Saturday, February 14, 2015

Black Man Kills White Man for Motorcycle: Media Dubs it "Sale Gone Wrong"

"...truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, A World Split Apart, delivered 8 June 1978, Harvard University

The day will come when we realize virtually every journalist on the payroll of media conglomeroates  like Gannett, Advance Publications, and Lee Enterprises are guilty in perpetuating the criminal enterprise known as Black-Run America (BRA).

Those killed in what reporters callously deem as "robbery gone wrong" homicides (as if justifying the act of robbery...) are verbally castigated for being in the "wrong place at the wrong time" in the eyes of a media sworn to never cast judgment on any individual black person.

For casting judgment on an individual black person is casting judgment on all black people (one of the primary tenets of BRA).
[Man arrested in sale-gone-wrong homicide,, 2-13-15]:
Police have arrested a person in connection to a violent online sale. According to Lt. Sidney Allen, Jeramye Morgan Hobbs, 24, of Little Rock, was arrested February 12 and charged with Capital Murder in the death of 56-year-old Sherwood resident Frank Steinsiek. 
Allen said Hobbs contacted police and told them he had purchased a motorcycle similar to the one seen on the news. But, after inconsistent statements and witness interviews, detectives determined that Hobbs was involved in Steinsiek's death. 
Both the trailer and the motorcycle were recovered. 
No other arrests are expected in this case.
Recall how the police in St. Louis described the actions of the black suspects who took the lives of two white men (in separate instances), Zemir Begic and Bobby Christman:
We think it was wrong place, wrong time,” police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said of the lynching of Zemir Begic by multiple black people. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on the Begic slaying these callous words: "Detectives do not believe the attackers took anything but Begic's life." 
Add to those words, “Some criminals are just bolder than others.”
The actions of Jeramye Hobbs are referred to as a "sale gone wrong," though his intent in meeting with Frank Steinsiek was never going to be a fair business deal: it was going to either be a robbery, or a "robbery gone wrong."

But it has been deemed a "sale gone wrong"...

Any death of a white person at the hands of a black suspect will invariably be described by the media as "[insert action here] gone wrong"; conversely, any death of a black person at the hands of a white suspect will inevitably be an opportunity for the media to lecture all white people for their past, present, and future evils against the colored people of the world.

Until the day BRA ends, all white people can do is go about their daily tasks, trying to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with your final moment on earth described as a: "carjacking gone wrong"; "home invasion gone wrong"; "riding public transportation gone wrong"; "walking to your car gone wrong"; "shopping gone wrong"; or, a "sale gone wrong."

Go ahead, Google "Craigslist Sale Gone Wrong" and see how many stories involving a black suspect come up.

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Anonymous said...

Sale gone wrong? That implies it had a chance of going right.

This was murder for a motorcycle.

Dindu Nuffins said...

"....gone wrong."

"Gone wrong" b/c the feral black perpetrators didn't "get away with it."

So sad, but so true.

What is with the blatantly obvious obsessive compulsion to blame anything that blacks do on something, anything else??

Whether it's the news, or the newspapers, and even blacks themselves--victimized at the hand of other blacks--who always say shit like, "My baby done become a victim of 'dem skreets. I lost my baby "to the skreets," or "to 'da 'hood!!"

Most white interactions with the average black ends up either being unpleasant, annoying, frustrating, or downright criminal, if not fear inducing, threatening, criminal, injurious or (God forbid) deadly.

It can range from a simple cash register transaction, dealing with blacks in line at a store, dealing with them as "professional" salespeople devoid of any and all helpful product knowledge as well as basic communication skills, as waiters/waitresses...the list is endless.

Thanks for pointing out the truth that this is societal affectation by DWL's and blacks alike is rampant and their pathological ignorance and propensity for violence and victimization keeps getting "excused/blamed" on verbs (encounter, robbery, drug deal, sale, transaction, etc.) and places (neighborhood, streets, housing project, dark road, alley, etc.) ...gone wrong!!

It's literally pathetic and inexcusable but the beat keeps going on.

Time for more people to march to the beat of a different drum.

Unfortunately, I see no hope in sight other than complete separation of those that are genetically predisposed to a savage and chaotic tribal Third World, I would even call it "Fourth World" way of existing--even in these "modern" days--to those of of us that have been living and thriving in a "First World" standard of life for centuries if not millenia now.

Avoid the 'Groid.

Anonymous said...

Any white man that would deal with a negro in an Craig's List like online buy/sell transaction, has done the white race a favor by removing himself from the gene pool. Insane.


I didn't know the negro could, or would, want a motorcycle. That is odd.

