Thursday, February 19, 2015

Closing the Ferguson War Journal; with HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, the War is Coming to You

“This attorney general and this Department of Justice stands for the people of Ferguson." - Attorney General Eric Holder, August 21, 2014 (but which people did he mean?)

The sheer horror of what is coming with the House of Urban Development's - HUD - sinisterly named Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing  only makes since when you use the city of Ferguson as a beta-test for not only displacing white people, but destroying the equity in the homes of those elderly whites foolish enough to stick around, dreaming of halcyon days returning (liquidating their assets via biological welfare by Section 8 Vouchers). 
The racial breakdown of Ferguson, Missouri from 1970 - 2010

Before we go any further, remember the racial breakdown of this suburban St. Louis city, now masquerading as the center-of-the-known universe:

  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]
White flight from a growing black underclass in Ferguson (imported with Section 8 Vouchers from the city of St. Louis) mutated the once safe streets into a city where an 18-year-old black male felt comfortable sauntering down the middle of road in broad daylight...

With that out of the way, recall the words of the New York Times editorial board on January 4, 2015, seemingly bemoaning the fact the remaining white residents in Ferguson still retained the right to vote [Race and Voting Rights in Ferguson]: 
For most people, Ferguson, Mo., will be remembered for one awful August afternoon, when a white police officer there shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. 
But that incident was only a snapshot in the town’s long and complicated racial history — a history characterized by entrenched segregation and economic inequality, as well as by familiar and systemic obstacles that have kept black residents from holding positions of political power. 
Ferguson’s population is two-thirds African-American, and yet its mayor, city manager and five of its six City Council members are white. So are its police chief and all but three officers on its 53-member police force. 
The school board for the Ferguson-Florissant School District is much the same: More than three-quarters of the district’s 12,000 students are black, but the seven-member board includes only one African-American. 
Last month the American Civil Liberties Union sued the school board under the Voting Rights Act, arguing that the way its members are elected blocks minority voters from fully participating in the political process. 
The method is known as “at large” voting, and lets voters cast ballots for all candidates in the district, regardless of where the voters live. Since the district’s voting-age population is 50 percent white and 47 percent black, and since both groups there tend to vote along strict racial lines, the white voters’ candidates almost always win.
 Because of white flight and the subsequent erosion of a tax base in the now 70 percent black city of Ferguson (and the scarcity of revenue-producing businesses left in Ferguson), the second largest source of revenue to bankroll the city government comes from traffic court fees and fines
Two white soldiers pick up a burned American flag in the streets of Ferguson. Blacks burned the flag in a city where the Attorney General asserted back in mid-August, “This attorney general and this Department of Justice stands for the people of Ferguson."

Property value has depreciated dramatically as the city's racial character shifted, thus property taxes no loner produce enough revenue to keep the street lights and roads paved. 

Which brings us full circle to Eric Holder's statement about "standing with the people of Ferguson." 

The black people, that is...  [Justice Dept. could sue Ferguson for racial discrimination, CNN, 2-19-15]:
The Justice Department is preparing to bring a lawsuit against the Ferguson, Missouri, police department over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers, if the police department does not agree to make changes on its own, sources tell CNN. 
Attorney General Eric Holder said this week he expects to announce the results of the department's investigation of the shooting death of Michael Brown and a broader probe of the Ferguson Police Department before he leaves office in the coming weeks. 
Brown's shooting death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson has thrust Ferguson into the center of a nationwide debate over police tactics and race relations. The Justice Department is expected to announce it won't charge Wilson for the shooting, but it's also expected to outline findings that allege a pattern of discriminatory tactics used by the Ferguson police. 
If they don't agree to review and revise those tactics, sources say, the Justice Department would sue to force changes in the department. 
Asked to comment, Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson told CNN's Sara Sidner, "I have received nothing new. 
"Everything they suggested in the past has been reasonable and we have tried to comply." 
​Among the issues expected to be part of the Justice Department's lawsuit are allegations made in a recent lawsuit filed by a group of low-income people who claimed officers in Ferguson and nearby Jennings targeted minorities with minor traffic infractions and then jailed them when they couldn't pay fines. 
The Justice Department action would ask for court supervision of changes at the Ferguson Police Department to improve how police deal with the minority communities they are supposed to protect. ​
    That Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, attempting to procure his gun and shoot him in the process, isn't an admissible piece of evidence in the court of public opinion. All that matters is the ghost of Bull Conner was apparently haunting the streets of Ferguson, where an almost entirely white police force dared to keep alive some semblance of European civilization before Africans in America remade the city into just another East St. Louis. 

    With HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, there's a Ferguson coming soon to you... and when it comes, don't expect the National Guard to protect either your home or business. The attention of the police and federal government will instead be turned to those Oath Keepers who foolishly believe a U.S. Constitution still exists to be revered and respected

    With this, the Ferguson War Journal is closed; courtesy of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, the war is coming to you.


    Awakened White said...

    Father's above, that's over a 300 percent decrease in White people in just 2 generations. now picture the whole country when the MUD sorry HUD continues, I try not to.

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    I was reading Zero Hedge earlier today about the financial disaster that's supposed to have been "just around the corner" for about seven years now running. Anyway, one comment discussed how, despite the tremendous efforts of the government, when the currency eventually fails/hyper-inflates/fill-in-the-blank, how are these social programs like Social Security, WIC, EBT, Welfare, Medicare, etc. continue to function? The answer is, they're not. The YT tax base is dwindling and has been for quite some time. Most YTs are fast asleep, with a beer in one hand and a remote control in the other. When the printing press runs dry or the dollars are nothing more than decorative toilet paper, that's when I guess we have our moment of reckoning. You want to see some TNB? Stick around for that little comedy.

    On a different topic, on the last thread, someone brought up an interesting point (sorry I forgot who) about why the younger generation isn't buying houses. The long and the short of it seems to be to me is, there is no cohesive moral fabric to this country anymore. Think about that for a minute. If you're like me, you grew up in a suburban mid-century home, four kids, a dad who went to the office each day, and a mom who stayed home, cleaned, shopped, did laundry, and cooked. WHO does THAT anymore!? Almost no one.

    So who will buy these mid century homes, especially in towns like Ferguson, where not only the lifestyle that those split level and ranchers were built for, but families with 2, 3, 4 or more kids? I don't see a real estate crash yet, but rest assured, it's coming. BRA has made it clear that YT is passe', out-of-touch, not needed, old fashioned, nerdy, and must be exterminated. The brownies and blacks will make much more subordinate slaves. The kingdom that rules us from the Middle East has so ordained.

    MMP said...

    On topic or off?....a good example of typical nog behavior.

    Remember the recent story about the Black man who had walked 20 miles to work each day?.....To me that is a excuses "Ah doan hab no ca"...."da bus doan go dare".....No, he did what he had to do and walked to work daily.

    A lot of money was raised for him. He was given a new car by a Ford dealership.

    And then?.......All his nog neighbors started hitting him up for loans....threats were made against him.....And he is now under police protection at a secret location.

    Sad really :(

    A link to the story

    Anonymous said...

    What do you call a sociopath with a room temperature IQ?

    ... confirmation of the one drop rule.

    Anonymous said...

    I used to assume that the country could survive Obama. Now I'm not so sure.

    NY Girl said...

    OT, but hilarious: The AP reports that an affirmative action hire at a Killadelphia meat rendering plant fatally stabbed a co-worker a day after the colleague..............wait for it............pulled a chair out from under him as a prank. His sense of humor failure now means he's looking at Murder One.

    What does Paul always say? Say it with me, guys: Low IQ + Lack of Impulse Control + No Future Time-Orientation = Dysfuntion that is Uniquely Black in nature.

    Warrior said...

    The Blacks in Ferguson had plenty of time to field plenty of candidates for Mayor, City Council, and The School Board. If they were continuing to be represented by Whites, perhaps it was because Black voters liked the status quo and felt that the White elected officials were giving them a fair shake. Watch what happens when the Blacks take over the governing bodies of the city and school board! It will be pure mayhem! It will be like giving a chimp an abacus to play with! They won't have the first clue! Good luck Ferguson! Another Black hell hole Washington politicians will be pouring money into for decades to come with nothing to show for it!

