Saturday, June 10, 2017

In Nearly 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi (Capital of State), City's New Black Power Mayor Promises to "figure out how to get a movie theater"

"I'm goin' to Jackson, I'm gonna mess around,
Yeah, I'm goin' to Jackson, 
Look out Jackson town." 

- Johnny Cash

A nearly 90 percent black city, the capital city of Mississippi has just elected a black racial separatist (an adherent to "New Afrika" ideology) as mayor. 

Yes, the son of the mayor who boasted about building a "New Afrika" in the southern states - who died in office shortly after becoming the mayor of nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi - is dedicated to bettering the community for his people. 

His goal? To bring a movie theater to nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi. 

This is not a joke:

To help these opportunities grow in Jackson, Lumumba talks about generating an "incubator fund," particularly to bring businesses to areas needing revival like Farish Street, Medgar Evers Boulevard and highways 18 and 80. This is something his father wanted, but was not able to accomplish before his passing.

"If Green Bay can figure out how to get a professional football team, then I feel we can figure out how to get a movie theater," Lumumba said.

There is no movie theater in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi.

But this is a nearly 90 percent black city where local news tries to explain away and qualify black crime as not being as bad as "Detroit, Memphis or Atlanta"....

But remember, there is no movie theater in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi, a consequence of the Visible Black Hand of Economics convincing the free market to steer clear of the city and make investments elsewhere. 

Because no business will be in the black in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi. 

What kind of quality of life is found in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi? 

Perhaps this story will illustrate why there is no movie theater in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi.[Children's barbershop owner shot, killed, Jackson Clarion-Ledger, June 9, 2017]:

A children’s barber was killed Friday morning after a masked gunman stormed into a barbershop and began firing shots.
Johnny Brown, 49, of Jackson, was cutting a man’s hair at the shop he owned, Just For Kids Barbershop on Bailey Avenue in Jackson, when an unidentified man wearing dark clothing and a ski mask burst though the door and demanded to know who owned the gold Pontiac parked out front, according to witness accounts.
The man then produced a handgun and started shooting and continued shooting as he ran out of the shop and fled in a white Chevy suburban. Police are still searching for him. 
Brown was struck multiple times in the chest. Witnesses said he stumbled outside before collapsing in the parking lot.
A 911 call came in at 9:22 a.m., according to Jackson Police Department Cmdr. Tyree Jones, and police and emergency personnel responded to the scene.
Brown was transported to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson where he was pronounced dead on arrival, Jones said.
After police left and the crime scene tape was taken down, friends and coworkers remained. Gathered around Brown's Pontiac, some stood in stunned silence. Others shared photos of the man they remember as "Dip"  — someone who cared about the people of Jackson, someone who wanted to make the city a better place.
Chuck Wansley had been one of Brown’s closest friends since they were kids.
“Everybody knew Dip, everybody,” Wansley said. “He’s been here forever. He’s from Jackson, all of us grew up together … 40 years of friendship.”
As he spoke of Brown, Wansley's phone continuously rang. He ignored each call. He knew they were calling about his friend. 
“He had at one point, a negative lifestyle so a lot of people are always going to say that but he was a good guy to me, man. A great guy. You ain’t gonna find a guy like that.”
A small group of young men huddled in the parking lot, steps away from shards of glass littering the pavement. Bullets tore holes in the shop’s front door, next to a sign that reads “No weapons allowed.” Forming a circle, the group held their heads down, taking deep drags from their cigarettes. Pointing at them, Wansley said, “He raised those guys.”
“For years, he gave them a chance to come up here to cut hair. All these kids in the neighborhood would come up here and get candy, whether they had money or not. He helped everybody out.
“We tried to be examples, to show them you don’t have to do that, everything can’t be with violence. We helped young kids and tried to steer them away from this lifestyle. That same lifestyle caught up with him.”
Brown was instrumental in starting a mentoring program in Jackson. He and Wansley would partner with the Jackson Public School District and talk with middle school counselors and principals to identify troubled students.
“They want structure in their lives, point them in the right direction,” Brown told The Clarion-Ledger in 2013. “Most of these kids don’t have a strong male figure in their lives.”
Through the program, kids would work on schoolwork and then get to work in the barbershop.
“Most of the kids get serious about their schoolwork,” he previously told The Clarion-Ledger. “Hook up a kid with a mentor they can talk to whenever they want. Bond in the school setting and establish a rapport. Then hit the barbershop.
“Mentoring is not just for a day or a weekend. Mentoring is forever.”
Montreal Tims was 16 years old and in high school when he first met Brown. For years, Brown served as his mentor. Tims started working in the shop and, at 27, is following in Brown's footsteps, mentoring young boys. 
“He gave me a chance to come in the shop,” Tims said. “We helped kids, foster kids, all kinds of kids. Anybody that needs our help. He was a good guy. I don’t know what goes on in his personal life but, from what I know of, ain’t nobody want to hurt him. He helped a lot of folks.”
In addition to mentoring, Brown had a following of loyal customers. Nearly every morning for the last five years, Keith Simmons would stop by Brown’s shop.
“This is always our first stop,” Simmons said. “We always come to see Dip.”

