Friday, August 24, 2012

Warriors... Come Out to Play: Why Chicago is the Perfect City for a re-make of "The Warriors"

The Warriors is movie in dire need of a re-make. Made in 1979, the movie is a tale of rival gangs in New York City and, well, isn't a good movie.

Yes, crime in Chicago does have a color: the same hue that Paramount said had no "commercial appeal" in The Warriors
Based on a book by Sol Yurick, the director and casting agents of The Warriors was forced to add white characters to the eponymous gang because Paramount (which would be distributing the film) didn't think an all-Black cast would have any "commercial appeal."

Yurick's book doesn't have a white character, and the re-make of The Warriors should try and be as true to the source material as possible.

With one exception: move the location of the gang-war to Chicago, a city already besieged by the type of violence Yurick wrote about. More to the point, the participants are already the correct racial hue.

The violence in Chicago has been documented here - and here, here, and here - on many occasions (and at VDare), but the night of August 23 and the morning of August 24 broke new ground. With most of the violence and mass shootings confined to the weekend, a ready-made cast of Black miscreants for The Warriors re-make decided to diversify the shootings and liberate Friday night/Saturday morning/Saturday night/Sunday morning from monopolizing the violence [19 People Shot in Overnight Shootings in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, by Peter Nickeas]:
Nineteen people were shot across the South and West sides from Thursday evening through early Friday morning -- 13 of them wounded over a 30-minute period, authorities say.

The overnight shootings peaked between 9:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. That's when
eight people, many of them teens, were shot at 79th Street and Essex Avenue about 9:30 p.m.
The shooters and those being shot are almost all-Black. The Chicago Tribune noted in an article published on July 12 that virtually all of the homicide victims have been non-white (Black or Hispanic); virtually all of the offenders non-white; and a sizable majority of both victim and offender boasting police records:
Violent crime has long afflicted minorities in Chicago at a much higher rate than the rest of the population, and the spike in homicides in the first half of this year provides an especially stark measure: 201 of the 259 homicide victims were African-American.
While blacks make up about 33 percent of the city's population, they accounted for nearly 78 percent of the homicide victims through the first six months of 2012.

