Monday, June 19, 2017

A Black Gang Responsible for the Death of Pregnant White Mother Kera Teel...

Previously on SBPDL: Her Name is Kera [and Kyndal] Teel: Pregnant White Woman Gunned Down by Three Black Males, Daughter Passes Away After Being Born

A pregnant white mother, returning home from a visit to the doctor to see the progress and health of the daughter she carried. 
Jared Bias (AKA BullDawg), a member of Y.O.G. gang, is the suspect behind the murder of Kera Teel and the daughter she was carrying... 

Her mother was accompanying her on this trip. 

Her child, Kera Teel, already had one young white daughter at home. This grandchild and daughter was excited to soon become an older sister. 

But a member of a black gang ended Teel's and the daughter she carried lives. It should be noted friends of this black gang member claim he "is innocent" because he has four children... [Who is the gang connected to Beaumont murder of mother, newborn?,, June 16, 2017]:

Capital murder suspect for the Kera Teel case has been identified as Jared Bias (AKA BullDawg), they say he was a member of the "Y.O.G." gang,  short for "Young Original Gorillas".
 Just less than a mile away from Clark Elementary school, you'll find graffiti on the wall that says "YOG" and "RIP BIG MARV," off of Magnolia Ave.  Investigators say this group has roots here in North Beaumont, especially in local high schools. 
 "No use for gangs," says Jason
Kera and her daughter (who is still alive)... 
Banks, who has been living in Beaumont's North end for over 10 years. 
 "We're all trying to make it in this world, there is no use for violence or anything," He says. For Banks, It's a reminder of friendships to avoid. "I just stay to myself and pray up," Bank says. "I don't involve myself around certain people," he says. Police say, Jared Bias, who was recently arrested for the capital murder of 19-year-old Kera Teel and her newborn daughter, is a member of the YOG gang. 
 "She was so young and pregnant, it makes me really bad," Banks says. "It's not safe to go out our own house," he says. 
"Keep out of trouble or it'll get you hurt or in jail," Banks says. The gangs' activity plays a prominent role on the local rap scene.  It's affiliations and marks, representing various local music groups on YouTube. Some refer to the gang as a family, but are now leaving behind footprints of criminal activity. "That's not right, stay in school, go to church or something," says Banks. "Gangs are not the answer," he explains. 12News reached out to several members of the organization who tell us they do not have an interest in speaking.
What is there left to say about this story and the actors involved in Kera's (and the daughter she carried) murder?

Just terrifying there's virtually no coverage of this story outside of Beaumont, Texas...

We're being exterminated.


Anonymous said...

"...Young Original Gorillas..." well they got that part right.

Anonymous said...

It always comes down to I'z dindu nuffins and he wuz a goot boi and sheeeeeiiiit.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The black girl in the news feed video, singing like a canary. An illiterate canary, but singing nonetheless. The ignorance of this group is palpable. To think that this is just a few out of millions, makes me want to puke. There is no way in hell this country can keep footing the bill for all this illegitimate and drug addled bunch. I've had more than enough. Hope it all blows sky high, and blows soon.

Anonymous said...

I think they have the wrong guy. Just look at him, open faced youth, fresh and full of hope and promise. No jury in the world would look at this young youth and not recognize the humanity in his face...obviously innocent. I see great things in the future for this young man...probably cure cancer, or find another 100 uses for peanuts....

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous said...
I think they have the wrong guy. Just look at him, open faced youth, fresh and full of hope and promise. No jury in the world would look at this young youth and not recognize the humanity in his face...obviously innocent. I see great things in the future for this young man...probably cure cancer, or find another 100 uses for peanuts....


Yeah, those boyish good looks were sure entrancing. For a minute, I thought I'd lost my soul when I gazed into his eyes. Kinda like Ricky Nelson when he was a teen idol. I also really dug David Cassidy. You're right- this "teen" really has that animal magnetism.

And no jury in the world is going to find him guilty. Hell, O.J. was "innocent", as will be Cosby when the latest Hollywood circus trial ends. It isn't about the law. It isn't about what's right or wrong. It's about the negro. Oh, and how we will never be able to completely atone for our sins against them.

It's about duh slabery. It's about Eagle ryes! It's about doin' what's rye cuz black libes mattah, mo fos!

Anonymous said...

I have a solution to this problem, but you might not print it so I won't tell you what it is. However, you can use your imagination what could fix the problem. Off hand, what do you think about more midnight basketball. OK...I let the answer slip!

Anonymous said...

Seriously!! "Young Original Gorillas"?
That can't really be true is it? The irony is completely lost on them I'm sure.
These are feeble minds, and pay close attention they are multiplying rapidly.
Why this particular gorilla has four little gorillas of his own.
Demographics is Destiny.

