Friday, April 29, 2016

"Tell me what's the difference between us and them?"

"Because we live here."

America is irredeemable. We are learning, though, that many, many Americans still understand the immortal words from John Milius's 1984 "Red Dawn."

"Because we live here."

This is our rallying cry.

Sorry, invaders: this is our land.



Unknown said...

Ah, Red Dawn. One of my all time favorites. So many great quotes... They were written for a fictional enemy occupation of the US, but are all to appropriate for the state we are in now.

"They need to take us in one piece, that's why they`re here now." Lt. Col Tanner

"Hell, you boys are in the occupied Zone. Your 40 mi behind enemy lines." Mr. Mason

"They know who you are. They know who all of you are!" Alicia

"Every time we shoot, the revolution grows." Col. Bella

"I'm alive. My family would want me to stay alive!" Jed Eckert.

Very powerful film. It`s stood the test of time. Unfortunately, The real America has not. Now were so fucked up, would the Russians even want us?

Tonight, I`ll post under my Google account, since my icon is an image from Red Dawn.

Stay alert, stay alive...and WOLVERINES!!!

Fed Up in Middle America said...


Anonymous said...

Any guesses as to what % of African Americans that are non-productive, low IQ, uncivilized, pieces of shit that represent the black undertow to our economy/civilization vs. the blacks in America that have jobs, pay taxes, choose not to stab people in the neck or shoot people in the ear hole, and are quasi normal?

Anonymous said...

Hey invaders, America isn't just geography. America is an idea and a way of life. At least it used to be. Go ahead and stay but with no benefits. Don't come to America to have an anchor baby at 16 so you can qualify for all kinds of freebies. Who exactly started this incredible nonsense? S.S.I. , bridge cards, housing allowances, etc.. This is nuts! Go home, and make your country give you all the benefits. I actually have 2/3 of my social security kept from me by the government. I have to watch all these illegal immigrants come here and live off Americas largesse. Getting more and more difficult to unclench my teeth. Fix your own countries and leave America to legal immigrants who actually want to be Americans. Not foreigners living in America. I was a Cruz gal, now? Go Trump. No one is against people coming to America. We have rules of law, enforce our laws and protect our boarders. A fucking free for all.

Mutant Swarm said...


To all those brave Threepers that have thrown California under the bus - If you want to get in a fight, this is the place.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan and many others have warned of riots, mexican power grabs, race war.

Anonymous said...

Recent events show how passé it is to focus just on black dysfunction. So many other threats now to our way of life.

Ambrose Kane said...

Where are all the so-called 'Mexican-Americans' supporting Trump's promise to build a wall? How come 'Mexican-Americans' are not out in the streets publicly condemning illegal immigration and calling for secured borders?

I'll tell you why. It's because the third-world peasant invaders from Mexico and Central America are their brethren, their kin, their family and friends. As the old adage goes, 'Blood is thicker than water.'

It's one of the many undeniable proofs that 'Mexican-Americans' are ultimately Mexicans first. Their heart is for Mexico and its people, as opposed to Whites here in America. This may not be true of all 'Mexican-Americans,' but it is for the greater majority of them.

As for the illegal aliens from Mexico, what they really want is a first-world salary while still retaining their third-world culture and habits. They are not really interested in becoming Americans. They do not identify with this nation, its history, its laws, not its customs. Though they have invaded our country, they are not of us and they have no intention of ever assimilating.

Like Blacks, Whites have invited a people to live among us who are very much hostile to us. They may not be as strident in their hatred as Blacks, but in the end they see us as the 'gringos' who stole their land.

rex freeway said...

Every time this happens he gains popularity. Keep it up SJW's, Negroes, Latino's and regressive Liberals. And please dont stop. I beg you to not stop....

Anonymous said...

They (the la raza types) know whites are easily guilted. That's why they always say it's "their" land. (Whites want to do the right thing so, so badly ...)

Fuck that noise. We took it. We made into something. They have benefitted from our work, too. Let them try and make the Mexican desert bloom, LOL.

Anonymous said...

This may be more appropriate to the post before this one, but many people have talked about where the first conflagration with blacks will be and what it will be like to fight them.

The link at the bottom may give a good idea. Arabs are not too different from blacks, and the link is of a helmet cam worn by an idiot ISIS fighter. It very ably shows just how stupid and incompetent arabs are. I think that blacks will be just as incompetent in battle with us whites. The action starts at about one minute and fifty seconds into the video.

Anonymous said...

They should just check proper I.D. lock 'em up...I am a veteran and they have locked me up for not having I.D. Born and raised in Calif. Always paid my taxes! I like Mexicans...I think we should explore a negro/Mexican exchange program...just thinkin'...VM

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are a "gringo" that fled Mexicans treating you like shit and assaulting you or your family in California up to Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Utah. Now you have Mexican coworkers or neighbors smiling in your face pretending to like you. You think they would be so polite to non raza if they took over the town that you pulled up stakes to flee to?

Anonymous said...

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Third World Filth trying to bring down the U.S.A. to Gutter Level. Makes them think of Home, I guess?

President Trump, BUILD THE WALL AND START DEPORTING AND STOP THE IDIOTIC ANCHOR BABY RULE!!! I'd bet most Blacks would even agree? Nomesayin?

P.S. I'm still tickled about Lyin' Ted and Dog Faced Fiorina. What a pair of charlatans!!!

Anonymous said...

Most fun I ever had with an imported muzzie was when a carwash malfunctioned, leaving soap dripping all over my car. I went in to ask for my money back and Mr. Surly mid essterner refused and said nothing wrong with car. I said there is soap dripping, the final rinse didn't work and give me my money now. He smirked and said no. I smiled and said I'd send my husband down to take care of matters. That guy couldn't slide my money across the counter to me fast enough. I told him "You're in my country now so do things our way or go home" He was speechless but seething. My young son learned several lessons that day. And we spread word far and wide that he was dishonest and bad with women so he lost more money than the carwash. One on one they are mouthy cowards.

Anonymous said...

Local news WRAL Channel 5 ran this CNN story about Trump during the morning news.‎

This CNN story seems like an anti-Trump ad.‎

Count how many times "Non-Politician-Donald Trump is mentioned. And the one mention at the end of "non-commander-in-chief".‎ Also at the end there is a little nugget about gold.

