Saturday, April 9, 2016

Irredeemable: Norwegian Male Raped by Somali Laments He's being Deported back to Somalia

PK Note: Sick. Quite sick. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

  Were it not for a debilitating illness, I'd have posted this on Thursday. If one article/story ever summed up the mental illness crippling the West, this is it. [After Anal Rape, Left Wing Activist Felt ‘Guilt And Responsibility’ His Migrant Attacker Was Deported, Breitbart, 4-7-16]:

A left wing activist has bared all to a Norwegian documentary crew about his rape at the hands of a Somalian migrant, and his despair at seeing the man deported.

An active member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist” explained the difficulty he experienced accepting that he had been anally raped by a male migrant. He said he didn’t blame the man for the attack, and regretted the fact he had been sent back to Somalia.
Describing the process of reconciling his personally held beliefs, young SV activist Karsten Nordal Hauken said the experience left him “feeling nothing”, reports Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.
Attacked as a young man, his rapist was convicted six months after the fact with DNA evidence removed from Mr. Hauken’s body at the time of his rape, and fingerprints taken from his bedroom. The Somalian male was later caught when he was found to be carrying a knife in public and his fingerprints were a match.
Although he protested his innocence and claimed he had been enjoying a consensual relationship with Mr. Hauken, the migrant was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. After the completion of his jail term, the man was deported back to Somalia, something which his victim greeted with mixed emotions.
Speaking to NRK ahead of a new documentary series about young people in Norway dealing with mental illness, Mr. Hauken said of the moment when he was told by telephone at work that his attacker was to be deported: “I was a bit taken by surprise by this message.
“But I remained calm enough to tell the manager that I had to go. The tears, they came the moment I sat in the car. I felt a relief and joy that he was going away forever. I felt that the Norwegian government took on the responsibility to exercise the ultimate revenge, like an angry father who confronts a child abuser.
“But I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason why he should not have to leave Norway, and heading for a very uncertain future in Somalia.
He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again? And this time much harder?”
Mr. Hauken found himself unable to blame his attacker, saying “he is not responsible for his actions”. Rather than the rapist being in charge of his own destiny, he said he was merely “a product of an unjust world. A product of an upbringing marked by war and deprivation”, and said that rather than the attack being sexually motivated, it was all about “exerting power” over him.
The attack had not in any way dulled his left-wing politics, either. Mr. Hauken said: “I stand rock solid in my opinion that people like him need our help. I want us to continue to help refugees with such a background… For I am a human being first, and not a Norwegian. No, I’m part of the world, and the world is unfortunately unfair”.
This is not the first example of leftist political activists allowing their close proximity to the migrant communities which they strive so hard to defend to cause them harm. Breitbart London reported last year on the near-fatal stabbing of an open borders, pro mass migration activist in Dresden.
Standing outside a pizza-parlour, the student was jumped and stabbed in the back by a gang of North Africans. He said that the event had left him feeling “very sad”, and he hoped it wouldn’t be used to demonise migrants.
 The mental illness Mr. Hauken suffers from is found throughout the Western world. Indeed, it's taught as the highest moral virtue. 


Anonymous said...

Obviously King Karsten enjoyed the episode.

Bill in St Louis said...

"An active member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist” explained the difficulty he experienced accepting that he had been anally raped by a male migrant. He said he didn’t blame the man for the attack, and regretted the fact he had been sent back to Somalia"

Translation: I really liked M'gumba fu**ing me in the ass, and I wish we could have explored a real relationship when he was released from prison,he showed me my true self when he came in me, and I miss him.

People like this need to be culled before a solution to the Dindu problem can be addressed.

Brian in Ohio said...

Sorry to hear your under the weather Mr. Kersey. Your sickness will pass. Theirs will not.

These people cannot be saved because they don't want to be. You would have to drag them kicking and screaming...literally. It`s like they say about trying to save someone who`s drowning. They`ll only pull you under with them.

It`s just not worth it.

Prepare yourself mentally, physically and materially. There`s a storm coming.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Same mindset as these suicidal Scandinavians here in Minnesota. It's genetic.

oogabooga said...

Get well PK.

"Describing the process of reconciling his personally held beliefs, young SV activist Karsten Nordal Hauken said the experience left him “feeling nothing”,"

I'll bet the attack itself left him feeling something! Boonda!!

"Although he protested his innocence and claimed he had been enjoying a consensual relationship with Mr. Hauken,"

I'm thinking it may have been consensual.

Plaga Negra said...

Nominee for this year's Amy Biehl award, or do you have to die to win that? Anyways, send this virtue-signaling cuck to Somalia.

Hope you get better PK. You are a gift from Providence, we can't lose you.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of the old joke. A woman visits the zoo, and goes to the gorilla cages. The largest, blackest male gorilla grabs the woman, takes her in his cage, and rapes her.

She's too humiliated to tell anyone, or maybe she doesn't want the gorilla to get sent back to Africa. Anyway, after a few days, she can stand it no longer, and she goes and tells the authorities. "Did he hurt you?" they ask. "Did he hurt me!!! she says, "he didn't write. He didn't call. He didn't sent flowers..."

This guy is not the first to have Stockholm syndrome. And he won't be the last. He's not even the first to get a large "reality suppository" that turned out to be too small a dose after all. Yet, for some reason, these stories always piss me off.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this guy has no kids and kills himself soon.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon PK.The 'man' mentioned in the above story will never be well mentally, and its not from butt rape.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said... will (uh) bite you in the butt! (ahem...)

Californian said...

PK, take care. You are invaluable to our struggle.

Ratchet said...

These people will have to be dealt with too if we are ever to regain a semblance of normalcy. Why does he not wish the man was dead or at least be relieved that he is gone? As large and ugly a task here as dealing with the invaders.

