Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Section 8 Vouchers is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face."

Dr. Strangelove, how a nuclear bomb piloted by Slim Pickens would be welcomed today!

Instead, we get a world gone mad. 

Where the prevailing paradigm is one dedicated to the preservation of nothing more than the lunacy conceived by bureaucrats intoxicated by their own pusillanimous predilections. 

 And the prevailing winds blow from a staunchly rotten capital, dedicated to the proposition all non-white men are treated unequal and with extreme prejudice. 
Coming April 5, 2015: The Ferguson War Journal

So we see the advent of the Section 8 Voucher to end this pernicious inequity inflicted upon the hapless non-white peoples of America. [St. Louis County to open Section 8 waiting list for first time since 2010, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2-25-15]:
For the first time in five years, the St. Louis County Housing Authority is accepting new applications for Section 8 housing vouchers. 
Through the program, which is funded by the federal government but run by local housing authorities, low-income tenants spend no more than 30 percent of their income on rent, and the authority covers the remainder of what’s owed to a landlord. 
Nearly 6,000 households use vouchers received from the county housing authority. 
The county added 6,000 people to the wait list when it was last opened in 2010. 
The list has dwindled to about 500, according to director Susan Rollins. 
When it was last opened, about 30,000 people applied during the six weeks that applications were accepted. On the Saturday morning in 2010 when the authority began taking applications, a few thousand people were already waiting outside of its offices on Natural Bridge Road before the doors opened. 
To prevent a repeat of that scene, the county is now using an online registration system. Instead of a first-come, first-served process, applicants are randomly selected through a lottery system that will narrow the pool to a final 6,000-household wait list. 
“We’re going to try online this time,” Rollins said. “We find that most of our clients do have smartphones and can access the Internet.” 
That doesn’t mean the authority will turn applicants away at the door, she said. 
The city of St. Louis also experienced challenges in 2007 when would-be applicants rushed the authority’s doors on the first day applications were accepted. 
The city reopened its waiting list last summer — for the first time in seven years — and used online applications. During the one week the city waiting list was open, more than 27,000 people signed up.
Never forget: the story of Ferguson, Missouri is nothing more than the logical conclusion of Section 8 Vouchers: the ruination of social capital and the advancement of the same conditions terminating civilization from which those awarded vouchers escaped from. 

The Africanization of America, via state decree. 

There would be no Darren Wilson-Michael Brown confrontation without Section 8 Vouchers. 

Stores in Ferguson wouldn't be closing were Section 8 Vouchers not importing the very people responsible for the creation of conditions where poverty flourishes in downtown St. Louis. 

Black people. 

Property value for those owning homes in Ferguson wouldn't be declining were it not for Section 8 Vouchers importing Africans in America to the once serene and all-white suburb of St. Louis.

But those in search of Section 8 Vouchers in St. Louis (to magically be transported not to the land of Oz, but the world of white people!) to momentarily enjoy a reprieve from the type of community Africans in America create have no problem engaging in violence to get a better spot in line. 

And though the Internet is largely scrubbed of all references to the fabled date of December 7, 2007, something undeniably courtesy of black people happened on this day when Section 8 Voucher seeking blacks stormed the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority. [St. Louis Section 8 voucher waiting list to open for first time since 2007, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7-3-14]:
Dec. 7, 2007, won’t be forgotten anytime soon in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority, at 3520 Page Boulevard. 
It was Application Day. The demand to get a place on the waiting list for Section 8 vouchers was so great, people rushed the front door. Police stepped in to disperse the crowd. 
“We had to close the thing down because there were too many people,” said Cheryl Lovell, executive director of the housing authority. 
“Lots of people want the assistance,” she added. “A lot of people need it.” 
Over 8,000 names eventually landed on the waiting list that week in 2007. Now, seven years later, the application pool has nearly dried up. 
The housing authority announced Thursday that a one-week window to pre-register for the income-based rental assistance program will open again July 14. 
The agency has been planning for the event for months in hopes to avoid some of the previous struggles. The main difference will be an online option. Applications can be submitted 24 hours a day at 
“We don’t want to have people wait in line at our building to apply,” Lovell said. “We want them to do it at their convenience.” 
The housing authority expects more applicants this time around, perhaps 10,000. No new vouchers were issued from the middle of 2012 through 2013 because of funding cuts. 
Section 8 is one of many government subsidized housing programs for low-income people and those with disabilities. Recipients pay 30 percent of their income in rent; the government pays the remainder directly to the landlord. Renters find their own housing from a list of properties in the community that meet the standards of the program. 
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds the program; local housing authorities manage it on the ground. 
Lovell said Congress ultimately decides the speed of getting through the waiting list. 
“It takes us seven years to fund it,” she said. “It’s not that we sit on these applications. We have to have slots. You have to have funding available.” 
The Housing Authority of St. Louis County uses a lottery system for its Section 8 waiting list. 
Susan Rollins, director of the agency, said she wants to avoid the stampede situation that erupted in Atlanta in recent years and left people injured. 
“Because there are so many people in need, we have gone to a lottery system,” she said. “We think it’s a fair way to get it done.” 
In April 2010, the county opened its waiting list for two weeks. About 30,000 people signed up. Of those, 6,000 won a randomly selected spot on the waiting list.
Virtually nothing is available to describe the carnage witnessed in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority on December 7, 2007, though it doesn't take a member of Mensa to determine the lawlessness and riot found its origin in those Africans in America determined to find refuge in a white community. 


Sorry, but this so-called Communist plot isn't worth starting World War III over; but the reality of Section 8 Vouchers and the redistribution of the misery only black people are capable of creating to those white flight communities surrounding formerly thriving major US cities (when white people created the conditions necessary for social capital to flourish in them before black criminality drove whites out) is a cause for a type of mobilization never before seen in human history. 

And though virtually nothing remains on the Internet about the shocking levels black people were willing to go to on Dec. 7, 2007  in the halls of the St. Louis Housing Authority at 3520 Page Boulevard to apply for a spot on the waiting list for a Section 8 voucher (where people rushed the front door and police stepped in to disperse the crowd), the rumor of what occurred leaves a hilarious residue for those willing to concede what is coming for those applying for a voucher in 2015. 

Remember: 99 percent of those living in the census of tract of Ferguson using Section 8 Vouchers were black; an area consisting of a portion of Oakmont Townhomes and Northwinds Apartments and stretching eastward into unincorporated St. Louis County having more Section 8 renters in 2013 than any tract in the entire state...

Section 8 Vouchers are nothing more than the federal government ensuring that those engaging in white flight inevitably encounter the exact reality of what they fled in the first place. 


Anonymous said...

"...and the authority covers the remainder of what’s owed to a landlord."

In other words, the white taxpayer...

Anonymous said...

“We find that most of our clients do have smartphones and can access the Internet.”

Wow, they're flat out broke!

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject, but for those of you near Pittsburgh might like to know that a 39 year old white man was the victim of a racially motivated “knockout game” assault on Tuesday afternoon (24 February) in broad daylight. It occurred along Route 837 in Duquesne, PA. Four black teenagers have been charged with the crime. The victim was taken to the hospital where he required a CAT scan, an X-ray, and will require dental work.