Perhaps it was just a normal, average, negro looking to just routinely rob or kill somebody, and the motorcycle has/had nothing to do with it. When the small minded negro realized the seller had no money, but a motorcycle, he "thought" he could steal the bike and sell it to another White person. Negro Logic.

Anonymous said...

This may be OT, but I think it's VERY important to our readers. Yes, the link was written by an American African, but he has gone to Great Lengths to show ALL of us what to expect from the "new improved" DOJ beyond Eric "my people". Paul, I'm posting it here only because it's NEW news to me, and could well be to others here. When a black person tells you the truth, it's still the Truth. At least I think so.

........P-town Correspondent

The Limey said...

Nothing exemplifies the media`s preoccupation with the love of the black "din do nuffins" more than the 2007 murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville. This was plainly a black on white, racist murder, with a bit of good old TNB torture and mutilation thrown in. But to read the press (yes, us Brits do follow the news in the US as we have relatives in America) reports, you get the impression that this was just a random attack and the victims could just as easily have been black. Well actually this WAS a blatant race attack and the victims would never have been black. These savages showed all the traits of their simian cousins in Africa in the way these kids were murdered. Even more amazing was the things said by some of the residents of Knoxville. They were clearly scared to say the truth about their version of the crime, and just said it was more or less, just another violent crime, and the victims just happened to be white. No doubt that those interviewed were strictly vetted to make sure they said the "right" things to the camera and press. So, was this just a rape and torture that "went wrong" ? No, it was TNB covered up by the media and police. If it had been two blacks murdered by whites, it would still be in the news today, every minute of every day.

Anonymous said...

Mardi Gras gone wrong

Anonymous said...

Wrong place, wrong time.
America, 2015.

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, your writing just gets better and better.

This use of "code" by the Media (TWMNBN), the Police and BRA has become so much of a Thorn in normal Humans side that it has become a terrible joke, a sick sense of humor that reminds me of the Soviet Union when speaking the Truth got you sent to "re-education". Every time you read it you know the entire narrative, like when you read "Religion of Peace" for Islam or "Illegal Alien" for mexican Squat Monster or the need for more "Diversity" meaning "politically driven need for less Whites". However, you dare not speak it aloud. You dare not utter the truth, else you become a "Racist" or a "Hater".

White Homeland, Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Nice quote from Solzhenitsyn.

Here's another one from the same speech.

"It is a soothing theory which overlooks the fact that these worlds are not evolving toward each other and that neither one can be transformed into the other without violence. Besides, convergence inevitably means acceptance of the other side's defects, too. and this can hardly suit anyone."

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

The Limey posted...

"If it had been two blacks murdered by whites, it would still be in the news today, every minute of every day."

Yes Sir! That's how I found this site. It was the negro fatigue.

God bless PK and SBPDL.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

"Gone wrong" is just a way to excuse another White persons death by a negro animal. It actually sounds like the media was hoping for the robbery to "go right." WTF!?

Anonymous said...

Good one here PK. I sell things through Craigslist sometimes but it's usually farm equipment and we all know nogs don't like equipment because it's used for work. That and they don't like it since it replaced them years ago, these beast are truly obsolete farm equipment.
Once I sold a classic car online and I had a NAPA call and want to see it. I was asked would I be willing to meet somewhere and I said no. He got all uppity and said "you would meet me if I wasn't black". My reply was that's correct, how do I know you don't want to rob me and steal my car boy. Silence on the other end, then I said well it sounds like that's exactly what you wanted to do you waste of oxygen. This is cleaned up of course. The nog apologized for wasting my time and hung up.
Now it seems that while de b keepin it real and sheet if YT let's them know he's on to them they go back to being sambo and monkeyshine no more. Has anybody else noticed this? I think the key with nogs is to let them know they're dealing with one who can see. Then the game changes.
I wonder if this man involved in "a sale gone wrong" was forceful and dominate? Somehow I doubt it, when you're dealing with animals you hand to be the alpha, I think this get YT in trouble more often than not. Of course I'm speaking of country and small town negros, I don't have any dealings with the city breed. I know those are far more dangerous.
A sale gone wrong, hell what's really going on here is a misplaced species out of chains.
SC Native

Anonymous said...

I disagree w this,

Any white man that would deal with a negro in an Craig's List like online buy/sell transaction, has done the white race a favor by removing himself from the gene pool. Insane.

Naive is not 'insane'.
Do not be so quick to drub Whites.

Anonymous said...

