Monday, August 20, 2012

Life After the Cameras Left: 71 Percent Black Birmingham Bans New Building of Payday and Title Loans Stores

PK Note: The Second City has been selected as the topic of the third book that will detail the true reason for the death of one America's major cities. It will follow in the footsteps of Escape from Detroit and Black Mecca Down (Atlanta).

The Birmingham City Council -- voted on a mortarium to stop the proliferation of payday loan stores
What happened when the cameras and press left Birmingham, Alabama? What happened when the damage of showing pictures and video of snarling dogs attacking pitiful protestors on a nightly loop ended "white supremacy" in Birmingham and ushered in the unprecedented era of "Black supremacy" in the a city that was once the most powerful in the south?

This is a topic no one dares broach, for the reality of Birmingham in 2012 is that freedom failed. Big time. The great Civil Rights crusade didn't usher in an age of prosperity, economic or academic equality, but instead unleashed, no, liberated nature to provide a lesson in reality that few dare notice.

You see, Birmingham is now 71 percent Black, and the structures of political power in the city are completely dominated by Black people. This, as also happened in Detroit, didn't translate into economic power; nor did this demographic change result in the attracting of outside investment to the city or relocation of business to Birmingham that could ensure aggressive growth and a flourishing middle class.

On the contrary, an August 19th article in the Birmingham News (Group wants Birmingham to add restrictions on payday loan stores) discussed the only type of industry that is thriving in 71 percent Black Birmingham:
A crowd of 60 people chanted "At least a mile!" with raised fists at Harvest Community Church Sunday night, calling on the City of Birmingham to restrict the number of payday loan stores in the area.

The demonstration at the church was sponsored by Birmingham Faith in Action, an interfaith group calling for the city to adopt a zoning policy which would mandate that new payday loan stores cannot operate within a mile of an existing one. The group contends that payday loan stores charge exorbitant interest rates and disproportionately affect the poor and minorities.

To illustrate the point, Quinn Rallins, director of Birmingham Faith in Action, showed the crowd a photo showing dozens of sharks swimming alongside each other.

"We have to pick between living in two oceans. Sharks live in this ocean because it's acceptable that they can feed on the weak," he said, pointing to the photo, before showing another with only one shark. "Which ocean do you want to live in? This is where we're headed if we don't do something about predatory lending."

Rallins said Faith in Action is making a push because the city's ban on new payday loan stores ends in September. He contends that before the ban, Birmingham had the highest concentration of payday loan stores in the nation. He said the group would like the city to adopt a new zoning ordinance which would also mandate distance requirements for payday loan stores from welfare offices.

He told the crowd how a member of his family had struggled against high-interest debt which resulted in her losing her car.

"Three out of four payday loans are used to try to pay off other payday loans," Rallins said. "There's a difference between businesses making a living, and making a killing."

Former New Jersey Secretary of State DeForest Soaries, who is also a Baptist minister who speaks on overcoming debt, told the crowd that he is outraged by a rising tide of consumerism in America, which he said lures people into pursuing lifestyles beyond their economic means. Payday loan stores foster this attitude, he said, by promising quick money to people needing to cover expenses.

"It's cheaper to borrow from the Mafia than it is payday loan stores," he said. "At least the Mafia will tell you the truth -- that if you don't pay them back, they'll kill you."

Payday loan stores are primarily found in minority (Black) areas, because these are the primary customers of payday loan stores. Payday loans stores charge exorbitant interest rates only because their customers (primarily Black people) never pay the loan back, thus the need to charge higher rates to deter those who might be a financial risk from doing business with them.

If the white people who live in Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, and Hoover are capable of making sound financial decisions and living within their means, then payday loans store operators aren't going to make a profit by opening shop in those communities. Conversely, if the Black people in Birmingham present a lucrative cash cow for these businesses, well, it's wise to going fishing where the fish are copious in number.

Back in December of 2011, CBS 42 in Birmingham reported on the extraordinary steps the city council was taking to combat the plague of payday loans tormenting the citizens of The Magic City (Payday Loan Moratorium in Place, December 6, 2011):
Birmingham City Council members adopted a resolution to ban new Payday Loan businesses within the city.

The resolution was originally introduced by Councilwoman LaShunda Scales in September. But even as the ordinance came up for a final vote council members still had not reached a consensus on the language.

At one point during the discussion Councilwoman Kim Rafferty declared that the Council as a whole looked like a bunch of fools.

Council President Roderick Royal swiftly found Rafferty out of order.

The debate stemmed from two amendments issued by Councilor Carole Smitherman.

The Amendments were to clarify language in the ordinance to ensure that banks and existing payday loan businesses would not be impacted.

Council members say they need the time to establish better establish rules as to where a Payday Loan business may open to avoid clustering.

