Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Give Me a Keg of Beer: Voter ID in a Nutshell

Voter ID. This shouldn't be a debate at all. Check out the latest Paul Kersey article at detailing the absurdity of the situation:

To put this in perspective:
Simple enough, right? Just produce a state issued driver’s license, federally issued passport or government identity card.

Do the Obamaniacs think Hispanics don’t drink? Fly?

In states throughout the U.S., Republican legislatures have been working to pass sensible laws that would require the showing of photo identification before voting.
Sounds reasonable, right?

Not to Obama's Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder, Perez’ boss and the guy running a notoriously anti-white Department of Justice.

Just before Holiday, Holder’s DOJ filed against South Carolina’s voter ID law. [SC voter ID law rejected by Justice Department, December 23, 2011] And then on the holiest of American Holy Days, Holder denounced other states daring to consider similar legislation:
Attorney General Eric Holder used Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy on the anniversary of the civil rights leader’s birthday Monday to emphasize the Obama administration’s dedication to protecting the American people from discriminatory voting practices.
“Despite our nation’s record of progress, and long tradition of extending voting rights – today, a growing number of citizens are worried about the same disparities, divisions, and problems that Dr. King fought throughout his life to address and overcome,” Holder said at an MLK Day event in Columbia, S.C.
Holder’s remarks in the Palmetto State come just weeks after the Justice Department blocked the state’s new voter ID law from taking effect, citing an unfair burden on minority voters.
Citing the “drumbeat of concern” he has encountered from Americans across the country about discrimination in the election systems, the attorney general vowed that the Justice Department was more committed than ever before to enforcing the Voting Rights Act.
Martin Luther King Jr. cited by Eric Holder on voting issues,  January 16, 2012[Links added by]
 Read the rest there, comment on it here. Were we a normal society, Voter ID wouldn't even be a question. Were it even up for debate, actual opposition to what the Department of Justice (DOJ) is doing to Texas and South Carolina would exist in the form of a leader or statesman for people to rally around.

Besides, Teen Wolf taught us all we need to know about ID, right?

Scott Howard: Hi. I'd like a keg of beer please? Old man clerk: [looking at a newspaper] You don't say. Scott Howard: Yeah. How much is that? Old man clerk: You little bastards just don't give up, do you? Listen, no I.D. no goddamn beer. Can't you get that through your thick skull? Scott Howard: [his eyes turn red and his voice changes] Give me, a keg, of beer.
[the clerk steps back in fear and go gets a keg, then Scott turns back to normal holding a thing of licorice]
Scott Howard: And these. 
 Guess what? In our world, those who protest over a Voter ID law don't turn into werewolves, as Michael J. Fox threatened to do. They just whine about "racism."


Discard said...

Opposition to voter ID is an explicit endorsement of voting fraud.

Anonymous said...

"Federal judge: For blacks, ‘voting rights’ include identifying Democrats on ballots"

This is an awesome idea, getting rid of party identifiers on the ballot, I can't believe that this hasn't come up sooner.

Anonymous said...

Are IDs required for benefits such as TANF, WIC, SNAP, EBT?
The answer is yes and those receiving benefits have zero problem producing an ID to receive them.

Anonymous said...

They are adamantly opposed to Voter I.D. because they know they cannot re-elect the Kenyan w/o voter fraud and they are screaming and whining incessantly like petulant children. What else is new?

I happen to live in Mississippi, where we recently passed a Voter I.D. amendment to the state constitution. I do think ours will stand for one reason: It is virtually identical to the legislation that Indiana has had in place for some years now with no challenge. It even provides for free I.D. in case voters don't have a valid one to offer at voting time.

And you are right, you and I and every other adult have to show an I.D. for everything under the sun, but they piss and moan about a voter I.D.? Give me a break!!!

I think blacks disenfranchise themselves with their own stupidity. Just my 2 cents.

Lord Drek said...

In light of Holder's obvious hatred of Whites and his blind eye toward Black offenses, is it wise for one's first choice in the event of, say, a "flash" mob or gang attack to be to defend oneself?

I do not advocate violence, nor do I wish to project some sort of internet bravado, but any mahogany mob bursting into my home containing my wife and three-year-old daughter would be met with a spray of 00 buckshot.

In my state, Castle Law triumphs--if they're in your home with malicious intent, they're fair game. But how much jurisdiction would the DOJ have in handling a case like this? Are White Americans--particularly those who conceal carry and who may find themselves in a game of Knockout King this summer--going to be prosecuted more heavily for meeting Black violence with deadly force? That's why I hope I never have to use a firearm against a Black assailant, even in a SHTF scenario; I fear the legal (and tribal) retribution that would ensue.

FYT said...

This is a naked, shameless power grab by the democrats, who will fight to the death for the ability to commit voter fraud.

Every time someone votes more than once, or uses a dead person's or a false identity, they "disenfranchise a legitimate voter.

Anonymous said...

Holder is a piece of shit when it comes to being unbiased in his job performance.

Eddie Willers said...

Folk can't get state ID without some kind of documentary proof that they have a right to be in the country.

Can an illegal produce such proof?

Notice, there's never any talk of how tough the anti-fraud measures are to vote as a Mexican in Mexico...Voter Registration Card, good for 12 years, with thumb-print, address, National ID number and photo.

Voting can only be done in the district where your card is registered (up to you to change it if you move), and you have to show clean thumbs when voting - your thumb-print is then taken using virtually indelible ink to prevent repeat-voting.

Oh, no liquor sales for 24 hours before the polls open and for the 24 hours after they close for ANY election from municipal up to Federal.

Us Messicans got it tough, señor!

Paradise Lost said...

