Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Memphis Commercial Appeal's "Wounded City" Series on Gun Violence Fails to Note Blacks are Suspects in Almost Every Fatal/Nonfatal Shooting in the 65% Black City

So the Memphis Commercial Appeal is doing a six-part series into violence in the 65% black city called "Wounded City: A Special Investigation of the Commercial Appeal Exploring Memphis' Gun Violence Problem."

Memphis, of course, doesn't have a gun violence problem, it has a black violence problem.

We get an editorial from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, LOOKING AT MEMPHIS’ BROADENING EPIDEMIC OF GUN ASSAULTS, but this piece fails to note the racial group behind primarily every nonfatal and fatal shooting: blacks.
The paper can't admit blacks are behind almost the violence in Memphis is the same paper that apologized for noting Black Lives Matter influenced black male targeted white cops in Dallas in July of 2016

We learn in the first installment, Murder Mystery: When Does it Stop?, that commercial interests in the 65% black city keep the tourists areas - where white people flock to spend money and help create a semblance of an economy in the city - a veritable army of police and surveillance equipment is deployed to stop black criminality from destroying this cash cow:
According to 2015 FBI statistics, Memphis’ rate ranked 12th among 112 cities with at least a 200,000 population, well behind St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit and New Orleans, but at 21 deaths per 100,000 residents far exceeding national and state averages. 
Even with its record, 228 homicides last year (the murder rate, still not officially calculated, is expected to exceed 29, the highest in 23 years), the city still won’t top the list, but the granular details lay bare any relief Memphis can feel for having shed its once perennial label as the nation’s deadliest city: 
Eight of ten homicide victims over the past decade were killed with a firearm. More than 800 shooting victims have died at the Regional Medical Center since 2006. 
Victims arrive at the hospital’s Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center with far more wounds than a decade ago, reflecting the availability of semiautomatic weapons. 
The shooters are getting younger: on average 23 now versus 26 just eight years ago. 
While Downtown, the epicenter of Memphis’ $3 billion-a-year tourism business, is routinely deemed safe because of the blanket of police protection and cameras, that description is relative amid such violence: there were 14 homicides recorded in five years. 
Within a two-mile radius of Graceland, a magnet for international visitors, an additional 29 died, according to the newspaper’s analysis; none on Elvis Presley Boulevard or near the mansion but in the surrounding neighborhoods.
Combining MPD homicide records and census data over a five-year stretch between 2011 and 2015, the newspaper found 48 census tracts where the murder rate topped 30 per 100,000 — six times the national rate — largely the result of a toxic mix of economic decline and easy access to firearms. 
Over those five years, no neighborhood recorded a higher murder rate than Klondike in North Memphis, where a devastating exodus of residents began in the 1970s as nearby industry shuttered.
Oddly no mention of the race of the individuals behind the violence is mentioned in the article (collectively showcasing just which racial group might just - perhaps - have a predisposition for violence) or the series save one slip... one tiny slip of the truth.

We learn between 2006-2015 in 65% black Memphis, 25,042 assault victims had been reported to have been shot or shot at in the city. This isn't a war zone... it's just a 65% black city, where black people commit virtually all of the violent crime. In the second part of the series, "Terror in the Air: It's Bad Out There, Y'all," we learn the race of the victims of those assault victims:

In all, more than 25,000 assault victims were listed by MPD as shot or shot at between 2006 and 2015; more than enough to fill every seat at the city’s three major Downtown venues — FedExForum, The Orpheum and the Memphis Cook Convention Center’s Cannon Center. Another 3,400 robbery victims were shot or shot at - 28,400 victims in all. 
Of them, 6,258 were transported to a medical facility — on average more than one a day for the 10 years examined. The victims were most often African-American (93 percent), young (median age 24), and male (88 percent). “It’s driving the violent crime (rate) up,” said retired University of Memphis criminologist Richard Janikowski, who consulted with the Memphis Police Department for years. 
“We can try to explain it away in a couple of different ways, but the reality is Memphis has a lot of aggravated assault. “People just need to confront that. … If you aren’t willing to grapple with that you’re never going to be able to design effective intervention, prevention or policing strategies.’’
Contrary to the media and Hollywood who perpetuate this popular trope, there are virtually no white on black homicides in America nor white on black nonfatal shootings. Especially in 65% black Memphis, almost all of the crime/homicides/nonfatal shootings are black on black, with provocative museum exhibits in the city trying to convince blacks to stop killing other blacks.

93 percent of those transported to a medical facility were black, but the Memphis Commercial Appeal makes no effort to tell us who was responsible for the shootings.

A gun isn't the problem, as it's just the tool used in an assault. The problem is the person pulling the trigger, and we know virtually every person arrested for a homicide or nonfatal shooting in Memphis is black.

