Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Wants to Live Forever?: The SBPDL Invasion of Detroit Begins in April

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
- T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

SBPDL: Exporting Hope to Detroit starting April 1
No city in America more represents the horrifying potential of Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) then Detroit. The collapse of Detroit is 100 percent racial. That so few people dare even discuss what the ramifications of the collapse of Black-run Detroit represent (on the heels of the collapse of Black-run Jefferson County - Birmingham - in Alabama) illustrates the power of Black-Run America.

Detroit isn't crap. Comparing the current state of the Motor City - a direct reflection of the majority population there (82 - 90 percent Black) - to fecal matter is an insult to fecal matter.

You can at least flush excrement down the toilet; with Detroit, all we can do is watch in horror as more and more tax-payer money is flushed down the toilet to... to what? So that gas stations can sell candy crack pipes?

No insidious plot hatched by a shadowy group of vigilantes destroyed Detroit. White people left, leaving Black people to enjoy the fruits of "Black Power," which in a mere 40 years has turned out to be nothing more than a silly chant by Black Marxists and Black Supremacists who have proved incapable of sustaining anything that evil whitey left behind.

Well, save the violence that forced whitey out to begin with.

The violence of Black people in Detroit is getting so bad that the Federal government is now intervening:

Detroit's east side is being warned: The federal government is watching -- very closely.
Responding to the latest spate of violence in the city, U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade announced a federal crackdown Wednesday on the entire east side, saying the crime-plagued area has become the most violent section in the city and warrants federal attention. Homicides, in particular, she stressed, are "intolerably high" on the east side, where there was a 75% jump in homicides last year. The west side had a 27% drop last year.
"I made it my personal resolution in 2012 to reduce homicides in the city of Detroit," McQuade said at a news conference, flanked by 15 uniformed federal, local and State Police officials. "We will not allow Detroit to be defined by violence and homicides."
The city recorded 344 homicides in 2011, up from 308 in 2010. As of Sunday, Detroit has had 49 homicides this year, compared with 39 during the same period last year.
However, overall violent crime was down 8% last year, with 7,300 fewer incidents.
McQuade held the news conference to let the public know law enforcement isn't sitting idly by in the wake of the latest rash of violence.
In recent weeks, Detroit has witnessed the shooting death of an infant, the slaying of a 12-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his mother, and a 6-year-old critically injured after being shot with an AK47 during an attempted carjacking.
Just like in the summer of 1967, when Federal troops patrolled the streets of a war-torn city - courtesy of a Negro Revolution that the first Black mayor of Detroit, Coleman Young, called an "Insurrection" - Black people have incapacitated the Motor City again.

The reticence of people to speak out on Detroit's collapse is the real tragedy, but it's not unexpected. In BRA, publicly commenting on Black failure - no matter how minute - is grounds for career derailment and ostracism. To dare criticize an entire city of Black people (be it Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, Newark, Camden, Cleveland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, etc.)... would you call that insanity?

No. What is insanity is our toleration of major city (Black) police departments underreporting crime in their cities:
What's the murder capital of the nation? That depends on who does the counting. 
Until this month, that dubious distinction for 2008 fell on Baltimore. But then, Detroit's police department conceded the city had 339 murders in 2008 rather than 306 -- making Detroit the deadliest city in the nation. 
The disclosure followed newspaper reports that the city had consistently underreported its murder rate, leading to accusations that Detroit, along with other cities, was gaming the system to make the city appear safer. 
"Figures don't lie, but liars sure do figure," former North Carolina Attorney General Rufus Edmisten, who used to announce that state's crime statistics, told ABC with a chuckle. 
Was Detroit gaming the numbers to avoid an unpopular title? It's a common practice, Edmisten said. 
"You have a lot of numbers manipulated, depending on what you want to achieve," he said. "If you need more help you say how bad things are. On the other hand no public official wants to say we're No. 1 in the number of murders."
According to the FBI, the total number of murders Detroit reported last year is 306. That put Detroit behind Baltimore in per-capita murders, at 36.9 murders per 100,000 residents. But Detroit Police Department spokesman Rod Liggons says that number undercounts the total.
he higher number pushes Detroit's rate to 37.4 murders per 100,000 residents, making Detroit the deadliest city with more than 500,000 residents in the nation.
Abbe Smith, director of the Criminal Justice Clinic at Georgetown University Law School, agreed. 
"I'd bet you this is highly politicized," Smith told ABC News, "especially that in places like Detroit, that are hard-hit by the recession, would do what they could to interpret the statistics in ways that are not quite so damning." 
"Homicide is one of the more accurate crime statistics versus sexual assault, versus prop crimes, etc," said ABC News Consultant Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent.
In the 1990s, Philadelphia police routinely downgraded rapes to lesser crimes and portrayed the results as drop in crime, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. 
Detroit's disclosure came after an analysis of homicide cases by The Detroit Free Press found the city was undercounting homicides, in violation of FBI standards. The Free Press analysis found that among the deaths not considered a homicide were a fatal stabbing and a fatal beating. 
Detroit isn't the only city that's had trouble with crime statistics. A recent audit of police practices in Atlanta, funded by the Atlanta Police Foundation, found that the "broken police department" routinely underreported crime, especially as the city prepared to welcome tourists for Atlanta's 1996 Summer Olympics.
And you think crime is dropping around the nation? Police departments in majority Black cites routinely underreport crime as a means to try and convince businesses and entrepreneurs (and venture capitalists) to invest in their dying cities. This is a true act of criminality, jeopardizing people's safety for the illusion of protection.

