Friday, September 3, 2010

Soul Plane: The Reality of the Airline Industry

Ever seen Soul Plane? No? Well, if you have had the pleasure, nay, privilege of viewing this modern masterpiece of cinema then you have an been prepped on the current state of the airline industry.

Remember, Black Run America (BRA) is the concept that governs all levels of industry, government and academic life in the United States. The airlines are no exception to this rule and the idea inherent in Soul Plane dictates corporate policy for all air carriers and ensures that the friendly skies smile widest for Black people.

For those unfamiliar with the intellectually stimulating film Soul Plane, allow a quick synopsis of the film:
After Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) gets his rear end stuck in an airline toilet, the plane suffers a minor disaster and, as a result, his dog is sucked through a jet engine. He then sues the airline and gets a settlement of $100,000,000. He decides to use the money to start his own airline, called NWA/Nashawn Wade Airlines, whose acronym and logo are a pop culture reference to rap group N.W.A. and based on the real airline Northwest Airlines. The airline specifically caters to African Americans and hip hop culture. The terminal at the airport is called the Malcolm X terminal, the plane is a heavily modified 747-200, customized with low-rider hydraulics, spinners, blended winglets for longer range, and a dance club. The safety video is also a spoof of the Destiny's Child song "Survivor".
Though Black people comprise only 13 percent of the United States population, the airline industry has capitulated to the ideals of BRA to market their wares exclusively to a demographic that isn't exactly one capable of purchasing tickets to travel by plane:
Black net worth declined to a paltry $5,998 per household, while the net worth for white households grew by 17 percent during the same period to $88,651. Twenty percent of black median net worth was in cash, approximately $1,200, with the balance comprised of home equity. The housing foreclosure crisis of the past eight years has caused Black America to lose between $72 billion and $93 billion in housing-equity wealth.
Yet the airline industry has decided to pursue this economically challenged demographic with a Captain Ahab intensity, as the Black market is key to growing a market sector riddled with massive quarterly losses.

American Airlines has pursued the Black air traveler with an intensity that rivals McDonald's, instituting a marketing strategy called Black Atlas: Your Passport to the Black Experience. What is this Black Atlas you ask, obviously aware that it is Black air passengers that comprise the bulk of airplane passengers whom hold aloft the crumbling industry like the mythical Atlas:

Today, American Airlines launched Black Atlas, a site dedicated to connecting African-American travelers with each other.

The site is the first for black Americans to combine the reviewing features of a TripAdvisor-type site with the social-networking features of a Facebook-type site.

Nelson George
, the well known music journalist and producer of the current hit film Good Hair, is the site's editor. In a series of blog posts and professionally-produced videos, George shows members of Black Atlas how to see the coolest sights around the world—and how to share recommendations with other travelers.
We at SBPDL searched in vain to find a Web site that broke down air passengers by racial demographic, but based upon personal experience the breakdown of airline passengers that are Black easily falls under 5 percent. Ebony even claims the idea of First Class is racist! We did find an article bemoaning the lack of a Rosa Parks in the air.

Before at this Web site, we showed that less than two percent of the pilots who fly for the airlines are Black people, despite massive efforts by the Air Force and the airline industry to actively pursue and promote Black people into the highly cognitive field of flying:

“….chart of the number and percent of black pilots at Delta and Northwest. Both airlines ranked at the bottom (Northwest had 58 black pilots or 1.12 percent; and Delta had 92 or 1.22 percent) of that list. By comparison all the other airlines in the chart had higher percentages: American (1.63 percent), Federal Express (2.68 percent), United Parcel Service Inc. (3.88 percent), Continental (3.48 percent), Southwest Airlines (2.18 percent) and United Airlines (3.42 percent).

Delta said in an e-mail that 4.65 percent of its pilots were minorities and women, but it did not break down those numbers.

Beasley said Delta can do better.

“I’m retired from the Air Force,” he said. “There were almost no black pilots when I joined, and the Air Force made an effort for inclusion. If Delta wanted to, it could hire more black pilots.”

