Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help: I've Fallen and I can't get Up!

The racist charge: Black people's "Help, I've fallen and can't get up" Life Call
Hardly a day goes by in Black-Run America (BRA) where a small company or large corporation isn't in the news for battling charges of racial discrimination against current or former Black employees. Sure, a few of the charges might have some validity, but the overwhelming majority of racial discrimination charges filed by Black employees have no legal merit.

But because the court system in the United States has come to side with any and every employment suit filed by "bitterly aggrieved" Black people (I'm sure Omar Thornton would have won his battle in court had he not turned the gun on himself after blowing away eight white people last year), companies - large and small - are forced to settle out of court to make the problems go away.

After all, appearing to discriminate against Black people is horrible public relations in a world governed by BRA, where Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) ready to pounce on any story of the down-trodden Black individual valiantly fighting the vestiges of Jim Crow in a bid to make an honest living.

Sometimes you fail in life as an employee. If you are Black, you can't fail in life without it being blamed upon some dastardly incarnation of racism and a vast conspiracy of "protecting white privilege" at the expense of expanding profit margins.

Because Black people have been able to yell "racist" for so long (and because so few have the courage to laugh in their face), the following story should remind everyone of the famous, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" Life Call commercial from the 1990s, a hilarious catchphrase for a company peddling a life alert device.

Isn't an accusation of racism just another version of this catchphrase, where Black people can immediately be lifted to new heights all because of the influence of BRA? Yes, it is.

Here's the story, courtesy of SBPDL favorite county in America, Clayton County:

A woman allegedly duped a Stockbridge Dollar General store out of $530.92 after claiming she had been the victim of racial profiling at another Dollar General in Jonesboro, according to police.

Christopher Allen Brooks, the manager of the Stockbridge Dollar General, told police a woman calling herself "Ms. Woods" came into his store around 6 p.m. on Sept. 5 and told him that she was owed a refund for items she had bought at a Jonesboro Dollar General store and that the manager from the Jonesboro store would call and verify she was owed the money.

Shortly thereafter, Brooks received a call from a ‘Shanna' who claimed to be the store manager at the Jonesboro Dollar General. Shanna asked Brooks to give the customer $530.92.

Shanna told Brooks that the customer, whom she called Ms. Woods, had bought six comforter sets and six sheet sets at the Jonesboro store a week earlier but had been overcharged for the items.

Shanna continued, saying that when Ms. Woods called the Jonesboro store to inquire about the overcharge, the customer overheard the cashier who rung up the items call Ms. Woods "a dirty low-down N-word" and that "ever since Obama got into office black people think they can do anything."

Shanna,  the fake manager, told Brooks that Ms. Woods had retained counsel to sue the store and had been in contact with Dollar General regional offices.

The fake manager told Brooks that Ms. Woods lived 10 minutes from The Stockbridge store and would come there for a refund. At about 10 p.m. a woman arrived at the store and identified herself as the Ms. Woods the manager had called about. Brooks eventually gave Ms. woods a refund for $530.92.

After the transaction Brooks called his manager, Yvette McConnell, about the incident. McConnell called the Jonesboro store manager and was told that she knew nothing about a racial incident or a refund and suggested police be called. The Stockbridge store cameras caught footage of the suspect in the store and as she drove off with her refund, according to police.
This story tells you all you need to know about how BRA has worked to shake down America, though the fake conversation about how,  "the customer overheard the cashier who rung up the items call Ms. Woods "a dirty low-down N-word" and that "ever since Obama got into office black people think they can do anything" has a lot of truth in it.

A lot of truth.

Mein Obama's election has empowered Black people to believe they are now awarded a 'get out of jail free card' which magically protects them. Don't believe me? Just look at how Eric "My People" Holder is running the Department of (In)Justice.

Ever since Obama got into office, black people think they can do anything, is the quote from this story. Sadly, this doesn't include being a entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Whenever Black people fail, their version of "help, I've fallen and can't get up" will be uttered. It is only one word. "Racism."

At a time when the EEOC, the DOJ, thousands of lawyers hoping for the next big racial trial of the century, the media, and hundreds of other organizations are on the look out for any perceived racial slight against Black people (the power of BRA), this story from Atlanta shows that the day is coming when Black people say, "help, I've fallen and can't get up," for the last time. The stigma of being accused of "racism" will disappear.

