Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Do the Criminals Arrested by the Sanford Police Department Look Like? You Guessed it: Barack Obama's "Son" Trayvon Martin

1A: Two Black males rob a store in Sanford, Florida. Friends of Trayvon? Courtesy of Sanford Police Department Web site
The media has embarrassed itself over the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman story. So has Eric "My People" Holder's Department of Justice, which rushed into action when the "good ol' boy" Sanford Police Department let Zimmerman walk:
The FBI, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida will investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old Florida high school student, who was shot by a self-appointed neighborhood watchman. 
1B: More Black crime in Sanford; courtesy of SPD Web site
"The department will conduct a thorough and independent review of all of the evidence and take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation," a statement released by the Justice Department this evening said. "The department also is providing assistance to and cooperating with the state officials in their investigation into the incident." 
George Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense in shooting Martin, has not been charged with any crime in the fatal shooting of the teenager on Feb. 26.

But the real question is this: what is life like in Sanford, Florida? Of 57,000 residents, 57 percent are white and 30 percent are Black. And according to a report by the AP, the town has a history of racial division:
7 of the 11 "Career" criminals listed on the SPD
Web site. 9 of the 11 are Black
Before the charges that police botched the investigation of the shooting of an unarmed black teen, there were complaints that they went easy on an officer's son who beat a black homeless man, or that officers pull over black kids for wearing the wrong color hat because they suspect gang associations. 
The furor over the failure to charge a neighborhood watch captain for shooting Trayvon Martin to death is the latest episode to inflame racial tensions that have simmered between police and blacks in this Orlando suburb for years. And on Thursday, the department's chief temporarily stepped aside. 
Stanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. acknowledged the problems on Friday."The issues that have been brought to my attention regarding the black community and the Sanford police department go back 10 years," he said. "There's a lot of work that needs to be done there." 
Bonaparte noted Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. took over the department less than a year ago and said he had made improvements but added, "Certainly that has changed as of right now in terms of the relationship between the black community and the Sanford police department." 
Turner Clayton Jr., president of the Seminole County's NAACP, agreed."There is no trust," he said. "There is no confidence."
The article is never quite clear on why exactly there is no trust between the police and the Black community, but the answer shouldn't be hard to surmise. Black people - though 30 percent of the population of Sanford - commit a majority of the crime, leading the Black community to identify the police as the aggressors.

Why not take a quick look at the Sanford Police Web site to verify this claim?

1B: Why do they all look like Obama's son? Repeat
offenders in Sanford, Florida

  • In the "Do you know me" unidentified section of the site, three youth who look suspiciously like what Barack Obama's son would look like are pictured robbing liquor stores. We took the liberty of taking screenshots of the site (figure 1A and 2A). 
  • In the Criminal Repeat Offender Program (CROP) section, seven people are profiled. Six of them are Black; the other appears to be Zimmerman's amigo. (figure 1B)
  • In the Sanford's Career Criminal List, nine of the 11 people profiled are Black, with the other individuals oddly not looking like Obama's son.
So in a town of 57,000 people - with more than 17,000 people being Black people and 28,000 white - it appears that crime seems to be the avocation of people who look like Obama. 

Hopefully, this paints a clearer picture of why Mr. Zimmerman found the behavior of Trayvon Martin suspicious and called 911. Crime seems to be an occupation for people who look like Barack Obama's hypothetical son in Sanford, Florida. 

Black people in Sanford have a monopoly on crime; hard to deduce how you can engage in bias-based policing off of the facts presented by the SPD at their Web site. If you see a Black person in Sanford, odds are they'll be the person engaging in a crime.


So CAL Snowman said...

16 Year Old Thug Who Murdered 2 White Tourists : From AmRen

Successful young men with loving families, Mr Cooper, a tennis coach from Hampton Lucy, Warwicks, met Mr Kouzaris, a town planner from Northampton, while they were studying at Sheffield University.

They were enjoying a happy holiday in Sarasota last April and had been for a meal with Mr Cooper’s parents Stanley and Sandy in an area popular with British tourists when they decided to continue their evening at two late-night bars.

Police believe the friends may have been hoping to visit an all-night restaurant when they wandered, drunk, into The Courts, a dimly-lit, dangerous estate known for drug dealing and violence.

Shawn Tyson, a high-school drop out who had the word “Savage” tattooed across the chest, had been released from prison in error the day before, after spraying a car carrying a group of teenage girls with gunfire.

Officials had decided that he was too dangerous to release, but the message was not passed to the prosecutor involved in his case, and he was freed after a three-minute hearing.

During the trial, witnesses told how Tyson had boasted that he had spotted the clearly drunk friends weaving their way through the estate, before confronting them.

The murder victims were found shirtless and with their trousers pulled down—hallmarks, police testified, of a street robbery and done to stop them running away. Tyson’s DNA was later found on the front of Mr Cooper’s jeans.

In fact, the men each had about £40 in their pockets, along with mobile phones and a digital camera.

Speaking outside the court, Tyson’s father Tyronne said that the trial was not fair, and that he would appeal against the sentence.

He went on: “To the families of Cooper and Kouzaris, our deepest sympathies go out to them. Nothing we say will ever bring their kids back to them.

“Three families’ lives have been destroyed. Two will never see their children again and one family’s child just lost his freedom for the rest of his life.”

IF Obama had a son he would be like Shawn Taylor. THIS is why Whites MUST demand separation. This animal hunted these men like the savage he was......(this story really make me sad, I dont know what more I can say)

Pam said...

Go back and read what white people have done to black people in this country. The problem with white people is that they do not know how to handle payback. Since whites were the first murders, rapists, thieves, low lifes in this country, I would say that the black boys you call Obama's sons has a little too much white blood flowing through their veins.

Mutant Swarm said...

"...Speaking outside the court, Tyson’s father Tyronne said that the trial was not fair, and that he would appeal against the sentence..."

He means that the genetic garbage didn't get found "not guilty" as expected.

"We are all George Zimmerman."


Anonymous said...

They why do the savage black people hack each other up in every African country?

Mutant Swarm said...

Uh, Pam...did you just concede that White people were here first, or did you forget about the Indians?


"We are all George Zimmerman."

Discard said...

Given that the Black murder rate is 11 times the White murder rate, it is reasonable to assume that, in any confrontation between Whites and Blacks, the Blacks are the aggressor.

So CAL Snowman said...

Hey Hey check out this article by Resident poster Whiskey! Great Work Whiskey, I found your article on RENSE.COM. Damn son that's the BIG TIME.

Why We Don't Care : Obama and Trayvon Martin

John said...

Hey Tyrone,

Smirk up your other sleeve. Shiftless shit.
Your son should be fried.


A Brit.

John said...

Payback you say?

400,000 shiftless blacks were transported here over 100 years. There are 30,000,000 of you equally shiftless worthless scum here now. You blacks have not been oppressed or anything close. Indeed, American whites provided you with a written language, law, technology, architecture, art.

All you do is shit all over those gifts like spoiled psychotic brats. You wrecked Detroit, nearly wrecked NYC, butchered St Louis, wiped out Atlanta. Worse than a nuclear bomb.

Californian said...

Pam said...Go back and read what white people have done to black people in this country.

You mean how whites, over the last half century, provided blacks with everything they have demanded: civil rights legislation, affirmative action, Section 8 housing, minority grants, every manner of black studies programs, black history months, a national holiday for MLK, the fawning adulation of the media? Heck, whites even handed over Rhodesia and South Africa to black majority rule. And how well are blacks managing those countries?

