Saturday, January 14, 2012

1,000th Post: Because (ALL) People Deserve Better

1,000 posts (with this one).

More than 6,000 people visit this site every day.

Any success that SBPDL has had is because we publish truth.  Just remember, telling the truth is the most revolutionary act in Black-Run America (BRA).

People yearn for the truth, but they know the repercussions for espousing it. 

All people (regardless of race) deserve better than BRA. When the National Guard is needed in Camden and New Orleans to keep the peace, you know all the mountain of egalitarian lies espoused by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) amounts to a hill of beans.

In these volatile times, whatever becomes of SBPDL - a site that started as a joke - is inconsequential. We have started a fire. Trust me on that.

The roughly 30 months that I've been doing SBPDL, I've come to the conclusion that people (all people) deserve better than the totalitarian regime that is BRA.

Back in the 1970s, a movie called Death Wish took the nation by storm. Charles Bronson portrayed a simple architect whose life was torn apart by the brutal murder of his wife and the raping of his daughter. Challenging the state monopoly on violence, his character inspired a nation.

That characters name was Paul Kersey.

Remember this: There's a Paul Kersey in all of us.

When you understand that, you will realize what freedom, true freedom means.

All people in America deserve better than potentially being the next victim of Knockout King (coming soon to a city near you!). All people in America deserve better than watching another major city (like Philadelphia) become the next Detroit.

That's why SBPDL exists now.

So, here's to the first 999 posts.

Thanks for taking the time be part of SBPDL. Thanks for reading.

This is not a celebration though. People are dying, people are being attacked, businesses are being ruined, and city after city is collapsing, all in the name of BRA.

Our task in all this is simple: Endure.


Ivan Shatov said...

Congratulations, Paul.

"More than 6,000 people visit this site every day."

Is that unique visitors or total visits?

"People yearn for the truth"

Would that it were so! Unfortunately, the truth stands not a chance when competing with deceits and lies particularly on the uneven playing field constructed by the left. Without the force of authority, truth often is consigned to the backwaters sought only by a peculiar few. Let us not forget: most cannot handle the truth. Familiar lies and deceits are far more comfortable.

"There's a Paul Kersey in all of us."

Again, would that it were so.

"Our task in all this is simple: Endure."

Well, I hope it's a bit more than that! Hunker down, prepare, spread the message to any and all who are receptive on a level at which they can be reached.

Admittedly, these are modest goals but as I've alluded to previously, the solutions will evolve organically and spontaneously and will be hastened by sites such as these.

But again, mark my words, we shall soon come under concerted attack.

Anonymous said...

Kersey, please consider adding a glossary page including our SBPDL slang and acronyms..."BRA", "DWL", "Those Who Can See", etc...

Several of my friends annoy the shit out of me with questions like "what exactly does he mean by 'black-run america?'". If you're getting 6000 hits a day, a glossary would be a nice touch.

Ivan Shatov said...

@ AnalogMan

AnalogMan said...

Ivan Shatov:

"Ah, yes, Illana Mercer. One of many liberal [censored] anti-Apartheid activists who left South Africa as soon as they achieved their goal of a democratic, utopian Rainbow Nation. Now they call themselves libertarians, but make no mistake, they still want to make your country over, just as they did their last one. The biggest danger to America today is third-world immigration. Where do the "libertarians" stand on that issue?"

I couldn't agree more with your dismissal of Mercer as she herself does! A libertarian is just another nihilist utopian universalist who subscribes to a different set of materialist assumptions untethered from transcendent Christian Truth which necessarily decays into chaotic barbarism.

But give Mercer her due. She at least now acknowledges the truth albeit tainted with libertarian materialist assumptions. I will visit the site you recommended - thank you.

Zenster said...

Congratulations on post #1,000 Paul. Here's to the next 1,000.

Wilco said...

Let's compound the 1000th post celebration with a Broncos victory!

Anonymous said...