Even as elected officials philander, cheat, steal, and appoint corrupt police to "protect" the city of Detroit (who manipulate data), the citizens of this metropolis stand united behind these Black men and women, marching to keep Financial Martial Law from coming to Detroit:
Emergency managers appointed by the state to run Michigan's financially struggling cities and schools soon could lose much of their sweeping power, at least temporarily, as an effort to overturn a controversial law moved forward Wednesday. 
A coalition called Stand Up for Democracy said it turned in more than 226,000 voter signatures to state election officials in hopes of giving voters a chance to overturn the law in the November election. If state election officials decide that at least roughly 161,300 of the signatures are from valid voters -- a decision which could be made within the next two months -- the law approved in 2011 would be suspended while awaiting the vote. 
That could have major ramifications in Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac, the Detroit public school system and a few other places that already have or could soon have state-appointed emergency managers in charge of their troubled finances. A review team is currently analyzing Detroit's finances to determine if an emergency exists. 
Gov. Rick Snyder's administration and Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette say that a suspension of the law would mean Michigan reverts to its previous law for emergency managers, adopted in 1990. Emergency managers would stay on the job, but wouldn't have the powers granted in 2011 revisions -- such as the ability to toss out union contracts and strip authority from locally elected officials.
Snyder's administration is worried about the consequences of derailing the law, including the possibility it would become more difficult and take longer to resolve financial problems in locations where local leaders already demonstrated they couldn't fix the issues on their own. Snyder and other Republicans backed the 2011 changes in hopes of allowing emergency managers -- in the cases where they are needed -- to do their jobs more effectively and quickly.
"Unintended consequences could be severe and would not be in anyone's best interests," said Sara Wurfel, Snyder's spokeswoman. "The places where we're working right now, the whole reason we got there was that word `emergency.' Those communities and schools were in circumstances that in some cases hadn't been seen before because of how dramatic they were."
Critics of the law, including some labor unions and community groups, say the state is overreaching and undermining democracy. Some critics argue that if Public Act 4 is suspended, state-appointed emergency managers should be sidelined at least until the election -- leaving only locally elected leaders in charge of a community's finances.
"All the powers would rest with the democratically elected government," said Greg Bowens, a spokesman for Stand Up for Democracy, a coalition that opposes the law.

Freedom has failed. It is in Wayne County, Michigan, home to the Paris of the West Mogadishu of the West, America's true Atlantis - where the Black citizens of today look upon the crumbling white monuments and buildings of yesterday with a sense of wonder and open hostility - that the concept of "democracy" begins to die.

Charlie LeDuff, a reporter for Detroit's Fox affiliate, wrote a column deploring the moral decay and the crime rate in the Mogadishu of the West. Charlie: it's the moral decay found in the Black residents of Detroit, just as it's the moral decay found in Black people in New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago, and even Vermont.

