Thursday, June 22, 2017

Democrat Candidate for District Attorney in Philadelphia Openly Anti-Police, Pro-Black Lives Matter (Supporters Chanted "F--k the Police" at his Victory Party)


There are no brakes to what's coming. 

We can't stop it, nor should we. 

But we can survive it.

In so doing, we win. 

Case in point, majority-minority Philadelphia (43 percent black, 38 percent white), where the Democrat Party has just nominated as virulently anti-cop, pro-Black Lives Matter candidate for district attorney. 

A man who, as the New York Times reported, has labeled law enforcement "systemically racist." [FOP prez calls vulgar chanters at Krasner victory party 'parasites of the city',, May 17, 2017]:
The head of the city's police union said the supporters of Larry Krasner for district attorney who chanted a profane slogan about the Fraternal Order of Police and also chanted "No good cops in a racist system" at Krasner's Democratic primary victory party Tuesday are "the parasites of the city." 
"That's what the campaign surrounded itself with," said John McNesby, president of FOP Lodge 5. "That's what we'll have to deal with until the campaign is over." 
Officer Eddie Lopez Sr., president of the city's Spanish American Law Enforcement Association, called the chants "disgusting." 
"It's disheartening and it's disgusting because whether anybody wants to believe it or not, they're going to take this win as 'Now we have somebody on our side, not the police's side,' " Lopez said. 
In an emailed statement Wednesday, Val DiGiorgio, chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, said Democrats who selected Krasner "have added to a dangerous anti-police atmosphere in our country." 
"The chants at Larry Krasner's victory party attacking our brave police officers are disgusting and despicable, and frankly scary," DiGiorgio wrote. 
"Their profanity ridden chants show the current state of Philadelphia's Democrat Party — a party that lacks a more compass and has zero respect for law enforcement." 
Krasner, 56, is a defense attorney who has represented many civil rights cases and has sued police and the government more than 75 times, defending everyone from Occupy Philly protesters to Black Lives Matter activists.
Ben Waxman, a spokesman for Krasner's campaign, said in an emailed statement that Krasner has the "highest regard for the vast majority" of Philadelphia police officers.
"He will have their back," Waxman wrote. "But he has also been clear that he has zero tolerance for public misconduct, brutality, or corruption. It's ludicrous to suggest that those things can't coexist."
The FOP had endorsed Rich Negrin, the city's former managing director, for district attorney, as had the Spanish American Law Enforcement Association and the Guardian Civic League, which represents the city's black police officers.
It's well documented almost all violent crime in Philadelphia has a black suspect/offender, which means Krasner's anti-police/criminal justice reform stance can be better interpreted as pro-black criminal.

Why not just make it illegal for the Philadelphia Police Department to arrest blacks?

Wouldn't this be a winning campaign promise?  

There are no brakes to what's coming. 

We can't stop it and we can't reform it. 

But we can survive it.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the whole thing blowing sky high. This slow festering hatred is too much. Like ripping off a bandage. Just pull, and get it over with.

Ex New Yorker said...

Today I just drove to a town 30 miles away for pizza. I went with a friend of mine and her granddaughter. We got there during "rush hour". The place was filled with cowboys and ranchers. Nobody got in any fights and no one was stabbed or shot. No women were raped in the parking lot.

This was not some little rinky dink cow town. It has about 1,500 people and even has TWO TRAFFIC LIGHTS. Out here in the "free zone" this is a big city. It has a super market, cement sidewalks and 3 or 4 motels.

The Mid-West and North West is filled with small towns where only white people live. Last week this area got creamed with baseball size hail and tornadoes. Two ranches in my area got hit and lost some out buildings and windmills. Further South it was really bad.

I would still rather take my chances with mother nature than live in the "kill zones".

The country is dying and the cities have become killing fields. Those of you who are planning your exit from these over crowded slaughter houses should consider the "wild west". The main thing for people to survive will be guns, water, food and horses. When the lights go out your car will be useless. Man will not survive without a horse. Where I live there are more horses than people. These ranches are filled with cattle and wild game. Everyone is armed to the teeth..

While the savages burn and loot the cities the small town people will take care of each other. The darkest hour comes just before dawn. There will be a "new dawn". You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

The comments on this article give me hope.

Anonymous said...

at this point i agree. let them openly get away with everything. need to wake up the whites that are sound sleepers

Anonymous said...

Negroes and their (((allies))) and allies are becoming more aggressive than ever. The controlling (((group))) is working feverishly to align all the people of color in a rapidly accelerating war on white people. The desperate acceleration is a good sign. It is clear evidence that they are understanding that the sheep are stirring.

Negroes are a dangerous, violent and troublesome population. But in the end, they are easily controlled without the money and political power currently in the hands of western civilization's centuries old enemy.

Bird of Paradise said...

This jerk has no reasons to be allow to run for any public office and in fact they dont deserve to be allowed to live in america and can move back to where they came from and that includes his foul mouthed fellow crninimals

no watermelon for you said...

