Friday, July 30, 2010

#29. Reality TV

It started with Edtv, only to be followed by The Truman Show. Soon, a decision was made to emulate fiction with Survivor, Temptation Island, Big Brother, The Real World and other cheaply produced television shows that required no long-term contracts with moody actors, just casting calls from an untapped pool of millions of untalented people desiring their 15 minutes of fame.

Fear Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent followed. Americans have a fascination with being inundated with the trivial, following intently the lives of the rich and famous. Living vicariously as the seventh “Friend” on the show Friends, those who watch television develop an intimate relationship with the actors who portray characters they grow to love.

Shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars provide ample glimpses at real people searching for love and striving to prove themselves as the most adept B-level star at learning dance routines that help pacify viewer’s otherwise uneventful nights.

The Biggest Loser grants viewers the opportunity to view the obese strive to lose unwanted pounds by competing in athletic competition.

Discovery and other channels have found the best way to fill time slots with shows such as Deadliest Catch, Man versus Wild, Dirty Jobs, Dog the Bounty Hunter and other shows that glorify those mundane individuals who live ordinary lives and toil away at their thankless vocation so that others may pursue more “meaningful” work.

Yet, watching a show like Dirty Jobs one is overwhelmed by the happy faces that greet the host Mike Rowe as he attempts to emulate the same vocation he is profiling. Though they lead simple lives the people featured on Dirty Jobs seem content and fortunate, though their routine task might induce vomit in both the viewer and Mike Rowe.

Incidentally, 90 – 95 percent of the jobs featured on Mike Rowe’s are done by white people. Though regular television shows have long been blasted as too white, reality TV is even whiter. The reason is one that Black people know, but to admit would be detrimental to their cause of greater diversity on television.

Reality TV shows both the best and worst of people. Watching COPS, a long-running show that pits camera crews with real-life police officers who deal with the refuse of society, one is overwhelmed by the images of Black people evading police.

Yet, few reality TV shows can deal with Black people in a true setting because whatever environment the show depicts Black people in will automatically be construed as racist. The Real Housewives series is an immensely popular show that details the lives of caddy, pretentious, pontificating, pedantic boorish women.

And yet, only The Real Housewives of Atlanta has received substantial negative publicity, largely due to the real-life personas the show highlights. Daring to showcase Black people in anything but positive light is a violation of the rules that Black Run America (BRA) and The Real Housewives of Atlanta bathed Black people in a most uncomfortable light:

Across the reality-television spectrum, there have always been women like Sheree and her ''friends'' on Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of Atlanta: catty, materialistic, self-absorbed. But are television executives really only interested in black women when we're acting a fool? And more importantly, are we really only interested in seeing ourselves portrayed in this light?

VH1 is a channel that devotes a significant block of time to Black-oriented shows and yet they strike a similar chord with those who view them. These reality shows only showcase Black people in the most realistic light, instead of creating contrived sitcom shows that feature make-believe Black people such as The Cosby Show.

One reality show that was to feature an obese Black family (in reality, the overwhelming majority of Black people are obese) received criticism for daring to dwell in fact instead of fiction:

The Cole family has a message for the detractors of their new TLC reality show: You're just making us more determined.

"I would tell them to keep saying what they are saying because it's not going to affect anything that we are doing," said 14-year-old Shayne Cole. "Basically all they are doing is giving us more publicity, so more power to them."

The Coles are the stars of "One Big Happy Family," which documents their struggle to slim down and live a healthier lifestyle.

The morbidly obese African-American family of four from North Carolina had a total combined weight of 1,377 pounds when the show began. The family's matriarch Tameka weighed in at 380 lbs., her 41-year-old husband Norris tipped the scales at 340 lbs., 16-year-old daughter Amber was 348 lbs. and Shayne was 308 lbs.

The series has come under fire from bloggers and critics for being potentially exploitive of the family, whose "fat and happy" attitude has drawn comparisons to the comedic Klump family from the Eddie Murphy film "The Nutty Professor."

"My main issue is that obesity is such a huge problem in the black community," said Jerry Barrow, senior editor of The Urban "It feels like the family is just being put under a spotlight to highlight how big they are."