Mr. Rational said...

It is long past time to ban Blacks from trials of Blacks for crimes involving non-Blacks.

We know they will always impugn the other and acquit their own.

White justice assumes color-blindness.  Blacks are tribal.  Blacks must not serve on juries judging any crimes involving Whites, regardless of the circumstances.  They cannot rule properly.  All who object must be returned to da muddahland.

Anonymous said...

He sure does look like he "dindu nuffins" and was just beginning to turn his life around. No doubt an aspiring rapper and was looking forward to college in the near future.

It was a robbery gone bad. He was oppressed. He is a victim of systemic wascism.

Bird of Paradise said...

He should be imediatly be illegible for the Death Pentalty and no ten or more years of idiotic appeals no plea bargins and no last minute stays of exiction and No Jesssie Jackson and RAINBOW/PUSH getting involved

PB said...

Each one uglier than the last in the never ending rogues gallery of SBPDL.

Anonymous said...


TOT, but, I'd love your sharp insight on this: The impending death of Myrtle Beach, SC. Seems the local media's _finally_ figured out that by allowing blacks into the Ocean Blvd area has begun SC's prized vacation spot's death spiral.

Cute piece in the Charlotte Observer, detailing social media vs a mayor who sounds like that dumb kid in "Animal House". "REMAIN CALM!". Duh-huh. City council plans to ban drug toys, sexy clothes, etc. Like that's gonna work, socialists? Mmm?

Mind if I wax a little? When I was a kid, Myrtle Beach was a fun, yes, family place. Great food, music, ah, the Pavilion! That was until condos, condos, condos, condos and did I mention condos? The Carolina Wren was replaced with the Building Crane.

And then, oh, dearest, Black Bike Week. A mobile eyesore, the worst of the lowest-echelon blacks imaginable and all their filth. Yet, the North American Alliance of Communist Pukes cried hard: "Businesses MUST remain open for these....!"

My brother just came back from the beach, he goes mainly to shop and hit the restaurants. Recent report? "Eff is everyone??". Shooting at the mall. Shooting downtown. Shooting over there. Here.

Anyways, LSS, I thought it'd be worth a shout to you, you can sit back, watch as we Palmetto Staters are.....watching what was once a lovely place to kick back...turn itself into another infestation of civilization-eroding blacks. It's still early in the ballgame, but as I write this, shops and stores are closing, and yep, vacationers are going somewhere.....else. But not here, no.

You might want to plan another book around it, to sit and watch the early phases of infestation and utter destruction by the Two-Legged-Carolina-Cockroach.

I want the first copy!

-Carolina Cicero

Anonymous said...

@anonymous you speak great Ebonics I wish that I can talk like that on this blog but I just don't

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media is a PR agency for the negroids. Report none of the bad, focus only when a cop shoots a feral orc or there's a whiff of any sort of anti-nog discrimination.

(((Media))) has an obvious agenda - exterminate Whites using their dusky foot-soldier shock troops.

Time for a response, White "man"...

Anonymous said...

" . . . Some refer to the gang as a family, but are now leaving behind footprints of criminal activity. "That's not right, stay in school, go to church or something . . . "

Go to church or something, Hmmm.

Perhaps that's what these monkeys need, more church, a 'Come to Jeebus' moment, get that old time eternal salvation by mumbling some prayers. Prayers to not get caught or to get away with murder like St. OJ Simpson, the patron saint of murderers and golfers. Perhaps prayers to St. Trayvon, patron saint of grape drank with codeine or St. Gentle Giant, patron saint of blunts and robbers.

I found just the Revrund too, and from Georgia to preach to the savages, a real Man 'O God. Perhaps he can preach to the savages that the Bible says not to take a leak in an elevator or that killing two innocent people is a mortal sin bringing eternal damnation.

Apparently the good revrund enjoys lingerie and leather goods courtesy of the tithes he has collected. Whoops! got caught committing fraud, go to jail now, maybe God will break him out like St. Peter if he prays hard enough.

These people are demented.

NE Whitopia

Bill in St Louis said...

Who exactly is Jason Banks? "Go to church, no need for gangs, you'll get hurt, etc." Is this the IKAGO they dug up because the gang members have no interest in speaking? (Or the ability to do more than grunt, rhythmically? Original Gorilla style?
Whatever. Hang this one, and any 5 others as a warning. Next time, ten. Explain to the media that, what with the terrible legacy of slavery, blacks have not been able to learn to count, so this is an instructional guide with real world tie-in, just to give them extra help learning. Either they will learn to behave, learn to turn each other in, or we will eventually run out of negros to teach. (When that gets close we can substitute SJWs and other enablers to keep the numbers high).