(((Krasner))) and (((Waxman)))? Wasn't the filthy carpetbagger Ossof one of them?
We're seeing the emergence of the (((rats))) in growing numbers as they're tired of working thru their goyim functionaries.
This (((Krasner)))is one evil POS.

Anonymous said...

Larry Krasner is a SJW and won the district attorney primary in May and probably win in the November election by a great margin. Hate to bust your bubble do to Mr Krasner doesn't like us white people because of our racism. were not his kind

Harold Westerling said...

I agree with the logic here. The only way we can fix this is to let it fall to pieces. The weak will perish and their idiotic/suicidal outlook will perish along with them. The Fourth Turning. What we are seeing in large cities will metastasize and grow. All it will take is the proper spark to send it up in flames.

Do you have your escape hatch?

D-FENS said...

From Wikipedia: "Krasner's father, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, wrote crime fiction, and his mother was an evangelical Christian pastor."

BOTH parents are wingnuts.

Anonymous said...

Philly has been gone since Rizzo has been gone. I would never step foot in that cesspool, not even for a cheesesteak at Jim's on South Street.
Female in FL

chattanooga gal said...

Why not just make it illegal for the Philadelphia Police Department to arrest blacks
that's basically what they want for the whole country.

Paintjob Theory said...

"the parasites of the city."

I love the fact that an 80 IQ is incapable of grasping irony because it allows comedy gems like this.

"(((Krasner))), 56, is a defense attorney who has represented many civil rights cases and has sued police and the government more than 75 times, defending everyone from Occupy Philly protesters to Black Lives Matter activists."

Quite the impressive resume for a successful career as a nation wrecking rat parasite.

"Ben (((Waxman))), a spokesman for Krasner's campaign..."

As birds of a feather flock together, these buzzards are feasting on the rotting carcass of another once great city that white Christian Europeans built.

"The FOP had endorsed Rich (((Negrin))), the city's former managing director, "

A google search of whom reveals his big claim to fame is having the word "Christmas" removed from the traditional German Christmas village that was constructed annually because it is not inclusive enough to represent the desert rats who had nothing to do with Germany or Philly.

Of course he is endorsed by the FOP (another Mystery Babylon cult masquerading as a "fraternal" charity), along with the associations for mud-race police. Truly a giant douche vs. turd sandwich election cycle there and a fantastic illustration of how non-whites infiltrate, undermine, then ultimately destroy our culture and civilizations. They will all need to go.

Anonymous said...

Krasner...Waxman......I see a (((pattern))) here.....

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Philadelphia the place of brotherly love and SJW

Johnny See said...

I love to read, especially a real book. The internet is great, but the feel and freedom of paper is my favorite.
Many of you have suggested books from time to time, and I will occasionally buy one and park it on the shelf for later.
In honor of the cops I know and respect, today I began reading one I have owned a few years: a nice unread vintage copy of "Brooklyn Bounce". Its good stuff. I will frequently open a prospective book in the middle and read a random passage just to be sure I want to begin a full read. I happened to find the part where the child molester gets punched thrice in the balls, thrown down the stairs, and kneed in the balls before getting hauled away.
I then read the prologue and chapter one. Nice.
I think I know which one of you recommended it, and thank you very much. I bet you know the author, too.
Good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said at June 22, 2017 at 9:58 PM --
"The comments on this article give me hope. "

Dude, thanks for sharing! Those Yahoo comments are AWESOME!

They are ALMOST as good as the comments from YouTube's #MORETHANAREFUGEE Soros-funded propaganda.

People are waking up! Red pills abound!

- Jefferson (again)

Kyle Winstead said...

Southpark is very good at pointing out the truth

Anonymous said...

finally, the city of BroLuv is gonna purge/cleanse itself of it's vile, racist, oppressive white minority. Democrat's are working overtime to make their Utopian vision of the perfect society real in the old revolutionary heart of the slavery based USA

Now, when u hear'em shouting out on TV or the street: KIYATE YT, you'll know what they're talkin' 'bout

Gwoobus Harmon said...

It has become obvious that black populations are incompatible with orderly, lawful structure. Even something as basic as a classroom has come under fire for the rate of suspensions, expulsions, and punishments meted out to black students.

It never dawns on them that the equation is skewed from the input data rather than the output data. Blacks are not "punished more frequently" -- blacks infract "more frequently" resulting in the punishments.

The left's response is to hold lawful, orderly structure and institutions responsible for this incompatibility. It is the institutions which must yield and be expected to change. In its own weird way, it is the left acknowledging that the problems are immutable and native to blacks, and any attempt to institutionally correct it through a uniformly applied transparent code is futile and yields race heavy statistics. Since blacks cannot be changed, the structures must. (They are the "real" race realists if you think about it.)

They have changed the function of a police department and justice system whose objective is to provide cohesive social order by removing criminals from society into something whose main objective is to achieve racial parity in the collection of crime statistics, even if that means leniency and non-enforcement to offset the sheer unbalanced volume that blacks provide.

Every place that is permissive of violence gets more of it. This is the non-white future people have to look forward to if we are unable to form our own separate societies. "White flight" was the most modest attempt to do this, ceding these cities which now take these measures to accommodate their violent black populations.