Not a damn soul will be their to lend a hand.


W74 said...

"Because Black people have been able to yell "racist" for so long (and because so few have the courage to laugh in their face), the following story..."

Have the courage to laugh guys.

And go out there and plant some seeds in the minds of those who haven't woken up yet.

papa jupe said...

Good writing.

Sheila said...

Excellent piece. It wouldn't have occurred to me to use those awful "I've fallen . . . " ads in regard to blacks, but it's a perfect analogy. Keep up the excellent work; you're really on a roll lately.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This column needed to be written, because it is true- no matter who the Black person, or HOW 'intelligent' he might claim to be.

I was recently attempted to be 'framed' by one (Let's call him, 'Dr. Uppity,' shall we?) who called police on an spurious assult charge by me, and then berated me for over 1/2 hour, saying everything BUT 'You're a racist' when I merely tried to push this aggressive Uppity (who was gesticulating and hollering in my face wildly, while I was cornered -literally) 3 feet away from me, using the palms of my hands on his shoulders, (Hardly a confrontative, or aggressive move) just so I could breathe, and try rationally to defuse this savage on a (Pereceived) rampage. I also did it, because I seriously wanted to avoid having him hitting me- which is what he appeared to be aiming for!!!

And the reason for this fracas? Merely because I asked nicely if an alternative spot for a loud and boisterous activity said Uppity's spawn was engaged in, could be had in a different location, while I was engaged in quiet work that was of a delicate nature at my workplace.

No sooner had I touched this charlatan, but his cell-phone was out, he was calling the police, and claiming assult... as if he had learned this at an NAACP convention, to 'get back at ALL Whiteys.' My mouth dropped. He was clearly insane.

Yet, when the White Cop showed up, the threat of pressing charges, and EVERY STEREOTYPE I have ever heard or seen about Blacks,' was USED by this Uppity, to make HIM the 'perpetual victim' and ME the 'Eternal aggressor,' simply because I was white and he was black. It was not me that engaged in this stereotyping of his race- it was him. He brought up everything but Harriet Tubman in a rant I have never heard the likes of, that the foolish officer made me listen to for over 1/2 hour, as this 'Dr. Uppity' sought to justify himself.

For the record, I have NEVER in my LIFE been accused of anything by a cop or another human being, save a traffic ticket when I was in my twenties- and yet, I could have had a criminal record, all because of some aggrieved 'Uppity' with a racist chip on his shoulder, who would NOT BACK DOWN- until he realized I would NEVER APOLOGIZE for being White. Yet it was HE, who kept reminding me (and the officer who looked SO NOT interested in this jerk's complaint) that he 'had a doctorate.' (Big whoop. An EEOC PhD, is still an EEOC handout, as we say in Academia.)

I realized then, and am learning more clearly every day, that 'You can take the &***$% out of the Jungle, but...". Remember Gates-gate? You have NO IDEA, America. They truly ARE sub-human, and, frankly, irredeemable.

I will NEVER trust a 'person of color' again, as long as I live- not even to park my car.

A Doctorate-holding Cleric and University Professor

Veronica said...

I remember during the '08 election, some of my close friends called me "racist" just for posting videos of Jeremiah Wrights racist anti-American rants on Myspace. When will people realize this word is nearly meaningless now?

joshrandall said...

Recall that "icon of the cvil rights movement" John Lewis,who ran up and down at a Tea Party demonstartion ,his big fat belly jiggling,his flabby butt shakin',(Thats what 40 years----40 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!)of being a Congressthing will do for you) waiting and hoping for someone to call him "nigger". That slimey snake Jesse Jr. was also there,his eye peeled not only for raycizzum,but fore any attractive white ladies who might want the advantage of dating a real live knee-grow congressthing!! I hate them so.

~AV~ said...

@ Veronica...

the word RACIST can only inflict pain or damage on people who suffer from white guilt...

and those numbers are dwindling...

here...people who are white guilt free are described as people with "eyes that can see"...

SwampThizzle said...

