Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#163. The Wonderlic Test

Grown men and the young alike of all races spend untold hours of their day unproductively researching inane statistics of their favorite athletes and football teams; spending time carousing message boards such as Rivals.com and Scout.com to learn about the latest Black high school recruit that will sign with their alma mater; and waste months of their lives digesting every nugget of information regarding the National Football League (NFL) draft, an event that is now more celebrated than most men's wedding anniversary.

After the Super Bowl, men fret about the lack of sports to follow, but the creation of 21st centuries version of the Slave Meat Market has enabled white sports fans a continuance of football as they get the chance to salivate over future NFL players prior to their being drafted.

The NFL Draft is now a holy day that is beloved by white sports fans everywhere, for they get the opportunity to relive the days of their ancestors whom once partook in the buying and selling of Black people for their betterment. Then, it was slavery, now, it is for strictly entertainment purposes and the NFL offers wonderful jubilation.

Warren Sapp, a once talented defensive lineman in the NFL, confirmed this notion of a modern-day plantation, as he famously said:
"If you're a black man in America who makes money, you're supposed to just shut up."

Never one to shy away from a supportive analogy, Sapp added that NFL players are like "slaves," and the commissioner and league owners are like "slave masters."

The NFL Draft and the combines that lead up to it offer white people the chance to see a modern-day slave market in action, as Black people and the occasional white player (whites make up roughly 39 percent of the NFL rosters) are forced to run the 40-yard dash, perform the shuttle run, do as many reps of 225 on the bench press as they can, and, most importantly, take a Wonderlic Test.

What is the Wonderlic Test, you may ask? It is simply a test that measures an individual's IQ, and gives the potential employer of the Black athlete an opportunity to measure their intelligence:
"Wonderlic Personnel Test is a twelve-minute, fifty-question test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a wide range of occupations. The score is calculated as the number of correct answers given in the allotted time. A score of 20 is intended to indicate average intelligence ... corresponding to an intelligence quotient of 100."
Black people excel at the tests of physical endurance (as do many white players who post numbers equal or greater to the Black players), but have infamously been lousy at taking the Wonderlic. Vince Young famously scored a 6 out of 50 on his Wonderlic, and he has since demonstrated amazing intellect in the NFL, being benched and partaking in "Making it Rain" like his former teammate Pacman Jones.

As the story linked to above from USA Today tells us:
"A score of 20 indicates average intelligence. A 50 is a perfect score, which has rarely been achieved; former Bengals punter Pat McInally is believed to be the only player to ever get a 50. For the record, McInally attended Harvard."
McInally, besides being a lowly punter, is also white. So his score doesn't count, but Kevin Curtis - a white wide receiver who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles - scored a 48.

A sample question from the test that so perplexed Vince Young - and most other Black players - at the NFL's modern-day slave market:

"The first questions on the test are easy, but they get harder and harder.

An easy question: In the following set of words, which word is different from the others? 1) copper, 2) nickel, 3) aluminum, 4) wood, 5) bronze.

A tougher one: A rectangular bin, completely filled, holds 640 cubic feet of grain. If the bin is 8 feet wide and 10 feet long, how deep is it"

Black people find these questions very difficult and routinely score poorly on the Wonderlic, leaving the test feeling bemused and highly desirous of performing the 40-yard dash again to bolster their ego.

Some scores of Black athletes that white people pay money to worship for their entertainment value, that were drafted in the 2009 draft:

" Matt Stafford (white) proved that he's definitely pretty smart. Stafford scored a 38 on the Wonderlic which obviously boosts his stock. USC's Mark Sanchez (Hispanic) scored a 28 and Kansas State's Josh Freeman (Black) a 27, which is about average for QBs.