Too bad whitey, they follow you ...

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As many of you may remember, I used to work in Philly and my dad's family was from there. I grew up hearing many, many stories about how the negroes have systematically destroyed that city over the past seventy five to eighty years. I offer a brief history for those who are interested. My sources are many. The first and oldest source would be my dad, who would have turned 90 this month. Second oldest would be a guy I dated back in the early 80's. He would be about 70 now. The rest of my sources were co-workers, friends, etc. over the last thirty years or so.

Right before WW 2, negroes from all over the South came North in the hopes of landing a factory job. The invasion was just beginning back then, circa 1939 - 1940. When WW 2 came along, the Pennsylvania Railroad company (now SEPTA) hired negroes to serve as conductors due to the draft (no explanation as to how the negro males avoided the draft, but let's not get side tracked). According to my dad, there was a big outcry over how the white majority did not feel comfortable having negro males surround their women on a train, let alone with a certain degree of authority.

Once white, elegant "streetcar suburbs" like Overbrook Park, where my dad grew up, suddenly became less and less white. Right after WW2, public housing went up right and left, all over West Philly. In ten years time, West Philly was becoming a welfare bastion, with whites fleeing that part of the city in droves. By 1970, those whites who hadn't fled West Philly were doomed. Once gentile 19th century row houses with columned porches overlooking clean, tree-lined streets were now divided up into rooms and efficiency apartments filled with the usual contributors of "diversity".

Turning our attention now to working class South Philly. My ex-boyfriend backed up the above history of Overbrook because he lived there as a child in a mansion located in even more prestigious Overbrook Farms. He told me the exact same plague that destroyed the city, almost verbatim from what dad told me. He held a job as a P.E. teacher in the early '70s to early '80s. He was absolutely miserable working at his job in a South Philly high school. He called the negroes "animals", which at the time I didn't understand and thought to be quite rude.

One small detail about South Philly was that large swaths of it were Italian American. Those people included members of the mafia (of which Rizzo was rumored to be tied to), who successfully kept much of South Philly white well into the late '80s. I worked with some girls who were from the old Italian families who lived in that area. They told me there was an invisible line in South Philly were negroes knew not to enter. Any negro deciding to test that line very quickly would find himself either severely beaten or "gone missing" under mysterious circumstances. The Italians never were ones to let the negroes "nig", and thus were able to keep their neighborhoods clean, crime-free, and orderly up until recently. Since then, many of the old families have crossed the river into New Jersey, creating homogeneous neighborhoods in areas of Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, and the like.

Reading Paul's entry today shows me how much Philly has fallen in just the past sixty years or so. Time to let them burn the rest of it to the ground. Next time we will start over, only this time using that vital tool from our old tool box called "segregation". That and repatriation back to the Mother Country are the only solutions.

On an end note, Philly Mike, we really miss you and your insight. Come back to us!

Anonymous said...

""Officer Eddie Lopez Sr., president of the city's Spanish American Law Enforcement Association, called the chants "disgusting." "

NOPE, I call his organization Disgusting.

Where is the White American Law Enforcement Association, and why does this Mayan get to have HIS racist organization and I can't?

That makes me disgusted.

Anonymous said...


"Spanish American Law Enforcement Association"

WTF? Where is any White Association?

Oh, I notice there is no picture of this Krasner. If we could place bets here, I would first bet he is (((one of them))).

Anonymous said...

PK, you keep mention that we can, and will "survive" it.

How? How about a book about it. Not just a prepping book and how to eat acorns and seaweed, but the mental state we need, the emotional state we need, etc.

If this all blows up like we all think, we may end up with a GOOD Dictatorship like Germany once had, that will defend OUT VOLK, or we will end up with a BAD Dictatorship, like Stalin Russia where we are all dead for our "thoughts".

We all could starve if the collapse is sufficient. Many of us will die. So, how about a concise book that covers all part of surviving what is coming.

Anonymous said...

I found a picture of him.

I won my own bet. (((Lawyer)))

Johnny See said...

Gawd, I hate the clickbait, the painfully slow load time due to parallel loading of ad cookies, the biased and poorly written fake news, the censoring of comments... ugh.

Oh well. They suck. They cuck...

At least they are making room for others by pissing off customers!

LA "Lower Alabama" said...

