Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring is Coming. The Negro Spring...

We've been warned. 

Both major political parties are aligned against us and dedicated to the slow eradication of our future via high taxation, while disinformation campaigns in academia and from news organizations disseminating a steady stream of hostile white images means agitated (and aggressive) blacks.

And winter is soon to end. Jack Frost is leaving.

The stunning decline of St. Louis as a major American city has everything to do with white people abandoning the city they built to the growing menace of Africans in America

Spring is blooming.

Spring is coming. [Activist warns: Return of warm weather to St. Louis could mean violence, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2-22-15]:

A leader of a community outreach group warned fact-finders for a federal civil rights agency Monday that warm weather could spark more street violence in lingering resentment of police shootings. 
“As St. Louis walks into this next warm season, and it’s right around the corner, we’re not ready for what’s going to come out of our neighborhoods,” said James Clark, vice president of the nonprofit organization Better Family Life. 
“This is going to be a very, very challenging time in our community as it relates to crime and violence. Once this weather breaks, there are going to be challenges for the police officers. How the police are going to manage it — my prayers are with them.” 
Clark participated in one of several panels addressing the Missouri Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. It is examining police use of force relating to race or color. 
The commission is an independent, bipartisan agency that advises the president and Congress on civil rights matters. It took an active interest here after the shooting of a black teen, Michael Brown, by a Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9. 
Panels of academics, activists, police and government officials met through the day at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Public attendance appeared light, about two dozen as Clark spoke. 
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said he is being as transparent as possible about shootings by officers and touted creation of a unit dedicated to investigate them.Capt. Mary Edwards-Fears said the department provided a rapid and detailed account when two St. Louis officers fatally shot Kajieme Powell about a week after Brown died. Officials said Powell came at the officers with a knife. 
“People will not tolerate being kept out of the information loop, especially when it comes to policing and public safety,” Edwards-Fears said. “When it comes to critical incidents, we must explain ourselves fully and quickly.” 
The real question is: Is the St. Louis of 1915 a more advanced city than the St. Louis of 2015? From Is the City of St. Louis a Safer Place in 2011 than in 1971? How Are We Supposed to Know?, NXTStl.com, 1-13-12
Dotson has admitted that in a rush to provide information that day, he passed along an observation of a witness that turned out to be contradicted by a bystander’s video of the killing. The police have not released the officers’ names, something Dotson said he will do once Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has completed her review of the case. 
Edwards-Fears said the “truly tragic” killing of Powell “presented us a huge opportunity to educate the public, especially on our use-of-force policy and why we do things the way we do them.” 
Joining Clark on a panel of activists earlier in the day were Charli Cooksey, with the Young Citizen’s Council of St. Louis; J. Alfredo Chavez, with Latinos en Axion St. Louis; David Nehrt-Flores, with Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates; and the Rev. Traci Blackmon, with Christ the King Church in Florissant. 
Brown’s killing also “emboldened the black population,” Clark said. 
“I have been telling St. Louis officials as early as 2011 that we’re not ready for what is to come,” he said. “Things are getting more volatile in the community.” 
Clark established himself in poor black communities for his work with at-risk youths, helping them to find jobs and social services, such as counseling. 
“They feel they can openly confront police officers; it’s a growing trend,” he said. 
As protests have continued, Clark said he has seen police become less inclined to speak with and listen to demonstrators. 
“We can’t have police become complacent and apathetic,” he said.
One hundred years ago, St. Louis had a population of 687,029.
St. Louis Homicide Arrest Rates by race from 1930 - 2000. Source: St. Louis Metamorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions 

It was 93 percent white and six percent black.

Today, St. Louis has a population of 319,294.

It is 49 percent black and 43 percent white.

White people have long known that once winter ends, the hibernating black criminality awakens, and with this thawing of low impulse control and poor future-time orientation comes the true black death.

The demographic decline of the white population in St. Louis is testament to this reality, with white families fleeing the carnage of black dysfunction and slowly abandoning formerly prosperous communities to Africans in America. 

A true Better Family Life organization would be one dedicated to improving the quality of life for white people (and their progeny), but in Black-Run America it is one of those uniquely black nonprofit organizations kept alive via tax donations from corporations (a bank purchased $13 million in tax-credits to assist this "organization" in buying up a building in heavily black North St. Louis to use as its headquarters...).

Here's the vision statement:  

Better Family Life, Inc. (BFL) is a community development 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the prosperity and growth of the American family. BFL was organized in February 1983 out of a need to find internal solutions to the crises within the African American family. 

MissionBFL's mission is to plan and establish social, cultural, artistic, youth, economic, housing and educational programs that help to promote positive and innovative changes within the metropolitan St. Louis area. Much of BFL's programming is geared towards people who are unemployed, underemployed, disadvantaged and skill-deficient.

Core Values
1)    FamilyBetter Family Life, Inc. advocates the belief that a cohesive family is the foundation for every human being’s development. It endeavors to rehabilitate individuals on a complete cultural, educational, social, and economic level by helping them become self-sufficient and contributing members of society. 
2)    CultureBetter Family Life believes that the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and humanity is the primary route to personal, family, and group growth and sustainability.  

3)    Social and Economic GrowthBetter Family Life places a high degree of importance on the social and economic elevation of low and moderate income families, disadvantaged populations, and those who are financially stable, as proven by our record of achievements since 1983.
4)    Integrity and AccountabilityBetter Family Life has an unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability in all of its endeavors.
Better Family Life is dedicated solely to the improving of black lives in the city of St. Louis, one a mere shadow of the metropolis that existed in the 1910s (with much less than half the population of the city that was 93 percent white in 1915). 

And yet the quality of life in St. Louis has continually declined as the city becomes blacker and blacker (and less white). 

With James Clark, vice president of the nonprofit organization Better Family Life, basically blackmailing the city of St. Louis with a threat of black violence (unless more money is pumped into his fraudulent organization) once the winter weather warms, the reality of what black criminality represents becomes clear: the slow, inexorable death of the civilizations Europeans have created in America. 

You'll notice this article is peppered with a graph of the racial breakdown of St. Louis' population from 1910 to 2010; images of homicide rates from NextStl.com showing population decline in the city; and the homicide rate for the white population and the black population from 1930 - 1990 courtesy of The book St. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions (edited by Brady Baybeck and F. Terrence Jones), published in 2004 by the Missouri Historical Society Press. 

