Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Public Transportation Could Work, Part II: If it wasn't for Black-Run America (BRA)

Lawrence Auster has highlighted one of the most honest pieces of journalism printed in an American newspaper in... in... well, just read these choice lines from The Washington Times piece for yourself:
Crash at the DC METRO in 2009: 97 percent of bus and train operators are Black in the WMATA
Ninety-seven percent of the bus and train operators at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority are black, with only six white women out of more than 3,000 drivers, according to Metro documents — a lack of diversity at one of the region's largest employers that has led to an acknowledgment of failure in affirmative-action documents and spawned a series of lawsuits. 
It is a culture in which a white male engineer near completion of a Ph.D. was passed over for a management position in favor of a black man who was barely literate, multiple staffers said.  
"The average rider wouldn't believe the things that go on. There are so many easy things we could do to make the system better," a station manager said. "But they'd never put me in charge because they know I'd make sure others actually did their jobs. They don't want change. It's go along to get along." 
White and Hispanic employees who allege discrimination have found a deaf ear at Metro's civil rights office, whose 17 employees are black. Until at least 1999, that office tracked complaints via a handwritten ledger on a series of taped-together sheets of paper, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times. The system "made determining statistics impossible," said a civil rights employee from the time. 
First-line managers 

Of a dozen senior supervisors overseeing the rail division in 2007, 10 were black and two were white, and five black supervisors, all with less than a year of tenure in the position, were paid more than both whites, who had more seniority — one with 20 years — personnel records obtained by The Times show. 
The group making more money includes senior supervisors such as Orlando Terrell King, who has been charged with reckless endangerment and fraudulently attempting to obtain a driver's license, according to Maryland state records. Mr. King, who is paid $62,536, was promoted by Metro to oversee those who drive trains carrying thousands of passengers daily. 
Also rising rapidly to senior supervisor was Robbie O. McGee, who spent eight years in federal prison for felony distribution of PCP while on probation for another crime. He received five pay increases at Metro in two years.

Public transportation could work, but The Washington Times has poignantly articulated why it doesn't. The WMATA amounts to a job program for otherwise unemployable Black people, helping to create a faux Black middle class in the process. Auster, in his usual matter-of-fact analysis, cuts to the heart of the problem with this Black scenario in Washington D.C.:
That is just an amazingly frank description of a black-run institution. Mainstream conservative outfits such as the Washington Times never speak about blacks in such honest terms. Is this the sign of a turn? Is the nation of cowards--or at least its conservatives--about to start speaking the truth about race? 
But I'm being silly. Of course conservatives are not about to start speaking the truth about race. Conservatives will see the above-described problems in the Washington Metro system as due to affirmative action and race preferences, not to the character of black people. Get rid of the "soft bigotry of low expectations," and blacks will do just as well as us! 
But As I've said many times, the ultimate problem is not race preferences; the ultimate problem is characteristics of blacks. If you had a city that was overwhelmingly black, as D.C. is, then your municipal employees, your transit officials, your police officers etc. are going to be overwhelmingly black. And because blacks operate at a vastly lower level of intelligence and probity than whites, such a city will sink into African-style incompetence and corruption, even in the complete absence of black racial preferences. But conservatives NEVER see or acknowledge this basic truth. Being liberals at their core, they only see the problem as procedural (caused by bad policies such as affirmative action), not as substantive (caused by the nature of black people).

Where, oh where could a city be found to validate Auster thesis of a city that is overwhelmingly Black (D.C. is not anymore, with Black people being forced out to Prince George's County and Baltimore) and that has a government full of municipal employees, transit officials, police officers, and other personnel paid via public funds which also is on the verge of total collapse?

Yes, you guessed it. Detroit.

We already know that more than 100 bus drivers in the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) refused to work because "they were scared for their lives" after numerous attacks on the Black drivers by young Black people. Instead of driving their routes, they stayed in the Rosa Parks Transit Center (not to be confused with the Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center in Long Island) without one employee realizing the irony of the situation.

The city is 89 percent Black, boasting a political structure that is entirely - and proudly, if not defiantly - Black. So, how well does the Detroit Department of Transportation's (DDOT) bus service perform? Not too difficult to surmise that, just like the city government, DDOT is perhaps the worst public transportation system in the nation:

After less than a week on the job, Detroit Department of Transportation CEO Ron Freeland painted a grim portrait of Detroit's bus service at a Monday City Council meeting.

DDOT's on-time performance is 65 percent, compared to the industry standard of 85 percent. Buses miss service on 33 percent of their stops every day. Freeland said the department's monthly parts repair bills far exceed national standards and that poor maintenance has forced the department to take on about 70 more buses than it needs.
The report-back comes after Mayor Dave Bing announced last week that Freeland would head DDOT, joining the private management team hired to run the bus department as the city looks to save money on its operating costs.

Detroit in January contracted bus operations the firm Parsons Brinckerhoff, which has subcontracted to a firm called Envisurage.
With the new management come drastic service cuts for DDOT riders. The department announced it will end 1 a.m to 4 a.m bus service and eliminate some routes beginning Saturday. More than 100 bus drivers and mechanics will be laid off.

A transportation system that is completely run by Black people, because Detroit is a city that is 100 percent a reflection of Actual Black Run America (ABRA); with both on the verge of collapsing:
But bus riders and drivers in Detroit say they don't know if the beleaguered system can stand any more pain. At a downtown Detroit bus stop, Toni Coleman feels frustrated. The bus is late again, and now she will be late to work, too.

"Now I'm having to get off work almost an hour earlier because I can't get on a bus at 5 o'clock," Coleman says. "The buses are too crowded, and they don't stop. Hours' worth of pay because of the changes in the bus system." 
Coleman is one of more than 100,000 Detroiters who depend on buses for daily travel. There have been fewer travel options of late, after the city cut overnight bus service and eliminated several routes. Unlike many major metropolitan areas, Detroit has a second, separate bus line that serves roughly 40,000 suburbanites and drops them off in the city during the morning and evening rush hours.
A glimpse of what life in a dying city looks like, a civilization incapable of taking care of itself were it not for the tax-payers of the state of Michigan subsidizing the Black metropolis of Detroit, and the federal grant and aid the city receives as if it were some pitiful third world nation.

