Monday, February 16, 2015

The 1,000+ Black "Teens" Riot in Ocoee, Florida: Do White People Understand What 'Zombie Apocalypse' Represents Yet?

Thirty-six miles. 

That's the mileage from Sanford, Florida to Ocoee, Florida. 

You remember Sanford, right? George Zimmerman surely does. 

An image from 2004's Dawn of the Dead remake 
Anyways, last month, 10,000 Orlando-area students had the chance to see Selma for free. 

Perhaps those kids who didn't get to see the movie for free took out their frustrations on a theater in Ocoee. 

There was a chaotic scene at an Ocoee movie theater when hundreds of teens stormed the building, trying to get in for free, according to deputies. 
The incident happened Saturday night at the AMC Theater at the West Oaks Mall.Orange County sheriff's investigators said up to 900 middle and high school students tried storming the theater.  Deputies said about 200 students were able to get inside the building before the security gates were closed. 
"(It's) a big concern to us that are juveniles are doing this at such an early age," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Lt. Paul Hopkins. 
Investigators said as the crowd was being taken from the area, several fights broke out in the parking lot. 
Ocoee police on Monday said officers discovered about 300 teens causing a disturbance.  Officers dispersed the crowd after many of them stormed the theater.  
One person was arrested at the theater on charges of battery and resisting arrest. 
Gunfire was also reported and someone was robbed at gunpoint, but Ocoee police said on Monday that the shots turned out to be firecrackers.  Police also said it wasn't believed that the robbery was connected to the theater incident.  Three teens were arrested on allegations of stealing cellphones from two other teens at a nearby location, police said. 
"Everybody just started scattering, ducking underneath the seats," said moviegoer Kenny Johnson. "It was a scary moment." 
"These are middle to high school kids who have guns, who are shooting guns, are robbing people, driving stolen cars and they have drugs in their cars," Hopkins said. 
Detectives told Local 6 on Monday that they're still trying to figure out who planned the storming of the theater. Police said they're looking into whether it was planned via social media, but they would not discuss any specifics. 
The theater announced Monday that anyone under the age of 17 must now be accompanied by an adult after 9 p.m. 
Police said it's doubtful any arrests would be made in the incident because they wouldn't be able to prove who had purchased a movie ticket.
There's a reason George Romero made his Night of the Living Dead at the tail-end of the black-riot heavy 1960s, just as there is a reason The Walking Dead is finding a massively receptive audience during the era of Obama.

And it has everything to do with black people, lawlessness, and riots.

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Anonymous said...

This is what I posted a couple of days ago. The areas in around Orlando are quickly de-whitening. Yet the condos cost $180,000. Apartments are $1050 to rent. I don't want to spend a fortune and live next to a landwhale and her rioting teen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we put the word "FREE" on shipping containers headed for Africa...

Anonymous said...

Africans in America behaving normally...just like their brothers and sisters hacking meat off live cattle from an overturned truck in Africa. All men are created equal...? Yes men are....but they are not men. They are alien to the sane world. A disease that will be eradicated. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Another change in word usage in keeping with BRA Newspeak: Teen = young negro.

Can't identify the perpetrators more accurately because that would stigmatize them and hurt their self-esteem. Just reporting this story threatens "... to subvert the emerging narrative of energized black youth..." What a repulsive political and social culture reigns here now.

Don't bother with BRA news or entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky "teens" again huh? Seems like these same "teens" have been rioting across malls, parks, and downtowns of lots of cities lately. Do teenslivesmatter?? What a joke.

On a serious note, someone should compile a list of all the "teen" mob wildings. Some sites (like have a list of black on White murders. There is so much black on White crime, that you can't even put it all in one category. A database with carjackings, "teen" mob violence, rapes, murders, craigslist attacks, Chuck E. Cheese mayhem, political fraud, etc… A DWL starts whining about a certain crime, you could pull up the database and shoot him down with some FACTS.

Good luck Ocoee and surrounding area, God Bless the Whites that can't escape.

NC Guy

-Bernice, we may not live that far from each other. Keep up the faith.

--GG, great to hear from you bro!

Michigan Jim said...

Oh no, not another "fracas" by those darn "teens" again. Oh well, probably just some white kids blowing off some steam. And who can blame them, imagine how upset they must be at being denied the chance to see the first great movie of 2015.


Movies gone Bad?

The movie theaters are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SBPDL, and PK.
I've read comments all over regarding this latest chimp-out. Many deny black kids were even involved. The DWL's claim it's White kids! Oh well, we'll see much more this spring/summer. Avoid theaters near sec.8 housing, Fri. & Saturday night might be a bad idea as well. In public practice situational awareness at all times!
Detroit Refugee

bernicegreenbaum said...

Couple of things going on here. One, blacks are used to getting everything for free. Free housing, free childcare, free food, free medical care, with additional monthly cash bonuses for each new niglet you bring into the world. Now it's free movies. And what do they see in these movies?

Selma- a glorified, polished, matte-finish version of the Civil Rights march for the Voting Rights Act, which bear no true resemblance of the actual march depicted here on SBPDL. Negroes depicted in this picture and others like it freely use the paint job theory, depicting negresses as matronly or a slightly darker shade of a good looking white woman - ala Dianne Carroll.

The negro men, almost without exception, speak properly, hold down jobs, and possess a high moral character. They unconditionally sacrifice themselves for a "greater cause".

The white women in movies like Selma are either ignorant, gum chomping, promiscuous white trash, or silly, affected, slightly prune shriveled old dowagers who purse their lips and mutter racial slurs under their breath.

With rare exceptions, white men are presented as either belligerent, unintelligent alcoholics, or dimwitted gas jockeys who have one or more missing teeth and a cowlick like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

Black "yoof' see the ignorant white crackas depicted in the film, lynching poor blacks every second they can get away with it, and deduce that it's only proper that they continue to dismantle YT civilization, brick by precious brick. For them, it's the right thing to do, plus it seems to really piss off YT. It's a win-win for the negroes.

Indeed, this entire scam would be humorous if it wasn't so deadly. The propaganda that flows out of Hollywood, Washington, and the liberal, elite campuses all over the country is nothing short of evil, misguided, and preposterous.


We have reached critical mass.

We have just a few years, if that, left.

BUY TOMORROW GUNS, AMMO and FOOD. You are running out of time. Do it this weekend.

Have enough food for each person in your house for 6 months. Enough for the ghetto gang to starve.

You are running out of time.

Anonymous said...

It's going to get worse before it gets better.
Another ruined mall.
Really fatigued.

Kulturkampf said...

I remember on my old football teams I used to sometimes feel that there was something 'tribal' about the whole experience of huddling, then clashing and playing hard on the field... I've also had those moments at parties where enough of us are gathered around a bondfire with too much beer and one, again, for a moment, feels some primitive 'unity' and 'excitement.'

This seems to be an attitude that they can recreate instantly, and instead of it being a cathartic release resultng in playing football harder or coming together in postive brotherhood it is just immediate reversion to tribal warfare and lawlessness. It's like in these moments where I felt just a profound joy accompanying the feeling of unity & excitement, they are able to conjure up some bloodlust. It also reminds me of animals -- how in certain times, the males will go out and fight each other for breeding rites, or in some tropical birds they try to out-dance each other or have better plumage; these acts of mob violence, these absurd flamboyant dances & fashions are just a collective part of the mating ritual, maybe.

