Sunday, January 22, 2012

White America's Team: The New England Patriots

Tom Brady and Wes Welker: This eras Montana and Rice
What do you call a  team led by a quarterback selected with the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft; a wide receiver that only one college offered a scholarship (God Bless Mike Leach) to out of high school and that was not drafted by any of the 32 NFL teams upon a record-setting collegiate career; a running back who was the Division II player of the year for two straight seasons, but was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine and (of course) wasn't drafted; a tight-end who enjoys taking pictures with prominent adult entertainment stars when he isn't out-running defensive backs; and a former college quarterback who now plays both receiver and corner back, in between being a special teams demon.

You call them America's team. White America's team You call them Patriots. Nothing more, nothing less. Just as the 1980s Boston Celtics were an NBA franchise paced by outstanding white athletes, the dynasty that the New England Patriots have started in the NFL has largely been built on the shoulders of white athletes that other NFL teams weren't interested in signing.

Tom Brady, a quarterback who recently said, "I'm the best decision this organization has ever made," is the signal-caller for a franchise that millions of fans across the nation openly root for, noticing that the Patriots have a record-breaking offense that doesn't look anything like that of the other 31 NFL teams (well, save the Indianapolis Colts who under Peyton Manning also tend to start a fair number of melanin-deficient athletes): The New England Patriots are America's team, and the white athletes who were overlooked by all of the other franchises represent what the NFL could look like (just as Tim Tebow showed you the type of character all of the athletes could have, the type of real role-models sports could provide).

Wes Welker, the record-setting white receiver from Texas Tech who went undrafted only to find sanctuary in the New England after showing glimpses of super-star ability on the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins. White men can run, and Wes Welker is one of the primary individuals responsible for proving this in an era when they are constantly told they can't.

Just as Welker was given an opportunity to blossom into the NFL's best receiver in New England, white running back Danny Woodhead has shown that the talent he displayed at Chadron State wasn't an aberration. Woodhead produced big-numbers in 2010 (overshadowed by fellow white running back Peyton Hillis) and has played an integral role in the Patriots outstanding 2011 season.

Rob Gronkowski was expected to be a major contributor to the Patriots offense when he was selected in 2010. But few could have anticipated he'd become perhaps the NFL's second best receiver, trailing fellow white teammate Welker's unbelievable 2011 numbers by only a few catches:
Gronkowski owns a number of tight-end scoring and receiving records, including the single-season records for tight ends for most receiving touchdowns (17), most total touchdowns (18), and most receiving yards (1,327), all set in 2011.

For the 2011 Pro Bowl, only Brady and Welker received more votes than Gronkowski in the entire AFC.

Woodhead, Welker, and Edelman: White guys can only be Patriots
And Julian Edelman was an option quarterback at Kent State. Now, he's the type of white corner back William Rhoden uses in trying to ascertain why so few Black people become pilots.

Edelman's outstanding pro day at Kent State was enough to get him elected with the 232 pick in the seventh round in 2009:
Edelman was not invited to the 2009 NFL Combine; at his pro day, he recorded a 20-yard short shuttle time of 3.92 seconds, which was the fastest time of any player at the Combine.

That outstanding speed helps Edelman goth both ways, playing both offense and defense for the Patriots.

Few other franchises would give these athletes the time of day (maybe the Colts), but the Patriots have put together a team of white athletes that remind observers like Jason Whitlock of those white Boston Celtics from the 80s:

Ravens-PatriotsTom Brady vs. Ray Lewis — is a cultural war of the highest order.