Of course, none of the local tv stations nor the two local newspapers have reported a word about it.

Anonymous said...

The heart and height of successful American communism has got to be our higher education system. These places are de facto reeducation centers.

The University of Minnesota decided today that a racial description is not important when describing a criminal. Because, you know, das rayciss.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover, Paul.

Anonymous said...

PK, great story, It's looking bad for the county now.

Anonymous said...

Why does the government keep forcing residential diversity on people, when it has consistently and disastrously failed for the past 60 years? If they have to, people will work together, learn together, even play together, but having a safe, peaceful white neighborhood to go home to at the end of the day has always been our last, only refuge. This last shred of sanctuary left us is only thing that makes the rest of the diversity agenda that is forced upon us tolerable, or sustainable. Section 8 is nothing less than government-sponsored ethnic cleansing of an already beleaguered people. Where are we supposed to go now?

PB said...

The more I read here, the more I see just how bad things are becoming over your way. Australia, sadly, still thinks America is all Cosby, Seinfeld (oh they're so funny and clever those...oh never mind) and Friends. You do know that the exceptional Nation is all about a projected fantasy...yes you do, I read it among you all the time. This place right here is the reality. Its you, the Posters right here where the real world lives.

Anonymous said...

And in other news, black man sexually assaults 93 year old legally blind woman.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Where I live, it is mandatory for landlords to accept Section 8 vouchers. There are major legal issues if a landlord is caught refusing them.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a shit hole that white guilt has dug us into. When Obama pronounces himself king of the internet we probably wont be able to discuss the nigras in a bad way on the web lest he shuts the site down.

rex freeway said...

Section 8 vouchers
Food stamps
Affirmative Action
Negros have all these services handed to them for free. Yet cannot pull themselves up and live on the same level as every other race on earth does.
The grand experiment has failed progtards. It's time to pull the plug. No more favoritism. You either make it on your own or you dont. Initially there will be a massive chimp out. It will fade when they realize the gravy train is over. Maybe make Africa a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

I own a Section 8 house in Chicongo on the south side.

It seemed like a good way to get a steady check rather than rent to a human tenant, more reliable you knowa.


First of all, there are Inspections that must be passed to qualify. EVERY year. In 12 years I have NEVER passed an inspection. They ding you for the paint chips and cracked paint on corners where the niglets living there apparently spend hours chipping away at the walls that I have to re-paint every year. They ding you for cracked glass door on a microwave that is hit even mine, the tenant got it from her mama. Doesn't matter. One year they say a pipe must be 8 inches from the floor so I have it moved, the very next year they say it has to be 8 incheds from tye ceiling, so I move it back.

It usually costs me from 2-6 thousand dollars a year just to pass the inspection.

Then there's the expense of CONSTANTLY replacing the appliances, windows, doors, vents, lights, and everything else the niggers break every month.

Of course the front and back yards are ALWAYS full of trash and huge mounds of dog shit. Every year I have to pay to have the yard cleaned up or I will fail the inspection.

4 niggers and 4 niglets are supposed to be living there but every time i stop by unannounced (because they never answer their phones when ai call them) there are at least twice that many there. They are always "fambly be vizitin".

I have tried asking them politely to stop destroying my house, I have tried threatening them with my attorney, I have threatened to Report them to DCFS and the police. In the end you may as well be trying to get cats to stop scratching up their scratching post. It's just what they do.

Even though i get a monthly Section 8 check for $1,200 after factoring in the expenses of cleaning up after the niggers, the property taxes, insurance, and all the rest of it I'm making about $200 a month.

The funny thing is I was NOT racist at all before I bought this house. My racism is supposedly from "ignorance" (so i have been told) but actually it was born from experience. They really are not at all "just like us". If I could do it all over again I never would have bought the house. Its been one huge headache after the next. Between the niggers eating all of my profits and the city slammng me with taxes and inspections I almost wish the niggers would just burn it down already.

I suspect the inspectors are trying to shake me down for pay-offs but I never try to bribe them. They're ALWAYS niggers so maybe they just resent me for being white and owning a house in their ghetto. I really do think they are trying to force me to spend all of my profits on repairs out of racist hatred for me. To pass the inspections the house has to be PRISTINE. No dented air vents, no tiny tears in a window screen, no chipped paint, no paint chipping from the porch, no cracked pavement on the front sidewalk, its fucking ridiculous. I would LOVE to inspect these nigger inspectors houses and see how they would fair.

If humans were living in the house these repairs wouid be done every few years but with niggers its MONTHLY. One of them was cutting the window screen up with scissors to use the screen for his weed pipe. A pack of pipe screens costs $2.00, replacing the window screen costs me $25 each time.

If wolves or bears lived in the house they would do less damage than these niggers do.

This will be my last year. Im selling the house at a loss this fall. I have learned my lesson and a new Racist has been born.

Anonymous said...

Terrorism. Courtesy of your tax dollar supported U.S. government. Coming to a neighborhood near you.


cecilhenry said...

Diversity means chasing down the last white person.

Diversity is White geNOcide.

Enough. Politicians past and present must be held accountable for this evil.

Anonymous said...

The young negro commits an enormous amount of crime. When they are caught (often, since they have low iqs, etc) they are sent to prison and they are then involved in the utterly nauseating world of prison rape. Read this article. Make sure you never go to prison. Negroes await you...:

behind blue eyes said...

I bet "free" gubment Wi-Fi will be added to the gibs list really soon. Because internet is YT juju and sheeett.

questioning said...


its time for racial divershitty in STEM toys

Scroll down to the comment, its hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Laughing at the terminal madness:

Anonymous said...

If Section 8 is spread out far and wide enough, most DWLs will soon be face-to-face with the die-versity they champion from their currently safe, white neighborhood. That could be a good thing because those who can be deprogrammed will and those who can't will be at risk of a Darwin award.

I'm also not entirely pessimistic about the public schools and universities indoctrination attempts. My oldest kid went to a very white suburban school and didn't meet die-versity until college. It took a stint tutoring the savages and a small dorm theft to turn him race-realist. He wasn't happy to admit dad was right but he wasn't happy to be treated like crap because he's white. Education after high school should be skill-oriented; engineer, nurse, computers, CPA or the trades. That'll keep you safe from the liberal BS and be useful.

And to the white guy trying to make money from Section 8 rental in Chicago, you're definitely being shook-down and driven out. I'll pray for a fire for you so you can get your money out rather than sell at a loss. Lesson learned it sounds like. Welcome to a small spot of sanity on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"I bet "free" gubment Wi-Fi will be added to the gibs list really soon. Because internet is YT juju and sheeett."


Too late, they've had free Wi-Fi in the projects here for a few years now.

Ex-Copper said...

Huh. Guess they forgot to check case law on anonymous reporting. They have to give a description detailed enough that a reasonable person would identify the defendant based upon the info.

Ex-Copper said...

I saw a news story this morning about California wanting to repeal the welfare queen law. I thought what a great idea. Then I read the story....Its supposedly considered a forced sterilization program according to women's libbers. The current law states no increase in benefits if a woman becomes pregnant 8 months after, or has another kid, after enrollment; unless they can prove one of 3 forms of birth control failed. IUD, a hormone or sterilization. Gonna cost the state an extra estimated $259,000,000 in the first year. I put the zeroes on purpose. Too many people feel hundreds of millions is chump change

Ex-Copper said...

