Monday, April 18, 2016

Black Rapper's Ankle Monitor Goes Off at White House During Non-White Empowerment Initiative Meeting...

If the United States of America were a real country, this story would be upsetting. [Rapper Rick Ross’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off During Minorty Youth Empowerment Program at White House,, April 18, 2016]:

Rapper Rick Ross visited the White House on Friday as an ambassador for President Obama’s black and Latino youth program — and his court-ordered ankle monitor reportedly went off shortly after the president concluded a speech.

According to the Associated Press, the “Hood Billionaire” rapper joined fellow artists Alicia Keys, Common, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Chance the Rapper and others at the White House on Friday, where the group met with the president to discuss the administration’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which focuses on empowering black and Latino youth.
But according to TMZ, Ross’s ankle monitor, which he must wear as a condition of his release on kidnapping and assault charges last summer, beeped loudly shortly after the president concluded a speech.
Ross was arrested in June 2015 on kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges after allegedly pistol-whipping a man who had been doing repair work on his house. The kidnapping charge was added after it was alleged that the man was physically prevented from leaving Ross’ house.
Obama has previously enlisted the help of the music industry to promote the”My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which aims to provide access to higher education to black and Latino youth. In January, Obama met with rapper Kendrick Lamar in the Oval Office, where the two discussed problems facing inner city youth and the importance of mentorship programs.
The United States of America is not a real country. America is irredeemable.

Were the USA a real country, this story would simultaneously make you mad and incredibly sad; instead, this story should elicit nothing but uncontrollable laughter. 


Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Secret Service arrested him for being out of his area on parole???

Anonymous said...

He was arrested on all those charges less than a year ago and he is now a free man with an ankle bracelet that emits an ear shattering beep. It goes off in the White House during a meeting with The President of The United States of America.

I've stared at the screen for five minutes now trying to think of something else to write.

Anonymous said...

And people don't want Trump! Trump will stop this BS and bring respect back to the White House and the country. Look at Trump's family compared to the orcs in the white house now. The White House will need to be fumigated and scrubbed from ceiling to floor..literally.....when Ovomit leaves.

I never thought people could be so ignorant and mentally challenged, voting for Hitlary over Trump, and fighting against Trump.

I saw a photo of this thug (Obama only entertains thugs of all stripes). My eyes, my eyes! The photo I saw showed the rapper thug in concert without a shirt..... ...rolls of fat hanging out..sweaty...looks dirty from full body tattoos (probably is dirty), down right repulsive! I need to bleach my eyes out!

OT: In Clifton, New Jersey the city officials removed the flag of the United States of America over City Hall and raised in its place......a f¥€king Palestinian flag. No lie!!!
I never say the F word but I am soooooo pizzed. Clifton must be over run with Mudslimes.

Christians really need to pray for this country. Even Atheists.

SC Native said...

Who in their right mind would let all of these "teens" in a place like that? Oh wait never mind, I wonder if anything valuable was stolen?

I don't like this new Reconstruction, I hope it ends like the last one.

Anonymous said...

First we had kingdoms, ruled by kings.

Then we had empires, ruled by emperors.

Now we have a country.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it does elicit laughter. I have so many days when I can't believe what I'm seeing. Attention blacks, it's not America that is irredeemable, it is YOU! Unless YOU PEOPLE get off your asses and clean up your act there will come a day when you can no longer find anyone who gives a crap about your whining and miserable lives. As for our commander in chief.....still don't get it! Rapping thugs invited to the WHITE house. Glad my dads not here to see this never ending shit show. There are days when I wish I wasn't here to see it.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

The Elite of the Elite. What a lineup of trash.

Anonymous said...

I know Trump will bring a lot of fresh paint, Lysol, power washers. and disinfectant when he moves into the White House in 2017. And the staff will literally sing aloud whilst they clean the stench of the current occupants away.

Diablo Blanco said...

This is not a joke to be laughed at. I've been lurking for too long "3 months". .that man and his "staff/advisors" should be stoned in public.

Diablo Blanco said...

This is not a joke to be laughed at. I've This been lurking on this site for only three months. This president and his "staff/advisors should be stoned in public viewing.

Anonymous said...

It must be incredibly hard for all of the white people Obama hired to make his administration seem legitimate to keep
from losing their
minds as they try to downplay all of the niggerdom that goes on there daily.
Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Such a glorious race of people. Every story we hear about them involves crime, violence, neglect, despair, misery and decay. Oh, and sports. They are so important to the whole sports-thing.

Truly a gift to mankind, they are!

Anonymous said...

OT – Bill Nye the science guy has concluded that there is no scientific basis for the idea of racial differences. Although most of us would agree that we can distinguish a groid from an Irishman with no more than a glance at photographs just as we can distinguish a Doberman from a German Shepard, I would be willing to sign on to this scientific fiction if our laws were amended to reflect this fantasy. All that would be necessary would be to abolish any law or policy pertaining to “race.” We would need to dump civil rights, AA, and the notion of protected classes based on race. If Mr. Nye is correct, it is impossible for us to be racist because there is no such thing as race, and it follows that we must dislike blacks because of their behavior and/or character. I wonder what label the left would create to demonize people who dislike and wish to avoid stupid dangerous people of evil character.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:


PK, thanks for having the stomach to do this.


North Florida Native said...

I'll always remember the Obama admin for the following:

1.) "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon". You know the ghetto dweller that posted his fights on Facebook, a stoner that regularly talked about banging sheboons. (Remember the sow in court when she couldn't read cursive?)

2.) Sending a representative to Mike Brown's funeral: The gentle giant that gently performed a strong arm robbery, assaulted a cop and tried to take his gun when he was going to be held accountable for his actions.

3.) Rev. Al Sharpton and his regular visits to the WH. You know the tax dodger that's in bed with Barry, while Barry has the nerve to talk about people paying their "fair share".

And lastly this incident. Having a POS like this rapper near children to "empower them". Empower them for what? To kidnap and assault people trying to make an honest living?

You're right PK, it is a joke. But it's not funny anymore.

The black experiment is a just a joke you've heard millions of times.
Everything from here on is just a rant:

If this joke continues I expect a national holiday in the event of my death.

