Monday, August 17, 2009

#5. Republicans

Black people are hard to please. They will never forgive white people for Pre-Obama America, an era that they deem dead and gone.

Regardless of obsequious actions performed by white people to placate Black people, resentment and bitterness will always exist.

Reparations? Not enough. Free college education for all Black people? Nope. Affirmative Action? Hasn’t gone far enough in Black people’s eyes. Making a Black person head of the Republican National Committee? Say what?

Michael Steele, a Black person, is head of the RNC, a political organization that receives nearly 90 percent of its support from the most hated political voting bloc in Post-Obama America – white people. John McCain received exactly three percent of the Black vote in the 2008 election so in a bid to cause Black people to flock to the Republican Party, Mr. Steele was given the nod to lead the de-facto white party.

The grand idea as to attracting Black people – who still support Barack Obama with a full 97 percent approval rating – is to make the GOP a “hip hop” party:

“We need messengers to really capture that region - young, Hispanic, black, a cross section ... We want to convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-surburban hip-hop settings.”

Another idea he had to get Black people to vote for the GOP was more interesting:

“The shoot from the lip Steele with a wry smile and a chuckle told a questioner that he'll get more black folk into the GOP by ladling out scoops of potato salad and every black's favorite, fried chicken to them.”

You would think that, based upon the voting habits of white people, the Republican Party would reflect the desires of the majority of its supporters. Wrong. The GOP goes out of its way to demonize, use and abuse its overwhelmingly white base, as it tries to attract Black voters into its lily-white ranks.

Black conservatives, that rare breed of renegade Black person that wishes to be both the Token Black and charged as Acting White, are looked upon by white people as the Holy Grail of Reflecting Racism charges.

Laughably, they are thrust to the forefront of any party, television show or convention as a reminder that Black people are welcomed in the GOP and promoted to the top right away.

Exit polls for the 2008 election showed:

“And minorities went heavily into the Obama camp. Blacks, 96 percent Obama to 3 percent McCain; Latinos, 67 percent Obama to 30 percent McCain; and Asians, 63 percent Obama to 34 percent McCain.”

With those numbers in mind, consider that both McCain and Obama each spent $1 billion in their quest for the White House. Collecting a measly three percent of the Black vote and spending $1 billion in the process is a poor return-on-investment for the senator from Arizona.

However, in 2000, George W. Bush was also attempting to get a large portion of the Black vote and yet he failed in that early bid to bring “hip hop” to the GOP dance:

George W. Bush's strenuous efforts at "minority outreach" were rewarded by the lowest fraction of the black vote since Barry Goldwater. Depending on which exit poll you consult, Dubya carried between 8% and 10% of African-American voters.

Why do Black people not vote for Republicans? One Black writer for CNN, wrote:

“Ever since Richard Nixon ran for the White House, the GOP has run on a "Southern Strategy," meant to alienate blacks in an effort to garner white voters. They've worked the strategy to perfection. When he was head of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman apologized for that strategy as he sought to make inroads among black voters.”

In 2006, Mehlman tried to bring about a Black Republican revolution, which failed, although he had this to say:

"We've gone from a model of outreach to a model of inclusion," Mehlman said. "Outreach is a top-down approach. Inclusion says, 'Let's find some really good people and encourage them to run for office.' "

Bruce Bartlett wrote a book trying to demonize the racist past of the Democratic Party, but he fails in this analysis to remember the crucial part of why Black people vote for the Democratic Party: Black people think everything in Pre-Obama America was and is inherently racist, regardless of what it was or is. The Democrats might have been racist, but they are the party of Obama now.

The Republicans are seen as defending Pre-Obama America and thus, will always be seen as nefarious in Black people’s eyes.

Even staunch Black Republicans voted for Obama, because race will always triumph politics. And these Black Republicans were getting tired of being the Token Black:

“…well-known black Republicans have also said they are at least considering Obama, including conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams and former Secretary of State Collin Powell Former Republican Rep. J. C. Watts received attention when he told reporters he was contemplating an Obama vote. "I'm a free agent," says Watts, who is one of the only two black Republicans to serve in the House of Representatives since the 1930s.

