Saturday, March 3, 2012

White People to the Rescue: Inc. Magazine dubs Detroit - The Black Metropolis of the Future - a "Start-up" city for business

Black-run Detroit is collapsing. Once again, white people will (re) build the city
The biggest news story in America right now is the impending collapse of Detroit, perhaps the biggest Black metropolis in the entire world. Under Black-rule, Detroit has become the poster-child for corruption in America, and as custodians of a city whose famous landmarks and buildings were all erected by white people, have watched them become the subjects capable of fueling the addiction of "ruin porn" aficionados from around the world.

Once a symbol of economic might, the majestic Packard Plant ruins are a reminder of what Life after White People looks like. No Black developer nor outside investor ever converted these abandoned buildings into lofts, one of the hallmarks of a city seeking urban renewal by attracting bohemian white people there from the boring, lily white suburbs. Now the Packard Plant shall be demolished.

Why couldn't Black entrepreneurs in Detroit convert these old buildings into something useful, as have their white counterparts in Pittsburgh (and many other cities where America's former manufacturing might is now the playground for Stuff White People Like - SWPL - whites)? Where once buildings produced the steel used by companies all around the world, now these buildings are lofts and residential space for the citizens of Pittsburgh, considered one of the best places to live in America. 

In the 1960s, Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) like Detroit Mayor Jerry Cavanagh thought that massive spending programs - redistribution of wealth - could maintain a steady peace between the white and Black populations of the city. These dreams would spectacularly end in late July 1967 when Black people rioted, but the rest of the nation still clings to the belief that the government can redistribute money to the Black community to maintain the peace.

The August 4, 1967 issue of Time magazine produced this nugget of information for us to ponder. On p. 13:
Fully 40 percent of the city's Negro family heads own their homes. No city has waged a more massive and comprehensive war on poverty. Under Mayor Jerry Cavanagh, an imaginative liberal with a knack for landing Government grants, the city has grabbed off $42 million in federal funds for its poverty programs, budgeted $30 million for them this year alone. Because many of the city's 520,000 Negroes (out of a population of 1,600,000) are unequipped to qualify for other than manual labor, some $10 million will go toward special training and placement programs for the unskilled and the illiterate. A $4,000,000 medical program furnishes family planning advice, outpatient clinics and the like. To cool an potential riot fever, the city had allotted an additional $3,000,000 for this summer's Head Start and recreation programs. so well did the city seem to be handling its problems that Congress of Racial Equality Director Floyd McKissick excluded Detroit last winter when he drew up a list of twelve cities where racial trouble was likely to flare. 
All of this wasn't enough to keep Black people from burning down 1300 buildings and sacking 2700 businesses in late July of 1967 during the worst racial riot in American history.

Just like in the summer of 2011, when Black people engaged in riots all across the nation causing Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Columbia, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Peoria, and New Orleans to pass emergency curfews, Black people across the nation were rioting in 1967. The same types of activities used now to stop the violence were used then. From that same Time article (p. 14):
Ironically, New York, - like Detroit - has launched a major summer entertainment program designed to cool the ghettos by keeping the kids off the streets. "We have done everything in this city to make sure we have a stable summer," said Mayor John Lindsay. But after one of these stabilizing events, a Central Park rock-'n' roll concert featuring Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, a boisterous band of some 150 Negroes wandered down toward midtown Manhattan, heaved trash baskets through the windows of three Fifth Avenue clothing stores and helped themselves. The looters' favorite was a $56 Austrian alpaca sweater, which is a status symbol in Harlem. Among the 23 who police were able to catch; four Harlem summer antipoverty workers who earn up to $90 a week from the city.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It was after the Black insurrection of 1967 that white people surrendered the city of Detroit over to Black rule. In B.J. Widick's 1972 book Detroit: City of Race and Class Violence, we learn quickly that the Visible Black Hand of Economics was already proudly on display during the transitioning of power from white rule to Black rule. On p. 195:
The limitations of black capitalism were especially visible in the city of Detroit, where in 1966, 65 percent of the inner-city population was black, but only 38 percent of the businesses were owned by blacks. Of these - mostly small retail and service operations - 60 percent had an annual net income of less than $8,000.
The concluding chapter of Widick's book is titled Black Metropolis of the Future. The Motor City indeed did become a Black Metropolis, a direct representation of what the Black inheritors (perhaps conquerors is the apt word?) were capable of producing, maintaining, and building. The "Ruin Porn" that is now one of the cities primary exports (no less than five books have been produced detailing the ruins of the white city under Black rule). Widdick points out in the early days of Black rule seeping into Detroit, businesses fled the city (p. 210):
For every new business moving into the city, two more move out. There are over 7,000 vacant store fronts. Thousands of other small stores look like tiny military posts under siege because of their wire or steel fronts and closed doors. Symbolic of the city's new look is the Detroit News building downtown, with its surrounding brick wall reminiscent of of a medieval fortress.
This was before Coleman Young was elected the city's first Black mayor. Libertarians always make the claim that people will innovate when businesses leave, because "free markets" dictate it, or some other nonsense.

Why have the descendants of those who conquered Detroit been incapable of creating new businesses and industry in the city? The white people of Pittsburgh - whose steel industry collapse in the 1980s took with it more than 100,000 jobs - have survived, and built a city considered the "most livable" in America. 

Black people in Detroit? The honor bestowed upon the city under their custodianship is "most dangerous."

As Black-run Detroit limps to its death, Inc. magazine has dubbed the former Motor City a "Start-up City for Business." In the dying days of Black-run Detroit, the cost-of-living and starting a business in the city is so low, that entrepreneurs are flocking to the city.

A city, mind you, whose death was sealed because Black people lacked the ability to innovate on their own. They lacked the ability to even sustain the city. Were it not for Coleman Young International Airport, one wonders where many of the Black people who actually work (and don't live off the government) would find employment?

At the sub-site "Innovation Hotspots: Detroit" we learn about those hip, SWPL white people who will build the next Detroit:
For the most recent Startup Weekend in Detroit in mid-February, organizer Brandon Chesnutt cap attendance at 120, and still had people banging down his door. 
"We literally just ran out of space," Chesnutt says. "I can't go an hour without getting e-mail from somebody wanting to attend."
The most popular Startup Weekend in the city's history took place inside the M@dison building, a modern five-story start-up Mecca that—as home to several VC firms and many of their portfolio companies—is part of the groundwork for a tech-centered rebirth of Detroit. The building is the brainchild of Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans, who has been making it his crusade to reignite Detroit's downtown by buying property, seeding ventures, and moving thousands of Quicken employees into the area.
The M@dison is located on a stretch of Woodward Avenue that is poised to become Detroit's own Silicon Alley: Gilbert has dubbed it "Webward Avenue" for its burgeoning concentration of tech businesses and incubators. And with the neighborhood's surge in restaurants, bars, and entertainment options, Webward just might become the movement that is key to transforming Detroit back into a great American city.
The seeds are being planted for the rebuilding of Detroit. Black-run Detroit is coming to an end, yet Black people nationwide will resist this usurpation of power by the state of Michigan. But even to the end, the only contributions of Black people will be more violence and more corruption from the elected officials. It will be up to white people to pull Detroit from the doldrums of Black-rule, the real lesson of the Inc. magazine expose on innovation in the city.