I agree somewhat with the sentiments to get out to the Midwest or the PNW in a place like Idaho. Granted, the low population density could be a double edged sword. As you mentioned ex New Yorker what happens when that population goes from 1,500 to 50,000? Can yall imagine Seattle and the PNW with 2 million more blacks and 2 million more Hispanics? That will happen in the next couple of years, just watch. In fact, I expect SHTF to happen in a place like Evergreen because the cucks there are too stupid and a decent portion have practically never seen black culture up close. I live in Alabama and AL, TN, Arkansas, and Mississippi are the last hopes for the south. Charleston "recently named in southern living its top city" is going down hard it just doesn't know it yet. Columbia which used to be VERY nice has all kinds of problems. Myrtle beach is starting to have issues, Savannah is pretty darn nice but sandwiched in between Jacksonville, ATL, and will change with yankees retiring their in mass "no offense meant to yankee race realists". Asheville is liberal and nice "I hate saying that but its true". Nashville, which used to be my favorite city in the south I have heard is going down hill "heard from a black PHD couple with family there I know so its pretty legit". Memphis is a hell hole, Jackson just turned into Memphis in the last 10 years, and All of Louisianan has gone to crap. Texas is the same way and will be voting democrat in the next 25 years, to yall Texas do you really think you can handle another 5 million immigrants "I still don't see a wall yet/should have been day 1 with a shovel". Hell, 38% of the vote in Alabama went to Hillary and I bet 90% of that was in Bessemer "Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery". Movie theaters I used to visit as a teen are now no go zones as they have regular shootings. Just wanted to put an update on the south as I see it if anybody is visiting or thinking of relocating. The best options in Alabama are Huntsville and the Gulf Shores area bar none, unless your die hard into prepping and don't need a job. Whites are moving to Gulf Shores in Droves trying to escape the cities and get in on the beach lifestyle. Its nice being able to leave something on the beach, come back, and its still there.

La "Lower Alabama"

Anonymous said...

The whole charade eerily resembles South Africa. Put all the blacks in charge of announcing and enforcing policy, then handle YT through a long term strategy of containment, systematically disfranchising, while stopping their geographical and cultural expansion.

You would expect YT to resist or respond in force. But hey, this is a new “Diverse Nation” we lash out primarily through economic and financial aid, convincing our young that it’s essential to “their” economic and cultural stability. Throw huge amounts of YT’s money at it, that’s the American way. We must keep up the pleasant respectable appearance, even at the cost of our children.

If it keeps on raining, the levy’s going to break.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous the democrats are trying to beat the Republicans and there ideas

Anonymous said...

I heard Philly is a great place for Tourism

chattanooga gal said...

" This is the non-white future people have to look forward "
what amazes me is that these sjw types ALWAYS think that all will just be hunky-dory if we just put blacks in control- regardless of all evidence to the contrary. They slaughtered every white in Haiti, every white who has EVER gone to a majority black school, or spent time in prison, knows what kind of torture they can expect from the blacks. South Africa handed over all control( albeit under duress) to the blacks, and even genocide watch admits the whites are now being slaughtered and usually in the cruelest ways possible. And yet they STILL think this time it will be the utopia they expect! I fear for us. the white percentage of the world population is steadily going down, and soon we will have no white majority country to run to. Look to S Africa- that is what we can expect everywhere.

Standup Broad said...

Ex New Yorker nailed it, find your spot NOW. I've got a year-round spring (potable water) and enough "bottom land" to grow food for a family of four. There are lakes and rivers teeming with fish and a hydroelectric dam within five miles. Several of my neighbors are semi-retired "electricians" for nuclear reactors, it won't take much for them to keep our power on. Lots of real ranchers / farmers here and they can repair just about anything. When the SHTF the residents of my area will continue to live in modest First World comfort. Oh, did I mention everyone here is armed to the teeth?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, (((Osoff's))) in the tribe
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Can't fight genetics. But you can segregate.

Get busy folks...

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Of course, George Soros is behind it. He has invested A MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS into Krasner. Probably the only white guy I hate more than any dindu.


Anonymous said...


(((Emanuel and friends))) have been diligently working away at this for over seventy years. They start off slowly, in he case of the U.S., we had the 1948 case of Shelley vs. Kramer, thereby destroying the right of free association to property holders. Then came Eisenhower, who single handedly destroyed the public school system after the 1954 Brown case, via integration using the National Guard as his strong arm. Adding to the mix was 1964 and the Big Giveaway to “disadvantaged yoof”. All those ingredients have been poured into the simmering pot over the years and now we get to feast on this toxic, melting pot, diversity stew.

You’ve got to hand it to them. They did a bang up job of destroying Russia, until Putin rode in on his white horse and saved Russia. And Putin is still trying to rid Russia and Russian politics from this venomous (((tribe))).

Anonymous said...

Now why would the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation invite a bunch of Hajis to celebrate Ramadan and host a call to prayer in their synagogue??????

Because they are all SEMITIC COUSINS. Jews and Moslems work together against the white goyim.

Was the mea kosher or Halaal?? Does it really matter? Were there any pork dishes? offered? Who is the Jewish lesbian in the interview and what do the Moose Limbs think about faggots?

Anonymous said...

@formerly miss greenbaum quote about Philly Mike. I always wonder where he did go because I don't see his name no more. I guess the bad part of Philly got to him

Anonymous said...

The History of the Earth is full of sudden catastrophes. SUDDEN changes that change everything.

I have been reading much lately about the swarm of earthquakes at Yellow Stone.

It is not really necessary to read the above link, to follow my idea...BUT, what if Yellow Stone blows? It is a caldera. That is one HUGE Volcano. Actually, it is a huge whole in the Earth. It has a history of repeating explosions and "we are due" one according to the scientists.