It’s offense vs. defense. It’s the most valuable offensive player of the new millennium vs. the most valuable defensive player of the new millennium. It’s Brady, Gronkowski and Welker vs. Sugar, Sizzle and Safety. It’s rock ’n’ roll vs. hip-hop.
It’s Bird vs. Magic, Marciano vs. Ali, Jack vs. Tiger, Krzyzewski’s Blue Devils vs. Tarkanian’s Runnin’ Rebels, Spearmint Rhino vs. King of Diamonds, and “Mad Men” vs. “The Wire.”
Oh, man. I really love that “Mad Men” vs. “The Wire” analogy. Gisele’s beau and Bridget Moynahan’s baby’s daddy, Tom Brady, is the skirt-chasing Don Draper.
Friend-to-porn star Rob Gronkowski is the irreverent, prostitute-buying Roger Sterling. Wes Welker is the squirrelly Pete Campbell. “The Wire” characters are even easier to identify. Ray “Sugar” Lewis is Avon Barksdale. Ed “Safety” Reed is Stringer Bell. And Terrell “T-Sizzle” Suggs is Wee-Bey.
“The Wire” is my religion. But I really enjoy “Mad Men.” Magic Johnson is my all-time favorite athlete. But I’m an Indiana native who reveres Larry Bird. Give me Ali and Tiger. But I completely get why some people prefer Marciano and Nicklaus. Well, I did root for Duke over UNLV, and I’d give Rhino a slight edge over KOD based on decor, parking ease and tattoos.
Look, we can tip-toe around it, ignore the big beautiful elephant in the room, or we can embrace the fact that Sunday’s AFC Championship contest is soaked in the white-black racial component that has driven American sports passion at least since Jack Johnson whipped James J. Jeffries.

The stakes are high this Sunday.
Brady leads an offense built in his image. In a league that is predominantly black, Brady directs a high-flying offense that is predominantly white and relies on a deep cast of white playmakers.
Lewis leads a defense built in his brash image. Nine of the 11 Ravens defenders are African-American. To compensate for Baltimore’s inconsistent offense, Lewis’ defense not only takes risks to create turnovers, they take even more risks trying to convert those turnovers into instant points.
The cliche is “styles make fights.” This is the ultimate clash of styles and football cultures. This is Magic’s “Showtime” Lakers racing with the basketball for 94 feet vs. Larry Bird’s Celtics brutalizing an opponent on the defensive end with elbows and cheap shots and demoralizing the same opponent on the other end with precise halfcourt sets.
Brady vs. Lewis. This is better and more significant than Brady vs. Manning. The QB duels are a reality-TV creation, a byproduct of rules being influenced to keep our attention. Soon, the TV networks will be telling you that Brees vs. Rodgers is better than Brady vs. Manning.
On the basketball court, we may never see anything as compelling as Bird vs. Magic again. And this is likely our first and only shot at seeing Brady vs. Lewis on the biggest stage they can share. Enjoy.
I love Tom Brady. Other than John Elway, he’s the quarterback I respect the most. But I’ll be rooting for Avon, Stringer and Wee-Bey. “The Wire” is my religion.
Gronk: Might be the NFL's best receiver
 Brady. Welker. Woodhead. Gronk. Edelman. White men (outside of Gronk) that few NFL teams held any interest in when they were coming out of college. Now, they form the nucleus of a team that is on the threshold of another Super Bowl appearance.

In a league that is 67 percent Black (epitomized by the Ravens, a franchise that can best be described as "Black America's" team), the Patriots - like Tebow - shame almost every other franchise for daring to pass on talented white athletes. Their combined unselfish play and talents have enabled a replication of the Boston Celtics whiteness of the 80s to appear on the gridiron of this century.

Fitting that the Baltimore Ravens, representing one of those dying American cities where Black crime makes every day a war zone there, are paced by Lewis. It was back in 2000 that he was a suspect in a murder:
Sunseria Keith had been looking forward to Pro Bowl week for a long time, so she was really excited on Jan. 31 as she checked into the Ihilani Resort and Spa outside Honolulu. Her son, Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis, would join her in a few hours. He'd be flying in from Atlanta, where he'd attended the Super Bowl.
A phone in Keith's hotel room rang. "Mama," Lewis's familiar voice crackled into her ear, "I've got to talk to you." It was the second conversation between the two that day.
Earlier Lewis had told Keith that police had questioned him in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men early that morning outside a nightclub in the Buck-head section of Atlanta, but he'd assured her that everything was fine. Now everything wasn't fine. Lewis was phoning from a friend's house outside Atlanta, and police had shown up at the house to arrest him.
Lewis dropped the phone, but the line stayed connected. This is what Keith says she heard next: "Hey, don't do that! Don't put those handcuffs on me, man! I didn't murder nobody! I didn't do nothing! You got the wrong guy!"
Lewis never picked the receiver back up. He was taken to the Atlanta City Detention Center, and as of Monday was the only suspect being held for the stabbing deaths that took place near the posh Cobalt Lounge. An Atlanta police affidavit charged that the 24-year-old Lewis, "along with others," killed Jacinth Baker, 21, and Richard Lollar, 24, both from nearby Decatur, "by punching, beating and stabbing them with a sharp object." Citing information that Lewis wasn't involved in the crimes, Lewis's lawyers last Friday tried unsuccessfully to convince Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard that there was just cause to release Lewis on bail. It appeared that Lewis would be in jail until at least Feb. 14, when a bond hearing is scheduled.
The memory of the aborted phone conversation still haunts Keith. "They have nothing on Ray," she told SI last Thursday night at her Atlanta hotel. "Nothing. There's no doubt in my mind that he's sitting in jail for what somebody else did. All he did was be in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Lewis, the Ravens' biggest name, could claim that he has been wrongly accused on several occasions. Four other times in the last six years, dating back to his college days at Miami, he has been cited by police as a possible participant in a brawl or named in incident reports of battery or charged with assault. He has never been convicted of a crime, however; in fact, he has never even been tried.