Anonymous said...

Trump is bringing the cockroaches out of the dark corners; please riot you beaners, help wake up the rest of sleeping White America with your behavior! Idiots!

ot: of the countless acts of savagery and filth that n*ggers commit across the world every day, the slaughter of albinos has to be one of the sickest and weirdest. #Albinolivesmatter?? Thought not.

As always with n*ggers, Kill Whitey!

Anonymous said...

The "news" (corporate propaganda) is saying "Trump supporters were roughed up but no serious injuries"

remember when that black "protestor" was punched once by a 70 yr old man? They Reported it as though he was viciously stabbed with a sword repeatedly!

So White people get "roughed up but nothing serious" but blacks get "violently assaulted by racists"

Got it?

Anonymous said...

great movie,,,saw the libs in theatre i was in cheering for the red and cuban soldiers.

Anonymous said...

We ARE occupied by a hostile force, and their agenda does call for our destruction. Resistance is our only option, with hope or without it.

Anonymous said...

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.

Deport a man, never have to feed him again.

Anonymous said...

"America would be nothing without Mexicans."

Let's put that theory to the test.

Taco Grande said...

So...wonder why they don't want to be in Mexico if they love it so much?

Could it be...let me think...Mexicans?

Anonymous said...

Its in the constitution.

How about 'End legal immigration' and no more give aways to illegals [including school] and get out of UN [it sets our refugee policy].

Someone told me that the UN sets our traffic policy.

"can you give me a list of anti business laws Seattle has?" Way too many to list. What specific category are you looking for?

Regarding roadways: Our planning standards are exactly the same as yours and every other major municipality in the US. United Nations directives dictated through ICLEI via planing guides. The name of the game is traffic flow obstruction to keep people from traveling long distances so that they congregate close to urban centers. It now takes me an up to hour and a half to get to work less than 8 miles away. The trip used to be less than 20 minutes.

David In TN said...

The political and media class think this will hurt Trump in the long run. "Ooh, there's always violence at these Trump rallies," Polite White People will whimper.

It's going to be like this at every Trump appearance (especially the convention) from now on.

Anonymous said...

Its in the constitution."

The Constitution only applies to American citizens.

"Subject to the jurisdiction"

Anonymous said...

A John Wayne Day was cancelled in California because non-white politicians deemed him a racist for comments he made in an edition of Playboy in the early 1970's. One such comment was:

"I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility."

While non-whites will automatically be horrified at this statement without ever considering it because of the trigger word "supremacy", white liberals will be equally horrified, but for different reasons. Deep down, most white liberal elites know that genetic IQ differences between blacks and all the other races will ensure that they never reach that "point of responsibility". This is unspeakable, of course. Literally trillions of dollars have been thrown to this "education" effort over the past 50 years, and the "achievement gap" between blacks and all other races is as wide as it ever has been.

Proudyt said...

I was on the fence about sending them back if they had little beaners but the kid with the sign helped make my mind up. Seems we have to assimilate to THEIR way of life. Press 1 if you want all these fucks to go back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can’t wait to read the comments on this site when we finally have our very first woman president, not to mention our one and only first man! Now I ask you, will that not be so cool?

Anonymous said...

The anchor baby rule is sure as hell not in the Constitution-that part of the Constitution does not in any way sanction our country to be a f*cking Holiday Inn for any illegal 3rd world skank to come over, drop a kid, and call it a US citizen.

What has happened is evil libtards have taken it, misinterpreted and misused it deliberately to their own foul ends--and cuckservatives have stood by with their thumbs up their asses. And most white Americans are busy smoking dope, playing video games, swilling Big Gulps, and watching da feetsball/bakkaball on TV---oh, and making sure they aren't ever "racist"-ever since being brainwashed by Sesame Street as little kids, they've learned to defer to their piss and shit colored overlords.

Anonymous said...

70/30 upside down, maybe 80/20.

dondiego said...

Your A.N.Z.U.S mate again- hey I thought the mestizos were happy with whites settling/founding Texas as they were a buffer between them [mexicans] and a really bad bunch of Indians.

When Larry Auster was alive I read his essay (@ Frontpage mag or somesuch) on the continuance of the Mexican War. A commenter here recently linked to some la raza and aztlan stuff which was downright scary.

You've got blacks and mexicans. Aussie is importing sh!tloads of negroids and islanders and asians but the real/biggest problem here appears to be muzzies.
-Same thing; women voters and the media keeps their 'playing up' under wraps. Cities now full of soft-cocks. They keep their heads down out here as there are many old mine shafts etc where they'd never be found.

Please exercise your right to own arms, and train with intent~

Diablo Blanco said...

Funny how Trump is deemed a "racist" for wanting to enforce laws that have been ignored for decades.

Anonymous said...

OT and right on cue (because too much attention here is being given to the Stuff "Brown" People Don't Like)--"Looks at me, looks at me!!!"

Negro couple arrested--after pulling gun when dey chik'n wing order was wrong.

Stereotypes. They exist for a reason.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. If you think you know a "quasi" normal one, they'll just breed more normal negroes.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing? The respect these peaceful protesters in California show to an American presidential candidate. The respect for the American Constitution and Americans first amendment right to free speech?
Yeah, me too. I'd a like to have seen the sudden respect they'd find for American made AR-15's poking holes in all those assholes and their mexican flags as they scrambled wildly back to their beloved Mexico.
This country was taken at gunpoint, if it has to be held at gunpoint, so be it!


Anonymous said...

A Wilmington couple is facing criminal charges after a woman showed a gun at a local restaurant over a wrong order of chicken wings.

Clarissa Gagum, 24, and her husband, Rasheem Gagum, 24, were both arrested Thursday after Clarissa became upset that her order of chicken wings was wrong and pulled out a gun inside the restaurant.

According to officials, the incident happened at the FU Wangz located in the 2100 block of Carolina Beach Road.

Linda Rawley, spokesperson for the WPD, said Clarissa walked into the restaurant and ordered bone-in chicken wings, but received boneless wings.

Clarissa reportedly began to argue with the clerk, then grabbed a gun from her car and went back inside the restaurant waving it around.

Police were called to the scene and found Clarissa on the sidewalk outside the restaurant still holding the gun."
And if she pointed it at a cop and the cop shot back and killed her, the summer would have begun early. "Why didn't the racist cop just shoot her in the leg or tase her?" would be the refrain.

