Thursday, April 14, 2016

Is ISIS or Obama's HUD the Greater Threat to America? Landlords Can't Refuse Renting to Criminals because of Racism or something...

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If we just barred Muslims from entering/immigrating to America, we'd still be left with the far greater threat. [Obama Admin Tells Landlords They Can’t Refuse To House Criminals, Daily Caller, April 5, 2016]:

The Obama administration released a warning Monday telling the nation’s landlords that it may be discriminatory for them to refuse to rent to those with criminal records.
The Fair Housing Act doesn’t include criminals as a protected class, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination, due to racial imbalances in the U.S. justice system.
“The Fair Housing Act prohibits both intentional housing discrimination and housing practices that have an unjustified discriminatory effect because of race, national origin, or other protected characteristics,” say HUD’s newly-released guidelines.
“Because of widespread racial and ethnic disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system, criminal history-based restrictions on access to housing are likely disproportionately to burden African-Americans and Hispanics. While the Act does not prohibit housing providers from appropriately considering criminal history information when making housing decisions, arbitrary and overbroad criminal history-related bans are likely to lack a legally sufficient justification.”
About 25 percent of Americans have some kind of criminal record, which can range from felony convictions to arrests that never led to charges. As HUD correctly notes, criminal history is not equally distributed across racial groups. For instance, while blacks are about 12 percent of the U.S. population, they are about 36 percent of the prison population. Hispanics are also overrepresented behind bars, though to a much smaller degree.
“The fact that you were arrested shouldn’t keep you from getting a job and it shouldn’t keep you from renting a home,” HUD Secretary Julian Castro said Monday at an annual meeting of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “When someone has been convicted of a crime and has paid their debt to society, then they ought to have an effective second chance at life. The ability to find housing is an indispensable second chance in life.”
HUD says that landlords may be allowed to bar those with criminal records from living in a facility, but they will have to prove that such a policy is necessary for protecting the safety of other tenants, and designed to avoid illegal discrimination. The new guidance recommends that landlords consider factors such as the severity of the criminal history and how long ago it occurred.
There's no getting off this ride, no matter how hard you plead and beg. 


Ex-Brooklynite said...

Remind me again which party controls the House of Representatives? Since 2010? Is there any reason at all to continue funding HUD?

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, put them next door to your daughters, wife , and mother in law! Imam Obama has done more to ruin cities and housing in America than imagined. Oh yeah, in case your not aware, the subprime chicanery is back. Sell now and rent. Scoop up the house you want when the S. H. T. F. round two. Idiots all.

Anonymous said...

"I only broke into a house and raped the homeowner, I was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but they let me out after 3, now nobody wants to hire me, or rent me an apartment, that's racism man!" ~ Dindu Nuffin

proudyt said...

In the apartment complex I used to live in we had 1 black neighbor. People would come and go at all hours of the day and night. We all knew what he was up to and told the owners of the building. He said in so many words that he thought we were being racist. Turns out our rude and inconsiderate neighbor ( played music loud,wouldn't say hi ,you know,typical nigger behavior)was dealing crack AND heroin out of his apartment. Turns out he was a twice convicted felon before he moved in and the owners of the complex knew,putting all of us in danger. One night the police raided him breaking down his door and taking him out I'm hand cuffs. So yea,Obama let's give all felons a break cause surely they will be reformed by the justice system.

Ex New Yorker said...

You can get off the ride.

A friend just hit a deer with his new car. Another friend had her car stolen a couple weeks ago. Yes....We finally had a crime. A drifter cowboy came into town with a pick up truck he stole in Wyoming. Worked on a ranch a few days and then left town in her car.

I just spent two days driving my friends to pick up their cars. A trip South to a body shop and another trip to Rapid City to get the stolen car from the police department. I drove about 6 or 7 hundred miles. We stopped a few times for food and gas and all I saw was ONE BLACK GUY.

You can do it. You can get off the ride. You may have to move out of the amusement park to do it, but you can do it. A poster yesterday said something about "living in the middle of nowhere." That my friends is the answer. I call it the end of the road. If you like shopping malls, traffic jams and multi-plex movie theaters this is not the place to be.

Anonymous said...

"The Fair Housing Act doesn’t include criminals as a protected class, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination, due to racial imbalances in the U.S. justice system."

This is the world we currently live in. Obama has so little of a spine that he pulls out his real black-friendly agenda and giving them nothing other than more freedom to steal and abuse others. Gee, I wonder why the huge imbalance, care to explain that in detail? Is it because blacks CAUSE MOST OF THE CRIME including the most violent types that blacks are over-represented in our prison statistics? How about their over-representation in the prison statistics of every industrialized country in the world? How close do you think the correlation would be? Care to talk about it? I'd love to hear the justification machine explain this one.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this in the Yahoo "news" section:

I'm linking it primarily because it is word-salad at its best. The tactic seems to be "say it enough times and it becomes true". The regurgitated justifications and semantics are on full display here. I'm amazed they have a comment section.

Anonymous said...

This type of nonsense will at least be leaving with Obama.

Trump is landlord with properties in Atlantic City. Nuff said.

Clinton may be stumping for black votes but she will not be putting any of her wealthy friends at a disadvantage.

She is the type of Democrat that will pass something like a "dream housing act" that gives a few thousand Black people mortgage money which is then handed to Wall St.

She at least isn't the bitter Marxist type. I hate the bitch but I would gladly take her over Bernie Sanders. Bernie actually believes that Detroit could become Copenhagen with the right amount of government programs. The guy is a true believer. Even his own tribe thinks he is nuts:

Bernie only has a campaign because of the indoctrination system commonly known as public education. It's a system that churns out millions of Whites that believe race doesn't exist and that we just need to spend a few more trillion dollars on programs. They don't learn about twin studies or brain differences. It's all about slavery and how America is evil because it doesn't provide Blacks with free college.

Awakened white said...

There's no getting off this ride, no matter how are you plead and beg. Yep. And it may take drastic measures for YT to separate to survive.

Tim in Kodiak said...

Well, if they have a credit score under 700, I won't even consider them. Too bad monkeys!

Detroit Refugee said...

And the reality of my vivid nightmare from 2007-2008 slowly becomes reality.

Been meaning to share it. Only one or two people have heard this.
Massive non-white immigration, corrupt black local gov., DPS, out of control black violence nation wide. Black on white violence off the charts. An Anti-White traitorous FED/GOV. Dearborn ,Mi. to the north & Mexico flooding upward. We know all this and more.

The nightmare was basically, every single white household & every single white individual across the US was targeted all at once. In a 24 hr period. Systematic military type raids/home invasions. Everyone white was assigned their own hit squad. An address and # of occupants.

I was in Wyandotte then, my whole street was on fire, nieghbors were screaming, gunfire everywhere. Just absolute chaos!
I made it out the bedroom window in only my underwear. Thankfully it was only a dream.

No doubt though, there's legions of blacks out there who would absolutely love to carry out raids on white towns and cities.

The Negroe is doing it now, he just has no organization. It's low intensity guerrilla warfare, and this DOJ/HUD mandate is a moving of the goalpost. A strategic troop placement if you will. Prep like never before.

Anonymous said...


Ohio State protesters have been told that they are violating the safe spaces of Ohio State staff.

Anonymous said...

HUD is a great organization. They work to make housing available to all of us. They really work hard to make sure we all have a roof over our heads. The federal government loves you and wants to help you.

John Thomas said...

George Orwell. 1984.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Isn't it amazing how many great policies Obama is trying to shove down America's throat in his last few months in office. If this is such a good idea, shouldn't he have done it his first term? When he, and the Democrats would have to answer for the fallout? He's counting on Hillary getting his back when he's out of office, just like he's perverting the Justice system to protect her now.

As much as I would like to say I told you so, I warned you all Hillary was the pick to be coronated queen of America. She's never won anything fair and square, or done a good job at anything, but she's a ruthless, vicious, useful idiot. She'll carry out the wishes of her globalist masters without a twinge of guilt, no matter how many of us are destroyed in the process.

The only good thing is people are finally seeing the inherent corruption in the two party system. It should be a race between Trump, and Sanders, but the wish of the people is ignored. Arrogantly, and openly scorned. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

It isn't either/or. It's both. One and the same source.

Anonymous said...

Even Pepe and Wojak can't save us now ...

Californian said...

Looks like the Obama gang is going full bore to wreck the middle class before his term of office ends. It all goes to demonstrate that having an African as teleprompter-reader-in-chief is a running debacle. He has in his second term reverted to type. When faced with the prospect of giving up the Big Man's office, the African proceeds to tear down everything around him. Obama's going out like Idi Amin, trying to take the entire country with him.

Well, another lesson learned, and another reason to understand why White people must seize control of their own country.

Anonymous said...


European_American said...

Did commies or isis just destroy our energy sector in a massive attack?
No, it was the democrats, because "coal" or something. The same people that lit Boston on fire. The same people that perpetrated BRAC. The same people that's flooding our nation with 3rd worlders. The same people that turned our once marvelous cities to sh ! t. The same people that pit our kindergarten through PHD curriculum against American ideals. The same people that play the race card every day. Just ask yourself, "Does this change weaken Americans and the USA in a way on the scale of a successful massive military attack?", and the answer is yes, it's the Democrats. At least Republicans want to keep us around to screw us.

in DC

Ratchet said...

I think clownfarts like Julian Castro should have to demonstrate how well this idea works by taking a few thugs into their homes and having their neighborhoods be representative of what they demand of the rest of us. Way past paying any attention to finger shaking pronouncements from these people.

Brian in Ohio said...

...because of race, national origin or other protected characteristics.

Protected characteristics.... So, they DO want to be judged on the color of their skin, NOT the content of their character. At least they`re finally honest about it.

You know, I didn't want to believe that America was irredeemable. But as usual, Paul Kersey was right...

Protected characteristics..... yeah, we`re fucked.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

What's next, you won't be able to turn down tenants based on credit history, because failure to pay rent disproportionately affects black people?

Anonymous said...

How about we just go back and let the good old free market dictate who one can and cannot rent to? I know, I know, that's just crazy talk.

I've got a better idea. I'm afraid to say it, because a good 45% of the population (and rising) will agree with it. Terminate all private ownership of everything and let the government distribute what it sees as fair. Isn't that where this is all heading?


Mr. Clean said...

SBPDL said: There's no getting off this ride, no matter how are you plead and beg.

Recall that the First Negro will be out of the "White" House in nine months, and will be a lame duck in a little over six. One wonders if this effort will long survive his departure. Here's hoping...

Many people favor diversity but don't actually live (in) it. Wait until they get it, good and hard.

Earl Turner said...

There are always ways to screen tenants. Don't accept Section 8.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Like most things with blacks, they fail to realize that it is not just about them. Much like when they bitch about the suspension rates of black "students" - not realizing that for social cohesion and future progress, it is more important that the other 20-30 students not have a disruptive learning environment than it is for their feral hatchlings to be able to act out with no consequences.

A landlord has a duty and responsibility to OTHER TENANTS and his neighbors to not negligently expose them to danger by having known criminals living in their midst. Aside from that, even if one were to make the argument that "they've paid their debt to society and need a fresh start, etc..." the recidivism rates in this country are outrageous. It is only a matter of time before they set up shop and begin using the property as a launching point of a cooperative syndicate or start battling rival criminals living within the complex.

The conditions of the black community are directly related to its collectively indifferent attitude and tolerance of dysfunction, filth, violence, and crime. The conditions of whitopias are directly related to the collectively vigilant attitude and unbending INTOLERANCE of crime, violence, filth, and mass dysfunction. That intolerance of violence/criminality is really the simple formula for a higher trust society, which then lays the fertile ground for advanced civilization to develop and conditions to improve generationally.

That, in addition to biological predisposition rather than the proposed magical juju of "white privilege," is the secret to YT magically having:

- safe streets
- good schools
- good zip codes

...Maybe you blacks can attempt it some time? Here is a hint, it starts by removing rather than embracing your criminal element.

And maybe DWLs can quit making obnoxious excuses and pretending that it is anything other than these reasons that your communities are failing and chaotic, no matter where they are located.

Shit, who am I kidding? There is no money to be made by the race hustlers in that arrangement, verily, verily, continue the shakedown of YT with the next toxic theory of why blacks can't get ahead unless YT forfeits his own civilization and lives like animals too.

Shark said...

From the HUD guidelines:

"Ensuring resident safety and protecting property are often considered to be among the fundamental responsibilities of a housing provider, and courts may consider such interests to be both substantial and legitimate, assuming they are the actual reasons for the policy or practice. A housing provider must, however, be able to prove through reliable evidence that its policy or practice of making housing decisions based on criminal history actually assists in protecting resident safety and/or property. Bald assertions based on generalizations or stereotypes that any individual with an arrest or conviction record poses a greater risk than any individual without such a record are not sufficient to satisfy this burden.
. . .
A housing provider that imposes a blanket prohibition on any person with any conviction record – no matter when the conviction occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, or what the convicted person has done since then – will be unable to meet this burden."

You were convicted for drug use and murdering a dozen people? Well, that was some time ago...and you've been a good worker at McDonald's since sure, we can rent you an apartment!

Yep, can't discriminate against those felons...

Welcome to the end of sanity, people.

Anonymous said...

HUD says that landlords may be allowed to bar those with criminal records from living in a facility, but they will have to prove that such a policy is necessary for protecting the safety of other tenants

The presence of a single black means tenant safety is already compromised.

American Citizen said...

“The fact that you were arrested shouldn’t keep you from getting a job and it shouldn’t keep you from renting a home,” - Julian Castro

Typical liberal lies. Getting arrested doesn't prevent someone from getting a job or renting. Getting CONVICTED does, which means a jury found you guilty or your lawyer cut a deal in which you pled guilty to a crime.

The Left is going to go into overdrive this summer excusing black criminality and bad black behaviors. Expect some serious category 5 chimpouts during the GOP convention.

Paintjob Theory said...

“When someone has been convicted of a crime and has paid their debt to society, then they ought to have an effective second chance at life. The ability to find housing is an indispensable second chance in life.”

Notice these Marxists love to invent new "rights" (which are merely entitlements/new means of making someone dependent or a victim) but could not care less about actual rights which are self evident and guaranteed in our Constitution and the common law. Does anybody think this traitor would suggest that once someone has served their time they get their rights to keep and bear arms back? How about a drunk driver getting his right to travel back after he has served his time?

Also notice that it's always some mystery meat mud race or YKW who is always pushing for these subversive "rights"? This is never about freedom, it is only about controlling other people's lives for the sake of power.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

This is particularly galling. When I was a landlord (just for one house), I foolishly trusted a realtor to bring me tenants. African "fambly." What a nightmare. How people can tear things apart like that is utterly beyond me. Even the guttering was dented.

People cry racism all the time, but they never explain why there's racism. Oh wait—it's a "social construct" made up out of whole cloth to make ourselves feel better. Or I would say, Occam's Razor style, it's the collective experience of tens or hundreds of millions of people.

Stereotypes are nothing but averages. They're proven true every day.

Y'all have a good one.

Steve Smith said...

The complex next to mine is section 8. Very diverse. Some of our neighbors decided to break into our laundry room and deal drugs. The police won't come out and the landlord won't do anything.

So,yeah, let's rent to more of them...

Anonymous said...

Here we go again,found in the Drudge Report this am ."White Privilege" WOW the insanity goes on and on.... Go to :

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

It's great P.R.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. They are rarely advocating for clearly defined rights in accordance with the constitution, it's always some pseudo-right that is constantly repeated by regressive leftists such as rights to: living wage, health care, no to be offended, breakfast/lunch/dinner, education, and even high speed internet connection, etc. (Kindly point that out in the constitution for us lurkers)

They can't because these pseudo-rights are based off of personal belief and emotions.

I was once hanging out with my frat buddies at my university and we invited some girls to a party. We learned that they were femninists and they were spewing out their pre-programmed narratives. I said, "listen, I support abortion but not for the same reasons. But I know we have common ground on gun ownership as well".

They looked puzzled, telling me they are not gun owners. I said, "you mean to tell me you're so big on 'women's rights' but don't practice your constitutional right to keep and bear arms especially with these dangerous men that are looking to rape you? It's clear that NOT EVEN YOU believe in what you're saying".

They told me to "fuck off" because I guess the question was too hard to answer.

It's always about controlling someone else. A perfect example is here:

I suggest ALL SBPDLers look at that link. It will make your fucking day, guaranteed.

How are you holding up Centurion?

Anonymous said...

I did a case study when I was studying public policy at my university. My favorite study in a nutshell: in Minneapolis suspensions of Hispanic and black students must go through the superintendent of the school district. Whites and Asians could get suspended by a simple write up. The result?

All parents were happy! White and Asian parents were delighted that their kids were being held to higher standards while black and Hispanic parents were happy their kids were being held to lower standards.

But the school to prison pipeline still exists in that locality. Gee I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

The Obama agenda is obvious: protect blacks from the consequences of their actions and behaviors no matter what. Nothing blacks do should be held against them or be allowed to affect them negatively. Stop punishing black children in school who misbehave at a disproportionate rate and stop punishing adult black criminals too! Ignore statistical probabilities and pretend that blacks are just like everybody else and not more likely to commit crimes or re-offend. Just give them a chance and trust them to behave themselves. If you don't, it's your fault that they continue to commit crimes and offenses because you didn't give them a chance! Blame whitey!

Poor ol' Cleetovious. He raped a woman ten years ago and stole a car five years ago but that's all in da past. He be a good boy now and ya'll ain't gots no right to treat him like he ain't nothin'. Ebberbody done done somethin' wrong in their lifes. Why he got to be 'scriminated against? Why ya'll rent dat apartment to dat white nurse lady and why her son get dat job at da pizza place instead of Cleetovious? Jus' cause dat kid got people standin' up fo' him and gibbin him good references don't mean nothin'! It be racism, dat's all! Ya'll jes' want to make da black man fail! Ya'll wants to drive him to commit mo' crimes so ya'll can attacks him some mo'! Ya'll evil! Hmmph!

Yep. Let's just ignore that old content of character thing and pretend Cleetovious is actually Mr. Rogers.

The more Obama speaks the more he sounds like a crack whore hood rat. His babbling is just a little more sophisticated but it boils down to the same mentality.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

@ Centurion

Hope you are doing well!

When I first came to this website it was during the Trayvon Martin affair. I was not fully red-pilled yet, just beginning to ask questions and have issues with the narrative. I stumbled upon SPDL and would have likely moved along had it not been for the amazing commenters. I lurked for over a year before ever posting myself, and Centurion, you were one of the most pivotal figures that got me to this side during my initial transformation.

You have a gift of expression and persuasion. Give yourself credit, you are a valuable individual. You positively affect many people that you don't even know. Never, ever, ever give up.

Take the advice of these other posters. Depression is a chemical imbalance that you can fight without drugs. Get out in the sunlight! Be active, lift weights! Find a productive hobby. Get out of a rut, by changing your daily routine. Eat a diet that minimizes exposure to toxins. Counter balance your time that is spent on negative things like what we deal with here daily, with things that are good. Do daily affirmations and literally "count your blessings."

And I do mean count them all, remind yourself of what is good all the time, your children and family first and foremost, just the fact that you are breathing, and move on from there!

----best of luck


Anonymous said...

Time for that discussion on Race.

Anonymous said...

When 'May be discriminatory' becomes the law, then we'll have trouble.
Till then, be judicious in your background checks.

Anonymous said...

Because we beez reformed and sheitz. Like importing a fungus upon a perfectly good tomato. When our Government plays this hand with no attempt at hiding it you KNOW we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:


Well said! Like you, I lurked a long time. The comments helped so much, especially @Centurion's. You definitely helped me!

@Centurion,Everything Gwoobus said is right. When I was younger, I didn't believe depression was a real thing. Now I know it is. It may even be an evolutionary adaptation that helps deep thought. That's why so many great men and women suffered from it. Hell Alexander the Great couldn't get out of bed some days!


And thank you for being such a decent man, @Gwoobus.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha even single mothers have protected species status in HUD. You can not deny rent to women with children based on their single "marital status."

The GOAL is to use ghetto blacks and their crime to ethnically cleanse White people from certain areas, redistribute their wealth, then move them back, like cattle, into the inner-shitty, which will have been redeveloped with blight-remediation grants by then.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Here is required reading about Section 8 and crime. Spoiler alert: they're linked.

Anonymous said...

Could you not tell them you do not participate in Section 8 but will take their application? Then just sit on it for 90 days then shred it? I do not believe you have to take government money. And I would still run background checks, credit checks and everything...

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic and I would suggest consulting a real estate or civil rights attorney for confirmation but I remember an interesting story about real estate. About twenty years ago there was a civil rights lawsuit brought against an older YT because he flat out refused to sell his house to one of the vibrant scumbags, I believe an Hispanic. The homeowner stated plainly and repeatedly that he only wanted to sell his house in a working class area to another YT family to be a good neighbor. Naturally this triggered a civil rights lawsuit from (((The Usual Suspects))) who seemed to have an easy case, the seller looked doomed.

The YT seller was a tough old bastard and wouldn't settle the lawsuit, he wouldn't give an inch, he wanted his day in court claiming he had the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason, it was none of the government's business. He appeared doomed, the local press was vilifying him as a racist (not that he cared) but he got his day in court. He had a good lawyer and after about two days the lawsuit was dismissed, the judge ruling the plaintiffs had no standing, the seller could refuse to sell for any reason. Here's the good part, this happened in Massachusetts, a liberal state.

The reason the seller won was because the plaintiffs had no standing to sue the seller, no one did. The key fact was that the seller had purchased the house about 1960 with cash honestly earned from savings, he had never borrowed money to purchase the property or mortgaged it. There had never been what the lawyers call a "nexus" between the property and the federally controlled loan rackets such as Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae etc.

The "nexus" that allows the civil rights laws to pound YT is the connection between the purchase of the property and the Federal Government through a government loan which didn't apply in this example. The government uses the fact that the vast majority of property purchases use the federally controlled banking system and this triggers the civil rights laws. Cash purchases avoid this "nexus" between the property and the government which is why the lawsuit was dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Could you not tell them you do not participate in Section 8 but will take their application?

No reason to do that and it might attract attention.

If I had a rental I would require a credit check and no pets of any type. You can also have a strict noise ordnance. I would also say no outdoor fires or bbqs. Add something very White like lawn bowling or a garden and require that everyone take part in keeping it up. Don't leave any lawn space for outdoor parties. Don't allow Sat dishes and limit guest parking to certain hours. I doubt you would get even one Section 8 application.

I know people with rentals and only the ones with high-end properties are doing well. The high-end ones can really generate free money. The people with low-end properties want out.

Anonymous said...

That will be made more illegal than criminal records. I guarantee you they are already looking at how to prevent landlords from using credit scores as a criteria.

Anonymous said...

Black people are afraid of spooks and snakes. It's in their DNA. Children are still killed in Africa over witchcraft accusations.

All you have to do is talk about how the place is haunted or the yard was an indian burial ground.

Or tell them that they might see snakes once in a while. They won't even stick around for a full tour.

The Afrikaners know about this, just look at some of their prank videos.

Anonymous said...

This is eventually where governments with branches like HUD playing favorites amongst its citizens based on race end up:

ps. PK, you'll LOVE this. Great quotes and could be USA in near future.

Anonymous said...

I live in Washington state, rural area way north of Seattle. I live on a dead end road, it's about 2 miles in length. Probably 30 properties along that road. Lots range from 1 acre to 20. Not a development, just rural lot sizes. Dwellings range from a few very nice house to a few mobile homes. This is a rural, wooded and agricultural area. I learned months ago that an actual negro, with white wife moved into a nice property toward end of road. Now I see BMWs, mercedes and cars with those huge rims driving on our access road. Everyone else drives pickups or older vehicles. No trouble yet, but they're here and their friends in these cars they like so much with tinted windows and booming bass are here. I can't believe it. But it has happened.

Anonymous said...

The Left is going to go into overdrive this summer excusing black criminality and bad black behaviors. Expect some serious category 5 chimpouts during the GOP convention

It's going to be a long summer. Murder rates have jumped in DC, Philly, Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore and Milwaukee. The media has agitated them over Mike Brown and that heroin dealer scam artist.

This could be a year where the bottom falls out. All it would take is for one cop to lose it and gun down a 13 year old on camera. That's what I bet will happen. A cop is going to crack and go off on one of them. The city where it happens will have burning buildings, black outs, mass murders, the works.

Anonymous said...

Soon doing credit checks and asking for a security deposit will be RAYSISS.

Then charging "too much" for rent will be RAYSSISS.

Anonymous said...

The Obama agenda is obvious: protect blacks from the consequences of their actions and behaviors no matter what. Nothing blacks do should be held against them or be allowed to affect them negatively. Stop punishing black children in school who misbehave at a disproportionate rate and stop punishing adult black criminals too! Ignore statistical probabilities and pretend that blacks are just like everybody else and not more likely to commit crimes or re-offend. Just give them a chance and trust them to behave themselves. If you don't, it's your fault that they continue to commit crimes and offenses because you didn't give them a chance! Blame whitey!

This has been the Marxist agenda since NCLB failed.

They gave up on holding everything to the same standard, even for basic behaviors.

The results are simply too unequal.

It's time to tear down Whitey and expand Brazil. Whitey can believe in race if he wants, it doesn't matter because he will be outvoted and more of his income will be confiscated to fight his racism.

Marxists don't even feel a need to explain themselves anymore. It's just anti-White emotionalism. I stopped reading leftist comments a long time ago. They don't even talk about their plans regarding race because that too easily leads to criticism. They just "feel" everything. Whitey feels too unequal while Brazil feels more equal, even if it means drastically lower standards. It's a feelings cult.

Anonymous said...

I live in Allen Park, we have boofers spattered here and there, they never stay long, unless in some apartment barrio. Lincoln Park and Melvindale have been overrun, we're holding up due to stringent ordinances, although a retarded anti police city council will sell us out soon. I miss Wyandotte, Pop's Pub, used to live on 9th Skreet.

Anonymous said...

Do people have the right to sue when a landlord is forced to allow a criminal to move into the neighborhood and then commits crime??
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

30 years ago, places like Fargo and Abilene were White. They imported Somalis. In another 30, Ten Sleeps, Wyoming will have a gang problem. It's unstoppable as long as most whites are either onboard or oblivious.

Anonymous said...

310 via ambrose kane blog---

This old hag never stops pandering to Blacks and, if elected, her own policies are destined to further enslave them even more than they already are. She’ll keep them on Uncle Sam’s plantation for decades, forever slurping from the poisonous trough that she and her ilk have for prepared for their favorite ‘pets.’

The average ‘African-American’ is too stupid and gullible to recognize when they’re being lied to. You have to remember that these are the same people who consider their ‘leaders’ such charlatans as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Hillary knows she’s got a race of suckers, and that’s why she’s counting on their votes. Believe me, she’ll get them too.

Blacks, you see, don’t really want to be free. Oh sure, they may tell you they want ‘equality’ and an ‘even playing field,’ but that’s just political sophistry they learn from White Leftists. In reality, they enjoy their enslavement and dependency on disingenuous White liberals because that’s how they get all their ‘free stuff.’ Hell, it beats working or so the greater number of them think. They’ll never admit to it because it’s important to keep up appearances.

How do I know? I know it because massive numbers of Blacks in America remain at the poverty level, never graduate from high school or go on to complete a college education, never break free from a life of crime and incarceration, and are dependent on a plethora of government ‘assistance programs’ for their basic necessities. Generational welfare is a reality among the darlings of ‘diversity.’ They are a people always in need with their hands always extended to receive from others.

Both White liberals and Blacks depend on each other. Whites need Blacks in order to justify their pathological do-goodery and socialist-style government, while Blacks need the ‘help’ Whites provide so they don’t have to stand on their own two feet nor feel the full effects of the poor choices they make in life.

Hillary lectures Whites that they need to do a much better job of listening to Blacks when they talk.

Anonymous said...

I guess Obama chose to give blacks sloppy seconds to big money because he knows nothing would be left once blacks had their turn. Can't wait to read all his upcoming books about what he could and should have done and what needs to be done now. Obama is basically making black people in our faces and living spaces a campaign issue that won't be too wonderful for Hillary once Bernie has been disposed of er, I mean, defeated legitimately.

Another token effort on Obama's part to placate blacks with what is left over when nothing really matters anymore. It would be political suicide to run for office on such policies.

Anonymous said...

Read Dr. Zhivago, how the Soviets simply put peasants into homes of wealthy "kulaks," including the doctor. When he returned from re-education camp his beautiful home was inhabited by 4 families, completely trashed, and he had no idea where his own family was.

History repeats. If Killery is elected, we'll see that here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article links, found an interesting quote from the Atlantic article:

In 1949 in Chicago, a rumor that a black family was moving onto a white block prompted a riot that grew to 10,000 people in four days. “Americans had been treating blacks seeking housing outside the ghetto not much better than … [the] cook treated the dog who sought a crust of bread,” wrote the ACLU lawyer and fair-housing advocate Alexander Polikoff in his book Waiting for Gautreaux.

Yeah, you keep feeding them and then then keep coming back expecting more...

What do blacks have to offer anyone again?

Anonymous said...

They're trying to make that illegal. Predictably enough.

There are tens of thousands of bureaucrats out there actively considering all possible ways to force diversity onto (white) people who don't want it.

Anonymous said...

Then rent itself will be racist.

Anonymous said...

They probably have it set up so you can only sue the landlord/owner, while the bureacrats and activist lawyers who forced the criminal into his complex will be protected from any liability.

Anonymous said...

Dogs don't murder you for your rims.

Unknown said...

Violent black criminals should serve their time in Africa. We could pay an African nation to take the prisoners, and then the blacks would stay in Africa after release.

Anonymous said...

Go out at night and chip up some of the road create potholes, and watch the problem solve itself. No negro with nice rims wants to drive on a bad road because it will bust their tires and dent the rims. Also the potholes will fill with muddy water and splash up, possibly ruining their shine.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT: More local news from S. Florida, dindu cop accused of groping teens.!/108324/e008b653abf07847c0e759319a7abb65

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:19 - you are SO right. I've often thought of getting a couple of those sample headstones from a monument company and putting them in my back yard. It'd totally creep out the wrong kind of tenant. I won't rent my property for that very reason. Too many nigs and mexicans (among others) have moved into the area and I don't want them on my property at all. I'll sell the place, but I know I need to do it soon while the area is hot and we haven't suffered massive chimpouts. ~ Dixie

Anonymous said...

News alert!!!

Donald Trump is in real trouble now!

The got three black former cast members to come together to tell people not to vote for the Donald. What kind of crap is this? He did these things a favor by giving them airtime with much more qualified candidates. Is this gonna seal the black vote for Hillary? Oh wait, who cares who blacks are voting for. Half won't even show up now that "one of theirs" isn't in the running. Biggest hypocrites on the planet, the election will prove my point.

Is this the result of the heads of industry coming together with GOP high-ranking members in CA to take down Trump? You've got to be kidding me. Unless you can develop mass mind-control then I have bad news for you. Millions and millions of us are voting for Trump, and some will be voting for a Republican for the first time in our lives. Both Democratic candidates have groveled before Black Lies Matter too long and would look incredibly weak on the world stage. They have simply compromised too much. All of their black-@ss kissing comments have been recorded and they are dead meat come the general election. Thank you BLM.

Anonymous said...

The constitution of America clearly states that we have the right to pursue life,liberty and happiness.
Renting a property that I bought and paid for would certainly violate these rights.
I consider having a black tenant a threat to my life.
I'm certain I would have no happiness having a black tenant and how is it Liberty if it's being shoved down my throat?
What about my rights given to me by the founding fathers ?

Anonymous said...

I love it. Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Poor black nations could use the money and the taxpayers could use a break from paying $50,000 a year to house them in prisons. A win-win. What African nation wouldn't take $50,000 per head? Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

The imbalance is a chemical one in the (alleged) brains of the Dindu Tribe. Medically speaking, it is incurable. We have a very bad infectuous outbreak here in Portsmouth, VA. Our 7 member city council, for the last several years, has consisted on only 3 Humans vs. 4 nogs. We hope to make this better in November, but I'm not holding my breath, just my semi-auto pistol.

Bill in St Louis said...

So.... it isn't illegal to not rent to those with a criminal history, but if you do so you may be open to harassment and charges by HUD/IRS/DEA/FSFB aka GMD? (Those last two are F ree S hit F or B lacks aka G ibs M e D at. Those aren't Govt agencies? Just wait, but I digress)
Sounds like maybe the plan is to bankrupt the property owners so that their urban areas can be bought at a discount by TWSNBN and used when their one world plan calls for resettlement of everyone in the cities to increase their income. This si why I don't get into the landlord game. Too many ways to run afoul of BRA.

ruckus said...

YES. Perfectly stated.

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbors a white woman, nice enough, who lives with a black man. she gets nearly $900 per month in rental subsidies because of her mixed race children. I would like that rental subsidy. She told me that her baby daddy is not on the lease, she can not depend on him. This woman would lose her benefits if they got married. I didn't say a word, but was thinking, then why be with this man if you can't depend on him? Something else must be going on. He's like her 3rd child. He found himself a white mammy.

For blacks, this scenario is typical. A white person would first of all not know how to pull as scam like that but be mortified to do it. Something really irks me about this situation. I pay my full rent.

Anonymous said...

The point here is to DESTROY whites' long-standing ability--bought with our ancestors blood and pain--to work, save, buy a little house, fix it up, then rent it to someone at fair market valeu and


The point here is to absolutely liquidate the white genome by removing any and all returns it generates.

The point here is to turn EVERYTHING over to globalista bankster capital, which skims profits while socializing costs (and also sucking off the tit of the taxpayers).

The point here is make Creative Destruction the law of the land, and monopolists the only ones with rights.

Unfortunately whites have gotten too domesticated, too cautious, too far-ahead-thinking, too placid. A war is being waged against us, only we are not fighting.

Anonymous said...

Hud, Section Ape, public housing has probably done more damage to the American city than any other social welfare program. It is the cancer that is eating away my hometown. Once the steel mills and other heavy manufacturing left the area, the retail businesses collapsed and the slum lords from as far away as Florida moved in and bought huge numbers of buildings and turned them into Section Ape. It has never been the same.

There was a time in this country when freedom of association was a central tenant of the American social interaction. One was allowed to associate with those of their own choosing. One could sell, rent, to business with whom one choose. No more. we are now forced to live among, to do business with savages who are beneath us. Lets pray for Trump.

Wayne and his Wife.