Seems the wide receiving corps is especially stupid this year. Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech scored a 15, Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland scored a 14, and Percy Harvin of Florida scored a 12. Not real good. But don't worry, there was someone who was worse. Hakeem Nicks of UNC wowed everyone with an 11. A score of 10 suggests a person is literate, so at least all of the receivers can read this, I hope."
All of the above receivers are Black people. It has been reported that receivers, a position dominated by Black people in the NFL - save for Wes Welker and the Colt's receiving core - have an average Wonderlic score of 17:

Offensive tackles: 26
Centers: 25
Quarterbacks: 24
Guards: 23
Tight Ends: 22
Safeties: 19
Middle linebackers: 19
Cornerbacks: 18
Wide receivers: 17
Fullbacks: 17
Halfbacks: 16
Regardless of the incredible poor performance of Black people on the Wonderlic, they continue to be drafted in numbers that consistently make them 69 percent of the NFL's entertainers and also the fodder of Jeff Benedict and his book exposing the criminal nature of 21 percent of NFL players (as of 1998) who had committed a serious crime.

The Wonderlic Test is a conundrum to Black people and a paradox to owners of NFL teams who will soon employ these 21st century indentured servants.

For, Stuff Black People Don't Like includes the Wonderlic Test, a bastion of whiteness in a sea of imminent Blackness. Black people wish this draconian IQ Test would go away or they could be absolved from taking it, as the low scores they consistently get cause their gushing white supporters to snicker at their intellectual inabilities.


Anonymous said...

If I was unintelligent I wouldn't like taking an intelligence test either. Fortunately, I am White.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL blogger,

"Then, it was slavery, now ... 21st century indentured servants"
Your Blackness is showing through a little to much for your purpose on this post. Isn't it? What is your objective with this blog anyway? What does this blog make, like $100 a month? For that money it seems you might be indentured to AdSense. Sorry for getting off topic, I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

There's Black people in the posts, White people in the comments. Is that a picture of a blackface jew in the corner? Who capitalizes 'Black' but not 'white'? I smell a conspiracy afoot. One thing that both Blacks and Whites like is a good conspiracy theory.

My theory is that the SBPDL blogger is most certainly an Alien.

t_c_ said...

I am White and I find no offensive to the blogger's expose, analogy, to the Slave Meat Market. If it weren't for the hyped up forced fed NFL crap fed to our White brothers by the "powers that be" prehaps maybe we would get somewhere as a nation, as a people.

I was thinking about my other post about my ancestors who didn't have slaves, yet were White. It wasn't because they didn't have money (that is still one reason) it is because they didn't want to be around blacks at all, slave or not!
It is not wrong to state the obvious that the NFL and NBA are glorfied slave meat-markets and mass marketed to White people as "entertainment". In fact, prehaps if the NFL and NBA went away, prehaps there would be less of an adoration of the "black athlete" and more talk about letting them have their own country across the big pond. Let's fulfill Lincoln's dream and "ship 'em back".

Anonymous said...

I suspect the commentary by some in this article lack the ability to decipher satire. The kind of people who don't get the pervailing joke or premise in BLAZING SADDLES they would ban it because "nigger" is said too many times or at all.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the posters of some of the comments in this article can't decipher satire very well or at all. The kind of people that don't or won't get the pervailing joke or premise in BLAZING SADDLES would ban it because "nigger" is said too many times or at all.

Anonymous said...

ok - so let's be serious for a minute. How smart do you have to be to ask the NFL for comprehensive test results, and correlate them to performance outcomes?

You should be able to empirically test the value of a Wonderlick.

Anonymous said...

I did your work for you -


Iranian For Aryans said...

Bravo on this post!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Interesting points anon... my point would be this:

Take all of the draft picks from this century only, of whom we have Wonderlic scores.

All 32 NFL teams have 53 roster players. I would assume the majority of these players were drafted in the 21st century, so we have accurate wonderlic data on them.

Then, take all of the players drafted in the NFL draft since 2000 (seven rounds, 256 pics).

So, you do the math.

32 x 53=1696

256 x 10= 2560

Not all drafted players make the team that selects them. There is also a supplemental draft.

My point is this: I believe testable information exits that would prove a correlation between success in the NFL and an above-average intelligence, for a sustained career in the league and success.

Or, you could just call Vince Young and ask him how he likes holding Kerry Collins clip-board.

Anonymous said...

Claiborne just scored a 4!
I'd love to see another post driving this point home. It is a great way to show sports fans that we're not all the same.