Now, imagine what happens if it does go off. The Entire US east of it will be completely destroyed. Everything. Then, within a few weeks, the entire Northern Hemisphere will be in a "nuclear winter" mode and will face mass starvation, polluted waters, death of all crops, etc. Death of all life.

BUT, that's not all. The Southern Hemisphere will not be so affected. There, life can go on, but one kind of life will it be? The Yellow Stone eruption will basically exterminate the White Race leaving "you know who".

Now, that is a profound thought, I thought....This would be a game changer for Earth in which the most intelligent races/breeds, (those being the East Northern Asians and us, the Whites), will be gone. Then, the Earth has no chance.

Don't smirk or laugh this off. It can happen. The eruption(s) have happened. We also have the Cascadia earthquake to think about, as well as the huge fracture under Memphis that is also "due". Nature always seems to strike at the worst time for the live form(s) involved. When the Dinosaurs reached maximum range and density, they got snuffed out. When the Oceans were teeming with the most life, they got snuffed out.

The earth is teeming with can happen any minute.

Anonymous said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum @ 8:14 am. You can substitute the word ' Philadelphia ' with Detroit, and have pretty much the same story. Detroit was destroyed a lot faster than philly. Rampaging through one neighborhood after another. By the early eighties all neighborhoods were infested and infected. Once the bankruptcy was in full bloom, the blacks set their sights on the suburbs of Detroit. If you need an apartment you better make sure it's a luxury apartment. Even then I'd watch my back.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ June 23, 2017 at 12:13 PM is exactly right about Russia. A handful of Western ((("economists"))) swept in after the fall of the USSR and bought up the stock that was given to naive Russian citizens for pennies, essentially looting the country's natural resources manufacturing capacity, placing the whole kit 'n' kaboodle in the hands of a (((tiny few))) --- the "oligarchs." Putin made a point of arresting and prosecuting them, sending a few of the prominent ones to prison. (((Some))) in the West have never forgiven him for this (they're a particularly vengeful race), hence the viciously anti-Russian sentiment that has persisted ever since.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we can use their own words against them?

Maybe there is a chance.

Maybe other negroes, in charge of other previously White cities, might, just might, think twice when the next series of riots start.............

Brian in Ohio said...

At this point, there is nothing any of us can do to alter the trajectory this country is on. We are most definitely well past the apex and well into the decent. Impact is only a question of when, not if.

I`ve read that one of the main factors in the downfall of the Roman Empire was that there just became too many people in the Empire who didn't consider themselves "Roman". As they say, history doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.

As Mr. Kersey says, all we have to do is survive.

Food, clean water, medicines, firearms and plenty of ammunition. Get some.

And like minded neighbors. You cant stay awake for ever. You cant stand guard duty forever. It`ll be damn hard to be a lone wolf in what`s coming. In a large city will be the equivalent of being behind enemy lines. Get out while you still can.

Small Midwestern towns are still clean, safe places to live. We farm, we hunt, we fish, and we`ll fight if we have to. We will endure, like we always have.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

@formerly Miss Greernbaum I guess Philly Mike disappear for the time being. I learn that Philly always had diversify groups now it's Latinos

Anonymous said...

@formerly miss greenback you talk of south Philly change because of blacks, you forgotten to mention that kensington area is full of Latino families took over and white junkies looking a war zone or the walking dead. The white blue collar working class had got the hell out of the kensington area in Philadelphia

Brian in Ohio said...

The second trial of the white cop who shot black Sam Dubose here in Cincinnati just ended in ANOTHER hung jury.

It`s raining here tonight, but supposed to be beautiful rioting weather this weekend. We`ll see how restless the natives are.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Someone is moving blacks to rural areas. Soros and Ozero?

If it is happening to my part of the country it has to be happening all over the country.

And blacks act exactly like everyone says they the letter. They walk through the store like they own it, give Whites dirty looks, kids loud, adults even louder, adult females dressed like hookers, etc.
They have to be taking the few jobs away from Whites.
And I see the college crowd where White girls are with black males.

The area where I live has become more communist liberal by the day. The local newspaper is now communist liberal propaganda.

If I had money I would move my family to Eastern Europe, like Hungary, and ask for asylum. I hope I can at least get my kids out.

A civil war is coming. I hope that those who do not want the commie liberal scum to take over can organize and go after the wealthy elites and their politician puppets. All traitors.

Anonymous said...

Race realist, Soros did the same thing in Orlando. Uppity female spook was elected and won't go for the death penalty. A news reporter for ABC was fired for reporting her husband was a felon.
Female in FL

Ex New Yorker said...

More about life in the world of bright lights, big city and diversity. Any man made or natural state of chaos such as riots, EMP, earthquakes, war, etc. will bring an onslaught of mayhem by the local ghetto population. A kind of free for all of "getting while the getting is good". No details are necessary.

After a few weeks or longer of a class ten freak out the major problem will be something most people don't want to think about. That problem will be the REMOVAL OF DEAD BODIES. Who do you thing will be providing that service. Will it be AA city workers. Sanitation workers. Maybe the health department. The police or military. Don't count on it.