But what is life like in a city whose heart is still beating, albeit courtesy of the primarily white tax-payer, whose transit system primarily moves Black people through the metropolis? MARTA's riders are 78 percent Black, and it should be a shock to anyone that the monetarily failing public transportation system in Atlanta is nothing but a jobs program for Black people (78 percent of the employees are Black in a city that is roughly half-white) as well as DC's Metro:
The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) board met on Monday and selected an executive search firm that will recruit MARTA's next general manager. This past December, MARTA's general manager Rick Simonetta resigned to become CEO of a Pennsylvania video technology firm. After passing over two well qualified African American MARTA vice presidents (Nat Ford, Executive Vice President for Operations & Development and Gloria Gaines, Vice President for Planning & Analysis, the MARTA board selected Jack Stephens as its interim general manager. Stephens was vice president of customer development. In its 29-year history, MARTA has had five general managers. All of them have been white and male. 
The Clayton County MARTA board representative headed the search committee. The committee report was called into question after it was brought out that a black-owned executive search firm had obtained the most votes in the committee, but after a recount it was later announced as having the second highest votes. Although split, the full MARTA board voted for a non-minority firm to run the search for a new general manager. "We don't trust MARTA's search committee process. Why is it that a Clayton County board member chaired the search committee? Why wasn't a Fulton or DeKalb MARTA board member, whose residents have been paying the one-cent MARTA tax for the past 25 years, selected to chair the committee, " stated Sherrill Marcus, an organizer with the Metropolitan Atlanta Transportation Equity Coalition (MATEC), a coalition of seventeen grassroots community organizations. 
MATEC members have opposed the MARTA fare hike that will take effect this January 1, 2001. They also emphasized that MARTA is a big business with an annual operating budget of over $300 million. Since 1979, MARTA has collected over $90.1 billion from the one-cent sales tax. The MARTA tax is collected only in the Fulton and DeKalb Counties. 
"We strongly feel that it's time that we had a black general manager at MARTA," said DeKalb NAACP director John Evans. Evans is a former MARTA board member. African Americans currently make up 75 percent of MARTA's riders. African Americans also comprise 78 percent of MARTA's 5,325 employees. "There are able African American transit managers around the country who could run MARTA," stated Robert D. Bullard, director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center. Bullard stressed the fact the current Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation is African American. The former administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, Gordon Linton, is also African American. African Americans head four of the country's 30 largest transit systems. African Americans hold the top transit positions at the Boston-MBTA (Robert H. Prince, Jr.), Baltimore MTA (Ronald L. Freeland), Detroit DOT (Sandra Bomar Parker), and Houston Metro (Shirley A. DeLibero). 
Why has MARTA never had a black general manager? There appears to be a "glass ceiling" at MARTA for African Americans. There is also strong evidence that all of the racial hurdles for African Americans at MARTA-from the selection of the current interim general manger to the selection of the executive search firm for the permanent general manager- have not been overcome. MARTA prides itself as an Equal Opportunity Employer. This principle needs to apply for all positions at MARTA, including the general manager position.

In a sane nation, the citizenry would be able to ride public transportation in a cheap, clean, and safe manner. As an alternative to costly commutes via car (in opportunity costs, gasoline, and time away from ones family), having effective public transportation is the best way to gauge the true strength and vitality of a community.

Looking at the state of public transportation in Black-Run America (BRA) - and in ABRA Detroit - it's obvious we aren't much of a nation at all. We are a nation dedicated to uplifting Black people in every vocation - and avocation - at the expense of the health of the overall nation. To admit Black failure - and culpability in augmenting that failure - would undermine the whole system.

The Washington Times, by publishing this expose of sheer Blackness in the METRO system in Washington D.C. has shown the way to defeating BRA: the pen is mightier than the sword.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Philly bus video. Oh wait, is that Philly or is that Liberia? Hard to tell the difference...

Anonymous said...

Off topic but essential reading;

Former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman is struggling alcoholism and flat broke, his lawyer said in court documents filed Tuesday in Rodman’s on-going divorce case, entertainment website tmz.com reported.

Rodman’s ex-wife claims in court papers filed this month in the Superior Court of Orange County, Calif., that the former basketball star owes her $808,935 in unpaid child support for the couple’s two children — ages 9 and 10 — as well as $51,441 in unpaid spousal support, tmz.com reported.

Rodman was due in court Tuesday in Orange, Calif., in connection with the unpaid child support and could be jailed for up to 20 days, tmz.com reported.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely a member of MSM saying (publishing) things that are out of step with the party line. The party line being the non-stop stream of rationalisations the MSM and Lib Media spew out each and every minute of every day.

The author of that article for the Washington Times is (whether he/she knows it yet) one of us. That is, he/she can "See".

There is some intelligence to be found in the population of journalists, after all.

The author, by turning on his/her logical thinking, has observed facts, reported them, analysed them and come to the most obvious conclusion: RACISM BY BLACK PEOPLE LEADING TO WIDESPREAD COMPANY/ORGANISATION/SYSTEM/GOVERNMENT INEPTITUDE AND FAILURE.

At the moment, I am happy with a just the realisation on his/her part of the above. Making the next logical step to CONNECT increasing levels of ineptitude/failure to corresponding increasing levels of black people, wherein black people ARE THE CAUSE, will require much more deprogramming and undoing of years of Liberal indoctrination.

Nevertheless, he/she has made the first VITAL step - SEE THE TRUTH, DON'T DENY THE TRUTH.

Non-denial of truth and fact is the MOST IMPORTANT step in the process of becoming a race realist.

I am extremely grateful for the publication of that Wash. Times article. Extremely.

Anonymous said...

As an idealistic, young white city planning student, I moved to Baltimore for a few years to live in an exciting urban environment and looked forward to being able to commute daily downtown on a comprehensive public transportation system. I definitely had some experiences, and they're the reason I got out of that hell hole as fast as I could!

Although I've got a million stories of harassment, blatant, unprovked reverse-racism directed at me, physical threats, etc., one in particular stands out.

While riding into town on a lightly loaded train, I heard a louder than usual commotion in the back of the car I was in. I turned around to watch some poor old black guy, seemingly piss drunk and probably homeless, being shouted at by two MASSIVE (250lbs+) black, ghetto twin sisters. They kept getting louder and louder, reaching full chimp-out mode, swearing and slapping the old guy. The only other adult white male had his young son with him, and he gently stood up and tried to calm them down, and in the most polite way possible, asked them to please refrain from their vulgar/violent behavior because there were children on board (he was speaking for plenty of young black kids too). How was he repaid for trying to be a good citizen? The ghetto bitches turned all of their aggression towards the cracker, of course. It's amazing how long the incident went on and on until the train stopped (particularly since this was only a year after 911 and security on subways should have been majorly stepped up..). The train stopped and who did metro police remove from the train? NOT the twins, but the drunk black guy. The two black METRO cops simply made the women sit at the front of the train car (as you might an unruly kindergartener). Soon after the train was in motion, the twin zoo escapees were back at it, verbally assaulting the white guy again. This time, the train stopped at the next station and the black operator and more METRO police removed the women. Before they left, they not only swore at him one last time, they freaking spit right in his face. The man, shaking with rage screamed "YOU DAMNED ANIMALS!!!". The fact that he didn't blast her in her fat face was the ultimate example of human restraint I've ever witnessed.

The best part is yet to come, though! Once the train was in motion and all the fighting parties had been removed, the train operator, in her thick black manner of speach, said that she was sorry for the commotion, but said that we should feel sympathy for the two twins. Paraphrasing, she said that she grew up with the two, and that "those sistahs have had a very rough life".

I've never forgiven myself for not having the balls to stand with the white man on that train. Of course, none of the other blacks on the train were going to come to his aid. But I SHOULD have! His courage left a life-long impression on me, vowing that I'd never stand there and watch one of my own be racially attacked from the sidelines.

Having graduated, I left Baltimore and am now a city planner/transit planner in another racially charged city in Ohio. As one of the maybe, uh, six conservative city planners in America, I'm doing all I can to "take transit back", fully understanding the advantages of public transportation, but also completely understanding why no God fearing white person would want to use it.

Anonymous said...

The new Chicago Transit Authority El Trains have seats facing each other like in NYC; I wonder if this was done so that Blacks can surround a passenger on both sides in order to make robberies easier. In the past, the vast majority of seats on El trains face forward and backward, so a passenger won't be surrounded by hostiles.

Dan said...

Bring back segregation. Please. It would probably knock a dollar off gas.

