Sunday, August 2, 2009

#677. The End of "Knowing"

Movies are one of Black people's favorite forms of entertainment. Films like Soul Plane and Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood have long been some of Black people's favorite cinematic treats.

However, a recent Nicholas Cage movie left Black people wondering if Leni Riefenstahl had directed the film posthumously. The science-fiction film, Knowing, grossed more than $175 million worldwide and was a moderate success during its theatrical release in 2009, in America.

It might have been a bigger hit, had the trailers for the film been more forthcoming about the plot, as Nicholas Cage - whose hairline continues to change in each film - plays an MIT professor who uncovers a 50-year-old numerical sequence that has correctly forecast major disasters: describes the plot this way:

"When John (played by Cage) was looking at the numbers, he quickly realized that it was some type of code that predicted the month, date and year of a specific disaster, and how many people died in that particular disaster. After witnessing a plane crash at Logan International Airport, and saving people from a freak New York Subway accident, John realizes that the last disaster on the code is the end of the world when one of the Sun's solar flares will scorch the Earth."
So it's another end of the world flick, and like in so many movies before it, Black people don't get a chance to save the world from solar flares. In fact, they barely are even seen in the film at all.

What makes this film so incredible and yet, so offensive to Black people - and perhaps all non-whites - is the ending of the film. For, like in Nordic mythology, the end of the world is met with fire, complete destruction and yet, a re-birth of Nordic life. A Ragnarök that seems alien to Black people.

Throughout Knowing, strange Blond hair, blue eyed people help the son of Cage's character and in the end, these angelic people turn out to be the savior of mankind, or perhaps only European-kind, as they are aliens that take two white children (one being Cage's character) to another planet. There, they avoid the destruction of earth and the film ends with the white children (one boy and one girl) running in fields of gold (perhaps the Elysium field's).

As the world is about to consumed by fire, Cage's character in the film reunites with his father, who tells him, "This isn't the end son," to which he replies, "I know."

Prior to making it to his parent's home though, he traverses through Boston and New York City, where mobs of people are looting the cities as anarchy reigns. Interesting, Beethoven's 7th Symphony Major, 2nd Movement - Allegretto in A Minor" is playing as he makes his way throughout he cities, a stark contrast to the savagery outside the windows of his car and the beauty within.

Classical music ( a future inclusion to the growing list of SBPDL) accompanying the end of the world is just to much for Black people, especially one in which angels or aliens only saved white children.

What's more is after the white children are safe from the fiery remnants of earth, they run toward a magnificent white tree. Accompanied by two white rabbits - a sign of fecundity - the white children are prepared to rebuild a world that the movie stated, unequivocally, that needed "a cleansing". That's how Knowing ends... and it was made in 2009.

Below, you can watch the last few minutes of the film, including the part of the movie that Black people found so offensive. For a world without Black people would never function properly, as entertainment would be but a mesh of whiteness.

Knowing, directed by Alex Proyas (who also directed the fantastic movies The Crow and Dark City), has been put on notice. The world in his latest film was destroyed, not even saved by Black people, but was afforded a re-birth where white children, headed toward a white tree, accompanied by white rabbits are to re-build civilization.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Knowing, because this film shows that angels (or aliens) would only chose white children to re-build a world, and give them a pure Nordic mythological paradise to do it in, and yet, Black people are forced to endure the destruction of earth.

In the new world to come, the aliens (or angels) of Knowing decree that Black people serve no fucntion, and leave them behind to fires of the solar flares. The film is racist, and SBPDL has yet another entry.

(NOTE: YOUTUBE has to take down this ending a lot, due to copyright, so please check out the movie yourself and come to your own conclusions)


Anonymous said...

I don't think black people like the idea of looking at a sheet of paper with nothing but numbers and finding a pattern. Numbers can be Numbing. I happen to like a challenge like this, but I happen to be white too. As a little tip to future IQ test subjects, these happen to be part of the test subjects. I'll list an example below and explain.

What is the next number in this line of numbers?

[Test subject looks at the line of numbers and just guesses since it looks like a hodge podge]

Answer: 77
25+13=38+13=51+13=64 thus 64+13=77

It might not be +13 on the test it might be -11.

