Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Never Forget, the USA is Irredeemable: Obama's Secretary of the Treasury "Fundamentally Transforms" the $20 Bill

There's not much to say.

There's not much to add.

One of my proudest moments was standing in Jackson Square in New Orleans in early 2005 and having my picture taken in front of the stunning statue to Andrew Jackson.

Now one of the greatest Americans is downgraded to the back of the $20 bill so we unenlightened bigots in 2016 America can celebrate true heroism, Harriet Tubman-style.

Every statue to a white male in America will come down, with an enthusiasm (a religious zeal) unequaled by any act of rebellion in world history. In all seriousness, we are entering uncharted territory, with no historical precedent for what white people are allowing to happen in either the USA or Europe.

There's no underground railroad for white people in America to safely seek refuge in a free society elsewhere, with the tyranny of equality demanding white people sacrifice their history for the betterment of "humanity."

In so doing, we guarantee we have no future.

Currently, white people have absolutely no moral authority in America; conversely, this is the exact reason behind the strange rise of Donald J. Trump, with millions of white people showing (in their support of Trump), there is something still redeemable and worth fighting to preserve in a sizable portion of Americans.


Anonymous said...

I personally have not kept five dollar bills since'84, now I can add the twenty dollar bill to that list too.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

PB said...

That picture is positively simian. I hope they at least touch it up a bit. I'm surprised that after Obama's little gathering in the Whitehouse recently that Beyonce hasn't been put there instead.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's fitting. Tubman supported John Brown, whose actions largely lead to the civil war. Now, the supporters of Tubman are engaging in actions which will ultimately result in civil war. Just a shot across the bow, whitey.


Anonymous said...

This is going to blackfire like they can't even. The most vile words ever imagined about black people will be written across so many of these bits of devalued ragpaper, and there's not a fucking thing they can do to stop it.
Enjoy your new legacy, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine some of the captions you will see written on this hideous looking piece of paper?

They are tearing down things they could never build. They know it. They just can't believe they are getting away with it. So we will see alot of this silly symbolic change for another year.

Remember, TANGO. Have a nice Summer coming soon.

NY Girl said...

Well, the good news is, most black people think whitey wipes his ass with $100 bills, rather than helping out Da Bruthas.

If Hairy Tubby goes on the front of the $20, maybe we'll prove them right.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in the United States but this is absolutely a disgusting display. Just give the monkeys something to brag about and this display of a one in a million exception to a rule will certainly be the subject of a bunch of "rap" songs. At the rate Beyoncé (I also find it disturbing that auto correct just put an accent on the E on her name without prompting, like its a real fucking name or word) will be on the $100 in a year. I suggest white people get out if Trump doesn't win while you all can. Good luck men and women of what was once America, Godspeed

Anonymous said...

So Obama is basically cramming everything that he had hoped to get done in 8 years into six months- what a spectacular display of cowardice.

I understand now Paul, what you meant by America being irredeemable.

Notice how it was just announced, we're expected to not only accept it and go with the flow, but celebrate it.

And even though everyone knows by now that black women are black first and then light years behind that, women. So there is your bone white ladies- why choose someone with amazing documented achievements and participation in the shaping of our democracy like Elenor Roosevelt when we can have a monkey faced myth of a woman staring at us from the front of our most commonly used bill.

And even though New York Times et al. are gleefully pronouncing "Tubman's in, Jackson out", Jackson will still be on the bill- he will just be moved to the back of it.

While some of you are anticipating going through boxes of permanent markers, I am thinking about how I WILL ALWAYS handle the bill so it is always facing backside up. Maybe we can make sure to start calling them Jackson's instead of 20s.

I also wonder if too many people deface the bill or refuse to use 20s as a denomination that it will have to be scrapped. One can only hope. We have plenty of time to drum up the overwhelming opposition to this black-facing of our culture.

It's interesting how we can rewrite history to where recorded heroes like Jackson become demons and people who are hardly worthy of note made into champions of our democracy.

What a joke. I want off this ride.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage. Jackson was a man amongst men.

Philadelphia Mike said...

This video shows who WE are.

They are unable to be like us.

Philadelphia Mike

North Florida Native said...

This is an example as to why democracy sucks. Even the earliest critics of democracy, thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece knew that such a political system would be disasterous. They knew by letting society's scum participate in government would ruin things. Nothing could be done to stop the criminal class from being criminals, some critics implied.

Because of that we now have an oligarchy were the few control the interests of the many. I call them the 13%ers. The 13%ers have children out of wedlock nearly 70% of time, dropout of school at extremely high rates of their own free will, earn less than the Arabs in the Gaza Strip, are extremely over represented in every violent crime and are a fiscal drain on society.

Because the 13%ers are the most expensive to feed and shelter, why must our currency be to their liking especially if they are least likely to get their hands on it or earn it through an honest day of work?

Why are colleges now judged by the number of negros they admit instead of Nobel prize recipients and academic achievement especially if their culture doesn't value education?

Why does media and popular culture cry for things 13%ers want/can't get/achieve compared to the rest of the civilized population.

Why are standards lowered to accommodate criminal behavior?

These are all examples of the few controlling the interests of the many, the black oligarchy.

Since this currency will be "replacing" the war hero Andrew Jackson, we must PRINT more currency, enduring inflation to satisfy the most dangerous, most violent, least educated, least productive portion of our population, the 13%ers. By then a $20 bill will be so devalued so Tubman's face on it would actually be quite fitting.

A bright realist mentioned on the previous topic: "they are concerned about appearance and not substance".

This is their idea of "improvement", more blackness. We know they are not concerned about policy given their historically low participation in voting. Another example as to why the masses should not care for their meaningless preferences.

My prediction: By the time Tubman makes it onto the $20 bill there will millions of more realists. They will deface the currency writing all kinds of shit on Tubman's face. When the $20 bills make their way into the pockets of the DWLs and cucks of Congress, they will quickly scramble to pass a bipartisan bill addressing the defacing of US currency to satisfy the blacks who largely do their spending via EBT.

Save this post. See you all in 2030.

Paintjob Theory said...

Let's just hope some ner'do wells don't go about defacing the beautiful picture of that gorilla on our new bills.

By the way, what does Secretary of Treasury have in common with half the supreme court, every Federal Reserve chairman in my lifetime, and 80% of the original Bolshevik party in Russia? If we were allowed to talk about this, you'd almost think there was something more than coincidence or happenstance at work here.

Anonymous said...

I will not use those bills. I will use my card, buy everything online, or go to the bank and demand my money in non-politically correct denominations.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Yes! Solid post!

Pro-diversity = anti-white.

Go Trump!

Best wishes from Austin, y'all.

(What kind of art will they use to make her look like not a monster?)

Anonymous said...

I got something to "add." I flat out refuse-resist this new $20 dolla bill. I will only accept two tens or four fives!! This one way to fight back against BRA!! Its now or never!!

Truth Corps said...

Just got your email that my books are on the way. Thank you "PK" whoever you are. You know my name from my emails and I know that Big Brother does too, but I don't give a fuck anymore and I think they know it. They are losing control. I will have all of your books by Summer's end. Prepare now. The Democratic Nominee will be chosen in July.

Time is short.

Thank you for all you do.

Ex New Yorker said...

What so many people still have not been able to figure out is that everything that is going on in this country is a huge psychological warfare campaign. All of it is done to fuck with your mind. These mind-fuckers sit in their fancy back room offices and plan this bizarre shit just to screw with peoples heads. This psych-war is so good that now you have people beating the shit out of each other over "transgender bathrooms" and "trigger words". Masses of people who have been raped by the "mind fornicators" are now foaming at the mouth. They have been threatened and LIVE IN FEAR because a name was written on a sidewalk with a piece chalk. Police are searching campuses looking for the "chalk terrorist". Total insanity and assault on the mind.

25 years ago I read a lecture a guy had made about how fucked up the public had become. He mentioned that in the 40's and 50's 85 percent of the people were considered normal and 15 percent were abnormal (I fit into the 15 percent group). Now more than 85 percent were abnormal. The average American was a wack job. That was 1990 and now their children are getting frontal lobotomies at Marxist universities. The mind rape is so successful that these cretins are getting in fights at political rallies. Punching and spitting on people. Yelling and screaming. Freedom of speech is now racism and anyone that has an ounce of rational thought is an evil skin head Nazi. Their demented liberal parents must be very proud of them. Their retarded son just punched an old lady in the face at a Trump rally.