I say manditory voter id.
No absentee voting.
No early voting.
You must be present to vote.
Those who do not own real estate are banned from voting on school tax issues.
Those on welfare are banned from voting.
All voting machines are identical and not wired to computers.

Zenster said...

In states throughout the U.S., Republican legislatures have been working to pass sensible laws that would require the showing of photo identification before voting.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Not to Obama's Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder, Perez’ boss and the guy running a notoriously anti-white Department of Justice.

Of course it doesn't sound reasonable to Holder or, even, Obama. Both of their continued employment depends upon the chronically unemployed in the form of mendicant vote plantations.

Inner city districts with large numbers of people ― not VOTERS or CITIZENS ― are primary targets for Democratic Party campaigns because of how residents in those areas are almost wholly dependent upon government handouts.

Quel surprise! Did anyone with more than a shoe-sized IQ expect otherwise?

Citing the “drumbeat of concern”…

Go right ahead you damned jungle bunnies. Screech about every last bloody “drumbeat of concern”, except when it finally drums into your thick skull any sort of responsibility for the BRA (Black-Run America) that sees our once great nation kowtowing to China which will NEVER give even the least fug about Africa or any other race, for that matter.

Zenster said...

Discard: Opposition to voter ID is an explicit endorsement of voting fraud.

Perfectly said.

YIH said...

That remark reminded me of something that happened at Wal-Mart about 15 years ago.
My Grandmother also wanted to buy a bottle of wine. Yup, they 'carded' her. She was surprised (81 at the time, who wouldn't be?) but she calmly got out her DL and handed it to the cashier. And was tickled pink about it.
At that time the company policy of Wal-Mart was ''if something is 'age-restricted' you 'card', no ands, ifs, or buts''. They've since relaxed that rule except for checks. Yeah, some people still use them!

Zenster said...

Anonymous (3/14, 2012 6:33 PM): I think blacks disenfranchise themselves with their own stupidity.

That is a redundant statement.

This comment brought to you by the
Department of Redundancy Department.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Are any of you aware that a law was supposed to go into effect in May of 2008 that required citizens to present a National ID card to vote or board an airplane? It was passed by the the house and the senate and Bush signed it into law. Like the law that required repatriation of former slaves, the National ID law was never funded or enforced.

I think the much-needed law probably died due to government dysfunction. Do a little online research about the TWIC cards that are required to work at airports and on offshore drill rigs and you will understand what I mean.

Zenster said...

Lord Drek: I do not advocate violence, nor do I wish to project some sort of internet bravado, but any mahogany mob bursting into my home containing my wife and three-year-old daughter would be met with a spray of 00 buckshot.

Just one? Do you not possess a double-barrel or pump action shotgun of the sort that will deliver an adequately repetitive message regarding all that is dear to you and yours?

Enquiring minds want to know!

YIH said...

Lord Drek said...
That's why I hope I never have to use a firearm against a Black assailant, even in a SHTF scenario; I fear the legal (and tribal) retribution that would ensue.
Exactly, that is what we are now dealing with. ''The rule of law'' (as defined by White civilization) is quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Tribal groups are successfully seeking to impose their 'tribal laws' on White people.
And if we can't win against them HERE, there is no fsek'n way we can win against them anywhere else.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (3/14, 2012 7:25 PM): Holder is a piece of shit when it comes to being unbiased in his job performance.

Another supremely redundant phrase which joins far too many among the last several threads.

Anonymous said...

Lord Drek said:

"but any mahogany mob bursting into my home containing my wife and three-year-old daughter would be met with a spray of 00 buckshot".

I am not a gun specialist by any stretch of the imagination, but the gun people that I have spoken to recommended the use of Turkey Shot in such situations. Large enough to do plenty of damage in close quarters, but small enough to give a larger spread than 00, thereby giving a better chance of hitting your target or multiple targets.

Anyone with genuine knowledge on this subject; feel free to correct what I have been told. There are probably many opinions on this subject.

Ben N Indiana said...

You can't get into Eric Holder's office without an ID; Hispanic or black.

Dan said...

here comes the 19th plague from these pestilent people.

Lord Drek said...

The individual pellets in any type of shell shot will retain their grouping for several yards before dispersing, at which point they lose much of their power. However, at close range, few (legal) weapons possess the sheer destructive power of a shotgun, especially when loaded with a larger lead ball like buckshot, which can also penetrate and take out more of the, deer.

Zenster, I own a Chinese-made H&R pump action that I picked up for 200 at Dick's sporting goods. It's made for one thing: home defense.

Anonymous said...

Dan said...

here comes the 19th plague from these pestilent people.

I live in a hurricane prone area. Once, while my neighbor and I were watching the news about some tropical fronts moving off of the coast of Africa, my neighbor said "Nothing good ever comes out of Africa".

Truer words were never spoken. Weather, people, disease. Nothing good comes out of that continent.

RobertB said...

you young'uns need a bit of history here.

Permissiveness with voting began in the 80's. originally they were called "motor voter laws". The first time I voted in a general election I was 19 and it was 1978. I had to be registered (IIRC) at least 30 days ahead of time and I had to vote in the precinct where I had registered. You could register to vote at any US post office or, in my case, every other building on a college campus. At the time of voting, I had to present a picture ID to vote and sign my name and the election judge verified that the signatures matched.

So, the first requirement that went by the wayside was preregistration--hence the name "motor voter laws" because all you needed was driver's license and you could register on the day of the vote where you happened to show up--as long as it matched your ID. The next thing that went was the address on the ID--then you only needed a utility bill or a "neighbor" to vouch for you. The last thing to go was the ID. I believe the ID went sometime in the 90's about the same time they decided to allow one person to vouch for (IIRC) 12 other people!