It's a win win.

Darayvus said...

The Barnes & Noble here in SWPL-land is on the case.

I saw a book titled "Detroit: A Biography". The 1967 riot, the book claims, was not a race riot - because blacks' own homes were burnt too. And the reason for the riot was "frustration" and the reason for the decline was racism.

Anonymous said...

Regards transportation. I ran across an msn article bleating about how Tyvone hopes and dreams were to someday become...are you ready? A pilot

Dan said...

Armed robbery at St Louis's Brentwood Galleria. Perps not IDed but the forced a chick to an ATM and drained her account.

That place is thuuged out and will go down the shitter.

YayDiversity said...

I quit taking the bus yesterday. I live in a vibrant community just north of my downtown office and my company pays for public transit. However, since the Trayvon incident, the mostly black ridership has been noticeably agitated.

Monday, an unstable black woman boarded the bus and proceeded to loudly beg and hurl insults at everyone. She had no shame at all. She eventually guilted a pretty white woman into a dollar and at the next stop, two thirds of the bus rushed to evacuate.

Her presumptuousness was shocking. It's as though she thought she was the Queen of England, rather than some half-retarded, homeless nigger.

Needless to say, I drove to work today, a pointless waste of resources, and will continue to for the foreseeable future.

W74 said...

"But they'd never put me in charge because they know I'd make sure others actually did their jobs. They don't want change. It's go along to get along."

Army. It was like that in my experience in some units. What's at stake? Only lives.

Retail Jobs. Absolutely. The crud rises to the top. If you don't work and text on your cell all day you get a promotion. Don't they know that retail employees wouldn't hate their jobs (the good ones at least, the bad ones will hate anything anyway) if they could actually look UP to management for direction and guidance? They don't. Corporations (looking at you Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke) should take a look at their sales numbers and realize the more they hire diversity the more sales will stagnate. What's at stake? Only profit.

Light construction at a private company which has only 5 employees, all of whom happen to have blue eyes? Nope. Everyone shows up to the right place at the right time and gets the job done. Who do you count on when time really does = money and real private sector production is at stake?

What happens when illegals are hired to undercut production (they lack skills anyway and do poor work) and don't mind low wages because they live 7-8 working adults to a house? What happens when you start hiring blacks and you lose your customer base because even DWL homeowners don't want them stomping around their backyards? Well you get the picture. What's at stake? Just the fabric of the Western capitalism.

I'll bet that most of the transit workers in DC, and anywhere else, think that the government actually makes money.

James O'Meara said...

Speaking of monorails and White Run America, check out the Seattle World's Fair promo film "Century 21", with or without the MST3K commentary.



"Isn't it great there's only White people here?"

Only a few short decades ago. It makes Mad Men look like Night at the Apollo.

W74 said...

Anon at 5:08 PM.

You and I are very similar. As a SimCity fan as a kid I saw the benefits of mass trans and always wondered why most of my fellow suburbanites (I grew up in the Baltimore area) shunned it. Then I got older.

I'm guessing you lived in Owings Mills or somewhere you could use the light rail. Both are nuts and I avoid them. My wife REFUSES to ever go, and I understand. I wouldn't take children on it.

My best train story was hearing some groids shout the word "WHIPLASH" when the train stopped abruptly. It did but nothing serious. Then they all grumbled about how they should sue and try to get "dis-abb-iwity" and how they wanted "a check, just gimmie a check".

Another gem was listening for about 4 consecutive stops a woman (looked like a 40 year old crackhead) yelling at what I'm guessing was her child for throwing out some magazines which may or may not have had some money in them. (so they hide cash in magazines?). Then she screamed about being broke and always "when I beez working all da time" putting food on the table and taking care of her and her siblings. This was one of the ones that somehow had her govt. support run out on her and really was "broke". I did not feel sorry for her because I was awake at this point. I guess you could say that she "had a rough life." Anyway I got directions from another black lady and we joked about the screaming and I said to her "life can be rough, but some people make it rough on themselves". I think she understood.

Anyway, I do love trans. I think a lot could be done to make it more efficient, but first it has to be made safe. The majority of my family lives in Ohio and they no longer go into the big cities. They have enough problems where they are as it is in one of Ohio's hundreds of dying steel towns. I love that our country built the first great automobile empire and how it made the middle class of ages past, but just think of how much wealth and resources were wasted on cars when we should've been using trans. Think of what could've been done with all that labor and brain power and entrepreneurship were it redirected from cars toward, say, exploring space. We could've colonized Mars by now.

Zenster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

MARTA: Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit): Driving Africans 'Round Town

Dan said...

Or colonized Mexico. Within reach, lots of raw resources.

90404 said...

Paul, Once a Setdesigner told me Spike was racist!
This offtopic, but related!

I hope they sue Spike for millions and get the $:

..Elderly Couple at Address Spike Lee Tweeted Are Living in Fear

The Hollywood Reporter – 20 minutes ago
EmailPrint.....“Maybe we should get a lawyer and send a cease and desist letter to Spike Lee.”

Those are the sentiments of Elaine McClain, the Florida woman who lives at the address the filmmaker retweeted over the weekend as being the residence of George Zimmerman, the man who killed teenager Trayvon Martin.

STORY: Spike Lee Under Fire for Tweeting Wrong Address in Trayvon Martin Controversy

The Smoking Gun sought out McClain late Tuesday after word spread that the address Lee and others had spread throughout the Internet was erroneous. The Web site also posted property records indicating that McClain is the owner of the Sanford, Fla. home, assessment value: $87,224.

McClain, 70, has lived at the house with her husband, David McClain, 72, for about 10 years

Anonymous said...

Paul...what about a 'like' button for comments, ala yahoo etc

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I hope that Paul writes a post (Hollywood in Blackface addendum) on Hunger Games fans leaving theaters as THOSE WHO CAN SEE and are upset about the race switch casting:


Anonymous said...

Whites are doing it all wrong,its obvious the monkeys want the power,So what we do, is,we ask them if they would like their own country within the USA,the dumb bastards will say yes and start doing their ZULU dance in the streets,we will ask which part do you want,after they have told us,we give them that area,even their own passports,and allow them to form their own laws and constitution,

Then we create our country somewhere else within the USA,build our own Borders,and watch the bastards starve,were sick of them,

bottom line give them what they want,and we then leave

Anonymous said...

"What happens when illegals are hired to undercut production"

They can also ignore all regulations and laws as fly-by-night operators. Really awesome to run into safety hazards from poorly done work.

"but just think of how much wealth and resources were wasted on cars when we should've been using trans. Think of what could've been done with all that labor and brain power and entrepreneurship were it redirected from cars toward, say, exploring space. We could've colonized Mars by now."

Economic growth is economic growth. Those middle class taxpayers were the pre-requisite for building the families in which our best and brightest could be incubated, and later pay for said space exploration driven by the same.

The big issue now though, is that we have to commute, they didn't, they drove for the fun of doing something that no one had ever done before.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love all this talk about Baltimore. I moved to Baltimore Shitty about two months ago and it confirmed all the stereotypes bout blacks were true. I actually don't mind living in the city because there are predominitely white areas where you can avoid to "problems." But somtimes I look around at some of the struggling and dilapidated areas and realize that this has the potential to be a great city...it's a damn shame.