Some think it is Communist indoctrination but I think it goes beyond that. IT IS MIND RAPE and the people are standing in line for a ticket on the merry go round of madness. A big name rock star cancels a concert because people don't want their daughters in a dressing room with a naked guy dressed in high heel boots and a leather mini-skirt. The mind-warpers have pulled out all the stops. People will riot in the street to defend criminals and sex perverts.

The mind war goes on and the people are like puddy in the hands of those who have invaded their mind and rearranged their brain cells. Members of this psycho-logical war must be very surprised at how easy it has been to turn the peoples mind to mush. The onslaught from the media is the biggest part of the program. The mind invaders are turning the fools into robots who rant and rave as they roam the streets carrying signs. They speak in platitudes and quotes. None of them having the sense to think for themselves. Like zombies sprouting political psycho-babble. What you are seeing is the future of America. Even Trump won't be able to solve this problem.

I will tell you what bothers me. I have been crazy for most of my life. These people are crazier than I have ever been. I look around and I am starting to feel normal. For somebody like me to start feeling normal is not a good thing. I have been very content being crazy. I never even burned any cities to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Well you have to understand why Harriet Tubman was selected.
Harriet Tubman is the Patron Saint of: EBT Cards, Welfare Checks, AFDC, TANF, Section 8 Housing, Head Start Programs,Medicaid, Medicare, Earned Income credit,
WIC Checks, Phony SSI disability checks,Free School Lunches, BLM, Free School Breakfasts,.......

Disturbed YT said...

This is just disgusting on every level.

Anonymous said...

I have something to "add." I refuse to accept that $20 dolls bill flat out. I will only accept 2 tens and 4 fives.Heres a middle finger salute to BRA.

The Man With No Name said...

In Matt Bracken's 'Enemies Foreign and Domestic' series of books, the government of this dystopian America issues devalued "Bluebucks" to replace the old currency. Well... he was almost right.

We got "Poobucks".

You know, I wonder what kind of money a person could make designing ink stamps of the correct size to "modify" Ms. Tubman's appearance on these bills. For entertainment purposes only, of course.

Tim in Kodiak said...

Let's start putiing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the bills too! Hey as long as we're at it, how about some Star Wars themed Bills and Beverly Hillbillies too. Why not let's just debase the currency to real funny money. What a joke this is. I knew they were going to pull this shit! Thanks Uncle Obama you f'n traitor! Enjoy your new digs in Saudi Arabia you Muslim!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a great woman. She would be proud to know all of her efforts led to negroes showing their true potential, and becoming the stalwarts of civilization, living up to their full potential as free citizens. We would be lost without her sacrifice. Just look at the contributions negroes have made, and will continue to make in this great nation...


... huh, I was thinking this list would have been longer. I know all of her efforts couldn' t have been in vain. I must just be forgetting. I know in my heart the negroes haven't wasted the opportunity she gave them to dindu nuffin all these years.

Anonymous said...

Who the F is this sow Harriet Tubman? I had to google the creature. They could've picked a famouz black inventor or a famous black scientist or a famous black composer..... oh wait, the good ones are all white.

This video explains why blacks suck at everything exept running fast and hitting people.

dondiego said...

A question from your A.N.Z.U.S mate: is Tubmann the ugly specimen featured below? [I don't want to click on/search if its a made-up legend about a groid wiki, etc]

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Well, isn't that special? This ugly ass hag, whose actions have eventually resulted in the destruction of every major city in America, is to replace a president on the twenty dollar bill. Used to be Benjamin Franklin was the only non-president on paper money. The elites have been dying to eliminate cash for a long time now, this could kill the twenty. Why not just print a new bill for her, say a fiddy cent bill? The backside would have the white house, with Obama's rapper friends smoking blunts .

Obama could get the three dollar bill. Al Sharpton could get wooden nickels. MLK could get his face on EBT cards. Eric Holder would be on Monopoly's get out of jail free card, and Hillary would be on go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200,000 speaking fee. Either that, or subway pass cards, since you see on the news that she travels on the subway, just like all the rest of us poor schmos.

Anonymous said...

Just refuse to handle notes with the ugly orc on.

Anonymous said...

My SBPDL.COM Rubber Stamp will be working overtime blotting over the faces of these Monkeys who will be infesting our currency. I am a regular poster here, but prefer to remain more anonymous for this important upcoming task.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Just to lighten the mood and to have a little fun, I came up with some ideas for currency denominations for the "Two Americas."

For BRA:

$1 - Barack Obama
$2 - Martin Luther King
$5 - Frederick Douglass
$10 - Snoop Dogg
$20 - Harriet Tubman
$50 - Malcolm X
$100 - Oprah

And in this corner, the proposed currency of the second confederacy:

$1 - Lothrop Stoddard
$2 - Stonewall Jackson
$5 - George Wallace
$10 - Bull Connor
$20 - Andrew Jackson
$50 - George Patton (NOT the WW2 commander, but his grandfather, who served in the Army of Northern Virginia and was killed at the Battle of Cedar Creek).
$100 - Robert E. Lee (who else?)

Sick n' Tired said...

They have had the Tubman portrait for the new $20 since 1982.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can copy right the phrase, No,two tens please.
Something tells me it's going to get a lot of use soon.

Brian in Ohio said...

Putting her ugly mug on the front of EBT cards would seem more appropriate.

Although, this will make a great platform for some very creative artwork. Maybe some sort of tag that would lead people to a race realist blog? Hint hint.

Anyone else planning on holding on to some Jackson twenty`s for history`s sake? I`ve got 2 in my wallet, and I think I`ll put "Old Hickory" in the safe. Might have to give a non state approved history lesson one day. You know, after they`ve changed the history books to Harriet Tubbman winning the Battle of New Orleans..

Stay alert, stay alive.



This is a serious mistake! Putting that Voo-Doo negro on our currency is beyond traitor to this country! That negress has done nothing in the founding of our country! But in the negroes eyes she has founded the BRA that we are living in and under right now.
I will never put one of those coon twenties in my pockets ever. And at the bank I will go out of my way to tell the bank teller why.
Just like those Indians did when they protested Jackson on the twenty! But guess what they were never called racists like I will be called!

Just another reason negroes will do what ever they want when every fucking White liberal piece of pet loving trash bends over backwards for the lowly common negro!

Why wasn't an Indian put on the twenty instead of the Voo-Doo White Hater?

Agenda comes to my mind!


Bill in St Louis said...

Well, $20.00 is almost worthless today anyway, so why not put a picture of someone worthless on it?

Anonymous said...

I predict this will be the line in the sand. I am so revolted by this idea, a filthy n*gger sow replacing a dignified national founder, that I can't imagine what millions of my fellow Whites feel across our forsaken land. There must be an uprising in the making; if not for this, then the Whites are doomed; over.

We're just handing them our country; pathetically giving up on what could have been an incredible and marvelous country (again). Our children and grandchildren (if they aren't machete'd to death by the Bantus) will curse our weakness and blindness.

Fight this one people; fight it hard. Start with some petitions and let's show them the numbers. Then let's get creative.

Anonymous said...

I think the answer is very simple: when a bill with this pavement ape sow on it comes into your possession, you grab your sharpie and artistically enhance it. I'm sure we can come up with some ideas.

How about a speech bubble saying "I love"?

If every note with her snout on it appears back at the bank with some creative additions, I think they'll get the picture.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

These bills with Harriet Tubman on them are going to be extremely unpopular with the majority of the population. The only ones who will like them are social justice warrriors/libtards and negroes. There's definitely going to be a major backlash so get ready for the screams of racism and "disrespek!" As is, I don't think these bills will last long at all. As someone said on the last thread, they'll be about as popular as the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins were.

In any case, I'm sure a percentage of negroes will be mad that Obama isn't the one appearing on the twenty. Just wait- you'll be hearing complaints about that in no time. It's guaranteed. I'm equally sure that if Obama could swing that, he'd do it in a heartbeat- just like African dictators do in Africa. The negroes "looksatme" factor is just too strong and dominant in their "thinking."

If negroes had their way, there'd be a negro on every bill and every coin in America and our entire history would be rewritten with a negrocentric slant so that negroes were portrayed as the true founders of the nation and responsible for every achievement. On that note, I have it on good authority that Cleetus McShufflefoot actually wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and it wuz all stolen by a bunch of honkies who tooked credit fo' it all! Mmmm Hmmm! Jes' like all da inbentions black folks come up wid wuz all stolen too!

It would all be utterly hilarious if it weren't so pathetically predictable.

Anonymous said...