The stench of rotting flesh will fill the air. After the looters have finished grabbing what they can get their hands on and killing each other over the last of the booty the streets will be filled with the dead. No new supplies will be coming to town. Everyone will be on their own. No one will be coming to help.

This of course will only take place in the large cities. The diversity crowd will be killing each other.

In the large cities "nature" will provide for the disposal of the numerous dead bodies that fill the streets. This service will be provided by RATS. Thousands of rats will feed on the dead of the "big city" citizens who were shot or beaten to death for a can of "diet coke" and a loaf of white bread. Coming to a big city near you. Chaos will reign and the rats will get fat on their diet of dead flesh.

A couple of years ago I read that New York City has a rat population of 40 to 50 million. In the Bronx the rats are the size of cats. I could write all night about my encounters with those fury little creatures. I will spare you the details.

I spent four days of no electricity in 1977. Imagine no electricity for four weeks in New York or any other negropolitan city. Driving down these two lane blacktop country roads look better by the day. Get the fuck out of the cities.

Anonymous said...

'faces of ancient europe' you tube
The largest known example of ethnic cleansing in history.

In December 1944 Winston Churchill announced to a startled House of Commons that the Allies had decided to carry out the largest forced population transfer — or what is nowadays referred to as “ethnic cleansing” — in human history. A crime so great, so cruel, and so heinous, that none in the entire span of human history can equal it. The gates of hell were opened up. It is the ghastly truth of the orchestrated plundering, mass rape, mass murder, and subjugation of the German people in the latter days and aftermath of World War Two, which continues to this day.

As a result of the Second World War, an estimated 14 million ethnic Germans were stripped of their citizenship, land and property, and expelled from their ancestral lands in Eastern Europe, mostly lands formerly part of Germany that were stolen at the Versailles treaty following World War One. 14 million Germans were expelled from their homes in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other Eastern European countries after the war. Only 12 million were able to get to Germany alive. The tragedy of the expulsion of the German civilian population is hardly widely known except amongst Germans and historians. Seven to eight million Germans were expelled from parts of Poland that were actually German land ceded to Poland following WW1. Three million were expelled from portions of Czechoslovakia, primarily the Sudetenland. Some two million ethnic Germans living inside the Soviet Union were expelled, many to Siberian gulags. Around half a million from Hungary, 300,000 from Romania, and smaller numbers from Yugoslavia and other areas were also expelled. It is estimated that at least 2 million of those Germans were murdered or otherwise died as a result of these expulsions, with some estimates running as high as 6 million killed.

"Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and overaged men, have been killed in eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee from their homesteads and are on the road. About 25 per cent of these people, over 3,000,000 have died. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to eastern Europe and Russia as slaves. It seems that the elimination of the German population of eastern Europe – at least 15,000,000 people – was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta." - Senator Homer Capehart in a speech before U.S. Senate, Feb. 5, 1946.

Anonymous said...

I thought Philly was a shithole even when Rizzo was running the place. However, he did keep his foot on the neck of the Negroes.

I've been gone since the 1970s. Then it would have been suicide to venture into South Street.

Brian in Ohio said...

Teens. Brawl erupts. Demetrius.

Yes, the conclusions you jumped to are accurate.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I remember driving through West Philly in the early 1970s. It looked a scene from "Escape from New York."

The house windows were all covered with sheet metal - The entire window, not bars.

The streets were lined with two things: 1. Garbage. 2. Late-model, super-pimped, brightly colored Cadillacs and Lincolns.

Anonymous said...

To stanup broad @ 11:10 am. I am in a relatively upscale neighborhood and people who live here are also armed to the teeth. It might look surprisingly out of place at first view, but take my word for it, people are ready. Even the people you would least expect.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now why would the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation invite a bunch of Hajis to celebrate Ramadan and host a call to prayer in their synagogue??????

Because they are all SEMITIC COUSINS. Jews and Moslems work together against the white goyim.

Was the mea kosher or Halaal?? Does it really matter? Were there any pork dishes? offered? Who is the Jewish lesbian in the interview and what do the Moose Limbs think about faggots?


first of all, welcome to the party! Second, I like the way you think. Last, I'd like to pick your brain a bit, cause that's the kind of girl I am. Ignore me at will. I am used to it. Anyhow, here goes: #1, these fighting groups seem to put all their goals and dreams aside and unite upon....increasing the 3rd world population into Europe and America. Oh, and they're after Australia, too. Why? For what ultimate goal?

#2 What are the countries that go along with this.....Japan?? ummm, no., um no.....Iceland? fugget about it... All racially homogeneous countries. Oh, and last I checked, the sand n*ggers deny being homos, but love to get it on with underage "dancing boys". They look at women as even less sub beings than the boys they rape. And our SJWs are embracing this. Lord help us all. Deliver ultimate justice to them, but wait until I'm long gone.

My head is starting to hurt again. I probably need to stop going on line because this sh*t is so utterly outrageous, I cannot stand it.

Anonymous said...