Hubert G. Locke, a Black man, wrote The Detroit of 1967 only a few years after the Black insurrection transpired in that city. On p. 17 of the book, he writes:
What all of this means for the future of Detroit is uncertain. there are simultaneously great possibilities and gerat dangers in the way in which the city is rebuilding itself, socially, economically, and politically. but that is a matter for the future; this book is concerned with Detroit's recent past and to some extent its chaotic present. It is a record of a week of terror in the nation's fifth largest city, of the quarter century of agonizing progress and abysmal failure that preceded it, and of a tension-filled year of dramatic shifts in power alignments, political loyalties, and social perspectives that emerged in its wake. It is, in essence, the story of contemporary urban America, as seen in the racial struggles of one city, but a city whose success or failure may well hold the key to the future of urban life in the entire nation. 
Only a few years after this book was published, those great changes came to Detroit. The culmination of those changes are upon us. Detroit is not dying; it is dead. The epitaph on the grave of the city must be an answering of Locke's prediction.

Urban life in America, where white settlers participating in gentrification doesn't occur, isn't much of a life at all. It's Black people living in cities of their design (a city, town, or neighborhood is only a reflection of the majority population) that are more violent than war-torn cities around the world.

The failure of Detroit shows why any urban area hoping to have a "sustainable" future can't include Black people. One that does is an inherently unstable community.

And that is the lesson of Detroit, a city where fighting "public corruption" (remember, almost every elected position and city employee of Detroit is Black) is the number one priority of the FBI branch in the city:

Federal, state and local officials will work more closely to uncover and prosecute public corruption in the Detroit area. The FBI announced Thursday the formation of a multi-agency task force.

Joining the FBI are the U.S. attorney's office, state Attorney General, Internal Revenue Service, Housing and Urban Development, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, and Detroit and state police.
For years federal prosecutors have been investigating corruption in Detroit city government. Among those already convicted are former City Council President Monica Conyers, her aide Sam Riddle Jr., former Detroit deputy mayor Kandia Milton, and Milton's brother, DeDan Milton.
Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, longtime associate Bobby Ferguson, ex-city water director Victor Mercado, ex-mayoral aide Derrick Miller, and Kilpatrick's father, Bernard, have been indicted on federal corruption charges.
This is a city that Black people destroyed.

In one month, the SBPDL invasion of Detroit begins.

We begin exporting hope to Detroit starting April 1, by extension to the entire nation.


Anonymous said...

i know some people who live in the white suburbs there & like it - they avoid the city at all costs, of course. perhaps the worse the city, the nicer the white enclave suburbs? i don't know of any correlational data on that.

Dan said...


Put together a front page article sayIng that Mitt wants Detroit to die.

Fact is Detroit is already quite dead.

Anonymous said...

I've visited friends in Detroit. I don't understand it well. There's an area near the casino downtown I believe that has nice restaurants and lots of whites-cute girls, too.

There are super nice white areas too.

There are vast no mans lands.

Its more complicated than it appears on the surface, at least to me.

if I didn't know better, id have thought it was all a shithole, and its not. I've never seen any violence there, but if any black is around, you have to be prepared.

MrGJG said...

Regarding black law enforcement (sic) under-reporting crime. Like most things black, they threshold for what constitutes crime is higher than us whiteys.
Remember when that crazy-ass nigger Whoopie Goldberg claimed Roman Polanski didn't really commit a crime because it wasn't rape/rape?
See, not really a crime. I guess it means you have to commit two rapes before they consider it illegal?

Anonymous said...

The black undertow already occupies Detroit's DTW international airport. I passed through there back in '09 and I didn't know Delta would hire gangster looking types to run the gate counters. But if they are 85% of the population, I guess they have no choice. The airport itself was nice, probably designed by white architects, but you could tell it was going to hell fast. And don't even get my started on the airport staff... Talk about affirmative blaction in action. Back then I was unaware of ABRA, its meaning, how it destroyed Detroit, and how its spreading. Thanks for the enlightenment.

-Daily visitor

The Fighting Whitey said...

If I were the governor and the law was suspended, I would pull all state resources from these communities and let them fail. That seems to be what they want. It is more important to be in charge than to be solvent.

Former Seattle Resident said...


Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that his investigation reveals that Obama's birth certificate and Selective Service document are FAKES!!!

This is big news!

W74 said...