Once you've hit bottom, there's only one place to go: up. The only hope for Detroit is for white people to flock to the city and utilize the existing infrastructure (repositioning it in the process) to rebuild and create a thriving metropolis that can eventually attract outside capital for renovation projects.

Such as the Grand Central Station, a dilapidated building whose past opulence is lost on Black people.  

If  this does not work, Detroit must be evacuated entirely and left to stand as a monument to DWL folly, a reminder of what the power of Black-Run America (BRA) did to The Paris of the West.

This is the lesson to draw from the "ruin porn" that people capture through photos and video of a decaying city whose current majority population can't sustain. And yes, downtown Detroit is more than 90 percent Black (the city is 82 percent Black).

The Black Metropolis of the Future... fitting that the city looks less like The Jetsons and more like a Black version of The Flintstones. That's the legacy of any city that reverts from being a majority-white metropolis (with a white government, regardless of political persuasion) to a majority-Black city.


Anonymous said...



What's the difference?

MrGJG said...

Coleman Young International Airport?
Any city that has an airport named after a negro should tell you all you need to know about the city.
It's the MLK Blvd. rule.
It's code for "Whitey not welcome".

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

"Ruin porn." Pornography: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction.

Any of these photos will, indeed, arouse a quick emotion reaction. In our case, it's not sexual excitement. It's anger. It's rage. It's sadness. These are emotions connected to the premature end to our nation's greatness and collective pride in purpose.

"Ruin porn." No, Detroit, images of your emotional demise are not generating a happy ending.

Dan said...

The curious pattern of blackness and urban blight. It will engulf us all, eventually.

They will literally end up driving civilization underground. Worse than any ice age. Worse than global warming. What let such evil into the world? No other species contaminates like this. A neutron bomb would have done less damage.

Why rush? said...

Gilbert should wait a few years while the population drains out. Then, when the city is empty, go back in.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you refer to Aug 4, 1967 issue of Time magazine and then to late July 1967 riots (which, I looked up, began July 23). Time Magazine really published that with a dateline two weeks after the riots? I know they used to pre-date their issues but I thought it by was less than two weeks.

If the dates are right, that has to rank with "Dewey Wins" an journalistic hilarity.

10mm AUTO said...

Unfortunately, there is an effort to reduce the number of Whites in the USA, so that the negroids and the Hispanic forces remain strong and thus the Black undertow current remains swift. Detroit will never be rebuilt by Whites unless the immigrant and negroid problem are solved. See: ( ).

If the Left wanted to reduce the number of human beings to reduce strain on Social Services, they would require implant Birth Control for anyone on Welfare. But you see, that would not bring down the target population leftists want to bring down. In is important to support the black population and the Islamic population. That is why the underwear bomber flew in on the weekly immigration run from Somalia to Detroit (!), import of non-assimilables is important. That is why the border is kept open so that millions flood across each year that strain Social Services, but the left encourages it, even to the point of cooperating with Mexico by ignoring drug operations in our national forests and companies that hire illegals. That is why liberals cover for the black horrors of crime and silence any who discuss the "Flash Mobs".

It is the irony of Socialism that it requires a religious birth rate of productive citizens to maintain the services. Though it eventually destroys itself, the ponzi scheme can go a little longer if the growing productive population fills the payment gap. That is why Socialism has the pattern of “inward to convert and then outward to conquer”. Europe imports negroids and Muslims as fast as possible to supposedly fill the population gap left by non-reproducing Italians, Germans, French, etc. Sadly Muslims and blacks don't contribute, hence the failure of the EU. (See: “America Alone” by Mark Styen.

The target population for Liberals are Whites, and the damn American Whites are just not dying off! Look at people like Palin, having children and growing families of undesirables.

The human beings the left wants to reduce is the number of Whites. Too many, too smart, too hard to control. Whites make poor slaves.

Californian said...

Good article, and you raise many valid points. I have seen blacks claim that white America has "abandoned" cities like Detroit. What they mean is that the government is not funding urban renewal or whatever.

The only thing is, white America, has done everything in its power to uplift black run cities. The government has all sorts of minority grant and business programs. Why aren't black run cities taking advantage of them? We've seen in the last five decades the war on poverty, Head Start, school lunch programs, court ordered busing, Teach for America, etc., etc. And let's not forget affirmative action. You'd think that with the educational opportunities which have been opened to blacks for, oh, half a century, they would be going into business and IT schools, and then bringing skills back to the city which they could then rebuild.

And with all those "racist" whites moved out of Detroit, the city should become a paragon of progress and peaceful development, right? There would be no institutional racists to hold down black accomplishment. And with black run police departments, the criminal justice system would not be singling out blacks for imprisonment.

It's the same old story. But one which does not quite make it to the attention of the chattering class. Blacks drive whites out of a city with rioting and crime and race hustling, then complain that they have been abandoned. And rather than rationally analyzing the ensuing fiascoes, scream "racism" when anyone states an inconvenient truth.

Complicit in all this is the DWL establishment, which provides the agitprop machine to keep the delusions running.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Monsieur. Simply, "bravo!"

Only through W.A.S.P. and other "white" initiative would Detroit ever stand a "chance in hell" of re-emerging.

A "re-emergence" and "renaissance" under Negro leadership and control??...Excuse me while I go have a sudden onset of diarrhea.

Survivor said...

Business in Detroit?

But how much fried chicken and how many overpriced sneakers can you sell?

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

10mm AUTO is spot on (as usual). This is also about votes. The liberals after the Civil War (called "Republicans" at the time), counted on black votes for "legitimate" control of the South with the passage of the 15th Amendment.

After losing several election cycles (including the entirety of FDR's administration), Republicans worked with Southern Democrats tired of FDR's socialist agenda trying to nationalize government.

After the 1968 election with the last gasp of the "Dixiecrats," Southern Democrats were fully brought into the new Republican fold. Couple that with Reagan's outreach to the "Religious Right," and you have the short form of the modern party.

My point is that it building voters is, indeed, sometimes part of strategy. Unfortunately, such attempts often have unexpected consequences.

Anonymous said...

It IS a hope. And that hope is based upon Blacks stopping their anti-social criminal behavior. Personally I believe thats still several generations away.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Coleman A. Young Airport is actually Detroit City airport. City Airport caters mostly to small private planes and corporate/delivery service aircraft. My brother still keeps a small single engine plane at city airport. Whats funny is that the blacks usually don't break into the planes or hangers because they wouldn't have a clue as to how the radios, electronics, and other gadets in the aircraft work. And they sure as hell don't know how to fly! I kid you not, a lot of the steel hanger doors have bullet impact marks/holes in then. The airport is surrounded on all four sides with a 10 foot high fence topped off with razor wire, as the place has some of the absolute worst black neighborhoods all around it. At least once a week the county sherrifs that are stationed at city airport(2 Deputies ALWAYS on duty) have to arrest some misguided black person for either climbing over the fence or cutting through it and walking across the runways, a federal offense, to get to the other side. It is easier to cut across then have to walk around the perimeter of the airport(roughly 1 square mile). The main airport that handles all the passenger service is called Metro Airport. The difference between the two is primarily that at Detroit City Airport, the blacks are on the outside. At Detroit Metro Airport the blacks are on the inside because Metro is REALLY just a jobs program for otherwise unemployable blacks. Paul, if you ever want a guided tour of Detroit, I would be happy to show you around. My family was one of the original "white flighters" that left Detroit when the city started busing white kids to black schools and black kids to white schools around 1973. My parents saw the writing on the wall after my brother and I were both assaulted within the first week of attending classes at a predominately black kiddie prison. I forgot how much money my parents lost on their Detroit home (Rosedale Park neighborhood) when they sold it, but we got out alive. My parents resettled about 15-20 minutes away from Detroit proper. Not far enough! Due to section 8 and a severly depressed realestate market, the blacks are within just a few minutes from my father. Most working whites that live in this area are terrified of two things, an interracial grandchild or a black nextdoor neighbor! As they can't afford to move, they are starting to "see".