The problem of locating Black pilots can be easily rectified by targeting only Black-owned supplier companies or minority-owned firms to provide the parts and supplies necessary to keep the planes in the air:

American Airlines has expanded the diversity and inclusion information on its Web site, further enhancing the airline industry's most comprehensive online resource for such information.

American's commitment to diversity and inclusion can be explored within the site's "About Us" section, just one click from the home page. There, American provides specifics about its Diversity Leadership Strategy, Supplier Diversity program, Careers, and Awards and Recognition received for its inclusive culture and focus on diversity.

The Employees link leads to an overview of American's 15 Employee Resource Groups, which reflect a variety of communities within American's diverse employee population. Offering cultural guidance, as well as ideas to support the company's business initiatives, two representatives from each of these groups serve on American's Diversity Advisory Council.

"American's dedication to diversity leadership helps us to foster an environment where individuals' experience and perspectives are valued and to ensure that customers and communities receive service delivered by committed, passionate people," said Roger Frizzell, American's Vice President for Corporate Communications and Advertising. "This dedication also supports our ongoing program to identify minority-, women-, LGBT-owned, and small businesses to be considered as potential business partners for American."
All airlines reach out to Black-owned, minority controlled suppliers in a valiant effort to include Black people in the flight process, however minor their contribution. Sadly, this outreach to Black suppliers isn't enough to satisfy the desire for complete control of the skies.

Soul Plane is just a movie. In real life, the airline industry is completely owned by tenets of Black Run America.

The entire industry now mirrors the joke in Soul Plane.

Black pioneers in the flying are the most important aviation feats and moments worthy of commemoration, according to one of the top museums in America.


Anonymous said...

I think you are incorrect about financial stats being the determination on black airline ridership. It has more to do with the fact that whenever a black enters a commercial aircraft they are immediately set upon by white racist tea-bagger passengers, beat up, robbed, raped and even murdered. Please stop with your racist rubbish about blacks and low income. We have to work together to solve this issue. I suggest using some stimulus funds to hire homeless black men and black thugs, dress them up in pilot uniforms and get them to shuck and jive through airports all day long .Have them be seen chatting up fancy white flight attendants just like on television commercials. Further into the venture, start piecing together faux all black flight crews to hip hop through the concourses. Can you imagine the awe and delight of the DWL? Oh well...I have a dream.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this gem of a commercial from Alaska Airlines

Anonymous said...

Despite comical attempts to inflate the contribution of the Tuskegee Airmen to the point where you would think that they won the entire air war by themselves, aviation will always be a white domain. Being the most creative race on the planet, it was only natural that we would build and fly some of the greatest aircraft imagined. The Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, William Boeing, Glenn L. Martin, Chuck Yeager ... yup, all white. I remember reading a post on SBPDL a while back, discussing how affirmative action and the USAF don't mix. Its one thing to have some token black shuck paper at an army office, but its another thing to have him fly an F-22. I guess crashing a one-hundred million dollar plane in the name of "diversity" is too much, even for our racial-quota loving government.

Anonymous said...

Look at me! I am speaking ebonics:

Fo sho we run dis shit homie. We be da best foeva. I just keepin it realz.

Anonymous said...

we showed that less than two percent of the pilots who fly for the airlines are Black people.

Really, would you fly in a plane with a black pilot? If you have a family, you are trusting that the pilot is qualified - not that he received his pilot license from AA. Most pilot licenses for small aircraft require so many hours in the air - a requirement probably soon will be called racist and be waived, because what are the chances of BRA doing something to make them qualify rather than demanding that its just handed to you?
Don't they call southworst - the black people's greyhound of the sky. Maybe they should have a lower air fare for black people.

Anonymous said...