All attacks which "go wrong" or are "random" are always premeditated; the only non-premeditated murder is manslaughter and usually is personal out-of-control violence fueled by rage or drugs.
IMO, random and gone wrong murders may be described as such by defense - savvy prosecutors who know a true description of the black racial animus involved may result in public charges of attempting to poison the public against the defendants. One never knows; maybe it's all just strategy. I used to think the powers that be we're using the media to paralyze the public via cognitive dissonance but now I wonder if it's not due to intentionally inaccurate descriptions of the crime and the criminals by the police and the DA's office - both of whom are staffed by experienced and deeply cynical people who may have been idealists in a past life but now know the score.

Whiskey said...

Craigslist cannot survive Black violence. It can operate only among nerdy, high trust White people in SF and Portland.

My guess, people go back to eBay as an intermediary in a low trust environment.

Thanks PK for reminding me to stay off Cragslist.

Race said...

10 mm,
I can't believe you failed this. Certainly you will have to go to a reeducation camp. You do not refer to a squat monster as am illegal alien. That may offend one. They are collectively called "undocumented workers" ! See illegal alien points to the fact that they did something wrong, such as jump a huge wall, or fence or tunnel under it and evade armed border patrol agents trying to keep them out. See, they believe that breaking into our house makes them family members. You seek to elevate your beliefs and morality onto them. Shame on you!

For the not so acute: Please read as satire

bernicegreenbaum said...

The negroes out my way are getting out of control. Just recently, in a nearby city, two middle aged white guys were seated out on a front lawn, discussing some landscaping or some such. Well, along comes LaJayvyus who axes the two for money. Apparently LaJayvyus didn't get the response he was expecting, so back in his car, he decides to pop a cap in one of the white men, instantly killing him. LaJayvyus is still at large. White people in the area are freaking out. This was out in the country, not the city. Plenty of negroes there, though. Funny how there's never a shortage of them (practically) anywhere.

Anonymous said...

snow kills violence

New York City sets a new record by going 10 days without a single murder because the crooks and thugs are lazy and don’t like the cold since most are transplants from hotter places seeing welfare.

So they stay home. Still have shootings inside of the projects but no deaths so far.

Anonymous said...

notable quote,

"Detectives do not believe the attackers took anything but Begic's life."

Gee....I am speechless.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Quick note to Paul, our host, Medic Bear, P-Town Correspondent, Florida guy, Philly Mike, and everyone (sorry if I missed some one!)

Thanks many times over for the great links and sage advice. In addition to the hearty belly laughs, it's what keeps me coming back. Happy Valentines Day to you all! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

"Any white man that would deal with a negro in an Craig's List like online buy/sell transaction, has done the white race a favor by removing himself from the gene pool. Insane."
I think I've had four CL purchases from Vibrant Americans. One ($600 car) sounded completely white over the phone (my ears can pick up the slightest black inflection, so Kudos to him). Two others ($50 sail foam, $15 laptop RAM) were text/email, so I had no idea who was at the other end. And for the $20 laptop HDD, I called the number, a yoof answered, I paused for about 5 seconds, "shit...I'm already halfway there...broad daylight, fuckit..." He was visibly afraid of me when I showed up.
Other than that last one, if I have any indication there's a groid involved, I'll stay away because whatever the deal is, it's not worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

OT - Another news story that probably has all the DWLs baffled, and was probably foreseen by somebody here. Foreign aid money goes missing in an African nation -

Anonymous said...

They are collectively called "undocumented workers"
For every "undocumented worker", there are 3-6 "undocumented benefits collectors" living in the dwelling he shares with 4 other familias.
This is not satire.
"All attacks which "go wrong" or are "random" are always premeditated"
This reminds me of some shoplifting statutes someone told me about. If you steal from a store, and you have no money or wallet on you, you'll be charged with a more serious offense, like grand larceny or something. Whatever the legalese, you knew (pre-meditated) that you had no way of paying for it. If you have your wallet, then your charges are a little lighter, since maybe you just "forgot to pay".
Anyway, in these "random, wrongplace" murders, the only thing "random" is the victim. The criminals already knew what they were going to do, but didn't know who the targets would be, until they pulled the trigger. A lion stalking a herd of beasts doesn't know which one he is going to eat, only that he will attack one of them and eat it.

Edward Blake said...

The poster talking about staying assertive with negroes is right on the money. It's been said before and I'll say it again: negroes will only respond to force, and they respect strength. I spend two afternoons a week pumping iron at the gym. All men should do the same. Forget cardio and yoga; lift heavy weights and gain strength. If there's a punching bag in the gym, practice your left and right hooks. Being prepared is half the battle. Other posters have made similar comments about staying physically fit, and they're right. A muscular, assertive male can deter most predatory negroes right away. They look for the weak, shrimpy beta white guy that the media is trying to push AKA pajama boy.