Warlord1958 said...

I think you must mean the old Michigan Central Depot. It's merely a shell, stripped clean by the 'groids. It won't be rebuilt, it'll be demolished. As far as a "re-birth" goes, that's a crack pipe dream. As long as its full of 'groids and their TNB, chimpouts, bongo parties & monkeyshines, Detroit will simply crumble back into the earth. Kind of like "Life After People"...

Kylie said...

"It IS a hope. And that hope is based upon Blacks stopping their anti-social criminal behavior.""

That's not a hope, that's a delusion.

"Personally I believe thats still several generations away."

No, it's not going to happen, period. Blacks will not of their own volition change their behavior. In fact, now that I think back on blacks I have known well, even the ones who tried to improve their lives--tried honestly and persistently--seldom made any lasting positive changes.

What we are seeing now here in the US in places like Detroit, St. Louis and Philadelphia and in sub-Saharan Africe in countries like Zimbabwe, Congo and South Africa is the true face of the black race. When given money, resources and liberty, blacks actually behave worse than they did in the days of Jim Crow or apartheid. And if liberals continue to rule, things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Here's an amazing photo essay on recently abandoned Detroit schools:

The mess in the photos is not the Detroit photo essay displaying the skeletal remains of a now-vanished white civilization; it's the present day remains of a tax payer funded negro nest-fowling. It really brings home how these arrogant and terminally destructive blacks can get the best of everything right now - infrastructure, planning, money, resources - and still turn it all to shit. And after another animalistic rampage of moronic waste and violence, they demand more money and even more white guilt.

And this is after nearly a half a century of trillions of dollars and abject pandering by American society.

Take note of the photos from the principal's office of papers detailing students' testimony regarding fights and dice games. “This is what I was at my locker and the 8th Grade Hall and so she came up to me and said you said you ain’t like me I said if I did what you gonna do about it then she hit me…” Gibbering, low-IQ imbeciles.

Do those photos look like they're of a people about to make a turnaround?

Big Bear said...

Good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with them.

2 questions: Will these White rescuers be able to co-exist with Blacks in Detroit? Or, if the Blacks leave, where will their undertow take them?

Ultimately, these tech-savvy rescuers will realize the futility of living and working in Detroit. The street crime alone will do this, or, if there is another round of riots, they will pack up their businesses for Portland, or Boise, or other "techtopias".

And if by some chance the Blacks flee Detroit, they become someone else's problem. Likely, they will go back to the South from whence they came, as many still have relatives there.

Anonymous said...

What about all the Muslims in Detroit. Detroit is the Muslim capital of America with 3%, more than 300,000, of the city population Mulsim.

With their sharia law, raping of white girls, gangas and lawlessness,
I don't see Whites moving back into Detroit.

Maybe they will elect Obama mayor.))

Any thoughts, on Muslims in Detroit, Paul?

Anonymous said...

Maybe when more whites move in, it will displace the blacks, and then the city will prosper again. Then, people will see the correlation between the return of the whites and the success of the city.

Whiskey said...

Detroit won't be rescued. Inc can blather all it wants, start-ups center around places that have: A. Lots of close-by Venture Capitalists; B. Lots of hungry, young workers with specialized knowledge; C. Lots of consumers with lots of disposable income; D. Networks of fellow entrepreneurs and prior-wave startup guys who know the ropes and will show them for a piece of the action.

That is almost exclusively found in a few places: Silicon Valley, NYC, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago. Groupon was started in the comfortable White suburbs of Chicago, not Detroit. Facebook was started at Harvard and moved to Silicon Valley. Only Dell and FedEx in recent memory, and perhaps Southwest Airlines, started outside the LA/NYC/Boston/Seattle nexus.

Who will staff the start-ups? Adults with 47% literacy? Who will you get to move to DETROIT to live and work in a war zone? Please. Who will invest there when most of the funding will go to security?

Nope. Detroit's future is the Mogadishu of America. Let in fact the place and people rot, or prosper entirely on their own. It ought to be their choice. If after all "diversity" (i.e. few Whites) does equal success, Detroit being a no-go zone for Whites ought to be wildly successful.

Whiskey said...

Let me add that the problem with our liberal elites is that they DO believe in their own BS. Fervently. Look no further than "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," by Mark Twain. Himself a former Confederate soldier who chose to live in ... Connecticut.

The book is all about the attempt through education and science to lift a Dark Ages Britain out of "Medieval Misery" (Twain being no historian gets many things absolutely wrong including how Medieval people thought, and confused the Dark Ages with the later Medieval periods). Twain himself was tormented as a child by stupid superstition, read "Life on the Mississippi" for his views of how he was fearful of God coming down to punish him, ghosts, and other stuff as a kid.

Liberals actually believe they can change human nature because they themselves generally live temperate, non-dissolute lives. Most of them rarely struggle with addictions, human frailty, or tragedy. This makes them think they can rejigger people on an industrial scale. Principally because in their own lives this stuff works. After a fashion. No conspiracy needed when egos, self-delusion, pretty lies and fairy tales, are told.

Warrior said...

Have the editors of Inc. lost their minds? Kersey, you can't make this stuff up. It's tantamount to a 3 legged llama winning the Kentucky Derby - impossible. I was reading where the illiterate school director Otis Mathis (who fancies himself a role model by the way) masturbates in a meeting with female colleague for over 20 minutes. This is supposed to be "normal" behavior? see

MuayTyson said...

I finally had a revelation and it is in no part thanks to the fine posters at SBPDL.
First I’ll give you all a little background currently I am living in Korea and since 2003 I have lived as an ex-patriot mostly in Thailand. Before my wife and I moved back to Korea to open my business we went to Ecuador to look into business opportunities there. One thing I have realized is the poorest countries have the best possible standard of living for the “rich” for very little money one can have a maid, cook, nice apartment, and eat out most meals. This why many retirees move to South East Asia and Central and South America low cost of living but great lifestyle.
Here is my revelation weather it is the Chinese or the Caucasians White is right in these countries and almost to a cue Whites or White Asians (East Asians) are the top of the economic ladder. Obviously this is not so much about skin color but the unifying genetic advantage of a high I.Q.
The powers that be in Europe and America are using lower economic Liberals to create a stratified society such as you would find in Central and South America and in S.E.A. The only problem is that this type of society can only work with a large amount of poverty and a very small to none-existent Middle Class. As many of us had said DWL are the useful idiots and the blacks and browns are the shock troops.
My perspective used to be that it was all an organic happen stance due to stupid Liberals. Now I truly believe that there is a plan at foot to give the wealthy controlling class more money, more power, and the only kind of luxury you can buy in the Third World.
The funniest thing is so many Liberals actually do travel and you would think that they would see this. Liberals are actually so dumb as to believe the elites such as Soros want an equal and free society this is the farthest from the truth. People in his league want to be treated like God’s and believe you me to be wealthy in a Third World country is the closet to a God any man will reach.
The evidence is there the president is there now people need to learn only a Free market and large Middle Class society can only be the freest society and unfortunately low I.Q. people will not be able to benefit. Either way if you are limited in intellect one way or another you’re fucked.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Detroit.

Lagos.whats the difference?

Theres a big difference.
Detroit is on 'USA White econ life support'
africa is lost! and still gets $$$..
UN, Red Cross, NGOs.

marq said...

Detroit can be partially resurrected with labor-intensive activities such as organic fruit-tree farming, sheep and goat tending, and industrial assembly. The destruction of the existing buildings could an industry in itself.
If Detroit were declared a tax-free open city no longer part of the USA, but available for colonization from China this could happen.Third world wage structures for the natives with first world access to markets might work. Once things got going, the Chinese could demonstrate who's in charge with a Tienamen or two.

Anonymous said...

I'm finishing up 'where white rules black', the book about hati around the turn of the 19th century.

Everything old is new again.

They had cities and roads the French built after they ran the white man out.

Guess how well they took care of them?

All the lessons from that book are applicable to modern day detroit.

One of the more frightening things were how the court system was biased against whites, and how that fortells how much worse things will inevitably get for us.

In the late 1800s Hatians lived in facsimiles of African huts and piled trash waist deep in the street.

In 2011 they live the same way.

Detroit will only get worse, never better. Cut aid money off, and they'll be sacraficing children to voodoo gods in no time. Beware the drums!

Anonymous said...

What Detroit needs are conservative fiscal policies. Sean Hannity and Thomas Sowell say so! Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans has pulled ads from Limbaugh's radio show because of the comments he made about the young woman who complained on national television that she couldn't afford birth control. The university didn't cover birth control.

R Neville said...

The St. Louis Post Disgrace just did an article on the aftermath of the "knock out" lynchings:
One negro commented that white people should help out if they want to fix po black folks in da city. Our mayor be white and he only be helpin white folk. As someone posted earlier, you can't make this shite up!
What dooms Detroit from gentrification is that all of the governing power rests with blacks. As long as blacks retain a majority of power, no real gentrification will take place as they will fleece anyone who tries before boots are even on the ground. If the plague is complete and there is absolutely nothing left, whites will reclaim this area due to its geographical location.
This, IMO, is one of the few items that separates St. Louis from Detroit. We still have whites in government here. DWL's are doing their best to have enclaves here that cater to white hipsters, gays, and aging baby boomers. Blacks have never taken everything over. If this does happen, St. Louis will be Haiti within a year.

Anonymous said...

This is what Muslims think of blacks:

Anonymous said...

Detroit will only get worse, never better. Cut aid money off, and they'll be sacraficing children to voodoo gods in no time. Beware the drums!

I totally agree. I've often thought that, if you just left Detroit to simmer for a time in its own dark juices, the residents there would continue to devolve at a pretty quick rate.

Hundreds of years ago in Europe, it was forbidden to say that the Earth revolved around the Sun. In the age we live in now, the powerful swarm to attack those heretics who dare to state the plainly obvious about race.

For all of our scientific advancement, America is as superstitious today as humans have ever been at any point in human history. We're forced to pretend we believe in the God of Multiculturalism. The nation bows down to that god's altar in the public square even though most of us strongly suspect the god is a fake.

We're no better than the people of the Middle Ages. They believed in deadly "humors" and witches. America and the West believe in multiculturalism.

Within ten years of relative isolation, I think the people in Detroit would be back to squatting under trees for shelter and speaking in animal-like grunts and hoots. They're more than halfway there already.

Barely 50% literacy, weirdly chaotic and non-functioning schools, primitive tribal (gang) warfare, comical laziness and obsession with the crudest appetites, sudden and pointless violence - You can take the black out of Africa but you can't take Africa out of the black. And, despite all the overwhelming evidence, the media are still determined to heap shame and hatred on anyone who dares to notice the truth to even the tiniest degree.

Californian said...

Here's an amazing photo essay on recently abandoned Detroit schools:

This is really worth reading. One thing that struck me was the way in which metal thieves strip all copper wiring and even precious metals from computers. Right out of the third world. But of course, Detroit has become the third world.

There's been a genre of movies dealing with post-apocalyptic themes (Mad Max), or dystopian futures (Blade Runner). The thing is, this future seems to be coming upon us in the USA and much of the Western world. Yet people seem to be somehow living in a delusional world that somehow this is not happening, or if it is happening, it will somehow turn around.

To take the science fiction metaphor further, it's like The Matrix insofar as the world that people see is not the world in which they actually exist.

Mr. Rational said...

I think folks here are missing the message here:  the incubators are full of IT startups.  IT startups do things like Microsoft's "ghetto avoidance" app.  Now consider one that ties into security cameras and warns people when there's someone in the area who's either Black or acting furtively (or both).  You could have a real-time threat assessment coming to you on your smartphone.

What would the robbers do when their intended victims have their guns drawn before they spot them?  They're bound to find it... oh, hell, it'll be "racist".  But it'll cut down on crime, you can bet on it.

Vigilante justice is all but officially approved in Detroit.  When that happens, White displacement of Blacks driven by property value arbitrage is guaranteed.

Zenster said...

The Black Metropolis of the Future

In a flare of unintentional irony, the title is exactly right.

Detroit is, indeed, a template for "The Black Metropolis of the Future". Like some highly vulnerable hominid form of hermit crab, Blacks must crawl into the elaborate shell built by another more productive race in order to obtain meaningful shelter. Without the complex infrastructure of White-constructed civilization, Blacks cannot enjoy even a small percent of the quality of life that they long ago have become accustomed to.

Largely forgotten are the dirt floor dogtrot shacks of the past. They have quickly fallen out of favor compared to once snug ― soon to be run into the ground ― multistory housing projects that Blacks could neither design nor construct in their wildest imaginings.

Affirmative Action and disproportionate government hiring even saw Blacks settled into single family clapboard sided detached dwellings, some of which now sell for a single dollar. Quel surprise!

Now, in a colossal affront, Blacks are being settled into the suburban Whitopias that so many fleeing White families paid dearly for in order to escape urban Black Undertow. Awarding these savages the fruits of what was an ultimate sacrifice with regard to agonizingly accrued property equity, a precious sense of community, pride of place, cultural legacy, social (i.e., racial) fabric and historical roots amounts to pearls before swine and nothing else.

Among the 23 who police were able to catch; four Harlem summer antipoverty workers who earn up to $90 a week from the city.

Clearly, they were spiritual forefathers of the government employed hurricane Katrina looters. Same melanin enhanced epidermal component too, what an asstonishing coincidence!

Anonymous said...

'As Black-run Detroit limps to its death, Inc. magazine has dubbed the former Motor City a "Start-up City for Business." In the dying days of Black-run Detroit, the cost-of-living and starting a business in the city is so low, that entrepreneurs are flocking to the city.'
Wake up INC, with the Inet 'cities'
are not needed for much business,
one can be in teluride Colorado and with a laptop and Fedex..BINGO

Anonymous said...



There are many good hard working honest Liberians here as well; and have been for decades. It's the recent group who are here to do nothing but exploit this country and con everyone out of everything as fast as they can. Ask me how I know so much about this group of peeps and I may tell you.

'Ask me how I know so much about this group of peeps and I may tell you'................ O PLEASE

Zenster said...

Such as the Grand Central Station, a dilapidated building whose past opulence is lost on Black people.

What "opulence"? Blacks cannot even run a spur railway much less the multi-line sort of rail system needed to sustain a "Grand Central Station" level facility.

Again, it is the "hermit crab" model. Blacks can crawl into such an ornate shell but there is no way in living hell that they can originate, maintain or service any such sort of complex infrastructure.

When they do, we will see South Africa, Zimbabwe and Haiti all become quasi self-sufficient national entities. Anyone, today, calling those countries by that sort of name either works for the UN or has their paycheck cut by a Quango.

Discard said...

Packards were truly awesome cars. I once had occasion to take an old woman home from a social gathering. For you L.A. residents, she lived in Laurel Canyon, up a steep, twisty side road. In front of her house was the biggest car I had ever seen, a straight eight Packard with running boards and mirrors atop the spare tire mounts. No wonder she got other people to ferry her around, that car was so long it needed to be hinged in the middle. I'd have really loved to get that thing out on an open road, but I hadn't the nerve to ask. If we had no Darks in this country, not only could we have gone to Mars, we could have reopened the Packard plant, a much better use of resources than anything this government has done in decades, except for NASA. Packards were like Air Jordans for a White man's whole body.

BTW, Packard built the V-12 engines that we put in PT boats, and built the Rolls Royce engines that went into P-51 fighters.

Sierra Nevada said...

Paul, I emailed you a fantastic piece on Detroit; unsure if you got it.

Anyway to be sure material gets though your filters?

It was sent 2/25 with title/heading FLASH TRAFFIC.

Alexandra said...

I remember the hoopla over Young having his name on the Detroit Zoo water tower...which is located in the suburb of Huntington Woods if I remember right.

Ever use Google Earth street view to go on a ghetto safari? I have. I went down Rosa Parks Boulevard, formerly 12th Street. And didn't the riots start at 12th and Clairmount? Go figure, huh? It's just depressing, seeing all that ruin, and to think, 50, 60 years ago they were no doubt nice houses, inhabited by nice families.

Ricky Tucker said...

I lived in Albany Georgia most of my life,and while the black population was always higher than whites,the city really started going under when blacks took over local government and the whites moved out to surrounding counties.The city is crumbling away and a trip to the mall is like stepping back in time to a third world bazaar.Albany is a smaller version of Detroit,and another example of blacks inability to run anything more complicated than a card game.

Anonymous said...

"Libertarians always make the claim that people will innovate when businesses leave, because "free markets" dictate it, or some other nonsense."

This is not "nonsense." White people do innovate, and the statement is true in context. You took it out of context and put it into the context of "black people," where it does not work.

Libertarians are white, and the economics of libertarianism is for white, and perhaps asian, people.

Anonymous said...

Otis Mathis (who fancies himself a role model by the way) masturbates in a meeting with female colleague for over 20 minutes.

Otis Mathis is just a confused 55 year old boy.

MrGJG said...

Detroit is over. It's time to build a fence and elect Snake Plissken president.

Anonymous said...

Why Detroit sucks

Anonymous said...

Well worth the time:

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit


A Black Republican Detroit pastor's radio show. These guys pull no punches.

Anonymous said...

OT- photos of early 20C American children laboring. I found this enlightening since photos of this era showing people looking rag tag and oppressed are usually blacks. If you listen to the liberal theme uncritically you'd think the only folks who did hard sweaty work in the old days were black.

Comments are good, too.

10mm AUTO said...

"Like some highly vulnerable hominid form of hermit crab, Blacks must crawl into the elaborate shell built by another more productive race in order to obtain meaningful shelter. Without the complex infrastructure of White-constructed civilization, Blacks cannot enjoy even a small percent of the quality of life that they long ago have become accustomed to."

Awesome. Love the "Hermit Crab example, it really shows the truth of the African mind.

If I may recommend a view of the future of Detroit, I offer this video, shot by the left-Liberal BBC in South Africa with the absolute epitome of a DWL; but even his sneering attitude is shocked as negroids casually open up to him about reality, killing and crime. It has all that we are hearing now in Detroit; Private Security, armored enclaves of Whites and a chilling look into the mind of the negroid. From the powerless apartment buildings taken by gangs (like Detroit) to the horrors of negroid crime (like Detroit) it is an astonishing look at the future of White relations with the black undertow. The police shooting over the heads of negros because they begin to gather in groups. When the reporter asks why, the reply: "Because if they gather in groups, they attack", is just like the Mahogany Mobs here. No wonder we form Drifter colonies, because NO human would raise children here. Video is in several parts. If you can stand it, watch them all.

W74 said...

There are larger black cities in the world. They're called Kinshasa and Lagos and Nairobi.

And they're all places I have no intention of visiting or doing business with. Even the poorest homeless person in America doesn't have to put up with the kind of filth allow to pile up in ABRC (Actual Black Run Countries).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The Jetsons, that reminds me of one of my all-time favorite black jokes...

Q: Remember the black family on The Jetsons?
A: No? The future's looking pretty good!

If only that were true though. Ugh.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

That BBC reporter reporting from Johannesburg is the same one that reported about the London mosques, you know, the ones that call for hatred and animosity toward infidels and their infidel govt. Of course, he was 'shocked', but, you know, it wasn't 'mainstream' Islam. I am convinced liberals/the left/the useful idiots, as they are being beheaded will be crying, 'why don't you like me? I like you!'

Ben N Indiana said...

Elsewhere . . .

Raceless teens shoot up Atlanta Waffle House
• Shoot off-duty cop in tummy

• Shoot woman in foot

Anonymous said...

Detroit today. Atlanta tomorrow.

rjp said...

No one mention the part where the start-ups all get forced to high blacks in relation to their percentage of the community and all the start-ups fail from either hiring too many security guards or too many black regular employees who don't have a clue.

MrGJG said...

"Detroit today. Atlanta tomorrow"

America on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you that a bunch of crooked investors will sink money into Detroit AFTER their investments are insured/guaranteed/or somehow backed by the taxpayers(not of Detroit--that's a joke) but of the entire state of Michigan.

I will bet anyone, a bunch of crooked politicians will make this happen in just this way.

Watch,the taxpayers will be left footing the bill for this lunacy and for this FAILED city because of its FAILURES called its inhabitants.

W74 said...

W74 said...


Have you ever been to the Packard museum in Warren Ohio?

Man was it nice. To witness that OUR hands and minds once invented and created every item there was amazing. Packard built Eastern Ohio, and to think that all those companies and all that manufacturing base across the upper mid-west has been destroyed makes my heart sink.

We had it all and gave it up in an impossible, naive pursuit.

But back to the museum, there was everything from 1910s autos, to airplane engines and propellers to transistor radios, you name it. Industry at it's finest.

To go along with many of the items, the museum didn't just have placards describing them like most museums do. Oh no, they actually had original letters written by customers inquiring about products to sketches and lettering in the notebooks of technicians and engineers.

Anonymous said...

If people all over the world still had the freedom of speech and association, blacks would literally be deported en masse to Africa in a couple of days. Actually believing that they are like us would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.

Discard said...

W74: I'm going to be driving out West from the East coast in a few months. Maybe I'll put Warren, Ohio on my itinerary.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Any money that those entrepreneurs save by starting a business in the land of the untermenchen will be spent five times over on security and higher insurance rates. All of the reasons that the smart people left Detroit are still there waiting to destroy this next round of liberal dreams.

There hasn't been a single day since the 1950's that something or other in Detroit wasn't being upgraded, rejuvenated, restored or replaced at the taxpayers expense. The area that was destroyed in the riots in 1967-68 was rebuilt at least once before the riots and at least twice since. What man can make, sub-human can break.

Let those goodhearted souls who are flocking to return Detroit to its former grandeur learn for themselves that their teachers and disingenuous parents lied when they told them that Blacks are just darkskinned White people.

Some of them will meet tragic ends, and so will some of the do-gooders who replace them in the following go around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah I know, NY Times but last paragraph would LOVE to hear what ya say as Detroit cannot support itself, let us go into the burbs now: "The solution may be in the suburbs that have siphoned off Detroit’s money and jobs and talent for decades. A true emergency manager, as many people here have suggested, would have the power to begin merging the tax base of the city with that of suburban counties in hopes of saving the region. Bailouts can come in many different forms."

RedMoonProject said...

Given the impending economic and debt problems that we have, it is only a matter of time until large sections of the welfare state must be rolled back. We simply do not have the money any longer to subsidize large portions of the underclass population as we do now. I cannot help but think that this will mean the re-introduction of something similar to the old Jim Crow laws.

They will be in a newer form perhaps, but ending the welfare state will require that the people who are uneducated, violent and illiterate be controlled for the good of the greater society. Just as Murry and Herrnstein predicted in The Bell Curve, the methods are likely to be brusque. But if the country is to survive, the larger productive and law abiding part of the population must be able to operate and function in a more or less normal manner, free of the constant threat of violence and crime. This will only be possible if the violent and dangerous minority are forcibly prevented from doing harm to the rest of society.

Anonymous said...

having blacks run a city is like having 10 year olds run the grade school they attend!

Anonymous said...

Hayti in 1890-

black men had multiple wives whom as a rule they didn't marry

women and children did the work and provided income as men loafed

they had an intrinsic fear of white rule as re-enslaving them, while at the same time knowing things were better then

singing and dancing for hours on end for any reason

voodoo worship, animal, and human sacrifice. mothers saying 'I brought the child into the world, who better to decide its fate?'

routine viciousness, indiscriminate gunfire, thieving as a lifestyle

endemic corruption, poor 'organization', pale imitations of the white man's society

Jesus I could go on and on but the similarities are undeniable.

The crime is to permit them to run anything in this nation, *unless* whites didn't have to pay for them.

Separation is the first step, repatriation to the nation of their choice is the best conclusion of all.

I don't think it would take 10 years of isolation in Detroit to have them speaking in clucks and grunts and practicing voodoo. God knows christian churches for blacks are little more than an excuse for them to sing and dance and seek indiscriminate partners, wear gaudy hats, or a purple suit, or something with gold thread.

Mr. Rational said...

If people all over the world still had the freedom of speech and association, blacks would literally be deported en masse to Africa in a couple of days.

Great insight, anonymous (get yourself a handle and use Name/URL next time).

Why doesn't the world doesn't have freedom of speech and association?  One part of it is a civil-rights apparatus designed to resolve the conflicts of another era.  This has been co-opted and twisted by enemies of the majority to punish the majority for wanting to be itself... in essence, for existing.

The entire plight of the majority comes because the majority believes in laws and enforces them, and the minority does not.  The Black undertow eschews law and order even when its predator class preys on its own.  If the White majority took a similar view, Blacks would be terrified to step outside their doors.

Here's a thought experiment:  suppose that Whites had the same no-snitching mentality about dealings with troublesome Blacks that Blacks have in general.  Suppose you had a bunch of White teenagers playing with "potato guns", but instead of shooting potatoes they launched small Molotov cocktails into the boomer cars full of minority thugs.  How fast would the roads empty of boomer cars?

Everyone knows who the thugs are at school.  Suppose every Black or Hispanic gang attack on a White middle-schooler resulted in several burned-out trailer homes by the next morning?  How fast would the gang attacks stop... and how fast would the "diversity" separate like oil and water?

The only reason this doesn't happen is because Whites value law and order and fairness and expect everyone else to (finally!) recriprocate.  This will continue until Whites realize that the equal treatment of unequal things is inherently UNfair.

Discard said...

Mr Rational: I don't know that the majority believes in laws anymore. They believe in free stuff. Far too many Whites are useless layabouts, having adopted Black ways. Worse, far too many intelligent Whites are spoiled rotten, and expect to be paid to do whatever they want. Note how Limbaugh had to back down from that slut who made a public spectacle of herself, complaining that her (Catholic) law school wouldn't provide her with $3000 worth of free contraception. Your typical educated "liberal" does not do useful labor, they choose makework careers and despise productive people who soil their hands. BHO did not get elected President because he appealed to people who earn their own way.

Mr. Rational said...

Discard, just because Limbaugh behaves like an idiot doesn't mean we have to (otherwise we'd be nodding along with the DWLs).  Nobody would pay $250/month for the Pill when $10 would do, so there is more to the Sandra Fluke story than you bothered to check out.  Oral contraceptives have side effects, some of which treat certain medical conditions.  It's likely that Limbaugh's characterization of Sandra Fluke as a "slut" was false and thus libelous; I once knew a Catholic girl, a virgin, who was on the Pill for such reasons.  Why shouldn't a Catholic school provide such treatment because it also works as as contraceptive?

As for the White underclass, you are preaching to the choir.  My social circle once included a lovely lady of Appalachian extraction, who had a laundry list of medical complaints she attributed to generations of inbreeding in a "holler" (hollow).  It doesn't matter whether Muslims or putative Christians practice such inbreeding, it's damaging.  In my one short foray into Alabama I briefly shared a C-store with a family including a very pregnant White girl I judged to be no older than about 15.  I doubt she would have been producing that baby if it were not for the free stuff.

Changing the social expectations of the underclasses is going to be a massive job.  The first step is to stop rewarding the dysfunction and provide the alternatives for free.  If that means sterilizing some millions who cannot perform at a high-school level and even paying them for it, it's better than the alternative.

Discard said...