On topic however; about 13 yrs ago, the Feds stopped funding HUD police officers at the state level. Indianapolis only had 2 officers last check 10 yrs ago, one of which was on loan to a federal agency.

All of the offenses the landlord cited above: more than allowed residents, felons, drug use, criminal enterprise, too many police runs for activity in the apartment, etc running rampant. The complexes don't report them or the apartment goes vacant for an extended time. What a country.

Anonymous said...

Cn't wait to read your book!! Thank you!!

countenance said...


There has been newer Section 8 St. Louis news since then:

My reaction:

I would presume that one has to be of low income to get a Section 8 voucher. So of course you’re going to find a very strong correlation between Section 8 voucher tenants and low income individuals.

In as much as this is a problem, and not a definition, I fail to see how these city ordinances will make it any better.


As for the book, well, it was a day I knew was coming. Actually I figured on you writing St. Louis book even before Ferguson. I promised you back then help with such a book, but by now, you have so much material that I doubt you'll need much of my help, other than the title of the book, and of course that little checkout from the library at SLU or UMSL which still has yet to come available.

If you need more help, well, more than 2,000 of my more than 15,000 posts are about St. Louis issues:

Anonymous said...

St Louis will erupt, along with every other black heavy area in the USA once the temperature goes up. The young orclings have had their 'minds' completely poisoned by the media lies and are ready to take vengeance against Whitey. Just too cold right now.

Just look at this latest piece of garbage on the anniversary of the start of Trayvon's three year run staying drug and crime free. Look at the lies; the carefully crafted narrative to enrage negroes.

Anonymous said...

What a devilishly ingenious system, when you force your target to underwrite their own destruction.

We White taxpayers fund the FEDGOV, HUD et al, and the organizations then use our money to forcibly pry apart our communities.

We are footing the bill for the imported dysfunction. Meanwhile, TV, "News" Media, NPR, Hollywood & co. inculcate so much White Guilt that we are afraid to speak out against those who, of late, aren't even hiding their hatred of us anymore.

We may be the first people ever to vote for and pay for our own piecemeal destruction.

Ricky In Cali said...

I remember when Section 8 came into our neighborhood!

I live in a nice area in California and in our small city here we have a huge apartment complex near us that has literally over a thousand units. It’s a complex with lots of military who live there. Over the years the complex has changed names and been bought out by different groups but remained right in the heart of our city.

I remember years ago they said “Section 8 is coming to these apartments”. I always thought to myself that Section 8 was supposed to be where the Ghetto Blacks live, how could they bring that here? And if they did, would it really make that much of a difference? And then it arrived…..

In the beginning you could see the niglets walking outside their apartment units around the complex. You could drive in at any time of night and see the Niglets walking which was weird, no one was supervising them. Then the pool area became off limits. The Nigs and their family would go to the pool and no Whites or any race would want to be with them there. So it followed to the tennis courts, Blacks don’t play tennis but because the pool is attached to the tennis court no one wanted to play there anymore. The pool and Jacuzzi were closed at 10:00pm but you could easily see the Nigs out there at midnight being loud and smoking in the Jacuzzi. I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE go in that Jacuzzi after those scum have been in there, it probably was the only time they got a free bath.

In about a half a years time after the complex was over run, the REAL HOOD showed up. Blacks bumping their music, driving around in their cars and inviting their homies over to their place, and slowly it leaked out into the community. Gas stations had Blacks blasting their music as loud as they can as they pumped gas, HOW CAN YOU HAVE NO SHAME?? How can you sit there pumping your gas, door open, with your system playing music as loud as humanly possible cussing left and right, at a packed gas station that’s filled with people trying to hurry up and get gas out of embarrassment of being next to you?

We would see the scum everywhere we looked, soon they were at the 7-11’s, then we would see (this was the worst), the Jigaboo Negra’s walking around. The generation of the girls that didn’t give two shits, walking from their apartments with only their pajamas on and afros and going to the stores to buy stuff. I’m not talking about dressing down and having their hair hang out, I’m talking about full pajamas and pajama shoes and no make up and going into a city where people have on average $400,000+ homes. I couldn’t believe when I drove that I was watching this Ghetto trash and neither could anyone else but it was happening.

Eventually Section 8 was taken out of the complex when it changed hands again but put 1,000+ negroes in an area, low income scum of the earth negroes, and watch it change an entire city! Section 8 is the worst thing ever and I hope I never have to see that again

Anonymous said...

"Through the program, which is funded by the federal government "

Well, that's a relief, I was worried for a minute that it would be funded by borrowing money from the private central bank to be "owed" by us and our descendants who will forever be working half their lives attempting to just pay the interest on this 18 trillion dollar credit card balance.

Anonymous said...

They are creating the weaponized negro. Prepare.

Mr. Turner

paul marchand said...

section 8 housing, a big white genocidal / suicidal / fed govt program

* white taxpayers pay * minorities, esp blacks, access, HUGE amounts of money transferred * black and other minority landlords rake it in, subsidized * placed in largely "white " communities, where crime thus goes up dramatically, and the property rights of whites goes down * whites are chased to ever-higher priced niches (the white middle classs is left to fend for themselves) where their ever-increasing property taxes go sky-high to pay for the ever-increasing minority populations.

Murder / suicide, all thanks to the wonderful bastardly US federal govt.

You add this to public schools (where whitey is known to like being with predominately their own) and welfare, and white homicide / genocide / suicide is assured.

Bogolyubski said...

This, mind you, is taking place in MO - an extremely "red" state where the Repukes have legislative majority big enough to over-ride vetos from Lawn-Chair Jay, the Dem gov who likes to act Repuke. All they'd have to do is to vote to refuse the accept the money from Kwanstain central and end the program in the state. Negroes and assorted parasites would start leaving in droves.

Repukes have never once voted to bring this weapon of mass negro destruction to heal. Why is that? Not even during the days when Lord Beelzebubba solemnly intoned that 'welfare as we know it is over' was this particular weapons-system de-funded. I do wish some of our resident 'conservatives' who think the rotten, degenerate, totally-corrupt oligarchial system which they call "democracy" (a dirty-word to the folks who actually wrote the articles of confederation and the constitution, by the way) would tell us what exactly is left in this shithole to 'conserve'.

Anonymous said...

When a black attacks a White person it's the knockout game. On the rare occasion that a White attacks a black it's a hate crime.

AnalogMan said...

I'm seeing a lot of comments on the web lately ridiculing the idea of "Black Run America".

They say that pointing out the disproportionate rates of crime and all measures of dysfunction among negroes is a racist stereotype, because there are good and bad people of all races.

They say it's a "Conspiracy Theory". They say that 900 "teens" mobbing a movie theatre could not possibly be organized, because it would be impossible to keep a conspiracy on that scale secret, and anyway, "teens" don't have the organization to pull it off.

But that's a straw man argument. Nobody has said that it's all black people, and only black people, who are destroying America's cities. And nobody has said that there is a conspiracy to do it. No conspiracy is necessary - it's all happening right out in the open.