Use common sense on Craigslist. I LOVE selling items that I no longer use, but I know how to avoid sketchy deals and negroes in general. Conduct deals in public places during the daylight, and use your common sense. If you're selling something the negroes like (Video games, certain vehicle, etc) be prepared to turn down a lot of offers. I had ONE sale that had diversity involved, and he was the BF of a hispanic woman buying a dining room set. The sale went smoothly, but I was amused by the gro's actions. He sat and let his GF do all the work, and said he had a back injury. I helped out as well, but the brother had no problem letting his shorty break a sweat while he gave directions.

Anonymous said...

We are so worried about ISIS killings in the Middle East yet we do nothing about the slaughter happening in the U.S. Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

An observation from a few miles west of Boston, squat monsters and nogs do not like cold and certainly do not like three feet of snow on the ground. There aren't many nogs and squat monsters here to start with but those who are here just seem to disappear in the winter. Perhaps they go into suspended animation like one of those 1960s science fiction movies ?

Now if only there were a way of making all the idiot DWLs here disappear too . . .

Anonymous said...

How about this guy ? He decided to get busy with a lady in a funeral parlor even though she was dead. Three guesses whether or not he was a nog.

There is definitely something wrong with these people and YT didn't cause it.

Anonymous said...

Genetics gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

Beyond Fatigue said...

You know that you are living in a dangerously deranged world when it is more of a crime to speak the truth about the nature of a population and its unrelenting violence than it is for that same population to actually commit the crimes.

I read a few commentators who appear to blame the victim of this vicious crime, but when we hear about whites who open doors to negroes, or employ them, 'be-friend' them or otherwise make themselves vulnerable to the upright simian, just remember what is being promoted 24/7 on every channel, commercial, school agenda, political arena, etc. White people have been domesticated by true evil and the negro is simply a means to slaughter us.

Besides this wonderful blog, I also enjoy a few cop blogs across the nation and I must say, they have a smart view of things. "Whatever comes up on the tour, make sure you get home to your family."

I believe that goes for all us civilian folk, too. However you need to do it, just make sure you get home, safely.

Anonymous said...

It is when all needed evidence on the evil of blacks has been available for decades.

Anonymous said...

Only a total idiot would murder someone for a 2009 R-1.

Someone working minimum wage could afford to make payments on one.

Anonymous said...

OMG.... what a true statement! Politically Correct (PC) has to be thrown down the drain! I am so negro fatigued! I can't stand it anymore. I feel at home here on SBPDL. I can dodge them by not going mall shopping, going to high end grocers, staying locked up in my house with alarm on, spending my money with small business only (avoiding Walmart). Here is the real cancer in middle class America. HUD..... section8 vouchers. It needs to be exposed as it is not accountable nor transparent to "WE" the taxpayers. They are biting off both ends of my $. I pay taxes on the right side and that allows them to live next door to me which eats up the left side of my $ by bringing down the property value of my home. If they can't be isolated in a housing community,,, then we need to isolate ourselves YT'S somewhere. I have put many hours into researching HUD. I want to expose them for what they are NOT doing. There are convicted felons, registered sex offenders and drug dealers living in these houses(SFH) that are paid for with your taxes and they aren't being held accountable for their actions. I have one next door to me. NEGRO FATIGUE!!!! I can be reached @ Please contact me if you are willing to bust HUD wide open with me. There are many 501c3's that administrate the HUD in cities and they all have a Porsche in the driveway. The NOG'S are living high on the hog off your tax $.NEGRO FATIGUE IS KILLING ME!!

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to the MSM and a brutal rape and murder will soon be called a "social encounter goes wrong" scenario.
It wouldn't surprise me if that hasn't already happened.
On another note, all these euphemisms seem to have an antecedent. Remember in the 80's when the titles of low wage jobs requiring no actual intelligence or skill were deemed offensive? Thus, a janitor became an Environmental Engineer or some such rot in order to protect their self esteem? I remember sarcastically suggesting that the guy who brought plants into the office and watered them should henceforth be known as a "Life Support Systems Engineer."
In any case, the euphemisms being used to describe horrific crimes certainly begs the question as to whom the MSM is trying to protect and for what reason.
I suppose the descriptive word "criminal" will soon be transformed into "socially challenged individual" in order to lighten the burdens faced by the poor dear.
The last thirty five years has certainly been fascinating as I've seen the insanity of political correctness become more deeply entrenched and bizarre with each passing decade.
The Idiocracy has arrived in force and the idiots just don't realize what idiots they are or how absurd and ridiculous they sound.
Let's tell them every chance we get.

John Ross said...

I teach twice-weekly personal protection (concealed carry) classes in St. Louis, and given that a large percentage of my students are black, I am not ready to treat all members of the black race with contempt, as some here are wont to do.