I wonder what it's like for the residents of Windsor, Ontario who have to endure being right across the river from that hell.

They're probably scared to death over there hoping the welfare kiddie doesn't run out for Mogadishu residents.

I hope if SHTF they decide to blow the bridge. Since few of them would be able to swim the icy waters it would alleviate a lot of cross-border raids into Canada.

MrGJG said...

I know this is off topic, but RIP Mr. Breibart. You were an original who took on the left on your own terms.

Anonymous said...

This one is great, like always. I dunno how you do it SBPDL!

The article is supposed to have said...

Strange that so many of the formerly great cities in America have turned into breeding grounds for criminality, pathetic school systems (which are only a reflection of the students in the schools) and depressed property values. Gotham City could have been easily destroyed in Batman Begins by the introduction of Black people into positions of power and a slow rise in the overall Black population of the city as a percentage of the whole population. White flight would have happened and the effects would be nearly irreversible. No Batman could save the city then from the crime, decadence, and corruption found merely in City Hall (does Batman even have a Black guy in his rogues gallery?), let alone the thugs and gangs that roam the streets of Detroit, New Orleans, or Philadelphia. No Blackman can save them either. The League of Shadows had it all wrong. Strange they could sack so many other civilizations but fail to understand the racial dynamics of America in the 20th and 21st century to understand why so many of our great cities have collapsed. Stranger still that the liberalism so many claim to be the cause of Detroit and other majority Black cities' decline can't say the same about Burlington, Vermont; Missoula, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; or Portland, Oregon, where liberalism thrives amid a sea of tranquility, courtesy of whitey. Misguided idealists refuse to look at the ruins of Detroit and blame the current occupants for its condition. The same goes for the declining city of Philadelphia. The same goes for Milwaukee. The same goes for St. Louis. The same goes for Orlando. The same goes for... well, you get the picture. Is corruption, crime, misery, decay, and failure the ultimate fate of any city that comes from transitioning from majority white to majority Black population? Yes. The League of Shadows' failure in bringing Gotham City to its knees - with or without a Batman to protect it - was in not introducing Black people into the metropolis to facilitate immediate white abandonment. Once this occurs, the fate of the city is sealed. To understand where Philadelphia is headed, look no further than Detroit.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. Actually that paragraph was from the previous article. But it is hiding in the URL of the candy crack pipe link in this article.

Anonymous said...

So you're going to be "exporting hope to Detroit"? How? Are you going to export hope to the Blacks by telling them it'll be better if they're slaves of Whites?
I know that sounds a bit extreme, but I'm not sure what your idea of a solution to the racial problems we have is. What's the alternative when "freedom failed"?

So CAL Snowman said...

Q: What's the difference between Batman and a Black man?

A: Batman can go out at night without Robin....

Nice quote from T.S. How appropriate that you chose "The Wasteland," as Detroit presents itself as the model candidate to stand in for the Epic Poem's namesake. "The Wasteland" is such a chilling reminder of the destruction and desecration of Western Civilization and it was published in 1922! April truly is the cruelest month here in Black Run America, as the new life and hope of Spring contrasts darkly with the daily reminders of the grim death and slow decay of a once great Civilization.......

Anonymous said...

"To understand where Philadelphia is headed, look no further than Detroit."

To understand where this entire nation is headed, look no further than Detroit, or perhaps Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

offtopic but you might enjoy...

this sh## is from the CHARLESTON CITY PAPER:


Andrew Breitbart: Remembering a traitor who used lies and trickery to deceive his fellow Americans
Breitbart never apologized for destroying Shirley Sherrod's reputation
Posted by Chris Haire on Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 11:27 AM

When Ted Kennedy died, Andrew Breitbart had more than a few choice words for the last of the Kennedy brothers, calling the long-serving Massachusetts senator a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard,” and a “prick.”

In light of this, there is no reason to hold back when it comes to Breitbart, who passed away today, unexpectedly at the age of 43.

Andrew Breitbart was a traitor who knowingly and willingly used lies and trickery to deceive his fellow Americans. His deceptive actions ended the career of Shirley Sherrod, a U.S. Department of Agriculture employee, after one of his websites aired a heavily edited video of Ms. Sherrod. Breitbart knowingly edited the video to paint Sherrod as a racist, and it was all part of Andrew's never-ending war against the Obama administration.