What you have to understand is that black people marinate in the same culture that we do. They watch the same TV programs and movies, they sit in the same schools, where they study the same history and literature, but their perspective is different. Where you learn about slavery, you learn to feel guilty about your race's sins. For them, it's personal. They learn that they have always been persecuted by the White man. It's no wonder that they grow up with a sense of resentment against his race and culture. It's no wonder that they think we owe them. It's not a conspiracy, it's just human nature.

Look, slavery is a fact. It's perfectly legal to research it, try to disprove it, spin it any way you want to; but you can't expect the same objective facts to mean the same thing to people with opposing perspectives grounded in blood and culture.

Anonymous said...

The more you feed a parasite the bigger it gets, until it kills the host and thus itself. Basic law of nature, playing out across the USA today.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Section 8 is an even bigger disaster than Affirmative Action. At least with A.A. you can choose to either not do business with the A.A. hire, or if you have to work around them (notice I didn't say 'work with them' as that would be an oxymoron), you can hopefully quit. With Section 8, there is no escape.

Negroes know that whites can't stand being around them. The younger whites see Justin Bieber and other assorted young, white jackasses hangin' wid da homies, and think they're being ever so cosmopolitan by adopting the ghetto lifestyle. Sometimes even a diversity beat down isn't enough to change their warped, cultural inclusion mindset. Some actually apologize for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (the omnipresent 'violins ob da skreets n' sheet'). I swear, some of these whites could be doused with gasoline, set afire, and say something like "I know I deserved it because of the terrible legacy of slavery and white privilege." I'm about ready to pull what's left of my hair out.

Thank you, Anonymous of the failed Section 8 Chicongo Expo to enlighten us about how these feral animals actively destroy your rental. I am truly sorry that you have experienced such incredible injustice. A mere cursory drive through any negro hell hole will confirm everything you have said. I was actually thinking that if my condo ever gets hit with the negrocide invasion that putting my apartment up for Section 8 might be a good Exit Stage Left for me. Now, thanks to you, I know better. I've had 19 years of bliss here, but realize the tide can quickly turn, especially considering the dark forces of our government seeking my extermination. I'd rather just cut to the chase and sell at a loss. Or maybe just cut a check to the Anti Defamation league and drop it off at the closest synagogue in a scented envelope.

So, thanks to Chicongo Section 8 landlord, as well as the California person who described in great detail the transformation of a beautiful white neighborhood into a rotting, negro plagued sty. We are actively being destroyed by what used to be a government that at one time protected us.

I don't know where all this will end up, but I have my suspicions. In my mind, if current trends are allowed to continue, American society will more and more resemble Detroit, with only a minority of the population actively employed at minimal wages. Most or all of your neighbors will be black or Hispanic. They will be home all day, every day. Their children, friends, and fambly will be out on the front lawn, axin for a smoke or a kwatah. Music will be blaring from hoopties held together with bailing wire. Grocery stores will be jammed packed at the beginning of each month and most likely empty after the 15th.

Formal English, as most of us know it, will seem as quaint and old fashioned as ladies with hats and gloves. There will be no designation for "Race" on birth certificates because we will all be told that "Race" is just a construct and has no place in America because the majority of chillen are various degrees of beige, with kinky hair and wide nostrils.

China will fill the STEM fields, cause Lord knows the negroes talk a good game, but most are challenged to just tie their shoes correctly each morning on they feets. Negro college graduates will be congratulated and awarded doctoral degrees if they can manage to write their names in large, block letters. Think I'm kidding? Ever hear of Rachel Jeantel, cracka?

Anonymous said...

I just got to thinking, since they are now accepting these applications online, anyone from anywhere could apply, maybe several times. Wouldn't they be surprised if instead of the 100k or so applications that they are expecting, they got 200 or 300k. Think of all the wasted time and money that would be spent trying to sort out the real applications from the fake ones.

Anonymous said...

[dih-zas-ter, -zah-ster]

a calamitous event, especially one occurring suddenly and causing great loss of life, damage, or hardship, as a flood, airplane crash, or business failure.

We are witness to a Disaster on a Epic scale. One to rank up there with the Black Plague, (no pun intended) or the fall of Rome.
When disaster strikes, the strong and the lucky survive.

Your forward thinking today will ensure your genes are passed down.
Prepare, prepare, prepare. This ship is going down.

Anonymous said...

I would say just fail the inspection so your house wouldn't qualify for section ape, but not knowing what kind of neighborhood the house is located in, I don't know if you could find "decent people" to rent it.


Anonymous said...

Section Eight (aka "Section Ape") is the modern equivalent of poisoning your enemies wells. Attack and subdue your enemy, then, unless you were holding their territory, you dropped an animal or human carcass into the water well to rot and poison it - making it now an unfit area for Humans to live.

Dropping a load of poor blacks into a Human neighborhood has the same effect.

Humans Build; Negroes Destroy. It has been, and it will be for ever after.

Anonymous said...


The 'alternet' dont be a [white] gentrifier is a hoot.


Remember low-income communities and communities of color may be suffering from hundreds of years of historic trauma, and this trauma is very fresh in the minds of most people of color.

7. Recognize most of the perpetrators of crime have also been the victims of a system you have most likely benefited from disproportionately.

[hows that for orwell the victim are a villain and the real villain is helpless].

Anonymous said...

I wish it was easy to just stop paying taxes. This country goes deeper and deeper into debt and instead of doing something about it, city, state and federal level politicians find more useless programs to spend millions of dollars on.
The dollar becomes worthless and they just keep printing more. Prices keep going higher and higher. Idiots demand more and more money for entry level jobs not realizing they're only making prices go up.
One day soon, that EBT card won't buy many smokes or 40's. Maybe this summer? And africans will always believe BHO was the greatest president. While everyone else knows the first black president bankrupted America.


Anonymous said...

As a white person I can not get a section 8 voucher. The vouchers are for blacks and illegal immigrants. I was dismayed to learn that where I live, the Salvation Army used FEMA money to relocate blacks into a semi white area.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe, but there'll be more than a few other kind of "cides" first.
Some of us see the writing on the wall and are getting prepared.


Anonymous said...

I have been posting anonymously here for some time, mostly preaching to the choir with smart-assed remarks and links to my daily finds of TNB in the news. I have decided that for the sake of continuity and perhaps getting to "know" each other here (as much as one can online) I should take a name and start introducing myself. I won't get into my biography right now, it's too long and conovoluted, but I'll just start by giving you my assumed name (subject to change with minimal notice):

Lucius Vorenus
Citizen of the Northwestern United States (as long as it lasts)

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Any time an article has to grazingly deal with negro dysfunction without actually addressing it head on and naming it, passive voice is employed. This is a prime example :

"Susan Rollins, director of the agency, said she wants to avoid the stampede situation that erupted in Atlanta in recent years and left people injured. "

You see? Stampedes "erupt," and stampedes "leave people injured."

A responsible active voice tense would correctly identify the actionable parties and the actions that correlate to those parties, leaving you with a statement that would more appropriately read like this:

"Susan Rollins, director of the agency, said she wants to avoid situations similar to the recent black mob in Atlanta that injured each other during the stampede that they created while forcing their way into the building."