Californian said...

The mental illness Mr. Hauken suffers from is found throughout the Western world. Indeed, it's taught as the highest moral virtue.


...James Burnham

Anonymous said...

Sending the rapist back to his homeland is "the ultimate revenge"? Please. This brainwashing victim has no sense of imagination. Ultimate revenge would be something like having the jig publicly crucified as a warning to the others.

Then again, the fact that this libtard doesn't seem to care that he got raped makes me think that Europe might not actually have a refugee problem. After all, maybe everyone there is just a coalburner waiting their turn for surprise sex.


Double Tap in Florida said...

Wow! He might as well been killed as thats the only way people like this change. Thought processes that are nothing but repulsive!

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say he turned the other cheek.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better, PK.

As for the article...Ho-Lee Shit.

This is nothing less than Satanic. Only Satan himself is called the "Father of Lies", the "Deceiver", as well as the "Accuser". This guy, and many like him, suffer from a spiritual illness as well as a mental one, as they allow Evil Itself to accuse them, rather than their attackers, of being at fault. These pathetic souls can be the victims of attacks a hundred times over, and still their warped sense of morality forces them to point inward as the cause for all evil deeds.

"Woe to them who call evil "good" and good "evil", who mistake darkness for light and sweet for bitter..."

chattanooga gal said...

glad you are feeling better P.K.
this story astounds me. exactly what do these bleeding heart sjw's think WOULD merit deportation, if not this? Maybe he's "O.k." with having been plugged by someone who is at a very high risk of being an aids carrier, but I'll bet there are plenty of mothers of young boys who wouldn't be satisfied that " he had a hard childhood, so all is excused" if it were one of their kids. How much do you excuse on the basis of one's " hard childhood" anyway?
speaking of excusing, have you all seen how they are already making excuses for the young dindu who recently killed that white college student? Doesn't matter what they do, they are always the victim.

riptapart said...

Oh yeah, he flames. No doubt he is struggling with the fact he enjoyed the pillaging of himself by a Somalian butt pirate. I don't understand his reasoning for not disclosing this personal truth. It would enhance his career if he came out of the closet. In his world, queers are revered, especially the one playing catcher.

So CAL Snowman said...

This is probably the most romantic thing I've ever read. I think I'm going to cry. But seriously it's kind of remarkable how self-centered and flat out EVIL these useful lefty liberal idiots truly are . . .

""Mr. Hauken said: “I stand rock solid in my opinion that people like him need our help. I want us to continue to help refugees with such a background… For I am a human being first, and not a Norwegian. No, I’m part of the world, and the world is unfortunately unfair”

This pillow biting swish does not even stop for a second to consider the victims and potential victims of the invading african/moslem hordes. Not a single thought is given to the thousands of ethnic Norwegians raped and murdered by these invading africans/moslems, all that matters is how HE feels. Of course he doesn't give a shit about his fellow countrymen getting raped and murdered by stone age savages because Norwegians are no longer his people. This pathetic eunuch has more in common with stone age rapists than he does with the men and women that share his genetics.

So honestly, what's the bottom line to this story? Is this flaming protagonist attempting to get his Somalian lover re-admitted to Norway? Is this pudgy marsh mellow advocating for more lenient sentencing for rapists? Methinks he is simply playing the role of drama queen is order to re-live, errr I mean wax cathartic about his rape in order to bask in the attention of it all. The even crazier thing is that this piece of human excrement will be lauded as a hero in his left wing peer group for getting anally raped and fighting to keep his rapist in Norway. Of course this lumpy excuse for a "man" does not feel any SHAME in being raped by a savage orc. It's pretty obvious that he probably enjoyed being buggered by a savage non-White - it was probably the culmination of his life's work as a lefty untermensch - he was "taking one for the team" so to speak.

Just look at the mental contortions this effeminate oxygen thief has to go through - he claims that rape is wrong and then he justifies the actions of his rapist by saying that the Somalian orc is the true victim, a victim of an unjust world!!!! This man reveals the sacred cow of liberal dogma - non-Whites do not have personal responsibility for their actions, every time they rape or murder it is ultimately the fault of the White man for creating an "unjust" world. This "man" like all left wingers has absolutely zero pride, zero self respect and zero survival instincts. This human garbage bag would be killed in less than a day if he lived in a majority brown or black nation. It would seem that Anders Breivik was far ahead of the curve and his words are hauntingly prescient in this age of encroaching darkness and despair.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is another glaring example of the logical conclusion of the feminizing of the white male.

White males on average when compared to the men of all/most other races are more accepting, friendly, welcoming and nurturing than those of others. Watch a dedicated white father playing with his kids (and relishing every moment of it) while his tireless and thoughtful white wife takes a much needed break to attend to other important responsibilities and relationships in her life.

Don't lecture white males on being compassionate and selfless- they are almost always the founders and key members of any organization advocating on the behalf of animals, the environment, safety, caring for the homeless, promoting and nourishing artists... the list goes on and white males have a pretty good track record.

More and more white males are waking up to the fact that their benevolence and willingness to share and sacrifice are not being returned even when we cling on to hope that they had been or will be some day.

Stop wasting time being concerned with those who have no concern or respect for you. It's simple, and it's not racist. White men being masculine and wanting to form lives with feminine white women is a wonderful thing. It has worked for how many thousands of years and continues to work regardless of who tries to shape opinion.

Anonymous said...

There are a few "black male rapes someone" stories in the mainstream news atm, and I'm hoping that the new "Campus-Anti-rape-tour" led by Joe Biden and Gaga can address the issue.

Too bad all of the well known cases of sexual assault and violence involve black males.