Just as Lewis has never been tried for any of the crimes he has been convicted of, what franchise outside of the Patriots would have tried out Brady, Welker, Woodhead or Edleman? Better yet, one franchise has given them all a chance to shine.

And that's it all takes. Just give these white guys a shot. And guess what? They become America's team. It should also be pointed out that the jersey's for Brady, Welker, Woodhead, and Gronk are some of the most highly sought-after in all of the NFL.


Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. At halftime the Patriots are ahead 13-10. Brady has been off from his usual game today. My instinct tells me he'll have to be better in the second half to win.

Charles Martel said...

How can any unhyphenated American not root for the Patriots. A great team, a great legacy, a great coach that is known for demanding accountability from himself and his players ( who else but the Patriots can take eternal loudmouths like Chad Johnson and Randy Moss and turn them into quiet set piece players). As much as I may not like some of the personal decisions Brady has made concerning his relationships, that is none of my business and doesn't affect his onfield play. I love the swagger and the confidence of Brady. This is what it means to be confident in your abilities, especially in the face of your detractors and enemies.

The best part is that everyone on the team acts like they have been there before and doesn't need to showboat or showoff. Even the tromping the Pats gave the Broncos just represents what Brady is capable of when he is angry and motivated. I laughed my ass off at reading articles on E gregiously P romoting N egro S tupidity about how "shocked" Chad JOHNSON was at seeing a real dedicated work ethic being displayed by Brady during the week leading up to the game. I guess a loudmouth showboat asshat that can't even properly change his name ( Ochocinco? 85 is ochenta y cinco you dumbshit; but even that is less stupid than Meta World Peace.) Besides, if the Pats win the Superbowl then Tim Tebow was only stopped by the Champions, and that means lookout next year. Brady and the Pats have played 17 playoff games together, Tebow and the Broncos have played just 2. Experience counts and Timmy is just earning his stripes.
Another great article Mr. Kersey.

Anonymous said...

Great article, Paul. The Patriots now need to whiten their defense. I really enjoyed the Houston Texans' badass white guy defense this year.

peterike said...

Rooting for the more white team is my guilty pleasure.

Patrick said...

If you smoke a joint the league can suspend you. If you have a drinking problem, suspension and or AA. If you strike your wife or girlfriend, mandatory anger management, maybe suspension. However if you:
Are present at the scene of a DOUBLE MURDER
Assist the two main suspects by helping them flee the scene, in a limo no less
Take them to your penthouse hotel room and help them clean up the blood
Then lie to the cops
Not only do you not get SUSPENDED for a season, they make you MVP of the Super Bowl and send you to Disney World. Are you listening RAY LEWIS??? You should have been suspended, instead the media tried to play it up like he made some "heroic" comeback. All he really was was an accessory to a double murder. Hope you enjoyed Disney Ray.

DrEvil said...

Screw the Patriots. No such thing as America's team. 32 teams with 32 fans bases.

Have an Evil Day

Steve said...

This is a nail biter right now. The Pats Vs the Baltimore Thugs. Tom's not in the zone but please God let him get back in the groove.

Charles Martel said...