We must demand a media that establishes causation, not obfuscates it. These things don't "happen" --- individuals or collections of individuals engage in activities that then create these effects and actions. We should develop our own translation guide/Rosetta Stone to decipher media speak and passive voice garbage.

I have noticed a trend/formula/template and certain key words to focus upon when locating passive tense and how media implies that things "happen" mysteriously and organically, which enrages me. Feel free to add others that you notice.

Common nouns/subjects/sentences beginning with the following, especially when paired with verbs from the next column :

-murder (s)
-home invasion (s)
-burglary (ies)
-recent spate/rash of .... (any of the above)

Common verbs :

-took place
-rang out

Codewords to avoid explicitly identifying blacks, especially as it relates to crime, violence, and destruction:

-teen (s)
-mob (s)
-youth (s)
-group (s)
-male (s)
-suspect (s)
-individual (s)

Again, feel free to add to this list.

FlowerBell said...

“We don’t want to have people wait in line at our building to apply,” Lovell said. “We want them to do it at their convenience.”

Why don't we just put the recipient class of America in induced comas and them simply string them up in a warehouse as demonstrated in the movie COMA. Then we only have to wake them up every two years and drive them to the voting booth.

Wouldn't that make it a lot "easier" for everyone?

Anonymous said...

" When they are caught (often, since they have low iqs, etc) they are sent to prison and they are then involved in the utterly nauseating world of prison rape. "

Reading that Atlantic article I could tell it was supposed to be a real tear jerker about how "John Doe" (more likely Shitavious, Darquarium, or some other niggerbabble) is the victim.

Nary more than a passing mention of the 9 year old boy that this foul beast violated when he was engaged in one of many home invasions. My heart is like granite when it comes to the negro. I care about as much about Jamal and bellcurvious selling each other for a snickers bar as they care about the white people they victimize.

Also worth mentioning is that if this animal was a kid-toucher it's highly likely that EVERYBODY in the prison knew it including the guards who are either other niggers who are just generally apathetic to anything, or humans who see the poetic justice of a child molester getting hit in the seat and sold for cigarettes.

Lastly, it's highly probable that the protagonist of this sad tale was a homo going into the whole thing... certainly enough of one to have interest in a 9 year old boy. So it's very conceivable that most of his muh-dik exploits were of his own volition and he only cried rape when he realized that there might be some reparations on the other end of it. Many parts of this story just don't add up if the protagonist actually didn't want some muh-dikkery.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would do an article on how blacks in government jobs force whites out of those jobs. The blacks get into management positions because of affirmative action/white guilt and proceed to force out any white Americans. They can't do it to illegal immigrants because everyone including the liberals would be screaming.

Anonymous said...

How do you fight section ape? Go after the owners, report any and every chimp behavior and make it so miserable they want to leave. I had several rental properties in Columbia and was approached about section ape. I said hell no, there in the wrong area. You should have seen the look on these AA hires faces. They asked me what I meant but I just replied you know what I mean. I have no desire to submit to your BS regulations and ruin the neighbors property value. Now if you try to force me I'll chance the insurance and have the fire department burn them down. Now if you want section ape housing I have some in the right area and I'll talk about that. Well they didn't want those ghetto shotgun houses and left.

Property owners have to stand up to these Marxists. Making a dollar at the expense of fellow YT is not something I'm willing to do. However I am looking for homes in hipster white areas. I'll section ape a DWL area in a second.

Section ape must be fought somehow.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to the comment, its hilarious!

What did it say? They removed it.

Anonymous said...

To the section 8 house owner in Chicago. A new racist has been born. Let me help you on that....its spelled R E A L I S T . Not racist. There is a difference. NC Realist

Long Island Guido said...

DIVERSITY is their religion.

Anonymous said...

Someone beat me to it but I was going to say the same thing. Someone should start flooding that site with bogus Section 8 applications. Crash that system so that they will have to do it the riot way.

Anonymous said...

I love how the groids all have smart phones yet cant afford full rent.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to mention that 99.9 percent of the coments here reflect exactly how i feel. Which is why i dont comment that often. Great minds think alike. On a side note...hopefully some time soon i'd like to network with SC Native...and others close by...if for nothing else...just to let them know if they're in my section of the state...they'll have a safe place to come if they should ever feel the need. I know it will take diligence and discreetness....but it can be done. I wont mention my town...I'll just say there's not even a Nig-Mart within 20 miles. My condolences to anyone even remotely close to Columbia. Greenville is the closest chimpout city here....and i'm far away from that. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

1) Their smart sail foams are free job-hunting, dontcha know...Eberthang bz free if'n u bz black

2) Section 8 is the spear point of the genocidal war against white people in north america & is fully supported by Repukes as well as Dem's

/H hypie out H\

AnalogMan said...

Allocating benefits by lottery is "fair", if the objective is simply to get rid of the money. If the objective were to alleviate avoidable hardship, one would think one would want to bring a bit more judgment to the process. But of course that would be intolerant.

Leftists are truly evil.

Anonymous said...

Forget flooding that area with fake applications, put out flyers announcing a new first come first served 6000 new section 8 positions in an area that doesn't have it. They will chimp out, bonus points for listing it as a Monday. When the affirmative action workers come in and see a mile long line and tell them it doesn't exist the videos will be priceless.

Anonymous said...

Heres one situation were HUD showed its true colors, years ago.

First job out of college, was working for HUD. My job was writing repair cost on homes in the city of Detroit. HUD purchased (our money) land in a burb outside of the city. I think it was either Westland or Inkster. 12 acres of land was bought and 3 bd 1bath, kitchen, laundry room, and living room, on a slab. I think it was 35 homes were built. In the early 70s, it was believed that you pay a welfare bitch direct monies, and said bitchvwould pay her bills and learn responsibility.

Of course out of 35 homes, not a one of the bitches payed one bill, used the money for the hair, nails, and drugs.

Lesson learned, nothing has changed one bit in 40 years

But hell, lets throw millions more at the problem...


Unknown said...

In September 2013, Jeri Wright, daughter of Reverend “God Damn America” Wright, and 12 other Democrats were charged with embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and needy.
Well, it is another reason for her dad to say, "God Damn America.

AnalogMan said...

“We don’t want to have people wait in line at our building to apply,” Lovell said. “We want them to do it at their convenience.”

That would seem appropriate, since in the English-speaking world outside America, a "convenience" is what you would term a bathroom.

AnalogMan said...

SC Native, please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm warming to you. Your comments are uplifting. I posted a comment a thread or two back commending your comment and an anonymous one, but it didn't make it through moderation, presumably due to the rest of the content.

From now on I'll keep my comments short and to a single point. Shotgun style, maybe more of them will get through.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Analog man sez:

Look, slavery is a fact. It's perfectly legal to research it, try to disprove it, spin it any way you want to; but you can't expect the same objective facts to mean the same thing to people with opposing perspectives grounded in blood and culture.

I don't care what they think or why they think it. I'm tired of being told I'm responsible for someone else's hurt feelings. Slavery was over 150 years ago. It's time they got over whatever is stopping them from behaving like human beings. They say they have been deprived of their own culture. Well, I've had a whiff or two of their culture, and from the smell of it, it reeks worse than 3 week old fish. They have my blessings to enjoy their "culture". I want no part of it and especially resent having it forced upon me. In short, F*** THEM!