Anonymous said...

^^ Crap, that dude just gave the keys to the kingdom to blacks. Ain't nothing good gonna come of this!

Anonymous said...

If you'll notice there are other "ships" presumably dropping off other pairs of children. Who's to say those children aren't of different races, creeds and colors? Had they shown those children, that might satisfy your concerns. And the tree looked black & white, to me, kind of glowing, filled with light - which I interpreted as the new "Tree of Life." But, one of the bunnies should have been black or brown. As a white person, I didn't catch any of that in the movie until you pointed it here. Thank you for doing so. Guess I need to be more sensitive in the future, as do those in Hollywood, especially if they want to capture the entertainment dollars of the black community.

Steve said...

If what the above poster said about the other ships is true, then how long before the black filled ship starts to realize it needs to leach off the white ship? My guess is as soon as it lands and they dont find any grape drank or menthol cigarettes.

CatOnARoof said...

I never would have watched the movie had I not read your blog entry. So, I saw it last night and loved it! Does anyone have more suggestions on movies we whites can enjoy without having to endure politically correct blacks being pushed down our throats?

Anonymous said...

No negro children were saved.

It isn't surprising; while the White children were focusing on building a better civilization the negroes would be focused on "bling-bling", spinning 22" rims, grape soda and "gettin' boo-tay".

Anonymous said...

Okay this is stupid. At the end when the boy and Nicklas Cage were departing from each other, and when the alien ship holding Cage's son was leaving Earth you can see in the background that OTHER alien ships were leaving too. They were carring other kids from other countries to be saved. Which later you can see them landing onto the new planet at the end. Also the tree looks silvery and shinny NOT white as you say.

And by the way I am black too and I didn't see any racial tone in the movie.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Lets stop and make a black version of this good movie just because everything cant be black. Ok so the main char is a black guy. He is NOT a professor, he is unemployed and collects his free checks to find himself and his family for doing nothing. His son gets a letter from the time capsule and it has all those numbers. Black guy can’t do math and throws it away. BLACK aliens start showing up and talking to them. Now, since you complained about black people not being able to save the day. So the black guy steals a jet and drops some kind of hi-tech nigger bomb in the sun that stops it from blowin’ up da errth. However, the aliens still run off with the kids, but that’s OK! They were mistakes anyway. Black kid takes his sista and gets 2 chickens instead of rabbits. AND they’re black! So they show up to the new planet. Black kid fucks his sister, eats the chickens, then runs off and steals the white girl from the white kid in the original ending. The end!

All because you had to make a website and call a good movie racist. Ignorant ass apes.

Anonymous said...

Ummm stupidity seems to be rampant, and judging by the person who wrote this blog, I'd say this website has it in spades. I'll agree with everyone else, there are other Ships with other kids on it, the characters in this film happened to be caucasian.

You need to be protesting the movie "Glory" because hundreds of black people were killed in that movie, and yet I don't see you boycotting that film.

Stop being hypocritical,

Sophie said...

I do agree with the idea that there were other ships presumably bringing others, but the fact that even the extras in the film were predominantly white did strike me (and I'm neither white nor black, I'm Asian...)

I also had to comment in respose to the INCREDIABLY ignorant post two above me, made on August 15th... What makes you think that a black man is incapable or being a college professor? And what gives you the right to use the n-word on a blog that's obviously advocating for black representation? That's disgusting to me.

Anonymous said...

This point of view will make even Neandertals complain...."why didn`t you choose one of us?" There is no original stereotype for human being to reduplicate.Evolution it is.I`m an Iranian with black hair and tawny skin.Should I feel the same way? No...if you believe in god and the power of recreation the almighty will recreat our souls not the body.The sublunary has destroyed and sprituailty should be saved.Plus the "ANOTHER SHIPS THEORY" no need to explain :D

Anonymous said...

