Monday, June 30, 2014

"In life, we are kings or pawns": 10 People Shot on Bourbon Street (Media Not Reporting Police Know 'Two unknown black males opened fire')

First the reports were of nine shot on Bourbon Street at roughly 2:45 a.m., an hour when the lifeblood of the city - tourists - are usually just getting the partying started.

Now the reports are 10 people were shot on Bourbon Street at roughly 2:45 a.m., an hour when the lifeblood of the city - tourists - are just getting good and liquored up for a run at a wild, wild party.

On Sunday morning at 2:45 a.m. (still considered Saturday night for those primarily white tourists having multiple cocktails in the Big Easy), two people opened fire.
One of the two black suspects who opened fire on Bourbon Street (in New Orleans), injuring 10 people

Two people who weren't playing midnight basketball, one of the programs of the NOLA FOR LIFE campaign/program, specifically designed by the city to counter the threat black males pose to New Orleans viability as a tourist destination. 

The fear of potentially being the victim of collateral damage in the largely black-in-origin crime/gun-crime in New Orleans (usually called black-on-black crime) is the primary reason only parts of the 60 percent black city are open to tourism. 

Most of the city is still just as off-limits as the Super Dome was to white people during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 
This is not a forgery: this is an actual billboard found in New Orleans as part of the NOLA FOR LIFE campaign. The Bourbon Street shooting that left 10 wounded did take place at... 2:45 a.m. 

And the NOLA FOR LIFE campaign is losing steam, with business owners and those with a vested interest in the city losing faith in elected officials incapable of stopping the carnage of black males (how many white people were victims in the shooting?). [Bourbon Street shooting leaves 10 wounded, 2 critically, tourism image scarred, New Orleans Times-Picayune, 6-30-14]:
A Bourbon Street shooting early Sunday morning left nine people injured - two critically - in the latest incident of New Orleans gun violence penetrating even the city's most iconic thoroughfare. 
New Orleans police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said "two cowardly young men" were responsible for the carnage, which sent bystanders diving into bustling bars and nightclubs for cover, and others crawling into open storefronts as they bled.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, attending a leadership conference in Colorado with gun violence among its topics, condemned the shooting and pledged a swift law-enforcement response. 
"Our No. 1 priority is to keep New Orleans safe," Landrieu said in a statement issued through a City Hall spokesman. "These kinds of incidents will not go unanswered."
New Orleans could be just as the city of Key West, Florida is: a safe place to let loose and have a wild time.

But, when the former city is 60 percent black (and almost all gun-crime in the aggregate of black individuals unlawful life choice), New Orleans is basically a militarized zone around Bourbon Street to keep white tourists happy.

Key West?
If New Orleans is to be a world class, where tourists feel safe and business owners believe they can make a profit, the city must realize black males are the only reason the there's a violent way of life in the Big Easy

A continuous, raucous party, where the threat of gun fire from "two cowardly - black - young men" isn't a fear a drunk person enjoying Fantasy Fest will ever consider as an impediment to spending vast sums of money in the southernmost tip of the United States.

Though the New Orleans Times-Picayune has yet to let slip the news of the suspects race in any of the stories they've published, this important detail (considering both suspects are still at large and are not... white, thus disqualifying large segments of the city from burdening the police with suspect status), this one pertinent detail was gleaned from the

Saturday, June 28,  2014 thru Sunday, June 29, 2014

  • #F-38071-14
  • 34S/Aggravated Battery (Shooting)
  • Unit 1887
  • 02:46 Hours
  • 700 blk Bourbon
  • P/O McFarland
  • Victims:  9 Subjects
Gist:  Two unknown black males opened fire.  9 subjects received GSWs.
Actual, 10 subjects received gunshot wounds (GSWs).

Courtesy of two black males, unfortunately absent from the midnight basketball game of the NOLA FOR LIFE campaign.

In Black-Run America life, white people are pawns of the game to uplift black people. Though few will admit it, all whites must pay homage to black people, who have been deemed royalty status by those in BRAs highest offices of power.

If this weren't the case, the lead paragraph at would contain the most important information about the shooting: that both suspects are black males.

Both are black.

We white people are nothing but pawns, in a game played by technocratic-managers intent on shielding black people from any criticism for the culture their genes help create.

New Orleans, without black people, would look a lot like Key West.

Instead, New Orleans looks a lot like a Port-au-Prince.


behind blue eyes said...

Midnight bakkaball be raciiss
Ray Nagin please. Chocolate city. Chocolate crime. I've been to New Orleans a few times years ago. You know, when police and local news description of black criminals wasn't racist. The place has spiraled down in record speed. It USED to be a fun place. It's a shame that the bucks(money not rapist) that tourists bring in will eventually stop. Its the fault of not only the black in the area but the leaders that are to PC and AAhires that its gonna be o.k..



And the hush-up game starts!

Oh the humanity when one little deranged 1/2 White kid get's hold of a gun!(really not that often by the way)

But on ABC news this evening not a peep about this black people hating White people incident.

Maybe they sent Diane Sawyer down too NOLA on bourbon street and the satellite had technical problems and they were about to tell us about this minor inconvenience of black males doing what they do best. And we all know that is KILL WHITEY or just plain KILL ANYTHING that has a pulse or moves.

But our dear boy scout leader(Obambi) is more worried about his new mexican't voters. So he wouldn't have time to address this matter this afternoon when he gave us a crisis moment on our southern boarder. On behalf of the new Americans as little dope nancy pelousi so said this Sunday morning past!

There is a war going on White man and White women. Except most of us on our side just don't know it!


AnalogMan said...

Aren't those billboards, you know... rayciss? Does this mean the embargo on truth is lifted?

OT: My feel-good news report of the day:

West Africa facing the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever, with 400 dead so far, patients go into hiding.

Dr. Amara Jambai, Sierra Leone's director of disease prevention and control, said at least 57 suspected and confirmed Ebola cases were "missing", the victims having fled or gone into hiding.

"When you lose cases that way, you will not know where the next case will appear," he told Reuters.

Ebola causes fever, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhoea, and can kill up to 90 percent of those it infects. Highly contagious, it is transmitted through contact with the blood or other fluids of infected people or animals.

Small beginnings ... After the damp squib that AIDS turned out to be, is this the real thing?


(Some of you will now understand why I copied/pasted my own comment from the previous post to here....)

One of my many pet peeves is when a person is mis-quoted OR when a quote is mis-quoted.

A perfect example is the mis-quote of the mis-quote "The public be dammed". First, it was not said by Cornelius Vanderbilt, but rather his not-so-bright son, George Vanderbilt (the First).

The quote is actually: "The public be damned, it is the stock holders I serve" (something like that). But the quote is twisted out of it's real meaning and the real meaning had much social reality built in.

So. Let us take the twisted quote of Thomas Hobbes where most of us only know "life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short".

That is NOT what he said and the real meaning has profound meaning to this very post of Mr. Kersey:

The Hobbes quote comes from his book Leviathan (1651) where he is discussing civilization. and he states "when men live without other security than what their own strength and their own invention shall furnish them", ...the result is..."no arts, no letters, no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short".

Understand? When there is no civilization, then you get this nasty brutish existence. And, do you all not see the destruction of civilization all around us today?

Life is wonderful. Life itself is quite nice, but when we have to deal with other humans, without civilization, we get what we get in Chicago, New Orleans and Detroit. Look how the life of these africans in these african cities are short, brutish and nasty. And they are.

We get killings and terror and rapes and pain.

This quote now has a whole new meaning and it applies to TODAY and the forcing of the negro onto/into the White Civilization

Pat Boyle said...