You've chronicled the inequity in football, I would ask that you consider the near-total DWL lockhold that is present in all universities and colleges across this country- including (believe it or not) the 'Christian' colleges, that bow at the false idol of BRA.

You're waking up people, sir, but the most brain-dead idiots out there are those who still think throwing money at Blacks is going to make them as viable or intelligent as whites. And, for those of us who have to lie to get a job, because we KNOW Shaneequa or DeShawn WILL drop out of our classes by semester's end, are getting damn tired of teaching mental midgets.

- Racially aware Academic

Mutant Swarm said...

"Our task in all this is simple: Endure."

Reminds me of a line from the movie Hanoi Hilton. The camp commander is addressing a prisoner as the prisoner is about to get on the plane back to America. He tells the prisoner, "You did what you had to do, to survive."

The prisoner answers, "Not to survive. To WIN."

We will WIN.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream-right power structure and, yes, libertarians are just as guilty as the left. Their actions and inactions that support BRA just aren't celebrated or as publicized. However, they are just as guilty. Otherwise, BRA and other bastions of our multicultural dystopia would realize, at the very least, severe and significant setbacks, if not outright rollbacks in their power during republican presidencies. But that doesn't happen. Instead, the BRA/multicultural interests are advanced as much as the leaders on the right can get away with without reaching a certain threshold of constituent realization and outcry. That's okay, because that threshold is so high that it's never been reached in a significant enough way to make a difference in the right wing constituencies support of their candidates. This is changing a bit, but it what hasn't changed is that 99% of republican candidates will covertly (or outwardly under the guise of 'championing capitalism') advance the power of the BRA and multicultural junta as soon as there are no longer any consequences by way of their constituencies.

Anonymous said...

I AM Paul Kersey!

Great job PK, keep it up.

We should have a pool going for the next major city to turn Detroit. Philly, Cincinnati, Miami, New Orleans, Houston and LA all seem in the running.

make it rain TRUTH said...

I'll second the need for a "glossary". Link it on the right side of the page. Would be handy for the n00bs.

And they are coming. I proselytize this website with friends/coworkers. I tell them to just read and decide for themselves, instead of being afraid of "being a racist". Most read, and like myself, end up seeing that all the mularkey about "racism" they've been fed has been a total lie.

xthred said...

Congrats. Love the site. Visit every day. Makes me thankful to live in an area with few blacks.

Eastern Madera county in California is a great place to live. 2nd Amendment friendly Sheriff. Great weather. Mostly rednecks & Mexicans (the good kind).

YIH said...

Congrats Paul!
I thought you were wrong about Death Wish being a 70's film.
Turns out I was wrong. Mea Culpa.
Homo Africanus will not even understand THE CONCEPT of 'species', because that is a 'white' concept.
Just like learning (AKA ''acting white'').

Anonymous said...

6,000 a that good?

Anonymous said...

What will happen when the BRA is turned upside down? What will happen when all the "Paul Kersey's" in this country say, "Enough is enough!" What will happen if President Obama is NOT re-elected?

If there are citizens of this country who will kill over the popular basketball shoe, what will happen if their entitlements are legislated away?

Congratulations, but you are correct--- this is no time for celebration.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr Kersey. Let's hope we are indeed rekindling what has been dormant for so long. You do good work and are much appreciated.

"There's a Paul Kersey in all of us."

I am Paul Kersey!

This gets posted quite a bit but I think Mr Kipling says it as good as anyone.

The Stranger

The Stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk--
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control--
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;
And whatever I think of them and their likes
They think of the likes of me.

This was my father's belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf--
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul on 1000 great posts in less than 1000 days! Not only are you a prolific writer, your humor and tone makes the site educational and immensely entertaining. I look forward to reading more of your excellent work.

YIH said...

Congratulations Paul!
Um, and condolences too.

Anonymous said...

"People yearn for the truth, but they know the repercussions for espousing it."

