Friday, March 30, 2012

A Preview of Summer 2012

Courtesy of an e-mail from Jim Goad (update: linked at OD yesterday), may we all begin to understand what the summer of 2012 has in store for the nation. Any information on this video is requested, but a quick synopsis: a white guy is attacked by a Black gang (of both male and females) and quickly stripped of his clothing.

Enjoy. A taste of things to come.


Anonymous said...

Put the phrase "South Carolina girl's soccer assault" in your search engine and check the video results.

Anonymous said...

Add to that, Sharpton is calling for escalated 'disobedience' if Zimmerman is not arrested. This is getting crazy!!

Bogolyubski said...

No doubt just a little taste of what's coming - courtesy of BRA and the evil Ministry of Truth, who is still busy spinning the tale of St. Trayvon the Holy Martyr to generate maximum hatred towards whitey. (Note how George Zimmerman has been repudiated as by all the official Hispanic groups.) The New Duranty Times and its fellow travelers have concocted a new term: "white-hispanic" to describe the mestizo who sent St. Trayvon to his eternal reward. There was a scene featured in last summer's black riots over the UK-okrug of the EUSSR where some hapless white was forced to hand over his clothes to a hulking black savage. Being left naked on the street will be the least of what whitey has to be concerned about here in the Banksta Banana Republick.

The Ministry of Truth and those it serves want to neutralize and dismantle all 'stand-your-ground' and 'castle-doctrine' laws and ultimately the second amendment in order to unleash D'Won Mocha Messiah's homeland security apparat - which has been constructed and funded with the full connivance of "conservative" "tea-party" Repuke politicians. The blank enemies wanting our erasure carry their flag more-or-less openly. It's the DWLs and the oligarchs they serve who are ultimately the far more lethal foe.

Sebastian said...

Where did that hate crime took place?

And why in the name of God was that white idiot strolling around a negro area at night, all alone and without a firearm or two?

We all know the black feral beast lurks close to the surface of the psyche of even the best domesticated negro. Even the most minute external input can override its reason, resulting in an atavistic manifestation of savage rage combined with coveting, grasping attitudes towards the private property of others.

Why tempt fate in such a blatant manner, like that pale pedestrian did?

Italian guy said...

I wonder what the hell does that guy have in his mind? walking around all those blacks without paying attention to his surroundings... seriously, i can understand being "tolerant" (synonym of being retarded), but at least he could have read the situation damn it. I wonder when europeans will fight back for good.

Anonymous said...

Drudge should put this one up - front and center.

Anonymous said...

AGREE 1000000% Get this on Drudge Sunday Eve/ Monday Morning

Bogolyubski said...

Italian Guy:
I wonder what the hell does that guy have in his mind? walking around all those blacks without paying attention to his surroundings... seriously, i can understand being "tolerant" (synonym of being retarded), but at least he could have read the situation damn it. I wonder when europeans will fight back for good.

What does he have in mind? It's not so hard. The doctrines of equalitarianism and "anti-racism" have been taught in the publick edumacation system throughout the USA for decades. They have been preached as gospel (actually superseding the original gospel) from the majority of churches filled with whites for decades. All media and popular entertainment have been spewing the same doctrines for decades. Simply put, the victim's mind has been stuffed chock-full of lies since childhood. He cannot perceive reality even when his gut tells him to run. What's even worse is that this indoctrination is so thorough, pervasive and complete that many in its grip cannot reject it even when they themselves or a family member fall victim to the undertow of black violence. Like Amy Biehl's parents, they'll blame the savagery on poverty, lack of opportunity, or socialism (a favorite of "conservatives") and (of course) the long history of "white racism". They'll believe the evil is caused by anything that will allow them to continue to deny the ugly reality of black hatred and violence directed at whites.

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way: by their actions in this videos, the animals have created one more White Man Who Can See. He will be intensely affected by the actions of the animals and will pass on this Truth to all the other white people he knows.

The animals have helped to cure one more person of their DWL disease, and helped to also cure the now-ex-DWL's network of friends, family and colleagues.

The more this shitty animal behaviour happens, the more their idiotic animal brethren film it. The more they film it, the more it gets out on the internet. The more in gets out on the internet, the more people get to see it. The more see it, the more know the Truth.

We may even have huge chunks of society skipping over Truth and going staight to Burning Hate. I am just about there myself right now.

formerly no name said...

Drudge seems pissed. He's doubled down on the "offensive" stuff since mediamatters called him nasty names.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the video looked drunk to me, judging by his movements. He is lucky he escaped with his life- I hope he did, as there is no story to this video.

The actions displayed by the blacks in the video are true characteristics: thieving, opportunistic parasites, who really serve no purpose in civilized society.

At the very least, the poor guy in the video is fully awake now, if he has a shred of intelligence.

xthred said...


Caiden said...

Hard to tell what type of white he is. He could be a liberal willingly leaving among animals thinking it would be racist to be afraid.

Or he could be young and working class, not able to have a good job because the company is heavily taxed to pay for black welfare and housing, and perhaps hoped he could stroll by and not be harmed, figuring looking at them would be a sign of aggression and he'd be charged by chimps.

This is why the Zimmerman case is so god damned important. Zimmerman is being called white, so black being to stupid to read will not know any details on what's really happening and will randomly attack and defenseless white.