I happened to watch the first half hour or so of the famous Sci-Fi film 'Blade Runner' last night. The plot of Blade Runner takes place in Los Angeles in 2019. That's more or less the here and now. It is a movie about the future - a future that is here now.

Everyone praises this film but as a piece of prophecy it could hardly be more wrong.

For one thing there are no black people. There are not even very many Mexicans. A lot of people seem to be Japanese.

There is no real crime. The four replicants on the loose kill some people but nothing more than an average weekend in Detroit, Chicago or New Orleans. Anyway, why bother with hunting them down. They seem like better than average citizens and the won't live much longer anyway.

The main prediction seems to be great biological progress resulting in artificial humans. That's all wrong. Instead we've had great computer progress possibly resulting in a reduction in the need for humans at all.

I looked up the major Sci-Fi movies of the past couple years. None of them seem to deal with race in any serious way. The remake of 'Dredd' for example shows an oppressive future with out of control crime. But the criminal gangs are always fully integrated and enjoy racial harmony. In the post apocalyptic 'Priest' the vampires are aided by evil religious figures but there are no black criminals.

In the earlier film 'Escape From New York' there is plenty of crime and chaos but the bad guys are again integrated and never issue a racial epithet. They seem to be judging each other on the 'content of their character'.

Why has there not been a movie depicting race war? We have movies depicting every sort of dystopian future you can imagine but none in which the white people have exterminated the blacks? Or the other way around?

I started to fill this void a year or so ago. But I don't seem to be talented in writing fiction.

Maybe a plot showing New Orleans after all the blacks had been disposed of, wouldn't be sufficiently horrible enough to attract the horror movie audience?

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

Equality is a social construct.

Race is reality.

Ebola is our friend.

BTW - howzabout the shoot-out at the emmy party in hollywood? LOL, the hosting restaurant's web-site promised "The Black Experience" & for once their was some honesty in the advertising :)

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Peaceful White people have every right to be able to enjoy their hard-earned money without the threat of this type of bullshit happening -anywhere,anytime.Period.
How fucking hard could it be to post cops on every corner in the tourist areas ? Perhaps they could actually watch people,check people out and communicate with the other cops on nearby corners.With simple trained observation,these asshole gunmen could have been picked out of the crowd before all this started.
If nothing else,the gunmen could have been stopped before so many innocent Whites were shot.
Somehow,someway,Whites must figure out a way to self-segregate and be left alone by nogs.
Places like NOLA need to start being avoided by Whites because of incidents like this.Leave the cities to the nogs that do not care about keeping Whites safe(but gladly take their money).
Whites need to start speaking up,start demanding that these incidents are prevented from happening in the first place.
We can change all of this.We need to apply relentless pressure to elected officials,phony news media,police departments,nog losers like sharpton and jesse jackass,worthless aa hacks,and anyone else not with us.    Speak calmly but firmly with all friends,family,and loved ones about the nog menace..You may be surprised how many agree with you.
Friends,these suggestions may seem inconsequential or even silly.
I get that.It is a numbers game at heart.
The more of us that actually do something the better,it will encourage others.The more involved in this,the closer we will get to the tipping point.
White self-segregation is almost inevitable,sooner or later.
Richard Cranium


A shooting gone bad.

The solution is easy. No black is allowed within 1,000 feet of the Tourist Areas.

There. No more shootings.


Life in New Orleans is nasty, brutish and short.....

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said…
Why has there not been a movie depicting race war? We have movies depicting every sort of dystopian future you can imagine but none in which the white people have exterminated the blacks? Or the other way around?

I started to fill this void a year or so ago. But I don't seem to be talented in writing fiction.

I've got the same desire, write an Idiocracy, but darker (pun intended). A real look at a future society based on negro violence and tribal control. A dystopian world where nothing works and society is structured around hip-hop and cough syrup with a small group of surviving DWLs worshipping MLK are pursued about the landscape by their pets.

Mr. Rational said...

PK's typo about "losing stem" is sort of topical.  The DWLs are always hand-wringing about the lack of "diversity" (NAMs and women) in STEM careers (with most of the women avoiding the STE parts).  The NAMs can't maintain a technological society even if it's given to them in fully working order, let alone build one from scratch.  But somehow, from low test scores to utter lack of interest, this is the fault of White Males.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that shit ridden dump NOLA. Haven't been there since the early 80s. Been there done that not going back. I hope the Kwanstain enjoys self destruction to keep vibrancies happy and pampered. There won't be any going back when the KWA is a 3000 mile wide wasteland.

SolInvictus said...

"Pat Boyle said...

Why has there not been a movie depicting race war?...but none in which the white people have exterminated the blacks? Or the other way around?"

I interpret virtually every zombie movie or show as exactly that. Mindless, destructive hordes of brutish cannibalistic killers. That's about as close as you can get to depicting an invasion of Aztecs and Africans.

Anything more honest than that would never get made because it doesn't fit the narrative. It also would hit too close to home for residents in major cities.
Plus, instant class action defamation suits would ensue I'm sure...

Anonymous said...

Walk through almost any elementary school in the south. (Don't know about other areas.) Signs all over the place saying "They're just like us." Pictures of little black and white children playing with each other.
It's a given that some dogs are smarter than others. Same with different breeds of horses, etc etc etc. Why is it so hard to believe one breed (race) is smarter than another. Blacks are good at athletics, but they shouldn't be allowed to have a gun. They just have to shoot someone. Same with Democrats and liberals, make it illegal for them to own firearms.
Then the rest of us, with the guns, will keep the Democrats from outlawing them and the blacks from stealing them.

Anonymous said...

Black peeps always deny that there is any more violence in their "community" compared to any other race's community.

If this is true, then why do they have their own billboards asking them to stop shooting each other? Why have midnight basketball? I know we sure as hell didn't have or need anything like that around my friends and family.

Every one of these knockout games and every one of the shootings results in one less supporter of the black underclass. Soon enough it will be all out war. Black people should really get their act together fast before they wake the sleeping giant.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if we eventually see the formation of death squads that go about selectively shooting down the negro criminals.
I'm really to the point where I think that would be a good thing as nothing else has worked and negroes have just become more violent, hateful, hostile and dangerous.
It's time someone returned the favor.
The sad thing is that such would never be necessary or even a consideration if we still had segregation. What we see happening today in every city is a direct result of NOT having segregation and libtards coddling the negro.
The monkey is off the leash.

Anonymous said...

We seem to have an Amish problem in the chocolate city. Those damn Amish always causing trouble.

Anonymous said...


"She was Neenah’s only black officer and said other officers who had comparable violations of department rules weren’t fired. She seeks $300,000 in compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages."

"Dubinski, who also goes by her maiden name, Renee Porter, has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city, claiming racial discrimination contributed to her firing."

"Dubinski was fired in June 2013 after the Neenah Police Commission determined she violated department policy by maintaining a close relationship with a man who had a reputation for involvement in criminal behavior. It also ruled she disobeyed a confidentiality order and lied about three issues during an internal investigation."

The "discrimination" case has cost taxpayers over $180K, so thanks for that.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

This white giant was awakened 2 1/2 years ago. Never to return to slumber, but the negro fatigue requires a battery recharge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What a relief this new post is up. The picture in the last one was almost as repulsive and disturbing as some of the "teen" murderers.

Bogolyubski said...

I'm increasingly convinced the so-called "Manosphere" (this is Whiskey's center of focus) is yet another fine selection from Scheissgeld & Dormerde's - a single-malt distillation of their more common grape-drank offerings,...

...The Roissyites' tune has an oddly familiar ring, an old refrain we've heard before: See that shit? It's really GOLD! See that gold? It's really SHIT!

June 30, 2014 at 10:50 AM

That reminds me, question for Bogoyubski et al- what ethnic/racial group might this describe?