Councilor Scales says that with 93 Payday Loan businesses operating within the city limits, these businesses are the number one product the city offers to its citizens.

Scales and Smitherman say that they are opposed to the locations of the businesses and the high interest rates charged.
Yes, the Birmingham city council passed a six-month moratorium on the opening of new payday and title loan stores in the city. One of the primary forms of economic activity in 71 percent Birmingham - the purest example of what an enterprise zone would consist of in a majority Black area - was regulated by the city council in a bid to offset the lethargy of entrepreneurship. Here's a hilarious article from the leftist local newspaper the Weld by some hopeless Disingenuous White Liberal Madison Underwood (City Council approves six-month moratorium on payday loan shops, December 6, 2011):
After more than an hour of debate, the Birmingham City Council approved a six-month moratorium on payday and title loan shops in the city. The moratorium, which was approved by all but two councilors at the council’s regular Tuesday meeting, will allow existing payday loan businesses to continue operating and to change locations, but bars new facilities.

Payday loan shops offer customers cash advances until their next payday for a fee some say is expensive or predatory. In Alabama, such stores can charge fees up to $17.50 per 14-day, $100 loan, which is an annual percentage rate of 456.25 percent, according to the Consumer Federation of America, a non-profit consumer advocacy group.

The moratorium is meant to allow the city time to research the impact of payday loan shops and develop zoning measures to deal with the facilities.

According to Councilor Lashunda Scales, who spearheaded the drive for the moratorium, there are 93 payday loan facilities in Birmingham—more than any other city in Alabama. “It is the leading product, at this point, that we have,” Scales said. “It supersedes any grocery stores, any main retailers that our citizens are asking for, and that’s in every single district.

An earlier version of the proposed ordinance called for the moratorium to end after a year or whenever the Birmingham Comprehensive Plan — which is currently being developed — is completed. But that language was amended over the hour-long process.

Councilor Carole Smitherman suggested that, during the six-month moratorium, Operation New Birmingham, or ONB, be asked to help develop a permanent policy solution to the proliferation of payday and title-loan facilities in Birmingham. ONB is a non-profit public-private partnership that works to promote economic development in Birmingham.
Yes, 93 payday loan facilities in 71 percent Black Birmingham; in the words of City Councilwoman Scales, "it is the leading product... that we have."

This is the end result of freedom. This is the end result of a revolution that was waged to shame white people into signing over their futures so they could be shackled to the utopian goals of a concept we've labeled Black-Run America (BRA).

It was in Birmingham where events were captured on film and in still photos, which would forever alter the course of American history. Perhaps when those cameras and video equipment return to capture the reality of Actual-Black Run America (ABRA) Birmingham, the course of American history can be altered again.

At the very least, if you're ever in the need for a payday loan --- you know where to go.

The only solution in the future is for a city like Birmingham to be quarantined, for it is the current inhabitants of the city whose financial (an extension of personal) dysfunction is the primary cause for the proliferation of payday and title loan stores. A population that largely subsists off of EBT/food stamps cards, free lunches at school, TANF/Welfare, must be allowed to sink or swim on their own.

Anytime you hear someone say we should celebrate some great "Civil Rights Victory" just smile, and remind them of the moratorium on new payday and title loan stores in Birmingham the city council passed.

That's the legacy of "Civil Rights"-- Freedom Failed.


Anonymous said...

We should call this what it is, the "Enriching Encumbent Payday/Title Lenders Act". Eliminating new competition by law is good work if you can get it (which the Birmingham city council apparently doesn't).

Too bad this hurts the customers it's supposed to help. A ban just forces them to look up real loan sharks, or to go without vital things like car repairs.

"Three out of four payday loans are used to try to pay off other payday loans"

I wonder how Rallins knows this. Is he privy to the private records of the lenders? Or is he just making stuff up?

"It's cheaper to borrow from the Mafia than it is payday loan stores".

More made up BS. If this were so, why would the Mafia engage in illegal loan sharking when, according to this idiot, legal payday lending is more lucrative?

HaroldC said...

There may be opportunity in such enterprises for WN as pay day loan stores, title loan stores and sweepstake facilities located in Negro areas. It would certainly be a means for providing funding for WN and spreading race realism.

Anonymous said...

Even the Mafia wouldn't lend these people money.

Jay Santos said...

Those pictures of the The Birmingham City Council are your future; elected and bureaucratic rule exclusively by blacks and white women. Each one smiling at you as they build a society based on diversity and social justice.

Pretty scary isn't it?

MuayTyson said...

What a joke, again cradle to grave we as a society MUST protect black people from themselves.

Is it no wonder that blacks thrive in prison where they are told what to do and when to do it. Food is provided and you have a choice of slop or slop. Lights out at a certain time even showers are scheduled.

Someone suggested at this site or another that maybe we should put blacks on a reservation. I am starting to think this maybe a good idea.