Philly is no Detroit by the way. Gentrification has become a curse in the black hood to a point where groids have been complaining about all the new rich white folks forcing them out and ruining their shit holes with improvements and much needed tax money. They are angry that whites are reclaiming prime areas that they once controlled and did nothing with but run them down to crumbling bricks. The downside of this is of course is that the once white working class neighborhoods further away from its center have become Africanized. Areas like the great northeast which were once white bastions of the American dream are now looking like war zones complete with tagged walls, higher crime rates, barb wired yards and bared windows. As groids are being economically forced to leave the areas they ruined, they infect new beautiful tree lined neighborhoods to begin their cycle of dysfunction all over again. Caught in the transition however are a sprinkling of old and poor whites who are trapped by the locust hoard. These white stragglers are living an every day nightmare as they walk on egg shells and hope what little they have left isn't ripped away by marauding bands of black wolf packs. They sit back and watch their daughters and sisters become mudsharks and their sons and brothers beaten down or sometimes killed. As I mentioned before, this city is no Detroit because its core is being revitalized from the center out (which is why it is a great place to visit) but at it's fringes, it is the hell hole you would expect from any other Liberal controlled city.

Truth Corps said...

"We all could starve if the collapse is sufficient. Many of us will die. So, how about a concise book that covers all part of surviving what is coming."

Selco at SHTF blog is a wealth of information.

Basically you need to do a few things: Stockpile weapons and copious amounts of ammunition, (don't forget multiple magazines- not "clips"- unless you own a M1 Garand.) Food, water and medicine to last a year- yes, a year. Buy toilet paper in bulk, kerosene lanterns, candles, flashlights and rechargeable batteries. Get a generator. I could go on but you get the point. Prepare for a Hurricane that lasts a year. Network with like minded neighbors.

Get busy, time is short. It doesn't take long if you do a little each payday and cut out the stuff in life that is bleeding you dry: Cable/Satellite, eating out, Movies, Sports etc.

Anonymous said...

Truth Corps said "Get a generator."

In a true SHTF situation, a generator will be useless when you run out of fuel to run it.

Fled The Undertow said...

Those of you who are planning your exit from these over crowded slaughter houses should consider the "wild west".

They should consider the Mountain West of northern Utah. With the exception of a small group of negroes clustered in West Jordan (a suburb of SLC) where they basically stay out of sight, the rest of the population is white. (Census data has blacks at less than 2%.) The minority of Mestizos seem to just work and mind their own business.

Utah is so pro-gun, the local talk radio station has a program on Sundays called The Gun Show. Even places in the Deep South (where we fled from) don't have radio programs devoted to firearms.

We are stuck with Glen Beck, and the liberal nut jobs in Park City where everyone sports "Bernie 16!" bumper stickers on their Subarus and Porsche SUVs, but the lack of negroes makes it worthwhile. I live in a smaller house than I did in GA, but my kids can walk to school without a bodyguard, and everyone can ride the safe, clean, free public bus all around town.

Fled The Undertow said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:16 pm. Detroit is indeed doing the same thing you write about going on in philly. Mid town and downtown Detroit are gentrified and thriving. Much to the anger and dismay of many blacks. White money (private funds) is being poured into downtown Detroit. That being said; blacks did not disappear. They are currently plying their mayhem and destruction on other areas of Detroit and surrounding areas. That's the sad thing about gentrification. It's not like the displaced disappear. They just move their crime and filth to a formerly white and clean area. Somewhere there is a planet far, far away with their name on it.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
Truth Corps said "Get a generator."

In a true SHTF situation, a generator will be useless when you run out of fuel to run it.
June 24, 2017 at 7:11 AM

I`m sure all of you have noticed how much quieter it is at night, especially when the powers out. The sound of a running generator can carry for quite a ways, and serve as a bug light for those with ill intentions. In total darkness, even candlelight can be seen for miles. You don't want to be the only house for miles with lights showing.

Maybe look into something like an inverter that you can run off your car. Something like this can run a microwave or a fridge, and your car idles nearly silently.

Practicing noise and light discipline can save you a lot of trouble. Maybe your life.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Today was spent at the supermarket which took so much longer because I was busy avoiding the large groups of blacks. Going into the recycling area was difficult as a black child would not move out of the way regardless of how many times I said excuse me or can you please move out of the way? . I finally pushed my shopping cart forward and their mother made them move. Why didn't she do it sooner I have no idea. Typical that they feel all public space is their's and no one else's. I had no idea why they were standing blocking the door. The machines were full, but I was the one who went to customer service about it, not them.

This supermarket is sandwiched between housing projects on one side and a newish development on the other. Unfortunately, it's a lot of affirmative action civil service types who built the tax free houses so what is the difference between them and the housing project eventually?

If I went to a section in the supermarket, where I wanted something and there was a family group of blacks, generally a woman and a lot of children who all appear hyper active, I went to another aisle until they left. Anything to avoid interactions I finally stopped saying excuse me or even trying to be polite to other shoppers. Blacks take anything and everything the wrong way.