Anonymous said...

This anchor baby stuff is a bunch of crap. Demoncrats say we can't break up families. Don't have to. The parents will have a choice, take your baby with you or leave it. They created the situation let them deal with it.
I suspect the vast majority will take their "anchor baby" back home to wherever the hell they came from.


Paintjob Theory said...

"They should just check proper I.D. lock 'em up."

30 years ago if you had asked me what kind of place had "papers please" chekpoints where they lock you up if your documents are not in order I'd have mentioned East Germany, Soviet Russia, or Red China. Now normally sane people beg for these measures. Isn't the Hegelian Dialectic wonderful? The pied piper comes into town to sell you a way to move the rats out, but nobody ever makes it to the logical conclusion that if he can move the rats out, perhaps he moved them there in the first place in order to sell you the solution (for which the price is always very dear).

Rest assured, when they do build a wall it'll be to keep white taxpayers/producers from escaping and when we have a National ID card it'll be like TSA checkpoints everywhere, some barely literate sub-ape or other half caste non-white mongrel pawing and subjugating our white women, children and elderly while leaving Johnny Jihad and Jose alone "so as not to be racially profiling".

Careful what you ask for, you may well get it! If you are reacting to any of this shit in the news you are being played like a fiddle. Don't think for a minute that the directors of this show don't know what your emotional response will be before they even create this agitprop.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the flags of Mexico flying during that protest, and protestors shuffling with the police, I wanted to see the police start shooting those idiots!
If you were to travel to another country and act like these "protestors" you wouldn't be protesting long. But for some reason, it's okay in America.
American laws don't apply to minorities or illegal aliens.
Hillary Clinton will be our next President. People that don't trust her are voting for her. Stubborn demoncrats will vote for her. And millions of illegals from the world over will vote for her.
And her continuation of Oassholes policies will bankrupt America and we will officially be third world idiots, because we did nothing.


Anonymous said...

Ha, they're only helping Mr. Trump with their actions and their blatant push to take over the U.S. If the crook Hillary or some other Dem. gets in you must prepare for New Hispania/USA in the not too distant future. When La Raza gets in the drivers seat I'm pretty sure they won't be so altruistic like YT be. Black folks, are you listening? This means you: no more free ride. Then us. The self-loathing Whites will gladly kiss brown ass even unto their eventual demise. The Whites with some Viking DNA and survival instincts left will fight back.

I'm predicting Mexican-American war II within the next 30-50 years.

Already waiting for the video game now: "Total War: Mexican-American War II."

Pat Boyle said...

I have been posting the phrase "blacks are doomed" on this site for a couple years now. Today I would like to give an example of what I meant.

Across the Bay from me big things have been happening. Succumbing to all the leftist pressure to help the poor, San Francisco has decided to raise the Minimum Wage to $15/Hr. This is viewed as a minority issue especially for Fast Food workers.

San Francisco is the leading city currently for a new business called 'Eatsa'. This is a Fast Food outlet that employs no waiters and no cashiers.

This is in direct response to the $15/Hr Minimum Wage Rate. The CEO of Carl's Junior is also looking at robotic technologies. McDonald's is reported to be interested too.

But the interesting part of the story is that Eatsa is hiring. Hiring real humans but only if they have a degree in Electrical Engineering, or Robotics Engineering, or Software Engineering. The job market seems to be good for engineers. Sorry about blacks and other minorities who don't do so well in STEM curricula.

Black teens are approximately twice as likely to be unemployed as whites or East Asians. If a kid can't get that first job he won't be considered for his second job - and so forth. There is an employment ladder and if you miss a rung it's tough to get back on. Blacks who never got that first job - and there will be more of them now that Fast Food will no longer be hiring - are doomed. They will become like Trayvon Martin - a street hoodlum likely to be shot.

The $15/hr movement is an example of a liberal policy that is exactly wrong. It makes things worse. I never was so lucky as to get a Fast Food job when I was a teenager - I worked for less. But by the time I was twenty one I had a long resume of employment. All the jobs the on my resume were miserable low paying jobs but that resume got me better jobs.

Working a series of miserable low paying jobs must be what they mean as 'white privilege'.


Anonymous said...

"gringos who stole their land...:

Since Mexicans are a mishmash of European, Indigenous and yes, black (that's a proven genetic fact) how on earth could Americans have stolen their land???? No such mixed-race group originally owned North America. The Mexicans took it from Spain who just "claimed" it for themselves. Besides, the USA PAID Mexico for much of that land. Anybody remember the Gadsden Purchase? Are they going to repay the USA that money plus interest and how about compensating us for all the crime, violence, welfare, prison costs, etc.? Going to pay us for infrastructure improvements? Is la Raza going to get out of the Eastern USA? They sure never "owned" that. Again, it's impossible for a bunch of mixed race people to claim some sort of original title to this continent. Mexicans, the miscegenated variety, really haven't existed much longer than whites have been in North America. When Spanish Europeans came in the 1500's this nightmare RAZA was born. Whites arrived in the late 1500's and early 1600's in North America. However, Anglos didn't bed down just anything. Hence, America vs Mexico. As in everything, it's all about genetics and RACE. They are not us. They are not white. But they also aren't purely indigenous or black. They're just a confused mix. They're an object lesson on the horrors of diversity and miscegenation. Stop WHITE GENOCIDE. They're trespassers. Kick them out.

Anonymous said...

you forgot the best quote what Patrick Swayze says to William Smith who portrays the Soviet airborne commander in the train yard Swayze has a Colt revolver Smith has a automatic pistol and they Slug It Out but before he opens fire Swayze says" YOU LOSE"....he's mortality wounded but Smith has three holes in his chest dead along the tracks...

Blue Eyes Matter said...

A nation without borders is like a house without walls, it collapses. And that is what is going to happen to our wonderful America.
Jan Brewer

How many times have we witnessed the brain dead reaction of the liberal personality to a half truth, or outright lie? They love to grab onto the racism charge and paint their percieved enemies with it. There is nothing racist about limiting immigration to a sane, sustainable level. To totally open the borders, like our puppet politicians have done for the international corporations is suicide for the mass of people who go along with it. They profit tremendously, you, not so much.

Watching the Duke rape scandal on TV on 30 for30. Finally, the truth comes out about the lying skank black woman behind the charges. Once again, Jesse, and Al are revealed in all the stupid glory. All the liberal zealots righteously out to get the privileged white man, the self promoting media jackals are revealed for the salivating idiots they are.

The idea is get the facts first, you intellectualy challenged Clintonites. Then work on breathing through your nose, instead of your mouth. What puzzles me is how they work their laptops without opposable thumbs. Oh, wait, they can type with one finger. Which is exactly how many it takes for me to express my opinion of these useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

It seems that throughout history, all people in a geographical region aspire to assimilate into the highest most advanced culture present. It is the only way any culture or society has advanced. For whatever reasons, this is not happening at this time in America. We are allowing an inferior culture, that worships criminality, laziness, "getting over" on others, to get things for free, uncommitted sex, and procreation without fathers present and without resources to properly and adequately provide for their offspring, to set the tone for the whole country. A mere 14% of the population at that. Without white people accepting, copying, advocating for, etc., this community, their "culture" would have been pushed back to the far reaches by now. This way of living is not sustainable nor acceptable.
In other news, the Billboard awards tomorrow does not have a single white host. If we are lucky, they may let a few white people perform.
And in even more news, Trump is attacked at a speech by big groups of people calling him a "hater"- and they, of course, are doing hateful things themselves- calling names, throwing things, disrupting free speech, all the while demanding their free speech rights- and all without proving or providing a single fact that proves Trump is a "hater"- just their perception and what the media is shoveling out to anyone who will listen.
What will it take to end this madness??
L in Atl hell

eah said...


Naive young white woman listens to music on her smartphone while riding the train in Chicago -- she's savagely beaten and robbed by a black male and a black female while other passengers -- were they black as well? -- do nothing but watch. Oh yeah, almost forgot: as a helpful comment points out, the video at the Yahoo link I give came originally from a Chicago TV station, but Yahoo edited out the part where the attackers are described as black.

Anonymous said...

hey p.k. i love the red dawn reference,another good one is when the brothers find their dad in the re education center ,he says boys its all gone for one reason or another,he tells them i was hard on you both did things that made you hate me but you understand now dont you,his last words to his sons are avenge me boys AVENGE ME.well i do understand all too well,and believe me p.k. vengence is coming!!! respectfully yours royal oak dude.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri lays into media for misleading reports (Pinellas County) over the false allegations being placed against the PD and it's officers, regarding the case of them 3 "teen youfs" that stole a car, ran from the police, crashed into a pond when a happy ending then took place.

First(?) press conference about story above:

Colin's video on youtube of dashcams:

As one poster put it best: Looks like a case of "Buy the ticket,take the ride".

But at the end of the day in a case such as this, with a little bit of work, the Honda CAN actually be salvaged. Nomesanecuz?

Wow though, I'm a bit awwstruck. 7 GTA charges between the 3 of them in the past year. I seriously had no idea that GTA was still this much of a problem in this country. The statistics that he gave are shocking! Sheeeit, who am I fooling? But literally coming out of a county that only has a 10% blk population (oh how they kid you again!), I'm going to check on the stats/numbers of how many were committed by dindu's versus YT. Are you ready for an earthquake ??? As if it should come as any surprise from any of us here, right?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but for those of you who missed the diversity "debate" that Jared Taylor took part in:

Gee, who do you think won?

Anonymous said...

Take your land back? You'll just turn it into another portion of the third world. drug culture that you fled. You fled the third world hell hole that you created. You are now creating that same hell hole here. Why is there no country whose people can fix their problems?

Anonymous said...

I read an article that mexicans are showing their flag at anti trump rallys. But if we show the Confederate Flag, we are racists and bigots...

Steve said...

I had a loved one stomped and beaten by 4 male negroes, 6'2" tall 2 from behind her and 2 crossing the street in front of her. She lived in a city that FORBIDS Whites from carrying guns, she could have saved herself. She is not the same person I knew.

That said let me post the remarks of a truly beautiful White woman from California, who was sexually attacked by a negro male on a bus, she was able to use a knife to save herself. But even with that she says the following:

The schools I attended in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles are the very reason I'm here on [forum] today. See, you actually sometimes do learn something in an inner city school.

And THIS is exactly why I'm telling you people that Mexicans are the single biggest threat facing this nation today. I already saw this nonsense 20 years ago in Los Angeles, so this is old hat to me, but for all the whites out there who are shocked at this and thought it "couldn't happen here", guess again. And it will happen, and happen, and happen some more as Mexicans become the majority here.

My advice to other mothers out there: Have your kids carry knives, teach them how to use them, and teach them that it's ok to kill to defend themselves. My son is only one year old, but as soon as he can comprehend it, he'll get daily lessons in fighting with knives, hand to hand combat, and gun training, and he will be told in no uncertain terms that his life is more important than that of ANY Mexican.

Make no mistake, this is what it takes to beat Mexicans, to scare them off, and to save your own life. I started carrying a knife to school in seventh grade. When I walked into the girl's bathroom, I made sure everyone in there saw that I had it up my sleeve so if I was forced to punch someone, I was also going to do some real damage to their face. As a result, Mexicans traded words with me, but stayed out of my striking range. Schools have become like prisons here in the US. Make sure your kid is up to the task of behaving as if he's in one if you're going to send your child to school. If you don't want your kid to have to live like that, homeschool. And for God's sake, don't vote for anyone who won't do something about these fecking Mexicans. As I said before, they are the SINGLE biggest threat facing America today. Fight like your life depends on it because it does.

Anonymous said...

In Texas a Black woman and Black man had three children tied and chained in their back yard. No food, no water, no shelter.
Other kids were in the house with no supervision. All the kids seemed to be malnourished. Not sure which kids belonged to who.
Supposedly the man has a job.

It pissess me off when animals are treated like this.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep this realistic: When Texas was still a Mexican province, the Mexican government couldn't get many Mexicans to go to such a backwater province. So, the Mexican government was all on board with allowing "Americans" to move there to help settle the country. Fast forward to the war with Mexico and there was only about 3000 Mexicans in all of Texas and they were vastly outnumbered by Americans.

Now the process is being repeated except in reverse. Mexicans (legal and illegal) are attempting to swamp the entire Southwest with sheer numbers and, if allowed, the result will be the same for the US as it was for Mexico in regards to Texas. History is repeating itself. Mexico was stupid for allowing Texas to be swamped with an alien population resulting in the war and the eventual treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo(1848)which ceded the entire Southwest to the USA~ and the US is currently being downright stupid in allowing the same thing to happen to the entire Southwest as per demographic replacement. The Reconquista is in full swing and going full steam ahead. Remember the old saying: "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

However, there is one big difference- the illegals are swarming here not to settle a barren and backwater province but to seize everything others have built and to feed off the system until they have the power to seize it for their own. Unless they're stopped, they will do so through simple numbers. Make no mistake- it is a war of attrition even if guns aren't being used.

The great stupidity is that our government is funding the illegals and assisting them and their supporters in their take-over while allowing them to protest against the US and against anyone who wishes to stop them. All the buzzwords such as xenophobia, racism, hatred etc are merely smokescreens behind which the true purpose lies hidden and are simply manipulative ploys used to deflect the conversation away from the reality. Trump is being attacked and vehemently protested NOT because anyone really thinks he's xenophobic, racist or filled with hate but because he recognizes the reality and says he's going to do something concrete about it- the severe reactions by Latino's is because he threatens their purpose and they're afraid they will be thwarted in their efforts at Reconquista. All the leftards that scream the same thing and come out in support of the Reconquista's are nothing but ordinary run of the mill brainless yet quite useful idiots who are blind to how they're being used.

In any case, let's see if America will be stupid and suffer even greater consequences than have already been evident. So far, the indications are very strong that stupidity will prevail. I hope I'm greatly mistaken and the American public will support Trump and stop the Reconquista's dead in their tracks.

Unknown said...

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.

Deport a man, never have to feed him again.

That's a pure gold right there, man!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As you look around, you might notice that there are several powerful people, most especially our Congressmen, Senators, and other directors of affairs in Washington who could easily deliver half of what they promised when they were trying to get elected.

There is a huge tax base in this country from which to draw. There are a lot of people who don´t consider America their homeland as much as a cow to be milked -regularly. These traitorous people/quasi corporations are bribing their way across this once great land. They outsourced our jobs and now they´re importing cheap, Third World labor to take what´s remaining. They entice them here with the sweet benefits. Once YT is gone, bye bye bennies. They care not when once thriving industrial cities decay into chaos and smoldering ruin. It´s easy to rule over stupid, dependent people. Much easier than constantly questioned by yt when you are spending tax payer money.

The negroes and the mestizos are too stupid to understand that. You as a white person should not be.

Annie Oakley said...

Lived in California for 20 years. These filthy vermin and their enablers pushed me out of the state. I'm glad I'm gone but I feel bad for the whites left behind in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and surrounding towns.

The Mexicans completely ruined the west side of CM. The west side looks like a barrio. Go to any grocery store and you'll see dirty diapers in the parking lot, cigarette butts and any other type of dirty nasty trash they can't be bothered to waddle over with their fat mexican muffin top asses to. I almost hate them worse than blacks. They're far sneakier.

This isn't going to end well. Once Trump is elected I think we'll be in full civil war if earth changes don't happen first. They are having earthquakes daily in Oklahoma. The New Madrid Fault could go anytime. It could split the country in half. It could be very ugly. Read the accounts of the 1812 New Madrid earthquake. This was when the country was mostly white and people were nice. Now?

Hell when the obese SSRI riddled SJW needs her food and her meds, and she can't feed her kids, it's going to get ugly.

I'm glad I'm out of an urban city. All I can say is learn to grow a garden now, get out to the range and practice, get to the dentist and get any dental work you need now, get your eyes check, lose what weight you need and stockpile any meds you might need such as insulin and high blood pressure medication. Get solar panels for small appliances so you can cook and boil water. I cook outside most of the time with my BBQ grill. Saves a ton of money, it's cooler and practice now cooking that way in case you have to.

Prep and don't say shit to your neighbors, your family or your friends. Just immediate family like spouse, that's it. You'd be surprised who will sell you out for a taco dinner.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Whites have invited a people to live among us who are very much hostile to us.

No, we didn't. A certain minority elite who looks a little like us, but is not us had been behind the Browning of America AND Europe. My has lived here in So. Cal since they came here when Indians add a huge danger travelling across this continent. I can tell you with absolute certainty that non of us were given a vote on whether these people could come here. Rich elites promote it and race traitors took advantage of it to get their lawn cut cheaper. Their mantra was that they would do the work white people wouldn't do. This was a huge lie but the poor whites had no choice or champion. Now, 1/4 of Hispanic households in L.A. County have an income over $100,000. They have taken over much and lots of or people have mingled themselves with this lot.

Anonymous said...

You ever notice how many people in this country have Hispanic last names but look as white as any Caucasian with European roots. Many of them can't speak Spanish. My point is that the offspring of Mexican immigrants go to our schools and become Americanized.They seemed to prefer to marry whites. My wife's father came from Mexico in the 1950's and married her mother a white woman.I could tell my wife was of mixed race when I met her because she had dark skin. But other than that she was totally American. When we gave birth to a baby girl it had blond hair and blue eyes. My wife has twelve brothers and sisters and none of them married a Mexican and all of their children are all lilly white.
It would appear that after only two generations all Hispanic traits fade away. Mexican men and women generally prefer whites as mates. They could breed themselves out of existence.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Was America built on the back of Mexicans also?

Travis Triggerword said...

Ted Cruz will be having a rally at the local Frosty Freeze parking lot. They expect 20 to 30 people to show up. I'll be going but hope no protesters will be jumping on the roof of police cars.

Anonymous said...

The conflict between Latino immigrants and the USA is quite different from that of the black natives versus white natives. The Latino conflict is a non -ideological struggle which can't be solved without a humiliating decision to give up sovreign control of a large swath of American territory. Such a humiliation is not in the cards. The Latinos will lose their gripe fest. If riots really get going I cannot imagine any Democratic candidate not losing legitimacy by championing them. All Trump has to do is rhetorically poke at them and the violent overreaction will make the case for him.

Anonymous said...

As you watch those videos of rampaging Mexicans filled with hate for white people just remember one thing. All those rich white yuppies living in Malibu and Hollywood hire these people to wash their clothes, clean their houses and mow their lawns. Who in their right mind would let Mexicans into their fancy plush homes. Are they frigging stupid.

The super wealthy liberals will be the first to go when La Raza goes on the warpath. Those gated communities will not make them safe. In the prime of my youth I could have climbed one of those fences in two minutes. Any good sized truck with a set of chains could pull those gates off in the blink of an eye. These soft rich Gringos will be an easy target. Those that are lucky to survive will later be saying "We should have cleaned our own toilets."

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

HEY @Anonymous!. Which is MOST of y'all.

If you commented here, which you did, you know you'll come back here. 'bout y'all give yourselves HANDLES?

I think we can build a community here! Even if we're anonymous. I was moved by the way everyone came through for @CENTURION—I think he said 35 guys? Awesome.

I live in Austin, Texas. Raised two kids. Hey y'all!

Anonymous said...

I have championed this idea many time ...... For every illegal that crosses the border we send "shaniqua and her 5 niglets" in trade. What could be fairer than that?

Anonymous said...

Im with you .... I believe America is "despicable".

Anonymous said...

OT, but like always, still relevant:

Another chimp-out over chicken wings:

Anonymous said...

Check out the video of the White House correspondents dinner! Two n*ggers degrading our civilization even more! Bongo and some orc comedian.

Best part is the end of the comedian's speech! He actually calls Obongo a n*gger to his face!! Wild! Says Jigaboo too.

Country is so degraded by the groids! End it soon, Mr Trump!

2 Minute Alpha said...

I hate Red Dawn, every time it's mentioned I think of what could have been had America actually been invaded and we had a man like Putin in charge.

Anonymous said...

Years ago in college I was speaking with a liberal gay man who remarked on a bit in the student paper. A young Hispanic man was griping about the racist system that allowed him to obtain an education in which he stated, "My heart belongs in Mexico" to which the liberal gay man stated, "Maybe your ass belongs there!".

Many who don't let on that they understand the problem actually have done sense of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is a beautiful country....except for the Mexicans. A drug dealer in a supermax prison escapes thru a tunnel with a motorcycle on rails!! Wow, not much graft or corruption to look at there. Drug cartels have internal turf wars and place the heads of their victims on poles to send a message. Or sometimes they get lazy and just hang them from bridges & overpasses. The few foolish law enforcement officers who dare to stand up to them get massacred in a bulletstorm that would make Sonny Corleone jealous. The human trafficers (coyotes) sneak Central Americans across our border in an unending chain, wave after wave, with no notice or care from the Mexican gvt. The bastards then commit crime after crime here, and our fucked up Congress is debating about Kate's Law.

Mexico is a Shit Hole. Their whole economic plan is to rob the US any and every way they can; NAFTA violations, illegals in the US sending money back home without paying our taxes, grabbing every freebie our traitor US politicians hand them.

Build The Wall.
Blow Up The Tunnels.
Mine The Rio Grande.

Mexico is no friend of ours.

Anonymous said...

19 y.o. White girl attacked and savagely beaten on Chimpcongo train. Guess the racial identity of the perps? Hell, you already know the answer to that...

Anonymous said...

Mexicans = Arabs

Start wars
Lose Wars
Lose Land
Whine that the land was stolen
Commit acts of terrorism

Muera La Raza


D-FENS said...

Liberals all in a tizzy over declining negro population in west coast liberal urban areas:

Anonymous said...

I must say, the enrirety of all the posts within this blog are mind-boggling to me. I began reading hours ago with the post from almost two years ago about the mirrored demographics of Maine (83% white) vs. Detroit (83% black). For some reason, I can't get it out of my head to say a piece here. I just couldn't figure out where to put it.

Originally, I was going to post the following in response to a comment there, but taking into consideration how old that particular article is, I knew no one would read it.

With the above being said, below is my take on ethnic divisions, political, opinion, or otherwise.

No one in any state can say their government doesn't somehow dictate voter outcome and Maine is no exception. I reside in the southern part of the state and am a bit jaded presently by how true so many of the points on [these threads] are. I am by no means racist. I was brought to [this thread] to research facts to back up my side of a discussion with my brother, essentially about the jail populus. It was my naive argument that the demographics in the jails represent the demo of the areas in which they are located, that the individuals commit the crimes not the race. His argument was that the dark outnumber the light across the board. I did not want to admit it, but as it turns out, he was right. I continue to stand behind my belief that it predominantly has to do with ones' upbringing, but somehow the balance inevitably remains uneven. Although our state is white, and our incarceration rates are low, our jails are still full. Our balance here is rocked because of our welfare system, sadly enough, and it is partly this reason that foreigners and out-of-staters come here to live and do their business (aka drug sales). We have our fair share of barefoot overbreeding honkeys, and that fact is a constant thorn in my side. It makes me sick to struggle to make ends meet in a low paying state so that I may preserve my life and land here, all the while supporting the above mentioned who ride my tax dollar coat-tails to preserve their way of life. I love my state and I am perhaps too trusting of all walks. Yes, we own guns, fish, hunt, farm, etc. Yes, we are passionate about preserving our way of life here. Yes, we are tough. And yes, we have some of the lowest crime rates in the country. But I digress. It is my assertion that there can be harmony among race, but it takes toughness and hard work from all sides. There are three fundamentals to this, without organised law: support yourself, support your resources, and do what is known to be the right thing. Thank you

From Southern Maine

Anonymous said...

The magical coalition of preacher clowns and pimps are doing the step and fetchit in celebration of zero homicides in 200 days for the Butler Tarkington neighborhood in Indianapolis.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one. Groid lady pulls gun on fast food restaurant, you guessed it: chicken:

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story that I missed on 4/20 about a black bartender who was sucker-punched and left in the street until a cab ran him over.

I'm sure you're familiar with the story of the "Good Samaritan". Tell me if you can spot one in the video? All that I saw was two black males run up to the unconscious man and rifle through his pockets while leaving him lying in the street. His fambly is surprised that no one stopped to give a sht.

Of course money fixes all things, and the fambly is suing everyone that they can think of other than the black guy who knocked him unconscious in the street. So they are suing 7-11 and the taxi cab company among others- obviously.

Anonymous said...

@ Southern Maine
"there can be harmony among races but it takes toughness and hard work from all sides."

Sorry, but that boat sailed and sank a long time ago. You say it takes both sides to create harmony. You assume non-whites are motivated by some desire for this. They aren't. They're motivated by many things in my experience-a desire for power, to stick it to YT, to get all the free stuff they can and on and on. Harmony and kumbaya are not on the list. When non-whites are in a majority just see how interested they'll be in these noble ideals. You obviously have never lived around large groups of the dark and different. Let me tell you from decades of personal experience it is sheer hell. You maintain these tensions and problems have to do with upbringing, Respectfully disagree. It has to do with RACE. Genetics is everything. People create the culture and the norms. "Culture" isn't some magical construct that individuals of any race can be fitted into. You don't become Swedish by living in Sweden. The dirt isn't magical. You maintain you are not racist. That is because you probably haven't been exposed to enough vibrancy and enrichment yet. As one who has lost family members and friends to Black murderers and who has lived among that race for years I can assure you that racism is definitely a disease. You catch it by being around non-whites. If you really want an education, travel to Detroit or any other major American city. If you survive, you may have a different take on race relations. There are more non-whites in jail because they commit more crimes. The "barefoot, overbreeding honkeys" will look real good to you if you spend some time in the war zones that are major American cities. I've never seen any large crowds of "honkeys" destroying cities in Maine the way Baltimore was trashed in the recent past. Your thoughtful comments are appreciated by this poster, but I respectfully maintain that only racialists, race realists, racists or whatever one chooses to label them will have much chance of survival in the years ahead.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Whites are only 7-8% of the population of the entire world or less, even though the area you may live in is Lily White temporarily. I'm pretty sure the folks in Minnesota or Maine never dreamed of living with Somalians. We Whites are the target of Genocide per the U.N. definition.

As far as the upcoming Elections, on the Democratic side would you really vote for a Touchy Feely Communist or a Money Grubbing Witch at the beck and call of her YKW contributors? On the Republican side, a former director of a Bankster organization that almost took down the entire U.S. Economy. Or perhaps a phony Bible thumper who can't remember who financed his campaign with sweetheart money or what country he was born in? If the Mainstream Media and their 6% believability rating is against Trump, them I am 110% for him. Nomesayin?

Philadelphia Mike said...

Philadelphia Mike, here.

Yes...I now understand the problems that California is having with the Mestizos. I really wasn't so acutely aware of it as I am now. Here on the East coast, we have not been witness to this. We have much bigger problems....the feral violent selfish demanding disgusting negro.

What I see here in the Philadelphia area is that the Mexicans are trying their best to assimilate into the white culture. Because of the nature of the negro beast, the Mexicans have chosen to ally themselves with us. It has become an us (Europeans and Mexicans) against them (the negro beast) situation.

And I have seen a lot of intermarriage between the Mexicans and the Europeans here. Their women are marrying our men.

Funny, isn't many of our race traitorous white women are now the biological vessels for feral negro offspring...and the Mexican woman are replacing them and producing white children...and surprisingly, if have seen some of these children with blue eyes and light hair.

It's not common...but I have seen a few Mexican guys with White women...but not that many. And again, the children look like southern Europeans.

Well, that Trump rally in California really opened up my eyes.

But I will say this over and over again....if I had to choose between a Mexican and a negro, I would take a Mexican over a negro any day.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Non American here, what happened? Blog turned into SMDL ( stuff Mexicans don't like ) but yeah it is pathetic to see those Mexican flags. A competing parasite with the negroes.

AnalogMan said...

Mexican men and women generally prefer whites as mates. They could breed themselves out of existence.

Mich Mike

You say that as if it's a good thing. It's not.

Everybody prefers Whites as mates. And every time a White mates with the Other, another White loses a prospective mate, and at least one, maybe two, White people's racial line ends. Only a White man and a White woman can have a White baby.

Ask not who is being bred out of existence, White man. It's not the Mexicans, who were mongrels to start with. It's you.

Anonymous said...

Pat B--negroes are finished?

last I checked there are a BILLION SAVAGES IN AFRICA.

Take a glance at a free ebook---Negroes in negroeland.

Proudyt said...

Anonymous 11:26 am I'm sure you are a nice person but you are a bit naive. Whites HAVE tried to get along with other races but always seem to get the shit end of the stick. When ever there are discussions about race it's always whites who get preached to.I think I can safely say no white person alive today has ever owned a slave and no black person alive today has ever been one. We grow weary of a race that shows no sign of changing any part of a misguided ,obnoxious ,rude ,murderous ,conniving ,abusive culture. We call it white fatigue. Go to any large city and spend a couple weeks there. You will have a rude awakening.

Paintjob Theory said...

" I am by no means racist. "

Don't dislocate your arm patting yourself on the back over this. To those of us who can see that only means that the only negroes you have ever seen are on your TV and/or are being wilfully obtuse when examining the evidence of human biodiversity.

"His argument was that the dark outnumber the light across the board"

Examine crime statistics from Canada, Europe, or anywhere else on earth you like and you'll find the same pattern with black Africans leading the pack for violent, impulsive, and antisocial behavior.

"Yes, we are passionate about preserving our way of life here"

Our way of life here in Maine is due to the fact that there are so few black Africans. I'd encourage you to go on safari in real African America for comparison. Better yet, try to live amongst them for a half a year.

" It is my assertion that there can be harmony among race, but it takes toughness and hard work from all sides."

Bearing in mind that we have harmony up my way WITHOUT any mud races with which to contend and it seems that negroes generally can't live in harmony amongst each other or anybody else for that matter.

Why do you feel you "owe" these mongs the "hard work" that even you would admit it would take in order to have harmony? Do you believe any of them will pull their weight in all this "hard work"? Upon what evidence would you base your hypothesis?

I can assure you folks in my little all white town live in harmony with each other with no effort whatsoever; can you name a few things I'm missing the boat on in my harmonious all white community from not putting in a lot of extra "hard work" to try to live side by side with a pack of evolutionary throwbacks? Do you even believe in evolution/natural selection? Can you explain why it would not apply to different branches of hominids?