Anonymous said...

1. they were savages.
2. they were enslaved.
3. they were freed.
4. they are savages.

rjp said...

Population: 212,237
93 Payday loan stores.
1 for every 2282 people.
98,782 households.
1 for every 1062 households.

Wonder how many of the council members are silently the owners of payday and title loan stores?

Anonymous said... Even the Mafia wouldn't lend these people money.

They don't. Too hard to get them to pay the money back, this I know because the father of a bar owner I worked for a long time ago, who ran loan-sharking for Paul Hankish, told me.

YIH said...

I wonder how faithful to the comic book the new Judge Dredd will be?

Discard said...

When I was about to enter the service, an older co-worker told me that I could augment my pay by loan-sharking, but warned me "Never loan any money to Niggers. They won't pay you back". The racist greaseball knew what he was talking about.
(No, I didn't go into loan sharking.)

Anonymous said...

If the negro is unable to judge the terms of a payday loan, how is he able to judge the candidates in an election and vote? Yet BRA pushes the latter while ignoring the former.

10mm AUTO said...

It is really astonishing. I can understand getting a loan if I knew the money was coming in and I needed to buy something that would not be there in two weeks, but how many times does that happen? A special pistol on Gunbroker, a friend who is finally selling his 1970 Dodge Challenger, whatever. You talk to you friend and he wants the money NOW. So you swallow it and do the deal and never do it again, happy in that you were in the right place at the right time.

But these negroids (and these are the high functioning ones!) are doing this monthly! Rolling over debt for, lets face it, drugs and rims.

I am Glad they are doing this. Who cares how they blow their money. Probably the loan stores are a "certified minority owned business" or are owned by TWMNBN. As long as they are not buying carbines and good scopes I could not care less who exploits them.
I agree that freedom failed them, they are animals and as such Personal Responsibility is not a feature of their minds.

Anonymous said...

I love the shark analogy. Clearly, they want fewer but fatter sharks. I wonder if anyone thought that more payday loan places would place downward pressure on the vig?

Mike James

Anonymous said...

Councilor Lashunda Scales

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that if you wanted to lower the interest rates payday lenders are charging, that the thing to do would be to let as many open up as wanted to; force them to compete for the finite amount of business.

Will limiting the number of payday lenders somehow reduce the demand for payday loans?

Anonymous said...

"thus the need to charge higher rates to deter those who might be a financial risk from doing business with them."

Incorrect, and this is important. They need to charge high rates because they need some insurance against people not paying back.

The rates are considered exorbitant because these loans are very short term, like a week or two. So the rate, if you extrapolated it to compare with a 3-year car loan or a 30-year home loan, is absurdly high.

This is simple, obvious economics.

In the late '90s, the Clinton administration started forcing banks to be "equal-opportunity lenders", giving loans to people they knew were at higher risk of default.

Big businesses are known to be greedy and certainly willing to sell out our race for their greed. Witness bringing blacks to the north, and now mexicans to the country, to keep white workers accepting less wages.

Yet the leftists expect us to believe that these evil greedy banksters were actually white supremacists and that's why they weren't making loans to blacks on the same terms as whites.

You'd think that in such a situation, some new banks would pop up and make those profitable loans that other banks refuse to make.

In fact, what happened was banks were forced to make those loans, and then turned around, packaged them up and sold that shit sandwich the government force-fed them to someone else.

Then the housing market collapsed.

This isn't the only reason it happened. Also they dismantled the regulation against commercial and investment banking under one roof, and too many people (including Elizabeth Warren) were flipping houses, and a raft of other things that leftist might agree with.

But it's pretty much the only piece of the puzzle that you're not allowed to talk about openly under pain of denunciation for racism.

Anonymous said...

They tried same were I live. In the 80-90s my family owned a few payday loan shops. The in 2000 they started with lowering our fees on loans from 40 dollars on a 200$ loan to 6 dollars. That closed 75% of the shops. Then in 06 they made us all sign into a central state website so that clients could only have 1 loan out at a time. Needless to say there arnt many left and my family sold out in 08. Meanwhile the pawnshop business is booming

Anonymous said...

In other news, every person in my graduate school who ISN'T white (Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Mestizos) gets a full ride and "at least" a high four-figure stipend.

For a two year program, that equates to at-least $65,000.

White kids, and only white kids, have to pay full tuition: nay ANY tuition. And trust me, every white kid is paying full tuition.

This isn't a school that attracts rich whites. The people in the programs are mostly poor whites who have worked extremely hard.

This makes me extremely depressed about my impending 2 year debt, most of all because I am going into debt to attend a school openly discriminates against my race. If I could change schools, I would, but it's too late for that.

Anonymous said...

These people simply can't care for themselves. Mentally, they're like babies, children. Why is this so hard to admit? Are we scared of them or something? Afraid we might cause a "chimpout"?

Blacks are dangerous idiots. You know this as soon as you come in contact with one. However, we can only avoid them for so long. Someday, the Mau-Mau will be at your door.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video. Send it to your family and friends, especially those who are on the cusp of opening their eyes to the reality of race. Post it on every friendly forum and blog that you frequent. It only has 7,000 views at the moment but it has the potential to go viral. This is the type of video that wakes up DWLs.

Description: A white man is patronizing a Wal-Mart in Long Beach, CA. He walks out to find a negro breaking the lock on his bicycle. (Anyone in-the-know knows that a white guy who rides a bicycle and patronizes stores in "that part" of Long Beach = DWL.)

He films the thief in action and confronts him. The negro thief threatens physical assault. Several other negros "intervene" in order to "calm the situation". Of course, that means that they verbally attack the victim, accuse him of making up the accusation and make up a dozen excuses for the thief. This allows the thief to get away.

The rent-a-cop security staff does absolutely nothing to restrain the thief. They don't call the police regarding the thwarted theft. They don't call the police when the negro threatens physical assault. Once the thief is gone, the rent-a-cops proceed to blame the victim and tell him that it's his fault because of where he locked his bike and are brazen about the fact that they have no legal responsibility to call the police in such situations.

The victim comes to the right conclusion: the only way to protect yourself and your property in such a lawless situation is to pack heat. Of course, one of the negro accomplices is outraged at this suggestion.

The bottom line ... The police will not protect you. Rent-a-cops will not protect. Urban areas operate under the assumption that if a negro attempts to take your property you better shut up, move aside, let them take it and then call the police (who will show up 15 minutes later). Anyone who suggests that negros don't have the right to take your property is a racist and criminal. That's reality. The judicial and police system in this nation is set up to aid-and-abet Black crime and victimize anyone who attempts to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Black people fought for freedom, then demonstrate at every turn that they can not handle it, making poor decision after poor decision and always blaming whites.

Bogolyubski said...

I'm a bit surprised that the groid-government types decided to ban the loan-sharks. In most places the sharks (nearly all of whom are owned by the usual suspects) make nice kickback deals with the stinking aff-act officials, who like all the bling it brings.

Makes me wonder if there's not some nice roundabout deal in the works. As the anonymous poster mentioned - Even the mafia wouldn't lend them money. That's true, but the loan-shark outfits described don't lend them their own money, but "money" received fresh from Uncle Ben's converted trash-for-cash discount window (no goyim need apply). If the funny-money loans to the poor underprivileged dahlings go south, guess who'll be on the hook (again) to pay off the vampire-squids who created that money out of thin air to loan to the sharks who loaned to Shitavious and Shebooniqua? YT!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I go to the nearby payday loan place all the time, but just for the free money orders and free pens.

Silly negroes.

Anonymous said...

YIH: holy crap! I never had any desire to read a comic till now.

Anonymous said...

I live in a neighborhood in Southern California that has been taken over by the Black Undertow. The government decided it would be a good idea to move Blacks out of South Central, after they burned their own neighborhood down, by moving them into previously unaffected areas through Section 8 vouchers. (In other words, we all get to pay for their little sociopathic spectacle.)

One of the tragedies is seeing commercial districts that used to be occupied by produce markets, tradesmen, and mom-and-pop shops taken over by fast food joints, pay day loan stores, welfare offices and liquor stores. Not to mention the billboards imploring people to get tested for HIV and ads for liquors marketed towards Blacks. Meanwhile the local library is only open 3 days a week and the school test scores have gone to crap. The cultural degradation that has gone on is utterly, utterly staggering.

Yet DWLs are willing to sacrifice the livelihoods of millions and see entire neighborhoods and cities degraded just so they don't have to admit that their little 50 year "Great Society" (ha! more like Violent Society) experiment is a total and complete, 100% failure.

Mr. Clean said...

MuayTyson said: Someone suggested at this site or another that maybe we should put blacks on a reservation. I am starting to think this maybe a good idea.

Indian reservations were created to protect Indians FROM white settlers, not the other way around, as would be the case with blacks. Also, Indian reservations have a degree of sovereignty, which negros can't handle (as demonstrated constantly on this site and also in this very article).

Perhaps what you are thinking is something along the lines of the Japanese internment camps of WWII. In such a place, there would be more the element of, as you put it, "they are told what to do and when to do it".

i'm all white! how about you? said...

there is a resolution or law not exactly sure what it's called but this comes from detriot's city council. they say that if your co has ties to slaven days and had anything to do with slavery you will not be permitted to bid on a city contract for work ever again. just seems to me a little to niggery to me. but ain't it funny that when a black is in charge you will see his/her racial bias almost every f-ing time people. then throw in some kind of real power(obama)and you can clearly see that someone with a racist chip on his shoulder can be really f-ing dangerous to america but mostly white america. i guess when they get these city council positions that they must start the big get even. in my town i've seen ngr-hoods get revitilized more than once since i have first drawn a tax paying breath. why is this i would like my little part of earth to be re-done without my own money for once. i guess that all us whites need to neglect our neighborhood and gov't will build us new ones! WTF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew that blacks cared enough to engage in NIMBY-ism when it doesn't involve "gentrifiers" moving into the 'hood?