This was all done because a certain well known sector of the population moved around too much (first excuse) to preregister and then of course, you know, they weren't ale to get a DL, and then they weren't able to get any other ID, 'blah, blah, blah".

Motor voter laws were discussed in my poly-sci classes when they were being touted but had not yet been passed. Most people thought that it was bunk. But then, like magic, one state after another passed them.

RobertB said...


The SCOTUS has already ruled that voter ID is constitutional, so all Holder is doing is delaying for this election. Hopefully the states being challenged force an expedited hearing on the matter for this fall's election.

HW said...

Wisconsin's Voter ID law was also struck down by the courts.

RobertB said...

The Castle Doctrine is sacrosanct no matter where you live in this country. That was part of the SCOTUS' recent decision on D.C. gun laws. You also are NOT required to retreat.

While I have never shot anyone, I did beat someone senseless one night during a black out when I caught someone tampering with my generator--17 stitches and 13 staples where required to put his head back together. The cops found him in a hospital when the doctors (required by law) called them. He claimed he was mugged by me in the alley. The county attorney would not touch the case, the city attorney tried to charge me with a misdemeanor assault. That one fell through when they found out the guy in question had just gotten off probation for 3 assaults in two years in a neighboring state (Milwaukee). So then they attempted to hit me with excessive use of force. My lawyer pointed to the size difference and they gave up but insisted I take an anger management class. That went by the wayside when a psychologist told them I was just fine.

As for what shot to use, I don't know what "turkey shot" is. I believe you are referring to # 4 or #5 shot--Turkeys here in Minnesota can only be taken with number 4 or smaller.

Pattern size--what you are referring to, is set by the choke of the gun and distance, not by the shot and certainly not at close range--they will all pattern the same. 00 buckshot (what hmongs buy to go deer hunting) is a pellet the size of a .38 caliber bullet. A nice size for subduing your opponent. If you shoot a human at between 5 and 15 feet with double ott shot, you will be able to see your neighbor's house through his torso. Which means you will also take out his buddy behind him. That's a nice feature, if you ask me. For real, the pheasants in South Dakota are so big, we hunt them with # 4 shot--if they are flying away from you, # 5 and 6 will not penetrate the all bone area on their backside. In Minnesota, # 6 suffices--if you are a good shot. # 4 shot is smaller than a .22 cal bullet--about the size of a BB for a BB gun. I think you want the 00 buckshot. It's a lot of fun to pull that trigger and see a hole the size of a basketball--shooting an old door, say, or a car panel.

In Viet Nam, every unit had a man with a 12g pump shotgun--Savage. His job was to kick the "hooch" door in and spray it--with 00 buckshot. Four rounds of .38 cal pellets is 32 .38 bullets in the air in less than 8 seconds. pumps don't jam, autos do. And there is nothing like the sound of a 12g chamber closing to send the fear of God into a man--any man.

MuayTyson said...

Why do you think Obamay is trying to stack the Supreme Court? Why do we have so many Federal activist judges?

Simple, a blatant change to the Constitution would be obvious to even someone with a Sixth Grade education but a ruling by a Federal Judge or by the SCOTUS interpreting a law as Constitutional or not will fly under the radar.

If more and more states try to enact these laws and the laws are then ruled UN-Constitutional fewer people will be concerned.

Already there are tons of UN-Constitutional laws on the books. Hell, the 1965 Civil Rights Act is blatantly UN-Constitutional.

Now we have something that should past Constitutional muster easily; such as providing valid I.D. to vote. It will not surprise me that this will be ruled UN-Constitutional.

Politicians for the last 50-60 years have created more and more ways to by pass The Constitution. Obama is just more blatant and obvious in his attacks on American freedom. This may be the one of the most important fights we have. If we lose this battle Obama will definitely be elected again and there will be no stopping him.

We currently have very little freedom left. If voter I.D. laws are not enacted every election from here on out will be stolen. If you believe it is bad now and if you believe that there has been election fraud in the past(I do) then best believe this is it game over. The U.S. will not even have the pretense of a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Opposition to voter ID is not necessarily an explicit endorsement of voter fraud, because if you think the Democrats are thoroughly guilty on this issue, you have seen nothing from the Republicans.

PK, no offense - I enjoy reading your ramblings and posts - but this issue is loaded with political undertones. The GOP is long known for outright disenfranchisement of entire groups of the voting public. Opposition to voter ID is nothing when the other side does everything in their power that deprives you of your basic Constitutional rights, just because you intend to vote Democrat. From blatant misrepresentation of fact to death threats.

If any of you think this is a mere race issue, I have bad news for you.

SwampThizzle said...

What's the problem? Left your wallet in your other pants? Just turn into a werewolf. "Do you have proof of identification or lycanthropy?"

Anonymous said...

With the election coming up, I hope you (PK) will do a series of posts on how racist Obamanation and Holder really are. Maybe they should be made into fliers like the ones at Unamusement Park. I would really be in despair if those two fiends won the next election.

Andri said...

I have no problem showing my ID. I think it is a complement. And yes, I vote.

Anonymous said...

You know, maybe we'd be taken more seriously if every comment thread didn't devolve into you keyboard commandos discussing your imaginary gun collections and your Death Wish fantasies. I'm as pro-white and pro-gun as a man can be, but come on, it get ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

North Carolina is a voter fraud poster state ! they never ask for ID, hell they don't even look at your face. all you have to have is a name of someone in your local area, living or NOT ! go to the next prec. and repete. ever prec. has differing types of equipment/ ballets. AND thers allways a male'female team hanging around outside, to HELP you understand how to PROPERLY use the ballot, propery means, COERSE ! PK, please keep this blog up, and sorry bout the crap spelling !

eh said...