About me? Oh I'm not too special. I grew up a boring southern kid, told that blacks were just like us. I never harmed anyone when I was young. Sometimes I would play with fireworks, build go karts and ride my bike without a helmet.

Later when I grew up I exceeded the speed limit numerous times and drank underage. I joined the Navy. Never did anything too special, but I had an honorable discharge and had good conduct while I was in.

Today I exceed the speed limit still. I shoot on BLM (Bureau of Land Managment) property using steel core ammo when I shouldn't. I recently graduated from one of the best public universities in the country and even worked for Congress.

I've had a decent run Obama. I never harmed anyone and I've done things to make this world a better place. Could the orcs you associate yourself with and the orcs you have mourned for say the same?

Where's my recognition? Oh that's right, that's normal civilized behavior. You would never have enough time to get anything done if you were to recognize the millions and millions of regular folks who have never robbed stores, assaulted police officers, and dodged taxes.

Martin Randal said...

Kidnapping? Assault and battery? Pistol whipping?! Remember when presidents didn't hang out with criminals? Remember when criminals were not put up as pedestals of society? Remember when every media outlet would report on something like this?

Anonymous said...

This sums it up:

Birth of a Nation Legislature Scene

Anonymous said...

Yep, my immediate response to the headline was laughter. The Onion is becoming the news of record in modern day 'Murica.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Totally random, off the wall observation: the media and other power brokers whine constantly about the Trump campaign having aspects of a reality TV show. The hostile elites giggle and point, making snide comments about the great unwashed masses (that would be us, I guess).

But Obama regularly hosts rejects from the Jerry Springer Show to brainstorm about policy initiatives?
Can I put Megyn Kelly in a chokehold and rap my kncukles on her forehead?

Activating Biff mode . . .
"Hello, McFly, anybody home?"

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Seriously? This sounds like a bad reality TV show. To have the white house desecrated in this fashion is an outrage. A total, unpardonable outrage. If we had a real Senate, and Congress, they would march in and run this clown out of town on a rail. How can you have higher education for a group of people who can't even master the basics? You can't. They can't even read, write, or understand basic arithmetic, let alone master a college level curriculum. By the way, these so called "artists", I choke on saying that word in connection with this collection of low grade morons, have been reinforcing the idea in their wooley little heads that they don't need education to succeed in life. Nope, all they need is arrogant, criminal attitude to get into gangsta paradise. With all the entitlement, and extra help, there's no reason on earth they shouldn't be able to get a degree as it is. They don't need empowerment, they need a good swift kick in the ass. New term to counter Ikago- TANGO, There Are No Good Ones.

Antidote said...

Yes, the USA is both irredeemable and unsustainable, but I don't believe the SWHTF. Simply because they CAN'T. The have the anti-Midas touch; everything they touch turns to crap. So it follows that if they can't run a restaurant or have any type of gathering which doesn't descend into chaos and violence---how on earth would they be able to form themselves into units, have a chain of command or even supply themselves??? Perhaps Farrakan would sell them caps and bow ties, but that would be all.
Even when they lash out with riots, they don't have the intelligence or wherewithal to invade White or Asian areas---they destroy their own inventory and property, then shoot one another! Surely they're like the Bizarros in the old superman comics.
No, there will be no SHTF. The whole shithouse is corroding; slipping day by day into primitivism and dysfunction-----like South Apefreaka or Detroit.
Rap LOL!!! "Empowering bl@ck and latino yoof?" As I read this article the music of the Rolling Stones' 'MonkeyMan' was playing in my head----especially the end where Jagger chatters like a gibbon or a howler monkey. RIP USA.

Anonymous said...

What else can one say but quote the inevitable Nelson Muntz:

"Hah hah!"

rex freeway said...

Rick Ross Should have told secret service. Secret service should have ran a background check any way. But then again Obama probably had them back off since this was a meeting of his people. Or maybe they are tired of protecting the man destroying America.
In a real Presidency Rick Ross would have never been invited to the White house. In a real era Rick Ross would still be in prison where he belongs

Anonymous said...

Duh hood need mo menters. We need mo programs to assit duh yut. Dat why we need peepul like duh rappas to help dez ahpirin rappas make it out duh skreets. Odawize duh skreets gon get dem. A roll model like Rick Ross need to be helpin duh kids. Hiz song ery day im hustlin wuz muh imperation gettin out duh project. I jus got me and lil'rayjavious a nice new home in duh suburbs where all rayjavious frends can come play. I woulda wanted something bigga den 4 bedrooms but dats all duh govment gave us. Mus be dat sistmic racim duh gud revorn toll us bout.

Brian in Ohio said...

At the White House huh? Well, birds of a feather, as they say....

It wouldn't surprise me to hear he had gotten his assault, battery and kidnapping charges WHILE AT the White House. Honestly, at this point, I don't know what they could do that would shock me. Michelle and the "rap elite" having a twerking contest in the rose garden? Sounds about right.

I`m actually kinda surprised we haven't seen graffiti on the White House, or 22" rims on the limo. It`s that absurd to me... Just another day in BRA.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

What happens when you put a black man in the White house? The same thing that would happen if you put a drunken street bum in charge of a bar- all of his homeless alcoholic buddies are going to be invited in for a party.

A black president/community organizer inviting black criminal trash into the White House is absolutely to be expected and no surprise at all. You might as well put a sex addict in charge of a whorehouse and expect celibacy. Obama is naturally going to wallow on the seedier side as that's what he comes from- it's his comfort zone and what he knows best. I'd say he was reverting to type but he can't revert to something he's never departed from in the first place. He's a negrocentric activist and even that is something he expresses by sending government officials to the funerals of worthless to the world black thugs who met their deserved end at the hands of the police while he ignores the funerals of far more worthy and important non black individuals. Everything he does is negrocentric from wanting to put worthless negroes in subsidized paid for housing in white areas (AFFH)at taxpayer expense to wanting to steal taxes from white areas (Regional Equity) and gibs it to the nigga's in da hood.

Obama is nothing but another African "big man" who's been put in charge and is doing everything for his "tribe" while not giving a damn about anyone else. He's a stereotypical negro but likes to try and hide it by talking about social justice, regional equity and other obfuscations. The only thing that has surprised me is that his "wife" and daughters haven't hosted twerking parties for hordes of negro sows and twerked across the lawn of the White House daily until they turned it into a mud pit. Too busy having vacations all over the world, I guess.

Maybe in the future America, a militant LGBT person can be elected and things can really go off the rails. How about it, America? You were stupid enough to elect a nigga so why stop there?

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

With that roster of guests, I wonder how many items went missing after this speech...

PB said...

Well if the Whitehouse had any dignity attached to it still, its gone now. Then again, you did have those pics of Hilary cavorting around the Christmas tree in some hotel with drug smuggler and contributor Jorge Cabrera and his lovely (in a Marcos kind of way) wife, so it seems a bit congenital (or just genital in Bill's case) with all this unconcealed criminality and the awful people who infest your Government.

Even all that epic Clinton-ness still seems somehow less tawdry than this vulgar Gangsta moment.

Anonymous said...

That white hut is going to need a real house cleaning after those spooks leave. What a total embarrassment! Trash brings in more trash.

2 Minute Alpha said...

In a way I pity black people, they are weak; weak minded, weak willed. The coddling they receive ensures they will never fully develop. Maybe smarter people than myself understand that they can never fully develop?
Even the President of The United States is coddled. Can you imagine the uproar a President Trump would have were he to bring a man charged with assault and kidnapping to the White House?
Of course in truth a President Trump would not do that, Unlike the blacks, he doesn't seem to place his own interests above the countrys

Earl Turner said...

The jokes just write themselves with these "people".

Anonymous said...

The following is verse two of the Rick Ross rap “song”, “White House”:

"I don't fuck with pussy niggaz, took my shit to Jigga man
I went to Manhattan and came home a young millionaire
Money on mind, I'm a trill nigga anyway
I'll slap a pussy ass nigga down for anything
Motherfuck the other side, pussy niggaz bleed pink
Thats my opinion, wanna know what the chopper think?
We loading up them thangs, boy! I'm a head busta
Motherfuck the music nigga, where ya real muscle?
I'm in the white house, I'm in the white house
I put a hit on them niggaz they gettin wiped out
They gettin wiped out, and not one at a time
"Car full of dead black males" read the head line"

So, it would seem that in addition to increasing the academic outcomes of America’s minority children, these “artists” have also been enlisted by this commander in chief to serve as role models as ambassadors in his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

Evidence taken directly from this genius’ divinely-inspired work not only highlights the fact that he is a master of the English language, but also demonstrates, via his vernacular, that he is most certainly onboard with the ideology de jure, that black lives matter.

Barak Hussein understands just like we do, the real contributions that other negroes make to civilization. Care for an opportunity to sway a lib friend or relative? Pull up some of this “Crappers’” lyrics, make him or her read them, and then ask why the prez has him all up in da whitey house tryn to be makn da youf lives be better ‘ n sheeit.

countenance said...


Rick Ross was once a jail guard for the Miami Dade County jail.

Anonymous said...


VariedSort said...

Only difference I see with Obama's criminal friends is that this dindu got caught and tagged.

Anonymous said...

Deez black keeds ain't got nuffins to do but riot in downtown Indianapolis.

BTW, I was in Indy downtown at the Canal on the new Cultural Trail and it was LOADED with black ghetto thugs. Black women wearing scanty stripper clothes, black men in corn rows and sag pants, feral black kids fighting and chasing the geese.

Thet were in packs just milling about. Very out of place among the SJW crowd. It's going to be long, hot summer.

VariedSort said...

Oh. I wonder how many ankle monitors DIDN'T go off during this black pow wow?

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: "He remembers the case of DeAndre Knox, a 13-year-old honor roll student and sports standout who was shot in the head in February 2014 while attending a birthday party at a home on the northwest side."

He dindu nuffins but dat baby still got shot.

Anonymous said...

All together now. "Dey dint du muffins in Indianapolis. Dey is goot boys. You can't judge only God can judge..."

"Our concern is the dehumanization, the demonization, the criminalization of ... aspects of the victims' past..."


Mr. Anon said...

"Ross was arrested in June 2015 on kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges after allegedly pistol-whipping a man who had been doing repair work on his house. The kidnapping charge was added after it was alleged that the man was physically prevented from leaving Ross’ house."

That certainly lends a whole new meaning to the term "My Brother's Keeper".

I'm sure that there are no better role-models to hold up to today's black "youth" than rappers - a group of people who shout obscenities into a microphone while standing in front of a drum machine, and who strangely refer to the resulting product as "music". I guess that such things are viewed as some kind of worthy accomplishment among blacks.

Bill in St Louis said...

"fellow artists Alicia Keys, Common, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Chance the Rapper and others "

If America was a real country, the above names would be at best an employee listing for a street clean-up crew, paid for with tax dollars so that otherwise useless and unemployable drains on society would have a job.... in some European country because we shipped them all back to Africa and they migrated out of the food desert on foot.

Holy shit. And no one, from the "hood billionaire", the Teleprompter Reader of the United States to the drone writing this story felt any shame at all. When SHTF, before the groid is dealt with, there needs to be an accounting of the coddlers for these failed experiments in humanity.

NY Girl said...

"instead, this story should elicit nothing but uncontrollable laughter. "

Of COURSE it should, and it does. The hilarity is compounded by the fact that dozens of negro glitterati were in attendance, and had the opportunity to hear for themselves a black stereotype beep to life. Ten bucks says most of them looked around to take a mental head count of all the whiteys in attendance.

Bird of Paradise said...

A court ordered monitor you say? Hmm i wonder what think of crime he has commited after all Obama only invites big time crinimals to the New Kremlin for a little Pow Wow

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

When I first read of this incident, I thought that the ankle bracelet "going off" meant that it had exploded.

No such luck ...

In January of next year, the White House will have to be thoroughly deloused, decontaminated and fumigated no matter who the next occupant is.

Anonymous said...

Watch the video.

Then vote...

Anonymous said...

Does our Moron-In-Chief even understand the origin of the term "my brother's keeper"? It is not a positive, rather it was uttered by the first murderer Cain. The LORD asked Cain where his brother Abel was and Cain replied-"I know not. Am I my brother's keeper"?

So Cain uttered the first recorded lie as well as having committed the first recorded murder. All in all, I guess this conference of criminals was the perfect venue for a My Brother's Keeper hoe-down. Lawdy Mercy, guess the surprise is that only one ankle bracelet went off. Is this the country I grew up in?

Anonymous said...

A youth empowerment program featuring rappers, robbers and rapists. Were all the bangers and ballers busy? Shame on the blacks for the continued support of low life entertainment. An eight year nightmare brought to us by blacks and very stupid white people. The worst part? It gets no coverage. There is no criticism of the 7 and half years of monkeyshines that have been the U.S.. Someone call ServePro for the January 2017 cleanup of the White House. Hopefully it will be occupied by someone with common sense and a little bit of class.

Paintjob Theory said...

Well, at a glance it seems like this "Brother's Keeper" nonsense is funded by "foundations" and "business"... in other words, just a Jesse Jackson style 'gibs muh dats' race hustle on a larger scale.

Two of the stated premises which struck me as absurd were that EVERY child should graduate high school ready for secondary education and that everybody who wanted a job should be able to get one that pays them some "fair" salary.

I suspect the former ties in with the idea of "free" college for everyone. This seems a nice way for the government to throw another 4-6 years of indoctrination into our young people and of course a great excuse to take 1$ in taxes to give us back a dime's worth of services. This also will require that the level of education provided will have to be lowered even more (my first 4 years of college, apart from some science and electronics, were almost entirely remedial high school anyway) to accommodate those who simply have no business in higher learning.... there's plenty of dullard whites who would do best just finding a trade or contenting themselves shagging shopping carts or asking if you would like fries with that.

Next, the "everyone should be able to get a job" is also a very communist philosophy. This, like "everyone should go to college" is absurd since there are those who are simply unemployable and mandating somehow that all of them become employed will require someone to suffer by employing them.

I digress though. On an empty stomach, you can read the whitehouse "Brother's Keeper" page and see for yourself which foundations are funding this shit and see for yourself who controls them (the usual suspects).

At least this isn't our tax dollars being squandered on trying to teach pigs to tapdance. If private persons want to fund this mess it's their dime, good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

Any violent felon, other than a BLACK felon, would be barred from the White House, current president included.

Any other president would be worried about a guy like Rick Ross, even if not posing a personal threat, potentially embarrassing him during his visit. However, Obama knows he will be insulated by his slavishly devoted media and entertainment industry no matter what one of his "honored guests" may do. While Rick Ross didn't go and assault a waiter because he didn't like an hors d'oeuvre, his ankle monitor, which he wears for his criminal activity, went off during the visit.

Do you think, with any other president, Republican or Democrat, that this wouldn't be a running joke on late night talk shows and the opening skit of Saturday Night Live?

Anonymous said...

Bill Nye the science guy has concluded that there is no scientific basis for the idea of racial differences.

Oh right the guy with a degree in mechanical engineering that has somehow convinced the world that because he is on TV he must be an expert on all things related to science.

Someone ask Bill Nye if humans have subspecies. Read the definition of subspecies to him and then ask why that doesn't apply to humans.

Anonymous said...

"Alicia Keys, Common, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Chance the Rapper and others"

My "Brother's" Keeper (Chaperone), indeed.

Anonymous said...

No... Most of us would bet that ten bucks looked around to see whose ankle monitor was going off. Maybe it was beeping because he was supposed to be inside the county limits of where he resides and was supposed to go in for a drug test?

Anonymous said...

Da Bawwlaaaz wuz gittin' jiggly wid' it, yo! Gnomesayin? Digg da pick-shazz!

We wuz gittin' owah b-ballz on!

Anonymous said...

Something to consider; BHO and his pals are literally the best the nogs have to offer, the cream of the crop. They are the %1 of the %1 of negrocity, their shining lights, their best of their best on display for the whole world to see. This is ultimately what we are up against, the IKAGO's IKAGO.

Given BHO's murky past, his meteoric rise from obscurity, his total exemption from scrutiny, his many failures all enabled by the usual suspects for their own purposes national failure is the only option now. Everything these people and their non-YT friends touch turns to shit, they cannot do anything without YT doing everything behind the scenes. The threat from the negroes and other wogs is mainly to themselves.

If they collapse society the very systems they rely upon more than anyone else will collapse upon them causing their own demise. They are useless and helpless without YT constantly holding them up. They have no skills, savings, social capital or goodwill in wider society. Without U.S. government coercion and bribery they would have no food, shelter, medical care and they don't even know it.

BHO and his keepers are inviting their own destruction by enabling the Moslems and other third world invaders into the country. This as well as out of control spending weakens the YT core of the nation until failure is reached which seems quite close now. YT will be able to reorganize and rebuild after the fall, it's what we do but there will be no place for negrocity and the rest of the third world after the fall. If BHO and his third world pals were at all smart, even mediocre they would discourage negrocity at least so there would be more YT wealth for them to leech. Instead they are so stupid they are ultimately going to kill the host which will kill the parasite too.

Like PK says, our job is only to survive, not keep BRA going.

non-DWL from NE
BHO is going to the mosque again.

Cecil Henry said...

No comment on whether this was embarrassing for the rapper or perhaps the President.

Certainly it should be but in this age it may even be a status symbol.

Ankle monitors on the White house-- a truly cringe worthy president.

Anonymous said...

There's a funny story about the Black Women's Book Club in the California Bay Area, and how things are handled when dealing with the most annoying subset of quasi-humans on the planet. Black effect on life quality is as important to me as black crime half a continent away.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one disappointed the ankle bracelet didn't go off during 0bama's speech? Wouldn't that have been a hoot - oops, station difficulties, be right back.

Also, about verse 2 of the Rick Ross (c)rap, if I'm reading right he says he took a hit out on some "brothers" and now there's a car full of dead black males. Is this an admission, a brag, a jest, or maybe my white privilege reading level has made me misunderstand.

We all know the inside of the White House will have to be taken down to the studs and rebuilt to get rid of the stank. I've smelled that smell in rentals and it even soaks into the concrete.

Anonymous said...

Negroes and negroness are so f**king exhausting.

Michigan Jim said...

Maybe when Trump is president he'll just live at his Palm Beach estate and stay away from the White House. There's something about living where blacks used to live that just gives white people the creeps.

Californian said...

What happens when you put a black man in the White house? ... Obama is nothing but another African "big man" who's been put in charge and is doing everything for his "tribe" while not giving a damn about anyone else.

The Obama administration was an opportunity to show what a black national leader could do for the USA. And he did what black leaders have mostly done, from Haiti to Zimbabwe:

Big Man politics
Politicize the armed forces
Attack the other guys' history and culture
Support his own tribe while putting down other tribes
Cheerlead pillaging expeditions from Ferguson to Baltimore
Find new and creative ways to wreck what YT has built up (e.g., Section 8 housing)
Regress the country scientifically (e.g., putting the kibosh on NASA)

Obama could not even maintain the veneer of white civilization for his 8 years in the White House. Let's hope that America has had its "lesson learned."

Anonymous said...

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

WW3 said...

Trump might as well just tear down the white house and start over. The stink of that place now will never go away.

Sick n' Tired said...

The Rick Ross story is only anecdotal, the real message is "We need more money for them programs!"

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Ya know, the ankle monitor might even be considered a fashion statement, just like the dyed horse hair, gold teeth and saggy pants.

I'm toying with my own fashion statement. I'm thinking something along the lines of some ripstop cotton/poly BDUs. Silkscreened with the blood spattered likenesses of MLK, my namesake, Al, Jesse and Travon. Negro fatigues for dealing with my Negro fatigue. (Ugly gold medallion and diamond studded 1962 Westclox alarm clock sold seperately.)

Jim Davis said...

Does anyone know of an unspoiled first world nation that where can move? This nation has clearly become a third world shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PK for bringing this story to our attention and why it's important to vote for Donald Trump! Wow, what an embarrassment, people around the world is laughing at us! Why would a president invite uneducated idiot (c)Rappers to be a role models for Black and Hispanic youths. Out of all the entertainers invited, maybe Alicia Keys(Cook) only one sing with lyrics that goes beyond ooks and eeks! These (c)Rappers doesn't rap in lyrics that's positive it's all violence and degrading women. They are responsible for the dumbing down a population already suffering from poor education and poor citizenship. Next eight months will be quite interesting with this president!

People who are in New York please vote for Donald Trump!

Willie from Naperville

German Rock said...

I wonder if in typical negro fashion the Obama's will skip out the Whitehouse in the middle of the night, maybe pocketing a little whitey's history on the way out...

patrick said...

I just caught myself doing the same thing!!!!! The government needs an enema (sp?)!

Anonymous said...

re: Trump assassination rap video...

All of these stupid White people whining about "black unemployment" need to watch this video.
Hey Whitey, stop cucking so hard for the black man, dummy. He votes against you in every single election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they need money for the programs. And they need YT to foot the bill as always. They hate us so much, but they love our money...

Anonymous said...

In any personal financial crisis, the first thing anyone does who has any sense is to get rid of non-essentials in order to conserve cash and remain solvent.

I have no idea how bad any coming financial crisis on the national level would be but would hope it wouldn't be as severe as many think. However, the first non-essential to go should be all the support given to brood sow negroes and other able bodied people who are living on the dole. The same, of course, goes for anything that illegal aliens get including healthcare and free schooling etc. It really does come down to a financial triage system where the useless are abandoned and resources conserved for those who actually contribute to the system. In that regard, negro brood sows and their illegal alien counterparts etc have always been non-essential and supporting them even now is incredibly foolish and fiscally irresponsible.

I would hope that when and if the ship starts sinking in earnest, even libtards would abandon their pets and get sick of them simply adding weight to the sinking ship while refusing to help bail out any water because they feel so entitled and special. Of course, if there were any lifeboats, the negroes and other non-essentials would fully expect to be given priority at everyone else's expense but hopefully, they'd be in for a horrible and well deserved shock. Put another way, if there were a severe famine would libtards still be stupid enough that they'd allow themselves and their own children to starve just so some useless parasite and its offspring could get their feed on? or, going back to the sinking ship analogy, would they be willing to give up their spot in the lifeboat to 400 lb Shequanda and her five worthless chilluns? Probably not but they damn well would be willing to give up yours!

The whole point is that when it comes down to actual personal survival, things can get very brutal and unless this nation is suicidal, the same would apply on a national level to all the parasites being abandoned. I doubt the majority of people would wail over them especially when continuing to give them their gibsmedats was affecting them and their own families in horrible ways.

If things do get bad, let's simply hope that it's not so bad that everyone suffers and that only the parasites have to bear the brunt of the consequences. Our only job would be to survive while protecting our own from the rampaging hordes of parasites. In that kind of scenario, government libtards who wanted to raid everyone else's stash and remaining wealth to give it away to parasites would probably find themselves swinging from the end of a rope.

Dindu Nuffinz said...

It's a strange thing about facts ... they're persistent.

Excerpted From: "New U.S. Department Of Justice Statistics on Race and Violent Crime" :

"First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was elected president."

"Interestingly, we find that violent interracial crime involving blacks and Hispanics occurs in almost exactly the same proportions as black/white crime: Blacks are the attackers 82.5 percent of the time, while Hispanics are attackers only 17.5 percent of the time."

"Some observers argue that what causes the overwhelming preponderance of black-on-white over white-on-black violence is "chance of encounter," due to the fact that there are five times as many whites as blacks in the American population. However, there are only about 30 percent more Hispanics than blacks, yet black-on-Hispanic violence is almost as lopsided as black-on-white violence. This suggests blacks may be deliberately targeting both Whites and Hispanics."

"We have seen the enemy ... and he is us." -- Pogo

Send this New DOJ Report via email, or hard copy, to as many people as possible. The evidence is clear: Let the FACTS force delusional White liberals and Blacks to face the reality that minorities, Blacks, are the overwhelming cause of murder, rape, (Mostly White women.) assault, abandoning their families, robbery, burglary, theft, racism, (Mostly against White people, Asians and Latinos.) gun violence, (Mostly against the Black community.) domestic brutality and violence, (Mostly against Black women.) -- and many other criminal offenses. The real cause of this "Plague of violence upon our land." is NOT minorities pathetic excuse of "White racism". (So far, feedback indicates more than 15,700 emails of this message have been sent!)

Bird of Paradise said...

Obama releases crinimals he brings in so called reugees and he want american's disarmed I mean life in prison is too good for this scumbag Barack Obama the #1 worst presidents in american history all his supporters need to leave america now

Ratchet said...

I live in Illinois. It was obvious what Obama was when he was put in state government. As much as I despise him, Obama is only a visible symptom of the disease. The real problem to deal with is your neighbor, coworker or sister in law who voted for him twice and would vote for him again tomorrow. Don't believe it? Need proof? Hillary Clinton is a "viable" candidate. Who in their right mind could go into a voting booth and mark that ballot? It's going to have to get ugly to fix this. Start preparing mentally for what is to come.

Anonymous said...

Is North Carolina an option for raising a family nowadays? I know it is infested with orcs, but are there areas where Humans can live unmolested, and a place where the locals keep the shit demons at bay? Would also like to be around like-minded race realists who know the war is coming and have the wherewithal to repel the invading mobs; want to be part of that.

Would love some insight as to where I should look.


PB said...

Agree with Willie there. Alicia Cook is the only one there with the ability to be more than a rapper ho', but she doesn't exploit her real talent, as though that would be "acting White".

(rapper ho'. Sounds like an Indian tribe).

Anonymous said...

White man from 99.9% White Brownsburg, IN is running his cucked White ass off to raise $25,000 for the Indy Ten Point Coalition black preacher clown posse.

Revrund Charles sez that "$25,000 would go a long way toward providing the city's youth with jobs to help keep them from choosing the street."

Thank you Whitey!!!

Anonymous said...

OT – An Obama legacy of creating another failed black nation. Although they were AA'd into the UN as a member nation, they live on top of oil reserves, and they have received over one billion in aid from the United States the country is a failed state because it is comprised of blacks. Predictably, everything is getting worse, and we can expect that to continue until they either reach the natural mean for black society or until enough white people get involved to prop them up in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't live anywhere on the East Coast at this point, especially not in the South. Orcs are moving en masse back to the SE ever since the rust belt jobs left and there aren't enough YTs around for them to leech off. I would move to the plains and the NW if you want to live in peace. But away from big cities.

MW Realist

Brian in Ohio said...

Blogger German Rock said...

I wonder if in typical negro fashion the Obama's will skip out the Whitehouse in the middle of the night, maybe pocketing a little whitey's history on the way out...

April 19, 2016 at 11:26 AM

They`ll be shit missing. Guarantee it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

My brothers keeper. That would be a prison guard, a warden or a zoo keeper. Silly programs, one after another.

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

North Idaho

Eddie in St. Louis said...

"Anonymous said...

OT – Bill Nye the science guy has concluded that there is no scientific basis for the idea of racial differences."

I dare Bill Nye to sit at a Bus Stop in East St. Louis and come away thinking the same B.S. That is, if he lives and doesn't suffer too much Brain Damage from his diversity beat down. Nomesayin?

Jim Davis said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is North Carolina an option for raising a family nowadays?

A few years ago, I was considering moving to the mountains of Western NC. It really is a great place. No jobs though. Another thing I am worried about is liberal north easterners moving there. I know one who did. They ruin every place. They have ruined Florida (along with Puerto Ricans, Haitians, and other illegals).

Anonymous said...

@Anon: 4-19 @1:55 PM: NC here, Salisbury area. The best I can tell you is to head to the Carolina mountains. Cashiers was just beautiful with very few orcs and a thriving art community. There are still many mountain communities which are still unspoiled by the feral beasties. It's planet of the apes down here in the lowlands though, sad to say.

lipistan said...

6 have been shot and killed since Friday.

Pat Boyle said...

Yeah, I know how it is. You set up what you hope will be a nice Soiree. The wife sings some Duparc songs. A friend does an interpretive reading of Beowulf in Old English. You have some neighborhood kids come in to do a pas de deux.

After the champagne and the truffled hors d'oeuvres just as the discussion of Stendhal is beginning - someone's ankle monitor goes off.


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I wouldn't live anywhere on the East Coast at this point, especially not in the South. Orcs are moving en masse back to the SE ever since the rust belt jobs left and there aren't enough YTs around for them to leech off. I would move to the plains and the NW if you want to live in peace. But away from big cities.

MW Realist


Probably not a bad idea, Realist. I live in a cosmopolitan Southern city that is undergoing some big (mostly good) changes. I invested here over twenty years ago. I´m only slightly ahead of the game now and realize how quickly negroes decimate property values. We are surrounded by big schools here, so the $$ manages to come in, despite the idiotic declarations coming from Raleigh. I voted straight Republican last election and told the two most recently appointed a** holes exactly what I thought of them after they ignored all immigration platforms they previously supported.

Anyway, I digress......I´m willing to walk away from the whole thing tomorrow if necessary. I love my home, neighborhood, and community. I will defend it until I die. But I see the few remaining self aware whites right here on this site. I have wondered why there has not been any outrage these past eight years. Most whites I know seem to love the sh*t sandwich they have been served, and ask that a ¨anything but white¨ milk be served as a chaser. This ain´t the America I grew up in.

Anonymous said...

Probably not a bad idea, Realist. I live in a cosmopolitan Southern city that is undergoing some big (mostly good) changes. I invested here over twenty years ago. I´m only slightly ahead of the game now and realize how quickly negroes decimate property values. We are surrounded by big schools here, so the $$ manages to come in, despite the idiotic declarations coming from Raleigh. I voted straight Republican last election and told the two most recently appointed a** holes exactly what I thought of them after they ignored all immigration platforms they previously supported.


I feel for you and I've seen the exact same thing here with what was once one of the best suburbs in America, Johnson County, KS. As soon as whites build up a community blacks instinctively move in and destroy it because they just can't stand to see us have anything that they can never have. It's like they have the mentality of "if we can't create nice things for ourselves, then we will destroy yours". And DWLs are not only complicit in this destruction, but they are leading the way. I can't think of any other time in human history where something like this has taken place. It is absolutely mind boggling to say the least.

I have a theory that most whites generally dislike confrontation and so as long as they are allowed to live their lives in a mostly peaceful manner they will just go along with the status quo. This is why, as someone mentioned previously, whites glorify depictions of heroic last stands against overwhelming odds. It's somehow ingrained in our DNA that we will not stand up for ourselves until we have absolutely no other recourse. But when we do there are no groups of people on this Earth past, present or future who can match our sheer determination and will to survive. Unfortunately, and quite ironically, for use we are living in the most peaceful and satisfying times in human history, so I think that by the time we realize that the parasites must be removed for our own survival we will be facing nearly insurmountable odds.

MW Realist

Anonymous said...

What can one expect in the Obaman People's Republic? This is one of his most exalted people so he deserves a trip to see his idol up close.

Anonymous said...

Regarding living in NC-I live in Mainland Currituck County and it is a fine place to live. Only about 3% vibrancy and voted 72-28 against the squatter in the formerly White House. Of course, The Currituck Outer Banks, Dare County Outer Banks, in fact all the beach areas, though pricey are utopias of a sort. I can recommend Topsail Island and Emerald Isle also.

Anonymous said...

I am moving over the summer from Las Vegas to a rural area in Northern Arizona. On a recent scouting trip I only saw two negros over the course of two days of driving around and shopping in the local stores. Not too bad in comparison to where I am now.

People were friendly and the area is very safe. It was very enjoyable to be in a White area, I felt at home and am looking forward to the move. After livIng in inner cities for my whole life it is refreshing to know White enclaves are still around. I'm sure this move will be a good thing for me and my attitude will improve not having to be around negros. They really do make life difficult being around them and their antics.

A group of four negros killed a liquor store employee a few miles from house last night. He was ordered to open a safe, he couldn't because he obviously did not have have the combination so one of the negros shot and killed him. This poor guy was about to get off in about fifteen minutes when the fera came in and killed him for nothing.

I have suffered from a severe case of negro fatigue for years and I am looking forward to some relief.

Good luck on finding a suitable area without negros.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link I forgot to add to my above comment. Typical Vegas street trash negros.

proudyt said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Nomama has had Sharpton , Jackson , and perhaps the most racist of them all Farrakhan in the white house many,many times. This would be akin to a white president inviting David Duke over for a pancake breakfast. The thing that really bothers me is how so few of us see the true hypocrisy of this.

Anonymous said...

Here is the updated article that was written today.

Amazing that these animals barely even attempted to cover their faces. Of course there is video in the store. I guess it never occurred to them though.

Anonymous said...

Orange is the New black. Just as the popular "pants down" look has become fashionable among the low IQ crowd, so to will the ankle bracelet. A fortune can be made by selling replicas to prisoner wannabes.

proudyt said...

Wow,those lyrics are good enough to make even Morrison and Lennon jealous !

chattanooga gal said...

off topic, but I ran across another great black name today- Demonica ( took a shot at her husband)

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

MW Realist .....interesting points. I think it is a good thing to pick each other´s brains and or arguments apart. While the negro is of course destructive, the human rights of people and their rights to say, ¨no way in hell do i want to live near these a**holes.¨ needs to be discussed. My mom graduated a year before Brown v Brown was determined. An excellent white, Jewish, Washington Dc high school was decimated inside of ten years. 1964, Roosevelt High School. Diane (Part of the NPR establishment) Reems was one of my mom´s classmates. Same homeroom and everything. They used to call it ¨Jews a-velt¨. My mom, with her pert, english, irish nose didn´t stand a chance. She lost Home Coming Queen because she wasn´t courted by the ¨club¨. They run a lot more in Washington this day. Maybe you´ve heard of AIPAC? Just axin......

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how bad any coming financial crisis on the national level would be but would hope it wouldn't be as severe as many think. However, the first non-essential to go should be all the support given to brood sow negroes and other able bodied people who are living on the dole.

Disclaimer: I am not an economist, and I'm not rich, so probably my views on this are worthless.

However, the past, they say, is prelude to the future. We've seen this before. TARP, bank bailouts - and bail-ins, in Cyprus and Iceland. That last didn't go according to plan, but you can bet the responsible parties have taken note of the test results and will incorporate the lessons learned in the final plan.

Donald Trump recently warned of a financial bubble that is about to burst. This is what they did in 2008, just before the election. That exercise established that banks can gamble with impunity. The profits are theirs, the losses are for the taxpayers and/or the depositors. The size of the banks' exposure in derivatives alone is estimated anywhere from 500 trillion to 1.5 quadrillion dollars. When that bursts, goodbye financial system. That means, first of all, that your cash in the bank is not safe.

There is already a move afoot to make cash transactions illegal. There seems also to be a trend toward withdrawing cash from the banks, encouraged by a tendency to negative interest rates - some banks are charging depositors interest on their accounts!

It seems to me that this situation is crying out for a run on the banks, which will pop that bubble. The best time to withdraw your savings would be before that happens. Coincidentally, that's also the best way to start a run on the banks. You can bet that has not escaped certain people with a lot of cash.

So, what do you do with your cash? Will cash even be legal after the crash? What would be legal, and negotiable? Gold? Silver?

We all know food, guns and ammunition are going to be at a premium. That's why the government's first instinct will be to take them away from you. In the final analysis, everything you own is just like those inalienable rights your constitution purports to guarantee; they're not really yours unless you can defend them from whomever tries to take them from you.

As I said, I'm not the person to be giving advice, but we all need to think on these things. Most importantly, whatever you decide to do, keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I live in an area that actually has a billboard that says, "Diversity is a code word for anti-white." Another one says, "Welcome to ______. No bad neighborhoods. No wrong turns." Only sad thing is that my kids think they have to live in the city to make a living. I really miss them.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who asked if there are "areas where humans can live unmolested"...

Yes! Northern Utah. If you absolutely don't want to see a Negro for a few weeks, choose anywhere outside of West Jordan City (or, just to be safe, outside the greater SLC area).

Come to Summit County, Utah...home of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team. Nogs seem to hate high-altitude, cold climates. I can go weeks without seeing a nog, nor are there any in my child's school. It's glorious.

Hope to see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

The Silent Majority must erase the violent minority

Anonymous said...

A group of four negros killed a liquor store employee a few miles from house last night. He was ordered to open a safe, he couldn't because he obviously did not have have the combination so one of the negros shot and killed him. This poor guy was about to get off in about fifteen minutes when the fera came in and killed him for nothing.

Only a total moron would commit armed robbery in Nevada.

These are probably California exports that were used to getting slapped on the wrist.

Vegas is going downhill but it is well deserved. You can't replace White gamblers with a hip hop crowd.

A lot of these resort towns have a serious case of race denial. They think they can just replace Whites with anyone even though waiters and bartenders will tell you that it is Whites that throw cash around.

Put simply Vegas has too many idiots in charge that believe in paint theory. I see a future where more Whites go to tribal and smaller casinos. Vegas will double down on stupid by building even more clubs.

Vegas seems like a horrible place to be if the system were to collapse. It amazes me that so many Whites live there. It's scorching hot in the summer and the lakes have been drying up. I bet casinos there will start folding in 10 years unless there is a national wake from egalitarian stupidity.

cloudofhaze said...

She is half white.

Anonymous said...

I never had any contacts with blacks my whole life. At least that is what I remembered.

I was contacted by a long lost friend. We had been out of touch 45 years. Holy moly I am old!
As I was telling this person about my family I remembered an episode where I had to deal with a black person. The memory came back because it happened at a horrible time in my life and I was telling this person about it.

I was really, really, really sick. I barely made it to work. At about 1:00 a.m. I dragged myself to the ER because I could not take it any more. Made hubby stay home with sleeping kids. I went to closest hospital. The ER doctor was good. The nurse was not. The nurse was a big black woman. She did not use gloves to draw my blood. She was messy, rude, disorganized and hurt me like hell. It was obvious she did not care about her work. She was probably Affirmative Action. I was not impressed and could not wait to go home. I was scared because I could tell the black was inept. I had a bacterial infection but they could not figure out where the infection was... .like sinusitis or strep, urinary tract, whatever. It showed in my blood. I finally was able to leave. Doctor gave me a shot of antibiotics and gave me prescription for antibiotics. I had forgotten about that until I started recalling the bad thing that happened at the same time. I am not exaggerating about the nurse. I do not know why I forgot about that experience. Thank goodness I have never had to deal with a black again especially in a medical setting. I hope I never do. I told my kids to steer clear of blacks, even at church.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous April 19, 2016 6:08 p.m.

Northern Arizona is beautiful. I think you will like it. We have a small piece of land co owned with cousins in northern Arizona.
Glad you moved. Las Vegas used to be decent. Sad that the liquor store employee was killed. Blacks will kill just for walking past them.

Northern Arizona is growing, like the rest of the state. The whole southwest is still booming. I think people are escaping knee grow fatigue.

Anonymous said...

The near future for all stores:

An entryway with a double set of doors. Public can go in first set one at a time. Door closes and photo taken of face. It's run through a crime database and that determines if second door unlocked or not. Also can be Human controlled and nasty thugs can be denied entry. Do this at all the likely spots - Family Dolla, liquor stores etc.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Yes, young Padawans, to Analog Man you listen!

The derivatives are the big, bad, poorly constructed, sloppily soldered IED that just needs the barest little bump to go boom.

So what do you do to get your cash out? If you have a debit card tied to your account, you can still withdraw from ATMs. Limits might vary from state to state, and there might be limits to what you can withdraw based on you account,(beside your available balance) but it can be done. Pay bills online with your debit card. All your brick and mortar purchases, don't just use the debit for the purchase, but get cash back at places that have that option. And hit your ATM a couple of times a week.

If you have not yet acquired weapons and ammo, you are dangerously behind the curve.
Private sales can still be done at gun shows in some states. If you decide to go to a private seller outside of these venues, be careful. Craigslist seems to be goan rong, like so much else these days.

Even if you don't have a .22, .22 Long Rifle ammo will be a good barter item to have. The most important currency will be common sense, with any kind of technical know-how running neck and neck.

Stock up on bottled water and non-perishables. Now would be a good time to put together a first-aid kit. Tampons make for good emergency compresses. Instant ice-packs, burn cream, Neosporin, various sizes of band-aids and gauze and some alcohol towelettes. An extra quart bottle of Isopropanol and a quart of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Time's almost up . . . the storm clouds are brewing.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the rant, but here goes.

Been trying to come up with a handle for months "Zipcode Gone Wrong" taken?

I'd like to say how thankful I am for all the pronunciation help this site provides. Some I knew, others I've learned!

Paint Job Theory --the term AND the man!
Africans in America
Feetsball & Bassaball
And my most recent favorite:"chowd"

@Centurion--hope this reaches you and you're doing better. Like many others, I've been there before, but being underemployed and an "empty nester" the last few years have removed a lot of support.

I've been on various anti-depressants for 20 years; with out them I'd be single and estranged from just about everybody I know. Prozac worked really well for years, then the effectiveness wore down. Finding the right combo is a rough road, but worth it. Right now, Citolopram seems to be the key. DON'T GIVE UP!

Therapy worked out well, both single and couples. Having an impartial referee is great!
No disrespect to anyone, but those who are suggesting St. John's Wort and other herbals are just suggesting the natural versions of the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals. The advantage is that the pharma products are extremely regulated in dosage, shelf-life, etc.

I strongly concur with those suggesting going outside and a hobby. Easier said than done, but I do feel better. Church has helped for me, at the very least in the sense that you see others that don't have all the answers.

As much as I get out of this site, I can't deny that it sometimes makes things feel worse--I think it's called "recognizing the truth".

Anonymous said...

"Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

. . .
Stock up on bottled water and non-perishables. Now would be a good time to put together a first-aid kit. Tampons make for good emergency compresses. Instant ice-packs, burn cream, Neosporin, various sizes of band-aids and gauze and some alcohol towelettes. An extra quart bottle of Isopropanol and a quart of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Time's almost up . . . the storm clouds are brewing.

Excellent advice. Might want to consider antibiotics too. Fish antibiotics for your aquarium (of course) which are legal to buy, just do a search for them and how the CDC says they are used. Fish antibiotics are the same as antibiotics given to people. Better to have them and not need them than vice versa. Read up on their proper use and only for use when there is no other source and seek professional medical help.

Hope this helps.

non-DWL from NE
BHO recommends SBPDL

Double Tap in Florida said...

The negro has no shame.