Lastly adoption and twin studies refute your "nurture vs. nature argument". You can't "upbringing" away smaller frontal lobe (low IQ, low impulse control), high testosterone levels, and high instance of the dysfunctional low repeat allele MAOA gene. Your flawed theory is what Stoddard called "Bolshevik Creationism", which is a fanciful faith that your man made God (the state) can create the perfect man.

In short, if you want to live around black Africans, piss off to Massachusetts, they've got plenty to spare and they'll appreciate all the "hard work" you're ready to do. Like so many missionaries before you trying to civilize these cretins you'll as likely as not wind up in a stew pot. The "way of life" you enjoy so much in Maine is due to our vastly majority white population. Don't for a minute think that you'll start displacing the PEOPLE who create this way of life with those who create the way of life seen in the Sudan or Detroit and you'll still have any place fit for human habitation.

Anonymous said...

@May 1, 2016 at 5:28 PM

I'm sure you're familiar with the story of the "Good Samaritan".

hmm hmm,
I get this a lot.

Like the fabled equine/insect fusion,
the "Horsipede",
the "good somalian" is nothing more than an academic prmulgated fiction.

There is no parable of the "Good somalian"

There isn't, never was, and never could be,
such a creature.

I believe the confusion arose, when a degenerate "White" female gave birth to the result of coitus with a male of the somali species.
Starting a trend.
A modern times St Vitus Dance,with added elements of suicidal self abnegating ooga booga spite.

A half coon.
As opposed to a quatrocoon, octocoon, and so on.

Since then of course, what is essentially a crime against Nature, Man, and God has proliferated.
Due in part to a lack of resolve,
or an effective White equivalent,
to the cloacal species' tradition of "honour killing",
at the sentinal service of White societies.

Hideous examples of this nightmares of a maniac beastie, and its anthropomorphised
progenitor abound.
A relentless necrotic chancre,
consuming, devouring and destroying everything in its path.

I believe Joseph Cnrad belled the cat.
But reading, like thinking, is hard.
Best let someone else do it.

Aided in every sphere of course,
by a certain other mongrel demographic.

Among whom ,rumours of a "good one",
as with somalis,
vie with reports of the Scarlet Pimpernel riding through Atlantis,
astride a galloping horsipede,
in relation to verisimiletude.

Who,as a Human being of ANY race,
wouldn't wish that the horsipede,
not the somali-cross-abomination,
or its chimpy-daddy
was the reality?

What is intolerable, will NOT be tolerated

Having coined the straw/camels back analogy,
you would speculate that they would have
avoided the enthusiastic metaphorical digging of their own graves.
As in every other recorded instance of course,
poor old Whitey has to the actual spade work.

In short.

Good Samaritan yes.
Good somalian no.

Jan Sobieski

Anonymous said...

To: Southern Maine

You seem proud to state that you are not a racist. What that tells me is that you don't want to believe the truth about blacks because it would make you feel like a "bad person". But refusing to acknowledge the uncontestable truth that blacks are genetically different from Whites does not make you a "good person". Respectfully, it makes you a disingenuous person.

I do not live amongst blacks, and I was not raised in a racist environment, yet I still can see the truth. News - across the nation - every single day - provides overabundant proof. Plus the complete and utter failure of decades and decades of money and programs spent trying to elevate blacks to some semblance of normal human behavior. Please understand that blacks have never and will never "do what is known to be the right thing". Never. And they hate us, you included.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Well the changes in Minnesota are permanent and the decisions that led to the tens of thousands of Somalis were never put to the public consideration. Genetics are everything; it is obvious to anyone who lives here why Somalia is not Japan or Denmark and will never be so. My only persistent question is why the Powers that be decided a war-torn lawless East African area would produce the winning combination.
Sheer incompetence I guess. Governor Dayton made it clear he would like to see the longtime residents of St Cloud ( a homogeneous German and Scandinavian area ) move out of the state if the did not like the tens of thousands of Somalis he is importing there. Is this guy a commissar, you ask? Apparently so, and in love with ethnic replacement, Soviet - style.

Paintjob Theory said...

"last I checked there are a BILLION SAVAGES IN AFRICA."

95% of whom would starve within a month if whitey stopped sending them food. The sustainable population of Africa (that which they can themselves sustain without outside aid) is very small indeed.

Ditto with every black African anywhere in the world, if we stop feeding them they will quickly starve.

Anonymous said...

This video is absolutely disgusting! Just look at these third world degenerates, waving the Mexican flag, shouting profanities, and "twerking". These animals should be locked up and deported, ASAP! If they stay on US soil, they'll grow up to be the new generation of criminals.

Trump 2016!!!


Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous @ 8:32PM seems to be impressed with what he calls the billion black savages in Africa. He seems to doubt my remark that blacks are doomed.

Currently there are seven billion people on Earth. It could be that there will more and more in the future. Or it could be that this is the peak and the human population recedes from this high point. Let's think about it.

When the white man came to the New World there were Indians all over the place. But luckily they were not immune to Old World diseases. That's how North America came to be populated by white people. Africa is filled with blacks but just one or two diseases and that could all change. I think we can assume that some nation has been looking into developing such diseases. The largest biological warfare programs used to be in the former Soviet Union. What do you suppose happened to those programs? Did they share their information with China?

where is the most likely spot on earth for a nuclear conflagration? At one point I would have said between the Muslims and the Hindus. But that doesn't seem to have been true. Both sides hate each other but both seem to have backed down on a nuclear exchange.

What about Africa? Today Paul writes about Indianapolis and their accomplishment of not having a murder in 200 days. Hot damn! Real progress. What happens when Africa gets the bomb?

Soon nuclear weapons will be available in black Africa. Nigeria has oil wealth. North Korea has a bomb and needs money. Connect the dots. They don't quite have Jeffersonian democracy in Central Africa but they do have sharing the wealth. One of Charles Taylor's political opponents lost an election. He was chopped up into little pieces so that the celebrants would each get a piece to eat.

Africans in America are bad enough - apparently they need constant illumination to keep them from spontaneously murdering one another - but those in the home continent are worse yet. They will soon have regimes with nuclear weapons. How do you suppose those "UN Peacekeepers" will manage then?


SKIP said...

" Any good sized truck with a set of chains could pull those gates off in the blink of an eye."

Let us not forget that those very gated communities usually hire a NEGRO "guard"!!! hahahahahaha

cloudofhaze said...

Gov't jobs excluded?