"I wouldn't just vote for a Republican candidate just because they are Republican, no more than I would vote for a black candidate just because they're black." For Watts it's not the historical nature of the race that leaves him undecided, it's frustration toward his own party. "African-American Republicans in the faith community are the most forgotten demographic in the Republican Party," Watts says. And he hopes the GOP will allot more resources toward attracting black voters. “

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Republicans, regardless of how many outreach programs, initiatives and money is thrown their way by whitey. Black people don’t like Acting White or being the Token Black, and they especially hate Pre-Obama America. The Black vote is lost to Republicans, because SBPDL includes Republicans, the most evil entity left in America that stands in the way of the coming “this is a Black world,” that Black people have been waiting for, for so long.


Anonymous said...

As a Republican this subject bothers me. I'll save you the 'misery' of the history lesson about 'jim crow' or what not. The Republican party is not as old as the Democratic party. The Black voter base abandoned the Republicans in the late 1930's. I admire the loyalty they have to the 'mutated' Democratic party, but I must mention the social programs like welfare and foodstamps. In the words of Dr. Phil "How's that working for ya?". Socialism is not for America and this will become more and more evident as the current government heads full speed in the direction it is going. When the Democrats lose their position of power in 2010-2012 it won't be about racism, it'll be about freedom from 'big government'.

Until affirmative action and other special interest laws are eliminated there will never be a true feeling of equality in America. Regretably whites and others will probably become 'victims' in widespread riots after the voting out of this current government.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party is the party of victims.

In spite of the fact that more blacks than ever own their own homes and businesses, are college educated, are executives and managers of major coporations, teach and conduct research at the best universities, dominate professional athletics and the entertainment industry, blacks continue to portray themselves as victims of "white America".

The irony is the worst president in history, Lincoln, a Republican, sacrificed 620,000 American lives so blacks could be free and pursue success.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Why do you capitalize "Black" but not "white"?

You are being gratuitously disrespectful.

RiPPa said...

Maybe some people are not e4ducated on the divisive nature and intent that is/was the "Southern Strategy" pushed by Nixon and still used to this day.

Oh, and to correct the poster above:

Lincoln didn't free the slaves because he loved them. He too was a racist and if he had it his way and was not killed. The gov't would have shipped US back to Africa as he proposed.

Anonymous said...

"Lincoln didn't free the slaves because he loved them. He too was a racist and if he had it his way and was not killed. The gov't would have shipped US back to Africa as he proposed."

Ah yes, President Lincoln's only redeeming quality.

Anonymous said...

"Lincoln ... would have shipped US back to Africa"

Slave traders kidnapped the Blacks from Africa so what is so wrong with a free trip back? Speaking of Africa... You know African Americans had a Black President a long time ago in a country purchased for them called Liberia. This country was and is ruled by African Americans to this day and even has a clone of our Constutution. The African Americans that went to Liberia did so of their own free will. Of course this counrty is an abysmal failure. I guess that helps me understand why Blacks find the idea of living among their own kind (Africans) so revolting.

On the flip side, I'd love it if Obama shipped me back to my fatherland.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter if Lincoln freed the slaves because he loved them or not? Does it matter if a firefighter saves you from an inferno because he loves you or not? I guess we should resent Lincoln and the 'firefighter' because they were just doing their job and they didn't love us. The truth is that slavery WAS a big issue of the day and many White men gave their lives for this issue.

Any Black that speaks with such disrespect needs to have the chip knocked off their shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Some of the nation's best conservative thinkers are black. Thomas Sowell is a national treasure. Alan Keyes is even more conservative than me, and I'm pretty far to the right. Conservatives have to be exceedingly pleased with Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. My newest black conservative hero is Harry Alford, President of the Black Chamber of Commerce, who slammed Barbara Boxer as a racist during his Congressional testimony about why he opposes cap and trade legislation.