Fox Detroit: Dad charged with toddler's murder after reporting her kidnapped after alleged carjacking

32-year-old D'Andre Lane has been charged with first-degree murder...The girl's mother, Banika Jones,...

That's a new one -- "Banika".

Just keep repeating to yourself: 'Innocent until proven guilty'.

Black people in America -- like a bad Tarantino movie that never ends.

Mutant Swarm said...

Hell, a lot of these guys have photo I.D's issued to them by the state for free - if you count booking photos and Department Of Corrections I.D. cards.

But of course, they are LIVING people.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous on March 15, 2012 6:30 AM...

I agree with what you say ONLY in that excessive rabid gun-talk can turn some potentially new allies off investigating further this website and this cause.


I have never handled a real gun in my life, I've never known anybody who has ever handled a real gun, I've never seen any person shoot a gun (except in American films) and I've never been lived in a country where home invasion is a problem.

Even given those facts above, I find the gun talk EXTREMELY interesting and even refreshing, precisely BECAUSE there was no rabidity or discussion of "death wish fantasies" that I could discern. All I could see was intelligent, measured discussion of a few basic facts about guns and different types of "shots" (no idea, but I will assume is a reference to bullets) AS PERTINENT to protecting oneself and one's family at home, in the event of a violent home invasion. Essential talk, n'est-ce pas, on a blog about black people and their behaviour in America, a majority-white society?

Perhaps some over-emoting, reactionary, softie from the left would read the gun comments on this thread as merely discussion of "death wish fantasies" as did you, but then those people are too far gone down the yellow brick LEFT path to have rational discussions about such topics as using guns anyway.

Perhaps a good path of action for future comments about guns might be to ONLY mention specifics about guns and protecting one's home and oneself, in relation to posts SPECIFICALLY about violence from home invaders or other violent criminals.

As a final thought, I have to say that I found RobertB at 11:40 PM to be particularly measured in his discussion of guns, and I found his comment to be merely a way for him to impart to us all some facts that he knew, but that he could tell we all DIDN'T know. Living in the UK and Australia, I will never have to worry about fighting gunfire with my own gunfire in a home invasion, but I like knowing that my brothers and sisters across the pond know how to protect themselves and know how to have calm, rational discussions about the essential facts involved.

David Gurney said...

Fingerprints should be the minimum standard for voting eligibility.Photo ID can be obtained too easily.

Man with two heads said...

If the Demoncats had their way all illegal aliens and all prisoners would be allowed to vote. As long as they voted Demoncat.

Kylie said...

"You know, maybe we'd be taken more seriously if every comment thread didn't devolve into you keyboard commandos discussing your imaginary gun collections and your Death Wish fantasies."

We? Based on this comment alone, I certainly don't recognize you as one of us.

First, with the hyperbole typical of leftists, you refer to every thread devolv[ing] into a discussion of guns. That's not even remotely true.

Second, your loaded language ("keyboard commandoes", "imaginary gun collections", "Death Wish fantasies") is again typical of the emotive smears the left likes to indulge in. The comments I've seen refer to defending oneself, one's family and occasionally, innocent unarmed strangers under physical attack. Provide a link to any sort of vengeance fantasies posted here or STFU.

"I'm as pro-white and pro-gun as a man can be, but come on, it get[sic] ridiculous."

No you're not. You're posing as pro-white, pro-gu--and as a man. You need a more convincing schtick. I'm just a housewife in a flyover state and you're not even fooling me.


scratch n sniff said...

Voter fraud is a hallmark of the Democrat Party. Their voter base includes the dregs of society.

Lord Drek said...

//"I'm as pro-white and pro-gun as a man can be, but come on, it get[sic] ridiculous."//

There cannot be an honest discussion of protecting oneself from Black criminality without mentioning firearms, our right to bear them and how to use them. Douche.

Lord Drek said...

@ Anon at 630

//Even given those facts above, I find the gun talk EXTREMELY interesting and even refreshing, precisely BECAUSE there was no rabidity or discussion of "death wish fantasies" that I could discern//

This is why I can't imagine how many White Britons would have felt during last year's summer riots. You've got no way to defend yourselves against these feral dependents, and they very likely possess firearms because, as many non-Liberals realize, firearm restrictions affect only law-abiding citizens. Then again, perhaps Liberals do know that, which is precisely why those laws are passed.

Kylie said...

"...I find the gun talk EXTREMELY interesting and even refreshing, precisely BECAUSE there was no rabidity or discussion of 'death wish fantasies' that I could discern. All I could see was intelligent, measured discussion of a few basic facts about guns and different types of 'shots' (no idea, but I will assume is a reference to bullets) AS PERTINENT to protecting oneself and one's family at home, in the event of a violent home invasion. Essential talk, n'est-ce pas, on a blog about black people and their behaviour in America, a majority-white society?"

You'll find the same kind of reasonable and informative discussions on all the gun forums I've seen. (My husband does his own reloading so he frequents such forums to discuss prices, methods, etc.) About the most rah-rah threads you'll see are ones asking people to name their Top 10 John Wayne movies. Pretty mild. In fact, so many of the topics are about the best BBQ or chili recipes, pics of puppies or whines about the in-laws that I call the mostly male membership "the girls".

There's a saying among responsible gun owners: The use of a firearm in self-defense is alway the last resort, not the first choice. Unfortunately, even if you keep your house reasonably secure, someone intent on breaking in can usually do so, in which case, the situation can rapidly devolve into a zero option scenario.

Lord Drek said...

PK, I would also request that you devise an "essay contest" in which we SBPDLers submit our most egregious experiences with TNB; the winner will receive kudos.

Anonymous said...

"No you're not. You're posing as pro-white, pro-gu--and as a man. You need a more convincing schtick.