Prior to that Breitbart aired videos by James O'Keefe, featuring completely fabricated content. The videos seemingly showed O'Keefe, dressed as pimp with a "ho" in tow, entering the offices of ACORN on several occasions and interviewing ACORN employees; according to Wikipedia, O'Keefe asked ACORN employees "how to avoid taxes and detection by the authorities with regard to their plans to engage in tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution." The staff answered him as best as they could.

These videos ultimately led to the end of ACORN, a major organizer of voter registration drives in poor, often African-American communities. But there was only one problem: O'Keefe never entered a single ACORN office dressed as a pimp; he wore a suit. The pimp scenes were shot well after the interviews had taken place. Later a judge determined the interviews had been substantially edited to misrepresent what had occurred.

Breitbart never apologized for airing these videos, ending ACORN, destroying the career of Shirley Sherrod, and, most importantly, deceiving the American public. Please forgive me if I don't mourn his passing..................


Anonymous said...

So when the FEDs get involved the whole of America will be paying for them to be there, wow. Why not just make it a state issue with their resources to drain on the hellhole?

Anonymous said...

Detroit is to a city what Haiti is to a country. Now what's the common denominator? Hmmmmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

MrGJG if the 13 year old child's mother gives the child champagne and qualuudes then Whoopi regards it as consensual.

Anonymous said...

But there was only one problem: O'Keefe never entered a single ACORN office dressed as a pimp; he wore a suit. The pimp scenes were shot well after the interviews had taken place.

Oscar winner Michael Moore taught him well!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I hope everyone ejoyed an extended Black History Month(formerly known as February) due to the leap year.
How did it ever get to the point that our taxpayer-funded society designated an entire effing month for fictional and imaginary "historical" contributions?

On a personal level, one good thing that happened for me as a result of BHM (formerly known as February)was personal enlightenment. When I found out that my sons were being brainwashed with bogus history in (public) school during BHM (formerly known as February), I put them into private school.

Hands down, it's the best parental decision I've ever made.

Here are just a few of the historical jewels my sons were "learning" in public school during BHM (formerly known as February):
1)ancient Africa boasted the mightiest, richest kingdoms in mankind's history, 2)slaves invented the cotton gin, 3)a black man invented the first clock in America, and I could go on, ad nauseam.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

There's the candy crack pipe story.

Anonymous said...

I recently moved to Baltimore from the VA suburbs of DC (you know, where white people thrive with outstanding public schools), and I can attest that this city is garbage. I even live in an area regarded as "ok" and it is still trashy/ghetto.

I swear, the biggest DWL are the people who don't live anywhere near black people. Once you live in a city that is majority black, you start to realize that they are a different species.

Anonymous said...

We often complain that we do nothing on this site but, well, complain. However, I think there is some evidence that the public mind is changing. Check out the title on this article in the UK's Daily Mail: Welcome to Britain, where all people are protected from prejudice, unless they are white"

And read the article.

The UK is not the US but there's a lot of commonality there and you never would have seen an article like this just a couple of years ago. There are many millions of us out there who are sick of the anti-white scheming and the lies.

Change doesn't happen instantaneously but change does come and the course of events can be pressured into directions the liberal elite doesn't like. The majority of the media spend most of their efforts trying to convince you that's not true and that you're helpless and have no voice. Not true.

Anonymous said...

Check this on the lame U.S. attorney quoted in the article.

Anonymous said...

The city recorded 344 homicides in 2011, up from 308 in 2010. As of Sunday, Detroit has had 49 homicides this year, compared with 39 during the same period last year.
However, overall violent crime was down 8% last year, with 7,300 fewer incidents.

So, when black thugs do community service by cleansing the community of other black thugs at an increasing rate, overall crime goes down?

Why would anyone complain 'bout de homies be kepp'n it real up 'en hee-ah?

Sounds like the Feds should just step away and let nature take its course for the better of White Humanity.

Under all circumstances, fewer blacks is better for us.

Anonymous said...

Dixie Rebels laugh our butts off when we see news about the miseries that yankees brought on themselves by not sending our Africans back home to happy Africa upon Lincoln's Emancipation and the 13th Amendment.