Reality is a harsh mistress, as many would rather put their head in the sand then deal with the truth. And yet, reality TV shows real people (often times in contrived and scripted situations) in all their unedited glory.

For Black people, this is far too much. The Nightly News shows Black people in enough negative situations; for reality TV to inundate viewers with more truths is just too much for Black people to handle.

Black people hold out hope that viewers will only see reality in sports and put aside the harsh actuality of real Black life in America.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes reality TV, for the veracity that comes through on television sets throughout America must not include showcasing Black people in a negative light. Black contestants may partake in individual shows, but to dare show only Black people in a “real-life” situation is to invite ruin to a community already beyond repair.


Anonymous said...

"...shows that feature make-believe Black people such as The Cosby Show."

Actually, my black family is in ways very similar to the Cosby family, but you being an uneducated white supremacist who knows nothing of reality, continues to degrade blacks and display to the public false views on blacks for your racial propaganda.

I'm done here because I realize it's pointless reasoning with unintelligent individuals such as SBPDL, White Flight, Hirsch, Vladimir, Phalluster, White Girl and basically every white supremacist or racist on this site. You guys can't be helped and will suffer for the rest of your pathetic lives.

And I could care less if this comment is censored, just like how I'll "care" about the response you white supremacist and racists have to say about my farewell. Screw you and...

Have fun!!!!

Steve said...

To the very first poster...booo f'ing hoo if your frail sensibilities have been bruised. If you are indeed similar to the Cosby family which I highly doubt considering out of wedlock black birthrates then good for you. Your "Moving on up"!
I'm glad your done here we are tired of divershitty anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - 1:43 - Congrats on being the exception to the rule. The bottom line though is that the other 95% of the blacks are exactly as we see them on Cops and not as they are depicted on the Cosby show. I live in a very diverse neighborhood with clusters of Indians, Koreans, Filipinos, and recent Polish immigrants. Those parts of the neighborhood are lower income but safe as you can get. The black part of the neighborhood, as it is in all cities, is a shit hole. They throw their trash on the street, let their kids play unsupervised, constantly threaten and insult each other, and police are constantly answering 911 calls to that area.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is getting more and more ridiculous as time passes. My family isn't really similar to the Cosby family at all, but we also bear absolutely no resemblance to the shit you see on TV, 'reality' or otherwise.

You DO realize that so-called 'Reality TV' is mostly scripted, overwhelmingly influenced by producers and writers, with the 'characters' being willing participants in the deception, don't you? Apparently not...

You seem to believe anything and everything that you think makes black people look bad.

SBPDL, the naivety on display with this post is quite informative, if not entirely surprising.

'Reality' TV is fake, it's a fraud, it's a sham, you've been had, bamboozled, you didn't land on channel 9, channel 9 landed on you!

Really, only someone with very little or no experience would really think the way you do on this, and the vast sprawling majority of the other absurdities you 'publish'.

Peace to Anon@1:43, I'm about done myself.

Anonymous said...

The all-time greatest example of why black people are horrible reality TV participants was exhibited several years ago on NBC's "The Apprentice" by a militant, lazy, IQ-challenged black female named Omarosa. When I saw and heard Michelle 0bama for the first time I nearly shat because she is a carbon copy of Omarosa.

XD .45

Anonymous said...

The negative publicity surrounding "Real Housewives of Atlanta" is proof of two basic truths:

1. Black people (most, not all) tend to take themselves WAAAAAAY too seriously, and

2. If you're white, there's nothing you can do or say to make most (not all) black people happy.

Relax, black people! It's just not that serious! YOU just aren't that serious. One thing I've noticed is that white people tend to be able to laugh at themselves more than blacks, who seem to feel that any joke at their expense threatens their dignity. The irony is, that this in itself becomes a new comedic item. Seriously guys, y'all need to relax and enjoy lifes absurdity a little more. You're way too tense.

As for the second point, imagine how you would feel if you were a Bravo you're trying to do something nice, making an afrocentric sister show to the other 100 "Real Housewives of Wherever" shows. You're trying to be all equal opportunity about the whole thing so no one calls you a racist. So you make the show.....and then....they call you a racist. Oy vey, there's just no winning with these people! XD

(Note to our black friends: please refer back to point #1 if this enraged you. It's funny because its ironic.)