Mr Rational: Regarding Limbaugh, my point was that he was pressured to back down by a chorus of whiners complaining to his sponsors. I am not, nor have I ever been a Catholic, and I am not opposed to birth control, so I don't have a dog in the fight. But the Catholic Church does not, as a matter of principle, accept the use of birth control pills. If you go to their institutions, you abide by their rules, just as if you came to my house, you abide by my rules. Those who accept hospitality but object to their host's rules or conditions are shit, whether they be sluts or not.

We seem to be in close agreement on the matter of the White underclass. I think they should be given every opportunity to bring themselves up, and if they won't, remove them from the gene pool. I have spent most of my life working in the trades, and have known quite a few marginal Whites, generally working at the lowest skill levels. Many of them, if they got half the attention and resources that go to Darks, would be OK.

Mr. Rational said...

But the Catholic Church does not, as a matter of principle, accept the use of birth control pills. If you go to their institutions, you abide by their rules

As I mentioned before, nobody would use expensive BC if generics would do; there has to be something else at work.  One of the very likely indications is treatment of some kind of disorder.  If an institution is providing health care, it has an obligation to provide medication without regard for what "immoral" purposes it might also serve.  For instance, the cancer drug methotrexate can be used to induce early abortions.

Should Catholic institutions have a "right" to bar their wards and employees from using methotrexate for cancer because it's "their rules"?  I don't think so; that's not morality, that's medical malpractice.  When the institution can get cancer or ovarian cysts, it can decide how it wants to be treated.  Its bishops have no business making that decision for wards or lay employees covered by a health policy.

Discard said...

Mr Rational: A private college, or any private institution, has a right to decide which medical services it will provide to its clients, just as it has a right to decide what to charge for tuition and what courses to offer. Just as anyone selling any service or product has a right to decide what service or product. Would you sue me for not carrying Rush Limbaugh's works in my bookstore? If anyone is dissatisfied, they are free to go to another college.
This is not the same as prohibiting anyone from using birth control pills, any more than my refusal to buy somebody dinner means that I am preventing them from eating. One could go to another school, or use condoms, or refrain from sex during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, or practice oral sex during that time. If these things are too inconvenient, that's really too bad. Seriously, do you believe that there is a right to subsidized sex?

The matter of useful side effects of birth control pills is irrelevant, since the woman in question said she wanted them to prevent pregnancy.

Discard said...

You're a kid, aren't you Mr Rational? This is elementary civil liberties. Any adult American understands this stuff.

Anonymous said...

quoting discard
I have spent most of my life working in the trades, and have known quite a few marginal Whites, generally working at the lowest skill levels. Many of them, if they got half the attention and resources that go to Darks, would be OK. "

I'm with you, discard. There are plenty of f'ed up whites, with lots of problems of their own doing caused by terrible family dynamics. Poor decisions, substance abuse, etc.

They're f'ed up, but they're still our tribe, and unlike the blacks, they have the *capacity* to improve.

Given half a chance, if they have the desire, they can do better.

Blacks simply can't and won't, but they'll take all the free stuff you'll send their way, and keep it coming.

We used to have these craaaaaazy things called *trades* for whites that weren't going to college to study. You know, to get a job.

Now, with Mexicans and factory jobs gone over seas, what are these folks to do? in the 70's construction workers could make more than doctors. Don't tell me Mexicans take jobs americans don't want or don't drive down wages.

Anonymous said...

nobody would use expensive BC if generics would do; there has to be something else at work.

Is that something else Sandra Fluke MLKing the history of a 23 year old with PCSO and passing it off as her own experience?

Anonymous said...

It's likely that Limbaugh's characterization of Sandra Fluke as a "slut" was false and thus libelous;

And the charaterisation of Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham as sluts was ... ?

Mr. Rational said...

Discard, you are comically wrong.  I remember the funeral of John F. Kennedy, which I doubt you do.  Perhaps because of that difference in perspective, you cannot yet understand how things got the way they are.  The difference between "is" and "ought" aside, the legal framework determines what steps need to be taken in what order.

The long answer is that no educational institution offering services to the public should be in a position to dictate the details of reproductive health and other medical treatment to its students, or even its non-ideological employees.  Yet we have that very thing happening here.  Any thinking person ought to be struck by this strange situation and ask why.

The reason is that insurance is far cheaper in bulk, and long-ago wage controls plus untaxed benefits led employers to provide insurance in lieu of cash wages.  This was extended to students not covered by parental policies, because group rates are the only affordable rates for people who aren't working.  Having been put in this strange position of providing health care, the religious agents in charge of Georgetown U. decided to use it to exercise power over women.  The solution is to take the Catholic bishops out of the loop in this situation, since they have no business being there.  Once unable to twist it to their purposes, the Catholic establishment will push insurance off to a non-ideological entity and the problem goes away.

The short answer is that a religious authority structure which is infamous for protecting collared pedophiles and other sexual abusers FOR CENTURIES has no business asserting a moral objection to anything.  Neither the Roman Catholic Church nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliated institutions has anything that can be called morality, and the current Pope's former position in the office which protected abusers makes everyone who follows his orders complicit in those crimes.

And yes, Islam makes the Church of Rome look like the model of probity.

Discard said...

Mr Rational: I do recall the funeral of JFK. School was cancelled that Monday. I figured that you had to be a kid because you have an adolescent's understanding of rights, but maybe you're just 60 going on 17.

Why shouldn't a private institution offering services to the public be able to decide what those services are? Ought the clients be able to dictate to a private institution what services will be offered? How would that be any different from my being able to compel my local shoe store to carry my preferred brand of sneakers?
The shoe store is not "dictating", as you would have it, my choice of shoes, since I can choose to go to another store. Just as the woman in question can choose to attend a different law school. Any thinking person, as you claim to be, should be able to grasp that.

Were you as rational as you would like others to think, you would recognize that the fact that companies started giving health insurance in lieu of wage increases for tax reasons back in the 1950s, or the history of the Catholic Church have no relevance to the issue. You are off the rails, and trying to throw up a smoke screen to conceal it. Georgetown University is no different than a local shoe store when it comes to business policies. If you don't like their service, you can go elsewhere.

And what has this to do with Islam?

Mr. Rational said...

How would that be any different from my being able to compel my local shoe store to carry my preferred brand of sneakers?
The shoe store is not "dictating", as you would have it, my choice of shoes, since I can choose to go to another store.

Since you decided on this analogy, let's make it relevant to the actual situation of a law student:

1.  You are incurring a substantial amount of debt to have good shoes.
2.  You have to wear that store's shoes for 3 years or take heavy losses.
3.  The shoe store decides if it will do business with you, and is highly selective.
4.  The shoe store is also your only affordable source of entertainment and beverages.

Now suppose that the management of your shoe store decides on religious grounds that it isn't going to provide soda or alcohol, and all entertainment products will only be offered in Swedish.  Still think this is a reasonable situation?

What does an education in law have to do with health care again?

what has this to do with Islam?

Trying to cut off "but what about..." threadjacking before it starts

Discard said...

Mr Rational: Your analogy fails. Any shoe store that followed those policies would soon be out of business, because the store does not have a monopoly and most people would buy their shoes elsewhere. And that would be fair. The store has a right to have such policies, and customers have a right to stay away. Georgetown law school does not have a monopoly either, yet enough people do shop there to keep the place in business. That also is fair.
Georgetown did not spring this policy on anybody, it was no secret, no bait and switch. The woman in question knew it was a Catholic school and chose to go there anyway. By signing, she agreed to the conditions of sale, then decided to complain about it later. She may as well have bought red shoes and then complained that they weren't green.

