Thursday, June 8, 2017

These aren't mutually exclusive: Seth Rich was the leaker to Wikileaks, but was just a victim of random black violence in D.C.

Of all homicide victims in 2016 Washington D.C., Seth Rich is the only white male whose murder has yet to be cleared.

For open homicide investigation for 2015 Washington D.C. murder victims, none involve a white victim.

Same for 2014 Washington D.C. open homicide investigation.

For 2013, there is only one open homicide investigation involving a white homicide victim.

None in 2012...

Do you understand?

Homicide in Washington D.C. rarely involves a white victim (and even rarer involves a white suspect).

Just a few charts documenting the reality of black crime in Washington D.C. From, BUILDING A SAFER DC METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT STATISTICAL REPORT 2001-2005:

From Washington D.C. Metropolitan Annual Report 2015:

Study of Homicides in The District of Columbia is vital reading, breaking down a detailed report of homicides by victim/suspect in D.C. from 1998 - 2000. It reports:
 As in previous years, the overwhelming majority of homicide victims in the District of Columbia between 1998 and 2000 were African-American. Of the 744 homicides that occurred during this three-year period, 685 – or more than 92 percent – involved African- American victims. The number of Hispanic/Latino and white victims was identical: 24 in each group, or 3.2 percent of the homicide total.
Of the 367 suspects arrested for homicide, 345 (94 percent) were African-American – a figure roughly equivalent to the percent of homicide victims who were African-American (92.1). In other words, the overwhelming majority of homicides in the District are black-on-black crimes. Other arrestees during the three-year period included 16 Hispanic/Latino suspects (4.4 percent), five whites (1.4 percent), and one Asian (0.3 percent).
Perhaps Seth Rich was the individual who leaked information to Wikileaks; but, not improbably, he might have just been another white victim of black violence (which is overwhelming and pervasive in Washington D.C.) few want to even acknowledge. 

The clearance rate for homicides is spectacularly low, with a majority of murders going unsolved. 

Again, what is the greater state secret: Democrats rigging an election or the mainstream media/state covering up black on white violence?  

The former is expected and equally protected by the mainstream media/state; the latter must be assiduously protected by the combined forces of the Left/Right/mainstream media/state, or else the entire paradigm collapses. 


Anonymous said...

It's true. The probability that Rich was just murdered by a random negro is real high. I know that corner where he was killed. It's a black neighborhood, with some whites trying to take advantage of 80-year-old brick town house type dwellings. But negroes usually take the property after a killing like this that is uninterrupted. On the other hand, it seems like the deep state would have taken his property as well, to point to negro killers. It's a mystery. But have faith, the DC police department is among the best of black run departments. I'm sure they will discover something that ultimately points to white killers.

Ex New Yorker said...

In Washington you have different power groups. Each are fighting for a better position within the power structure. Things become so screwed up that it is hard to tell who's who. Nobody knows the good guys from the bad guys. There are no good guys. There is no truth or honor among them since they are all corrupt. No one trust anybody. Their all just a mob of power hungry greedy bastards sucking the life blood from the tax payers. They spend their time stealing what they can get and we spend our time voting them into office. They all retire as rich multi-millionaires with six figure retirement packages.

What I found odd about this hit is that there was no head shot. A pro would have put a cap through his head once he was on the ground. The question that I would want answered is who was so stupid that they hired an amateur. I find it hard to believe that "they" could not find a professional "hit man" in Washington. Was this some back alley deal where the shooter was some local gang member.

There are no innocent people involved in politics. They are all dirty. Today another dog and pony show is taking place. Why is it that any time they have these "hearings" nobody ever goes to jail. Just another con job to keep the geeks glued to the tube.

What's all this bullshit about "leaks". The whole damn White House is bugged. You can't let a fart in the men's room without some "agency" knowing about it. Is Trump that dumb. His cell phone is also bugged. Who are these people that they don't know how to have a "safe conversation". I'll bet that every phone in Washington is tapped. Especially the phones in the whore houses.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he still have his wallet?

Paintjob Theory said...

Be involved with the Clintons in politics AND walk the streets of DC alone at 2:30 AM ..... I'm chalking this one up to suicide either way.

As dirty as Washington politics are, let's not pretend that it's anything more than professional wrestling for people who think they're intellectual. Carefully staged only to distract us from those who truly wield power and to give us the impression that we have any actual control over what happens.