I know it looks bad, people, but you can show your disgust for this and for once you can't lose your job or be sued for it. Either refuse the bills and insist on tens and fives ('cause you be needin' the change, y' know), or "blackface" your forced twenty dollar bill to your heart's delight. I read a comment on another site which I thought was so true. He could just imagine the drug dealers asking for money and saying, "Give me a Jemima."

Euro American said...

On the topic of money, we have been wondering why, over the last 7years, blacks have moved into formerly white suburbs AND the prices of the townhomes and apartments the blacks bought have skyrocketed.
More blacks plus increased prices does not compute!
The answer? A black puppet of TWMNBN in charge of lending.
"All three agencies have slashed down-payment and other requirements under pressure from Obama regulators, who include, most significantly, former Congressional Black Caucus leader and Obama appointee Mel Watt, head of the new Federal Housing Finance Agency, which now controls Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

How do you get blacks with $600@ tires on their pick-up trucks (they genetically cannot save money) to act the big-shot and purchase a $180,000 townhome that should sell for $120,000?

"Now you can get a conventional home loan backed by Fannie Mae by claiming other people’s income.
Why would Fannie offer the same kinds of poorly underwritten loans that forced it into bankruptcy? Because HomeReady aligns “with our housing goals” set by Watt, it says in its Home­Ready literature."

Do not buy a home where the blacks are moving in! No matter what the commercials show you, they are not like us. The prices are not going up because blacks are suddenly saving 20 percent to put down and have an excellent credit score. Just the opposite! The interest only, no down payment loans they are getting are allowing them to pay $700 "rent" in a townhome that would rent through craigslist for $1500.

The blacks pretending to be middle class is just smoke and mirrors creating the housing boom and soon-to- crash that TWMNBN love.

Anonymous said...

So,when are we going to FIGHT.I am sorry to say it but VOTING our way out means NOTHING.If TRUMP WINS so what.I would love it but so what.It will not stop anything,because either they ,the liberal white self hating cucks and BLM's and blacks and browns will or we will, FIGHT to the end.The same way the country was founded will have to be done again.The reason the insane liberal whites and blacks and browns have gotten to this point of critical mass is because we DO NOT FIGHT BACK.Since the 60's we have allowed this to grow and metastasize.They schools will continue to teach that blacks built everything,that hispanics built and maintain our farms and food,that whites stole everything.There are already millions of white kids walking around hating their own families and culture and history and heritage.they are walking around believing they have no culture at all.That they are nothing and had nothing to contribute.The spanish guy over on PBS newshour or what ever the show is,cant recall which one,but he wrote a book basically saying that they were the real pilgrims and discovered and settled America .From New mexico onward.Not the Pilgrims,not whites.This will not just disappear.We have to many non-Americans ,people that could care less about WHITE History,what we sacrificed,who fought and died.These bogus people never did anything to found,fight,sacrifice for this country and her people.Her white people.The founding stock.Look at this Jackson issue.All over twitter and facebook libs and blacks love it.You will just make blacks stronger and stronger while our white men just become a bunch of Caitlins,wtf.I in my wildest dreams could have foreseen what is happening in this country.But my father did and all the white old timers ,all the veterans,all those past greatest generations.My whole family from WW1 to Vietnam,served and defended this nation.Now they are just ghosts of a past that never happened.That you should not feel any pride for.Well to hell with them,the lib self hating whites and cucks and all blacks.And hispanic spanish peoples.They stand by their own with no problem.I will stick by mine to the end.Even my so called racist southern brothers and sisters.This is insane what is happening.And maddening.Very very maddening.I become more enraged everyday.I just want to scream in these peoples faces.Anyone says two words to me about any of this BS I will be in their face and send them on their way with their tail between their legs.

Anonymous said...

The black poison is spreading

Anonymous said...

The tail is wagging the dog.
The idiots are running the asylum.
When was the last time you heard "majority rules?"

Anonymous said...

Want to blow a Libtard's mind?

Draw a cartoon called 'Native American Donald Trump' and have an Indian that looks like Donald pointing at a ship arriving with Pilgrims and saying "We need to keep an eye on these Christians coming over here; we need to be vigilant".

They'll short circuit their pea brains.

chattanooga gal said...

i'll simply refuse to carry those 20's. if people won't take them, they will go the way of the Susan B Anthony.

proudyt said...

Well maybe fitty cent can get his ugly mug on a coin now. White American culture is slowly given away a little piece by a little piece at a time. The DWL should be the first casualties in the war that is now looking more inevitable by the day. After dealing with the black population the DWL and the liberal media will be dealt with also.

Anonymous said...

May I be the first to suggest that the new means of printing money in the USA to be have all white people replaced by the varied winners of the BET entertainment awards as these vibrant ceremonies take place. Perhaps this will serve two purposes.

1) Vibrant African-Americans can take their place in the sun by being reminded of their ongoing contributions to our culture.

2) As inflation rises and our fiat currency has to rise in demomination, whites will realize their worth to BRA which will be inversely proportional to the uptick in mood for all our jolly vibrants!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is the Underground Railroad for white people?


Thought-Criminal said...

Good God. Talk about defacing currency! The political correct race-baiters are kicking it into high gear.

A closeup picture of Fido's ass would look better than this cow's mug. She looks like a pissed-off gorilla with a knit cap.

10mm AUTO said...

While Whites are allowing that nasty faced Tubman to replace Jackson on the $20.00, the black mobs are shutting down spring carnivals all over. And again, the media is at a loss as to who is beating these Whites as these are all "isolated incidents" even though the social media is alive with "Beat Whitey Night" comments by....wait for it....negro "Teens".

Survive. Watch your six.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

rent slave said...

Within 20 years,Jackson 20's will be selling for far,far more on e-Bay than will the Tub 20's.Ironically,Jackson would have recoiled at being on a FRN.

I've seen ATM's that dispense 10's.You wonder if they will become the preferred machine?

Bird of Paradise said...

Just wait for Obama the Fink and his teasury secratary to repleace the faces of all currency with the faces of various leftist agitators Ceaser Chavez,Harvey Milk,Martin Luthor King,trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown and Obama himself as well

Standup Broad said...

Andrew Jackson hated debt of any kind. When President he consolidated the debt of the Federal Government AND all the States...and paid the debt in full. He opposed the formation of a National Bank. Is it any wonder he was chosen to be removed from the currency?
I will refuse to take any twenty dollar bill that lacks his image. Does anyone have a Susan B. Anthony or Sacagawea coin in their pocket or till?

A small act of defiance, when multiplied, can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to defacing each and every $20.00 bill I encounter. Watch 'em pass a law about it after a short while, too.

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a lot of defacing of the $20 bill in the future.

Anonymous said...

Omg i am so turning every 20$ into gorilla-face with a black pen lol

Anonymous said...

These final months of 0bama is gonna be PACKED with liberal agenda nonsense like this. All of the ANGER about Trump is all based in fear that Whites are getting fed up and about to stand up.

Anonymous said...

How about Uncle Ben on the five, Aunt Jemima on the ten spot, and big fucking gorilla on the hundy? While we're at it, lets change the 'e pluribus unum' to 'bix nood' or 'ook ook, eek eek, muhfuggah' as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow. We just can't do enough for them, can we? Disgusting. Infuriating. Typical Obama.

I bet blacks can't wait to get their hands on a Tubman twenty. Their next mugging, strong-arm robbery, bank heist, convenience story robbery, etc. will be all the more special when they score one. As their victims lay beaten, stabbed, bludgeoned, or shot, they will search frantically for the precious bill, and when finding one, proudly hold it to their hearts and say a prayer for Harriet and their fellow blacks the world over. It will be a touching moment.

NJ Woman

P.S. Why not dump Andrew Jackson altogether? Put OJ or Bill Cosby on the back.

Bird of Paradise said...

How about Obama and his entire cabenet on the FBI's mot wanted list for Treason and Abuse of the power of office

Anonymous said...

I am planning to use my credit/debit cards. I use cash only for lotto. I ask the grocery cashier for a ten, a five, and five singles...THere are always workarounds to everything.

behind blue eyes said...

The sale of sharpie markers will skyrocket. Nothing but eyes and teef on those Jemima dollas.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention a large part of academia, the media and the white people in the snivel rights bowel movement.

YeeehaaaYahoo said...

Be careful when considering the defacing of those bills. The banks may well refuse them and the trickle down effect through the merchant class will ensure that eventually those graffitied bills will not be accepted by even you the consumer knowing the risk of its non-acceptance. The treasury department is not stupid and they and the banks will treat these bills as holy writ to avoid the anticipated defacing. The best strategy is to refuse to use them.

Anonymous said...

Man, Harriet's mug looks just like a face at a primate exhibit. Side by side, the similarity is obvious beyond doubt.

Anonymous said...

Tecas here:

Fun Fact!—

"[Tubman carried] a drug to use on a baby if its crying might put the fugitives in danger. Tubman even carried a gun which she used to threaten the fugitives if they became too tired or decided to turn back, telling them, 'You'll be free or die.'"

Probably the only black in history to give drugs to children and threaten people with guns.

Oh, wait—

Anonymous said...

It's a good ploy from Obama and Democrats' perspective.

He's spent the last 8 years progressively elevating racial tensions, to the point where most people who never thought of themselves as racist are fatigued with likes of black lives matter and the frequent campus protests and demands.

Now they introduce this Tubman 20 dollar bill into this environment, and one can predict the results. It's not just commenters on this site, but commenters on every mainstream site (that allows comments) threatening to deface this bill.

And do you know what? Obama and the Democrats are counting on this bill getting widely defaced. It will also serve as "proof" of the "widespread, institutional racism" that they claim dominates American life. Also, they're counting on this leading to more black violence. Blacks start with low impulse control and have been getting more and mote roiled up by Obama and the race baiters. Now you have 20 dollar bills which have been defaced circulating around.

Imagine all the black cashiers or taxi drivers that will erupt when some white person unwittingly pays with a tampered 20. Imagine all the blacks that will erupt when a non-black cashier unwittingly hands them a tampered 20 in change. Simply seeing a defaced 20 on a counter or in a till will be enough to enrage many blacks, especially after the race hustlers fan the flames of the "outcry" over the rash of defaced bills.

Yes, Obama and the Left are counting on these bills getting defaced, and they foresee these defaced bills acting as circulating "lit fuses" that could ignite a violent rage in any black at any time, "weaponized money", as it were.

(Of course, blacks won't have a problem with the defaced bills as long as they are in their possession.)

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

There was also a $1 coin issued with the likeness of Sacajawea. Even with the brassy looking finish, they didn't last too long. Cash register trays aren't set up to accomodate it. Most drawers are set up in a 5 x 5 configuration; five long trays for the bills, and five scoop bins for the coins. Only 4 of the bill trays are usually in use, for ones, fives, tens and twenties. Fities, hundreds and the very occasional $2 bill go under the drawer or just get safe dropped.
4 of the coin trays just hold pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The "leftover" spaces usually hold the rolled up change. So the merchants didn't want to deal with the funky coins either.
Not to mention all the owner-operators for all the vending machines. A few years back, there was some very brief discussion of doing away with paper currency entirely and introducing more coins; I would guess that didn't go over too well for the same reason.

The given reason for switching away from paper currency was to prevent counterfeiting, but there is something else I'd like to point out. Take a look at a $1 bill. Look at the serial number. You'll notice that the first character is a letter, A-L. The letter also appears in the seal to the left of George Washington. There are 4 numbers by the corners of the bill, boxed in by the decorative scrollwork. The numbers match the letter, as in A-1, or I-9 or L-12.

But back to the serial number. First character should match the letter of the seal. So that is 12 possible characters. Then there are 8 numbers. Going from 00000000-99999999 would allow for 100,000,000 possibilities for the numbers. The last character is also a letter, again usually A-L, so that is another 12 possibilities. 12×12×100,000,000 gives 14.4 BILLION serial number combinations for a $1 bill. Up until 1996, that was the numbering system for all of our denominations, but things changed.

In order to prevent counterfeiting, all of the bills (except the $1) got a facelift. Larger portraits. Prismatic ink. Watermarks and embedded security strips. Colored micro fibers. Pretty cool, huh? With all these large scale cosmetic changes, it was pretty easy to overlook one other change - the serial number format.

All of our bills from the 5 through the 100 now start off with 2 letters, followed by 8 numbers, followed by a letter. The seal to the left of the portrait no longer identifies which branch of the Federal Reserve issued the bill. Hmmmmmm . . .

Supposedly, the two letters identify the branch and the series run of the bill. LI for instance, means that the 12th district (San Francisco) issued a 9th year series run. Here's the funny part. There are still 100 million possible numbers. And the last letter character of the chain no longer stops at L. I have personally seen $100 bills with a last letter of W, or even X. Just how fast are those prining presses running? That could mean a $100 bill issued with an X from a particular year, was the 24th batch. 23 full batches of potentially 100 million each issued by that same branch in that same year? The high sequence numbers I saw always started with a B (2nd District, New York) or an L (12th District, San Francisco). Call me paranoid if you want, but in the immortal words of Major Frank Burns, I'm only paranoid because they're out to get me. Makes for an interesting Excel sheet, don't it? Do the math.

A few years back, they even mentioned issuing a modernized $500 bill. Funny thing is, a $500 bill in 2016 actually has LESS purchasing power than a $100 bill in 1969, the last year of circulation for the $500. Sorry if your heads are spinning like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist. People keep saying I need to get out more . . .

Anonymous said...

Anon April 20, 2016 @ 9:00pm wrote"I don't live in the United States but this is absolutely a disgusting display. Just give the monkeys something to brag about and this display of a one in a million exception to a rule will certainly be the subject of a bunch of "rap" songs. At the rate Beyoncé (I also find it disturbing that auto correct just put an accent on the E on her name without prompting, like its a real fucking name or word) will be on the $100 in a year. I suggest white people get out if Trump doesn't win while you all can. Good luck men and women of what was once America, Godspeed". Whites in America are not cowards, they will stand up against this! The change of the twenty dollar bill hasn't taken place yet, the change will occur in 2020.

According to Jim Willie, the dollar will rise and rise and then go away! A new Scheiss Dollar will take its place, then lose its value due to gold back Yuan. Here is what he said in an interview at Gold$eek.
"The New Scheiss Dollar will arrive in order to assure continued import supply to the USEconomy. It will be given a 30% devaluation out of the gate, then many more devaluations of similar variety. The New Dollar will fail all foreign and Eastern scrutiny. The USGovt will be forced to react to USTBill rejection at the ports. The US must accommodate with the New Scheiss Dollar in order to assure import supply, and to alleviate the many stalemates to come. The United States finds itself on the slippery slope that leads to the Third World, a Jackass forecast that has been presented since Lehman fell (better described as killed by JPM and GSax). The only apparent alternative is for the United States Govt to lease a large amount of gold bullion (like 10,000 tons) from China in order to properly launch a gold-backed currency."

There's a reason that the US is the strongest nation in the world, because it's people are not cowards, who will leave their nation they built because of a few white liberals and black liberals. America will rise again from the liberal and socialist policies and become a much stronger nation.

Willie from Naperville

Plaga Negra said...

At least when Whites ethnically cleansed the natives, we named cities, rivers, landmarks, and perhaps the greatest honor of all: sports teams after them. When negroes get power, they would make it seem like Whitey never existed. Echoes of Rhodesia.

Anonymous said...


Michigan Jim said...

Many people have commented here that we need a way to recognize each other away from this anonymous internet. I'm going to start saving "well you know, I think America is just irredeemable" when striking up a casual conversation with a stranger. That phrase is one of PK's favorites and I think it's a good way to find each other in public.

Sheila4g said...

Like many others, I will not use or accept the "redesigned" $20. However, I've also read they're changing the obverse of the $5 - to include MLK and Marian Anderson. So now $5s are out as well. I will demand nothing but $1s, $10s, and $50s in the future, and if the cashiers don't like it, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Might also be a good idea to stock up on the old $20s and $5s.

Race said...

They don't consider themselves white in private.

Race said...

Interesting post, thank you

AzDesertRat said...

You think Tubman on the $20 is bad... I just stumbled across this article and could only shake my head. Sometimes we really are our own worst enemies.


It figures the president who spent us into the biggest hole would belittle the only president to dig us out of one.

Anonymous said...

Realize that women (50/50 white black) will be on the BACKS of all of the other bills. The next administration can do a rewrite, but the Obama admin is betting that "removing" black people from the new bills would be politically unfeasible. Also, I figure that they will just issue a new law saying that any defaced twenties are not to be accepted as legal tender.

Is this their attempt to get everyone to abandon cash and only use traceable forms of currency?

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

@Michigan Jim. Good idea! I'll spread "irredeemable" around Central Texas!

Anonymous said...

Plaga Negra: All through American History, we may have fought the Indians, and killed them ruthlessly, but we always found lots of things to admire about them, and often tried to emulate them in many ways. We respected their fighting abilities, and even during the segregated US Army, they were always placed in White units to fight alongside Whites. Has ANYONE ever admired the Negro, or named anything after them?

Pat Boyle said...

It seems PK today has set the topic as our 'heroes'. How appropriate for the day when 'Prince' dies. What a strange kind of prince he was. - a creepy little effeminate mulatto. I see that today some female professional wrestler has also died. She poses showing with her biceps bulging.

Can it be that all the sexually ambiguous weirdos are dying off? I wish.

Michael Jackson seemed to be the model for Prince - androgynous, skinny, and a whispery voice. Maybe this was a defense mechanism. Had they been normal black young men full of male hormones then they would - in the normal course of events - been shot. I don't know. It's a theory. Do the black ghetto shooters spare the sexual misfits?

Anyway PK is becoming too pessimistic. That's to be expected in the eighth year of the rule of our blackish) President. Obama seems to have tried to do everything against whitey that he thinks he can get away with. We are lucky in the sense that Obama is another one of those effeminate weak mulattos like Jackson and Prince.

Paul, console your self with the notion that soon Africans will have nuclear weapons. The world will alter their attitude toward blacks when that's the political reality. Right now blacks are like the cockroaches in your kitchen - dirty, disgusting nuisances. You hate them but you live with them. But if they got worse you would be forced to do something about them.

Whites are the only race that have anything good to say about negroes. Blacks are hated by Mexicans and all Orientals. If things get dodgy and whites move against blacks, those blacks who have traded on their victim status for so long, will find that they have no allies.

China has made a number of efforts at gaining a presence in Africa. Air Zimbabwe is for example an airline where the stewardesses all speak Chinese. No one knows the future, but Africans are not likely to repopulate China but there is a good chance that Africa is re-peopled with Chinese.

Populations change from disease not bullets. Whites dominate North America because of smallpox. Whites would have liked to re-populate Africa also, but the disease effect worked against them. No white man could live for long in the African interior. But that of course is changing. Modern medicine will eventually make Africa available to non Africans. When some white doctor finds a cure for one of the many African parasitical diseases, it helps the blacks in the short run, but it also helps whites and Orientals in the longer run. Africa has been protected from invasion from the advanced races by those diseases. Medicine is opening the door for whites and Asians.

Right now whites have lost their taste for conquest but if so the Chinese are willing to step in. Don't despair, the long term outlook for blacks is still very bad.


Anonymous said...

Obama is backlashing for not getting a revolution or even a legacy other than being the Black president.

Liberals like him tend to do this stuff at the end of their term. It's the Marxist tantrum.

He'll probably release a bunch of felons and also harass some police departments while he can.

Though I hate Hillary she at least knows that Marxism is a bunch of bullshit. Obama is the type that thinks he could turn the US into Sweden if wasn't for those dang Republicans that limit his ability to tax and spend. He did absolutely nothing for Chicago but of course that does't matter. For the Marxists it is all about intent.

Go ahead and change all the bills. That won't change your failed revolution.

Obama is the last Marxist President. Blacks will most likely riot in the next few years. Evidence against paint theory will continue to mount.

The only Marxist they could find for this election is a kooky boomer from the 60s left and he is losing to a lawyer that everyone knows is a whore for Wall St.

The Marxists don't have another 8 years. They needed a new generation of Marxists to take over from Obama.

These people have public education under their control and they could only generate a whopping ONE magic mulatto. They may dominate the culture but their grasp is slipping and will not be regained.

Californian said...

I'd like to get worked up about Jackson and the $20 bill. But it's just one skirmish (a minor one, really) in a much larger war against YT. Like affirmative action. Like Section 8 housing. Like Ferguson-Balitmore riots. Like the destruction of South Africa. Like the importation of Africans-in-Africa to America. Like the third world invasion of Europe.

The real issue is how to get YT off his duff and into the streets.

It's life in wartime, baby.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...



Ummm, might want to read further into the article...

"Speaking on NBC's "Today" show, Trump said Tubman's likeness should go on a different denomination."

For all you who think Trump is going to be some White Savior, you may want to think again. All indications are that Trump, while not as immersed in negro-worship as race-traitor DWLs and SJWs, will do nothing to scale back HUD, AFFH, Sec. 8, EBT, SNAP, WIC, or any other Imperial FedGov Program propping up "minorities." It would be BAD for big business, that benefits immensely from these programs. And Trump has MANY ties to Captains of Industry in the Elite Class who control and profit from these corporations.

I have no dog in this hunt. I ain't voting for any current candidate for Prez. I am not even registered to vote. I am simply going to enjoy the decline of my once-great nation as I watch people I used to call "fellow countrymen" scratch their heads and wonder why the US is swirling down the toilet. They voted for it, not me. The result is garbage such as a rabble-rousing negress being elevated to the status of actual Statesmen and Founders of America. Glad I only have about 20 years left. I am sure the trash taking over this country are glad about that as well. At least I know they will never inherit an America that functions well like it once did. They will be inheriting Detroit on a Continental scale.

Anonymous said...

The given reason for switching away from paper currency was to prevent counterfeiting, but there is something else I'd like to point out. Take a look at a $1 bill. Look at the serial number. You'll notice that the first character is a letter, A-L. The letter also appears in the seal to the left of George Washington. There are 4 numbers by the corners of the bill, boxed in by the decorative scrollwork. The numbers match the letter, as in A-1, or I-9 or L-12.

If you buy something in the ghetto with a 20 they will check it 10 different ways. The ghetto 20s have been a headache for merchants but those recent changes you mentioned have made a big difference. There are also all kinds of scams with ghetto bills. That's why the merchant will check even if you are a White guy in a suit. It's because you could have been handed a fake bill without knowing it. Never take change in a ghetto for something like parking or a food vendor. Take a pre-paid credit card if you have to visit a "morally diverse" city. A lot of credit unions now offer them for free. You can have one loaded up directly from your checking and then mailed to you. Stay in the nicer chain hotels and then use the prepaid for all the small bills. Oh and good lord do not use Uber in such an area.

Detroit Refugee said...

Irredeemable has grown on me as well. Using it about 2 months @ work & socially.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. TNB, yes. "School" a fortified compound with bars, gates, and fencing? Yes. Public areas like bathrooms so unmonitored that a student can be MURDERED on site? YES.
All paid for by your new, P.C. feminist Federal Reserve Notes.

Anonymous said...

For all you who think Trump is going to be some White Savior, you may want to think again.

No one here believes that. But Trump knows the score and doesn't like the status quo.

All indications are that Trump, while not as immersed in negro-worship as race-traitor DWLs and SJWs, will do nothing to scale back HUD, AFFH, Sec. 8, EBT, SNAP, WIC, or any other Imperial FedGov Program propping up "minorities." It would be BAD for big business, that benefits immensely from these programs.

Yes we know he has a congress to deal with. But the President still has substantial authority through the Justice department. There are all kinds of laws on the books related to those programs that are being ignored.

There are also Democrats that would be willing to scale back those programs in exchange for work programs. Not all Democrats are race denying liberals. We just need a President that is willing to change the system. Let's not forget that the only President that has substantially changed a welfare program was a Democrat. Yes the bill was written by Republicans but Clinton signed it. Compare that to Bush type Republicans that just hand out tax cuts and hug babies. Bush type Republicans can be just as bad as liberals. They are one-trick ponies that can only think in terms of tax cuts. You need Gingrich type Republicans that can work across the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I have no dog in this hunt. I ain't voting for any current candidate for Prez. I am not even registered to vote.

You are part of the problem.

Obama wouldn't be in office if every White male voted in the last election.

Registering is easy. It's a simple form that you fill out and mail. In most states you can register as absentee so you can vote from home. What is the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Delaware. She died from a beating at the Skool of Technology.

Anonymous said...

The real issue is how to get YT off his duff and into the streets

Agreed. The problem is that YT only gets off his duff after his equity has dropped 20k from Africana moving in next door. By then he is 10 years too late to the party.

Not enough Whites question paint theory on their own. They watch TV and assume that either race doesn't exist or if it does then it is someone else's problem. Taxes aren't high enough on the middle class or poor for them to revolt. But they don't realize how much more they would be making if the government could spend money on them and not the failed Ameri-Congo experiment.

We know one thing which is that forcing Whites to live with Blacks does not make them liberal. In fact in most cases it backfires as they lose their faith in paint theory.

My optimism comes from Whitey's persistent ability to uncover how things work. Let's not forget that it wasn't long ago that the establishment backed Out of Africa theory as proof that we are all the same. Then to the chagrin of liberals it was revealed that Africans don't have Neanderthal DNA. Humans clearly have subspecies and we are not simply the same species with different coloring.