My black students are just as eager to avoid black predators as the posters on this blog. The issue of Craigslist sales comes up in every class, and I offer this piece of advice:

"If you have a car or other valuable item that someone on the phone says he's interested in, don't offer to show it to him in some random public place like a supermarket parking lot or at a McDonald's. Offer to show it to him in the parking lot of the local police station and see what he says."

This suggestion always elicits a great response...

Anonymous said...

Somehow I have a bit of difficulty imagining them referring to a lynching as " a piñata party gone wrong"!

John Ross said...

St. Louis is often mentioned on this blog as a black-infested, crime-riddled hellhole. Yesterday was Mardi Gras in the Downtown/Soulard area here. It is the second largest Mardi Gras clebration in the country, after New Orleans.

PK likes numbers and statistics, so here are some: Over a quarter million people attended, there were 67 arrests (one per 4,000 people) and 55 (82%) of those were for underage drinking. Most of the other 12 arrests were for minor stuff like urinating in public. Take a look at the gallery in today's paper. Pay especial attention to the large crowd photos...

Mutant Swarm said...

The only way I'd do a deal off of Craigslist is with a back up team of three guys with AR's and sniper overwatch.

Which is to say, I would never do a deal off Craigslist.

And let's play out SC Native's scenario. What if the playing of the race card had worked? SWPL White is now meeting a NAPA that is just clever enough to know he already has the upper hand psychologically. Even if it was a straight deal, he'd pay a lower price just by whipping out the race card. Not to mention he might decide that robbing the shmuck is a good idea, now that he mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

I have bought a number of things on Craigslist and on eBay. Mostly on Craigslist. But I have never bought anything on Craigslist without first calling the owner of the item. If they're black, I don't buy or meet them.
Most of the time, just reading the advertisement lets me know if I want to deal with that person or not. Numerous misspelled words, sentences that make no sense, sometimes just bad vibes, keep me from responding to an ad.
So I may have missed out on a good deal now and then. I've hurt no one but myself. Screw it! I'll deal with white people, for the time being, I still have that choice.


Anonymous said...

"My black students are just as eager to avoid black predators as the posters on this blog. "

Of course they want all sorts of things but cannot connect cause and effect. Avoiding black predators would really require they hold their own accountable. I'll bet you every single one of your IKAGOs that just want peace and civility din' see nuffins when it's time to report criminal activity in their neighborhood. To be sure they don't connect their family members who are out engaging in crime with the problem.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. When negroes flee their niggerhoods to infest white suburbs to get away from the crime and squalor, why doesn't the crime, vice, violence, and depravity stay behind in "da hood" and not invariably follow them into YT town? After all it was just the IKAGOs looking to rise above the rest of their flock.

Anonymous said...

@John Ross. Mardi Gras is a very public event, with a strong police presence, even criminals are smart enough not to cause too much trouble there.

Anonymous said...

@John Ross. As far as STL being a crime infested hell hole, SLPD crime stats speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

If only they could spell 'Jeremy'.

behind blue eyes said...

I recently traded a jeep. I had very many aftermarket parts that I took off beforehand. I too have heard of bad experiences on CL. Of course these parts went fast. I live in an area that has many places to 4x4. I don't have many nogs in my town but for the ones in the army base. But nogs don't off road do they? Anyway, every sell I made I was armed. I did not help lifting or moving anything. Probably the best advise I can give: bring your canine friend(s). My German Shepard was with me the entire time. She is not leash trained and would heel by me the entire transaction. Bark? Of course she did. My only question when asked about her was, "do you have dog allergies?" I recommend this to all y'all.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way that I could tell the blacks who hate whites AND blacks from the ones who only hate whites?

Maybe some kind of gang hand signals? Or we could wear certain colors? How about puce bandanas?

Keep teaching the negroes to shoot. That's going to work out well.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! I remember that crap. No one was fat, they were just vertically challenged!


Anonymous said...

How did the robbery go wrong?

The negro intended to rob him and did.

Is the suggestion that the negro intended to buy the motorcycle but accidentally stole it?

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do is just not sell to them. Meeting at a police station is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that this "insert word here gone wrong" is the same phrase used when a wild animal attacks or a domesticated one does the same thing for that matter. I've heard it used in zoos and once when a deer attacked a hunter in the woods. Are the DWL's admitting unconsciously that the NAPA's are wild animals? They are a schizophrenic bunch.
SC Native

Gwoobus Harmon said...

From prior day's threads :

Anonymous said...

Gwoobus Harmon, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite posters. You are generally spot on, but the recent info on passive vs. active has been incredibly enlightening.
bernicegreenbaum said...