By comparison, just 11 homicide victims in the first six months of the year were white, and 44 were Hispanic, according to police data.
The pattern is a familiar one in Chicago, where most violent crime happens in impoverished, mostly black neighborhoods on the South and West sides. Annual Chicago police statistics show a majority of both homicide victims and offenders are young black men with criminal records. With one exception, African-Americans have made up more than 70 percent of homicide victims in Chicago every year for the last two decades.
 Writing in Crain's Chicago Business, Dr. Arthur Lurigio reminds us that most of the violence in Chicago is confined in just six districts, meaning that the area of the city needed for filming The Warriors re-make wouldn't pose a geographical burden, keeping shooting costs low:
Homicide rates in Chicago have been lower recently than those in other cities in the United States and in the world. Rates of homicide have declined steadily since the 1990s and recently have been as low as they were in the 1960s. Murders in the city are concentrated in six districts (the murder corridor), all of which are plagued by intergenerational poverty, gang infestation, single-parent households, social disorder and economic blight. In 2010, 52 percent of the city's murders were committed in these six police districts. The remaining 19 are relatively safe.
The breakdown of Chicago's communities by percentage of Blacks living in each zone
The condition of a community (or in the case of Chicago - those six districts) is nothing more than a reflection of the majority population that inhabits the area, an outward indicator of the type of morality - or immorality - that flourishes there.
That the "murder corridor" in Chicago also happens be an area of the city where Black people make up nearly 100 percent of the population is of course unmentionable in polite company, unless you are of the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) variety and wish to whine about 'segregation', 'economic apartheid', and 'racism'. Luckily, Mr. Steve Bogira of The Chicago Reader stepped up to fill that role [Separate, Unequal, and Ignored
Racial segregation remains Chicago's most fundamental problem. Why isn't it an issue in the mayor's race?, February 10, 2001]:
But most African-Americans are clustered in two areas, as they were in the 1960s: a massive one on the south side, and a smaller one on the far west side. The south-side section, between Western Avenue and the lake, stretches more than a hundred blocks north to south, from 35th Street to the city limits at 138th. This African-American subdivision of Chicago includes 18 contiguous community areas, each with black populations above 90 percent, most of them well above that. The west-side black section includes another three contiguous 90 percent-plus community areas. Fifty-five percent of Chicago's 964,000 African-Americans live in these 21 community areas, in which the aggregate population is 96 percent black. Two-thirds of the city's blacks live in community areas that are at least 80 percent black.
On the flip side are the 33 community areas, most of them on the north and southwest sides, with less than 10 percent African-Americans. In 26 of these community areas less than 5 percent of the residents are black.
 Bogira can't blame Black people for their problems or for the condition of the districts where they constitute the demographic majority -- knowing that to blame Black people for problems found in their communities that are noticeably absent from white communities would represent the iceberg for the titanic known as Black-Run America (BRA) to run smack into. Discussing Black violence in Chicago, Lawrence Auster of View from the Right made this point as to why Bill O'Reilly's guest on his Fox News show must harp upon the lack of caring by white people about the Second City's descent into Mogadishu-levels of violence:
He is only repeating a fundamental axiom of liberal society, which is that blacks are not responsible moral agents, and that everything blacks do is but a function of something that whites are doing to them, or something that whites are failing to do for them.
Bogira would go one-step further in repeating that axiom of liberal society that Mr. Auster refers to in this piece at the Chicago Reader [Concentrated Poverty and Homicide in Chicago, July 26, 2012]
Because concentrated poverty in Chicago is inextricably linked to being African-American, I've also included the percentage of African-Americans in these community areas, calculated from 2005-2009 Census Bureau estimates. If the homicide rates in the poor black areas were twice the rates in the better-off white areas, that would be significant. The differences above, averaging about 13 to one, are staggering. This is what apartheid looks like.

The only thing more reprehensible than homicide rates so grossly disparate, from poor black neighborhoods to middle-class white neighborhoods, is that we've tolerated them for decades.
Concentrated poverty? Try a concentration of Black people.That's the problem that Mr. Bogira can't come to terms, instead blaming "apartheid" (one of the most overused words by leftists now) for the problems that Black people cause in their communities.

What Bogira found was that the poorest community areas in Chicago also tend to be almost all-Black; oh, and they have astronomically high homicide rates:
Riverdale: 61 % poverty; 98 % Black; 37 Homicide rate (out of 100,000)
Fuller Park: 56% poverty, 97 % Black; 63 Homicide rate (out of 100,000)
Englewood: 42 % poverty, 99 % Black; 48 Homicide rate (out of 100,000)
West Garfield Park: 40 % poverty, 96 % Black; 36 Homicide rate (out of 100,000)
East Garfield Park: 40 % poverty, 93 % Black, 42 Homicide rate (out of 100,000)

And there is your setting for The Warriors re-make: a true gang-land film, with the perfect 21st-century American gang-land shooting location. Chicago is your city for a movie that showcases the reality of gangs and violence for all too see.

Then again, we probably don't need a movie. Black people come out to play in Chicago on a weekly basis, providing the nation a glimpse of why living in areas with few (if any) Black people is the surest indicator of high property value, quality schools, and low crime rates.


William Foster said...

Blacks go from 35th to 138 and thats just the city. The south suburbs are just as dark. Markham, Harvey, Ford Heights, and Dolton suck too. And Englewood is 99% black? Bullshit. Why cant they just say 100? I hope they turn on the self cleaning oven they've created every night. I want my city back.

Bogolyubski said...

I think Chicago needs to be the next city on your list, PK. It's an example of black undertow taking place in real time before our eyes - at an unusually rapid pace.

