Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank You for the Donations

A big thank you to those who have taken the time out of your busy day and schedule to donate and contribute money to this website; your donation will help to continue SBPDL’s growth and reach.

I can’t thank those who I may never meet in person enough for the generous donations that they have given, validating the work that has been put into site for the past year. It means more to me than words could ever express.

And one important notion must be pontificated: It has never been about the money, it’s about sending a message.

Go back and read this website from the beginning, and you’ll notice an evolution in the writing style and the overall editorial direction. What started as a joke became something else entirely.

Obviously, someone at Google – the most powerful company in the world – decided to take the drastic actions necessary to censor search algorithms that would return people to this website. Once, 200 – 300 people a day were directed here by typing “Michael Oher Story” into their Google search box.

Typing that into Google no longer returns this website as one of the top entries (prior to Google’s censorship, this website was the 3rd or 4th website returned for that particular search).

Again, thank you to those who donated. This website has become an avocation that is both enjoyable and a sad experience. Documenting the various pathologies that seem to be pervasive wherever Black people reside in America brings a tinge of despondency to my mind: it would mean that Disingenuous White Liberals and Crusading White Pedagogues every intention and objective is invalidated before any attempt is made to ameliorate the plight of Black people.

Perhaps that is the real purpose of this website – for however long it might remain operational. As the great United States Empire crumbles around us and people are left wondering what happened to the idea of American invincibility and exceptionalism as a situation that transpired in Greece or Iceland occurs here, one article regarding a scenario that transpired in Detroit provides all the evidence needed to prove that chaos will reign the day.

50,000 people in Detroit lined up for stimulus checks on the mere rumor that such checks were to be passed out. Imagine that same scenario in every major city across the nation.

Google has already declared war on a seemingly insignificant blog among the thousands, strike that, hundreds of thousands to millions of blogs that exist in cyber space.

This is why the move to a more secure hosting company must be made (and also a redesigned website), because Google could decide at any moment to pull the plug on hosting this website and once and for all rid the internet of a bothersome fly that dared point out that Black Run America (BRA) had about as much power as the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.

Again, thanks to those who have contributed both your money and invested your time into enjoying this website. Those who send me emails – – with words of encouragement, story ideas, links or hostile questions and remarks motivate me to keep writing.

Those who part with their own money to help a website that dwells in ambiguity to point out the reality of life in 2010 America, well you motivate me to work even harder.

Thank you.

It was never about money, though. It’s about sending a message.

One could easily side with Black Run America, and become quite wealthy and comfortable in the maintenance of that idea. Perhaps those DWLs and CWPs who work to maintain BRA’s dominance have turned to the proverbial Dark Side, and their reward is continual employment for their subservience before the eventual diversity axe falls on their position.

BRA will end, but until that day one must know that it will still be wrong to be cognizant of the man behind the curtain. The key to understanding contemporary America is to comprehend the concept of BRA.

And now, the segue in the next entry, as reality tv must always exclude Black people from being the main stars. Sure, Black individuals can be participants of reality tv shows, but for an entire episodic television show to center around Black people would revel too much and confirm stereotypes that millions hold.

So stay tuned, SBPDL is just getting started.

Thanks again for reading!


Anonymous said...

The man behind the curtain is a sad little old white man. He is on his way to death and he knows it. He has no real powers and never has but through the clever use of smoke, lights, blustering and empty but superficially threatening words, mirrors, unsustainable technology and all manner of diversionary tactics he has carved for himself a temporary niche in the world. In the end, his sophistry and deception are revealed and Oz the pinhead leaves on the same circus balloon he bumbled in on. His reign and power are exposed as being fueled by the same insubstantial non-substance that propels his preferred mode of transportation, hot air.

The 1975 Broadway adaptation 'The Wiz' was better anyway.

Anonymous said...

Please consider selling packs of post-it notes with pre-printed on them. I make my own notes to stick on library computers, in stores, on car windows and it would be nice to have some already printed. Might be a good fundraiser for you! Good luck, don't get discouraged, you are printing the truth, and people need to know that the jig is up.

White Girl

CWN said...

"The 1975 Broadway adaptation 'The Wiz' was better anyway."

I prefer roots. You play it backwards and it has a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

"It was never about money, though. It’s about sending a message."

You and your pets (followers of you) have been citing this constantly on the previous articles and including today's. It makes be suspicous and think that it is about money and not sending a message. You stated, "I don't have time to deal with every comment and attempt to debunk "every" point that is posted in response to what is written in entries I do."

If you don't have to continue to prove yourself or explain yourself then why do you constantly say "it's not about the money, it's about sending a message."? This allows me to conclude that you are more than likely using this slogan of yours to fool others into thinking that their donations are for a good cause. When really they aren't. I'm so glad I didn't donate.

Anonymous said...

Everyone hates the whiteman's "unsustainable technology", but no one seems to want to go without it. Except the Amish. But they're white too so they don't count.

Anonymous said...

"Except the Amish. But they're white too so they don't count."

And most of the tribes still left in the world... and a whole lot of the Norwegian, German, English, French and American pagans. And, hell, a lot of other people stupid Americans usually get zero exposure to, so never mind!

As you were sergeant!

Anonymous said...

I would love to make a small donation, but I won't use PayPal because they took over $200 out of my account because somebody I sold something to apparently disputed it. PayPal claimed they did an investigation, but they didn't ask me anything! They're straight up crooks.

Anyway, maybe you could set up a PO box or something? This site is pure genius and I'd be happy to donate.

Anonymous said...

Even Hitler hated the white mans unsustainable technology.

Anonymous said...

"The man behind the curtain is a sad little old white man."

And most murderers are remorseless black thugs.

Anonymous said...

"And most of the tribes still left in the world... and a whole lot of the Norwegian, German, English, French and American pagans. And, hell, a lot of other people stupid Americans usually get zero exposure to, so never mind! "

So why still using a computer? Silicon chips don't come in organic.