I am at the point that I agree with what a French friend of mine said: "I will support that which supports me". At the time I was just becoming a recovering liberal - so my first thought was - how selfish. Now I can't agree with him more. McDonald's and black 365 - I will never stop in a McDonald's other than to use their bathroom. American Airlines - expect only black patrons this whitey will use any other airlines. GM looks at a meeting of their execs and sees only women and blacks and says that is the face of the future of their company - that is the color and sex you can expect to buy your crap. Support those that support you - words to live by.

Anonymous said...

There is an upcoming movie titled "Red Tails" which is indeed going to claim the Tuskegee airmen won the air war by themselves. George Lucas, the director, has been having problems with the editing.

The idea is that the white pilots were suffering heavy losses trying unsuccessfuly to escort the bombers until the Red Tails came in to show them how.

Anonymous said...

If all does not go well.It's apocalypse for White America.And I'll see you all in hell.

Anonymous said...


"Ever seen Soul Plane? No? Well, if you have had the pleasure, nay, privilege of viewing this modern masterpiece of cinema then you have an been prepped on the current state of the airline industry."

How many black owned airlines are there? None.

Was soul plane a horrible cliched piece of crap of a movie, that just like rap music was geared to "entertain" a largely white audience? Yes.

Was all of this diversity nonsense nothing more than a token gesture used to appease DWL's and their one or two token Negro friends. Yes.

McDonald's 365 Black and AA's Black Atlas are nothing more than ad campaigns. I don't need some token mascot to know where to go and not to go. I have my common sense and the reality of this nations history to be my guide.

"The entire industry now mirrors the joke in Soul Plane."

If taking billions of dollars in bailout money only to give your incompetent CEO's golden parachutes and lay off thousands of a largely white staff was the "joke" of Soul Plane then I agree with you 100%.

The irony is that the house negro featured in the above video is more suitably equipped to give you travel advice than myself or any other actual black people.

Besides is AA Black Atlas telling blacks where to go or is it telling whites where not to go?

Give that some thought, because you might be criticizing a "valuable" tool. Especially considering the fact that I didn't realize such a thing existed until visiting this site.

The truth is when whites know or care more about a so-called black thing, than blacks. It's not a black thing.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Let's not forget this gem of a commercial from Alaska Airlines"

The commercial had nothing to do with race , but rather the hassle of flying with annoying people. Change the demographics of the two actors and you would have the same commercial.

The only issue I have is that it is total BS. I've flown before and your lucky just to get the seat you reserved weeks prior.

-Black guy

NC17 said...

Black people fly Airtran, they're one disco ball away from being the coach section of soul plane

Percy Kittens said...

How exactly are the flying needs of the black consumer so vastly different from those of white consumers that American Airlines felt the need to create a website that caters just to them? Does the plane fly differently with black people on it? Does it land differently?

Why doesn't AA go to the next logical step and offer a "black menu" to its African-American flyers? Instead of a wine list, just give black customers a Schlitz Malt Liquor. Instead of fish or steak, give black customers fried chicken, collards, pickled pigs feet, chitlins, a cold, refreshing Grape Fanta, and a slice of fresh watermelon for dessert.

The in-flight movie could be The Color Purple and Boyz In Da Hood.

And how about starting up a new airline for Caucasians only? We'll call it White Flight.

Jonathan said...

Keep your eye on the ball people. This has nothing to do with getting more blacks in the cockpit... or in the operating room or in the space station or in the Wall Street board rooms. It has to do with finding ways to eliminate the dominant Judeo Christian, capitalist culture of the West, in favor of a Marxist global model.

Progressives think white people are the cause of all our planet's problems. And, being white themselves, they are just finding creative ways to get what they want, without you really knowing what they want.

And what they want, is a deconstructed, deindustrialized, demodernized global feudal state where the elites are in charge and the peasants follow orders. And no, there won't be any affirmative action for anyone.

Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous part of Soul Plane is someone starting an airline with $100 million dollars. The lowest-grade 737 costs over $50 million, and that's just one plane. Also giving the attendants a button to dump the bags and depressurize the plane? Seriously?

My biggest problem with the movie was that he had to sue to get successful. If you've always liked airplanes, go be a pilot. If you can't afford to be a pilot, go to a service academy or get an ROTC scholarship and fly for the military. If you can't go to college or Whitey won't let you, enlist and go to officer training school.

If you're going to make a movie highlighting Black culture, please, PLEASE have the hero be successful on their own merits and hard work. Winning a lawsuit arbitrarily (that could have been anyone's ass and dog) makes you exactly like some spoiled Honky with a trust fund.

Anonymous said...

Environmental whackos must love affirmative action. What better way to take us back to a simpler, more primitive time than to stop white people from advancing civilization?

And what better way to stop white people than to give them a guilt complex about success and achievement. Brilliant! Brilliant! Only a white Marxist could have come up with this ploy.

Steve said...

This is the true version of black aviation.

Anonymous said...

Black guy, if you switched the races having the negro being the annoying one (you know, a more realistic reflection of reality) then all the black groups would be chimping out over it. A rule of advertising is to never show the negro as inferior, uncivilized, stupid and weak. Only show the White men like that. When was the last time you saw a Broadview Security commercial featuring a negro criminal?

Race is real and race matters.

tommy shanks said...

I realize that, for decades now, nearly every commercial on TV has been an inversion of racial reality, featuring calm, educated and financially secure blacks, with a white guy who acts like an idiot, but that Alaska Airlines ad was really something.

As if America's reality consisted of quiet, mild-mannered black men exasperated by, and suffering in silence!, the antics of loud-mouthed, ill-mannered white men.

Shirley Q Liquor said...

Ebonics Airways

Anonymous said...

The media depiction is just blacks and whites. It's also the standard depiction of men versus women. Think of one show that shows the women being immature and unfocused and stupid, and the men being the ones in charge. There isn't one. All sitcoms follow the basic "Simpsons" format.

The Cosby Show is the only show I can think of that really shows a man being the head of the household, or at least an equal brain to the wife. But even Cosby comes off as being the lesser one in the marriage. Always worried, always stressed, always freaking out.

Anonymous said...

People in the street out there, black and white... listen to me.

This is the age old story. The rich play the peasants off against each other. While they run to the tropical islands with suitcases full of cash.

What's coming in the near future is going to come for all of us together. Not black, not white. Not brown. Let's hope that we can look at the guilty people instead of aiming at each other.

Anonymous said...

Catering to black people is very foolish, because they do not fly at all. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I was on a plane and saw a black individual. What sense does it make to "reach out" to this demographic, other than to be able to pound your chest and brag about not being racist?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this is a corporate strategy to boost lagging profits and image. Not a crime of course, but practical economic politics. The airlines are attempting to reach out to a perceived economic niche - African Americans - where they believe a sizable chunk of revenue lies dormant. Perhaps they believe that - gasp - blacks don't fly because they don't see any blacks flying the plane, owning the company, sitting in the seats. It's racism, straight up!!!

In all their multicultural PC glory, the liberal white urbanites in charge have decided that blacks need to be encouraged to fly and to seek careers in aviation. Or they've been pressured to do this by whatever special interest group.

I remember 30 years ago you never saw blacks riding motorcycles. Now, I see them riding street bikes all the time. More than whites. It's probably a combination of Wesley Snipes and aggressive marketing.

Anonymous said...

The "cargo cult" LMFAO!!! Does anyone here remember years ago when National Geographic aired documentories of the REAL africans? As a child, my brother and I would watch in amazment at the antics of those crazy darkies as they went about scavaging for food and warring with rival tribes.Negroes are truely the creatures that time forgot. Blacks really have no place in western culture/society.

wood dash kits said...

If the power to take the Negro race is an annoying (you know, a more realistic reflection of reality), then all groups would be black domination of chimpanzees at the top. Advertising never seem to rule the Negro as inferior, uncivilized, stupid and weak.

Anonymous said... guys are insane. Have fun being paranoid crazies.