Chicago's undertow - black and DWL - has been dragging the rest of Illinois down for some time. If Chicago and the northern cluster of counties broke off to firm their own hellhole state, I expect a significant majority in the rest of the state would rejoice. Chicago is best described as a black hole - it literally sucks up everything, even light.

Bogolyubski said...

Note this interesting quote from the DWL writer quoted:

The only thing more reprehensible than homicide rates so grossly disparate, from poor black neighborhoods to middle-class white neighborhoods, is that we've tolerated them for decades.

This, dear reader, is what gives DWLs a golden opportunity for massive moralistic masturbation. Section 8 is there to spread the love to YT (except those hoods inhabited by TWMNBN, which will all be miraculously exempt). They can rescue the precious and noble other at the same time pocketing a tidy profit on all the racketeering associated with Section 8 and its inevitable results. They're probably teaming with real-estate banksters and shysters even now.

Anonymous said...

Tony Scott, the director that just killed himself, was supposed to be working on a re-make of the Warriors, the new one was to be set in L.A., though.

The Crips and Bloods were being used as advisers on the re-make.

Anonymous said...

I could not help but notice the statistics for Beverly. It seems to somewhat buck the trend. It's the only community in the LEAST POOR column with a significant (32%) black demographic; yet, its poverty & crime rates remain relatively low. I wonder what percent of Beverly's black residents work for the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois or the feds in some capacity (or, who are beneficiaries of laws requiring that a certain % of gov't. contracts be awarded to "minority-owned" businesses)?

Zenster said...

As usual, the numbers tell the story:

Area - % in Poverty - % AA - Homicide Rate

Riverdale - - 61 - - - - - 98 - - - - - 37

Fuller Park - 56 - - - - - 97 - - - - - 63

Clearly, Riverdale is so poor that they can't afford enough ammunition to compete properly.

The map's color-coding is quite interesting, too. Evidently, as the Black population increases, that zone becomes very green … just like a jungle.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here.

"While blacks make of 33% of the population, they are 78% of the homicide victims."

Yawn. I've seen this dozens and dozens of times. It never changes.

In the next paragraph, as sort of an aside, they will acknowledge blacks are also the offenders. They hope the more stupid DWLs won't notice.

And who do you think causes this? Do you think the people living in these areas are responsible? Well, the writers of these hand-wringing pieces and their employers blame the people who create safe neighborhoods.

Zenster said...

This just in from my friend and Conservative blogger, Takuan Seiyo:

New Black Panther Party: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

Some interesting comments follow.

Anonymous said...

"If the homicide rates in the poor black areas were twice the rates in the better-off white areas, that would be significant. The differences above, averaging about 13 to one, are staggering. This is what apartheid looks like. " - Whites being protected from out of control black violence is ABSOLUTELY what apartheid looks like.

Johnny See said...

Hmm..apart-hide. Yes, different hides probably should be kept apart. It seems like they automatically do this anyway, so why intervene? Oh, yes, the DWL's drank the kool-aid. Who wants to bet it was grape-flavored? On another angle, if we are not apart, we (whites) have to hide; so, again, apart-hide.
My, my, but I could go on... blacks take section 8 and hide-out in our apart-ments...apart-hide, again! Then we have the neighborhoods destroyed by sexyunate dwellers... white flight wanted to be apart, and hide, but the meddlesome ones we know so well prevented it. (Grrrrr) I guess this would be foiled 'apart-hide'...
Eventually, there will rise enough dissatisfaction with this scheme to change apart-hide to 'apartheid', and so many DWL's will cringe but begrudgingly accept it even as they wail how 'unfair' it is.
You know what? When I was a kid, and used to complain "thats not fair!" to some percieved, parentally imposed discipline, my dear father would reply: "Life is like that" and send us off to bed anyway. It's high time we grew a pair and treated the blacks like the adults they keep insisting they are.
Hey Paul, how about a 'Life's like that" post that focuses on consequences for actions?