    Anonymous said...

    HUD bringing the ghetto trash from the urban areas to the suburban areas since 1965. Thanks L.B.J your great society turned out to be not so great after all. Wish you could come back for a week or two just to see what your grand plan has become. This country will be one giant cesspool by 2020. Will anyone be able to stop this? Will anyone even try? I'm not so sure anyone cares.

    Anonymous said...

    I can't understand why there is a single white police officer left in Ferguson. For that matter, if I were a police officer in any area that reached 20-30% black, I would be looking for a job elsewhere ASAP.

    Anonymous said...

    Man who walked,
    I'm south of the D, and caught a little of that story daily. Last footage we were treated to, showed DPD carrying the mans few bags of stuff to a van. They drove him away and that was that.
    Detroit Refugee

    festus said...

    Was there in 1964 when farmland and woods were being cleared for vast housing tracts to accommodate whites escaping St.Louis. Remember riding with other kids on our bikes in the white cloud from behind the mosquito spray truck (was DDT probably). From a hill near my house could see the St.Louis Arch after it had been constructed. As a kid enjoyed rock hunting and fishing in woodlands not yet bulldozed, also out in Spanish Lakes area. Found an Indian axe-head in Coldwater Creek that I still have to this day. When my fifth grade teacher showed up with her rock collection I was the only kid interested. Actually I was enthralled and she gave me a few calcite crystals (which I also still have) and invited me to the Missouri Mineral and Gem Society, which met at St.Louis University. My family then went together to Alton, Illinois to hunt for trilobytes, a great memory. Shot model rockets, flew kites and gas-powered model aircraft. Generally good times growing up there. See for yourself, my street less than a mile from Brown's ill-fated police assault. Still looks lovely after 50 years :

    googleMaps(Browning Drive St.Louis Mo 63033)

    Around 1968 was in an antique store in Blackjack when an earthquake hit. Sounded like a large motor had started in the basement but then the whole building started shaking. We ran outside and there were the proverbial shocked guys from the barbershop with sheets and half-shaved faces. This is from the so-called "Madrid Fault". Can you imaging the spectacle that would unfold should a major earthquake hit this area now? The rural residents of Missouri would likely not be phased much though.

    Bogolyubski said...

    From the article (truly an epic quote)
    With HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, there's a Ferguson coming soon to you... and when it comes, don't expect the National Guard to protect either your home or business. The attention of the police and federal government will instead be turned to those Oath Keepers who foolishly believe a U.S. Constitution still exists to be revered and respected.

    Sums it up nicely. The Oath Keepers are morons, just like their Tea-Party Patriotard counterparts. The constitution they dream of upholding is so damned dead and gone that the stench isn't even that evident any longer. It was usurped by a gang of genocidal criminal oligarchs decades ago. Behold the power of publik-schul edumacation and Disney fairy-tales. One almost feels sorry for them, but they seldom learn or catch on.

    Repukes - the "opposition" party - are 100% on board with the whole thing. I note that both Eric Holder and John Boehner still have their jobs, along with Juan 'Batshit' McAmnesty and the Pink Palmetto Princess - who's now even getting money from Uncle Sheldon to run for teleprompter-reader (that should make for an amusing Kabuki-bukakke farce for the Repuke beauty contest). Which bitch will Uncle Sheldon and Zuck choose to run against the witch-of-witches herself?

    As for the rest of the badge-gang - those willing to go after the oath-keepers and obey similar orders from criminal apparachiks to protect rioting thugs: badge-gang is far too polite of a term for them. They're nothing more than criminals themselves operating under the color of law. When the order comes down to take YT's guns, they will obey to a man. Betcha there won't be any serious resistance either.

    NY Girl said...

    They'd probably just be pissed that the tremors woke them 2 in the afternoon.....

    Anonymous said...

    I read about that. He said he walked 28 miles one way.They raised 212,000 for him. I walked 30 miles once when I was a teen and it
    took over 12 hours. So I don't see where he would time to work.
    I can see that shit happening to him. I'm surprised he wasn't murdered by his homies in what the media would call a loan gone bad.

    Mich. Mike

    Anonymous said...

    Texas here:

    Solid post, Paul.

    Please keep writing on this topic! Please tell us about the details of how they're using zip codes to least-common-denominate this country. It is truly frightening.

    Here's a sad story:

    In Austin, a suburb was targeted for a Section 8 housing complex. The public meeting was attended by maybe 1 in 10 residents—a huge turnout. EVERYONE was against it.

    Of course, you can't say you're against it because of the type of people that will live there or your home value. Oh, no, then you're a racist or a "NIMBYist." (Not in My Back Yard).

    (Of course, there was a time in this country where it would be perfectly normal to say, "Please don't put a mini slum by the park my kids go to." But we're past that.)

    Anyway, the citizens based their opposition on the fact that it was a poor location for anyone to live—on a highway, not on a bus line, etc. Arguments that it wouldn't be good for the people who live there.

    Guess what? It got built anyway. Screw the neighbors, screw the Section 8 residents.

    There's white flight a coming.

    Everybody should study this map:

    "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" wants to dilute those lovely white areas.

    Anonymous said...

    Ex New Yorker here....About some of these lily white neighborhoods that the section 8 crowd are moving into.

    Remember that these white geeks have laws such as not being allowed to HANG YOUR LAUNDRY on a clothes line in your own back yard (Colorado...etc).

    There are laws which forbid you from PARKING A PICK UP TRUCK on a driveway in front of your house (Illinois...etc).

    Do you remember all those stories in the last few years where little kids were fined by the cops FOR SELLING LEMONADE on their front sidewalk.

    There are laws in California about how many Christmas lights you can have on your house during the holidays.

    Little boys are being cuffed and arrested because they pointed a Tootsie Roll at another kid on a school bus and said BANG BANG.

    Most of these white pencil neck geeks are lefties and liberals who send their kids to colleges and universities so they can be indoctrinated with Communism and WHITE GUILT.

    I lived in the Southwest and the yuppies and fags made laws about having a pile of firewood in your yard. People had to build fences for their wood piles.

    I've done a lot of traveling and have seen hundreds of white burbs. Houses that look like Army barracks built ten feet apart from each other and all painted the same color. They have nice names like VISTA MEADOWS, but the meadows got bulldozed over years ago. Little boxes filled with cheap furniture from China.

    While they sit starring into their television sets watching all the sports channels Fateesha the Jungle Queen moves in next door with her brood of six "keeds".

    Yawn. Boo hoo. Cry me a river. I don't care any more.

    Anonymous said...

    Regarding elderly whites who were foolish enough to stick around, we never know people's circumstances. Often people are trapped by financial and family situations. I know people who have moved several times only to have to relocate again due to crime. Section 8 changes the landscape. We may all be victims of Section 8 one day, no matter what nice neighborhoods we happen to live in now.

    Ricky In Cali said...

    I’m sorry to the people who have went to become educated in the field of teaching, or even worse applied to become a Police officer. I’ve never had a problem with cops, I never bad mouth them, I’ve been pulled over a handful of times because as much as I don’t break the law (I am human and speed sometimes) and guess what? I NEVER GET SHOT!! I’ve had tickets given to me and I’ve been pulled over and let go. I don’t tell the cop how to do his job, I don’t resist arrest and I would NEVER try to strike an officer. A mandatory ass woopin would be on the way and anyone with half a brain knows that

    But in todays times people wake up, leave common sense at home, and go out about their business. A Nig can cuss a cop out, not allow him to search the vehicle, get rowdy with them, and then when an incident breaks out IT’S THE COPS FAULT NOW!! Especially if you are White. Why would you subject yourself to that? Why would you want to teach the spawns of hell in a classroom if you are a teacher, to become civilized citizens when not only are they are dumb as shit but are destined for a life of crime anyway? I never look at young Black kids and think anything other than “there is a future dredge on society”. Being a teacher and being discriminated against, being a Police officer and having minorities (Blacks in general) hate you, and having DWL back up the Black people instead of thinking “hey, maybe this POS really committed a crime” has gotten to the point where I don’t know why anyone would become a teacher or a Police officer in these sad times….

