.

If blacks qualify for SNAP/EBT, then they also qualify for hundreds of other parasite programs. No application required.

There is a market for stolen cards in the ghetto, and some are sold for pennies on the dollar at the "variety" stores. Then the minority store owner goes to Walmart to use the EBT cards to stock their shelves. We the taxpayer are getting royally f*cked by the GOV and their black voter pets.

The blacks will not go without. They will liquidate your retirement savings, your HCSAs, your private property and college savings accounts to pay them not to riot and to vote Dem.

Anything you can't defend with a firearm is not really yours.

Anonymous said...

Well said.Thank You.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I went to an Ohio theme park with the kids last weekend.

I saw large groups of black and brown-skinned muslim women in long hijabs and ethnic costumes EVERYWHERE, most with at least 4 children, a baby in a stroller and pregnant too. I probably saw over 100 of them total.

Why at a theme park with roller coasters??

There were no men with them. They struggled to order their soft drinks in English. They weren't riding anything, just walking around. They wore bright colored smocks with bright blue, orange, red, yellow, in patterns so they could not be missed. Quite a spectacle in Ohio.

Something is going on. Are they getting paid by the FEDGOV to breed too?

Anonymous said...

Every brown person blames white people for their cultural failures.

Every brown person who lives in Western society is therefore OK with being a parasite. They are all OWED for some past indiscretion of white oppression, slavery, or colonialism.

There is no collective shame among these people for STEALING the hard-earned wealth of another man and his family. They are all ENTITLED to it because everything the white man has and is he has stolen from the brown oppressed masses.

This is going to be brutal war, with whites as the target, and many will be left with nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, SB, and you to Paul. I'm Catholic and I go to mass every Sunday. At no time have I ever heard such things. Our Parish is in a pretty rural area. I assume the other men there are realist also. I can assure the both of you "key board tough guys" there will be no begging.

Belgium( don't sing it, bring it)Beast.

Anonymous said...

The welfare spending supporting a huge sector of this country, not just the negroes but the wealthy, white business types who know how to work the system will be in for a rude awakening when the financial system fails. Others here have pointed out that the U.S. government can print money and deposit it in people's bank accounts/EBT cards without limit . True however one important detail is left out, the U.S. government cannot guarantee the purchasing power of the dollar conjured out of thin air and backed by nothing. Everyone reading Mr. Kersey's posts can remember when most things and all necessities cost substantially less than current prices, that is a perfect example of declining purchasing power. Track the price per ounce of coffee, per quart of milk, gallon of gasoline, pound of chicken/beef/fish etc. and you will note a steadily rising price which is a perfect example of steadily declining purchasing power. The decline of purchasing power is caused by U.S. government deficit spending, massive trade deficits and printing money. The U.S. government cannot go bankrupt, that is true but the U.S. government can destroy the value of the U.S. dollar like Weimar Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Zimbabwe etc. The monetary history of all money systems that are untethered from gold and silver is one of universal currency destruction eventually. Oh, oh, I forgot. The U.S.A. is an 'exceptional' nation, American 'exceptionalism' means the U.S. government can print an infinite amount of money and not destroy the currency unlike every other example in history. It may take a long time for the U.S. government to wreck the dollar but it's a mathematical certainty it will happen, nobody knows when but typically when a currency implodes it does so suddenly and destroys those who are unprepared. The U.S. government's policy of building up Japan then China's industrial base, decimating the U.S. industrial base, massive oil imports and constant wars have flooded the world with dollars since 1945 while domestic spending has also exploded. There is no way the U.S. government can stop spending now, there would be an immediate financial collapse worse than 2008 and BHO and Congress need to buy votes to stay in office anyway. If incurring huge debts were the path to prosperity it would have been discovered long ago and the U.S. would be the wealthiest nation on earth instead of rapidly becoming a third world nation.

Anonymous said...