It must be hard discussing examples of black misbehavior without identifying or blaming blacks for any of the result. Young black males responsible for over half of the violence, crime, and any other social ills. It's right in all of our faces at this point.

This story almost makes Patty Hearst's ordeal palatable.

Oil 'n Water said...

This is the type of rationale that liberals typically employ in order to maintain the belief that we are all equally worthy human beings, forever deserving of a second chance. His "guilt" over this animal's deportation is not surprising; it happens time after time with this group. Liberalism is no less a cult than Jim Jones' creation; automatons incapable of comprehending any view of the world inconsistent with their twisted beliefs. Even if it literally rams them in the butt.
Did it ever occur to him that this worthy human being, arrested carrying a knife in public, would have no reservations doing the same to a child that was done to him? Or to a woman, even though he claims to be pro-feminist? Indeed, the likelihood this was not the Somali's first, or last attack, is almost guaranteed.
Liberals never seem to comprehend the potential consequenses to innocent people, exposed to those whose value system will NEVER measure up to the their ideals. But they continue with the madness, no matter the destruction that only race realists seem to notice.

PK: hope you're feeling better. Thanks for staying at the switch.

Anonymous said...

I have relatives and "friends" that suffer from the same mental illness as the rape victim. They don't get it and will never get it. At this point I would be happy if they just split this country in half. 25 states for the morons and 25 states or the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that race realist Caucasians in the U.S. will have to help race realist Caucasians in Europe come to the U.S. and then all like minded Caucasians must move to the same area for protection.

Whites will absolutely have to help one another. Not very many have the money to move. The damn elites wanted this mess, and yet 100 millionaires left France......went to Canada and the U.S. and other countries. Hypocrite turds. Communist Cowards.

I wish someone had the means to do something about a few of the elites.

Sick n' Tired said...

Someone on here asked the other day what "cuck and cuckservative" meant. The guy in this article is the perfect definition of those terms.

Anonymous said...

Being a Left-wing activist, I'm guessing the attack was less traumatic than it would have been for a man of the Right, or even a Moderate.
Get well soon, PK.

Anonymous said...

Lowes & Home Depot, never hardly see them there, great places to shop.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I guess what really surprises me is that Karsten didn´t offer the poor Somali man a glass of Chardonnay and perhaps shared a blunt or two after the intimate moment. I am not sure how this all is supposed to work, but the fact that he didn´t even offer cab fair or a place for his African friend to rest his nappy head for the night really does not speak well of the Norwegian men and their hospitality.

Over in Sweden there are numerous reports of children, both boys and girls as young as nine being dragged into the locker rooms and anally, vaginally assaulted by the newest African/Muslim invaders. It seems wrong that they don´t have a predesignated place adjoining the locker rooms for the new Muslim friends to share intimacy with a bit more privacy.

I used to joke that at least Angela Merkel and her fellow rulers could dispense free lube to all of the European citizens who are funding all of this diversity. Guess I was not too far off the mark concerning that remark. Western civilization is over, kids. It´s freaking over. RIP

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a quick recovery, PK.

Can we please send victims like this one back where we send their attackers? Mr. Hauken should not be in any white gene pool. His type are getting us killed.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling so bad. We missed you!

NY Girl said...

Wow, feel better, Paul!! When you said "sick," I originally thought you were referring to the guy who practically apologized for his own sodomization.

So much for "banging the stupid" out of people!

Anonymous said...

Texas here:


"The lowest thing taught as the highest moral value."

You're onto it!

"I was raped, and I feel sorry for the rapist."


"I don't want blight and dysfunction in my neighborhood, so I'm evil."


The world turned upside down:

Keep at it, sir!

Anonymous said...

His experience and his reaction to it are the perfect metaphor for the European mindset in the year 2016.

Anonymous said...

This shit is too fucking good. I laughed. Then, I laughed some more. Fuck these SJW's. They can get all the buttfucking that they can stand by their "pets". Then, they can get some more. Throw them all in a cage and let the anal raping run it's course. This punk liked it. He just doesn't want to admit it.

Racoon said...

Well, I suppose that you could say that Mr. Hauken "turned the other cheek", I guess.

Anonymous said...

What the ???
Sounds like he enjoyed being raped!!!!

Anonymous said...

When women speak about desiring feminine traits in men, I think it refers more to them NOT being too masculine. Masculine to women has come to be equated with images of men abusing and controlling men who don't care about anyone else but their needs and of course, their junk. Wow, aren't those traits that black men have in spades?

A man who takes the pure beta route becomes no more than a show mule who ferries heavy objects to and fro for his female master. In giving the woman everything she says she wants you have bored her and she sets her sites on someone more interesting- someone more masculine.

The reason you white males are told to get to the back of the line and apologize for being white is not for their benefit- you don't earn respect by being a spineless pushover.

You owe these f@ckups nothing, and know that any handouts wouldn't change a thing anyway. Avoid diversity if possible, but don't be afraid to speak your mind and exercise your right to free speech whenever someone tries to take a verbal cheap shot.

Best thing to say to a racist black/sjw comment?

Why would you say that?

Throw it back at them to explain why they are such an @hole. See if you can get them to regurgitate a few garbled expressions and pin the tail on the white man.

In our PC world, blacks are just like a bunch of tar babies.

The more you engage them the worse off you are- just cut your losses and don't look back. They do not build, they do not maintain, they only destroy. Whether they do this out of spite or out of sheer laziness and neglect does not matter. The outcome is always the same.

Lowered property values. Increased crime of all kinds. Less trust. People feel scared or unsafe and leave for their own good. Making this choice and actually taking a loss becomes a pc crime and labeled as white flight.