    Anonymous said...

    Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is the most devastating weapon ever created by these leftists.

    They will move negroes next door to you and they will use your tax dollars to do that. In some cases, those negro families may be just another neighbor. In most cases, the negroes on government assistance will be a nightmare of crime and dysfunction. Count on the later.

    Who is doing this? Is it the Jews? No, my SBPDL friends. it is your "Great White" politicians. Why, they're of European ancestry and Christians of one sort or another. They are the same criminals that have been destroying your future for fifty years. They are all "Great Whites", devoid of morality and possessed of boundless greed. They might even be evangelical Christians. Imagine that.

    But unlike your fantasy, they have no concern for you. You are on your own.

    Anonymous said...

    Bogolyubski said...

    Sums it up nicely. The Oath Keepers are morons, just like their Tea-Party Patriotard counterparts.

    Bogo - Okay, you don't like them. They're real bad, horrible human beings. But who do you like? Give us a list.

    Anonymous said...

    This Government forced integration of feral beasts into thriving, other than black neighborhoods and housing developments is one of the main reasons my wife and I are bypassing some nice looking neighborhoods while house hunting in search of at least a few acres even FURTHER out in the country to use as a buffer zone. Of course we're going to run out of room eventually and then...

    At least I can fence it and populate the grounds with large dogs as an adjunct to my modes of firepower.

    The liberal lemming enablers of these animals should be the first to be forced to accept their black "brothers" as neighbors. These lib-tards will be so proud when their daughter pops up with her first high yellow baby. That is if they haven't already been raped/robbed/beaten/murdered etc. first. Best case scenario here is if their home value plummets to only twenty five percent of it's previous value.

    Hell of a way to live though.

    kulturkampf said...

    Very well said. It is also good to see someone in tune to the reality that the US Constitution is so far gone it ceases to be a meaningful document in our society, and all of the mainstream conservatives that vote for those damned charlatans that claim they'll defend or restore it are just another piece of the collective problem that is now America.

    If it was the 19th century I'd wax poetically about that document but this is the 21st century and it's endured an entire century of dismantling.

    I am embarrassed that as a naive youth I joined the army to serve what amounted to a dead document that is being abused by every living politician

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, NY here:

    First time commenting on this site.

    I have a story regarding how destructive Section 8/ "affordable housing" is to a majority White community.

    I grew up in a very nice suburb in one of the outer-boroughs of NYC.

    It truly was wonderful. My neighbors were all White, with a few Asian families as well.

    Our streets were clean, homes were well maintained, and we never feared for our safety.

    As children, we played in our yards and in front of our homes.

    Our schools were great as well.

    I was too young at the time to know exactly what went wrong, but by the time I was 12, our neighborhood began to change.

    A group of about five section 8/ affordable housing buildings were built one mille from my neighborhood.

    Not long after, those buildings were filled with Blacks.

    All of a sudden, crime was rampant.

    Local stores were robbed. Homes were robbed. The blacks would wander into our neighborhood, since the grocery stores, banks, etc were all in walking distance.

    Our schools became filled with blacks.

    The nightmare eased when our local civic association lobbied for zoning changes, to ensure no more of these "ghetto housing projects" could be built and the police started "hot-spot" policing.

    Also, the White fathers of our neighborhood started a community watch, and eventually the civic association hired a private security company for our neighborhood.

    In the end, our neighborhood had a dramatic drop in crime, the schools got better thanks to a zero-tolerance program, and the residents of our neighborhood started going elsewhere to bank, shop,etc.

    To this day, we stay as far as possible from "that side" and the blacks stopped coming over to our side because they knew it would no longer be tolerated.

    My advice is as follows:

    Try to avoid buying homes that are in neighborhoods easily accessible via public transportation.

    Make sure you are well informed of the zoning laws, and never allow apartment complexes and/ or affordable housing communities to soil your neighborhoods.

    Blacks are dangerous, violent, and are never to be trusted.

    I'm under 30 years old, and growing up in NY, I have extensive experience in dealing with these filthy animals.

    Never trust them, avoid them at all costs, and if forced to, don't hesitate to use deadly force if your life is threatened.

    As my father says, "better to be judged by 6 than carried by 12".

    Anonymous said...


    re, .......All his nog neighbors started hitting him up for loans....threats were made against him.....And he is now under police protection at a secret location.

    Sad really :(

    Microcosm. Whites give, Blacks take.
    What 'they' just did makes it clear as to why it is 'the undertow'.


    As far as the guy walking 10 miles each way - why didnt he move closer to work? was there a good reason?

    AnalogMan said...

    A thread or two back there was some discussion about degrading movies marketed with misleading trailers. Here's another example of why it's so important to choose your entertainment carefully.

    In an article entitled "The five most important conservative movies of the last 15 years", the top movie is:

    1 'Dallas Buyers Club' (2013)

    A movie about an oversexed rodeo dude, with a transgender woman for a best friend, stricken with AIDS at a time when the virus was misunderstood and death was a certainty might not seem like a classic conservative movie.

    Gee, ya think?

    And who is the discriminating connoisseur of cinematic arts who selected this winner?

    Karol is a freelance writer in Brooklyn. She enjoys only about 5% of movies she sees but 100% of Love & Hip Hop episodes.

    The media do not represent White civilization. Boycott them.

    Anonymous said...

    Affirmatively F*%#ing Up Our Neighborhoods.




    Anonymous said...

    They just won't let this Ferguson thing die, will they?

    Ex-Copper said...

    So the ACLU sued Ferguson due to black kids being 3/4 of the student population, with a 50% white voting bloc, 47% black and 3% other. All candidates winning are white and the council is filled at large rather than by districting with a standard maximum of 2 at large and 5 by district.

    Using the idea that the school board is elected at midterms, the overall average voter turnout is 20-30% of registered voters. During full term elections, the turnout is maybe 40% at best.

    To me the issue is voters FAILING to vote. If the election for the school board was when Obama was running and every black voted straight ticket democrat, assuming all black school board members were slated democrat, and the DWLs voted straight ticket, then black candidates should have won by a landslide. Even during a midterm the same result should have been garnered despite the at large seating.

    I fail to see the black disadvantage. Now if there is a no felon voting law in Missouri, that could account for part of the disparity, but I believe the DWL vote would counter this. With the motor voter law and the fact that states requiring IDs to vote have met the scotus benchmark of voting IDs being FREE at the local BMV, there is nothing preventing a legitimate black vote. It is incumbent on the individual, the onus, to ensure they are registered properly.

    None of the excuses of moving often, less likely to own a car, bullshit mumbo jumbo applies. If you want to vote you go register at the bmv while getting your free ID. I had a professor try this line out on me. The basic fact that you can't do anything in this country without a valid ID remains true. You can't buy alcohol, cigarettes, enter a casino, cash a check OR use an EBT without valid ID.

    If the ACLU won this frivolous lawsuit, it is due to a shitty city attorney and/or shitty attorney general for the state of MO.

    Ex-Copper said...

    As to the DOJ lawsuit. The settlement agreement was cleverly worded in a manner to hide that it is actually a consent decree and the waiving of State's Rights. I've harped on this before. The fed has no right to come in and "assume" qualified candidates were passed over as means to only hire white applicants who were lesser qualified.

    The Federal courts and SCOTUS have ruled that negating standards and bypassing more qualified candidates to ensure diversity is as unlawful as a sign stating "No Niggers Need Apply". The DOJ has no legal footing to force a hiring consent decree, assuming all candidates were afforded the EXACT SAME standards, and were hired solely upon their MERIT and standards set forth by the MO law enforcement training board.