Someone this week mentioned, white Europeans are becoming a minority here very quickly. The bulk of our numbers are over 50 meanwhile Tyrone, Jose, Achamed, and Pajeet are breeding like rodents at our expense. Take heart though, these mud people can't even get along with themselves much less each other so they likely won't pose a very united front against YT as they squabble over the white man's dwindling table scraps and battle for control over the crumbling ruins of our abandoned cities.

Bill in St Louis said...

It doesn't mean Hillary didn't pay some random black guy to shoot him... (or arrange for it). It just means their enablers keep them around for a purpose: deniable violence.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

When you have a city full of violent blacks murders, robberies, and shootings are so common that it is impossible to differentiate motives. No one will ever know if it was a politically motivated hit job.

One of the most amazing little gems is that over the past several weeks, New Orleans has had a ton of highly visible violent crime sprees - highlighted by 13 shootings on Saturday June 3, alone.

The mayor, who has postured as a national stage politician with his climate change and Confederate monument views, had to give a press conference to address "da bilence."

He said, and I quote, "We're going to have to change who we are, how we are and how we act. Nothing can change until we do this."

Well, Mitch, who "you are" is nearly 70% black. How "you act" is basically the same as blacks do everywhere else on the planet. I think you may be onto something, unfortunately New Orleans has been ethnically cleansed of productive, law abiding whites for at least 4 decades.

Your predecessors had the same view - changing who "we are" and correspondingly how "we act" when they dismantled Jim Crow -- the current state of your city is a reflection of those decisions.

Anonymous said...

The night before, a middle-aged Johns Hopkins professor was walking her dogs at 11 pm in a "safe" neighborhood in Baltimore when she was killed by Feral Negroes, who didn't bother to take her pocketbook. I believe this other guy was also killed for being White, alone, and out at night,which is why he was not robbed.

Anonymous said...

If the Seth Rich murder was a political hit, it just goes to show how well-informed and precise the Clinton people were to frame it as a random black-on-white incident. Amateurs would have had their hitman take Rich's phone and credit cards afterwards. I know that the public would be more readily satisfied that this was a "mugging gone wrong" if Rich had been robbed as well, but you wonder if the Clinton people knew that when it came to the nitty-gritty, police statistics would show that the majority of random black on white killings in DC didn't involve robbery as well and ultimately cast enough doubt to avoid further scrutiny.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

When I was much younger and stupider, I walked alone in Washington D.C. and quickly found myself to have stumbled into a negro hood. I started to get nervous because it was becoming dark outside. Being clear headed and sober, I could feel eyes upon me. I strode with confidence, picked up my pace, and kept my head up and eyes focused straight ahead. I saw the capitol building in the distance. It was my only navigation out of the neighborhood. I aimed straight for it. What seemed like an eternity was probably only about 30-40 minutes, but I got there unharmed and unmolested. Unlike Mr. Rich, who was probably quite inebriated, I got home safe.

That was about thirty five years ago. Washington has likely changed a lot since then, but I imagine even with gentrification, pockets of negro depravity still lurk in and around the capitol.

Anonymous said...

What I found odd about this hit is that there was no head shot. A pro would have put a cap through his head once he was on the ground. The question that I would want answered is who was so stupid that they hired an amateur.

Well if you use dial a thug it looks like just another DC murder.

There are some strange points in this case like how the police didn't request the bar video.

But we have seen in the past how the DC police is filled with Affirmative Action hires.

I suppose it is possible that he was killed over blackmail or extortion. I doubt he was killed over the DNC emails. If anything it was a hit over a threat to release something else.

But I would say odds are that it was just random negro violence. Seth was walking around a Black area at 4 in the morning. They probably told him to give up his phone/wallet and he pissed them off by ignoring them and staying on the phone. There was a struggle and they pulled a gun once they realized he might take them in a fight. They shot him and fled knowing there was a shot detector in the area. Since it was a White guy they might have correctly assessed that it would get more attention and decided to flee without taking the wallet. I've seen numerous cases where a negro robber is insulted or angered and just kills the victim without taking anything. It's not like they were going to get much cash in the first place.

Anonymous said...

you should have never walk through a black neighborhood for reason unknown. I bet that you Did a u turn

Anonymous said...