Anony sez...
I just got to thinking, since they are now accepting these applications online, anyone from anywhere could apply, maybe several times. Wouldn't they be surprised if instead of the 100k or so applications that they are expecting, they got 200 or 300k. Think of all the wasted time and money that would be spent trying to sort out the real applications from the fake ones.

I think you may be on to something there, anony. I'm going to go to the Section Ape website in my area and apply. If they reject me for being white, watch me scream "Rayciss!" Let's clog up the works. Let's do something PROACTIVE, rather than come here and bitch - which, granted, is very cathartic. I'll let you know how my application for Section Ape goes. Just say NO to the NE-GRO!

OT: In all seriousness, can a lesbian white girl be a coal burner if she has a live in negress girl friend? The two upstairs from me seem to like to play musical beds, with men coming and going at times. Are young people today all bisexual?

Anonymous said...

Why does the government keep forcing residential diversity on people, when it has consistently and disastrously failed for the past 60 years? . . . having a safe, peaceful white neighborhood . . . has always been our last, only refuge. . . . Section 8 is nothing less than government-sponsored ethnic cleansing of an already beleaguered people. Where are we supposed to go now?

I will try to help you out here, I think I know some of the answers, the rest of the commenters will fill in the blanks and offer helpful tips to brighten your day.

You asked "why ?"; two reasons.
First, because they can, no one is stopping the government from violating the constitution or the natural right (what was called a God given right) of people to freely associate or not with nogs or anyone else. The news media is on the government's side, the universities were corrupted decades ago, religious institutions went for the thirty pieces of silver, the Republican Party hates real Americans, just not as much as the Democrats, the judiciary is worthless, there is no institutional opposition.

The left and "Conservatism, Inc." hates liberty which is basically being left alone to succeed or fail on one's own. The purpose of the state was to promote ordered liberty by enumerating rights and duties and limiting powers of government. This is antithetical to the philosophy of communism which is in many ways a counter religion to Christianity, something pounded home in Catholic schools in the old days, the evil of communism. Most non-whites need white people for their daily bread, they need to be propped up and they bitterly hate YT because they're failures especially as a race. This makes them ideal insurgents against YT America, useful idiots of communism.

Second, diversity has not been a failure, it's been a huge success for the communists who have control of the country. The communists have wanted to destroy the west for decades. Violent revolution failed outside of Russia in 1917 and China in the 1940s so the technique used in the west by the communists has been 'boring from within', corrupting every institution of the west, changing their purpose and turning these institutions against the societies and people who originally created them. This illustrates how BHO is one of the most successful presidents ever. BHO said in 2008 and his entire public life demonstrated that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" (his words, not mine) America, and he has with much more to come. BHO has achieved his goal of destroying what's left of America, he has been tremendously successful and section 8 is an integral part of this campaign thus his promotion of it, it's all logical. Section 8 and its permutations is the most successful breach of private property rights in history.

You asked: "Where are we supposed to go now ?" In to the grave, six feet under, that's where BHO and his pals want the white race, dead and buried. They don't want us reproducing, owning and controlling private property, having strong marriages with many children, a normal society without public spectacles of corruption, owning firearms, having honest, decent, productive employment, sound money or any of the other things that allow YT to be successful. Ultimately you're better off knowing the ugly truth than believing TV's bald faced lies, the world isn't Disney land.

non-DWL from NE.
BHO says hello to SBPDL.

AnalogMan said...

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Again, feel free to add to this list.

One of my personal pet peeves is "a fight broke out"; translation, "a black mob attacked a lone White man".

Anonymous said...

Section 8 house in Chicongo,
You've spelled it out, to the letter. Spring/summer 2013, my plant was down so I worked on a buddies crew rehabbing Section 8 rentals in Detroit. We turned over 2-3 weekly, for a wealthy doctor living in Ann Arbor ,Mi.

It's a hustle and a scam. We didn't witness the bias you suffered, from inspectors , just fat black women collecting a check. But you're right in that everything must be 100% perfect for the precious negroes.
Now, the ugly stuff, every time we pulled down plywood window cover, we found broken glass. Screens? If they existed, ripped and torn.
Carpet, beyond description and words can't describe the odor. Usually stained w/animal filth. Why clean or preserve your living area? YT guys will fix things. The bathrooms were the worst though, never saw cleaning chemicals. They don't practice YT cleanliness standards.The kitchens are always filthy beyond belief, and the basements are filled w/ garbage & dog shit. To haul out the nasty carpet and stinky contractors bag of filth, we used young guys who we're drop -out types.(finish high school young men).
The yards, nasty, jigs don't clean or pick up refuse. Never once found yard tools, such as rakes and shovels.
Then there's theft, we installed brand new water tank and furnace for Laquiha! Gone the next day.
Detroit Refugee

AnalogMan said...

Lucius Vorenus, welcome to the party.

If you're the anonymous poster I think you may be, I must confess I haven't been following your links. I can't be bothered to work out from the URL whether the linked page is of any interest, so I just skip it.

In future, please include a short summary and preferably also a quote from the target page. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

bernicegreenbaum said...

non-DWL from NE,
your answer was spot-on, eloquent, and deeply depressing. Thanks, I think.

BHO says hello to SBPDL.

And I say to BHO, tell Reggie Love you liked to be kissed on the back of the neck when he doin' hid bidness wid you. Gnome sane?

bernicegreenbaum said...

Oh, and ditto the comment about the Atlantic article. I felt no remorse or pity for the young buck. None. At all. Maybe that makes me harsh, I don't know. I don't care. They have made me this way. Just the other day a negress and her niglet were found murdered, burned to death in her car, which was found in a secluded ditch off an industrial road just outside of downtown.

My first thought was, gee, how horrible and sad.

My next thought was, who on earth does this sort of thing?

My last thought was, well, at least that's two less of them to deal with.

Harsh? You bet. Who was it, exactly, who made me this way? I wasn't like this before I spent the majority of my time around them.

Anonymous said...

Law is just a minor irritation to this current administration. Liberals hate the constitution, remember?


Anonymous said...

@ AnalogMan @2:07, That's a BINGO! Love how the freakin' press puts their spin on a blatant black on white racist attack. They have elevated euphemisms to a high (BS) "art" form.
Parody, as in-your-face: "what you gonna do white man?"
Rollover or stand up?

Your reply...

Atlanta Admirer said...

Beat down over a hamburger..... savages at their finest!

Anonymous said...

You may be right about what "they" think. As far as organizing, "they" don't have to even think about it, "they" have an inbor herd or tribal mentality.
I can read about slavery all day long oand not feel any guilt about it. Did my ancestors own slaves? I don't know, maybe. Did white people own slaves? Definitely, but that's the way it was back then. A man could beat his wife and kids back then. It wasn't anybody else's business. Do I feel guilty about that? Hell no! That's just the way it was back then.
If "they" have such a low mental I.Q. that "they" can't understand the difference between now and back then, they should be back in thr jungle where nothing changes. Maybe "they" would be happy then.


AnalogMan said...