A. Mutilates the genitals of their male babies in various ways up to and including cannibalism. This early trauma may be part of the racial/tribal bonding and perverting of their young.

B. Fixation with basic bodily functions, particularly the anus and excrement. Constantly referring to these things in their communications.

C. Teach their offspring to hate, scam, demonize, and lie about non-members of the racial group, and to consider them as evil sub- humans to be enslaved or killed by the tribe.

D. Consider crimes committed against non-members- Whites in particular- to be righteous acts.

E. Constant whining about past injustices- real or imagined- done by Whites to their ethnic group

F. Never any guilt about anything their people might have done in the past or in the present to other ethnic groups. No presentation of remorse, a common attribute of the psychopath.

G. Prefer scamming to working for a living.

H. Inability to operate a non-dependent State.

I. Small and primitive ability to create and build things- no great architecture, music, art, or literature. Primitive, childish, cartoonish versions only.

J. Parasitizes the White races.

K. Quick to chimp out when any of the above is pointed out.

L. Aggression indicia includes stock retorts, racially-oriented battle cries (e.g. “never again”, “that’s racist”), racial demonization, (e.g. “angry White Man”, “WASP”,), shoot the messenger, ad hominem attacks,

I saw it somewhere and couldn't put my finger on the answer. Any ideas?

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

D. Sterling-Trump said...

"Midnight Basketball" still exists, it's just that the basketballs are black bullets and the nets are innocent white tourists.

There's just no escaping the fact that where there are blacks, time and time again there will be violent crimes:

The Bourbon St. shootings.
The Red Rocks shootings.
The Myrtle Beach Bikefest shootings.

Total Destruction: The True "Black Experience".

AnalogMan said...

Maybe a plot showing New Orleans after all the blacks had been disposed of, wouldn't be sufficiently horrible enough to attract the horror movie audience?

Pat Boyle

June 30, 2014 at 4:59 PM

I don't know about the horror movie audience, but I like it already.

This is why I enjoy old movies. Hardly a black beast to be seen, and only in small roles - waiting tables, shining shoes or emptying litter bins.

Anonymous said...

One of the best selling cosmetic products for women in Africa and the Third World is skin lightening cream. One can only wonder what will happen in the near future, when with genetic engineering,people can actually change their race. Will Jessie Jackson one day be defending those who are victims of racism, even though they are 100% white, but face discrimination because they "used" to be black? And what better way for a teenager to rebel than to come home black...

eah said...

The media campaign to suppress race in crime stories (every story I've seen about this so far fails to mention the black shooters) -- ie to omit any mention of race, even for obviously dangerous wanted suspects (they have nice rules about it that don't sound totally unreasonable), and in general to downplay crime stories where Blacks are the known perpetrators (especially when Whites are the victims) -- has actually been fairly effective: my anecdotal experience suggests the average White thinks that only racists notice disproportionate black criminality.

Anonymous said...

All the useless idiots that voted for their pied piper Marxist mongrel maggot messiah for a sail fawn or a welfare check or revenge on YT will soon enjoy the destruction they so richly deserve.
The brown stain on the mattress formerly known as the USA will be a combination of Rwanda and Serbia a year from now.

Anonymous said...

Like I posted the other day. Math doesn't lie.

FBI crime stats for 2011 have blacks being arrested for about 150 more murders than whites... like 4007 to 4156 or thereabouts.

That should be all you need to know. Just out of those numbers alone, no further breakdown, you're six times more likely to be murdered by a black. And that's with hispanics lumped in as white.

Anonymous said...

PK you really should think about going on TV and up the game about spreading the TRUTH, so we can have more of Those Who Can See. Only in numbers can we finally get the media to properly do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

re: movies
Elysium with Matt Damon does apply here

Samuel Thompson said...

Nowhere will be safe, at least no state will be safe. Unless you are living in the remotest areas of Wyoming or Washington or Maine or Minnesota, you will encounter 'diversity' in its purest form.

It's not good enough that you want to be left alone. No, you NEED to experience diversity. You need to have your principles and values assailed. You're too white, friend, to not have them destroyed.

Somalians in Minnesota and Maine. Gangs in every major city. Handouts for the 'poor' and the 'under-privileged'.

Even in my state, the near lily-white Maine, the flow of diversity continues. Somalians. Fucking Somalians everywhere in Portland and Lewiston. Remember, these are the same people that killed US servicemen back in 1993 and dragged their bodies through the streets. They have no respect for what you have worked for in your life. Some stupid DWL thought it was their God-given duty to import them into this land and give them whatever they needed. They took it, without hesitation and without consideration for those who would pay for them. And now we get to live with them....

God damn them, and god damn this entire fiasco of an era that we live in.

Nowhere is safe anymore. You can have your diversity and your DWL neighbors in the developed areas, or you can have your overpaid thug game wardens in the remote locations.

You aren't allowed to be left alone anymore.

To those who remain: Survive. Survive for the sake of a better future. Please.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't even spoken of the American Israeli teen whi was murdered with two other teen's on their way home from school by Hamas crazies. Obama can only empathize with the blacks and Muslims. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

It really is that simple.Why is it so hard to do or even for someone to actually say it ?
To enforce something like that you would have to fence off the entire touris/drunk areas.An army of guards around the perimeter,closely-spaced guard shacks,snipers on roofs.Also charge a 25$ cover charge to get in.Pass out drink tickets to make up for the 25$ .
All this to be safe ?!
Sooner or later some rogue geneticist or biological warfare loon may make and distribute some sort of nog repellant or perhaps even a 'nogicide'.
Hopefully soon.
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I've been to NO. It really is a very cool city. Nice architecture, good vibe. There's just something ... off about it. One thing, I can't put my finger on it. ???

Anonymous said...

I went to the French Quarter last year early September. There was a shooting about 3 blocks east of Bourbon St. at about the same time(2 am Saturday/Sunday morning). Cops on horseback were watching the LSU football game on a projection screen TV that was broadcast on the side of a building. I heard the radio chatter come over their radios, and they rushed off to deal with it. I remember PK telling us a month or so ago about another shooting in the 2000 block of Royal St. My hotel was in the 900 block of Royal St. I wanted to bring my weapon with me(as I'm a CWP carrier here in Florida), but Louisiana does not recognize a CWP from Florida, so I left my weapon at home. I was planning on going back to the Quarter next year, but only if I can carry my weapon.

55 degrees

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but really good for a laugh. The deflection of responsibility on steroids. Paul, as an expert source on Detroilet, I'm sure this will find this to be quite the treat!

Aw Lawdy dis be gud!!!

Anonymous said...

I would no more vacation in NOLA than I would Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Memphis etc.
The idea, friends, is to be where the negro is not. Let them kill one another off.

Anonymous said...

Every one of these knockout games and every one of the shootings results in one less supporter of the black underclass. Soon enough it will be all out war. Black people should really get their act together fast before they wake the sleeping giant.

I'd like to see this happen, but most Whites only see the Bill Cosby/Morgan Freeman Blacks on TV. If Whites don't live near Blacks, they don't get it. They think SBPDL and "COPS" are simply fictions created by racist Whites.

I was open-minded for many years until reality hit me. The lying, stealing and daily problems with immaturity and low impulse control were enough. I learned.

It will take direct experience with Nogs to teach the IKAGO Whites what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

Thinking back to 2005 and Hurricane Katrina the devastation
from the storm was bad but the reaction of the local, state and federal governments was even worse. The mayor of the Chocolate City had hundreds of vehicles at his disposal to evacuate residents yet he was so screwed up he couldn't organize a two car funeral. The governor who was white was equally confused and helpless, everyone was on their own. Good luck was the official policy of state and local government as those officials fled in comfort and safety to white areas that continued to function.