In an age of deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act...George Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Congrats PK! I am glad that the numbers of those who can see have grown and continue to do so. You aid in that!! Keep up the great work. :D

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Hey Anonymous Guy who posted this question:

"If there are citizens of this country who will kill over the popular basketball shoe, what will happen if their entitlements are legislated away?"

They will kill some of the White people who are still ignorant enough to live near descendants of cannibals, then they will burn down their own neighborhoods. After that they will eat everything that they can loot from the ghetto convenience stores, then they will start eating each other.

When they eventually wander away from the Democrat Plantation they will rape, kill and eat any and all White people who didn't prepare.

As their numbers dwindle, our dark little brothers will try to surrender, claiming that they are refugees. With any luck, by that time, any and all Whites who would have bought the refugee explanation will have had their throats slit, so the poor refugees will be chased back into the hinterlands to perish.

That's not what you wanted to hear, is it, coward?

Anonymous said...

"We've started a fire."

Remember this:

"You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire."

Anonymous said...

OK, we get it, the site was started as a joke. Time to expand, and I mean really expand, not be just another website saved under someone's Favorites along with several other race realist sites.

In order to do this you're eventually going to have to come out of the shadows and expose yourself. You can't be Paul Kersey forever.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

HERE, HERE. I would venture to say that most SBPDL readers, like myself, don't dismiss people simply because they have darkly pigmented skin. No.

The (huge)problem I have is with people who choose not to abide by accepted rules, morals, and mores that have been established by 2,000years of Western Civilizaiton.

It seems that black society has very little desire to assimilate into productive mainstream culture, instead maintaining a gutter culture in which violence, illegitimacy and other forms of immediate gratification are the norm.

Ivan Shatov said...

"HERE, HERE. I would venture to say that most SBPDL readers, like myself, don't dismiss people simply because they have darkly pigmented skin. No."

Many here still just don't get it.

My God, my people, my land, my country!

What part of "my people" don't you get?

Anonymous said...

Conratulations Paul.

I've been here for about half the time but have read every post here.

By the way,I HATE people who say "Think about it".As if none of us ever had a thought.

Please ban anybody who ever says this.

Thank you.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 15, 2012 9:46 AM): The (huge) problem I have is with people who choose not to abide by accepted rules, morals, and mores that have been established by 2,000years of Western Civilizaiton.

It seems that black society has very little desire to assimilate into productive mainstream culture, instead maintaining a gutter culture in which violence, illegitimacy and other forms of immediate gratification are the norm.

Author! Author!

M.G. said...

Congratulations, P.K. Your blog is still one of a kind, daily serving up racial reality with humour and a level head. Keep up your courage and keep up the great work.

-M.G. Miles, 'Those Who Can See'

Anonymous said...

Any posts coming on the EEOC rulings of the last two weeks where employers can't require high school diplomas unless relevant and can't check arrest records unless relevant. Once again BRA making life difficult for employers to make sure blacks don't have to meet lowest of hurdles for conforming to society.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

Look for column on that very subject at VDare soon.

Ben N Indiana said...

Here's a first:

Delaware may grant clemency to a convicted murderer.

The reason?

He was abused as a child.

Here's a brief look into this black family:

"What the jury and the trial judge was not told at the time was that from the age of five he suffered sustained and brutal abuse, both physical and sexual.

He was viciously beaten by both his father and his stepfather. Before school age he was also subjected to rape and sexual molestation by several family members, including male and female cousins, and a sister.

Incest was rife within the family, across and within generations. An older cousin regularly and ritually raped Gattis, providing him with toys to play with while penetrating him."

Is this a typical black family?


ricpic said...

To Anonymous at 4:47 AM who posted Kipling's The Stranger...THANK YOU.

Caiden said...


thanks for posting that. When ever liberals or blacks bring up the 'rednecks inbreed' slurs I bring up people like this. I noticed there is a website for black survivors of incest.