Willfred Tiberius Fergeson said...

The USA would be so much better if we can ship the blacks to Liberia and the turd worlders back to their respective homelands.

Anyone see Frosty Woolridge's new series on Rense? We don't have the resources for all these parasites!

Eff you liberals!

Hey Mark Potock, rape any teenagers lately? I know you're watching asshole.

Californian said...

Violent crime has long afflicted minorities in Chicago at a much higher rate than the rest of the population,...

Murders in the city are concentrated in six districts (the murder corridor), all of which are plagued by intergenerational poverty, gang infestation, single-parent households, social disorder and economic blight.

Well, again, look at the DWL mindset. Murder and the rest are social conditions which "plague" the underclass, especially the black underclass. It's as if these things are a form of weather or other external agent. There is little or no recognition that these pathologies are the product of that underclass. And the reason that the underclass is going down the drain is a direct result of its own members' behaviors.

But the ultimate pathology is in the ideological delusions of DWLs. They live in an alternative reality where their selected victim groups can do no wrong. DWLs, of course, believe that if only conditions were to be changed, then the underclass would liberate itself. This despite a half century of DWL social engineering and its failure.

Again, another example of how DWLs are suicidal ideologues.

W74 said...

Baltimore has much the same paradigm. There are areas which are 100% (called 99%, but in reality not so like Mr. Foster pointed out) which go to 80%, sometimes with little buffer inbetween. Of course, there are always Asian shopkeeps brave enough to, well brave, the black community to make that extra markup money that blacks are always happy to pay.

I like to use census data compiled here (by none other than the NYT) for racial stats by geographic area.

Click on the "view more maps" tab and use the blue "black population" map to get an even clearer picture. One this they're not showing you is that a lot of those areas are overwhelmingly Hispanic. (Another good map to consider is that "Largest racial/ethnic Groups" maps which will present you with all colors and all groups as well as with gradients. You'll also be able to find Chinatown quite easily as it will show up as bright red. Some areas you'll notice will have a percent or two of "multiracial" but go ahead and chalk those numbers as black.

Boy do I feel sorry for Whites living in Hyde park or that area south of Bridgeport. They are literally surrounded. Other interesting areas to look at are Gary, IN; and going north from Chicago take a look at Waukeegan and Milwaukee, WI for examples of groups self-clustering.

[BTW, I had a great last couple of months RV-ing large parts of the country, hiking, swiming, rock climbing and engaging in all manner of relaxation and recreation before this coming storm. We have a lot to live for guys, but we must be willing to fight for it.]

Anonymous said...

So, why doesn't the putz move to the 'hood?

Then he cannot bitch about apartheid.

Anonymous said...

Funny, but I don't read about violence amongst Chicago's white population, or any other city's whites for that matter. Why is that violence is so heavily concentrated among America's blacks?
Oh...silly me...I forgot...why it's due to white racism of course!....

Anonymous said...

Paul, as usual, you knocked it out of the ballpark. These communities weren't poverty stricken until you know who moved in. Black people create a ripple effect once they start moving into a community in large numbers. I've pesonally witnessed community after comunity after community go from a solid, safe middle class area into a poverty stricken hell-hole within a few years after the demographic transition.

I'll give an example of what happened in Dolton, which is a suburb of Chicago. This is a very typical scenario. Dolton was once a very safe middle class suburb. They had beautiful parks, nice mom and pop shops, and top notch schools. Sometime in the late 1980's, there was a slight migration of decent educated blacks who wanted out of the ghetto. As usual, these decent blacks proved to be trailblazers for ghetto trash. They, like in every other community, invited their lowlife relatives to stay with them only to victimize the community. Also, just their mere presence allowed blacks from other communities to wonder around without anyone taking notice. Once there was this criminal presence, more and more whites moved out. The housing market tanked, which now allowed lesser quality blacks to move in. If whites couldn't sell the house, they rented it to section 8. Like every transitional community, foreclosures became a problem. This allowed investors to buy and rent. Dolton, like most black communities have a higher percentage of renters than owners. That explains the shift from middle class to poverty.