Why these great conservative blacks don't inspire more blacks to become Republicans is a mystery.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I hate to say this, but those gentlemen you listed are the exception to the rule that is SBPDL #5.

And Harry Alford is not a conservative in the least. He is a pro-Black person who has worked tirelessly for Black people and Black people in business only.

I'm shocked at how easily swayed "conservatives" are to believe the next Token Black, Acting White Republican will some how convince 97 percent of Black people to stop supporting Mein Obama....

Mr. Alord is CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce... to anon... I thought that conservatives were color blind?

Mr. Alford is working for the benefit of BLACK PEOPLE only. How is that conservative? That is radical, and, in my eyes, not worthy of condemnation, but praise.

Republicans will look at this article and say, "But if we could just get more Black people to vote Republican..."

They will not, regardless of what you do for them. If you gave them $1 Billion dollars, they might say they'd vote for a Republican, but they'd vote for whomever Mein Obama tells them too.

Harry Alford is prejudiced toward his people. he is not a conservative, but a Black person for his peoples empowerment, at the expense of competing racial groups.

Until whites understand this, they will always be viewed as whites (lowercase) and not worthy of capitlization.

Blacks are to be commended for their understanding of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if SBPDL is meant to bring racial awareness to Whites. While I already have that type of awareness I also enjoy helping my friends of other races succeed in their endeavors. As a White am I giving myself the shaft by helping others?

Regardless, this is a much better forum to discuss such issues since it seems the only other places that such discussions take place are 'hate sites'. While I may vote Republican, I do not hate other races. Is that a problem?

Keep up the good work SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Michael Steele is a useful idiot, for the Republicans. He is nothing more than a diversity sock-puppet so the Republicans can trumpet they are pro-diversity too.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Condoleezza Rice. She had Secretary of State before Hillary Clinton. Ms. Rice got that position without riding her husband's coattails.
I believe that all the above listed Black Republicans are not exactly Blacks because they 'Act White #6'.

Watch Hillary get mad about what I said below:

Anonymous said...

"Until whites understand this, they will always be viewed as whites (lowercase) and not worthy of capitlization.

"Blacks are to be commended for their understanding of the world."

Actually any 'White' who doesn't really understand where you are coming from is rather deluded, how easily swayed "conservatives" may think this site is sympathetic to them -- where they think they need, and are looking to get *black* approval (or "black Benediction") in order to feel it's 'OK" and acceptable to hold CONservative opinions, where always, like punanis, needing the 'approval' and 'opinion' of Uncle Remus.

Yeah, so in that respect I can understand how blacks can sometimes have a 'disrespect' thing with Whites -- in other words, how any self-respecting White person can take most blacks even remotely seriously can cause many blacks to think that such Whites don't deserve respect, since they, blacks, have a far more realistic understanding of what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember that no Democratic presidential candidate has won the majority of the "white" vote, since Franklin Roosevelt in 1932.

It is obvious that the "black" vote goes to the Democrats, because black voters are single-minded in their support for environmental issues and saving the planet.

Historian said...

Muslims started the slave trade and then the Africans' own people sold them to the white man. Learn your history, people. Any black who becomes a member of islam is betraying their heritage.

Anonymous said...

"black voters ... support for environmental issues and saving the planet"

Is that why blacks vote? Why then, do so little blacks enjoy the 'environment' at places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Your statement is obviously wrong. Perhaps SBPDL's next post should be about blacks at National Parks (or lack thereof).

BTW, I don't need black approval to vote the way I do. I'd just like more blacks to see the inherent evil of socialism and the level of control it give the government over its people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how about this guy. He remains anonymous but in the picture you can clearly see he is Black. This man toted his AR15 (AKA M16) to a protest against Obamacare. Talk about acting white. This guy is obviously a die hard Rebuplican. He stated, "In America, people have the right to fight back and resist."


What do you think about that?

Anonymous said...

There are more pictures/articles about the assualt rifle protester at He also said that the Obama healthcare plan is "stealing". If you need Black approval to vote Republican let this guy be it. A good 'Token Black' like this goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

For the record, not too damn many of us who are white like a goddamn republican, either.