These two images and Excel graph tell the story of the reality of the black death in America for the city of St. Louis. 

And as the leader of an exclusively black community outreach group warned those already convinced of the evil of white people masquerading as fact-finders for a federal civil rights agency that warm weather could spark an increased black intifada of street violence in St. Louis over lingering resentment of police correctly interpreting the law, the racial decline of the becomes clear. 

Ninety-three percent white in 1915 ( 638936 white people)...

Today, St. Louis is only 43 percent white (137296 white people)...
Civilization can survive earthquakes. It can survive floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. 
Hell, a volcanic eruption can even preserve an ancient civilization to exacting detail. 
But no civilization has ever survived its black population. Not even the bricks remain...


Anonymous said...

whenever i think of spring i don't think "hey time to go on a crime spree." what the heck is wrong with these people??

p1/v1 = p2/v2 said...

The African would kill at the same rate in winter as in summer, it's just too damn cold to go outside. The only thing weather is to blame for is what I wear that day.

Do they make this same excuse in cities like Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Compton, Las Vegas, Miami, and other southern cities?

I haven't seen it if they do. An obvious double standard if there is one to be had, and one that needs to be contrasted and broadcasted

Bob Boyle

Anonymous said...

Study that tried to pay Blacks and Hispanics in the Bronx to take HIV medication fails:

Ricky Tucker said...

It won't be long before the negro hits the fan (NHTF). Be prepared! Get in shape, get a gun, have an escape plan...all we have to do is hunker down for a bit, they'll turn on each other soon enough and the rest will starve. Good riddance. Maybe one day I'll be able to go see a movie again in peace.

bernicegreenbaum said...

This 'Mission Statement" is a twisted, grammatically backward, stupid statement that almost defies comprehension:

CultureBetter Family Life believes that the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and humanity is the primary route to personal, family, and group growth and sustainability.

'the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and..."


What a complete load of crap. The grammar is appalling. The author who wrote that steaming load probably holds a bachelor's or master's degree. That's probably the most tragic thing of all.

Anonymous said...

This spring might give us an opportunity to see if Ferguson was the beginning of a new law enforcement trend. It is generally unacceptable for anyone to kill a person solely to protect property, but many people are lawfully killed when a property crime escalates into a situation where lives are endangered. For example, bank robbers are usually killed for their actions that endanger lives during the robbery rather than the act of taking the money. A home owner doesn't kill an intruder because the intruder might steal something. The intruder is killed because his forcible entry into a private home is presumed to pose a dangerous threat to the homeowner.

In the past we have always expected law enforcement to intervene to prevent or stop a property crime with the understanding that the criminal might respond in a manner that justifies the use of lethal force by law enforcement. The outcome of such an encounter was pretty much determined by the choices made by the perpetrator when confronted by police. The Ferguson trend appears to be that it is now inappropriate for law enforcement to intervene in an ongoing property crime because of the possibility that the perpetrator might choose to escalate the situation to a level justifying the use of lethal force by police. This trend is certainly consistent with the trend of not holding blacks responsible for their own actions, but this trend will have interesting consequences such as the formation of private security districts to protect property when law enforcement won't.

The negro spring could be very interesting. Perhaps the Ferguson response will become the norm and the formation of private security districts will be outlawed because some criminal might get killed unfairly for just trying to steal something, or maybe the presence of private security districts will prod law enforcement into taking action. It is quite possible that large numbers of Americans will begin to realize that the government will not protect their interests, and this would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another case of WEATHER GONE WRONG.

Anonymous said...

But, we will survive! It's in our DNA.
Thank you for the forum.
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

A leader of a community outreach group warned fact-finders for a federal civil rights agency Monday that warm weather could spark more street violence in lingering resentment of police shootings.

Ah, "street violence!"

I take it this means:
* Criminals will get out their jackhammers and rip up the pavement.
* Sidewalks will take a life of their own and attack innocent citizens.
* The "spark" refers to attempts to set fire to asphalt roads.
* Ebonics for "street violets," meaning the roads will be covered with flowers to keep the peace.

Obviously, none of this means that blacks will commit a disparate number of acts of criminal violence.

Anonymous said...

'the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and..."


It means: "YT better pay up or blacks will burn down their own neighborhoods."

Come to think of it, that's pretty much what every program of BRA has boiled down to since the 1960s.

Medic Bear said...

Yep, it's the WEATHER.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here...."What we need is more money and bigger checks because it be to cold for the keeds to be robbing and stealing and because we don't have enough money they got that AT RISK thing cause they have cabin fever and nobody be helping us with money and they waiting for the warm weather so they can get back on the street and start looking for jobs but nobody hire them because they dropped out of school and can't read and write because we don't have money they are made to join in gangs and do dishonest stuff to make money and are forced to sell drugs and rob people because of racism and no money they been being held down and oppressed and nobody be helping us and sending money so they have a hard life in the ghetto and a lot of them be getting shot and kilt and going to jail and prison because there ain't no money to spend on helping them so they can turn their life around and get some job training so they can gets a good job and stay out of prison and with more money being given us someday they will be somebody and make their mama proud and then they won't have to set the city on fire and be looting and stealing and leave the gang life and drugs behind because black lives matter and we need to gets a whole lots more money and help from the government and be giving the money to the poor people to make life better buts only if we be getting more and more of that money and then we can be a success and sheet."

Californian said...

Let me get this straight: the city of St Louis has suffered a 50% population decrease over the last century? Half the population of what was once a great American city is gone? To get that kind of depopulation historically, you'd be looking at the aftermath of a barbarian invasion or plague or overwhelming natural disaster.

What on earth could have the impact of a barbarian invasion or plague or natural disaster on what was once a major American city? Surely, oh surely, it couldn't be a change in demographics? I mean, a city which goes from 6% black to 49% black would not see an exponential increase in crime or trashing of the streets, would it?

It says something that cities such as Dresden and Hiroshima could be leveled by aerial attack and rise from the rubble, stronger than before. Anyone care to post the names of cities which have grown more prosperous and more safe after a mass migration of blacks into it? Seriously, any trolls think they can come up with some names? And if not in the USA, how about the Caribbean or Europa or Africa?