Oh so true.I was given a hard time awhile back by some clown after I mentioned that the south was a rotten shithole.Well,it IS a shithole.
I was born and raised in Northern Ohio.It never crossed my mind that the south was any different than where I lived and grew up.Sure,people may speak a bit different,but beyond that I had no idea.
I eventually wound up living in Tennessee.
The first and most glaring difference I noticed was the complete lack of money.Not just the people,but the whole state.It shows itself in a myriad of ways.From the orange and green circa 1966 plastic chairs at the library,the gas pumps that you watch the numbers spin on (because the pumps still have mechanical numbers like a car odometer).
The complete lack of litter clean-up in Memphis,(trash everywhere) abandoned buildings,warehouses,houses,and so forth.Crumbling streets and sidewalks.A ludicrously corrupt police/court/jail system that continuously needs 'fresh meat' to feed their perpetually empty coffers.
Pompous religous phonies trying to drag you to some creepy 'church'.
And yes,I heard 'can't' all the time.
I was reminded of the civil war daily,something we had studied in 8th grade for a couple weeks (that I really had given no thought to since 8th grade)
It truly must be experienced to be believed,words do not do the situation justice.
My humble advice,Dear Lady,is to do as I did-leave,kick the dirt and cowshit off your shoes,and do not look back.
You will never regret it.
I now live a very happy and productive life in California.
I should have come here when I was 18.
People may say whatever they wish about California,I love it and am so glad I came here.
We have room for you here.We have many high-paying jobs to choose from.(hell,minimum wage is 9$,in SF it is 10.74$ !)
Come see us.We'd love to have you here.The south is no place for anyone that wants a happy life with some privacy.
If you forget everything else I posted,just remember this.
Leave.Now is the perfect time.
A new and much better life awaits you.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Where is Tunica county on the list ? Paul,you should check out all the corruption,graft,kickbacks,bribes,blackmail,murders,etc. that came along with legalized gambling in Tunica,Ms.
Overnight there was more money in Tunica than probably the entire state had seen in a decade.
All that money,all at once, was (and is) a goldmine for all sorts of creeps, sleezy politicians,lobbyists,building inspectors,corrupt 'law enforcement' hacks,and surely many we will never know about. Thank You for an informative post,and Thank You for all the hard work you do.What you are doing is very important and has helped far more than you probably realise.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I also am Catholic and have been more attentive to my Faith as I get older and hopefully a little wiser. For those who are not Catholic and have no religion or attended various non-denominational or mega churches the Catholic experience, at least at first is strange and disconcerting. The daily mass is the center of worship of God with the focus on God, not man at least in theory. The purpose of the Church is salvation of souls not fellowship, friends etc. thus the focus on worshipping God. In the 1960s a Church council held in Rome from 1962 - 1965 led to massive changes in the form of worship and culture but not Church teachings known as 'dogmas' which is from the Greek and means basically things taught as true. The post 1965 Church tried to follow every popular trend in pursuit of approval and 'relevancy' instead of teaching moral and religious truths which are always unpopular. The result was a massive defection from the Church, scandals and the bishops pursuing money worse than ever, especially government money, the worst kind. In the 2,000 year history of the Church similar things have happened before and the Church has always reformed itself. The bishops are usually out of touch with the real world but by no means is that universally true. At Tridentine or Latin masses the priests and parishoners are universally conservative and rational in my experience, not so much with the parishes that follow the newer mass from the late 1960s. I have heard priests ask for prayers for guidance for BHO and others in authority but never heard a priest recommend any law breaking including immigration. The Church before the 1960s taught all had a duty to "render unto Cesar" as well as God and not to break the law or encourage others to do so. People were taught not to be a burden to others and to be self supporting, welfare was not even considered, that's what families were for when help was needed. The bishops have spoken in favor of immigration because they want to fill the Church with people since they abandoned Church teachings and discipline in the 1960s then parishoners stopped going to mass. The overwhelming majority of Catholics in The U.S. don't want immigration especially from illegal aliens south of the Rio Grande, their culture is hideous, they are violent, misogynist and cruel. The Catholic faith and culture is only a veneer south of the Rio Grande, about a thousandth of an inch deep, no more. The pre-Catholic pagan rituals and culture still dominate places like Mexico, they don't know or care anything about the Catholic Faith and choose abortion, murder, cruelty, violence and crime which are not part of the Catholic culture or teaching.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe such a low percentage of whites qualify for food stamps in Mississippi. I would have thought about half the state (all colors) qualified based on the way things look when I was there 30 years ago.