We always joke that if you get three Slavic people together it demands that they have a beer... And if you add a fourth, it demands that they drink all night.There is an element of truth to this.

There's got to be a mathematical equation for this for black people... 4 of them make a loud, disturbing party; 10 of them make a mob; 100 of them will riot; a few thousand make a ghetto.

And a few million of them make Liberia.

Anonymous said...

One does not go to the movies anymore if any "black" pictures are playing.
Made the mistake of going to see Two Guns in Hamilton NJ with another couple 2 years ago.
There was a major chimpout in the theater before they even started the movie. Lesson learned.
Oh? And remember AMC...gun free zone for all you DWL's who want to feel the vibrant diversity.

Anonymous said...

How long will people put up with this "teens" euphemism? There's no way 1000 WHITE middleschool and highschool students would do simething like this.. or Asians or Indians for that matter. This is an EXCLUSIVELY black phenomenon. Yet we all are expected that ANY "teens" are capable of this. IT'S DISGUSTING. THESE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"Teens." "Kids."


I just got back from a week-long trip through West Texas. I saw exactly TWO black people. Guess who was screwing up the orders at a Pizza Hut in Alpine, TX? Guess who jammed up the line there?


Y'all have a good night.

2¢ said...

There are numerous black riots every year. The media ignores it writ large.

But lordie lordie, if I point this out to people, what a racist I am! It's always "Hate." That is the reason for their disagreement! I am a hateful person apparently, for I am able to notice, through the power of Ontological Empiricism, intangible and abstract concepts like cause and effect, association patterns, property value devaluation, rate of occurrence in pathological behavior, and historical precedent.

Or they will give me the logical fallacy of Tu Quoque by referencing moments from a 100 years ago, or sporting events Yet ask them to name one sporting event or any white riot that did any near where the damage that the Ferguson one did, and it's the deer in the headlights look.

I wonder if the movie theater will give the Neiman Marcus excuse©, and say that this is going happen from time to time, and to just accept it.

There will be a social media trail a mile wide, as the free Sail foams allows them the ability to engage in domestic terror on a moment's notice in large numbers.

And this trail will be ignored, fated to become proverbial bread crumbs whisked away by the birds of media.

You can't fix a problem if you don't correctly identify it. It's fairly obvious that White Racism© isn't it, since they have been screaming that for 50+ years now as the problem. But hey, as our puppet in chief said, if you try something for 50 years and it doesn't work, then it's time to try something else.

And the chances of that happening is like a thorough investigation to apprehend all suspects involved Occurring.

Which we know is not going to happen.

On a side observation, there is an apparent Event Horizon of Black Rioting, much like a black hole has a point of no return.

Anonymous said...

OT but I'm sure plenty can relate:
I'm sitting back and watching the 139th annual Westminster kennel club dog show with my little Boston terrier buddy, Hunk. He loves to watch the other dogs on tv. And despite all the overweight middle aged women and effeminate looking men parading around with perfectly groomed dogs one thing is refreshingly absent. Black people. It's pretty amazing to see the vast variety of dogs all specifically and selectively bred and trained to serve a specific role. Whether it be hunting, herding, pest control, child protection, guarding or just plain companionship. Not one black trainer, presenter, judge or even an audience member. It's wonderful, and serves as yet another reminder of the fundamental differences in how WE utilize and interact with the natural world and how THEY do. It's also a good tool in the argument arsenal to point out that unsurprisingly blacks are responsible for the vast majority of animal cruelty cases in this country. Try getting a DWL to explain how racism, poverty and white privilege causes blacks to torture and abuse animals at an exponentially higher rate than whites. Pull at their tender little heart strings a bit, because they obviously aren't bothered by innocent whites being brutalized by feral blacks. Maybe they'll be bothered by all of the innocent animals being brutalized by feral blacks. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

It isn't "lawlessness", which implies gain through breaking the law, as in car theft. It is pointless dysfunction in action ; the ultimate description is "chimpout". Sure seems like a guard somewhere forgot to lock the monkey house.

Anonymous said...

Off topic sort of: the local news stations here in New York ran a story about our awesome mayor patting himself on the back for a recent and noteworthy lull in violent crime. They omitted the part about temperatures hovering in the single digits and teens (ha) for the past couple of weeks. This of course comes as no surprise to those who can see. Can't wait for the follow up in June.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I believe that all of us here understand at a sentient level THAT we are lied to, but cannot express and identify the techniques of HOW we are lied to.

I had an epiphany regarding “passive voice” last week and made several posts pointing it out. I’ve continued to look into manipulative journalism even further, evaluating line by line, writing techniques and why they are employed in each circumstance.
I knew that crime articles took on a decisively funny tone, with phrases like “shots rang out” but even I didn’t even truly recognize what was actually occurring in the subject-verb constructions until I connected passive voice. Students are taught not to use “passive voice” in their writing for a number of reasons, because let’s say you are doing a term paper for chemistry, you need to be able to clearly identify the responsible agents in a particular reaction. Failure to do this creates unnecessary confusion and obfuscates causation, hence “active tense” with clearly identified actionable subjects being preferable in scholastic writing.

But what if your motivation is to CONCEAL responsible agents rather than CONNECT them to actions? “Passive tense” in those cases could not be more perfectly suited ..... As are my newest revelation, *gerunds, and unstated actors.* Both of these things, particularly when coupled with passive voice, deflect causation and disable connection from the reader regarding an acting party and an action they created.

Case #1 – “Why was the road crossed by the chicken?”

In the Orwellian newspeak - You end up with things like gerunds serving as the subject in subject-verb construction. Here are some samples of a typical hypothetical media report and the way a local media outlet would decide to phrase it.

“The shooting occurred in the 1300 block of South Broad St, leaving two males dead.”
“Looting erupted following the decision of the grand jury to not indict the white officer, who admitted under oath, to gunning down the unarmed black teen last August.”
“The robbery occurred shortly after 8 PM in the parking lot of a popular local shopping center.”
“As the neighborhood became increasingly unsafe and property values declined, those that could afford to relocate moved out.”
“Fires had burned down most of the buildings by the time EMS units were dispatched.”
“The chaos observed in the mall forced security and tenants to close stores early that evening.”
“The online sale went wrong according to police, and the body of the victim was later discovered by family members.”

All of these phrases listed above are gerunds or have an unstated actor ---- the “effect” is what is satisfying the subject-verb structure to make a coherent (albeit misleading) statement.

“So, why was THE ROAD crossed by the chicken?”

---- so that the first thing that comes to your mind as the reader, is “the road,” the inanimate thing and receiver of the action, rather than the active thing and do-er of the action, “the chicken.”

The average reader sees my aforementioned hypothetical media phrases every single day, even worse for those that watch TV, and only focuses on : “the shooting,” “the looting,” “the robbery,” “the neighborhood,” “the fires,” the chaos,” “the online sale,” ---- and places no emphasis on WHO did any of these things.

Media does this in these type examples because the “do-er” is BLACK!

If they used active tense or identified such incidents as black actions, there could be NO SUCH thing as a "DWL," ---- the information would be too overwhelming, honest, and constantly supplied for any person to deny.

It can only continue with sleight of hand lingual trickery.

Anonymous said...

* Movie theaters? Check!
* Shopping malls? Check!
* Amusement parks? Check!
* State fairs? Check!

Just listing some places YT can not go anymore unless locked and loaded.