Well Dr. Evil, I guess we now know where your cultural loyalties lie as well. I see no irony however in your choice of name and your prevailing attitude towards America. It is evil pure and simple.

As to Patrick: Great points and I am glad you brought them up to remind us all of the culture of criminal indifference shown by those proud black ego junkies that play in the NFL. I would love to run down the list of murders and criminals that have played or are still playing professional sports, but Mr. Kersey has already covered this subject in much better detail than I could provide. On a side note the list of former washout one year and done players who have returned to a life of crime would be interesting. Wonder how Sam Hurd is doing in prison and when are the Feds gonna figure out that Roy Williams was an accomplice in his activities?

Charles Martel said...

Pats 23 Ravens 20; of course all the chimpouts will be directed at the white kicker and how much this means the Shitbirds ( I hereby refuse to honor the team from Baltimore with the historic title of Odins pets) must have a black kicker to win.Maybe Cundiff threw the kick just cause he was mad Harbaugh went for it on 4th and 6 instead of taking the easy three a few plays earlier. Payback is a bitch. Just sayin.....

Steve said...

Thank God..Pats won on a luck chip, but a win is a win. I'm looking forward to a Pats Niners game!

Anonymous said...

This blog would be a lot better w/out all the football junk.

Anonymous said...

What dumb mutha fucker would waste web space by having a site about black folks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Giants are quietly white-friendly as well. They have started up to 8 whities this year and have some decent white subs.

A Pats-Giants Super Bowl would be almost 40% white in terms of starters.

Van said...

OT, but worth attention:

W74 said...

You have eleven men out on the field. Being "good" or even "great" doesn't mean shyt when it comes to TEAM sports.

It's the reason no one likes hotshot braggards like Terrell Owens, Larry Johnson, or Michael Vick (who really are not all that great) and why people DO LIKE kind, but confident White guys like Brett Farve, the Mannings, and, yes, Timmy Tebow.

Besides, teamwork wins games, not superstars.

I'm starting to see why Sports matter Mr. Kersey.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

And look...New England won.

Anonymous said...

'dumb mutha fucker would waste web space by having a site about black folks.'

Well lets a very fat Black female asked me for $ for ..
She didnt walk she waddled [literally].

Cap'n Crunch said...

ANTIOCH, Calif. (AP) — Police in Northern California say six people, mostly teens, have been injured during a shooting at a girl's 16th birthday party.

Antioch police Lt. Scott Willerford told a San Francisco newspaper that they believe some male attendees opened fire when two groups at the party got into an argument Saturday night. ""HAPPY BIRTHDAY""...ooh, look. a bulletproof vest! how did you know, manuel??

Police say the injured included a 13-year-old boy, two 16-year-old boys, two 18-year-old men and a 21-year-old woman. They say the nature of the injuries range from a minor grazing wound to an abdomen wound.

Antioch is about 38 miles northeast of San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Southern Indiana

For those who dislike football, that is your prerogative. However, this is PK’s site and you are being disingenuous when you trash his opinions. Football and all sports (including NASCAR) is a snapshot of American culture. To suggest otherwise shows your lack of awareness and understanding.

My suggestion is (1)-either skip the topic until something else is posted that you can identify with or (2)-stop reading SBPDL and go somewhere else.

YIH said...

Not only did NE win so did the Giants.
Perfect SB grudge match!
Meanwhile, Detroilet is still Detroilet.

Meritious said...

If you don't like football, nobody's making you waste your time commenting on it here..

Choosing to bitch and moan about things not being handed to you instead of actually getting a move on to somewhere more to your liking... Describes BRA pretty well don't you think?

Anonymous said...

not a football fan, but glad the whiter team won

Zenster said...

W74: I'm starting to see why Sports matter Mr. Kersey.

Good stuff, W74. I'm confident in saying that your comment is probably pretty damn gratifying to Paul Kersey, coming as it is, from a regular participant at SBPDL.

Please recall how sports have almost zero interest for me but there is no way I'm going to let that put me off the scent of Paul's greater message.

And thank goodness for that! By wading through the sports threads, I've gained a much stronger appreciation for just how shallow the roots of Blacks really are with respect to America's overall culture.

Being over-represented in professional sports, marathons, (c)rap music, the postal service and America's prison system doesn't translate into deep ties within our nation's "cultural community". The superficiality of Black participation in our country's everyday progress is made abundantly clear by these sports articles.

