Monday, August 17, 2009

Podcast and new site

SBPDL was quiet over the weekend and for good reason. A new website will soon be unveiled that will contain the first Stuff Black People Don't Like podcast.

What started as an idea to educate the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like has become the leading site on the internet to understand the many nuisances of Black people.

We appreciate everyone who comments - please keep them constructive - emails and publicity the site has received. We have been up for less than 90 days and have been overwhelmed with the growth of the site and the dedication of many of our readers.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and we hope you continue to enjoy the website. SBPDL is about to see major changes, and they are all due to the response we have received from you, the reader.

Thanks again (we will be posting everyday this week, and will have two posts to make up for Saturday and Sunday).


Anonymous said...

You people are providing such a wonderful service to the world.

Since discovering your site several months ago I have learned so much about stuff black people don't like.

I await, in eager anticipation, the chance to learn yet more sbpdl on your podcasts.

Anonymous said...

did any of you guys ever see