NRA Director James Zangrilli was once on a radio station call-in show where someone claimed to be an NRA member that supported more gun control. Zangrilli challenged him by asking what NRA publication (American Hunter/ American Rifleman) he received and the guy couldn't answer the question, thereby proving him a FRAUD. Some gun controllers WILL however spend the money to get NRA membership and thus at least CLAIM the be an NRA member while espousing GC.

RobertB said...

Where is your proof? I can prove Democrat vote fraud, can you prove Republican vote fraud? Two classic examples are JFK v. Nixon and LBJ personally forgIng several thousand ballots to get elected to congress.

Discard said...

Anon at 11:53 PM Mar 14: You are mistaken. There is no good reason to oppose voter ID, except to allow ineligible people to vote. No doubt the GOP has its own favored methods of vote fraud, but registering foreigners is a Democrat tactic.
BTW, it was the Democrats that kept Blacks from voting in the Jim Crow South, not the GOP. What is this GOP disenfranchisement of entire groups of voters? If you're about to cite the contested vote count in Florida in 2000, save it. The issue that went to the U.S. Supreme Court was the counting of ballots that were improperly punched. (For younger voters, back then, many states had you actually punch a hole in the ballot card with a little tool they provided. The little piece of paper that is punched out is called a "chad", and so it became the Case of the Hanging Chads.) Many of the ballots from non-White districts were not punched all the way through, and so had to be counted by hand, and the GOP thought that they ought not be counted at all. The Democrats said that old Black people had trouble pushing the tool all the way through that piece of thick paper, and therefore discarding the improperly punched ballots was racist. The fact is, the best and most efficient way to get a hanging chad is to stick two or more ballots in at a time. You can prove this at home by sticking five or six pieces of paper in a hole punch. The Democrat precinct workers were taking all the leftover ballots and punching them as quickly as possible, doubling them to speed things along. Of course, since it's much easier to register when somebody accosts you at the welfare office than to actually get out and vote, there are always plenty of unused ballots in Black precincts.

RobertB said...

Thank-you, kind sir. On another site, I contested the idea thE idea that gun owners are drooling red necks. Guns are expensive and so is huntIng. Average trip to South Dakota for a Minnesotan is $2,000.00. Shotgun shells are not bullets--they are "a load" containing multiple projectiles-- the number of which is determined by A) shot size and B) gauge size or the bore of the gun. While one can buy a rifled barrel for a shot gun, they are typically a smooth bore weapon. Also available are "slugs" which is a semi round single projectile. A 12guage shotgun is a .60 caliber bore. A very large bore indeed. It is analogue to an Elephant gun, actually.

So, think of a shotgun using normal shot as a type grenade launcher which projects the shrapnel forward in a tight array. Incidentally, a 12g slug will easily go through both sides of car. That's why all cops have one in their cars.

Jay Santos said...

You would think that being given the opportunities that both Obama and Holder have been given, that they would work themselves to death being exemplary models of responsibility, integrity and competence.

But no. They've been given a chance to shine as representatives of black people. And they deliver all this horror.

Negroes are a failure.

Discard said...

Anon at 11:53, Mar 14: Furthermore, whatever evidence of voting fraud by the GOP you can come up with, it would pale next to the crime of importing tens of millions of foreigners and using them to displace Americans. Passing out naturalization certificates does not turn a Mexican or a Moslem, a Chinese or a Hindu, into an American.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, you "have never handled a firearm" and neither have 99% of the keyboard commandos/Dale Gribbles that populate every pro-white message board with their 12 gauge wide spread maximum penetration Turkey Shoot shells they just read about in Soldier of Fortune.

Beardless youth said...


I think you exposed the troll here. I'm thinking its either I-wish-white-people-were-dead Tim Wise or a radical feminist.

R Neville said...

Robert B---fellow SD pheasant hunter here. My Dad (his family are from the Dakotas and SW Mn) and I used to make the yearly sojourn there. #4 shot does the trick.
Since I deer hunt in Illinois, I have to use a 12g slug to take down deer. At range of 100 yards or less it is extremely lethal. I have dropped deer in their tracks from the hydrostatic shock of the slug.

Some of us were born and raised around them and think of them as merely tools (albeit lethal ones). I have no sick fantasies of killing anyone, but am awake enough to know that there are wolves out there that will use any excuse to got out and kill me and my family, and as a man it is my sacred duty to be able to defend my family. Those of you that are not willing to defend your family with whatever means necessary are not trully men.

10mm AUTO said...

As to shotguns:

For a thinwalled apartment, #4 offers less penetration of wallboard than OO or OOO buckshot. Other than that, a Remington pump, Mossberg pump or Remington or high quality semiauto with a short barrel is an excellent weapon if you an ensconced in a bedroom or covering a stairwell. For seeking out someone in your house, a excellent revolver or Semiauto is better for going around corners, looking under tables, etc. Think pistols as Infantry, shotgun as Artillery. 20 gauge is plenty for the recoil shy, but 12 gauge is the near Universal favorite and is available everywhere and in many different loads. I new one I would look at is the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun. A Very short pump action that holds 14 rounds.

Top 3 Pistol or revolver calibers in descending order of stopping power are .357 Magnum (125gr HP), 10mm (175gr Silvertip) and 45 ACP (185gr hp +P). Literally hundreds of a weapons to choose from in these calibers. My Top Picks (IMHO) are the S&W 27-8 Eight shot 357 Magnum revolver, the Witness 10mm Match and the 1911 in 45 ACP in Government or Commander lengths only.

dienw said...

Anon at 11:53
"The GOP is long known for outright disenfranchisement of entire groups of the voting public. Opposition to voter ID is nothing when the other side does everything in their power that deprives you of your basic Constitutional rights, just because you intend to vote Democrat. From blatant misrepresentation of fact to death threats."