So why is the Memphis Commercial Appeal afraid to document the truth about just who/whom is responsible for the violence in the city of Memphis (hint: blacks)?

Probably the same reason the editor of the same paper issued an apology for noting white police officers were targeted in Dallas for their belonging to a racial group without a voice or an advocacy group.

Guns aren't killing Memphis.

Guns aren't the reason police form an army around heavily trafficked tourist areas in the city.

Blacks are killing Memphis.

Blacks are the reason police form an army around heavily trafficked tourist areas in the city.


Californian said...

"Victims arrive at the hospital’s Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center with far more wounds than a decade ago, reflecting the availability of semiautomatic weapons."

So Memphis didn't have semiautos a decade ago? With what weapons did the city's 'bangers conduct drive-bys? Muzzle loaders?!

The quote above is typical of the inane things which the media has to push in order to justify the anti-gun narrative.

And anti-gun translates into anti-White because the 2nd Amendment is the last defense of White America. That's if/when White America takes that Red Pill.

Ex New Yorker said...

Maybe I took too many drugs during the 1960's but I just cannot imagine what it would be like living in a city with 65 percent black people. It must be unreal. I first started reading this blog nearly five years ago. It's been a long time since I've lived around these savages. Reading about the nightmares taking place in these cities feels like they have become foreign countries. I am old enough to remember what it was like before these creatures were let off their leash.

The only good thing is their killing each other. These tree swingers are really dumb. Last Summer when I was in the hospital with my broken foot I spent two weeks watching that 48 HOURS television show. I had never seen it before. I couldn't believe how stupid these fuckers are. They would kill a guy and not throw away the gun. Walk through a pool of blood and not get rid of the shoes. Leave finger prints on everything they touched.

These welfare spawn are just cannon fodder for the prison system.

Who are these stupid tourist that would visit a city filled with street apes. Pencil neck geeks roaming the streets of Coonville. Talk about a freak show. Hey....sign me up for some of that shit.

Bird of Paradise said...

Will this just turn out to be a big time anti-gun leftists propeganda peice like like Katir Cporics UNDER THE GUN carefuly edited to get what the producer wants abd thats any kind of liberal leftists fake news that Gobbels would be proud of

Anonymous said...

im in las vegas. this city is invaded every weekend with the plague. every club and venue caters to them. most have a skanky white chic in tow. i drive limo and will not give them a ride. all the years ive been driving i count 5 times a group tried to walk off not paying...guess who every time?

Anonymous said...

Some good news: Da po-leece have arrested a few suspects in the brutal beating of two white tourists in New Orangutan, er, New Orleans. Rashaad, Dejuan and Joshua, their names are. They are going to face justice.

Of course, if there were still REAL justice in this country ... well, I'll stop there.

Anonymous said...

It was hot in the Blues City, hotter than a 45 slug rolling on the pavement next to a candidate for the coroner's slab. I was sitting back in my office overlooking Elvis Presley Boulevard, cleaning my copy of Phil Rushton's Race, Evolution, and Behavior, when in sashayed a dame who just made you stand up and take notice. Her flowing blonde hair was held in place by an NRA cap, while her Gucci bag held that extra heft you just knew concealed the carry of a 357. Without ceremony she plunked down into the good chair while I poured a double Southern Comfort for her and a triple for myself.

"You have to help me," she implored, blue eyes as wide as the bore of a Barrett.

"Tell me the facts, ma'am," I responded, doing my level best to keep as cool as the Mississippi River flowing past the city like one great big strand of DNA.

"You see, it's my brother, he's accused of a crime he did not commit."

"What crime's that?"

"He's blamed for all the shootings in Memphis."

"Uh huh, all of them?" I mean, I've heard some wild stories in my time, but this one was taking the proverbial cake.

"Yes, all."

"What's your brothers name?"

She sniffled once, then shot me a glare like it was the 6 o'clock news, "Gunn, Gunn Violenz."

"Gunn Violenz?" Yeah, I had heard of Gunn Violenz, he was taking the rap for a lot of shootings these days. "You want him cleared?"

She nodded like she just copped first place at Camp Perry, "Then you'll take my case?"

"For a fee."

Hey, look, I'm just as much into pistol packing females as the next guy, but someone's gotta pay my range tab.

"How much?" she asked.

"200 a day plus expenses."

"200 dollars a day?"

"No," I leaned across the desk, "200 rounds of 50 caliber. That stuff's hard to come by."

(to be continued...)

Gene D. Terminizt, Esq.
Private Eye

Anonymous said...

There are two competing solutions to this problem.

1. We need more Democratic politicians in power to stymie the growing threat of guns on our streets by attacking the Second Amendment, and empower the irresponsible and destructive lifestyles of black people with our tax dollars.