Be involved with the Clintons in politics AND walk the streets of DC alone at 2:30 AM ..... I'm chalking this one up to suicide either way.

I would say that either way he got what he deserved. If he leaked the DNC emails then good for him. Maybe it helped Trump win by keeping some Sanders voters home.

But that doesn't excuse his career with the devil. This was a DC hipster that could see the destruction caused by Blacks and yet worked to enable and funnel even more YT dollars to them. Just look at the snarky picture of him wearing the flag outfit. The US flag is a joke to him just as he didn't take negro violence seriously.

Anonymous said...

City after city from coast to coast the problem is the same- blacks on a killing spree as well as committing the bulk of other crimes thus making cities unsafe for human habitation. Once the Black Rot sets in due to negro infestation, everything starts crumbling to the ground. The old segregationist knew this just as South African whites did. The South Africans called it "The Black Peril" or Die Swartz Gevaar.

Can you imagine a MSM outlet doing a series entitled, "What Blacks Have Done To Our Cities" and listing the crime stats by race for each city from coast to coast? And showing some of the signs that say, "Enter the city at your own risk?" Libtards, Democrats and social justice warrior's heads would be exploding like a string of firecrackers on the fourth of July while blacks screamed it was racist and just being shown to "make them look bad."

Imagine if all our national parks were infested with rattlesnakes and people were constantly being bitten. Signs would go up warning everyone to be alert, to wear protective clothing (high top boots etc) and to exercise extreme caution. If the situation was too bad, the parks would be closed and something would be done about the rattlesnake infestation- an eradication effort or at least a severe culling of the number of rattlesnakes. No one would be making excuses for the rattlesnakes or blaming their behavior on anything other than the rattlesnakes themselves- they're just doing what rattlesnakes will do if you get too close. It's the same with negroes- enter an infested area, pay no attention, exercise no caution and get too close to them and pay the price. They're just doing what negroes do. Even the "good ones" who "don't bite" are still nothing but parasites who move into white areas and destroy them while feeding off of what whites have created.

Thanks a lot, libtards! Not only did you start up feed and breed programs so there'd be more negroes, you also forced us to include them in our communities and, even worse, you aided and abetted their spread to new areas where there was no infestation. Way to go! Look what you've accomplished! Idiots!

Anonymous said...

Seth Rich was a 'wet works' operation also known as Arkanside

Can't blame this one on your garden variety blacks

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. You argue and support with statistics that black on white violence is practically nil, and then you conclude that the rich murder was "typical" black on white crime. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

C itizen
O btained
V oter
F raud
E vidence,
F ound
E xecuted.

His name was Seth Rich.

It ultimately doesn't matter if it was a contract hit or "wrong place, wrong time".  He worked for Clinton; he was dirty even if he was trying to get clean.  Clitlery would have made the crime problem in DC even worse, by coddling criminals and persecuting the productive.  Everyone involved, from Odindu down to the last street thug, needs to be removed from American society.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a MSM outlet doing a series entitled, "What Blacks Have Done To Our Cities" and listing the crime stats by race for each city from coast to coast? And showing some of the signs that say, "Enter the city at your own risk?" Libtards, Democrats and social justice warrior's heads would be exploding like a string of firecrackers on the fourth of July while blacks screamed it was racist and just being shown to "make them look bad."

And yet they don't have a single Black city where crime is merely average and there isn't trash on the streets.

Even when I was a liberal I was skeptical of liberal solutions for Blacks. It seemed plausible that their brains could be different from evolution and that they had a harder time maintaining Western standards which then had implications for social welfare systems designed for Whites. Of course if I even hinted this to fellow liberals I would be instantly labeled a hater and racist.

But my liberalism dropped in college when I caught a liberal prof basically cheating the grades. A WASPy looking girl and I were held to unreasonable standards and never given an A while the only Black student was given a pass on everything. Funny thing is that I identified as liberal but I was still considered too threatening or too White to the prof.

I probably could have passed it off as anecdotal if not for the fact that I caught two other profs handing out easy A's for liberal opinions. Another prof told me off the record that we can't expect to hold everyone (read non-Whites and non-Asians) to equal standards. Oh ok so you wake up everyday and push White guilt while giving minorities a pass, all at the expense of White tax payers. Bye bye liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Having read countless books, all involving politics, it is clear NOTHING is done that does not have a message in it.

