Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Regional Equity -- Stanley Kurtz's "Spreading the Wealth" Can't Mention the Black Undertow Effect

The Horror, The Horror -- of having to mention race
Stanley Kurtz, like all good conservatives, stays within the established confines of political (polite and acceptable) discourse in America. A full review of his new book Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities will be coming soon, but one simple look at the state of metro Atlanta and you'll see that much of what he claims will be coming in a hypothetical second term for President Obama has already happened.

Writing at National Review, Kurtz stated:
Obama is a longtime supporter of “regionalism,” the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. To this end, the president has already put programs in place designed to push the country toward a sweeping social transformation in a possible second term. The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities.

Obama’s plans to undercut the political and economic independence of America’s suburbs reach back decades. The community organizers who trained him in the mid-1980s blamed the plight of cities on taxpayer “flight” to suburbia. Beginning in the mid-1990s, Obama’s mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation (a community-organizing network Obama helped found) formally dedicated their efforts to the budding fight against suburban “sprawl.” From his positions on the boards of a couple of left-leaning Chicago foundations, Obama channeled substantial financial support to these efforts. On entering politics, he served as a dedicated ally of his mentors’ anti-suburban activism.
The suburbs of America's greatest cities are no longer the all-white playgrounds for the children of baby boomers whose parents were ethnically cleansed from places like Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Cleveland, etc. Instead of representing a glorious John Hughes movie - where the greatest fear was not finding a prom date or having to take your clothes off before gym class - the suburbs of American's "greatest" cities are now wastelands, resembling the condition of the major city that white people fled from and handed over (political power, infrastructure and all) to Black people.

Atlanta Magazine recently published an article with the title "Where It All Went Wrong: If only we could undo the MARTA Compromise of 1971"( August 2012, by Doug Monroe), which bemoaned the fact that the almost 100 percent white suburban counties of metro Atlanta in 1971 didn't vote for MARTA -- which would have meant that heavily Black Atlanta would have had access to their version of the American dream:
The 1960 census counted approximately 300,000 white residents in Atlanta. From 1960 to 1980, around 160,000 whites left the city—Atlanta’s white population was cut in half over two decades, says Kevin M. Kruse, the Princeton professor who wrote White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism. Kruse notes that skeptics suggested Atlanta’s slogan should have been “The City Too Busy Moving to Hate.” “Racial concerns trumped everything else,” Kruse says. “The more you think about it, Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure was designed as much to keep people apart as to bring people together.”
In the early 1970s, Morehouse College professor Abraham Davis observed, “The real problem is that whites have created a transportation problem for themselves by moving farther away from the central city rather than living in an integrated neighborhood.”

The most maddening realization is that the once virtually all-white suburbs that voted against MARTA years ago are today quite diverse and reflect Atlanta’s evolution from a biracial city to a multiracial, multiethnic one. Today’s suburbs are not only home to African Americans, but also Latino, Asian, and Eastern European immigrants. The city’s diversity is projected to increase over the coming decades (see page 68). Many of the people who voted against MARTA decades ago are dead or retired. The suburban lifestyle they were so eager to defend has lost much of its cachet as gas prices soar and houses don’t sell. Smart young people up to their necks in college debt don’t want to spend their money and time driving cars back and forth; they want to live in town. Atlanta’s only neighborhoods to gain inflation-adjusted housing value in the past decade, Leinberger notes, were Virginia-Highland, Grant Park, and East Lake.

Does it really matter? Clayton County and DeKalb County - both over 80 percent white in 1970 - have gone majority Black today. In fact, Clayton County residents are about to elect Victor Hill sheriff again, even though he was jailed for theft and racketeering in January of 2012. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:
A week has passed since the primary, and still Jerry Griffin is mystified by the Clayton County sheriff's race.

In some ways, the election is like a repeat of 2008, with Kem Kimbrough and Victor Hill once again squaring off. But, this time around, Kimbrough is the incumbent and Hill the challenger. And Hill is facing 37 felony charges, ranging from racketeering to witness tampering while serving his one term in office, accusations he denies.

The two will battle each other in an Aug. 21 runoff. In the July 31 primary, Kimbrough took 40.41 percent of the votes, while Hill claimed 37.54 percent, reducing the eight-person field to a grudge rematch.

"I don't know why people vote like they do," said Griffin, a resident of Clayton County for more than 40 years.

If Hill wins, he could still take office, as long as he has not been convicted. No trial date has been set. Hill's certification from his years as a homicide detective and then sheriff has been suspended. Also, the governor could suspended him from office and appoint a temporary sheriff until the felony case is resolved.

"It's one thing to bounce back after losing a contest," said Charles Bullock, a political analyst and a professor at the University of Georgia. "The allegations against him (typically) would have been a career ender. The voters must be pretty unhappy with the incumbent to turn against him given the choice that they've made."

Derrick Boazman, former Atlanta City Council member who follows southside politics, said he's never seen another race in Georgia "where you have a man under indictment facing some very serious charges that is able to almost be re-elected." He has endeared himself to parts of the community willing to overlook his flaws.

"Victor has positioned himself as Andy Griffith, if you will. The sheriff everybody knew, who knew your kids, who knew your grandmomma and was generally concerned about the overall welfare of the citizens," Boazman said."
From virtually 99 percent white in 1970 to almost 70 percent Black today, Clayton County shows us that "regional equity" is really the idea that the white suburbs must be run with the efficiency of the Black cities from where whites once fled.

Recall that Hill was the sheriff who used his power in a most unusual manner in 2005:
On his first day at work, the new sheriff of Clayton County called 27 employees into his office on Monday, fired them and had snipers stand guard on the roof as they were escorted out the door.

A judge on Tuesday ordered him to rehire the employees.

The sheriff, Victor Hill, 39, defended the firings and said he had the right to shake up the department in whatever way he felt necessary.

Sheriff Hill also said it was necessary to fire the workers the way he did, including taking some deputies home in vans normally used to transport prisoners because the deputies were barred from using county cars.

Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.
Yes, Black snipers were placed on the roof of the Clayton County Sheriff's headquarters as fired white officers were escorted out. This is true regional equity, courtesy of what transpires when the Black Undertow Effect overwhelms demographically a once thriving white suburban county.

The same thing happened in DeKalb County, a place Oprah Winfrey once declared the best place for Blacks to live in America. Here's The Champion Newspaper on the first Black CEO of DeKalb County, Vernon Jones, who was accused of trying to "Blacken up" those receiving a paycheck on the public dime:
Former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones on March 24 denied a scheme to remove White managers and replace them with Blacks, testifying in federal court he wanted the best employees that reflected the county’s population.

Jones, who was CEO from 2000 to 2008 and is now running for Congress, took the stand in a 2004 discrimination case brought by four former county Parks and Recreation Department managers against him and four other former employees. In the trial that began Monday, March 22, in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, lawyers for the plaintiffs said Becky Kelley, John Drake andMichael Bryant were forced out of their jobs because they were White, and that Herbert Lowe, a Black deputy director, was fired because he failed to “dig up dirt” on them.

Jones said he knew when he took office that there was talk among the staff about him wanting to get rid of White employees. He said he told department heads that wasn’t true. He did want employees “that reflected our community” -- Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, Democrat and Republican, he said.

“Diversity is good. I believed in it then. I believe in it now,” he told the mostly White jury.

But Lowe testified that Jones was clear in his mistrust of Whites and was concerned that White managers were leaking negative information about the county to the press. Jones especially wanted to put more Blacks in the parks department, Lowe said.

“Jones said, ‘Black folks voted for me. White folks didn’t vote for me,’” Lowe testified.

Lowe said three of the defendants, Marilyn Boyd Drew, Morris Williams and Joe Stone, who are Black, frequently used racial epithets to refer to the White parks managers and excluded them from meetings. Drew was director of the department at the time; Williams was assistant county administrator and Stone was director of human resources.

The plaintiffs also sued Richard Stogner, who served as executive assistant to the CEO, and is White. All were sued as individuals and as county employees.

On cross-examination, defense attorneys took aim at Lowe to discredit him as a witness, bringing up errors on his job application that he acknowledged but couldn’t explain and portraying him as a man who had trouble holding down a job and being “a team player.”

A key piece of evidence in the trial is a 2003 voice-mail recording that the plaintiffs’ attorneys played for the jury on Tuesday. In the profanity-laced recording, Stone is complaining to Williams that the new fire chief, David Foster, was trying to promote White firefighters to battalion chief and there was no way Jones would agree to it.

“‘He wants to pick ‘em from a population that is solid snow White already. Now he got to cut that [expletive] out with Vernon,’” Stone said, according to a transcript.

In the phone call, Stone says that Jones told the fire chief to consider Black battalion chiefs from College Park and other fire departments outside the county.
Stanley Kurtz doesn't go anywhere near the murky waters of the deep end of the political pool that few dare swim near and address the type of suburbs that exist once white people are displaced by the Black Undertow. Clayton County no longer has any money, with the tax base there no longer capable of subsidizing public transportation (in essence, there's too low a percentage of white tax payers to subsidize public transportation for Black people); DeKalb County has to artificially raise property valuations on white homeowners in a bid to increase tax revenue.

So Kurtz is afraid - like all conservatives - to address the elephant in the room; that being the racial aspect of the "regional" or "city vs. suburban" or "metropolitan area" debate. There's an interesting paragraph on p. 26 of "Spreading the Wealth" where we learn that:
The foundation of Obama's metropolitan policy is actually the belief that inner-city crime and poverty are caused by suburban growth.
Suburban sprawl; white flight; horribly long commutes; the abandonment of political power in major cities to Black people; the need to rebuild job centers and sprawling office complexes every 10 years is directly correlated to the fact that inner-city (read: Black) crime drove whites away. Black people's inability to create businesses (relying on the government to provide jobs or strong-arm banks to lend to minorities -- or help discriminate through programs like the Minority Business Development Agency); high drop-out from college; historically high rates of illegitimacy; and a tendency to congregate in neighborhoods were property valuations reflect the type of environment you'd expect from an all-Black community are the reason for high poverty rates.

Thus, white people fled Black crime and self-inflicted Black poverty. Now, Black people have imported these same problems to counties that were but 30-40 years ago nearly all-white and thriving.

Kurtz couldn't dare go down that that road and have to look into the true heart of darkness that beats in any area that Black people are the majority racial population of.

"Regional equity" is the belief that the white suburbs must look like - and operate - the failed city that these mere tax-slaves fled from. That's equality. That's truly spreading the wealth.

Just ask Victor Hill and Vernon Jones.


MuayTyson said...

Very good article PK. I would say that in more than one way these authors do point out the elephant in the room. Anyone who is very blatant about black dysfunction such as Derb get booted and relegated to the "White Supremacy" sites there by reducing their visibility by 100xs.

Only when there are too many writers to marginalize and shun will it end. I agree with many of the black talking heads White authors who broach these subjects do speak in code.

So CAL Snowman said...

Great Article PK, BUT this is way bigger than simply a black/white regional issue. What we are dealing with here is Agenda 21. To look at this development through the prism of black vs. white is to completely obfuscate the situation. What this is really about is the DISSOLUTION of PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. They do not want the White population (or anyone else) spread out across the nation. They want to corral us like cattle into huge Mega Cities where we are easily controlled and managed. These guys do not give TWO SHITS about "uplifting the dark masses." This is all about BREAKING WHITEY and stealing his wealth and land. Obama is just the glamor queen paraded before the plebs. He has no mind of his own, he is a robot, programmed to say and do what his masters tell him. The globalists WANT OUR LAND pure and simple. Any time you hear the word "regionalism" or "sustainable communities" you can be sure that is code for Agenda 21. You have probably noticed how they have uses the EPA (enviormental protection agency) to begin enforcing Agenda 21 by blocking development and farming in much of CA.

Agenda 21

*It's not like "they" hide what they are trying to do to us. Much like a twisted serial killer, they taunt us and give us clues. They want us to know the plan so they can feed on our fear. I mean how many times does Christopher Nolan have to beat us over the head with the "fear" meme?

Anonymous said...

The people who desire this know what happens when whites flee the black undertow. But I believe that they honestly think that if those evil/racist/greedy/rich-cause-they-all-steal whites could just be forced to integrate with blacks (and hispanics) then in a couple of generations or so, everything from crime to wealth to educational success wil be spread across races equally. It's insane and we all know better, but I think they believe that.

To do this they must keep whites - and their money - from fleeing blacks. One way to do this is to tie the tax bases together regionally. Another way is to physically move the lowest classes of blacks to midle class white areas all over the country via government housing and handouts. How about massive increases in section 8 housing from New England to the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest and all whitopias in between? Try escaping the undertow then, you racist white nazi who wants to keep your family safe. If middle class whites suffer in the process, who cares. They deserve it.

Of course, elite whitopias across the country like Upper East Side Manhattan and Beverly Hills will be exempt, just as they were with the forced busing. And that's really what this would be: forced busing for everyone...permanently. They want to make it impossible - basically illegal - for all but the elite whites to form our own communities together. They HATE us, blame us for all of their own disfunctions, and want to see us destroyed. The white left is right there with them, and they don't seem to care if they go down with us.

Remember: the absolute END of all non-elite white communities is the end goal. Diversity is their false god.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT - Just in case you thought more Obama was a good thing.

Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed

Plans include sensitivity training and disarming for the border patrol, a massive new amnesty plan, unrestricted green cards and visas, plus much, much more!

Zenster said...

Kurtz stated: Obama is a longtime supporter of “regionalism,” the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation.

Insane. This is Socially Engineered homogeneity on a vastly dysfunctional scale. In America, all races continue to self-segregate save for the intervention of lunatic government programs like Section 8 housing.

Melding exurbs, suburbs and urban cores will trigger a civil or racial war sooner than any other lever. Any Whites who are firing on more than two cylinders should regard this as as casus belli and act accordingly.

Cotton Co. Expat said...

Kurtz, you are just another coward. Historians will label the generation that gave away Western Civilization as the worst humans that ever lived.

One day BRA will fall and all the old boomers will nash their teeth and make excuses. Too bad so sad. You fuckers gave away my future and those of my kids to a bunch of evolutionary throwbacks. The future is distopian and is on the horizon. God bless men like Kersey and Zenster, Hunter, 10mm...all you guys. Thanks for keeping this small candle burning in the dark.

rjp said...

Yes, very good article.

I don't know how much I trust Stanley Kurtz, but if the tide ever completely turns, my guess is that he will be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon once it is safe to do so, and say "See ...., see....".

I agree that the idea is to destoy the areas surrounding the cities. Memphis and Kansas City school district is proof of this and the method in which it will be accomplished, and being across a state line will be no protection in the future. The Federal Government wants complete control of this country and it will not end until all district divisions are removed and White people nationwide are working to support the negroes everywhere.

Don't think you can live far enough away anymore. You can't.

Whiskey said...

Machiavelli advised it is better to kill a man than to make him poor. Agenda 21, killing the suburbs, all that regionalism, just makes the masses of Whites poorer. What Whites will put up with for the sake of not having a massive fight, and a bit of bite, is not what they will put up with when most of their money is gone.

White flight exists because Whites will move heaven and earth to avoid Black thuggery. Put them together with Blacks with no hope of moving and you'll get a million Aryan Nations and worse, along with the Cosa Nostra, Polish, Russian, Ukranian, Hungarian, Irish, and any other ethnic based organized crime/vigilante organizations.

The mostly WASP vets of the Mexican War hung a bunch of Irish gangsters and faced down Sherman AND the Governor of California when they were pushed to far.

If Obama really pushes that, he'll get his own Flight Lt. Rawlings, if not Samuel K. Doe. The military will fracture, his regime is no more assured than Assads. Hows that going again?

The biggest advantage for Obama and Company has been cutting single White women in on the minor parts of the deal, and leveraging their HATE HATE HATE of Beta White males who are sexually invisible and their economic competitors. But they don't like living in slums and being prey either, nor do they like being made poor. Manolo Blahniks cost money.

I shudder to think what will happen. As a middle class White guy my self interest is in preventing chaos and violence.

Anonymous said...

"Plans include sensitivity training and disarming for the border patrol, a massive new amnesty plan, unrestricted green cards and visas, plus much, much more!"

How's he going to do that with a Republican congress?

danaigh said...

Think of the advantages that whites have by being dispersed via suburbs, small villages & towns. E.g. many in the NW where I live are tucked away among hill and dale of the countryside.

So when the SHTF who is stuck in the dying cities? NAM's and some DWL's. Who is more mobile, able to communicate via networking and have developed resources, food, defense and support that is independently maintained? You guessed it, us mean, nasty white folks. Oh the horror of it all.

As has been said; What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. So despair not, you have the ability to weather this mess, we've been fat and lazy, time to wake up. Right?

Anonymous said...

Ex MI: This guy is a classic marxist, and one has to remember that it was women as well as you know who that were most involved in that freedom rider business. White males have been first demonized and then marginalized. if you think it is truly possible to be a true Alpha male in this country anymore let me disabuse you of that notion. At least as long as there are witnesses. thing I like best however is that cover, old magical looks beleaguered, more photos like that widely disseminated and he will lose. yes the US is that shallow now.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe (at this point) that all efforts to avert disaster are doomed to fail. The vast majority of American citizens are asleep at the wheel and will only awaken as they slam head first into the brick wall.
Dazed and confused, they'll look around themselves with bovine stupidity and say, "Huh? What happened?"
There will be no comfort in telling these walking duncecaps that "we warned you! We told you!"
They'll simply stare at you and bleat, "You did?! When? I don't remember anything!Nobody told me nothing!" Or else they'll apologize for their abject stupidity and still try to exonerate themselves with lame and crippled excuses.
It reminds me of a story a fellow told me of how he warned everyone about what section 8 programs would do to their neighborhoods. Everyone called him a racist, a xenophobe, a bigot and every epithet they could think of.
Later, after the damage was done and irreversible and they got a taste of reality, he said they pretty much began apologizing to him. The old "We didn't know! We didn't realize" rubbish that such types always spew despite the fact that they were strongly warned in no uncertain terms of what would indeed happen.
To wake these people up about all the issues is a monumental task. All they want to do is run away and not fight back. As long as they have temporary security, they're content until the next time they have to run away. Most seem to be brainwashed with political correctness and diversity doctrine to the point that they are willfully blind.
The nation dies not with a bang but with the dull whimper of a people too stupid to protect themselves from oncoming disaster.

Dissident said...

I agree with the Cali Snowman. This is part and parcel of the Globalist design on compact cities and preventing the further spread of urbanization and rural development.

He's exactly correct that when you hear terms such as, "regionalism", "community", and ”sustainability" you should know that this is straight out of the commie playbook. They are using environmentalism as their bludgeon to beat us all to death. I've always said that the enviro-movement should be called the watermelon movement, because although it's green on the outside, it’s completely RED on the inside.

The elite are simply using the blacks and Mestizo's to get the job done. They said they would have their dupes and their useful idiots. They also said that they would use racial antagonisms to promote the agenda of their takeover of Western countries. I also believe that is why they constantly promote through the media, the BROWNING of Amerika and miscegenation. They want to blur the lines and erase any distinctions for social control. Look at Brazil and you’ll see the future of Amerika. 99% poor and 1% elite, in a caste feudalistic society of unarmed peasants.

Don M said...

This ties in well with his Executive Order directing race-based quotas for disciplinary actions against kids in public schools.

I lived this back in the 80s when it was merely de facto policy and not yet enshrined in the Federal Register.

The result was that the black third of the student body were allowed to behave like Joseph Kony's "Lords Resistance Army" while white kids received draconian punishments for minor infractions.

What Obama's policy means is that YOUR suburban schools will reach their tipping points much faster with a much smaller percentage of black "honah stoodintz". Since this is FEDERAL policy you will not be able move away from it.

Whites will be forced remain where they are, sending their property taxes to the black undertow while spending dwindling resources to privately educate their children.

Many whites will not be able to afford this and their children will be sacrificed to the Dark Gods on the altar of diversity.

Its a double win for BRA.

I think it must have been either Zenster or 10mm who said something to the effect of: "For the black man to have his 'freedom' everyone else must be chained in tyranny."

So absolutely true...

hardscrabble farmer said...

There is an interesting strategy taking place in NH (96-97% White) whereby huge numbers of "refugees" are being shipped in to the metro areas- Somalis, Afghanis, Sudanese,Kenyans, etc. As soon as the locals notice the way they live off the system (i.e. taxpayer subsidies, relief, AFDC, TANF, Section 8,etc) and cause spikes in crime, suddenly "hate graffiti" shows up and the entire religious/SWPL/political world shows up to support them and excoriate the hateful Natives who resent being forced to subsidize these unwanted and unassimilable masses in their midst.

To further notice or mention any of the behaviors that make them persona non grata now equates to RACIST HATER WHO WANTS TO GAS SIX MILLION.

It's almost as if it were a battle plan.

YIH said...

Anonymous said...

"Plans include sensitivity training and disarming for the border patrol, a massive new amnesty plan, unrestricted green cards and visas, plus much, much more!"

How's he going to do that with a Republican congress?


Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous @August 9, 2012 1:37 AM said...

"...Dazed and confused, they'll look around themselves with bovine stupidity and say, "Huh? What happened?"

"...To wake these people up about all the issues is a monumental task. All they want to do is run away and not fight back. As long as they have temporary security, they're content until the next time they have to run away. Most seem to be brainwashed with political correctness and diversity doctrine to the point that they are willfully blind..."

Wolves, sheep, and shepherds, people. We all know who's playing the part of the wolves; let's examine the relationship between the "sheep" and the "shepherds", using a little anthropomorphism. The sheep can convince the shepherd to become lazy and non-vigilant, thus lowering his effectiveness ("Hey, how about that LSU-Auburn game? Want another brewski?"). But no matter how hard he tries, the shepherd can never talk a sheep into changing into a shepherd. The sheep just doesn't have it in him. They can't even wrap their minds around it.

Perhaps it's time we stopped trying to talk sheep into becoming shepherds. What has it gotten us? Fifty years wasted. What if, instead of trying to turn the sheep into something it cannot be, we merely keep them moving in the direction they need to grow to increase their numbers? What if we shepherds identify others who have what it takes to move the sheep?

In other words, once you confirm the fact that you are talking to a sheep, not a shepherd, move on.

josh said...

You guys are a bunch of anti-semites!

Mutant Swarm said...

josh said...
You guys are a bunch of anti-semites!

August 9, 2012 8:05 AM

It's called,"Stuff BLACK People don't like," moron.

Go back to playing World Of Warcraft with a stolen credit card number.

Anonymous said...

"How's he going to do that with a Republican congress?"

Two Words: Executive Order

Anonymous said...

Do you see any serious opposition to what's going on now from republicans?

Anonymous said...

equal opportunity: no problem.
enforced equality of outcomes: sucks. see what robert heinlein wrote about it 48 years ago on pp 55-78
(going to site will download pdf)--
panjoomby/tip of the hat to s.sailer

Anonymous said...

Are you that stupid, or what? Do you know what ``anti-semite'' means or who it refers to? More proof of my believe that our university system should hand out receipts instead of diplomas -- that way, maybe some poor, deluded parents can get their hard-earned money back that they wasted on your indoct.... er, education.

Johnny See said...

No, Josh,
We are anti-being-disturbed-by-those-who-wish-to-enrich-themselves-by-exerting-ever-increasing-control-over-us-by-nefarious-means. We really don't care what god they pray to or what their church looks like or is called.
We want you and people like you to either grow up and objectively face facts or fuck off and leave us the hell alone.
Seriously, Josh, we are more anti-doofus than anything else, and your knee-jerk reaction to our reasoned discussion makes you most readily considerable as such.

RobertB said...

" josh said...

You guys are a bunch of anti-semites!"

Undoubtedly some people here are, but by no means everyone. On the hand, it is not bigotry to see and acknowledge that Liberal Jews are at the forefront of the communist movement to destroy traditional America and Western man in general. Even Lawrence Auster openly admits that. I have conservative Jewish friends who warn their liberal counterpart all the time that a day of reckoning will come for them as they are easy targets--now being attacked by the Left. They are not alone, of course. I believe that no small percentage of those who migrated to America from Eastern Europe between 1890 and 1930 were by and large Marxists from the get go and that they inculcated their children and grandchildren with that ideology.

The Czech immigrants from that era are a case in point. Here in my hometown they have a Czech meeting hall. It is a much balley hooed place for these people. If one goes up to the second floor, one will find a museum made up of photographs and artifacts from the era I mentioned. It is all communist related. They called themselves "socialists", but the imagery, the flags, the transcribed speeches and written literature are all heavily Marxist.

I was stunned when I first saw this. The "Know Nothings" were right, frankly. Just look at the horrendous effect the modern Catholic Church with it's pantheism and globalist nature has effected on America. And I say that as a baptized Catholic. Of course the Know Nothings were not concerned about German Catholics, it was the Irish, who had long since demonstrated a willful hatred of everything English and a penchant for siding with Rome over every other nation/state. Rome, and its Globalist nature, was seen as a threat by WASPs long ago. The Italians, though riddled with a criminal element, were decidedly anti-Communist from the get go--but they are Western, not Eastern.

Midwestern said...

Found this hilarious article posted in Deconstructing Leftism comments. Boy, I sure wish I could lure this woman into my "diverse" 85% black neighborhood for a little fun and cultural enrichment.

This essay is written by a white SWPL hipster female who cringes because her existence is not "diverse" enough and too "lily white". She reminds me of a group of white women from my liberal past life who hold an annual "MLK Palooza", complete with exercises in tolerance, an MLK homeschool unit study, a colored rice blending indoctrination experiment with the children, and a mom's only getaway SPA trip finale.

This SWPL fantasizes about more multi-culti enrichment so that she can teach her son to be "inclusive". These SWPL whites are truly evil and absolutely HATE white people. I don't think they are worth saving.

“I want my son to see that I have a library of books left over from my days as an African-American Studies major and a pictorial montage of him dressed in a series of Obama onesies and never mind the fact that I have no black friends, that we live in a neighborhood that is overwhelmingly white, and that the non-white people we meet are either delivering food, caring for other people’s children, or working behind a register.”

10mm AUTO said...

Mutant Swarm said:

"What if we shepherds identify others who have what it takes to move the sheep?"

I am afraid I agree with Mutant Swarm. What we are doing here is waking up only those who have the wherewithal to accept the truth and to see it unadorned. There are always going to be Whites that will strip off their clothes at the threat of violence or get down on their knees and beg the negro forgiveness for imagined crimes 150 years ago while they rape and pillage your land NOW.

I would not stop the discussion however. The current verbal "pushback" is working. Every day I see more and more Whites waking up and for every comment on a newspaper board or for every raped or beaten White, hundreds if not thousands See and come over to our side. The "Shepherds" can protect themselves by establishing a secure encrypted communications network and establishing a agent cell network (I'm Working on that) and later on establishing safe houses and a supply line, blind drops, etc., but those do not win the battle. What Whites need (and I hate saying this as a freedom loving person but History shows this to be true) is a charismatic leader to rally them to the Cause.

Call him Adam Selene for now.

Many such people exist at the edge of Seeing; the Palins, Beck, J. Taylor, Limbaugh, the list is enormous. As all who step over the line are identified and vilified and driven from their job (as Paul K knows well) while Orcs and race traitors such as "Rev." Wright, Van Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Noel Ignatiev, the Black Panther Party, etc., operate in the open under cover of the Law even to the point of publicly preaching White genocide (Noel Ignatiev, Black Panther Party) or committing crimes (placing a bounty on the head of a private citizen by the BP party on Zimmerman).

As our opponents would happily use their assets to assassinate our leader, such a leader will have to remain publicly popular and at the edge, but anonymously Leading through a Council (the Council of Shepherds, if you will).

Recruiting such a leader is a priority. Establishing a Council is a Priority. I hereby nominate Paul K as temporary Leader of the Council of Shepherds and as head of dept. of Information. All in favor?

For those who want nothing to do with the coming violence and social dislocation the day the ETB cards stop, I can understand that too. You can help by having babies, though I think you will find the fight will be forced on you easier than you think. Countries go mad; socialist countries more spectacularly than most. Germany, Cambodia, China, Russia, Rwanda, Venezuela; on and on the list goes. The list of "enemies" of the State are as varied. In Russia, it was "counter-Revolutionaries", in Cambodia it was anyone with eyeglasses or who knew a foreign language, in Venezuela it was small shopkeepers, in the USA it is the White "Racists" (meaning anyone White). Whites are in serious trouble people and our own Government is talking about walling us in and preventing our ability to live where we want due to "Social fairness" or forcing us to have to live in carefully balanced "Multicultural" neighborhoods. What do you think all this identifying and breaking up of White neighborhoods is about? You don't see them breaking up any other neighborhoods!

When that doesn't work, they will have your homes open to State Section 8 "ethic guests" (think THX-1138 only with you new house guests are Jamal and Loquishenia) to make your house acceptably "Multicult". After all, are you not buying your house with a Government backed loan? Don't you BELIEVE in Diversity, citizen?

Don't wait till Whites have to put on electronic armbands and get implant chips. Don't dismiss that "White Privilege" crap either, that is the excuse they will use for the necessity of building the camps or putting a blowtorch to you testicles.

Carol said...

"the modern Catholic Church with it's pantheism"

Whatever modern idiocy our Church is guilty of, pantheism is not one of them.

So CAL Snowman said...

@Midwestern - I visited that site you mentioned. HOLY CRAP! Just reading the comments made me want to permanently disconnect from the internet and gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. Those people are not just beyond saving, they are beyond all hope. I have never seen a more brain-washed group of individuals ever. I don't think the followers of Pol Pot or Mao were so thoroughly and completely indoctrinated.

"Finally, even though I am white and my dh is Indian we made a conscious decision to select an African-American pediatrician not only because we liked him best of all of the pediatricians we met but also because we felt is was important for our son to have authority figures in his life that were of different ethnicities than ours.You and your husband need to start making conscious decisions regarding how you raise your family in every area from what books you read to your kids (do they show a diversity of faces) to where you shop, etc."

I mean what do you do with that? Educated, reasonably intelligent people who might as well be Heaven's Gate cultists.

Anonymous said...

"Don't dismiss that "White Privilege" crap either" - the very same stuff was used against the kulaks to do what was done to them. Coming up with a counter meme will be fairly difficult because compared to the self inflicted squalidly overpopulated hells of the third world we are quite fortunate. Ultimately though "privilege" has become a joke online since it is getting heavily overused across a wide variety of topics(see thin privilege, and that one is fairly tame).

Mr. Rational said...

Don't be too hard on poor Josh up there.  He's probably been brainwashed by Marxists all his life (a "red-diaper baby"), and he's been taught that anything non-PC has to be Wrong and the two ways it can be Wrong are for it to be Racist or Anti-Semitic.  Those terms are like grenades, blowing up un-PC transgressors and silencing them... or they were.

Assuming he's not a drive-by troll, I'm sure the lack of the usual response here shocks him.

So CAL Snowman said...

@ Anonymous 9:26

I have been reading, non-stop, the link you posted regarding Robert Heinlein and equality of outcome. His deconstruction of laws prohibiting restrictive covenants is incredibly prescient and grounded in logic and fact. What an absolutely delightful read. For those that don't know who Robert Heinlein was, he was a science fiction author who wrote "Starship Troopers" and "Stranger In A Strange Land."

Letter to F.M. Busby on Freedom and Race Relations

A VERY SMALL sample of Heinlein's insight :

"The Negro does not live in Harlem because he is black, but because he
is poor. He clusters in his neighborhoods because his poverty—and what goes with it—does indeed depress property values, and that attracts more of his own sort—poor, I mean; being black is only incidental. And I’m damned
if you can cure any of these things by putting more coercive law on the books. The only real result will be to make white men dislike Negroes more
than ever—a very bad outcome for the Negro since he is so decidedly in the minority and, in the long run, depends on the white man’s good will. There ain’t a durned thing wrong with the American Negro that money can’t cure—provided he earns it himself and does not expect the white man
to give it to him.

Nikcrit said...

RobertB says,
"Just look at the horrendous effect the modern Catholic Church with it's pantheism and globalist nature has effected on America."

What precisely do you mean by "its pantheism?" I'm vaguely familiar with the word, and looked it up again upon seeing your reference, but I can't discern the meaning in the context you're using it in here.
Are you saying the Catholic church referenced spirituality in a universally 'socialist' way???)

Nikcrit said...

@So.Cal Snowman,
Are you sure you want to hold up Heinlein as a proponent of your racial views?
He's considered a antiracist, even though he's probably best known politically as a anti-communist/free-will type.

RE. to RobertB's remark earlier; when I think of the word "patheism,' beyond the literal, academic meaning, I think of a phrase that Heinlein, I believe, coined: "Pantheistic Solipsism."

Anonymous said...

"I mean what do you do with that? Educated, reasonably intelligent people who might as well be Heaven's Gate cultists." - Hoist them on their own petards. commanding non-whites to tear apart their social networks for the benefit of whites(chiefly them) is racist and unthinking on their part.

MuayTyson said...

In response to Midwestern's find. These people are so thoroughly delusional they are dangerous. I do not say this lightly just as the hyper religious are a danger to themselves and others so are the DWL.

I have been to over 20 countries and I have lived in four. Let me explain something to these pompous idiots(Nitcrit included). Forced integration is a lie. Racial harmony is a lie. At best races can form an uneasy truce based on values and lifestyles.

One thing I have noticed in my travels is this ethnic Africans and adherents of Islam are by far the least liked and the least compatible with the other races and cultures. With in Islam there is a HUGE class system at work with Africans at the lowest and Middle Eastern Whites at the highest point.

Yes I know before it is pointed out Islam is not a race very astute but it functions in such a way as to separate racially homogenous people.

Let's that Thailand as an example a country I have lived over 5 years off and on and have a deep affection for. Thai society is separated in many layers the top layer is the Ethnic Chinese but Thai nationals maybe for 500 years or more. There is intermarriage but not as much as you would guess and not with out scandal.

Thai and Thai Chinese can get along but in a way that is status driven the Thai Chinese being usually more wealthy and having whiter skin would generally be considered higher status than the darker less wealthy indigenous Thais.

Southern Islamic Thais are the lowest of the low on the Thai social status scale. Much of this is to do with their behavior and desire to split and become part of Islamic Malaysia.

I have suspicions that some of this is a chicken and egg argument do to the treatment of the Thai Muslims.

My point being is the arrogant American or European Caucasian who thinks the rest of the World holds hands and sings Kumbaya is seriously delusional.

I have met some of these kids serving in the Peace Corps. So deep is the psychosis(no better word) these kids will not question being placed in very dangerous situations. The Peace Corps. a great example of DWL-ism hides cases of rape so they can continue with their band-aid diplomacy.

Mr. Rational said...

Quoting from the letter (possibly unsent) to F.M. Busby, emphasis mine:

"Honest to God, Buz, the only thing the Negro can do, in the long run, about the fact that the white man in many cases, perhaps the majority of cases, doesn’t want to eat with him, live next door to him, sit beside him, etc., is to accept the truth and try by his behavior to be more acceptable. I don’t think he is going to do this, though. I think we are in for severe race trouble—which the poor brown bastard is certain to lose simply because we outnumber him seven to one. [1]

(However, I do not recommend patience to the Negro of South Africa. He outnumbers his white neighbors about four to one, or more. His proper solution is to arise some dark night and cut the throats of his white oppressor—which they richly deserve. But I don’t intend to help him with the job; it is his job. Freedom is never bestowed; it is earned. [2]

(Which—and not “incidentally”—is the reason the American Negro is not yet free: He hasn’t earned it yet. [3] The simple route of throatcutting is not open to him. But he won’t get it by shoving the white man around in any fashion; he’ll just get us sore at him—and we outnumber him something dreadful. He must either do it the hard way, by commanding our respect—which he doesn’t have yet—or emigrate to Liberia.)" [4]

[1] As we've seen, numbers don't mean anything if the people with the biggest guns (government) refuse to allow people to protect themselves against predation.
[2] Even handed freedom on a silver platter, the Black man can't figure out what to do with it.  Freedom Failed here, there and everywhere.
[3] Five decades ago, there's the answer to Eric Holder; nothing of importance has changed.
[4] Maybe White America will get fed up enough to make that a highly encouraged option for criminals and even the merely stupid and feckless... but I think even the administration of the HMFIC hasn't awakened enough people yet.  If there is a Romney victory in November and the forecast mass chimp-out, maybe that would do it.

Zenster said...

Cotton Co. Expat: God bless men like Kersey and Zenster, Hunter, 10mm...all you guys.

Speaking only for myself, thank you. Your words mean a lot.

I will continue to write and comment until they pull the plug on the internet. Even then, I will still engage people on the street and convert them one mind at a time.

You should see the reactions I get when people are informed of how DHS is purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition.

Anonymous said...

As I read comments on the various sites I follow from here in Afghanistan, it would appear that the Saxons are finally beginning to hate which pleases me so very much.

Zenster said...

RobertB: Just look at the horrendous effect the modern Catholic Church with it's pantheism and globalist nature has effected on America. And I say that as a baptized Catholic.

Pray tell us what you think of Pat Condell, another recovering baptized Catholic?

Personally, I agree completely that much of modern Christianity (with its universalism), promiscuously extends Christ's mercy, tolerance and grace without the least expectation of reciprocity or respect in return.

How insane is that?

Do you disagree?

RobertB said...

Carol, Nikrit-

The Catholic Church did indeed become pantheistic with Vatican II. Prior to Vatican II, the only way to God was via baptism and belief in Jesus Christ. That meant, and was clearly stated, that everyone else was going to hell in a hand basket. No Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, "Animists" or any other non-Christian was going any where but straight to hell. In fact, it was the Church's position that all heretic Christians were going to hell as well. That would include baptists, mormons and even Anglicans. Hell, I can remember taunting little Presbyterian kids when I was a kid that they were going to hell for not being Catholic. That was standard parochial school education even in the early 1960's. We all taunted them. It was fun.

Now, if one goes back far enough, one can learn that the only peoples to have a God Like Image, were those of European decent. Ever heard the saying "God is an Englishman"? We understood that God created US in his likeness. That meant, ipso facto, that anyone who didn't look like us didn't fit into "The Book". As I have said before, there were no Wongs or kunta kentes on Noah's Ark, now were there?

The problem was, was that the missionaries couldn't get non-whites to convert if they weren't going to heaven anyway. So, first they started lying to the non-whites, then they started lying to the whites, then along came Vatican II.

In Vatican II, The Church does a complete about face and states that all religions are of God. That all will go to Heaven. This even includes the Church's mortal enemy--Islam. In prior teachings and writings The Church made it quite clear that Islam was an abomination that was evil. That the very "religion" itself (actually, considered a heretic schism) was an affront to God and professing faith in Allah was tantamount to worshiping Satin and therefore instant grounds for condemnation and a spot in Hell.

The minute the Church dropped baptism and belief in Jesus Christ ("The way to the Lord is through me") it became a pantheistic institution, and along with that, became an agent for the destruction of the West. Do any of you think the Founders were including just any old religion in the "Freedom Of Religion" clause of the Constitution? Are you aware that, other than Jews, we never let any non-Christians into this country for permanent status before 1965? The only exceptions to that rule, were the two treaties with China and Japan that allowed a teeny tiny number of them, in return for trade rights. A very teeny, tiny number.

Vatican II was the product of a Church that had been infiltrated by homosexuals with a Marxist agenda. The info is out there, find it and know your enemy.

Discard said...

Anon at 3:27 PM: The counter meme to "White privilege" is "White virtue".
We go to school and learn.
We go to work, and work.
Whenever somebody spouts that White privilege crap, they have opened themselves to a barrage of counter-examples. They are counting on you to keep silent, because they sure as hell can't defend their views honestly.

AnalogMan said...

So CAL Snowman, I've read that Heinlein was a conservative, but then again I started to read his Stranger in a Strange Land, a book described in its cover blurb as "the bible of the love generation", and it's pure hippy utopianism. The passage you quoted also has it arse about face on the negro problem. I would give Heinlein maybe a B for effort, but a D for insight.

Good grief, I think I just agreed with Nigrit!

Midwestern said...

So CAL, I don't get it either, and it makes me sick.

I visited a friend recently. Late 40s, attractive, divorced, white female living in the white Chicago suburbs. Her neighborhood was mostly residential, nice 60's ranch homes, huge parks for kids and dogs, lots of trees, quiet, nice yards, and a little village shopping area with book stores, a small university, coffee shops, boutiques and a bank and library. Very nice, almost like Mayberry. Her home was 4 bedroom and quite lovely. I was a bit jealous and fantasized for a moment about living in such a place. She even kept her first floor windows open at night, which is a death wish if you live in my neighborhood.

Over dinner, she told me that she was thinking of moving. I asked her why and she said that "this place is just too white" and "I need to live around more diversity and not just white people." I was stunned. I am sure I look at her like she was crazy. All I could do was laugh out loud. I think I offended her.

What would make a white person say something so outrageous? I think that liberalism is a mental illness, and this woman should seek out treatment. She has four college age children, and I am pretty sure they think she is nuts too.

She is literally signing up for her demise.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Paul and great comments. I love this site, keep up the excellent work.

Melanie said...

@Midwestern August 9, 2012 11:33 AM

I wonder if that moron realises that all she has to do to experience the diversity for which she is so wistful, is to move to the hood. Or is she another one of those hypocrites who knows the truth deep down but refuses to admit it to herself? Because it would be so very simple for her to experience it.

Melanie said...

the Negro of South Africa. He outnumbers his white neighbors about four to one, or more. His proper solution is to arise some dark night and cut the throats of his white oppressor—which they richly deserve.

This enrages me. Oppression? The SA whites "deserve" to be killed? Nigger please. It's too bad that just once, somewhere in this wide wide world, a group of blacks "oppresses" whites the way SA whites "oppressed" blacks, by bringing them a reliable and consistent food source, first world medical care and sanitation, a constructed roof over their heads, longer life spans, lower infant mortality rates, education, and more. In return, whites would have to-work. We do that anyway, and we'd make something of our opportunities, as we have done throughout history, in every time and under every circumstance. Yes, blacks, oppress us in just the same way. It's not the fault of whites that you, collectively, do not have the brain power to make more of the gifts whites put right into your hands. Look what you've done to Detroit. Whites carved that jewel out of a hostile wilderness, it didn't just magically spring up like a mushroom. But for you, for all intents and purposes, it did just that. And you've still turned it into shit. You're doing the same thing to South Africa. The longevity rates in SA have already dropped for blacks. All they can do is perpetrate savage violence upon the remaining whites, and call it "vengeance" for "oppression", as the country they now rule disintegrates.

Why is it too much to ask for blacks to just LEAVE US ALONE? We'll never "oppress" you again with our white man's medicine and hygiene, architecture and education, you can build the great civilisation you claim to be capable of, without our negative influence. Why is that not an acceptable bargain to you? If blacks are going to participate in this blog, I would certainly love a straight answer to this question-no weaseling or tortured explanations. Why can't you be happy for us to segregate ourselves, and be far from our "oppression"? I know the SA blacks seem more invested in killing whites than in maintaining (just maintaining! they don't even have to build it from scratch!) the country in which they've assumed power.

WHY do blacks follow us "oppressive" whites out to the suburbs when we engage in white flight? Aren't you well rid of us? Surely you don't need us for anything? We certainly don't need you, and your vandalism, murder, rape, graffitti, theft, etc.

Zenster said...

After all this hub-bub, I decided to visit the—quite appropriately named—Babble website. And what I found was … exactly what I expected.

The usual pants-wetting orgy of self-loathing, anti-White moral superiority. I almost stopped reading after encountering this dandy bit of hogwash:

And equality isn’t a theory, like algebra, that can be learned at homework time.

The entire concept of "equality" is a mathematical construct and had best be learned like homework for anyone intent upon survival.

Just because the law must treat all of us as equals doesn't we actually are equal. As Silent Running noted:

Nature has no use for equality.

Ignore this fact at your own peril. The DWLs in that Babble article are sheep waiting for the slaughter. Auster's "Eloi Tax" is their fate if no other awakening circumstance intervenes.

Zenster said...

MuayTyson: Yes I know before it is pointed out [that] Islam is not a race very astute but it functions in such a way as to separate racially homogenous people.

You are absolutely right and anyone with even the slightest concerns about Islam would do well to remember this. It is why Muslims are so adept at playing The Race Card™.

Well put, MuayTyson.

Zenster said...

Midwestern: What would make a white person say something so outrageous? I think that liberalism is a mental illness, and this woman should seek out treatment. She has four college age children, and I am pretty sure they think she is nuts too.

She is literally signing up for her demise.

Try to accept the fact that this woman, in her own small way, is trying to become a poster child for us racists. That will happen when she is raped and beaten to death in her new and wonderfully dieverse neighborhood.

These DWLs give so much in order to gain so little. They truly are demented.

Anonymous said...

[2] Even handed freedom on a silver platter, the Black man can't figure out what to do with it. Freedom Failed here, there and everywhere.

I believe the numbers for South Africa are 10 million+ beginning of the last century up to 20 million+ at the time Apartheid ended because blacks were safer in South Africa. For example South Africa gave refugee status to many Zimbabweans fleeing from freely elected black leader Robert Mugabe because of his policies towards them. Now they are in a country which is a former net exporter of food just like the one they left.

Anonymous said...

(N. GA)--Dissident said... “I agree with the Cali Snowman. This is part and parcel of the Globalist design on compact cities and preventing the further spread of urbanization and rural development.”-and- “They want to blur the lines and erase any distinctions for social control. Look at Brazil and you’ll see the future of America. 99% poor and 1% elite, in a caste feudalistic society of unarmed peasants”

I totally agree. Just like at the 'Batman' Colorado shootings, multiple perpetrators were reported by multiple witnesses in the Sikh shooting. Again, the shooters were dressed in all black like in Colorado. In both incidents, the witnesses testimonies are brushed aside. The Wisconsin police chief; the Colorado police chief; as well as the national media; go by the 'lone gunman theory' as if following a script. Something is not right about the investigations. The first signs that false flags are in play. I'm not the only one who caught it. Many comments with the same conclusions in one article. It all stinks IMO.

Anonymous said...

(N.GA)-- @ Mutant swarm,
I am with you 100%. Still, you have to see, there still stands one hell of a deterrent from, ( out right drawing a line in the sand , then defending that line.) These minorities are federally protected, and the organizations protected them are federally funded. The Zimmerman case is a perfect example. What white person in his right mind wants to end up in the exact same place as all the notorious black thugs with no regard to human life we all discuss here on this sight? Locked up with all same whitey hating, belligerent, wanting screw you if your white, dominating the entire prison system blacks we all try so hard to avoid. The mayors, police chiefs, prison wardens, prison staff ,.....all black. Once you do find a few that think alike, your group is now federally targeted as a hate group. (that label just doubles your time) It would have to be “literally” a secret organization, that has to operate like a terrorist cell. Even then, how would you ever be sure all your members are for real? In all probability, once you gain numbers, one or more of your members turn out to be agents. Right now, running away is the only option for many. Now, when the SHTF and there is no law. I believe you will be proud of your race. All this is just IMO.

Melanie said...

@Anonymous August 10, 2012 10:31 AM

Well said, my sentiments exactly. At this point, whites still have too much to lose, especially with the deck stacked against us, and a completely predictable outcome for the lone race realist who speaks out. Look what happened to John Derbyshire, and he has more protection, more of a "cushion", than many. And all he did was write a very mild article. Right now, the nail sticks out will get hammered.

But I truly believe that more and more whites are drawing their own conclusions about the reality of racial matters in America. The voices of the diversity cabal are getting more shrill, and their arguments more absurd, because the reality is becoming starker to more people. It hasn't been that long that people who wouldn't necessarily identify themselves as "realists" have been pointing out that when news articles decline to the name the race of a perpetrator, it's a given that it's a black.

