Monday, August 10, 2009

#83. Real American Heroes

Debuting in 1964, a toy would take the United States by storm and spawn a multi-billion dollar franchise that recently culminated in a live-action Hollywood film that garnered more than $55 million in its opening week.

G.I. Joe, named after the term ‘General Issue’ and subsequently a generic term used to denote all U.S. soldiers, is as American as apple pie. A Real American Hero was G.I. Joe and millions upon millions of children played with the various toys in their different incarnations from its genesis to the 1980s version that spawned a hit cartoon and cartoon movie as well.

Extolling the virtues of Pre-Obama America and protecting the United States of America from the evil terrorist organization Cobra, G.I. Joe represented all that was great about the nation. The finest troop’s were selected to fight for G.I. Joe, and in the 1980s cartoon, were overwhelming populated by white people.

Black people enjoyed the cartoon show, entitled G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, because they were represented with the great character Road Block. But as the show went on, they realized that the Black character Road Block was seemingly an innocuous character, a Token Black, that had little impact on the overall G.I. Joe universe.

In reality, it was but white people that saved the United States time and time again from the evil plans of Cobra Commander and his Cobra Organization. It became increasingly obvious that only white people were synonymous with “Real American Heroes” and that Black people were but secondary characters in the fight to save Pre-Obama America.

Interestingly, in the War on Terror and the fight for Iraqi Freedom, it has been white people who have died in incredible numbers defeating and then rebuilding Iraq. 75 percent of the deaths have been white personnel and only 9 percent of the deaths have been Black people. Real American Heroes, in the fight to bring freedom to the Middle East has largely been the burden of white people, even though the military is making every effort to get Black people to die for Post-Obama America.

Black enlistment in the military is declining, which leads one to believe Black people don’t want to be real American heroes, even in the new Age of Obama:

“Defense Department statistics show the number of young black enlistees has fallen by more than 58 percent since fiscal year 2000. The Army in particular has been hit hard: In fiscal year 2000, according to the Pentagon statistics, more than 42,000 black men and women applied to enlist; in fiscal year 2005, the most recent for which a racial breakdown is available, just over 17,000 signed up.”

Real American Heroes have always been white people, as they have died in numbers that are usually disproportionate to their actual percentage of the population, especially in the latest military conflicts around the world.

However, the recent rise of The Age of Obama has created a new hysteria among Black people to fall down in obsequious praise to their leader and this new found desire to serve their leader – Mein Obama – culminated in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

In this film, G.I. Joe is no longer fighting for just the United States, but is an international organization that includes a Black person from England, a couple of white people and a little revisionism of the cartoon as Ripcord is now a Black person, although he is a white person in the cartoon. Played by Marlon Wayans, Ripcord is now a Black guy that can even fly an advanced fighter, even though the real Air Force is less than 2 percent Black pilots.

The G.I. Joe film reflects Post-Obama America and Black people love it, even though it has no reflection on the actual military that – in reality - defends the country they love to hate. Black people, you must remember, don’t like pre-Obama America.

Most telling, the film has depicted the enemies, led by Cobra Commander, as a bunch of white people. You see, in the Post-Obama America, the enemies can only be white people. Black people are the new heroes.

However, the reality of special forces in the United States paints a depressing picture for Black people and their involvement in them, and further pushes the G.I. Joe movie into the realm of absurd fiction:

The Army Special Forces, known by distinctive green berets, has 234 African-American officers and soldiers in a force of 5,200 men. Blacks make up 4.5 percent of the Green Berets, compared with nearly 24 percent of the male soldiers in the Army.

The Navy has only 31 blacks among its 2,299 Sea-Air-Land, or SEAL, commandos, less than 2 percent of the force. African-Americans constitute nearly 17 percent of the male personnel within the Navy.

And, the Air Force' s special-tactics groups have only eight blacks in a force of 472 men, less than 2 percent. Servicewide, about 14 percent of the Air Force' s male personnel are African-American.

The new G.I. Joe is the stuff Black people enjoy, because it has replaced a key component of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like, pre-Obama America iconic figures. G.I. Joe was an institution and represented the best of pre-Obama America, but it was too white. Now, the multicultural cast of the new movie perfectly depicts the fantasy that Black people have created in Post-Obama America.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Real American Heroes, because they represent the virtues of Pre-Obama America, and Black people know that any time white people think about the good old days of America, they fondly remember only Pre-Obama times.

And remember, knowing is half the battle.


Anonymous said...