    The issue with "debtors" prison is not the fault of the City of Ferguson, assuming the MO general assembly has codified the jailing of those who fail to appear in traffic court or fail to pay their fines. There are still non-compact states which require the arrest of traffic violators from out of state as well as those that require a signature of the violator promising to appear. Not signing results in the arrest of the violator.

    We jail those who fail to pay child support and the complaints on that broken system are not very loud, if uttered at all.

    Ferguson is a city of roughly what, 40k residents, with a 53 officer department? That's less than the desired 2.5 officers per 1k residents, but most cities are closer to the 1-1.5 ratio anyway. Assuming the officers work assigned districts and assigned shifts, they have come to know residents and who has valid licenses, run dope and generally have warrants regardless of race.

    The officers might even have the loathsome "ticket quota", but most agencies use those on motorists not from their city as they are more likely to pay the fine rather than dispute it.

    None of that really matters. What does matter however is if an officer is assigned to a predominantly white district, YT is getting the ticket and conversely blacks in a black district. If you are the majority in that area, it's not profiling, but merely statistics.

    I would argue that blacks play the race card and "argue their way into a citation", but so do whites who think they "know the law" and "pay your salary". Generally the cop knows the law better and by the failed logic that you the violator pay his salary means by default, the tax paying cop pays his own salary.

    The chief has stated that they have attempted to meet the DOJ requests. He cannot "wish" a more qualified "minority" candidate. He cannot hire a less qualified "minority" candidate either. The chief does not write the laws on the books in MO or city ordinances in Ferguson. He/She can however; testify before the governing bodies, in support of a law or ordinance, but do no more. If the law says "shall" his officers have no discretion, because if they use any, they are violating the law by committing "obstruction".

    Anonymous said...

    Timely post for me. Yesterday, Feb. 19th, the local rag proudly trumpeted the opening of "affordable" apartments in my burg. Complete w/ the picture the yawning smile of a ghettopotomus.

    "Obama gonna pay my rent!"

    Nice town to ni--er town in 10 years. Guaranteed.

    Brooklyn born said...

    anon @ 6:54

    "I walked 30 miles once when I was a teen and it
    took over 12 hours. So I don't see where he would time to work".

    Exactly, I called BS as soon as I read it. Remember facts don't matter!

    Just another cathartic feel good therapy session for guilt ridden YT.

    Ghetto lottery that his homies also knew was BS, that's why they went after him.

    There is no cure for willful blindness....

    Anonymous said...

    Re: AFFH

    They either hate us to pieces, or live in denial, or are so devoted to current American thinking they'll force reality to live up to the ideology. Or all of the above.

    Re: Section 8

    Same thing happened in a neighborhood not far from me-- massive opposition falling on the deaf ears of commission and city council members, many of whom are negroes. The residents were warned (by lawyer) not to mention who the prospective new neighbors (predators and parasites) would be.

    Anonymous said...

    Affirmatively Furthering... The Final Destruction Of White European Civilization - utilizing that most effective bioweapon of mass destruction - hordes of useless, incapable, parasitic, violent Negroid hordes.

    Anonymous said...

    From "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to "Equality-Diversity."
    What a shame.

    Anonymous said...

    " Because of white flight and the subsequent erosion of a tax base in the now 70 percent black city of Ferguson..."

    Connect the dots, Paul Kersey.

    HUD did this to Indianapolis over a 40 year time span. It's all about private property rights. To the Africans and the "International People", everything belongs to everyone. There is no such thing as borders, countries, or private property to them. They belong everywhere.

    This works perfectly because the "elite" squid will make private property declared "unsustainable" and transferred it to THEMSELVES. HUD is an easy way to launder our money through the black undertow AND seize our private property AND rezone all the land to raise taxes. The goal is to eventually seize gun rights and declare Martial Law on us when blacks become violent.

    That's not a conspiracy theory. They are really DOING IT.

    Now they are razing the rotting historic homes to make way for UN Agenda 21 "mixed-use" sustainable apartment complexes. 1-2 bedrooms max., empty business space on the bottom floor. And more "pocket parks" and green space in residential areas. Holding them for later use.

    All paid for with Foundation grants, DOT grants, and revitalization/redevelopment GOV grant money. WHITEY's MONEY.

    YKW is behind it all? Check out the US Mayor's Conference. Greg Ballard has already sold his soul to the elites, ushering in the New World Order and regionalism.

    Blacks are easy slaves. And they are violent. TWMNBM won't have to lift a finger on whitey. Just sit back and watch the show.

    You have to start connecting the dots, Paul, or you are going to lead people straight to nowhere.

    Anonymous said...

    HUD is just a vehicle for the elites to end your private property rights and usher in Regionalism.

    You can search for the "Office of Sustainability" in every city and you will find everything you need to know. Has your mayor sold you out yet?

    It's UN Agenda 21, Regionalism, Communitarianism, New World Order, Sustainability, CONTROL of ALL resources.

    War is coming. Are you ready?

    Anonymous said...

    Black Indianapolis city council member wants to expand Section-8, make housing discrimination "illegal." Open housing for voucher blacks and WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS are the target. He's way too dumb to come up with this plan all on his own.

    "...showing an 82% refusal rate for individuals on Section 8 in Marion County. In the majority white areas we found a 90% refusal rate and that is a lawful form of discrimination.”

    Anonymous said...

    Obama is not the problem.

    You have to start connecting the dots people.

    Wake up.

    Anonymous said...

    I just love how blacks admit to their parasitism and racial inferiority.

    "Very often they’re forced back into the high poverty areas because that’s where they will be rented to,” said Nelson, who has lobbied on behalf of subsidized residents, “rather than being able to get into neighborhoods where they have an opportunity for the kids to get into better schools, better access to jobs, instead of getting out of poverty which is, for instance, the whole purpose of the Section 8 program.”

    We need to ship these assholes back to their wretched African homelands.

    Anonymous said...

    ICLEI says:

    "By 2050, two-thirds of all humans will be living in cities."

    I thought the squid didn't view us as "humans?"

    Anonymous said...

    What is a sustainable city?

    Anonymous said...

    I have been trying to read about exactly what this "further affirmative fair housing" means and amazingly enough NONE of the government websites or left-leaning websites explain it simply or accurately.

    Someone please correct me if I have this wring, but my understandng if this is :

    The federal government is going to start actively finding out where all of the predominantly white neighborhoods are and they will be paying for blacks to be moved into those neighborhoods. For the sake of "diversity".


    If white people want to live near blacks we could easily buy a house for $17,000 and move to a black neighborhood. We pay a LOT of money to live in white neighborhoods and when we cant reasonably uproot and move far away from blacks we pay a LOT of money to put our kids in private schools to keep them safe from blacks in the public schools. Now im reading that the federal gov is making the private schools accept vouchers so black kids will attend those private schools as well.

    So......if you are white and you want to live in a nice, safe, clean neighborhood, you have to study hard in school, get a college diploma or some professional certification, stay off of drugs, follow the Law, maintain a professional career and pay a TON of money for the house, TAXES, insurance and more. My wife and I work a total of FIVE jobs 7 days a week, have HALF of our income confiscated by taxes ALL so we can live in a nice area and have our kids in a good school.

    If you are black you will be given all of these things as long as you......are black.

    How the fuck can ANYONE expect that this can result in ANYTHING but resentment and HATRED for blacks, and the government!?

    What is wrong with keeping poor blacks in housing projects in the cities? What is "racist" about making black people live near EACH OTHER!? If the black areas are bad, unsafe, unlivable WHY IS THAT!? Because of the BLACK PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE!


    goddammit this makes me angry.

    If a black guy can get a degree like i did, marry a smart wife with a degree like I did, work work work like I did, save and invest like I did and wants to be a good Dad and responsible homeowner like Im trying to be then that black guy moving into my neighborhood would be annoying and concerning but I wouldnt move away over it.