The 14th and 15th Amendments brought the Diversity Curse to the North, and now the White girls of Michigan can't get enough Diversity embrace and mongrel babies.

Those dead yankee soldiers who were shot down by my rebel ancestors should have stayed home and built up the North for Whites Only in the most permanent way.

Social Justice for Dixie is blacks destroying what Whites created in Michigan.

Some yankees could see the problem clearly, like Lincoln before Emancipation, and Van Evrie, etc.

"But the second branch of the argument, namely, the danger of the system, is still more worthy of attention. Although I believe that the great body of our southern slaves are perhaps the happiest and most contented laborers in the world, yet there are always some likely to be among them of a very different temper, prone to feelings of resentment, and disposed to regard their masters as oppressors, whom it would be no sin, but a virtue, to destroy. Instances have occurred, in all ages, of the terrible result of passion and revenge on the part of slaves. The histories of ancient Greece and Rome are full of them. In modern times, we cannot fail to think of St. Domingo; and in the Southern States themselves, there have been not a few lamentable outbreaks, which carried horror and misery in their train. Hence the insecurity, the constant sense of peril, which must attend the possession of slaves, even under the best of circumstances. Doubtless, habit may go far to reconcile their owners to the danger, and even to make them altogether insensible to their risk. But I have met with cases, in my small acquaintance, where it was a source of continual apprehensiveness; and this alone would be a serious objection to the system, if there were no other."

-Bishop John Henry Hopkins of Vermont, The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties (1857)

Now, Vermont Whites have gone all weepy over the overrepresentation of blacks in jail. Racism must be the cause, and not the nature of afrovoodoos in our midst!

God, sometimes it's obvious that we've sunk ourselves so low that not even you will pull us back up.

Diversity is a Vile Hate Crime against God's Kingdom Plan of White Privilege and White Humanity's Purity and Pride.

PK Alert Team said...


You need to get down to Selma and cover Sunday's march there.

Sharpton and Atlanta's ebonics icon and living ebonicizing legend "Hon." John Lewis were on MSNBC talking about "marching for our rights and the rights of our children" tonight.

The race hustlers are outraged that White Alabama would dare make it less easy for blacks and mexicans to commit voter fraud further dispossess Whitey of government by his own Race.

Lewis was using the tried and true voodoo mind trick by saying "we are all one family".

White evangelicals just can't get enough of being told they are members in good standing with the monkey tribe. The actually believe it!

Do Jews teach their white children to believe that they sprung from the same boot lipped black monkey as did John Lewis?

Equality didn't mean raising blacks up to the level of Whites, but it did mean Whites believing that we are nothing but White monkeys.

That's why we've fallen so far- monkeys have an excuse for failure, and now, so do we.

White Humanity is the greatest gift to this planet in the history of God, and we just can't handle the responsibility that comes with being God's greatest creation, so we equalize ourselves down to the level of his worst creation.

Misery, come faster!

W74 said...

Nice, 49 murders in 60 days. That means that Detroit averages one murder every 27 hours.

That of course would assume that murders occur at an even rate. The only problem is that they don't. Murder rates are quite seasonal. A flat rate would mean that Detroit should experience 297 or 298 murders in 2012. (60 days have passed so far times 5, plus 2 or 3 for the remaining days of the year).

It won't though. Murder rates are LOW in January and February and spike in May and June, then trend downward toward their lowpoints in November.

Why? Heat. When it's winter they're shacked up in their taxpayer paid for homes sucking up taxpayer paid for heat at 85 degrees. They don't like the cold, but it keeps them indoors and (though obviously not entirely) helps keep them off the streets just a little more than usual. If Tyrone is at his house and his arch-enemy Ja'kwon is at his, the opportunity for violence (random or targeted) is less.

When the summer months roast the cities (urban heat island is their next excuse, watch, it's coming) the shirts come off and hundreds of thousands of aggressive bucks with a ton of pent up energy (you know, from not working all day and from sleeping 'til noon) can't sleep and come out at night to play. As always with spooks, violence is only one wrong word or one wrong look away.

Big Daddy said...

White liberals and do-gooders move into Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward where they can be surrounded by the most feral afrovoodoos found outside of Bantu-Zulu-Mau-Mau-ANC-Dahomey-Africa.

Now, they are all disturbed about the shooting murder of a local convenience store owner.