2. We need more jails for black people. We need better laws and enforcement to jail those who break the law. Being in gangs or being in possession of an unregistered firearm requires a mandatory sentence. Jail them in Alaska away from their families. We need introduction of curfews for black youths, prosecution of negligent parents. We need forced sterilizations for blacks. This black crime wave requires a firm response. ACLU and NAACP troublemakers need to be jailed if they whine just a little.

I do not support option 1.

Anonymous said...

These 6 have already begun their criminal apprenticeships.


Bill in St Louis said...

“We can try to explain it away in a couple of different ways, but the reality is Memphis has a lot of aggravated assault. “People just need to confront that. … If you aren’t willing to grapple with that you’re never going to be able to design effective intervention, prevention or policing strategies.’’

No. You can try and explain it any way you like, but the reality is that Memphis has a 65% black population. Until you acknowledge that fact, and break down the shootings/ killings by race, you will never be able to effectively address the issue.

I do like how the paper breaks down the 228 "Homicides" vs the 29 "Murders".... is that because murder is a crime committed BY a human, or on a human, and homicide is just TNB?
Fuck Memphis. Stay alert, stay armed.

Paintjob Theory said...

"...but at 21 deaths per 100,000 residents far exceeding national and state averages. "

It exceeds the averages of Botswana,Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, and the Congo.

"the result of a toxic mix of economic decline and easy access to firearms."

If only they took my guns and gave all the money I earn to negroes, Memphis would be a Utopia with flying pyramids like that silly we wuz kangs movie. Come out to rural white America and see for yourself how safe it is with no economy save timber and agriculture, no-permit open or concealed carry, and literally 5 gun stores within a ten mile radius of me (and I live in a town with population of about 500). We leave our doors unlocked, my neighbor leaves his door open.

The cities are lost, and if you live in or very near one you will die horribly there when and if the catastrophic event happens that knocks out power, water, banking, and food deliveries. There will be no escape by car or by foot, when negroes begin burning liquor stores and weave emporiums there will be no white man's water to put out the flames, and anything that moves will be fair game for the stew pots of the natives.

Whether quickly or slowly is anyone's guess but we cannot feed these things forever and they cannot feed themselves. Memphis, Baltimore, St. Louis show how they behave when coddled like spoiled children, their every need provided and their messes cleaned up for them. How do you suppose they'll act when whitey quits providing for them and quits wiping their arses? Plan accordingly, we must survive.

Anonymous said...

FakeNews can't "notice" the root cause of all of our social problems or they'd get in big time major "trouble". They can only slant every story to advance the social fascist agenda....duh, like all the innocent white victims are actually the problem, etc

Esther said...

This is very sad. But then again there is some truth in it. So, ...we all need a paradigm shift when it comes to race.

behind blue eyes said...

The MSM will never be honest. They blame an inanimate object over and over. An ILLEGALLY OWNED inanimate object at that. But no. They can never blame the poor, poor bwack people. Da wittle bwack people bes honest and innocents.
Such crap. Don't they see that anyone can read between the lines on this crap? What a waste of time and money.
How about highlighting the ones doing the violence? The evidence is all over. It is black violence. We in America have a black problem,not a gun problem

Anonymous said...

It appears that grammar challenged "NJ teacher" attempted to make another post. She made a bigger fool of herself the second time around.
I still think she is a spook.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

I had a triple take as I read the statistics, particularly the 25,000 people claim. In the city I live in, that would be the equivalent of almost everyone in the entire city, man, woman, and children being shot at. That's astounding.

I read today that more than half of the children born in this country are paid for by Medicaid. That tells you all you need to know about what the future of this country is going to be like in say 20 years.

Egghead said...

The following story is directly related to your story about ghetto lottery winners:


The moms should be charged along with the 'teens.'

Anonymous said...

Until someone stands up, and speaks the truth about crime in this country, things will never change. Whenever there is a mass shooting, committed by a white guy, all hell breaks lose in the media. The real gun problem in America is blacks with guns. Everyday, all day, across this nation in one urban area after another. Keep blaming racism, but don't address the reasons for the racism. No one wants to live in a black area. Do they not know why?

Anonymous said...

I feel that anyone with half a brain given a spare tire “knows” who the culprit is. Not being able to say it is just one tactic used in the war on YT. It’s a proven and successful one at that. It can literally ruin an individual, right along with that one word, the scarlet “R”

When they discuss the cash cow? I’m going to go out on as limb here, please bear with me.

Every time I go to the local flee market, there’s a big box truck out of Atlanta, with a couple of negroes just slinging totes and dragging a bunch of crap out at the same time. Most of it is pure garbage. You should see YT stumbling all over each other to dig through those smelly totes. I’ll ease around the outside of the crowd to see what all the hypes about, and never see the attraction. I just can’t figure it out. Why do they allow these two negroes to get into their wallet and profit off of a bunch of junk that the negroes in Atlanta obviously don’t want?
I quit smoking weed in 08 because it was impossible to find any from a white person. Who ever had it, resupplied from a negro. I decided to stop supporting the undertow right then and there. I’ve never looked back. Thanks to my stubborn pride, I have more money and I’m not as stupid as I used to be.