Hurricane Katrina was a preview of coming attractions for the U.S. when disasters strike whether they be regional or national. One lesson is that government at all levels is run for the benefit of government, period, nothing else. When government is forced to go into self preservation mode it will devour anything and everything it can, it is like a biblical plague on stilts, it will be remorseless, worse than usual and you are their enemy.

Another lesson is that you are on your own. Government will temporarily disappear from inhospitable zones leaving you to fend for yourself. Good luck; No electricity, security, telephone unless you can provide it for yourself and no one to complain to either. Government will be providing these things to itself first and last and maybe scraps will be thrown to the thundering herd.

In a disaster people will naturally look to white people and white areas for assistance, the veil will drop in a crisis and at least temporarily diversity, multiculturalism, AA etc. will disappear. If the crisis is long and deep enough diversity, multiculturalism, AA, DWL thinking will be destroyed. Good riddance, all the minorities, race hustlers, communists, fags etc. will be outcasts, pariahs again as normalcy reasserts itself and civilization rises from the destruction assuming there is sufficient white population to rebuild.

Places like Detroit, New Orleans etc. will be abandoned or be shadows of their former selves as the useless population disappears over time. New Orleans is valuable for navigation on the Mississippi so it will probably continue to exist after a national catastrophe but not Detroit, Camden, Buffalo etc., they will just disappear. The surviving functioning areas will be white because chocolate places are parasites and there will be nothing left over for them and zero tolerance for their bullshit, unproductive people and places will not survive.

The catastrophes awaiting this country and the world cannot be postponed forever. Optimism, American "exceptionalism", Fox TV, democracy, politics and all the other horseshit will be shown to be the tin gods they are as the old order crumbles. This will be our opportunity to rebuild the country without all these cancers eating away at the good things. The transition will be bad but if we come through it civilization will be saved and strengthened, perhaps even the space program can be resumed and white men will land on Mars and beyond once BRA is no more.

Non DWL from NE, thanks for paying attention.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I lived in New Orleans for a decade, and that probably contributed more to my racial awareness than anything else. I still consider it my “home,” and make it back several times a year. It is heartbreaking to see the city succumb to decades of its undertow population remaking it in their image.
New Orleans has always had a sizeable, violent, black, criminal population and the unspoken policy was always one of containment. Their neighborhoods were permitted to be completely lawless, drug infested, warzones, but the French Quarter, Garden District, shopping areas on Magazine St., etc… were completely off limits to their presence. IF they entered such areas they would be harassed and arrested, and an overwhelming, intimidating force was shown by police with immediate response. Those were just “the rules” and everyone knew them and largely abided by them; those that occasionally tested them found out just how real they were.
Since Hurricane Katrina, the NOPD has been operating with a shadow of its former police force. About three years ago, you could see something changing and the waters being tested of sorts. Roving groups of blacks began showing up and just hanging out. Rather than shooing them off, following them, and making them uncomfortable, the new, smaller police garrison permitted them to remain, “picking and choosing their battles.” The word got out, the unspoken “rules” had changed.
There is no more aura of impenetrable deterring force. The criminals now realize that the light is green and the French Quarter has been surrendered. On the night of the shooting, there were only EIGHT officers (on foot and horseback) working the French Quarter, nearly 80 square blocks of real estate. Previously, the FQ would be staffed with a minimum of 25-40 officers in non-peak hours, and 60-80 on weekends, and 200+ during big events like Mardi Gras, Superbowls, etc… If the crime is allowed to flourish, the tourism will end – meaning hundreds of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue.
(On a side note, the criminals basically wear a “uniform” of sorts – plain white t-shirts, blue jeans. They figure there is strength in numbers and anonymity. If the description of a perp is “black male, white t-shirt, blue jeans” and that can describe 30 to 40 thousand people at the ANY time within the city of New Orleans, it makes tracking them down near impossible. All of the ghetto gas stations advertise WHITE T-SHIRTS SOLD HERE! If you ever encounter a group of blacks dressed this way, recognize that they are likely about to commit a crime.)
Needless to say, this event is a huge local news story and everyone is tip-toeing around the racial aspects of the incident, and the out of control black crime in general. I recommend tuning in to (the gigantic local talk radio station) with a live streaming link, people are beginning to break the silence. I even recommend calling in to the shows and plugging PK’s website. STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!
There is a captive audience ready to hear this message, given the golden opportunity to segue it with an issue they can locally relate to. Also next week is the annual ESSENCE FEST – where a week of black entertainment and festivities descends upon the city. Every summer there are shootings, etc… and they blame it on “the heat” and recommend moving the festival to a non-summer month, lol!

Anonymous said...

New Orleans needs more money for midnight basket ball.

Anonymous said...

I am finding that white people/DWLs are more of a problem than the blacks.

When new DWLs move into my gentrifying urban neighborhood, I say "un-oh." They waste no time and start "helping" and pandering to the established negro population. It is all smiles, waving, introductions, and "Howdy neighbor!"

We have lots of elderly negroes hanging on who moved here during the 1960s and 70s when the place went black. I am 1 of 5 whites on my block, so the DWLs pretty much ignore/hate me because I obviously DON'T need their help, my grass gets cut by my son, and they score ZERO points with fellow DWLs by helping me out. I fly a Tea Party flag on my porch. That means "Evil Whitey lives here." White privilege, you know. And I DON'T pander or help the blacks at all, so they DWLs don't trust me.

They want all the negro love and admiration, but the negroes just laugh at the silly, weak white ppl, and wonder why they lower themselves and prostrate before them. It is hilarious to watch. I almost want to create a video documentary about this phenomenon.

Example: White redneck guy moves into rental nearby. He immediately starts urban garden project. He delivers huge bags of his fresh produce - greens, tomatoes, melons, etc. - to local eldery negroes all summer long, asks for nothing in return. They talk about him behind his back like he has a tail because in their culture, this generosity to a different race shows GREAT WEAKNESS.

Dumb white man, -1. Blacks, +2.

He purchases a snowblower, blows snow from sidewalks and driveways of all local negroes, but not mine. The blacks NEVER shovel snow no matter how deep it gets. My walk is always shoveled, but makes no difference because they neighbors' is not. They don't even ask but he shovels their snow. He's out there at 5am shoveling and blowing snow for them every morning. He mows their yards with his riding mower, at least 4 of them, and delivers more produce all summer. He fixes their cars, hauls their furniture, trims their weeds.

They never have to ask or offer to help. White man works for free like a slave. They love it. They are entitled to it. Dumb white man still hates me because I don't help the blacks. I am selfish, racist, uncaring.

He makes a spectacle of himself and waves furiously to the old negroes sitting outside, but never EVER waves to me or says hello.

White libs absolutely HATE other white people.

Anonymous said...

White people are real problem. I have heard so many whites make excuse after excuse, and shout me down for noticing black degeneracy.

Whites WANT to be replaced. They WANT to be ruled by nonwhites. They are screaming to die out, the sooner the better. I am convinced of it.

Look at what Thad Cochran just did. Used vile blacks to cheat his way into an election. Threw his civilization and fellow whites under the bus while pandering to the wretched black destroyers.

Trust me, you are all exceptions to the rule. Whites are the problem.

Sheila said...

Anon at 10:46: Lots of incorrect assumptions in your short post. There is no such thing as an "American Israeli teen." The individual you are referring to was Jewish, lived in Israel, and possessed Israeli citizenship. Being born here did not make him an American anymore than it makes Rajneesh born in New Jersey an American. I blame Obama for plenty of things, but his purported lack of concern for the death of a foreign citizen is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

"It will take direct experience with Nogs to teach the IKAGO Whites what is really going on."