Payday loans are not a sound financial choice, but for a lot of folks they can be the only means of making ends meet if an unexpected bill comes up. Of course there are people who keep rolling their loans over. Too bad they don't understand money 101, not my problem.

Could restricting the payday lenders in Birmingham result in another preview of The Day The EBT Cards Run Out? What will people do when they cannot access the one form of "credit" they can legally obtain?

Anonymous said...

i find it interesting that the only two white members of the council are both women, and more than half of the councilors are women.

blacks always regress to a matriarchal hierarchy. it starts in the home, giving all responsibilities to the mothers, while the "fathers" are off impregnating some other random ghetto rat.

though even in black nations, men are still usually put in charge of the military. which shows that, even with an average IQ of 67, africans are smarter than liberals....although perhaps the problem with liberals is not one of intellect, but of self-hatred and self-destruction.

R Neville said...

You beat me to it! Here in the Lou, near our home is a payday loan/chinese restaurant all in one.
Seems that if someone wants to make some cash off them, lease out a strip mall. Then open a pawnshop, with a cheapie ciggy shop, cellphone/bling store, and chinese take-away all there. One-stop shopping for the orks, and guaranteed cash for the investor.

Anonymous said...

@YIH re: Judge Dredd

yeah, i don't think so. you can't even get away with a jive-talking transformer without the liberal media going ape-shit (pun intended).

i doubt they would stand for what is a very thinly veiled reference to TNB.

Li6N2 said...

We should start a new program styled after "Operation Wetback" and start sending every negro to Liberia. Since that country is a utopia for negroes they can just make their way in a country without the hated caucasians.

10mm AUTO said...

Muay Tyson Said!

"Perhaps what you are thinking is something along the lines of the Japanese internment camps of WWII. In such a place, there would be more the element of, as you put it, "they are told what to do and when to do it".

August 21, 2012 1:47 AM"

What do you think negro schools and prisons are? We do this now but it doesn't work. We "detain" in various facilities such as schools, Jail, Prison, Electronic monitoring, Parole, Mental Hospitals, "Halfway Houses", Enforced Drug Rehab, etc; nearly 1/6 of the negro population and we still have to militarize our Police and turn our Hospitals into training areas for Wartime Doctors. Imagine if we set them free! (See the Book "Black Easter" by Blish).

Removal through Elective Sterilization and Self-Attrition seems like the only currently viable solution.

10mm AUTO said...

Bad Attack. Murder of a really superior White.

We took more casualties today.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new world order... its meant to fail and to drag us down with it. White funded black failure is their vehicle in our little corner of the world. The last thing a totalitarian world government could tolerate is an upwardly mobile ethical white society capable of self determination. Weve been shackled to a corpse and left to tread water. The blacks dont have it put together enough to pull this off, they barley function at a human level. So, who is doing this? Why? None of this is random and were being conquered from within. Your tax return proves it. People become like the God they worship and that says it all. At least I'm saved i guess. A thousand years ago they fed christians to lions for entertainment so at least i have my guns. Tnb is being forced on a largely peaceful people to burden us. Dont go quietly when the time comes

Ivan Shatov said...

@ 10mm AUTO

Just another robbery gone bad. Nothing to see here. Let's move on.

Seriously, I cannot begin to fathom the pain those poor parents must be experiencing. I warn my five girls all the time to be wary of the Negro and to trust their instincts. I only have one who is a bit loopy and the others are mostly realists.

I'm flabbergasted that more fathers of these beautiful young women haven't wigged out.

Anonymous said...

"Will limiting the number of payday lenders somehow reduce the demand for payday loans?"

You would have to believe in and understand economics to understand that question. So many leftists (as I assume a bunch of black Democrats are) do not.

Annie Oakely said...

10mm - I saw that on another site. He killed her for the hell of it.

You see if she were my daughter, she would have packing. If she would have had a gun, she could have popped that groid and drove away, ALIVE.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when I read the story about that volleyball player: it mentions the race of the attacker.

Anonymous said...

First of all, every article I've read on SBPDL has been very good to superb and the strong majority of the comments are sharp and well stated.

Freedom is failing for sub-Saharan Africans because they're failing the requirements to succeed in a competitive and free society.
Are blacks intelligent by First World standards?
Are blacks industrious?
Are blacks thrifty?
Are blacks sexually responsible?