Archeologists today dig through ancient cities and trace their decline, then wonder how it all went downhill. Hopefully, the works of PK will survive unto future centuries so their archeologists will understand.

Anonymous said...

CultureBetter Family Life believes that the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and humanity is the primary route to personal, family, and group growth and sustainability.

I imagine this means something like this: the collective identity of a people is dependent on its self image and what it brings to the rest of mankind. Thus, how its individuals and families function is a function of that self image.

If the CultureBetter people really thought about it, they might have to conclude that blacks celebrate via rap "music," flashmobs, gangbanging, irresponsible reproduction, and endless race hustling. This introduces them to the rest of mankind in a not too positive light; hence the phenomenon of white flight, or YT getting fed up and cracking down via segregation-apartheid-lynching. Of course, that might take some high-IQ cogitating on the part of CultureBetter as well as a future time orientation to make that connection between cause and effect. i.e., if a people introduces themselves to history by burning down their own neighborhoods, they ought not to complain when humanity sells their houses at cut rate prices and moves to safer climes.

End result? Blacks do not grow and can not create sustainable neighborhoods, black cities or black countries. But try telling CultureBetter that truth, and see how quickly a riot ensues.

FlowerBell said...

My pursuit of happiness includes a negro-free life.
Is there anywhere left on this big, old Earth to live a negro-free life or are those days gone bye?

Anonymous said...

When out in public, make sure to keep your Groidar sharp. They are on the hunt, and they are getting bolder. '15 is gonna be a hot one.

(Groidar: A person's inner sense of the presence of negroids in one's vicinity.)

Anonymous said...

Once the weather warms up the chimps will emerge from their caves and they'll spill out onto the streets and run amok, on the hunt for bananas and money. With the cold weather over they'll hunt the humans as they try to make a living and savagely attack and kill the innocent store clerks, taxi drivers and anyone else they can steal from. The chimpocalypse is upon us! God help us all!

Mr. Rational said...

Yep, it's the WEATHER.

Weather Gone Wrong.

Now THERE is a health problem ripe for study by the CDC.  The epidemiological (statistical) evidence suggests that the victim population is far less likely to become victims when they are in close quarters with their own kin.  This really needs an experiment to test whether it is actually kin-grouping or the temperature at work.  We can call the test of enforced kin-grouping... segregation.

Anonymous said...

Get ready St Louis... (and other black hellholes)!

When the orcs come to play, there's a shooting each day.

Couple more weeks then balmy weather is here. Running for popcorn.

Whites in St Louis, which of you won't be here next Fall due to a murderous negro in your midst, whose life you've paid for via tax money?

Anonymous said...

Warm weather, the call of balmy African breezes awakens the savage spirit within. The creature awakes, smells its victims scent, and leaves its lair to hunt. Be careful my friends, they smell you.

So, what is the answer? Well, I actually will tell you... right here:

Make violence against non-blacks, by blacks, legal. That's right, negroes have the legal right to attack non-blacks. That's what Obama/Holder/Sharpton all want, if you follow their statements to their logical final destination. So give it to them.

I'm crazy, you say? Crazy like a fox.

With that new rule, think how utterly and completely non-blacks would avoid all things negro. The self-imposed total segregation we seek would occur almost overnight.

So, let's fight for amnesty for blacks who assault and kill non-blacks. Codify it into law. Poor things have been so oppressed they need justice; they need payback.

They need total and complete isolation.

weisse frau said...

Nothing new here...if you go to CNN and type "Bill Cosby" into the search box, two pages of hits come up. The first ten hits make Cosby sound only positive.
In the first 20 hits only ONE headline has the active tense "Bill Cosby drugged me"..
There is a "Bill Cosby hit by lawsuit" (poor thing, he wuz hit!)but that does not count.

This is only interesting because I KNEW what the results would be before I searched: passive tense. Thanks to this website. This helps my brainwashing.

(Oh, the only active tense was an accusation by a black model. I guess CNN thought active tense was OK in that one situation.)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was wondering why PK was not up dating the comments, for many hours. He was working very hard, to research material for this great article.

The communist are inbedded with the radical negroes making plans for the coming spring in SL.

Summer 2015 is going to be very interesting. emboldered by the stand down order by gov Nixon will only increase the rage that the negroe feels.

We are on our own. Will other city follow.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. When nogs try to use English above the 1st grade level it comes out as nigger babble with big words, I call it the Jesse Jackson effect.
SC Native

Anonymous said...

Recently I posted the link to the Detroit story about a "cold weather crime". I guess pretty much any kind of weather is enough to set off the negro into a violent rage.

Also worthy of mentioning, the "murder" stats are actually very tame in comparison to negro violence overall. As we know they are terrible shots and only usually score a kill by blind luck, and the state of the art whitey Juju medicine can patch up injuries that would have had many more earning their bat-wings in hell just 20 years ago (Chicago shoot:kill ratios are also way lopsided). The lack of killing isn't from any new sense of civility, but due to better veterinary care for these animals and they're proverbial bad marksmanship, poor choice of weapon, and poor weapon maintenance.

I think at this point almost everyone knows deep down the problem isn't the weather or some other mysterius racist force, but just TNB. The purpose of propaganda isn't even necessarily to make people believe something, but only to give the masses a mantra to chant so that anybody who isn't chanting the party line is viewed as an outcast, deviant, or dissident.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess spring and summer are going to get interesting. How many more he wad a gute boi didn't do nuffins was turning his life around starting to cRap going to college NAPA's are going to provoke the PO-leeze this year? I've been wondering if these thugs are the nog version of kamikaze pilots on the coonmunity?

The bottom line is far more thugs will get made good by other thugs and even with a massive nationwide chimpout that won't change. I also predict a rise in coalburner removal since these sluts are on the front lines and as always easy targets.

This should bring far more people in the country over to our side I just advise YT to stay far away from the NAPA and let the DWL's deal with their pets when they turn on them out of frustration or PTSD over slabery or whatever the current excuse for acting African in America might be at the moment.

Stay safe fellow YT's, it's probably going to be a long year.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

The entire nation is a used condom. It’s a grease rag soaked in diesel and pork fat. It’s that filthy corner of the garage you never get around to cleaning. It’s been passed around for fun more often than Barack Obama’s mom. If Amerikwa was a pile of dirty dishes, they’d be the kind you realize it’s better to throw away than to try to make them clean enough to eat off again. There is nothing here worth salvaging and nobody willing to even tackle the problem.