Wow. You morons need to learn what how sarcasm and irony function before complaining about "PC blacks being pushed down our throats" and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

i am about to watch this movie so i may be wrong but the main post alludes to nordic mythology and im thinkin that if the story bares such a close resemblance to nordic legend then why complain about the lack of black people? if it was based around an african legend and the peoplke involved were black i wouldnt bitch and moan about white people being left out.
hey why are there no white people in that basketball moive? hey why are there no black people in that hockey movie?
stop watching a movie with the mindset of a black person watchin a movie and instead just be a person. DICK HEAD

Anonymous said...

I have just watched this movie, and I find it amazing/ ridiculous that anyone could see any racist undertones in this film.

Then again, if you look for something hard enough, you will likely find it! :(

Oh and in response to you last line
"This film is NOT racist."

Get over it, and get on with your life

Anonymous said...

YAK YAK YAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that in 2009; there are still such RACIST IDIOTS of WHITE ARSES!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooo disgusted and yes u whities, I'm YOUNG GIFTED and BLACK. I did watch the movie and YES it is FRAKIN RACIST.... Eat that and stop with the "slavery...." Excuse while I go VOMIT.... and dont bother responding to this cos actually I dont give 2 HOOTS what u white arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll start there. Wow.

First of all, the film isn't all that good. Yes, there is an excellent sci-fi premise and the first half of the film (although completely void of ethnic diversity) is actually pretty good. Around the last half hour it took a complete nosedive. I'm not taking a side on the religion issue but it seemed to me that this movie was a commentary more on faith vs. science and I fully expected that the "beings" at the end would be angels and Nick Cage's character would turn to God before the world ended. Basically, the movie left you confused and unsatisfied. (much like some of your girlfriends)

As for race, now that it was brought up and I look back there was a distinct lack of diversity in this film. There may have been a minor character here or an extra there of non-caucasian background but it was severly lacking. Why couldn't Cage's teacher friend have been black? Not only would that have had no significant change to the movie's plot but it would have established an understanding of reality. Yes there are many intellegent Black people around this country and the world.

All of that being said, I don't see this as a racist film. It was a story about a group of white people. As for the "blond haired, blue eyed" angel/aliens I think they were designed they were portrayed as being pale people who lacked any real distinguishable color. They were designed to be creepy (which they succeeded at) and I don't believe that they were supposed to represent the arrian race. The rest of the posts establish that there were other ships with other sets of kids who could "hear" the "whisperers".

All in all I'm sad that the vast majorithy of the people commenting here are so angry. I'm sorry that you come from a place where you believe that either black people are ignorant animal like people and are mere leaches on our world or that white people are evil and racist and on the whole are only looking for more ways to oppress people who aren't like them. I'm sorry that you don't know me (I'm a white guy from Wisconsin) and I don't find myself to be racist; sheltered an ignorant on occasion but not racist.

Basically, you should all calm down. This movie wasn't all that great anyways, so who cares?

Anonymous said...

So this website should just be...Stuff black people dont like...ITEM 1- White People

Anonymous said...

The fact that some people see a race instead of a human being is racist itself. I am white, European living in Europe and with Celt origins, more white than this is hard. When I look to someone I see a human being, not a white, black, yellow or red person. How about looking to the movie characters as humans beings, despite their colour? I enjoyed this movie and that's the idea: leisure.

P.S. English is not my primary language.

desi_star said...

First of all, there were other ships; those two children aren't the only ones that are responsible for creating the new world.
Second of all, I don't think there were any black people/minorities in the movie. So white people died and white people were saved. They got both ends!

I'm Indian, and I wasn't offended by this movie. I didn't notice anything because there was nothing to be noticed! As a matter of fact, as minorities, we should all be honored because we were not represented in such an idiotic and implausible movie! Hollywood has spared us! This movie is anything but racist; it's negrophilic!

I am surprised that this movie came out or that Nicholas Cage even acted in this movie; I thought he was of higher caliber.

All in all, this movie sucks! And if it really makes a difference, then people by all means, be proud that we were not a part of such unmitigated crap.

Anonymous said...

Race quotas are stupid. Only 12% of americans are black. There were about 4 lead characters in the movie. You do the math.
You cant be PC all the time. So quit whining. What do you want next, paint half of Mona Lisa black? Btw there are lots of races in the world, but american blacks are the only ones who have made a trademark out of their discrimination. Face the truth, you are victimizing yourselves for your own benefit.