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a black reality show! Maybe they could follow these guys around.

Imagine a Steve Irwin-type host: "Cricky! who dey gonna rob next? Let's try for a closer look shall we?"

Anonymous said...

"in reality, the overwhelming majority of Black people are obese"

Here is where you prove yourself to be a liar once again. That's completely and entirely ridiculous, and all it takes to debunk it is a little common sense, but since you're apparently unburdened by (or bereft of) such a thing here I go:

That's like watching Girls Gone Wild (or any other movie, television show or porn) and saying 80% of white women are whores. There is a difference between a whore and slut. Whores get paid, sluts usually don't. Do you see the potential for negative and inaccurate generalizations to cause controversy yet?

Now. To this claim of obesity.

Obesity and being 'overweight' are two entirely different things.

Being 'overweight', aside from being a fairly arbitrary designation, is caused by "an excessive amount of body weight that may come from muscles, bone, adipose (fat) tissue, and water."

Obesity simply "refers to an excessive amount of adipose tissue."

Now, for the statistical distribution:

Non-Hispanic Black Women: 49.6 percent
Hispanic Women: 43 percent
Non-Hispanic White Women: 33 percent

Non-Hispanic Black Men: 37.3 percent
Hispanic Men: 34.3 percent
Non-Hispanic White Men: 31.9 percent

All of this is sourced here.

That hardly qualifies as the 'overwhelming majority'. And, considering the numbers, there are far more obese white people, male and female, than there are blacks. Just to show how your biased perception skewers things.

There also more morbidly obese whites than there are blacks. This is apparently shifting, but only in the last 10-12 years, as "The prevalence of Class III obesity in African-American women increased from 0.5% in 1995 to 6% in 2000 (identical to the BRFSS) and to 7.5% in 2002. The prevalence of Class III obesity in Caucasian women remained about 3%. Conclusion:The prevalence of Class III obesity continues to rise in African-American women, a group with greater need and less access to obesity surgery, the only effective treatment, than Caucasian women, an inequality deserving of public policy attention."

You see that? 0.5% in 1995. White women were still at 3%. Your facts are all scrambled.

When fast food companies started marketing to us instead of focusing on white suburbanites it had a detrimental effect. But this is still only in America, land of the fat and home of the slave.

Furthermore: "The only remaining region of the world where obesity is not common is sub-Saharan Africa."


Any questions?

joe6 said...

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family.....It doesn't get any more white than that. The people they bring in are just about always native Hawaiian types. It's a good show. Mindless fluff for the guys

Dog sure looks like a racis but he's not. He loves all humanity

miked said...

"The only remaining region of the world where obesity is not common is sub-Saharan Africa."

LMAO! No shit, isn't that why Sally Struthers and Bono harp on us to feed them all the time?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:43

Its funny how every black person that wonders here always proclaims how they're different and how because they are different that means that any general observations about blacks cannot be true. LOL

Watch Dollhouse said...

well nice article with nice picture that on the top...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of reality, how about this

Also, why do you negros keep threating to quit coming to this website, yet never follow through?

Anonymous said...

" The Nightly News shows Black people in enough negative situations; for reality TV to inundate viewers with more truths is just too much for Black people to handle."

Actually we don't even focus on the image of blacks on reality shows. Those are few individuals who are their own unique person with their own attitude. You can't group all blacks you see on tv acting up, and form a bias view and say that all blacks are like them.

How would you like it if we said these bias things about whites? Whites are lazy(because they had to get Africans to do their labor)

Whites are racist and discriminatory(because they discriminated against people of color and killed them because of it, and also were racist during the discrimination they pressed against people of color)

Whites are not talented singers(you're more likely to find black artists than white artists in the music biz, and especially in the vocalist/artist biz)

Whites are not religious(there are more white atheists than black atheists. Also, you'll find more black churches than white churches in America)

Whites are corrupted police officers(there are thousands of police case where white officers have abused suspects wrongly)

And so on....

Also, like one of the anons posted, reality tv is scripted and isn't real like reality in ordinary life. Reality tv is simply a creation for america to see drama with real people, instead of actors, in a real setting so they don't have to watch cheesy operas with cheesy drama.