Unknown said...

He did it.He is black and blacks hate white people. The jury will find him guilty, and it is to bad we don't have the death penalty. According to the bible he should be put to death. The jury might think he was innocent accept that crimes like this are just to prevalent in the black community. Black people are known for their favorite hobbies of murder, rape, and destruction. He is a dead man, an animal

behind blue eyes said...

Excellent comment and suggestion for a new PK book. I agree with the downhill spiral of MB. I used to go every summer and a few spring breaks. Its steadily gone to the Africans for years. Soon it will be unprofitable and be 100% groid. Maybe the sharks,not the mud kind, will keep us amused at least

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm really starting to think that what we're seeing now is the mentality of grown up crack babies. They were born to mothers that were on crack or some other drug and their minds didn't develop properly - how else do you explain the "logic" that these people have. She said that he wouldn't kill a pregnant woman because "he has kids himself" (fully supported by evil 'racissss' Whitey no doubt) and killing that woman with a baby would've been like him "killing his own baby" - who thinks like this? Add to that their hatred for Whitey taught to them by their elders and White guilt black ass kissin liberals and you have the situation we're in now.

((( There is no such thing as "black power" only "White cowardice" )))

Anonymous said...

A shark habitat right on myrtle beach would be a start. South Carolina actually seems to be catering to these savages. I'm not in South Carolina, so if there is someone from the area please enlighten me. Has the area gone soft on black criminality? Are there still pockets of white guys that get together for weekly meetings?

SKIP said...

As others have noted, and I posted some time back, I came home to Myrtle Beach after 11 years in Iraq/Afghanistan. I happened to get home on Halloween 2013 the last week end of black bike week. The newspaper touted 3 murders in MB that week, but in fact, there were 14! the others took place outside of MB limits (hence: only 3 IN MB)semantics in action. For the following week, I could hear FULL AUTO gun fire ( I know what that sounds like) from the newly established ghetto nearby, sirens ALL FUCKIN day and night! blacks low riding in my all White neighborhood, car thefts, pawn shops (aka fences) proliferating (pawn shops DO NOT like you video taping who comes and goes there)I finally left in 2014 and live in a place <.05% negro (subject to change very sneakily)Keep watch and prepare.

Anonymous said...

@formerly miss greenbuam oj Simpson is in jail and Bill Cosby is going back for a re-trial. Hate to bust your bubble on those two stars in entertainment they will always have people behind them for support

Anonymous said...

The hardest thing for most whites to fully accept is that the friend in that video clip is operating at her very best. That's the pinnacle of her reasoning ability and why her population so dangerous; the unpredictability of their actions although it all makes sense to them. It's like living with 15% of our population being paranoid schizophrenics. God, that was hard to watch.

Someday, somebody is going to do like that guy in England did when he drove that van into a crowd. And the media and government are going to lose their minds but it won't change what happened. And once one person does it, the dam will be cracked.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the ignorance of the negro is at play in terms of the name of the group the "Black Gorilla's." The low IQ, uneducated dummies are probably confused and meant "Guerrilla's" as in an unofficial armed militant group involved in an insurgency but were just too stupid to understand the difference between "gorilla" and "guerrilla."
"Yo, man! Weez gonna call ourselves da black go-rilla's!"
"Yeah! Dem go-rilla insurgents beez strong and tough!"
"I know dat's right! Dey be fightin' hard and sheeit!"
"Whoop! Whoop! Not only we da go-rilla's, we da BLACK go-rilla's!"

In the meantime, Koko the sign language using gorilla is signing, "So dumb! Not gorilla's! Not! Stupid! Stupid!"

White guy: "So....which one of you is the silverback in charge?"
Black Go-rilla: "Whut da f*ck you beez talkin' 'bout?"
White guy explains what a gorilla is.
Black Go-rilla: Aw hell no! Dis racist mofo be callin' us monkeys! Kill his azz!"

Pat Boyle said...


I've been poking around the Web trying to find out why the TV commercials all have so many blacks in them (but few Hispanics or Asians). There are two theories. Some think that all these independent companies have spontaneously decided to mount a lot of pro-black propaganda. I have suspected that there was some government regulation behind the scenes making all these advertisers dance to the same tune.

I'm still working on it, but I ran across an interesting factoid. Apparently Kaiser Permanente (the medical service) won second place this year as the corporation that has done the most to promote diversity. Last year they were first. This is of interest to me because in three weeks I go into Kaiser to have a 'pre-cancerous mass' cut out of me. According to the web, Kaiser in Oakland is a black medical operation.

Not quiet.