First of all, thanks to Gwoobus Harmon, who has pointed out the difference between a passive and an active voice in writing. You have done an excellent job of teaching that concept to me, someone who has struggled with that concept for an eternity.

Racoon said:

I am particularly grateful of Gwoobus Harmon's detailed response, which certainly suggested a perspective I had not previously explored. The tribe has lasted many thousands of years intact, whereas YT groups have risen, morphed, and sank without trace.


You are all very welcome, and I am glad that I could be of help. I wish there were a kind of facebook sort of thing where one could "like" someone`s comments, or upvote/downvote, because as great as PK's writing is on these subjects, it was the commenters that kept me coming back.

Believe it or not, I am very new to this all (race realism) or at least vocalizing and understanding it. I lurked for a few months before I began to post and only began to think about racial topics within the past year and a half, prior to that I was just your run of the mill, race neutral, rational, but erudite libertarian upset with the two party system and the banking extortion racket.

It was the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin fiasco, and its media portrayal, that led me to examine the manipulation and distortion of those events. That eventually led me to a SBPDL article and the rest has been history. I was off and running.

There are so many posters who I would personally like to thank for opening my eyes in one way or another as I've read this website over the past year or so, helping me gain perspective, and recognize just what dire straights we are in, as well as the work that must be done to awaken others who were once like me :

Mr. Rational
10mm Auto
Rex Hymens
Mike in Philly
Gwinnett Gladiator

plus the limitless brilliant minds who post as "anonymous" and any others whose names escape me at this time. Even Compassionate Oregonian's satire has its own place.

One cannot unsee the matrix. Let us all, self included, help other people see it! The "negro fatigue" is real out there. There must be millions who feel isolated (like I once was) and being shown a community where one can express and explore will hasten a critical mass that can begin reversing some of this stuff, because the convenient channels of existing media and political parties are not going to do it.

bernicegreenbaum said...

We all have a IKAGO experiences. The part time gig I have requires me to work with several. Most are fairly nice although not surprisingly a bit on the dim end, but what do you expect? The problems is very simple. You may have a perfectly well behaved negro move in next door. As others have noticed, and I have the proof where I live, word in the black "community" very quickly spreads. Allow me to enlighten those of you who have not been blessed with this type of diversity.

bernicegreenbaum said...


Sequence of events in the Destruction of a White Neighborhood:

1) IKAGO moves in. Has job, is hardly ever at home, displays minimal confusion as to how parking, trash removal, etc. work in the (YT)community. Generally quiet and keeps to self.

2) IKAGO gets visited by fambly and frens, who make mental note of the lack of drug dealers hanging out in the hallways or common areas, the over all silence after 11 p.m. (no hoopties wid shiny rims blasting away ghetto rap).

3) Fambly and frens begin to show up more frequently at IKAGO's new, respectable "crib". Observant neighbors begin noticing strangers bringing in loads of laundry baskets into IKAGO crib, with obligatory niglets nipping at their heels.

4) At this point, one or two things happen: IKAGO feels pity on a fambly yoof member who can't seem to get his or her Shiite together. Yoof moves in (no job, no money, likes having a warm place to stay, minimal responsibility). Said yoof resides in IKAGO new crib 24/7. Invites frens over while IKAGO is at work.
IKAGO hooks up with a partner, who, surprise, surprise, needs a place to stay, doesn't have a job, or perhaps only a p/t gig, which he may or may not show up for with any regularity.

5) Tricked out '91 Escalade with all the trimmings is parked pretty much all day in community, moving only when the supply of drugs reaches a critical low point. No one is sure to whom said hooptie belongs to, only that it's almost always parked there.

bernicegreenbaum said...

6) Word in the hood spreads like wild fire that there is a crib that is unknown to the police department where shenanigans can and will go down under little detection from the law. Cigarette buds begin to show up in masse on lawn, sidewalks, along with scattered cans of PBR, etc.

7) Late night visits start to become noticeable. It is not uncommon for parties to go on until after 2 a.m. The increasing amount of drugs and cash being moved around necessitate at least one gun and ample ammo by yoof or sex partner.

8) IKAGO begins to suspect shenanigans when neighbors start giving him or her the "look" and maybe even the cold shoulder. IKAGO attempts to be rid of the infestation.

9) Arguments erupt from the IKAGO confronting the infestation. Worried neighbors hear the ruckus and call the cops.

10) IKAGO is outraged that his/her YT neighbors would call the po po, as this is a clear sign of da ebils of da raycism. Po po sees what outwardly look like just a bunch of harmless negroes trying to survive in YT'ville, and at most, issue a warning. IKAGO now pulls out all stops and no longer is concerned with fitting into the community.