And if this guy DID have a gun and defended himself, he'd be the next ZImmerman. He'd be in hiding, with the media making it seem he walked up to children relaxing enjoying a spring evening outside when they were shot by an over eager white person, facts be damned. Then celebrities would be on twitter randomly posting addresses claiming it's yours so innocent elderly people have to go into hotels because BP thugs come to your house. And Eric Holder ignores all of it because 'my people don't do that'.

And it was depressing as hell to check out another website and see the people there claiming Zimmerman was one of those who shall not be named, and washing their hands of him, not realizing whites will STILL be attacked by blacks, and the media WILL NOT say 'opps we made a mistake'.

Anonymous said...

Has the video been removed? I see nothing but four inches of blank space where it ought be.

Darayvus said...

I saw this on youtube last week. Youtube yanked it within minutes of the link being posted at the site I comment at. I tried to raise awareness about it at OneSTDV; but since I didn't have the stinkin' link anymore I can understand if I wasn't believed at the time.

eh said...

Add to that, Sharpton is calling for escalated 'disobedience' if Zimmerman is not arrested.

Anonymous said...

this video is facing censorship.

it was posted, but then immediately deleted from youtube.

this fine SBPDL blog links to it on -- but it has been censored there, too.

this video cannot be accessed on liveleak without the direct link, and will not show up in any index -- meanwhile, liveleak does not censor other videos: showing people being burned alive, electrocuted, bleeding from gunshot wounds, etc.

the video is from, which is not safe for work -- a lot of porn advertisements. has a lot of videos showcasing typical trayvonish behavior, however.

i have found that even the crudest and most perverted sites have substantial followings of people who can see.

and while the commenters on those sites are often vulgar and immature, their insight into the horrid soul of the negro is gleaned from the abundance of violent black-attacking-white videos that abound on the internets.

blacks are their own worst enemies.

these videos are not uploaded by the KKK in an attempt to make blacks look bad -- instead, they are proudly posted by blacks for all to see.

there should be some site that collects, collates, indexes and showcases these blacks-attacking-whites videos by themselves, without the other gore/sex/porn videos that make a site unpalatable for viewers.

these are the typical genres of internet videos --

1. white people: cats and kittens, kids doing jackass stunts, pranks and funny events.

2. asian people: cats and kittens, weird things that only happen in japan, anime.

3. blacks: fights, CCTV robbery footage, gang attacks on lone whites, homemade rap videos, fights in restaurants, fights on mass transit, fights in school, etc.

additional comment -- this SBPDL blog is excellent. great articles that are more insightful than inciteful, and interesting, informed comments from readers that keep me coming back again and again.

Anonymous said...

I still see friends of mine that are shocked by black criminality. I ask, "Why are you shocked?"

Then I say, "The most significant cultural achievement of black americans in my lifetime is a style of music based on stealing songs from white people so what do you expect?"

Benson said...

This made me want to throw up.

How did a light skinned person (I can't tell if they are White/Asian or Hispanic) end up in that harrowing situation?


Benson said...


Matt is a hero for showing so much of the stuff that the LSM will NOT show!


I've written him many times with news links and he reported them on his page. Don't hesitate to email him newsworthy items like this.


Jay in DC said...

I'm not even a little surprised about this, this shit happens ALL THE TIME, especially where I live. And definitely in Baltimore which is "close enough" to me. The two most common causes have already been mentioned. 1) Bars and clubs are often to bad neighborhoods so drunken idiots lose their sense of good judgement and end up naked in the street. 2) DWL's really beleive in their cause and only until they get nice and intimate with TNB do they understand just how wrong they were. DC has been recently re-gentrified by DWLs en masse and it -really- pisses the ghetto thugs off because they are rubbing elbows with white beta male liberals and attractive white women. Acting out in this manner is commonplace. I have witnessed behavior like this first hand as well as reports of it.

Truth be told though, I do not carry anymore in public spaces for precisely the reason of what happened in the Zimmerman case. I would unload with great prejudice on every single person in that crowd and that would be A Bad Thing(tm) for me personally. If I'm out amongst the natives I carry other non-lethal gear that will still end most situations in very short order.

10mm AUTO said...

Well, this summer is going to be very interesting.

Notice that according to this monkey, there is no law.

Be careful my Fellow Whites, it get really bumpy from here.

By the way, George Zimmerman, if you need a bodyguard, give me a call.

Anonymous said...

I own a liquor that is frequented by 'the people' all day. I have had arguements everyday about Trayvon(they held a mini-march in town) with customers. I asked each of 'these people' what race GZ was...Every answer was the same...White. "have you seen his photo?" "yeah" "and" "that don't mean shit!" -is the resounding answer. side note - I have not been robbed yet, but guess who we have caught shoplifting 10 of 10 times....yeah.

Miss Carnivorous said...

It doesn't happen to only whites. Once my boyfriend and I were driving past a high school in Berkeley and one of the black players (their team? Opposing team?) had been stripped of his uniform and helmet, which his attackers, a mob of black males and females threw in the street in front of oncoming traffic as the naked player, storming stark naked down the middle of the street, looking like a gladiator, screamed and roared in rage, the attackers laughed and hooted in excited joy.

Concerned Citizen said...

Wow, just wow... What is even the point of this behavior? I don't know what would possess grown men and women to strip a stranger naked for no reason. Says a lot about the pathology of the negro.

This video is proof that it's not safe for whites to walk alone at night.

Anonymous said...

Reality is more repugnant than Huxley, Orwell or even the Hunger Games could ever depict. In fact, I would rather be reaped for the Hunger Games than the Negro Games any day of the week.

My wife and I are so sad this week, we are dumping our dream house because of the black undertow in our neighborhood and moving to Northern Michigan. We are happy we are moving to a self sufficient, beautiful, lilly white community that has about 5 negroes. 5 too many IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Lexington, MA "Birthplace of American Liberty" (the town is now FULL of DWLs) and used to get in fights all the time with some blacks who were bussed in from Boston because I stood up to them and refused to take their shit. In sixth grade, a black kid flipped me off for no reason, so I flipped him back. Later that day, one kid held my arms while the black slapped me around. I told him, put me down and I'll go one on one with you, no problem. A group of other white kids who hadn't been indoctrinated yet intervened and then later in the day I fucked the kid up. In the principal's office, the old guy was proud of me. Two years later I got into a fight with another kid over some bullshit and called him a ni66er, I got suspended and branded a racist, even though he called me "White Boy". I didn't give a fuck, I fought them anywhere anytime and they stopped bothering me because they knew I was "crazy enough" to kill one of them if I was pushed too far. Was I "crazy" or just standing up for myself????
I believe in Chris Rock's definition of a ni66er, and they are different than those who do behave within the rules of society. But if I have a shred of doubt, I steer clear.
I have lived in DC and Atlanta. My god, it's insane how bad it is down there. New England is lucky, but lately it's been getting crazy in Boston, and a quadruple murderer recently got aquitted despite the evidence against him. Black on Black crime, and naturally the people are upset, but they would be going even crazier if the guy who got aquitted was white.

Anonymous said...

FYI, The domain "" is still available. Perfect name for a site that compiles black on white hate crimes. It shouldn't be too hard for someone here to create that site and avoid any extremism or anything that will automatically turn off the average white person so they can see for themselves the savagery of people in those communities that exist on taxpayer money.

Kenn said...

There's nothing like a stroll through the 'hood to deprogram one from sensitivity 'training.'

Caiden said...

Miss Carnivorous,

Blacks will attack anyone, other races or other blacks, straights or gays, men, women, children or the elderly, it does not matter.

it's funny because when liberals defend black aggression and try to justify it they are trying to justify blacks raping women, attacking gays, attacking hispanics, etc, which is all a hate crime when whites do it. But blacks being blacks are not held to the same standards as humans I suppose, so it's ignored.

Benson said...

Anonymous said on March 30, 2012 7:27 PM
FYI, The domain "" is still available. Perfect name for a site that compiles black on white hate crimes. It shouldn't be too hard for someone here to create that site and avoid any extremism or anything that will automatically turn off the average white person so they can see for themselves the savagery of people in those communities that exist on taxpayer money.
The douchenozzles at the DOJ would slam that domain down faster than you can say, "The Southern Poverty Law Center".

THAT being said, if TSPLC thought it was a legit 'negro grievance website', THAT of course would be a whole different beast. *cough-cough*

Owning a DOT-COM addy is VERY risky for ANYONE who wants to speak their mind. You have to give your real name, address and credit card etc. and even if you have your WHOIS info masked, that still can't guarantee you anonymity of the DOJ decides to make your turn your head and cough.

Better to be paranoid than your head paraded on a stick for the angry masses to defile.

Benson said...

Kenn said...

There's nothing like a stroll through the 'hood to deprogram one from sensitivity 'training.'

I think that's why the MSM downplays the black violence, because, if we saw reality on the news daily, I think whites would be way more on guard.

P.S. I'm sorry for all of my typos on my last post. I was trying to type faster than my brain could correct.

Anonymous said...

The video is a hoax. The KKK gave the negroids each a 40oz to act all negroidity diverse up 'en heeah. It's a recruiting video.

Anonymous said...

Please,everyone,stop insinuating that negroes are like animals. I like animals; some even show dignity and affection, and are quite attractive.

Darayvus said...

Hey, you grew up in Lexington too? So did I! I friended a couple of people I remembered from there, but they had gone so far DWL I had to drop them like plutonium.

And, yes, they bussed in some Boston people. Always wondered why they were black and not Irish or Italian. Also always wondered how come they got held back grades, acted out, didn't do well in the classes and so on and forth . . .

WalkingAbout said...

AnonymousMarch 30, 2012 3:20 PM:
"Think of it this way: by their actions in this videos, the animals have created one more White Man Who Can See."

Well, that white guy was definitely blind before this incident. Nature had gone out its way to give him all the warning signs right out in plain sight, and he didn't sense any danger. Even fish don't have offspring this stupid.
March 30, 2012 9:24 PM

Anonymous said...

I've stopped going to night clubs and almost never drink anymore too because of blacks. I avoid whereever possible any place where blacks gather in numbers. That way, if they try to harm me and I'm armed with a gun, there's no way I will be the next Zimmerman. When the media and the blacks raise a stink about one of their thugs getting killed attacking a man's family at home, they will make converts of many more whites. In otherwords, their playing the victim card will be effectively handing whites a victory.

Anonymous said...

I read a comment from an expatriated S. African cop about how easy it was to quell an angry black mob. This was while apartheid was in place, and S. Africa was developing a space program, and not the murder, rape and AIDS capital of the world it is today. He said (and I'm paraphrasing), "All you have to do is put 3 or 4 down with a shotgun, and the rest will scurry back to their various holes and perches. They are notorious cowards." I see nothing but cowards in this video. And yes, 3 or 4 of them deserved to be put down with .00 buckshot. Instead, they get paid to do little more than breed with impunity.

Panther Trainer said...

Jim Goad tells it like it is.SBPDL is fortunate indeed to have a talent like that contributing in any capacity! Outstanding!

SwampThizzle said...

My buddy and I were discussing the Sarasota verdict where the 16-year-old ghetto thug who murdered two British tourists was not charged with capital murder or a hate crime (my Drudge Report-reading buddy was the one who brought it up), and he asked me how these animals can call themselves human and display such endless depravity. My answer was simply that they ARE NOT HUMAN. Biological fact. Anthropologically they are quite distinct. It's glaringly obvious. Not even the worst bona fide humans behave in such a way. But it gets scarier: these things live among us and they have more rights than us.

George Romero said...

Disgusting , that vid MUST be shown for all to see , we need Drudge to show this vid all week next week and get some real evidence of what blacks do to my white people , not just in the USA but all around Europe as well.Enoch Powell was right!!!.Thanks SBPDL your site is the best, and leading the information charge of the truth , our best days are still ahead.

map said...

This is for 10mm auto:

I read that Glocks have interchangeable barrels. Is that anything useful?

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience that whites who suffer the delusion that blacks are white equals have limited exposure to blacks. The blacks they know where either from the black elite at university or other black elites in their careers. This deluded class lives in defacto segregated communities and their children attend defacto segregated schools. Add this to the very favourable portrayal of blacks in the MSM and you have an entrenched delusion. But as the internet reveals the reality of black stupidity and criminality fewer people suffer under that delusion of racial equality.

Anonymous said...

"We don't hate you because you're white, we hate you because you're yellow." This fool will excuse this attack as an isolated incident, or convince himself that they were drunk.

Van said...

map: "I read that Glocks have interchangeable barrels. Is that anything useful?"

You can put a 9mm barrel into a .40 cal Glock. The 9mm ammo is cheaper, so this can reduce your costs for target practice. You'd want to always shoot a mag or two with your larger caliber, though, so you're accustomed to how the gun fires (the .40 will kick a little more than the 9mm).

As for the other application, be careful on that. If you were to use your gun in a legitimate self-defense situation, then change out the barrel in an attempt to make the bullet untraceable to your weapon, you could put a dent in your self-defense claim.

The best approach is to avoid areas where conflict is likely, especially avoid areas where you won't have any witnesses who would support you (i.e. witnesses who would lie to support the "victim")If an incident does occur, call 911 or request for others to call 911 ASAP - before the incident, if possible; cooperate with police entirely; and don't do anything - like fleeing the scene and changing out a barrel - that could call your story and integrity into question.

Remember, these days there's a fair chance that you're on camera in any public place. You likely aren't a career criminal who is experienced in lying to and evading police. You probably have a house, a good job, and a family, and can't simply flee. Don't insert yourself into a situation of which you aren't certain - you don't know why the fight started, if the guy point the gun is a plainclothes police officer, etc. Don't be a hero. Protect your family, including your families economic well-being (your ability to earn, and not spending your savings on legal fees).

In other words, you have a lot to lose and a life that anchors you to a certain area. Don't do anything illegal or questionable.

**The above represents the opinion of an anonymous person, and should not be taken as legal advice in any form. Contact an attorney and familiarize yourself with the relevant laws in your state and local jurisdiction.

HW said...

CofCC linked to the video. I couldn't find any info of where it was shot. I believe it was uploaded to LiveLeak a few days ago though.

Semi-employed White Guy said...

Does the President think any of these "youths" would look like his son?

10mm AUTO said...

"map said...

This is for 10mm auto:

I read that Glocks have interchangeable barrels. Is that anything useful?

March 31, 2012 2:37 AM"

Absolutely! Make sure you are copacetic with the idea of walking away and you incident has happened outside of security cameras. ALWAYS Load the weapon with fresh ammo with gloves or a loader without touching the cartridges (as the acid in the skin can etch micro fingerprints onto the cartridges) and there you go. After any incident, discard the entire upper, as bolt face markings extractor markings, ejector markings are all identifiable. If you have a car with identifiable stickers all over it, broken taillight, get rid of them. Look like one more fish in the sea.

The most important thing is to say nothing, never ever. 99% of convictions are confessions or some guy who tells his girlfriend about something he did and she tells her best friend, etc. Frankly, I would just toss the gun. In Registration States, make sure you buy the weapon in a different caliber than you normally use (i.e. registered as a Glock 21 but will take an upper for a Glock 20). A good book to read is "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross, a book that is going to be needed by many people over the next 12 months. While some of the book is lurid, it gives a great deal if information.

If questioned, ask to speak to a lawyer at once, never just "chat" with an officer. (See: )

I would also recommend to anyone who might need to defend themselves that they retain a lawyer, costs only a little ($100) to retain him and carry his card. Carry the card in your wallet, it can save your life.

(Grin) Or did I misunderstand your question?

IT'S TIME said...

Trayvon copycat whining/bullying is on:

W74 said...

In the principal's office, the old guy was proud of me....

No kidding, this happened every fight of mine in middle or high school. It was always "I'm glad you beat the kid, but I still have to suspend you" or "You did the right thing sticking up for your brother, but I still have to suspend you."

Unfortunately I never did fight any blacks (my town was ~7% blacks at the time and I went to the slightly better school) but I would've.

I used to tell kids that Manny (more of a White name I think) and Dewon were punk cowards who'd run if you popped 'em. Just gimmie a reason to. They live off of fear and intimidation and have nothing to back it up. All the White-trash bullies who picked on my Aspergers little brother were this way too, they needed one good pop. It's not like any of the above ever made anything out of their lives as far as I know.

Kylie said...

10mm AUTO @7:18,

Great advice, thanks.

Van said...

Obviosly 10mm and I disagree on some things, but let me clarify where we agree: by cooperate, I refer only to your initial encounter with police. If they arrive on scene, holster your weapon and obey their commands. I agree about getting an attorney if you are questioned.

As far as tossing a barrel, it might keep you out of court, but it'll make you seem dishonest to a jury if you do end up in court - your entire account will be met with skepticism. Be aware of your surroundings and who may have seen you. Evidence tampering is somewhat frowned upon.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Milwaukee. I moved to northern Wisconsin when my 1st born was 2 (1986), because of the direction Milwaukee was headed. In the 26 years since, I've worked in Cleveland, Shreveport,Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, East St. Louis, Hartford CT, and other cities.
Anywhere there is "diversity" there are "diverse" problems. Here, I worry about the deer eating my garden. The depth of the snow on the roof. If the birdbath needs filling. I never lock my house, and the keys never leave the ignition of my trucks.
There, I worry about getting shot, robbed, mugged. Making a wrong turn and winding up dead. If my work truck doors are locked. Always, always on edge, aware, and on the defensive. That is no way to work, much less live. My realtives, who have never been exposed to TNB think I'm a racist, gun fanatic. They refuse to learn from my experiences. They don't want to hear of EBT fraud, welfare famblies, black crime or BRA. They seem not to care that their tax dollars go towards lazy, entitled leeches. Some day, they will see.

Lord Drek said...

I literally had to take a few deep breaths and steady my nerves before I watched that video. Even then, I couldn't watch it in its entirety.

And to Anonymous who suggested a site/blog filled with nothing but raw statistics on Black on White crime: We've reached something of a climax in our discourse about Black criminality. By that, I mean that a White person can either See at this point, or they can't/refuse to See. Unfortunately, their wake up call may cost them their lives.

W74 said...

Anon at 9:20 a.m. I've been doing a few odd jobs lately as I'm sick of being taxed. I have a light truck and a strong back. Usually I can make $100 (minus gas) in 4-6 hours and it all goes toward me and my family.

Where do my tax dollars go? To them and their "families", to put roofs over their heads and steak and lobster on their tables. Do they work? Hells no! There are also certain areas I will not do business in.

Fortunately the few jobs I have done I have not encountered any blacks, but if I did I would either leave if it looked like the situation warranted it or (say it were an elderly lady) I would demand payment up front. You can't fight for $100 in court that you didn't get paid, especially if it's undocumented. If they argue I will leave, since that would indicate not having any intention of paying.

With White people they understand, and the money they're paying people like me to do odd jobs on a Saturday has already been taxed six ways to Sunday.

10mm AUTO said...

I want to add to my last post that George Zimmerman cooperated with Police and was honorably released and now is totally screwed. Like Muslims, negros never forget and you and your children will be reading about a slanted version of the Zimmerman case years from now. He will never be hired by any police Dept (Which was his dream), never get a job requiring licensing, never be able to open his own place or even do much in the way of traveling. He is hunted, forever. Whites are defending him verbally but the Hispanics are disavowing him as one of their own. Never have I ever seen a case so racially open and stark, with all the major races going for positions. Mention this case the next time a Liberal says "Race is a social construct."

It reminds me of the case of Lance Thomas, a White watch dealer who repeatedly won gunfights against predatory negroids. His shop was in a local gang 'hood and he posted a "Rolex" sign in the window which attracted them like flies to crap. When his score got to eleven (!) the police dept was literally saying to him, "Look you are in the Right and we know you have to defend yourself against the armed monkeys, but if there is one more shooting, even if you win, we are going to prosecute you which will break you financially." Lance closed his shop and moved to the internet.

See: )

Also, if you take out a NOI "Fruit of Islam" solider or a Black Panther assassin coming for you, BPP will go completely apesh*t (pun intended) and expend EVERYTHING to get you. In such a situation, I might consider that my only option was to take the fight to the enemy in a "Punisher" kind of way, say by driving a Propane truck into the front of an NOI mosque and setting a 2 min fuse. Your odds are poor to nonexistent anyway, you might as well take an honor-guard.

One thing I would never do is allow myself to be captured. As you can see from my posting here, the BPP no longer believes in "White Man's Law" and is openly agitating for Zimmerman to be killed or Kidnapped. (Why is the leader of the BPP not in prison?)

Tactics, weapons, setting money aside for escape, having a place to go, etc are all considerations for staying alive. The goal is to live without having to revert to a "Unibomber" shack in the woods. Remember Zimmerman, when the case got political, the first thing the local court did was snatch his weapons permit. In my lifetime, this maybe the single ugliest thing I have ever seen a Government openly do. Concealed carry is an illusion, because the 2nd Amendment is good only for as long as the Government say it is good for.