They're not now, they never have been, and they never will be. It's not in their genetic blueprint.

By the way, does Lashunda support the truly predatory act of the State suckering her little brained constituents into throwing their money down the toilet by playing the lottery?

YIH said...

Anonymous said...

@YIH re: Judge Dredd

yeah, i don't think so. you can't even get away with a jive-talking transformer without the liberal media going ape-shit (pun intended).

i doubt they would stand for what is a very thinly veiled reference to TNB.

August 21, 2012 6:02 AM

I stumbled across that scan of the comic book page. But I have no illusions that there will be a scene like that in the remake (didn't see the original flick and I doubt I'll see this one) but look at other such movies, how 'diverse' are the bad guys? Not very, check out any of the Death Wish series (you know it's true Paul, Charles blows away lots of YTs, hardly any of the 'diversity').
And think of them trying to remake Robocop how would they even be able to claim it was trying to clean up Detroilet? There's only one Eminem that I know of.

Anonymous said...

VERY OT: anyone having issues with drudge report today?

Zenster said...

Anon (8/20 7:07 PM): In fact, what happened was banks were forced to make those loans, and then turned around, packaged them up and sold that shit sandwich the government force-fed them to someone else.

This reminds me very little of the old joke:


Californian said...

Welcome to the new world order...

"American radicalism which aims at abolishing the nation state and replacing it with a kind of global corporatism and welfarism." --Ilana Mercer in Into the Cannibal's Pot

Back when I was involved with conservative youth politics, we had a saying: "The top (elite classes) are using the bottom against the middle." Despite the anti-capitalist rhetoric of 20th century leftist groups, many of them were getting corporate foundation subsidies. Why? Well, I suppose a strong middle class is a threat to the upper crust, so you do everything in your power to undermine the middle which, in America, was largely white. This means supporting those who were attacking the white middle class, everyone from student radicals to militant black power groups.

Since then, we have seen the triumph of the capitalist world over the communist, right at the same time we have seen the dominance of multicultism in the West. Which makes some sort of sense. The system needs an ideology to justify its internationalism (export of jobs and debt) and demand for mass third world immigration (for the assembly lines and cubicle farms).

We're heading towards a world in which cohesive national groups are being replaced by heterogeneous masses who have no stake in their own homelands. And who can be played off against each other. And illegal aliens make a fine power base for elites since they do not vote, and can be kept in line by threat of deportation.

You can toss in the destruction of the family, which creates more rootless people, dependent upon the welfare state for sustenance and protection, and cheap electronic gizmos for entertainment. As the Romans would say, "Bread & Circuses."

The taxes to support the welfare state and fund corporate bailouts bring down the middle class even further. Then toss in the various DWL social engineering programs, from forced busing to Section 8 housing and related crime. Entire neighborhoods have been laid waste. Neighborhoods? How about cities (Detroit, Birmingham...)!

Anywhere else, this might be called "ethnic cleansing."

Meantime, your average American watches 500 channels of corporate-liberal television. There's a reason that the corporate media is largely liberal. It's because liberalism has become a system which works hand in glove with corporations to expand the mutual power. And despite whatever lip service liberals might have for the working class, the reality is that they support economic globalism because in turn globalism supports liberalism's own internationalist pretensions for world government.

You can look at today's South Africa as one example of where the Western world is headed. The increasingly savage black-on-white attacks in SA (such as farm murders), and those in America (flash mobs) are related. Not simply by the level of violence, but by the politics: the agitation for blacks to rise up against white "oppressors." DWLs are complicit insofar as they provide the ideology which eggs all this on, as well as the laws which expand the technocratic apparatus of state bureaucracy and corporate globalization.

New World Order--indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with totally banning these things, but some people have so totally wrecked their credit that it is the only option available to them.

Payday loans have to charge such exorbitant rates precisely because of the dead weight of loans that don't get paid back. Normal banks would exist in the area otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but hilarious "hard hitting journalism" from the only website with the guts to tell it like it is-Yahoo! news

Dissident said...

Brilliant synopsis of the NWO and its nuances and subtleties. I’ve always considered the NWO to be essentially a euphemism for International Communism.
Whatever one calls it, it certainly is the top using the bottom against the middle indeed! Well said.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at August 21, 2012 1:23 PM

I read it, and laughed my ass off. Oh the stories I could tell.

Let me start off by saying that most combat positions are filled by whites, and or latinos. The blacks stick to supply they rarely go frontline. It's generally an unspoken rule that they're cowards.

From what I've seen in special operation groups racism is pretty out in the open. The military is just the best at keeping a cover on it.