Voting between Rs and Ds is useless. I call them "shirts" and "skins" because they're really both the same team. Voting against every tax increase is useful - we finally prevented a tax increase in my area and wow, did the losers howl. Vote for an independent if there's a good one because the more those numbers go up, the more viable that option looks. And the last school board election I voted for the one guy who said out loud that our district is in trouble because of so many blacks and illegals moving in. He didn't win but he had guts to say what he did and everyone knows that hundreds of people agree with him.

I wonder if that Cochran idiot will lose to the real Democrat in November?



Someone tell Richard Cranuim that he'll be leaving California real soon. If not he'll be watching his masters kid's real soon. Your a fool and you'll be wishing for those Tennessee day's real bad. The Latino's will own you real soon Boss!


Anonymous said...

I've seen links where groups going over the voting have already picked up 800 in Jackson alone who voted in the runoff, but were ineligible because they already voted in the dem primary.

It would be somewhat amusing if in the end the whole thing backfired on ol' Thad. But I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

I rode through Mississippi a couple years ago, with a buddy to pick up a government surplus trailer he got that was in Baton Rouge. All that pork and the set of rest areas on I-59 not far from where it ends are devoid of any buildings and closed off. I mostly went for the sake of going to some states I'd never been to.

I use to analyze potential places to move. It uses 2010 census data and you can zoom down in some instances just about block by block to see how black, white, or other an area is. So when I see a real estate listing, I look it up on the map and compare to the maps there and see what it shows me. It's probably not perfect but it isn't too bad.

10mm AUTO said...

"Can any of the liberal/fascist monitoring this site please enlighten me about how a country/nation sustains expansive welfare programs with a shrinking tax base? Do you guys realize your gravy train is coming to an end?
What will you do?"

They don't, which is why the Socialist experiment implodes every time it is tried. It may be one of the ironies of the world that a Communist/socialist (As opposed to National Socialist) "gibsmedat" government, to last the longest, must have a religious Christian birthrate to support it.

All these Western governments are bringing in immigrants in the Chrystal Methodist belief that, somehow, things will turn around if they can get just the right people into the job. Serious national politics has become a Sporting event, like Nigball. No one is saying "What is best for the people of the Country" or how do we protect our manufacturing base"; they are betting Obama can get another 5 or 6 million illegals over the line or enact another 4000 to 5000 new regulations before the ball is given over to the R-Jersey's, who will grumble about the new regs or illegals, but do nothing about them or give them Amnesty.

You can see this self destructive seed in the pathetic lurching of Obama in his first month of office when he went to Switzerland and arm twisted the Swiss Government into opening the books of the banks looking for money Americans had been avoiding paying taxes on, a episode which ended in failure and embarrassment.

In the Socialists dreams, somewhere their is a huge Scrooge McDuck vault full of gold and platinum and jewels where all of the "capitalists" have been stealing the money of the "little guy". and not paying their "fair share". It isn't till you have MOUNTAINS of bodies and a shattered nation that they look up and realize that they were wrong. By then it is too late. Too many walls have bullet holes and blood, too many mass graves. The cycle must run its course. Cambodia is the book definition of this delusion; where in their drive to crush "foreign influences" and have a "rural Communism" they killed everybody with eyeglasses and/or who spoke a foreign language (which sadly included most Doctors). It wasn't till the National I.Q. had dropped by 10 points and the Country was invaded by Vietnam (!) that the killing stopped.

It's like the Global Warming sickness, which most now are realizing was a delusion. Where do the scientists who were vilified, spat on and driven from the Universities go to get their reputations, their productive years, in some cases their families back for questioning what is now revealed to be false data and politically driven conclusions?

As a stable, fair form of Government the Constitutional Monarchy combined with a homogenous racial population appears to be the best. The Republic, while in theory represents a fair government, degrades quickly into a "Gibsmedat" Socialist Oligarchy with trappings of "democracy" and zero responsibility with the passive majority driven by the most violent minority., or "AnarchoTyranny". This is where huge crimes against the population can be committed with impunity by the violent minority, yet the State still enforces every niggling regulation against the law abiding. See the blog "Radish" for a good explanation.