The other phase is the loss of businesses. Virtually every mom and pop business is gone in Dolton. They had a beautiful Sports Bar, a dollar movie theater, a bowling alley, and many restaurants. These places typically hire local residents, which helps circulate money throughout the community. These places have been replaced with currency exchanges, payday loans, Chinese carry outs, liquor stores, and nail shops. The Asians that run most of these shops usually hire within their own group and not the community, and who could blame them. Oh, and those once nice schools are beyond disgraceful.

Sadly, the Blacks who first moved into Dolton followed the whites to nearby Indiana or further south in Illinois. It's only a matter of time before this cycle continues.

Bogolyubski said...


This just in from my friend and Conservative blogger, Takuan Seiyo:

New Black Panther Party: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

Some interesting comments follow.

That video, and the responses to it, would be worth an SBPDL thread all on its own. It's interesting to see all the DWLs rabidly spewing their pseudo-moralistic garbage. There are some remarkably blunt responses as well.

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, you are amazing! The ONE district that has zero negros also has zero murders. Beautiful.

Chicago is truly going down the multicultural latrine and the papers claw, gasp, scream, divert and deny, but they just can't bring themselves to speak the truth. This isn't going to end soon.

This is boot camp for the niglets. Those that survive will be the ones who we face, hardened somewhat from their life amongst their own kind. It is not even close to enough. They are experts at the criminal justice system, but they will be shot in bunches by any White with a good rifle when they get around to "killing cracker babies".

L.A. in 1992 showed that they would run from return fire, that they retaliated at night using Molotov cocktails, that they used cars to deliver reinforcements and that they were terrible shots. Now we know that they use text massages and social media to communicate but their basic tactics and abilities have not changed.

Can you imagine how bad it would be if the huge number of REALLY violent negros were not already in the pen!?

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, you should do a Video and post it on Youtube and another (non-deleting) site. In the same trend as you see economic videos or Natural history videos. Full of facts and charts expalining the "undertow" and the direct linkage between negros and violence.

City resident said...

The remake would still have to incorporate white actors for the same original reason. Who would want to pay good money to see an all-black film for a couple of hours when one sees way too many blacks in real life every day? People go to the movies for a good time and some escapism, not to view a Hutu-Tutsi melee.
The natives appear restless these days. I wonder what's up?

Lucas Evans said...

(Agent Smith sits casually across from Morpheus who is hunched over, his body leaking and twitching.)

Agent Smith: - I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I've realized that you are not actually parasites. (Smiles) Every parasite on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with its host. But you blacks do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. (Leans forward) There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Blacks are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague. And we are... the cure.

Anonymous said...

'The Warriors' does NOT need to be remade. First of all, it was great the way it was, and second, if it was remade, it'd just be about a poor, bright, innocent inner-city YOOF trying to eck-scape from evil YT. F*%# that.

P.S. - Isn't David Patrick Kelly (or is it Michael Kelly Patrick?) a perfectly creepy little bastard? Love that guy!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Once a black person can show proof that they are POOR AND IN NEED OF HELP there should be some kind of government program to aid the truly needy in getting free ammo. It could be like the free lunch and free cell phone programs. Every month a POOR BLACK age 14 and older would get an ample supply of ammo. It could be called SLUGS FOR SHOOTERS and since it would be FREE the Piss Ant Liberals (PAL) would not object.
Now I'm not talking about cases of ammo, since the taxpayers might complain. About 150 rounds a month per person should be enough. If the person is POOR AND IN A GANG then maybe 300 rounds per month would be okay.
By helping out the POOR AND NEEDY with their ammo expenses they will have more money to spend on fried chicken and tennis shoes.

Anonymous said...