No "hit", either from the Romans, Soviets, CIA, Mafia, etc stands alone. Not only do they want to kill the "victim" (and there are no "victims" at those levels of power), but it is more important to send a clear message to everybody else you are fighting against.

MESSAGE: He informed on us, he is dead, you inform on us, you are dead.

One of the ways they do this is through the "signature" hit. The Mossad sends the message with a small caliber (.22) shot to the back of the head, preferable behind the ear. That is the Mossad telling all others, don't do what he did.

The other important thing to know is that these Crime Families (Same as the Banking/Political/Industrial Families...since they are all inter-married and run inter-locking corporations) all obey the Biblical Warning: "The sins of the Fathers are passed on to the sons".

These Families are Cultish and really odd, but are heavy into "Ancient Meanings" and love to trace their families back to "ancient times". They feel they have an ANCIENT RIGHT TO RULE and they will do anything to keep their family Dynasty alive. It is why your family past is sooooo important to them and why they only marry into true blood families. There are execeptions, as when a new Family Founder gains great wealth. They are invited into the group (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates, the New Zuckerberg, etc.). As the World's population grows, and the complexity of World Rule grows, they need to add "new" blood.

Anyway, you will see the killing of the male sons of those who don't obey, or turn on them. The Conspiracy History brings this up in the death of many "sons" and then explains what the Father did, or did not do, to need the "message sent".

They will wait. They prefer to wait until after the Mother of the son dies. This is the key explanation of the death of John Kennedy, Jr. His father, President Kennedy attempted to issue Silver Certificate money and resisted the hugely profitable Vietnam War. (the Families love war since there is so much money to be made...munitions, shipping, oil, etc.). So after she died, his plane "has an accident".

History is FULL of these odd being Charles Lindbergh's son (and whose own father really gave the Federal Reserve and Income Tax pushers a very, very, hard time). The Conspiracy History story claims Charles was way too famous, and useful in /defending promoting Hitler, to take out, but a message MUST be sent as the Ancients instruct, and Charles was warned to not go rogue.

D-FENS said...

To echo what Ex-NYer said - I look upon governments as refined versions of crime families. They have better suits, better educations, flags, emblems, oaths, anthems etc. Certainly much better weapons including nukes. Much more sophisticated publicity machines (((hollywood and media))) which were often controlled by conventional organized crime.

They have turf wars and truces. Very rarely rat on another crime family unless one goes rogue. There is an occasional Joseph Velacci such as Carrol Quigley or John Perkins.They shake us down for protection money. At least the mafia provides services that people are willing to pay for and they leave you alone and don't bore you with morality lectures after you've paid. Both government and the mafia tend to attract psychpathic personalities. It also should not be a surprise that our intelligence agencies often worked with the mafia for mutually beneficial objectives in the past. It would be hard to beat "The Godfather" as a template for understanding the nature of government.

I prefer this model to thosed based on the nebulous "illuminati" or "deep state" or even those that put it all on the jews. However, as pointed out in "The Godfather", there was a significant presence of jews in organized crime. They were perfectly happy to let the Italians take top billing.

Anonymous said...

Since he was white, it would seem he was deliberately targeted by the democrats. His odds were slim otherwise according to your statistics.

Sick n' Tired said...

Wallet, Rolex, cell phone & sneakers. Knowing that groids will shoot someone for $3, a cell phone, or disrespect from a family member/long time friend, Seth Rich's possessions would be like winning the lottery for any theiving groid.

SKIP said...

"What I found odd about this hit is that there was no head shot. A pro would have put a cap through his head once he was on the ground. The question that I would want answered is who was so stupid that they hired an amateur."

WHAT IF the fact that the work was MADE TO LOOK AMATEURISH to conceal a true assassination by a professional? The way it went could really have been done by driving by blacks.

Anonymous said...

Jury is still out on this one.

2:30 AM doesn't sound like the perpetrator would be 'rushed' or 'scared off' considering the description of the neighborhood (and I use the term loosely).

Plus, statistics would say that if the victim was white, it would be a rarity and probably solved very quickly....the usual suspects and all. Not so in this case.

But, whether it's Dems killing Dems or unintentional Dem-death-by-Orc, it's still funny to watch them try to spin this story.

Jim In Jersey

Tarczan said...