(Atlanta TV news is just a constant stream of negro violence and mayhem stories. How haven't their advertisers, along with the NAACP, SPLC, and the "King Children" come to visit and explain that such insensitive news reporting is "reflecting poorly upon the enriching and valuable community of color that makes the ATL so vibrant, safe, and diverse"? Why no boycotts of advertisers? Because all of ATL's race baiting hustlers are so rich already from Affirmative Action and Diversity Mandates of Institutional Equality and Inclusion, they don't need to shake down de man no mo. They are all getting rich off of the Coke Cola endowment at Emory where they hold "distinguished" chairs of Diaspora Studies and Diversity.)

Whitey said on TV that living in the Old Fourth Ward has become "worrisome and concerning".

Duh. Whites always learn "continual apprehensiveness" when they move near blacks.

Why aren't Whites automatically programmed to get away from blacks as soon as possible?

Because our IQs are so high we actually believe Equality with negroes, and we believe that negroes won't really come into our neighborhood and homes and start shooting, because that's not something we would do.

We just don't believe it's possible that when negroes see abide by the law, they won't imitate us by doing the same.

White Humanity has disgraced itself before Nature and Nature's God. We deserve it as bad as the Diversity Curse can give it.

Knoxville Horror was a good start.

Anthony Jacob was Right! said...

W74 said- As always with spooks, violence is only one wrong word or one wrong look away.

We need more of that kind of warning to penetrate the mush minds of our White Youth.

Blacks are dangerous. They shoot each other over the kind of thing you would have forgotten about in five minutes. What is nothing to you, they are willing to go to jail for life over!

How can you ever begin to explain them?

Are you beginning to understand the difference between the way White Humanity thinks and how negro blackness acts?

Rules for White Humanity in the Last Days of Whiteness:

1. Minimize contact with negroes the most extreme minimum necessary.

Get away from them as soon as possible. Be polite, but not nice. As long as you are the subject of their attention, you life is in danger. When you are in the presence of negroes, you are under indictment for your racist White Privilege, and they will beat it out of you through robbery, rape, and murder, and then they'll be given Human Rights awards for "doing the right thing" and being "an agent of transformational social change".

2. Never ever give money to a school, church, community foundation, or any other institution that isn't explicitly hard right pro White.

All institutions are being given away to Diversity, and your money will fund your own erasure if you give it.


3. Secede from modern, postmodern, and contemporary American culture.

Abjure the Regime.

Boycott to the extent possible any businesses that hire negroes, serve negroes, or use negroes in their advertisements. Never attend a church that "welcomes Diversity," because the Diversity will rape your White daughter in the parking lot one night after "we are all one" fellowship.

4. Vote for Obama 2012.

The best thing that can happen in these last days of White Humanity is that more of us suffer and join ranks with the rest of suffering Whiteness. Romney will only slow motion the inevitable dispossession, but Obama will speed it up. Let's get on with it and let the heat get hotter! White suffering is good for White Unity. Obama is the One we've been waiting for.

5. Invest in hate.

Until you fully hate that which hates you, you won't fully love that which loves you. We are the Christ-bearing race that brightens all with love, mercy, and charity. We must keep hot the flames of hatred against anything that would threaten our Christ's love. Never fear hating negroes.

(The deep-voiced, dignified, and so serious negro black voodoo preacher is on TV right now complaining about Brookhaven's wanting to become its own city (White city), just like Sandy Springs (sued of being "too White). The tax sucking parasite negroes don't want services privatized or tax money to be taken away from DeKalb County. Negroes use government jobs as a means to Equality, and if Whites have more say over the expenditure over our tax dollars, the negroes lose some "hard-won" Equality. I've seen articles complaining of government budget cuts as an assault on Civil Rights because good government jobs are how negroes got their share of Equality. And now, the ebonics mayor of negro East Point is on TV being charged at by a huge negro beast who is wrestled by a bald headed negro cop. A worthless female negro cop is seen waddling down the aisle to do her duty by gett'n dar jess as fass as 'ah cans.)

Alexandra said...

Just think...I live in Wayne County, Ohio, which used to be part of Wayne County, Michigan. I've lived in Detroit, and in the northern suburbs, in Oakland County.

The two Wayne Counties are so different it isn't funny. Over here we have the Amish.