For Simmons, Brown’s shop was a “safe house.”
In the absence of white people, "New Afrika" has already been created in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi. It looks an awful lot like old Africa...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like some kind of hit job. Black lives most definitely DO NOT matter.

He probably hated whitey, but hey, the jigaboo at least worked and tried to teach the younger apes how to be responsible people.

Jackson will have no movie theater.

Julie said...

There should be a Whole Foods in Jackson. Negroes have a great affection for organic this and that. A bag of organic hot cheetos is one of their favorites. There should be at least a dozen Starbucks in Jackson. Negroes love to sip on a cup of burnt coffee while inhaling vast amounts of marijuana and admiring their firearms and stacks of cash. Jackson ought to have a great deal of manufacturing. If there is one thing negroes love to do, it is manufacturing things. They have a deep, natural desire to create and refine objects. I would expect Porsche would have a factory or two in the Jackson area to take advantage of the negro work ethic and dedication to excellence.

Californian said...

But this is a nearly 90 percent black city where local news tries to explain away and qualify black crime as not being as bad as "Detroit, Memphis or Atlanta"....

That statement in itself says soooo much. Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta...all black run cities and thus crime rates are "bad." i.e., the default condition for black cities is really, really high levels of crime. Who knows, perhaps Jackson is not as "bad" as Detroit, but that may not be saying much. It's like saying Jackson is not as bad as Monrovia.

Speaking of which, for a no-holds-barred look at black majority Africa, I highly recommend the movie Lord of War. Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer who deals with maniacal warlords, cannibal bling rappers, and disintegrating towns once built by Europeans somewhere on the dark continent. And given the current "refugee" invasion, coming to a first world country near you, YT.

As always, stay armed, stay alert.

Plaga Negra said...

You have to get them to shut up first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should change the city's name to Wakanda ...?

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time with this one. He USED to "run with the wrong crowd" but catches a chestful of lead at 9AM? When did he start getting picky about his Tupperware party guest list, last month? I'm a wee bit skeptical that this little episode is over something too far back in the past.

Psssst! Yeah, you, Mr. Mayor . . .
Green Bay didn't attract an NFL franchise to their little town. The Packers were FOUNDED there as a semi-pro team in 1919; keep trying, though. Rome wasn't burned in a day.

Detroit Refugee said...

I don't have a lot of time to contemplate this latest offering from PK, however, my instincts tell me something is missing from either the Traitorous Media or the "community". If I had to guess it's a drug debt being settled with lead, or a rip- off being righted. Or just the standard robbery gone wrong. Young black males see a "pillar" of the community & rather earn it & make sacrifices for decades, you just hit a lick. Easy money!!

I have a feeling this barbershop was a "spot", a place where drug sales & gambling went on day & night. How much in tax dollars do you fine folks think this business paid yearly?

Anonymous said...

So much for that "safe house" idea. Mikey©

Paintjob Theory said...

"incubator fund,"

Credit where due, this is an original new term for gibs muh dat.

"bring businesses to areas needing revival like Farish Street..."

I did a virtual safari of Farish St. on Google street view and it looked like any other place in African America, the decaying ruins of once nice things that white Europeans long ago built and then fled. In a 90% white city you have your "bad" neighborhoods where the negroes create a little mini-Africa, I wonder if in a 90% black city if you even have one nice neighborhood where humans have a little oasis of civilization? Anyway, the only thing that would bring any investment to Jackson short of government coercion at gunpoint would be a MOAB or other extinction level event removing the Congoid population therein.

""If Green Bay can figure out how to get a professional football team, then I feel we can figure out how to get a movie theater," Lumumba said."

Green Bay has a negro population of a scant 3.4%, while still an albatross around the neck of the humans there, and a detriment to quality of life, nowhere near enough to implode their civilization. Negroes can't even figure out how to wear clothing, tame fire, invent the wheel, or feed themselves without white man's intervention. Notice he says "we can figure this out" but apart from some nebulous idea of shaking down white taxpayers (where?) has no idea how it's going to happen.

"unidentified man wearing dark clothing and a ski mask burst though the door and demanded to know who owned the gold Pontiac parked out front, "

Who did own the Pontiac?

"Jackson Police Department Cmdr. Tyree Jones"

Coincidentally "Tyree" is actually the Swahili word for "fuck you whitey". When your elected and appointed government people have names like African warlords you can pretty much guess how things are going to operate.

“He had at one point, a negative lifestyle"

At one point... I wonder if it was at the point where he, in his gold Pontiac, angered the masked gunman enough to come into his shop seeking murderous retribution? Remember, Africans are like dogs, they have no concept of time except some vague idea that tomorrow might happen, Things that happened in the past are quickly forgotten and only dimly recalled. The "din' do nuffin" is simply an extension of this lack of mental power. Pretty much if he's not doing it right here and right now it didn't really happen. "Past misbehavior" could as easily be 10 years ago or 10 minutes for all their ability to process that information.

Oh well, the happy ending here is that there is one less bootlip parasite bringing down western civilization.

Anonymous said...

Reading further, the majority of their infrastructure; roads & watermains are at the end of their usable lives and the Afrikan leaders aren't sure how to overcome this dilemma.

Perhaps yard signs or T-shirts, a march?

Anonymous said...