Anonymous said...



By you posting utter nonsense about how what is on a tv show is what we see in reality, degrades your intelligence and shows us that you are nothing but a pathetic, white supremacist, idiotic, low-excuse, piece of filth, bias, retarded little man. You are nothing but a man with a child's temper tantrum posting his bias and hateful views on a race of people who have gone through heck like any other minority.

For you to target them because you can't stand that people feel their pain, relate to them, and target forms of hate on them, like they would for any other race, is completely, utterly pathetic, sad, and absurd, especially for a man like you, if you even are one.

Go stomp your feet, cry, whine like a baby to some one who actually cares. No one cares about you or your propaganda that's never going to reach anyone besides the white supremacist and racist viewers on this blog, which are lower than .000... percent of the world's population.

You are only making life harder on yourself with this hatred you form against a troubled people, who unlike you can actually man up for their wrong, and face tomorrow with a new look, a new view. You dwell in misery and sorrow, and try to make others do so also. You are a sad, sad, sad man and I'm disgusted at people like you.

Anyway, it's time you man up and start living tomorrow like your last. Do you really want to be remeber as a hateful man, racist or white supremacist? Do you really want to die being full of hate? Do you really think God is going to allow a man like you into his kingdom? I think not. Live and forget and move on like the rest of us. It's not a hard thing to do. This goes for every other hater, white supremacist, and racist out there.

I could care less what anyone has to say about this comment either. I doubt it'll even get posted. Actually it doesn't, as long as you've read this SBPDL, I've done my job.

It's time to stop hating and to start loving.

Vladimir Klitschko says vote Mel Gibson in 2012 said...

Anon moron at 1:43 PM:

Sure, I will concede that your unsupported ad hominem that I am "unintelligent" is correct if you could just dissuade me of some notions that I have; notions that are supported by overwhelming evidence combined with a lifetime of firsthand observations.

First, could you dissaude me of the evil notions that I have regarding the fact that 6% of the population is responsible for more than 70% of all violent crime in America, according to the DOJ, a racist agency that is actually biased in favor of blacks and refuses to prosecute armed Black Panthers for the clearest case of voter intimidation since the Voting Rights Act was passed?

Second, could you explain to me why I should not have a negative opinion of a group who, while only 6% of the population, commits nearly 60% of all murders?

Can you explain to me why I should not draw a negative inference from the fact that blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa?

Could you explain to me the folly of my ways in having a negative opinion of a group that, while being less than 1/8 of the population, carries nearly 3/4 of all sexually transmitted diseases according to the CDC?

Could you explain to me why I should draw a different conclusion regarding the fact that blacks in their idigenous environment, free of miscegenation, have a below 70 average IQ?

Could you show me the folly of my ways in believing that ebonics is nothing more than a bunch of eeks, ooks and grunts of people who either refuse or can't comprehend the simple rules and structure of the language they are immersed in? Can you show me how I am wrong to objectively link this issue to a proven genetically lower IQ?

Can you dissuade me of my negative opinions of black afrocentrist "reasoning" which in my view is nothing but a bunch of unintelligible, incoherent, factually ridiculous blame shifts with each one being stranger than the one preceeding it? Can you do this without a bunch of links to african invention sites?

Could you explain why I should not have a negative opinion of the fact that popular black culture promotes violence, murder, virulent racism, materialism and anti intellectualism?

Could you please show me why I am wrong to look negatively upon the fact that 12% of the population is responsible for more than 50% of all welfare spending?

Can you explain to me the ignorance of my perceptions every time I have driven or walked through a black neighborhood and have been subjected to stare downs, scowls, threats, screams of white boy and cracker go home, etc.? Could you explain why I am wrong to believe that this behavior is the predictable norm?

I am just wondering here. All of these observations are impossible to argue against, being that they are all supported by proven facts. There is no argument being made, just a recitation of facts here.

Since I am so "unintelligent" I was hoping that a member of a race that never invented the wheel or a written language could show me why these truths are actually a positive thing. I am stupid, silly me, you'll just have to excuse my ignorance. Please enlighten me.

Sheila said...