Well guess what? If you were living in a major city and black people rioted and burned buildings, cars, and other people's possessions like jungle savages would you want to stick around? This stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENED but you won't hear about that in school. The black has become the center-stage most coveted member of the diversity team in all respects no matter how badly they behave or perform. It's scary, really.

MLK embraced non-violence (idea started with Thoreau, not Gandhi) as a key principle in his crusade/campaign. The fact that blacks rioted after his death speaks volumes. If they would have walked peacefully in protest while singing "We Shall Overcome" and/or "Swing Low" they would be hearalded as some of the biggest heroes in U.S. history, bar none. Show restraint in the face of violence and despair? Failed without a doubt.

Martin Luther King Jr.s' kids and the content of their character? They have used his legacy to live high on the hog while uttering empty borrowed lines and rhetoric- I actually had the pleasure to hear the clown-haired MLK III speak on one occasion as a teenager, and all I remember is him telling us the helping out a starfish story which even at the time I know was stolen from someone else.

The only monument on the D.C. lawn that someone had to PAY THE FAMILY for the rights to put up a statue in his and their honor.

I've seen enough. Blacks will let you down every time, it's just a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

I'm a White woman and if somebody raped me, I'd want them SHOT. I don't care about your bad childhood, past problems or whatever. Everyone has problems, I've had serious problems, it in NO way excuses you from committing crimes against others. This man raped because he was EVIL, not because of his past problems. The fact that Norway gives 4 year sentences for rape is a joke. This man, while he may be a good person no doubt, is a classic example of the West's pathological altruism. Whites had better start looking after their own because nobody else will.

Anonymous said...

I hate the US of DC.
I love America & Western Civilization.

At least this deranged clown is an outlier.

... in DC.

Anonymous said...

Somalis are the shit stain on the world. Low IQ scum.the leftie Norweigian prabably liked it up the ass.

Anonymous said...

Should have been deported right away.

SLCain said...

I'm already rather sad that Mr. Hauken isn't being deported to Somalia.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond belief.

Normally I'd go off and laugh at a person who is this stupid, but I'm questioning myself. This person must have a serious mental disorder if they are so willingly to contribute to their own demise. It's almost unethical to laugh at victims of rape and stabbings.

I'm a regular contributor to SBPDL, a hardcore realist, and I have been told that I'm the most heartless person there is by Marines, Sailors, coworkers and even my wife. But I just can't wrap my head around such stupidity. To me this is no different than a person who has attempted suicide. They don't need criticism, they need help.

I'm my opinion, these victims need help. Not physical treatment, but mental treatment. How can you be so stupid?

John Thomas said...

That old hackneyed expression 'literally and metaphorically' is most apt to describe the ass-rape of Scandinavia perpetrated by nasty aggressive darkies on dumb stupid cow-like limp wristed whites.

PB said...

Oh boy, where to begin??

The chance that this was an actual rape are very slim indeed.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that some of these suicidal SJW's would literally rather suffer anal rape than convert from their cherished religion of White Male Guilt. Too much of a coincidence for me to believe that this "attack" was not, in some way, consensual. An atonement rite, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Jeez, even the Norwegians now? I thought Norway still had some balls; I was wrong. They should just merge with Sweden and call the new country Cucklandia.

Anonymous said...

Well the solution to this ultimate SJW/masochist's guilty conscience is simple, just follow his new boyfriend to beautiful Somalia and settle down there. It's not too far away, only about 8,000 miles. It would be as different as living on Mars.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

If it were to contract HIV/AIDS from this encounter, then it's SJW Cuck cred is immeasurable among it's peers. How can it's peers then show their one-upmanship to Anal Rape? I can think of many ways and I encourage them to use their imagination and try, but this is a family forum and I must keep my vivid thoughts to myself.

Did you notice my Political Correctness by leaving gender out? I might be succumbing to the dark forces of freakiness. Who says you can't teach an Old Dog new tricks?

Anonymous said...

What a freak. Those psychos need a bunk next to the groids on the ship back to Africa. He'd love the rape culture there.

ot: how about we Humans create a mutual fund that invests in gradually erasing Negro 'culture' in America? It would pool our funds and then buy up buildings and monuments etc that are in any way associated with orcs. It would then erase the connection. It could start wth projects like this. Make the groids 'go away'.

Vanguard, you listening...?

Anonymous said...

Important note: the anus and rectum were NOT designed by nature to have a penis (or anything else) rammed in and out of it. The vagina is and is structurally built to deal with that dynamic.

Therefore, it is completely and utterly true to simply state that anal sex is unnatural. Seriously, don't let the Libs trick you on this one. Look it up. Specifically, look up and study 'gay bowel syndrome'. Anyone telling you that anal sex is natural is lying to you.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon PK, lots of work for ya out there! ;)

This is a classic. Look at her describing the negro genome so perfectly "He was a nice guy until he snapped". Ha! That's called a chimpout! Lower impulse control, lower threshold for violence, poor future time orientation. That's what n*ggers do!! It's HARD WIRED INTO THEIR GENOME VIA ALLELE FREQUENCY DIFFERENCES!!

Have more daughters White Man, the negroids are hungry for their blood and the government says you must feed them.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, PK!

I smell orc on this one:

Anonymous said...

What is crazy is we actually defend Norway from the Russians. The Russians would be far better masters to this society of perpetual 7 year-olds than the animals they are bringing into their own country.

Anonymous said...

Here it is simplified:

Imagine if our society were populated by Labrador Retrievers. Everything in our society had been created by that breed and populated by them; it worked very, very well and they all get along and function together great.

Now, in come a group of individuals and introduce another dog to our society. They say it is the same species as us and is equal. Well, there are definitely some physical similarities and the majority of the Labradors say "OK", let's let them join our society.

Well, after a while the new dogs start to exhibit all sorts of problems and don't get along with our group. They are violent, they take what isn't theirs, they can't work with the labs, they aren't as smart. and they say all of the problems are because the Labs won't accept them and treat them differently.

This goes on for decades until there is a terrible rift between the two groups and it has begun to resemble a low-grade civil war. Yet the Labs are told over and over that the new dogs are the same as them and the problem is caused by the Labs.

Then one day a smart Lab studies the situation and speaks up. Sadly he is shouted down by a specific group of Labs and is told he's bad. What did he say?

He said: "Everybody! The new dogs that have been settled amongst us are wolves. They are similar, but they are different from us at a genetic level and that explains the problems we are having. Let's discuss this fact."

Sound familiar...?

Anonymous said...

Stole this line from someone. "He didn't write, he didn't call."

Race said...

The only cure for this guy is a bullet to the back of the head.

Left Coast White Guy said...

He's upset that he was deported? He desires his friends and neighbors to be raped as well?

Left Coast White Guy said...

What has happened to the Vikings???????

John T said...

Textbook example of pathological altruism. However, I suspect this was a consentual homosexual encounter.

Anonymous said...

Safe to say he will not be getting in to Valhalla

Mr. Clean said...

To mirror the comments here and use a line of attack used by defense attorneys: Was it really "rape" if the "victim" enjoyed it?

Off-topic, and apologies if already mentioned: I am not anti-YKW, but this stands out for its hilarious political incorrectness. There may be hope for our young people yet. Or maybe it was always there, it is just that the special, fragile ones get all of the attention.

Get well, PK.

Race said...

I don't think he makes deposits in that account.

Paintjob Theory said...

"For I am a human being first, and not a Norwegian. "

As I always say, this is all about world government/socialism/communism. This is a twisted secular mockery of the Christian "turn the other cheek" philosophy blended with a heaping helping of Bolshevik "creationism", which Stoddard described as the belief that everybody is born a blank slate and the state can shape them into a perfect citizen. Add in a sprinkling of white guilt (which is the concept of original sin secularized) the only redemption for which being acts of contrition and self flagellation.

God/nature made a zebra and a horse the same shape, but one cannot be tamed or domesticated while the other can. To believe that among men such inequality isn't the natural order is perverse and not only denies evolution, but the wisdom of the creator (or nature, or evolution, whichever you prefer) at the same time.

If we flip over enough rocks and rotten logs to uncover the parasites which have infiltrated our cultures and governments and crafted and inserted this poison we will find the usual suspects... and as long as we're not allowed to name them or mention the problem it will likely never change.

The directors of this show have 3 goals. The abolition of all nation states, the abolition of all religion save their own (secular humanism), and the shackling of "the mob" (that's us) in a one world socialist totalitarian "benevolent dictatorship". Otherwise known as a "New Atlantis", "New Age", "1000 points of light", "the Great Work", a "golden dawn", or a "New World Order. Their calling cards can be found in language and in symbolism. Their symbols are all related to ancient sun worship, rebirth, or fertility. A single red rose, the obelisk (particularly reflected in a body of water), pyramids, the sun, the serpent, the Promethean torch, etc. etc.

They believe the ends justify the means, and they advance their goals through the Hegelian Dialectic. Virtually everything you see on your nightly news is staged or otherwise created to cause a reaction which is ALWAYS heading in the direction of one of the three aforementioned goals.

NY Girl said...

Heh, heh. "Reality suppository." I'm stealing that!

Anonymous said...

The Vikings are still there. They are the sailors, the cops, the firemen, etc in Sweden. Their hands are tied by the SJW's and need to be unleashed to do what needs to be done.

Brian in Ohio said...

Oil 'n Water said...

Liberalism is no less a cult than Jim Jones' creation; automatons incapable of comprehending any view of the world inconsistent with their twisted beliefs.

This sums it up perfectly. People followed Jim their deaths. No matter how bizzare and sadistic his orders, the rapes, the beatings, they still followed. Even after he murdered a US Senator and a film crew, they drank the Kool-aid willingly.

We are in Jonestown writ large.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Its a real shame that liberals dont want to move to Somalia and other Diversity Paradises to completely immerse themselves in the Hell that they crave.

This guy could just move to somalia, whats stopping him? Why does somalia have to be imported to his historically-White country?

Ever notice that Diversity is ONLY being mandated in historically- White majority countries? Theyre not striving for Diversity in Japan or Mexico City or Ethiopia. The governments of those countries are not immigrating tens of millions of foreigners into their countries in an effort to transform the cultural landsscape.

Genocide doesnt have to be sudden and violent. Whats happening is White genocide. When liberals crow about how in another century the average american will be a brown racial mutt what theyre not saying is that asians will still be asian, blacks will still be black, hispanics will still be hispanic, its ONLY Whites that will gone. White people already are the global minorities. There are FAR more yellows, browns, and blacks than there are Whites, but just try making that point to a liberal.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nasty story. Criminal black invaders AND anal rape! Can't think of a nastier combo... but Im sure an orc out there is devising a way it can get even nastier... just wait.

to: I often wonder who the people are behind the curtain and what they look like. Here's a glimpse into that Mecca of n*gger-loving - The New York Times. Look at the editorial board and gaze into the eyes of the archetype DWLs. Wicked bunch.

Anonymous said...

Descendants of Vikings.

Truth lover said...

Exactly. White altruism and empathy is a wonderful thing, and the reason why our societies are (were) so civilised and advanced. But our natural empathy is being used to enslave us, and being directed at the most worthless causes. Sympathy and campaigning for worthless rapey migrants, sympathy for sluts who want to kill their babies, sympathy for perverted men who fantasise about being women, sympathy for fat girls who feel starved of male lust, sympathy for the lack of achievement of non white parasites who literally despise us and who would extinct us at the drop of a hat out of sheer jealousy.

Anonymous said...

You should look up the rape stats in africa. Any hole is a goal. A big % of orcs rape babies in Africa because it is said that it cures AIDS. Are all societies, races and religions equal???? Fuck no. Somamalis are low IQ trash. The UK had Mo Farah running at the olympics... they all went "Mo crazy"....... Mohammed Farah, an illegal immigrant who was idolized by the press

Anonymous said...

Black ex-NFL player and wife shot in New Orleans by another black guy after getting into a traffic argument.

Half the comments on espn are from DWL types along the lines of, "What a senseless tragedy! Must be more to this than an argument over a car crash. Sounds like a hit was put on him!"

Nope. Sorry. Within the black world, you have people getting shot at after spilling soda on someone's sneakers at a late night restaurant, you have shootings at family picnic over who gets the last piece of chicken, and of course, the well-known shootings that occur when the new Jordans go on sale. No, this was not a premeditated act. As the black genome codes for low impulse control and lack of future time orientation, the slighest affront is all that it takes to send a black into a murderous rampage. In this case, the black driver who actually caused the accident snapped after the guy he hit got upset at him. Happens every day in the "community", this time it just happened to involve an ex-pro athlete.

(I did like seeing some scattered "Where's BLM for this case?" comments slip through espn's censors)

Anonymous said...

Atleast the disease has a name:

Pathological Altruism (Where I come from in East Tennessee we always called it stupidity.)

Anonymous said...

Someone above asked how anyone could be so stupid and suggested that perhaps this man is afflicted with a mental illness. If he is then most of his Scandinavian demographic seems to be suffering from it. How else to explain a Somali immigrant, excuse me, that would be a Somali INVADER, receiving 180 hours of COMMUNITY SERVICE for the brutal rape of a twelve year old girl in Sweden recently. The verdict referred to the mitigating circumstances of this man's youth and his trouble sleeping and anxiety problems. Unbelievable that the populace isn't rioting in the streets. White nationalists tend to view this demographic as the cream of the European crop. Looks more like scum that should be skimmed off. Irredeemable. Even in this country areas with large Scandinavian populations tend to be more liberal. Yeah, the West in the 1980's was busy "sanctioning" South Africa for their sins and the Swede Gunnar Myrdal in the past played a real part in ending segregation in the "evil, racist" American South. When I look at my world today and remember the world of my childhood, I want to weep and sometimes do. At those times I can't help but feel a twinge of Schadenfreude that "liberals" throughout the West are beginning to reap a little of what they so piously have sown. Take a look at South Africa, all you do-gooders on both sides of the pond. Really look at the horrific crimes against whites. Or just start really investigating the real, violent racial genocide being carried out in this country. That's your future. Your pets aren't going to give a damn about your virtue-signaling and your noble ideals. No, all they'll see is your skin color. You liberals in the West, both in America and Europe, are definitely toast and someone should put a fork in you because you're done. You've been instrumental in destroying your own race and heritage. There must be a special level in Hell for traitors who have thrown open the doors to invaders and put the welfare of aliens and strangers above that of their own kin. The only emotion any sane white should feel for you is hatred and disgust. You're like a drowning man and any efforts to help you by the rest of us will only result in all of us going under. No, I have absolutely no desire to assist or help liberals anywhere in any way. They have committed the unpardonable sin of treason.

Anonymous said...

" . . . MLK embraced non-violence (idea started with Thoreau, not Gandhi) as a key principle in his crusade/campaign. The fact that blacks rioted after his death speaks volumes. . . "

Ummmm, not really. Actually he spoke out of both sides of his mouth calling rioting "the language of the unheard". (fast forward to 1:20) He repeated this phrase multiple times including during a fawning interview by CBS 50 years ago. He thought he was half clever by also talking about non-violence in the same speech but actions or "content of their character" as the big fraud said was evident in the negores' violent actions always excused by MLK.

Also, the Watts riots in LA when negroes burned down da' hood (as is their habit) occurred in 1965, three years before "Dr." MLK was assassinated and one year after the 1964 so-called "Civil Rights" legislation was passed. Non-violent indeed. BHO is an even bigger fraud.

non-DWL from NE

cecilhenry said...

Diversity = White Genocide = SICK!!!

Nobody's flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.
Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

Do you wish to spend the rest of your life supporting swarms of non-citizens streaming across our borders and voting for you to give them more of your earnings?

Anonymous said...

Know HUD...

Know the Enemy...

Pat Boyle said...

It seems to me that the culturally appropriate punishment should be the "Blood Eagle'. This was a traditional Scandinavian practice. We know about this from Norse Sagas. Lately Hollywood and cable TV have celebrated "Ragnar" and "Ivar the Boneless" in dramas. The recent series "Vikings" covers much the same ground as the older film "The Vikings" with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. If you offended those guys they administered a "Blood Eagle".

The punishment was to expose the spine, cut the ribs and draw the lings out and spread them to resemble wings. Then you spread salt on the lungs. Apparently the Norse were more strict with their offenders in those days.

The Roman and others used to employ banishment as a punishment and it was considered a harsh sentence. No one was allowed to offer food or shelter for miles from the city. In those days you wouldn't know the language or the customs anywhere else but your homeland. You would live a miserable existence. You would soon die an outcast. But sending a Somali to Somalia hardly seems like even an inconvenience. This sounds like throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch.