Anonymous said...

I heard a new one recently:
"Bigotry of low expectations" and, of course, is considered a form of.....racism. So expecting the nog to never measure up is now.....racism/bigotry.
The Lefty dictionary is an amazing thing.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Cascella butchered in St. Louis. The usual suspects.

Ivan Shatov

Anonymous said...

Pack animals. Dangerous alone; extremely dangerous and unpredictable in a group.

Outlaw black groups in public. Only answer. If not, primal urges take over and violence against the "other" (White people) is the result.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Florida, and it is the norm for blacks to get riled up for just about any black-oriented film. Add "free admission", and it's like dumping gasoline on explosives.

Whenever a black-oriented film is released in Florida, it is not unusual to see police already stationed, anticipating problems. Take any black film extolling TNB (eg Friday), add "free admission", and the result will be shootings and other violence.

PB said...

Demographically, what other race on earth can provide hundreds of "teens" at such short notice?

gkruz said...

Unfortunately, George Romero is a negro loving libtard, which is why he made his black characters the heroes. He may have been mocking White anxieties over black riots, or he may have been subconsciously telling a truth his conscious mind rejected, or he may have been adding liberal cover to his racialist warning, but whatever the answer, I do agree his "vision" is coming true. But did in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a genius.

D-FENS said...

I suspect that the teens finished their homework early that night and were simply bored.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Many of us see the Zombie genre as social commentary. Low IQ hordes attacking, biting, hitting, terrorizing Whites; no higher thought processes, just, attack, consume, destroy.

The earlier films were more obvious; the zombies held onto objects, fascinated by tools they couldn't operate. Solo stragglers were dangerous and would attack, but could be easily outsmarted. The crowds were different - reacting as a herd, emotional and instinctive.

I always felt Romero was the finest social critic of his day. While the dark masses advanced, the surviving Whites had to smarten up and discard their liberal squishy ideas and moral equivalence lectures about the black mobs.

Genius. Excellent post, PK

Mike @ SATEX said...

Romero's three films also provided a literal hat-trick of "magic negroes", whose heroics were central to the survival the dumb, panicky white main characters.

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

I've been reading all about this event on multiple sites and i have lewrned quite a lot from the negroes and liberals.

1. These riots and mobs are NOT a black problem since not EVERY black is involved in them. It doesn't matter that EVERY face in these mobs is a black face. That is a Hate Fact and pointing it out is RACIST! SHUT UP RACIST!

2. The only reason these blacks act like this- EVEN THOUGH EVERY BLACK DOES NOT ACT LIKE THIS- is because whites are RACIST! SHUT UP YOU RACIST!

3. The problem with these black mobs- WHICH NOT EVERY BLACK PARTICIPATES IN YOU RACIST!- is NOT that that black mobs are happening. The problem is that the media is Reporting on these mobs and internet RACISTS are allowed to make RACIST comments. TURN OFF THE RACIST COMMENTS YOU RACIST NEWS SITES DONT LET RACISTS SPREAD RACIST YOU RACISTS RACISTS RACISTS RACISTS!!!

4. I can't wait for the tipping point on this bullshit. There are more conceal/carry permits being issued to white americans than ever before, and it's only a matter of time before a "flash mob" or "knock out game" or "wilding" or "youth activity" or "teen shenanigans" or "child playfulness" or "infant activity" is responsed to accordingly. I know if my family and I are at the mall and a mob of negroes starts up we will not be cowering or hiding.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anony sez...
Maybe if we put the word "FREE" on shipping containers headed for Africa...


Well, Anony, I think you may be onto something there, matey! You must be in Marketing or something! How about we advertise these shipping containers headed for Africa as "Free, all expenses paid trips to the Great African Motherland". Included would be all food and beverages (12 pbj sandwiches and a six pack of Old Milwaukee). We could package it as an ocean cruise...several restrictions "may" still smaller letters....individuals are responsible for their own return trip, etc. etc.

Plus, we would NOT limit it to African Americans, but encourage all DWL's to "share da luv ob da mudderlan wif da bruddahs and sistahs". Included in the brochure would be describing the warm, tropical weather, and the abiity to get away from all duh sno n' coal.

rent slave said...

Maybe they really wanted to get into movies,as stars of "Birth Of A Nation 2".

Can you imagine the media frenzy if one of these mobs runs into a James Holmes wannabe?

Unknown said...

Phase 2 - the assault on super-markets Begins !!!! If dey gotta live in a foo' desert, we'z gonna live in foo' deserts too.....yazzir, dat's the ticket

of course, nuttin' will be done, no arrests, not even juvie, cuz inna wayz at least to USG/DOJ deez chillunz b b'n Heroes in the fight to da deaf against ebil YTz, nasty snooty achievin' Azn's & even da' Spix

/H hypie out H\

Unknown said...

Seems like Romero's point was that Whites are just as bad.
The original "Night.." has a Colored hero who is (SPOILER ALERT) killed by ignorant Whites at the end.

Anonymous said...

"The theater announced Monday that anyone under the age of 17 must now be accompanied by an adult after 9 p.m.

Police said it's doubtful any arrests would be made in the incident because they wouldn't be able to prove who had purchased a movie ticket."

Blacks are never to be held accountable for personal actions. This is your future. They are precious babies, noble savages.

If whitey had a CCW in the theater, he would not be justified to shoot one of these primates. CCW not allowed in most theaters and that is the reason why.

Whitey's in a bind.

Anonymous said...

Anon "Yet the condos cost $180,000. Apartments are $1050 to rent"

lol, not if u b b'n black they don't. If you b b'n black your section 8 on'em run about $200 a munf & u gittin' that $200 a munf to pay dat big rent 4 FREE 2.

Black lives not only matter, Black life is FREE. Eberthang b b'n free

If'n u spen ur $200 rent on dope or booze or Ho's or Grilles, u getz'ya another $200 for Free

Black lives matter, white lives don't

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

See all this #blackbrunch nonsense!? If you think they are about to hit your brunch, order a few bananas with skins on and when groids start ooking to interrupt your brunch, hand them bananas and say "Hear you go, monkeys. Is this what you came for?". Make sure to have your partner film on their phone so when the orcs chimpout, there's evidence for the prosecution.

Anonymous said...

there are more & more "no go" areas in all our cities. you'd think DWL's would notice this is at the least a terrible imposition - & at worst, a zombie apocalypse/war of containment.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Gwoobus Harmon:

You will probably like this little tidbit:

PSYOPS Tehcniques

Print it out and study it, people. We can use this, too.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Well, so far we have:

1) shopping mall goan roan.
2) robbery goan roan.
3) movie theatre goan roan.
4) classroom goan roan.
5) amusement park goan roan.
6) state fair goan roan.

and now.....

HAITIAN guessed it....goan roan.

Note to negroes: When you see an overhead powerline and wish it to be moved, please don't poke at it wid a stik.

Oh, and a scholarly genius of this crew was the one who thought poking at an overhead electrical line would be a good idea:

Bernice asks if it too early in the day to begin drinking heavily.

Anonymous said...

But that is how it works in Metro Chicago. They take over a hood and all coomererce shuts down, so they shop in the white hood mext door. Suddenly a once safe all white area is plagued with robbery, petty theft, surly black workers and cudtomers in every store. So the white people start shopping in the next town over to get away from parking lot robbery and apple picking and every check out line clogged with blacks returning stolen merchandise and causing a frackis. The process repeats until we all end up in Iowa and have to Urban Pioneer near the lakefront in Illinois again.
There are whole shopping malls that are no go for whites, in white hoods.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Correct (?) link for above? apologies in advance.