OT: Follow-up on a previous comment I made regarding the high school basketball player who beat up and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend.

I had a hunch the girl was a white, liberal, moron based on the way she was talking about him afterwards: "He was a good guy"'s all just a big misunderstanding, you see? It has nothing whatsoever to do with TNB.

Hunch confirmed:

Say what you will about black women (they certainly deserve criticism for their share of TNB, as well), but a black woman would never put up with this crap from a "brutha". They would demand the electric chair. Only white girls are being raised to be this stupid and naive and "forgiving".

White parents need to step up their game, big time! Stop letting TV and schul "teach" (brainwash) your kids about the world.

Anonymous said...

I know you were using it to make a point about the root of crime and such, but, disregarding that and taken by itself I have to disagree with, "The Warriors is a movie in dire need of a re-make. Made in 1979, the movie is a tale of rival gangs in New York City and, well, isn't a good movie."

I love The Warriors! I can't see anyway a remake could improve upon it or turn out in a way that will even remotely justify the remake's existence. It's a fun film. Making it more realistic (especially by making it demographically reflect real life gang and crime stats) would only serve to make the remake a depressing reminder of the real world we watch movies to psychology escape from for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

I'v seen the Warriors made in '79 but the violence was very mild with only one guy killed and one or two guns in the entire film.It was mostly fists, bats or some knives.It was supposed to be gangs from all over NYC and there were a lot of blacks including the leader of the main gang who was black but a much larger white cast than you would expect. I'm sure there were white gangs in '79 but the numbers had to be small.
But remember that this is a film and they need whites to make it interesting because no one really wants to watch a film with blacks fighting and beating each other.The leader of the Warriors was at first black but he got killed at the big gang meeting at the beginning of the film and the white good looking guy took over leading them through a gauntlet back home to Brooklyn.
The 3rd Death Wish film did the same thing where the Aryan looking gang leader was at war with Bronson.In the South Bronx where there are few whites after they moved out 30 years ago lol
Even black films like American Gangster need whites to make the film interesting.
The sort of film you suggest making of just blacks on blacks (reality) would be a box office failure without whites in it because no one really cares or finds this interesting.
And btw, in NYC the chance of being killed by a white in some street crime is next to nil.

Anonymous said...

If Chicago took measures to eliminate the evil pseuo-apartheid that currently exists then it would make the city an even better location for a new "The Warriors".
Just imagine The Legacy, The Aqua, The Trump Tower ect. filled with "diversity".
The DWLs would exit at 600 mph. and the White maintainance staffs would leave a short time later leaving the gleaming residential towers completely filled and run devoid of the pale faces.

The movie could start 20 years after the glorious end of economic apartheid with Ekskreesha Jackson and Marcus Washington walking through the shattered glass, feces, and dead bodies beneath their high rise crib formally known at the Trump Tower.
They look up to see a little black dot coming down. Splat! Another post-birth abortion. Ekskreesha rushes over to scrape up the Pit Bull grub before all the juice runs out.

It's easy to imagine what an absolute colossal disaster Chicago will be if they're stupid enough to get rid of the economic and racial segregation that exists currently.

The DWLs have to be careful.
Having the sub-Saharan Africans as a giant crop of political vegetables to be fertilized with Racism Paranoia and govt dependency in order to enrich the bureaucracy is one thing, but having the nitwit goldtoothers as their neighbors is infinitely less desirable.

Anonymous said...

Zenster, do you and Takuan share the same ancestry? I'm trying to put the puzzle together. Members of the same tribe? You guys consistently miss the bigger picture. Perhaps purposefully steering others away from the truth?

Anonymous said...

Suspects arrested in murder of a young white woman, Megan Boken. This is why I now have a permit to carry. Had this woman been armed, she could have saved herself from these turds and prevented 10 other crimes in the process.

Here is what police chief Dan Isom said about the crime:

"Isom suggested that judges should set higher bail for suspects in gun crimes; he said bail amounts were higher last year. That, coupled with a shorter winter, could be factors in increasing violence because “with warmer weather, more people are on the streets,” he said."