Just had the news on and it about protest on Muslim which features fascism vs sjw marxist

Unknown said...

And after the moon gods grant them a motion picture house, clean water and maybe some kind hot spicy food. Ah The Stone Age. The 1950s looks a Hell of a lot better than that doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the word "mentor" was used way too many times.
That is all.
Female in FL

Robin Naybors said...

Ah hell….I don’t know why there isn’t a new-fangled, fancy, moving picture house in Jackson. Maybe this has something to do with it?

This town’s local online news rag looks like a liberal, negro-worshipping circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

*Green bay can get a new football team we can get a theatre*. There is a beauty of ignorance and lack of education. This man. Jackson you deserve this man . 10 % whites flee now no material thing is worth my life.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm trying to explain things to someone with a 70 IQ, but Green Bay didn't "figure out" how to get an NFL team. When the proto-NFL was conceived in 1920, football was still just a minor sport, with it's popularity limited to college teams. Most of the fledgling teams were based out of small midwestern cities (Rock Island, IL, Muncie, IN, Matthews, IN, Racine, WI, Kenosha, WI), so Green Bay was not an anomaly in that respect. The one thing the almost all white Green Bay did figure out over the years was how to keep their small town team in the league, while all the others fell by the wayside.

Meanwhile, no black run black majority city can even "figure out" how to keep a movie theater in business. They don't understand that a movie theater needs business to stay in business. Sure, a ton of state and federal money could be used to lure someone to build a state-of-the-art movie theater in Jackson, but who is going to pay money to go there? Do you think Shaneequa is going to spend 16 dollars to see an IMAX 3D showing of Wonder Woman or use that money to buy four Long Island iced teas? Who is going to pay for the damages to every part of the facility that will be rampant within a week of its opening (caused by patrons who only showed up due to "opening week deals", free ticket handouts, and free hot dog and ice cream promotions)?

Anonymous said...

Cool and here is the first movie they can show.Now mind you this is comic hero fantasy but you know damn well Blacks are going to take this as a literal truth.And check out some of the Y-o-u-tube comment videos. Alot of the Black opinion videos all say the same thing."it's about damn time they made a movie with an all black cast.No white washing" So basically Blacks look at movies with all black people as a good thing and and should be promoted but when Whites do anything together "IT BEEZ RACISS and sheeeit".
The movie is Black Panther.And it has the whole WE WAZ KANGZ and sheeit! on full display throughout.Space ships ,advanced technology,a super metal ,the most advanced civilization ever.And Whitey stole it all. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

"If Green Bay can figure out how to get a professional football team, then I feel we can figure out how to get a movie theater," Lumumba said.

Granted, Green Bay has a unique situation in that the city owns the team. But Lumumba shows his cargo cult mentality with thhat statement. If Jackson, MS could round up a few hundred thousand and were to open a theater, it would be similar to Chris Rock's comment about opening a disco in a black neighborhood "Grand Opening, Grand Closing"!

Anonymous said...

Great article, PK. I can tell you firsthand what this place is like. I grew up in South Jackson, a once solid white, middle class area. Slowly, but surely, what Paul calls the "black undertow" took over and destroyed everything in its path. Every major business, and their white employees, have fled the city for the safety of the suburbs. There are only a few white neighborhoods left in the city now. Most with "For Sale" signs in the yard, especially the once wealthier white neighborhoods of North Jackson. Even they can't forever escape the tide. As for Farish Street, Paul could do an entire series on that debacle. It's a "once vibrant African American community" that's been being revitalized for approximately 40 years now. I s**t you not. 40 years. And it's worse now than it was before. But I'm sure some "scholar" from Jackson Public Schools has the solution for everything if only dem evil racists would just stop holding them down. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You can kind of piece together the story from the tidbits of truth sprinkled throughout the story:

"an unidentified man wearing dark clothing and a ski mask burst though the door and demanded to know who owned the gold Pontiac parked out front"

“[Brown] had at one point, a negative lifestyle..."

"Culley was Brown’s mechanic for the old Pontiac..."

"...[Brown] wanted to make sure his sons split the property evenly in case he died."

It would seem that the wonderful, humble victim, Mr. Brown, did not truly escape his "negative lifestyle". The gunman didn't seem to be too interested in stealing Mr. Brown's old Pontiac, he just wanted Brown. The fact that he couldn't readily identify Brown indicates that he hadn't seen him in years (and was back to settle an old beef) or was hired by someone else to take out Brown to settle an old beef. We don't know if Brown was saddled with diabetes and otherwise unhealthy, but he may have known he was on someone's shit list by talking to his friends about plans "in case he died" (i.e, died suddenly).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love how the media is reporting how the "internet is breaking" due to the "incredible" reaction to the new Black Panther movie. This movie, as the previous commenter said, is the apotheosis of the "We Was Kings" myth. In the middle of sub-Saharan Africa, where the average black has a mean IQ of 55-65, there is hidden a tiny pocket of genius IQ blacks who have created the most technologically advanced country in the history of the world.

Blacks will walk out of that movie thinking (or what we would call "wishing") it was a documentary.