Anonymous said...

You would think Blacks will enjoy this movie. Unlike news footage during the aftermath of Katrina, this movie shows only whitey looting stores. Although, 95% of the people that were stupid enough to stay in New Orleans when given ample warning that a major hurricane was going to hit, were black.

Anonymous said...

What a load of absolute bollocks, this site is bull shit, finding more and more ways to play victim !! get over it, its the 21st centuty and the more attention you draw to rubbish examples of mass racism the less credability you give to your cause. Racism still exists but you are looking for it in all the wrong places, and finding discrimination where ther is none. Focus on the real fights, like the southern states of America and the far right wing parties in the UK. Finding an argument for discrimination in a sci fi film is as rediculous as the plot itself !!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, it is never revealed what the contents of the other ships are. Maybe their kids of different races?, maybe their plant and animal species?, who knows.

There is no proof that children of different races were on the other ships. there is no clue at all what the contents of the other ships are.

So for all those saying that "children of other races were saved too" you have no evidence to back your hollow claim.

To Anon, with the Celtic heritage, I'm sorry you continue to be so willingly naive, and belive that we are all just "human beings". Race means something whether you like it or not.

And it is a valid point, to drop focus on arguing about if "Knowing" is racist or not, your attention and scorn should be aimed where it is needed, like at the SPLC, Rap music, the Marxists on the east and west coasts, and the invasion of the first world countries by the unwashed masses of the third.

Loved the movie, especially the ending.

Bob Fairlane said...

I think the world would function unbelievably better without blacks, but you are right about one thing: Black people sure are entertaining!

Bob Fairlane said...

You (the writers of this site/blog) should QUITcherbitchen. There are PLENTY of pro black doomsday films, like I am Legend. You all get a great big piece of the pie in America, when you aren't worth of the crumbs swept into the dustbin.

Bob Fairlane said...

Ok I get it. A white dude writes this blog! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone notice that there were other ships taking people to the other planet??? We even see them landing on the planet, so the little white boy and girl aren't the only ones there. There were probably young people from lot's of different human races, we only saw the american point of view of the end of the world. The story could have taken place in another part of the world too...

Anonymous said...

The aliens are white Aryans (and I mean WHITE), and so it goes to reason that they were only choosing higher races (whites) and not lower ones (blacks) to take to the new planet. Too bad that many on here are too ignorant, stupid, or proud to admit that whatever material comforts that blacks have in the USA are due to some white making that job available to them, or that tax dollar available to give them a free handout. There are too few talented blacks (10-15%) to take care of their own kind (which is why black countries, including such places as Haiti) are hell holes with no chance of EVER being on par with even the poorest white nation. Period!!

Anonymous said...

The American POV is the one that counts.
As for other ships maybe taking other races, that is complete conjecture.What we do know is, the characters are white. The mythology, the metaphor, completely Nordic.

Anonymous said...

These people act like blacks are essential to civilization. Are you out of your minds? Blacks are DESTROYERS of civilization, not the builders of it. Quit lying to yourself black people.

Anonymous said...

The basis of Knowing is nihilism. This is true of nearly all Hollywood movies, but not much of anybody seams to be noticing this. It’s not a good sign that White people in particular are the targets of this poison.

Anonymous said...

I can see where black people are coming from. But why get upset about that when you have the totally ridiculous religious angle power crammed down ya gob. Every damned hollywood movie seems to pander to conservative white america. I particularly liked the emotive use of language when Cage's character (A professor at MIT) is explaining determinsm. Like wtf!?. And while i'm thinking of that scene wasn't his class of elite students quite racially diverse? You'd write scripts of this drivel too if you knew it would always sell. Effects driven blockbuster with massive Christian overtones and happy ending... yawn

Anonymous said...

Couldn't Say this was the best ending either!! i tought the aliens stopped the disaster... but like NO!??!?! I got some small creeps when the men in white keep pupping up, and the stones, what did the stones do?, well they were where the white guys where. BUT WHAT THE FUCK

Anonymous said...