Tex Arcane

Anonymous said...

Nothing says improvamentation like body counts and terror. People who resist improvamentation are evil and probably love Hitler or Nixon, maybe both. They are morally inferior and confused in that they believe they want to live without gunfire in the streets and huge angry mobs rioting and looting while they set fire to stuff. Resisting improvamentation is futile, you will be improvamented.

Tex Arcane

Ex-Copper said...

"How the police are going to manage it- my prayers are with them"

In a rush to provide information to blacks about a lawful police action shooting they "passed along an observation from an individual that later was contradicted" by video of the "killing"

Brown's killing also "emboldend the black population"....."they feel they can openly confront police officers; its a growing trend"

"We can't have police become complacent and apathetic".

You dumb shits created these monsters, used lib courts and "executive action" to free them from their cages.

In your rush to demonize police doing their jobs, where your emboldened brazen africanus ghettois believes it can attack with impunity the cops you call when your pets turn on you. You fan the flames of pack animals agitation when you errantly espouse their lies as gospel, until video evidence supports the lawful execution of your pets.

You now fear the awakening of these animals from their hibernation. If what the few who failed to take their long winters nap are an estimate of what's to come, you are scared.

The cops might be apathetic, but they're not complacent. Complacent indicates they have become careless, too comfortable and let their guard down. Not true, you and your ilk have pummeled them enough that they have opted to allow your pets to come for you.

You fed these examples of ADHD kids hopped up on caffeine and cocaine. Now you want the cops to save you? My guess is you're on your own until sentiment sways. Police work is at times down right dirty, ugly and violent. You may not appreciate or understand that, once you are exposed to these pack animals for a while, you will beg the zookeepers to put your animals back into their cages.

These idiots are like the child who us repeatedly told to get away from a hot stove element. Sometimes you have to let them get burned for the lesson to set in.

Anonymous said...

The police departments and the police officers know what is going to happen to them if they encounter an african and have to use deadly force. It must be an awful time to be a police officer right now.
The police departments are just going to hunker down and wait out the current administration. They don't want to draw attention to themselves now. The HNIC will sic the DOJ on them.

Warmer weather is going to bring out the africans. The police are going to back down in any confrontation thus encouraging the african even more. It will be a vicious circle.
If you're not armed and prepared, you'll be a victim. You cannot appease the african. Fifty - sixty years of all kinds of special programs, just for the african, proves that.
The time is near, be prepared.


TheAntidote said...

It is widely known that sub Saharans don't like the cold, and that this can be used as a tool to keep away from them.
Before the time of the Great Kennedy and the King Fish there was a master builder of civil engineering in NYC named Robert Moses. When he built swimming pools he kept those in Harlem as warm as bathwater and the surrounding White communities almost chilly.
You like sports but don't care to come in contact with Negroes? Skiing, hockey, ice fishing, and ice skating might be your tickets.
Yes, spring will bring a negro renaissance of "at risk" yoofs. An angry horde of "at risk" gentle giants.

Anonymous said...

"Improvamentation" made me laugh, Tex Arcane. When my high school was infiltrated, aka desegregated, we got a talented 10th black principal. His morning announcements were several minutes of improvamentated words strung together in the precursor to the meaningless "Mission Statement" PK posted. I'm just glad I had an old-school Italian teacher who let us openly mock the principal's incorrect word usage. It was a great way to start the day in a school under siege.

I think regardless of the weather, we're heading into dangerous times where the police will refuse to protect property or people. Now is the time to think ahead about safe places, home safety, firearm usage/laws and, if that all fails, the name and number of a lawyer who would really fight for your right to protect your person and property. Future time orientation will save you.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Here is a wonderful gem hidden within the body of the first article PK linked to :

Chavez said that Latinos are the victims of racial profiling more often than statistics indicate, because of the way police tally stops.

“When they stop you, they don’t put you as Latino or Hispanics. They put you as a white,” he asserted.

So the latino activist wants to assert that the cops harass and profile them, only there is no way to prove it, because the police department's policy is to list them as "white," which skews the data when attempts are made to cite it.

He inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, because in this case the hispanic is seeking victim status (political points) as another minority group being abused by YT's police forces, otherwise this falsifying data practice is completely acceptable.

This (hispanic classified for statistical purposes as white) policy is always something to consider when looking at crime rates and their racial breakdown. MANY police departments do this, and it somewhat diminishes black crime rates compared to "white" crime rates if another violent criminal segment is lumped in with whites in an attempt to fudge the scales.

Can you imagine how out of line per capita black vs. white crime ratios would be if hispanics were not lumped in as white, thusly distorting the quotient?

Anonymous said...

When I was a youngster living in Florida, the city I lived in prepared for warm weather (and the subsequent swarms of mosquitoes) by getting the mosquito control trucks loaded up with spray and ready to go.
Perhaps cities that have outbreaks of chimping negroes in warm weather need to have Negro Control trucks except they can be loaded up with a mild sedative spray and hit all negro areas daily. Homey can just chill on the porch without needing a blunt or a forty ouncer. It's not like they'll be needing to get ready to head off to work so being sedated won't make any difference in that regard.
It's either that or permanently station water cannon trucks in all business/tourist areas to blast the black bastards off their feet when they start chimping.
OR some enterprising scientist can come up with an solution that can be added to the blacktop in negro areas so that when the sun heats up the surface of the streets, the streets themselves give off an invisible vapor that has a sedative effect.
Come to think of it, perhaps an armored Shoe Shooter truck loaded with a limited number of the latest Air Jordan's would be more interesting. The truck could travel the hood and shoot out three or four pairs of Jordan's on each street. The immediate consequence would be negroes fighting and killing each other, invading homes to get dose shoes from dat punk etc. They'd be so busy tearing each other apart they'd have no time to invade other areas. I call that the "Keepin' It In Da Hood" program.
As a member of S.I.C.K (Solutions to Issues Concerning Kneegrows) I believe any of these ideas will work!

10mm AUTO said...

As we in the Northwest Front have pointed out again and again, the Whites are not just "moving Away", they are dying out.