    You scoop up some lazy, criminal, dumb, irresponsible Section Ape blacks and HAND them free housing within walking distance of my HOME I WILL MOVE TO THE MIDDLE OF THE WHITEST STATE I CAN FIND!

    I don't WANT to commute 2 hours to work every day but I will do it if this crap is inflicted on us.

    Anonymous said...

    When all the cops say "screw it" and walk off the job, its going to be hell on earth for the Africans in America. They do not want the police to enforce any law or investigate any crime. Any Crime!
    Now when 'ol yt figures out he can spit on the sidewalk and the police won't even leave the donut shop, well, chimpout's at McDonald's will become a rare thing.


    Anonymous said...

    Yes. Please get angry white people. The jig is up.

    "I don't WANT to commute 2 hours to work every day but I will do it if this crap is inflicted on us."

    They want us ALL living in sustainable apartments in cities so they can have the rural farmland and suburbs for the slave plantations. That is where we will work all day to feed the elites. 2/3 of "humans" will live in cities by 2050. That's thier PLAN.

    The chosen elite things are getting desperate because the gentiles are getting squirmy.

    It;s all about CONTROL.

    Anonymous said...

    Um, its tried by 12, carried by 6, but we got your point.


    Anonymous said...

    I want to see a group challenge this law. I don't know how they can "culturally enrich" my zip code, it's too rural and no landowner around here would dare sell property for a modern day slave cabin. I feel bad for my fellow YT's in the suburbs but I think a massive backlash over plummeting property values and crime is the only thing that will cause pushback. Hell you can't give up you have to push back. Also why not use nog repellent in any business you can, country music and classical music seems to repel them like a job application. Since the constitution has been gutted the only way to fight back is to put people in power on the state level to fight for you. Demand transparent elections, never trust these electronic voting machines. Sure this won't happen overnight but it's a reasonable senario. Our biggest problem is YT doesn't organize on a large scale, you have small groups here and there. As a block all of these different organizations could cause major problems for BRA since I'd be willing to bet they're going to proliferate over the next few years. It seems like Liberty Lobby tried this approach back in the 50's and the time wasn't right. Well maybe now is the time. Willis Carto had a vision of a congress were each organization was givin a voting block based on their size on one body and one vote per organization in the "senate" so it was set up like our government. Sure internal strife killed it but it seems like a good idea. The opposition is organized, why aren't the true Americans?
    SC Native

    Anonymous said...

    Speaking as a retired LEO, you are right about people that talk themselves into tickets. I have stopped vehicles with the intent of giving the driver a warning about some traffic violation. However, when I walk up and the first thing they say is "What the hell do you want? " I am more inclined to write everything out for them so they know exactly what I want.
    Also, do not deny doing what I just saw you do. I'm willing to go to court and let a judge settle our disagreement.

    Dan said...

    It's all lies.

    That kind of commute is a fraud unless you use public transit.

    Also, if you can't scrape together $3000 to buy a junker you are not working a real job.

    Anonymous said...

    Can someone post a link to the precise original document that spells out exactly what AFFH is? Where in the language is the Negro mentioned? Do they say "African" Americans? Does that include Egyptians and Tunisians? They are from Africa.

    Are blacks whose ancestors were from tribes that took part in capturing and selling slaves banned from utilizing this program? If not, why are we rewarding those who actively engaged in slavery and profited from it?

    So, where can we read this document ourselves to know what evil is in it? How can we fight this?

    Dan said...

    That's not quite true.

    The enforcement mechanism for race mixing is largely a Jewish construct.

    Dan said...

    All Hitler had to do was import blacks into Detroit more quickly.

    Anonymous said...

    @ bogo 6:36pm

    "It [the Constitution] was usurped by a gang of genocidal criminal oligarchs decades ago."

    On November 22, 1963, to be precise.

    - Man in Florida

    Sheila said...

    They are doing their best to shut off all avenues of escape. We've known the jig was up in our suburb for years now, even though there are no section 8 voucher recipients in our immediate neighborhood. Still, where I could go days without seeing a black even 10 years ago, they are now as unavoidable as the Chinese and Indians. Anonymous (more than one!) has it right - skip over anywhere that doesn't have really strict laws about zoning and apartments. That's the wedge that brings in immigrants (those Chinese and Indians that so many love to tout as the model minorities) and single mothers . . . and then invariably the ghetto scum. Dotmap is an excellent tool, along with Check the racial makeup of the local schools (even if you don't intend to use them!) and see how it's changed - watch the trends.

    Of course, as other commenters noted, the conservatards who have pushed so much for school vouchers for private schools have handed the feds yet another weapon. Even if your private school doesn't yet accept the voucher holders, those lovely Christian moms will absolutely endorse bringing in the "gifted" and "middle-class" and purportedly Christian blacks. A few years down the road, however, they suddenly need to change schools because this one's sports program isn't large enough, or the class sizes are just a bit too large - pick your excuse. Not one of them will admit, even to themselves, they're leaving because Jerrontavious has been eyeing their blonde daughter too closely. I've seen this happen repeatedly.

    I've been homeschooling our younger son (now 15) for a few years, but it's a real chore and both for my mental health and his social one, I need to get him into a school at least a few days a week. Good luck finding a Christian school that doesn't preach multiculturalism as the ultimate virtue, or mandate "voluntary" charitable work - always among the browns or blacks - as a graduation requirement. Not to mention that $15,000 a year tuition/building fund/books and uniform cost. My husband earns a comfortable salary, but not enough to handle that without taking on more debt. If you're White or don't have at least three kids in the school, forget about any financial aid. The private schools in all the surrounding suburbs don't need to offer any discount - there are people clamoring to get in for a limited number of spots, as their suburbs continue to diversify.

    We're looking for somewhere with at least an acre or two, no apartments, and a White, blue collar population. Avoid the highest-priced zip codes - they stick out like a sore thumb and will be among the first targeted (as our formerly "hideously White" burb has been). They also tend to already be populated by the Chinese and Indians - you know, the Good immigrants syndrome - who condition the residents to accept that an all-White neighborhood is fine and natural. Most people foolishly dismiss a handful of other races has inherently unproblematic. They're DEAD wrong. They actually function as the shock troops, softening an area up for the real diversity to come.

    Anonymous said...

    So here is how they ropadoped my town. Land was purchased by a "property management company" in the middle of a semi rural all white suburb for future residential development. Property was slowly improved over the course of a decade. (Utilities to site, leveling, runoff abatement , drainage improvements etc. ) then let sit for a few more years. Then ..... During Christmas week a few years back the "property management company" of whom many of our city officials spouses happen to be investors .... Sold the improved property to Hud for an outrageous profit.

    Now our neighborhood council members watch this kind of stuff like a hawk. And they sued the property management company stating that all property for development in the area cannot be sold to any government agency without consent of residential vote, not just a city council vote. Its been the rule for 50 years. So the sale gets tied up in court for another couple years.

    Meanwhile Hud is taking private bids on the building of low income apartment housing on the tract. None of this info is made public. Our neighborhood council had no clue about the construction bids.

    So a few more years go by in court and after a few more people are paid off hud finally capitulates and says that it will only build "elderly low income housing" for 60+ residents." And the stupid residents said yes.

    So the apartments get built last year and they are very nice well groomed and kept up. And the residents - all 60 + just like hud promised. They are 60+ black grandmammys with several "grankeeids" who don't "live" there but they momma n daddy never pick them up either. A completely unenforcible consequence of letting Hud build "affordable elderly housing" in your community. Its a scam, they know what they are doing and they are very patient.


    Anonymous said...

    The NAPA in DC has now classified 'right-wing extremists' as more dangerous than ISIS...I wonder who he is referring to?

    Prepare to be labeled a terrorist for having the audacity to realize that the federal government is simply a branch of BRA.

    TMH said...

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    On a different topic, on the last thread, someone brought up an interesting point (sorry I forgot who) about why the younger generation isn't buying houses. The long and the short of it seems to be to me is, there is no cohesive moral fabric to this country anymore.