What would it matter what color they saved. All humams are the same race. The whole human race was black when it started right? Eventually the white kids descendants could become black based on the climate.

Anonymous said...

lmaoo, i love how everyone are saying BLACKS,LOL i think that at the end it was trying to symbolise adam and eve, who WERE WHITE!!!, NOT BLACK!!,


the amount of films i have seen with only blacks in is crazy, i live in england and the national soap oper(eastenders) had all blacks in for the frst time, bad times!!!!!, its getting crazy, soon it will be uncool to be white

Anonymous said...

I saw some non-white children at the very end, and could have sworn I saw a couple black kids.

As somebody else said, there were many other alien ships landing on the other planet.

I really love how this entry doesn't include a.... single- literally, not a single reaction from "angry black people".

Anonymous said...

"The aliens are white Aryans (and I mean WHITE), and so it goes to reason that they were only choosing higher races (whites) and not lower ones (blacks) to take to the new planet."

The alien's true form was humanoid, but only vaguely human. They were translucent blue blob-like creatures. I don't think the makers of this movie injected such racial overtones into this movie.

"There are too few talented blacks (10-15%) to take care of their own kind (which is why black countries, including such places as Haiti) are hell holes with no chance of EVER being on par with even the poorest white nation. Period!!"

Not a single carribean country or territory with a majority of blacks, or a significant portion of blacks, is anywhere remotely as bad as Haiti. Try harder.

John T. said...

What city was that? Must have been a very nice place to live prior to the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

"Black" people are not the only form of non-whiteness. How do you think us "asians" feel when we are not even included in many movies except if it has to do with kung-fu and that other mumbo jumbo.
Black people get their own dolls and movies and commercials on t.v.
When is the last time you went into a store and saw an "Asian" doll. I was forced to play with white dolls as a child, even though I would not be classified as white. I had to get a "special asian doll" made for me.
How do you like living in that world when you are an "asian" living in a supposed white man's land but is quickly being overtaken by illegal aliens and other "foreighners"?
Must suck for the white man....

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, you racist ignorant monkey. How dare you make a blog like this. You make me ashamed to be white.

Only a neurotic human piece of lint would blame someone for something that have no control over - their skin colour.

And while i'm at it, the other posts are right - look at the other ships taking off from other countries. How stupid are you?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon above -

Obviously, you haven't read all the posts on this site. I love the inclusion of classical music in the final scene.

The chaos of the world ending and the tragic beauty of it all, as only Beethoven could provide.

Yes, SBPDL is a racist, ignorant monkey. How did you ever find out?

The end of "Knowing" provides a beautiful ending to a fine film. The aliens were all white, as were the two children that made it to the new "earth" first.

Perhaps, we could all enjoy "2012" and be exposed to a Black geologist who saves the world? That sounds more plausible, right?

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys (white people), but there's actually one group that is more superior. East Asians. You know this movie is as PC as it gets because the alien would have save the Asians first before anyone else if IQ was the determinant.

"Lynn's meta-analysis lists East Asians (105), Europeans (99), Inuit (91), Southeast Asians and Amerindians (87 each), Pacific Islanders (85), South Asians/North Africans (84), Non-Bushmen sub-Saharan Africans (67), Australian Aborigines (62) and Bushmen (54)."

Anonymous said...

The owner(s) of this blog are mentally troubled. Man, you need counselling . Probably you look at a sheet of white paper and hate it! Get over it. White is just a colour, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Too bad white people cant get any work done without any races too help them. i bet these two kids are planning on building a trailer park and growing mullets. its scientifically known that white people cant live without ruining the success of other races and generally being a virus on the planet.

Anonymous said...

oh noez, at least they don't read the intrawebs.

Anonymous said...

"Too bad white people cant get any work done without any races too help them."
Feel free to take a gander at how long people lived in Africa vs. how long people lived in Europe, then compare their development.

Lack of diversity in the extra cast? It was shot in Australia. Throughout the movie you can see Australian license plates and arrows on the road for left hand side driving, as well as right hand side driven vehicles. I don't expect many blacks in Australia.

The movie was directed by a white man. Not surprised the main characters are all white. If it was directed by a black man it would have been Barber Shop 12 or Malcolm X.