(c)rap group, whose member "poke at da ebil powa line wid big ol' stik.

Here are the geniuses who are responsible (not that anyone blames them, just say'n)

Anonymous said...

It is a very difficult thing, and "they" both know and exploit this, to play chess with your IQ tied behind your back.

Anonymous said...

Outlander here.

I apologize if this has already been linked but Bloomberg, who I am not a huge fan of, had some curious things to say during an interview about crime and gun control:

“It’s controversial, but first thing is all of your-- 95 percent of your murders and murderers, and murder victims-- fit one M.O. You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all of the cops. They are male, minorities, 15 to 25. That’s true in New York, it’s true in virtually every city in America."


Audio available here:

Anonymous said...

THIS Is exactly what I am talking about.

We have given them too much MONEY and too much ACCESS.

Anonymous said...

My dear race realist: So that actual, real world-applicable learning may to place for those who would matriculate in the future halls of academia's contaminated grounds, please develop a syllabus for consideration by a board of whatever institution you wish. May we replace "Black Pornography Studies" with Dr. Gwoobus' "Literacy for the Critical Thinker" 101.

Anonymous said...

'Noble black males -They unconditionally sacrifice themselves for a "greater cause". '

Now that is fantasy.

Anonymous said...

"Police said it's doubtful any arrests would be made in the incident because they wouldn't be able to prove who had purchased a movie ticket."
If they were unwilling to roust the PD Psychic out of bed, they could have employed some 22nd Century detective work: asking each teen, "Excuse me, sir/madam, may I please see your ticket stub?"

Anonymous said...

I love stories like this.

It reveals to everyone the true nature of the American Negro.

As someone who firmly believes that things have to get a whole lot worse before they can get better, the news that 1000 feral blacks ruined another mall is welcome news.

Anonymous said...

Great observation!

Anonymous said...


A Mississippi lawmaker says racist comments recently attributed to him were taken out of context and supposed to be off the record.

State Rep. Gene Alday, a Republican, told The Clarion-Ledger he was against increased funding for education, in particular funding to improve literacy. During his explanation, Alday said he comes "from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call 'welfare crazy checks.' They don't work."

Alday also told the newspaper about a time he visited an emergency room.

“I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (black people) were in there being treated for gunshots," Alday was quoted as saying.

Alday didn't deny the comments attributed to him. However, he said he was not a racist.

"I am definitely not a racist, at all," Alday told Mississippi News Now. "Because, I mean, I get along with everybody. And I've spent a lot of time helping people."

Alday blamed Clarion-Ledger reporter Jerry Mitchell for quoting his remarks out of context.

"The interview, he just took me out of context," Alday said. "He asked for one thing and started asking another thing."

Alday elaborated in a followup story with the Clarion-Ledger.

"[Mitchell] asked me a question back to when I was in law enforcement," Alday said. "I have a way of talking and saying, 'take this off the record.'"

Alday also said he had no problem with African-Americans.

"Yes, it's true that most of the blacks in my hometown are on welfare," Alday told the newspaper. "But they're good people. I don't have anything against anybody. I'm a straight-up guy. In my little town they had little civil rights walks and I was with them. I'm with everybody."

State Republicans are distancing themselves from Alday.

“Rep. Alday is solely responsible for his remarks,” Gov. Phil Bryant told The Associated Press. “I strongly reject his comments condemning any Mississippian because of their race. Those days are long past.”

“I condemn the comments recently made by Rep. Gene Alday,” House Speaker Philip Gunn told AP. "They do not reflect the views of the Republican Party, nor of the leadership of the House of Representatives.”

(h/t Raw Story)

State Rep. Gene Alday says racist comments recently attributed to him were taken out of context and supposed to be off the record.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude here. 21 w, 13 k. extreme cold weather is slowing the elimination rate, just 1 city kill. OT, had 2 suburban kills, one in a dark area which had a name change to promote a better reputation. end result, nothing has changed. yesterday at a former school, now a daycare/ re-entry site for former offenders, someone went to the basement at 3 pm and killed a brotha trying to get his life back as a rapper in the recording studio. in broad daylight no less. this is where our illustrious county exec. wants to build a $21 million library and resource center. the irony of stupid politicians. stay safe and keep the 30 ft. safety zone. I would like to apologize for the spelling errors in a previous post. big fingers and small keys on a phone.

Anonymous said...

I'm so old I remember when the ghetto bought their tickets to see movies (with a few sneaking in) and didn't riot until they got off the bus back in the projects. Ah, the good old days!

This rioting has to be organized by some adult group. There are too many "teens" ending up at the same place at the same time to do the same thing in too many cities for this to not be organized at a pretty high level. In my city there's a "community activist" who hints that he knows when and where the riots will take place by reading certain Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. The police could stop this nationwide if they wanted.

Anonymous said...

So they're trying to figure out how the riots got started... Really?
Well, Mainstream Media probably does expect most of the viewing public, brainwashed for many years now with infantile sports worship/"celebrities"/those fun loving sitcom blacks, etc. to actually sit there with a confused look on their faces as to what could be the cause of "teens" rioting.
These sacks-of-shit "News" station reporters would have been tarred and feathered not too many years ago, when people were blinder-free for the most part, for their obvious and destructive daily lying to the American people.
But we've brought it upon ourselves; not the expected violent negro behavior, they're only acting true to their nature, but for allowing ourselves to be lulled to sleep as the demons cavort.
But this is a sleep nobody will wake from.

Gwoobus Harmon said...


Tulane law grad overseeing "NOLA 4 LIFE" midnight bakkaball program, chooses to rape instead.

This is the organization that is supposed to be helping "teens" stop committing so many crimes.

Don M said...

Anonymous said...
I heard a new one recently:
"Bigotry of low expectations" and, of course, is considered a form of.....racism. So expecting the nog to never measure up is now.....racism/bigotry.
The Lefty dictionary is an amazing thing.

February 17, 2015 at 1:54 AM

WOW a blast from the past!!!

I am showing my age here (2nd wave GenX'er) but believe it or not, this is an OLD expression. I used to often hear it rendered: "The SOFT Bigotry of low expectations..."

Also, this phrase was coined by Establishment Republicans rather than the Democrats, although you are correct in that Republicans are essentially "center-leftists".

This was used by the repukes as a potshot phrase against the public teachers unions in an early (futile) effort to recruit negroes to the GOP. It went hand in hand with the whole "Democratic Plantation" concept which was equally dismal at recruiting negroes back to the "party of Lincoln".

The whole idea was to appeal to negroes by concocting a bunch of schemes to get their little monsters into YOUR kids schools, where they would ostensibly thrive because of high expectations and better teacher engagement. It was really just an indirect, "conservative" form of gibsmedats.

Fortunately for millions of white private, religious, and high-achieving-public school children the schemes never really took off because 1) Negroes really could not care less where their sprogs were warehoused for 8 hrs a day, and 2) Most whites conservative and liberal alike saw through the happy rhetoric.

OK enough history lessons for today kids!

Class dismissed!

Professor Don M

Californian said...

Gwoobus Harmon's essay on passive voice, BRA and manipulation of perceptions is excellent. It actually should be a permanent post.