The release date for that movie is in February 16, 2018. No doubt that date was carefully chosen for several reasons. One, it will have absolutely no competition at the box office, so even if it was only a borderline success for a Marvel movie, it could still be hailed with "biggest February opening ever!" and "number one movie in America for 4 straight weeks!" headlines. Also, critics no doubt will be giving it "4 stars!" and praising the Oscar-worthy performances from it's previously "Oscar-nominated" black cast, trying to drum up hype to see this movie in a typically dead time of year. Finally, if it turns out to be one of the lowest performing Marvel movies (and it will, because think of the lack of a potential Chinese audience for it), in addition to predictable cries of "racism" they can point to it being released in the "dead" time of year for movies.

Anonymous said...

With regards to that Chris Rock "Grand Opening, Going Out of Business" joke, if they could swing enough tax dollars to get someone to build this theater, they could game the system by opening it up when the "Black Panther" movie comes out, get big audiences for three weeks and make a decent payday, and then close down and condemn the property, which will be no doubt left in utter shambles by a all-black clientele after only a month of use.

Anonymous said...

@julie you know a liberal like see a black person work at a Porsche factory then a lazy blue collar person as a liberal person would say

Anonymous said...

Jackson survivor again. There was something I've noticed here and I was wondering if it's true elsewhere. The only new stores ever built in the city any more are government services buildings, mostly of the gibs variety. Or brand new pharmacies, usually a CVS across from a Walgreen's. The only reason I can think of, considering every other business has fled, is Medicaid and Medicare. There are tons of children and single mothers here who are obviously on Medicaid. And a few elderly whites on Medicare. Enough so apparently to justify multi-million dollar stores in what is otherwise a third world wasteland. Has anyone here seen that where you are?

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'll build a theater there. Of course you'll have to go through a full strip search before we let you in, and your mouths will have to be duct taped shut once the movie start, and you'll have to be chained into your seat during the movie. I'm sure i'll think of some other required security measures. The tickets will have to cost $500 each, to pay for all this

Anonymous said...

Next headline: "Headless Body Found!"

And headline after that: "Headless Body Doesn't Match Head!"

The article said that the decapitation was intended to send someone a message, perhaps over a drug deal gone wrong or whatever. But the real message is: "Welcome to Africa!"

Anonymous said...


Forgive my ignorance.
Since I use (((youtube))) I am aware of the NEW !!! MOVIE!!!
but what the f--- is a 'black panther' film? Is BP a marvel super hero from africa?

Bill in St Louis said...

This is not a joke:

Yes it is.

We all know the answer to why they can't get a movie theater. If Mayor McMuthaland can't figure it out, maybe we can take up a collection here, and send him a mirror. It won't help him, but maybe if he is busy looking at himself we won't have to hear such a pathetic attempt at humor.

As far as Dip the Barber goes, sounds like TNB. "He got a shinier hooptie than muh. I'se shoot his ass, that show him!" Since he was a mentor to so many, and yard apes are always hanging at the barber shop, there should have been plenty of witnesses, right?

(that was a joke as well)

Stay alert, stay armed.

Anonymous said...

The movie is being released smack dab in the middle of Black Hysteria Mumf

Californian said...

We are told that "black labor built America." Well, if black labor could create all that cotton wealth in the 19th century, and mass produce automobiles on Detroit assembly lines in the 20th, then why can't Jackson harness the same to build a movie theater? I mean, a movie theater is not that difficult to build. It's a big, boxlike building with rows of seats and a ticket booth. Perhaps the concession stand might take a bit of skull work, but I am sure a well placed government contract could handle that.

So let's see Lumumba mobilize all that black labor and get cracking on this project, one worthy of the builders of the pyramids.

Time to bring Jackson into the 21st century!

Anonymous said...

Is BP a marvel super hero from africa?

The comic went back to the 1960s or 1970s, when blacks could still claim to be "oppressed" or something, and those terrible, terrible YTs were still maintaining some semblance of civilization in places like Zimbabwe and South Africa, since "liberated" and reverting to the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Negroes will always need a handout, a leg up, or 'gibs" to survive economically. This is obvious. Adam Smith never envisioned a retard culture that worked against its own interests.

Anonymous said...

So he lowered the standard a bit from creating a new African state to bringing in a movie theater.

Let's review problems with Blacks and theaters:
1. Being loud and obnoxious during the movie which drives away non-Blacks
2. Leaving trash on the floor
3. Not buying enough concessions

I actually bet #3 is the biggest problem. Blacks will see something like a $9 popcorn and think "the man" is trying to swindle them.

The other problem is that middle class Blacks are mostly an artificial creation via government jobs and affirmative action. Just because you give a Black person a 40k a year job does not mean he will spend it in the same manner as a White person. This goes back to the naive assumption of everyone being the same. I've never heard of a Black area being short on weave, auto speaker or liquor stores.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist and diversity kick out the White middle class over the years. Like they say the south is lost forever

Anonymous said...

Hey, i'll build a theater there. Of course you'll have to go through a full strip search before we let you in, and your mouths will have to be duct taped shut once the movie start, and you'll have to be chained into your seat during the movie. I'm sure i'll think of some other required security measures.

Here is how I would do a Black theater:

Build an outdoor theater next to a dump and then use a bulldozer to push the trash into a pit every other week.

Show late run movies to keep the costs down and also have a Tyler Perry night.