Pam, you might also consider where blacks would be today were it not for white people. What if there had been no slavery? Assuming you are black, you would be back in Africa. How do you suppose life would be for you in Congo or Liberia? And were it not for colonialism in Africa, blacks would not have any of the amenities of European civilization which they seem to enjoy, from cities to Mercedes Benz to AK-47s. And let us not forget how it is the foreign aid, and food shipments, and AIDS programs, and earthquake relief, all provided by whites, which are keeping blacks alive from Somalia to Haiti.

But instead of gratitude, all one can get is pathetic threats.

Tsk, tsk.

The problem with white people is that they do not know how to handle payback.

So then you are stating that the current wave of black-on-white violence is part of a race war directed against white people? We are told that race-is-just-a-construct. If that is the case, how could anything which happened a century ago have any meaning to black people today? Yet based on those events, you appear to be calling for a race war today.

Pam, do you seriously think that white people are going to take this for very much longer? Should white people "handle" this "payback" by sitting back and letting themselves be victimized--or by defending themselves?

And do you seriously, honestly think you can win such a race war? After all, blacks are outnumbered by whites considerably. Even many liberals are fed up with black criminality and corruption. And also do not forget that Asians and Hispanics have little love for blacks, and none of the pathological guilt in which white DWLs revel. How do you suppose Mr. Zimmerman's associates in the Hispanic community will react to any untoward violence against him, or even an arrest on trumped up charges? And do you think that Koreans and other Asians, even Arabs, are going to let themselves be burnt out in riots? What do you plan to do when you find yourself against armed resistance from these groups? Maybe you will go on TV and cry.

How about if, instead of communicating pathetic threats, you stand up in your own community and tell blacks to reduce their levels of violent crime, illegitimacy and school dropouts to the same level as white people? If America saw such changes, then we might be able to avert a continual spiral into conflagration. But it's up to blacks to make the call.

What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Pam, I assure you we whites know all about payback. Many of us are chomping at the bit to take the actions necessary to be free of blacks and those who carry water for blacks.

Achilles said...

Liberalism: the ideology of grownup 5 year olds where "two wrongs always make a right".

Discard said...

Totally off topic, but when I was a much younger man, that red-headed woman in the Snorg-Tee ad in the right-hand sidebar would have seemed very attractive. Not as attractive as the random French girl with the beret over at Unamusement Park, but worth a second look, for sure.

Anonymous said...

it's not just in sanford.

take a look at philadelphia's most wanted -- 92 mugshots, almost all black. not one white face.

Anonymous said...

"Go back and read what white people have done to black people in this country."

Pam, please think of some new material. Black Americans have a higher standard of living than any blacks on earth, courtesy of the white man.
If not for the white man, you'd still be in Africa, chewing leaves while living in a hut, spreading AIDS.

Nathan said...

Imagine a village with 100 people. Only 6 of the people in the village are black males and those six blacks commit 70% of the crime in the village. How long do you think the village would wait to DO SOMETHING about it? THAT is America.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Cooper and Mr. Kouzaris were educated and productive Whites. They had traveled the world. One of these men had spent time as a teacher of English in Japan. I would imagine if one asked them of the lands they had traveled to which would they consider to be the most dangerous. I doubt if they would have said the US.
Here you have a black 16 year old, at the time of the murders, guns down two grown men in the street that he did not know, nor had they ever done anything to him. You would expect such murderous intent in the Congo, South Africa, Brazil, or Zimbabwe but in civilized US of A? Yes you can expect that in the US and it's not an isolated incident.

R Neville said...

No "Pam", that distinction goes with the traditionally 1st recognized racial/ethnic group on the continent: the american indian.

Mr. Rational said...

Pam spewed:  Go back and read what white people have done to black people in this country.

Go read what Arabs have done to Black people everywhere; castrating all their captured slave boys by cutting off testicles AND penises was SOP.  Heck, go read what Black people do to Black people today.  Killing albinos for their magical properties?  Hacking off arms?  Whites cannot hold a candle to Blacks.

Since whites were the first murders, rapists, thieves, low lifes in this country

You obviously don't know what the Indians... excuse me, Native Americans did to each other long before Whites ever found North America.  The Aztecs were cutting the hearts out of living victims for religious rituals, to give just one thing out of the textbooks.

I'm sorry, I forgot.  You probably don't read anything deeper than romance novels.

The problem with white people is that they do not know how to handle payback.

I get the feeling that you are about to experience real payback for the first time in sixty years, and you are going to wish you had never been born.

Stephen said...

Funny how you negroes will bring up all these past "injustices" and talk about how awful and "racist" us crackers are only to justify living in the same habitat as us racist crackers. Well I'm not buying it, get your black ass back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam, it isn't that white people "do not know how to handle payback" it's that we have only BEGUN to fight back. Payback's a bitch.

Artist said...

Can't handle payback?


What sort of payback do you have in mind?

Patty Mudd said...

Pam what white people have done to black people in this country would be more accurately phrased as what white people have done for black people in this country. In no other nation on earth are they so tolerated, coddled, excused, and supported. I will come right out and accuse you of being a liberal white woman who hates herself and projects that hatred upon all her fellow whites. Most of us here are proud of what we are, just as we are deeply ashamed of people like you.

Anonymous said...

So generational revenge is okay, then? How many generations can we go back?

maidmarian said...

Good lord, is it not enough you live off our infrastructure and eat the bread taken from our plates? Go to africa with your other low IQ brethren and see how comfortable you are. You would be begging us to take you back in less than a day.

Anonymous said...

Go preach that lie to the Hutu/Tutsi, Kikuyu/Luis, The Golden Horde led by Ghengis Khan, etc.etc. etc... You lie like a rug.

Anonymous said...

"The problem with white people is that they do not know how to handle payback."

Dear Pam, I ain't white, merely a person whose been the victim of many Black assaults and robberies, including one that put me in a hospital by several Black "youths" like the infamous Mr. Martin. Yes, they were kicking me in the face and head and unlike Mr. Martin, the injuries showed up but the Chicago Police did NOTHING but record the incident. (A black lady with kids did stop in their car and pick me up and transport me to a local hospital. So yes, I fully acknowledge not ALL Blacks are Evil and Violent.) CPD calls these Black assaults "STRONG ARM ROBBERIES."

However, this state of affairs only exists because White Leftists have controlled, along with the Black Thug politicians and voters, the Cook County political system, which enables them to put into place a 100% anti-gun Judiciary. This has enabled Blacks to rule the streets with impunity because non-Blacks have no guns, and your typical Black Thug chooses his victim like an animal predator i.e. a smaller, weaker opponent to ensure success.

But as they say, "The Worm Turns," and all sorts of possibilities may exist in the future. Perhaps an Illinois Constitutional Convention may yet occur where the citizens might get to legally carry firearms, perhaps felons may be denied the rights to vote, thereby knocking out all those Black Thug Democrat voters or perhaps IL might get concealed carry on a straight vote. Next time, you might be surprised when your standard Black "Swarming" criminal attack might be met by a fusillade of lead.

Anonymous said...

Touche, Paul!!! Give 'em hell, brother! This kind of realistic insight to the truth is what BRA and DWL's just won't accept. The rest of us know that what you're reporting is REALITY. If I were a millionaire I'd give you tons of money to help out with your work of exposing the ugly truth.

Anonymous said...

Do Negroes like Pam even understand that their average IQ is 84 AND they are outnumbered 5 to 1? Do these Negroes understand that when the social order breaks down and the white policeman is no longer there to protect them there will be a mad rush between the Hispanics and white to kill them? Sucks to be you Pam.

Dan said...

When they do pick on the wrong person one of those flashmobs will be shot flat. It's inevitable. Probably some 5'2" dweeby or nebbish type will put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

Here is the crime map for Sanford:

all of the crime seems to be on the eastern side, and it would be interesting to see how the demographics of the city break down geographically.

The top google result for crime map sanford incidentally is some spoof site that only has Trayvon's shooting.

bubo said...

Those two British guys should have known better. They were caught "slippin" as blacks say. In a civilized white country, it would be no big deal to get drunk and walk around an area strange to you. You'd probably have some good stories to tell. Not so in modern day America. The country has been completely destroyed by the left. Blacks are just a symptom.

Jay in DC said...

I really am almost remiss to jump on the "Pam" bandwagon as it is ludicrous to argue with sub-humans but sadly, like a DC area Train Wreck compliments of BRA DC Metro, I cannot look away and not comment.

I once posted this on blackplanet after hearing so many fucking whiners over there saying the same old tired shit ad infinitum. I'll cut and paste it again--

A Short (and massively incomplete) List of the Oppression of the White Man in Non-Chronological Order-

Moveable Type
The Printing Press
The Scientific Method
Antiseptic Surgical Procedure
The Cotton Gin (lucky for you)
Vulcanized Rubber
The Steam Engine
The Telescope
Stainless Steel
Alloyed Metals
Petroleum Refinement
Mass Production / The Assembly Line
The Internal Combustion Engine
The Automobile
Modern Chemistry
The Theory of Gravity
Planetary Motion
The Airplane
Liquid Crystal Display
The Semiconductor
Space Flight
And finally, we split the atom.

Again, this is a VERY short list. Virtually every thing you use right now in your comfortable life is given to you by White Males. We uplifted you out of the shit and mud of your native world and gave you a window into ours. Be grateful that your ancestors were allowed here because it is the single best thing that ever happened to you, bar none.

Zenster said...

Yet another great article, Paul. Keep piling up the facts like cord wood. One day they will start a blaze that burns with an incandescent ferocity of such magnitude that innumerable of the sightless suddenly begin to See.

Anonymous said...

"You probably don't read anything deeper than romance novels.

Funny you said that. In Chicago, the Public Library system actually has special "African-American" stickers they place on the side of books that CPL considers of special interest to Blacks. And YES, the one's I've seen Black women carrying up to the checkout librarian ARE indeed "romance novels!"

10mm AUTO said...

So Cal said.

"The murder victims were found shirtless and with their trousers pulled down—hallmarks, police testified, of a street robbery and done to stop them running away. Tyson’s DNA was later found on the front of Mr Cooper’s jeans."

Oh my God. The ladies here, please excuse my bluntness.

This is not to prevent the victims "running away". Tyson's DNA is exactly what you would expect from an "excreter", one who liked "fit" men. This was dominate male man rape. That is why they got 40 years. Mr. Cooper's last moments must have been beyond words.

If anything will get you to carry a weapon, imagine these men, educated and talented, the moment they realized that their fate was sealed.

Notice the father does not deny that his "Savage" committed the crime, buts hez din't gets da fair trail and sheet.

The NOI teaches that the negroid accused should NEVER confess as even if convicted, it harms the "White Man" by costing money, takes up time, crowds the docket and the "black Community" may well be able to gin up a witness to clear you or protest the the huge number of negroids in prison.

"Pam", the payback you are giving my race is duly noted. When we respond, may you be one of the first.

Anonymous said...

Paul, did you see this?:

Californian said...

Patty Mudd said... Pam ... I will come right out and accuse you of being a liberal white woman who hates herself and projects that hatred upon all her fellow whites.

Interesting point.

Perhaps "Pam" could tell us a little more about herself. And why she has such hatred of white people ... or perhaps herself?

MuayTyson said...

Pam is the reason some cultures do commit genocide.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. The MSM and other are still going full blast with The Narrative. They seem to be getting people to change their stories. Now its "Zimmerman was sitting on top of Trayvon and then shot him."

JB said...


This "Pam" thing...
Smells like...Desi, redux...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr Baldowl, Obama is just another disingenuous black liberal making excuses for the horrid behaviour of those who look like him. What a kneejerk reaction, so telling and "Preciously honest" as you put it. I, too, hope this is a statement he is remembered for, and I hope every time a white person sees a mugshot of another misbehaving, miscreant black, the begin to automatically think of Obama and his children. What a loser. Lets make him lose this election. Lets find someone with spine who will lead us out of this mess.
By the way, everyone needs to start doing the math and realize when these young idiots were burffed. Many came to be during Clinton's ugly liberal reign. If the economy hadn't been so good back then perhaps we might have seen the decline in black culture beginning, but now after a period of violent rap lyrics and the soon to come end or reduction of social welfare spending, we are at a critical juncture. Time to warm up those FEMA camps and build more prisons. So sad that we have allowed quality control to fail in the name of freedom and we now will have to gather up and store the trash we allowed to propagate.
No wonder Pat called his book "Suicide of a Superpower". This shit absolutely breaks my heart. No, not the sad, self-made plight of these miserable idiot niggers, but the loss of my country as I was raised to believe it would be for me and the others who worked as we were taught to by our good, two parent families. We are the children of the lie, and we have every reason and right to be very very angry. Kipling's "The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon" applies here.

Bogolyubski said...

The one thing that some here seem unaware of - or at least not worth a mention - is that blacks could not have achieved the level of power they presently enjoy by themselves. They have what amounts to a defacto immunity from all justice for a decades-long catalog of savage atrocities against whites exceeded only in Africa itself. This state of affairs is due only because of having very rich allies in very high places, whose legions of drooling DWL minions work ceaselessly to create the situation which resulted in the Sarasota murders plus tens of thousands more which are simply shoved down the memory hole.

Ever notice how murderous thugs like Shawn Tyson have endless legal defense? I guarantee that there will be a battery of defense attorneys who will be fighting Tyson's conviction until the day he walks out of jail again. Who do you think is paying for all that legal maneuvering, Tyrone Tyson? That's not even mentioning having the power pull the strings of all the judges, prosecutors, and police throughout the country - who dance like an organ-grinder's chirping monkey as the refuse to prosecute blacks for hate crime after gruesome hate crime - like when a couple of honah stoodintz set a white kid on fire while shouting racial slurs at him in Kansas City recently.

Remember the Carr brothers who gunned down five young whites in Wichita, KS in Dec, 2000? The death penalty earned by one has already been negated. It wasn't accomplished by the brilliant litigation of the Johnny Cockroachin' law firm. Mr. Kersey has shown us how things end up functioning when blacks actually attempt to run something - just look at Detroit!

Put simply, the entire west is ruled by a treasonous, genocidal totalitarian oligarchy. The media - both leftist and "conservative" are but craven shills for them, as are the nominal political parties, and the legions of DWLs who populate the ranks of every institution. Destroy the root of the power and the blacks will revert soon enough to their natural state, which is the laughable third-world dysfunction of a place like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a group of (c)rappers have already made a (c)rap song in honor of Treyvon Martin. I find (c)rap music as nauseating as the next person, but I implore you to spend a few minutes listening to the lyrics:

The extreme irony is how a song like that does more to damage blacks reputations than the average white supremacist could ever dream of. Yes please black people, go ahead and start a riot. Show more and more DWL's what's really hiding under those hoodies!

eh said...

Of course this goes to 'racial profiling', and so this might be seen as an opportunity to show the absurdity of trying to stigmatize or even outright prohibit that -- i.e. 'racial profiling' is no more than using your experience, or applied common sense, which ought to be seen as especially important for the police, e.g. to perhaps prevent serious violent crime, since it is their responsibility to protect the public, as far as that's possible.

But like everything else having to do with political correctness ... good luck with that.

eh said...

the one that's going to most haunt him

Depends on whether or not the Republicans make use of it. In 2008 McCain deliberately -- and stupidly -- decided not to make an issue of Obama's attendance at -- not to mention hefty financial support of -- that absurd 'church' where Jeremiah Wright ranted against Whites.

But here I would keep my expectations low; after all, the Republicans aren't called 'The Stupid Party' for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman was a neighbourhood watch captain because of black crime in Sanford.It was black people that killed ashtrayvon.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere on this planet from Sanford to London,Paris,Detoilet,Lagos,Chicago.Haiti,Amsterdam,St Louis,South Africa you find a large black population full of retarded low IQ,criminal,parasites.

Anonymous said...


That is a typical chant of genocidal negros such as yourself. I am assuming negro, or sympathetic Afrophiliac, you are sure to be one or the other.

As far as 'payback' is concerned, really what this means is that blacks just want an excuse for their unbridled criminality, to do whatever they feel like doing and get away with it, all in the name of retribution of their 'ancestor's suffering'.

It is complete bullshit. The majority of blacks are opportunistic bottom feeding retards. Dare I say..useless. You know this to be true and so do most blacks.

Even with government help and head starts, you still cannot compete with others on a level playing field- you are incapable of doing so. And you know it, and we know it. Enough.

This big 'payback' you talk about. Be careful what you wish for. Many of us have a lot of lead stocked up for just a thing, and you're only 16 percent of the population, if that. You do the math.

Anonymous said...

Zimmered-When a criminal gets his come-uppance.

eh said...

A simple response to "Pam" is as follows:

Black criminality is extraordinarily high, e.g. when compared to Whites; perhaps you would be willing to concede that. If not, this claim has been (ad nauseum really) well quantified, and this can be done again.

What's also true, as has been pointed out here, is that the vast majority of the victims of the aforementioned grossly disproportionate black criminality are ... other Blacks. This is especially true of the worst kind of crime -- physical violent crimes committed against another person, and this includes murder.

Simple question: What the hell does that have to do with "payback"?

Anonymous said...

More people are indeed beginning to "see", and speaking out more forthrightly about what they see.

Here's a rather influential Florida blogger, who normally focuses on economic issues:

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Census map should wish to overlay the crime stats:

Zoom in to get down to detail.

Anonymous said...

I have concealed carry.
I do not have to wait until an attacker has beaten me to within a inch of my life before I decide to use my weapon with my last dying breath. I do not have to show life threatening injuries or bloody nose, or black eyes, and torn clothing, to the police. When my attacker took on the responsibility of attacking me he also took on the responsibilities of the consequences of their attack on me. How was I to know that my attacker was only going to beat me unconscious and leave me there to just teach me a lesson? Plus I would not want to be beaten unconscious, feet and hands can kill and there's brain injury.
That's what this is all about blacks think that they have no responsibilities for their criminal actions. It's okay for them to commit any crime they want to and they must not have any consequences for their actions.
Plus this is a message to Whites you will be killed and there is nothing you can do about it. It is suppose to spread fear in Whites. Change gun laws so Whites cannot defend themselves or else.
And this is being led by the controlled media.

flo said...

@ Pam

You must have forgotten history, or maybe you are just ignorant of it. So as you allude to slavery and specifically to the african trade, let's talk about it.
The trade was an african AND muslim one in Africa since 652. The Muslims (Arab tribes first then maghrebians) razzied, captured, killed, deported up to 30 million blacks since 652. They would usually kill the adult males in the razzias, take the male+female children & teens and the young adult females : the male children and teens were castrated, the females were mainly intended to be sexual slaves in harems. Only in a few maghrebian zones (Morocco eg) were the males destined to make soldiers not castrated. The babies born in the black harems were eliminated. Hence very few to zero descent. One generations of black slaves was incessantly replaced by a new bought one.
The razzias were conducted by the muslims AND black tribes. The main profit of this "market" was for black african chiefs who sold their tribal ennemies and had a way to fund their tribal wars, and for arabs.

Now, you would wonder why negroes were castrated : it is because when the arabs reached black africa they saw something that horrified them, and it takes a lot to horrify a jihadist conqueror. They saw black people who ate human meat and sold humans on markets like cattle to be slayed and made food. So they concluded these humans could not be classified as animals because they had human features but they could not be fully classified as humans either. Consumption of human meat went on till european colonization at the end of the XIXe (earlier in the Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese explored territories). Slavery ended up very quickly in areas taken over by the europeans, because whites fought it.
Nowadays in Africa, muslims AND blacks practice slavery (think of Soudan and Mauritania, Somalia, think of all the sexual black/black trade, think of the Emirates). Now that african countries are "independant", slavery is again developing and cases of anthropophagy have been reported (Congo eg, the Bantou on Pygmees).

During a late and very short period of time, some of the captured negroes were sold to white merchants before any castration : the whites refused this mutilation. This is the transatlantic trade, a minor part of the whole trade. I would like you to read about compared treatment of the slaves (food, transportation, etc), as you seem to like reading. The transatlantic trade involved 3 to 4 times less deportation than the african/muslim trade. No continental european state allowed slavery on metropolitan territories.

So you want "payback" ? ok, go see the descendants of the African chiefs who razzied & sold their "brothers" for centuries. Go ask Machrek and Maghreb about the some 30 million negroes that were deported and killed in razzias. And don't forget to ask the black descendants who bought and ate human black meat during centuries. But this would take a bit of brains and courage.
If your ancestors, assuming that you descent from the transatlantic trade, had stayed in the african/muslim trade, you would NEVER HAD BEEN BORN.
Like nowadays, the best ennemy of negroes is the negro cupidity and stupidity. How many have turned muslim for example, although their first genocider was islam ? The truth is, you worship those who illtreated you and you systematically bite the hand that ends up giving you technology, education and civil rights that even your own race could never have given you.

flo said...

@ Pam

"Since whites were the first murders, rapists, thieves, low lifes in this country, ..."

As you have now understood, it is the contrary. And, about rape, the whites in Africa avoided sexual contact with the negroes. In Africa, "Metis" people are the offspring of aboriginal (Khoi and San, = not black) and European people parents. Very little black/withe descent, mainly in the Antilles (now DOM TOM) and these are offsprings from interracial marriages. Interracial sexual violence has always been very predominantly black on white, even in Africa, even in european and american territories that had black slaves and black workers.
And, by the way, the arabs started to castrate the negro males also because they meant to protect their own women and children from the male negro slaves in their households. They did not castrate slave males of other races.

"...I would say that the black boys you call Obama's sons has a little too much white blood flowing through their veins."

You must be bloody confused, again. Obama himself started the “my son” hoopla, and commenters here refer precisely to Obama’s hoopla. And he did so precisely because such "son" had no white blood in his veins.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, the USSR seemed like a superpower...Then it was gone. And all the "satellite people's republics" were able to break away , write their own laws, live their own lives, make their own treaties...

WHEN the Euro collapses (possibly followed by the EU itself) , and WHEN the dollar follows suit and is no longer the global reserve currency...DC will be left with much less power over even the north American landmass that it now has. No one knows exactly what will happen when this scenario comes to pass, but isn't it *just* possible we'll see a replay of the collapse of the USSR, with a drastically weakened DC only able to dominate and abuse , say, the eastern seaboard? With the midwest, the far west, parts of the deep south, AK and HI, etc, going their own way? Some may become independent nations, some may be forcibly merged with MX, some may ask to join Canada, others maybe...just maybe...will re establish a Constitutionally-based Republic.

And who knows what long-standing injustices (like , say, offenses against the equal protection clause) will be reversed and avenged if this scenario comes to pass?

I know such a scenario means misery and maybe outright starvation and death, if it should come to pass...But perhaps 100 years from now, people alive in the new republics will be so grateful for what we suffered, so they could be free of the malign tyranny DC has been inflicting on the hinterlands for decades now.

Anonymous said...

I can remember when Richard Nixon opining on Charles Manson's guilt while the trial was ongoing nearly caused Manson to get awarded a mistrial! HOW can BHO's comments not contribute to making a fair trial for Zimmerman, should he be arrested and tried? I know this , how can Mr Constitution Law Professor not think of this? Is BHO THAT much of an affirmative action nullity? THAT stupid????

W74 said...

And who knows what long-standing injustices (like , say, offenses against the equal protection clause) will be reversed and avenged if this scenario comes to pass?

I know the following things to be true. Every year more laws are passed. Every year law becomes more complicated. Every year things get worse.

So what's the solution? Simplify. Simplify like constitutionalists like Ron Paul have been saying for decades. Start with the tax code. Once you do that and people are able to make personal and business decisions with certainty the economy will recover.

Local Level. I don't believe all land is equal and should have different uses and those uses governed by terrain, climate, economics, and desirability. Zone properly and you can have thriving communities. Allow development (of course I believe in a free market within guided development) to run amok and you will have disaster. Pay for one group of people to exist or conduct business where they don't belong at the expense of other groups and more social conflict is created rather than alleviated.

Social law. Back when we had the 10 commandments things were better. Of course people still committed murder, still stole, and still F'ed other people's spouses, but I imagine that those ills were infrequent and were dealt with at THE LOWEST POSSIBLE LEVEL. Why get mom and dad involved in a problem that brother and sister can solve on their own?

These days we have the Supreme Court of the US deciding what seem to me very trivial matters which have profound effects nonetheless. It's almost as if we're hearing at the highest level problems which should've been dealt with by an at home spanking, or at least public ridicule from the local community. Nowadays we like to drag out every little issue, air our dirty laundry and throw the book at people over silly things. What a waste of time, money and the opportunity costs of not dealing with more important issues.

Why not let the states handle their own business? Why not let counties and cities handle their's without state intervention? Break it down further why force the county to handle something that's town business, and why bring the town in to solve a neighborhood problem. It seems like Westerners these days are incapable of solving their own problems at the lowest level, without getting outside parties involved. My how far we've come since Ozzy and Harriet and those good ol' cowboy movies. People knew how to handle things back then.

Once you allow localities to have local power, local communities THRIVE and people pay attention to local politics. Who're your county councilmen? Who's your alderman? Who represents your township? The reason we don't know is because local governments are almost irrelevant. Look at Maryland where I live. Look at Connecticut which disbanded it's own counties a decade ago. Do you think people have their own say in things with no real local power?

Now back to law, now we have laws which are so convoluted no business or person can exist without paying strict attention to social law. These aren't even norms and mores, just ways to screw one person over at the behest of another out of pettyness or a perceived sense of injustice. What about all the injustice created because of some liberal perception of injustice (which is everywhere except against you know who)?

Anonymous said...

I don't really know what I'm feeling. Nervous anxiety? Adrenaline fueled fear? Excitement?
Society is fast approaching big changes with violence being on the forefront. Things are going to really ugly and really fast!

IT'S TIME said...

I do believe more and more people are speaking out.

I am one of those people, who when I see something wrong, I am going to speak my mind about it. I don't jump on bandwagons of every political problem, but what we discuss here on SPBDL my friends, is a subject that has affected our past so negatively and it is sure to ruin the futures of OUR generations--if we don't begin to act now.

On Tuesday, I called the Michigan governers office. I didn't speak to the governer, of course, but I called THAT office and asked what they intended to do about the inflammatory comments made by Malik Shabazz. That most Americans believed what he said to be terroristic threats and that he SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR IT.

The gentleman that answered the phone, was at first amused that I had called and explained to me "mam, the governers office doesn't arrest people--you need to call the local authority for that." I quickly explained that the "local authority" that I would be calling is a joke because they can no longer protect their citizens during 911 calls--am I really to call them about arresting someone on a terroistic threat who I am sure the police chief there is in full support of?

His voice then changed to a more serious tone. He explained diplomatically that some people make remarks when they are upset and that they should wait for the anger of the situation to die down--or something to that effect. I said "really--because if I or anyone else I knew-in my town-made those comments--we would be arrested immediately for making terroristic threats." I then asked him "has Detroit ever been burned down before?" and he answered "yes mam about 40 or 50 years ago" and I immediatley interrupted him and said "we wouldn't be having this conversation if you were in Anchorage, Alaska but the fact is your city has been burned to the ground before which is why you should take the threat much more seriously and quit letting these thugs bully you." I told him, more than once, that the nation is watching what is going on in Detroit and they should set the example.

I have to admit--he wasn't joking after the conversation was over and he was very cordial. I told him that I hoped I was one of the topics around his dinner table that night.

What I am trying to explain to the people here on this site is--go the extra mile. You don't even have to find a phone book these days. Look up phone numbers. Call governments in other states. If you remain silent they will never know. If we all start making noise I am sure they will listen.

Oh, and the reason why I said I believed more people were speaking out--Mr. Shabazz SURE DID CHANGE HIS TUNE--which leads me to believe people made a lot of noise about this thug.

Lily White said...

Anonymous@7:17-"HOW can BHO's comments not contribute to making a fair trial for Zimmerman, should he be arrested and tried? I know this , how can Mr Constitution Law Professor not think of this?"

He knows it too, Anon. I honestly think he is trying to get a mistrial declared for Zimmerman, so he walks, thereby GUARANTEEING riots this summer. The man is running for reelection, and has to take peoples' focus off of his disastrous first term (government takeover of the health care industry, the boondoggle of a "stimulus" program.) A race riot just before the election would definitely do that.

Full Auto said...

When was the last time any of these federal agencies got involved on behalf of ANY white person murdered DAILY by a black person? What message does that send to white folks? Or, maybe worse, what message does that send to blacks?

No other race on the planet would put up with blacks the way whites do. None. However, a breaking point will be reached and white fury will be unleashed.

10mm AUTO said...

Negroids bez getting da Freak On wif Trayvon Solidarity in hoodies, nowhatimsays?

Scott H. said...

More from Obama's people:Arrest of Would-be Zetas.

These are the type of Army folks who have ruined Colorado Springs

Anonymous said...

"The problem with white people is that they do not know how to handle payback. Since whites were the first murders, rapists, thieves, low lifes in this country, I would say that the black boys you call Obama's sons has a little too much white blood flowing through their veins."

No. The problem is black people like you have this stupid piss poor mentality.
So, what your saying is, if white people (you did not say how many but I will assume you mean all of them) commited these acts then all whites must pay. Based on this, you are looking for payback a group of people who some were not even in this country or alive to commit these acts. I know this is a concept that is probably beyond your comprehension, but I wanted to put this out there for the people who can understand this. This is why I avoid any contact with blacks as much as possible. The majority of them hate whites and actually feel this way. Even when the evidence points to the fact that whites are the most tolerant people on the fucking planet.
Lastly, your shitty opinion does not shock me and does not bother me. So fuck you very much and have a nice day.

Canis lupus

Kylie said...

Jay in DC: "Be grateful that your [black] ancestors were allowed here because it is the single best thing that ever happened to you, bar none."

True--and it's the single worst thing that ever happened to us whites and our ancestors, bar none.

P.S. Your mention of "The Cotton Gin (lucky for you)" tickled me no end. What a great post. Thanks.

Benson said...

Anonymous said on March 29, 2012 5:47 PM

take a look at philadelphia's most wanted -- 92 mugshots, almost all black. not one white face.
Most Wanted Thugs

Got dang, Anon! That's a veritable sea of slap yo' mama UGLY!

After looking at those mugs, I couldn't help but think of this article:

Do Ugly People Commit More Crime?

My eyeballs need bleaching now.

Lord Drek said...

Food Stamp Fridays!!!

Benson said...

I know it's easy to get caught up in fear and paranoia but sometimes it just might be warranted.

Doh!'bama has been ratcheting up the racial hatred and fueling the division between races and then drudge posts this:


/tinfoil hat off

D J said...

maid marian said:

"Good lord, is it not enough you live off our infrastructure and eat the bread taken from our plates?"

Bravo! Bravisimo!!! I can think of few more succinct ways of expressing the mooching these people have done for so long. Thank you.

Brother Anonymous said...

As I always say, people like Pam should not be engaged with rationally. There should be a strong "disproportionate response."

Zenster said...

eh: Simple question: What the hell does that have to do with "payback"?

By keeping impoverished Blacks confined in urban ghettos, Whites have given them no alternative but to turn on one another.

Clearly, work or simple moral conduct is totally out of the question. Nor, stranded amongst their own kind, are they able to play The Race Card™. So, what's your average Black thug buck supposed to do when there's no Whites around to molest, rob, rape or murder?

Clearly, if only they were transplanted into all of those Whitopia suburbs ― better known as "the happy hunting grounds" ― the opportunities would be endless.

Nope, ain't gonna happen. It takes the sort of money that a real job pays to afford living out there. The sort of job that only an 100 point IQ can get you. So, that's definitely out of the question.

Oops, I forgot. There's always a chance to vote Democratic so that those anti-racist (read: anti-White) bastards will award you a Section 8 housing voucher, lots and lots of social benefits and appoint those activist judges who will hand you a "get out of jail free" card the moment you show up in court for your TNB.

What seems to be forgotten is that Whites, just like any other race, have an institutional memory. Due to their unusually tolerant nature, that memory isn't as readily apparent as it is with, let's say, the Chinese, but it's there.

Not once in all of world history has any other race ever taunted Whites with "Let's see what sort of payback you've got for me!" and not lived to regret it for centuries. Much less even lived to survive it, more often than not.

Be very, very careful when talking about "payback" around Whites. No other race has mastered fully mechanized, industrial scale, Total War™ like the White race has. Even fewer have managed to cope with that malevolent genie once its bottle gets uncorked.

So, go ahead, bring on your "payback" and see what it gets you. We're waiting and time is running out for the knuckle-dragging thugs that think they can savage White society with impunity. Ashtrayvon (hat tip, Anon @ 3/30, 2012 2:14 AM) found that out the hard way just like many other Blacks and predatory minorities are about to as well.

Benson said...

As many have noted, more and more white folks (and non-black 'others') have been waking up to the mob mentality of feral blacks and the Lame-Stream-Media's blatant lack of coverage of said events. It's like a complete 'black-out' [pun not intended].

The few intelligent, good black people are mortified and embarrassed by their brethren but they are just as afraid about speaking out against the 'blacklash' as whites and other non-blacks. It's like the 'Religion of Peace' Muslims who fear speaking out against their nut-job Jihadists for the same reason [backlash and PAYBACK].

To be a sane black person 'WHO CAN SEE' has got to be a very uncomfy conundrum to say the least. Every intelligent, THINKING black will be under attack by the rest of the bloody mob of idjits who will instantly discredit them and call them 'House Ni66as' and 'Actin' white' etc.. You can't make this sheet up! Heaven forbid a black person with sound mind and a good soul not only rise above the fray but criticize his/her brethren. It's bizarro world, I tell ya.

The saddest part is, they are only pawns and being played like a well orchestrated pack of mindless drones doing the bidding of their devious masters. The photoshopped picture of precious wittle Trayvon (wtf kind of name is 'Trayvon' btw?) and calling Zimmerman 'white' is just one of many trix-O'-the-trade of the Commie bastid LSM.

As someone else mentioned here before, what is up with having blacks overrepresented in commercials now? I live in an 78% white community but the commercials I see would lead you to believe that blacks are 50% of the township. Weird much? A much too much!

The line-up mug shots of worst-of-the-worst most violent criminals are always downplayed until one white dude does something and then it's a 'huge media' event, or as someone put it 'man bites dog'.

P.S. I was trying to find the link someone shared here of a lawyer who described his extensive troubles he had with black defendants and I looked high and low and couldn't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The lawyer went on to discuss the insane names that black Americans give their offspring and it was hilarious. I wanted to share the link with my daughter. Thank you if anyone can re-share it!

Simon Jester said...

P.S. I was trying to find the link someone shared here of a lawyer who described his extensive troubles he had with black defendants and I looked high and low and couldn't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The lawyer went on to discuss the insane names that black Americans give their offspring and it was hilarious. I wanted to share the link with my daughter. Thank you if anyone can re-share it!

Urban Law 101:

Delia said...

Simon Jester said on March 30, 2012 2:42 PM

Urban Law 101:


THANK YOU, thank you , thank you, Jester!!!!!!!

That was such a great article and it was unabashed honesty without a 'raaaaaaaaaaaysis' tinge to it. It was just the truth. Pure truth.

Ding dang dong! You guys are fast! I really appreciate it! :)

Concerned Citizen said...

I live in the Orlando area. A few years ago our local Fox affiliate used to have a news segment titled "Manhunt" featuring the top 10 most wanted criminals in the area.

Every night they showed a minimum of 7 black criminals, 1-2 whites, 1-2 Hispanics. Suddenly they stopped doing the segment. Wonder why...

My theory is that the local organized blackness called foul and had the segment pulled.

Zenster said...

Concerned Citizen: My theory is that the local organized blackness called foul and had the segment pulled.

The only problem being, as usual, where or what's the "foul"?

To borrow a phrase from a group that fights for energy efficient buildings but doesn't subscribe to hysteria about the "The Great Warmening" (mandatory viewing for anyone who disputes AMMGW (Anthropogenic Man-Made Global Warming), DATA NOT DOGMA. Astonishingly enough, by the Muslim arse-kissing BBC.

Again, with respect to Race Realism, where's the data? Dogma? There's a surfiet of that. What about data, (i.e., actual facts)? Perish the effing thought!

Anonymous said...

It would be all good to go back to the mother land we'll go when you go back to yours this land belongs to the Indian (NOT WHITES!!)the food i eat i buy when i get my paycheck from (MY)9to5 blacks aren't dumb(OBAMA)we know just what we're doing stalling WHITES OUT! Gald to know it's working ((((on YOU ALL MINES 24/7 lol)))))))))keep bloging and crying WE(blacks )will keep reading laughing

Anonymous said...

And the blacks have been waiting for round two as well along with the ones that carries our water(not that we need them)SO THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

Anonymous said...

That the white man made to kill blacks off but?sorry we're still here blacks will be here and there long after you all ARE GONE OR FEW IN NUMBERS HMMMMMMMMM2050 give or take young whites LOVE THEMSELVES SOME BLACK MENS (having kids by them at a fast rate)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!dreamer Don't see it

Anonymous said...

And you shouldn't buy what belongs to you

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is and payback is just what we're giving you and HOW SWEET IT!!!whose in the white house

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No sucks to be you who said we need the law there not for us anyway REMEMBER

Anonymous said...

It won't stop dreaming he still got the blacks vote by 98% and the whites that vote in his party anyway

Anonymous said...

Not rapper it's R/B lol!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pam obviously has never been either beaten, robbed or raped by a black male. Pam, once that happens would you get back to us (providing you are still alive to relate the story)?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. 9 of 11 habitual criminals in Sanford are black. Could this Sanford’s own “9/11 Crisis” Could this be why the law abiding citizens of Sanford are paranoid?
When faced with odds like that what can the law abiding citizens to do? A Neighborhood watch Capitan …observing & following a hooded creeper in a gated community, he questions what business he may have wondering within the confines of the gated community & is likely faced with a violent reaction. You see, asking a black person what their business is, weaving between homes in a gated community in the dark of the night Beez Raciss. A fight ensues & the black, not the white is dead for a change. If it went the other way, and it easily could have, it would not have been news worthy, not even in Sanford.

The mentality is this, I am looking for a home to rob where the owners are out, …so I don’t have to injure or kill them while robbing them. That’s just how thoughtful I am. Besides, it is insured so what is your problem? I am trying to earn a living the only way I know how, since the white schools have racist motivations in place to push blacks out. Besides, ALL white people OWE ALL BLACKS because a very small percentage of whites in the south owned a very small population of blacks, over 150 years ago.

Go figure, I guess we owe them according to that logic.

10mm AUTO said...

"Clearly, if only they were transplanted into all of those Whitopia suburbs ― better known as "the happy hunting grounds" ― the opportunities would be endless."

LOL, that is funny! I can just see the buses unloading now, negroids with their Whitey Game permits and orange jackets and AK's. The Tour Director admonishing them not to kill too many and be back on the bus by 5am!

Anonymous said...

The murders took place in the Newtown area of Sarasota. The main street is Dr Martin Luther King Way. Need I say more?

Zenster said...

10mm AUTO: LOL, that is funny! I can just see the buses unloading now, negroids with their Whitey Game permits and orange jackets and AK's. The Tour Director admonishing them not to kill too many and be back on the bus by 5am!

Glad you liked that one. Who says that minorities can't draw upon each others lore?

In keeping with their boundless stupidity, Blacks just don't seem as if they are willing to acknowledge the existence of bag limits.

One day, Whites will come to realize this and then, finally, set that limit at Ø. When that moment eventually arrives, Blacks will likely end up looking back upon the time of Jim Crow as "the good old days".

Anonymous said...

The lack of sentence structure, punctuation, and any solid concrete thought in those various anon posts above tells me we really don't have anything to fear in the long run. This person really thinks that a half black guy in the white house means they are "winning." Obama doesn't even have to do anything to fool them into thinking he'll pay for their mortgage with "Obama bucks," all he has to do is keep his dark skin and black people will truly believe white people have become irrelevant. Black people are so blind and delusional by the soft "racism" they have experienced in the last few decades that they can't even comprehend what is bubbling beneath the surface of the white psyche. Even white liberals are buying guns and training for the "zombie apocalypse," but everyone knows who the zombies will be in real life when the shit really does hit the fan, and it won't be the people who know how to at least half way write a sentence.

Zenster said...

Anonymous (3/31, 2012 10:47 PM): Black people are so blind and delusional by the soft "racism" they have experienced in the last few decades that they can't even comprehend what is bubbling beneath the surface of the white psyche.

Exactly! The soft racism of lowered expectations as practiced by Liberals is far more crippling to Blacks than Jim Crow ever was. Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" essentially re-enslaved Blacks to Big Government right down to the (voter) plantations of inner city housing projects.

Blacks have been degenerating for over half a century with no indication that they are anywhere near hitting bottom. The only gains they have made is in the depravity of their crimes. Knoxville and Kansas City have made that much clear.

A dose of hard racism may be the only thing that might save Blacks from themselves.

Anonymous said...

|This is what my daughter looks like said crime hating Obama.

Now back to Wrestlemania.

Anonymous said...

Pam for someone who has a sense of WHITE history, you have no sense of your own NEGRO history.

Whites did not invade African villages, abduct the inhabitants and sell them into slavery. NEGROS did.

Though Whites were enslaved by people of all races in the Americas, Whites did not create Negro slavery in the USA; NEGROS did.

Don't believe me? The Negro, John Casor, came to America like all his Negro predecessors as an INDENTURED SERVANT. It was his master, a FORMER indentured servant, Anthony Johnson, who sued in court to cheat him of his freedom and render his temporary service to lifelong servitude, i.e. SLAVERY.

And Pam, Mr. Johnson was a NEGRO, not a WHITE.

As a White whose ancestor fought on the Union side of a bloody, fratricidal War Between The States, it wasn't NEGRO men who lost their lives in a conflict that liberated Negro slaves; it was half a million White men.

Negro men were emancipated AND enfranchised before White women. They have gotten one entitlement after another thanks to the Snivel Rights Movement.

Enough already. It's obvious that a Negro president, Affirmative Action, Billions of dollars on welfare, medicine, food stamps, free housing just isn't enough.

That leaves only one thing left that hasn't been tried and is highly overdue.

You're obviously suffering from centuries of homesick. Admit it, Pammy, you miss living in Africa and yearn to go back. So, it's time you go back ... like YESTERDAY.

A one-way ticket back to the African country of your choice. How about it, Pammy?

Micia said...

You are such fucking scum util it's unbelievable. I'd like to ask you one single question and don't be too much of a chickenshit shit to answer it...

It's a FACT that George Zimmerman didn't NOT know Trayvon Martin. He didn't know his name, didn't know his family, didn't know what school he went to, didn't know his girlfriend, didn't know his favorite color, didn't know his favorite sports team, didn't know his favorite TV show, his favorite video game, what he aspired to be (if his young life hadn't been cut short). You can post pictures as if he deserved to be murdered because he tried to look cool in front of a camera. Because he took pictures with the same poses you can go to twitter and Facebook and see teenagers of ALL races, colors, and religions taking.

So I ask you... What was it about Trayvon Martin that made him so "suspect" to George Zimmerman in the first place?

The only thing you have proven is that if someone black commits a crime they go to jail, but if a anyone commit a crime against someone Black it's just fine and dandy and they go free.

Discard said...

As I understand it, Treyvon was behaving suspiciously, keeping to the shadows, ducking between houses. I suppose you could call it skulking. This is the sort of thing that criminals do, and that is a good reason to suspect that he is up to trouble and to investigate further. Of course, given the disproportionate contribution of Blacks to the national crime statistics, being Black merely made Zimmerman's suspicions more plausible. Didn't you read the article that we're commenting on?

Bebe said...

all white (or asian, and even hispanic!) americans are welcome to europe :)

why doesn't the us legal system offer those criminals a one-way ticket to africa instead of 25 to life in prison? it would be SO sweet!

guys, do something about that. the black criminality is totally scary!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%. All Blacks should be deported back to Black Africa. I'd take Asians & Hispanics any day over Blacks. The Negroe is the dreg of every functional countries worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this blog site. LOVE IT. I'm white and I live in Sanford, only because I absolutely HAVE to, but I won't go there at this point.

Here in Sanford, we have some of the most butt ugly monkeys you can imagine -- totally black as the ace of spades; dry, stinky cornrow braids sticking out of their head in all directions (male and female), they walk like orangutans at a speed of either drag-ass or dead stop; the males have their shorts/pants pulled down around their KNEES (I swear), totally exposing their boxers and thighs. It's the most disgusting site imaginable. Every time I drive down a side street with 15 of the them in the middle of the road, I'm tempted to just accelerate and play Bowling for Sambos.

After the Trayvon crap, I bought a .38 at a pawn shop. My friend and I will going to Shoot Straight to get some range practice in to make sure that if we need to use the firearm, we actually hit our target on the first shot. Preferably in a gladiator "red zone."

Just tonight, I'm standing on my porch, and one of those monkeys came up the street and passed my house, then proceeded to walk half way up my driveway quietly, as though he thought I wouldn't notice his approach that time of night. He was wrong. Soon as he got half way up the driveway, I opened my front door to get the pistol, but realized I wouldn't have time to get it and come back out, so I just shut the screen door and yelled get the F off my property. He turned away and continued down the street. How I WISH I HAD THE LOADED PISTOL BEHIND THE DOOR. (I made a mental note to NOW have it there in a special box where I can just grab it anytime I sit on the porch and keep it WITH me outside (hidden, of course), so no need to go back to retrieve it!). I went inside to get my son, and we went back out, me with the pistol and my son with a 10" butcher knife. My second son was behind the door ready with a can a wasp spray to make sure we slowed him down a bit before exposing the weapons, should it come to that, and he comes back. Son of a B never came back though. Wish he had. And wish he would have tried coming onto my property again to rush me so I could STAND MY GROUND properly.

To the idiot coons who think white people in Sanford are their easy targets, I guarantee you'll be dead wrong (pun intended) should you choose to even step one foot toward me or you come onto my property again. I swear I'll take you down before you can even get your hand in your pocket. Charlton Heston as George Taylor said: "Take your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" But you won't even GET that far if I see you or any other dirty chimp even entertain tangling with me. I've had it up to my ass with these low life scumbags polluting Seminole County. And if you think I'm the only white person in Sanford who feels this way, you are sadly mistaken.

P.S. You're probably thinking I'm a roughneck dude. Well, WRONG. I'm a deceptively nice, mild-mannered middle-aged WOMAN. I'm the LAST person you would expect to suddenly put a piece of cold metal in your face ;)

Anonymous said...

White writers here act like there was never oppression of Blacks in America on the other hand Blacks think that the Whites owe them something. Lets get it straight America had the most racists policies in the world against Black people. However Whites have repaid Blacks back, fifty years of Affirmative action, Racial Preference in admissions to colleges, universities and employment, billions of dollars donated to Black neighborhoods and a general move on part of the White race to ensure equality for all is sufficient the White man owes you nothing. The fact that Black America has not monopolized on preferential treatment cannot be blamed on Whitey the Black community must look internally to find the answers to the abysmal failures of their community. It is true Whitey was granted preferential treatment in America, and they achieved and despite now having to wait behind the Blacks until racial quotas are met they still manage to outshine their Black counterparts. Historically in America the White Irish and Jews were persecuted they managed to pull themselves from the slime build healthy well functioning communities who participate and contribute to society at large, although not perfect but then again neither are those of English or German origin who were historically favored. In contrast the Black community continues to fail. Perhaps what we are seeing here is Racial Jealousy. The Blacks for so long fought to show they are as good, if not better, than Whitey and failed miserably. There is not a shred of evidence to show they are as capable as the White race in terms of social mobility without hand outs or favoritism, equal outcomes in educational attainment, equal outcomes in the reduction of drug misuse, gun and violent crimes and incarceration rates within their communities on the contrary the evidence shows a community on the verge of self annihilation. There is an attempt by some Black writers to blame all on the slave trade this game is exactly why your community continues to fail. The concept of personal responsibility is alien to you. It has being postulated that Whites benefited from the Slave trade even though they were not slave owners and that Black became equated with Slaves due to the White mans indifference and racist attitude. Lets put both allegations into proper intelligent perspectives. White non-slave owners did not benefit from the Slave trade. While you were working on the cotton fields, getting food in your belly, and kept alive because of your price, the majority of White Americans were working in appalling factory or other type conditions, with no rights, low pay and risking life and limb daily due to inadequate machinery and over work, most worked 14 hours a day. Following their weekly work most could not afford to put food in their children's bellies and no one assured their safety as there was no price on them, to the elite in society these same White folk were 10 a penny and replaceable. Henceforth they had no rights and little security. However, their White Unions and co-workers sought legislative change, they had lock outs, strikes and other forms of protest, this was quite different from the so call 'protests' such as the LA riots, where Black folk, robbed shops and looted what they could cos their bro was roughed up, the same bro that had a rap sheet as long as two arms. No these poor humble White folk fought the system and made real lasting changes for themselves and their children, they built communities and ensured that they would pull their children from the slime, not because it was easy because they were White, rather they used their industrious nature and will to improve their existence. These qualities are seriously lacking in the Black community.

Anonymous said...

The biggest beneficiaries of the slave trade are the Blacks, had your African kings not sold you to the Europeans, you would still be living in Africa, where slavery is a day to day occurrences. You would have no education, even though it appears a free one is of little use to most of you, no health care, no welfare, no section 8, no good roads, no play grounds, no fun fairs, limited access to the technology that we all take for granted and no understanding of what freedom or democracy looks or feels like. Instead you would have a miserable poor existence living under the dictatorship of some Black despot where corruption crime and violence is the order of the day, where people scavenge for food, live in plastic and wooden tents in shanty mud ridden areas where having a kettle gives you status, because it shows you have electric running to your home, while the majority of Africans do not, where children die because of a lack of running water and starvation. This continent has the highest child infant deaths, the lowest life expectancy, the lowest literacy rate, the lowest income, the highest crime rate, the highest Aids rate, the highest level of governmental corruption, the highest birth rate and the rest.

The majority of Whites did not benefit from the slave trade, on the contrary, they gained the least from this state of affairs. Today the Whites, having built America, its institutions, systems of governance, schools and colleges, architecture and inspire a nation of thinkers and doers, which in turn inspired its advanced technological and medical success which surpass the remainder of the world, they are been persecuted for their genius and industriousness, all are brushed off as racists who would never have been able to achieve without the black man in bondage. The Black man is not in bondage today yet the White man continues to achieve, while the Black man has yet to attain even 1% of the achievements of the White man. The Black man in bondage or not is no threat to the White man, even affirmative action and all other special treatment can not alleviate you to the same intelligence and creativity.
The Whites have not benefited from your slavery nor your subsequent freedom. In truth on a day to day basis they are forced to pick up the tab or live with your broken communities. More of your youth are in prison rather than university or college, you achieve the lowest in educational attainment, more of your young produce children outside wedlock than any other group and the fathers abandon these children, you are the biggest welfare recipients, more Black people die violently in America per year at the hands of another Black person than all the American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq put together. Black people are responsible for over 50% of all violent crime in America yet you represent only 13% of the population. White people are more likely to die violently at the hands of a Black person than the other way about, or be mugged, robbed or raped by a Black person.

The idea that Whites equate Blacks with slavery due to indifference and racism is another lie. The truth is much more simple, but perhaps less useful for the Blacks. The fact is that during the middle ages in Europe and Asia, slavery was outlawed. The only continent that offered slaves for purchase was Africa, while the rest of the world was moving on and becoming more enlightened Africa maintained the status quo, this would prove to be extremely lucrative for African Kings and war lords. So the only place where other groups of people could legally purchase slaves was Africa, which was and is a Black continent. This state of affairs existed before, during and after the trans Atlantic slave trade. Therefore, the only legal slaves on the face of the planet at that time where Black, this situation says more about the Black man than it does the White man and is a more accurate reason why Black is equated with slavery.