History and nature are not on the side of liberalism/modernism. Who knows what will be discovered next. But whatever is discovered will not support liberalism. As with creationism there isn't a benefit to liberalism in exploring human origins. You aren't going to make some egalitarian discovery. Liberalism is a movement against nature. This can be hard to understand at first since liberalism is associated with education. But their support of education is only for the purpose of control. The last thing they want is for White people to go and read about brain shapes or Neanderthal DNA.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not The Onion satirical newspaper. This is your reality; your neighbors, your country.

Prepare for God's eternal damnation folks.

PK, this has you written all over it!! Hope it inspires a post!!

Anonymous said...

On other sites the fascist social warrior cry bullies are calling people racist for opposing the change. Jackson was a slave owner and other pathetic reasons to call Whites names.

I too am worried that Trump will cave on many things if elected POTUS. But he is better than anyone else.

A government official in Denmark (might have been Sewden) bragged about how the marxist indoctrination in schools has been successful.

A violent group, no doubt funded by Soros, proclaimed that anyone who has a Trump sign or Trump anything will be assaulted and deserves to be assaulted. Sorry can't remember the group name. This group is one of many to cause violence at the Cleveland Republican Convention and threatens worse violence if Trump is nominee and eventually POTUS.

Notice how silent so called conservative politicians are about these Soros backed communist violent groups?

Anonymous said...

About the whites birthing black triplets...I tried twice to post this in the comments of the WP, but my posts disappeared. I wrote:

Red-heads are almost extinct. If "God loves diversity", then this couple is doing Satan's work. There are billions of blacks. God's "diversity work" would have been giving birth to red-heads or, say, Swedes.

Anonymous said...

Good points about defacing the bills. I will tear them in half then tape it together, crooked.

Bird of Paradise said...

I see Hillary the Hag says america has too many guns wrong Attila the Hen america has too many lawyers,too may illegal aliens(Future Demacratic Voters)and too many mindless ding bats

Anonymous said...

AzDesertRat said...
You think Tubman on the $20 is bad... I just stumbled across this article and could only shake my head. Sometimes we really are our own worst enemies.

I'm almost speechless. The comments are fascinating. Granted Wash Post audience is pretty skewed, but these people commenting on this gruesome twosome are frightening examples of progressive madness. They seem to hate these two dopes because they are "evangelical" and "probably republican". This country needs to be divided, fast.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the American Congo.

Now the family is suing 7-11 for not having an adequate security guard.

I had never even heard of a mini-mart security guard. Where I live the mini-mart is a lousy business that requires the owner to take a lot of the shifts.

Someday were are going to hear about how a food stand in a Black area should have had a security guard.

Diablo Blanco said...

Now instead of "green-backs" they are called silver-backs.

Anonymous said...

Effeminate groid mulatto freak midget dies and Libtards go bananas.

This country is soooo f*cked!! Pathetic bunch of n*ggerloving pussies...

If ya ask me...

Californian said...

Again, it gets back to Obama reverting to his inner African.

The 20$ bill rebranding is the kind of stunt that a Big Man would pull as the other tribes are closing in -- bear in mind the election is in seven months, and Obama himself will be out of office in nine. He's putting his "chop" on everything in sight to mark his terrain. He'll leave a mess for his successor, regardless of party.

Obama can't be President-for-Life? So no one else can enjoy the Oval Office. Even if Hillary becomes prez, she'll have to deal with any backlash to the #20 bill fiasco, the Section 8 suburban trashing, the Black Lies Matter child soldiers in the streets. This in turn will sabotage her own agenda, so her term in office will not upstage Chief Obama's.

We need to stop looking at Obama in terms of Bush II, Clinton, or for that matter, Andrew Jackson. View him alongside Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and Patrice Lumumba.

Then you'll get the real picture.

Anonymous said...

On the local news last night, former mayor Andrew Young was interviewed about the 20 dollar bill situation. I have looked for the video to post, but no luck so far. Of course, he was for it, and said that money is not distributed evenly to all "communities" or something along that line. Not a word about how poverty is linked to bad behavior and poor choices, and how effort is tied to financial success. I hope someone can find that video, and I will keep looking.
And why has no Asian, Native American, etc., been suggested for the bill??
L in Atl hell

Steve Smith said...

This is all like a horrible nightmare.

What's next? Fred Sanford on the $100?

Anonymous said...

The irony of people risking their lives to free you from slavery and you needing to be prodded forward at gunpoint is delicious.

Mutant Swarm said...

YeeehaaaYahoo said...

Be careful when considering the defacing of those bills. The banks may well refuse them and the trickle down effect through the merchant class will ensure that eventually those graffitied bills will not be accepted by even you the consumer knowing the risk of its non-acceptance. The treasury department is not stupid and they and the banks will treat these bills as holy writ to avoid the anticipated defacing. The best strategy is to refuse to use them.

April 21, 2016 at 9:20 AM

Sharpies come in green. By the time somebody notices, it will have changed hands several times.

@ 10mmAuto - "Had Enough? Northwest Front dot org."

Anonymous said...

with regards to---A lot of these resort towns have a serious case of race denial. They think they can just replace Whites with anyone even though waiters and bartenders will tell you that it is Whites that throw cash around.
---- Theres word that more affluent black areas dont have nice restaurants--even well off blacks are rude and dont tip.

Vegas seems like a horrible place to be if the system were to collapse. ---IF.

It amazes me that so many Whites live there.--jobs?

It's scorching hot in the summer and the lakes have been drying up. I bet casinos there will start folding in 10 years unless there is a national wake from egalitarian stupidity.--check a youtube channel 'econ cat 88' he has a tour of 'lake las vegas.'

then get back to us.

Anonymous said...

I'd actually much rather see Fred Flinstone or Yosemite Sam on our currency than any negro.

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump will never allow this to happen. They're announcing a 2020 rollout as if it were all settled and done. Obongo isn't going to be there to ram this through.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great story about those great humanitarians in Chicago land , blacks robbing a dead man ,yeah you guessed it, the dead man was black:

Anonymous said...

Trump on Tubman:

Donald Trump thinks anti-slavery icon Harriet Tubman is "fantastic" -- but he says the move to have her replace seventh president Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill is "pure political correctness."

"Well, Andrew Jackson had a great history, and I think it's very rough when you take somebody off the bill," Trump said during a town hall on the "Today" show on NBC Thursday morning. "I think Harriet Tubman is fantastic, but I would love to leave Andrew Jackson or see if we can maybe come up with another denomination."

I doubt any person running for president with a chance can talk negatively about Tubman or any of the other black icons, which rather than heads of state, were agitators. All if not most of the white women chose for the backs of the bills were suffragettes and protesters. Not heads of state, scientists, inventors or even artists at the top of their field. All staunchly feminist, including even Tubman, apparently. I bet she and Susan B. Anthony were best friends and Anthony learned everything important that she knew from Tubman. And I'm sure Tubman was also the first Red Tails pilot as well. When you choose people who are more myth than reality it is a sign that the pickings are slim. Choose a woman from the late 20th century if you have to, but stop with these puffed up legends and lies.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand Donald Trump and the tens of millions of infuriated Whites who will be voting for him and will stand behind everything he does.

Anonymous said...

Great comment, but if black robbers cared about their own cultural heroes, the guy who robbed Rosa Parks would have backed off when he realized who she was. Orcs have little loyalty, and criminal orcs none.

AnalogMan said...

A new Scheiss Dollar will take its place...

Willie from Naperville

Is this a joke? You do know what 'scheiss' means, don't you?

Anonymous said...

True. American blacks have already made considerable progress africanizing the names of the schools, streets, and other local infrastructure in the communities and cities they have ethnically cleansed millions of whites from over the last 50 years. We had Lincoln and Washington, they have MLK and Freddy Grey.

Anonymous said...

The Indians supported themselves, were brave, and had dignity. None of these characteristics have applied to our black population at large.

Anonymous said...

OT: This story out of Delaware has knee-grow written all over it. Any poster/readers from Delaware that can elaborate on the story?

Anonymous said...

Populations change from disease not bullets. Whites dominate North America because of smallpox. Whites would have liked to re-populate Africa also, but the disease effect worked against them. No white man could live for long in the African interior. But that of course is changing. Modern medicine will eventually make Africa available to non Africans. When some white doctor finds a cure for one of the many African parasitical diseases, it helps the blacks in the short run, but it also helps whites and Orientals in the longer run. Africa has been protected from invasion from the advanced races by those diseases. Medicine is opening the door for whites and Asians.