I have a confession, and an apology, to Paul and the readers of this blog.

You may have wondered about my comment at 10:21 AM. Doesn't make sense, I know. Sorry, it's bogus.

For some time, I have been censored for what I thought were perfectly innocuous comments. Some names may not be mentioned, some sites may not be linked, but it's like one of those old text-based computer games of Adventure trying to find, by trial and error, which ones are taboo.

Two threads back, two of my three comments were rejected. I was confused, because I had not said anything controversial, I thought, nor invoked any controversial names. What did I say that was deemed too harsh?

So, in the pre-dawn darkness this morning, agonising over this cruel rejection (well, actually it was a mosquito), I decided to try an experiment. I rewrote one of the comments, changing only the identity of the people I was writing about and a few small details, to see whether it would get published. It did. Conclusion: it was not what I wrote, but about whom I wrote it, that got me censored.

Sorry for the deception. I don't make my best decisions in the pre-dawn whatsit. Paul, I hope you will publish this. I realise that you'd be within your rights to ban me, and if you do I'll just have to live with that.

In case you do, let me just wish you and all the regulars here the best for the future. You people are the real stars of this blog. I won't name names, you know who you are and I don't want to leave anyone out. Without diminishing Paul's hard work and research, I consider his greatest achievement to be assembling such an intelligent, thoughtful and literate stable of posters. Thank you all.

MMP said...

@ Bernice & the Atlantic story.......

Yeah, I read the whole thing. Poor little johnny....mommy tried to burn him alive,and all that shit.

He's ONLY 17...poor kid.....with 3 home invasion charges?..Child molestation?....Sounds like a tough guy huh?

And can't stand up for himself to keep from gettin' butt punched and sucking schlong....Poor kid.....My heart really bleeds purple panther piss for him.

And it was his lawyers (Probably YT) fault that he plead no contest to the molestation charges.

17....3 home invasion charges (who knows what else this beginning career criminal has done) & child molestation.....I could really give a fuck about him.

I did like the part that he had to brush his teef twice to get the taste out of his mouth.

Now the only question is?...Did he spit? or swallow?

Anonymous said...

Jihadi John has been identified. However the media has chosen to protect his identity by not showing his face without a mask. Assholes!


Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

I've been around, but all your comments pretty well summarize things I would say.

With the developments of the past few days (immigration being forced on us all at our own expense, internet regulation, etc.), I'm more convinced than ever that the America we all grew up in and learned about in history is over.

This isn't just a bump in the road, but we're seeing the triumph of Marxism in the U.S. without a shot being fired. Except by negroes at each other and whites. It's true that they've been weaponized against our country, But there's more to it than that. The intitutions of our nation have been all but torn down. Affirmative action is just one of the tools. Section 8 is another. Political Correctness is the thermonuclear weapon they've used. There's no defense against it.

Through your comments I've become fond of many here. I wonder what's to come?

Thank you, Paul, for this forum. And thank you to the commenters. I wish there was some way we could sit down over a beer and have a laugh in person.

Stay safe, everyone.


Julie said...

AnalogMan said...
I have a confession, and an apology, to Paul and the readers of this blog.

You may have wondered about my comment at 10:21 AM. Doesn't make sense, I know. Sorry, it's bogus.

I am glad we have people like you who courageously try and get the real truth out there. The truth that no one will speak, the unspeakable truth. About those who must not be mentioned. Except in code words. You have to be very secretive about this and you are doing a great job at it. I hope you are posting behind a 360 bit anonymous firewall proxy with dual RGA encrypted hubs on a virtual IPsec address. Please be careful. I can't wait for your next comment.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan, I have a place out in eastern NC that's so remote I doubt a nog could find it if they tried.

SC Native

10mm AUTO said...

Hey Paul...Nice cover. Well Done.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know it, I always enjoy your comments and I hope more get through the system. I always believe their is hope I'm surrounded by the ghosts of those that beat terrible odds. (You know us southerners and our ancestor worship) if they did it so can we if people will just wake up.
SC Native

Mr. Rational said...

AnalogMan, I think we may be seeing the application of AI filters to the task of removal of non-PC thought, as proposed by some prominent Internet person (the name Clay Shirkey comes to mind but a quick search found nothing).  I posted 3 comments the other night, including a long-ish excerpt from "Negroes in Negroland", and exactly zero of them were posted.

I have the suspicion that PK isn't leaving these on the cutting-room floor, as it were; they are the kind of thing that he quotes in his own pieces, so I suspect that Blogger simply deleted them instead of putting them in the moderation queue.  And that task is done by AI filters.

The era of true freedom of speech on platforms like Blogger seems to be drawing rapidly to a close.  We are going to have to run our own VPNs and our own decentralized discussion forums.

In other words, it looks like we're going to go back to something like Usenet circa 1980, where everything was peer-to-peer and most forum traffic went over relatively slow modems using the public telephone network.  Only we'll have a hell of a lot more bandwidth and storage than anyone dreamed of then.

Anonymous said...

Virginia. If you view things from a scientific perspective, post FDR America is the first time in the history of the earth where inferior animals (especially males) are encouraged to survive. At every other time, the weaker animal would starve or die in other ways. Hence natural selection. Paired with natural selection is sexual selection, where the male uses the Macho Male strategy or the Pretty Male strategy to attempt to have as many attractive offspring as possible. Meanwhile the female has an opposing but essential sexual selection strategy of having as many Successful offspring as possible.

So section 8 housing... with my basic understanding of the above mentioned ideas... I have no idea how this could possibly make sense to an atheist DWL. What do they think is going to happen to this country in 3 or 4 generations when 35 yearold grandmother's are raising their 16 year old daughters' crack babies in section 8 housing? Inferior males having inferior children with inferior women. All made possible by section 8, wellfare and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

Section 8 is the domestic nuclear bomb.

Negroes and their culture of death and destruction is the second most dangerous thing this nation faces. Hundreds of times more destructive than ISIS. The huge and uncontrollable government apparatus that panders to the negro first and foremost is the greatest, number one, danger to our continued existence as a nation.

Anonymous said...

Most of us in the United States grew up in a country where there was some security in living a decent life, getting a job, putting some money in the bank to save for retirment, and buying a home as a safe investment. Apart from the times of serious economic depression and war, that was the old U.S. People in many countries have not been so fortunate, and have had to periodically fight and kill to maintain what little they had.

In the new United States, there is rampant immorality, decent blue collar jobs have mostly left the country for Asia, and bank interest rates are near zero. And now Section 8, "dispersed" public (goverment) housing, locally subsidized housing, and local "anti-discrimination" ordinances are destroying home ownership all over the country. For example, in downsate Illinois towns, massive transfers of Chicago public housing residents since the late 1990s have destroyed several once-nice towns.

Everyone has a breaking point.
That could be when your neighborhood is destroyed by thugs and you lose $150,000 that you put into your home for 20 years. People in Detroit walked away from homes because there was still somewhere else to go. Now that the leftist dirtbags are are invading and turning conservative states, soon there will be no place to go - unless you want to live is some remote, tiny town.