I believe that all of us here understand at a sentient level THAT we are lied to, but cannot express and identify the techniques of HOW we are lied to.

Good point. Bear in mind the methods of psychological manipulation are well known to elites. See Edward Bernays, among others. Elites use them to keep society under control. (Where this is breaking down today is because the Internet allows for dissent to break through.)

But what if your motivation is to CONCEAL responsible agents rather than CONNECT them to actions?

That is a nice summary of BRA agitprop. Under no circumstances must blacks be blamed for crime, illegitimacy, school trashing, infrastructure destruction, ad nauseam. But the dilemma is that no matter how much you try to cover it up, black dysfunction will break through the delusion, like a flashmob at a theater.

Case #1 – “Why was the road crossed by the chicken?”

* Because of the terrible legacy of chicken frying?
* Because the chicken wanted to live in a better zip coop?
* Because the chicken did not cross a road; it was the road which went wrong?
* It wasn't a "chicken"--it was a teen poultry-American!

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The "teens" at the movie theater remind me of the cinema scene in the original Gremlins ....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the time has come for a new approach to "teen mobs" creating mayhem. I suggest that after three offenses, the offending teen be fitted with a shock collar made of titanium so it can't be cut through and removed. Anytime the "teen" approaches a business the type of which he or she had committed the offenses, the shock collar activates via remote sensors and shocks the little darling until it craps itself.
Even better, if any teens fitted with said shock collars gather with other teens fitted with the devices, all the collars are instantly activated and the entire mob does the brown stain boogie on the street.
On second thought......I can hear a mammy sow now: "Aw hell no! All three of muh chilluns gots da collar! Where da fuck dey gonna stay? Dey cain't stays in da same house cause dey be crappin' ebberwhere! Ya'll be breakin' up famblies! And dey cain't stay with dey cuzzins cause dey gots da collar too! Dis ain't right! Not only dat, if'n muh baby daddy come obber, he gots da collar too and he makes dem shits deyselves and he do too! Oh lawdy Jeebus!"
Think of it! After 3 offenses, each teen would be sentenced to wear the collar for five years. Ditto for the 20 to 55 year old "teens" and "youth" too.
Think there'd be many flash mobs etc after that program was initiated?

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

I hope everyone is having a special Teen History Month.

Californian said...

Thanks to Mutant Swarm for posting the link to the Army PSYOP manual. Race realists need to read this sort of thing--and practice it!

MrGJG said...

It's not a matter of if, but when, some fed-up white guy is gonna just open fire with a semi automatic on one of these "youth" mobs. No, I'm not endorsing such a thing, but cause and effect is a universal law.

Tick, tick, tick...

Anonymous said...

How can those who see take the "teen" thing and turn it back on the DWL as ridicule? Perhaps we should start referring to St Martin Looter Koon as a teen? I think any groid should now be called a teen since ridicule is one of Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals. Let's use their tactics to our advantage. We all know how a DWL and a nog hate to be disrespected en sheet.

Just something to think about, any mainstream site getting blasted with with comments on 80 year old teens they'll get the message.

SC Native

George C. Wallace said...

I really have a hard time understanding why people go the movies any more.

1. Movies are crap sandwiches
2. Expensive
3. Negroes

I rarely watch TV (no cable or satellite) but occasionally enjoy a movie. I like old Westerns & Classics with some Action mixed in from time to time. When I do decide to watch a movie, the 60" on my wall coupled with my surround sound audio system beats any theater I've ever been in. My heated leather recliner is broken in perfectly and a bottle of cold beer rests within my grasp on the table. Why on earth do people still go to movie theaters?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Gwoobus Harmon's astute deciphering of language used as a tool to put a certain spin/flavor on a narrative, is quite important and valid. It should be required reading for blinder dissolving.

Bogolyubski said...


1) shopping mall goan roan.
2) robbery goan roan.
3) movie theatre goan roan.
4) classroom goan roan.
5) amusement park goan roan.
6) state fair goan roan.

That's nowhere near complete.

7) home-invasion goan roan.
8) birthday party goan roan.
9) bakkaball game goan roan.
10) prayer meetin' goan roan.
11) music concert goan roan.
12) fisticuffs goan roan.
13) BBQ goan roan.
14) shopping goan roan.
15) victory celebration goan roan.
16) feetsball game goan roan.
17) loan application goan roan.
18) pharmaceutical sale goan roan.

That's just off the top-o-my-head, gnome sayin'? The intrepid Charlie Hebdos and Walter Duranty wannabes in every 'journalism' establishment from cesspool to shining cesspool have many hundreds of such 'goan roan' scenarios for the innumerable yootz, teens, honah-studintz and assorted vibrants with average IQs of 85 and below, which "conservatives" like Jeb Bush, Mittens, Karl Rove and the Pink Palmetto Princess all tell us will soon be the new Reaganesque conservative majority here in Kawbananaland, just you wait....

What's even more amazing is how some of the few white folks who see what is going on continue to think negroes actually made all this happen - as if a race with such massive brainpower that 'obsolete farm-equipment' is flattery - could pull off a combined looting and genocide scheme of this magnitude. Pay no attention to the cephalopod behind the curtain! Like cockroaches, the negroes survive and thrive simply because they spawn at at similar rate under BRA. The supposedly higher-IQ public-schul edumacated white folks are the ones who'll go the way of the Dodo. Their high IQs dindu-nuffins in the service of religious insanity in the name of a lie.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder who owns those FL movie-houses and how they actually make money in order to be able to afford to show propaganda films to negroes for free. Must be tax-looting/development scam in there somehow. This is what someone who was an actual reporter and investigator would find out about, by the way.

Anonymous said...

"Why was the road crossed by the chicken?"
You didn't expect Shi'teeshya to get off her fat ass and get that bucket of chicken herself, did you? That would be soft-racism of high expectations.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Midnight Basketball news, NOLA midnight basketball employee puts that APE in rape.

Anonymous said...

I'd encourage all the readers to check the comments for this story at it looks like a month's worth of posts on here. There is definitely a light at the end of the black tunnel.

Anonymous said...

That comment reminds me of the monkey house at Bronx Zoo in NY. If you happened to be there on one of those days where there were school field trips, you'd have a bunch of young black kids filling up the park. The monkey house was dark inside, so the kids would run around and hoot and holler there. I SWEAR, the monkeys behind the glass were better behaved.

FlowerBell said...

I unfortunately lived within a half hour of Detroit during the "HIPHOP" Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's reign of terror. It seemed it would never end and it seemed Kilpatrick and his cohorts in crime would never be brought to justice.

Kwame Kilpatrick is now sitting in prison for an extended stay.

I think Obama and his lawless administration are being given all the rope they need to hang themselves.
The Democrats have "evolved" into a ham-handed criminal enterprise and if there's any justice left in this country they will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Nothing shapes your opinion of black people like your experiences with black people.

Anonymous said...

Shipping them to Haiti would be cheaper. There TNB is a normal thing.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget people, tomorrow is the start of Lent and we all must give something up as a sacrifice. For the nogs, they will try to give up murder. For the Haitians, they will give up poking high voltage lines with sticks or anything else. The squat monsters will give up breaking in to the U.S. and go the fuck home, now please, and stay there. The "religion of peace" (Thanks G.W. Bush II !) will try to give up cutting off heads. The sheeboons will give up popping out chilluns while the older nogs will give up their 40 ouncers.