Discard said...

A further consideration, Mr Rational: Has a private Jewish educational institution, like Yeshiva University, a right to require its students to observe Jewish religious restrictions?

Mr. Rational said...

Your analogy fails.

Any analogy fails if you ignore the details which actually, you know, create the analogy.  There was a little 4-point list I wrote, perhaps you could re-read it.

Any shoe store that followed those policies would soon be out of business, because the store does not have a monopoly

Which makes them highly non-analogous to law schools, which have near-monopolies based on things like accreditations, reputations and endowments which establish high barriers to entry.  I'd hoped that you could follow the counter-factuals required to establish the analogy and bring the point home to you, but maybe I was wrong.

Georgetown law school does not have a monopoly either

It has a monopoly on the services of its faculty.  You can't just go buy classes from those people at another university.

Georgetown did not spring this policy on anybody, it was no secret, no bait and switch.

Georgetown is taking tuition money in part for health-care services.  If a student develops e.g. polycystic ovarian disease for which "birth control" pills are the standard treatment, Georgetown plays the "morality" (HA!) card and refuses to provide them.  That's medical malpractice.  Georgetown U. is not a pontifical university and accepts non-Catholics.

I'd like to see universities get out of the health-insurance biz and eliminate this issue, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.  On the other hand, making Georgetown U. practice religious non-discrimination in its health services would help to get it behind the legal changes required to do that.  Let the bishops wash their hands of it.

She may as well have bought red shoes and then complained that they weren't green.

A more apt analogy would be that the store's shoes gave her bunions and she could neither get suitable shoes nor switch her investment to another store, but we've already established that you won't think about counterfactuals that an accurate analogy would rely on.

Has a private Jewish educational institution, like Yeshiva University, a right to require its students to observe Jewish religious restrictions?

A yeshiva is the Jewish equivalent of a seminary and Yeshiva U. does require Torah study, so I don't see why not.  A law school teaching civil and criminal law etc. without any religion requirement is not analogous to an institution of religious study, and (again) it's not such a school's business to be deciding what medical treatments are and are not moral by its lights rather than the patient's.

Discard said...

Mr Rational: No law school has a monopoly. There are hundreds of them. End of story.

I read the four points. See the paragraph above.

No, being the employer of certain professors does not make Georgetown a monopoly, any more than my employer becomes a monopoly because I only work for them. That claim is either stupid or dishonest. I'd guess dishonest.

As I have pointed out before, the woman who started this stink wanted birth control pills provided for birth control, not polycistic ovarian disease. The other uses of the pills are irrelevant to the issue. Has the university got a policy stating that they will not provide medication for those with polycistic ovarian disease? No. (Though they have every right to do so. If they choose, they could decide that they will not cover gunshot injuries or any disease that begins with the letter "W", as long as that is made clear beforehand.) Who is it who can't follow a line of reasoning?

Buying shoes and finding that they gave you bunions is not a more apt analogy, because the law school did not conceal their policy on providing birth control. Like a woman buying red shoes, she knew what she was getting. Your details and counterfactuals are simply bullshit, intended to obscure what you can't defend.

Yeshiva University is not a yeshiva, it has a yeshiva. It also has a law school. And since they accept students who receive government grants, loans, or guarantees, they cannot refuse Gentiles. So again, does a private, Jewish law school have a right to impose their religious restrictions on all students?

Mr. Rational said...

I read the four points.

You showed no sign of having incorporated the implications, but counterfactuals are difficult for all but a minority.

the woman who started this stink wanted birth control pills provided for birth control, not polycistic ovarian disease.

What you claim is false.  The transcript of her testimony is here.  She specifically refers to a friend with PCD, whose coverage even for that disease could be denied under the terms of any of the Blunt, Rubio or Fortenberry offerings.  Should a woman with PCD have to turn down certain schools and jobs if she wants to be sure she can keep her ovaries?  Why should these institutions be allowed to take money for health care if they aren't providing it?  That's fraud.

I think the bishops are disingenuous here.  A woman who has borrowed tens of thousands of dollars for a single year of law school is going to be in huge trouble if she gets pregnant and drops out to care for a baby.  She is far more likely to have an abortion.  The bishops' policy would only create more opportunities to impose guilt, even on married students (not "sluts" by definition).  I find that highly immoral.

Yeshiva University is not a yeshiva, it has a yeshiva. It also has a law school.

What I found states that Torah study is required.  Are you saying that's not true of the law school?  Do you have anything to document that?

An institution which requires religious study is different in essence from one that does not.  People who go to an institution to spend time in religious study can be assumed to largely share the positions espoused by that institution, same as the clergy employed by a church.  Students who come only to study particular academic subjects cannot.

You keep dodging the issue of the peculiar history of this issue, especially my question:  what does health care have to do with the study of law, that Georgetown University should be delving into the intimate details of what its female students receive?  I think it's because you favor the meddling.

I'll ask you a different question:  do you think that educational institutions have a license to police the sexual morality of their adult female students, or only those you agree with?

Discard said...

Mr Rational: I refuted your four points when I demonstrated that there is no monopoly of law education, but apparently the obvious is difficult for all but a minority of DWLs.

My statement that the Fluke woman wanted birth control pills for birth control rather than ovarian disease is true. Her testimony at a congressional hearing was tailored for media purposes. You don't think that she wasn't carefully coached, that her testimony wasn't ghost-written, to cover all the bases? Her original video made no mention of PCD, because that's not her beef. After the fact revised bullshit is still bullshit.
It is not fraud to not provide all medical services, as long as you have not promised all medical services. Fraud consists of deliberately trying to mislead somebody, not in failing to gib me dat.
It is not the responsibility of the Bishops or anyone else to subsidize anyone's sex life. Let her choose a school that is willing to do so, or else look out for her own needs. Apparently DWLs find that highly immoral.

I have no idea if the law school at Yeshiva U requires Torah study, though I suspect that one would be lost in classroom discussion without it. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, since they are a private institution and are free to do as they like. If I don't want to study Torah, I can go to Georgetown U.
But as you would have it, a school that has strict enforcement of many religious rules ought be granted privileges not granted to a school with fewer religious restrictions. If Georgetown began requiring all newly admitted students to attend weekly Mass, Confession once a month, and abstain from eating fish on Friday, could they then legitimately refuse to provide birth control?

As a leftist, you cannot grasp that I simply object to government meddling in the diverse policies of private institutions, whether they be Catholic, Jewish, atheist, or indifferent. I could hate Catholics with all my being, and yet still recognize that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, that if I wish to be left alone, I need to leave others alone. You assume that I must support the "no birth control" policy because you have no principles yourself, besides "I want". Perhaps it's "I want to screw the Catholic Church", or "I want to screw Sandra Fluke", but your superego here is clearly subject to your id. This is why I assumed that you were a kid. Oh well, like I said 60, going on 17.

Sergio said...

You people are the saddest angle of humanity, our worst view. Racists, don't you see that the worlds nightmare is constructed from the north, from your heads. I hope one day your kind will dissapear