Prove it; where is your evidence? Away down south in Dixie, the voting was controlled by the Democratic party - something your handlers may not have told you.

RobertB said...


From any where near Webster? when my oldest was 14 (9 years ago) we were on Webster on a trip and that Sunday morning we were having breakfast at a local mom and pop cafe. My son was wearing a Brock Lessnar t-shirt. We were discussing not hunting with the group we had come with because I did not like their dogs and attitudes. A fellow at the table next to us asked about my son's t-shirt and he told him he was big fan of Brock's and had been through the U of M's wrestling camp that summer in Iowa. The man then told they were harvesting corn and he would be happy to take us out to the field so we could hunt it--free of charge or obligation. What a shoot we had that day. Not since I was a boy on my grandpa's farm in Rosemount! Our 11 month old springer couldn't keep up there were so many birds in that field.

Turned out, we were invited to hunt on Lessnar land. The kinship, so to speak, was merely my boy's love of a sport and the mutual love of a good pheasant hunt. Nice people, just good old American stock.

It's a nice state and it is growing in a very nice way. It will remain very American.

HW said...

If there are "Death Wish" fantasies, it is because of what happened in St. Louis with Knockout King, the White boy who was set on fire by the Black Undertow in Kansas City, the 12 year old girl who was knocked out by African refugees in New Hampshire, or the White boy in Albany, GA (sixty miles from here) who was just murdered by the Black Undertow at a car wash.

Dan said...

Bren, GPMG, 303. Lee Enfield SMLE, some big German modern 8mm bolt action target rifle on a bipod,
SLR, all sorts of 22s some 38 revolvers (colt maybe) SA80, an Armalite variation, I've even thrown a couple of live grenades.

It's quite good fun. All done (except grenades) by the time I was 14. Cadet training.
It's the way that many kids in the UK and Europe get to play soldier.

Simon Jester said...

A 12guage shotgun is a .60 caliber bore.

No, a 12 gauge is actually about .73 caliber (.729 to be exact, IIRC.)

Incidentally, using birdshot for personal defense is a terrible idea. It won't penetrate deeply enough to reliably stop an attacker. Always use buckshot. Those who are worried about overpenetration need to realize that any load which will not penetrate interior walls will also not penetrate human flesh deeply enough to be a reliable stopper. That's just the way it is and there's really no getting around it. Forget about trying to find a load which won't go through interior walls and just choose a load that's an effective stopper.

Anonymous said...

I am a Mississippi resident, too, who voted just two days ago and didn't produce any ID.

We had voter fraud in our county a few elections back that led to a white male candidate losing an election to a black female. He filed suit and proved his opponent -- who worked the polls --engaged in ballot fraud. A new election was mandated, and he won that new election.

No charges were filed against the cheating opponent by the DA, who said that if he prosecuted charges of election fraud the entire staff would spend the next four years doing nothing else.

By the way, the cheating candidate ran again four years later and lost even bigger.

There has been in the last eight or so years election fraud all over Mississippi. In every instance of which I'm aware, the fraud was always instigated or conducted by an election official or a candidate, never a voter acting alone. Yet there is no real penalty for the perpetrators.

My point is this: The idea some have that there are carloads of voters casting ballots all over the place is a fiction. It's the politicos that do the fraud, and they do it with impunity. Why not have a good, stiff penalty for those relative few instead of the many having to produce -- yet again -- to Big Government another ID?


Anonymous said...

Lord Drek"That's why I hope I never have to use a firearm against a Black assailant, even in a SHTF scenario; I fear the legal (and tribal) retribution that would ensue"
You should move to PA a 65 yo bike rider shot 3 minority kids(one a 16yo black with a probation ankle bracelet on) and didnt even have his name mentioned on the news.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a "death wish fantasy" type, keyboard commando with 2 dozen plus rifles and handguns.

I love my Mossberg and Benelli 12-gauges, but I just built a sick Del-Ton Inc AR (lightweight) and it has a 30 round clip! New favorite weapon! Check out and you can get all the parts for under $600 shipped if your are a DYI'er...

R Neville said...

Robert B. We never got as far north as Webster. My Uncle has a cabin on Brandt Lake and we usually hunted around Madison. I had family with land around Brookings, but they are all gone. My first memory of hunting was a big pheasant hunt my Dad, Uncles, and Friends were on around Canton @ 1969.

OT----Reverse racism actually reported in the Post Disgrace!

Anonymous said...


Number one, where did you see I opposed voter ID? I never said that.

Number two, disenfranchisement of entire voting groups was ridiculously easy to do. Not in 2000 with the infamous Florida punch-card debacle, but in 2004, when the entire national election was decided by just two companies: Diebold and ES&S. Both which, at the time, had extensive networks and connections with the Republican party.

Why enforce voter ID laws when you can simply hack the entire voting process? That's what the Republicans did in 2004. Worried about illegals, foreigners and black people on the ballot? Simply drop those votes and don't count them towards final tallies. All you needed back then was a monkey (which, by the way, has more intelligence than the average black people) and a vending machine key.

Even if the Democrats successfully got half a billion illegal votes registered into the system back then, it wouldn't matter because Republicans had the final say in those voting results. Democrat-sourced voter fraud is kids' play compared to that from Republicans.

Enforce voter ID laws? Sir, I commend you for the effort, but you're trying too hard. Here's a better idea: don't let these corrupt scumbags get elected. Democrats, Republicans, they're all cut from the same bloodstained cloth.

Now if you excuse me, I need to microwave some popcorn. I cannot wait to watch the bastion of democracy get thoroughly hacked again at the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had to show our I.D.'s before we could sign our tax return in S.C. at H & R Block. Has it always been the case? We didn't mind, I just don't ever recall having to show an I.D. to get our tax return back. [Oh, and when we voted here recently, our I.D. was required.]