Kaiser does indeed have a number of negroes - one drew my blood just yesterday. The Phlebotomists (blood drawing technicians) and nursing assistants are mostly blacks. But on the ground you can plainly see that the races that run the real operation are East Asians. My doctor (Korean) serves at a medical station where all the physicians are Korean, Chinese or Japanese. All.

My optometrist is Chinese. All the doctors to whom I have been referred over the last few years were all East Asians.

But on the web and in the photos posted on the walls - there are all these black faces. Who are they? They seem to be a whole class of 'Potemkin Negros' - negroes who exist only to create the appearance that it is a black run organization. That should strike you as odd. If you have a serious medical condition - who would want to place their life in black hands?

I used to work with a lot of medical personnel when I was a consultant in Nixon's "War on Cancer". I knew a lot of State Health Officers and I interviewed a lot of State Health Officers. They would talk about the Instant Profession of Hospital Administrator. This career path was available for those simply too stupid for real medicine or even real business or public administration. It was something like the career of Hotel Administration - a refuge for the dull witted.

The black CEO of Kaiser Permanente has a Masters in hospital administration.


Anonymous said...

"According to the bible he should be put to death. "

That was the Law in the Old Testament. But Jesus brought a new Law based on love and forgiveness. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” (John 8:7) is what he said to those men who were about to stone to death the woman caught in adultery, which was the punishment prescribed by God according to Moses. After they all filtered away, "Go, and sin no more" he is what he told her. So she suffered no punishment at all!

I suspect that's what he would say to Kera's killers. After all, haven't those yutes suffered enough? It's just the terrible legacy of slavery and lack of opportunity that causes them to act the way they do. Forgive them.

Anonymous said...

"No use for gangs," says Jason Banks, who has been living in Beaumont's North end for over 10 years.

He says that as if it is some kind of an insightful comment. Of course there is no use for gangs. There is also no use for people who murder young mothers and their unborn children, there is no use for people who lynch good Samaritans, and there is no use for people who urinate in public elevators. The unspoken truth is that all of these things happen wherever black people are. But for black people, these problems would all but disappear. It would be more helpful if Mr. Banks would simply acknowledge the fact that there is no use for blacks in any modern society.

Pat Boyle said...

Maybe the terrible story of Kera Teel has a bright side.

This atrocity isn't reported on the national TV news or in the few remaining important papers like "The New York Times' or the "The Washington Post", but it does appear somewhere. It appears here.

Just a few years ago it would have appeared no where. It would not have even been tossed down Orwell's 'memory hole'. It simply wouldn't have existed - so complete and effective were the instruments of political censorship.

Presumably we will henceforth read more accounts of this sort of thing. And presumably - over time - these kind of stories will begin to change things.


Anonymous said...

BullDawg looks like he could be Lawrence Fishburne’s son.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago we heard about a horrific death of a black man who was drag in chains behind a truck in the Jasper and Beaumont area. This story was on MSM for several days. Thanks to Paul, we read about this horrific crime as well, not a peak in the main stream media. Where is the fairness in news stories or is this happening so frequent that only local news outlets are reporting stories like this.

President Trump should come up with a comprehensive crime bill that would round up these gangs and put them in prison where they belongs. The greater society should be protective against these predators who roam our cities and towns. A new motto, lock them up and "Make America Great Again"!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

Another place that is dying? Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida.

I spent all day Sunday there with my two kids. I have not been there for years and the change is DRAMATIC for those who are Race Realists like us/me.

Since the last time I was there, the Busch corporation (makers of Budweiser) sold the Park to a foreign corporation. I didn't think much as to why. It was always nice, busy, and was great for a full day. If you liked to walk, you could see the entire park in one day and ride most of the rides since the "wait" is not like the HELL of Disney World.

This time? Longest wait was 20 Minutes for the "Cheetah" ride. All others were walk-on-in.

SO, the analysis, which as we all know MUST include Race, since race is everything. This place has the exact feel of a Mall that is in the dying stage, terminal, with no return. For miles around the Park, it is nothing but African Ghetto and then Mexican. When this Park was built, 1959, is was tied into the promotion of their TAMPA brewery, and Tampa had segregation, white areas and not enough negroes to destroy areas....yet. Busch was smart to sell.

I remember the place in the 70'2, 80's, etc. It grew over time, but while Busch owned it, they cared and it was 99% White. It started as a German Beer Garden and grew with the population and from the competition of Disney World up the road in Orlando.