Anon 5:31 - excellent point. Every black insists he's the exception to the rule which, using circular logic, he than insists disproves the rule. Note how they all keep insisting they're "done" with this racist blog, but absolutely must get in just one last comment to disprove (with black-sourced statistics and/or websites) whatever a white has argued. Reminds me of a typical adolescent, who is also logically impaired and absolutely must always have the last word (one reason I almost never reply to comments directed towards me).

Let's see - of the large number of technically middle-class blacks I am acquainted with, the vast majority are government hires or have a government-affiliated job. Those who are in stable marriages have at least one divorce in their past. This generally results in an age-range for their children of 1-20 in the same family. Those who are not married all have at least one illegitimate child, and those who attend church see no discrepancy between purported Christian belief and sexual immorality/illegitimacy. Until quite recently (when I replaced a 15 year-old car) they all drove far more expensive vehicles than I did. Their children would show up for sports practice with burritos or burgers as dinner, and then become nauseated due to the food/exercise/heat (those nasty fast food company marketing executives, they just have it in for black folks!). While I would either walk laps or read during sports practice, they would either drop off their kids and take off, or they would stay along with their other kids and play rap music while having extended phone conversations - i.e. they were LOUD (oh dear, another baseless stereotype). Their children regarded mine as babyish because they were unfamiliar with profane rap lyrics, the latest t.v. show or video game, or sexual innuendo (my racism showing again, a million pardons). They were all rapturous Obama supporters and couldn't wait for him to show those dirty bank folks who's boss (after all, hadn't their own dear mama almost lost her house because she signed papers she didn't read to get a loan to pay her other bills? For shame!).

In summation, while I can and do observe general rules of civility and public nicety and deal with individual blacks in a mutually respectful manner, they personify each and every "racist white stereotype" you could possibly imagine. And remember, these are "middle-class" blacks from mixed race and class suburbs. When a team of blacks from the inner city participated in the league, their dress and demeanor instantly distinguished them from these other blacks, yet their personal beliefs and politics were identical. What a strange coincidence, wouldn't you say? But remember, none of them fit any of these evil white stereotypes, and reality t.v. doesn't ever reflect any facet of reality. They done told you after all, right?

Anonymous said...

"Anon moron at 1:43 PM:"

Vladdy dum-dum, I think you need to be talking about yourself, seeing how you're the real moron.

And blacks have written their own language, go to Africa and you'll see for yourself.

You're such a moronic dunce, that it's just too funny! Now instead of arguing with an anon, go ahead and argue with your bff Hirsch. I want to see some fireworks tonight!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Sure, I will concede that your unsupported ad hominem that I am "unintelligent" is correct if you could just dissuade me of some notions that I have; notions that are supported by overwhelming evidence combined with a lifetime of firsthand observations."

Vladdy dum-dum, I forgot to point out that you're talking to no one but yourself. Anon @ 1:43 clearly stated that he or she was done with this blog. I guess you were to busy steaming off anger at the fact that someone called you unintelligent to realize.

You just made yourself look like a complete fool, and that point of yours is beyond pathetic now!!

Anonymous said...

Sheila said:

"Reminds me of a typical adolescent, who is also logically impaired and absolutely must always have the last word (one reason I almost never reply to comments directed towards me)."

Aware of the risk, I will comment to a recent post directed at me. The reason black(s) on this site are commenting about White Girl being especially racist is because my comments hit very close to home for them. I know too much. Blacks live within a black collective (black community) and identify first as black. The collective likes to think that whites are clueless about their race hustling game. If someone criticizes black behavior, the black collective swoops in to defend. I suggest that blacks stop identifying with the "black community" and start acting as individuals and having personal accountability. Some black posters go on and on about how good they are, which means how good all blacks are. This is not true. If you are good, then just be good and stop defending an entire race of people. You are in denial! And no, whites do not identify as white first and travel in a racial collective.

Once you remove the huge burden of defending the entire race, you will surely begin to agree with the insightful posts on this site instead of jumping to the defense of all blacks.