Socialism implodes when the population either can't believe in it anymore or the productive flee.

Anonymous said...

Can't put blacks in jail for not paying child support, cause they're already in jail.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is not as charitable to the voluntary indigent as most Christians would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have no idea why some on this site think we're are some how culpable to this BRA mess we find ourselves in. I imagine these are the same people who have never stepped foot in a church.

Belgium Beast.

Bogolyubski said...

.... just try to imagine the depth of my shock and awe. The funniest thing will be seeing the likes of Cochran actually deliver on the promises of gibs to groids who will not vote for him in November. Cochran, a typical Repuke, had been knifing his YT voter base in the back for decades. He will not dare to do this to the negro-gods, whose guardian angels in the Minarets of Manhattan (Thad's big donors) are nothing if not vengeful. Just ask Paula Deen - the plucky Southern gal who takes a kicking and keeps on licking.

The person who noted the massive vote fraud (already being discovered) forgets that Repukes willingly abide by a Federal consent decree issued from a blackrobe in 1983 which grants negroes de-facto immunity from all lawsuits against vote fraud which (as you can imagine) is quite rampant wherever negroes vote. So unless McDaniel is independently wealthy enough to drag a suit for vote fraud through a rigged court system at his own expense, the holy people's multiple votes will count. As mentioned, Ol' Thad's backers have access to Auntie Jan's trash-for-cash drive-thru discount window, so money is not a problem for him.

SC is another example of the futility of voting in rigged elections. The Pink Palmetto Princess is supposedly unpopular there, and faced multiple opponents in the primary, which he won handily. I'm willing to bet that at least half of his alleged "opponents" were fronted by his backers (who happen to be identical with Cochran's guardian angels dancing in the Minarets of Manhattan). Six years ago, the only conservative running for senate in SC was the Democract. The Christian idiocracy there couldn't see past R and D so they voted for Her Pooftery - again.

ms sippy said...

Tunica County has always been a VERY black County, with a very small popultaion. It is in the NW corner of the State near Memphis. It is 98% rich farmland, thousands and thousands of acres of cotton, soybeans, and corn. The land is owned by rich white farmers. The casinos are surrouned by cotton fields. It's part of the Delta. No trees, just flat farmland. Back in the early 1990's when the casinos opened everyone thought it would be a great thing for Tunica County since there were no jobs there, pretty much everyone there was unemployed. The casinos went to all the tiny little towns trying to sign up negroes to work. They even offered a casino bus to come to the towns to pick them up. Very few takers, just about zilch! The casions quickly found out the ones that did want to work were to DUMB to do anything. Many white people moved to the area and took the jobs. One casino recently closed putting over 2 thousand out of work. There is corruption I suppose in the area, but there is nothing there. It's LAND. I've lived here by choice most of my life, everyone I've ever known has gone to college and they have good jobs. It's segregated, low to no crime where I live. The Gulf Coast is a great area also, 90% white. We are armed and the negroes know it. You don't have to be around them, they have their areas and we have ours. TC came to Desoto County a few weeks ago, it was sick! He looked so frail, weak, confused, dazed, and a guy was holding on to him to keep him from falling it appeared. He gave no pep talk, heck he could barely mumble a few words. None of this should have ever happened, he should of retired, it was a perfect time to do so.

josh said...

The Southern plantation owner slaveholder lives on in the person of scum like Thad Cochran. He got his dear darkies to rob the white man of his self determination. Leave it to the Orcs to use a vote as a weapon!

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:

The Bible is not as charitable to the voluntary indigent as most Christians would have you believe.

That's quite true. But the vast majority of "Christians" worship negroes instead of Jesus and few have even read - much less comprehended - anything in the bible. Christianity doesn't really exist any more. It's been replaced by Crystal Methodism in blackface wearing a Jeezus robe.

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile, up on the Northwest Front in Washington state:

A Washington woman has been arrested, again, for leaving her toddler children home alone while she served five days in jail for driving with a suspended license.

Police say 23-year-old Qiara Emerson left her 1-year-old and 3-year-old children alone for five days.


“It’s baffling to us; we can’t understand why a mother could not care for her children to the degree that she did,” Auburn Police Department commander Mike Hirman said.