Sell generic grape soda, popcorn and Grade D chicken wings in a $5 combo. Make sure to have plenty of cold wings and chips for EBT.

After a few months sell the business to a local Black before the inevitable shooting drives down attendance.


Anonymous said...

@Californian quote black labor could create all the cotton wealth in the 19th century. You know I was in school my Marxist teacher had said the hold state of Mississippi is curse and a hell hole because of the white planter system and the miss treatment to blacks from slavery to 1965

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see a gubmint run movie theater. That would be hilarious. Can't wait to see an explanation on how a 1 million per year public subsidy for movies is needed for chillun or to stop da violence. Also expect the usual liberal and Black explanations on how it's a capitalist (read White) conspiracy to keep theaters in White burbs.

If Green Bay can figure out how to get a football you can't make this stuff up. He seems to think all football teams were acquired by government process. As if White areas are nice and have sports teams because their governments are just really good at luring them in. Sadly he and 99% of liberals can't conceive of modern society being created without government direction. Australia was built by convicts but Jackson Mississippi in 2017 needs Nanny Government to oversee the construction of a movie theater.

Remember liberals, you staked your future in these people.

Mr. Rational said...

HAH!  Julie's back.  Missed the satire.

I wish R. "Ace" Reilst and I. M. Klewless would post more often too.

Anonymous said...

The Marxist and diversity kick out the White middle class over the years. Like they say the south is lost forever

Probably but all it would take is a major disaster for the whole house of cards to collapse.

If the South re-aligned after a disaster it's not like Northern Whites would sign up to fight them. The vast majority of Blacks wouldn't fight either. They would sit and wait for the Northern Whites just like they did in Katrina.

Egalitarians had lucky stars with Lincoln and his ability to deceive Northern Whites. White males today are not going to risk getting their head blown off for egalitarian fantasy. Liberals had their chance to prove that Africans were just extra-tan Europeans with fuzzy hair and history has proven them wrong. Now we all wait to see how this massive mess a problem plays out.

Anonymous said...

The only kin of movie theatre that would have a chance to survive in 'New Afrika" would be one subsidized by the government. Blacks could get in for a dollar uncle sam would put up the rest. There would of course have to be armed guards patrolling the aisles and protecting the concession stand. Without a substantial armed force to protect the place a local gang would undoubtedly take the place over and make the patrons pay them to watch the movie. There would be drug dealing going on , the brothers would be bringing their forties in to drink while watching the show. And watch the show is about all you could do , because I highly doubt if they could hear it. Have you ever been to a movie theatre with even just a dozen or so blacks in the audience, imagine one with wall to wall blacks. The place would be nothing more than a hangout for gangsters. Go to any gas station in the hood and you'll see it filled with a dozen or so homies milling about inside and out. A few years ago there was a Kmart in Flint that was taken over by a gang. The manager was black and everybody that worked there was black so I guess everybody was in on it. They helped there selves to whatever they wanted. They were even so bold as to sit in a chair just out side the entrance and shake down the customers for a couple bucks to enter, saying it was far parking or security or some shit like that. Well needless to say that Kmart is long closed down. The violent and criminal nature of blacks makes it impossible for any business to make it in black neighborhoods. Face it blacks are the same as they were thousands of years ago. Originally they were hunter gatherers and when the hunting and gathering wasn't so good, they would wage war on their neighbors and take prisoners who would become the mainstay of their diet for awhile. I have no doubt if the white man disappeared from the earth they would revert back to their origins very quickly.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

When we were a white community we had two multiplexes. Since the occupation, one is now a negro "church" and the other is a huge dialysis center. There's a huge dialysis center in all da hoods in da Ham.

Theaters, fast-food chains that don't serve chicken, and chain grocery stores seem to be the first to leave. There's no shortage of quick-loan check cashing money holes and chicken joints, however. Yep, sirens blasting every 30 minutes and a church on every corner. And much like Heston in "The Omega Man", one doesn't venture out after dark lest one falls victim to the mutants.

Sick n' Tired said...

"In the absence of white people, "New Afrika" has already been created in nearly 90 percent black Jackson, Mississippi. It looks an awful lot like old Africa..."
This may be true, but unfortunately New Afrika is also still part of the United States, so that makes them eligible for even more grants, gibs, government hand outs, AA hiring processes, and NAACP fighting for their cause than if they were back in Old Afrika.
On a note, can you imagine how awful it must be to try and watch a movie at the theater in a 90% black area?

Anonymous said...

The 3.4% negro population in Green Bay is made up of current & former Packers players and their families.

Anonymous said...

The 10% is probably 2% whites, 2% Asian, and 6% hispanic/other.

Anonymous said...

I was in green bay last year
Seems to be more than 4% groid
I even heard a hip hop station
Whilst scanning the fm dial !

Anonymous said...