I have lived in black neighborhoods most of my life because I love old homes, it is a trade-off that I am willing to make. The hood always get safer and more desirable to whites once I start calling 911 and the Health Department. Many of the historical districts in my town have become black ghettos, no, not because of white flight, but because of desegregation of schools and the fact that blacks demanded to live in places that middle-class whites built and cared for. Once the whites left, the neighborhoods crumbled, as it has in many great neighborhoods around the country. I witness black mostly underclass behavior on a daily basis. I know many many middle-class blacks who act exactly as Sheila describes. They make fun of my daughters because instead of acting like strippers, grinding and booty poppin' when, they dance like ballerinas and gypsies. They could not care less about their children and are more interested in impressing the world with their materialism and posturing.

I suggest that all blacks turn in their black collective membership card and start demanding better behavior from everyone. You cannot act as a collective only when the news is good.

White Girl

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't want to be white.

Steve said...


You win POST OF THE DAY. Well said and so very very true.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, my black family is in ways very similar to the Cosby family"

Hillary, think up some new material, you're getting predictable.

Anonymous said...

"I'm done here"

It wouldn't be a normal day at SBPDL without a negro threatening to leave.


Anonymous said...

Brief Summary Of All Negro Posts Above:

Hey White People:
In spite of the fact that you've spent your entire life observing atrocious black behavior at work, in school, and in public...
you're eyes are playing tricks on you!

Black people are just like white people, it's the MEDIA that portrays us as irresponsible, anti-social criminals and reprobates.
That's's the media!!

We're all exactly alike, just different colors!!

Now let's all go drink from the chocolate river and sing the oompa loompa song!

Anonymous said...

At least Anonymous #1 didn't make the mistake of grouping me with Hirsch (Hirsch does sound like a "racist" name though don't it?). On the other hand she didn't include me in her list of the other "racists". I must be doing something wrong.

All races are of course different. Some are better than others. Some products of certain races face a greater "struggle" than others to prove their worth. Is that wrong? I dunno. I am what I am. What I am, is better than most all of you.

I feel no need to prove it!


Anonymous said...

SBPDL needs to do a post about Liberia and what the "best" of Western Africans have to offer. There are many good potential talking points involved in that topic. That is if it doesn't devolve into a discussion on cannibalism.

Anyway... I suggest that "Africans" with the need to prove they are the "best" at something, do so in the proper group. The "whites" here that act like "niggers" aren't a typical representative of my kind.


Orion said...

You forgot The First 48. That's the most Afro-centric reality show on TV. It hits so close to home that majority black Memphis banned it from filming there anymore. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Again, the black posters prove that the name of this site, "Stuff Black People Don't Like," is 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

"What I am, is better than most all of you."

LOL So why do you feel the need to say it?

Anonymous said...

"You forgot The First 48."

One of the best shows on tv, it makes no effort to be politically correct.

For any white person who's instincts tell them to avoid excessive contact with blacks, this show is a perfect illustration WHY.

Dave said...

The First 48 is great. I have watched almost every episode and saw my first white murderer the other day. The saddest episode recently featured Somalian savages murdering a white college student in Minneapolis by stabbing him to death. I'm sure this young man's parents are quite proud of Minneapolis' new found "strength in diversity". The entire city will soon be a never ending loop of Black Hawk Down.

Anonymous said...

"What I am, is better than most all of you.

I feel no need to prove it!"

Go preach your insecurity crap somewhere else. We could care less about how you needed to post that you were better than us on the interntet to make y
ou feel good about yourself are. If you really are better than us, then you didn't need to post it. You've shown us how inferior and insecure you really are. You're pathetic and it's disgusting.

Anonymous said...


"And yet, only The Real Housewives of Atlanta has received substantial negative publicity, largely due to the real-life personas the show highlights. Daring to showcase Black people in anything but positive light is a violation of the rules that Black Run America (BRA) and The Real Housewives of Atlanta bathed Black people in a most uncomfortable light:"

I'm going to have to beg to differ with the above statement for a few reasons.

The "real" housewives of Atlanta received negative attention for being a horrible reality show, and that says a lot. It was supposed to showcase Atlanta's "elite" That shouldn't have been to difficult, just get a few gold digging chicks married to ball players and rappers and let the hilarity ensue. Nope, the chicks are broke. I believe three of them aren't even married.