When I was in the produce section, I heard a youngish mother say to her child, "do you want a banana?" Oh, isn't that nice she's buying fruit for her child instead of cheese doodles. Then I saw the section with free fruit for children under ten- bananas and one small apple were in the basket. Get the free banana. Teach your children to take what ever they can. I'm sure this came about because they open packages of cookies and chips in the store and never pay for them. We were taught to never take any charity as the idea was reprehensible. We were taught to not depend on others to feed or shelter us. With blacks it's the total opposite.

At least I got the check out aisle with the white male cashier. I always find the white cashier and use their aisle. The majority of employees are black and I am dismayed that they are now using black male security guards. This creeps me out. The supermarket used to have off duty white cops -The main reason why it wasn't looted after the hurricane.
And yes for the preppers, I was in a federal disaster, the hurricane, and immediately afterwards, the savages committed mayhem and terrorized the neighborhoods. A sad day when you learn who your neighbors really are. I live in a building where it's about 90% black. Some of the people who were relocated into the building were the hurricane looters. I want nothing to do with anyone in the building after more than a few unpleasant interactions. I have never seen this in any other apartment building but there is one person who consistently leaves large bags of garbage and trash right in the downstairs hallway by the entrance doors. Despite all the garbage chutes and for recycling. The laws and rules are for everyone else.

Mr. Rational said...

Deliver ultimate justice to them, but wait until I'm long gone.

Some of us are hoping it kicks off soon enough that we're able to help.

Fled The Undertow said... family is from S 8th Street and Wharton, just a block from Pat's Steaks. I spent my childhood down the shore, but my aunts and uncles still lived in South Philly in the 70s, and shopped the 9th Street Market with no problems.

I think it began being dangerous in the 80s. I visited my family in 87, and I noticed back then that the demographics around 9th Street were no longer Italian. Before she died, my elderly aunt complained that Koreans and Mestizos would knock on her door to ask her to sell her row house to them. Black kids would hang around on the streetcorners, especially at night. When Rizzo left, my family lost all hope. I'm sure that generation is rolling in their graves to see what the moulinyan has done to their city.

Fled The Undertow said...

Re: Book Recommendations

I hope you've included these in your library:

Negroes in Negroland

Camp of the Saints (Amazon has a great recap version by RapidRecaps if you don't want to slog through the original).

Racism, Guilt, Self Hatred, and Self Deceit (by G Braun)...if you want to know what African blacks really think of black inferiority (spoiler: they readily admit as much).

Colin Flaherty' s books

The first essay in Greg Johnson's "In Defense of Prejudice" (best logical refutation of egalitarianism I've ever read). You can read just that essay online for free.

Adios, America (Coulter)

PK's Whitey on the Moon (a peek into history we've never been taught)

There are tons others, like Stoddard and McDonald, but I'll keep it short.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Truth Corps said "Get a generator."

In a true SHTF situation, a generator will be useless when you run out of fuel to run it.

No, it ain't necessarily so.

You can run a generator on wood gas.

This illustrates why your preparations should include some good, old fashioned paper books on a variety of technical subjects. Plenty of self-sufficiency manuals available. Stock up on a few.

Anonymous said...

Your exactly right, I bought my house in north Philadelphia, brewerytown in 1983 for 15,000, asking price now 220,000,btw I'm black!!!

Geoffrey Limes said...

Wikipedia page claims he is.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ceti Alpha V? They could get things up and running so Khan and his exiles from the Botany Bay have an easier time a few hundred years from now.

Anonymous said...

I've been aware of the Yellowstone caldera for awhile, from listening to Coast to Coast AM back during my cab driving days.
Some numbers to think about, just for gits and shiggles:

Hiroshima Bomb Yield: 15 kilotons TNT

Tsar Bomba was the largest nuclear device ever detonated, with a yield of 50 Megatons. That would be equal to 3,333 Hiroshimas.

The August, 1883 eruption of Krakatoa was heard up to 3,000 miles away, and the shock wave circled the earth three-and-a-half times. Estimated yield: 200 Megatons, equivalent to 13,332 Hiroshima devices.

The biggest eruption at Yellowstone occurred 2.1 million years ago, ejecting over 1,500 cubic miles of smoke, ash and debris into the atmosphere. The explosive force was estimated to be 23 GIGATONS, that's 23 BILLION tons of TNT, equal to over 1.5 MILLION Hiroshimas.

With something like THAT, I could see taking a double dose of Fukitol and waiting for the pyroclastic cloud to vaporize me. I can't expect to survive that anymore than I'd expect Uncle Jim's tool shed to survive a hit from an EF5 tornado - it's called picking your battles. We just need to survive the coming collapse of BRA.

Anonymous said...

BTW, most of those white stragglers you talk about in Philadelphia are heroin addicts!!!

Mr. Rational said...

If such things interest you, Harry Turtledove's book "Supervolcano" et sequelae offer some insights about surviving mass social disruptions.

It's unfortunate that none of his viewpoint characters have not survived, at least not through book 2.  That would have been thought-provoking in ways he has not otherwise done.

Former Liberal said...

Then why the hell are you still there. I have lived around blacks twice and have observed the same behaviours. What ever it takes---borrow, beg or steal the money if you have to, GET OUT.