Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#356. Memphis Transvestites

Black people love McDonald's. We have already discussed Black people's disdain for running of Chicken McNuggets, a faux pas worthy of calling 911 over.

McDonald's and Black people have a special connection that few can deny. First, they serve Coke products at McDonald's, which naturally means they serve Sprite - the official drink of Black people - and the commercials for the fast-food giant also are heavily slanted to Black people's enjoyment.

McDonald's has long gone after the market share of 13 percent of the United States population by targeting only Black people to frequent its Golden Arch's and enjoy tasty hamburgers, McNuggets and wash it down with plenty of Sprite ( remember that what you see on TV in regards to athletics does not correlate to the actual US population, which is only 13 percent Black).

No, there exist few places on earth as beloved by Black people as McDonald's and because of this we get yet another glimpse into the macabre world of Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction, but with Black people nothing is stranger than combining your wildest fantasy with a heaping dose of truth to come up with the startling reality of life in 21st century Post-Obama America.

At a Memphis-area McDonald's, three local patrons were starving for a heaping portion of McNuggets and Sprite and found their patronage dismissed by the Black people working inside.

The three patrons (all Black people) happened to be dressed as women, as they were Memphis Transvestites in dire need of McDonald's. What follows is the story from the Memphis Flyer:

"Things got a little out of order after three hungry transvestites found their service at a Memphis McDonald's drive-thru unsatisfactory. The three, er, men, tried to get the manager's attention by tapping on the drive-thru window, and when they were ignored, decided to grab a tire iron and go inside and throw a supersize tantrum."

"As any good cross-dressers would, the three began to kick off stiletto boots (to better keep their balance while swinging), remove hoop earrings (no danger of having them yanked out), and take off their jackets (less restriction of movement) in order to deliver a McWhoopin' on the staff."
Yes, the three Memphis Transvestites were so upset over the lack of service at McDonald's that they assaulted the employees. It does beat calling 911, as another Black person did, but still, the story takes a most dramatic turn:
"The manager retaliated with a pot of scalding French-fry grease. When all was said and done, one worker was sent to the hospital by ambulance, windows were smashed, and the three trannies escaped before the police arrived."
Memphis transvestites do not like scalding French-fry grease, especially when it is provided by a manager of their favorite restaurant, McDonald's.

Black people love McDonald's. McDonald's, in turn, markets its product almost entirely at Black people and to the Black community.

However, Stuff Black People Don't Like is Memphis Transvestites, for they are a bane in the Black community and endanger McDonald's employees in each of the 18 McDonald's in the greater Memphis area.


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Anonymous said...

I'm lovin it!!!!

Anonymous said...

This goes in the "Things that one can not make up" column.

Anonymous said...

What language were they speaking???

Anonymous said...

"Just another day"

Um.... Uh... Yeah.. In the hood maybe.

Anonymous said...

stay in school otherwise you will be attacked by hungry transvestites at mcdonalds...lmao

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*yawn* this blog is quickly losing its appeal

Anonymous said...

"*yawn* this blog is quickly losing its appeal"

NOT! How could you not enjoy another story about a transvestite smackdown. Wait, I've never heard any tranvestite smackdown stories. I might not be a transvestite but I applaud their efforts to extract a decent level of service from blacks.

Stuff black people don't like also includes:
Service with a smile. At least not to non-blacks.

Anonymous said...

"First, they serve Coke products at McDonald's, which naturally means they serve Sprite - the official drink of Black people..."

Anyone who "knows" black people know their favorite drink is GRAPE SODA!
They like Welch's but will KILL YOU for some NuGrape soda. They think that, second only to Kentucky Fried Chicken (or Chicken McNuggets) IT'S DELICIOUS!

bjorn black said...

This reminds me of my own recent experience at a black-staffed McDonald's. I first waited patiently for the manager to finish his heated (non-McDonald's-related) argument with an employee. Then he turned to me and said, "Can I take your order?" Before any words could exit my mouth, however, his cell phone rang, and he picked it up and simply walked away.

That's where the similarities to this story end, though. It didn't occur to me to get a tire iron.

Anonymous said...

Luke you might not have had a tie iron but what about your high heels? When a black dude/female takes off the ear rings - the furs gonna fly
But seriously how can you tell if they are female or trannies? The black females I know look like line backers

Anonymous said...

"how can you tell"

Female blacks are usually much fatter since they guard the nest. The males are more likely to be physically fit since they have to run from predators like Sub-Saharan Lions or North American Police as they pillage 'er forage.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Memphis. Just another day in the 'hood. I have been trying to move for about 6 months but they pay white people well to stay here.

Anonymous said...

"I have been trying to move for about 6 months"

Why do we always have to move? We build up cities and then you know who comes along and destroys them. Detroit is a perfect example at 90%+ black. In 1950 it was mostly white. Now Detroit looks like Zimbabwe, they chased all the whites out and now they don't even have a single supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Worser, you know what im sayin, WTF... Worser means it was really bad, kinda like feets means what six of em. LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Blacks HAD BETTER love McDonalds. Without the jobs it provides, the black unemployment rate might be 100% in some areas.

Blacks hate transvestites, even worse than black homosexuals. When actor Howard Rollins ("Tibbs" on TV's "In the Heat of the Night") was found dead, his family took great pains to cover up the fact he was wearing lipstick and women's clothing.

Transvestites are hated by blacks because they are seen as an affront to both black men and women.

willy robinson said...

McDonalds - lol how the mighty have fallen.

all should check out that film 'Scotland, PA' which is a very dark comedy of Bill Shakespeare's macbeth set in a small town in Pennsylvannia - his castle/kingdom is a burger joint which is like the 1st mcdonalds - and the enemy the one who kills macbeth is played by christopher walkins.

this vid has some of his scenes: