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The implicit whiteness of Chick-fil-A: A racial breakdown of the cities where the 196 Georgia Chick-fil-A's are located

PK Note: A spreadsheet breakdown of the 190+ Georgia Chick-fil-A (with the white and Black percentage of the city/zip code they reside in) locations is available here. It breaks down the racial dynamics of each city in Georgia where Chick-fil-A has locations. Places of businesses (like Colony Square in Midtown) and hospital locations weren't counted, since they draw a different racial dynamic then the city they are reside in. I'll try and go into more detailed analysis like HW did over at OD. I plan on going back in and plotting the dynamics of the zip code for each store. In time, this project will be completely nationwide.

An implicit white company
The Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A fast food company is in the news today, with supporters around the nation flocking to the more than 1500 locations nationwide to show their support for the embattled organization.

“Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” is August 1, set for “conservatives” (who confuse Christian theology as axiomatically conservative principle) to show those radical liberals pushing gay marriage a thing or two about collective consumer power from the “right.”

In reality, Chick-fil-A is company that is entirely wedded to a business model completely reliant on serving communities with strong social capital and a thriving middle-class. Yes, the religious aspect is important, but it is the concept of community (as Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam begrudgingly told us, communities can only thrive when trust and high social capital are present; i.e., a lack of diversity) that is fundamentally at the heart of the Truett Cathy’s enterprise.

Cathy, whose family lived in the first public housing unit in America (Techwood Public Housing, built in 1936 in Atlanta), was and continues to be the driving force behind the incredible rise of Chick-Fil-A.

Interestingly, once Techwood Public Housing integrated (and the whites fled), it became the poster child for “urban blight” and one of the highest crime areas in Atlanta. Of course, it was 99 percent Black – luckily, it was torn down and the Black residents scattered across metro Atlanta to alleviate the problem of centralized criminality, but do you expect an entrepreneur of the caliber of Truett Cathy ever came from 99 percent Black Techwood Public Housing?

Black percentage of areas where Chick-fil-A has restaurants in Georgia
An article from the St. Petersburg Times in 2002 (Chicken with a conscience;Chick-fil-A, the No. 2 fast-food chicken chain, builds its brand on both its business principles and family values, by Scott Barancik) points out the driving force behind Chick-fil-A’s growth, but also points that three stores in the Nelson Mandela’s rainbow nation of South Africa had been forced to close:
Their company, Chick-fil-A Inc., is the country's No. 2 fast-food chicken chain, with 1,055 restaurants and $1.2-billion in revenues last year. Another 500 stores are planned by 2006. Even Warren Buffett stopped by the Atlanta company's offices recently for a chat. 
 But Chick-fil-A has a higher calling than just chicken. "We're here to glorify God," said president Dan Cathy, who was in town this week to celebrate the opening of a $2-million store in Oldsmar. 
 Since 1967, Chick-fil-A has juggled profit and prayer. Founder and CEO Truett Cathy, Dan Cathy's 81-year-old father, makes no bones about the fact that it's a company built on Christian principles. Chick-fil-A is the only major fast-food chain that is closed on Sundays. It spends millions each year on foster care homes, college scholarships and summer camps. Prayer is not unwelcome at the company's headquarters or stores. 
 "I see no conflict between biblical principles and good business practice," Truett Cathy told NBC Nightly News in July. 
  Ethics and charity are not the only arrows in Chick-fil-A's quiver. QSR Magazine recently ranked its drive-through service No. 1 in the industry. It is using cash, not loans, to finance its current growth plan, though it still has some bank debts left over from the 1990s. It possesses one of the better known icons in the fast-food world: a cartoon cow who humorously tries to save his own skin by encouraging customers to "eat mor chikin'." (Chick-fil-A does not serve hamburgers.) 
 Except for a couple hundred licensed stores in airports and on college campuses, Chick-fil-A owns its restaurants. Each one is run by a separate operator who shares the profits, but not the equity, with the chain. Operators like Gus Mir, who runs a store in Lakeland, put up a refundable $5,000 investment and are guaranteed a minimum income of $30,000 per year. The chain takes 15 percent of the gross revenue and half the profit. The average operator of a mall store earns roughly $70,000 a year, Dan Cathy said, while operators of stand-alone restaurants typically earn double that.  Cathy said his opposition to franchising is simple. He'd rather do business with a hungry entrepreneur than a wealthy investor who is unwilling to "interview 16-year-olds."
In Cathy’s book, “Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People,” we learn quickly what type of operator of a restaurant he hopes to work with (p. v):
Truett Cathy’s loyalty to Chick-fil-A restaurant Operators is evident in the selection process. “We don’t select or even seriously consider an Operator unless we want the individual to be with us until one of us dies or retires,” he says.
 On p. 97-98 of that book, we learn this:
“We expect our Operators to abide by several tenets that we adhere to:
  • People want to work with a person, not for a company.
  • Each new Operator is committed to a single restaurant.
  • Operators will hold no outside employment or business interest.
  • We choose Operators for their ability and their influence, so we want them in their restaurants.
  • We expect quality interaction between Operators and team members.
  • We expect quality interaction between Operators and customers, both in the restaurant and in the community.”

Finally, on p. 111-112, Mr. Cathy explains:
“Most (Operators)…feel that this is more than just a job. They feel either a divine call or the satisfaction of a desire to make a difference in the world. They contribute greatly to the development of teenagers who work in our restaurants, creating a wholesome atmosphere in which to work and modeling positive leadership traits that teenagers will take into their adult lives. Our Operators consider themselves to be mentors to the next generation.”
White percentage of areas where Chick-fil-A has restaurants in Georgia
 Chick-fil-A isn’t McDonald’s; it isn’t Burger King. It certainly isn’t Coca-Cola (I’d hope a piece was up at to explain this in greater detail – perhaps soon), which has no problem what a community looks like that it peddles it products in, as long as the consumers there can purchase an abundant amount of Coca-Cola; Chick-fil-A Owners/Operators are the type of people who are instrumental in building solid communities and as serving as leaders and uniting their towns.

Whereas McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest owners of real estate, the surrounding values of the neighborhood (and strength of those communities) and overall property value is nothing compared to the locations where Chick-fil-A carefully selects to move into and serve.

Interestingly, Chick-fil-A corporate Web site ( actually has a store locator function where you can look up the location of restaurants.

Texas has the most locations (263). Naturally, Georgia has the second most Chick-fil-A locations (196), with North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, California, Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania all having more than 50 stores.

Looking at the location of Georgia’s 196 locations (those that were first opened in Clayton County when it was 90 percent white in the 1980s are outliers, with Riverdale, Jonesboro, Morrow, and Forest Park heavily Black and those that were “grandfathered in” in East Point); the restaurant – in some cases a fabled “Dwarf House” being remnants of past civilization while the surrounding area becomes littered with liquor, Title Loan stores, and pawn shops), it is striking how those “thriving communities with high social capital” that Chick-fil-A Owners/Operators invest are incredibly and overwhelmingly white.

By controlling for certain variables (hospitals weren’t counted; nor were malls, considering that they have a tendency to go from catering to a majority white clientele to a majority Black clientele in a matter of years) it became a comedy of errors in seeing where Chick-fil-A decides to open up stores.

Some highlights:

  •   Small Dawsonville, Georgia (population 619 according to the 2000 census) can have a Chick-fil-A;  of course, the city is 97 percent white and zero percent Black.
  • Georgia's population breakdown is 55.9 percent white and 30.5 percent Black.
  • 137 restaurants were located in majority-white areas. 
  • 16 restaurants were located in majority-Black areas, with 75 percent of those in cities that were majority white when the restaurant was constructed. 
  •  Despite the famed Historically Black Colleges and Universites (HBCU) located in Atlanta, only one Georgia HBCU has a Chick-fil-A –- Albany State. Georgia Tech (62 percent white, 6 percent Black); UGA (80 percent white, 8 percent Black); West Georgia (78 percent white, 20 percent Black); Valdosta State (76 percent white, 20 percent Black; Berry College (92 percent white, 1 percent Black); Kennesaw State (69 percent white, 13 percent Black); and Mercer University in Macon (72 percent white, 17 percent Black).
  •  Hiram, Georgia, a town that is 60 percent white and 40 percent Black, has a Chick-fil-A location opened in zip code 30141 – which is 91 percent white and 7 percent Black.
  •   A Chick-fil-A location opened in zip code 30341 (which is 85 percent white and .84 Black), is located in Clayton County… a county that is roughly 70 percent Black.
  •  The majority of the Fulton County Chick-fil-A’s (outside of hospital or one at Georgia State University) are in North Fulton; an area that is overwhelmingly white.
  • Chick-fil-A locations thrive in Alpharetta (72 percent white, 11 percent Black), with four separate locations; Peachtree City (87 percent white, 6 percent Black) with three locations; McDonough (76 percent white, 19 percent Black) with three locations; Roswell (81 percent white, 9 percent Black) with two locations; Kennesaw (64 percent white, 22 percent Black) with three locations; Flowery Branch (80 percent white, 10 percent Black) with two locations; Fayetteville (77 percent white, 20 percent Black) with two locations; Snellville (89 percent white, 5 percent Black) with two locations; Suwanne (84 percent white, 6 percent Black); and Newnan (84 percent white, 12 percent Black) with two locations.
  •    The Chick-fil-A in majority Black Madison, Georgia is located in a zip code (30650) that is 64 percent white and 34 percent Black).
  • Strangely, few majority Black areas (virtually none in South Fulton County, and only one – Lithonia – in a majority Black zip code in DeKalb County) have Chick-fil-A’s.

 The question has to be asked now, based on the empirical evidence we have garnered from a look at the 196 Chick-fil-A locations in Georgia (wait, we forgot the one at Greenbriar Mall in DeKalb County, one of the oldest Chick-fil-A locations that closed --- because the mall went all-Black. When it opened in the late 1970s, the county was roughly 75 percent white… now it’s only 35 percent white):

Is the business model of Chick-fil-A…. racist? Does it conform to the methodology that Steve Sailer laid out in his concept of the Affordable Family Formation (cities with Chick-fil-A’s tend to actually have thriving communities)? Should the Department of Justice look into the locations of Chick-fil-A’s because of some sort of disparate impact in where they open, considering that the clientele that Owners/Operators tend to cater too is overwhelmingly white?

Chick-fil-A is reliant on strong communities (which, coincidentally, means white communities) to exist and prosper. Outside of Chick-fil-A’s in areas that went from majority white to majority Black (thus, grandfathered in), the company has a business model that can be accurately described as “racist” – using modern parlance –and shouldn’t just be under assault because of the companies stance on homosexual marriage.

As I noted in Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, and Cobb County over at Vdare, the cultural wars were already over in the 1990s, largely because people didn’t realize the importance of the so-called “right” needing to actually fight back.

Seeing how “conservatives” have rallied around Chick-fil-A today is interesting, because it showcases how they could actually win --- and win quickly if they dared defend their interests.

But it is the inherent racial reality of Chick-fil-A that will becoming increasingly important to recognize in the coming years ---  those cities and communities with Chick-fil-A’s are the ones that have an abundance of social capital, precisely because trust and cohesion (low crime, good schools, clean streets --- all things that white America produces) exist.

The tenets that Cathy expects Chick-fil-A Owners/Operators to live by are not the same values of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s or other fast food companies that peddle poison to consumers and who care little for the community they serve.

Coca-Cola versus Chick-fil-A… it is the values that drive these two companies that underscores the battle against Black-Run America (BRA). 

A true defense of Chick-fil-A is a defense of the communities that the Owners/Operators choose to do business in; based on the analysis of the 196 locations in Georgia, they look like an America that is quickly dying; replaced with communities that have virtually no social capital. 

Racial Breakdown of the Cites in Georgia Where Chick-fil-A Operates Stores


countenance said...

It took me more than two hours to find a parking spot at the mall that hosted the closest CFA close to my place of work, place the order and get the food. I was listening to Rush and doing work on my laptop while I waited, and I heard Rush say that one of his cousins was at that very place at that very time, but looked around and couldn't make one of them as the obvious Limbaugh cousin.

I thought to myself as I saw all these white people, and later looked at pics on the web of almost all white crowds at CFAs -- When will these people ever put together the obvious two and the other obvious two to make the obvious sum of four?

SomeGuy said...

Today we ate at Chic-fil-A.

In this article you mention East Point, South Fulton County, and Greenbriar Mall. I was stationed at Ft. McPherson (now closed) for 2 1/4 years, which is right in the middle of East Point. Let me tell you folks, that town is a mess. And Greenbriar Mall? The only time I went there was to get my Georgia license plate and thank goodness it was a store that had an outside entrance, meaning I didn't have to step foot in that hell hole. The surrounding area is all turd world, home to neighborhoods with big, beautiful old trees and houses that would fit into a picturesque movie scene where anyone would want to grow up and raise a family. Problem is, the are all now piles of shit.

When I was stationed at Ft. Mac is when I had my moment and realized definitively what America's problem was. My God people, if you ever lived in this neighborhood or one like it you would feel the filth on your soul for the rest of your life. Be glad you aren't African.

HaroldC said...

Thanks PK, excellent article. Budding entrepreneurs can follow the CFA restaurants in deciding where to open their outlets. Also if you should be on the road and in an area you're not familiar with you ought to be safe if you stop at a CFA or refuel at a nearby gas station. Going by your article that ought to be the case anyway.

YIH said...

I want to clarify something in the previous thread;
Was he imprisoned unjustly for the crime he didn't actually commit? Not unlikely, there have been cases of Whites who were locked up under those circumstances and have been exonerated due to DNA evidence (which wasn't in general use until the 90's) and witness testimony that was found to be faulty. And he was rightly compensated for the 21 years he lost.
Now onto the compensation, it was not done by a court, in Florida it can't be.
It has to be an Act passed by the Legislature and signed into Law by the Governor, a much harder process than some Judge saying ''the Court awards X amount of money'' without having to be concerned about where it came from or how it gets paid.
OTOH, that 21 years he did serve literally doesn't mean anything on his current charge, if he gets convicted (or pleas out) he gets to be a felon again and do whatever time in the slam he gets. And I hope he doesn't leave it until he's in a pine box or sent to his new home in Zimbabwe never to return.
I too believe African wildlife should be returned to it's natural habitat to live as nature intended.
We have enough zoo inhabitants here.
As an aside, there has been a discussion about ''Are blacks subhuman? Do they have moral agency?''
My argument is much more direct: Are Tigers Human? Do they have moral agency?
No and no. As Roy Horn had to learn the very hard way, no matter how much you love, care for and about and carefully train to perform, a wild animal is a wild animal and must be dealt with as such.
That's why when those wild animals that sicko in Ohio turned loose before committing suicide had to be killed if they could not be quickly captured.
They are wild animals, they do not have moral agency and the public has to be protected from them however possible.
If a giant net were cast over them, scoop them up and either place them in cages or take them back to their natural habitat, that would have been ideal. But that wasn't practical due the circumstances, so they were shot.

Anonymous said...

Southern MD here...If you take a look at the DC area, there are quite a few Chick-Fil-As in 365Black areas:

In P.G. County:
District Heights, MD - 87%
Capitol Heights, MD - 94%
Largo, MD - 89%
Bowie, MD - 49% (Feels much higher in the town)
Brandywine, MD - 74%

Charles County:
Waldorf, MD - 52%

And these were not built before White flight in the 80's in PG, or in Waldorf (Charles County is currently being Claytonized). So, while the rule of CFA being implicitly white is mostly true, these people aren't our patron saints...

Anonymous said...

We need to stand together more often and quit being victimized by institutionalized political correctness. We got the numbers, we got the resources - let's use them.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't pretty much every business have an expansion plan like Chick-fil-A's: opening in predominantly white areas?

The real question is who they hire.

Anonymous said...

Why do business in any black majority community? You run the risk, if you are a white owner, of having a black customer make a false claim of racism.

So CAL Snowman said...

I understand the point of this article (successful businesses need successful communities i.e. white communities) but Chick Fil-A is OVERPRICED GARBAGE! All Fast Food is basically poison. I love how they claim to have "invented" the chicken sandwich. Yeah before the 1960s NO ONE ever breaded a chicken breast and put it between two slices of bread. But wait for a mere $1.75 they will add pepper jack cheese and some shitty iceberg lettuce to your greasy, fried chicken breast. Oh Boy! Ditch this bullshit.

BTW - They recently opened up a Chick Fil-A in Oxnard,CA which is 73.5% Mexican and filled with crime. It's not doing very well. The ONLY reason it's still in business is because it's right next to the government center.

MuayTyson said...

As an Atheist I'm sick to death of the treatment of Christians in America. America was a Christian country and owes much of it's success to Christianity and the social cohesiveness of the church culture. Christianity is a gigantic part of our culture and our identity.

How is it that the Left continues to dictate all discussions? The Left has decided for all of America that Islam is benign and wholesome yet Christianity is malevolent and evil. How the hell did this happen?

If you believe that Islam is a religion primarily and not a political ideology then Christianity with many similar tenants has to be just as valid. How does Islam get a pass on it's view of homosexuality but Christianity is thrown to the lions?

By the same vain how do black churches get a pass on all their peculiarities?

SomeGuy said...

Sitting at my second Chick-fil-A today. Both have been masses of white humanity. They have been so crowded and with long wait times but everyone is so nice and cordial to one another. No fights, no profane words. White America sure is lovely, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the video of black people reacting to a chicken shortage when popeye's had a special? HA!

Anonymous said...

@ someguy, yeah saw the same thing. Very long lines, but I wanted to support them. and yeah the crowd was super White.

Anonymous said...

To Southern MD: They are building a new one in virtually all Black, but increasingly Hispanic, Suitland in PG County.

Denise said...

I just got home. I mean as in 10 minutes ago. I went with my little Tea Party Group. Our group is UberWhite - although the members refuse to admit this fact.

The CFA we visited is in a burgeoning multi-culti area (Boo hoo hoo. My Hometown! Used to be GORGEOUSLY SPLENDIDLY White. It hurts my heart to even go back there to visit anymore!). There were non-Whites present - but the HUNDREDS (there had to be a thousand of us) of people that participated in this event were White on White. It was fun. There were White hipsters, White young folks, White old folks, White poor folks, White rolling in it folks,White business folks, White retirees, White students, White everything. Tons of us knew each other already, and I made some wonderful new aquiantances. I did engage in some very subtle "racializing".

Great analysis, Paul.

rjp said...

.... but do you expect an entrepreneur of the caliber of Truett Cathy ever came from 99 percent Black Techwood Public Housing?

That's not surprising, public housing was not the same thing 55 years ago. It was worker housing.

as for Chick-fil-A being racist ... well only one look at Dan Cathy's resume will show otherwise:

He is a liberal that believes in the Bible.

I was curious how a Chicago cop's wife was able to open a restaurant in Chicago. You did an excellent job explaining after I found out they only do "licensing":

Their location is in a Building owned by Loyola University (and I would bet students meal cards work there).

The thing that I wonder about now is could this have been a planned business stunt?

Chain restaurants work on tight margins. Careful inventory control. A restaurant can not do a 1000% increase in business and expect to be serving until the next commissary delivery. A commissary would not have supplies on hand to cover such a need for inventory 8 days later. July 23 - July 31 delivery date. It's entirely possible that wholesale product deliveries could not be arranged for delivery to the supplying commissary for that date and later to meet increased need. While there are news articles of Chick-fil-A is saying it didn't support it, it was able to handle unprecedented demand for it's product.

What goes on there Friday though is another question ... Friday there is supposed to be a Fag-In. Families can't take their kids to a Fag-In. And we have to assume some of the fags will "lose control". What then?

Denise said...

Some Guy,

Yes! The entire thing was a great big fun party. I complemented the manager, on the professionalism and courtesy of his staff.

We must find a way to do this, for our goals.

Whiskey said...

In some ways Apple is the liberal flipside of Chick-Fil-A. Uber White, Apple stores operate in very, very White and upscale areas. Have a fanatical following. Have a very careful selection process (for the corporate side), and so on.

However, Apple Retail is hell to work for, basically, and underpaid. The people who work there do so for employee discounts, often buying for relatives who front them cash.


The same sort of thing is happening in Anaheim. I have a post up on the surrender, there, basically at-large districts that keep the Illegal vote out of city government is gone because cops shot dead two gang-bangers, one of whom shot it out with them. So goodbye Disneyland, Angels Stadium, Honda Center, and Anaheim Hills.

In my view we are looking at the widespread ethnic cleansing of Whites out of California, Colorado, Texas, much of the South, into the Mountain West, Pacific Northwest, and parts of the East. With Whites as tax serfs to pay for the Latino tidal wave from Mexico, in alliance with or even leading BRA. Eventually the flight will turn to fight, because there won't be any more places to flee to, but key to that is a general purging or throwing out of the elites. Who are indescribably hostile to social/cultural capital of ordinary Whites.

10mm AUTO said...

Just wait till you see stories like this about clerks at "Chick-fil-A".

This is one of those ugly ones, ladies and gentlemen. Not on par with Anne Pressly or the Knoxville Horror, but bad enough. This African-Orc robbed gas station. In the course of the robbery, evidently things did not go as planned and the Orc "lost it".

So the negro spent a little quality time with the White man in the picture, shooting him in the guts and then later in the shoulder to get him to "give it up".

But there evidently was no more to give, so the Orc sent him to his death in a very special fashion. He made the man suck his pistol. Then shot him in the back of the throat, killing him. Normally such a wound is obvious, but the Orc had pushed his weapon so far down the mans throat that the shot was not discovered till the Autopsy.

When I was a boy, you could make money by working at a gas station. It was usually your first serious job. Sure gas stations were robbed from time to time (Whites Do it too!!) but rarely did they shoot anyone.

This is torture and execution style murder for the pleasure of it.

Chick-fil-A can do as the White man does and run, but they can't hide. The black undertow pulls at you no matter how you struggle.

P.S. He was out on bail at the time for burglary, natch.

Anonymous said...

you know whats funny is that we went i was standing in a crowd that was prob 99% white i was thinking....what if this was mcDs with this many people....there would be fights and prob guns drawn....however at chickfila it was hectic yes, busy yes but everyone was very nice to each other...passing food bags back from the front to the rear and just being nice

10mm AUTO said...

This almost became a post in and of itself. I have often said that White will never be safe till negroids FEAR to touch a White.

How much "fear" do you see here?

What should have happened is that the kid filming smashes the groid in the lips and kicked in the balls and says, "get the f*ck off my bike you smelly groid", but the "kid" is trying to reason with it, persuade it that its attempt at sticky hands is over like a human to human interaction. "Hey you are being outrageous and you got caught so it over, ok?

This is why we can't have nice things.

10mm AUTO said...

Sorry! Forgot the link!

Mr. Rational said...

What should have happened is that the kid filming smashes the groid in the lips and kicked in the balls

Shooting is so much less work, and ought to be the expected and lawful response to TNPV (Typical Negroid Property Violations).

Lucas Evans said...

No Chick-fil-A's near me, so I bought a cow off their website.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Damnit, 10 mm - you normally just write to make me think. Now you're posting stuff that makes me happy I'm armed (and I'm thinking of upping one whole millimeter).

MuayTyson said...


I watched your video I would say the two other blacks were his accomplices. These animals work in teams and they got caught. If he would have tried to keep the thief from leaving physically he would have been jumped by all three. he has the video it maybe enough.

If it were me I would have asked for all witnesses names and contacts. Doubtfully the blacks would have given this information. The security guards need to be fired. he should have asked for their information and wrote the their employers as well as mall management.

I would have tried to invoke a citizens arrest but I probably then would be fighting three groids instead of one. I've never been accused of being to smart.

Anonymous said...

And they say the tea party is dead. From most of the people I talked to in line today here in Indianapolis it's alive and well.

Melanie said...

@10 Mm AUTO

Between this story, the South African family whose 12 yo was killed in boiling water, the rapes and murders of elderly couples, the mob attacks, and the countless other acts of pointless brutality--my hatred for blacks grows. God forgive me. I call myself a Christian, but how can I not hate these animals-no, animals don't torture and kill for entertainment-my dogs would never do anything like these crimes. What is wrong with these "people"? They are just shot through with pure evil. No one can call these isolated events, either. A any rate, their mere presence in a society degrades and brutalises it. It has degraded our culture. I know we all have considered how life could be for us and our children without their putrid presence. said...

KFC, Popeye's, Church's, etc., do huge business in black communities.

If you check Chick-fil-A's guidelines for franchises you will discover they are extremely particular where their franchises are located.

Midwestern said...

"Sitting at my second Chick-fil-A today. Both have been masses of white humanity. "

I will eat good-tasting poisonous fast food in order to experience this mass of white humanity. Have you tried their chicken strips and garden salad?

My husband showed me a a tweet from a customer at Chick Fil-A who said someone had started paying it forward in the drive through line, and a chain of kindness started as a result. The tweeting person said that they were number seven who had done this in a row and it just kept going. You would not see this anywhere else. We have a common vision, we just need to get organized.

I ate at Chick Fil-A twice in Indianapolis this week (spent over $50 for my family), and it was pleasant, happy, fun, clean, and safe. I will pay more for this feeling. Families were eating together, people were conducting business lunches, as were elderly grandparents. No ghetto trash, no greasy floor, no slovenly workers, no foul attitudes, no $1 menu. At McDonalds, they can't even put out extra cream, napkins, or ketchup because the miscreants steal it all.

I kept thinking about how chaotic and scary the McDonald's in the inner-city is. The energy is different.

Anonymous said...

While driving through Georgia on a Sunday, couple summers ago, I stopped for lunch. First went to Steak n' Shake, which was jammed with a horde of White people. Not liking hordes, went to McDonald's instead -- what could go wrong? Nothing! Didn't escape my notice that all the staff and other customers were Black, however. Such is life in the Deep South. Yesterday at CFA, 95% of about 1000 cusomers and maybe 90% of the staff were White. The manager was neither White nor Black, and probably 95% of the customers were Christians, except there was one homosexual named Marjorie and half-dozen protesters and a TV camaraman outside. So what? It's hilarious to see the Left pissing their pants over this.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

I think CFA is doing the right thing. What business wants to take the chance that the black undertow is going to kill them off? Especially the new brand of feralized coons.

I am sure we all remember when Denny's got tired of getting robbed, and so got accused of being racist in the 90's. Sound familiar, except CFA is doing it preemptively.

@ 10mm Auto:
I know there are white dirt bags who rob stores. But I also know that all the filth I caught robbing liquor in Lincoln Nebraska (85% white) were niggers. They be talkin' jive, with their sticky fingers. I also know at the grocery store I worked at, the only shoplifters were of the negro complexion.

Finally, PK is absolutely right. White people need to stand together. If business actually thought that white folks would vote with their wallets, like Milton Friedman wanted, there would be no telling what we could accomplish. I see more and more white people waking up all the time. I hope it isn't too late.

Anonymous said...

Because the urban areas of the USA by and large have no public squares or monumental areas that are not patrolled or surveilled, this is the kind of demonstration politically aware people can have without risk of assault. This is the importance of private property symbolically demonstrated for all to see. Not coincidentally there was no rancor or misbehavior.
Secondly, the top-down, finger-in-your-eye commandante tactics of Democrat mayoral types exemplifies where the real fascist tendencies in our society lie.
For those who think history is worth knowing, the lesson from 1930's Germany is today's lesson of the week: the early "street-brawlers" of the Nazi party (the Sturmabteilung or SA) were notoriously toughguy homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

As consistently pointed out through articles on this site and my fellow posters comments, this type of disgusting behavior is not limited to certain establishments but is far less in businesses like CFA. What strikes me in awe, time and again is that these people know no limits to their behavior.

My company had a large office (200 employees) in a professional building that also housed medical offices, 2 of which were low-cost clinics; one an ob-gyn and one a pediatrician. The vile behavior exhibited by this group and their offspring left such a lasting mark on the facility itself that my company is moving three towns away, in part to escape the blight that the traffic of their kind leaves. Maintenance cannot keep up with the daily tornado of destruction & blatant disregard for public areas; bodily fluids in the elevators, fast food garbage tossed on the lobby floor, stealing from the mailroom,etc. We even had multiple incidents of gas siphoning from our cars in the parking lots & a rash of break ins. This is a professional building with high revenue companies in it- it is no place for public clinics. But the property manager doesn't care enough, hence the departure of my company. It is important to note that this building is in a very affluent town in CT but the building location is steps away from the grimiest, infested city on the coast--walking distance for the cretins to infiltrate.
No place is safe anymore.

Anonymous said...

Really? No I don't see anything racist here. Just some regular ol' Klan talk. Where on earth do you live? And its okay for you to walk in shoot up everybody isn't it? Schools, movie theatres just to name a few. I guarantee none of you even know a black person just what you see on TV. Oh, and I happen to be black have an education, a good job, did go to Chick Fil A too. You racists don't have a monopoly on being Christian because your are not CHRISTIAN. I guess lynching and chopping up our body parts would be a better solution for you as if that is not animalistic...go figure

10mm AUTO said...


I agree. The two other heavy orcs that "appeared" were lookouts and were ready to jump the kid till they saw the video camera, then they just milled around all pumped up but unwilling to go for it unless the kid started something and their leader was losing.

Frankly, this is a perfect example of why "stand your ground" laws are so important. Had not there been a crowd, this kid would have been in the Emergency room and both the bike and camera gone. Under rules of Disparity of Force the situation is a single person against a gang of three and therefore he would have been within his rights to shoot had the leader orc brought a fist up.

Luckily for him it all worked out by chance and circumstance, but the important point is that the orcs have no fear, no interest and no nothing to lose in breaking off an attack over minor property. Their default position is to visit violence over anything, no matter how small, because they fear neither jail nor Whitey. We are at the opposite end of the spectrum that we want to be vs the orcs.

O/T I agree with Chick-Fil-A that they should seek out White areas to do business in the USA. The tragedy is that the orcs are mobile and a restaurant is not.

Fayette White Guy said...

SomeGuy, I was born in East Point. That place is friggin' scary in parts.

Fayette White Guy said...

Chick-Fil-A's always have the nicest employees. Very friendly and usually white.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

@Anonymous @11:33:

That is why you need to leave the area you are in completely. I think you are best off if you can get more than one tank of gas away from the blacks.

@Anonymous @12:46:

Yeah, and where do you live? I will grant, as per John Derbyshire's point made in National Review, that 1 in 6 blacks is educable. But after that you get the nappy headed coons who live in Detroit and New Orleans. Is it any wonder that all of Black Run America is a hell hole? I should finish where I started: Where do you live? I bet it's not in the middle of Niggertown in Chicago.

By the way, don't give me any of this crap about the blacks being poor. I know plenty of poor white people who don't kill and rape and murder. Many people who live in Appalachia are really poor, but they aren't out killing and raping innocent people all the time. Come off it, there is a crime problem and it is largely a black problem.

dysfunksion said...

I ate twice at 1 of the 3 CFA's that were doomed in mandelas brown biased rainbow hellhole, I remember it was my 1st time drinking srgt peppers too, I remember how surprisingly good CFA was compared to KFC, you can't really compare CFA to KFC cause its a no contest. I remember good service too, and not a free for all UN foodaid type scenario that you usually get at KFC and mcdonalds

CFA was certainly becomming my prefered spot until it closed down, I think the rainbow police objected to too much white colour in CFA's packaging, hence the black horde scourge fleeing from CFA like vampires from light.

Strange how the black scourge hates western christian habits and morals that lead to strong communities, no they prefer dysfunction

alex said...

ANON AT 12:46
"I guarantee none of you even know a black person just what you see on TV."
Wrong! Racism caused by exposure to blacks.People that see blacks only on TV are lucky.
"I guess lynching and chomping body parts would be a better solution for you..."
Are you referring to civil wars in Africa?

Mr. Rational said...

"I guess lynching and chomping body parts would be a better solution for you..."
Are you referring to civil wars in Africa?

He's probably referring to the goings-on in his own neighborhood, and assuming that White people are the same.  After all, when "street justice" rules in the 'Hood and it's all you know, you are going to take some serious education to see the rest of the world as it is... and as we know, Black people are notoriously resistant to education.

Zenster said...

How hilarious! Chik-fil-A just had a "Record-Setting Day", its biggest ever. The company is not releasing specific numbers but it's good to see Americans finally voicing their discontent with gay America and its radical agenda. Of course, the homosexual lobby is instantly terming this as a day of hate (boo-fricking-hoo!) without pausing to consider how people just might be fed up to the teeth with demands that "Johnny has Two Mommies" and other pro-gay crap being wedged into public school curricula.

What I have always found most curious is that, literally, every last gay person alive is the product of a heterosexual union yet, somehow, heterosexuality is something to be scorned. Talk about abject hypocrisy!

What it really signifies is some certain degree of self-loathing or self-hatred. Small wonder when you pause to think of how a majority of American gays are White Liberals.

MuayTyson said...

Anon @ 12:46,

This may get tiresome but I will write this once. If anyone at SBPDL want to keep this recorded they may. I have dated a black woman and a mixed woman. No they were not ghetto dwellers and were generally described as "Oreos" which means no ebonics, odd hair styles, and/or real behavior issues. I have had black martial arts instructors and students.

The overwhelming issue is not the individual people but Black society and the extended families. The issues that come with being black is far and away much worse than most people realize.

My one student was some what upset because he was the only black in our martial arts group. We treated him very equal and very well, the problem his black co-works friends and family the blacks in his life gave him grief because it seemed that his only friend were White. Please explain that anon? Please explain going into the black owned hair care stores and overhearing black employees saying none to quite ,"Girl think she somthin cause she with that whyt boi!" tooth suck.

Mixed girl was in an all black sorority guess what? They treated her like she was shit and made fun of her looks and speech patterns because she spoke well and looked like a pretty hispanic girl.As she told me they were ten times more racist than any Whites she ever met. Oh, and as usual daddy was not in the picture, are they ever?
Please explain all the family dysfunction and peer pressure.

Decent blacks lie about their lives and experiences. They act like they are the same as Whites. I have the inside track in knowledge THEY ARE NOT LIKE US!

Please Anon explain. I have many more examples for you if you like.

Anonymous said...

PK's posts about white flight and destruction of white neighborhoods have been pretty much mirrored (minus overt "racism") by Stanley Kurtz's new book "Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities".

I heard the author interviewed on Hannity's radio show and it was encouraging and amusing to hear him state pretty plainly the anti-white, racist nature of Obama's approach to "suburbia" (read "white middle class"). Limbaugh talked about it, too.

One of the few upsides of Obama's presidency has been the bringing out of anti-white political correctness and all its attendant pathologies into the open in a way we haven't quite seen before. I'm usually pretty pessimistic but I think more and more people are willing to call bullshit on the whole PC, cultural Marxist scheme. Up 'til recently, it was completely forbidden to criticize the alleged social justice of multi-culti schemes but I think people are finally getting to the point where they can't lie to themselves about it anymore and are ready to pop.

Anonymous White Male said...

Anonymous negro said...
Really? No I don't see anything racist here. Just some regular ol' Klan talk. Where on earth do you live? And its okay for you to walk in shoot up everybody isn't it? Schools, movie theatres just to name a few. I guarantee none of you even know a black person just what you see on TV. Oh, and I happen to be black have an education, a good job, did go to Chick Fil A too. You racists don't have a monopoly on being Christian because your are not CHRISTIAN. I guess lynching and chopping up our body parts would be a better solution for you as if that is not animalistic...go figure
August 2, 2012 12:46 PM.

Poor, little melanin enhanced Nubian warrior! Life is just so cruel, isn’t it? Why, if it weren’t for evil ol’ YT, your genius level sub-species would live in the same splendor your relatives in Africa do today. Oh, wait…you live much better in White countries. OK, well, if we didn’t call you demeaning names like “nigger”, “jig-a-boo”, “porch monkey”, etc., you would have developed faster than light travel for mankind. No, wait….it doesn’t seem to matter what we call you. You still act like niggers.

In truth, the fact that too many Whites only know blacks from what they see on TV and movies is why White liberals can still exist in sizeable numbers. Because everyone knows, from watching the media presentation of your race, that you are model citizens, natural leaders, brilliant scientists and inventors, and the savior of the planet from White mistakes. Hmm… wait. Maybe not. All it takes for any White person to become aware of what an atavism you are is to be anywhere that has a substantial black population. It doesn’t even have to be 50%. Once your race achieves around a 20% threshold, the black experience takes over and the area begins the slow process of death, thanks to the virus that is your race.

You know, it is funny. Apparently, all blacks on the internet are edumacated, (by a dumbed down curriculum designed to make it appear you can succeed without YT) with a “good job” (given to you via AA…yes I know that doesn’t apply to YOU. Just every other black in some federal sinecure). But, in real life, about 50% of black males have some experience in the “justice system”. Most black “speech”, if it can be called that, is loud, vulgar, and lacking in any intelligent content. Your presence in every country that has had the unfortunate reality of your presence is a net negative. Everyone, especially blacks, knows this. The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, every productive oriental people know this and keep immigration of your people to a minimum. And yet, in White countries, we don’t even have the freedom to NOT ASSOCIATE with you. Why do you think that is? Maybe “someone” knows what a deadly virus your race is and wants to sicken our body politic with your presence. I tell you what: Why don’t we perform an experiment. We’ll give you all the Northern States that freed you, and we’ll keep the rest. We can build walls to keep you out. Then in 100 years, we could see how many of you were left. I wonder if there is ANY black person that would accept such an arrangement? I doubt it, since you know how incompetent you really are at everything besides, runnin', jumpin', dancin’, and makin’ noise. Besides, you’d rather spend time complaining about how nobody wants to have anything to do with you, rather than thinking about why we don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Anonymous said...

@ex-lincolnite-- we moved from affluent CT to affluent GA due to acceptance of a promotion within said company. where we live is fine but ATL is scary! what is crazy is that the ethnic families & individuals in our town are educated, family-oriented and such a pleasure to be around-- but then you go 20 min. south and it's a whole other world. I work in international business and never have I ever encountered such a group as collectively frightening or dangerous as the group we discuss regularly on this blog, living here in America. That being said, I do feel that those who are as I mentioned above are unfairly misrepresented when grouped in with 'all the others' but hey, one bad apple CAN spoil the whole bunch. Especially when it's a bad apple ratio of about 90:10.

BobC said...

I want to say congrats to the straight people who participated in this demonstration.I'm a 48 YO gay man who is disgusted by these bully tactics used by unelected "gay leaders." Who are these people? nobody ever asked me!!! We had a car dealership here in Austin in the early 90's that posted an ad in the Texas Triangle. Some nasty far right wingers protested in front of the dealership. They wanted the dealership to be shut down because they advertised to us.

Six months later, after all the drama and ugliness that that business had to endure, they sponsored a new ad saying that they had had the biggest sales year ever! They thanked us.

Don't believe what you read in the media as written by white liberals. You all did the right thing by staging a counter protest, to counter attack this Chic-fil-A opinion on gay marriage. You did something positive, and Chic-fil-A, I'm sure, has been taught a very valuable lesson. I know gay people like me are more accepted than at any time in my life. We (some of us) should be ASHAMED that some have acted like bullies on this issue. It doesn't matter if you are pro or con gay marriage, stand up for free speech.

Anonymous said...


President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign
[of course he is]
by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.

His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”

Because of those causes, the report suggests, “over a third of African American students do not graduate from high school on time with a regular high school diploma, and only four percent of African American high school graduates interested in college are college-ready across a range of subjects.”

“What this means is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bader is a former official in the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, and has sued and represented school districts and colleges in civil-rights cases.

Read more:

Wtf said...

I thought I was the only one. Agnostic &I sick of th BS. I realize that this is a Christian nation, not judeo-christian, therefore I live with that in mind. Thank Jesus I don't live in muzzie land!

MuayTyson said...

Off Topic but interesting read.

Enjoy perfect for PK's Detroit folder.

Zenster said...

MuayTyson: How is it that the Left continues to dictate all discussions?

The Left controls 90% of broadcast and print media. Control that and you control The Narrative™.

The Left has decided for all of America that Islam is benign and wholesome yet Christianity is malevolent and evil. How the hell did this happen?

Christianity uplifts White people and allows them to exalt the human spirit. We can't have that now, can we?

Islam is the most genocidal force arrayed against Christianity. Just look at the Coptic Christians in Egypt. They are the world's oldest Christian sect and are being cleansed like Jews were in WWII Germany.

Do you hear one damned peep out of the MSM about this? No! Why not? It's because Islam is largely practiced by people of colors and, therefore, hands-off for the media. The MSM's usual hatred for all things religious magically disappears if White Western civilization is the target for a group's anger and violence.

If you believe that Islam is a religion primarily and not a political ideology then Christianity with many similar tenants has to be just as valid.

It's not a matter of validity. Christianity in America is overwhelmingly White and we all know that the ethics, morals and tenets of being White cannot possibly be valid. That is, of course, unless they are being sacrificed, full length, on the altar of BRA.

Also, when you consider that a few of Islam's most basic tenets like taqiyya (religiously sanctioned deceit), purdah (confinement of women), conversion by force and how Islam is only benevolent for Muslims and no one else, it suddenly fails to compare at all to modern Christianity with its charismatic recruitment policy.

How does Islam get a pass on it's view of homosexuality but Christianity is thrown to the lions?

Islam gets the same media pass as NOI Louis Farrakhan who expresses an identical hatred for Jews and gays. His being Black automatically precludes him from being homophobic or genocidal. Remember racial minorities, by definition, cannot be racist.

Since Islam is so toxic to White Western civilization, the media cheerfully overlooks its hatred of other protected species like gays and feminists.

Most repulsive of all is the deafening silence about Islam from gays and feminists. These abject hypocrites need to rot in hell for not rallying to the cause of stopping Islamization. White America really needs to understand this and give gays and feminists the back of their collective hand.

I would like to think that the show of force with respect to Chik-fil-A was a demonstration of this, thought it most likely was not. Still, it's a great starting point and, as others have noted, a wonderful display of American Whites voting with their wallets. This needs to happen a whole lot more.

Incidentally, HuffPo thoughtfully provided a list of LGBT-friendly companies:

General Mills
Levi Strauss
General Mills
American Apparel
Proctor & Gamble
Girl Scouts
Old Navy
JC Penney
GAP Clothing

Thank goodness I send very little of my money to any of these corporations. Claussen pickles (Kraft) and Levi jeans are two of the only products I will not abandon.

Anonymous said...

Dear BobC. I truly admire your honesty in admitting to be homosexual. I am still not forthcoming with my true sexuality myself and I know of a couple others who do blog on this site but remain secretive do to the fact we have a heterosexual immediate family life. Oneday hopefully I will be able to freely admit to all bit for now I rejoice in reading your most open comments. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Really? No I don't see anything racist here. Just some regular ol' Klan talk. Where on earth do you live? And its okay for you to walk in shoot up everybody isn't it? Schools, movie theatres just to name a few. I guarantee none of you even know a black person just what you see on TV. Oh, and I happen to be black have an education, a good job, did go to Chick Fil A too. You racists don't have a monopoly on being Christian because your are not CHRISTIAN. I guess lynching and chopping up our body parts would be a better solution for you as if that is not animalistic...go figure

Hmmm, you might try looking at some of the black sites PK has up. Seems like many are bigoted as well. Your fellow blacks played the race card so often that calling us racist just doesn't have the effect that it did years ago. BFD, we're racists. Get over it. We have an issue when blacks stray out of the ghetto and begin killing humans. Not too many people (especially blacks) seem to care if blacks are gunning each other down in record numbers.

Come back when you don't have much time to stay.

Anonymous said...

Is CFA's founder refusing to hire gays?
Is he saying that his business will treat them any differently on it's premises?

All he's said is that as a Christian his view of marriage does not extend to unions that are not between a man and a woman. Yes he's given money to support advocates of traditional marriage, I don't see why anyone threatening to drive Starbucks out of their cities because of personal opinions held by their executives- opinions which are quite common.

YIH said...

Anonymous said...

PK's posts about white flight and destruction of white neighborhoods have been pretty much mirrored (minus overt "racism") by Stanley Kurtz's new book "Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities".

Well Paul Kersey your nick is now an acronym.
It was bound to happen sooner or later, with me (Your Image Here) it happened years ago. Enjoy it!
BTW didn't know CFA was coast-to-coast, it is.
There are two near me, I went to one in the (still White) mall because I happened to be there yesterday anyway.
@Whiskey: Punch 32830 in the CFA locator, Walt Disney World is in that gray region between #24 and #26.
Walt himself despised what happened around Disneyland and made very sure it would not happen around Disney World.

Merit said...

Thanks for the reminder 10mm Auto, forgetting that blacks are violent if they're given any opportunity has led to countless tragedies.

The only way to have a safe neighborhood is to keep black people in their own neighborhoods where they can kill each other over kool-aid, fried chicken, compact-discs, the color of one's t-shirt, and over music tastes until the end of time.

I like CFA, but it does go through me pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

My experience with working with blacks is they don't like CFA because, in not so many words they pick up on this vibe. Upscale blacks eat there occasionally to establish their bona fides but the black undertow don't go there.

It has to be said CFA chicken is overpriced and not all that great, there is one within walking distance of my house and I never eat there.

This event was somewhat planned by CFA as the previous commenter says, the supply chain had to be primed in advance.

Anonymous said...

Melanie said: "... but how can I not hate these animals-no, animals don't torture and kill for entertainment ..."

Actually, those cute dolphins have been filmed torturing and killing other dolphins - even babies - just like blacks do to whites. They apparently do it for "fun".

I don't know if the Negro's evil is inherent or cultural. I don't know if studies have been done that would determine that the way we know that their low IQ is almost entirely inherent. But regardless, it exists, it's real, and we have to defend ourselves against it. Don't condemn yourself for how you feel, Melanie. Others put us in this situation. Now we have to do whatever we must to survive it and change things in our favor.

As an aside, so many here fantasize about "sending them" away, but the reality is, short of electing a white nationalist with the conscience of Adolph Hitler, no one is going to be "sent" anywhere. (And once the "sending" starts, it doesn't always stop with your favorite target.) Every President from Washington to Lincoln failed to get rid of the Negroes when they were just considered property. Even in the aftermath of a civil war nothing was done to rid the country of them. White people in America just don't seem to be bloodthirsty enough to enact a "final solution", and if it ever came to that, I don't think it's a world any of us would want to live in.

Second aside to Zenster: Aren't the Coptic Christians descendants of the "real" Egyptians, the ones who built the pyramids, as opposed to the Arab invaders who dominate the country of Eqypt now?

Anonymous said...

Whiskey :Eventually the flight will turn to fight, because there won't be any more places to flee to, but key to that is a general purging or throwing out of the elites.

I live in california, and I see more and more of that "sacred heritage to cross any border we want to" crap everyday. The coastal regions are game to let endless hordes of illegals in because they ultimately cannot afford to live in San Francisco or Hollywood; and they end up going to the cheapest places to live in the state- which happens to be where ordinary people live. The elites on the coast are fine with letting piles of illegals live in ca, because the illegals end up in other people's towns and cities and place a drain on their economies- it's easy to greenlight open borders if the costs are borne by others. The whole coast reminds of a bunch of 12yr olds, happy to share other people's stuff and totally oblivious to any downside that doesn't come out of their pockets.

Ol' Willfred Tiberius Fergeson said...

A few things if it is'nt too late:

BobC, word up homey! I may come across as an Uber-right wing hater, capable of untold violence against those who piss me off, but I am secure enough to give you a big hug and invite you to lunch at one of my favorite places in Hilcrest, San Diego. They have kombucha on tap! I invite you to lead your brethren like the gays in Germany have, to come to an understanding that islam is bad for people like you and me as well.

Muay, I replied to
you earlier on the religion thing, but it shows up different on firefox vs. phone browser. Basically when in Rome... Why can't the "blacks" figure that one out? Maybe because they think they are "Rome." Interesting life you lead, wish I could have a beer with you.

The 10mm vid: speechless. All passerby were complicit, the security guards, definetely part of the scam.

CFA: haven't been in years. Too expensive in SoCal. A lot cheaper in Lower 'Bama (the panhandle). The 'Berto's taco shops are better, depending on which one though.

And last, but not least, thank you PK for the education about different cultures and parts of the world I would have never known so much about, the ATL. As a student of History, Geography, Anthropology, and "cultural studies", I find your articles fascinating, because it describes so well a place I probably will never go out of my way to visit, unless I had a time machine. Yes, I would rather go hang with my half-White/ half-Persian friends on the south coast of the Caspian before I go to the ATL. Keep this one quiet from the Ayatoolah (sic): said friends got drunk while visiting family there. Shhh! Good Times! Like Adam Carolla says.

Dissident said...

The problem with many blacks is their inherent tribalism and the fact that they'll turn on you in a moment if they think it's to their advantage. I can't trust them anymore, because of this blacktitude. When skin color trumps common human decency and respect for a fellow man.

When 97% of blacks vote for their co-Negro Obama, what's that say about them and their allegiances? Always cracks me up that they proclaim the half and half to be one of them anyway. Wonder if he had a white father would they be so accommodating towards the long legged mac-daddy in chief?

Blacks can be so hypocritical and so racialist. So whenever some black person goes pointing the accusatory finger of Racists ™, just take a deep breath and laugh knowing that they've overplayed their hand to many times with that canard.

Midwestern said...

I don't remember lynching anyone....or chopping off body parts. Or shooting anyone in a movie theater.

But I do remember Omar Thornton who shot 8 white people in cold blood, the South Africa chopping, burning, skinning and slaughter of white farmers, the gang rape by 20 black thugs of a 13-year old in Texas. I remember the 3 rapes and robberies of elderly white ladies by black urban terrorists, the slaughter of Marley Lion in SC. I have read Charleston Thug Life and Violence Against Whites blogs and SBPDL, where I get a daily account of other such bloody accounts.

You might want to do your homework from now on, educated black anon.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cathy's problems are just beginning. They're going to try to destroy him with lawsuits, etc. They're going to set him up with trumped up "evidence" of "discrimination" and "hate". Today the troublemakers are going to have a "kiss-in". Yesterday they taped an obnoxious guy harrassing a drive-thru worker. These activists are pathetic. Off-topic, Lou Dobbs on FBN interviewed Stanley Kurtz about his new book "Radical-In-Chief". Just like PK's great stuff on Atlanta suburbs, Kurtz goes into how Obama has been trying to rob the white suburbs even more to transfer the wealth to inner cities. Hope this gets more coverage. It's time the foolish white suburban women vote on behalf of their white families for a change.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kurtz's new book is "Spreading The Wealth". I read "Radical-In-Chief" last year.

AnalogMan said...

OT - Zenster, I saw this gem by commenter John at Occidental Dissent, and thought of your catalogue of racist memes:

"Either we are colonizing blacks or they are colonizing us. There’s no such thing as a genetic truce."

Mr. Rational said...

Anonymous (pick a handle already):  short of electing a white nationalist with the conscience of Adolph Hitler, no one is going to be "sent" anywhere. (And once the "sending" starts, it doesn't always stop with your favorite target.)

That's why we should be allowing them to volunteer.  You have no education, no employment history, you AND your kids have criminal records, and you want extended housing benefits?  Since you qualify for Liberian citizenship, it's only available if you check in at the office in Monrovia (and in Mexico City for the Mexicans, etc).  They wouldn't have to go... but we don't have to give them money, housing or food either.

Nikcrit might have a third career as a farmer over there, re-training ghetto rats to grow vegetables and cassava, raising and butchering goats.  He'd be one of the top dogs on the basis of his relative intelligence.

Even in the aftermath of a civil war nothing was done to rid the country of them.

That was before cotton was harvested by machine.

nikcrit said...

"Upscale blacks eat there occasionally to establish their bona fides....."

Occasionally, I'm asked: "why would a NAM come to a blog like this?"

Well, where else could I get such hilarious nuggets of wisdom but from blogs like this one?

(I also enjoy it when Dissident 'swings for the fences,' so to speak, and gets ambitious in one of his inimitable socio-racial assessments. He rarely disappoints.)

Zenster said...

Anon (8/2 9:05 PM): Aren't the Coptic Christians descendants of the "real" Egyptians, the ones who built the pyramids, as opposed to the Arab invaders who dominate the country of Eqypt now?

Yes, and it's one more reason why White Western civilization should be forcefully intervening in Egypt. A well-defended separate homeland for the Copts would be totally justified. Islam clearly has not learned its lesson about how repellent jihad is to sane human beings and needs a mauling to wise it up.

As a hilarious aside, unlike Muslims, the Copts eat pork. Being an underclass, the Copts are relegated to collecting Cairo's garbage which is then fed to their pigs as a form of recycling.

During the swine flu epidemic, Muslims used that as an excuse to slaughter all of the pigs in order to inflict hardship upon the Copts.

Net result? Garbage piled a yard deep on Cairo streets with vermin and disease spreading from it. Damned Muslims are so idiotically short-sighted and never happy unless they're doing harm to someone else. Just like some other folks we know so well.

Zenster said...

AnalogMan: Zenster, I saw this gem by commenter John at Occidental Dissent, and thought of your catalogue of racist memes:

"Either we are colonizing blacks or they are colonizing us. There’s no such thing as a genetic truce."

While a bit lengthy, it's definitely going to be included.

Zenster said...

Re: 10mm AUTO's video.

Given enough incidents like this, eventually a large crowd will assemble and administer extended and intensive parking lot therapy to all three of these pavement apes. If vigilante shootings and beatdowns of coon bucks don't work then the advent of neighborhood arsons will eventually motivate worried Black bystanders to intervene. Although that's probably over-optimistic. Blacks are bringing a hard rain down upon themselves, that's for sure.

Especially disgusting is when the primary offender takes umbrage at being touched after aggressively approaching and threatening the victim with physical assault. Clearly, he has knowledge of the law and instantly attempts to twist it in his favor. A prolonged "wood shampoo" would do wonders for his arrogant attitude.

I also agree with others that the other two coons would have joined in on the festivities if violence had started.

The security guard's ornamental role was equally despicable.

The only happy ending in this story is that the victim now understands how concealed carry is the only solution to this sort of TNB.

Mr. Anon said...

The way that Chick-fil-A cooks their chicken is not to my liking, but they do have good biscuits (I wished they served them at lunch-time too).

However, the main reason I go to Chick-fil-A is that it is entirely white. The ones in my town are always clean and well kept. Most of the staff appear to be high-school and college students (many of them, I am told, are home-schoolers); they are all polite, clean-cut, white kids. No slack-jawed slovenliness. No hipster posturing. No tattoos. No mexicans, taking jobs away from Americans, either. It's like this most of this country used to be thirty or forty years ago.

There is a steak-and-shake in my town, which appears to be managed by black people, and I will say that they run a pretty tight ship too. But that is not the norm for black-run businesses, as far as I have observed.

Anonymous said...

For the last 5 years I have frequented the Chick-fa-a on South Cobb Dr. in Smyrna at least once a week. In all of that time I haven't seen even one black employee. All the other fast food restaurants in the neighborhood seem to have a majority of black employees, which makes sense considering that the Campbell high school, only a half a mile away, from which you would suspect they would draw many of their workers, has 214 black seniors, 89 white, and 81 Hispanic. Yet it seems Chick-fa-a cannot find even one qualified black employee.

Anonymous said...

Well groomed black girls and light-mestizas are common at the CFA's in St. Louis and Kansas City. There is a black manager-resembles Billy D Williams in skin color and size-at the one near Spirit of St. Louis airport. On the whole they are few in number and seem upper class rather than undertowish.

Most blacks don't like CFA and stay away. I see a few mestizos as customers, as well as the occasional "dot head" I guess they like the protecting cows thing.

But overall CFA is a higher class outfit than other fast food vendors. We don't have Whataburger or In-N-Out though. I eat at those when in Texas or California.

Anonymous said...

Something that I did not see mentioned yet: CFA had a store in the Palm Beach Mall opening around 1980, I think (my memory is bad) it was not even ten years later when the manager was executed by.....drum ex-employees...that store was closed soon after and only twenty years later did they open up a new free-standing store about one mile away. It jams with business. The inside part of the mall is dead.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny how all these whites make thier little comment when tgey are the ones who brought dieases to other country like africa and America they are useless ppl they are not superior, intelligence and drive is missing compared to most races and they are the ones that are known to be serial killers, child molesters, rapist and very known for incest but have the nerve to comment on other races but would be scared to walk alone in a all black neighborhood or hispanic neighborhood far from the superior rase when u rape woman in children in large numbers to funny you guys should have stayed in your country and never came across the water and brought your flith to the peacful natives of america

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