I hate to bring it up, but people always bring up the fantasy that whites are the only ones committing incest. So for years liberals and blacks make fun of white victims of incest, while ignoring black ones as if all the other examples of black selfishness or rape means blacks wouldn't committ incest.

It's propaganda aimed at creating more white self loathing using white sex abuse victims as te weapon, while ignoring all the rapes committed by blacks on whites. All of it's horrible, but black rape is ignored, which basically condones it for the simple chimp like black race.

AnalogMan said...

Ivan Shatov: Hear, hear! (Where? - where?)

This nonsense about "it's all about behaviour!" - "No, it's culture!" - "Wait, I know a good one!" -- it's retarded.

I don't hate negroes because their skin is black (though heaven knows, that alone would make it impossible to love them). That's just a convenient marker, so you can see at a glance they are not us!

You know a good one? That's just obfuscation. They are all your enemies. They all hate you. They all breed true, and their children will be your children's enemies. Life is a competition for resources, and ultimately this competition will be decided in Darwinian terms.

We have cultivated, and continue to nurture, a hostile parasitical species that will destroy us if we don't destroy (or at least contain) it. Ultimately, I believe it will come down to a war of extinction. If we don't fight it, our descendants will have to.

If we shirk it, and we don't have children, it won't matter any more.

A good start would be to stop feeding them. Let nature take its course. Let Detroit collapse. Let Africa starve.

Quarantine Africa.

CelticSempai said...

"HERE, HERE. I would venture to say that most SBPDL readers, like myself, don't dismiss people simply because they have darkly pigmented skin. No."

Many here still just don't get it.

My God, my people, my land, my country!

What part of "my people" don't you get?

Ivan….you nailed it. White identity, white consciousness, WHITENESS at all levels is systematically being dismantled and is under assault 24/7. You need to be more than just awake…so what it you can see !!!…and walk around with a smug false façade while everything around us collapses and is wiped away as if WE, US; what our race has accomplished means NOTHING. We have to fight…bring up the concept of BRA….start the conversation….a comment…

I had to deal with this personally, it may seem minor to some, but if you are truly aware, it was not. My daughter goes to an IRISH Dance School. The curriculum was all IRISH dance, soft shoe and hard shoe. But one of the instructors decided to add some World dance routine (African, Rap based garbage). I was pissed and it was somewhat unsettling to me, and others. But I went to the school owner and voiced my concerns and stated that this was an IRISH DANCE school. The reason why my daughter, wife and I were here is to teach my daughter about her IRSH Heritage and preserve it. If I want to do other forms of dance, I would just go to another school. The owner saw my reasoning and quickly removed that routine. You have to believe in it and if you approach it in a calm rational manner, others will follow…..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the increasing popularity, Paul. I love the site and agree with most of the stuff I see here. I came out of college three years ago about as liberal as you can get.

We moved to Columbia, SC for my wife's work, leaving behind small-college town liberal paradise. If you've never been here, don't bother visiting. This once-proud southern city is now predominantly black and is a shining example of BRA.

The first winter we were here, a black kicked in our front door at 10 AM and was scared off by my wife's screaming. I was at work, as normal people are at 10 AM on a Wednesday. Needless to say, three years later, my wife and I both have torn the liberal blinders from our eyes and joined the ranks of Those Who Can See. We plan on moving to a whiter part of the country this fall, mostly because I refuse to enroll my daughter in a majority-Negro public school.

Thank you for this site, and your words. I don't feel alone anymore, especially seeing how many white people are beginning to See. Our society attempts to shame a "racist" worse than it shames pedophiles and rapists. It is extraordinarily sad.

indio said...

I really appreciate this website.

I am not a conservative, I am not a liberal, I am not a libertarian.

In my humble opinion, *anyone* who tells you that any *one* ideology is 100% correct is..a FANATIC.

With that said, I don't 'hate' black people. I don't 'hate' anyone based on their ethnic background.

I do hate the media and BS that pervades our society and as the last poster stated, 'a society that shames so-called 'racists' more than pedophiles and murderers.

Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU.