Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truth, Justice and the American Way are Incompatible in BRA: 700 Black people Demand News Editor Practice Censorship

Remember that incident in Buffalo, when the joyous wedding party was interrupted with a hail of gunshots? Largely unreported nationwide, the local news covered the story with a passion that once motivated all reporters who were tasked with garnering the truth and enlightening the citizenry.

The idea of truth, justice and the America way is no longer relevant in Black Run America (BRA), as the myth of the pioneering reporter searching for the truth amidst an endless sea of lies is actually the reverse description of journalists now - they swim in a sea of truth yet report only what their lying eyes tell them is good for career advancement.

The Buffalo News decided to investigate the lives and backgrounds of those who died in the horrific shooting, actually working to locate a motivation to the killings and reported this:
Eight young people who grew up on Buffalo's streets were gunned down in a hail of bullets last weekend outside City Grill downtown, four of them fatally.

They left grieving families. Mournful friends.
And arrest and conviction records.

Their records indicating past or present associations with crime begets a certain lifestyle risk, law enforcement and criminology experts say.

"A felony prosecution or conviction increases your statistical likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime, and it's particularly true for men and particularly true for African-Americans," said Yvonne Downes, a criminal justice professor at Hilbert College. "It doesn't mean that the people deserved it or in any way had it coming."
Added a local law enforcement official who asked not to be named: "There were some very dangerous people there. There were numerous gang bangers and other unscrupulous people. But there were a lot of good people."

Family members, friends and community leaders say the victims were working to be better people and certainly didn't deserve the fate that befell them Aug. 14.
For reporting the facts, the editor of the paper was forced to meet with 700 to 800 Black people that the story worked into a frenzy and inflamed with a righteous indignation that can only be satiated with a self-imposed censorship by the soon to be neutered press:
About 700 members of Buffalo's African-American community tonight shared their grievances with Buffalo News Editor Margaret Sullivan over an Aug. 22 article on the criminal backgrounds of victims of the shooting at the City Grill three weeks ago.
The forum, held in True Bethel Baptist Church, 907 E. Ferry St., was one that Sullivan had requested following negative reaction to the report.
Many in the crowd expressed outrage that the police records of the shooting victims were reported at all. They called the report a gross departure from how The News traditionally treats crime victims and that it was disrespectful to the victims, their families and the African-American community.
"I feel that we were victimized twice," said Cheryl Stevens, mother-in-law of Danyelle Mackin, one four victims who was killed in the shooting.
She was one of four family members of the victims invited to address Sullivan during the forum.
"What you did to us was you poured salt on the wounds that had not even healed. So, I'm asking -- and this is for all the families -- we want an apology," added Stevens.
Others who were specifically invited to speak included former Buffalo Common Council President George K. Arthur, who offered a historical perspective on the African-American community's grievances with The News' coverage of its community.
The Rev. Matthew Brown and Murray Holman of STOP the Violence Coalition also offered their perspectives, charging the newspaper did not often respect black people's feelings and that it showed a historic pattern of insensitivity in its coverage of the community.
Sullivan said she was pleased she was able able to listen to the views and explain the editorial decision behind the publication of the Aug. 22 story.

"I really am not here to try to do a point-counterpoint to everything that I've heard because I don't think that would be possible and my main purpose in being here is to listen," she said.
"I do want to say that the way The Buffalo News is being portrayed, at least, in terms of our intention and what we try to do every day is, essentially, unrecognizable to me. I know that the people I work with feel very deeply, that they care about this community. They care about you," Sullivan said.
Among the several-hundred people present at the forum, grumblings greeted Sullivan's opening remarks. And when members of the public got an opportunity to address her, they didn't mince words.
"It was an article concerning four victims that has brought us together," said the Rev. Darius G. Pridgen. "However, it is the decades-old perception of many in the community that must be addressed tonight.
 It was only a few weeks that gang members in the war zone known as Chicago held a press conference to lambaste the police for, well, doing their job:
At a news conference organized by self-identified gang members Thursday morning, several speakers complained that police and city officials do not respect them, and that the only way to curb violence is to provide jobs and improve their community.

The men who spoke out Thursday morning blamed poverty, drugs and a lack of jobs for the problems in the streets. They also said that Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis' meeting with so-called gang leaders was a waste of time.

But when asked what could be done right now to stop the daily barrage of bullets on Chicago streets, they didn't have an answer.