HOwever, nobody can EVER imply that being about 70% black is what's causing it from being a thriving metropolis...NO. It's white flight from those racist white people who aren't paying their fair share to support welfare and food stamps and FREE LUNCHES for the children! Somebody please think of the children!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty shocking for a widely read newspaper, but the Wash Times is pretty much read by conservatives only. I used to work in DC and would get a lot of snarky comments at work about reading the Times from all the liberals. I'd be more impressed if the Wash Post published this.

Jay in DC said...

Sorry for the duplicate post but I did not realize there was an entire article here about this. My 2 cents yet again from a diff thread but same topic--

"Thanks for the links regarding the DC Metro. Being that I live here this is no surprise to me whatsoever. Most of the DC Government agencies work like this too. There is such inherent racism towards Whites, everyone is on the take, putting in their peeps to other positions, etc. just as the article described. I worked for a DC Gov't agency for years and it was such a pit of laziness and corruption one can only marvel at how even 1% of work gets done on any given day. DC is another wonderful example of BRA actually since the city is majority black. I am paid lots of money to live and work here but I can tell you that if my current gig dries up, I'm off to greener pastures as I have had my fill..."

Dan said...

The race switch is appauling. Given the negritude of contemporary American governance. With Bush there was a smorgasbord of blacks. You don't even need to consider the reality from 2008 onward. We are lectured at by a bunch of shifty smooth talking sage old blacks for a decade and everything is rapidly sinking. It's unreal how America has done this to itself.

bubo said...

Can it be any more clear that we, the creators of Western Civilization, cannot live side by side with the black race. It is beyond our ability. We are just too different. They will sink us if we allow it.

Winston Smith said...

that's funny about the hunger games. they were also the most noble and strongest and rioted and killed Whitey, accurately enough.

the movie well portrays exactly what UN Agenda 21 is about, and their vision for the world.

oh, and you be rayciss for noticing they can't act.

eh said...

Calling the EEOC...

And every white person in America ought to be forced to view that video of the Philadelphia bus shooting. Hopefully most would have no more illusions after that. Absolute apes.

I'd love to see some reporter have the guts to ask Obama explicitly about that -- or any more recent example of black depravity -- at his next news conference. To see that I'd actually watch TV again.

Lucille said...

not familiar with either the books or movie, but what "race switch casting"?

If a character is described as having "dark brown skin", in the books, then what's the problem? Are there any fans of the books who could clear this up?

I know when the Harry Potter movies were coming out, there were (a handful of) people complaining that characters named "Patel" or "Chang" weren't played by white actors.

Anonymous said...

We should have built a robust rail transportation system from the beginning in this country. Maybe we still can start building those at an alarming rate. We could put all the laid off auto workers back to work in a law enforcement role. New officers on the trains making sure future travyons and tywekas are not causing havok.

MB said...

Watch out for Auster's agenda before you put your faith in him.

Anonymous said...


British man jailed for racist tweets

Lord Drek said...

What is Auster's agenda?

Lord Drek said...

What is Larry Auster's "agenda"?

Dan said...

It's not about the text of the book Lucille. Think about your reality. How many heroic blacks do you know or hear about? The author herself is a dumbass. Blacks create a
mess (a murderous mess) everywhere they are found.
Here they are like Jesus or James Bond.

I'm talking about the switch between fiction and reality.

Dan said...

Lucille doesn't connect the dots between equal rights, black advancement and American decline. And that the author completely missed the truth.

Midwestern said...

Indianapolis just put in place the death of our white suburbs.

Transit "experts" say the new route if for commuters who work downtown and live in the suburbs, but all good white commuters have no problems getting to work by car. This is a huge transfer of wealth program for poor blacks, and a way to import them into successful white communities.

If this thing works like I think it will, ghetto blacks bearing a subsidized metro pass will be able to ride to the suburbs for only $1 extra each way to rob, loiter, beat, loot, and demand jobs, schools, and low-income housing. It is funded by a grant, so it may just fail. But if it does not, we are in trouble. No one wants it!!!

I feel sorry for the whites up north, I hope they know what is coming. I hate DWLs. They are jealous destroyers of all that is good and right.


Anonymous said...

Thank God Scott Walker killed the Trayvon Express here is Wisconsin. We've got enough of a trayvon problem as it is, we don't need to make it any easier for them to propagate.

10mm AUTO said...

To Lucille @ 3:37

Paul's book exposes a paradigm that everyone is aware of but dare not say for fear of being labeled "Racist". Television, Movies, Commercials push an image of negros as intelligent scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Computer and Electronics experts in stable loving families. The reality is that the average I.Q. of negros is 85, that 50% of them never graduate High school, that their most common job is barber, that 70% of children are born into an illegitimate household and that almost 92% of interracial crime (including 50% of murders) is caused by this small demographic.

Some people are aware of this, for they see reality shows such as "COPS" or "The First 48". They see the "Thug" lifestyle, the Rap Videos filled with White hate, They see through family members experiences the tragic cost of negro crime. For example, in 2005 according to Dept of Justice, 37,000 Whites were raped by negros, while Whites raped ZERO negros (See Chart 48, DOJ Crime Stats, 2005). This is an astonishing number, equal to the number of fatal car crashes in the USA, equal to the dead from the entire Vietnam war and IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. Youtube supplies security video of robberies or murders of convenience store clerks, offices, stores, shopping centers, the majority committed by negros.

This leads to a separation of reality between the average experience of the American people in interaction with negros and that portrayed by TV. Worse is the casting of negros in White parts in movies such as "Thor" and "I am Legend" (A remake of Omega Man) for the sake of "making negros feel "relevant"". That Hollywood would push such a defacement of reality and history is sad in the extreme. Some would argue that casting negros in "imaginary characters" is irrelevant as their true race is unknown, but what about in "Thor"; the substitution of Helmdahl, Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, described as "The Whitest of the White" for a negro?, but we are talking about Norse Mythology. What about Aries, Greek God of War in the Percy Jackson movie "The Lightning Thief", but again, I'm quibbling about imaginary characters. Of Course I don't want to skip over the substitution of Nick Fury for a negro in Iron Man?

A real world, real life substitution is the movie "A Dolphins Tale", a lighthearted Disney flick about a Dolphin whose tale is is wounded so badly in a fishing net that it must be removed. Billed as a "True" story, in reality the Dolphin is fitted with a prosthetic Tail; a tail developed by two White Doctor/Scientists. However, in the Movie, the Scientists are not only reduced to one character but replaced by a negro.

It is the systematic gutting of a Culture and their accomplishments that Whites are waking up to and the anger is palpable. Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is racist merely to object to dispossession,
much less to work for their own interests.
Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage,
and giving away to others its place in history,
only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at reactionary 'conservatives' who deride public transportation and blame the 'state' for its failure in America.

Anyone who has spent any time in Europe knows that public transportation can work great. It's clean and efficient. In major cities it is preferable to traffic jams and searching for expensive parking.

The reason public transportation is a failure in the U.S. is because of the people who occupy most large cities here make it unsafe and inefficient.

Sheila said...

Way back in prehistory, when America was still a White country, my mother used to take me and my older brother grocery shopping with her by bus, as we had only one car back in 1962. I have vague memories of being tired and hot and excited to get on the clean, air-conditioned bus to get to our suburban-DC home.

I haven't ridden a bus in about 30 years.

I also remember when DC's metro system opened, quite an exciting event after all those years of traffic jams from construction around the city.

When our older son was 12, we allowed him to ride DART here from our suburban Dallas area home downtown to the Dallas World Aquarium, where he had a summer internship. He was harassed by a black demanding money when he walked the two blocks from the DART stop to the aquarium. My husband drove him both ways after that.

I doubt my younger son will ever use public transportation; he barely remembers the first (and last) time we rode it to the zoo years ago.

We get the Washington Times by mail, but I haven't seen this article yet (I don't read the paper but get all my news on the net). I'll have to find it and mail it to my old, liberal, Washington Post reading mother. No real hope she'll "see" the light and abandon her liberal ideology, but I can't help but needling her about reality.

Toekomst said...

South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) once had great train and trolley systems. Young backpackers and students could cheaply travel and see the stunning nature and Dutch/British architecture of southern Africa safely and efficiently.

Then came BRA (Black Run Africa) and now the system is an utter disaster and incredibly dangerous. Any naive tourist who attempts it will end up mugged and worse.

I really wish this site would report more on South Africa and Rhodesia, because like Detroit, they offer a disturbing window into the future if people do not awake.

Anonymous said...

More flash ( mahogany ) robs


Mr. Rational said...

I know when the Harry Potter movies were coming out, there were (a handful of) people complaining that characters named "Patel" or "Chang" weren't played by white actors.

When 2010 came out, I was disappointed that Dr. Chandra was played by a white guy.

At least Indians can run a public transit system.

Anonymous said...

"She eventually guilted a pretty white woman into a dollar

That in essence is a microcosm of BRA, isn't it? 'Gulting' only works because you consented to it and that only works because of behavioral conditioning wrought by the MSM and schools.

But perhaps that's the wrong word to use for the monetary extraction by the Black female.

Maybe you should have used the word "Mau-Mau," a behavior APPROVED by MSM Black Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell.


That's why the MSM can't stand how the internet has broken their information monopoly; when the New York Times stops their print edition at some point in the future, they will be exactly EQUAL to everyone else yelling and screaming on the Net.

Anonymous said...

10mm auto, I think it's 37,000 Black on White sexual assaults, not rapes. Not every sexual assault is a rape. Also I think it was less than ten White on Black sexual assaults, which is statistically insignificant, but not zero. Not defending the blacks here, but it's important to be exact when we make our case, or else the DWLs will try to evade the issue by challenging the details.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the number of inter-racial rapes/sexual assaults each year: the 37,000 figure is frequently quoted for black-on-white, while zero to 10 is quoted for white-on-black. This would be a powerful figure, but clarification is needed:

1) How many of these are rapes as opposed to sexual assault, since the latter can be defined quite broadly?

2) Are these numbers a result of victimization surveys, which take a sample and extrapolate from there? The FBI Uniform Crime Reports give total numbers of rapes for 2010 as 68,934. The UCR does not seem to break them down by race, though their website is badly organized and information is difficult to access:


3) Here's one more thing: the FBI defines "rape" in terms of male-on-female attacks. What of male-on-male? Be interesting to see the number of prison rapes and who is responsible for them.

Anyway, this is a powerful item in the "dialog" on race, so if more info could be posted, it would be useful.

Anonymous said...

The report on the flash mob at


is kind of interesting. They do not mention the race of the perpetrators. But they do post a photo. Perhaps the truth is finally starting to come out?

Kylie said...

To Lucille at 3:37,

10mm Auto gave you an excellent explanation of the race switching that goes on in all the media today.

Here are a couple more examples:

1)In P.D. James's novel, "The Children of Men", the only pregnant female on earth (and therefore the only one who can save the human race) is a white woman. In the movie, they created a new character who was pregnant, she was played by a black actress.

2) In the move "River's Edge", based on a true incident, the teen-aged killer is a white guy. In reality, the killer was black.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Lord Drek said...

All this talk of race wars and dilapidated American cities from Black terror sure is depressing.

I think I'll go work on my garden!

Dan said...

Figure it out. The stats are right in front of you. Cross reference with inmates.

Zenster said...

Paul, please permit me to say that your overall output is just plain stunning. The effort you put forth to get out the message of Race Realism is both commendable and, simply, Herculean on your part.


Yours is a yeoman's task dealing with this unmasking of BRA. It is on a par with emptying the Augean stables and for that you have my eternal respect, if not lasting sympathy.

Dan said...

There was a guardian study of incidents of gang rape in the UK. The perpswere over 60 % black. If I recall it may have been as high at 80%.

Google "guardian gang rape study"

it's all homies and yardirs doing it. They are 1% of the population. Additionally, sexual assault probably masks the severity of the black stats. I bet most sexual assaults involving white men are desperate gropes. The black stuff is likely forced sodomy.

It's what they do. See Kinshasa. 400,000 rapes a year. It's a black thing.

Zenster said...

europeasant: Former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman is struggling with alcoholism and flat broke…

Stop. Stop! You're ripping my heart out!

I guess Madonna won't be making the beast with two backs with Rodman anytime soon.

Zenster said...

It is a culture in which a white male engineer near completion of a Ph.D. was passed over for a management position in favor of a black man who was barely literate, multiple staffers said.

Now, multiply this times one (or several) million and you begin to get an idea of how Affirmative Action has poisoned America's productivity.

Per Auster: Of course conservatives are not about to start speaking the truth about race. Conservatives will see the above-described problems in the Washington Metro system as due to affirmative action and race preferences, not to the character of black people. Get rid of the "soft bigotry of low expectations," and blacks will do just as well as us!

This exemplifies the perverted convergence of America's supposedly bipartisan system and most perfectly characterizes why both parties deserve a date with oblivion.

Instead of driving their routes, they stayed in the Rosa Parks Transit Center (not to be confused with the Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center in Long Island) without one employee realizing the irony of the situation.

Insert hysterical laughter >here<.

To admit Black failure - and culpability in augmenting that failure - would undermine the whole system.

How do you "undermine" an air castle? Uplifting Blacks is just another one of the thanklessly Sisyphean tasks that are an implicit and mandatory part of PCMC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism).

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but Jared Taylor sets the record straight


Zenster said...

W74: What's at stake? Just the fabric of the Western capitalism.

From your comment it is clear that you full well appreciate and understand exactly why Paul continues to harp upon the fate of Detroit.

Once the manufacturing hub of America, it has gone the way of the horse and buggy, to make a most poignant analogy. Along with it have gone the lion's share of middle class jobs and much of the hope for this nation's future.

Race Realism represents one of the few ways of rekindling this country's chances for survival. One thing is certain, there is no way in hell that Black uplift can continue. The price is staggering and the task thankless in the extreme.

10mm AUTO said...

While I sympathize with the desire to "be Exact" in figures, the stats do not lend themselves to such razor edged accuracy.

For example, Florida does not have the crime of "rape" calling all such crimes "Sexual Assault" which are included in this number. Sodomy is also covered in sexual assault (but not rape)in some States. Hence the use of the the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) However NONE of the stats are extrapolated from a few case samples but from actual cases. Further, in some States, Hispanics are lumped in with Whites, making it difficult to get down to razor edge perfection when it comes down to measuring the criminality of the negroid.

As to even finer nit picking (less than 10 vs zero) let's give the number 8. That gives a possibility index of 0.00021622 or a possibility of one on 4624 white rapes on blacks vs black rapes on Whites. In other words for every White on black sexual attack, blacks attack 4624 times the number that Whites do. To put it another way, assuming negroids attack Whites sexually 100 times every day (to reach the 37,000 mark in a year) you would have to wait 45.62 days to get a case of White on black rape.

Please note this DOES NOT take into account the differences in population! Negroids account for around 12% of the population, but it is not the sows who are raping, so let's drop that figure to 6%. The elderly negroids are not raping, so lets take out another 2%. And the prepubescent, crippled and disabled negroids are not raping, so let's take them out with another 2%.
Thus we arrive at 2% of young, healthy, male Negroid bucks are sexually assaulting at a rate of 37,000 a year. If we assume that negroids are 12% of the population we get around 39,000,000 total negroids and thus 2% would be 780,000. At the mentioned sexual assault rate of 37,000 per year, we have a rate of 1 sexual assault on a White by a negroid per 21 negroid males. At this rate, in 21 years, every negroid male would have had the opportunity to rape without changing the rate at all!!

This is not an accident, this is policy.

What do I mean by "policy"? Psychologists tell us that rape is not a crime of sexuality but of rage and hate and control/dominance, like in the Knoxville Horror or the the "Wilding" attacks. These numbers bear out starkly that negroid males, in huge numbers, hate and want to control White females, either through transference or as a weapon of race war against White males or for the negroids own inadequacy. I can't imagine what the White families of these girls and women must think of this situation, but I bet their eyes are WIDE open. The human pain, suffering, broken lives are crushing to say nothing of the diseases negroids must transmit in the course of these crimes must be shattering.

I think I have made the point that no matter how you look at this, negroids are a vile and dangerous, unassimilable child race that Whites have tried to make excuses for hoping for "integration" and when this does not work, Whites flee.

This delusion of peaceful coexistence is dangerously insane and costing us in blood, shattering the lives of our families, our communities, cities and Country.

W74 said...

How would you like to be gunned down in this manner? The guy wasn't even looking.


27 second video you all need to watch. It could be you, it could be a family member. It could be over, literally, before you even know what hit you.

Zenster said...

10mm AUTO: Only whites have been tricked into thinking that love for their own people is somehow “hatred” of others.

A superb closing line to what can only be called an outstanding comment. Incredibly well-said, 10mm AUTO.

I can only hope that you have opened Lucille's eyes wider than the Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

to Melburnian:

you're not wrong-- the Pacific protects us from too-easy access, tho Oz is still besotted with elites who are the worst type of DWLs and reds. I prefer my Sydney but both cities are monuments to how enjoyable life CAN be in a metropolis-- provided it has a citizenry to match it.

Dan said...

Good stuff 10mm.

How could you not target black teens based on this statistical evidence.

As I stated elsewhere, a lot of white on white sexual assault is likely to be groping and not much more.

Jackrolling or gang rape is almost exclusively a black thing too. The forced sodomization inflicted on white women by blacks must be phenomenally high as a percentage of that total.

When I hear feminists bitch about male dominance and misogyny I have to laugh. Hey girls, it's the black twenty something/teen raping your sisters. Not us.
have to laugh sometimes. They roll

Bogolyubski said...

@10 MM AUTO: Your point is excellent but you possibly underestimate the toxic power of the 'anti-racist' religiosity among whites - especially females and their families. Look at the case of Amy Biehl, an American volunteer raped/murdered by negroids while working in St. Mandela's Eunuchorn rainbow paradise, who received a minimal sentence from the regime's farce of a justice system. The response of Biehl's DWL parents: they now employ the killers in a foundation they set up in their daughter's memory!

In case after case of black-on-white atrocities, white police, prosecutors, attorneys and media make excuses and cover-up the heinous crimes and the savage racial animus of the perpetrators. Not only the typical leftist ideologues who populate the ranks of the media but even many so-called "conservatives" participate in the lies, obfuscation and cover-up. This dovetails with the pathetic white-knighting behavior I remarked on in the comments to PK's Detroit article over at Alt-Right: Note that the white Repuke MI establishment is moving to take over the management of the Michigan-Mogadishu. They will fail miserably and the collection of negroid chieftans, Ministry of Truth liars and assorted DWLs will then be able to place the blame for the whole mess - all four-decades' worth - upon the hapless backs of the white "plantation owners." An aside on the DOJ crime stats: Hispanics are counted as "white" in tabulations of perpetrators but broken out as a separate racial class when reckoning victims. This deliberate, Soviet-style falsification of statistics was initiated in the "conservative" "law and order" Republican administration of Richard Nixon.

Rusty Mason said...

Relations between whites and blacks were relatively great before the Marxists took over the West in the 1960's. We stayed separated but worked together in a civilized manner and things worked just fine, especially in the South. We certainly did not have the racial tension we have now.

Anonymous said...

To Anon SYDNEYSIDER, March 28, 1:05 PM

I am "Melburnian", above.

Yes, Australia is absolutely infested (a term I use without sarcasm here) with DWLs. I was one, before I left to live in the UK. I never even knew of a world where racism existed. I didn't even understand the concept of race as a division of society. The only non-white people I knew were Asian. I didn't NOTICE they were Asian, per se, apart from the fact that I got excellent fried rice at so-and-so's house when I went for a sleepover. (Preceding statement might seem incongruent lest I inform those reading I am a female.)

LEAVING Australia and coming to the UK turned me. At first, I had heated discussions with "racist" British family members of mine. A couple of years later and I am FAR more awake to the truth than any of them.

If I had never left Australia, I would never have left behind DWLiberalism.

I excuse Australians for their Leftist, magical-wonderland-of-racial-integration, foppish attitudes because IT WORKS AND FITS their experience of life. It worked and fitted my experience of life as a child/teenager there too.

It made sense because the only races I EVER, EVER, EVER experienced first hand, or even IN THE NEWS, were WHITE (European) and ASIAN.

White and Asian.

Nothing else.

I had NO experience of ANY OTHER RACE.

Leftism WORKS in a society with Asians and Whites. It works perfectly - because all members of society give equally to the socialist welfare-state pot, rather than some giving huge amounts and others living off it like parasites.

Leftism WORKS when all members of a society agree to live by unwritten rules of behaviour, even when tempted otherwise. Whites and Asians have no trouble doing so.

I was a DWL in Australia, because it made sense there. It WAS the most logical way to be, in THAT SOCIETY ONLY.

Elsewhere in the world, perhaps with the exception of Canada, and some Eastern European countries, it DOES NOT WORK and is not a logical way to be, because of the racial demography.

So here I am.
On this website.
A place filled with what I once would have viewed as sickening, hateful, vile, horrible, shocking and insanely ignorant.
Only once I leave Australia (a place that essentially amounts to Whitopia) do I suddenly see that the truth of America and Western Europe, is not the truth of Australia.

Australia will survive DWL because it requires certain criteria to be met for immigrants. When that changes, we may see the end of Australian society as we know it.

Sydneysider, if you live in Australia at the moment and have not experienced life outside, BE GRATEFUL. Be extremely grateful. You may look around you and see ridiculous policies that are "compassionate" but dopey, policies that give to the poor non-working and take away from the "rich" hard-working. You may look around and witness hopelessly illogical, twisted political thinking but in a society filled with Whites and Asians, the detrimental effects will be minimal - because in Australia, MOST people want to CONTRIBUTE to society and to the wealth of the nation. Not so in Western Europe, and not so in the USA.

Be grateful for the lesser of two evils. DWL in Aus works 1000x times better than DWL in third-world-immigrant-filled Europe/USA.

Anonymous said...

"I have to laugh at reactionary 'conservatives' who deride public transportation and blame the 'state' for its failure in America.

Anyone who has spent any time in Europe knows that public transportation can work great. It's clean and efficient. In major cities it is preferable to traffic jams and searching for expensive parking.

The reason public transportation is a failure in the U.S. is because of the people who occupy most large cities here make it unsafe and inefficient."

We are all pretty much aware of that fact(as evidenced by the fact that we wouldn't be fighting tooth and nail to keep "merely inefficient" public rail systems out of our neighborhoods), but unfortunately the European system will eventually be made unsafe by the very same problem.

The system as a whole, as any system that trades security for efficiency, is not fault tolerant.

Anonymous said...

A large group of people protesting the Trayvon Martin shooting looted a store in North Miami Beach. There have also been reports of vandalism and property damage by angry protestors. The Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis monuments were both spray painted with graffiti that said "For Trayvon Martin, RIP." This case is also hurting the local economy in Sanford, Florida, where the shooting took place.

So CAL Snowman said...

Standing applause for 10MM Auto, THAT was Great!

Not much to add here, except to say that anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain can see what happened to the incredible public transportation in South Africa when the blacks took over. SHOCKING that a race that never invented so much as a boat with a sail would be at best, incompetent, when put in charge of a modern transportation system.

@Melburnian 2:29 - I totally understand where you are coming from. I too was A DWL because I lived in a WHITOPIA and NEVER experienced other races in large numbers. I NEVER envisioned myself on a website like this! hahaha - but eventually you cannot ignore the heat from the fire right?

P.S. - Tax Revolt is a great idea in THEORY, but this place will burn down long before Whites organize on that type of level.....besides the Federal Income Tax is unconstitutional anyway.....

Anonymous said...

Here are more pictures of some of the graffiti being done in memory of Trayvon Martin. This is Lee Circle in New Orleans.

Discard said...

SoCal Snowman: The income tax is not unconstitutional, because the 16th (17th?) Amendment was passed specifically to allow it. That was back in the day when you couldn't just discover whatever you wanted in penumbras formed by emanations from one paragraph of the Constitution or another. Congress and 3/4 of the states's legislatures voted for it, and the President signed it.

R Neville said...

Awesome 10mm auto. 2% of the population wreaks this much havoc. I often wonder what crimes my fellow male negro co-workers have committed in their youth. I have heard three negroes in management positions say that the judge told them to either join the military, or go to jail. Most likely this makes them felons, and they should not have been given the clearances they have where I work.
I, probably like many of you, have applied for jobs that I was uniquely qualified for, yet even after passing extensive testing, was denied the job purely because of my race.
Now, more EEOC at work in DC. http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/local/tsa-manager-arrested-for-running-prostitution-ring-032812#ixzz1qRISaevM
"The center can not hold."

IT'S TIME said...

The people whom got their address tweeted eroneously should sue Spike Lee and make him buy them a new house......And a motorhome so they can ride around the U.S. with a huge banner that says "Thanks Trayvon".

W74 said...

Race Realism represents one of the few ways of rekindling this country's chances for survival. One thing is certain, there is no way in hell that Black uplift can continue. The price is staggering and the task thankless in the extreme.

Zenster, Up until the 1950s one dollar of debt contributed to an increase of one dollar of GDP. Now it takes 6 dollars of debt to create one dollar of GDP. Diminishing returns and a horrible way to run a national economy.

It's the same thing with support of blacks. It doesn't take much to bring someone out of the state that blacks would live in (think Democratic Republic of the Congo) were it not for help from Whites. It takes a whole hell of a lot to bring them from the basics into civilization's fold. Again, diminishing returns.

Anonymous said...

Rubbing salt on wounds, but sooner or later we in the USA have to face the fact that the trend is permanently down because the future demographics are so bad. In south suburban Minneapolis the future demand for intelligent workers is not going to be met unless the demographics change radically - won't happen.Comically, the local public radio (which is funded by the Mpls Public Schools) advertises that the official goal for the MPS is "every student college-ready"...sounded great but when the results trickled in (50 percent graduation rate for black students) the slogan changed to something or other about global citizenship.
This is the way it is going to be for the forseeable future. Reality can't be allowed in the door, so open the windows and let the propaganda in. It all hearkens back to the lesson learned in the 1960's Olympic hockey contests by the Canadians. They may have invented the game but there were so many more Russians playing it they just had to win. Similar to the situation today for general civilization and sciences; there are so many more competent minds amongst the Asians (10 times more highly intelligent people) than in North America, the conclusion is foregone.
I imagine a serious psychological malaise bordering on clinical depression is in the works for millions of us.

Zenster said...

From the Washington Times article:

In recent months, such antiquated record keeping has allowed employees to steal thousands of dollars that electronic systems easily could have detected — and in more than one case, a culture of complicity has kept prosecutors from trying those who were caught because they feared no clean witness or proper records could be found.

How bad is the corruption when a credible witness for the prosecution cannot even be found? Everyone's job is secure because they've all got their hands in the cookie jar.

“I was the only white woman in car maintenance out of 338, and they made my life miserable,” Ms. Whorton said, adding that colleagues once electrified a track circuit on which she was working and laughed. “Nothing happened to them.”

Nothing like a little attempted murder to liven up the workplace. For those unfamiliar with such things, the WMATA uses a third rail voltage of 750 VDC. That is enough to kill a person INSTANTLY.

Anonymous said...

Another great thread, and also soo cool is how often our comment sections are reasoned, thoughtful discussion as opposed to devolving into troll-riven emotional ranting.
So, I find myself in agreement with nearly all here, and I see, and I used to be a DWL who grew up in a whitopia, and I lament the undertow.
It occurred to me that there are some distinctly black aspects to our current economic malaise:
1. Destruction of a metro tax base caused by the undertow's criminality forcing white flight.
2. Reduction in disposable income and increase in pollution caused by the need to drive to and from work and whitopia.
3. Damage to quality family time and life by the hours wasted driving to and from work and whitopia.
4. Civic decay and atrophy caused by the creeping realization that the system has been turned against the founding class.
5. Civic atrophy caused by having little connection to one's bedroom community or one's work city. Less patronage of the arts, local businesses, etc.
6. Lack of community cohesion caused by distrust of neighbors, whether possible DWLs or artificial black middle class also fleeing the city or ghetto. Its just easier to pop a beer and watch TV than get involved with others around you, especially after driving half the day away.
7. Depletion of any ghetto potential for revival: caused by false DWL assumptions, devastation of the tax base, and black incompetence in governance coupled with constant excuse making for their failed fellows.
8. Enormous divertion of resources into creating/ maintaining the artificial black middle class and the welfare industrial complex. This goes for both public and private employers/ entities.
9. Huge brain drain as productive members of white society give up, and either go along to get along or retire early. Others simply up and leave for other countries. Others still, see starting new ventures here as fruitless, thankless, and/or too risky, so either put it off or do it elsewhere.
10. Massive fear and paralysis caused by witnessing the decay and devolution into lawlessness and despair. Why buy a house if you can't predict who might move in next door on a section 8 voucher? Why purchase commercial real estate if you can't predict how much the taxes might increase or the business might struggle under the load placed on the area by paying to feed clothe and house the undertow, not to mention all the ancillary programs that must be funded.
11. Why make any firm commitment to a country and system that is in all outward appearances bent upon your dispossession?

All the above makes me want to scream, and although being one who can see may take years off my life, I am glad I do not live a DWL lie. Good luck to all of you.

Simon Jester said...

“I was the only white woman in car maintenance out of 338, and they made my life miserable,” Ms. Whorton said, adding that colleagues once electrified a track circuit on which she was working and laughed. “Nothing happened to them.”

Nothing like a little attempted murder to liven up the workplace. For those unfamiliar with such things, the WMATA uses a third rail voltage of 750 VDC. That is enough to kill a person INSTANTLY.

They're Tolkein's orcs, brought to life. It is utterly beyond my comprehension why any person of any other race would have anything to do with them.

Anonymous said...

Reality can't be allowed in the door, so open the windows and let the propaganda in.

Even if the people in the schools can think the truth, it is literally unspeakable for them.  To say it is to lose their careers, retirements, maybe even spouses.  How many can pay that price?

Being able to See would be such a horrible burden on those people, it's no wonder everyone is at some level of denial.  I know someone in a situation like that.  Denial keeps her sane, but I fear that she may not live long enough to retire.  Her administration seems to be trying to get her to quit one way or another, and a small fifty-something White lady is no match for a fifth-grade "student" who has been held back a couple of times.

Winston Smith said...

“I was the only white woman in car maintenance out of 338, and they made my life miserable,” Ms. Whorton said, adding that colleagues once electrified a track circuit on which she was working and laughed. “Nothing happened to them.”


This doesn't surprise me a bit.

I guess I was a DWL until I worked with them too.

I think until you see this with your own lyin' eyes, you just can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

The Black Panther Party leader who offered a $10,000 bounty on Trayvon Martin's shooter was arrested on a weapons charge.

Lord Drek said...

@ Anonymous @ 3:31

Excellent observations.

What unnerves me is that prior to becoming OWCS, I'd have found every reason under the sun to refute your points.

I think that all Whites will soon be able to see, given enough pressure. In the sane, survival instinct trumps political affiliation.

Jay in DC said...

So the fucked thing for me is this... Whites are naturally liberal I think based on my experience. Melbournian is yet another example of what I've seen. He simply had no idea of what a destructive element blacks are to a culture without experiencing this first hand. Most whites are built of the same character and I cannot assault or challenge them for this. We want to see the goodness in human beings, but, these Others are sub-human this can only be garnered through intimate experience. Case in point number 2- My old boss. A San Fransican and he came with all the liberalism and profound ideas that come out of that place. He moved to DC and was educated in a most harsh fashion and in the shortest of order that I found it comical. His quote to me--"Jay, I really was so liberal and against discrimnation until I moved here. I had no fucking idea about how primal niggers are until I had such horrifically bad interaction with them. Had I known throughout my 20 years in San Fran what I know now I can't imagine I'd be the same person." This is a quote. The only people who don't understand the Nature of The Beast, are those who do not have direct exposure. It is reality.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see all the Baltimore area comments! I lived and worked in Owings Mills, Md back in the mid-80's to mid-90's.

Before the light rail station opened up, the area was extremely white. And safe.

After the rail station opened a direct line into the cesspool of Baltimore City, the first noticeable change was that practically overnight the 'help' at most of the retail and fast food stores went from courteous, competent and white to rude, incompetent and black.

Anonymous said...

Recently I had the opportunity to follow a link over here and I have to tell you, MY EYES ARE WIDE OPEN.

Truth is power!


Dissident said...

To the former Australian DWL.

Congratulations, on you're awakening to the nightmare that we Americans have been living under for 40+ years now. I'm all to happy to share the wealth, so to speak.

I get especially giddy, when I see white women coming out of the closet and denouncing their privileged status as former liberals.

Thank you for just making my day.

Californian said...

South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) once had great train and trolley systems. Young backpackers and students could cheaply travel and see the stunning nature and Dutch/British architecture of southern Africa safely and efficiently.


I was on a train somewhere in South Africa back in the 1970s and a passenger slammed a door in the middle of the night. A conductor came by immediately and reprimanded them (politely) for disturbing the other passengers. This was typical of the discipline of the entire system. You could get anywhere from Cape Town to Windhoek with a minimum of fuss.

On another front, I took the bus from South Africa to Salisbury via Beitbridge a couple times. The bus was clean, the passengers well behaved, a nice lady came on and told everyone how to use the bathroom in the rear. A couple of gun trucks manned by police reservists gave us an escort, but the trip proceeded without incident.

The border post is still there, apparently, but what's the bus run like?


So CAL Snowman said...

@Discard -

Former IRS CID Agent Joe Banister Discusses Illegality of Income Tax on CNBC

I understand the 16th Amendment. I also understand it's all a sham, the IRS and everything else. Joe was charged with income tax fraud/evasion by the Federal Government and he beat his case. Actually a substantial number of EX-IRS agents have beaten their tax evasion/fraud cases because they know that it's a scam and can convince a jury as such.....

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice that at least CNN updated their pictures to show a recent photo of Trayvon and the smiling photo of zimmerman?

Others are still using the mugshot and 14yr old pic of the lil' Angel.

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

2/3 of the CNN comments are very skeptical of the original DWL approach to the Martin/Zimmeran case. It also helps that most of the other 1/3 of the comments are pretty ridiculous comments with a "kill whitey" or "white people are the devil sentiment."

Considering that most of CNN's viewers/subscribers are white, it was only a matter of time before this happened...DWL bias or not.

Anonymous said...

As a progressive, I can't begin to express how sick I am of.. these people. A central tenant of progressive thought is that by expanding our nation, we expand our own fortunes and opportunities- by building up our nation, we build up our opportunities and those of posterity.

I have just one question, whose idea was it that we share any goals with these animals?
They don't care about anything but enriching their own pockets, and they lack the discipline to even do that very well...

Anonymous said...

2/3 of the CNN comments are very skeptical of the original DWL approach to the Martin/Zimmeran case. It also helps that most of the other 1/3 of the comments are pretty ridiculous comments with a "kill whitey" or "white people are the devil sentiment."

Be interesting to see how many of the commentators have been to race realist websites. Is there an internet based information warfare insurgency going on here?

Zenster said...

Anonymous (3/29, 2012 9:01 PM): Is there an internet based information warfare insurgency going on here?

If there isn't already, there will be soon enough. In reality, it all started over a decade ago with the pushback against Islam being portrayed as the Religion of Peace. [spit]

The abundant and shameless outright lies being delivered forth by the MSM about Islamic terrorism is what caused me to forever abandon Liberalism along with the Democratic party. Every last damn thing that's happened since has only served to validate, if not reinforce, my decision.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh when they claim that no one was hurt as if to say it was OK. If you fire a gun into a group and kill someone it is murder whether you intended to kill someone or not and comes under the definition of depraved indifference and is murder under the law so in this case it is intent to commit murder.And since more than 1 person was involved in the crime and acted in concert it would be a conspiracy to commit murder and the penalty for that is aboout the same as if you actually did kill someone.

Anonymous said...

They should get 97% of all Hollywood awards too since their lives are all an act. They act like they are better educated, better earners(which they will be since reverse discrimination is the real problem)better solvers better drivers. They make every job unbearable with stupidity and bad behavior. All this and do not have to talk English as we know it.