So,while my kids rode the rides (I do not like roller-coaster) I watched, studied the people, and can honestly say:

40% Mexican-Aztec-Mystery Meats.
30% African
30% Whites

Also, in 3 separate locations they had HUGE BLARING speakers. WTF? They never had that and of course they played god-awful negro-soul-rap tunes over and over. You could not get away from it. The africans loved it and the other MMM (Mystery Meat Minorities) where shaking their fat-asses as well.

Even my kids couldn't stand the music. They NEVER had that. What is the point of it anyway? They want you to enjoy the African Adventure, etc. (as in real Africa, the Jungle, etc) and they sure as hell don't play that junk on/in the real Serengeti. I will not go back simply because of that constant noise that ruined the entire day.

(I hope those who own this dump real this blog.)

I sensed that the Park Owners know it is dying and that they need to soak all they can get. The surrounding population is the draw, and that being African and 3M (Mystery Meat Minorities), they are going to draw them. Loud negro music draws them in since I noticed it was the Whites and Hispanics that rode the rides. Very few negroes rode them. The africans were there to be seen and gook, cowl, snarl, yap, flap, gyrate, chortle, gaggle....

In addition, I saw few if any negroes go into the gift shops. I sat and watched the stores that I could see from my various vantage points. Just like in the remaining Malls left, it is the White Female who goes in them. There were not enough in the Park to keep these stores viable. They were all "empty".

Next, the food situation. All junk trash. AND, the negroes don't eat. I figured out, that most of them, being from around Tampa, arrive later in the day, have eaten BEFORE entering, snack a bit, then leave before they are hungry.They do not cater nor buy food there. They come in the place to be seen, not to pay for anything.

They all walk around in packs, 4 to 6, jivig, jumping, flapping and basically making it impossible to walk and enjoy the day. They have to CONSTANTLY make noise. Add that to the disgusting music.

Busch Gardens sells a Full Year Pass for about $99. You can come into the park as much as you want for all of 2017. The negroes and 3Ms buy one and never pay again. Eat before arriving, eat afterwards, and never buy anything. The Park is committing suicide and there is no way to reverse it. Compare that to Disney World, 1 hour up the road, where it is about $120 PER DAY. That place is still 90% White.

Anonymous said...


I like to test my Race Realist theories against what I see. At Busch Gardens, they have a real nice ride, on the big bed of a military size pick-up trucks, where they take you out to the animals ......where one can feed the Giraffes.

You have to pay extra for it and they take out about 15 people per ride, for about 30 minutes. They run about 4 Trucks at a time, each about 15 minutes apart. IT is really great for kids and if you want to get up close and pet a Giraffe. You have to stand, but that makes it more "real" and they drive you around the areas where the various Zebras, Rhinos, Gazelles, etc. freely roam. YOU are the one "in a cage" (no real cage but you are up higher than they can reach).

What did I observe, note and study? Of the 7 Trucks, coming going and driving about during the entire time I could SEE trucks, there was not a single negro. Not One. The riders were ALL 100% WHITE PEOPLE. No 3M, no Hindu, no Chinamen. Remember, White People were no more than 30% of the entire park attendance that day. Not a single Negro or Mayan. Not one.

So, which race gives a damn about wild life? Which race enjoys a nice quiet, up close, encounter with the species that are all dying (and face it, they all are or will be extinct especially when the world's pop. grows the additional 2 Billion they expect....mostly in Africa....). It was quiet. It was the only place to get away from negro cRap music.

Also, 100% of those working the food booths and carnival type game booths were NEGRO. Not even the 3M wanted jobs there. The staff was 90% negro every where you could see, but, guess what, on the 7 Trucks, all the tour guides, (who told you about the animals), were....YOUNG WHITE PEOPLE. The plantation low skill jobs were done by the negro, but the thinking jobs, and people running the gift shops, were.................White.

When the sun was going down, my two smart kids wanted out. We all did not want to end up in the parking lot during African feeding time even though there is a good, obvious high security patrol in the Parking lot. Still, none of us wanted to be near/in/on the place when it got Dark....pun intended.

So Busch Gardens Tampa, FL is another amusement park, built by White men for White Children that is going to be a reminder of what America used to be. Maybe they can film History Channel Movie: America Without White People.

Anonymous said...

Huff Po---Ken doll gets a new skin color---comments online,

Why on earth would they want to normalize the man bun for children?!
Oh for crying out loud, a man bun????? It just yells "I want to be Barbie" Just one more way to shove alternative lifestyles down our throats, and teach our children, well hell, I don't know what this crap is supposed to teach our kids.
LikeShow more reactions

D-FENS said...

From the previous story: "Um, it was White males that brought Blacks over here in the first place and it was White males who allowed mass immigration of Brown immigrants for the cheap labor and votes. Teddy Kennedy, a White Irish-Catholic male helped engineer the 1965 Immigration Act for such votes. So while you have White females like this nun that support this, it was all caused by White elite males. Get your facts straight."