I'm sure we are all aware of just what the full force and weight of the government, and societal pressure, can do to someone who merely speaks. Look at Zimmerman, who was more or less one of "their own" before the incident. Look at what the Black Panthers were allowed to say and do, with complete impunity.

But they are becoming more and more blatant, which is inviting reaction. Most normal people, even in a population which has been for decades subjected to indoctrination, propaganda, and punishment for even daring to question the orthodoxy, much less dissenting from it, realise that our backs are almost to the wall. A few comments on mainstream news articles aren't much, but they are more than there has been for a long time.

Under Obama, they are pushing hard and becoming more blatant than ever before. That's the way it has always been with blacks (and now their DWL supporters), they have never known how to use judgement and when to pull back.

I hope and believe that if nothing else, people care about their children too much to ultimately commit suicide.

I certainly could be wrong. The situation in SA doesn't offer much hope, lr a positive example. Of course, their situation is somewhat different, as the whites there are hopelessly outnumbered.

I must admit that I have my periods of despondency. But I don't want to believe that with all the past greatness of the white race, it will end with a whimper. The world without whites, with blacks rampant, will be a savage brutal place.

Anonymous said...

"Anon at 3:27 PM: The counter meme to "White privilege" is "White virtue".
We go to school and learn.
We go to work, and work.
Whenever somebody spouts that White privilege crap, they have opened themselves to a barrage of counter-examples. They are counting on you to keep silent, because they sure as hell can't defend their views honestly." - Unfortunately it isn't an effective counter-meme because it accepts the implied premise and doesn't reframe the debate.

So CAL Snowman said...

Ok, about the whole Heinlein article. I should have clarified a few things first. Heinlein himself says several times that he is basically what we would call an anti-racist. He definitely leans left and were he still alive today, he would be a liberal. THAT was why I was so taken with what he said. Here is someone on the OPPOSITE SIDE of SBPDL making our case for us. Here is a LIBERAL embracing the notion of restrictive covenants. Of course, as a liberal he would agitate for Negro freedom and against Negro "oppression." That was NOT what I was attempting to Highlight. The passage I quoted was merely at random. I thought about posting the whole thing but it's pretty long. I encourage you all to read the ENTIRE THING as it is a fantastic deconstruction of the civil rights movement from a NEGATIVE LIBERAL perspective.

Letter to F.M. Busby on Freedom and Race Relations

*AnalogMan - Do you know of a South African by the name of Jan Lamprecht? He used to run a site called It's offline now and has been for awhile. It was one of my favorite websites that chronicled the destruction in Africa by the blacks and the ANC. I was wondering if you knew what happened to him?

Bogolyubski said...

From the book: From his positions on the boards of a couple of left-leaning Chicago foundations, Obama channeled substantial financial support to these efforts. On entering politics, he served as a dedicated ally of his mentors’ anti-suburban activism.

And where did all this money come from? Negroid athleetz, hip-hop starz and honah stoodintz? Not a chance. It would be very illuminating to do a study of where that money came from - and by way of whom. Having never written or published a book in his life, the Mocha Messiah was given a contract from a major book publisher right out of law school. He failed to meet the deadline for publication at least 3 times, but no cancellation, no demand the the huge advance be returned, etc. How does that happen?

Who? Whom? Cui bono? Why are these questions never asked - or answered. BRA is but one front of a multi-pronged campaign. The elephant in the room is danced around continually. Why is all of this so terribly difficult for some to comprehend? BTW, anyone thinks that Willard Mittens will stop, amend or disrupt even one iota of the BRA program of pre-genocide described in the article is totally deluded.

Jibreel Riley said...

I stumbled onto this while looking up to see was any of the blogs talking about Stanley Kurtz's book that seems like a blueprint for fear mongering regionalism as I think Kurtz has picked up on the growing trend that suburbs are not in vogue as they once was and basically he wants the government to protect and continue to subsidized them at ALL COST regardless how much the world is changing. Newsflash, America isn't the only nation that uses oil however people need to realize there are many different types of suburbs however what makes Greater Atlanta different than Greater Philadelphia is Greater Phila is served very well by transit outside the city limits however a commuter rail system is a foreign concept in Atlanta thus the region in the Peach State will learn the hard way when business, commerce and there kids start moving to places like Philadelphia where 5 row houses is only 1 house in DeKalb subdivision

AnalogMan said...

So CAL: Sorry, I have no knowledge of Jan Lamprecht.

Discard said...

Anon at 12:28 PM, Aug 10: To substitute the word "virtue" for "privilege" DOES reframe the debate. It says that we Whites have earned our superior position, that White rule of a White society is just.
I'm not trying to be snotty, but correct me if I'm wrong. I could be mangling my ideas, it happens.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski, we're not allowed to say who are the major players behind the multi-pronged campaign you mentioned.

Californian said...

Robert Heinlein did have some populist-socialist tendencies in his younger days, but he later moved towards a wolvish sort of libertarianism. See his "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress."

There are also some passages in his later works, such as "Time Enough for Love," in which he discusses the genetic implications of societies whose better elements have been removed, and how those societies degenerate.

Nonetheless, Heinlein, at least in some of his earlier works, appears to want to give blacks a fair shake. This is understandable, given how segregation appeared prior to the Civil Rights Revolution. One assumption seems to be that if the government were to only get rid of restrictive laws against blacks, and if organizations such as the KKK would just go away, then we'd have an American nation which would have liberty and justice for all.

Of course, few people prior to 1965 realized that the Civil Rights Revolution also meant affirmative action, forced busing, political correctness, de facto open borders, massive urban rioting, Reverend Wright and an army of race hustlers, "diversity" agitprop up the wazoo, flash mobs, bureaucracies regulating every last aspect of employment and education, the US establishment supporting Marxist terrorist fronts such as the ANC, and other words, not a revolution for freedom but against it.

There's maybe a premonition of all this in Heinlein's "Puppet Masters," an alien invasion which brings with it a feel-good collective future for all mankind.

Do you know of a South African by the name of Jan Lamprecht? He used to run a site called It's offline now and has been for awhile. It was one of my favorite websites that chronicled the destruction in Africa by the blacks and the ANC.

For updates on SA, one website I recommend is Mike Smith's Political Commentary:

He has a good series on the collapse of apartheid which has some lessons for the situation of the rest of the West these decadent days.

Anonymous said...

'Mutant Swarm said...

josh said...
You guys are a bunch of anti-semites!
damn Right.
That being said, 'semite' really means 'middle eastern languages'.

Anonymous said...

'Midwestern said...

So CAL, I don't get it either, and it makes me sick...she wants di-ver-sit-ee'

Not surprising, most 'tolerance' is in white areas.
where whites live among 'the new majority' there is much less naivete, as people get exposed to
rude, hateful, dangerous non whites, and learn.

dondiego said...

To Midwestern 5:25, I personally believe you are correct with the mental illness theory.

I've had some experience on the periphery of counseling- spot on I say.

The truth is slowly leaking out, however it can't yet be spoken without fear of repercussion.