My dad always told me that the east side of Detroit was the worst part.

Alexandra said...

My dad always told me that the east side of Detroit was the worst part.

I live in Wayne County, Ohio. It used to be part of Wayne County, Michigan (it was one huge county way back when). Over here we have the Amish.

Anonymous said...

At least in the U.S it is only some cities that's going down the "Black hole". Try living in South Africa there the hole country has been going down it since 1994.

Anonymous said...

I too lived in Wayne County, Michigan. Romulus to be exact, in a neighborhood south of the airport. The front of the neighborhood had an apartment complex, where many blacks came to escape the city and reside in a relatively peaceful suburb.

You can take them out of Detroit, but you can't take the Detroit out of them.

My father's car was stolen. Another one was broken into. All acts committed by blacks. I was aped by 5 blacks just for defending a girl who they were insulting. Other white friends had similar incidents.
As more blacks moved into the houses behind the apartments, drug raids, crime, and police patrols grew. We put the house up for sale,and quickly left. Many other whites followed suit.

The only thing keeping that city alive anymore is the airport.
-Tim from Michigan

MrGJG said...

"At least in the U.S it is only some cities that's going down the "Black hole". Try living in South Africa there the hole country has been going down it since 1994".

Yet not a peep from the MSM.
I'm amazed at the dearth of people who are aware of what is happening down there.
People actually think since the end of apartheid, everything is hunky dory.
This is typical of the left, they never revisit the wake of destruction their policies cause.

They never consider cause and effect when implementing one of their feel good programs/policies.
The reality is, most of their idea's end up hurting the very people they profess to care about.

They still consider people like Rachel Carson heroic (as do I but for different reasons) despite the overwhelming evidence that she was wrong.

Mr. Rational said...

If you think Wayne Co. MI is anywhere near Wayne Co. OH, you have never been to either one of them.  There's another entire county (Monroe) south of Wayne Co. MI before you get to Toledo, which is in Lucas county.  Wayne Co. OH is closer to Pennsylvania than Michigan.

The problem with an invasion of Detroit is that the options for dealing with its denizens are all bad.  Even if they all left, you would just have some other place going to hell like Houston and Baton Rouge.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful article PK!! Each new one is a revelation.

YT said...

So what's so awful about the animals offing each other?

G*d damn big BRA government.

Survivor said...

What's so awful about them offing each other?

They're bad shots and might hit some of the rest of us.

Big Bear said...

W74, I have family in Windsor. It is a whole different world over there. They don't go into Detroit much. I have a cousin who works in one of Detroit's hospitals (I think a Catholic one) and she crosses the border daily (knows all the border guards by name). Other than work, she doesn't interact in Detroit.

No reason to blow the bridge/tunnel. In the event of unrest, a few APCs and machine-gun nests will keep the Mahogany Mobs this side of the border. You now need a passport to cross into Canada, something nearly none of Black Detroit has, or wants.

Anonymous said...

Big Bear-I've gone to Windsor, seen some of the most beautiful caucasian women there. It made me want to move.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:12 PM, Mar 3: "Most beautiful" and "Caucasian" is redundant.

Anonymous said...

Where could black people live?
I am genuinely asking the question.
Is it that in too great of numbers they destroy their communities?
Can the occasional black family fit in here and there?
Would they be forced to integrate into their surroundings if there was only one black family per neighborhood?
Truly, what is the answer?

Discard said...

Anon at 1:05 AM, Mar 5: I do not believe that there is any place for Blacks or Mulattos in this country, not even the "good" ones. We have been promised for fifty years that they will get with the program, become productive citizens, etc. We were promised that affirmative action would never become discrimination against Whites. We were assured that the Immigration Act of 1965 would not cause any change in the basic racial demographics of the U.S. Any compromise with the principle of mass deportation will inevitably become a loophole large enough to drown us. The multi-cult has made its intentions known, and we'd be fools to negotiate with them in good faith.
I would not be unnecessarily cruel about this. We ought, in this African-American colony we would establish, ensure that the "good" ones held all the power, at least to begin with. No doubt many of them would be willing take measures to control the "bad" ones that would make a Southern plantation owner's head spin. So let it be their problem to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Where could black people live?

Anywhere I'm not!