* The above is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute either legal counsel or advocating the breaking of any local, State or Federal laws.

SteveM said...

When the blacks are all distracted by protesting on the courthouse lawn, and demanding justice for every dead youth, the government is going to demolish all their projects and ghettoes, and sell them to Nathan Landau so he can build gated communities for real people.

Anonymous said...

"They refuse to learn from my experiences. They don't want to hear of EBT fraud, welfare famblies, black crime or BRA. They seem not to care that their tax dollars go towards lazy, entitled leeches. Some day, they will see."

What's the difference between an liberal and a race-realist?
2 weeks in South Africa.

Really google "Johannesburg ruins" and you will see. It's is even worse than Detroit. You can see the people standing in front of the sky scrapers like we in front of the Pyramides first time seeing them. Not understanding who build them, how and why, but beeing fascinated that the had much technology being forgotten forever.

Californian said...

A good book to read is "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross, a book that is going to be needed by many people over the next 12 months. While some of the book is lurid, it gives a great deal if information.

I bought a copy of "Unintended Consequences" at a gun show years ago. It's a hefty book, but once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Ross is an excellent writer, gives a lot of good info on guns and rebellion, and even takes a refreshing look at the racial situation in America.

Zenster said...

Kenn: There's nothing like a stroll through the 'hood' to deprogram one from sensitivity 'training.'

Thread winner!

Van said...

A Glock - and I assume any other handgun - has the serial number printed on the lower, the slide, and the barrel. If you are involved in a shooting, don't report it to the police but your identity becomes known, and any of those serial numbers doesn't match, you've dug yourself into a deep hole.

Some big questions are going to come up: Why didn't you report it to the police? Why does your weapon have mismatched parts? Did you change out something after the shooting? Why? Your credibility and your account of the shooting, are now in serious doubt.

Obviously, you could walk around with the spare barrel, and put the correct one in when you get home. But, as 10mm pointed out, you might need a spare slide as well. So let's say you get one from a pawn shop. Now you're walking around with a handgun whose upper serial numbers don't match the lower (because you'd need the real parts at home to put the original weapon back together).

Let's say you're involved in a shooting, and the police arrive before you can leave the scene. If they notice that your handgun's serial numbers don't match (they will), they'll have some questions. Again, your credibility is called into question.

Let's say you get away with swapping out the barrel. The police don't need the actual weapon to charge you with crime. To be sure of getting away, and avoiding the potential legal implications (even if the shooting is justified), you need a scenario something like this:

First of all, you're in an area where you are likely to be accosted - so a higher crime part of town, likely at night. You need to be alone, because you don't know if your buddy is going to run his mouth. There can't be anyone around to witness you, including someone looking out a window after the very loud noise your handgun just maed. You don't want to be getting into your vehicle since someone might get your plate, or you could be videoed at a nearby intersection. You don't want to have used an ATM or purchased anything nearby, because there would be a debit/credit card or store video camera record of your presence.

So, to safely carry a gun with mismatched barrel/slide, become involved in a shooting, flee the scene, fail to report the incident to police, and change the barrel/slide back to the correct matching parts; you would need to be walking alone at night in an isolated part of town where there are no witnesses, and where you have no apparent reason to have been there...

Why not just avoid the damn situation?

Don't go out late at night. Avoid high crime areas. Avoid areas where blacks congregate. Avoid being alone as much as possible. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't find this at all difficult - and its very effective. Should I be involved in a shooting, there will be plenty of witnesses to corroborate that I had been threatened.

I guess the point is, sure it can be done. But why would you ever put yourself in the situation in which it can be done?

Mutant Swarm said...

Apologies if this causes bandwidth issues, but I present for the faithful reader's enlightenment:

Don't Talk To The Cops, Part 1

Don't Talk To The Cops, Part 2

Bookmark them and watch them later if you have to, but watch them. And remember The Nine Words: "I have nothing to say; I want an attorney."

Anonymous said...

Can someone please go to change dot org and create a petition to have AL SHARKton arrested. And on the same petition add the anus that is threatening to burn down the city of Detroit. I would, but I can't.

Van said...

10mm: "I want to add to my last post that George Zimmerman cooperated with Police and was honorably released and now is totally screwed."

This is a damn good point, and obviously the reason one would consider simply ditching a weapon and getting the hell out of there. His life will never be the same; I'd say there's a fair chance he's murdered by NOI or a random thug at some point. Even if he were to enter Witness Protection, there's a realistic chance of some Justice Department employee handing his info over to NOI.

I don't entirely disagree with you, and I certainly consider your contributions to this blog valuable. But I hope I've played a worthy devil's advocate here. Best approach: avoid blacks like the plague, especially on their turf.

Anonymous said...

10 mm is right. This case shows there is no justice. If you have to defend yourself you're better off fleeing the scene like a tryvon. Ditch your weapon and if cops come shopping around lie your ass off.

Consider purchasing your carry piece at a gunshow from a non ffl dealer if possible so there is no papertrail (that is supposed to be destroyed anyway)

Some folks need to quit with the responsible citizen paradigm and think more like a persecuted political guerrilla that whites actually are.

Zenster said...

It is without a trace of irony when I say that Van and 10mm AUTO are both right.