No, no, no! It is not the heat dummy. It is not the short winter. It is not the crowded streets. It is not poverty. It is not desperation. This violence is caused by savage, low IQ violent black thugs who are more likely to commit murder and robbery. Thugs who are emboldened by their first black president. This is the fruition of years of liberalism and political correctness.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

The Atlanta Way-ward Son said...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel served in the military (the Israeli military).

Am I the only one that thinks that's odd?

Discard said...

No, Atlanta Wayward Son, I don't think it odd that BHO's former chief handler served in the Israeli Army. It would be much odder if he'd served in the U.S. Army.

10mm AUTO said...

"Say what you will about black women (they certainly deserve criticism for their share of TNB, as well), but a black woman would never put up with this crap from a "brutha". They would demand the electric chair. Only white girls are being raised to be this stupid and naive and "forgiving". "

Anon, WHAT?? The sow is as black as the criminal buck. In the video she is wearing white hose and socks, but you can see her face and hands are black. Also, she appears on the video in a business suit (LOL) pleading for him in front of the judge and she most certainly is a negroid (Homo Africanus).

Speaking of that:

Russian Scientists (not being politically correct) have found that the negroid is a different species than humans. This finding has blasted out before the DWL could get it covered up and the Russians are not moving an inch, forcing the DWL to debate Genetics for which they are ill equipped. They are great at destroying a man like Watson (finder of DNA double helix) for non-PC speech, but they are trying to ignore this.

Anonymous said...

Lots of (c)rap albums sample lines from The Warriors. It is cheesy but it has its moments. The baseball furies and lesbian gang who can't shoot straight are hilarious. I always thought the mixed race warriors gang was some proto vibrant diversity propaganda circa 1979.

Anonymous said...

A movie about 'groids beating each other senseless would be a box office hit and an Oscar contender. Call it a nature documentary and you'll have Greens lined up around the block. Didn't "March of the Penguins" do quite well?

Anonymous said...

Walter Hill,director of The Warriors,made a few very good films.The Warriors was not one of them.

The Long Riders,Southern Comfort were superb.Before those he made Hard Times and The Driver,excellent!.

He wrote several screenplays in the '60s,early '70s including The Thomas Crown Affair.

Forget anything after Southern Comfort.

josh said...

It would be more interesting if instead of a gang trying to get home before being kilt by gangs,what if it was a group of plain old Y-T's trying to get home?The blacks attack them at every turn as they flee across Chicago.

Whiskey said...

Chicago is toast. So too, are all the big towers, nice condos, and expensive homes in the central and north coast area. Looking at the map, what seems clear is a raiding pattern out of the South Side into the central and north areas, using both Metro and private cars. A city that depends on Black votes can't stop the violence.

The property value of stuff in Chicago, even Downtown and the North Coast, will rapidly decline to a fraction of its value. Its turning into Detroit before our eyes.

I wonder how the investors and developers made poor will react? Well, if history is any guide, they'll just have a laugh and chalk it up to "diversity" because if there is one thing no one cares about and will laugh off, its losing a lot of money. /sarcasm.

Mr. Rational said...

what if it was a group of plain old Y-T's trying to get home?The blacks attack them at every turn

You just described a zombie film, except zombies have a higher average IQ and speak something closer to English.

Discard said...

Josh: They already made that movie. It was called "Blackhawk Down".

Zenster said...

Bogolyubski: That video, and the responses to it, would be worth an SBPDL thread all on its own.

That's what I was hoping. The comment by RedRick was pristine Liberal schlock.

Zenster said...

Anon (8/25 4:39 AM): Zenster, do you and Takuan share the same ancestry?

As part of meeting Taksan, it was understood that I would never discuss his identity. That promise still holds, despite his own indications that he may soon uncloak. Your question might seem innocent except for the drivel that follows.