Like others here I strongly suspect that there had been some homosexual connection between the two. Male rape is different. Women have only about 40% of a man's strength. In a one-to-one encounter a man can usually simply overpower a woman. But real male rape usually requires a group of rapists or the threat of bodily harm. This incident sounds like it was probably consensual. If so, that would account for the putative victim's subsequent ambivalence.

I'm not an expert on homosexual practices but this whole thing seems fishy to me.


Anonymous said...

Someone on the last thread mentioned how Yahoo has changed its format and one can no longer access one's own comments etc. or engage in a dialogue with others.
For now, the answer is to go to Yahoo Finance, click on any story and you'll then be able click on "My Comments" and access all the stories you've previously commented on and see responses. I'm sure that "loophole" will be closed soon but for now, it works fine.

Yes, the MSM is now in panic mode and trying to shut down any dialogue because too many people are waking up and becoming race realists and the comments/dialogue reflect that.

Anonymous said...

Good line:

Pathological Altruism (Where I come from in East Tennessee we always called it stupidity.)

Another good line:

Safe to say he will not be getting in to Valhalla.

Californian said...

Imagine, if you will, a tribe composed of Haukens on the veldt or upper Congo. How long would they last in the face of other tribes? Heck, how long would they last in the face of a pack of wandering hyenas?

Africans sense YT is weak and conduct probing attacks to gauge the response. Mr Hauken's response is to effectively roll over and thus is one more signal of weakness for the invading hordes. Expect to see more following on as the gates are open to the barbarians.

In the past, the Haukens of the world can get away with their pathological altruism because there were other people who'd bail them out. Soldiers, cops, border guards. Had this incident occurred, say, 50 years ago, invaders such as this Somali would have been made short work of, no questions asked.

Today, the soldiers, et alia, have been hobbled by the forces of the state and the multicult. Hauken is free to pursue his folly, and look at how it works for him. I suppose there is some schadenfreude here, that a DWL is at the receiving end of the barbarism which Africans have inflicted on other whites from Cape Town to Detroit.

Will the lesson be learned? Hauken seems hopeless. But what of other Norwegians, or white people in general? Will such incidents energize them to join the rising ride of nationalist movements and defend their countries and peoples?

Time for a counter offensive...

Californian said...

For I am a human being first, and not a Norwegian."

But of course, the Somalis do not see it that way. They see themselves as Somalis or, more precisely, whatever tribe with which they identify -- the common thing in Africa and much of the Middle East. This is one reason that Somalia self-destructed into several failed states. National identification is not in the cards. Tribal identification is the name of the game. And if there no national identification, identifying with some abstract entity -- "human beings" -- is not even in the cards.

Effectively, the Haukens of the world are trying to play a game whose rules are rigged in favor of the other team. Africans identify tribally and pursue tribal interests. An assault on one tribal member is an assault on all, and must be avenged or otherwise paid off. But to the Haukens (i.e., what we term DWLs) there is no tribal group backing them up. Thus, when the attack on him goes unavenged, it is seen by African tribes as weakness. And so there will be more of these attacks.

The entity with which Hauken identifies -- again, "human beings" -- will not avenge him. "Human beings" are not protecting the borders of his country nor the streets of his city. He can indulge in his fantasies because whites are still a majority in Norway and there is some semblance of law enforcement remaining. When the day comes that other tribes are running the show and that semblance evaporates, the days of the Haukens will be numbered.

The dilemma is in that they are dragging down the rest of the white world with them.

Californian said...

It would seem that Anders Breivik was far ahead of the curve and his words are hauntingly prescient in this age of encroaching darkness and despair.

This is so.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Know HUD...

Know the Enemy..."

Absolutely true. The MSM is completely out of touch with the voters, they are in shock at the fact that the voters in New England have endorsed Trump by big margins and there is nothing the communists can do about it. Trump won both New Hampshire and Massachusetts easily giving the finger to the entire left wing establishment and the cuckservatives too. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

In truth, shipping a guy who claims he was in a "consensual relationship" with another man back to his Muslim country of origin is probably the harshest punishment the West is willing to administer at this point. I don't think this guy lasted too long in Somalia if word got out about what he did.

Anonymous said...

The dindu in TX who murdered the ballet dancer, his mammy said he was real nice til he snapped. He beez taking the medication but she ain't sure if he stopped. In other words, marble mouth chipped out all the time.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind the "other" invasive species.

Dondondondon said...

This SJW can still redeem himself and his violent attacker by moving to Somalia himself. Think of all of the guilt of which he can rid himself by packing up and heading to sunny Somalia!

Dondondondon said...

In fact, the victim of the anal rape remains in denial. Instead of effectively dealing with his (natural) emotional turmoil, the victim has applied SJW boilerplate.

Anonymous said...

Scandinavia is gone; visit quickly before the undertow is complete.

ot: here's who Obama wants sitting next to your daughter in school:

Anonymous said...

the guy has Cuckholme syndrome and is engaging in the ultimate virtue signaling

Left Coast White Guy said...

The rest of the people of the world identify by tribe...only YT in the last century had begun to avoid identifying with his tribe. When we identified tribally, we conquered and colonized half the world, and created amazing civilizations and inventions. Now, half the people in the U.S. Can't figure out what bathroom is appropriate for someone to use.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Bravo! Very well stated!

Anonymous said...

Recently on the Michael Savage's show he asked what happen to the Vikings! Why they're not protecting their own. He also called the migrants from North Africans and Mid Easterns as throw back to the 7th century with their beliefs. Rape is a horrific crime and the perpetrator should be punish. These throw backs from Africa should be punish for their crimes and deported back to their own countries.

Dr.Savage asked a profound question, who are standing up for the Eddies(White blue collar male who make up middle America)? He sees an attack on the Eddies in this country. Donald Trump could be that voice for the Eddies if he reaches the white house!