Akeem Berry Sr., an admitted former gang member, said.
Reporting the race of the accused is a no-no in the current epoch we'll all endure together ( will one day be banned for being a modern-day Samizdat) and the editor from the Buffalo News dared flaunt this rule that governs journalism.

The Washington Post is afraid to talk about race when it might paint Black people in a negative light. The Los Angeles Times as well. Even police sketches are now reduced to a non-racial hue to comply with the rules that govern journalism and ensure that the Black community remains calm.

One book accurately nailed the rules that govern the world of modern journalism:

In his impressive new book, "Coloring the News," William McGowan has an unusual take on the continuing battle over bias in the news media: He think liberals are as damaged by it as everyone else. Bill Clinton, he thinks, was victimized in a sense by the early non-reporting of the gays-in-the-military issue. Because the newsroom strongly supports gay causes, journalists didn't bother to do much reporting on the depth of the opposition building against Clinton's pledge to allow openly gay members of the armed forces. The debate was skewed, and Clinton paid a high political price, because reporters thought the open inclusion of gays was too obvious a cause to cover in any detail.

The same yawn of obviousness surrounds newsroom treatment of affirmative action. One New York Times reporter told McGowan, "Nobody wants to do a story on affirmative action because they just don't see anything wrong with it." In the papers I read, coverage is slack, and articles favorable to race and gender preferences are much more common than not-so-favorable ones. The newsroom air is so thick with orthodoxy that it is very hard for readers and viewers to figure out what is really going on.

McGowan argues, in case-by-case detail, that diversity ideology has corrupted the newsroom. Hiring more women, gays and minorities was fair, but it pushed the newsroom further to the left, since those groups are more liberal than white males. These groups acquired the ability to monitor coverage of their own activities, often with the clear ability to airbrush out anything they considered negative or hurtful to the cause. Militant gays took over AIDS beats, often with little or no protest about a conflict of interest. Office commissars began to appear -- "senior vice president, diversity" or "diversity director" -- who sometimes sat in on daily news meetings and contributed to coverage decisions. (Just like a teacher or someone from the principal's office used to sit in and contribute to coverage of your high school paper.)
Those who dare point out the relationship of crime to Black people are denounced in the harshest of terms, branded  below even the Untouchables in the Indian caste system. News editors that dare break the taboo of reporting race will be axed or worse, grilled by 700-800 Black people in the saintly confines of a Church.

Journalists should report that the one-armed man was behind the crime henceforth and let the police discover the truth while the general public frets about a handicapped miscreant on the loose.No race; no description; just report that the one-armed man did it.

Because "truth, justice and the American way" is but a misappropriation of words in BRA. The inverse is reality, because "truth" is incompatible with modern America; "justice" but a word for profiling and police racism.

 Truth has been on vacation for far too long; we are past due for justice. After all, it once was the American way.


Anonymous said...

Just when you think black people could not possibly be more pathetic...they find a way.

Gee, I wonder why blacks didn't threated to stop reading the paper?????????????????

Anonymous said...

Wow. Do not attempt any honest reporting on blacks. If there is a large black population in Buffalo there is probably a black newspaper to cater to them. In DC we have a black paper I think it is called the Daily Afro. The paper is devoid of facts and all problems stem from racism and white privilege. The problem is that the Washington Post has the same exact reporting culture and editorial board. Hate facts such as those reported in Buffalo are grounds for dismissal. Just ask Doug Mckelway.

Anonymous said...

It's not race it's cultuRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRe!



Good God y'all is rasssissst!

Anonymous said...

Don't try to talk, debate, or discuss anything with blacks. They don't know how things work - politics, business, financial industry, politics. You will be out-shouted every time, they are not able to form an intelligent thought or argument, they go on emotional rants and don't listen to any other points, and they might become violent and riot. Blacks are taught from a very young age to be victicrats, always looking to hustle, place blame, sniff out racism, and get a payoff of some sort from whites, normally financial. Please educate yourself about blacks by reading "Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America" by John McWhorter, a black man. It is a detailed description of the cultural education of blacks and the reason they choose race hustling as a lifestyle. McWhorter still likes to blame whites and coddle blacks, but the information in his book is a great snapshot of the black mentality. Blacks know they are a less-desirable race worldwide, and are afraid of losing their entitlements, equal outcome, and welfare programs in America, which is coming in the very near future. Very eye-opening read for whites. It is easy as a white person to completely remove blacks from your life, but this has been a mistake. We have to face this problem head-on if we are going to protect out way of life. Wake up and get out and vote this year.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Buffalo NY and it is in a pretty sad state right now, This is typical of the very liberal area of western New York. The Buffalo news always stays away from reporting the truth. Buffalo is your typical example of how liberalism has failed in America. The city is the 2nd poorest in the nation behind Detroit and getting worse and worse by the day. The mayor Byron Brown ignores the problems that arise from the East Side community, but goes to every funeral they have. Blacks in Buffalo are ultra brainwashed they have believe that they suburbs are holding them back. Every once and a while you meet one that has got out of that mindset, but it is rare. The rest complain that the city does not take care of them and the police are out to get them. This city was once great, but just like Detroit Democrats have destroyed it with hand out and the I am owed something mentality that they promote