    Yes, that's correct.
    1. there is no cohesive moral fabric to this country anymore
    2. courtesy of diversity we have less in common with one another
    3. trust, the underpinning of social capital is disappearing fast
    All are bad and consistent trends, and there's nothing on the horizon to change the direction.

    Anonymous said...

    Sheila has it right.


    School vouchers is forced desegregation of schools. No TRUE conservative supports choice or vouchers. You can't run anymore.

    Here is what my large city is doing with zoning:


    The mayor is ALL OVER IT. They use the Delphi method of consent in all meetings. They deal with dissenters privately and refuse to answer questions.

    They even made a cute little logo for it. Here is the section on the HUD "Community Challenge Planning Grant"

    Key words?

    Sustainability, Livability, Community, Vibrancy and "Quality of Life."

    That's 100% UN Agenda 21 lingo.

    We have to start fighting this, attend the zoning meetings and make a stink. I am afraid it is already too late as most whites are complacent or complicit at this point.


    "The generated outcomes of Indy Rezone are proposed CHANGES to the ordinances, regulations and design practices at a county-wide level and neighborhood-specific level to IMPROVE the SUSTAINABILITY and LIVIBALITY of the neighborhood areas as well as provide the foundation for REDEVELOPMENT into VIBRANT COMMUNITIES."

    Anonymous said...

    In my area, there's no available land on which to build Section 8 apartments as all the land is privately owned and no one would tolerate such a move in any case.
    In one instance, the city wanted to build a facility for young juvenile offenders at the end of my dead end street on 4 or 5 vacant lots owned by my neighbors. Everyone knew what that meant- hordes of criminiglets running roughshod through the neighborhood creating havoc as well as their "famblies" coming to visit and committing crimes. Everyone was up in arms over that and got it stopped cold plus (naturally) the land owners refused to sell.
    In another case, an empty office building (on the main road) next to the entrance to a friends subdivision was targeted by the powers that be to be turned into a drug addict treatment center. That entire area was immediately up in arms and got that stopped as well.
    Of course, in both cases, the facilities were the idea of private companies and not the state. The city was on board because they smelled tax money for their coffers.
    However, as I recall, the private companies were threatened with lawsuits for damages if their plans somehow went through and, as a result of their activities and their "clients," the neighborhood and surrounding area experienced increases in crime and other damages etc. In other words, they would be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. It was enough to make them rethink the idea and scared them off as they realized no one was going to tolerate their bullshit and the negative consequences just so they could profit from it.
    In another case, a mental health outfit opened offices in a business park and their "clients" were running amok through the area- entering other offices, begging for money, stealing, pissing in the parking lot, accosting customers and driving away business etc. All the other tenants raised hell with the landlord and the mental health outfit was evicted.
    So, as far as privately owned apartment buildings go, if the landlord wants to go Section Ape, I'd suggest threats of lawsuits for damages by the surrounding residents/businesses since the landlord knowingly and willingly imported a criminal element with reckless disregard for the obvious consequences.
    The city often closes down businesses that are hotbeds of crime as "public nuisances," due to the criminal activities of either the owner (or the clientele) or both.
    I guess the whole point is that no one has a right to engage in behavior that is knowingly damaging and destructive no matter what excuses they make to justify it.
    In that regard, the government knows the consequences of Section 8 upon neighborhoods and communities as the effects/consequences are well documented. They have no right to knowingly, willingly and with reckless disregard for the safety and security of the citizens, to inflict that damage- no matter what excuses they vomit forth to justify it.

    Anonymous said...

    UK: White Woman and Babies Threatened by Blacks for Living in Their Neighborhood, poop smeared on her door.

    Ex-Copper said...

    Another problem with these "Elder Communities" is if they are federally subsidized in any manner through SSI, section 8, mental health aides, etc; they are mandated to allow those of any age, receiving the same benifits to live there. I've seen these places go from blue haired oxygen bottle huggers to subsidized gang bangers almost over night. Management states their hands are tied.

    It works like any hospital that accepts Medicare, medicade, and other federal subsidies having to accept mental health holds. Nicer hospitals balk and throw tantrums when the cops show up to drop them off, but are forced to take them or lose federal reimbursements.

    Long Island Guido said...

    "If you're like me, you grew up in a suburban mid-century home, four kids, a dad who went to the office each day, and a mom who stayed home, cleaned, shopped, did laundry, and cooked. WHO does THAT anymore!? Almost no one. "

    I dont know about "no one". That goes on a lot out here on Long Island. The men work and the fat lazy wives stay home and watch reality tv and facebook.

    Anonymous said...

    Low I.Q. perhaps?


    Ex-Copper said...

    Earlier commenters asked what it takes to wake people up to these continuous underminings of values, decency, and morality. Asking why our people allow the undertow to continue unabated in their destruction of our neighborhoods, schools, and country.

    The answer has been here everyday since I started lurking and later posting. TNB. That's it. The response to these statements and questions is always TNB.

    The problem is the T. "Typical", meaning it is understood that this is the expected behavior and averaged outcome when dealing/interacting with the "90%". If it is typical, it ceases to affect the sensabilities of the masses who used to discourage these behaviors.

    It is normalization. The changing of societal norms and values. Like it or not, a bright line example of normalization trending over the last 12 months is the legalization of gay marriage. The concept of marriage has always been based upon a "biblical standard" notated as being a contract or agreement between a man and woman to mate for life and raise their offspring. Civil unions notate the same thing, but with the lesser offense to established religion in hijacking a religious custom.

    Another example, like it or not, over the course of 10+ yrs is legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. While I do not believe it should be a schedule I narcotic, I agree it should be a medically prescribed substance. If the big 3 narcotics, cocaine opioids and variants of modified methamphetamines, are a lesser scheduled narcotic then mj should be as well.

    Basically, back to the original premise, once a behavior is normalized, it ceases to shock the conscious of society, and increases in scope and activity. More of these actions slowly begin to become acceptable. Child molest occurs everyday across the world. Is that a typical and accepted norm or value? Not among the populace it isn't.

    The point is, TNB, should not be typical. It can be NB, black norms, or anything else not covered under the umbrella of the term typical.

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...
    The NAPA in DC has now classified 'right-wing extremists' as more dangerous than ISIS...I wonder who he is referring to?

    Prepare to be labeled a terrorist for having the audacity to realize that the federal government is simply a branch of BRA.

    It’s a hugely important topic. Your link tells us "The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.”

    That’s 24 such “incidents” in 5 years. Contrast that with 393 cases of blacks killing a white victim in 2014 alone.

    Anonymous said...

    Another thing the city is doing is paving walking/bike trails and paths on streets adjacent to circular suburban neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs.

    Most 1950's suburban ranch-heaven neighborhoods have no sidewalks for a reason. It meant no bus stops, no walkers, no blacks.

    Now the city can run a bike path just outside of the community in question and put a big bus stop/shelter there for the vibrant youths to find their way into your community.

    That means walkers and rising crime rates for whitey. Now the black youths have "access", can go door to door selling candy and magazine subscriptions and stake out your property while you are at work.

    Anonymous said...

    Wouldn't worry about blacks wiping anyone out except their own. It's been well established that their 'spray and pray' methods of shooting, won't get them very far on the battlefield. They will be hilariously be outmatched if/when that day comes.

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah, the math doesn't add up, nor did this man have any credible witnesses to corroborate his story. Likely a scam just like the Red Lobster waitress pulled in Memphis by writing n*gger on a CC receipt. That bitch is long overdue for some instant Karma.

    Anonymous said...

    So glad I live on a boat, it's easy to move. But I have to stay at the coast, and both coasts are infested. Where can I go?

    Anonymous said...

    This system, as we know it, will continue on for some time in the future.

    Then a financial, and moral crash will occur. We all know this is so, its just a matter of when. Ex copper has it right on. A very slow death, very deliberate.

    Mosy whites wont wake until its to late. One part of this puzzle is the turmoil from with in...

    Anonymous said...