The constant population growth of the USA is the influx of aliens and the multiplication of negros at the detriment to Whites. We have not only died off because of the "pill" or changes in working families but because of "feminism" a wholly Marxist philosophy used as a weapon against Whites. Those cradles of the future are empty because of a group of men who came up with a sophistic trick to break the family and weaken society. It worked.

Look at those numbers. We are one sixth of our power (in numbers) in St. Louis and it is only now that some Whites are waking up. Still, at this moment it is only through the internet that we can speak. While Whites are utterly unable to join together in political committees else suffer screams of "racism" and dispossession, Kyne West and Farrakhan have a weekend at the NOI ranch and it is celebrated as though it was a meeting with the President.

A great city is the same as a Country, only on a smaller scale. The USA is suffering the same loss of tax revenues via "outsourcing" (Whites taking business out of the area) and illegals (who pay little or no taxes) and is merely a Detroit delayed. A few more years of endless war, printing money, high taxation and White hatred and we are in for a Pogrom against Whites (it is in its beginning stages now).

We need a White Homeland where we can raise our children in freedom, where motherhood and family raising is encouraged as a career, not denigrated. Where the father can make enough to raise a family on his salary, not compete with the slave wages of China and India.

Anonymous said...

Many have commented on the lopsided stats. Want another one? The number of Whites that kill negros "execution style", vs the number of negros that kill Whites "execution" style, then correct for population size.

You will be amazed.

Dan said...

It's the final bongo party for the Zulu

Ricky In Cali said...

I enjoy these times I honestly do. As I’ve stated in previous posts (and my name Ricky in ‘Cali’), I live in California and still have the opportunity to walk down the beaches. I have a few buddies have who have beach front businesses and if you walk in a crowd of people you’ll see people young and old, riding their bikes, drinking, getting some rays, it’s really quite peaceful. It’s like the last days of civilization when you can walk without a major event occurring and I take all this in because one day I might look back and say “I remember when I could walk in a crowd full of people and have a good time without worrying about anything”.

One thing you can totally tell though is when Black people show up. You can spot them immediately in the crowd and they haven’t infiltrated that kind of setting yet for a couple of reasons because

1. It’s expensive with all the shops and spending money
2. There aren’t any other savages there to lay the blue print for them

These people are monkey see/ monkey do. When they get checks they all want checks, when they move in an area, other chimps move in the area. When they hear music, they all listen to the same garbage music. When one rapper tattoos his entire body, now they all want to tattoo their entire body. No one has broken the mold of these new territories so it’s kept them out but it won’t be for long before they make their way in. The great thing is businesses that have $7.00 a square foot rent don’t want that kind of trash there, and neither do the residents who have to spend $1500 a month on a 500 square foot apartment. It’s so refreshing to see people OF ALL races and ethnicities living in an affluent area and having respect for themselves because they’re missing one key element. THE BLACK PLAGUE

Anonymous said...

That damned racist weather!
Seriously though. The chimps are becoming even bolder in their feral violent attacks against whites and know they won't see repercussions, other than a slap on the wrist if anything.
So essentially, our government looks the other way if some whites get stomped into brain damage/knockout "gamed"/blacks screaming racial curses at whites, etc.
The police are an after-the-fact entity even in a best case scenario. They CANNOT protect you and yours from being attacked by roaming low IQ anti-white rage filled animals. YOU are responsible for your safety! If you're not prepared for the worst case scenario, you're not prepared.
Wandering around while oblivious in public will get you killed these days. A sheep ripe for shearing, if you will.
Either fight for your survival or go the way of the Dodo.



The simple answer is this.....


10mm AUTO said...

Wonderful Article at Gates of Vienna" on "the Elite, etc.


Survive, seek like minded friends.

Anonymous said...

I hope that SBPDL isn't a victim of new FCC regulations. The probable next president, Hillary Clinton, has endorsed them, complaining that there are too many "partisan bunkers" out there which make it difficult to "confront tough issues like racism..."

Will shortwave radio make a comeback? Will a foreign power some day take a page from the old RFE/RL and broadcast a Radio Free America to us? Will pirate radio see a resurgence?

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude here. try Couer d'Alene, Idaho. the whole state is less than 1/2 of 1% groid. these are most likely at colleges or universities learning to chase other groids in the negro felon league.

Anonymous said...

10mm AUTO said...We need a White Homeland where we can raise our children in freedom, where motherhood and family raising is encouraged as a career, not denigrated. Where the father can make enough to raise a family on his salary, not compete with the slave wages of China and India.

Well spoken.

Californian said...

The title of PK's article implies a real truth: "Spring is Coming. The Negro Spring..."

There has been (and continues to be) a conscious attempt to agitate blacks to take it to the streets. The street violence leads to a change in political power, presumably one in which hostile elites will consolidate their hold.

We can see antecedents in the various Arab Spring uprisings of the last several years. These appear spontaneous, but have been supported by outside information warfare assets, and even military force (e.g., NATO airpower vs Qadafi). Similar with various coups in Europe (look for the hand of Soros et alia).

In America, blacks become the cannon fodder (often willingly so). Look at the antecedents:
* The Communist Party USA exploiting blacks as the revolutionary vanguard (instead of the working class).
* 1960s New Left radicals who saw the Black Panthers as the "Viet Cong" of America.
* The media's numerous positive portrayals of black violence against whites ("Django Unchained" comes to mind, but this has been a constant them of many movies and TV shows).
* The System's creation of a narrative of the Great White Defendant (Duke U false rape charges, L'Affaire Trayvon, Ferguson Fracas).

Be interesting to see what is planned for 2015.

This is why white people need to get organized. The tactical problem is the blacks running amok in the streets. The strategic problem is in the man behind the curtain.

Getting organized is not simply a matter of getting armed for self defense -- though that is vital. It is getting politically armed. Which means getting sufficient white people to recognize the threat. And then to network together to gain political power.

Time for a White Spring.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the articles about terrorists threatening the shopping malls of America? Laughable fear campaign that ignores the countless terrorist acts upon malls/movie theaters perped by our own well fed homegrown terrorists.

Anonymous said...


Another instance of the bizarre groid fetish "muh-dick da ol' bitches":


--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Groidnado coming through.

Into the shelters!

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the articles about terrorists threatening the shopping malls of America?

Perhaps the terrorists can fight the "teens?"