Just another convenient death surrounding the Clintons. We're about to somewhere around 100 now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we'll ever know whether Seth Rich was Arkancide for TNB because the DC police definitely didn't do any real investigating. There was camera footage from the bar, probably home surveillance footage in the area, etc. and none of it was looked into in the aftermath. Of course, I've heard he was found alive and expected to probably survive his gunshots so most city cops would chalk that up to idiot white in the wrong neighborhood.

What I do know for a certainty is that it's hard to find the truth anymore and I believe the people running our country like it that way. The rest of us do best by staying off the radar and creating a community of like-minded citizens to protect our own.

Seth Rich was playing with fire 24/7. He thought he was special. He and his family found out the hard way that they're not that special.

Anonymous said...

About 15 years ago, I treated myself to visiting the Smithsonian Museums of White Genius.


I could not help noticing the extreme number of negroes EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, which I knew to book in the Whitest part of Virginia, I enjoyed flipping through the cable channels and seeing all the foreign "dubbed" shows, in every conceivable monkey-mud language.

So, this post got me to thinking. What do the Embassy Staff tell each other? When a new Embassy Staff person is being prepped and readied to come to America, and the Embassy is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF Negro Town, are they warned like we White Americans are NOT? Do they give them maps, in their mug language, of Red Zones/ No Go Zones areas marked out? I would love to know.

I enjoyed walking down Embassy Row and seeing all the fortified entrances. Some tried to look NOT like a Titanium-Steel-Vanadian Bank Vault front door, but one could tell the extreme methods to protect themselves.

Also, at that time, Negro D.C. was LOADED with fully nude strip clubs. I can imagine why we are hated, especially by all the Muslim Nations. We are more revolting than Rome must have been. Pure filth, thousands of savage negroes, drunks, losers, homeless.

Our Capital is rotten to the core and it doesn't take long for all the Embassy Staffs to see America for what it really is. Evil and must be destroyed. This is why, according to The Koran, WE MUST BE DESTROYED since we are evil and the righteous thing, for all religions now that I think about it, is to destroy EVIL.

And we are Evil. We promote sex outside and before marriage. We race mix (and the Muslims and Asians find this revolting), we drink alcohol which is a poison, we let women vote, etc. They, according to all religions, are right, to hate us.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, at the library, when I got out of my car and walked up the sidewalk, there was a little black boy, about 8 years old, with a metal stake in his hand, (like the kind that holds up stop signs), which he was banging on the sidewalk. I saw him sizing me up as I walked up, and as I got closer, he said, "You got a dolla?" I said nope and kept walking, and heard him coming up behind me fast. I turned suddenly, and gave him the 1,000 yard stare, which he wasn't expecting, and stopped just short of possibly hitting me in the back or head with that metal thing. He mumbled, "I'ma gone to the liberry", and went on past. They are starting young these days.
I bit the bullet and gave a friend a ride to Dept. of Family/Children services today. Unlike most that get EBT, she is elderly and truly disabled. I went in to wait as I don't currently have a/c in my car. As I waited in the chaos of children screaming and people talking on their cell phones, I counted 42 blacks, 4 whites (including my friend and I), 5 Hispanics, and 4 Asians. Seats were at a premium. The little black gal in front of me, looked about 4 or 5, kept pushing her chair back until it was practically in my lap. Mom just kept texting. The big black adult woman behind me kept kicking the back of my chair. A security guard had to escort a woman out that was disgruntled about all the freebies she got. Every white person should have to spend an hour there to be educated. Thank heavens my friend was in and out within the hour. Seventh circle of hell there. And we were definitely outnumbered.
Before I sign off, check out this name of an Atlanta area black woman. Oh, I will save you the time. DeLabia. Really. Guess they don't excel at anatomy in school, either.
As for stealing, they think all "white folks" are bone (born) indu money, so we can just go out to the white privilege store and replace instantly anything they take. No biggie, right??
L in Atl hell

Marc B said...

It's impossible to find a murder suspect when an investigation was unofficially suspended on Day 1. The fact the MSM and Leftist Alt media are attacking anybody investigating whether Seth Rich was the source of the DNC email leaks revealed in August and October 2016 is a good sign that a cover up is under way, pointing to a better than 50% chance that that he was the leaker.

If he is outed as the genesis of the disclosure it means Trump won minus interference from Russia and Clinton, INC would come under more scrutiny regarding the convenient death of Seth and several of his Bernie Bros.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous lucky for you are still alive. Trust me black people don't play around

Anonymous said...