An even better analogy would be Aesop's fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," which nearly every white child (and almost all others) is taught at some point, but which blacks have apparently never even heard of. I can't wait until the wolves really are there (preferably in the form of violent honest-to-God racist hillbillies, but I'd settle for some horrible-but-easily-treatable disease) and they cry "wolf!" and nobody listens. It is inevitable and it will be awesome.

MuayTyson said...

Problem is folks for the time beIng the accusation of race ism still holds weight.
None of us should rest until we are givin our Constitutional Right to be racist or not.
My wife being from Korea is convinced that racism is actually illegal because of the seriousness of that charge.
Honestly you could be an ex-con murder and rapist black and command more respect than a White man accused of being racist

~AV~ said...

The word racist can only be fueled with "white guilt"...

no fuel...the word is rendered meaningless...

black rage depends on fear and guilt from whites...

look athe the hatred and anger Michelle Obama projects...

classic example of black rage...

Anonymous said...

DID YOU SEE "SOUTH PARK" LAST NIGHT? Eric Cartman called it out like it is! "Blacks can do no wrong in this country" was echoed at least twice in the 11/2/11 episode. Classico :)

Anonymous said...

I was in involved in hiring two black guys at work. The upper level mgt wanted to see some diversity. We thought these two would work out with some training. Eight months later these two slackers are horrible. What a total waste of time and effort. I can only hope they find better jobs, and leave.

James said...

I worked at Krupp-Hoesch for about a year and a half, in a car spring plant in southern Ohio, in the machine shop. They hired a dozen nigerian temps to run machines.
They would clock in, leave, come back eight hours later, work their shift and clock out. They were getting 40 to 48 hours of overtime every week without working it. Krupp was so worried about being accused of racism, they let it go on for six months, until the plant was closed.

Anonymous said...

south park last night felt like it was written by paul kersey.

Whiskey said...

Old people should not live alone. Their families should take care of them -- they took care of them when they were little. It is what the young owe the old. That ad always made me feel sad. There should have been a young person there to help the old lady (and learn they too, will one day be old, if they are lucky).

Cap'n Crunch said...

I was amazed last night while watching "law&order,svu" the first ten min. of the show depicted a nigger raping a young white attractive college girl at gunpoint.
Now we all knew the outcome,the nig got away with it. But still it was refreshing to see a congoloid depicted as the monster instead of a white man. Now tonight, the subject on "Bluebloods" a show about NYPD, another first; blacks against the PO-LICE. Maybe things are looking up and some television shows are realizing the coming civil war in this country. Meanwhile, far from a television story, Oakland burns with rioting and arson in the streets of downtown. And that, you cannot change the channel or mute the sound. its real. Real bad.

Laz said...

I used to install that life alert stuff in the late '90s. Business boomed after the government decided that that they would pay for it. When that happened I found myself in a black household about 90% of the time. I would walk into a full household only to walk through the crowd to grandma's bedroom. I would think to myself "why do they need this with a house full of people?" At first I thought it was they just had to have anything the government would pay for but, came to realize that everybody else in the household was worthless. I ended up quitting several months later because I just couldn't stand the constant begging (money, cigs, anything they could get their hands on) and the filthy conditions (that's when I started carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer).

Anonymous said...

Blacks are truly amazing in their ingenuity when it comes to new ways of stealing.

europeasant said...

"Ever since Obama got into office, black people think they can do anything"

Story number 1; there are more!
North side Chicago, Addison Ave near Central. My wife and I are walking west from the elevated train on the Kennedy expressway. It is April during noontime and I notice a young black male, maybe 20 years old, 5’11” about 160 lbs following us in a old model Cadillac four door. I am 58 and my wife is 48 just to put a perspective on things. I am 5’8” and about 155 lbs but am physically active and can put up a fair fight, I think! In my youth at age 20 I did a standing two hand standing press in competition of 235 lbs at the 165 lbs weight class.
After the black male failed to attract our attention he parked his car and approached us.
His first comment was to my wife “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” while staring constantly at her. He tried to push some type of note to her but was rebuked.
I said to this person “Get the hell out of my sight”. He responded “Is she your woman”.
I said “It’s none of you goddamed business”. I got between him and my wife with some very angry words and looks and he eventually went back to his car and drove off. I did not call the police because no damage was done.
Bottom line; Hollywood and our new president have empowered a new generation of ghetto thugs. They are moving out of the ghettos and into our areas curtesy of our federal government section 8 vouchers, so be careful everyone out there. Stay in shape and work out so that we can remain strong in case of an emergency.