There is only one way this ends. People in other countries have been dealing with crap like this all their lives. We have been fortunate, but that is gone now. There is only one way this will end. All I can say is ...prepare.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but of concern. When the government starts talking about something today, it won't be too long before changes are made.
On the news, the internet will be treated as a public utility. Several years ago, Hillary Clinton said something to the effect that there was too much racism on the internet and no guidance. The HNIC has already, by executive order, given himself authority over the internet.
I don't believe there are any politicians capable of distinguishing the difference between a racist and a realist. How much longer will PK be allowed to carry on?
There's no limit to the authority the government will give to itself by passing laws. Laws the citizens will have no voice in.
How much longer before they make PK an outlaw? Or all of us?


Anonymous said...

"The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people."

Dr. Samuel Todd Francis.


Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Julie said...
"I hope you are posting behind a 360 bit anonymous firewall proxy with dual RGA encrypted hubs on a virtual IPsec address."


Huh? How can I do that, too?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said ”. . . so I suspect that Blogger simply deleted them instead of putting them in the moderation queue. And that task is done by AI filters. . . “

This seems possible. It appears that Google already scans posts for spam and sets them aside for later review so they can either be verified as spam or identified as comments incorrectly marked as spam by the filter. Google would only need to include definitions to identify non-PC language in their spam filters and simply delete them rather than divert them. It would be difficult for a commenter to detect this problem; however, PK could by sending periodic test posts containing non-PC language through the system. He would know if they disappeared. It seems to me that if Google was doing this on a large scale, that they would have been caught by bloggers looking for that behavior.

Even if this is not yet the case, it is probably something that we should prepare for.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong in my observation, but I never read or see on the news of the rich, black people (Beyonce, black rappers, etc) do anything to help the black people in this country, or anywhere else (except Oprah Winfrey building a school somewhere in Africa). Why is that?

I am also tired of blacks, and other races, being able to say racist remarks about the Caucasians and it is not considered racist.
I am tired of seeing black people, born and raised in the U.S. dress in traditional African clothing. If this country is so bad then U.S. born blacks need to go back to their African ancestral home.

Anonymous said...

J.J. Said ”. . . How much longer before they make PK an outlaw? Or all of us?”

It is already happening. We all know that if our speech crosses some amorphous line that it will be outright illegal rather than merely non-PC, and it is more difficult each day to avoid crossing that line. The reason that PK uses an alias and the reason that the vast majority of individuals posting on this blog post as Anonymous or use non-identifying monikers is to avoid the backlash for being PC outlaws.

Anonymous said...

Sickening. Just like the Jessica Chambers murder, the msm's silence is quite deafening.

Anonymous said...

It is people like you that have a heavy hand in destroying our neighborhoods on the far south side. Good to hear you get an extra $200 dollars a month for section 8. People like you cause thousands of dollars in lost property values all so you can get a little bit of extra change in your pocket. Not to mention the fact that now humans are subjected to the pavement apes that YOU moved in. Thanks buddy!

Anonymous said...

Almost completely lost it when I heard a gubmint stooge explaining that we had to provide the poor with numerous subsidies so that they could be "SELF SUFFICIENT"!!!

Anonymous said...

Disparate impact. Institutional racism. EBT.
A whole glossary of terms that were created to justify continuing to raid YT's paycheck via taxes- a reward for us being productive if there ever was one.
"The median income of black Americans is only half that of whites", says Jamelle Bouie, a black man writing in (As quoted in the news magazine "The Week", 10-31-13, page 14.) Well, gee, Mr. Bouie, could that possible have anything to do with the fact that a majorty of black Americans REFUSE to work and REFUSE to learn, and are therefore on government assistance, aka handouts, and you would EXPECT there to be an income gap between wage earners and NON wage earners. Dollars to dougnuts, Mr.Bouie, and others, expects something to be DONE about this discrepancy, as if trillions and trillions of dollars have not ALREADY been poured into that particular endless money pit, with no discernable results.
A century ago, if a person REFUSED to work, a lot worse than "disparate impact" would occur to them. Basically, no work, no eat. Even nature herself adheres to this law.
This needs to become the white mantra. "What do you expect if a group REFUSES to work and REFUSES to learn?" EVERY time some new study comes out about disparate impact, lower medican income, p.s. etc. , this needs to become our automatic reply, instead of an immediate opening of our wallets.
I don't give a DAMN how and where a group of people live, that REFUSE to work and REFUSE to learn. Why does the govt. not come up with a job corps, or mandantory 2 years military enrollment, for people to enlist in if they refuse to be self reliant? At least they would learn about discipline, and duty to country, and what it takes to provide for oneself, and how to contribute to society . for the expentidure. As of right now, welfare teaches them NONE of those things. Welfare teaches them that they should be paid simply because they EXIST.
Like others have pointed out, just imagine if we had poured all those monetary resources into young people of above average intelligence, eager to learn, and grateful, to expand their education? What cures or inventions would we have right now? Mind boggling to comtemplate.
Disparate impact, indeed, on the world, and the worlds perception of us.
It is time for this group of people to be accountable, responsible, and show us results.

Anonymous said...

And p.s. At my local library, which had a Black History month display, including Tupac Shakur, (is he the best example of a black icon and hero they could come up with), my mind blew yesterday . The library has 2 black male employees, 4 black female employees, and 2 white female employees, and EVERYONE had on a Black history month t-shirt. Everybody. Disgusting.
L still in Atl-hell
the above post was mine also, re. disparate impact, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of a scheme where we get the blacks and arabs together...

Anonymous said...

What is it with this race and their propensity to burn people alive?

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

I am tired of seeing black people, born and raised in the U.S. dress in traditional African clothing.

Don't worry about it. It's just another Babuntu pretension, showing their own ignorance. I haven't seen all of Africa, so I can't speak for places like Ethiopia that have been in contact with civilization for centuries, but in sub-Saharan Africa where I grew up, traditional African dress consists of a scrap of rawhide thong or tiny apron. They never learned how to make or dye any fabrics.

AnalogMan said...

Julie said...

I hope you are posting behind a 360 bit anonymous firewall proxy with dual RGA encrypted hubs on a virtual IPsec address. Please be careful.

Thank you for your concern, Julie, but I'm not too worried about it. They can't fire me, I'm retired, and my social life consists mainly of my family. The scarlet 'R' holds no terrors for me. I don't care who knows my identity, I use a pseudonym mainly so that random acquaintances from my past can't say "I wonder what happened to old whatsisname", and google me and try to get in touch. Not that I expect that anyone would want to do that.

Anonymous said...

"Not to mention the fact that now humans are subjected to the pavement apes that YOU moved in. Thanks buddy!"

ummm... the house is in Englewood there are no humans living there. it's all negroes. i bought the house knowing it was a negro house in a all-negro neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one. (Black)lady shows up to my mother in laws church food pantry asking for food. She especially needed formula for her babies. MIL asked for some kind of ID as to where they lived. Lady asked if the cable or internet bill will suffice. Unbelieveable!
She had another ask for baby furniture. And I quote "He sleepin' in the new TV box riht now".

FranSusan said...

bernicegreenbaum, college degrees for blacks are already just like your description:"Negro college graduates will be congratulated and awarded doctoral degrees if they can manage to write their names in large, block letters." Not worth the paper on which they're printed.

Anonymous said...

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