As Reagan said: "Here we go again"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't understand. You argue and support with statistics that black on white violence is practically nil, and then you conclude that the rich murder was "typical" black on white crime. Please explain.


"Senseless random killings are not a White nor Asian thing. Not even Mexican. We three breeds/sub-species of Homo Sapien, don't kill for no reason.

The black does. The muslim does (he believes, honestly, that he is doing the will of GOD-ALLAH, and he is) The negro kills simply for the joy of it and will use any method available, (knife, broken bottle, tire wrench, 2 x 4,), which is why "gun control" will never work on the negro. We need "negro control".

The negro also kills for loot. Be it Air Jordans, piece of Pizza, etc, thus this killing does not have the "tell" of a negro looking for a simple mark, and all white men up north are simple "marks".

The negro kills for "respect" or being dissed. There would be no reason to kill Seth unless the idea he dissed a pack of bucks. Then, they would have taken what ever he had on him since that is simple the next logical and natural step.

Also, very, very few Whites, even the stupid Democrat, or Christian, etc would voluntarily be alone in the negro infected areas. Natural instinct, at one point, would want them to go back to a "nice" neighborhood with "good" schools and churches....a White area. BUT, if a stupid White enters the Negro Zone, he has a HIGH chance of being attacked for the reasons I give above.

Therefore, it is a natural, logical conclusion, that as white man, in a negro nest area, would killed by a negro. He sure would not be killed by a fellow WHITE since the odds of that, in the No Go Negro Zone, would be close to "0".

If you need more of an explanation (and there is a lot more) than you will never understand.

Anonymous said...

"This is why, according to The Koran, WE MUST BE DESTROYED since we are evil and the righteous thing, for all religions now that I think about it, is to destroy EVIL."

Intolerance of other religions/lifestyles is only a characteristic of Christianity and its sibling, Islam, both of which were born from Judaism, which itself was originally very intolerant, as shown by the numerous genocides perpetrated by the Jews of the Old Testament. Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other religions don't take that view. While in their beginnings both Christianity and Islam spread at the point of a sword via forced conversions, the modern difference is that mainstream Christianity now emphasizes the New Testament's message of love, charity to one's enemies, and voluntary conversion, whereas Islam continues its tradition of making converts through war.

PB said...

"This is why, according to The Koran, WE MUST BE DESTROYED since we are evil and the righteous thing, for all religions now that I think about it, is to destroy EVIL."

The trouble with religion (religion is not the same as God) is that once in the hands of man it tends to become the very thing it seeks to destroy.

make it rain TRUTH said...

What's the saying in police work? Been around too long to believe in coincidence?

Guy spilling secrets on corrupt officials... dies to random black violence?

Not likely.

Anonymous said...

There is a precedent or two--anyone remember Mary Mayer? She was allegedly a lover of JFK in the White House--supposedly gave him drugs, including LSD. She was ex-wife of a CIA agent, and the sister in law of Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee. Anyway in 1964 she went for a walk and was murdered--supposedly by a groid.

In the mid 90s there was the Starbucks murders. Former WH intern and coworker of Monica--Mary Caitryn (sic) Mahoney, who went from the WH to managing a Starbucks in upper Georgetown. She and two coworkers were murdered, supposedly a "robbery" by groids although no $ missing.

In Monica's taped phone calls with Linda Tripp after the murder, she said, fearfully,"I don't want to wind up like Caity Mahoney".

One more thing--don't know about Seth, but DC has lotsa kweers. Bigly. The posters who mentioned what a cesspool DC is are spot on. Who knows, maybe he wanted some licorice stick--I remember weirdo Supreme Court Justice David Souter--he got beat up--he was allegedly "jogging" at midnight in one of DC's most ghetto 'hoods. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey, would you believe this !!! SHOCKING. What is the world coming to!!

Murder for Air Jordan's? No way. This is America.

Anonymous said...

On news stories about shootings (especially on Yahoo), I often see people from overseas making comments about gun violence/deaths in America. I always try to point out that they include suicide by guns in those statistics. If you removed that statistic, the next one would be black on black, or black on white murder. Remove blacks from that equation and gun violence drops off drastically. Look at the murder stats for Chicago, Baltimore, DC, New Oreans, Miami, Detroit, and all the other high murder rate cities, it's not old white gun loving racists shooting down minorities in the streets, it's blacks.