This was obviously a hit on the good Mr "Dip" - they specifically asked who drove the gold "Ponyac!" A lot of black barbershops (and churches) are hotbeds of anti White racism so he was no loss to us - I'm sure like most elderly blacks he "mentored" them on how to get over on Whitey and blame them for everything bad in their lives. He supposedly spent years "helping" so many yuf get on the right path yet the "community" is worse off now - kinda like Obama did in Chicongo. I wonder if Obama thought about his brothas in the hood while snorting coke and playing "catch-me catch-me" with his boy Branson on that private island - I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall - well, maybe not - the visual I'm getting ain't pretty - lol!
And now this clown mayor wants to get someone to open a theater in that shit hole - what company would do that? Besides the usual day to day chaos of running the place, the first time something racial happens anywhere in the country the theater gets burned to the ground - guaranteed! I bet when Jackson was majority White they had several theaters, wonder what happened - because we're all the same don't ya know!

Always remember - there is no such thing as "black power" only "White cowardice"

Anonymous said...

A negro theater would have to simply be built differently to reflect their "culcha". All stainless steel seating, concrete floors with hoses and drains near the screen to flush the theater out between shows. EBT friendly robotic concessions protected with highest quality materials. Samsonite luggage used to have a commercial of a gorilla trying to destroy one of their suitcases, perhaps they could provide some input.

Anonymous said...

I surprised that there's no Theater in Jackson Mississippi and no one never mentioned or care that diversity may come to the suburban area movie Theaters

Tarczan said...

At least "Dip" didn't mentor his young negro supplicants to be surgeons or astronauts, he advised them to be barbers. This is a job that the talented tenth, with extreme dedication and perseverance, can achieve.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are disrupctive everywhere, but we can't talk about it, not anymore, not even that they are loud in the theater..

There was a segment in Scary Movie (2000) where one of the loudmouth gets a beatdown from a mix of whites, jews, and asians, a sight that gladdens my heart.

Warning, one of the cut away scene to her lowdown boyfriend in the bathroom is NSFW (Not Safe For Work - [but really, you shouldn't be fooling around at work to be safest])

Scary Movie 1 - Brenda at the movies

Sheboon demonstrates how it takes just ONE of them to ruin things for everyone else. They don't belong in cities - they've never built any themselves. They only had one mudhut with tribal leaders, they don't know how to compromise and think about what other people feel. They've never written any books on good manners (prior to contact with non-blacks, but I don't think they've written any now).

Blacks shouldn't be allowed to own guns or to drive. One by one, they close down cineplex. There is a giant one in the whitopia where I live, but blacks drive from another part of town to ruin it too.

Anonymous said...

Green Bay got a team in 1919, what were the demographics then?!

Anonymous said...

June 9, 2017 - 10:15 pm | Permalink

From the London Bridge Attacks, the world has now heard via the internet the battle cry of Britain.

“Fuck you. I’m Millwall”

This at full throttle is the cry of one who did not obey the London police directive to hide or shelter in place like a good kaffir. This is the battle cry of Millwall fan Roy Larner who charged three jihadis armed with machetes at the Black and Blue [could not make this up] and fought them bare handed while hundreds of people fled to safety.

Did anyone hear about that on the FakeNN?

Roy received eight machete slashes and from his hospital bed continues to diss the Muslims, multi-culturalism, Saddiq Khan, the Political Traitor Class and the entire apparatus that Our Betters have marshalled for the rape and sack of England.

Roy’s interviews are being livestreamed past the FakeNN to England around the world.

And we are loving it – hearing Saddiq ‘no link between Muslims and terror’ Khan called a boofhead. And we are reliably informed by Roy’s mother (also being livestreamed) that our hero lowered himself to take on the Mozzies because Millwall usually rumbles with West Ham and Manchester. And there is more. Much more.
Millwall f**k em all at Leicester

Mighty Millwall has heard their battle cry at London Bridge. Their old sparring partners have heard it too. Roy Lerner has covered his club in English glory and the rest of them are not going to be outdone.

Now the Muslim jihadis, the rape gangs, hate preachers and all the rest, including their police protection are going to find out that the blood of England is strong and they have messed with the wrong nation.

I am just an old woman on public transport but my cane is English oak and I have ordered the Millwall colours to be shipped out from England.

D-FENS said...

The inaugural feature film should be "Birth of a Nation" (the original).

Anonymous said...

There was a movie theater I used to go to in Upstate NY during the summers when I was in town. They cobbled together 3 theaters by combining a quantsent hut to an old barn/warehouse, and theater building with a stage for performances. Each theater had a few rows of movie seats, then a bunch of mix matched chairs and tables closer to the screen. Inside the lobby of the theater was a Subway sandwich shop, Carvel ice cream, pizzaria, and video rental store, they also had a mini-golf course outside around back. We used to fill our pockets with beers and go watch movies there during the week when nobody would go. Usually the guy taking tickets, renting videos, and making pizzas, was also running the projector, so sometimes he would tell us that the movie isn't going to start for a few minutes, because he had a pizza in the oven.
If a place like that can survive and be profitable in a small town of 1500-2000 people, the fact that Jackson, Mississippi a town of 174,000 can't even attract a theater is telling of the area.

Anonymous said...

What's happening in this town? Nothing one wouldn't expect...

Law enforcement authorities in Jackson, Miss., are investigating the discovery of a severed head on the porch of a house and a headless body less than a mile away, CNN reported.

PB said...

"black labor built America."

Nothing at the design stage though, unless peanut butter counts, and even then.....

Anonymous said...