The trans-Atlantic slave trade was dominated by jews. The 1965 Immigration Act was the brain child of (((Emmannuel Celer))) and (((Jacob Javits))). Teddy was a front-man and mentally incapable of drafting legislation.

D-FENS said...

"South Carolina actually seems to be catering to these savages. I'm not in South Carolina, so if there is someone from the area please enlighten me. Has the area gone soft on black criminality? Are there still pockets of white guys that get together for weekly meetings."

I am a resident of another state but I work in South Carolina. The state has three things I despise: negroes, college football fanatics and religious freaks. Also sick of the military worship which only gets us into wars that we waste Trillions on and results in MORE immigration from third world shitholes. Can't wait to retire in Colorado or the PNW.

PB said...

"OK...I let the answer slip!"

We've seen many solutions offered such as ice-cream, bake sales, late night sporting events etc. I find that marches usually help the most especially when led by shouty revruns. We have a crime wave here in Australia, caused by Africans. Large-boned University Lesbians with spiky blue hair are very concerned that not enough public money is going into help these blunt instruments to "assimilate", because we too need more programs apparently.

I think a pogrom would be preferable to a program.

Anonymous said...

Kind of OT. What is this with blacks who start to immediately tell you their business and entire life story. As if I would care or be impressed by their blatant lies? With these stories, things never add up. In hospital waiting room, black grand mother claims immediately to be a retired RN. Yeah, and? so what? She retired at 53 to take care of her mother and is now 60. Yeah, okay? sounds like a crap story but I'm waiting. where did she work, oh she worked in nursing homes and private duty. I happen to know that insurance no longer pays for private duty nurses. You have to pay out of pocket. Lie number two. Lie number one, she's not retired. She's living off welfare or Social Security Disability, on the government. Grandma was never an RN, if she was lucky she was an LPN more like an HHA, home health aide. But she's lying to the white person so that's okay. Three lies already. or maybe that's four.
Gives me unasked for advice. she, the lying black woman is dispensing her wisdom for free. I'm not supposed to be there, someone else is. Lesson? Next time don't talk to them. The lies can be entertaining as bizarre as some of them are.

Anonymous said...

More OT, about 1/2 mile away a groid was found stabbed to death. I know y'all be real surprised. The papers said, "he was trying to get his life together". At 47 years of age. At that point your life is either a big fucking mess or you're some where in between winging it, but I doubt I ever heard "getting his life together" to mean something good.

He recently started a job with a city agency...

Anonymous said...

There are about 4 million White people left in slavery in South Africa.

That is 4 Million pro-Trump, pro Republican, pro Conservatives who we could use here.

Just as Obama made a HUGE effort to bring in as many Black Muslims, and we all did nothing, Trump should do all he can to bring in ALL the Whites left in any part of Africa.

We need them. They need us. They will only be killed in Africa.

When are the Whites going to realize there is a REAL WAR GOING ON?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous quote North America alliance with communist punks hate to bust your bubble on the the subject if this was the old Russia it will be different but the marxist are more important and powerful in the USA than ever and before you know it, us blue collar working class won't exist no more. Trust me

Anonymous said...

You're purely wrong, good sir! I think we are seeing the product of multiple generations of "crack babiness" or whatever you might call it, generation after generation of increasingly useless human waste being ejected from African vaginas.

People say that in years past, many negroes would work, provide for family and such and that black families were real. Many cucks seem to rail about how the Negroe family unit has broken down and that welfare is to blame. I can go along with parts of this thinking but the sad fact of the matter is that we can see African't-Americans behavior staying remarkably similar to what it is in Africa rather than conforming to family-centric and positive behaviors seen across all other cultures.

Why do all sub-Saharan African nations have the same problems of illigitimate children in numbers far beyond any sense of logic for a single mother household to actually care for and raise? Where are their fathers? Same place they must be at here in the USA, absent without leave!

In the USA the feed and breed welfare problem supposedly made the man unnecessary, hence his absence. If this is true, why does that make their fathers notably absent? Don't they want to be with their children? Well, under Jim Crow some decades ago, we were able to shame the Negro into imitating our culture but now? They went "back to Africa" in terms of familial responsibility.

The truth is that (as long as you live in one state and don't move) "welfare" only lasts 5 years, but Section 8 (Ape), food stamps, food banks and, of course, money from criminal enterprises are never cut off.

Anonymous said...

@behind blue eyes any supporter of PK books and work got to build a library so people can see his work

Kyle McKenna said...

Just terrifying there's virtually no coverage of this story outside of Beaumont, Texas...