Anonymous said...

"And we are Evil. We promote sex outside and before marriage. We race mix (and the Muslims and Asians find this revolting), we drink alcohol which is a poison, we let women vote, etc. They, according to all religions, are right, to hate us."

First of all, Muslims have zero right to hate us as they do all of the above if they can, they just hide it more. Muslims have plenty of moral failings. Muslims belong in their own countries, not in ours. Secondly, voting rights have never been males to give or take away as male's don't own voting rights or any other rights. Women voting is not evil but good however not allowing them to vote was evil and your views towards women are evil. Men have run the world and it's been a mess with wars and killings and all.

Anonymous said...

OT – Tulsa law enforcement killed a rabid orc refusing to follow instructions and attempting to enter a convenience store with two knives. Its neighbor says that it never bothered nobody.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

If Seth Rich was killed by groids there is no way on God's green earth that they don't take his wallet and cell phone. This was a Clinton hit to send the message for about the hundredth time. Do not even think about fucking with the Clintons in any way, shape, or form, or this will be your fate. End of story.

No further police investigation will be allowed. The family has been informed to clam up and has a special democrat spokesman assigned to issue any public statements that are deemed necessary. This will be just another mysterious death coincidentally happening to someone who just may have crossed the Clintons. Nothing to see here, Just move along.

Anonymous said...

The screeching from the left every time his name is mentioned is a pretty good indicator. They get their marching orders from (((on high))). The media avoid the story like the plague so something is askew. His family pretty much told Hannity to STFU about it. I wonder how much they were paid because if it were my son I'd want to get to the bottom of it. Very odd.

Anonymous said...

About 30 years ago, my girlfriend and I drove into DC late and took the wrong exit. We had to drive through the ghetto, which seemed endless.Finally, we got to Bethesa MD and a safe hotel. Frightening!!

Anonymous said...

stories in the news,
19 year old amada hawkins 2 kids are dead, in texas. I cant determine her age.
I clicked on news and what I saw was images of other black criminals in Texas.

The killer of the 12 year old has been caught, groid.


Two ”barbaric” burglars who tied up a couple in their home and poured boiling water over their heads have had their prison sentences almost doubled.

Kacey Adams, 34, and Daniel Wallace, 33, broke into John and Janis Buswell’s Kent bungalow as Mr Buswell, 66, watched TV and his 64-year-old wife knitted clothes for her expected great-grandchild.

During the break-in Adams, of Ilford, and Wallace, of Dagenham, tied the couple up with cable ties and subjected them to almost two hours of torture as they demanded the codes to their safes. [victims were 'elderly'].

Pat Boyle said...

Thanks Paul. Excellent posting. I of course knew the statistics about black crime but it is something else again to see the photos of all the black faces of the murdered from my home town Washington DC. Reading Miss Greenbaum's story reminded me of a similar experience I had had about twenty years before hers. I was in South East Washington (black ghetto) about four in the morning trying to get back to North West Washington (white area) and got turned around. I wandered ever deeper into the very dangerous black neighborhoods. Finally I got oriented and walked the long, long way back. Scared the hell out of me.

That was around 1959. In those days I lived in Arlington which basically allowed no blacks to stay overnight. Black maids would come in from DC on buses in the morning but they all went back across the bridges each night.

I had an uncle who lived in Prince Georges county which was then an all white suburb. When we went to visit Uncle Gerald we had to go through South East Washington and over the Anacostia River. This took us through the poorest black area. Nothing today in America is remotely comparable. The only place I've ever seen that level of stone age poverty is some places in Mexico. They blacks were living in brick buildings but they had no floors. The blacks had open fires in the dirt.

Many years later in graduate school I had a Mellon Fellowship to study housing in Washington. My boss at the National Capitol Planning Commission thought that housing was worse than the public thought. I told him - "You have no idea what is used to be like".

Without whites to sustain them, the blacks in DC fell to an almost Neolithic level existence. People today think that blacks are poor but again they have no idea. Today we have a gigantic network of laws, customs, and practices which sustain blacks. Withdraw that and they will pull down the civilization around them and sit naked in the rubble.


Anonymous said...