They should open up a Carl Weathers Memorial Odeon and they can show the film, "Action Jackson", starring Carl Weathers. A testament to "Action Jackson", Jackson, MS and Negroe of the Month, Carl Weathers! If Mr. Weathers needs a place to retire gracefully, he can even live there in a custom negroid theater/retirement shack for the great black screen legend. We'll somehow cure racism and everything, wow! Too bad if he needed to live there he'd probably get mugged or killed and if he'd married him a white woman, she'd get muh-dikked to death in the nayba-h00d!

Anonymous said...

Who goes to movie houses any mo'?

At certain movie house in Southern Wisconsin, you buy a ticket and get ASSIGNED SEATING. You wanna go sit next to the crawdads? I don't! Thus, will not go to any movie house.

Whole place is empty and you gotta sit in ASSIGN SEATING? C'mon!

Paul Bonneau said...

"If Green Bay can figure out how to get a professional football team, then I feel we can figure out how to get a movie theater,"

Green Bay did it entirely without the help of the dead hand of government. That should be a clue...

Brian in Ohio said...

I`m sure Jackson had a movie theater at one point. Probably several. The reason they don't have them now is the same reason a new one will not open.

The people of Jackson.

Where there are Africans, there is Africa.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

In Austin, the libs and groids want to take down the statute of SAM HOUSTON, i.e. because he was a slave owner. the ANTIFA went beserk at the demonstration here on Saturday. Communists = Muslim lovers.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Jackson. I grew up there in the 60's and 70's. It was the greatest city in Mississippi. When it was white ran and majority white. Thanks to the federal government blacks took over and whites left. Jackson it an absolute hell hole. the only people who live in Jackson are old people who own their homes and don't want another mortgage or poor blacks who can't move. Nobody in their right mind would want to live in Jackson. This is the future of any city that becomes black majority and black ran.

Unknown said...

Yes but all this should be understandable with "Black Panther" or We Wuz Kangs: The Motion Picture. The amazing yarn of the Most Sciency and Magical Fake Kingdowm on Marble Comics. A superintelligent black kingdom called Wakanda the Muh Dick of Africa. A place hidden away since time immemorial where superintelligent magical black wizards have UFO technology hidden away where YT cannot steal it from them. I expect a conspiracy of Oil Companies, the CIA, the Klan and neo nazis plan to steal the magical UFO technology from superintelligent blacks. After all if these White Cavemen and their Math and Science steal that, what would the other anthropoids like Gorilla City say about them?

Anonymous said...

I live in a majority white area and loudmouthed, lip flapping blacks in theaters are not tolerated one bit. I've had a few of them thrown out by management myself. Usually the first warning doesn't shut them up and by the second or third complaint, management is absolutely fed up with their behavior and kicks them out. Easy to do when there's just a couple of them even though they screech and object as if someone is mistreating them and doing them wrong. Yeah, it creates a scene and disrupts the movie but it has to be done. At least once the lip flapping, ill bred, loudmouthed black fools are tossed out, everyone else gets to enjoy the movie. Plus it sends a message and teaches them a lesson- NO, negro! You're not at home in your living room and NO, you're not free to be loud, rude, crude and disruptive and ruin everything for everyone else!

My best friend was the regional director for a chain of theaters in the South and one thing he did say was if the movie being shown is a "black" movie, to stay the hell away and don't go to see it. That was because it would be utter and complete mayhem inside the theater- negroes talking loudly and constantly, running up and down the stairs, never staying in their seats and behaving generally like chimps at the zoo during feeding time. Completely unmanageable and the theater would be trashed afterwards- wrappers from all the fast food that was smuggled in and even liquor bottles. On one occasion the police had to be called because a group of negro thugs were in the lobby of one theater and were noticed to all be carrying illegal handguns in their waistbands. Imagine that. One theater hired blacks for the ticket booth and they were letting all their homies in fo' free and they were also stealing like bandits and were fired and arrested. Of course, they dindu nuffin even though they were caught red handed.

By all means, open a theater in Jackson, Mississippi. It'll be closed down in no time and become a derelict, vacant building and it'll all be whitey's fault too. All dat raycism and oppreshun, dontcha know. Couldn't have anything to do with blacks and their behavior. Nah!

Californian said...

You know, the more you read statements like this (from the linked article), the more you have to truly wonder about BRA:

"If Green Bay can figure out how to get a professional football team, then I feel we can figure out how to get a movie theater," Lumumba said.

I am going to say something that Chokwe Lumumba might find shocking: White people have been building movie theaters for well over a century and it does not take any "figuring out." In fact, White people have been building theaters for hundreds of years (check out the Globe in London), and even before that, you had like the Romans and Greeks who also built theaters, some of which still stand today.

So what exactly is there for Lumumba to "figure out?" Are we missing something? Does he perhaps think there is a magical formula to theater constructions which Whites have appropriated and kept to themselves? Or is this just another inability of Africans-in-America to grasp an element of YT's civilization?

Let us see how Lumumba figures that...

Anonymous said...

Too funny on the Pontiac, y'all know what that stands for right?

Poor Old N... Thinks Its A Cadillac

God Bless and lock n load.

NC Guy

-Praying for you Centurion

Anonymous said...

It's actually "Jafrica "

no watermelon for you said...