In my direct experience as a white gentrifier, this is absolutely not true. The more violent and dependent the ghetto blacks, the more DWL prostration that occurs.

I can't even explain it properly because it makes no sense.

When a DWL gets robbed, they post it on the Facebook neighborhood site, and then they all encourage each other to be more "vigilant", lock your doors, "be careful out there!", keep an eye out...guns are not the answer...etc., but they are surrounded by feral blacks who make a living from robbing them.

They never use the word black, or describe the suspects. They hire local black teens to do yard work even after they are robbed. Idiots. They will never learn.

Auster said that the worse the behaviors of blacks, the MORE the DWLs cover for them and make excuses and fight for equality.

Anonymous said...

Whites score moral preening points with each other by being repeatedly victimized/beaten by blacks and comparing their stories.

They use negative experiences with blacks to "one up" each other among their peers for elevation in social status. SICK SICK SICK.

"Oh yeah? I will do one better - I was beaten AND robbed AND raped by a black, AND got 27 stitches AND had to spend two days in the hospital... and they never even caught the guy, LOL!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:55 AM: according to, LA and FL *DO* have reciprocity...

Anonymous said...

"It is often said that white guilt isn’t a correct term, since the left doesn’t think that it is guilty, it thinks that other people are guilty. This is true. The more moderate whites feel that they themselves, or society as a whole, are guilty, while the more leftist whites stand apart from other whites and from society as a whole, viewing themselves as morally superior. The distinction is a valid one. However, the issue still comes down to white guilt, since, whether whites consider themselves guilty or consider other whites guilty, white guilt is still what it’s all about."

-Lawrence Auster

Anonymous said...


Blacks are good at athletics,
Water Polo
Power Lifting
Olympic Lifting

think again and dont believe MSNBC.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Two quick links of older stories to adjunct the prior post on the eve of "Essence Fest."

First one up, a major DWL talks about the same "unspoken rules" I mentioned regarding how the FQ is policed regarding blacks.

Of course this is three years old, and she wrote this in a critical manner ... I wonder if she likes the end results of the police retreat and adopting her way of dealing with black crime?

Second story, also from three years ago, when the police commander in charge of the FQ was forced to retire, after urging his force to target black males hanging out on residential stoops, after several armed robberies that week.

So they got their way, and the racist policing ended. Ask those 10 shooting victims if it was a good shift in policy?

Anonymous said...

I apologize for using the expression "wake the sleeping giant." It's really corny and not something I think should ever be said.

And thanks to whoever posted that article at alternet. That is maybe the bottom of the barrel for anti-intellectualism and cause/effect conflating.

Anything, anything,anything can and should be used to demean white people to those types. Blacks kill ten thousand babies? Yep, it was white racism. Black guy in jail for 28th car robbery? White supremacy is the reason!

They routinely throw around the word "systematic" not because they've found the blueprint to a system, but because it sounds better and is one of the approved words. "Systematic racism!" White flight was and is quite organic, actually. No system need be devised to avoid the groid. It is simply the natural outcome of cohabitation. One leaves or else one or both die.

In the comments section at alternet some guy said he was going to move to Detroit to help with the socialist revolution. Aside from the fact that he missed it already and is only going to enjoy the outcome of said revolution, I think he was truly underestimating the fuxxation of Detroit. I knew a guy who had been a bit of a hippy and tried to start a commune of sorts in Detroit to help revitalize some parts in the 70's. He told me that every single person he lived with and knew had been robbed at gunpoint or beaten.

TWMNBN mind f*** is so deep in our heads. I'm looking at a protest pic from Detroit circa 1970 right now. One sign reads "6 million strong can't be wrong." The men in the picture look peculiar. Something creepy about that number.

Anonymous said...

Key West is pretty gay, but that would still be an improvement. Couldn't hurt the AIDS rate any.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:
Walk through almost any elementary school in the south. (Don't know about other areas.) Signs all over the place saying "They're just like us." Pictures of little black and white children playing with each other.

How many time does it have to be repeated? Homeschool or die. Any white parent who sends their kids to public school is guilty of child abuse. This is one example of how whites could actually cripple part of BRA. Take your kids out of public school and start voting (locally) to cut their budgets. Yes, I am well aware that a blackrobe can simply decree that taxes be raised - they've done this several times already and not a one has been impeached for wildly exceeding their authority. It nevertheless forces them to resort to such totalitarian methods. The system is nothing more than a racket for carrying out several BRA objectives at once: a) Loot YT via taxation; b) indoctrinate his young to hate themselves and their ancestors; c) feather the already too-fat nests of DWL kommissars and their negro AA colleagues in the edumacation 'biznisss'.

SwampThizzle said...

Been wondering about this one for some time: NAMs,

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

In my direct experience as a white gentrifier, this is absolutely not true. The more violent and dependent the ghetto blacks, the more DWL prostration that occurs.

I agree with this. In my office, we have the TV on for background. When some report comes on about an especially egregious crime by a Black, my DWL guys look nervous. They are scanning the room for any signs of racism. They know I'll say something, but they tend to govern themselves and each other.

They've been taught very well. Any crime at any time by a Black is a result of White racism. The worse the crime, the more racism the Black perp has experienced.

Our Educational/Mass Media system has locked in a permanent victim/submissive perspective in our young White people. They WANT to help Blacks, and want to forgive crimes, and want to overlook whatever Blacks do.

Because they feel responsible. They blame their race, culture and way of life for the pain of others.

Now that's indoctrination. Self loathing raised to a religious level.

Californian said...

The more violent and dependent the ghetto blacks, the more DWL prostration that occurs.

I can't even explain it properly because it makes no sense.

Perhaps it is a form of Stockholm Syndrome? People avoid a self-perception of being victims by identifying with the aggressor. Look at the delusion created by DWL of blacks as scientists, honest cops, wise politicians. DWL can not face the honest truth as it is too unpleasant.

Another thing to consider: people often sort themselves out according to a hierarchy of who is higher on the feeding chain. DWL perceive blacks as being more violent, more sexually aggressive, etc., so they defer to them. Works on the veldt, why not the urban jungle?

This also may be one reason that DWL oppose gun rights. If a white person owns a gun, then he or she has a real equalizer. They now can hold their own against black aggression. This upsets DWL who see the natural order as being deferring to blacks.

Just some random thoughts...

Pat Boyle said...

SolInvictus suggests that the Zombie movies are really allegories about hordes of black people.

Could be. I don't however watch zombie movies. I'm old fashion. I like werewolf movies and I used to like vampire movies before they became just vehicles for teenage lust.

I wonder how many people today remember the original series of 'Planet of the Apes' sequels. They were very cheesy. They were so cheaply made that they didn't bother to conceal the plot premise that the apes were stand ins for black people. In some of them it was quite blatant - apes = African Americans.

I suppose I will have to see the latest Planet of the Apes features if only to keep up. The problem is that the first one was so weak that I normally wouldn't consider a sequel which is likely to be weaker yet through regression to the mean.

But I was referring to a straight out race plot, not a subterfuge or euphemism. Why not call a spade a spade - as it were?

This site focuses on black violence, but this phenomenon isn't a secret that can only be seen here. For example just yesterday there were some public celebrations of the BET (Black Education Television) awards. One death, one stabbing and many shootings. This story is too funny to be suppressed. So why no movie plots along such lines?

I remember Chili Palmer being told how easy it was to write a movie script. Maybe I should try?

Pat Boyle

Bogolyubski said...

The various posters here noting the white DWL response to negro violence (cowering, blaming it all on de turribul, tuuribul legacy ob de slabery, etc.) are correct. Getting hit directly over the head with the two-by-four of die-ver-city only rarely brings a white person to perceive reality. It happens, but it's not very common.