Also have you noticed that on the "real" housewives of New York, New Jersey, and Orange county there is not a black woman in sight. Why did they have to throw the token white chick in the mix on RHWOA? She isn't married by the way. She talks to an invisible boyfriend(associate producer). You almost expect the guy on the other end to slip up and say

"Good morning, Angels!"

Please excuse the rather dated reference.

-Black guy

Silent Running said...

OT, but here's a great story: The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues.

Black Gold (but not Texas Tea)

Anonymous said...

Black guy,

You are dead-on about the show being awful. My theory is that they were probably trying to go for "The Authentic Professional Black Woman" in Housewives of Atlanta. Had they picked a bunch of gold-digging black hoochies they would also have been condemned for casting blacks in a negative light. You have to know this, anytime blacks are shown acting in a negative light they blame the light, not the actors.

Anonymous said...

"You are dead-on about the show being awful. My theory is that they were probably trying to go for "The Authentic Professional Black Woman" in Housewives of Atlanta. Had they picked a bunch of gold-digging black hoochies they would also have been condemned for casting blacks in a negative light. You have to know this, anytime blacks are shown acting in a negative light they blame the light, not the actors."

You are right about everything except one thing. No authentic professional man or woman of any race would ever go on any reality show.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"You're pathetic and it's disgusting."

HAHAHA! Get back to your television...


PS The "proof" is in the pudding. Calling out "niggers" like you was my goal. You failed. It's a damn shame you think you are White.

Anonymous said...

"No authentic professional man or woman of any race would ever go on any reality show."

Not unless their profession was something along the lines of a circus side-show performer.

It just seems obvious they TRIED to get "Professional Women" for the show instead of just going for the low hanging fruit they go after most of the time. I can just imagine the angst-filled casting dept. filled with stupid white liberals trying desperately to avoid "black stereotypes". The funny thing is they tried to church it up by avoiding the types of women they specifically target for casting in "white" reality shows and ended up with a bunch of lame-ass phonies. As to the reason they threw in the inexplicable white chick? They have to give all the middle-aged white women who watch these shows someone to relate to. You know the type, the condescending white women who love "diversity" (from their gated communities), worship Oprah, and wonder what it would be like to have a bunch of "ethnic" friends.

Anonymous said...

"You failed. It's a damn shame you think you are White."

You have failed to use reason or logic in your response. If you really thought you were better than me and everyone else you wouldn't have responded to me. A better man would suck up and ignore the insult. You just proved you aren't better than us or anyone else, if anything you're lower(my opinion). Also, how do I think I'm white?

I showed no signs of how I thought I was white or stated it. For you to say so tells me how idiotic you really are. You can't use reason, common sense, or logic because you are inept and will never be able to do so. You're mind capacity isn't capable of such and will never be able to. So instead of targeting a smarter "nigger" than you, go ahead and target someone that's not as smart as you.

Even though, you'll have to leave this site to do so. And if you're goal is to call out blacks like me, then you are pathetic and disgusting. You're nothing but an idiotic instigator. Sorry, but this "nigger" is too smart for your intellectual capacity.

Anonymous said...

"A better man would suck up and ignore the insult."

That is, of course, the same thing you would have done, right? With the exception of the fact you responded to my "I am what I am post" in the first place.

Moron! Get back to your television. That's the only place you could ever dream to be better than I. Until then, I'll have to abscond to my trailer and muse upon how many bottles of beer are on the wall.

Real "niggers" have nothing to prove, right? You aren't one of them, right? Carry on! There is a race war coming. You gotta scare all the White folk! HAHAHA!

Can I say moron on more time?


Anonymous said...

"That is, of course, the same thing you would have done, right? With the exception of the fact you responded to my "I am what I am post" in the first place."

I was addressing you, and your insults. Also, you are clearly showing that you've lost this argument because you constantly post the same thing. You keep repeating that you're better than me. I got the message the first time. For you to have to keep posting it shows how insecure you are about yourself. You know that you're not better than us, if you knew you were you wouldn't have to keep posting it.

And by your crude sense of humor I am forced to believe you're either a very immature adult, or some child. Which is it?

Either way, what you need to do is get back to your television and four double cheeseburgers a day at McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

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