All personal moral issues aside, the deciding factor is whether you have a spouse and children. That's it.

If you are married or have kids, then I would suggest Van's approach. There is simply too much to lose in such circumstances. Otherwise, all bets are off and the more frequently that habitual, predatory criminals, especially Black ones, take the dirt nap, the better off our world is.

Also, for anyone who has not viewed the videos recommended by Mutant Swarm, VIEW THEM NOW. Watching them could potentially save you THOUSANDS of dollars in attorney's fees should you ever find yourself in a legal situation.

Given even the remote possibility of BHO being returned to office, it is all the more imperative for any White person to be keenly aware of their legal rights. Those videos are a fine start to such an awareness.

Bogolyubski said...

@10 MM AUTO: All excellent and provably true points. Now, who do you think is running a system that is so completely stacked against a man like Zimmerman (who is not even white by any traditional definition of the term, but a Mestizo)? You really think Hussein Howdy-Doody and Eric "My People" Holder have such power that they can ruin his career prospects for life?

Even if you buy into the aforementioned flying monkeys having actual power and control, how does this power extend all across the country - to every state and municipality? Black behavior is a given. It's the same here as in St. Mandela's South African Rainbow Utopia or Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

We have two apparently contradictory things here: On the one hand, the point has been made very thoroughly that any area actually controlled by blacks will slip into African levels of dysfunction, corruption and violence in short order (Detroit, for example). On the other hand, we have the appearance of blacks controlling the whole country. The vast infrastructure of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, legal funding, media, academia, etc., is all obviously dedicated to upholding a largely unspoken right of blacks to murder, rape, assault and molest whites with impunity. How is it that a low-intelligence, violence-prone race have taken control of whole countries - where they aren't even a majority (in the case of the USA)?

We keep on failing to mention an elephant in the room: the vast legions of traitors in our own midst who are enabling and supporting this genocidal dirty war. Our own white ruling elite have brought all this into being. They did it in South Africa and they're doing it here now. The whole Trayvon Martin case is being promoted to undermine and destroy 'stand-your-ground' and 'castle-doctrine' legal concepts behind self-defense. One this objective is accomplished, they will go after the second amendment via treaty. After that, the whites in the USSA will be discovering the purpose of the DHS purchase order of 450 million rounds of .40 ammo.

D J said...

And, the beat goes on.

The schwartzers are being VERY stupid if they are womping on Hispanic kids. No white guilt there!

Magnifico said...

Mutant Swarm,

Yes, I've have heard this several times myself. Dont talk to the police whatever this situation is, just keep repeating, "I have nothing to say." "I have nothing to say." "I have nothing to say." Just as in the videos it will keep you safe and out of prison.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Oh, dude, as the hipsters say. You don't need to tell me. I grew up in Oaktown, I already hella know that!

Anonymous said...

World Star Hip Hop also has this video as part of a compilation of fights. It's got more footage at the end than the version here (a black guy comes up and humps the white guy's head):

Lunalight said...

W74- you are right, I used to hire guys like you every summer for some light and not so light farm work. Generally restringing fence, clearing fenceline, putting in new posts, bush hogging pastures, putting hay in etc and I never had a problem paying cash upfront after the first job (a few lazy folk so to weed'em out I paid half upfront and half on completion) most of the guys were like you- worked and just wanted extra cash without giving all of it to Deshaniqua and her 8 kids. Hell most of the regulars got free beer with lunch and fresh produce for the missus to take home.

Anonymous said...

Would you post the cartoon fron U of A newspaper?

Caiden said...

10mm Auto,

You're right, the Zimmerman is screwed because blacks do not like when black criminals are held accountable.

As I've said before blacks do not think like humans. A black does not understand why rape or murder is wrong, so if you have a black arrested his family and friends will find you to be to blame because Rayray may have mugged you 2 hours ago, but that was 2 hours ago and he wasn't mugging you when he was arrested so what's the problem.

I'll be honest I'm surpised the hispanics aren't defending him. Maybe it's the hispanic race hustlers who are acting anti white, and most regular hispanics support him, I don't know. It seems there are some hispanics online who are siding with him, but it's mostly whites who defend him and black who want to kill him and use parts of his body for magic rituals like he was an albino.

Since hispanics are attacked by blacks too, I don't see why more hispanic leaders aren't trying to deal with it. Instead they're acting like DWL, which I guess the rich hispanic leaders basically are.

I don't know, I only started to fully see about 2 years ago. There were things I experienced and witnessed that I didn't dwell on to much, but at this point I think the klan may have had the right idea.

Does anyone here think this country can hold it together for much longer? I mean, things haven't always been this way, Europe used to be all white, and the Americas used to be all natives, so it's not like whites always worked to pay for black welfare, yet so many liberals and blacks seem to think whites won't react to things.

Are there people here who don't think we'll just see the country disintergrate and whites acting like Brits mowing down Zulus in the near future? I'm glad I'm not in a big city anymore. I have a few family members who are into guns but at the last family party they kind of made fun of that Preppers show, and while I'm not one yet I think those guys will be better prepared them most people.

Warlord1958 said...

THere is already a website devoted to 'groid criminality, check out the thug report. TNB 'aplenty!

Eustace Mullins said...

That video is horrific TNB. A dozen of them hooted and participated in this unprovoked attack and our media says nothing. If it weren't for drudge and worldstarhiphop, these would never reach a wide audience.