It says something about the America of the 21st century that shopping malls are now a battleground for rival warlord factions.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. I can't understand how these types of stories are repeated daily, sometimes many in one day, and still the majority of people can't or won't acknowledge the root cause:


It's almost as if a cancer is growing within the body of our society, and the DWL's are telling us it's a new organ that will give us superpowers if we just accept it and nurture it.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Californian sez:

Archeologists today dig through ancient cities and trace their decline, then wonder how it all went downhill. Hopefully, the works of PK will survive unto future centuries so their archeologists will understand.


Future generations no doubt will be aghast at the complete destruction the negro brings. An entire race of bipedal hominids that wreaks havoc, chaos, and violence everywhere. A group of individuals who collectively could not conceive of such mundane necessities as having a separate facility to relieve oneself, much less the utility of creating an alphabet from which to formulate a language. And today, they literally have to be brought into the 20th/21st century kicking and screaming, protesting about how it's rayciss to expect them to follow laws, rules, and behaviors traditionally associated with basic human acceptable behavior.

More and more I notice, even among some of the more liberal sites, people noticing that the never ending cries of "gibsmuhdat", "dasrayciss",
"howmuh gwine feedmuh keeds?" are getting to be seen as the incessant whines and screaming from the feral chimps they are (my apologies to chimps, which Ms. Goodall has taught us are fairly good natured, intelligent creatures-unlike da nigra).

On one site that is far from a "race realist" site, a commenter wondered why blacks aren't upset about the open door immigration policy that Dear Leader has implemented, as in, "Don't they realize that the Hispanics are taking even the low wage jobs that are still available?"

The answer is that most blacks have learned they don't have to work for a living. And if they do CHOOSE to work, they want YT's job, only they don't want to work, just collect the paycheck. Same with school. They wants da diploma, but don't needs no edjumakayshun cuz dat be aktin white, gnome sane?

I'm honestly at the point where I don't care if they give out high school and college diplomas if these fools won't study or do the work. Just stay home and collect the checks, negroes. Anything to keep you out of my hair so I don't have to deal with you is infinitely worth it. Somehow though, even that isn't enough. No, you have to show up where I'm eating brunch with my family on our day off and stare at me, reminding me of "da turbul, turbul, legsee ob da slaybarey".

On another site today I did make the comment that I truly hope Russia and China cleans our clock but good. If only to see how sensitively they treat the poor and forever oppressed negro. The Day of Reckoning is coming, bitchez!

bernicegreenbaum said...

J.J. sez:

Warmer weather is going to bring out the africans. The police are going to back down in any confrontation thus encouraging the african even more. It will be a vicious circle.
If you're not armed and prepared, you'll be a victim. You cannot appease the african. Fifty - sixty years of all kinds of special programs, just for the african, proves that.
The time is near, be prepared.

This morning I picked up my application for a gun permit from the Sheriff's department. God willing, I'll be somewhat proficient at handling the model I like, Glock 45, in a month or two. These negroes will be blatantly on the hunt for YT this Spring. We must all be prepared. Fortunately, my state allows concealed/carry. Unfortunately, I need a permit for that, which I probably won't be able to get before the end of Summer, but it is a start. Stay alert, stay armed, most important, STAY ALIVE!

Brooklyn born said...

It's beautiful in its simplicity:

Through oppressive taxation and regulation, force married whites into a position to have both spouses working, and not having kids they can no longer afford, to pay the groids to breed with abandon and not have to work!

When the white race finally dies off Bra will cease to exist.

Bra needs us alive and producing, for if they kill the host, the parasite will eventually die.

No amount of coalburning will save them, dilution only makes whatever it's added to, weaker.

Anonymous said...

Is it only me or whenever grounds are on a quizz show,the questions get easier,and if they get a question right the compare has an orgasm

Medic Bear said...

"Mr. Rational said...
Yep, it's the WEATHER.

Weather Gone Wrong.
Now THERE is a health problem ripe for study by the CDC. The epidemiological (statistical) evidence suggests that the victim population is far less likely to become victims when they are in close quarters with their own kin. This really needs an experiment to test whether it is actually kin-grouping or the temperature at work. We can call the test of enforced kin-grouping... segregation."

'WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Progressive PC-ism has far too firm a hold on the Fed, especially the public health & health sectors. We have hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars studying why Blacks aren't compliant (don't take) their medications - especially HIV medications (a huge pet Black "health" topic of research).

I can answer that right now: they're genetically imbeciles who have no future-time sense and therefore have no idea why they should do anything 5 minutes into the future.

And don't even get me started on the crap that's flying around due to "Black Hystery Munf" - you'd think Blacks were an endangered species or something with how much time, money and program energy is devoted to them vs. the rest of the US citizenry.

It's a f'ing shame.

behind blue eyes said...

As Spring Skittles season approaches remember to be situationaly aware at all times. It's been mentioned many times here: get in shape.
Don't run with headphones on. Take a buddy or a dog. Yes. Buy a gun and learn how to implement it in any situation. Have always a half tank in your vehicle.
Don't sit with your back to a door in public. You never know when another black brunch crowd will spacewalk in. The spring thaw will bring out groids.
Prepare yourself.

AnalogMan said...

I loathe kaffirs in the Springtime;
I loathe kaffirs in the Fall;
I loathe kaffirs in the Winter, when it's quiet;
I loathe kaffirs in the Summer, when they riot.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn born said...
It's beautiful in its simplicity:

Through oppressive taxation and regulation, force married whites into a position to have both spouses working, and not having kids they can no longer afford, to pay the groids to breed with abandon and not have to work!

It is the goal of Obama and other progressives/black supremacists to turn you into a wage slave. Legal, government sanctioned slavery. Your owners will be the negroes whose roof, dinner, clothing and medical care will be paid for by you.

Anonymous said...

Impressive....not one period or pause in that whole post till the end. Almost lost my breath reading it.

Funny Stuff ....you have created your niche .... Keep Posting .


Anonymous said...

This news has to be mentioned.

Obama wants to slow down the internet. Right, he wants to remove web sites that diagree with his views.

It will start off as a slow down ,but before long it will be a extermination of the sites deemed extremist.

Another day at the funny farm. Im sure Hildabeast agrees.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Could it be that any africans that show up immediately come under the authority of the game & fish commission and seasons always open?


Anonymous said...