Percy Kittens said...

They are going to boycott a "newspaper" whose industry is going out of business already? Newspaper subscription rates continue to plummet across the world. More people than ever are now getting their news on the Internet, their blackberry or the I-pad or I-phone.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution gave me $10 dollars in Wal-Mart gift certificates and 2 months of the paper practically free and I still cancelled service after 3 weeks. I just can't use a standard newspaper anymore. And it's not just the format either. I don't trust most of the newspapers or television networks anymore because they are all DWLs. And what's so shocking, I guess, is that even in the face of alternative media, the same DWL television news networks continue to march on with their agenda as if it is 1970 and we only have the same limited sources of information.

For Aaron "My Mother was a community activist" Jackson to "boycott" reading a newspaper is sort of like Larry Flynt boycotting sex.

Douglas said...

That reminds me of a situation in Mobile Alabama. The paper was quoting black people verbatim. The black community got so mad eventually they threatened boycotts and violence. The paper capitulated.

I quit getting my local paper years ago. This area is 90% conservative. The associate newspaper editor is gay. The last straw was when he printed the names of all individuals who applied for a concealed weapons carry permit.

I didn't know most blacks read the newspaper.

Glen Beck said...

I don't get my news from the television. The television is a Zionist-controlled Jewish instrument of destruction, which uses deodorant commercials featuring mixed race couples to undermine the white nuclear family. If you want to make the world a better place, donate some money to SBPDL, remove all the metal fillings from your teeth with pliers (so the Jew-Black-Lesbian satellite cannot track your movements)and begin sending anonymous hostile letters to famous black athletes and movie stars.

No doubt we are in black run America. After having forty three white presidents, the emergence of one black man is a harbinger of our doom! There are even a few black senators. They live! We sleep!

My dear friends, in these uncertain times, as we find our nation foundering and I find my wife sleeping with a black man, there are basically two methods I have found for venting. Feel free to use them.

1) Go to majority black chat rooms on line, for singles and professionals, and begin to make simian grunts and squawks under an assumed typically black surname. For example (cut from my AOL Black Voices chat log):

TyroneMalik: Ook!! Eeek!! Squawk!!

2) Occasionally, after watching interracial pornography between a black man and white woman in order to stoke my rage, I will take a cab downtown and brutally murder a homeless black man with a claw-hammer.

Palin 2012.

Silent Running said...

"Dialogue" can be had with blacks at the point of a sword. Anything less and they will not respect you.

When dealing with blacks you must think like a Roman.

Anonymous said...

"After having forty three white presidents, the emergence of one black man is a harbinger of our doom!"- F**kface

"BRA" is just *one* of the nutty manifestations of Cultural Marxism -the latter became the hegemonic ideology of the American Empire well before Obongo took office.

Desiree said...

"Occasionally, after watching interracial pornography between a black man and white woman in order to stoke my rage"

LOL! Sure you are stoking your 'rage'. Or do you mean 'stroking your'--

Nevermind. Maybe you are being sarcastic but I had to rip on that one...

Percy Kittens said...

There are NO black Senators, Mr. "Beck".

Anonymous said...

There are NO black Senators, Mr. "Beck".

Thank God for small favors!

Real Glenn Beck said...

Glenn Beck,

That was pretty good. Can I use that at my next Black Panther meeting?

You forgot to mention the UFO conspiracy and faked moon mission.

Anonymous said...

"There are NO black Senators, Mr. "Beck"."

Good Lord...Have you ever heard of Roland Burris?

Anonymous said...

There are NO black Senators, Mr. "Beck"."

Good Lord...Have you ever heard of Roland Burris?

dat nigga ain't fo reel!!!


He was appointed by an impeached governor who is now a convicted felon.