It's important to understand that the above scenario can play out in as little time as a few weeks or perhaps a year or two. In any event, you can be sure when you see the whites of the IKAGO's eyes that something akin to a hoard of locusts have descended upon your community. It's only a matter of time until the "For Sale" signs start popping up on lawns all over the place. They might just as well be tombstones, because your neighborhood is now thoroughly and completed destroyed. Any property value you have or investment you've made is no nothing but scorched earth.

Now, you may have several IKAGOs, and want to embrace them into your community. Good luck with that. Paul has done an excellent job of providing an example of this embrace of IKAGO in his piece about the 1948 St. Louis neighborhood that saw the breakdown of restrictive covenants. It's inaccurate to state that a few ruin it for the many, because fact is, with the negro, the few are IKAGO, the many are the frens and fambly, who make life a never ending living hell for whites everywhere.

Look, I respect those of you who stand by your IKAGOs. All I can do is offer my own experience. If a coal burner wants to burn coal, all the more power to her, as far as I'm concerned. But please understand that I will not be accepting any calls when said coal burner is cut up like a Christmas ham when a sex act "goan roan" happens. If you love the snake, be prepared to be bitten by said snake.

Anonymous said...

O/T not the usual suspects, but I don't consider it to be outside of the realm

The article is one that is worth reading. It exposes and expands on what has been posted here, concerning such concepts such as active and past tense and media mispresentatation. Sure , most of us already knew this information, but now we can point at something and say, "see, I'm not the only one"

I was taught to consider all angles when confronting an issue. It would be wise for us to do the same

Anonymous said...

Scattered cans of PBR? Are you sure that's not Hipsters running around? Lol. Just kidding, hipsters recycle.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
O/T not the usual suspects, but I don't consider it to be outside of the realm

The article is one that is worth reading. It exposes and expands on what has been posted here, concerning such concepts such as active and past tense and media mispresentatation. Sure , most of us already knew this information, but now we can point at something and say, "see, I'm not the only one"

I was taught to consider all angles when confronting an issue. It would be wise for us to do the same

Regarding Jonathan "Jon" Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) this may help explain part of the problem. This is part, not all of the reason we are in the predicament of BRA. The biggest reservoir of the cancer known as BRA is the college/university system in BRA, it's the incubator and nursemaid of all the bad ideas of BRA. Jon Stewart's (AKA Jon Leibowitz) pals nest there by the score.

AnalogMan said...

Racoon, replied to you on the other thread.

Californian said...

... How did the robbery go wrong?

Most states have Felony Murder rules, which turn any sort of killing in the commission of a major crime into a murder charge. So technically, there is no such thing as a "robbery gone wrong." A killing committed in the course of a robbery is, legally, murder--not some avoidable accident.

"Robbery gone wrong" is a newspeak phrase, designed to divert attention to what is going on here. It is one more example of why the mainstream media must be boycotted.

Anonymous said...

Paul. Story in the making . I don't have a link bit hundreds of "youths" storm Orlando movie complex then shut down roadways. Chimpout has a link.

Anonymous said...

When you try to make sence of this. Try to wrap your mind around it. You have the media, and all the DWL's covering their ears and going "La-La-La, can't hear you" It does something to a person that sees. It's like what Mark Steyn wrote in his book "After America"

Paul Berman, a lifelong liberal, says that the doctrine of relativism makes "everything the egual of everything else" As a result, our ruling class- political, academic, cultural-- have "lost the ability to make the most elementary distinctions." This is almost right. In fact, the cult of absolutist relativism is a kind of affirmative action against their own civilization. In any dispute between the boundlessly tolerant and the highly intolerant, it must be the fault of the former for being insufficiently tolerant of the latters intolerance.

A society led by men with such a self-destructive urge will get it's wish. and very soon, and deservedly so.

Not so long ago I saw a two panal cartooon: on the left hand panel, "This is your brain"; on the right hand panel, "this is your brain on political correctness"---- a small and shriveled thing, but now standard issue.

In 2009, thirteen men and women plus an unhnown baby were gunned down at fort hood by a major in the U.S. Army. Nidel Hasan was the perpetrator, but political correctness was his enabler, every step of the way. Major Hasn couldn't have been more straightforward about who and what he was. An Army psychiatrist, he put "SoA"---- "Soldier of Allah"---- on his business card.