SuperCracker said...

They would clock in, leave, come back eight hours later, work their shift and clock out. They were getting 40 to 48 hours of overtime every week without working it.

C'mon man..Trust me, I hate nigger laziness as much as the next guy, but this story seems a bit over the top, no way any company allows a nigger to fake the clock for 6 months without repercussion. Exaggerated shit like this makes the rest of us look complicate. Keep it real, fucko, false claims of nigger laziness to this extreme negate the real claims.

Indianapolis said...

Black-on-white Shakedowns. It's common.

The black employee of Sears Home Improvement Products in Natomas was at an August 2008 company barbecue with his family, court records say. A co-worker walked up and blurted a racial slur, issued with a "slave dialect."

"Victim" Medro Johnson sued Sears and won $5.2 million.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:13 anon

In my company, 5 blacks were hired at the same time (by a black manager)

They were all completely incompetent, lazy and very rude to boot. But the manager protected them. Eventually he left the company and the previous fact became widely acknowledged.

But, even with complete documentation of workplace failures, firing 5 blacks at once looks pretty racist.

So they decided to fire them one at a time over the course of a year and a half

Anonymous said...

White guilt is alive and well. If anything, it is stronger than ever by being practically institutionalized. Why do you think Cain seems to be doing so well?

Anonymous said...

What you fuckwits don't git (excuse me Paul it is true that I have not yet read every single comment yet) is that when the mainstream media talks about eldery white people, or aging white populations especially Japan or the USA, what they are really talking about is the exalted soon-to-be disappearance of White people everywhere.

The New York Times, for example, only and I mean ONLY talks positively about white people (meaning with a nice feature photo) when they are referring to aged whites {of course the NYT refers on a regular basis to freakazoid whites, gat whites, LGBT whites, that kind of whites all the time, but you'll hardly ever, repeat EVER see a picture of a normal looking hetero white family in the NYT, unless they are somehow sick diseased perverted or DEAD.

I wish I would spend my days NOT reading SBDL and the other realist sites, but for God's sakes a site about plants or crystals or 17th century harpsichord music.

Alas, no can do. The truth hurts, I like the truth - don't like hurt so much (chinese accent) - but awwwwww!


(It's okay Kersey, don't blogroll me. I don't even CARE if you blogroll me.


I'm going to bang my GF now. (If she lets me).

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paul. You have just given me the greatest comeback line for when people call me racist.

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

Priceless, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I work with a black "woman"; my company doesn't have any mandatory diversity of affirmative blaction policies that I know of, but she was hired, well, because our old boss likes black women. Really. He's gone now, but she remains.

She is rude. Not just to us, but to customers. Her work is sloppy. She has an attitude the size of a Macy's parade float. And she HATES being criticized. She won't hear of it. She is constantly making dumb mistakes, and we workers have to constantly correct them for her. Also, she often brings her little niglet to work with her when she can't find anyone to sit for it. This is obviously in direct violation of company policy, but hey, she be black.

I curse this boss for hiring her, and pray for the day when she goes too far and gets her ass canned. (Soon, hopefully. Money has started disappearing from the till.) I haven't really learned any real lessons from working with Miss Thang these past six months; rather, it just solidified opinions I already had about "the blacks". They are awful. They are a curse. They are a drag on the economy, and our very sanity.

I can't wait to be away from all of them.

Indianapolis said...

When it's 'your word against mine', a black jury can be expected to side with the black accuser.

My suggestion: Be 'armed' with a small hidden video camera when in the vicinity of black folks. It then becomes 'your video against his word'.

Anonymous said...

matt and trey read this blog for sure...

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the scam where a "Liquor Cop" comes into the bar and says he needs to "audit" the register...How stupid do you think I am? Why didn`t the lady call her manager or the other store BEFORE issuing the "refund"...