Discard said...

Anon at 8:53 PM Mar 14 & 7:14 PM Mar 15: I have re-read my post. I did not say that you opposed voter ID laws. You have misread me. No harm.

As for GOP vote stealing, I don't doubt they have the will and the skill, but I can't see the Democrat media letting them actually get away with it. I've heard nothing about the Republicans and Diebold except from right wingers who think the party is screwing them to ensure that the country club martini crowd gets the nomination, which I don't doubt. But if the GOP was disappearing Dark votes, how did BHO get in? I just don't think it's likely.

Eustace Mullins said...

I love the gun talk personally.

If you don't arm yourself for legal and lawful personal defense, what chance do you have against a rat pack of dusky aggressors? I don't want to rely on their 'mercy' to not stomp me into a coma or worse.

In real life, any caliber weapon will be combat effective, defined as reducing the aggressors ability to attack.

Call me an armchair warrior, but I have lots of guns and a stockpile of thousands of rounds of ammo.

Why would I make that up? LOL

I actually keep them in the trunk of my car so its more convenient when I go to the range. I live in a white neighborhood. Nobody is breaking in to my place. I don't even need to lock the door.

They're *fun*! They really are just cannons, after all. They make a lot of noise and fire and put a hole in paper, what's not to like? They're fireworks for adults.

Don't believe the hype. Owning firearms is not the sign of malevolent intent, well if you're white anyway.

There's another panic on right now, gunstores are half empty and ammo is tough to get. That's why I stock up. It will likely be a year or two before prices go down a bit (never as much as before a panic) and availability is up.

Firearms are a bit like golfing, an expensive, white activity that we can obsess about and gets us out of the house. We're not gangbangers, we're white guys doing white stuff.

Gun control was initiated to stop blacks from getting them, after all, and for good reason.

Of course its been used against us, but what hasn't.

Kylie said...

Eustace Mullins: "Call me an armchair warrior, but I have lots of guns and a stockpile of thousands of rounds of ammo."

Same here. Of course, that just sounds horribly violent and militaristic to people who don't understand that you can easily shoot hundreds of rounds of ammo in just one afternoon at the range.

"They're *fun*! They really are just cannons, after all. They make a lot of noise and fire and put a hole in paper, what's not to like? They're fireworks for adults."

Exactly. Shooting is fun and it's also a sport that people like me, a middle-aged, unathletic woman, can do. You don't have to have a lot of otherwise useless equipment or be in good shape. It gets you outside, working on your hand-eye coordination and concentration. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

"There's another panic on right now, gunstores are half empty and ammo is tough to get."

My husband does his own reloading and also makes some of his own ammo. Apparently it's not hard to do and the savings is considerable.

Love your post, thanks.

Zenster said...

With all the accusations of voter fraud being slung about, I would certainly hope that people here will begin to think seriously about the need for a viable third party in American politics.

The difference between Republican and Democratic Party members is only in how much they both want to grow government. Neither are dedicated to shrinking it. That should be enough to tell you everything right there.

Entrenched big government is killing us.

My personal suggestion for a starting place is as follows:

Create an "Election Contract". If a candidate wants to get a single vote, that person must sign a contract with penalties of $100,000 and jail time for any breach of their promise to, at all times, sponsor and support the enactment of federal term limits.

No signature, no votes.

It will take a while but eventually federal term limits could be put in place. That is a first major step towards taking back our government.

The next step would be a Constitutional Convention where all politicians are forced to retire on regular social security, the Supreme Court is given term limits, federal campaign finance laws are enacted along with the abolition of lobbying and so forth.

It will require something that is, unfortunately, absent in the current voting public, an iron will. No exceptions, voters of both parties must relentlessly pursue federal term limits if there is to be a glimmer of hope for ending political corruption in the country.

Until then, it will be business as usual.

Zenster said...

Also, one more vote for the "gun talk".

Getting advice from seasoned gun owners is priceless.

Even a slight understanding of weapons caliber and ammunition loads goes a long ways towards assisting in a final purchase decision.

Anyone reading this who has never handled and discharged a firearm should hie thee to the nearest range and begin getting instruction in how to operate firearms.

At the very least, you should be able to take off a safety, aim and fire a handgun with some small degree of proficiency. Even if you do not own one.

The reason for this being that there may come a time when you are obliged to take possession of an assailant's weapon and need to use it against them. Should that time come, you had best have sufficient knowledge to control the firearm in a way that assures a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.

I have encountered this same sort of mentality in people who are amazed by my insistence that everyone should know how to drive cars with a stick shift transmissions. They always reply, "But mine is an automatic!"

I then ask them, "What happens when you are caught in a forest fire and the only usable vehicle at hand just happens to be one with a manual transmission. How will you escape the flames then?"

My reply is often met with thundering silence.

Learn how to operate a gun. One day your life may depend upon it.

Anonymous said...

As long as the gun topic is open, let me put in a good word for the .22. The ammo is cheap, you can carry a thousand rounds in your pockets, and the recoil is negligible for those who were born fragile or are just wearing out. My personal fave is a short little pump action gallery gun, designed for carnivals back in the day when they used real guns instead of BB toys. It weighs less than four pounds, important to the aspiring geezer, and trust me, it will go through a modern car door. It's not a plaything.

Mr. Rational said...

I have everything from a .22 pistol for plinking to a scoped rifle chambered in 30.06.  Mostly, I shoot .177 pellets; they are extremely cheap, and there's no shortage of necessary targets right here (four-footed pests).

When I go out I am always carrying something, usually a pocket pistol, a "purse popper".  It's not much in the way of firepower but it's good for deterrence value, and if I had to use it the target would know he'd been hit.