I think they should have their own Symphony.

Truth-hammer said...

I do not remember the barber-shop being shot-up in the movie, "Barber Shop". This must be a different movie you guys are talking about. Was this Brown guy played by Morgan Freeman?

Truth-hammer said...

No movie theater? What is it? It's a big building with movie screens, but that's not important right now.

Anonymous said...

I wish R. "Ace" Reilst and I. M. Klewless would post more often too.

Why, I just saw my good comrade I.M. Klewless the other night at the university collective film marathon "From Slavery to the Silver Screen: 400 Years of Liberation." Movies on the program included such hits as Red Tails, Selma and Birth of a Nation (2016).

The theater was packed with enlightened movie goers from the university community, though oddly enough no people of color were present. As the lights dimmed for the first film, comrade Klewless commented that beautiful African American labor built the movie industry and yet today blacks are expected to pay full ticket prices.

Just as the opening credits began, a large number of African Americans did in fact march into the auditorium. And their entry was accompanied by what appeared to be a number of shouts and screams. I quickly stood up to offer my seat to one oppressed person of color who was running down the aisle holding a loge chair over their head, no doubt a protest against the Ku Klux Klan which once lynched blacks who dared sit in rows marked "Whites Only." Needless to say, I raised a clenched fist in solidarity with the struggle.

Then the auditorium went dark.

I recovered consciousness outside the theater, which was now surrounded by yellow tape and paramedics carrying people to ambulances. Comrade Klewless was fanning my bandaged head with a theater program and said something about a "riot" and that for me, it was almost "curtains."

I don't get it. The theater screen didn't have any curtain. So how could it have been "curtains?"

Ivry Tower, BS, MFA
Critical Race Advanced Progressive Studies

Anonymous said...

OT- hot in the city where I live. I mean libs. I figured out why black where such few items of clothing every chance they get. It's because the white man invented the spinning wheel, thread, the cotton farming, the cotton gin, but a black man invented that so it's okay, but in the mean time it's cos of slavery and white oppression that the blacks are wearing so few clothes. In Mother Africa where they didn't have any cotton gins, they were wearing, uhm, leaves and hides so they would fall off and they'd have to wear shower slipper, pajamas and shower caps in the street. Or they'd have to wear tight leggings that are worn through and two sizes too small.

saw a black man urinate openly against a building with no less than four security cameras that he had opened his fly under. I informed him of this and he said, it's a man thing. Can't blame him for peeing. I told him that there was a public bathroom by the nearby train and he ranted on. YUCK. disgusting. oh, scuse me. I made a comment about a black man's activity or said something about the behavior of an out of control black. how dare I? I must be in the wrong. :(

Anonymous said...

In two little Whitopias each not far from Ex-Detroiter (one of which I live about 2 miles from), little bitty theaters have been able to survive and thrive on second-run and art films.  They are cheap entertainment and quite popular.

In Ex-Detroiter's town, there's not only a new cineplex that replaced an older, smaller cineplex, but a SECOND art/second-run theater opened up to complement the first one.

There's a visible complement of groids, but the place is overwhelmingly White especially during the summer.  The Visible Black Hand of Economics gets slapped, hard.

THAT is what's necessary for theaters to survive:  White hegemony.

Anonymous said...

Movie theaters + savages = problems.
amazing how blacks always need government money to do anything. I remember reading an article about a feisty do it themselves black family.

They took their food stamps and bought food for a big barbecue instead of groceries for the family. Then they invited all their neighbors and they made back the expenses plus made a profit. The article was going on about how wonderful this was. How inventive, how courageous. You can't be serious. I guess it comes from slave times stealing the massa's food and what wasn't nailed down. That was Food Stamp Fraud, but they were honored for being thieves.

Anonymous said...

I used to teach in Jackson Public Schools. 6th grade. Fully half of my students could not read a single word on a piece of paper. Of 125 students I had, family night would fill only a couple of seats. Zero parental support

Anonymous said...

Yes Brian, Jackson had 3 movie theaters and two malls. None of that now. Also, most of Jackson is now a food desert.

Get this. A few years the city council declared Jackon a crime sanctuary city. They were tired of the it's citizens getting arrested shoplifting in the white surrounding cities. They declared that of you steal bubblegum from rich white people and can make it back to Jackson, they will protect you.

Anonymous said...

" . . . Sell generic grape soda, popcorn and Grade D chicken wings in a $5 combo. Make sure to have plenty of cold wings and chips for EBT.

After a few months sell the business to a local Black before the inevitable shooting drives down attendance.


June 11, 2017 at 9:15 AM"

Wouldn't the grape drank need codeine cough medicine in it?

Anonymous said...

" . . . Law enforcement authorities in Jackson, Miss., are investigating the discovery of a severed head on the porch of a house and a headless body less than a mile away, CNN reported. . . . "

Probably suicide.

Anonymous said...

He cut off his head and hid it. Worst case of suicide I ever saw.

David In TN said...

I once asked a liberal acquaintance why there weren't chain grocery stores in black neighborhoods. He said "Racism." I told him you can't keep shopping carts because the patrons would steal them. And the customers (and employees) would steal from the shelf and warehouse.

This had never occurred to him. He wouldn't believe it anyway.