DWLs will give up worshipping Black Jeezus and taking on more college debt to become a better communist. The MSM i.e. CNN, NYT, the loathsome Wall Street Journal, FOX etc. will give up lying and tell the whole truth, all of it for a change. Gwoobus Harmon's Manual of Writing and Standards will be the yardstick used by reporters/editors from now on. The squids will give up hiding and stealing (Ha !), Miss Lindsey Graham will give up pretending and wear a pink dress from now on. The Republicans will give up pretending they are "conservative" and call themselves Big Donor, Sheldon Addleson Kneepad party for the Lewinsky position they take. All the rest of us will give up doing nothing and prepare, prepare, prepare for the coming calamities in BRA when the weather gets warm, the snow melts, da yoofs get busy and BRA doubles down against YT.

non-DWL from NE.
Oprah says hello to SBPDL.

rex freeway said...

The Bubonic plague didn't devastate civilized humanity like the Negro race is. Everyone wanted to plague to never return. Negros have Liberal coddlers to keep them from being eradicated.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Off topic, but pertinent to Gwoobus Harmon's analysis of passive voice used in journalism.

This is a quote from a picture caption in the BBC news article about the Hatian carnival disaster this morning.

"The float was struck by a power line, electrocuting several people."

Here we have two inanimate objects coming into conflict with each other.

Yahoo news does the unthinkable and actually delves into detail.

"It is a common practice in Haiti and elsewhere to have someone positioned atop a parade float to move low-hanging power lines. In Brazil, officials said three people were killed early Tuesday when they were electrocuted while standing atop a Carnival float that hit a power line on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro."

I guess yahoo cares more about clickbait profit than upholding the theology of liberal morality.

It's all very interesting. In the end I hope that the Haitians, in all of their glorious vibrancy, have learned what happens when you use a human body to connect a high voltage overhead line to ground.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

Walked around a college campus today didn't see one set of blue eyes, not one! It's lonely here.

What an awesome thread today. I love the list of passive verb MSM examples. Yesterday some one had a list of why Spooks are like zombies. I'd add to his list that when Negros see that you are alive the turn on you and devour you.

How about some examples of the constant stream of anti-white subliminal messages in the movies and television. Bernicegreenbaum (excellent writer, she helps me make it through my day) started a list of the heroic Black archetypes foisted upon us. This needs to be flushed out. The anti-white cinema and television are real sources of chimp energy. Maybe this is why these things seem to be happening at the movies.

Thanks for the breath of sanity! fellow bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I work for a county government. Subsidized rents are much lower than you imagine. On a $1050 rent, the single woman with kids pays about $27. The rest is paid by the county.

EBT, CHIPs, and a few other programs keep these single Black mommas single and producing children, who are fed, clothed, etc. Private companies do "Coats for Kids" and Secret Santa stuff.

Most Blacks in America do NOTHING. But...they live like kings compared to any Blacks in Africa.

Still, they aren't grateful because they take all their reality from television. They really think most Whites are billionaires and "took" all the wealth from Blacks.

Each generation of Blacks is slightly more violent, angry and ready to do insurrection. With the constant stream of poor Black/cruel White movies, we are reaching a time where there will be daily riots.

MrGJG said...

Rex, the irony of your statement is like shooting fish in a barrel.

FlowerBell said...

Things are really being stirred up and who know where all this hostility will finally lead. But as sure as daybreak once all the dust has settled it will be Obama, the Democrats and black Americans in particular forever remembered as bringing America to its knees, with malice and forethought.
That's the final takeaway from this Administration and its followers.

Baron Münchhausen said...

Here in Austin, Tx. We have the last gasp of Movie Theater entertainment in large cities.

It's called the Alamo Draft House.

There you can: eat dinner, enjoy craft beer from the local breweries, watch old classics, and sit down and shut the fuck up.

Seriously, no talking, no using the sail foam, Or they will kick you The fuck out. And sometimes, with hilarious results,

Just like the indoor mall, we will see the large scale movie theaters die out slowly over time. The ones unfortunate enough to be by centers of diversity will go first, followed by Cities increasing bus lines to import that diversity to your neck of the woods under the guise of getting people to jobs which were somehow filled before this but to question this is raaaaacissst, resulting in your local businesses shuttering.

I am trying to ride the last wave as far as possible I suppose. Living in Austin is like living in La La Land. The isolated black community is far east of downtown, and keeps getting farther. Oh the local NAACP is up in arms about affordable housing, and bringing the noble savages back into Austin as a sizable minority so they can get a slice of Whitey Pie, but they will fail. Not because of any lack of betrayal by my fellow whites. But because the economy here dictates that you have to have a certain I.q. to perform work AND to be able to produce something of value. See, it's not too much room for AA hires here. Too much money and investment at stake. The Old Guard Liberals here don't want the negro here. It will fuck up their money making schemes.

I will pray for you my fellow racists as I sip cold craft beer, made by white people, to wash down the local bar b que, also made by white people, maybe later to paddle board across town lake, enjoying one of the last bastions of functionality left, all without having to lay eyes on a single black person.

The Baron

Anonymous said...

Uh, what movie were they trying to see? Just curious....

Or just there following their feral instinct to cause mayhem...?

Anonymous said...

Send them to Africa dude. Haiti is close enough that they could sail (float?) back, a la Europe.

Anonymous said...

Tampa Florida had a mall called Tampa Bay Mall and it was located across from the old Tampa Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well, every year on a Saturday the stadium would host a college game between two black colleges, Florida A&M and Bethune- Cookman , and it was called some kind of a classic. Of course on game day the black college fans would arrive early and take all the mall’s parking spaces, because they were there for the taking. Regular shoppers stayed away due no parking and the large crowds of blacks. The black fans would go into the mall, not purchase anything, and just hang around clogging up the walkways and taking over the food court and of course do some discount shopping. The black discount shopping sprees got so bad that each year the businesses in the mall would shut down early so as to keep their shrinkage to a minimum. The black college fans, you know the upper crust of the black community, that so called 10 percent, were outraged at this overt racism, so after many threats they took their discount shopping business and Classic away from Tampa and I think they landed in Orlando. Everyone was happy with their decision. The Tampa Bay Mall has been torn down now and the Buccaneers have a huge practice facility there. I can’t say for certain if it was just the blacks that help destroy the mall but I do remember there were problems with those yutes from time to time at the mall. It doesn’t take too many unsettling moments when the yutes are running wild to keep decent people away

Anonymous said...


Yo Anony, That's a gem. I want that on a tee-short:

"Each generation of Blacks is slightly more violent, angry and ready to do insurrection. With the constant stream of poor Black/cruel White movies, we are reaching a time where there will be daily riots."

Dude make up an name, so people can follow you, you're good.

Mr. Rational said...

How about we advertise these shipping containers headed for Africa as "Free, all expenses paid trips to the Great African Motherland". Included would be all food and beverages (12 pbj sandwiches and a six pack of Old Milwaukee).

The lack of supervision is called "contributing to the delinquency of a minor".  Find the baby mamas of these delinquents.  Only allow their welfare payments to be delivered through banks in Monrovia.  Make sure they're REALLY well-fed for the trip over, and make video documentaries showing just how great it is.

Commute the sentences of eligible criminals if they accept transport also.

Require full repayment of all costs before they're allowed to book return passage.

Dumb people grabbing high-voltage wires isn't just a Haiti/Rio thing:

behind blue eyes said...