OT: breaking news.....
Section 8 lottery coming to St. Louis County!!

Anonymous said...

Saw it on ABC news. They showed a picture of one of those islamic terrorists with his head all wrapped up in a rag.
The disgusting part? The only part of his face you could see was his eyes, and they were all blurred out. I guess ABC sees it as their duty to protect these criminals.


Anonymous said...

Adventures in Diversity: Racial Violence is Hilarious

Outlander here.

I’m feeling very grateful that I will not be in diverse NYC when spring rolls around.
But really, in NYC, any old time is a good time for racial violence. Against whites of course.

I was getting coffee yesterday morning at this little place I used to go-- but don‘t now, as of yesterday morning-- and while I waited for my coffee beverage, the white hipster barista told a absolutely “hilarious” story to the black and brown baristas he was working with.

The story went that on that morning, on the way to work, a black homeless guy was walking through the subway car asking people for change. This is a completely normal occurrence, and I have never once in over a decade seen a panhandler removed from the subway by the MTA police. So the nice black homeless guy is making his way through the subway car, begging for change, and right as the subway car arrives at the next stop, he turns to a middle-aged white woman and asks, “Are you the devil?”

To which the middle aged white woman responded, understandably perplexed, “What?”

At which point the black homeless man smacks her across the face and bolts out of the subway car.

Everyone was shocked. The hipster described how he and a couple of others looked like they were maybe, possibly (but not really) thinking about pursuing the assailant. . . but a moment later the subway doors were closing and, you know, people had jobs to get to.

The woman was not seriously injured, so everyone just sort of went back to what they were doing.

End of story.

There are several takeaways:

(1) This crime will probably not be reported. A lot of “minor” crimes like this are not reported. What can the police do? Not much. But keep this in mind when you look at metropolitan crime statistics. They are much worse than the stats indicate.

(2) This crime will most definitely not be reported as a hate crime or a racially motivated crime, which it absolutely was.

(3) The hipster and his barista buddies all found this story hilarious.

The white lion has been getting poked with a stick by the grass-skirt-wearing natives for far too long now. He has been very patient. Pretty soon the white lion is going to get fed up. I am glad I will no longer be living in a major metropolitan area when this happens.

Here the spirit becomes a lion who would seize his freedom and be master…
Who is the great dragon whom the spirit will no longer call lord and go?
‘Thou shalt’ is the name of the great dragon.
But the spirit of the lion says, ‘I will.’

-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Anonymous said...

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Also a CCP is an infringement upon your second amendment right. And ....... as the police say ......
Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.


Anonymous said...

According to the trend lines, St. Louis' population will be less than 300,000 in the 2020 census. Stan Musial and Dizzy Dean are rolling over in their graves.

D-FENS said...

The "weather gone wrong" idea feeds into the global warming narrative perfectly, as if by design.

Anonymous said...

Will this be the summer that burns Ameribabwe to the ground due to the PTSD by osmosis legacy of the terrible slavery?
Will the inbred "elites" living off the fumes of their ancestor's accomplishment order the puppet banksters and politicians to get WWIII going to preserve the petrodollar and stop the BRICS?
Inquiring minds want to know and only time will tell but one thing you can count on is more inner city violence over dirty looks, slow returning borrowed video game controllers, simple gibsmedat, suspected snitching, and other trivial dumb shit that usually doesn't lead to violence in other races.

Anonymous said...

Someone else to turn your backs on NYC policemen:


Anonymous said...

I am not Tex Arcane. Those are his comments. He is an American who migrated to Australia when the improvementation transformation into Ameribabwe started under slimy Slick Willie Arkansas.
Check out his excellent Vault-Co blog which is the only other google related page I will view besides SBPDL.
Yes I got Kwanstain and Amerikwa added to my lexicon by that page.
A tip of the hat to Tex.

Anonymous said...

@ Happy ex-Detoileter,

I bet black power pages and mexcrement bean power pages will remain and have no limits on bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

I live in California and still have the opportunity to walk down the beaches.

There are nice places in California but everyone is a few hours from heavily armed gangs. If the system collapses the entire bottom half of that state will turn in a free for all. There aren't enough armed White people there to stop it. I honestly hope you are armed and have an escape plan that doesn't rely on the highways. I could live in Northern California but the bottom half is a disaster away from total chaos.

Anonymous said...

I may actually be on topic this time:


My "favorite" progressive/liberal/DWL/Blackie-can-do-no-wrong site. My favorite suggestion that the author makes is to hire a local felon if you are opening a business in the area you are gentrifying. I would encourage many of you to comment there, but it looks like even the progs think these suggestions are utter horseshit.

If you don't have a disqus account yet, get one! Most of these types of sites utilize disqus for comments, and some well-written race realism (the hallmark of SBPDL) is badly needed. Help others join the ranks of those who can see.

Bogolyubski said...

Hey Bernice, another to add to our endless roster...

Weather goan roan

Anon notes...
Obama wants to slow down the internet. Right, he wants to remove web sites that diagree with his views.

...and the "opposition" party will do nothing to stop it. PK gets it. But there are still the 5th columnists here like Elmer and the Fudds who think Repukes are not the enemy and that the Disney fairy-tales about rule of law, free-economy and all the rest are gospel. They get furious at those of us who poke holes in their damned lies.

As for springtime, well it's kind of like the Mel Brooks classic with new words ....

Spring-time fo' Ba-ma in Knee-grow-land,
Win-ter for YT and truth,
Muh-dik be not do-in' nuffins now,
Next month white hos be shoutin' NOW!

I think PK's analogy with the fall of Constantinople and the DWLs isn't really quite apt. It will be the 'conservative' Christians who are on their knees praying to the negro god they made as the orc-horde bursts through and commences with the rapine and slaughter. DWLs - especially YKW - will be serving as the kommissars, NKVD captains and field officers directing the festivities.

In the 1453 fall of Constantinople, the city's massive walls - built by Emperor Theodosius II a thousand years before - were breached only because Italian "Christians" specially designed the artillery capable of hurling massive stone balls required to knock holes in the walls. Unlike Repukes, Tea-Party Patriotards, Oath-Keepers and assorted 'conservatives', the last Byzantine emperor Michael Paleologus actually died fighting the invaders sword in hand. Our 'leaders' will be chanting the Repuke battle-cry (which they stole from Monty Python)

Run away! Run away!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 7:29am


I love those! If I were a big city mayor I'd hire you immediately, at maximum salary, to implement those innovative public safety measures.