Black people don't like admitting how little they actually contribute to America. For instance less than 800 black Americans died in combat during WWII. WWII had almost 80 million casualties total (combat and civilian). Black civilian death totals are unavailable but none of the fighting was over any sub-saharan land either.

The truth is 'racist'.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the other main black character on the G I Joe cartoon was a medical doctor by the name of ...DOC. Just though you should know.

One more thing, You can directly relate the low enrollment of Blacks in the special forces of each military division to education. In order to qualify for Navy SEALS or Special forces a person must qualify physically and intellectually by their respective standards. Looking at the low enrollment of African Americans at prestigious colleges and Universities it should not be a surprise that these elite military divisions are African American Deficient.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious??? Just because more white people have died in battle does not make black peopl unpatriotic. You know it alls should know that there really are more white people than black people that's why they are called the "minority". Furthermore, when it comes to the enlisted number of black soldiers..why should black people join the Army to protect a country in which their ancestors were slaves? What is the motivation for a black person joining the army??

Anonymous said...

Could it be that more whites are in need of the thousands of dollar in enlistment money that the government was/is offering to join the military? America has always been a racist country which could account for the few number of blacks in the military special forces.. This site is a joke!!

Stephen Morgan said...

Blacks are too stupid and lazy to be in Special Ops. I was in the 82nd airborne Division and the majority of Black Paratroopers (If and when there were any) were mostly cooks, drivers, supply clerks, etc.. Very few were combat troops, mostly REMF's...

Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, when it comes to the enlisted number of black soldiers..why should black people join the Army to protect a country in which their ancestors were slaves? What is the motivation for a black person joining the army??" -----ummm maybe because they ARE americans!! If they dont consider themselves americans and i mean americans NOT african-americans, they need to leave! Besides afirmative action helps many of them move up the ranks undeservedly! Not all mind you but most!

"Could it be that more whites are in need of the thousands of dollar in enlistment money that the government was/is offering to join the military?"---Blacks need that money too but its easier to get it in the form of government handouts(like food stamps and free school supplies lol) where they dont have to do anything except put out their hands palm up in return!

This site is a gift from baby jesus and i for one applaud the efforts! Im a proud YT but if i gave my name im sure id be hunted down and killed for being a proud white as that in and of itself is "racist" in this post-obama united states of africa america!

Anonymous said...

black people will always be the same. worthless

Anonymous said...

Once again a black brings up the why should I fight for this country when we were slaves blah, blah, blah.

Well, are you now or have you ever been a slave? No? My ancestors never owned slaves or were involved with any slave trade. Yet, I get assualted, robbed and called names by blacks on the streets of America.

The better question is why should I help YOU? What are you doing to help yourself? Get the freaking chip off your shoulder and decide if your American or not. If you decide that your not an American then leave. I'm sure that some African country would love to have you as a 'soulja' in their endless wars. As for me I'm sick and tired of paying for you to have more opportunity than I do and you don't even take advantage of it.

Whether you think you are a victim or not, either way you are right. The choice is yours not mine.

Anonymous said...

"You know it alls should know that there really are more white people than black people that's why they are called the "minority"."

I know Blacks aren't very good at math, so let me help you out. Blacks account for about 13% of the US population, so we would expect that Blacks would account for about 13% of the Special Forces if they were proportionately represented; those Special Forces numbers are way way below 13% meaning that Blacks on a grand scale either lack the motivation or ability to be Special Forces.

"What is the motivation for a black person joining the army??"

I know, who needs a job when the welfare checks keep coming.

t_c_ said...

Regardless of racial content of the armed forces. GI JOE is a marketing tool to make whites cannon-fodder for the war machine that preaches diversity and multi-culturalism.

My grandfather is a proud Marine who fought in Iwo Jima and told me, "War is hell".
He was/is a true G I JOE...and so was his son, my Father. If Black people are so hung up on the "slavery" issue and that is why they excuse themselves from being patriotic, GET OVER IT!! If it weren't for slavery you wouldn't be here. Your own kinmen SOLD your ass to White/Jewish/Arab traders. Our country went to war because of this, the only race that goes to war to "FREE" another race (or put to end a practice that was centuries and centuries old worldwide). ancestors had to build freakin log cabins to survive and hunt game in the wilds of Missouri. Most white people couldn't afford slaves. Get over it. Relish in your Obama America.

Anonymous said it best, worthless. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I love this site! Keep up the great work!!

Don said...