Police are now looking for the children’s two fathers though have not had much luck in getting one to take his kid or finding the other.

No picture is shown, but between the different, absent dads and the first name I'm thinking I'm fairly safe to assume she's of that poo hue.

If you follow on through to the linked Seattle Pi story, one of the people commenting is amusing in a sad way.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:05: Outstanding post ma’am. I have been reading this blog for about 2 months now and yours is the first comment that has resonated entirely with me. Our current dilemmas are many, but they can be succinctly explained and validated by the fact that although we whites are not stupid, weak, or incapable of turning this ship of fools around, we have been temporarily neutered and rendered indigent by the liberal-championed political correct narrative and, therefore, we are relegated to discussing these issues under the cover of darkness, anonymously, and in locations that too few will ever see. I have a sincere problem with this reality. I am sure that most of you who visit PK’s awesome blog have at some point reluctantly involved yourself in a liberally dominated virtual discussion on some other site. I am also sure that the fallout from your comments has always digressed to the liberal mean…..that is name calling; you’re a red-necked douchebag, a racist, uneducated, war mongering “conservatard” who doesn’t care about anything but guns and big corporations...blah, blah, you know the rest verbatim. I retired from the Army a few years ago. I was an Infantryman by trade, and I had to stay in shape in order to perform as an Infantryman at a level that facilitated my ability to do my job effectively, to lead effectively from the front, and to instill the desire in my men to accomplish the mission. People don’t follow the weak. Libtards do, but they are not people, not in the legitimate sense. Real people take care of their own issues, real people support their own families, raise and educate their own offspring and teach them right from wrong and lead by example. I still work out and I stay strong because that is what a responsible white male does, if physically able, in order to protect his family, his wife, and his offspring. Let me tell you what else I do. When I go into my gym the first that that I do is turn the channel on every television so that it displays static. If someone changes it back to MSNBC or the VIEW, or BET, I complete my set, walk over, and change it back and then take the remote. The owner knows me and he knows that I pay my monthly gym fees on time, in full, with a tip on Christmas. The owner is white, I patron his business and he tells the non-paying, friend-pass bench jockeys that if they don’t like it, they can go work out somewhere else. Let me tell you what else I do. When I pull into an establishment and see a car with an OBAMA bumper sticker, or any other leftist political crap, I wait. I wait for 10 minutes to see if the owner returns to the vehicle and they do about 30 percent of the time. When I see the owner I let them know how I feel about liberals, not in a threatening way, but in a very REAL way. I always get the same, text book response. Either they say that it’s not their car, or they damn near kill themselves trying to unlock it, get in, and lock it back up and haul-ass out of Dodge. Remember those libs who loved to blast you online, from behind the safety of their monitors and keyboards and who attacked you with their rhetoric and Cheetos-stained fingers? This is what they really are, in real life; they are cowards. Treat them like cowards every chance you get. Correct their stupidity, in public, in front of others whenever possible. Lead by example, trust me, there is NOTHING that they can do as long as you are tactful, truthful and lead from the front. How do I know this? Because I am a school teacher now; Health and Physical Education. If I can be a strong, proud, WHITE male where I work, you all have NO excuse. Stop hiding, stop looking the other way. Teach your kids and protect your family and what is yours. I too have zero patience or sympathy for the whining, incompetent cowards who comprise the majority of the human flotsam that I am forced to work with, but the more I act like me, the more some of them snap the fu&* out of it. No one follows the weak. Yours truly,
Coach Kelley

Anonymous said...

Here's something I've found to be true time and time again as per the whole concept of helping. If you say you want to help your own people (and you're white) you will immediately be condemned as a horrible racist. It doesn't matter if you mention that the people you want to help live in Appalachia and are dirt poor. The key issue for black and brown racists (in their minds)is that you want to prevent them from getting that (white) money and help and to hell with the honkies in da mountains or poor rural areas. As far as the black and brown racists are concerned, all those people can go die for all they care.
It's an easy experiment- just talk to blacks or browns about poor rural whites needing help and they'll hijack the conversation and try to make it all about them and their community and accuse you of being a racist and not caring. At best, you might get one or two to concede that peanuts (at most)should be thrown to the poor rural whites but they'll insist the vast majority of money and help should go to blacks and browns. If you turn their own argument against them and accuse them of not caring and being racists who just want to help their own people and don't care about nobody else, they'll flip out and accuse you of practically being a founding member of the Klan.
The bottom line is they think they have an absolute right to your money as well as the right to determine where and how it should be spent and on whom.
Guess who that is!