- Man in Florida

Philadelphia Mike said...

Blogger FlowerBell said...
My pursuit of happiness includes a negro-free life.
Is there anywhere left on this big, old Earth to live a negro-free life or are those days gone bye?


Philadelphia Mike here.

Flower Bell, there are still several nations that have managed to escape the negro pestilence.

Argentina, Uruguay, and the non-EU European nations (except for Great Britain).

Argentina is a mix of Italians, Spanish, Germans, and Irish. Uruguay is a mix of Polish, Spanish, Germans, and Italians.
And although these 2 countries are in Latin America, there is nothing latino about them except for the language spoken. They are European through and through.

I've come to a cross road in my life. At some point my family and I need to decide if we will stay here or leave for Whiter shores. We need to make that decision within the next 10 years (before the kids start college...yes, college)so that our children will identify with their new nationality while they are still young enough.

We are Europeans in America....and just as our forefathers did, we will pick up and leave if things don't change for the better. And if we leave, it won't just be the nuclear family. The grandparents and several aunts, uncles, and cousins plan to leave as well...just like the families did 120 years ago.

Right now, we have the freedom to leave. But if many of us Europeans start to leave en masse with all of our financial capital, will we have that same freedom years from now? Or will the government of the USSA force us to stay here?...as the soviets did to their people in the 20th century.

We are not at all afraid to leave and start all over somewhere more Euro-friendly...but only if we HAVE to...only if the USSA doesn't revert back to a land of the free and a home of the brave will we leave.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Hey Gwoobus, I found a great example of your recent teachings considering passive voice.


Rather than have you guys waste your time reading the moronic "article", I'll post it here:

Indeed, even if the massive spike in violent crime of his first term, which disproportionately affected African-Americans, never happened, Emanuel would still likely find his relationship with the city’s minority communities on relatively shaky ground.

Don't worry, I already made a comment but feel free to pile on if you like.

-Plarkus Frond

Anonymous said...

What is a NAPA?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Geico has a wayciss commercial.
It shows a peanut butter factory (must be in China since nothing is made in the Kwanstain) out of control with conveyor belts out of synch.
The supervisor comes along and says who is responsible the other arbeit macht frei workers point to a goat who makes a sound...a black worker says what did you see to me while taking off her saftey goggles.
That is rayciss! A poor downtrodden noble magic negro would never do this! Someone call Hymie Jesse and Freddie's Fashion Mart this must be put to a stop.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can hear the roar of the crowds already. The White pogrom is in order:


You will rise up, our your children will taste the Lash.

Anonymous said...

Beyond Fatigue said...

The creature awakes, smells its victims scent, and leaves its lair to hunt. Be careful my friends, they smell you.

Unfortunately, friend, we also smell them. My idea of hell is being trapped in an elevator with a sweating simian. Their stench can knock a buzzard of a dung heap.

On another note, besides the Summer of the Groid coming to a blighted neighborhood near you, we have also seen the Republican Party cave like a drunken whore in a frat house. The immigration "battle" is over, as it never really began. We can put to rest the mythology of a two-party system or any leadership in this country that is for White interests. It just keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Job well done.

Long Island Guido said...

NYPD commish BIlly Bean Bratton says that Cops are responsible for Negroe Dysfunction through history. Way to defend your guys there BILLY.

Long Island Guido said...

Forget jogging. Get in the GYM and get strong. LIFT weights! Jogging wont help ypu defeat your enemy.

Long Island Guido said...

Its strange ..the negros on long island are relatively tame. I cant figure it out??

Anonymous said...

Ah, "The Negro Spring." Shortly we get the privilege to celebrate diversity. Our strength & our equals will come out to mingle. Something to look forward to. How does one commenter always put it? Oh yea, some will get 'culturally enriched' this coming season. The rest of us (lucky one's) just get negro fatigued.

--"they feel they can openly confront police officers; it's a growing trend"--

[Got cha! right out of one of their owns mouth, in his own friggin' words. You think that might have been the problem to begin with? Isn't that what we've been saying all along? Make sure the U.N. gets to read that statement. It might help their investigation.]

--"As protests have continued, they've seen police become less inclined to speak with & listen to demonstrators'--

[ Well, how about that. That's just plain racist! Wouldn't have anything to do with the growing trend of openly confronting police, would it?]

--"We can't have police become complacent & apathetic"--

[No way, since the growing trend of openly confronting police is doing such a good job to get to the root cause of the whole problem. We can't have that.]

This season needs to get YT to see a little bit more in focus. It's not just going to go away. Nothing more to be said. Some people you just can't reach.

Have a good day P.K., SBPDL, & commenters. Hope the negro fatigue is kept to a minimal for all this day.

Mr. Rational said...

Is it only me or whenever grounds are on a quizz show,the questions get easier,and if they get a question right the compare has an orgasm

It isn't just you.  This "soft bigotry of low expectations" is obvious on the NPR show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" (the only quiz show I follow any more), and I can't recall a time when their token Black comedian Brian Babylon ever came in first.

Its strange ..the negros on long island are relatively tame. I cant figure it out??

You forget Colin Ferguson.

Anonymous said...


north amemrica pavemant apes

GrimmTale said...

Memory flashback....in July-2004 - I, my husband and two sons, drove across the country from Boston MA to relocate in Tucson AZ. We drove through numerous "big" cities on our trek, but the one city which stands out in all of our travel memories as the worst eyesore imaginable, is St Louis. We all couldn't believe how decrepit, dirty, rundown, and downright disgusting this city looked. We didn't even travel through the city per se, since we were staying on the interstate highway, and drove through the over/under passes on Rt 70 down through Rt 44, and onto Rt 40 westward. The metal bridges and roadway structures were all a brownish orange rust color, with dirt caked on in what looked like years of neglect. Graffiti littered the walls of stone/concrete structures, and the blight of urban living could be seen in the distance. We gawked at the St. Louis Arch to our right, and the Mississippi River underneath, but the distraction of this blight was more eye-catching than those two mighty landmarks. To this day, some 11 years later, that image is burned into my brain. What a waste of a once beautiful and prosperous area.