Dissident said...

Another great book is, TEOTWAWKI-The End Of The World As We Know It.

I think the author is Wesley Reeves?

Add it to your library along with Ross's book and 1984 and you'll have hours upon hours of enlightening entertainment.

Oh, and don't forget about Kersey's books either.

R Neviile said...
It's started in St. Louis. Only 1 of our local media outlets is even reporting this, and they have not even mentioned the culprits responsible. We are like lambs to the slaughter in these Orwellian dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a direct link or the video url for this so we have a non disappearing copy?
SBPDL you need to download a VLC player so you can easily slow down footage and take "snapshots" from the footage. Beyond fast and easy.
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Anonymous said...

of course blacks hate it when non-blacks kill them as that is the only job that they are good at.

maidmarian said...

Hey, PK. I went to the REI store in kennesaw yesterday to pick up last minute back country camping supplies. Not a single black in the store. Now, it could be because kennesaw is a 'white flight' suburb of Atlanta, but I don't think I recall ever seeing many blacks in any of the REI stores I've been in through the years.
The store was so clean, the merchandise wasn't strewn all over, and the employees took pride in doing their jobs. So refreshing!

Anonymous said...

If you get into an argument with a black person who is obviously in the wrong and other black people are around, they will automatically support the black person simply based on skin color. Right and wrong does not matter to these racist cunts. You will be (at the very least) verbally attacked/screamed on and denounced as a racist by the black racists.
Just as in this video, you see them chimping out to help attack the victim, the same thing would happen in just a verbal altercation- they'd "mob" you.
When I was 13, I was constantly accosted by a piece of black trash at school because I accidentally let him see that I had about $20 in 1 dollar bills in my wallet. He kept demading I give him some. I told him no, that he could do as I do and skip lunch (mostly) and save his money up as I did. That pissed him off. After school, he spotted me in line for the bus and again accosted me demanding money and wanted to fight over it. I again refused to give any money.
At that point, all the other white kids disappeared and I was surrounded by about 150 blacks (or more) all supporting the black asshole accosting me.
Luckily, the school vice principal showed up and asked what was going on. I explained and was denounced as a liar by the blacks and by the wannabe "mugger." At that point, I was so pissed off, I called him a fucking nigger in front of everyone. He immediately freaked out and began hopping up and down and screaming, "Did you hear dat? Did you hear what he call me?"
I was forced to apologize for the name calling as the black trash wannabe mugger stood there acting all innocent and blameless.
I guess I should have called him a SIBA (sweet innocent black angel) instead. ~sarcasm~
Things got calmed down and we went our separate ways until a couple of months later when he again approached me wanting to chimp out all aggressively- this time on the football field. there weren't many people around so when he shoved me, I told him if he did it again I'd knock the hell out of him. He arrogantly shoved me again and so I punched him in the head and knocked the crap out of him. Got suspended for 3 days but didn't care.
The problem is the same as it ever was with these rats and is just getting worse.
I'm constantly amazed by all the DWL's who make excuses for them as I've been awake to what they are from a very early age. Experience is the best teacher.
This is just one experience among many that I've had. I know the enemy quite well and have no illusions or delusions about them.

Anonymous said...

Responding to a much earlier post and perhaps this is now redundant - but it can't be said too often and NEVER forgotten..

Amid all the commentary and much deserved desire to fight back with lethal force if assaulted, REMEMBER PLEASE that YOU have much for which and for whom to live. You have a wife and children who depend on you financially and emotionally. How would they cope with daddy's unemployment and unemployability? How would they cope with daddy's prosecution and imprisonment as a hate crime killer for racially profiling, stalking, and finally terminating those now dead thugs formerly intent on robbing and/or mob beating daddy?

The bottom line is that it's VERY hard for us to even defend ourselves in this climate. Zimmerman being a case in point and he's not even white!

Meanwhile the savage has nothing to lose. Prison is like a family reunion. They are fed better than ever in their lives, have drugs and sex galore (the savage is inherently "bi-sexual" - to them "ass" is "ass"), hang with long lost homeboys and family, and have hotel like amenities like electricity, hot/cold water, laundry service, free clothes, hot nutritious food (plus what they steal from kitchen jobs), etc. Prison means very little to the savage additionally - and this is key to understanding - they are all big daddy pimp kings in prison. They ALL owned Escalades or Benz's with 24" rims, they ALL had white hoes lined up, they ALL rolled kilos of dope, despite the reality they lived in a burned out condemned house with no heat, water, or electricity and earned their fixes stealing aluminum or copper. In prison they are ALL rap stars.

But YOU have EVERYTHING to lose. You cannot possibly imagine the HORROR of prison unless you've been there. Prisoners live in the heart of Detroit with no escape ever. They are surrounded by savages 24/7. You simply cannot imagine the noise, the smell, the complete chaos, the jaw dropping stupidity, the instant-on savagery unless you have lived it. And believe me there really can't be much worse for an intelligent human to undergo.

Be SMART. Take no unnecessary risks. Avoid the savages as much as you can.


wholesale ed hardy said...

I agree to you Magnifico that whatever this situation is, just keep repeating, "I have nothing to say." "I have nothing to say." "I have nothing to say." Just as in the videos it will surely keep you safe and out of prison. Anyways, big thanks for sharing this with us.