At the Uniformed Services University of Health and Sciences, hes was reprimanded for trying to persuade patients to convert to Islam. and fellow pupils objected to his constant "anti American propaganda" but, as the Associated press reported, "a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim student kept officers from filing a formal written complaint"

(this is your brain on political correctness )

As the writer Barry Rubin pointed out, Major Hasan was the first mass murderer in U.S. history to give a powerpoint presentation outlining the rationale for the crime he was about to commit. He gave it to a room full of fellow Army psychiatrists and doctors, some of whom glanced queasily at their colleagues, but none of whom actually spoke up. When the question arose of weather then Captain Hasan was, in fact, "psychotic" The policy commiter at Walter Reed Army medical Center worried, "how would it look if we kick out one of the few Muslim residents."

(This is your brin on political corectness )

So, instead he got promoted to Major and shipped of to Fort Hood. Barely had he got to Texas when he startd making idle chit-chat praising the jihsdist murder of two soldiers outside a recruitment center in Littie Rock. "this is what Muslims should do, stand up to the aggressors," Major Hasan told his superior officer, Colonel Terry Lee. "people should strap bombs on themselves go and into Times Square" Colonel Lee merely cautioned the Major against saying things that might give people the wrong impression. Which is to say, the right impression.

(this is your brain on political correctness)

{N.Ga} I'm so negro fatigued it's clinical!

Anonymous said...

Little Rock(I was born there) is a war zone. Large portions of the city are 'no go' for respectable people. Decent neighborhoods are subject to armed home invasions and daylight robberies. For a city of this size violent crime is worse than anywhere else. I have gone from going armed everywhere to home-carry, adding an extra magazine when I go out. The local media routinely squelches crime information, running 'good' news instead. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

"Youfs " storm Orlando theatre.
Recently I gave a gift card to a senior citizen, good for several visits. With explicit instructions to go very early on a weekday. If you're reading this you know why. Cool thing is, the recipient understood the who and why!
Detroit Refugee

bernicegreenbaum said...

Here's a link to the "Yoofs" storming the Orlando theatre. Yep, the usual suspects.

Semi-employed White Guy said...

"Wrong place, wrong time". The wrong place is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood. The wrong time is anytime.

Anonymous said...

I once sold a motorcycle to another White man and he asked that we conduct the sale at a nearby airport garage because of all the security cameras there.
Once I handed over the title and he gave me the cash he went onto explain his cautiousness stemmed from being previously robbed by some blacks when he went to look at a bike. A very scary situation from the way he described it.

Anonymous said...

One of the local Police Departments (capitalized for respect) here in SW Michigan recently announced their lobby was available for CL transactions.

I've used CL many times, mostly to buy from retirees, soccer moms, and even a few hipsters. I always use the precautions listed and have had no problems whatsoever.

Guess what the common factor was?

Anonymous said...

Centurion, search up "Black Bike Week" in Myrtle Beach, SC - it seems that actually there's quite a few of them interested in motorcycles. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if there are past articles here about that event and the resulting mayhem that surrounds it.

I've used Craigslist to buy a number of times. No issues. But all from white people. Selling it, another story, too many self-appointed cops flag ads if they don't like it or don't understand it. But I did sell a couple of tables someone had left by the dumpster at the storage unit on it - that was an easy $50 for the time to bring them over to my unit, take a couple photos, and stick them inside. It's like anything else, you have to use some common sense.

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here..

I've never sold anything via Craigslist, but I do buy and sellfirearms regularly via an online gun classifed site. Happily, I live in a state were private sales require neither a background check nor dealer paperwork. My usual practice is to conduct the sale in the parking lot of a very popular local gun shop (which is next to a busy street in a good area) during daytime business hours. Even then I always take armed backup with me.

In the text of my ads, I always place the disclaimer that I "reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason". This is code for "if you're a diversity, I'm not selling to you". I've only had to exercise this one time. It went like this...
Guy calls me up after we've exchnged emails, and he has that unmistakable "ebonic" accent.
Me: "You're black aren't you?"
Him: "Wut that got to do wit it?!"
Me: "Sorry, but I'm pulling the plug on this sale."
Him: "Dat be be sum rassiss ssh--!!!"
Me: "That's exactly what it is. Have a good day."

As an amusing postscript, the site has a forum for members to post about how their transactions went. This guy left this poorly written rant about how I refused to sell to him because he was black. It did my heart good to see that he got savaged by others in the thread, with only one DWL type taking his side.

Anonymous said...

Robbery gone right!
It's just when they say drug deal gone wrong, umm Murder gone right more like it. The major flaw is whites thinking that there is a rationale thought process taking place in an zombie gang banging hood rat brain. It's all about shortcuts and freebies becauz they be the choosen peoples whom only god can judge in wrong doing

0225scion said...

You could have agreed to meet at the local police headquarters parking lot at shift change. If that's somehow not agreeable, then you know something or someone is not on the up and up. Just a suggestion to all you craigslisters out there.