    Delaware dude here. yeah, I know about this crap here in not so lovely New Castle County. seems some black county councilman wants all new building to agree to this "workforce housing" proposal. it allows builders to have a greater population density for the area. it must include single family homes (which would have been high end), moderately priced townhomes (likely to end up as sect. 8 rentals) and apartments. now just who, if anyone is in their right mind, would move into an area such as this fully well knowing that in 3-5 years there will be little or no equity in the home and it will be another mini detoilet. that's how brookmont farms started. went from white to lower class working whites to groidville in no time. the nicer development, wellington woods next door was trash from day one due to the proximity of the townhouses of little detoilet. they changed the name to sparrow run but its still the same cesspool. of course, I wont mention the race of said councilman but you can bet he isn't YT by any means.

    Anonymous said...

    Actually, it was 1913 on Jekyll Island.

    Monroe said...

    Fergusen cops may be unemployable elsewhere. If they are hired in, say, South Bend, and they shoot somebody in the line of duty five years from now, Fergusen will be dredged up. What PD would take a chance on that?

    Anonymous said...

    I wonder what other sales go up at the same time?

    Study: Timing of food stamp distribution leads to increase in weekend beer sales

    When people get their food stamp benefits on the weekend, the sale of beer rises among by as much as 7 percent by those people who receive the benefits -- that's the conclusion of a study conducted by several professors at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business and the University of Connecticut.

    PB said...

    "Who is doing this? Is it the Jews? No, my SBPDL friends. it is your "Great White" politicians."

    But who is funding the "Great Whites"? Who expects a return on their investment?

    Dindu Nuffins said...

    RE: "Vibrant"

    full of energy and enthusiasm.
    "a vibrant cosmopolitan city"
    synonyms: spirited, lively, full of life, energetic, vigorous, vital, full of vim and vigor, animated, sparkling, effervescent, vivacious, dynamic, stimulating, exciting, passionate, fiery; More

    I guess that's what Section Ape is trying to ram down our throats.

    Maybe some of us just want some peace and fucking quiet.

    AzDesertRat said...

    A bit off topic but I wanted to share a story that was related to me yesterday. In one of the Phoenix metro school districts their Superintendent has been a black woman for quite some time. A few months ago a new school board was elected, and due to the district's 70+% hispanic population, the new board is now 4 hispanic's and 1 white.
    One of the new board members (Hispanic male) has been extremely vocal about getting more people in "leadership" positions that are the "right ethnicity to relate to the student population" (i.e. Mexican). Just last night they had a vote to resign the Superintendents contract and it failed 4 to 1.
    The reaction of the district's black staff and parent population has been epic. They are so angry they can barely string together a coherent sentence. It's just a lot of huffing and puffing about "racism" this and "racism" that. Unfortunately, it isn't YT that is screwing them over this time so they have no idea how to handle it. All of their cliche's no longer fit.
    Some of my wife's DWL friends were all in a tizzy about it, and couldn't understand how a Mexican man could be so open about his preference for hiring from a specific race, regardless of merit. I tried explaining to them how race trumps most everything else (throwing in the examples of how blacks control the city offices in Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta, etc., etc.) and sure enough one of them immediately responded with "Well, white people do that all over the world too" while the rest of them sat there nodding their empty heads in agreement.
    Some of our own CANNOT be saved. Even when a race realism moment smacks them right in the face, in all of it's brown on black glory, they fail to understand that only white people, who willingly shackle themselves to the ideas of "white guilt" and "racial equality", are the only ones in the world who are trying to be "color blind".

    D-FENS said...

    "Bogo - Okay, you don't like them. They're real bad, horrible human beings. But who do you like? Give us a list."

    No one is obligated to provide a list of groups with the "Good Houskeeping Seal of Approval". Advocacy groups spring up all the time. Often, their true agenda takes time to emerge. Many are astroturfed by political parties, corporate/labor interests and of course our friends among TWMNBN. Even if they start out sincere, they can easily be "turned".

    Just as my rule for media/government is to assume what they say is false until proven otherwise, advocacy groups must be viewed with suspicion until there is solid evidence that they are legitimate.

    Each must do their own due diligence. In other words, each must learn to think for themselves.

    Mr. Rational said...

    Houses that look like Army barracks built ten feet apart from each other and all painted the same color.... Little boxes filled with cheap furniture from China.

    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same....

    behind blue eyes said...

    In regards to your comment of playing country music: new country is pop and niggery.
    A handful of artists still play tradional country. Very few. I love country. I grew up playing and listening to it. But new country? Not so much. But thanks to the internet anyone can custom tailor a mix. I would also love to add a genre of country that is becoming more popular now. Texas Red dirt country. Check it out. Great bands to choose from.
    Be safe. All the best from west Texas.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon@ 5:03 "most effective bioweapon of mass destruction..."

    Damn, that's gold!!!

    Anonymous said...

    "The enforcement mechanism for race mixing is largely a Jewish construct."

    Race mixing at the genetic level is a natural consequence of mixing the races socially. It isn't the result of a plot, just normal human sexual behavior. Throughout history, it's happened all over the world. Segregation always breaks down.

    The average North American negro is about 20% white by genetics, and most of this happened during colonial times, when there were few Jews and no modern mass media.

    Anonymous said...

    “Closing the Ferguson War Journal; with HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, the War is Coming to You”

    Thank you PK/SBPDL

    And yes, it's getting crazy. I see it nearly everyday.

    I have not posted in a while.

    I currently wonder what would happen if thousands of White people spontaneously show up in Washington D.C. to protest the BRA policies that destroy this country and it's tax base. In other words "whitey".

    Seems like a good idea but the first problem would be over coming White Individualism.

    Scot Irish

    Mr. Clean said...

    NY Girl said...The AP reports that an affirmative action hire at a Killadelphia meat rendering plant fatally stabbed a co-worker

    Franconia is well outside Philadelphia. I don't know that area as well as I used to, so it probably isn't as rural as I remember it, but I would be surprised if it was infested.

    And a negro at a meat-packing facility is probably working a low/non-skilled job, and is therefore probably not an affirmative action hire.

    AnalogMan said...

    Ex-Copper, I hear you,but I'm not convinced. The whole point of the word "Typical" is that it describes something that defines a type, or class of objects. TNB describes behaviour that is characteristic of negroes.

    That that behaviour should not be condoned is a good insight, which in combination with the fact that it is typical leads logically to the conclusion that negroes should not be tolerated.

    Separation is the only rational solution.

    FlowerBell said...

    Black Americans and Muslims are statistically more dangerous to be around than any other people.
    If the government moves these undesireables into my area after I specifically moved here to avoid them isn't that intentionally putting me in danger and compromising my safety?

    Anonymous said...

    Another story of the lovably "spontaneous" nature of those gentle giants:

    Anonymous said...

    "With HUD's Affirmitively Furthering Fair Housing, there's a Ferguson coming soon to you..."
    Just one question-exactly WHO is this fair TO? Cause I'm not feeling it, gnomewhat I be sayin"?
    "L" still in Atl-Hell

    Anonymous said...

    Good point, I was thinking classic country but I didn't clarify. New I agree with you about new country, it's just pop music with a twang sometimes. I think the nogs would love David Allen Coe. Stay safe out there.
    SC Native

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...
    "The enforcement mechanism for race mixing is largely a Jewish construct."

    Race mixing at the genetic level is a natural consequence of mixing the races socially. It isn't the result of a plot, just normal human sexual behavior. Throughout history, it's happened all over the world. Segregation always breaks down.

    The average North American negro is about 20% white by genetics, and most of this happened during colonial times, when there were few Jews and no modern mass media.

    Don't confuse them. They are obsessed with Jews. Let them wallow in it.

    behind blue eyes said...

    DAC is always welcome.
    One of my favorite singers.

    SwampThizzle said...

    "better to be judged by 6 than carried by 12"

    Huh? You get an F.

    Ex-Copper said...