One reason I left North Africa, because we were stuck in the old ways. Plus America offer the best opportunities in the world if you apply yourself. I was disappointed in the blacks in American for their lack of motivation and their self pity. They will always be the victims, even after 151 years from slavery and 50 years from Jim Crow, billions of dollar programs to help them, and including Affirmative Action! They haven't advance one iota! Do you notice that Blacks from other countries besides the Somalians, achieve more than the black folks here. Its because they believe in the American dream and they are not looking for self pity!

Get well PK!

Willie from Naperville

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

I'm liberal though. Don't call them liberal. Call them progressive, or regressive.

Anonymous said...

ot: idea - remake the famous film "A Clockwork Orange" and make it all hip and progressive by casting negroes in the roles of Alec and his gang. They can then rape and kill and terrorize the White folks so that it is realistic too. Thoughts? Who would you put in the McDowell role?

Anonymous said...

Has no one considered that Karsten may have contributed to his alleged rape in some way? I know it's not PC to blame the victim. But please consider that he may have dressed alluringly or acted flirtatiously or behaved provocatively. Perhaps he feels guilty for inciting the passions of the lusty Somali. He may know that the poor Somali was powerless in the face of his Viking charms.

Please just keep an open mind.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

ot: just look at the number of orcs here!!

Awakened white said...

You can't fix stupid, he should get deported to Somalia ASAP, hope you get better btw.

Anonymous said...

Has no one considered that Karsten may have contributed to his alleged rape in some way? I know it's not PC to blame the victim. But please consider that he may have dressed alluringly or acted flirtatiously or behaved provocatively. Perhaps he feels guilty for inciting the passions of the lusty Somali. He may know that the poor Somali was powerless in the face of his Viking charms.

Please just keep an open mind.


It's my understanding that Karsten is an admitted cross dresser and was wearing a flouncy little provocative number from Fredericks of Hollywood at the time of the rape. Between that and the Dolly Parton wig, that Somalian thought that he had just found himself a big blonde Scandinavian mama.

It just goes to show you that your own mama was right. You can't judge a book by its cover.

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect penance for Karsten Nordal Hauken's burdensome sin of White Privilege/White Guilt.

He should volunteer at one of the larger prisons....entertaining the black inmates kind of like the same way the USO used to entertain our troops overseas....except he would lap dance for them and give them private one on one shows.

It's a win/win. Think of the joy...the rapture...that Hauken would bring into the world if he did this.

I hope somehow that you're reading this Karsten Hauken! Now the ball is in your court.

Anonymous said...

We need a new Christian church.

One that rejects the whole martyrdom melodrama.

One that takes a left hook instead of turning the other cheek.

One that takes an eye for an eye instead of giving an extra tooth for a tooth already taken.

I say walk away from every single contemporary church. Their leaders are a bunch of blood suckers (among other things).

Paintjob Theory said...

"The New York Times. Look at the editorial board and gaze into the eyes of the archetype DWLs"

The W in DWL stands for WHITE. The surnames of the men read like the invite list to a Bar Mitzvah. Those "white" men are so "white" they'd have all earned the gold star in 1940's Germany. The usual suspects + a few mystery meat half caste muds.

"... migrants from North Africans and Mid Easterns as throw back to the 7th century with their beliefs."

What Michael WEINER isn't telling you is that their genetics are throwbacks from the Palaeolithic age, it's really astonishing that their culture has managed to advance as much as it has.

"Do you notice that Blacks from other countries besides the Somalians, achieve more than the black folks here"

Did you ever notice that not a one of them ever achieved more than mediocrity when measured against white Europeans? Sure, some breeds of banjo lip are more primitive than the next, but this is just saying a black mamba is more poisonous than a king cobra.... both are deadly and neither belong in North America.

I don't want the good ones here, I don't want to be around any of them. You have yet to explain precisely what any mud races are bringing to the table here besides inferior genes... even the ones that can manage to hold some menial job do nothing but depress wages for some human who still has a chance of producing useful offspring.

Anonymous said...

A truly mind numbing story. It appears as if the two most likely had an already existing homosexual relationship and things broke bad.

The solution would be to deport the so called victim as well to Somalia. It would certainly abate the guilt he is experiencing.

Anonymous said...

Pathological altruism coupled with deeply repressed desire to be somebody's bottom.

Unknown said...

Norway boy should have no worries, I'm sure his Rapist will soon be a resident of Minneapolis USA.

NY Girl said...

I think he's just upset that his boyfriend was deported without leaving a forwarding address. And everyone knows all Norwegian men dress like floozies.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Medical consequences aside, think of the quality of life improvement for society as a hol- I mean whole, if some of these degenerates were to stop packing more fudge than the Keebler elves. With this natural means of procreation removed, the ban on cloning would have to be revised so we as a society don't start running short of lawyers . . .

Wonder if this guy misheard the lyrics of a Garth Brooks song -

He dropped the trou,
and turned around
For a spread the brown
Poop Chute Boogie

Alfa158 said...

Harken is obviously a racist because he said that being sent back to Somalia is a much harder punishment than being in prison.

Anonymous said...

He literally did recognize the truth when it fucked him in the ass.


Race said...

When did rape and sodomy stop being capital crimes in this country? Any SBPDLers know?

Anonymous said...

This would sound great if set to Huey Lewis' 1980 pop song, "I Want a New Drug:"

We need a new Christian church.

One that rejects the whole martyrdom melodrama.

One that takes a left hook instead of turning the other cheek.

One that takes an eye for an eye instead of giving an extra tooth for a tooth already taken.

Anonymous said...

He literally did recognize the truth when it f*cked him in the ass.


So Crude.

And oh so true.

Justice, in this case, was served.