The problem is their religion. And religion is the only halfway satisfactory explanation for what this is. It's an invented religion to be sure. In most respects, it counterfeits the now-dead Christianity which once prevailed among whites, so its rituals and dogmas are familiar. Sacrifice and martyrdom are prominent, as are saints and worship. There's even a priesthood. Tim Wise is sort of like a Cardinal. This new religion, called Crystal Methodism here, has basically completely infiltrated and taken over that which refers to itself as Christianity. The differences between the ideals of Tim Wise and those of any prominent Christian religious leader one can name - including the Pope himself - are really quite superficial.

This is why we see the kind of reaction to negro violence we do - even the most abominable atrocities involving children and the elderly. The CM true believers are following the dogma: They view the murdered and raped children and old people (even their own families) as eggs which needed to be sacrificed in order to serve up the perfect utopian omlet for their negro god to savor. Sweet incense to the flaring nostrils of their darkie divinity which will bring favor upon them. That's also why we so often see the automated forgiveness voiced for horrible murders and evil. The narrative has the outward appearance of being true also. How many poor DWLs do you know? There might be some (like in-debt college students), but the most dedicated and devoted CM's I've run into - the kind who would gladly turn everyone here into the Stasi for a fast trip to the gulag - are quite well-off.

Anonymous said...

One of the big reasons the U.S. government has bought Eric Holder's people free rent, electricity, water, sneakers, sail foams etc. for 50 years is to prevent a repeat of the black riots of the 1960s. Yes, it's true the poverty pimping businessmen from Comcast, EDS, B of A et al. make fortunes providing 'essential' services to da 'hood and kick back a piece to the scumbag politicians but basically the U.S. government is paying blackmail to nogs not to riot. This is the looting commenters have described here by BRA, "no justice, no peace" as Rev. Jesse, Rev. Oprah, Rev. BHO, Rev. Eric and all the other con artists chant.

Like all blackmail schemes the demands escalate over time until they cannot or will not be met. That is just about the point where this country is now, the blackmail scheme is failing as nogs get bolder. Getting everything courtesy of YT is never enough, now they just go polar bear hunting, play the knockout game etc. for one reason, because they can.

This emboldening of the nogs will kill New Orleans and any place that depends on YT money, tourists and families (not famblies) who will not risk being around their violence as these stories get publicized. Even though DWL wants to prove his moral superiority by getting his picture on Facebook with IKAGO when DWLs get married and have children the Disney racial fantasy ends if not the kumbaya bullshit they still spew. DWL still espouses his unrequited love for the nogs but he will move his wife and children to a white bread suburb where all the DWLs can commiserate about the lack of diversity and 'authentic' ethnic cuisine. It is still a white thing to protect and provide for one's family, even DWLs, which will cause them to make the ancestral migration to the suburbs like salmon swimming upstream to spawn.

Good news for DWLs in the suburbs though. Between HUD planning street by street suburban diversity using census data and the Aztec invasion diversity with all its enrichment will follow DWL to the suburbs. He will be able to enjoy 'authentic' ethnic cuisine again as the Aztecs roast the neighborhood dogs and cats in the woods and parks. Perhaps DWL can educate the Aztecs how dogs and cats are really just little people in fur coats, not for eating but animal companionship, I'm sure the Aztecs will be listening attentively and change their ways.

Non-DWL from NE,
Thank you for paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Why has there not been a movie depicting race war?

Don't know about race war, but probably the majority of SF movies are anti-white, pushing a race war of sorts. Avatar and the X-Men are two examples. Almost all push political correctness which is implicitly anti-white.

Anonymous said...

Been wondering about this one for some time: NAMs

"Non-Asian Minorities."

Anonymous said...

DWL: "Disingenuous White Liberal"
MSM: "Mainstream Media"
YT: "Whitey" (i.e., white people)

Bogolyubski said...

I guess I have to correct myself. While Christianity is indeed for the most part enemy territory, a remnant remains - even if it is only CWNY and those who see eye-to-eye with him. He has some powerful statements in is latest post which touch upon our principal subject here:

The utopian liberal (a redundancy, because all liberals are utopians) builds his castle with the bricks and mortar of unreality. He lives in mortal fear of losing even one brick from his castle of unreality, so he employs masons to keep the castle strong and guards to protect the masons. And the keystone of the liberals’ castle of unreality is the sacred negro. If that brick is removed, the whole castle will come tumbling down…

Later on.....

The numbers’ game is self-defeating. The Europeans must defend themselves no matter what the odds against them. They can not wait until they ‘win more people over’ to their side or try to ‘negotiate’ with the colored heathen. They must fight. And contrary to the belief of the democracy boys, the Europeans need to reduce their numbers, not increase them. It is far better to go into battle with men committed to the cause with their whole heart, mind, and soul than to go into battle with traitors in the ranks. Keep the liberals in front of us at all times and leave the grazers at home. They will not be of any use to us, because they haven’t enough spirit to fight for God, Harry, and St. George. This waiting for the grazers to “wake up” is the white conservatives’ version of Waiting for Godot. Just as Godot never comes, the grazers never wake up. “Don’t we try to convert the grazers?” No, we don’t, at least not in the form of any rational apologetics. The grazers who can be converted will be converted when they see the Christian faith embodied in a fighting remnant of Europeans. But no grazer will see the light if the remnant band refuses to fight until they have more grazers on their side. That was and is the great error of the democratic nationalists. They look at how many hits they get on YouTube and dream of reversing the colored tide by getting “the message out” to uninformed white people. The sons of Mary, the remnant band of Europeans who have knelt at the foot of the Cross see something that the statistics-minded democratic nationalists do not see. They see that the destruction of innocence, the murder of their people, and institutionalized blasphemy in the form of negro worship is from Satan. And Satan will not be defeated by democratic pragmatism. He will be defeated by hearts of fire, by men who love their people in and through the European Christ, the God whose love surpasseth the understanding of the colored heathen and whose charity and mercy sustained old Europe, and who will, if we call on Him by name, sustain the Europeans in their battle against the liberals and the hordes of color. Nothing puts iron in a man’s backbone and fire in his heart like the knowledge that he fights for His reign of charity and mercy.

Perhaps this is why we're here. Remove that one brick and the whole castle starts to fall. That's not so simple as one might think. That one brick is well-guarded by folks who will go to literally any length to keep it in position.

Anonymous said...

"wake the sleeping giant."

You can sleep for a few hours, maybe a few days. If you are still "asleep" after fifty years, then you aren't asleep. You're dead.

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

I don't think DWLs will ever learn; they'll always blame themselves or Whites in general for Black dysfunction.

I do believe more Whites are waking up. Every friendly, easy-going and fast growing metro area always picks up nogs who are looking for virgin territory to exploit.

When the Seattle-Tacoma corridor started growing exponentially, it seemed like the feral nogs suddenly appeared and started attacking Whites out shopping or attending outdoor festivals. It's changed the way Whites behave in public. The smart ones get away from Nogs in the area like people avoid a nest of hornets.

Rancho Cucamonga CA used to be a White/Hispanic bedroom community for LA. No longer. Now it's Nog Central with crime rates to match.

I'm also hearing Austin TX is now getting lots more of the Undertow. There are more shootings, more violence and the outdoor festivals are becoming much higher risk.