    I understand typical and what it implies. Think about the body language of most people who declare an action as typical. It is generally followed with a deep sigh, head shaking, rolling of the eyes, shrug of shoulders, etc. rarely does the statement follow up with something angry.

    I believe most, if not all, here use the term in disgust. I feel however; that for outsiders, they see the term as dismissive and easy to overlook. I suppose that conversely it could make it easier for outsiders to get comfortable with expressing an idea about said behavior in a "less offensive manner".

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you Paul! Section 8 is obviously a hot topic. What all posters need to realize is that..
    HUD... needs to be held responsible
    HUD.... is not accountable for anything
    HUD.... is not transparent
    HUD doesn't hold voucher recipients responsible for their actions once they are approved.... convicted felons, sex offenders and drug dealers are living in voucher houses. I know.... I have one living beside me. I am working to pay taxes to house these chimps and yet my property is down because they live next door. REALLY NOW? HUD is so private that even the local "law enforcement" doesn't have access to a simple report of voucher recipients. My taxes need to provide the LEO a report of the recipients. Why is HUD allowed to be such a "SECRET" ? Get off your arses and do something about it! I am trying to get people awake to this... HELLO!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    So a magic unicorn government that is 18 trillion in debt is going to pay for the great vibrant diversity migration? Ahahaha! Yea right.
    Soon the deficit will hog up the entire economy.
    Two thumbs up to all those whites who dropped out to let BRA starve.

    Anonymous said...

    "people who claimed officers in Ferguson and nearby Jennings targeted minorities with minor traffic infractions and then jailed them when they couldn't pay fines.'

    What they mean is, jailed them when they "Would not" pay their fines, Just like they would any of us if we "refused" to pay court cost & fines. Every one knows this will happen, every one has to pay. The damn negroes just want a pass for their entitlement driving practices, which we all know, should be more heavily enforced & fined.

    The war is not comming, It's already here. Anyone who does not see our nation turning black & does nothing to try and support white people, deserve everything that's coming.

    Not being able to see is no excuse. I owe black people nothing!

    Anonymous said...

    JJ said, "Now when 'ol yt figures out he can spit on the sidewalk and the police won't even leave the donut shop, well, chimpout's at McDonald's will become a rare thing."

    Their not paying attention right now, all wrapped up in their selfish now. let the SHTF. You have it right. They don't know us very well, do they?

    AzDesertRat said...Some of our own CANNOT be saved. Even when a race realism moment smacks them right in the face, in all of it's brown on black glory, they fail to understand that only white people, who willingly shackle themselves to the ideas of "white guilt" and "racial equality", are the only ones in the world who are trying to be "color blind".

    Absolutely right. Not being able to see. will not be an excuse.

    Anonymous said...

    I am the 2:41am rant. Add to the HUD... it is supposed to be against the law for voucher recipients to be felons, sex offenders etc. No one is holding them accountable because they are so secret! Americans wake up! CRACK IT WIDE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I have watched surrounding cities being taken over by chimpagedon that once were majority white and they are now a cesspool full of crime and shootings. It is HUD that made this happen. It is your very tax $$ at work against you. Now they are trying to take over my city! WTF? HUD needs to be brought to it's knee's and exposed for what it is!

    Neanderthal girl said...

    That's for the poster who can't Google. There I did that for you. 😉

    AFFH is pure evil. It's one of my biggest fears.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon. at 7:58 am- good observation about it violating the law for HUD to knowingly give vouchers to felons, etc. Can you if possible give us the exact law here? Or give me an idea of where to start looking via reserch. I am certainly not a lawyer but willing to research at least. If YT shows up at council meetings or in court, we need to quote chapter and verse and have our ducks in a row,and not vaguely say that there is a law we know about somewhere. That is one way to fight back.
    I think it is WAY past time for YT to organize a group that represents OUR legal rights. Most all other groups already have such. The ACLU does not seem to do much for YT. We need lawyers with major cajones, because it will not be easy and will be met with the usual yelps of racism. They don't want us to realize that we have rights, also, although it seems, not as many as they do these days. If we can start sueing for what we observe as racism towards us, we can tie them up and drain their resources as they are currently doing to us.
    Also, regarding the story of the Hispanic man wanting the school council to reflect the current racial make up- YES!! Turn their own ploys against them. I wish groups of Hispanics, Asians, women, etc., would all threaten lawsuits because they do not have their own History Month, as do African Americans. I would LOVE to hear some pompous individual explain why blacks are the ONLY group deserving of this honor. OVERWHELM the opposition with demands from other "oppressed" groups, and at least some of them will be too busy to make their own demands. I think BRA is just going to come up with more and more ridiculous things such as this HUD initiative just to see how far YT is going to let them push us. But YT all but invented law and order and we need to stand up and use it against them. Ideas?
    On another note- the idea of whites moving to a mostly white state is one I am all for- but what about jobs? Will retirees be able to continue receiving the Social Security that they have paid into all their lives, or will BRA find a way to put a stop to it if we move into our own state? What about housing? If we all go to New Zealnd or Norway, what will we do for jobs, housing, etc. Things we need to start thinking about and working out. Try to be one step ahead at all times.
    Also, should we phase out welfare and EBT, has anyone thought about the corresponding surge in crime, theft, robbery, that will occur, because there is NO way that most of the ones affected will immediately go out and get jobs. Even if there were plenty of jobs available. So probably a good idea for YT to get the heck out before that happens. Hard questions, I know.
    "L" still in Atl-hell

    Anonymous said...

    Has anyone heard the remarkably blunt comments by Giuliani that seem to indicate a national figure such as he is willing to comment on another person ( BHO )who is at the same level plus one inch. Obama's past undeniable association with known Communists is now under discussion. Took a few years, didn't it? The effect of Rudy's Reticence makes one realize that the upper levels of power knew this all along, as they should have, but for inexplicable reasons didn't say anything. Perhaps it wa "preemptive deference" as if they knew he would be elected well prior to his being elected, which opens the Pandora's Box of doubt about whether or not national elections are not indeed
    fixed. Somehow I cannot erase the doubt that they were, just as I cannot erase the doubt that a national state of walking amnesia about the leadership strata is a goal of media.

    Anonymous said...

    "Don't confuse them. They are obsessed with Jews. Let them wallow in it."

    You aid and abet. Traitor.

    You should be questioning EVERYTHING right now, but instead you cover for them and bash us relists? They are not our people by the way. They call white gentiles "soulless" and "cattle."

    Get your head out of your ass, patriot.

    Anonymous said...

    Negress shot to death in pickup truck parked at city-county building, possible drive by shooting in downtown Indianapolis.

    Black dreadlock thug arrested. TNB.

    Anonymous said...

    Neanderthal Girl,
    Thank you! I can Google! But I thank you for sharing that article. I am living in your fear! AFFH is pure evil for sure! HUD needs to be busted WIDE OPEN and held accountable! It is funded by public$ it needs to be held publicly transparent! Somebody help me here!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    SC Native,
    David Allan Coe would be a good choice, but Johnny Rebel would be better.

    Anonymous said...

    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same....

    Like Ex-Copper said, weed has infected our culture. Even here.

    Anonymous said...

    "L" still in Atl-hell

    February 21, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    Thanks for your reply. I can be reached @
    Please get in touch with me there.

    Anonymous said...

    "L" still in Atl-hell, said Ideas??

    I love the idea, wonderful in theory. but IMHO. I can assure you, nothing short of a revolution will change anything. The forces against YT is at full steam.

    Try stopping that monster with lawsuits & words, and you'll be a bit more negro fatigued than you are now. I'm talking, clinically legal commitment, white suits, then the thorazine shuffle.

    Besides, it would take YT to organize, seen much of that lately? These things are moving ahead with "no" opposition, none!....the is a reason.

    I'm not cutting on you, I want to believe in your comment too, IMO, it's past that time.

    Anonymous said...

    Nice try, but better to just ignore him. Very few people go back at him on this Blog. I don't know whether it's because they agree with him, or because, like me, they figure when every single point in his rambling screeds is wrong, it's just not worth even trying.