My point, what is the attraction with supporting the negro that openly hates you? Why pay and uplift “the enemy” and undertow in anyway? Why does YT still go to these places? Cut off the cash flow, stop buying their drugs and stay the hell away from those smelly totes!

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media is just like negroes-always looking for answers, making excuses, and deflecting responsibility for all the crimes that negroes commit. Get rid of all the guns and the MSM would be babbling about all the "machete violence" while continuing to ignore that the crime stats have a black face. All the mental contortions the majority of the MSM goes through to avoid stating the obvious is really pathetic. However, if they told the truth it would be just like the story when a Chattanooga, Tennessee newspaper printed a full page of the photo's of the most dangerous/most wanted criminals in that city- all black- and the negroes lost it and screamed racism and protested.

Californian said...

FakeNews can't "notice" the root cause of all of our social problems or they'd get in big time major "trouble".

What happens is that the lies pile upon the lies. Streets gone wrong, shots ringing out, the terrible-legacy-of-slavery, wise black scientists on the telescreen, hands-up-don't-shoot(tm), gun violence, whatever.

The fraud has to constantly feed on itself because if at any moment the truth were told, the system would come crashing into ruin. To some degree, what brought down the old Soviet Union was when people got tired of the lies and instead told the truth.

Take that Red Pill, YT.
Stay armed.
Stay alert.

Anonymous said...

Now and then a "troll" or uppity negress or a black buck (considered part of the 1/10th Percent), comes on this site and leaves a comment where they bring up the same ol' "attacks" against us.

After calling us the obligatory "RACYSSSSSS" (which we are, duh), they then try the comment: You shouldn't judge an entire group by the behavior of a few (or even "one").

They are saying we are judging ALL negroes by the behavior of a bad one? THEN they want us to judge an entire group by the behavior of a"GOOD one!!!..... They want it both ways.

One bad negro? Don't judge us all
One Good negro? Judge us all.

If they point out a "good one", then we are to agree all negroes are just as good? But that isn't the case. Rather, we should never judge any group according to the behavior of "one". We should judge a group by the behavior of the Group. And that is what we do.

One negro alone almost NEVER acts up. A Group always acts up and the actions always result in violence. Picnic, County Fair, Malls, Beach scenes...ALL result in negro violence while this is so rare with White groups that it is hard to find such an event...other than pathetic English Soccer matches. (which I don't get it)

So,for the negro who gets lost and ends up here.....we judge you as you judge us. As a Race.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain when the filming is done and they wade through the 1,000 hours of footage, what remains (after careful editing) will be the epiphany that the white man is somehow to blame for the black violence in Memphis.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Dekalb Co. Georgia, home invasion turns into kidnapping, victims driven to ATM, overpowered assailant and kill him. No description of course.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why the locals in Memphis call their daily newspaper "The Communist Appeal"-Articles like this are just an example of the leftist drivel they pump out at the CA day after day. Hopefully the paper will go out of business soon

Anonymous said...

More Negro hell for Sweden.

What a stupid nation to IMPORT these animals. Sweden has yet to feel the pain.


Flush the Tpp said...

Gunn violenz...hilarious. But also...You've got a gift for descriptive narrative. Not enough red pill/MAGA fiction out there. Hope you submit some stories like this for publication a sort of white nationalist compendium -right/white LIGHT summer reader.

countenance said...

Memphis and the black undertow.


Anonymous said...

bring back jim crow and strict laws to curb the problem.

Anonymous said...

Gene D. Terminizt, Esq.

Best post I've read in a long while :) Keep'em coming !!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't need guns to cause anarchy. Just look at Rwanda 1994©. Mass murder on an apocalyptic scale almost exclusively with machetes. 1 million butchered in 100 days. They are a parasitic, blood thirsty mammal. Darwin was right. I wish the sickle cell was airborne.

Anonymous said...

You should see YT stumbling all over each other to dig through those smelly totes. I’ll ease around the outside of the crowd

a tote is a bag? hand bag?

Anonymous said...

In the Trauma section they are wearing shirts that say KILLA in blood to celebrate the opening of Threalkill's new hair salon. You see Threalkill was shot but now he is paralyzed so instead of thugging he will now try his hand at a hair salon.

It's a gun problem.

Anonymous said...

Especially the mother of the kid who put the $80k car in her name. She wasn't the least bit curious as to where her teenage son got $200k from?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but relevant. Two whites beaten up, robbed, etc. in that great chocolate city, NOLA.Notice the reason why these two, _____ you fill in the blank here, were in New Orleans.