Sure, DWLs "feel bad" for the Nogs, but lots of them head for the suburbs once the violence, crime and vandalism starts. Some of them still have some instinct for self-preservation.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on how you were raised. I'm relatively old, and I had no contact with blacks growing up. I saw black people once or twice when I was taken to the poor part of the city, but mainly I saw them on TV on the news: burning cities, wailing with great exaggeration over the deaths of MLK and RFK, demanding things. Then I saw them blaming *me* for their problems and demanding I pay them! And then the government became their partner in crime in robbing me and mine. My people used the usual epithets for the various ethnic groups (including whites) and races, but they never taught me to hate anybody. That came from seeing the behavior of the people themselves. I guess in a world where the TV is full of fictional competent blacks and the news suppresses all news of black crime and degeneracy, kids grow up with a different, distorted version of reality. It's been going on so long now that those kids are the adults running the show.

Californian said...

You can sleep for a few hours, maybe a few days. If you are still "asleep" after fifty years, then you aren't asleep. You're dead.

Good one!

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...

The problem is their religion. And religion is the only halfway satisfactory explanation for what this is. It's an invented religion to be sure. In most respects, it counterfeits the now-dead Christianity which once prevailed among whites, so its rituals and dogmas are familiar. Sacrifice and martyrdom are prominent, as are saints and worship. There's even a priesthood. Tim Wise is sort of like a Cardinal. This new religion, called Crystal Methodism here, has basically completely infiltrated and taken over that which refers to itself as Christianity. The differences between the ideals of Tim Wise and those of any prominent Christian religious leader one can name - including the Pope himself - are really quite superficial.

July 1, 2014 at 11:08 AM

And furthermore, their obscene and treasonous "Doctrine of White Guilt" is a direct copy of the Catholic Doctrine of Original Sin. In the latter, we all all born into sin and find redemption through Faith and the Church (or something like that, there are variants). It is a central control mechanism- complete with confessional booths and the associated tithing. Thw White Guit tith consists of taxes.

Let us clearly state the Doctrine of White Guilt for the benefit of friend and foe:

You, White Man, are guilty of the Sins you and your people have committed against all "minorities" for all time and in all places. You are guilty of these same Sins which were committed by your fathers, unto the 7th generation removed, and beyond, back though all of time. You were born into Sin against all non-white people and so you are obliged to worship and to serve them forevermore, and even that will not absolve you: you will never be admitted into Rainbow Heaven, for you are Evil. If you object to this verdict in any way, that too shall serve as positive proof of your eternal guilt.


Analog Man- I saw your request and will respond later. Have you read Erectus Walks Amongst Us? The references to genetic studies are in there up to 2008.

-Beyond Hatred

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

Nat Turner, the murderer of White infants, is considered a "real nigga", the way Blacks strive to be.

Turner was stopped because he and his merry band of Nogs were going from house to house, killing any White man, woman and child they could find with their bare hands if necessary.

Now we have them everywhere, in every state, full of either homicidal rage or passive aggressive strategies employed against any White.

They should never have been brought here.

AnalogMan said...

Non DWL from NE said

... as the old order crumbles. This will be our opportunity to rebuild the country without all these cancers eating away at the good things.

This is a common theme here. Thomas Chittum, in his book Civil War 2 (free download from makes the point that, in the aftermath of the collapse of state authority, the new de facto civil authority will be the street gangs. Simply because they are organized, and armed.

If we don't want to wind up with a new boss, we also need to be organized, and armed. If gangs are the coming thing, we need to get into the gang business. Militias, self-defense societies, neighbourhood watches, gardening clubs... Are you up for that?

Anonymous said...

"Why has there not been a movie depicting race war?"

Black folks claim Persians, Arabs, Asians as their own.

300 hundred Spartans held off hundreds of thousands of Darius' troops.

Just came out with another cartoon movie about it.
This one focused on the Naval side of the war.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

I feel white guilt everyday. It's called paying taxes to a socialist state that seeks my demise. Damn! I'm guilty as hell!
Scot Irish

AnalogMan said...

One other thing strikes me about this article: when the lifeblood of the city - tourists - are just getting good and liquored up for a run at a wild, wild party.

I've always been teetotal. Never been drunk. It always amazed me, when out with friends, that they would get drunk, in public. Basically, let their bodies roam the streets at night, driverless. Doesn't that thought terrify you?

It's like those old science fiction novels, where interplanetary tourists, instead of travelling physically to their destination, would transmit their minds to be uploaded into a local resident's brain, and take the rented body out on the town. There, to get into fights and eventually return the body to its owner battered and bruised.

I don't mean to get preachy, but seriously, if people abdicate their higher brain functions by getting drunk, then go out into a public street at night, what do they expect to happen?

Anonymous said...

you'd think that if the local LE was serious about crime solving they'd install cameras worth a damn

cameras that show some detail

sheet, those pics look like de be snapped from California or New York city

Anonymous said...

"If we don't want to wind up with a new boss, we also need to be organized, and armed. If gangs are the coming thing, we need to get into the gang business. Militias, self-defense societies, neighbourhood watches, gardening clubs... Are you up for that?"

Hell yes! Especially gardening clubs.

AnalogMan, you know southern whites. Both southern and northern white people know gun safety, how to clean a gun and most it.

Blacks, not so much. If it stops working they steal a new one.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

I was there in 1982. I remember walking to the border of the French Quarter and the Hood. The contrast was shocking. I instinctively know that I had to slowly turn around and walk back toward North America. Not going back, even though it is a fabulous place.

Anonymous said...

YTs better get to work so there are enough gibsmedat for the "children" streaming across the border and the poor downtrodden victims of the ebul slabery from before the 1860s.
Dumbass YTs under the brainwashing of DWLs, teevee and publix skool edumacation will pay for their dispossession and eventual extermination so they won't be called a waycist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is a war going on White man and White women. Except most of us on our side just don't know it!


How true it is.... Thanks! I need to escape... I can't take this anymore.... where do I go?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The news coverage after Katrina somehow got from the reality of rescuers being fired upon by ghetto savages, rapes and terror by same, and of course massive looting, to accusation of racism against these poor victims. The press isn't worth a warm bucket of spit, to borrow a little bit of LBJ vernacular.

Shefali said...

My husband and I are visiting friends for the 4th and we are hoping to avoid areas with large numbers of blacks. I don't consider myself a racist. I try to treat everyone with respect. But it just seems whenever you get a large number of blacks together the crime rates go up. Not so with large numbers of whites or Asians and even Hispanics - less crime than blacks.

One thing I find irritating - the grievance industry.

My parents are from India. As some of you may know, the British colonized India and did some less than great stuff to the natives, just like they did in Ireland. In Ireland, the Brits exported grain during the Potato Famine. In India they did similar crap - exporting food during the Great Bengal Famine, etc.

Yet, I don't waste my time blaming individual Brits and none of my relatives in India waste any time on grievance. If we meet someone from the UK, we treat them the same as anyone else. When my husband and I were in the Caymans a couple of years ago we met and hung out with a group of Brits - nice people. No reason to hold 100 year old crimes against random Brits.

Yet blacks in this country, 150 years after slavery, still blame whites. What if your white ancestors only came to this country in the 1900s, after slavery was already gone? What if your white ancestors fought for the Union? Doesn't matter. If you are white, you owe them for slavery.

WTF? When 70% of black kids are born out of wedlock, that's not because of slavery - that's the responsibility of the parents not white society.

My philosophy, for what it's worth - I am responsible for my own life. Sure, my parents weren't perfect and I had some rough times growing up, but ultimately, it comes down to me.

When you accept responsibility for your own life, you can make things better. As long as blacks don't accept responsibility for their own lives...

Anonymous said...

"""""""""""""""""""If it stops working they steal a new one."""""""""""""""""""

And THAT....sums up the entire Groid philosophy, if you can call it that.

That's what is going on right now in Detroit; the city is about to stop working and so what are they going to do?

Rebuild it? From scratch?

How? How are they going to do that? Especially when they've had decades to do so ahead of the coming disaster?