Thank you, Paul. Remember the old Latin saying:

Illegitimus non carborundum est

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 22, 2012 7:28 PM): For those who dislike football, that is your prerogative. However, this is PK’s site and you are being disingenuous when you trash his opinions.

Disingenuous individuals at SBPDL. Who'da thunk? The irony is thick enough to spread on toast.

Thank you for laying it on the line, Anon.

bubo said...

Van said...
OT, but worth attention:

January 22, 2012 5:02 PM

What a fucking outrage. A roided up black attacks a deli owner and his son with a baseball bat (which the prosecution says isn't a weapon) and gets shot and they put the son who was protecting his father in jail for murder. All at the behest of local black racists who probably threatened riot if he wasn't prosecuted.

I wonder if someone took a baseball bat to the prosecutor's kneecaps if he'd change his mind as to what a weapon it is.

Any states attorney or prosecutor that relies on black vote to retain his position can be considered extremely liable to fuck over whites at any chance to secure the racist black vote. Prime example Mike Nifong.

I've already made up my mind that if I ever have to defend myself with lethal force against a flash mob or random black street attack I
will promptly vacate the area and let the police try to figure out what happened without my help.

Anonymous said...

Football is the best thing on tv bar none. I try to avoid it because I know its nothing more than the Circus to distract from whats really important etc but its hardwired into us to like it.

Great to hear the pats won.

Football talk helps to lighten up things around here and he knows hiis stuff.

Surely there must be x over between people reading either subject too.

Plus, at least no more red tails!

Zenster said...

Anonymous (January 22, 2012 10:39 PM): Plus, at least no more red tails!


eh said...

John Thompson was famous for disdaining white players when he coached Georgetown. He's also one of the main reasons that the pros now go to the Olympics -- not counting that farce/fiasco in 1972, he was the first coach to blow the Gold Medal at the Olympics (in 1988).

Anonymous said...

Patriots are a tough one for me since, while I agre with the article, I hate Boston and all things Massachusetts with every fiber of my being. These are the people who gave us the Kennedy's, Dukakis and Kerry among others. These are the people who haven't sent a single Republican to Washington as part of their Congressional delegation since 1997 - and even then it was only two out of ten. This is the home of pretentious wannabe patricians, arrogant New England liberals and place where you get your ACLU card at the hospital when you're born.

W74 said...

Zenster, sports matter to the 200 million Americans who care. I'm sure a large portion or majority of White Europe is also interested in Futbol and Tennis.

I'm not a huge fan and I've been accused of being a Steelers fan for not wearing purple religiously around the Baltimore area EVERY Friday and Sunday. Uh, What? That doesn't even compute for me because I don't heavily engage that segment of our culture, but it does for those who care.

I support using sports as an avenue for understanding broader issues in our society. If you can tie something, anything, into things that matter like politics, corruption, moral decay, (the physical decay of our infrastructure?)or anything else that truly matters then you have my backing.

If it's going to be sports for sports sake then F it, but if it helps people understand the bigger picture then by all means use that avenue.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Nifong was Nifonged out of the legal profession owing to his corrupt prosecution of the Duke LAXers.

Svigor said...

Remember that Nifong was Nifonged out of the legal profession owing to his corrupt prosecution of the Duke LAXers.

Right. He was so stumbling-drunk on the Kool-Aid, it was too much even for BRA.

Anonymous said...

Go Pats

Anonymous said...

Im only rooting for Pats because they could end having GOAT(greatest of all time) Coach, QB, and Team.

We're witnessing history here. The previous dynasties were "too black" like the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Their team uniform is also very cool. I love their American color and founding father logo.

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine from Church told me a story about his friend who is an electrician who did a job for Wes Welker at his home on the South Shore. The Pats were coming off a loss earlier this season and the electrician asked Welker what went wrong. Welker is reported to have said, "We need more white guys."

Anonymous said...

The NFL is 67% black. Really? It's actually more like 80%.

And the Patriots are white America's team? The Patriots are 60% black.

Blacks don't participate in baseball, because it takes skill, intelligence and persistence, but they gravite en masse to football because it's simple and violent.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the coaching staff!