Anonymous said...

Keepin' it real at the welfare office:

Reginald said...

I used to live in a northeastern city with a good number of blacks/west indian/south americans and because of my profession I end up working with/managing a lot of them. When I worked with them they would constantly offer me "A hunnit fo fitty" meaning an EBT card at half price it's true value. I would never take these offers because of what I thought were legit concerns (it's illegal, you need an id to use it, it's unfair to the tax payer). They always laughed and said I was a chump for not doing it. But you know what? Now I know they are right. I should have just bought the damn cards, as many as I could. I could have saved a lot of money on food over the years and instead it went to blunts, 40s, and wattamelon for some buck in the hood. Now years later I'm in debt. I wonder if those dudes are too?

Californian said...

In the Socialists dreams, somewhere their is a huge Scrooge McDuck vault full of gold and platinum and jewels where all of the "capitalists" have been stealing the money of the "little guy", and not paying their "fair share".

The irony is that much of the "one percent" is financing the left: George Soros, Bill Gates, the corporate foundations, the globalizing financiers importing the third world into the Homeland. The left may rail about the "corporate media" yet the media promotes a liberal party line, most notably about race.

The left's attacks on wealth is really an attack on the middle class. Raise taxes, wreck neighborhoods, outsource jobs, undermine the family and thus prevent inter-generational accumulation of property.

Anonymous said...

Comrade PK Radio Free USSA just reported Mississippi attorney Mark Mayfield has committed suicide over the Cochran/McDaniels debacle.
Searching webbernett tubes now but nothing is turning up.


Mr. Kersey:

You write very well. You see the BIG picture.

Can you write for us a Declaration of Independence?

It is time.

Anonymous said...

Coach Kelly - "Conservatards" are those liberty spouting whites who worship blacks but live nowhere near them.

They talk of Tea Party, small government and lower taxes, not realizing that that is "racist" because it all shrinks the faux black middle class and has a disparate impact on black parasites.

They believe that flooding successful white suburban schools with black "school choice" children is the answer for the "crumbling inner-city districts", where black children are held back by low test scores, liberal policies, peeling paint and lack of advanced STEM courses.

These Conservatard whites celebrate MLK as a peacemaker, believe that Jim Crow was the evil and racist part of our past, that blacks are the most religious and family oriented of all races, would vote for Ben Carson for president to prove that they are not racist rednecks, wave their little flags at Tea Party rallies while fawning over CL Bryant and Mia Love, and believe that blacks are slaves on the "liberal plantation", and if they could just listen to the gospel of conservatism, they would turn their lives around instantly, show up for work on time, reject welfare, get married, practice self-determination, and act like white people.

They throw the "wrong kink" of whites (like Paul Kersey" under the bus every chance they get, and they HATE people who advocate for whites.

Like I said. Conservatards.


Mr. Kersey, can you PLEASE force some of those here to use Paragraphs?

I look at some of the comments and my eyes hurt before I even try to read them.

I see 8 inches of letters all massed together.


Bob Smith said...

Police are now looking for the children’s two fathers though have not had much luck in getting one to take his kid or finding the other.

I wonder how hard the police tried. They're as beholden to feminism's "men are bad" meme as the courts are. It's a tossup as to whether a father could actually get legal custody even with these outrageous facts.

Anonymous said...

Elaborating on what Saltene said:
I do not see this ending well. It is truly evil. The middle class knows they are under constant attack and yet they will not fight back because of pc pushed words and the all caring excuse of religion.
Just this morning Glen Beck was concerned that citizens would head to the border to try and stop the invasion. He thinks that would be the pretense for the revolution wanted by the government.

I believe the revolution was already won by the Marxists and what we need is a counter-revolution. We are not going to get that by being passive or at the ballot box.