What's their backup, their Plan B?

Steal, steal a "new"....civilization, culture, stuff. Stuff that white folks have.

THAT's their Plan B, to steal. Steal something new whenever things go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....For those who want to escape from the Negropolitan areas. Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota. I have seen maybe a dozen blacks since last Winter. Never ever saw a black person in South Dakota except a couple tourist around Mount Rushmore. Never saw any blacks in Western Kansas. Hundreds of small farm towns with only whites.

For those who talk about surviving. You ain't going to do it without HORSES. A horse does not need a gas tank to travel. No oil changes. No flat tires. The parts of the country that has horses will survive while the rest of the people will be killing each other for corn chips and cans of Mountain Dew. I am surrounded by horses and windmills.

The changes are coming and the people in the cities will die like animals. The country people will survive.

Shefali said...

To the people talking about DWL who do so much for black people... wow.

When white people do favors for me - I feel grateful. I can't imagine talking trash about someone who helps me. My parents are from India, they taught us that when someone does something for you, you show appreciation.

In our current neighborhood, we have one Asian family and two white families that have helped us out several times and we've also helped them out - and we just trust and take care of each other. One neighbor - we have keys to their house and they have keys to ours, because we trust each other that much. But it's not a one-way street, it's reciprocal.

I've gone over to fix their computer, they've loaned us tools, I've fed their pets while they were out of town, they gave us rides when our car broke down, etc. We take care of each other. I couldn't imagine having someone giving me veggies, shoveling my drive-way, etc., and me not doing anything in return. At the very least I'd bake them some cookies or invite them in for some hot chocolate. I'd want to do SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

Shefali, I agree with your general point but it seems you don't know much about India or Indians.

The post-colonial grievance industry is HUGE over there and even with Indians in the US who have basically been given a pot of gold.I'd actually say it competes with that of blacks but there just aren't the same numbers of Indians here to notice. Even Narendra Modi, the Hindu Nationalist and recently inaugurated prime minister of India, frequently blames the British for India's woes.Somehow Indians can't maintain the railroads that were meticulously designed by Brits and it's somehow the fault of the Brits. Maybe it's like that meme of the black guy complaining about computers being made for whites and Chinese because they're too hard to use.

Baba Ramdev, an utter retard of the highest caliber and ultra-famous T.V. "yogi"/Hindu voodoo practioner, started an entire political party based on righting the so-called wrongs of the British(wrongs being things like having laws and stopping your men from mass rape and hanging women from trees. You been reading the news over there lately?). He gained wide support across the entire country for about a year until people got bored of him.

You and your husband might not hold a grudge, but neither do many blacks in the US. You're essentially attempting to be an IKAGO Indian. Don't be so conspicuous.

Anonymous said...

I did not see a word about the shooting of the whites by blacks in New Orleans at cnn.
If there was a website that listed, daily the shootings/carjackings/rapes and other felonies blacks committed, then I would read that first before going to cnn.

Such a list would make cnn much more understandable.

AnalogMan said...

Beyond Hatred:

OK, I know Erectus Walks, thanks.

bubo said...

Does it get any blacker than this story?

A black male and his homies carjack and rape a woman in Buckhead. Two weeks later he calls her and sends a picture of himself.

O*R*I*O*N said...

Excellent comments here.

DWLs are most definitely real and extremely dangerous.
Let's remember, however, that DWLism is not among traditional White traits.
--1500 hundred years of christ-insanity and 75 years of concentrated dysgenics produced it.

Natural Whites are hardcore racialists.
DLWs form the crippled, degenerate refuse of the White race. --Literally.

D-FENS said...

"...Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota."

While those areas may have plenty of nice White folks and the scenery might be breathtaking - No Thanks.

I simply do not wish to live in the middle of freaking nowhere, freeze my ass off in -30 winters and wonder if I have enough propane for the week.

Besides, who the hell would ever have thought there would be Somalis in Minnesota or Maine?

You cannot run or hide as long as what is charge remains in charge.

D-FENS said...

"what is IN charge remains in charge."

Really need an edit feature.

By the way, irate citizens in Temecula (California, of all places!) were able to divert a potential drop shipment of "refugees" in their town.

Take any victory you can.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon @ 12:42 PM July 1:

I would say the same here. I grew up going to a suburban school with only a couple of blacks there at a time, and they behaved so far as I know, even the one a DWL family imported from NYC to go to high school with their daughter (my age) and son (failed two grades, I forget what he was supposed to be in).

Probably what most woke up my eyes was going to a state college. 40 miles from home, an Ag/Tech school with equine and farm programs. But even here you got these inner city AA scholarship kids who'd go one and done - one semester. "A dollar and a dream and it's your dollar" I called it. Each fall they'd get a little taste of Detroit in a tiny town that only had two stoplights because the main crossroads didn't quite meet directly opposite each other. A kid got stabbed to death in the off-campus housing. The second year I went to a halloween party in the dorm and did not stay long - it was all black. I at least had a room on the top floor with a little more security, but even there you had some nogs. Girls letting their boyfriends sleep over, the pothead nog across the hall taping up the door to try to keep the smoke in... the kicker having to be when said pothead had a party one night and had a couple more black guys and two white girls in the room, then an hour or so later out comes one of the nogs in his boxers, his junk pitching a tent so badly it was almost poking through. He goes from door to door and why? He's begging for a condom. He couldn't even scarf a free one on the way in. I had none to give him.

And this is in a dorm room with one bed in it. What were the others doing, watching?

He was gone when the semester ended.

I guess to me that really symbolizes the black man - a guy in his boxers begging for a 30 cent condom so he can stick it to a white woman and not get stuck with demands for child support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Bupo.
I would like to thank the Atlanta paper for carrying his picture.
I live in Miscegenation County, Florida. But one white place is the barrier island. Except Daytona Beach...don't go there.
Islands are great places for whites to hide out. You have to keep the zoning strict or strip joints move in and white families leave.
The few blacks that try a smash and grab get caught. Island police become so excited.

Unknown said...

Video of the bourbon street shooting

Anonymous said...

Blacks are good at two sports. Not all sports. Enough with this liberal crap blacks are better athletes. It is false..

Anonymous said...

>>Pat Boyle said:
""""""""""""""""""""We have movies depicting every sort of dystopian future you can imagine but none in which the white people have exterminated the blacks? Or the other way around?""""""""""""""""""

Tarrantino's Django's Unchained had that as a minor theme, right? The black avenger killing off as many whites as he could find?

Sounds like a race war straight up.

But good point overall. Its long overdue for Hollywood to make a film detailing the Knockout Game, for instance.

Any bets on when they'll get around to making that project? And without changing the skin colors to more PC acceptable ones?

Gawdzilla said...

So, Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, stated that 95% of inmates are black are there for minor drug offenses. Not violent crimes. What fucking bullshit!

Tougher gun laws are not going to eradicate unlawful gun possession. These punks will always have unregistered, illegal weapons.

Trending now, is the hearing for the fat white guy who left his kid in a car to boil to many coons do this all the time and it doesn't make head line news.

Oh wait. Coons dont have cars.. and those who do are women, not men. Black men are not involved in their multiple out of wedlock children's they certainly wouldn't be dropping their cosby kids off at daycare.

The media is racist! Hating on whitey.

Whaa, whaa, whaa, whaa

Anonymous said...

Make the movie "through darkest America" by Assimov. The blacks are basically cattle in the future. Good book you should read it if you get the chance. I cant imagine the scale of the "chimpout" if they made that book into a movie.

Unknown said... is reporting this as a crime perpetrated by an Aiger and two Wiggers.

They are reporting it as if the other shooter (presumably the black one) was returning fire in self-defense.