Your (((wholly-owned))) MSM at work, Americans.

Marc B said...

Notice how she qualified her statement by saying he wouldn't kill a "pregnant" woman, not that he would never kill. It's also interesting that she defending a likely killer while throwing her former female friend under the bus.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

j Simpson is in jail and Bill Cosby is going back for a re-trial. Hate to bust your bubble on those two stars in entertainment they will always have people behind them for support.


Except for two things: OJ is not in jail for murder (as he should be). He is in jail for some aggravated theft. Of course, being a negro, staying within law and order after getting a get-out-of-jail free card, was not within his realm of understanding. In fact, it merely emboldened him to believe he really was covered in teflon. Now, onto the other white woman abusing negro, "America's Dad", Bill Cosby. The jury could not reach a verdict despite several days in deliberation. How much money do you want to bet that "America's Dad" will walk? If you were old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial (ya sound kinda young - not that there's anything wrong with that!), but that circus of a trial had all the hallmarks of a kangaroo court.

My point? Our country has become a banana republic. Hillary Clinton, despite lying under oath, despite willfully destroying evidence that would implicate her in the crime of destroying evidence, and despite setting up a "play to pay"foundation which raked in billions for the Clinton Foundation, is not in prison and to this day MAINTAINS her security clearance with the State department.

So no, my friend, you did not burst my bubble at all. I am rather old now and I clearly remember the Watergate hearings and the subsequent impeachment and ultimate resignation of Richard Nixon. What Nixon and friends did was child's play compared to Hillary's misdeeds. Yet if you are a dindu or hide under the cloak of SJW, all is forgiven and you dindu nuffins.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the video. Do they get off on lying? No wonder their "civilization" never came up with a written language or invented anything beyond "the stick".

A bunch of liars who don't trust each other can't develop anything substantial but don't let that stop you, we are all the same. What is incredible that even with all of the facts people are still hoping for blacks to start thinking and behaving in ways that they have never done before. It's not that they are rude and cantankerous, no one ever taught them that being nice to others had actual benefits. It's not that they're not budding scientific geniuses- it's just all the micro-aggressions led them astray and we are all worse off for it. I have yet to see that blacks (minus a few thousand) actually have it in them. They can't create first world societies- they can't even keep things running that are completely handed over to them (Baltimore anyone?).

I find it interesting that the more TPTB decide to ignore the realities of race the more people are pushed to find out the truth for themselves- from people like P.K. who pull no punches. What is even more interesting is how much more powerful it is when you discover something for yourself rather than someone telling it to you. This is exactly what is happening and realism is on the rise and is spiraling out of control.

People are realizing that black violence isn't just a pattern; it is a given.

Anonymous said...

Though it's buried at the end of the 5th paragraph, I thought the people here might like to know that studies have shown that the biggest sex trafficking event in America isn't the Super Bowl, it's Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach.

Anonymous said...

Once Negro College Reunion left Daytona Beach, things improved here, but they took their toxins with them.


chattanooga gal said...
bit of a feel good story here.

Anonymous said...

Not just negroes. In Phoenix AZ, a serial killer of 8 -9 people was arrested recently. That's normally Big News. However, because the killer was an Illegal Beaner, the story vanished from the national media the next day.

Anonymous said...

Here in metro Atl, it is the rainy season. A black lady holding an umbrella practically forced me off the sidewalk ( I forgot mine), whereas a white person would have been considerate and let me pass first. And if they see you trying to cross the street in the rain, they speed up and strand you at the curb. Yesterday, 2 obese black cows walked in front of me, both wearing fuzzy slippers at 2 in the afternoon, dragging their feet, with skin tight sausage casings stretched across their huge booties. They saw me behind them and timed it so that the store door shut in my face 2 seconds before I got there. If any white person expects a black person to take the high road, especially towards YT, they are going to be disappointed 99 times of of 100.
Sometimes I wish we could take a couple of white people, disguise them like Robert Downey, Jr, in Tropical Thunder, and send them to a black church or a "Just-us" meeting, to see exactly what they are teaching there. I have no doubt they say- "Jam up YT any way you can. Jack him up good. They OWES us. Take dey shit if you can. It really be ours. Get over any way yous can."
L in Atl hell

Brian in Ohio said...

If Kera stumbled upon SBPDL, she would probably tell us what awful racists we were, and that she has many black friends and has never felt afraid living in a diverse neighborhood.

Just something to think about.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"It is long past time to ban Blacks from trials of Blacks for crimes involving non-Blacks.

We know they will always impugn the other and acquit their own."