I didn't think the movie itself was racist, but it will bring it out like a mirror, showing the audience their own racism. I had an "LOL they didn't save black people!" moment when I saw the ending, then I saw and remembered the other ships.

And yes a black person complaining about not seeing black people is racist.

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec - all the black ppl on here, who let you out of the cotton fields?!?! Get THE FUCK back in there before I whup yo jigga slave asses! Now THAT, my chocolate-colored friends, is racism. And this is the fuckin stupidest site I have ever seen after 14 years of browsing the internet - what a fukn waste of space. KUNTS!!

Goat said...

Race war!Race war!
Look - Australia is indigenously populated with black skinned people. What does that guy a couple of posts up mean with: "It was shot in Australia..I don't expect many blacks in Australia?"
There are 550,000 Aborigines living there, pretty much all of them are black. They are, however, only 2.7% of the country's population.

I was just looking this film up and got linked here. I have not seen it yet so can't comment on the film itself. But I will say that I view films as art and entertainment not as political or social statements.There are many films with a subtext that is obviously leaning in one political or ideological direction. It could be argued that no film is without some subtext, no matter how intelligent, stupid, subtle or strong. This underlying feeling may be so heavey handed that it permeates the film, and can cause the disturbing sensation that the Blogger is talking about here.
I get the same feeling with alot of films, but realise that the subtext is offensive to me because I am Ideologically oppossed to it, after that realisation it stops bothering me, and I can enjoy the film.

Anonymous said...

As for viewing films and media in general as "only" entertainment, that is a luxury I as a person of color wish I had. I can also state that it is a easy position to take when media represents a wide range of western experiences, but only a limited range of other cultures. I went to see the movie Knowing and I came away with the same reaction as the host of this site, though he is much more knowledgeable in a lot of the Nordic symbolism than I was. I was also put off by the film Avatar for similar reasons. For example (and hopefully this isn't too off topic, but will give you something to think about), why are so many movies supposedly about the "black experience" told from a "white" perspective character, or viewpoint? Amistad, Last King of Scotland to name a few of the more recent examples. Hollywood seems to feel that mainstream audiences can't relate to a normal story about people who don't happen to be white without a white person present. Yet we can all relate to films like Knowing.

By the way it's also interesting how many people find the host's assertions to be absurd yet don't acknowledge the multitude of racist comments made in response. Of course these people have no problem with a film that presents the rebirth of civilization with a blond haired blue-eyed Adam and Eve, but would undoubtedly have a problem if any other group had done a similar film and left them out.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you didn't notice the hundreds of other alien ships that landed there, probably to drop of more kids and leave. You can't say that they were the ONLY kids and that ALL the other unknown kids were definitely white. This is clearly not racist. Oversensitive much?

Anonymous said...

I personally am a black person and I didn't have a problem with the movie because there were other ships landing. I do wish that maybe they had had the children running from the other ships to show us that it was a multiracil group, that would have helped a lot. But as for the person, Satyrn, who wrote such a racial comment about black folks SOME of us do have those types of problems, but not all. I could say that ALL white people murder their children before they are born( hey everyone knows ya have more abortions than we do so don't play), but I won't. Instead I'll say some of you murder your children before they are born, more than black people do. I mean how prejudice can you get!I could pratically smell your hatred of the black race oozing from your spores from the computer! You to August 13, 2009 8:56 PM, you are so racist my GOD! And you have a VERY foul mouth, Grow up for God's sake! You need to learn that YOU are not the only one who lives on this earth and YOUR race (white) is not better than anyone elses. I know you got better sense than you post told us, so SHOW it by at LEAST spelling your words CORRECTLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I personally am a black person and I didn't have a problem with the movie because there were other ships landing. I do wish that maybe they had had the children running from the other ships to show us that it was a multiracil group, that would have helped a lot. But as for the person, Satyrn, who wrote such a racial comment about black folks SOME of us do have those types of problems, but not all. I could say that ALL white people murder their children before they are born( hey everyone knows ya have more abortions than we do so don't play), but I won't. Instead I'll say some of you murder your children before they are born, more than black people do. I mean how prejudice can you get!I could pratically smell your hatred of the black race oozing from your spores from the computer! You to August 13, 2009 8:56 PM, you are so racist my GOD! And you have a VERY foul mouth, Grow up for God's sake! You need to learn that YOU are not the only one who lives on this earth and YOUR race (white) is not better than anyone elses. I know you got better sense than you post told us, so SHOW it by at LEAST spelling your words CORRECTLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guess what, the movie with jodie foster called "Contact" had absolutely no black people in that either. where were the black people to complain then? Oh right, it wasn't a popular movie so "they" didnt go see it.