Wow, Pat....that is very insightful. I've never looked at it this way.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

To Pat Boyle,

I really enjoyed your comment today. Not only was it very was also very optimistic and on point.

And to my fellow SBPDL'ers....never lose hope. In the end, we (all of the non-blacks) WILL prevail. Our DNA will not let us fail.

I am not a selfish guy....I am more than happy to share the planet with the other enlightened races (Oriental, Asian, and Hispanic....although I believe that the Hispanics are not a race).

Philadelphia Mike

VariedSort said...

Hang on people! With Harriet Hutman on the back of a $20 is awesome.
1. People using these bills in foreign countries will see the sub-human species we have to treat as if it was human.
2. Gives us somewhere to write-in our opinion of these primatives.

I will be eager to receive $20 bills, because of what may be already written on back... Might be good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Delaware high school killing, they had a few of the other geniuses from the school giving their 2 cents-ever notice that when they interview blackimal kids about killings in da hood, they always either smile or try to suppress a smile talking about someone being killed. God knows they can't string five words together. One blackimal "student"with diamond earrings and a neck tattoo was saying "Dat wuz a girl, knowwhuttm sayin'-- a female" He must be pre-med, knowing his biology like that.

Then the news a-holes segued into talking about "gun violence" even though no guns were used to kill her. WTF? It's not gun violence, it's nonwhite violence.

After that, the news had shots of goofy whitecucks, some middle aged, crying and sobbing hysterically because of Prince. Hopefully they'll commit suicide over it.

Anonymous said...

I see it as praising a lawbreaker. As usual. She aided nigs running from their owners. Criminal. Great role model. I'll take jackson back. Thank you.

Brian in Ohio said...

And to my fellow SBPDL'ers....never lose hope. In the end, we (all of the non-blacks) WILL prevail. Our DNA will not let us fail.

Philadelphia Mike

Very true, we are genetically programmed to not only succeed, but thrive.

Blacks, not so much. When left to their own devices in Africa, blacks only attained a level of mere existence. They managed to stay alive...that's it. They didn't create, build or invent.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Obama did not even mention that April 6th Merle Haggard moved on to the great big honky tonk in the sky. A country music icon and American legend was not recognized by the hnic. A black musician dies (prince? and a teary eyed Obama can't gush out enough love for the black. I am not going to belittle Prince, I did listen to his music as a teenager, some of his music does bring back to mind different things from my past. Merle Haggard was an amazing musician, my mom always listened to country in the house so I did grow up listening to it. Obamas willingness to belittle white accomplishments, artistry and contributions to this country and the world are sick. Throw a likeness of some ol slave sow on the front of a 20 and remove a president? It's the way of bra, change history, and lie lie lie.

Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Re: Delaware.

It is a negro vo-tech school in a negro neighborhood on the East side. Many shootings over there. All the time. It was all female negros involved. Rumors are there was a stabbing involved and it was over a buck.

Remember Wilmington, DE is nicknamed "Murdertown, USA" because of the murderous black plague. Nothing new around here.

Anonymous said...

You're dead, you're black and you're ugly, but I'm sure glad I got you in my pocket.

Seriously, from a distance, the money will look dirty.

Jim Davis said...

What's next? Fred Sanford on the $100?

I'd be fine with him replacing the central banking asshole Al Hamilton on the $10 bill.

Brooklyn Born said...

Anything to soothe the savage Negro. They made the same mistake with a new Postage stamp with Maya Angelou, except the quote on the stamp was one she did not write, she plagiarized it . They used it anyway, just excused it away like everything else the Negro does.

I can't wait until it's our turn....Trump 2016

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike: "although I believe that the Hispanics are not a race"
It applies to anyone of any race who speaks Spanish. When people use "Hispanic", they probably mean "mestizo".
As for Trump wanting to find another denomination to put Dindu Tubman on, I'd suggest the $12. If that is too offensive, then the $0.

Anonymous said...

A US bill is valid as long as it is over 50% of the bill, right?

So, get a Tubman Twenty, rip her filthy snout out of it, tape the two sides together and voila, groid free fully valid US currency.


Oil 'n Water said...

These people need constant affirmation of their importance. They are given jobs for which they are not qualified. They are handed a black presidency (with predictable results). They are the only group allowed exclusive organizations. The only group that can threaten to kill members of other groups without sanction. They belong to a select group allowed to tear down long held social and cultural traditions, with government approval. And the only group allowed to systematically destroy entire cities, while the finger of blame points in every direction but their own.
In short, they demand respect without the responsibility of earning it.

NY Girl said...

I'm just wondering if they are going to make her lips 3-D!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 5:42a.m who said, "...these bogus people never did anything to found...this country..."

No, they're parasites-black, brown, yellow parasites. Parasites don't create. They destroy and they don't give a damn about what happens to their host. They should be dealt with just as one would deal with any other life-threatening parasite. Unless whites begin to do this, we will eventually die as a race. Rest assured, the parasites won't give a thought to our extinction. We need to begin to hate these parasites, every single one of them. They're absolute death to us. Most of all hate the race traitors who enable them, excuse them and help them and who put their own personal preferences and welfare above racial loyalty. They are the absolute worst. I don't mind sharing the planet with other races, but they have to get out of white countries, NOW. When we go to their lands, it's imperialism, colonialism, blah, blah, blah. When they come to ours it's enrichment, vibrancy, diversity, blah, blah, blah. Sick of the hypocrisy. Sick of non-whites of all hues. Oh, to live in a homogeneous nation; to hear the terms "our nation and our people" used again instead of nonsense about the culture, as though there is some magical "cultural construct" or magic dirt that will instantly transform aliens standing on our soil into flag-waving nationals. Kick them all out.

Anonymous said...

Good time to reacquaint ourselves with this great man's accomplishments:

And to think he'll be put "on the back of the bus" for sow Tubman!

Outrage!! This must not be allowed to pass.

Filthy orc was responsible for bringing more n*ggers to the North!!?? Look what they did to Chicago, Detroit, Newark, etc etc!! She's a TRAITOR!!

Pat Boyle said...

The evening news is dominated by the death of Prince. It has recently been revealed that he may have had a drug overdose. I don't really know at this time but more importantly I don't care. I spent most of my musical life singing opera. I think no one will be surprised to learn that classical singers don't have these kind of sordid deaths. Pavarotti was too fat of course but he sang well into his seventies. Most male opera singers are trim and good looking - Pavarotti was an anomaly. Pavarotti had a weakness for pasta not Cocaine or Heroin. Live longer - drop rap and listen to Mozart.

Black music is basically music for those with low IQs. It's late. I am going to make a Margarita now and lower my IQ for the evening. But come the morning I hope to be smart again and I still won't like rap.

There has never been much serious music from blacks. For the last couple centuries serious music has been European music. But that may change. Modern classical Chinese music is very impressive. For all of those mesmerized by the death of Prince let be it known: black music is in decline and the music of the future is likely to be by Orientals. You may not live to see it but your kids are likely to be dancing to Chinese tunes.

This is a prediction. I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

From what I read, Prince [dumb name] was 3/4 White.

TheOtherNorth said...

North Florida Native said...

"Because of that we now have an oligarchy were the few control the interests of the many. I call them the 13%ers."

13%er. That has a nice ring to it like the III%ers. I have copied your entire post and saved it for future use if you don't mind.
This should become a standard like TNB, IKAGO etc.

gkruz said...

"So there is your bone white ladies- why choose someone with amazing documented achievements and participation in the shaping of our democracy like Elenor Roosevelt when we can have a monkey faced myth of a woman staring at us from the front of our most commonly used bill."
Eleanor Roosevelt? That homely bitch and her commie husband started the process that brought us to this point, fool!

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

The proposed currency of the North Amrtican Union is the "Amero", but having taken two years of German in high school, "scheiss dollar" IS appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: a toothless, illiterate, hideously ugly simian with no accomplishments will be on the $20. A very sad state of affairs. If I encounter these faux bills, I will use a sharpie to cross out that bipeds face. If merchants refuse to take "defaced" currency, then I will take my business somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

With a quote like this, I hope these two realize just which personalities and proficiencies they will see displayed by their killer brood! This "article" is really written like a bad sales pitch to SJW's.

"Grasping diversity will make the world stronger as we marvel at God’s creative genius on display through His people’s varying pigments, personalities and proficiencies. Our differences are cause for celebration, not scorn".

Sick n' Tired said...

This is a pretty good write up about Chinese involvement in Zimbabwe. I have worked for Chinese before, and while they are friendly and amicable if you are producing for them, or they have something to gain by working with you, they couldn't give 2 shits about any other cultures beside theirs. The only reason they are investing in Africa is to further their manufacturing with raw resources, and have access to vast areas of farm able land, which is at a premium in their country.

Anonymous said...

The $20 bill used to be known as a double saw buck. Now it will be known as a coon.
I can't wait to put my mitts on one.

Anonymous said...

Here's a story that might peak your interest:

A 16 year old future welfare recipient was beaten to death this morning by a feral pack of 16 year old sows. They slammed her head repeatedly into the sink. The Philadelphia police chief spoke this morning, and claimed he was surprised by the violence because this wasn't a "violent school."

Another report from a Delaware paper covered the story as well. They wrote that last year there were 7 violent felonies, and 14 assaults. Considering schools grossly underreport fights, basically only when there are serious injuries, the number was probably closer to the hundreds than single digits. Either way... saying this school wasn't "violent" when there were SEVEN VIOLENT FELONIES is comical.

In my entire life of public education, 12 years, I only witnessed one felony in our majority white school, and of course it was one of the bussed in blacks from south Atlanta throwing a D-battery at our science teacher.

I guess the definition of violent is shifted when it comes to black schools. Seven in a single year is considered a non-violent school now, but standards have to be lowered whenever you have a 2/3rds black student population.


Anonymous said...

At least Fred Sanford exemplified TNB.

Anonymous said...

Plus you can deposit cash into most ATMs these days, so slipping a few defaced bills in with every deposit will eventually add up.

Anonymous said...

While I was never a huge fan of Prince personally, most people just saw his strange style, but he was also an amazing guitar player that many guitar afficinados say is over looked. Plus he lived a very private life, there were never stories about him shooting at rivals, having multiple kids with multiple baby mammas, no gold teeth, riding around on rims, beating women, and his ankle monitor never went off at the White House. It's safe to assume that he was one of the talented 10th, of the 10%

Sick n' Tired said...

With the words "Ya big dummy!" Replacing "In God We Trust"

AnalogMan said...

Pat Boyle said...

For all of those mesmerized by the death of Prince let be it known: black music is in decline and the music of the future is likely to be by Orientals.

I'm certainly not one of those. For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over this no-talent mongrel poofter, an also David Bowie a couple of weeks ago, all I can say is: More please. Can we have Bruce Springsteen next?

If the music of the future will be by Orientals, I hope it will not be Oriental music (Western scale, style, instruments). I have a Chinese couple living next door, and she sings. It's indistinguishable from cats rutting.

10mm AUTO said...

Been there many years Swarm. Ex Gladio Libertas!

Anonymous said...

The white people ...helped build the so called under railroad. White people were killed for this. The very slave owner in America was black. It was the blacks who sold themselves..they kidnapped from tribes sold to make money. Yet white people get blamed. White people had a lot to do with the underground rairoad and freedoms how quickly that has been too forget. If a white person says they do not like stuff we are called the ugliest of words. Honestly it is time for y'all to get over yourselves. You are human and no more special than any other race.

Anonymous said...

Create an email address and list it and i will send you a cartoon i just drew :). Its hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to react to having the pancake lady on my 20. I just hope they don't steal my other bills. I know I will keep them in the back of my wallet behind all the rest however. Anyone have change for Tubby?

Anonymous said...

Great post, great site! May I suggest, however, that while commenters are free to vent as they like, it really doesn't do much good venting at ALREADY race-realist places like sbpdl. I saw a disgusting PC sellout editorial in the Wall Street Journal on 4-21 sniveling about how Tubman was a good "conservative" replacement for Jackson. I've already written a Letter to the Editor disparaging this cuckservative sellout. What about you? You can email letters to the editor at the WSJ. Flood them with protests in favor of GREAT White American hero Gen. Andrew Jackson. Let the cucks know how many of us awakening Whites there really are.

Commenting here is preaching to the choir.

Steve Smith said...

If you look at her picture, it's the same uppity, 'The world owes me' look you see on sow's ugly faces today.

Some things never change.

Count me as another who will be boycotting the $20

former liberal said...

Patron Saint of the,welfare race.

Anonymous said...

This is is the best recourse for this stupid shit! Let the 13% orcs and DWL use them and see if the bill sticks around.

oogabooga said...

Hey Fat Boyle on my butt.............Can you play the piano with Art Tatum? Can you play the Alto Sax with Charlie Parker? Can you play the Tenor Sax with John Coltrane? Can you play the trumpet with Clifford Brown? No, you can't Mr. (he loves to imply) High IQ. Let's hear a recording of your opera singing. Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Scheiss is German for shit.

Laura Ward said...

I haven't had a chance to read the comments yet, so I don't know if this idea has already been suggested.

This will be a great time to buy stock in Wite-Out. Sales of Wite-Out are going to skyrocket. That is, if they don't ban WiteOut, claiming it's racist. Just as the song I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas was banned due to cries of racism.

Also, don't be surprised when Crayola announces that they will be banning the White crayon. Elmer's Glue will be changing the traditional white glue to the color black. Anything white will be done away with.

riptapart said...

He really isn't a traitor. He made it quite clear 8 years ago that he hates White people and our ancestors

Anonymous said...

oogabooga: "Can you play the piano with Art Tatum? "
Who would want to? I used to listen to Fats Waller, and was interested in Tatum because Waller practically worshipped the guy.
It was horrible. Typical ""jazz"" crap, which takes songs that everybody knows and likes, and shits a thousand out-of-place extra notes all over them, and destroys the rhythm. Maybe I couldn't get into it because I don't take heroin. There was also a study last year or so, about how chimpanzees literally go apeshit when they hear highly structured music (Western, Japanese, e.g.), but they enjoy anything with random bullshit (jigabunny and Indian/dot were mentioned).

Awake said...

In a strange way I believe they want this bill to be defaced. It will PROVE what they've been saying all along that America is racist. We lose either way

Anonymous said...

The problem is ninety-nine percent of. white people in America cannot afford to pick up and move to another country. Unlike the Muslims And Africans who are welcomed and encouraged to invade Europe and the United States white Americans are not welcomed by the governments of the world unless they pass stringent qualifications, one being able to invest as much as a million dollars in the country they choose to settle in. There are no big welfare payments waiting for them when they make it across the border, probably just confinement and a trip back home. In large numbers we would be looked on as invaders.
I hear a lot people say that the negro should be sent back to Africa, unfortunately African Americans would not be welcome there at all. Unlike Europe and the United States Africa has standards.
We're just going to have to slug it out here to regain our country.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many of these bills will be defaced with humans drawing a nose bone, feathers,lip plates or all three on them?

rex freeway said...

Harriet was a criminal. She She hid slaves who were legal at the time. A fucking criminal and Obama put's her on the 20 dollar bill. I look for Obama to be on the 100 Martin Luther King on the fifty Bruce Jenner on the 10(refuse to say Caitlin) Jimmy Carter on the 5 and Hillary on the 1

Anonymous said...

A poster above asked, "What's Next? Fred Sanford on the $100?"

No, because Fred Sanford was a small business owner and called people "DUMMY" when they acted stupid. Plus he was sexist because he wouldn't put up with Aunt Esther's crap. And he would call out to his dead wife (indicating cis, heteronormative, standard marriage relationship) whenever he thought he was having a heart attack.

Mr. Rational said...

Wonder how many of these bills will be defaced with humans drawing a nose bone, feathers,lip plates or all three on them?

I see a booming business in stamps and stickers to go over the image of "Tubgirl".

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why they are leaving Andrew Jackson on the back. Wouldn't it be more fitting to show a winged Michael Brown jumping the turnstile on the Underground Railroad?

Anonymous said...

Certainly a sad state of affairs. One more example of the ni##erfication of our country. One of America's great generals whose exploits on the battlefield are second to none, a tireless fighter for the common man, and one of our truly great Presidents is relegated to the back of a bill to appease the negroids of this country.
These creatures are a sub-species who have contributed nothing more to this country than welfare, food stamps, and public housing. This is a creature whose exploits with this so called underground railroad are more legend and hearsay than historical fact.
My wife and I will refuse this mongrel bill as often as we can. We will deface and slur when possible. We will sign petitions when available. We will lobby against it with friends and acquaintances when there is an opportunity.
The ni##er and its coddlers and panderers are a dangerous pack

Wayne and his Wife

Mr. Rational said...

I'm calling her "Harriet Tubgirl" from now on.

C504 said...

From what I've read, Tubman was a conservative gun owner, so they could've picked someone much worse for the new bill