Exactly correct. Our legal system and Constitution were designed by White men who never imagined we would become a multiracial multicultural mishmash of 3rd worlders. They never imagined a negroe would be on trial and walk free because tribal negroes refuse to convict a negroe criminal.

Truth Corps said...

A 76 year old cucked Federal Judge in St. Louis has awarded Michael Brown's family an undisclosed amount in the civil lawsuit.

This is Judicial Tyranny. The Rule Of Law is dead.

Unknown said...

"She was pregnant, so that's like killing his own kid"

Well that settles it then, not guilty.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...
Ultra violent crime against vulnerable white target, check.
He wuz a goot boi? Check.
Looks at muh video, check.
I dindo muffins, of course.

They are a living caricature. Not human, more like cartoon characters come to life. The Tasmanian Devil of the humanoids.

Anonymous said...


Cicero's in the Delmar Loop to close in late June

(Via KMOV News)

Anonymous said...

Spot on bro

Mr. Rational said...

(When that gets close we can substitute SJWs and other enablers to keep the numbers high).

Seen elsewhere:  "If you have an enemy and a traitor, and you have only one bullet, shoot the traitor."

The lesson regarding SJWs should be obvious.

Anonymous said...

Horrible story. That knuckledragger with an IQ of 23 should be put down...and put down painfully. There needs to be some message sent. As far as the national media, they are a complete disgrace. If the races were reversed we would be hearing this as the top story on the news for weeks. Marches, protests, riots and revruns with their begging bowls would be front and center. But black on white...nothing to see here. He was a good boy turning his life around. I'm sick of it, absolutely sick of this continual crap.

Off Topic...
Monday in the break room, a co-worker, told me a joke. I laughed. A couple of seconds later, one of the token vibrants walked in and saw me laughing.
He asked, smiling, "What's so funny?"
I told him, "Rob told me a joke."
"Tell me," the vibrant asked.
I said, "Nah, it was an inside joke meant for me."
The vibrant said, "It must have been racist."
Rob is standing there mouth agape.
I said, "Think what you want. It was between me and Rob."
Well today, I got called into HR and was told, "Jaison (The vibrant's name, pronounced Jay-Sahn) said that he thinks you were laughing at a racist joke that Rob told you."
"Did Jaison hear any such joke?"
"No, but you wouldn't tell him the joke."
"Because it was none of his business. If Rob wanted him to hear the joke he would have told him."
"Jaison doesn't think you guys like him because you don't include him in things."
Totally pissed off I said, "I can't speak for Rob but no, I don't like Jaison at all. This kind of nonsense is part of the reason why."
That was pretty much it.
I was angry because he expects to be included in things? I think it stems from when I had 4 tickets to a ballgame and took two people from the office and one a friend who I grew up with. I asked three people from the office, two accepted. Jaison heard about it and said, "I hear you going to the game. Where's my ticket?" I thought he was joking. Apparently he was serious and felt "excluded." The other people I asked were white. I have no interest interacting with black co-workers outside of work. Heck, I don't want to interact with them at work but sometimes I have to and I'm professional.
Rob was working in the field today so I called him and told him he'll probably have a visit with HR tomorrow.
Oh, if you want to know the joke Rob told here you go.
"Why do Muslims smell?" "So blind people can hate them too."
It wasn't even a black joke...but I guess it could have been.

Anonymous said...

Last week, while trying to enter a parking garage, a group of three or four negresses had planted themselves in the right section of the ramp in an effort to escape the (very hot) sun. They made no effort to move. I had to wait until the cars going out (on the left side) had gone out before I could drive around them. Just another passive-aggressive act by people who don't know how to behave in a civil society.

Anonymous said...

Tell South Africa we'll accept 1 million Affrikaners if they'll take back Trevor Noah and revoke his passport.

Anonymous said...

We had Jewish friends in South Africa that planned their escape for ten years, as they knew that once the Negro took over, they'd be the first to be jailed for some imaginary crime or murdered, their property seized and everything they owned confiscated. They managed to get out, but typically, they couldn't all come to the US, because they weren't beaners.

Anonymous said...

The founder was a big Democrat donor and huge Obamacare proponent, since part of the idea was to turn all of American health care into one big HMO (like Kaiser). I suspect those ARE potemkin negroes, which allows Kaiser to qualify for special bonuses or doscounts ceated to encourage "diversity." They know that due to their political clout, they will never be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Busch Gardens was always a nice oasis in an odd industrial part of Tampa. Considering the only thing worse than packs of negroes is being blasted by negro jungle hip hop all day, I'll pass.

PS: I think it's now owned by Blackstone Corp., which is currently expanding its Universal Orlando footprint in a major way. They are probably going to allow Busch Gardens to run down into another negro carnival. Sad.