I think blacks commit crime for the same reasons as others, but they have weaker impulse control and future time horizon. For example, I see a guy with a nice pair of Prada shoes and I want them but I have restraint. Blacks attack and take the shoes, without consideration of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with the basic premises of this website, but his statements don't match his conclusions here. If black on white murder is for some reason rare in DC, then one would expect another motive, such as political assaination with rich.

My own opinion is that these stats are bogus, DC is dangerous, and rich was a victim of random black violence.

Anonymous said...

The negro kills for "respect" or being dissed. There would be no reason to kill Seth unless the idea he dissed a pack of bucks. Then, they would have taken what ever he had on him since that is simple the next logical and natural step.

Most of the time that will happen but not always.

Sometimes they will feel dissed in a robbery and just shoot the victim without taking anything. I have also seen cases where they pulled the trigger right away even if the victim complied. They lack impulse control so there isn't always a rational explanation. They might be having a bad day and just randomly decide to take it out on the victim even if it botches the robbery.

I've seen these cases on First 48. One assailant starts shooting and the two with him are just as shocked as the victim. Everyone scatters and nothing is taken.

Anonymous said...

Another of Obama's spawn, being released from Racist White Oppression, goes back doing what the negro does:

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to contact this blog but here's a gem

Anonymous said...

Not buying it PK. One thing that was brought up during that pos Comey's hearing, was that the Bama administration had absolutely zero interest in investigating his shooting, which wouldve turned up a low IQ rape ape, who would've stole the man's money, wallet and cell. No,this was a hit, from the simple fact that he was dead less than 48hrs after the deep state found out he was the leaker. Make no mistake, blacks do kill whitey at alarming rates, especially in DC, but it's also a town with a CCTV camera at every Lampost, which would of picked up D'armarquavius doing the deed.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I too believe the Lindbergh baby was killed by the zionuts. These evil pricks are behind every despicable act in history. Lindbergh was an American hero, and with everything that has transpired since the fall of Hitler, he was proven right! We fought the wrong enemy.

Anonymous said...

His name is Viktor Yashchyshyk. Ukrainian American in New Jersey didn't get a whole lot of news coverage after being "randomly" murdered by an African American while walking his dog.

"Authorities said Allayne also tried to kill Yashchyshyk's dog by swinging it around by the leash. The dog slid out of the leash and was able to run back to its home."

The man was beaten to death. Have you ever been beaten? Think of what it is like to get it so bad that it kills you. And then the African American tried to kill his dog.

Consider what the difference magnitude of news coverage would be if you reversed the races.

Anonymous said...

Folks even mildly acquainted with academia know that a black or Latino A is worth no more than a white or Asian C. It is the elephant in the living room, which everyone sees but no one may talk about.

Anonymous said...

1) It's unlikely that items of value would have been left if Seth had been attacked by black people.

2) If black people had killed Seth Rich, the videos from the attending police officers would have been made available.

Surgio said...

Seth Rich's murder won't be solved because a DC cop assassinated him. Seth knew too much and leaked when his attempt at extortion failed. He had to be silenced and that sent a message to others who knew things to shut up.

Clintons have run murder incorporated for years. What's frustrating is their crimes are out in the public yet they get away with them. Hellary and Bill's criminality going back to Arkansas are legendary. Their associates die or go to prison, but they escape and always slither away. Hellay would have been elected (mostly by numskull white women) had she not been videoed falling to the pavement on 9-11 day.

It's frustrating as hell to see 'investigations' of Trump based on no evidence while Hellary clearly committed felony violations with her e-mail scandals and raked in millions in bribes and payoffs for the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Former AG Lynch and Comey both obstructed justice in the e-mail scandal. Comey lied to congress and leaked information to the NY Slimes Comical. This leak by Comey was likely a felony. Nothing to see folks, they'll never be prosecuted. They get by with their crimes because they are leftards and Demoncrats.

The Zodiac killer years ago in California was never caught. The reason was that a cop did it. He was on the inside and misdirected the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for correcting this individual...All the violence, crime & wars men are responsible for & this dude is going to put it on women voting?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that a sign to you tell not to go through black neighborhoods

Mr. Rational said...

Maybe that a sign to you tell not to go through black neighborhoods

There used to be an app called "SketchFactor" to tell you where the B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ high-crime neighborhoods were, and there was another called Vigilante to let you know when a crime was reported near you, but they were banned as "racist" because they pointed out the actual color of crime.