Funny(true) story, my squad was overseeing part of a joint operations program with the Army, it was a reserve unit from Georgia. We were all pulled off the side off the road checking for weapons in an old building when some hadji's start shooting at us from about 400 yards out with some busted ass AKs. A black Army private that was in the middle of the street comes running around the side of the humvee with a stream of piss down his pant leg. It did'nt take long for the sniper in my squad to drop the two camel jocks(2 shots) with his re-commisioned M14. You see with a rusted AK-47 you will not be accurate past 100-150 yards tops. 400 yards is nothing to piss your pants about. Also if you saw the private he looked straight out of compton 6 foot 4 200+ pound tatted up badass, pissed all over himself. Whats funnier is the sniper(Sgt. Sweney) he was 31 years old, and stands 5 foot 7 with goofy-ass Irish orange hair.

Moral of the story; blacks are ALL image.

David W.-Former Marine.

Zenster said...

Does anyone care to speculate about exactly who might have sponsored this prohibition on new-construction? Maybe the existing payday and title loan operators got together and bribed city hall to implement this ban. Imagine having a government-enforced lock on your marketplace. What's not to like?

Zenster said...

Off Topic: Californian, I seem to recall that you once resided in South Africa. The author whose book I'm editing was very interested when I began explaining to him about the apartment-bloc takeovers and how local town councils are the ultimate benefactors as those properties go into tax-based receivership.

What concerned him most was my assertion that the anti-White forces in South Africa are committing genocide. Is there any legitimate news coverage of this ethnic cleansing from a major news source like Reuters or AP?

He wants to include reference about this in his book but cannot base it on blogs or anecdotal accounts.

Anyone else with direct experience in South Africa is welcome to contribute.

Jay in DC said...

Watch this video. Send it to your family and friends, especially those who are on the cusp of opening their eyes to the reality of race. Post it on every friendly forum and blog that you frequent. It only has 7,000 views at the moment but it has the potential to go viral. This is the type of video that wakes up DWLs.

Motherfuck that video. I would -never-, like never, send that to anyone.

So we can show what? A faggot ass DWL sounding like the soft white boy he is learning the truth of things? You think a -single- other DWL would care about this? Or even a moderate White person? I wouldn't have shot the brotha who cut my lock, because your ass is going to jail with the quickness. (see: Zimmy) But I would have offered him 2 options:

1) You need to call 911 and report yourself right now.

2) Don't call 911, and I will have you here incapacitated and waiting for the police if/when they decide to show up.

Make a fucking choice. If you only carry a firearm this tells me one thing about you, you don't live in places where you have interactions like the one in the video every single fucking day, I do, so I "dress appropriately". That groid would have hit the ground in a hot minute and been out of commission long enough for me to make the call, have the cops come, and smoke a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

I worked in a pawn shop for six years that started selling payday loans and I can promise you that the money doesn't usually go for drugs and rims. A lot of our customers were simply trying to make ends meet. I admit plenty of foolish choices were involved, but not irresponsible ones.

In Missouri at the time, defaulting on a loan contract was a Class D felony if the contract amount was only $50. The smallest payday loan we sold was for ... $50. So if the guy defaults he has committed a felony.

Pawnbroking is different. The risk is spread much more evenly across the deal, because people dump defective or stolen merch in pawn shops every day and the pawnbroker and/or the cops only find out about it a day late. If it's a pawn and the deal goes south, the guy might be sore about losing his TV, but he hasn't committed a serious crime by pawning it. He walks away a free man.

Pawn loans don't make people into debt slaves. There is a place in the world for such loans because everybody hits a bad patch of road somewhere along the line, and when you're poor you're going to hit them a lot more often, and a lot harder.

No matter what hate-filled racist demagogues like Louis Farrakhan think, pawn shops have a valid place in society.

But payday loans don't. They are not the answer, and shouldn't be a legal product anywhere, in my opinion. An APR in the 10-15% range is the answer for them, since then nobody will bother lending people money with them.

But if that day comes, everyone should be prepared for more robberies, more burglaries, more auto thefts, more property crime in general. That's because people don't use payday loans to get more drugs and rims, for the most part. For the most part, they use them to survive.

Bogolyubski said...

@Zenster (re SA):

Contact Ilana Mercer. She is originally from SA and knows a number of sources of info on the genocide.

Here's a good overview of the situation at the New American. Even the traditionally liberal group Genocide Watch has admitted that the SA regime is gearing up for a full-bore mass slaughter of whites.

Californian said...

Brilliant synopsis of the NWO and its nuances and subtleties.


One thing which facilitates putting all this together is that due to the internet, more people are sharing their perspectives on the crisis facing the Western world. There is a lot of inspiration from a wide spectrum which once would have been closed off. It becomes a matter of putting 2 and 2 together--and unlike DWLs, coming up with 4 instead of 5!

Off Topic: Californian, I seem to recall that you once resided in South Africa.

I had a couple of extended visits to South Africa. Got up into Rhodesia when it was run by Ian Smith and company, then returned for a visit in the 1980s when it became Zimbabwe. Seeing it up close and personal did a lot to influence me on the fate of white people after they have surrendered power. Once you give it up, you never get it back. Which is the dilemma. In a sense, the struggle is being forced on reluctant white peoples. I do not think that most whites want a race war, but when you are being increasingly attacked, you have to stop the appeasement sooner or later, or accept your own annihilation.

What concerned him most was my assertion that the anti-White forces in South Africa are committing genocide. Is there any legitimate news coverage of this ethnic cleansing from a major news source like Reuters or AP?

As far as I know, "no." Most of what I have seen is on the Internet. The old South Africa Sucks website had lots of hard hitting if irreverent stories. Mike Smith's site has some useful information:

There's also a group called Genocide Watch:

South Africa was a news story only as far as it fit the DWL party line: oppressed blacks against racist whites, with anti-apartheid demonstrators starring as the heroes.

Now that the ANC is wrecking the country and its fronts are chanting "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer," SA is not newsworthy. A slightly more conspiratorial view holds that since various globalist corporations have gotten control of the country's resources, its disintegration will not make the corporate news.

Recording Boer genocide might make a good project for some enterprising film makers. Head out to South Africa with videocams and film a documentary on the anti-white violence. Relate it to how Mugabe attacked whites in Zimbabwe, and prior to that, the black-on-white atrocities during the various Congo crises. And show "before" and "after" footage of various cities. Then ask, why is all this being ignored by the usual DWL suspects back in the West?

Brute said...

For the most part, they use them to survive.

Then we need to harden the fuck up and tell them "no." If they can't make, they can't make it.

All of life evolves by the weak being killed. What we're actually doing with BRA is stopping and reversing human evolution.

Anonymous said...


Genocide Watch is a mainstream liberal org. Here's a PDF of their latest report:
Genocide Watch is moving South Africa back to Stage 6, the Preparation stage in the genocidal process.

Founder/President of Genocide Watch:
Gregory H. Stanton is the Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. He is the best known for his work in the area of genocide studies. He is the founder (1999) and president of Genocide Watch,[1] the founder (1981) and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project,[2][3] and the founder (1999) and Chair of the International Campaign to End Genocide. From 2007 to 2009 he was the President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

Stanton comes from the lineage of women's suffrage activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Henry Brewster Stanton, an anti-slavery leader. He worked as a voting rights worker in Mississippi, a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Ivory Coast, and as Church World Service/CARE Field Director in Cambodia in 1980.[4]
Stanton is Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia.[5] From 2003 to 2009 he was the James Farmer Professor in Human Rights at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.[6] He has been a Law Professor at Washington and Lee University, American University, and the University of Swaziland. He has degrees from Oberlin College, Harvard Divinity School, Yale Law School, and a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Chicago. He was a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2001–2002).[4]


Doorjam said...

I agree - well said thoughts on the NWO.

A few of my not well said meanderings:

As the Roman Empire fell their money was devalued and in search of ever greater tax base everyone was granted citizenship in the empire thus negating any inherent value it had. People became more like chattel than free to be plundered and used in a system with little hope for opportunity and advancement in life.

Much as Orwell pointed out the system seeks to freeze history. No more mobility for a person to alter their condition or for cyclical movements in history to play out. With little or no means to fight back either.

The scenario I believe will be foisted on the US is something along these lines.

Some kind of a bomb or weapon will be used on a major US city. Maybe more than one. Then the federal authorities will command the populations of 10 major cities that are either targeted or already infected or at risk must be evacuated for a 100 square mile radius. All the preparations one makes aren't gonna be of much use then when people will have to be filed through some system after being completely uprooted.

In conjunction with this foreign troops from anywhere in the world could be brought in through our southern flank.

Thoughts anyone

Zenster said...

Thank you, everyone, for your links regarding the South African genocide. They will be forwarded to my author friend.

Josh said...

Well, then perhaps the payday loan businesses should opt for the mafia "killing" solution. Works for them, so surely it would work for the payday loan stores as well. .... I'm all for it, if it means getting rid of these horribly, predatory payday loan businesses.

Josh said...

Well, then perhaps the payday loan businesses should opt for the mafia "killing" solution. Works for them, so surely it would work for the payday loan stores as well. .... I'm all for it, if it means getting rid of these horribly, predatory payday loan businesses.

Zenster said...

Follow up: My author friend has been made aware of this genocidal slaughter and will place it in counterpoint to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's praise for South Africa's "humanitarian" constitution.

I can tell you that he was astonished to see the Communist Mandela leading a crowd singing "Kill the Boer" and was even more amazed to see White youth in that crowd singing along. He has quoted extensively from Ilana Mercer and Alex Newman while linking this back to 0bama's whole Liberal mindset.

Job well done, everybody. Thank you.