His warnings make me think he is either controlled opposition or a blithering idiot. EbenGale

Anonymous said...

I'm not going anywhere jackass.Everyone is not as miserable as you seem to be.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Very true.The game is played as if White people have no needs or legitimate problems.The social workers fall over themselves to help every nog,whether or not the nog needs help or even asks for it.The nogs have contributed nothing to the system,yet are first in line for gibs.Meanwhile Whites that have worked,paid taxes,contributed to charities and so forth cannot get anything but the runaround and weak excuses if they do ever ask for help.Ridiculous.
Richard Cranium


I've noticed that with more and more "integration" and all the Snivel Rights crap for the past 50 years, blacks look and behave even worse.

They clothes are even more disgusting. In the 60's and 70's they wore real pants, shirts and they look like shit.

They spoke better English in 1965. Today it is all Ebonics and slurred.

The women wear the most hideous clothes. Revolting nails. Layered on makeup......and this is an improvement.

The End of all this madness is going to be something to experience. The collapse of Rome, which took about 300 years, is going to happen to us in about 3 months........

Anonymous said...

Something more for Mr. Head. Many southerners remember the Civil War and what Grant and Sherman did down here. We remember the burning to the ground of our cities. Sherman's quotes about "reaping the whirlwind" and making "Georgia howl".

We remember them as blood thirsty sociopaths. We've studied their tactics and how their tactics insured maximum carnage. We also have studied our general's tactics and just how easily we could have won the war at the first battle of Bull Run. You probably don't remember but I do by reading it. We whipped the Federals badly and could have routed the Federals all the way back to Washington resulting in its capture and incarceration of Mr. Lincoln.
The War would have been over quickly.

With the exception of Grant's tactics at Vicksburg the Europeans studied just about all of Robert E.Lee and Thomas Jackson's tactics.
Sorry you don't know American history. I'm guessing your "Head" has a point on the top.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

"A system can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive "treason" from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. The "traitor" moves amongst those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself, for the "traitor" appears not a "traitor" ? He speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a system, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of its nations, he infects the body politics so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. Beware, beware, beware..." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 B.C

Anonymous said...

yes BRA socialism fails when the productive flee that was the whole point of the new FACTA laws, toi make it hard to flee with your assets to another country
if you have a skill , trade and can learn Russian, or a Eastern Euro language, US citizens can stay 90 days that is enought time to find a job and learn some language

Unknown said...

Anon @ 3:43 Love that quote, F*ckin love it!

Anonymous said...

Just because I do not say what you are comfortable with is no reflection of my grasp of history.And yes,my lower head does have a point but you don't get to see it.Rehashing 150 year old minutiae is not my idea of productive use of my time.People that cannot get over the south losing the civil war are sore losers 150 years too late.I say learn from the past but focus on possible better futures and how to get there in our lifetime.We may disagree but do not have to be disaggreeable.Let us both try and do our part on this,shall we ? Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

It has begun, beyond anyone's ability to deny what is in front of them. We have reached tyranny. That tyranny is cloaked in nonsense about minority rights, minority uplift, compassion and utopian egalitarianism. But it is all a sham, all put in place to enrich a small ruling elite.

Go ahead and continue to bury your head in moronic entertainment. It will all continue until you are fully a slave to the state and the corporations that will squeeze you until you are dead.

E. Newton said...

Anonymous CENTURION said...
Mr. Kersey, can you PLEASE force some of those here to use Paragraphs?

I look at some of the comments and my eyes hurt before I even try to read them.

I see 8 inches of letters all massed together.

I'll second that request. If the comment:
1. does not employ paragraphs
2. has this stuff """"""""""""""""""""""""""
3. or uses UPPER CASE conSTANTLY
4. or originates with "compassionate Oregonian"

Then don't post it. You don't even have to read or try to read the mess, just don't put it through. Saves PK time and keeps everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one.

Anonymous said...

I'm very upset with the republicans for the Ms BS! I won't vote for them anymore they've no honor! From now on I'm embracing my inner libertarian and will refer to the D's & R's as the Janus party!

Anonymous said...

Extinct? I think violent crime would skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

More and more I think " Lets just build on the ashes and lessons of the past. "