It is a great comment.
I'd also like to add on this opinion of mine.
With all the muh dik and rape that goes on in the hood plus lack of not knowing the baby daddy, I think the groid is inbreeding. A mutant super jig if you will. This is why nog eyes are becoming more and more spread apart. Just my opinion but I gurantee it's happening in some jig rat nests.

Anonymous said...

Non American here, as a country famous for freedom and free speach, why is everything regarding negroes hidden, unreported by the media , those who expose their monkeyshines frowned upon and the truth almost banned from discussion.

Anonymous said...

" I think the groid is inbreeding."

Simple math dictates it.
One female has 4 kids by 4 different males.
One male has four kids by four different females.

There's no way they can keep up with who is related to whom.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says....

Had to share this link...

It's a story titled, "WREG traces the violent lives of stolen guns."

It incorporates what a lot of commentators have been speaking about - passive voice. It goes on to talk about some shootings and crimes, blames it on the gun, then showcases the incompetency of Memphis police and various other law & gov't agencies, throws in bad grammar and some ridiculous names.

So if you want a reason to drink yourself into liver failure, just keep reading.

I wonder if #gunslivesmatter is viral yet...

Anonymous said...

P.K. this post is spot on ,also a shout out to my brother saxon the centurion,he is 100% correct arm yourself now cause time is growing short my friend,i have now awakened most of my co-workers,three of us are going to the local gun show so we can buy more guns,bullets ect,get at least 90days food&water keep a half tank of gas at all times its gonna be a rough summer,lets not forget who we are dealing with stay safe my friends.. royal oak dude..

bernicegreenbaum said...

behind blue eyes sez...
It is a great comment.
I'd also like to add on this opinion of mine.
With all the muh dik and rape that goes on in the hood plus lack of not knowing the baby daddy, I think the groid is inbreeding. A mutant super jig if you will. This is why nog eyes are becoming more and more spread apart. Just my opinion but I gurantee it's happening in some jig rat nests.

First of all, "mutant super jig" is a classic. I think this might have a place in the SBPDL anals (sic) of negro dictionary / glossary of terms /etc.

Second, when you realize the average negro buck will go out of his way to nail anything or anyone standing still, including his "celly" while cooling his heels in "da big haus", there are undoubtedly black bucks that have impregnated many of their sisters.

Any ghetto sheboon will gladly spread her legs for another opportunity for yet another 18 year monthly dividend check, the inbreeding has got to have skyrocketed since '65. Average negress reproduces from approximately age 15 - 45, so that right there is thirty years of new nogs. That's roughly 5-6 niglets per negress.

The negro buck, as we all know from characters like that loveable dad, Bill Cosby, will actively prey upon women from age 15 onward to death. There's no way in telling how many niglets have been spawned with such rampant carnality. Someone out there with better calculus skills than I can probably add up all the new nig-nogs over a fifty year period.

Anonymous said...

We use the Miss Lindsey swipe in SC all the time. It's really confusing that nobody seems to vote for this lunatic and yet he still gets elected. I wonder why.......
SC Native

Anonymous said...

Just read an article on the absence of the nat guard at the Fergustan riots.
One of the comments:
"Perhaps, they wanted to allow some degree of violence to discredit black community?"

You can't make this shit up.

behind blue eyes said...

Excellent post. One hundred percent true as well.

Anonymous said...

@ Gwoobus 11:09

If the average reader is constantly coming upon constructs like the ones you've written, why don't you demonstrate your thesis with the real McCoy?

By the way, what you wrote are sentences, not phrases, and a gerund is not a type of phrase, it's a type of word, one that functions as a noun. There are only two gerunds in your examples.

As for the actors, your hypotheticals pretty much assure that they, the actors, would have formed the subject of a preceding sentence, so basic construction would probably be okay; that is, the problem in such stories is not any obvious avoidance of including the actors in phrases, sentences, and stories, but the careful rebranding of those actors with euphemism, every single damn time.

- Nitpicky Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:54am

It was written for a Bush 2 speech: "The soft bigotry of low expectations." Surely Dubya didn't craft it.

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Alday said he comes "from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call 'welfare crazy checks.' They don't work."

Politicians are going to have to deal with crazy checks at some point. He's just speaking about a reality they don't want to face but many knows it exists.

Welfare was reformed and at least has some limits but crazy checks are for life. Crazy checks also drive up Medicaid costs. Eventually someone will expose them, it's a goldmine for a fraud documentary.

For those who don't know crazy checks means getting disability for fake or exaggerated mental conditions. Some states have even encouraged people on welfare to find a way to qualify since the funds are entirely federal.

Anonymous said...

Gosh....I will take a thinking man's honest attempt to describe a systemic problem over another's attempt to be the smartest man in the room any day. Your post does, however, highlight one of the biggest problems that we white men face today; that is our need to stand alone and be independently succsssful while simultaneously requiring a period of intense unity in the face of increasing backlash.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is ...ocoee fl used to be a sundown town as recently as the 70-80's
Burning crosses in front yards, torching black homes even a massacre back in the 40's, hell, they didnt have their first black city worker till 1989.
I shit you not, i grew up in the neighboring town, Apopka.
They had a sign that hung at the city limits that said...
"May the sun never set on a nigger in Ocoee."
- Google it.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you missed the context here. This was exactly one year from the ....."Teens" wilding at the Florida State Fair. Well the cops were waiting for them this year so they did not show up. Lets remember this is all Facebook coordinated. So they all moved their wilding to the nigger crap hole that is Orlando. Exactly one week later. Again, the Sheriff called out he NAACP last year. They responded that it was not a black problem, but was a "social media" problem. Damn you Zuckerberg.

There were vigils in Tampa for the groidlet that ran out into traffic evading the cops and got is monkey tail ran over.

In ten years Disney will have to move due to the groid problem.

Why any of you would take your kids there is beyond me. Orlando is an up and coming Niarobi.

Disgruntled Gunny out

Californian said...

bernicegreenbaum said...the [black] inbreeding has got to have skyrocketed since '65.

Very interesting point, and one which needs to be further explored. What exactly is the impact of uncontrolled reproduction among blacks? Are close relatives reproducing (half-brothers/sisters)? Is this why you have an increasingly dysfunctional black demographic? It's not simply the IQ but a lot of other congenital factors? Is there any precedence for this historically?

This is the sort of thing which, in more sane times, would be studied scientifically. And then action taken.

We are not living in sane times, are we?