Call Me Ishmael said...

SuperCracker, I hear you but you'd be surprised. A black female state employee attacked her supervisor who was legitimately on her case about her performance with a pair of scissors and it took a year to go through the HR process to remove her. Another black state employee, an accountant with gender issues, developed a drug problem and got passed around from assignment to assignment, barely able to speak or stay awake at times, until he assaulted a co-worker on an assignment and forced the issue out into the open. It's been my experience that white managers will very often take the path of least resistance with a black employee rather than run the gauntlet to get something done, especially in a large bureaucracy in which it can go unnoticed.

B. Herder said...

Back in the 90's, I was a 'water operator' for the Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power. There were about 15 of us to cover the whole city and each operator was in charge of his own system.
Now systems were up for 'bid' when the previous operator retired, quit, moved to another dept, got promoted, etc. In order to 'win' a bid, you had to go through a lengthily interview process to determine how much you knew about the system you wanted to run. Best man got the job (Or so I would have liked to have thought..)
The lone negro operator in our group was discussing some problem he was having with his supervisor. Since I had a lot of previous experience with his system, I offered up some help. For the life of him, he couldn't understand what I was trying to tell him. 'Cause & effect' (As in 'If you open/close this valve here.. This is going to happen over there')was not in his vocabulary.
After about 15 minutes of trying to get him to 'get it' I finally said "John .. You've been running this system for over a year now. And you STILL don't understand this?"
First thing out of his mouth was 'What!! Why'd you say that?? BECAUSE I'M BLACK??!!'
I just threw up my hands and walked away shaking my head.
Next thing I know is, I had to take a 'Sensitivity Training' class.
Which actually turned out to be worth it. A mexican guy who was retiring in a month was also there.(Why, I don't know) In the middle of class he stood up and told a jewish joke. The black female instructor looked at him in utter horror, while the rest of us were laughing our asses off. (Not that it was that funny, but because he had the balls to do it)
He then said "It's OK ... I can do that because my wife is jewish!"
More laughter. It was priceless.

Discard said...

B. Herder: Back in the 90s, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was hiring electrical mechanic trainees. $18 an hour to be trained for four years, no experience required. Of course, you DID have to have completed the special training they offered, which was a cram course on the placement test. And, of course, only women and minorities had received the offer to take the course. I don't envy them now, trying to run a modern infrastructure with 3rd world people.

B. Herder said...

@ Discard:
I have a buddy of mine (Still in LADWP)who is an 'Overhead' supervisor. I've know him since 3rd grade and we talk quite often.
You wouldn't believe (Well, maybe you would) the horror stories he tells me.
How he beats his head constantly on the wall, trying to train 'entitled' negros to do a job where there is the very real possibility of not only killing yourself, but killing the guy on the next pole ... Because you fucked up. The one thing he keeps beating over their heads constantly is that 'You always want to go home tonight' but for some reason they can't follow the most basic of safety rules when you're playing with 20,000 volts. And, of course, he's been dragged over the coals many a time when he's told 'people' to get the fuck off his pole and go back to the yard. As you can guess, this has had the 'racist' cross-hairs leveled at him many times, but fortunately, he had the 'safety' issue to back him up.
Although he makes a lot of $$, the guy is 55, but looks like he's 70. No small wonder.

Discard said...

B. Herder: When you're working with dangerous equipment and substandard people, you always have to do your job and half of theirs. I recall once, on Christmas Eve, a Black fellow would not spend the necessary ten minutes to secure the equipment, shouting "It's CHRISTMAS EVE!!!" He left, and I not only spent the ten minutes doing his work, I stayed another half hour checking for other lapses and failures. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

True Discard, but stupid often has a way of fixing itself when it comes to thing such as high voltage circuits and rotating machinery. Neither suffers fools or incompetents.

Discard said...

Anon at 1:37 PM, Nov 5: It's probably best to let the incorrigibly stupid kill themselves, as long as you can stand clear. Wouldn't you feel safer on the job if you knew that DeMarcious was out of the picture, rather than he be booby trapping the workplace with his sloth and ignorance?

Anonymous said...

mob violence in zimbabwe to include 10 year old kids using machetes