This freaks out the DWLs in the liberal mecca next door, but they have the luxury of having few Mexicans and almost no Blacks to worry about.  Their time will come.

Rod Godzilla Martinez said...

I am always willing to show my ID at the voting precint. Never had a problem with it. Once i did have a problem with this white fellow obviously from a white supremacist organization,( I am a 6th generation Mexican-American, which means my family has been longer than 99% of those who post here), who half a block away asked me for my ID. After I knocked him unconscious, and probably broke his buddie's jaw, I voted. I was held for a few minutes by the local cops, who let me go and arrsted the skinners. That God for my neighbors, (I live in a 80% white community) who vouched for me. What I see as a problem for blacks, is that no one has ever or seldom been asked for more than an ID since Obama was elected. They are not just being askd for ID, they are being asked for a whole bunch of crap, electric bill, passports, etc..Thats going to far. Its a backlash from the extreme right-wing to Obama's election. I say, get over it, the dude one and he's fixing 8 years of republican disaster. believeme, this black dude is no black dude. Whenit comes to economics, he's pure white. And in 3 years, he's already deported 3 million illegals, while the previous guy, bush, in 8 years deported only 97,000. Voter fraud is almost, and has, since the early 1900s, been almost non-existant( JFK and Nixon anecdotal info aside). I remember locally here in So-Cal when GOP Dornan got whipped by Sanchez, he cried about voter fraud and illegal aliens voting( earth to republicans...illegals CANNOT vote!!). So at the taxpayers expense, they did an investigation. They found out of 5000 or so votes, 33 were fraudulent. 23 were people,( one hispanic) voting out of his district, and 10 votes complete frauds. All ten were republican. And of course there were 75,000 questionable votes where Diebold voting machines were used in in Ohio during the 2004 election. A driver's license or state ID should be enough. if black folks, or any folks are too lazy to get up off their ass and get one, then they shouldnt vote.

Discard said...

Rod Godzilla Martinez: You're full of shit, really. You knocked some guy out and broke another's jaw for asking you for some ID, and the cops let you walk? Save that story for the guys at the cantina.

You are also full of shit about illegals voting. All they have to do is pick up a voter registration card at the post office, fill it out and drop it in the mail slot. Or they can just sign when the Democrat Party registrar comes by at the local Cinco De Mayo gathering or whatever. Nobody checks. And they never need show up to vote either, since the local Chicano activists will do it for them.
I lived in Los Angeles for 30 years and watched the Hispanics turn it into a toilet. You people are not capable of maintaining the cities you've been given. You're better than Blacks, but that's a pretty low standard.

Anonymous said...

I'm your typical gun owner I think; I own a Colt AR-15, an FN-FAL, Armalite AR-180 and HK-91 rifle. Getting ready to put my Del-Ton 20" AR kit together. I also have a Colt Gold Cup .45, HK P7 9mm and Walther PPK/S.

One thing that will at least differentiate me from most of the other posters is that I went to one of the Project Appleseed marksmanship clinics. Most people who own a rifle have never had any kind of formal training.

I would urge ALL people that feel the need for rifleman training to enroll in one of the "Appleseed" training courses.

You will NOT be disappointed by what is taught you.

"Civic Involvement

"There are those who feel that America’s future is grim, that is, that America has lost something special and it can never be regained. And in their consternation they mutter about “dark choices” and the like. Appleseed has a message for them. Just over two hundred years ago our ancestors genuinely faced a tough choice. They could submit to those they felt were depriving them of their rights as Englishmen or they could fight. Because they chose as they did, we may never have to face their dilemma because we have a third alternative.

Eustace Mullins said...

Thanks, Kylie!

Your husband sounds like he has good sense. I cast my own bullets and reload myself, too. It's fun! I'm the stereotypical 'prepper', aka out of shape and will probably stroke out if I had to lug my 80 pound bug out bag anywhere.

I just went to the range tonight, tried out some grips Hickock45 on youtube likes. I still suck, but the guns easier to grip at least! :-)

anonymous 732pm: Nice collection! I'd love to have some of those weapons. Here in commiefornia the guns are better because they cost us twice as much! ;-)

I've heard nothing but good things about the appleseed project. I need to get a sling for one of my rifles and go to one.

anonymous 11:23pm -
I agree with you about the .22. I've got lots of them. I can shoot the heck out of my .22 pistols. I bought a hp22 for the girlfriend and liked it so much I bought one too. Why people recommend giving women a .38 snub nose or something I'll never know.

Mr. Rational said...

And in 3 years, he's already deported 3 million illegals

NO, HE HASN'T.  That figure includes "voluntary departures", which do not count as criminal entry for the purposes of prosecution for repeat offenses.  Obama's spin-meisters jiggered the statistics to make him look more diligent than Bush when he is dropping open-and-shut deportation cases left and right.

Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" was the last real move to get illegals out of the USA.  He deported 80,000 from Texas alone, and ten times that many got on buses and went home to avoid having an arrest record and being barred from re-entry.

Anonymous said...

Eustace Mullins, there is a good option between a .22 and a .38, the .327 Magnum. It's a new cartridge and therefore not as available as the others, but it will take, in descending order of power, .327 Magnum, .32 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W long, and .32 short. That's a real wide range of available power and recoil for one pistol.

Anonymous said...

In my state, voter fraud is rampant. It has been recently reported that 33 counties had more folks voting than actually live in those counties. This idea of voter fraud being miniscule is nuts! Dead people vote all the time. Our US Congressman (a black democrat) provides free rides to folks to the polls. Really? Is that copacetic? Get a clue. If the dems win fair and square after voter id, so be it. Until it is put into practice, I don't believe they really can.