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 7:43 am- said-"It is a very difficult thing, and "they" both know and exploit this, to play chess with your IQ tied behind your back."
Yes- I saw a t-shirt a few days ago, that said- It's hard to see the big picture when all you have is a small screen.....
L still in Atl-hell

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 8:58 am-"had 2 suburban kills, one in a dark area which had a name change to promote a better reputation. end result, nothing has changed."
Same thing happened here in the ATL.- they changed Stewart Avenue to "Metropolitan Avenue'- and let me assure you, it is certainly "metropolitan", um hmmm. And I think it is you I have to thank for the 30 foot rule- I think it has saved my butt a couple of times in the last few months- was walking my dog few weeks ago- big black guy came out of nowhere about 40 feet away-saying "'scuse me ma'am scuse me". Even 6 months ago I might have stopped, thinking that he might be hurt or sick. Nope not now. My dog started barking wildly and I did the un PC thing and crossed the road, and ran-walked home. They distrust and hate YT and the police, so if he was sick or hurt, let him call one of his bros. I don't like having to be this way, but my safety comes BEFORE their little feelings.
Gwoobus Harmon- your observations on use/misuse of the English language by the media to mislead and mis direct was a BIGGIE!! WOW and Bingo!! We need you and more like you. I know this site is full of police, ex-police, military and ex-military, teachers, lawyers, war and ammunition experts, and, I am guessing from the level of the commentary, at least a few current and former history professors. We need you all. And I appreciate you all for being willing to step up and tell da' troof!! (Sorry, I couldnt resist).
WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...
" I hope everyone is having a special Teen History Month. "
Well, thanks and same to you. I have noticed how blacks have been able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out Black History month from just Feb., to include January. They start with specials and tv interviews the first week of January, about MLK, then MLK day turns into MLK week, then month, which turns into, well, you know. What other demographic gets this privlege and why has no group sued yet because of it??
George C. Wallace asked why people still go to movie theaters. Well, maybe not you and I, but the "youfs" go to da' movies because rioting at home is just not as much fun.
And finally, the Truth of the day award goes to-
Anonymous said...
Nothing shapes your opinion of black people like your experiences with black people.

February 17, 2015 at 12:00 PM
P.S. Mutant Swarm, thanks for the PsychOps info.- every self respecting YT should read it.
L still in Atl-hell

R_Moreland said...

I wonder: will the day come when a chief of police or deputy will publicly state the truth about the demographic which is creating this havoc? Not "teens" but blacks.

It would not take much, just a press conference in which the stats on flashmob perpetrators are openly stated. If this causes a media uproar, all the better. Why? Because the person who tells the truth first will be the hero. And there is a lot of political capital to be gained from such a move. Tens of millions of Americans -- of all races -- are waiting for a public official to tell the truth about the black crime wave. Such an official would also gain the loyalty of cops across the country who are fed up with black criminality. Such an official could ride the wave of support to high office. And even restore law and order to America.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Nitpicky Man in Florida said...

If the average reader is constantly coming upon constructs like the ones you've written, why don't you demonstrate your thesis with the real McCoy?


The purpose of using those examples was to demonstrate typical phrasing of incidents by media. True, none of them were from an actual article, but if you must insist, you can find perfect examples anywhere you look. It isn't like I sifted through a mountain of examples that didn't fit the bill or searched high and low before locating one. So challenge accepted.

I will enter into evidence one from just this morning in our local fishwrap. I will go line by line and show each passive voice sentence structure, each gerund subject sentence, and each unstated actor/effect as subject sentence structure. This is just one article and literally every line fits the template :


"Metairie shooting sends 2 males to hospital; 1 remains in critical condition" (gerund = "shooting sends")

"A male is in critical condition after being shot" (passive voice - "being shot")

"Another man was shot in the hand during the incident." (passive voice - "was shot.")

"The shooting was reported around 2:10 a.m. in the 2900 block of Cleary Avenue." (twofer, gerund and passive voice - "shooting was reported"

"The gunfire, according to JPSO, damaged a business, two apartments and three vehicles. A number of spent casings were found at the scene." (again a combo, unstated actor/effect as subject "gunfire damaged" and then passive voice "spent casings were found."

"JPSO said the victim in critical condition was shot in the chest and neck." (passive voice - "was shot.")

"Another man, 24 years old, went to the ER at Ochsner around 4:20 a.m. where he was treated for a gunshot wound in his hand." (passive voice - "he was treated.")

"No other injuries have been reported. JPSO did not release any more details, including the first victim's age, possible motives or potential suspects." (passive voice - "injuries have been reported.")

Do you know how hard that was to find? I literally clicked on the first story on the front page of the local news site. It took all of about 3 seconds, and zero effort on my part, to locate a picture perfect case study.

I don't know if you are one of the Cass Sunstein types who just want to derail the discussion, or if you are just unnecessarily trollish, but in the future, please make it more difficult to refute you.

World_War_Me said...

To my fellow Westminster fan: I made the same observation last night. Not a single "person of culuh". Lots of people representing the South too. I watch with my spaniel who also likes to watch the show dogs, and my cat who could care less (of course) and displays her indifference by sitting with her back turned toward the TV.

I love all animals, and one of my pet peeves (pun intended) is when people compare YOUTHS to "animals". I also feel that those who torture and rape animals deserve an extreme form of punishment that I won't type out because I don't want my comment blocked.

Regarding the dog show's overweight middle aged women, I have at times referred to the Westminster show as the "Westminster Cankle Show", lol. But, they care about animals, and that makes them ok in my book even if their taste in clothes and shoes leaves a lot to be desired.

World_War_Me said...

Gwoobus Harmon:

LaQuandeeshia says, "you leave my boy Gerund outta this! He dindu nuffins!!!


World_War_Me said...

Gwoobus Harmon, on a serious note, your insights into media trickery/passive voice are brilliant and I can't wait to point it out next time I'm arguing w/ a DWL.

World_War_Me said...

Sorry for the multiple postings; as soon as I hit publish I think of something else to add. Anyway, I was thinking it would be useful for Gwoobus' observations regarding the media's use of passive voice to be added to the SBPDL glossary.

AnalogMan said...

I read comments about people watching TV with their dogs. I saw a report of a study that used pictures of faces to show that dogs can read human faces. I don't get it; am I living in some alternate reality?

Look, I love dogs as much as anyone, and more than most. I've had dogs most of my life, and wouldn't consider a dogless life worth living. But dogs are not people (which may be their most endearing quality).

Dogs do not look at pictures. A video means nothing to them. A dog will not react to its own image in a mirror. Why? Because he can't smell it. If he can't smell it, it's not real.

When I talk to my daughter over Skype, her dog (who would be all over me in person) shows no interest. Sometimes he seems to recognise my voice, and shows a brief flash of interest. But screens? Nothing.

Anonymous said...


There's not much wrong with that news story. But why don't you write it as you think news should be written, since you think it's rife with deception. That ought to be comical. Really, I'm dying to see it.

- Man in Florida

Race said...

Annals, not anals, lol

Anonymous said...

Planet of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

World_War_Me said...

Man in Florida, what's your problem exactly? Just come out and say it already.

World_War_Me said...

AnalogMan, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of your comments, but I'm not sure why the posts about our pet dogs upset you so much. The point of bringing up our dogs is to point out that 1. dog shows seem to be an all-white activity, and 2. whites have a strong emotional bond with our pets as opposed to other races who tend to abuse animals much more frequently.

Anonymous said...

I was reading through the progression of race riots trying to pinpoint the year when they went from Whites pushing the groids out of town, and switching to full fledged Chimp Outs about "justice" or some crap. I came accross the Ocoee massacre from almost 100 years ago. Turns out that the White Folks from 1920 Ocoee were right in forcing all the Pavement Apes out of town.


AnalogMan said...

World_War_Me said...

.. I'm not sure why the posts about our pet dogs upset you so much.

No, you've got me wrong. I'm not upset. I just genuinely want to know, are there other people who find that their dogs watch television? I find that odd.

World_War_Me said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding, AnalogMan. Thank you for responding.

Anonymous said...

Royal Oak Dude,
You're 100% on point regarding ammo, guns,etc. I , my friends,& family know time is fast approaching. It's in the negroes nature.
Detroit Refugee

juvenal said...

It's not nas if they were all Einsteins to begin with.