Anonymous said...

Why do you lot act like the only two races on this planet are black and white...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Because when white people stop worrying about taking care of all of the world and remove white guilt from their conscience, then all can change for the better.

Anonymous said...

How much more racist can one get than a sentence like: "Movies are one of Black people's favorite forms of entertainment."
Talk about race generalisations. Pfft!

Anonymous said...

What have blacks ever done for the world?

Atheist said...

i could seriously go and on about EVERY single comment here. but i won't. I WILL say this:

P.S. My point is almost everyone here who commented is an idiot, one way or another.
P.P.S. LMAO at the moron who said, "LOL i think that at the end it was trying to symbolise adam and eve, who WERE WHITE!!!, NOT BLACK!!"
adam and eve (who didn't even really exist) came from AFRICA. the garden of Eden was in AFRICA. humans first evolved from primates in AFRICA. some humans then migrated to other parts of the world; and due to varying climates, melanin, the pigment in human skin, changed color as an adaptation. the original hominids/homo sapiens were BLACK (yes, including adam and eve if you want to follow the ridiculous theoretical creationist hominidgenesis as described in the old testament). you are all imbeciles who obviously know nothing about anything. btw seeing as the conversation is headed in this direction... Jesus Christ (real name was Joshua of Nazareth) was MIDDLE EASTERN.

this was written by a 12-year-old atheist white kid. yes, i know i'm smart.

Anonymous said...

The movie was about a white family...there were other ships and presumably other races going too, each with their own story about how the whisper people led them to the locations of the ships.

In every country's mythology, their "angels" are always "their color". Probably in Africa, the whisper people were disguised as Mutumbos and then went all see through before they took off.

I'm sure the president of the US was black in this movie, they just didn't show it. Every movie where the world comes to an end, the president is there you go.

Funny thing is, who cares what black people don't like....they don't like Heavy Metal, or Work, or Classical Music, or Getting Married before having kids...but doesn't mean they are getting it right

Anonymous said...

Oh know what...I think your right!

But this must be more than just discrimination against any race not saved, it's also discrimination against cats! They didn't show any cats being "saved"...

Stop picking through every little thing for a half-a**ed excuse to be angry at the world.


Anonymous said...

I just watched it and the aliens tell the kid that only the people who heard the calling were chosen.

Which means...some adults might have been selected as well, not just kids.

For all we know, an elderly black woman was selected and on one of the other ships.

Jason said...

They didn't put black people in the movie because they are probably as fucking stupid as the dopey cunt that wrote this blog.

Anonymous said...

No adults are saved in the movie. Only children are saved and only those who heard the call.

In the movie Contact, there was a black lead character, a woman who worked for the White House played by Angela Bassett.

Every person on this planet belongs to the human race, the only race on the planet - color is an environmental adaptation.

Hatred on this planet is rampant. Color is only an excuse for the hate, just like religion. Culture and society dictate how people think and feel. If you don't want to continue to spread the hate teach your children to love.

It doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow or red; humans are killing the planet and destroying our only home. We fight over stupid stuff, for control, for power and for what? Do you think God or Allah or whatever name you call the Creator by is smiling down on what we do to our world and to each other? I'm sure we sicken our Creator sometimes. We all need to do better, be better, but reading all these messages of hate saddens me. I'm no perfect person but this world we share needs some serious help. Individually I bet we are all good people, collectively we are monsters.
I don't think the Creator will allow monsters to inherit his world. Don't piss him off too much.

Anonymous said...

Not everything is about race dude.