I'm trying to put the puzzle together. Members of the same tribe?

Keep puzzling to your heart's content.

You guys consistently miss the bigger picture. Perhaps purposefully steering others away from the truth?

I've already sorted out this garbage with svigor. If you weren't paying attention, then tough noogies. I'll not rise to your bullshit baiting. Go peddle your anti-Islam = hard core Zionist conspiracy twaddle elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

what if it was a group of plain old Y-T's trying to get home?

Make them Jews and liberals and I'll go see the film. It should be amusing :o)

Anonymous said...

Baltimore watcher here... Imagine an economic collapse and no prison guards or they all get out.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with anti Islam. Nope. Anti Christian, now that's another matter. Takuan has repeatedly alluded to his half ancestry. Nothing new there. We're talking about your ancestry.

Trolling posts, anti ChristIan, steering all conversations away from the elephant in the room and now your refusal to answer an obvious question. You owe it to us to come clean Zenstein.

Zenster said...

Anon (8/26, 2012 5:20 AM): Trolling posts, anti ChristIan, steering all conversations away from the elephant in the room and now your refusal to answer an obvious question. You owe it to us to come clean Zenstein.

Provide links to my "Trolling posts" and supposed "anti-ChristIan" comments or go fuck off. Better yet, just go fuck off.

Anonymous said...

The term 'urban pacification' immediately reminded me of this Robocop video:

Mr. Kenny vs. ED209

Dick Jones: "The Enforcement Droid series 209 is a self sufficient law enforcement robot. 209 is currently programmed for urban pacification, but that is only the beginning. After a success tour of duty in Old Detroit, we can expect 209 to become the hot military product for the next decade."

We need a real OmniCorp headed by Paul Kersey. Check out this OmniCorp corporate video:

"Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply."

Anonymous said...

I once lived in the sleepy hollow town of Riverdale. One could leave their door open then. The house was built by my German great grandfather.
He worked as a veterinarian at the Pullman Stables. I always heard how evil George Pullman was and how workers got paid with Pullman money to keep money coming back to Pullman. I'm sure that my grandfather had no concept that a once German area would turn black and people would have to flee for their safety. I lived in Riverdale until the folks moved in and started breaking in our neighbors homes. Our neighbors were being mugged. It was time to leave. I moved to several Chicago areas & the same crime wave happened once folks moved in. I live down town now & see the feral mobs roaming around. I'm not sure where to move now in fear that Section 8 will surely follow.

Anonymous said...

We have accommodated a high crime adversary culture..that no matter where they move destruction occurs. I was born in Harvey Il. I lived in Roseland, Riverdale, Pullman,Hyde Park, Wisconsin towns and now down town Chicago. I have relatives that still live in the south Chicagoland suburbs. They tell me terrible stories of being the last remaining white folks. Some live in the Dolton/South Holland & University Park areas. Once nice areas are now danger zones...It is such a sad story when I reflect back...if only it was a dream instead of a nightmare.

Californian said...

Funny thing about the original "Warriors" movie was that about the heaviest weapon in the film was a revolver here or there. Mostly, armaments involved such ordnance as baseball bats and such. You wonder how long those gangs would last against the urban insurgents who have gained control of much of America's inner cities today.

Another thought: a more interesting movie would have been showing Cyrus not getting assassinated. Instead, he and his united gang army take over the city. Then we can see what happens to DWLs in that world.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "turning into Detroit", see the video of this weekend's madness in Chicago:

Anonymous said...


I updated the table a bit:

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

What were the sources for the update to your new table? Awesome stuff! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Everything is right here:

just check this link:

and then compare it to the images he pasted on his web. By the way I'm from Poland and here we have no idea what it means to live with blacks, latinos and so on simply because our country is very mono-ethnic, we don't have many black people around here, I've seen maybe five of them in my whole life ;) despite the fact that I live in a quite big city (above 500.000 people - Poznan).