Anonymous said...

"For the record ... goddamn republican"

You are out of touch with your race Mr anonymous guy from California. The majority of Whites have voted Republican for quite a long time. So go back to your LALA land since for the record not too damn many of us like you either.

Anonymous said...

For the record, your assumption is wrong. But we all know what they say about people who assume, don't we?

I was born and reared in Mississippi and live in Tennessee. So, like you, I'm a Southerner...just not from Southern California. Unlike you, however, I learned to think and, therefore, got out of the Republican party.

Please, kind sir, feel free to continue in your hatred while the rest of us progress.

Anonymous said...

You think I hate you? You're the one who used the words 'goddamn' and 'I learned to think'. I was not trying to insult you I was just responding to your assertion that Whites don't like Republicans. It is true that a fraction of Whites vote Democratic, BUT the majority of Whites vote Republican and have for quite some time.

I was born in Michigan, but fled the crime that Blacks were perpetrating in my city. I now live in Texas, but I don't consider myself Southerner (at least not yet).

Accusing me of hatred and belittling my intelligence is typical (California) Democrat hyperbole. Next you'll say I'm a Nazi.

BTW, I am an Electrical Engineer. I am also a proficient computer programmer.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's great to have Blacks as members of the Republican party. Since the Democratic party has become quite obviously the 'Black' party I think they should be represented as such. Why should we care what freeloading socialist's want?

A better strategy for Republicans is to embrace Hispanics. Hispanics are less racist, they are a larger group than blacks and a good portion of them already vote Republican. Hispanics have the same goals as White immigrants did when they came to this country. Only a small amount of Hispanics expect the government services that the Blacks expect when they go to vote. These Hispanics want the same thing Whites do, A JOB.

Anonymous said...

I hate Blacks & republicans.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a black conservative woman and frankly I don't need anyone else's approval (black or otherwise) to vote the way I do. I see this country heading down the road to Socialism and it frightens me. I believe in the free market, personal responsibility, respect for life, the right to bear arms and limited government. It would be nice if the black community could embrace these values because I believe these values make you strong and will not allow you to wallow in victimhood, but if they don't, I'm still going to vote my way--it's works for me. However, I am sorry the Republican Party chose Michael Steele to head the RNC. He's a joke! I don't think this man knows what he believes in or even knows what he's talking about half the time. He's an embarrassment to the Republican Party and to black Republicans even more so. He needs to step down. However, they can't just get rid of him because then they would be called racists! This is what happens when someone is chosen for a position, not because they can do the job but because of the color of their skin! Republicans and Conservatives should NEVER try to be Democrats--it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I like the last Black lady. I used to live in a black neighborhood and that was tough for a young White boy like me. While I am still proud of my White heritage I will never forget the one time I was under attack by 6-8 negro boys punching my head in every which way and direction. I flung my arms in my own defense in every direction to defend myself and my good friend was on the ground being kicked in the kidneys over and over. The cops never rolled by nor did we ever call them. This skinny old grandma came out from her house and started beating these negro boys with a broom. Thanks to her I was able to continue my walk home on foot. While blacks may claim to be victims I doubt that any of these negro boys were subject to the racism that this little old lady had encountered in her life. I do not know her name but I can only imagine that her 'chilins' were brought up to be productive members of America. She may have never gotten a proper education by our standards but this unnamed black grandma will always have my respect. So look out for a crazy white boy defending an old Black lady from assault. Yeah that's me. A boy with White Pride and Black Appreciation.

I don't care how old I get I'll beat 'em with a broom too grandma. Fuck all ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who honestly believes that this country is headed for socialism under the Democratic party is a FUCKTARD.
Get off of Glenn Beck's penis and read a goddamn book you paranoid pieces of shit.

Carolynn said...

Wow, what you are saying makes me really sad. I hope Barack Obama and the Democrat party bring you much joy and happiness, you deserve it. Here's to "Hope & Change!"