This site is awesome!!...My stepdad was a green beret in Vietnam ( 2 tours). I remember us talking about this very subject once, he said he had never once seen a black green beret even though the army was aggresivly trying to recruit them. He often worked cloesly with special units from the navy & air force & the story was the same. Maybe it's the "warrior spirit" our volk have always had? dunno?..If as one of the "anonymous" said that why would any blacks serve when their ancestors where slaves?!, well if that is their attitude after ALL this country has given them (including the 636,000 whites who died in the civil war!)-then folks we have nothing short of a "fifth coloum" within our midst!.

Anonymous said...

To be in the special forces or top teir of the military, you have to WANT to be in the millitary. Black people don't want to "defend" a country that dosen't really care about them or recognize them as competent human beings.

This site better be pure satire otherwise it is just plain stupid. Why would GI Joe, a cartoon, reflect the amount of black people in the army? A cartoon sets who is a hero in our society, if there were no black people in GI joe, wich there really wasn't. Whodo black youth have to look up to in corprate america when they are 8ish?

Anonymous said...

Of course this site is pure satire. But remember, in order to satirize something there has to be a nugget of truth in the observation - that's what makes it satire - and I'm sorry if you don't like the truth that's being (so hilariously) exposed

uwi said...

Actually, why should whites be fighting and dying for the U.S. government? A gov't that is dispossessing them of their own country through massive Third World immigration. A gov't that is rendering them second class people in the nation their ancestors created thanks to affirmative action. White people are the LAST people who owe their lives to our shitty Federal gov't and its idiotic foreign policy goals.

Anonymous said...

A total of 708 blacks died in World War II. And yet, the surviving Tuskegee Airmen have the balls to claim THEY won the war.

Their lie about never having lost a single aircraft was later found to be bogus. When confronted with the truth, one of them said, "Why bring it up now?", WITHOUT DENYING the new truth.

Because lies need to be challenged, you blithering idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Desert Shield veteran. I'm not a racist, and am proud to reward effort, but lately, I've been getting pissed off with the status-quo.

Here in NYC, you'll find black people occupying literally almost every menial city/state office job in the gigantic bureaucracy of the VA system, the Medicaid and the Welfare systems, which sadly I must depend on for my partial income as a disabled vet.

It's not uncommon to see armies of overweight office workers usually holding or munching on some junk food while having a leisurely 15 minute chat with their friends, on MY F*CKING TIME.

As if city/state offices were efficient to begin with. When you confront one of these overweight behemoths and inquire why you're sitting here for several hours, they treat you like TRASH.

In this Brave New Post-Obama world, the feeling is like someone thinks they own the world. It's hard not to see favoritism and other nasty things you do not expect to see at VA.

It seems our future has been given away, and to be honest, I'm glad I do not have children. I don't see things returning back to the way it was to live in my country of PROUD AMERICANS...


Anonymous said...

Blacks have fought and died for this country. To say otherwise is a lie! The black people who in the past fought and died for this country were, though, in my opinion, far stronger and made of tougher "stuff" than a lot of the whiny black people of today. They had to be: they faced far worse racism and had to overcome far more obstacles and still they served.

P.S. GI Joe? GI Joe was a boy's doll. Frankly, I preferred Barbie!

Anonymous said...

You racist need to go to Afghanistan and die so we dont have to deal with you anymore.You give nothing to this country except white entitlement. You drag the decent white people down just like ignorant blacks drag us down. You are just like the blacks who complain all the time in fact you sound and act just like them , just from another angle.

Anonymous said...

Freddie Stowers

Post Reconstruction was a difficult time for the masses of African Americans. Racism was considered normal behavior for most Americans. The military provided income and hope for a better tomorrow in which Blacks and Whites fought against a common enemy. Whites saved the lives of Blacks and vice versa. Barriers were broken down due to stereotypes propargated by both races. It is sad to see that today we Americans have returned to the inhumane ideolgy of yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The excuses the (obviously) black posters give here for the dearth of blacks in the United States Armed Forces is a joke! My favorite is this one:

"...why should black people join the Army to protect a country in which their ancestors were slaves?"

Worthless blacks will forever use that lame excuse as a crutch in a vain attempt to deflect the obvious: that blacks are simply too lazy, stupid and arrogant to pull their fair share.

It's much to be regretted that early White settlers brought blacks over here as slaves. Now we are forever saddled with their indolent descendants who use the guilt trip to lord it over more intelligent and harder-working Whites. Think of the great and glorious destiny that would have been ours if these parasites had not been here to suck the life out of us!